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File: 1515591578795.png (967.26 KB, 1387x1617, DA6B92FB-9D5A-4AFE-BAEB-EA….png)

76975 No.105074[Last 50 Posts]

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone Filly, Now he must venture into his new world of being a cute little filly… for the most part.

>What's to be expected?

Fillies, Cuteness, Anon-Tier shenanigans, Bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any Archive of Photos or Stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just let Fauvra or President Clop know, so they add it to the doc. For Artist, Animators, and any other, Store them in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.

>I don't like this thread because of reasons.

You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.

76975 No.105076

Side Note: Believe it or not guys, I do hear you. I see what you're saying, I just lurk most of the time. Expect, without fail, new threads following the 800 post mark excluding extraordinary circumstances (sick, nuclear war, etc). Love you guys, and I'm glad you're here.

34eb6 No.105087

File: 1515595137702.png (365.65 KB, 1270x1024, large.png)

7e31f No.105088

File: 1515595144197.png (223.69 KB, 1602x1700, full (1).png)

first for filly

ee279 No.105094

Dice rollRolled 1

Rolling for more greentexts

ee279 No.105095

Okay, I didn't even fudge that roll. This is some voodoo shit.

04823 No.105099

File: 1515598819911.png (122.27 KB, 990x766, 1444948788290.png)

thanks anon, now we dont get any green

b1230 No.105100

Critical fails can lead to fun outcomes (from 3rd person viewpoint)
>the rapee becomes the raped

db3b6 No.105101

File: 1515598959764.png (203.27 KB, 755x895, 1464651895268.png)

The RNG alicorn must absolutely hate you.

05d3d No.105102

I did a bit of shitty green on the /mlp/ threads, though you guys probably don't remember it.

573ed No.105103

File: 1515599106282.png (894.92 KB, 1560x1783, 1473281.png)

Well then

76975 No.105104

new ID? let's see if this works

13077 No.105106

File: 1515599195781.jpg (28.86 KB, 500x308, what-the-fuck-is-this.jpg)

What the fuck even is this thread

Like do you people actually unironically want to be turned into a child cartoon pony so you can be fucked or "bred" by people from /mlpol/ or you yourself fuck an /mlpol/ user that has been turned into a little filly? Do you realize how ridiculous that is
This is by far the most degenerate thread on /mlpol/ I mean it combines fucking pedophilia, transformation, beastiality and/or xenophilia and whatever other fetshes you might have and Tbh I gagged a lil bit upon discovering this thread
Please consider psychiatric help and reevaluate your life of you unironically browse this thread and look at anon filly pictures

ee279 No.105107

Fuck my critical fail, deliver!

76975 No.105109

thanks for this anon, we love you too.

I can post the old green I did if you like. Pretty shit, though. I promise I'll do more later.

db3b6 No.105110

That's a fennec fox, isn't it? It's not strictly speaking even a dog.

ee279 No.105111

Was thinking the same thing. Dogposter was only his given name, though. He has divine aspirations we cannot comprehend.

90e44 No.105113

Hey it's you again.
Do I need to break out the copypasta again? Just let them have their fun.

db3b6 No.105115

It's not an Anonfilly thread without the threadly reminder, it's comforting to have it here, like Thingpone's Macready posting.

34eb6 No.105116

Get the fuck out of here.

cdef1 No.105117

Dice rollRolled 68

rolling to just have more content in general

90e44 No.105118

No, not until anonfilly learns to hate roads

41790 No.105119

I never made green text before but I'm working on some right now

5ec8e No.105123

Should have my laptop back in a couple of days, will make it up to you guya.

ee279 No.105127

The 'lil bit' always cracks me up.

48691 No.105135


We call that a "69 and I owe you one."

04823 No.105141

File: 1515603857147.png (7.64 MB, 2448x3264, filly's gotta knife.png)

ee279 No.105144

Cute. Clean the base though, it looks like filly did something else with the knife before presenting it.

76975 No.105149

Bad filly! Sharp blades are not safe for little ponies.

96880 No.105152

File: 1515605801854.png (48.98 KB, 535x700, philly.png)

Story's over, was nice knowing you guys!

48691 No.105154

File: 1515606276685.jpg (126.65 KB, 760x541, AnonFilly-ArrestingAnon.jpg)


Section 256 of the Anon Filly writer's convention code of conduct states that a writer, upon successful completion of a story, must be snuggled against his or her will.

Sorry man, but it's gotta be like this.

04823 No.105157

i-ive been waiting for my snuggles for a year

48691 No.105158

File: 1515606971629.png (1.19 MB, 1283x855, AnonFilly-TwinCuddles.png)


That is far too long. You are owed interest!

cdef1 No.105159

But EaTCarbS hasn't *successfully* completed his story; it's still unfinished! What is to be done in this case?

ee279 No.105160

The fate befalls him that befalls all other writefags that have perished before their stories are completed.

96880 No.105162

File: 1515607723493.png (4.04 KB, 152x37, dedwritefag.png)

76975 No.105174

bfc87 No.105196

File: 1515613548972.png (48.61 KB, 1000x1000, 5c83444a58b039d0032c1ec144….png)

This, sharp metal is not safe for pone.

bfc87 No.105198

File: 1515613782279.jpg (124.42 KB, 720x684, ba10230373e6d2e16c6d2b6682….jpg)

But wait, are they snuggled by fillies, or do they become the filly and get snuggled by anons? Or does everyone become fillies and snuggle?

These are important questions

13077 No.105206

In this case they are just snuggled by fillies. Since the story was completed, not finished to the end they can never become the filly.

bfc87 No.105211

Damn. Better than nothing though.

8849e No.105231

I think this describes Twilight's and Anonfilly's relationship aptly: https://youtu.be/RmHDCqjGuAg?t=88

30e1d No.105234

File: 1515616583013.jpg (65.35 KB, 522x582, 1513608340347.jpg)

bfc87 No.105263

File: 1515620892357.png (152.2 KB, 629x991, 0c69994db7b1c9a8b0c8b80470….png)

Delet this

001e4 No.105270

We still need you EatCarbs!

34eb6 No.105271

>Fallout 4 VR
Is it any good? I kinda want to get it but at the same time, I'm still salty that I have to pay another $60 for a game I already own.

b1230 No.105274

File: 1515624810680.png (143.31 KB, 870x1024, 1495134295486.png)

B-but we want you to stay…

f25a6 No.105282

File: 1515627829918.jpg (64.45 KB, 635x488, 1495177436681.jpg)

>after the first anon arrived inna questria, green fillies started arriving out of nowhere
>while at first it was fine and simultaneously worrying to the ponies, the few bad fillies ruined the reputation of all of them
>as such, anon proposed an idea
>and with funding from Twilight, he officially started the Anon Shelter Service, creating a living space for all the Anonfillies
>one way he keeps the peace is through his point system
>every Anon starts off with 100 (You)s
>they can decide to spend them immediately for things such as ice cream, cute filly clothes, and even meat
>they can be sold or given, and 10 are given to every filly after a week
>glim glam helps to keep the peace, using lie detector spells and subtle magical imprints to track how many (You)s each filly has
>it helps with her friendship skills, and she gets to enjoy watching over another vi-FILLage full of green little faggots
>Anon may or may not have a few special fillies to himself, who get just a bit more extra (You)s

i thought about this too hard

b1230 No.105283

>good filly points

cdef1 No.105284

*didn't think about this hard enough
we need to go deeper

18518 No.105285

Like are the (yous) a crypto curancy and if so can I invest in them.

5a412 No.105288

File: 1515628964046.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.

e1ee7 No.105289

Dubs confirm.

8849e No.105290

Your mouth is already a toilet.

f25a6 No.105291

>some fillies say the whole system is just a bubble
>one has even tried to make a new currency, called GFP, proposing the idea of decentralizing the (You) market system and removing Anon as the middleman
>but Anon is the only one with all the bits, so he had to be confronted by a filly wanting to sell her GFP regardless
>since he responded with a, "what the fuck is this?" the (You) to GFP ratio has dropped tremendously
>but the few fillies who failed to pull their invested (You)s wait on it, hoping that some day it will change, and the new currencies will rise among the (You)s
>little do they know, it was actually all a scam made by another filly with a degree,
who now wears gold-laced panties and socks wherever she goes, and comes home to boxes full of tendies

e1ee7 No.105293

Continue, please.

5a412 No.105294

File: 1515629495847-0.png (666.59 KB, 1400x2164, 1578975.png)

Filly is pretty woke.

11574 No.105298

Why is Communist hoers the only one smiling?

cdef1 No.105299

File: 1515629909683.png (60.99 KB, 284x426, commiefilly.png)

What about this filly?

e1ee7 No.105301

>Shitposting this hard

f25a6 No.105305

File: 1515630199966.jpg (193.71 KB, 700x700, 1453398287057.jpg)

>as the number of fillies grew, and the land needed to house them has expanded, some have grown bitter
>they organize in secret, complain that, despite being fillies, they can't get jobs or families and "unlock their true potential"
>they've made numerous rallies and became quickly organized
>their members are characterized by the red bandanas they wear, and the fact that they never shave their fluff
>since their influence has grown, and their strikes have become more coordinated, anon responded to it with his own organization
>the FPD
>its members must undergo several tests to prove their work ethic and loyalties, and are posted around common areas to keep the peace
>they are paid double the amount of (You)s, and are equipped with water guns full of lemon juice
>needless to say, since then there haven't been very many fluffy filly bloods walking around

5a412 No.105307

File: 1515630258919.png (213.8 KB, 1176x1002, 1505697001988.png)

Her little filly is so precocious.

that one's defective

e1ee7 No.105309

H-how could you say that? Carbs has died and gone to writefag hell!
The ride was fun while it lasted.

04823 No.105317

File: 1515635206478.png (5.68 MB, 2448x3264, FPD.png)

someone say filly police?

5a412 No.105318


18518 No.105320

Dice rollRolled 42

yes for not respectin the filly

90e44 No.105325

Ask Filly her opinion on helicopters

04823 No.105326

File: 1515636528959.png (5.96 MB, 2296x3264, FPD2.png)

yep, now don't go making things difficult.
and there's an ice cream tax for service

5a412 No.105327

File: 1515637318595-0.png (294.11 KB, 885x1058, 1363099.png)

>ywn cuddlerape officer filly

48691 No.105328

Pastebin updated: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G

Time for another recap

>You are Anonymous, a 27 year old Value Village stockboy living in Texas

>One day, you wake up in Equestria, 10 years prior to Luna's return, as a young filly
>Since you woke up in the castle, your first instinct was to try and molest Princess Celestia
>This only managed to comically fail as she saw all of your attempts as the normal rambunctiousness of a young filly
>Because you didn't have a home, she has you living with Twilight and family until a suitable home can be found for you
>Your memory of your first day is rather vague
>You can remember playing chess with Twilight, followed by a hide and seek game you can only remember from her point of view
>This ended up in you running out of a room that Cadence and Shining Armor were having sex in
>To make matters worse, your knowledge of sex and an attempt to ride Shining's dick caused Cadence to think you were sexually abused and needed counseling
>After they left the room, you soon find out from Twilight that you aren't alone in being in Equestria. In fact, you're one of at least four ponies here who used to be humans, herself included
>The next day, you go to school for the first time and make a number of unicorn friends
>But you also meet a few bullies who threaten you with a knife to hand over your sandwich
>You refuse, and get treated like a hero
>After this, you meet up with Lyra and get a private electric harp concert
>But you try and rape her afterwards, so she agrees to make you a dildo so you can relieve your sexual frustration later
>When you head home, you lose your own memories of some of the previous day's events
>These are soon replaced by Twilight's as you find out that Mama Velvet has been replaced by a changeling (or a demon)
>After this, you end up having a massive cry session with Twilight

You are here.

04823 No.105329

File: 1515638908837.png (6.85 MB, 2274x3107, top tier editing amirite.png)

it would be nice if fillies could fly them

18518 No.105330

Filly look out, purple is sneaking up behind you

90e44 No.105331

How about roads?

b607a No.105333

Lots of things are broken like scopes don't work and the graphics are very blurry. Melee is a lot more fun/viable and the VR vats is much better. Also the bullet spread from the original game is in the vr too so if you aim perfect your bullets still don't go strait. The dlc doesn't work but if you've got the original you can just get a hold of the VR files and run it from your main folder. All in all its not worth 60 bucks.

b607a No.105334

Also you can really fine tune your settlement builds cause you can pick up stuff and move it with your hands. I sat and tried to toss a basketball into a hoop for 10 minutes. Overall its a neat gimmick but the original is better becausw the not shut graphics and access to mods/dlc. Very few mods work with vr but I got a barebones list working.

04823 No.105335

File: 1515641931032.png (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1080x1920, dropkick.png)

you walk and drive on them, what of it?
are you trying to meme on me?
what? oh SHI-

18518 No.105336

rip in piece filly

5a412 No.105337

8e09b No.105338

File: 1515642446264.jpg (145.23 KB, 1280x1280, 1479696870128.jpg)

Don't worry, I'm sure Twi just wants to give surprise snuggles

bfc87 No.105339

Damn it, Purple!

90e44 No.105340

>are you trying to meme me
Yes, yes I am
Is that lyra too?

04823 No.105344

File: 1515645993184.jpg (804.21 KB, 2448x3264, IMG_0292.JPG)

alright, chink liru, now with less spoiler

18518 No.105345

90e44 No.105346

H-how many do you have?
Also, have an Anonfilly colored dice roll
1d100[ 1d100 = 75 ]

04823 No.105348

File: 1515648037124.jpg (1.58 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0294.JPG)

just a few

48691 No.105349


Man, I only have 5 plushies, and they're all at my house on the other side of the state.

I'm thinking about commissioning something new. Maybe a Lyra or a Luna?

48691 No.105368

File: 1515651884243.png (97.59 KB, 357x399, Twilicorn-AnonHug.png)

"Look, Twi…"

You look into her eyes, which are still wet from the tears and growing heavier. She isn't too happy about her predicament even with her forced smile.

"We're gonna do the best we can. Sometimes life likes to throw us into bizarre predicaments, and the best we can do is keep up the struggle. And if there are more ponies coming our way, so be it. That just means more minds to figure out what's going on and hopefully get us all out of this mess."

This makes her smile look a little more real to you, and she hugs you once more.

>"Thank you for that. I guess… I kind of get burned out every so often from all of this. I've been trying to bear the brunt of all of the work trying to get us home since, well… I'm the only one who can really understand any of the things I'm dealing with, and only just barely. But I think, if nothing else, you make for some really good moral support. You're almost like a proper big brother even though you're technically younger than me, and also no longer male."

She sighs and collapses back onto her bed.

>"So what do we do now?"

8fa08 No.105372

go about finding out whether velvet is an imposter or not in a non-suspicious way.
1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]

bf78c No.105390

Dice rollRolled 35

If she denies play it off as a joke

8e09b No.105391

…I think it might be time to nuke Australia

bf78c No.105399

File: 1515656109607.mp4 (7.31 MB, 1280x720, friendzone final.mp4)

>You're almost like a proper big brother

48691 No.105401

File: 1515656527870.png (5.81 MB, 3402x2464, Twilicorn-DarkThrone.png)


Twilight Sparkle was a married mother of three back on Earth. Two sons, one daughter. You're not going to get to sleep with her, at least not in a sexual way. She's also incredibly intelligent, but with some emotional weak spots. Being like a brother to her should arguably be considered an honor.

bf78c No.105402

Dice rollRolled 26

Fine fine. I take back my roll
Instead plot what to do in the event velvet is a changeling

bd708 No.105403

Cuddle with her in a completely platonic manner for the rest of the night. It's night, right?
>1d100[ 1d100 = 99 ]

bd708 No.105404

What is with my awesome rolls lately?

48691 No.105405


Actually, it's sort of evening. Like… 5 ish? But if that's what you want, cuddling shall be what you get.

1296a No.105408

What the fuck is wrong with her tramp stamp? It's bleeding onto her haunch.

48691 No.105409


Artist is either shitty or taking some serious creative liberties.

001e4 No.105420

She's prob got at least 6-14 years on you irl, she should be the big sister imo. What are their relative pone ages?

5a412 No.105421

Twi's a bit younger.

8849e No.105427

File: 1515663968569.png (253.35 KB, 873x915, HuggingPonies.png)

Twilight is 10, Anonfilly is about 12 (though we don't know exactly). Twilight has her cutie mark, Anonfilly doesn't because NEETness.

I'd roll but 1 out of a hundred's not worth it, and nothing beats platonic cuddling anyway.

1ddff No.105432

File: 1515671187362.png (982.8 KB, 2865x2942, Bad touch.png)

I feel like the quality is a bit shit, I've not drawn for a while so this was a warm-up.

db3b6 No.105435

>That sneaky covering of the right side cutie mark
I'm onto you, do you think it would look like a backwards question mark to maintain symmetry or throw it to the winds entirely and look butt heh ugly?

bfc87 No.105439

File: 1515675256268.png (946.97 KB, 2738x3298, 029ff5486188f6391af7ae1491….png)

Nice. The part that looks the weirdest to me is the left foreleg, where it bends.

The official design is mirrored, but you might be able to get by without. Personally, the mirrored mark looks fine to me. Pic related.

1ddff No.105441

I always draw the question mark the correct way round.

Yeah, maybe it's a bit on the small side or something so the foreshortening isn't right.

1ddff No.105447

File: 1515681117792.png (989.14 KB, 2865x2942, Bad touch2.png)

more appropriately sized, but still not great

34eb6 No.105458

You're back! I thought you'd died.

1ddff No.105460

Nope, just busy. Haven't been able to draw.
You'd know this if you were in the discord server.

965de No.105467

File: 1515687462166.jpg (19.21 KB, 360x274, 5525e52eb7abeb37b55806e5d8….jpg)

>Discord server

1ddff No.105468

It's a hub to keep track of where filly is, I'm purposely trying to prevent it from killing the threads.
It has filly emotes~

13fcf No.105470

File: 1515688255039.png (139.66 KB, 640x640, 1350177__safe_edit_oc_oc-c….png)


ee279 No.105475

We still have two active writefags, as shit as the one Anon's writing is, it's still content.

573ed No.105479

>as shit as the one Anon's writing is
Incredibly supportive and encouraging

001e4 No.105484

Wait, who's the shit one?

Is it me?

27e30 No.105519

File: 1515707625450.png (2.92 MB, 1920x3635, 1503785432113.png)

/r/ some Anon Filly on Anon Filly lewds please. Because one filly is good but two of them is even better
If not Anon Filly on Anon Colt?

04823 No.105522

File: 1515708214872.png (1.15 MB, 2858x1699, 1458417810887.png)

>on Anon Colt?

27e30 No.105523

File: 1515708366190.png (214.44 KB, 1414x1000, 1480382602422 (1) - Copy.png)

Well this is interesting here.

13dcd No.105524

So I've been away from 4chan for a couple months now and I couldn't find the Anonfilly threads on there anymore, but I see a recent picture on Derpibooru that links to here. What have I missed?

e1ee7 No.105525

I think he was talking about me, I don't namefag formally.

27e30 No.105526

The mods over at 4chan started to banned the threads, and with that we moved to here.

04823 No.105527

File: 1515708545967.png (1.94 MB, 2048x1536, 1512787469481.png)

mod decided he didnt like filly, moved to trash, deleted from trash, now we're fuckin here

11574 No.105528

>deleted from trash

bfc87 No.105531

Mods banned Anonfilly threads on /mlp/ for being "pedophillic in nature". People tried to get them to explain and justify that, but they basically just said "We do what we want, fuck off". And now we're here.

They weren't deleted from /trash/, the board was too fast and there weren't enough people there to bump.

5a412 No.105533

You cunts drove Country Roads off. Kys yourself.

13dcd No.105537

That is fucking retarded. I know they banned a number of the fetish threads off the board, but how the fuck is this "pedophillic?"

The actual lewd stories and pictures were a fraction of what the threads were. But even then, we're talking about a fictional character.

When the fuck did 4chan staff become full of worthless faggots? Whatever, guess I'll just lurk here now.

573ed No.105550

Don't let it bother or discourage you if it was.
I think all writefags have been doing fine.

bfc87 No.105551


If anything, they should at least give critique to help them.

f25a6 No.105552

are you sure, because i'm pretty sure when i went back on the thread, it said it was 404'd.

bfc87 No.105553

/trash/ doesn't have an archive, so all threads get 404'd.

1dbb6 No.105554

An attempt at an anonfilly post is live.

cdef1 No.105556

File: 1515711679511-0.png (377.13 KB, 1330x1500, anoncolt & anonfilly.png)

File: 1515711679511-1.png (488.85 KB, 1500x1962, anonfilly giving anoncolt ….png)

you autistic fucks were so busy reeing about >"eww, colts are icky!" that you didn't even notice how adorable anonfilly x anoncolt is

8b883 No.105561

File: 1515712155070.gif (2.76 MB, 500x281, 217E6809-59A7-4AC1-9BF1-1E….gif)

f25a6 No.105562

oh, im just fucking retarded then

13dcd No.105563

looks like the mods got assdamaged and deleted it

f25a6 No.105565

File: 1515712384189.png (182.75 KB, 1500x1101, 1495681091690.png)

besides, he drew plenty of regular filly stuff. if he seriously got triggered and left because of that, that's on him
and the fact that there was no post actually SAYING that's the reason he stopped, that's a whole lotta >implying
for all we know, he had something to do, and came back to there being no filly threads anymore

cdef1 No.105569

I agree with everything you're saying, but you faggots still shouldn't have been so opposed to having anoncolt as long as there aren't posts that don't involve anonfilly
but anon, there's literally no way for anonfilly to be completely straight

cdef1 No.105570

File: 1515712973910-0.png (486.49 KB, 768x1024, thumbsup.png)

You know what, maybe we can hold off on nuking Australia for a while

77d24 No.105573

File: 1515713232935-0.jpg (227.76 KB, 1036x637, Screenshot_20180111-172015.jpg)

File: 1515713232935-1.jpg (190.95 KB, 1058x501, Screenshot_20180111-172107.jpg)

The fuck is wrong with the glimerfags? Are they simply shitposters, or something worse?

1dbb6 No.105585

LARPing glimmerfaggot.
Glimmy is my top tier waifu, and I like anonfilly.
I used to not care, but the mod crusade recruited me to the cause.

f25a6 No.105586

File: 1515713887450.png (204.93 KB, 795x790, 1502338183211.png)

technically there'd be nothing gay in fondling your own fillybits
and i always only said my piece on it being gay, mostly because of the salt i had from the colt threads and the shitposting they did a while ago
but i realize now that duh, no colt thread, no shitposting, and on top of that they're dead as fuck
so you may proceed without my screeching for now
fillyXfilly is still superior though
glimfags are no different than any other fag loving their waifu. with how much that guy's pushing, i.e. "us BASED Glimmerfriends", it's just another shitposter trying to gather hate around her. but with how hated she's become, it's obvious they succeeded in it.

bf78c No.105592

File: 1515714803224.jpeg (21.72 KB, 959x98, image.jpeg)

>glimmy is my top tier waifu

1dbb6 No.105593

Nah, more like David Horowitz.
Total commie, saw the light, rails against it now.

cdef1 No.105596

File: 1515715090037-0.gif (62.73 KB, 565x499, confusedfilly.gif)

>colt threads
also, filly & colt orgy is superior

f25a6 No.105600

File: 1515715463312.png (719.41 KB, 1280x960, 4eBE50g.png)

Dadonequus threads mate
and that's a shit opinion sir

13fcf No.105604

seriously getting upset about shitposting?

cdef1 No.105606

I have the same question for (You)

13fcf No.105609

I meant country roads, not you. Love that guy but it really does suck that he left

cdef1 No.105610

File: 1515716341198-0.jpg (427.66 KB, 2103x1872, scissoring fillies.jpg)

Wasn't that just some unaffiliated shitposters trying to sow discord between the two threads?
>spoiler text
I never did say filly & colt orgy was *vastly* superior (it's only slightly superior)
in fact, filly on filly is just as good as filly on colt if not better
I just prefer filly & colt orgy so I can have both

cdef1 No.105611

Well, like >>105565 said, there's no definitive proof of that being the reason why he left
It could be any number of reasons, including coming back to 4chan after a while only to see that the Anonfilly thread is gone

bfc87 No.105619

>I just prefer filly & colt orgy so I can have both
That's reasonable.

3f639 No.105626

Start namefagging, it gives you recognition and makes the thread feel alive.

bca31 No.105635

Fuck that. Only namefag when it's relevant. Otherwise it ruins the anonymity.

e1ee7 No.105644

Give me a few hours to come up with something stupid enough to be memorable.
Once I post, I've lost it either way with flags. Might as well make it easier for people.

e1ee7 No.105645

Flags and ids, that is to say.

48691 No.105659

File: 1515727302211.png (176.41 KB, 600x840, Twilight-Sleepy.png)

You curl up next to your emotionally exhausted 'sister' and wrap your hooves around her once more. It was kind of odd that she thought of you like a brother, but in some way, it was rather comforting.

"Twi, do we have to head downstairs now? Can we just… stay like this for a while?"

She holds your hooves tight to her chest.

>"I suppose it wouldn't hurt."

The two of you stay there for almost an hour, sharing each other's warmth and comfort, completely silent save for your breaths and heartbeats, which you become acutely aware of. Throughout all of this, Twilight appears to be staring off into space. Something is clearly on her mind, though you cannot tell whether it's about her family back at home, her mother here, or something else entirely.

Your silence is broken soon enough by a knock on the door, followed by the voice of Night Light.

>"Twilight, Anon, dinner time."

13fcf No.105661

mmmmmm c o m f y
homemade dinner with Twi and mom is good shit tho lets go. What's for eats?

cdef1 No.105663

c o m f y

d0f06 No.105678

>Used my filter edit for the OP
Cool, I guess.

46b74 No.105681

Discussion on flags and such here >>105634

f853c No.105710

File: 1515732113564.png (54.58 KB, 1500x1514, 2.png)

46b74 No.105711


48691 No.105712


She looks stoned.

e1ee7 No.105714

Drugged filly is best filly.

f853c No.105718

File: 1515733031978.jpg (107.06 KB, 1200x819, drugs.jpg)

Blame twiggles.

78b87 No.105722

>Twilight pulls a Cosby on Anon Filly
someone write that.

6c8a0 No.105724

File: 1515733735454.png (94.49 KB, 500x431, take-the-blue-pill-you-wak….png)

34eb6 No.105725

I want to be drugged and raped by Twilight as a filly.

48691 No.105726


By Twilight who is a filly, or by Twilight while you are a filly?

e1ee7 No.105727

Had a hearty kek. All I have to say is, you'd better have planted that 9gag watermark!

6c8a0 No.105730

>implying I'm autistic enough to watermark memes

b3b6b No.105731


bf78c No.105738

Dice rollRolled 25

What is food?
Also roll for "sit next to changeling velvet and stab her in the throat when she's not looking

8fa08 No.105740

get food and NOT kill "velvet" yet, but instead try to start doing recon in a non-suspicious way.
1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]

34eb6 No.105741

File: 1515735279516.png (155.69 KB, 486x603, 1088820.png)

Option 2.

3f639 No.105742

Rat Twilight out and be rewarded.

8fa08 No.105743

wrong field, m8.

3f639 No.105744

Dice rollRolled 43

Fuck here's the roll.

34eb6 No.105745


No, nigger.
1d100[ 1d100 = 50 ]

48691 No.105749


So it looks like you're the highest roller thus far. You've elected to not rat Twilight out, but do you have anything else you'd like to do with this action, or should I just default it to the second highest roll not denied by you, which is to eat and do recon in a non-suspicious way?

34eb6 No.105792

That works.

48691 No.105799

Just gonna test a thing…

1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ]

48691 No.105803

Couple more things…

2d20[ 2d20 = 12 ]

48691 No.105805

Dice rollRolled 6, 4 = 10

Oh, so it won't show separate rolls? Does it do it when I try it like this?

48691 No.105814

File: 1515742728897.png (94.08 KB, 500x500, Twilight-SeenSomeShit.png)

Shouting "coming" would be the thing most ponies would do in this situation. You almost do just that, until you remember that the room is still enchanted and no sound you make can be heard from the outside. Instead, you open the door and the room flashes fuchsia once again before dissipating its aura, presumably losing its magic as well. As you walk down the stairs and into the dining room with Twilight, you make a mental note to be prepared for anything.

Dinner, as it would seem, is a nice hearty potato-vegetable soup. It tastes surprisingly delicious despite the lack of meat, and you start to wonder whether or not Twilight's real mother, assuming this isn't her real mother, is as good a cook as whomever it is in the room with you right now.

Finding out who Velvet really is does seem to be of importance though, so you think up some low key questions to ask her…

Wait, what were you just doing? And why does Velvet look tired all of a sudden? There is a message written in magic on the wall behind her that disappears just as soon as you read it, like earlier.

>"I am missing 37 seconds of memory. What should we do? - Sparkle"

cdef1 No.105821

File: 1515743100026.png (112.65 KB, 530x682, 1514946450799.png)

>Shouting "coming" would be the thing most ponies would do in this situation.

db3b6 No.105826

Obviously we found out that she was a Changeling and she men in blacked us again. Is there anything we can conceivably do? The Sparkle family isn't supposed to have experienced a Changeling until the Canterlot wedding.

We need to disable her magic somehow, we'll get nowhere questioning her until we do. 1d100[ 1d100 = 44 ]

04823 No.105829

File: 1515743955908.png (204.32 KB, 811x1073, 1491461870022.png)

>filly will never shout "coming" when she's with you
why live

5a412 No.105832

File: 1515744144681.png (251.78 KB, 1646x1672, 1469664.png)

This. She must have failed the test. We need to render her magic useless; disable her horn. If the show is anything to go on, it shouldn't be too hard. All we have to do is make sure she can't magic with it. There is only one option. We have to suck her horn. Wrap your little filly lips around it and draw it as far into your mouth as possible. That should keep whoever that is from casting any spells. It's the only way.

Play it cool. When we can get her alone, commence operation bone suck and don't let go. Your life may very well depend on it. Twi can do the questioning and the soundproofing if need be. Also the disintegration, if need be.

1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ]

It hurts.

48691 No.105834


>The Sparkle family isn't supposed to have experienced a Changeling until the Canterlot wedding.

I'll try to avoid leaking too much of my plot here, but you should know that full scale invasions take planning, sometimes years in advance. Why might a changeling Velvet erase the memories exclusively of the events that led to Cadence being kicked out of the house?


This idea sounds… interesting.

8849e No.105847

You'd have to jump on Velvet's head perfectly to accomplish that, and consider that a full-grown mare has the strength to buck you off quite easily. Then there's the matter of what Night Light and Shining Armor would do, as well as the fact that an infiltrator is probably trained for traditional interrogation.

Play it cool and break your concerns to Celestia gently the next day. You don't want her to think you're being imaginative and telly your parents; that's the last thing you want.
1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]

cdef1 No.105853

File: 1515746101765.png (235.44 KB, 750x744, 100%anonfillyapproved.png)

Dice rollRolled 38

>stop her from using magic by fellating her horn
>absolutely inane idea which is also lewd
that definitely seems like the "Anon" thing to do

db3b6 No.105872

I say we tell the Changeling about the future. All of it, how the invasion turns out, their metamorphosis, basically the whole shebang. What if this is Thorax?

bf78c No.105875

Throat. Knife. Didi Mao

bf78c No.105876

Dice rollRolled 42

Forgot roll

5a412 No.105888

File: 1515752804671-0.png (190.19 KB, 1039x988, 1495831.png)

Real filly hours. Who the buck up?

cdef1 No.105894

File: 1515753730082.png (32.28 KB, 484x646, 1363128.png)

I am
(but mostly because I've been having trouble getting to sleep at a consistent time each night)

5a412 No.105895

File: 1515754062889-0.png (173.05 KB, 1043x783, 1585077.png)

I hear ya. I feel like if I had a filly to snuggle, it would be a lot easier…

8849e No.105905

Get a filly-sized dog, paint it green and encourage hair growth on the back of the neck.

cdef1 No.105911

File: 1515756786595.png (666.82 KB, 2000x1566, 1457565.png)

It just wouldn't be the same, anon
It just wouldn't be the same…

5a412 No.105916

I had a cat who would cuddle once. He was a bro. No dogs though. These days I just use a pillow. It's fun to pretend…

c4db5 No.105933

File: 1515768716426.png (4.73 MB, 4000x4320, sleepy_filly.png)

Some more filly art

8849e No.105934

I want a version with SPAGHETT.

36ad6 No.105938

No maple syrup bottle for the waffles?

bfc87 No.105947

This is how I would want to spend my mornings as a filly. Top comf

2d28e No.105966

>Filly sized dog
But no dog grows up to 4 feet tall…
The dog sized poners is a shit meme either way

04823 No.105968

File: 1515783199353.png (143.78 KB, 1000x885, 1514074806845.png)

what is your ideal filly size then, anon?

2d28e No.105970

80-90cm, i like my poners big and realistic, afterall how else will i ride them when they grow up?

ee279 No.105972

Fuck off.
Filly will never grow up. Don't have that image saved, sorry.

2d28e No.105973

File: 1515783906042.png (213.24 KB, 811x1073, 1498554711715.png)

Why did you have to remind me of that?
F-fuck you man just, fuck you

ee279 No.105975

>Ywn help filly pull the trigger

2d28e No.105980

>Pulling the trigger
>Not taking the gun off her and cuddling away her sorrows

She may be tired, but we re still a filly so we cant really fight her one on one, unless we fully use the erf pone body capabilities against the unicorn adult, would that be enough?
Either way make sure that we have those last 37 seconds ourselves

2d28e No.105982

Dice rollRolled 52

This never happened >>105981 and i was just pretending to be retarded putting it on the subject and all, yea, i swear im not autistic
Still going to roll lower than 60 just you wait

ee279 No.105985

I've already built up my reuptation as an asshole in this thread, and you're not going to ruin it

2d28e No.106001

Just found these two things

Dont forget to secure her spot on the main team and meme that shit up

f6c76 No.106013

Okay, so…

44 wants to disable Velvet's horn in some capacity, doesn't specify the method
42 wants to just knife Velvet outright
38 seems to agree with 27
27 wants to suck on Velvet's horn to disable it
23 wants to wait until we next see Celestia

A democratic and high roll approach says we may be giving Velvet a horn job. Once I'm off work, that is.

f6c76 No.106014


Better idea: get an actual pony, let it into the house.

2ef89 No.106015

228f9 No.106016

Trash doesn't have an internal archive.

2d28e No.106017

Dice rollRolled 80

Here, have a HYUG roll for telling her on Celly

30e1d No.106018

This 1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]

2be6c No.106019

You could pretend it's Anonbabby.

cdef1 No.106021

File: 1515793775414.png (203.84 KB, 919x970, anonfilly cradling anonbab….png)

Anonbabby a cute

bfc87 No.106024

File: 1515794432293.png (435.39 KB, 1014x917, 6d6b7840b819debfb134925274….png)

>ywn be the cute babby and be taken care of by your "big sis" anonfilly

04823 No.106028

>pull trigger
>oh wait, it doesn't do anything, because no slide, no firing pin, unfunctional hammer, and probably no magazine

3f8b1 No.106033

The context is nonexistant if you're not in the Discord, but here goes.
>You will never rescue the filly from an abusive Twilight to find her completely addicted to cuddles
>You will never guiltily snuggle her for hours, knowing that each session could be her last
>She will never become emotionally dependent on you because of the deep intimate platonic relationship you share
>She will never be taken back from you by Twilight when she legally bullshits herself out of court
>She will never die because Twilight doesn't give her the attention she needs
>You will never not be allowed to attend the funeral, Purple having passed all of the blame onto you since you took the filly illegally.
>You will never be found a month later in the Everfree, body half eaten by Timberwolves, with a noose tied to a tree, a small note clasped tightly in your hand due to rigor mortis
>The morticians will never pry open your hand to read the note.
>They will never gasp as the see 'ur a feget.'

2d28e No.106034

>Let me tell you a story
>Not any story, but the story of a excited earth pony
>This earth pony was a beautiful mare, bringer of the thicc, defender of-
"Yeah, yeah, i know, just introduce me already"
>Fuck you ponk, i ll introduce you however i want
"But then how long will it take for them to know of the other THICC filly in the other side of the road?"
>There was also Anon, who got turned into a filly because of-
"They already know that. Do you know where you are?"
>Fuck you, do you want to tell it yourself?
"Well, since you asked so nicely~"
>No wai-
>*Writefag was kicked from server*
>There, now i have this all for myself
>Soo, I went outside and saw Anonfilly walking behind Twilight
>She was looking soo sad, so i decided to cheer her up
>I waited a bit so Twilight would round the corner, knowing that Anon would take a while to catch up
>And then i struck
>Jumping higher than a house i aimed myself to land right on top of her
>She had turned around, just like planned
>But before she could do anything i landed on top of her and pinned her under my weight
>Thankfully she was surprised enough for me to pin her forehooves under mine
>Shaking her head she looked up to me with that sweet smile of hers
>"What the fuck are you doing?"
>Okay it wasnt a smile, it was more of her signature frowny face
>It was so cute though it may as well be a smile though, dont judge me
>Anyway I decided to acknowledge the elephant in the room and go right in
"Why, you were looking so down i just knew i had to cheer you up, and who s better than moma Pinkie here~?"
>"Fuck off, I dont need your help let me go"
>Her trashing trying to free her front hooves only made this hotter
>I leaned down and touched my muzzle on hers before speaking softly
"Say, why dont we take this inside?"
>*Writefag connected to the server*
>Fuck you pinkie give me my green back!
>*Writefag was banned from the server*
>"Uhh…did you just answer your own question?"
"Oh, right, the history, well…uhh…"
>"What the fuck are you on, you pink sperg?"
"Sorry i forgot what this history was about, want a cupcake?"
>You said holding a cupcake on your hair
"Sure, i guess, cant say no to free food"
>You waited a bit for the question you were sure she would make eventually
>"Uhh can you release me?"
>And then you proceeded to stuff the cupcake inside Anons mouth
>As always, giving 3 taps and pushes with your hair, to make sure it got all inside at once
"There, dont you feel happy already~?"
>You were so focused on the filly under you you didnt even see Twilight coming back, no doubt searching for her
"Oh hi Twilight! Looking for this filly here?"
>You lifted yourself out of the coughing and trembling filly that was looking a bit blue-ish
>"Pinkie! What did you do to her?"
"I didnt do anything, I just saw her following you all frowny and sad so i decided to give her a cupcake, but she looks much better to me now"
>"Better? Her face is blue! She, she's asphyxiating!"
"Oh, that answers it"
>With that you employed all your earth pony strength to give Anon a kick to the stomach
>The paper wrap flew just high enough from her mouth for you to land a kick on it afterwards, sending it flying into a nearby bin
"There, she should be fine now, if you need anything you know who to call~"
>You said to the filly, before crushing her into a Pinkie™ hug and then pronking away
"Nothing like another satisfied costumer"
>*Not Writefag joined the server*
>Alright, not banning me this time, I went and bought a pro account just for this, take that Pinkie Pie!
"Ohh, really?"
>Yep, now back to the green…
"Oh you silly, the green is already over"
"Yap, Twilight just left with Anon right there"
>Both of you looked at Twilight turning the corner and Anonfilly close by, not being able to see any of their faces
>Ugh, fuck me
"Only when (You) become the filly you silly"


bfc87 No.106037

File: 1515798393016.png (54.44 KB, 819x920, 93e9d0bbf972b92c1ceae2326f….png)

I'm so confused.


2be6c No.106038

I honestly have no idea what all that reconnecting shit was about.

2d28e No.106039

I was afraid it d be too confusing, dammit
Wanted to make a one-off where Pinkie hi-jacks the green
Could also try to make another, but if it were to follow this previous one itd be…something
I d rather make another with a different idea but i could try

Caught who keeps skipping lines just to get to the good parts ^:)
See above explanation, and also anon(Writefag) was trying to get back to his green

bfc87 No.106040

Re-reading, it makes more sense knowing that.

You don't have to use the same gimmick, I just like silly filly shenanigans.

8849e No.106047

File: 1515803163492.jpg (135.17 KB, 812x650, 19241__pinkie pie_semi-das….jpg)

Nice. I like "no frowning allowed" Pinkie who WILL make you smile at any costs, whether its tickling, force-feeding or giving you certain substances.

13fcf No.106067

>context is lost if you're not in the discord
Exactly why we should not have one. We do not even need it anymore, it had a point for a while but now is just useless. Having a separate meeting place such as that almost always ends up in a separated community. This is a small but harmless example of that starting to happen.

Perhaps however it can be mitigated if smoldix crushes new content being posted in the discord and makes sure there is not a unique culture built up in the chat different to the threads.

db3b6 No.106069

That only delays it, it always happens eventually, always.

bfc87 No.106071

There isn't any "context" that you are missing by not being in the discord, I don't know why they said that. They started talking about filly craving attention and then posted that. I immediately told them they should post it in the thread instead, which they did.
Several people are making sure that content is never exclusive to the discord.

48691 No.106073

File: 1515810110299.png (448.96 KB, 1024x626, Twilight-SexyLibrarian.png)

If you were going to act, now would have be the time. Velvet's lethargy could likely mean she couldn't throw out another amnesia spell for a while, especially after having to use it on 5 ponies at once. But you don't. There are too many ponies around, and failure could be disastrous. Instead you elect to leave the problem off for another day. You place a hoof on Purple's back and spell out a few letters one by one: "CELESTIA". Her response is a single letter: "K"

The rest of the meal goes pretty uneventfully, with Velvet leaning against Night Light displaying an almost uncomfortable level of affection. It's enough that even Cadence decides to excuse herself from the table first, with Shining following soon after. You finish your meal soon enough, around the same time as Purple. She runs up to the window to take a look outside and returns back to you with a little smile beaming across her face.

>"Hey, it's getting dark soon. You were saying earlier you wanted to go stargazing?"

db3b6 No.106074

No time like the present, there's nothing much we can do about the bug right now anyway, best to lock the door in case, though. 1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]

04823 No.106076

>>to find her completely addicted to cuddles
>when you hug filly, it's like crack on crack to her
>with your magical fingers, you give better attention and pettings than any other pone can
>refuses to leave your side when you're home, always has to be nuzzling or hugging you

8849e No.106080

>"cuddles" and "crack" in the same sentence
That's a no-touch zone, Anon.

Better check up on Spike first. Every baby needs to be taken care of. He's too little to help in this situation now but who knows?
1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]

04823 No.106082

File: 1515812058957.png (33.26 KB, 498x421, 1449808067025.png)

actually they aren't, so its okay

18518 No.106083

Fucking twiggy and her schemes to make the filly love her.

bf78c No.106087


04823 No.106088


bf78c No.106089

Dice rollRolled 89

Go stargazing, look for Betelgeuse. assuming The planet is a future Earth, by the time it would take for the planet to terraform enough to change the landscape and allow for new sentiant life to develop, Betelgeuse should've gone Supernova by then. If it hasn't than the planet is not Earth or is a parrallel version, and we need to either dimention hop away or even rocket out if its a completely different planet

bf78c No.106090

File: 1515814232425.jpeg (39.91 KB, 318x462, image.jpeg)

Forgot image for referance

48691 No.106094

File: 1515816599885.png (816.79 KB, 1024x1357, Twilight-FirefliesInTheClo….png)

"Stargazing, right. We should go get that telescope."

Twilight nods and runs up the stairs to get her equipment. You pass the time watching Spike. He really is a lot younger than you're used to seeing from the show, and from what you've seen thus far, he sleeps a lot. He is, admittedly, adorable when he sleeps however. You reach a hoof over to try to gently pet him, which he immediately grabs and nuzzles like a pillow. Silently, you pray that he remain unharmed by the whole "bug" situation.

Soon, Twilight returns with a pretty sizable telescope and a couple of coats to keep warm in the cold streets of Canterlot. The two of you walk outside to set up the telescope, and spend the next few hours taking turns exploring the night's sky. It really is rather pretty, getting more so as the sky turns darker throughout the night. You try to locate some recognizable stars and constellations, but find none.

"Hey Twi, do you think we might just be in the distant future, with the stars that we know having gone supernova?"

>"I have no clue where we are in time and space. All I know is…"

She turns the telescope towards the moon as you stare through it. It's almost blinding in its luminosity, but even more striking is the dark alicorn face staring back at you.

>"We are certainly not on any version of Earth."

db3b6 No.106105

File: 1515820405356.png (923.03 KB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap.png)

Come to think of it, it's kind of obvious since day and night don't actually work the way they're supposed to, what with the moon actually casting night somehow.

In all likelihood, Equestria is probably a pocket dimension that consists only of this planet, the moon, the sun, and the stars that make up the border of its universe. 1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]

18518 No.106110

Or their universe's physics are all based around magic

48691 No.106116


Pretty much this. Also, the very fact that there is a moon at all should be clue to the fact that you are not in a very far future Earth, since our current moon is slowly drifting away from us.

18518 No.106122

tfw I'm actually autistic enough that I made up a whole magic field theory to explain how magic is cast to myself.

90e44 No.106123

Actually, the moon won't leave us but will instead slow down our rotation due to tidal force.

48691 No.106126


Please elaborate on this.

18518 No.106128

essentially the idea I came up with is that all matter in horse land have magic lines of force that emanate from them. In order for magic to be cast a magic potential has to be build by causing the lines of force to intersect one another in an oscillating manner. The greater the number of line intersected and the faster the oscillation the more magic potential is generated. This effect is manifested in the glow around the horn and the area of effect that the spell is being used. Once built up this magic potential can then converted into different forms of energy or even matter, though creating new matter takes a lot of energy therefore transmuting existing matter would be easier.

This is a basic run down of the concept and the rest of it is just more autism in ideas on ponies of different races generating magic potential in different ways and such.

dfa28 No.106155

This. Days used to be ~10 hours long billions of years ago.

dfa28 No.106162

My autistic headcanon is that Magic travels at a constant speed.

Magic in the show appears to be instantaneous at close ranges, but certain scenes such as the magic love bubble during the Canterlot wedding and several scenes where magic bolts are fired demonstrates the fact that it is not instantaneous, and in fact has a pretty rigid speed limit.

If one were to be moving faster than the speed of Magic and casting a spell at the same time, this would create a ripple in the area's local magic field. Due to the unstable properties of this wave of magic, it degenerates into pure light and sound. How the magic interacts with local variables influences the wavelength of light produced. This is known broadly as a 'Sonic Rainboom'. And, despite the name, is not related to the speed of sound.

Rainbow dash is the only Pegasus capable of producing it due in part to her connection to the Elements of Harmony. Her powerful magic allows her to get near the speed of Magic and, using a combination of gravitational assist and raw wingpower, she is able to force herself past the magic barrier, resulting in a sonic raniboom.

Interestingly, this means that, in these short moments, Rainbow is moving faster than a unicorn can teleport.

I know, there's a few flaws in this headcanon, but I like it.

18518 No.106173

That actually works pretty well with my ideas since those intersecting lines of force would have a limited speed of transmission. However the one thing that I would change is that the ripple isn't so much deteriorating as creating an energetic out put by the means of causing intersecting lines of force. This would actually have some interesting drag effect on Rainbow Dash at transmagic? and supermagic speeds since so much energy would be bled from creating this ripple effect.

d70a9 No.106181

File: 1515832092455.jpg (96.34 KB, 992x558, HT_nasa_as_02_160413_16x9_….jpg)

By degenerating, I simply meant converted from magic into light. Specifically, at the superthaumic bow shock event (The sonic rainboom).

Normal magic use doesn't cause this.

d70a9 No.106182


5a412 No.106183

File: 1515832632605.png (97.39 KB, 1634x1689, 1498278496614.png)

f6898 No.106187

Sums up Anonfilly threads pretty well.

2d28e No.106225

>7 hours since last post
ded thread
ded board
ded NAP

Nuke australia to renew the contract

46b74 No.106226

File: 1515862330101.jpg (132.66 KB, 537x599, Remove_Australian.jpg)

>Nuke australia
There are other options with more finesse you know.

3b87b No.106228

Like what?
Gently nuking Australia?

90e44 No.106231

>ded NAP
I'm listening
Use mini-nukes

46b74 No.106235

File: 1515864747487.jpg (1.18 MB, 980x2985, Emu-War.jpg)

Arm the Emu rebels and then create /ew2g/
Emu war 2 general.

46b74 No.106239

File: 1515865926517-0.png (66.64 KB, 736x600, Emu_War_2_Map.png)

File: 1515865926517-1.png (67.03 KB, 736x600, 736px-Dromaius_novaehollan….png)

bfc87 No.106240

File: 1515866182251.png (10.69 KB, 672x572, 3c982a2957a00b5b16164a322d….png)

>Be Ponyville stallion
>Going about your day
>Suddenly green filly comes up to you and does pic related
What do?

8849e No.106243

File: 1515866807881.jpg (103.52 KB, 666x500, Abedin.jpg)

Why is Cheerilee a stallion?
Two options: roll above 50 and get a room, below and you sell to Saddle Arabia for a quick bit.
1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]

2d28e No.106246

File: 1515866917303.png (18.27 KB, 460x460, deletgun.png)

Im calling purple on you

04823 No.106247

File: 1515867077806.png (224.25 KB, 1920x1200, 1507873181281.png)


a8bab No.106249

because not everyone is autistic about guns

04823 No.106251

>it's autistic to make things accurate
fuck off mate, shit's retarded

36ad6 No.106254

But what if Twilight looked into Anonfilly's mind with a little help from Luna, saw what guns are and decided to try and replicate it only to fail?

2d28e No.106255

Pretty sure she d just self-engineer it to use pure magic to shoot things if she couldnt replicate the explosives or triggers

f6898 No.106256

I find her mother and tell her what she did, as pedophilia is degeneracy.

e5675 No.106265

There is literally nothing wrong with breeding a needy little filly and waifuing her forever.

e5675 No.106269

File: 1515872208147-0.jpg (2.2 MB, 5312x2988, 20180113_112028.jpg)

File: 1515872208147-1.jpg (2.24 MB, 5312x2988, 20180113_113131.jpg)

Shitpost with me, Anons. I've got nothing else to do all day :(

48691 No.106274

File: 1515872860525.png (162.74 KB, 838x953, Twilight-StarryEyes.png)

"I suppose you're right. Hell, the fact that we've got Celestia changing out the sun and moon every day should make it obvious that this world is a little… different."

>"Yeah, pretty much."

Your stargazing continues for a little while more, until eventually, Velvet comes outside and tells you that it's getting late and you should get to sleep soon. Not having much of a choice, and given that it was starting to get cold out, you head back inside.

As you enter the house, and Velvet is out of earshot, Twilight whispers a few words into your ears.

>"If you need to do anything outside of the room, like using the bathroom, do it now, because I'm going to be getting a protection spell cast on it."

2d28e No.106275

Dice rollRolled 30

Wait we re sharing the same room? I wanna sleep with Shiny and ride that big…okay fine, dont think i ll be sleeping on the floor though

48691 No.106277


Last night you shared a room. I believe using a sleeping bag. Shiny probably would not appreciate a filly in his stallion cave.

3b87b No.106280

File: 1515873272376.png (186.75 KB, 1421x2008, 1479809511996.png)

Dice rollRolled 13

>not wanting to snuggle with another filly

bfc87 No.106281

Use the bathroom and then ask Twilight if you can sleep next to her tonight.
1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]

46b74 No.106282

These work.

db3b6 No.106283

This, even promise her that we won't be a pervert for once. 1d100[ 1d100 = 33 ]

2d28e No.106284

04823 No.106285

>ywn convince a little anonfilly to be your waifu forever
it hurts
i-i would want to be someone's filly waifu

e5675 No.106287

File: 1515873950382.png (331.82 KB, 720x1280, 1160355.png)

No homo.

04823 No.106289

File: 1515874392672.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 3536x2707, 1603587__explicit_artist-c….png)

of course

bfc87 No.106290

File: 1515874556943.png (838.33 KB, 1024x1536, 3bbaa02cc24eca1b104b01aa21….png)

That comes later

e5675 No.106291

File: 1515875318734.png (580.02 KB, 2000x2000, 1498564090921.png)

But would you daughteru filly?

04823 No.106294

File: 1515875706972.png (98.03 KB, 424x567, 1482231241936.png)

>implying your combined degeneracy doesn't allow you to do both

second time ive kept shit spoilered damn it

bfc87 No.106295

File: 1515875775515.png (142.24 KB, 669x669, 7ceae6d76fa662aa4fff40ed38….png)

At the same time?

04823 No.106305

File: 1515876472364.png (398.57 KB, 1293x1748, 1504887193327.png)

with autism, anything's possible
except for not having autism
>filly calling you "daddy" while you're fucking
>lewd rewards for good grades in school, like catering to her fetishes
>not so purely platonic cuddling

e1ee7 No.106312

Filly still isn't for sexual, m8.

b1230 No.106313

File: 1515876886426.gif (198.25 KB, 560x526, 1498339462275.gif)

Take picture of fighter escort.

04823 No.106314

File: 1515877086247.png (34.11 KB, 535x662, 1513934999327 (1).png)

maybe for you
i definitely wouldn't mind being for sexual

bfc87 No.106315

File: 1515877125517.png (239.31 KB, 721x692, 1aaae4d7796958f7ccd971dd12….png)

That sounds like a lot of fun.
I want a filly like that

48691 No.106316


Even if you're the one taking the D all day?

8b883 No.106317

File: 1515877187732.jpeg (174.47 KB, 945x945, 433926C9-E5C3-4523-962E-F….jpeg)

It’s gay anon to have sex with anonfilly

e1ee7 No.106318

Eh, neither would I if I were the filly, but I wouldn't feel comfortable fucking the filly, if that makes sense.

04823 No.106320

File: 1515877393922.jpg (3 MB, 4160x3120, yD0lZOB.jpg)

that's what i meant, anon

8849e No.106322

>Inb4 some autist uses the pictures, time, and seat location to doxx you

Boosting this. Also, you have to learn how to use whatever toilets they have in Equestria.
1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]

>someone catches you in the act
>you get put in the royal penitentiary for lewd acts with filly
>stallions find anon in the showers

8b883 No.106323

File: 1515877658545.jpeg (24.96 KB, 255x224, 8534C976-241E-4BFB-9F8E-A….jpeg)

Anon you will never be a filly

e1ee7 No.106326

File: 1515877930345.jpg (8.82 KB, 281x180, Stings_doesn't_it.jpg)

04823 No.106327

File: 1515877932879.png (157.35 KB, 504x590, 1484219326024.png)

>implying pony prison won't be hotel status
it's like the little league story all over again

says you!
besides, i would be fine either with filly or being the filly, as long as cuddles and lewdings take place. but even then, lewdings are optional, i just need a hug every now and then

48691 No.106328

Even if Anon wants to do anal?

e1ee7 No.106330

Personally, I wouldn't be worried about the prison conditions, but more about who else fucked up badly enough to be sent to prison in magical horse land.

46b74 No.106332

File: 1515878195691.jpg (122.38 KB, 900x978, fiw_sweetie_bot__s_heart_d….jpg)

Would you accept a robo-filly?

e1ee7 No.106333

>Implying a robot could ever feel love similar to that of a human

8b883 No.106334

File: 1515878316824.gif (691.36 KB, 260x183, 50B5BE7C-35BD-48CB-A9FD-90….gif)

All filly’s are for are cuddling no lewd, And if you want anonfilly you’re gay and a pedo

e1ee7 No.106335

File: 1515878515221.png (77.28 KB, 477x538, lewd1.png)

I only ever said I wanted to be the filly, feget.

04823 No.106336

File: 1515878516318.png (182.34 KB, 903x684, kys filly's retarded cousi….png)

if i'm lewding an anon, it means that i've already come to trust and like the nigga for who he is, so i would also trust he wouldn't make it so terrible
so yes
also it means i'd get some kind of repayment from it

as long as they're cuddly

>be tiny filly
>want to be for lewd
>no that means you're a gay pedo
>pic related

46b74 No.106338

File: 1515878596195.png (45.32 KB, 300x193, sad_sweetie_bot_by_fangz17….png)

8b883 No.106339

File: 1515878711218.png (333.13 KB, 1400x1500, CECE2351-E7DE-4F49-AB4C-7B….png)

You sound like a tranny wanting to be a woman

8b883 No.106340

File: 1515878861127.png (99 KB, 258x330, 959D15E7-ECB6-47F5-9276-B3….png)

If you want anonfilly your a gay pedo because anonfilly a guy and a filly

b1230 No.106341

If anyone could it would be Sweetie Belle robot.

46b74 No.106342

File: 1515878884409.png (465.22 KB, 2000x2000, 1512976689063.png)

>Not wanting to be the filly and get up to cute shenanigans

e1ee7 No.106343

File: 1515878888335.png (116.09 KB, 500x750, lewd3.png)

I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations.

04823 No.106344

File: 1515879021397.png (308.33 KB, 2048x1536, 1500015531962.png)

and your opinion is why australia needs a nuke

18518 No.106346

>not wanting to be a qt3.14 smol horse and do cute horse things
I think we no who the real gay pedo is here

3b87b No.106347

Dice rollRolled 32

Australia getting nuked when?

8b883 No.106348

File: 1515879117991.gif (935.26 KB, 480x270, 92992DB2-2293-4CEC-8259-50….gif)

e1ee7 No.106349

File: 1515879172815.png (325.46 KB, 1500x800, misc5.png)

As soon as I get my shipment of enriched Uranium. Don't worry, the Twilight murder is scheduled right after that.

2d28e No.106350

Not gonna lie, for once gotta agree with the aussie, filly is for hape
aka non-consensual hugging and snuggling

8b883 No.106351

Nuke America
1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]

bfc87 No.106352

>non-consensual hugging and snuggling
I bet you want to hold hooves too, you faggot.


e1ee7 No.106353

Dice rollRolled 88

Watch a real man roll.

2d28e No.106354

Ur no reel north korea, "FRIEND"

8b883 No.106355

God damn it reroll
1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]

e1ee7 No.106356

File: 1515879316753.png (94.34 KB, 450x533, cute9.png)

Holy shit, didn't expect it to be that high.

04823 No.106357

File: 1515879330740.jpg (264.33 KB, 1292x734, 1503969648844.jpg)

>doing intimate things to filly with her consent is bad
>but hugging and loving against her will is ok!


2d28e No.106358

I-I mean that d be nice, and then run a finger on the outer sides of her hooves too while at it…

8b883 No.106359

America btfo

18518 No.106360

nice hitler role

3b87b No.106361

Dice rollRolled 43

Australia BTFO

b1230 No.106362

File: 1515879393315.png (75.85 KB, 870x600, 1503881633200.png)

8b883 No.106363

Come on North Korea
1d100[ 1d100 = 43 ]

bfc87 No.106364

File: 1515879466249.png (3.99 MB, 2800x7000, 225b5de8dd2ca191fa1a15bef5….png)

S-stop it

46b74 No.106365

File: 1515879490307.jpg (93 KB, 900x600, laughing-emu-dale-bargmann.jpg)

>an epic fail followed by another fail
*laughs in emu*

3b87b No.106366

>Nuke Australia gets meager, fairly low rolls
>Australia gets a lower roll and a nat 1 anyway

2d28e No.106367

>When you want to just slap a bitch
>But that slap gets a crit and it knocks her out

Filly aint for lewds
If she s the one doing the >Raping then you should try and stop the act, she must be keep pure at least on the outside

78aee No.106368

File: 1515879555408.png (289.79 KB, 509x596, image.png)

>Tries to Nuke America
>Nukes self by accident

e1ee7 No.106370

But he's an Aussie!

8b883 No.106371

North Korea comes to the rescue and destroy USA
1d100[ 1d100 = 51 ]

3b87b No.106372

Dice rollRolled 49

You've already rolled a natural 1, and even your highest roll is only equal to mine

04823 No.106373

>she must be keep pure

i actually wouldn't mind reading about that
>"just fuck me you faggot!"
"no, fillies are for cuddles."
>cuddle filly
>tries to slink a hoof into your pants

2d28e No.106374

But there could be some belly rubbing afterwards
Gently rubbing it while holding her upside down against her will, t-there s nothing wrong with that right?

3b87b No.106375

Dice rollRolled 91

Preemptively nuke North Korea

2d28e No.106376

File: 1515879763851.png (250.37 KB, 810x672, Shiggyfilly.png)

8b883 No.106377

USA nuke it self
1d100[ 1d100 = 81 ]

04823 No.106378

File: 1515879779131.png (247.4 KB, 1000x741, 1506473587027.png)


18518 No.106379


Why would you post this! The degeneracy!

8b883 No.106380

File: 1515879826774.gif (857.62 KB, 200x267, 74CC5F99-9BD5-4892-A490-9F….gif)

e1ee7 No.106381

Still outrolled you the first time, faggot.

46b74 No.106382

File: 1515879845191.png (368.17 KB, 688x693, image6-2.png)

b1230 No.106383

Lol, is actually a good way for Trump to take out Hawaii himself "by accident" (after he have covertly evacuated real people).
1d100[ 1d100 = 73 ]

8b883 No.106384

It’s always hot in Australia

e1ee7 No.106385

>Hawaiians aren't real people
Do continue.

2d28e No.106386

Im sorry i ll stop, maybe ear scratching her while telling her how cute she is after going thru it all?

8b883 No.106387

The mods are fucking with me
1d100[ 1d100 = 85 ]

b1230 No.106388

There has to be one or two that are stranded there.

3b87b No.106389

File: 1515880024070.png (183.97 KB, 1800x1800, really makes you filly.png)

If filly wants to be loved in a sexual manner, and you deny the filly her sexual cuddles, then would that count as being mean to filly?

78aee No.106390

>Implying there are any real people still on Hawaii
Maybe tourists?

8849e No.106392

File: 1515880096280.jpg (56.09 KB, 724x408, lilo-and-stitch-pleakley-j….jpg)

The only real people on Hawaii are aliens.

e1ee7 No.106393

Remember that filly is dependent on cuddles for survival, Anon. Dat's abuse.

46b74 No.106394

It's that a roll to get the mods to fuck with you? That doesn't seem like a good idea.

8849e No.106395

Filly cannot consent, though.

b1230 No.106396

I am mainly thinking that, and perhaps some military personnel that is stationed there.

bfc87 No.106397

File: 1515880144580.png (116.21 KB, 465x433, 6962b62cb2d306fe243e24fbd1….png)

Not a bad idea.


8b883 No.106399

File: 1515880148526.jpeg (65.27 KB, 800x723, 44C5B764-B7DD-4809-B14E-C….jpeg)

>If guy wants to be loved in a sexual manner, and you deny the guy his sexual cuddles, then would that count as being mean to homophobic ?

You sound like a fag

46b74 No.106400

e3450 No.106401

Fuck you faggots. I want to have loving, intimate, sensual sex with my beautiful little filly. I want to explore every last inch of her sweet little body, inhale her woberful scent, taste that amazing flavor. I want to spend all my time pleasing her, indulging in her.

The rest of you are gay.

e1ee7 No.106402

Depends. Age of consent is when filly has her cutie mark, so it depends on the green author/drawfag.

3b87b No.106404

File: 1515880250967.png (467.54 KB, 1280x853, grown-ass filly.png)

Yes she can!
She's like, twenty-something!

04823 No.106405

File: 1515880262532.png (1.02 MB, 1457x928, 1512154006257.png)

>taste that amazing flavor

8849e No.106406

File: 1515880281238.gif (256.96 KB, 450x450, CelestiaAndTea.gif)

Point me to where it says this in Celestia's lawbook.

Become a horse doctor, then.

…wait, don't.

5a1e0 No.106407

File: 1515880297283.png (1.37 MB, 2000x1136, 1513450195114.png)

>this thread

bfc87 No.106408

File: 1515880322852.png (90.56 KB, 594x714, 5efd3e5c085edf422065e669f9….png)

But she's an adult

>Filly's face when

2d28e No.106409

No u, faggot!

3b87b No.106410

Dice rollRolled 27

Anything you do as the filly would be at least a little gay
(yes, even masturbation)

8b883 No.106411

File: 1515880359214.gif (2.12 MB, 320x240, 541916DB-A61A-481C-8033-CB….gif)

Why is it all the Americans are gay on /mlpol/ ?
1d100[ 1d100 = 30 ]

8849e No.106413

If we greentexted at this pace we'd have travelled around all of Equestria by then.

Read that as "No artificial preservatives, flavors, or dykes"

b1230 No.106414

I might have to concede, and face that once again my overzealous belief in humanity and that good people exist everywhere (trapped or of free will) failed me

a8bab No.106415

why is it that austrailians are faggots everywhere?

2d28e No.106416

File: 1515880444435.gif (301.5 KB, 500x319, Laughing mares.gif)

>On /mlpol/
>Only on /mlpol/

2ef89 No.106417

Eh, could be worse.

3b87b No.106418

Dice rollRolled 57

Why is it that the Australian on /mlpol/ keeps calling everyone from /filly/ faggots?

8849e No.106419

File: 1515880525860.jpg (22.13 KB, 480x360, AlexJones.jpg)

It's the chemicals they put in the water.

861c4 No.106420

>No u, faggot!
No u, faggot!

f8b62 No.106421

>rolls to get mods to fuck with him

8b883 No.106422

File: 1515880549801.png (17.64 KB, 361x333, 153E4447-F7D6-4B35-A662-EA….png)

It’s probably a shitpost

8b883 No.106423

File: 1515880622815.jpeg (39.95 KB, 512x288, BBEA8DCD-920D-46FE-9790-E….jpeg)

Lotus is nigger

861c4 No.106424

File: 1515880643952.jpg (78.44 KB, 500x500, 1514782224745.jpg)

8b883 No.106425

God damn it my flag what did you do to my flag

a8bab No.106427

bfc87 No.106428

File: 1515880708195.png (141.58 KB, 853x931, 7a38a36b899200b402bfbc2a7c….png)

18518 No.106430

8b883 No.106431

File: 1515880739600.gif (942.3 KB, 500x269, BEE95CDF-812C-4B46-A0BB-0B….gif)

Change it back

2d28e No.106432

File: 1515880761499.png (2.89 MB, 1802x2109, fug.png)

I-I dont want no trabble

8849e No.106433

File: 1515880785518.png (212.3 KB, 1024x1407, smug_rumble_by_sasukex125.png)

It fits your colorful personality well.

861c4 No.106434

File: 1515880838697.jpg (107.64 KB, 596x648, 1515469455969.jpg)

8b883 No.106435

File: 1515880850166.gif (1.89 MB, 500x500, D65721D7-B84F-401B-8E84-7B….gif)

2d28e No.106436

File: 1515880881427.png (128.59 KB, 342x340, cheeky.png)

>The dropped Ausfag colony

3b87b No.106437

File: 1515880923019.png (364.8 KB, 1542x2084, fillygiggle.png)

3b87b No.106438

File: 1515881043095.png (365.26 KB, 541x1024, arguingfillies_recolor_gra….png)

>this thread over the course of the last hour

f63f3 No.106439

So this is what happens in these threads…

04823 No.106440

nobody's arguing about being the filly first

a8bab No.106441

File: 1515881145813.jpg (7.76 KB, 626x128, Blank _d28fcaa61189bb879e6….jpg)

8b883 No.106443

Well at least I don’t have the America flag

e1ee7 No.106444

At least it's active for once, even if it is a circlejerk of autism.

b1230 No.106445

2d28e No.106448

Give back my riches you faggot REEEEEEEEEE

/int/ fillies coming together under purpul autism to "catch them all" when?

18518 No.106451

oh fuck

8b883 No.106452

File: 1515881407360.png (31.25 KB, 714x630, 2F0740B9-FDCB-483D-8A80-4D….png)

My only crime was rejecting degeneracy

46b74 No.106453

File: 1515881431749.jpg (38.79 KB, 486x571, 1442385006561.jpg)


f8b62 No.106454

8b883 No.106455

Not this please anything but this I’ll take back the gay flag

e1ee7 No.106456

The man does have dubs…

46b74 No.106457

File: 1515881638098.jpg (50.14 KB, 610x690, 1436672646508.jpg)

>implying he'll do what you want
This is what you get for disrespecting the gods.

f63f3 No.106458

The only thing you're rich is in diversity.
We extracted gold from our colony, since you wanted to become a country that's no longer our business.
also, we lost all the gold

8b883 No.106459

File: 1515881762856.jpeg (45.74 KB, 540x392, D49FB65F-7727-44FC-8C8F-4….jpeg)

So this is power of the mod, to be honest I’m not that impressed when I think about it

46b74 No.106460

I really don't think you should say such things.

3b87b No.106467

Don't get me wrong, my post was meant in the most positive and endearing way possible
One of my favorite things back on /mlp/ was when arguingfillies.png was posted in response to anons bickering like the fillies we are

48691 No.106472

File: 1515883586182.jpg (56.89 KB, 640x800, Twilight-Yawn.jpg)

You follow Twiliht's advice, despite not needing to use the bathroom THAT much. At the very least, the experience hasn't changed much since being back on Earth. The toilets are very much like they were in America, and the toilet paper isn't leaves. In fact, when you think about it, there's a lot of areas in Equestria that you haven't had to experience culture shock in. Kind of weird if you think about it.

When you come back to the bedroom, you see that Twilight has laid out a sleeping bag for you. Her bed looks a lot nicer though.

"Hey Twi, do you think I could sleep with you tonight? I promise not to do anything lewd…"

She rolls her eyes playfully and gestures for you to come up.

>"Alright alright. It could be a scary night, so fine. Either way, I'm getting Shiny to put a shield spell on the room. I told him I was having nightmares and was afraid monsters would come for me in the night. He didn't believe me, but I said I'd do the dishes for him for a week, so he reluctantly agreed. Have you got everything you need?"

You nod and crawl into bed with her. She turns out the lights and you set about falling asleep. It isn't very easy, with the thought of Velvet attacking in the night keeping you up. These thoughts are soon assuaged as the walls begin to glow with a blue aura. Shining's spell, Twilight's embrace… you feel safe. Now the only thing troubling you is the voices inside your head. In a quiet voice, you pester your half asleep bedmate with one final question.

"Twi, do you think we should nuke North Korea?"

>"Mmmnnng, no. They suck, but we don't want fallout on Seoul."

She wraps you tighter in her embrace, and you hear a few last words from her as you drift off to sleep.

>"Jal ja yo, Anon"

Sleep meets you quickly… only to be disturbed a few hours later by a rustling at the door.

8b883 No.106473

it’s just shining armour fapping
1d100[ 1d100 = 65 ]

bfc87 No.106475

Wake Twi if she's still sleeping. Tell her what you heard but stay quiet.
1d100[ 1d100 = 13 ]

e1ee7 No.106476

Dice rollRolled 45


2d28e No.106478

Dice rollRolled 43

Just outta curiosity is there an Equestria flag?

Oh fug, banic :DDD
You totally shouldnt make a girly scream either, nope, you re still a male at hearth, no girly screams here to be found

46b74 No.106479

There is. Mods have to give it to you though.

8849e No.106480

It's a pegasus burglar going down the hallway. Pegasi can't use magic, so you should be safe.
1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ]

e1ee7 No.106481

Dice rollRolled 76

>Can't use magic
Do you even pony?

2ef89 No.106483

Dice rollRolled 92

Take the Sam Fisher approach.
Observe quietly, prep the knife, and get the one-liners ready.
also I can't into inline dierolls lmao kill me

8849e No.106488

File: 1515885615574.png (270.96 KB, 600x600, that_pony_is_a_spy_by_deat….png)

Inb4 we accidentally stab Shiny while he's masturbating because he's a horny boi.

I meant do fancy unicorn stuff like nullify shield spells. Speaking of which, would opening the door from inside break it?

48691 No.106489

File: 1515886310301.jpg (36.45 KB, 440x492, Changeling-StaringThroughT….jpg)

The rustling is loud and disturbing, but it only lasts for a few long seconds before stopping suddenly. Somehow, it doesn't manage to wake up Twilight at all. You can still see her breathing, but nonetheless, it is strange how she can sleep like the dead through such a matter.

Not knowing when whatever that was would come back, you search around the room for something you can use as a weapon. Unfortunately, any knives that might be in the house would be in the kitchen, and leaving the room to grab one would drop the shield. There aren't even scissors that you could take apart and improvise as into a knife. You begin to give up hope at a means of self protection until you open up the closet door… a baseball bat sitting against the wall greets your eyes. It has a label "Home Run" carved into it – Twilight's handwriting (horn/hoof/mouth writing? You aren't sure what fits here). You grab it and crawl back into bed, clutching it tight in case whatever it is comes back.

A half hour more passes, and you hear a rustling again, this time at the window. In the corner of your eyes, you can see a changeling pounding against the shield walls outside.

e1ee7 No.106490

Dice rollRolled 12

Does Twilight have a camera in her room? We could get proof of our little encounter. We should probably wake her up either way, she could charge up a spell to get it to fuck off so we can go back to sleep.

bfc87 No.106491

Pinch (Smack?) yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming.
If that doesn't work, wake Twilight.
1d100[ 1d100 = 29 ]

2d28e No.106492

Dice rollRolled 96

Wake Twiggles then do what i said before >>106478

2ef89 No.106493

I'll second that.
1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]

f333a No.106494

What those guys said. But first, briefly ponder if that's not just a gimmick to get dumb people to smack themselves.

1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]

48691 No.106495

File: 1515887457141.png (170.39 KB, 685x507, Twilight-CoffeeSad.png)

You bite your hoof just lightly to make sure you aren't dreaming… yep, you can feel it. This is definitely real. Unless that gimmick doesn't actually work and you can feel pain in dreams. But there's no time for that. Quickly, you shake Twilight awake and point to the window, where the changeling is currently pounding – panicked, but still silent.

She forces your head low and under the blanket and curls up close to you. As soft as she can, she whispers into your ear.

>"The shield won't fail, and she'll have to give up soon enough. Chances are, she's going to try and ambush us in the morning, so I'm thinking we should sneak out about an hour or two before we normally do. The window is safer than the doorway, I can at least slow fall us since it's only a 2 story jump. Will that work for you?"

8849e No.106496

File: 1515887792051.png (152.57 KB, 866x922, ScaredTwilight.png)

As long as we don't break our little filly legs. Does Twilight have an uncle, aunt, cousin or some other relative we could run to? We do need to tell Celestia about the changeling but if we explicate that there's a monster at the window she'll (politely) chalk it up to an overactive imagination.

Also, put something on before you jump, like a cloak or something.
1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ]

2d28e No.106497

Dice rollRolled 36

>Someone we could run to?
Just go to Celestia's, ask if we could live there and about the 'ling
Also pick a pillow and the bat, most importantly the bat

48691 No.106499

File: 1515890920981.png (158.08 KB, 905x865, Twilight-Transparent.png)

Not wanting to get into a fight with a changeling right away, you comply. The night passes slowly, and you find it difficult to get to sleep, but at the very least, the changeling flies away soon enough, easing some of your troubles. You eventually manage to drift away to sleep once again, but this is interrupted all too soon by Twilight pulling off the blankets at the crack of dawn.

>"We're going to jump very soon. I can use my magic to slow our descent just a bit, so it shouldn't hurt much. Are you ready, Anon?"

30e1d No.106502

lets do this, but take the baseball bat with you 1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]

2d28e No.106503

Dice rollRolled 2

Remember how scared of heights you are and how being a little filly only worsened it
Also boop Twilight for good luck

2d28e No.106504

>Make a somewhat meme suggestion
>roll a 2
Fine, no fun allowed, but boop her anyway

8849e No.106507

Rolling for this.
1d100[ 1d100 = 62 ]

3b87b No.106515

Dice rollRolled 57

rolling to boop the snootle

46b74 No.106517

Dice rollRolled 57


48691 No.106531

File: 1515895504035.png (173.66 KB, 900x1001, Twilight-LookingUpAtYou.png)

You grab the bat and place it between your teeth. In case you encounter Velvet again, or run into some other changeling, you'll need a weapon. Also, you don't want to bite your tongue when you hit the ground. For good luck, you also boop Twilight's nose with your hoof, earning you a raised eyebrow. She turns towards the window.

>"Alright on the count of three, I'm going to open this. I want you to jump out as soon as I do. I'll slow your fall so you don't get hurt."

Fuck, that's going to suck.

>"One… two… three!"

She opens the window and you run out blindly. Falling is a very terrifying feeling as you approach faster and faster towards the ground. It's even worse when you consider it's only from the second story. Is she really going to… Before you can finish that thought, you feel a force pulling up on you about an inch before you hit the ground. It hurts to be tugged so suddenly, but you are safe.

Twilight's turn is next, and she wastes no time in her jump. You move to try and catch her, but again, her fall is slowed just an inch before falling into your hooves. She drops to the ground and motions for you to be silent.

>"We sneak out of the yard, then we bolt to the castle as soon as we're out of hearing range. I'm gonna need you to watch my six in case she chases after us."

30e1d No.106533

Better get going then. Trust no one on the way, nothing to say the changeling outside the window is the same one impersonating Velvet. 1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]

bfc87 No.106536

This. And make sure you don't leave eachother's sight.
1d100[ 1d100 = 84 ]

46b74 No.106541

90e44 No.106548

File: 1515899369742.jpg (203.23 KB, 1200x1661, 1ff5e9eee780063d51adeb1d92….jpg)

Sleep tight, poner

46b74 No.106550

Sleep tight, poner

18518 No.106553

Sleep tight poner

bfc87 No.106555


3b87b No.106557

File: 1515900066118.png (442.78 KB, 1400x1072, shh_filly_is_sleeping.png)

Sleep tight, poner

48691 No.106560



3b87b No.106561

how do I make my text pink?

30e1d No.106562

File: 1515901454320.png (25.48 KB, 632x413, mlpol options.PNG)

options in top right, there is a window showing formatting options

46b74 No.106563

Don't you know how to pink text?
Or orange text?
Are you a pleb or something?
You can't figure out how to look through the options in the top right corner, do you?

46b74 No.106564

>giving it away that easy
You're no fun.

90e44 No.106566

You fool, you know nothing about shitposting

bfc87 No.106567

Apparently they were added there recently, because I had to manually add them myself. It doesn't push changes if you have a ruleset locally saved.

30e1d No.106569

I'm sorry

3b87b No.106570

So I need to do this?

bfc87 No.106573

File: 1515902712268.png (35.83 KB, 316x264, 40da5d95b92b91734f26055892….png)

bf78c No.106574

Dice rollRolled 32

Give china Uranium in exchange for them nuking america

3b87b No.106576

File: 1515902875250.png (52.12 KB, 500x600, 1370460.png)

Thanks, UK Anon!
I'm glad you were willing to help out, unlike a certain pair of anons

bfc87 No.106578

File: 1515903090806.png (20.38 KB, 1800x1800, a6100b8dee49510fd596b810a9….png)

>pair of anons
>Same ID

3b87b No.106579

File: 1515903235032.jpg (30.28 KB, 739x970, duncefilly.jpg)

fuck, I didn't notice that
but in my defense, I haven't been here at all before the Anonfilly threads moved here, so I'm not used to having IDs

3b87b No.106580

While I'm making a fool of myself, I might as well see if I fuck up this and this

bfc87 No.106581

File: 1515903388964.png (416.34 KB, 768x1024, 081ae3f5a3419d0008fbfa625e….png)

It's cool, they take getting used to.


e1ee7 No.106582

File: 1515903483360.png (58.7 KB, 312x429, b7fac22ae9d5e298683f1de7b1….png)

Most of us haven't, Anon.
Your insolence will be forgiven, Once.

e1ee7 No.106583

Hate to put out this short of an update, but I'll likely be up late tonight anyways. Keep in mind that rolls will give some priority, but the main determining factors will be timeliness and feasibility, as I'll probably start writing the next section about fifteen minutes after I get the first couple of responses. With that out of the way, enjoy.
>To make matters even worse, you realize that Twilight didn't give you your homework.
>Looking at the clocktower, you notice that it's almost seven.
>Wiping the vomit off of your face, you break into a light canter back to the Friendship Castle,™ glancing at the clocktower every once in a while.
>You manage to make it back by 7:15, completely out of breath, with your ribs giving you more than a bit of discomfort.
>The back door, as always, is unlocked.
>You seem to remember plopping the work down on your bedside table after getting back from the hospital.
>You make it to your room without any issues, sticking the papers in some spare saddlebags you found in the closet.
>School will probably be pretty boring…
>You grab Moon for good measure.
>Trotting out into the hallway, you fail to notice Twilight before she notices you.
>She narrows her eyes. "What are you doing back here?"
>What do?

18518 No.106586

Tell her that you had to grab your homework, she was the one who told us to not get into trouble today.

dfa28 No.106587

>Someone using my image
My life is complete.

48691 No.106590

File: 1515905291076.png (700.79 KB, 900x828, Celestia-LayingInClouds.png)

Each step through the yard feels like an eternity, and despite your best efforts to keep your hoofsteps quiet, you can hear them as loudly as your pounding heartbeat. Nevertheless, you continually scan the area, keeping close to Twilight as you reach closer and closer to the street.

To your good fortune, there aren't exactly a lot of ponies outside. There are perhaps one or two early morning joggers that pass by you, but they seem content to stick to themselves. You don't talk to them in case they could be a changeling, but neither do you allow yourself to act too suspicious. After passing a few houses, you start to pick up your pace. Soon enough, you're even passing Lyra's house - a safe point if there ever was one.

What feels like the longest half hour ever passes, and you soon make it to the walls of the castle. Fortunately, the guards do not give you too much problem as you make your way in. It probably helps that you were here just two days ago, and that Twilight visits the princess on a regular basis. Regardless, you feel paranoid to talk to anyone other than the princess herself. Could any of the changelings impersonate her? You shiver at the thought.

The two of you make it only as far as a lobby before Twilight decides to take a seat on a bench. She casts a spell, though you're not sure what it is. After a few minutes, Celestia emerges from a room and approaches the two of you.

>"Password is Green Tea. What's wrong, my little ponies?"

30e1d No.106593

Let Twilight explain everything 1d100[ 1d100 = 75 ]

dfa28 No.106594

This. Our only real contact with Celery is an attempt at >rape
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]

bfc87 No.106596

Yeah, let Twilight do the talking.
1d100[ 1d100 = 8 ]

8849e No.106598

>Exactly the same gameplan, no additions
>Roll anyway

I won't argue with this.

Rolling for persuasion because the last anon forgot and I can't think of a better idea.
1d100[ 1d100 = 16 ]

04823 No.106599

File: 1515906210386.jpg (638.36 KB, 2448x3264, merica.JPG)

twi can't keep an american filly down
>inb4 no guns
the neet life is hard, i'm tryin here

30e1d No.106600

Got to roll in case someone tries to do something retarded

bfc87 No.106602

File: 1515906383257.png (595.25 KB, 1700x1300, 39c978fbe5cf74c9c9b668a342….png)

>Those cookies

427db No.106603

>no guns

e1ee7 No.106609

"I uh… well, my homework…"
>"And why didn't you grab it when you got out of bed?"
"Look, you're the one who told me not to get in trouble today! I'm about to be late for school, could you at least teleport me back?"
>"No. I'm feeling generous today, we'll let this serve as another warnng, hm? Hurry on to school, now."
>You breath a sigh of relief, and almost break into a gallop trying to get back on time.
>Why do you suddenly care so much about what purple wants you to do?
>No. She's not breaking you, you just…
>My god, she's breaking you.
>This realization hits you like a sack of bricks, forcing you to stop in the middle of the road.
>You look up at the clock tower and groan in anguish.
>You used to fuck with Purple for fun.
>Drinking with Spike.
>Drinking Her alcohol with Spike.
>You barely make it to school on time, sitting down in the seat that now bears your pseudonym on the front of it, complete with cutesy flowers.
>Your bandages are visable from this angle, and you catch a few of your classmates staring at you.
>You smile weakly, hoping sympathy could earn you a potential friend or two.
>Most of them look away at that.
>So just like before, huh.
>You spot League in the opposite corner, her smug grin visable underneath her cap.
>Sweetie is nowhere to be seen.
>You pull out Moon and begin reading where you left off.
'Preparations had just begun for what would be a project hundreds of years in the making. The self-appointed Queen, though weak in magical power, still had just as much of a polital aura. The unicorns began to pull in passing asteroids, which were in turn smashed by the powerful thighs of the Earth ponies to extract the raw materials….'
>Heh, powerful thighs.
>You could totally get behind some of those.
>Or rather, in front of.
>Just as Ms. Cheerilee starts her lecture on basic fractions, Sweetie Belle enters the classroom, taking her seat in the front of the room.
>She doesn't look too well.
>You're still not sure what the exact verdict on the status of the other two Crusaders is, but you can assume.
>Poor kid.
>You go back to reading, the class time dwindling away until lunch.
>You're passed a worksheet which you complete with little effort.
>You intentinally miss a few of the problems, however.
>Don't want her figuring out you know all of this and giving you actual work, even if that would probably be just as easy.
>You laugh at the prospect, you only barely passed your last math class in college.
>Granted, you did skip about half of the lectures…
>The bell rings for lunch, interrupting your thoughts.
>You see your classmates already filing out.
>You should probably find a few to sit with, not that you don't have any in mind.
>What do?

e1ee7 No.106611

Gonna rub one out, I'll be back to check on your responses in a few.

04823 No.106613

no u, i'll get one soon enough
life size filly plush first

dfa28 No.106614


Looking for anything in particular?

18518 No.106615

Resisting a captor for long periods of time is about picking your battles. Not fighting purple on things like this is fine since it allows you to put more effort into fighting her on bigger issues.

But let's go talk to League she might no some ponies we should meet.

04823 No.106617

File: 1515908881743.png (186.14 KB, 1700x1400, 1513222517768.png)

just a cheap pump action 12 gauge for now, the one i shot was fun was fuck and i'm still a neet
can't get into brands till i get more monies, and i get something for G5 time

48691 No.106618


Not having guns sucks, but some of us have legit reasons for it. Those too poor or living in accommodations that don't permit them (e.g. family that disapproves of them, university housing, anywhere in California or New York) must be relatively defenseless.

I wish I had guns.

427db No.106620

Try a gunshow if you are in the south. I live in Texas and got a lever action 12 gauge for $100. You never know what you can find.

8849e No.106623

Sweetie Belle! Find out what happened to the other CMCs.
1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]

e1ee7 No.106626

I like the way you think, but I'd like a roll to back it up.

bf78c No.106627


dfa28 No.106628

Shotguns are the type of thing where a brand name isn't all that important. Sure, a Benelli Nova may be a good gun, but a Springfield 67H for $100 is a perfectly reasonable alternative.

This. A gunshow is a great place to find used guns for cheap. Just make sure you do your research, because there will be a lot of people trying to scam. /k/ has some pretty enlightening gun show stories.

04823 No.106631

File: 1515910279592.png (39.03 KB, 340x420, 1476087850144.png)

australia i will rape you

427db No.106634

>life size filly plush first
Where to get and how much?

27e30 No.106635

dfa28 No.106636

>Can't own certain Nerf guns
Get fucked, Ausfalia.

48691 No.106637


You have to commission one from a plush maker. A good list of current plush makers can be found at https://plushie.horse/content/Plushmancer_List

Also test pink test

18518 No.106638

Dice rollRolled 83


46b74 No.106640

File: 1515911219443.mp4 (129.79 KB, 800x950, TsrUeAL.mp4)

You're assuming that would faze an Australian.

dfa28 No.106641

Holy shit, people will really drop $2,500 on a plush? That's more than I paid for my car!

3b87b No.106642

File: 1515911511544.jpg (770.8 KB, 2103x1872, scissoring fillies recolor.jpg)

American anonfilly x Australian anonfilly hatefuck when?

04823 No.106644

commissioned the epicrainbowcrafts dude in
for it, $1290
asked for more than a few things he was completely cool with, same can't be said for qtpony, i didn't even ask for much before getting no response back, shame.
>tail dock
>filly bits
>faux fur for mane and tail
>weights in hooves
>thicc filly hips
>more realistic hooves
>heart-shaped catchlight
>magnetic eyelid for happy/lewd expression switching
>accurate filly proportions

dfa28 No.106645

You must post pics when you get it.

04823 No.106646

File: 1515912667321.png (415.58 KB, 1380x1424, 1484629774476.png)

oh noice, and since i caught it on the list of things he's done, now some horse tits
$400 down, no ragrets
but of course
sadly the thing about qtpones' qt pones was that they can't sit well in the lying down pattern either, so with this one i'll be able to take a fuck ton

46b74 No.106647

Expected it to be more. How was your ordering experience? I want a commission, but I'm afraid of getting scammed.

48691 No.106649

File: 1515912817724.jpg (276.16 KB, 1024x1201, Celestia-Masquerade.jpg)

You sit back on your bench and try to calm your nerves as Twilight explains her problems to the princess. This is her burden to bear, and you don't want to say anything stupid to the princess before you. Surely, you must already look like a degenerate carrying a baseball bat into her castle.

>"Princess, in short, I believe my mother has been replaced by a changeling. She has at least once used memory spells to erase a portion of my memory, and twice to erase a portion of my family's memory, including Anon's. I believe at least one of these circumstances was to remove from our minds an incident that had Cadence kicked out of the house, and the second, to cover up her own failure to answer probing questions at the dinner table. The night following this, we had a changeling drone pounding at our window trying to break into my room. If you wish, I can use my memory transfer spell to show this to you."

The princess tilts her head and gives Twilight an look of concern.

<"Memory transfer? Twilight, have you been reading ahead? You know I've told you those spells are too rough on a filly your age. You could seriously hurt yourself."

>"I do what I must!"

There is a fiery determination in Twilight's violet eyes, which takes Celestia off guard.

>"Princess, I… I will do everything I must to protect my friends, my family, and my country. Over the past year or so, you've been trying to teach me a degree of self reliance so that I can effectively research independently. Well push has come to shove and this is what I have to show for it. And yes, it has taken a lot out of me. I am physically exhausted. I used my telekinesis to save myself AND Anon from injury when we jumped from the second floor of a building to sneak away from whatever monster is inhabiting my house. Now will you help me or not?"

Celestia raises a hoof and gently strokes the cheek of her frustrated student.

<"Oh Twilight… of course I will. I'm sorry if I've been pushing you too hard. At least I know now where your limits are. How about you go into the royal kitchen and fix yourself up some breakfast. I'll have a few of my guards look into changeling situation. Don't worry yourself about it anymore."

Twilight gives a tight and somewhat teary hug. As she does this, Celestia turns her focus to you.

<"And how are you holding out, Anon? This must be exhausting for you."

48691 No.106651

File: 1515913234829.jpg (996.05 KB, 2284x1870, CKPlush-Complete.jpg)


I spent close to $300 on my Cloud Kicker plush. That's about $50 in materials, $200 in labor, and the rest in shipping. Larger plushies surely cost more. While most people would not see that kind of price as worth it, if you want something that's not going to be available in stores, you pretty much have to pay whatever price the merchant is charging, which usually reflects the level of labor it takes to make such a product.

A life size plush is going to probably take a month or more to make, assuming you don't have other commissions to fill. If you're going to dedicate a month of your time towards making something for someone, is $2500 too much to ask for?

bfc87 No.106652

File: 1515913431688.png (3.09 MB, 2397x2448, a5825de6a9f649ad12b9f5d028….png)

That's a good list. Looking forward to seeing her.

>more realistic hooves

04823 No.106654

File: 1515913532156-0.jpg (2 MB, 3232x2016, 20170903_211231_resized.jpg)

File: 1515913532156-1.jpg (3.87 MB, 4032x3024, 20170926_165245.jpg)

so far been pretty gud. dude's been agreeable with fuckin everything, even going so far to say he could alter the whole pattern to get me what i want, being the filly hips in qt's thicc style
things i'd ask for, would send pics asking of what exactly i'd want and what he's done before. on top of that, regular price would've been $1200, $65 for shipping, so for all the extra shit, i'd say that paying only $25 more is pretty damn amazing
based on the few things in his deviantart, i wouldn't of guessed he could do a lot more, >pics related, and at this point it does seem like he'd do anything

04823 No.106655

fuck me, didn't see the emails below it, and it did seem a lot less
so changes are $195 extra, woulda been $1085 without 'em
on top of that, dude just asked for a third of the price for a down payment, not the whole thing up front, said not to worry about the rest until i could get it
i mean i don't intend to shill super hard, just pleasantly surprised and super hype with what i got

e1ee7 No.106656

Leaving you all for the night with horribly written filly schenanigans.
Try to enjoy.

>Sweetie looks like she could use some cheering up, so you go over to sit by her.
>You were going to get League, but she followed you over to the bench anyways.
>Hmm… how to inquire about the other two without sounding like a jackass?
>You reach into your saddlebags to retrieve your lunch, only to come up empty-hooved.
>Right, dammit.
>"How are you feeling, Nonny?" Sweetie nudges you, prompting you to jump a bit.
>You needed to establish a name, and stick with it.
"Alright. You two think pink is my color?"
>"Well, I guess those were just the bandages they gave ya, right?"
>"She was wearing white ones in the hospital."
>"Wait, how did you know that?"
>League smiled slyly. "I'm a wizard."
"Pffft. As if. Where's your book of arcane magic and your staff?"
>"Duh. At my house! You think I'd bring that S-word here?"
>Sweetie laughs, seemingly feeling a bit better.
"I'll have you know, I'm the mightiest sorcerer in the land and my energy can only be replinished with the blood of fillies!"
>You begin to chase the other two around, eventually catching and doing subsequent mock satanic rituals to 'Harvest their life energy, or whatever.'
>The three of you collapse back on the bench, sweaty, covered in dirt, and laughing hysterically.
"That's how you win an actual game, League."
>League just brushes you off, still giggling.
>You're still really hungry, not that you'd tell the others that.
>You get a drink of water to distract yourself, but it doesn't help much.
>Sitting back down, your stomach grumbles.
>"Nonny, do you have a lunch?"
"I'm not that hungry, really."
>Sweetie looks at you, clearly not buying it.
>"Mmhmm. League, hold her down!"
>With strength you didn't know she posessed, League pins you to the ground.
>You mumble something about pro wrestling, but they ignore you.
>"Look, friends are there for each other, Nonny. I'm not just gonna let you go hungry."
"I'm fine, please. You need that food just as much as I do."
>League chips in. "No, she doesn't. Anon, you're going to f-word yourself over if you keep up like this. Stop being prideful, and eat."
"If I agree, will you get off of me?"
>Sweetie offers you half of her sandwich, and League offers you half of hers.
>Peanut butter and jelly doesn't go that well with cucumber and cream cheese, but you're grateful either way.
>"That wasn't so bad, was it?"
"Heh, yeah. At least you're not forcing breast milk down my throat, right?"
>The bell starts to ring, and the three of you head back into the classroom.
>The next subject is history.

dfa28 No.106659

Didn't say that it was too much, just saying that it's a lot of fucking money for a plush.

dfa28 No.106660

Too much to ask, that is.

48691 No.106661


Well, that's the price of having things custom made. On the bright side, you're supporting an artist, rather than having that money get eaten up by boomer shareholders.

dfa28 No.106664

Yeah. Might just be my poorness reflecting in my posts.

48691 No.106666


Bruh, I'm poor too. We all have to prioritize where our money goes. I'm 26 and don't have a gun or a driver's license. But at least I have a bed to sleep on, food in the fridge, electricity, running water, and a nice-ish laptop that mostly works.

f1736 No.106668

Since /mlpol/ seems to really like orange for their fillies, have anyone write a greentext(orangetext?) stories before?
>be me

dfa28 No.106670

>Too poor for driver's license
Damn son.

48691 No.106671


Too poor for car+insurance+gas to be more relevant than just taking the bus everywhere. I never bothered to get a license because of this. I thought for a while that this was kind of strange, but then I found out that not having a driver's license is something I share with 1 in 4 millenials. Holy shit are there a lot of young people on greyhound buses around winter break.

3b87b No.106672

File: 1515916664572.jpg (42.27 KB, 653x672, but that's wrong, you fuck….jpg)

>/mlpol/ seems to really like orange for their fillies

dfa28 No.106673

>taking the bus everywhere
Oh god I hate buses so fucking much. I'd much rather spend the $1,000 on some basic bitch early 90's civic and pay $100 a month on insurance and gas.

48691 No.106677

File: 1515917613746.png (164.23 KB, 757x1024, AnonFilly-Hmmm.png)


To be honest, I tend to nickel and dime everything I do. I save as much money as I can in case my reality ends up ripped out from under me. Not having a car has only inconvenienced me in traveling between cities. Within the city, buses are "good enough." Especially so in my home city, where they run every 15 minutes to everywhere I needed them to be. I'll probably get a license when I get closer to finishing my PhD, since I have no idea where the hell I'm going to be able to work.

dfa28 No.106678

>finishing my PhD
Ah, so that's where all the money went.

427db No.106679

$2500?! Holy shit anon. Seems like someone could make these a lot cheaper if they had the things made in China.

427db No.106680

>finishing my PhD
What are studying?

48691 No.106681

File: 1515918022849.png (100.87 KB, 524x600, AnonFilly-Optimism.png)

The university waives my tuition and pays me $2K a month and free health insurance + dental to be here.

Well yes, that's the benefit of a manufacturing process.

Computer Science. Specifically security.

dfa28 No.106682

>The university waives my tuition and pays me $2K a month and free health insurance + dental to be here.
What? How?

48691 No.106683

File: 1515918938362.png (630.67 KB, 1125x1000, AnonFilly-NoIdea.png)


Research assistantship. Most people who do PhDs are either doing a research or teaching assistantship, which gives them this sort of financial aid (tuition waiver + stipend + healthcare). Research assistantships only require you do the same research you'd normally do, just upping the time to 20 hours a week, and they're paid for by research grants. Teaching assistantships are paid for by the university itself, and they require you to be a glorified paper grader.

Grad school is a lot less like what you normally go through for a bachelor's degree, and more like an apprenticeship in researching, just with some hard classes on the side. You bring up the university's reputation by producing research, and they pay you so you don't have to borrow money through it all. Although I did admittedly end up borrowing some money through my master's degree because reasons.

ff06f No.106684

I get to ride the bus/trains everywhere in my state for free since I'm a student at the University of [state_Name]. I live at home and take a 1-hr. commute between train and light rail to campus, but I play vidya on it so it's cool.

How do you do, fellow CS student? Still smugly grinning at the shit Arts and humanities majors?

48691 No.106685

File: 1515919801118.png (205.01 KB, 894x1007, AnonFilly-Surprise.png)


I'm not grinning at anyone; we're all fucked.

97575 No.106687

Anon you are about to have a PhD in comp sci. Even if employers are too stupid to figure out how to use your skills I am sure you will be able to find work.

48691 No.106688

File: 1515920109723.png (94.17 KB, 348x491, AnonFilly-AwkwardBlush.png)


I am doing a PhD precisely because the job market sucks. And also, because fuck webdev. Research is nicer. If I'm lucky, I'll get a tenure-track professorship and stop giving a crap.

97575 No.106689

You said you were specializing in security. I'm sure there are more nefarious applications for your degree than webdesign…

48691 No.106690

File: 1515921085561.png (280.27 KB, 1400x811, AnonFilly-PomPomPounce.png)



I've considered working for the government, but I really don't want to have to deal with the very invasive process of getting a security clearance.

97575 No.106691

I'm sure there are people outside the government who could use your skills.

dfa28 No.106692

And here I sit, going to Community college, because that's all I can afford. Hopefully I can get a grant for a 4 year college. eh.

3b87b No.106693

File: 1515921596072.png (163.74 KB, 896x1024, filly.png)

I'm in my second year of college and I'm currently a CS major as well, but I'm looking at changing to an Interactive Design major with a CS minor since I'd still be able to take most of the CS courses that interest me, but I'd also be able to take Front-End Development and User Interface Design classes (which are exclusive to Interactive Design majors)
My parents have enough money saved away to fund most of my college expenses, but we'll be in a bit of financial trouble if this semester doesn't go well

48691 No.106694

File: 1515922037622.png (175.27 KB, 800x600, AnonFilly-TeaDrinker.png)


I'm sure there are. If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't be considering a PhD in it. Hell, if I don't make it into academia (ideal), there's always research arms of Microsoft, Amazon, etc… which probably pay more, at the cost of maybe less research freedom.


If your family is poor, you can get a Pell grant, and perhaps any grants offered at the state level. Just fill out a FAFSA. You should also look into undergraduate research opportunities and work study, plus any scholarships you can qualify for. Be shameless about taking advantage of any diversity points you have with regards to scholarships, because if you don't, some other asshole's going to take 'em.


>if this semester doesn't go well

If my GPA drops below 3.0, I get kicked out of grad school. Meanwhile, my advisor recommends I "don't try to get straight A's." He also recommended I take a rather difficult machine learning class due to its relevance to my research. No pressure.

db3b6 No.106698

File: 1515923406876.png (159.42 KB, 498x508, 1454115652584.png)

>Reuben posts
>Not one suggestion in three hours
Well fuck you all, also, Celestia doesn't seem very alarmed that there are Changelings fucking around in her city.

Raise the baseball bat and promptly drop the bat as we ask her to tell us something only she would know. 1d100[ 1d100 = 29 ]

48691 No.106700

File: 1515924357177.png (251 KB, 1406x1632, AnonFilly-Sword.png)

You stand up from your spot on the bench, grabbing the baseball bat in your mouth once again. It drops from your grip onto the stone castle floor, causing a ringing sound to echo throughout the otherwise mostly silent room. There are bags under your eyes that reveal just how empty you feel as you stare up at the princess.

"Well I'm not fucking okay, that's for sure. I'm actually rather paranoid and don't know who the hell I can trust. I can't even tell if you're not a changeling. Is there anything you could say that only you would know?"

The princess pauses for a moment to think. Without a word, her horn glows and before you appears a few sheets of bubble wrap.

<"Will that work?"

bf78c No.106705

Dice rollRolled 46

Autistically screech "BUBBELZ" and pay attention to nothing else but the bubble wrap

db3b6 No.106706

Do not screech autistically, but do start popping the bubble wrap saying "That'll do, princess, that'll do.", also, ask her why she seems chill about the changelings running about mindfucking families.

1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]

bf78c No.106707

I move my higher roll onto this

8849e No.106709

File: 1515930511772.png (2.06 MB, 1600x900, evolution_chart.png)

Same for me (except for the PhD part; I'm more of a gambler) but it's better to have a license earlier rather than later. Driving a car is one of those must-have skills that you'll need if you ever end up as a getaway driver.

Also, I hope academia goes well for you; there needs to be people who can return sense to universities.

Same, but after the important stuff you shouldn't tire yourself out with so many questions. You're sleepy and hungry.
1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]
This game's turned out to be just a bunch of suggestion-stacking rather than a true choice-based CYOA

History is one of the tougher subjects, so pay attention. But do find a way to repay your friends for the kindness.
Kekworthy awkward silence

You don't want the filly to fall apart on you mid-cuddle, and you don't want chemicals on her.

d315f No.106710

File: 1515930718603.png (75.24 KB, 538x650, 1510966139621.png)

>spend $1500 on beautiful new plush
>cum inside
>it's ruined

db3b6 No.106714

>Choice stacking
I rack this up to there not being a whole lot of options that make a lot of sense to do. Would anyone here realistically not pop the bubble wrap?

b1230 No.106721

Not if it gives birth to new plushes 11 months later.

bf78c No.106723

30e1d No.106732

Go get breakfast, you are going to need the energy for when Twilight's family gets hauled in. 1d100[ 1d100 = 12 ]

bfc87 No.106743

This. She's fairly calm. Has she dealt with changelings before?
1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]

04823 No.106752

aa01b No.106753

>CS degree
>Job market sucks
How did you even come to that conclusion? CompSci (and most other engineering degrees) have an amazing market, even in a recession. Companies often fly you out for interviews, that's how understaffed the field is. Thankfully autism is a fairly rare disability, so there's very few CD grads to compete.

30e1d No.106755

This, having a good BEng/BSc can be amazing even in a shit job market. It is also easier to move from a BEng/BSc into other jobs/fields than the other way around due to the nature of those courses.

I have an Electronic & Electrical Engineering bachelors, I had something like 3 recruitment agencies finding jobs for me. Didn't even bother applying directly myself as positions/interviews would come up weekly. Obviously this is my experience in the UK, not sure how much it will transfer to the US.

48691 No.106759

File: 1515956601078.png (125.55 KB, 778x891, AnonFilly-HoldingBreath.png)


>This game's turned out to be just a bunch of suggestion-stacking rather than a true choice-based CYOA

To be fair, it's free form. You can do literally anything. Whether that literally anything turns out to be successful is another question entirely, but I'm not trying to railroad you guys.


There are a surprisingly large number of CS graduates not working in CS careers. Many jobs ask for requirements that are pretty unreasonable for a junior developer, often so they can say no one in the country can fit the requirement and use it as an excuse to hire H1B workers on the cheap. Many other jobs end up hiring non-CS people for developer positions because fuck it, they actually wanted soft skills, not depth of knowledge in CS. The claim that there aren't enough CS grads is a myth. It's over-saturated with under-qualified buffoons!

30e1d No.106767

File: 1515959958420.png (23.15 KB, 915x235, filly thread 2.PNG)

I ran some numbers on how active the last few Anonfilly threads on /mlp/ and /mlpol/. Numbers for /mlp/ taken from desuarchive for the last 5 threads that had >500 posts so not to use numbers from threads killed by mods. If i missed a thread let me know and I can adjust.

Conclusion is anyone saying this thread is not as active here compared to /mlp/ is full of shit.

48691 No.106768


What about number of active users?

30e1d No.106769

Can't see that info in the archive unless I am being blind

3b87b No.106770

This point of data is probably more significant than everything in that spreadsheet
It might also be worth noting that the CYOA currently being run here eats up a lot of posts due to its nature

3b87b No.106771

I remember one of the threads had over 100 different posters but that's just one thread (which is legitimately the worst sample size)

bead1 No.106772

File: 1515960832759.png (219.78 KB, 1161x1243, New Canvas 5.png)

30e1d No.106773

If I had access to the UID/IP data on Desuarchive I would add it. I was looking for this when I got curious on the thread activity

04823 No.106774

File: 1515961433919.png (502.83 KB, 719x528, 1474931667172.png)

>ywn come home to your cute little filly smiling at you like this
why live

bfc87 No.106778

She's so cute.

Does she want cuddles?

04823 No.106781

File: 1515962463309.png (347.68 KB, 1400x1400, 1505041846839.png)

what kind of faggot wouldn't want cuddles?

b1230 No.106783

I think you have to look at (and count) the different unique poster ID's as it is now. Might be tedious work unless there is a simple userscript for tampermonkey that can be written.

bfc87 No.106785

File: 1515963085388.png (3.32 MB, 1730x3184, 23c3bce533a91887403f48f24c….png)

Good point

/mlpol/ would work, Desuarchive would not. They do not have any way to see how many unique ips there were. So there would be nothing to compare it to.

b1230 No.106788

File: 1515963377275.png (286.48 KB, 1387x1617, 1491355476243.png)


97575 No.106789

Sweatshop fillies when?

30e1d No.106790

We can do that on the mlpol archive but we can't do that on the /mlp/ one as it isn't stored. We would have data from here but nothing to compare it to so seems a bit of a wasted effort.

This and the last two mlpol threads have 75, 97 and 105 UIDs. Would have to build a script to count the two archived mlpol threads as it isn't shown in the browser like non archived threads.

b1230 No.106793

File: 1515964102497.png (324.68 KB, 973x1078, 1491509436516.png)

Sometimes the world is a cruel place; part of the reason to become a filly and rape Purple.

2c65c No.106795

File: 1515965250462.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, pop_team_epic.png)

Filly team epic, when

46b74 No.106797

That may be true, but that doesn't change the fact that posts are being made. CYOA or no, a post is a post.

bfc87 No.106803

Additionally, there is no longer a need for bumps, meaning there is no incentive to keep people posting at a constant rate like on /mlp/. Yet we are still doing fine post wise. There are periods of inactivity, but that isn't really a problem. People are posting because they want to, not because they have to.

30e1d No.106805

There is also no kys and fuck off posting that seemed to make up 5% of /mlp/ threads

2445d No.106806

bfc87 No.106807

File: 1515969709265.gif (64.02 KB, 565x499, 9d7d2001a3a6ff9be543095e92….gif)

>"You've got the ears now, they're a nice shade of blue and… really fluffy!"
>"Omigod you're a bat pony thisissoamazing!"

f25a6 No.106810

30e1d No.106811

godspeed filly

30e1d No.106812

and /trash/'d

2c65c No.106813

File: 1515974280299.png (109.12 KB, 574x794, 1452381982469 anonfilly is….png)

30e1d No.106814

File: 1515974658206.png (1.21 MB, 2367x1909, punished.png)

48691 No.106816

File: 1515975660613.png (272.43 KB, 600x600, Celestia-ScrunchFace.png)

"That'll do Princess, that'll do."

You place the bubble wrap onto the bench and sit back down to pop the bubbles individually. The sound of the crushing plastic soothes you, and allows you to focus on the main problem at hand.

"Tell me, Princess, how are you so calm about this?"

Celestia gives you a quick affectionate nuzzle, steadying your nerves even more. She gives you a warm smile in her reply.

<"I am over a thousand years old, and in my time, Changelings have tried to attack a total of 16 times. Though they are persistent and cunning, they have never succeeded. I gain nothing in blind paranoia. Instead, I make friends and cultivate knowledge among my faithful citizenry so that we can always stay one step ahead of our enemies. For everything you and Twilight have gone through over the past day, did you not make it through to me in one piece?"

46b74 No.106817

>did you not make it through to me in one piece?"
I mean sure, I guess.

f25a6 No.106818

File: 1515976009834.png (280.8 KB, 1344x1253, 1511329832794.png)

but of course, exactly for that reason

aa01b No.106822

Why is everyone so mean to best momfu? If I lived with her I'd live and cuddle the shit out of her.

3b87b No.106823

File: 1515978276292.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1536, 1512791642006.png)

>filly got shoved over to /trash/ again

bfc87 No.106824

File: 1515978302603.png (1.79 MB, 2590x4903, arguingfillies.png)

And now it's >pic related

46b74 No.106825

Probably the most normal sex /trash/pone has gotten in months.

b1230 No.106826

File: 1515978747849.png (517.1 KB, 1261x891, 1514012342385.png)

I am sorry, I just didn't want to stand out and be subjected to group pressure. Purple would be a super nice mom.

5a9aa No.106829

File: 1515979906857.png (5.52 KB, 328x444, Club.png)

Filly is ready to go clubbing.

bfc87 No.106830

File: 1515980262795.png (68.8 KB, 647x638, 4233513724fd3c05f334147016….png)

So, there still seems to be a lot of people who are pretty against IDs and flags.

What do you guys think about trying a thread on /sp/, where there are no ids or flags? It might help to draw more of the thread back together again.

b1230 No.106831

File: 1515980303926.jpg (101.66 KB, 700x535, 1465301554503.jpg)


5a9aa No.106832

File: 1515980550051.png (434.98 KB, 1080x641, FILLY3203.png)

Also colored this yesterday.

I'm not so sure. I think /sp/ is a bit out of the way which would reduce the visibility of the thread to newcomers.

2c65c No.106833

God bless these colors.

46b74 No.106834

I don't really care. Wherever the next OP is I'll be there. I am convinced however that the lazy will remain lazy and nothing will change. The sad reality is those that don't post don't care to post.

bfc87 No.106835

Well, we are already pretty far out of the way. If it doesn't go well we can always just make threads on /mlpol/ like we have been.

Good coloring as well.

b1230 No.106836

Looks awesome, also..
>that creative writing by anonfilly

04823 No.106838

if anything there should just be some option to turn 'em off when making a thread or something. doesn't get rid of them for everyone, and it's less of an issue.

5a9aa No.106839

I'm sure people would follow filly wherever but I'm just worried about the newcomers. There are no doubt many people on this site who never set foot in /sp/ and therefore would never know that there's an anonfilly thread. That's the main problem I see with it, could hurt our growth.

bfc87 No.106842

That was suggested in /qa/, but there's been no word on it since.

It's a good point, but unless the option IDs become a thing, that's the only place that would not have them.

5a9aa No.106844

We could have a thread on /mlpol/ just for redirecting people who don't know. Best of both worlds I reckon.

04823 No.106846

File: 1515983946544.jpg (57.96 KB, 512x528, 1513306261374.jpg)

>been no word on it since
yeah, but the mods here also aren't shit like the ones over at 4chin, so they'll listen if we ask
just gotta get it right




see, that oughta get someone's attention.

2c65c No.106847

It will not works.

45150 No.106848

46b74 No.106850

File: 1515984476293.png (85.03 KB, 492x280, Doubt.png)

Hi (((Atlas)))

45150 No.106851

in all seriousness though we are discussing this now, we'll let you know

hi fag

78b87 No.106852

File: 1515984573296.png (26.39 KB, 220x250, milo.png)


The flag issue has been up for debate for quite some time now, I don't know if we've ever formally reached a consensus. We could probably start an official boardwide discussion on it if you like. IDs are generally helpful in discussion threads and it seems like anonfilly threads would benefit from them if anything since you guys have a lot of simultaneous green stories going on at once. IDK, what are you guys' thoughts on the matter, what kind of a setup would you like to see?

04823 No.106855

neet, it worked

well my idear again is just having a thread by thread basis. those who make said thread can have it on or off as an option, so it's not on or off completely from the board

bfc87 No.106856

Well, the problem here seems to be that people don't like having everything they say tied to an ID. Although for something like the CYOA, that's kind of needed to distinguish posters.

How about having an option to hide/disable your ID on a per-post basis? Either not show an ID or set it to something like ID: 00000.

46b74 No.106857

File: 1515985013152.jpg (107.25 KB, 1280x720, Oh_Hai.jpg)

Oh hai Atlas.
Optional, selectable flags and a toggle in the OP for ID's. Some threads need ID's, some less so.
That's what tripfagging is for.


5a9aa No.106858


I feel the flags and IDs mostly benefit the political side of the site. When it's just a thread for random filly nonsense, it's not really necessary. People can namefag and trip here if they feel like they need to, it's hasn't really been a problem in /mlp/.

Perhaps let the thread creator choose if comments can opt out of ID.

bfc87 No.106859

Well, trip codes don't actually work for that. They show that posts with the same trip are from the same person, but not that posts from different trips are actually from different people. (Though I suppose there are ways to get around the IDs as well, but they're a bit less convenient.)

Having ID toggles for whole threads is the other option

e1ee7 No.106860

File: 1515985271482.jpeg (33.17 KB, 720x566, 1495263037793.jpeg)

78b87 No.106861

File: 1515985288546.png (56.37 KB, 314x350, milo_vector_12_by_jeremeym….png)

our dev says he could probably set up an option to disable your ID when you post and it could work on a thread by thread basis, so we could just employ that option on the Anonfilly threads if you guys like.

e1ee7 No.106862

Sounds quite nice, thanks.

46b74 No.106863

File: 1515985469388.png (107.86 KB, 675x630, ponies_of_science___chemis….png)

If it's not too much trouble, please consider doing a test run of it. If nothing else, It would provide some interesting data.

bfc87 No.106864

File: 1515985623315.png (67.47 KB, 558x885, 527fe3b008e901909a437c7c2d….png)

That sounds like it could work, thanks.

5a9aa No.106865

File: 1515985656882.jpg (204.2 KB, 1717x1691, this.jpg)

This is a grand idea

78b87 No.106866

The thing is too anything we change we can always change back if people don't like it.

2c65c No.106867

File: 1515985793575.png (73.11 KB, 455x491, curious anonfilly.png)

I like this.

3b87b No.106868

Why can't /mlp/ have a moderation team like you guys?
It would be several times better if it did

78b87 No.106869

File: 1515986058567.png (86.89 KB, 700x291, milo_vector_11_by_jeremeym….png)

4mods are kikes who hate fun and probably also 4chan. I wouldn't be surprised if the /mlp/ mods hate MLP and it's fanbase as much as the /pol/ mods hate the userbase there.

We love you guys, don't ever forget that. Any concerns about the site you are always more than welcome to bring up with us.

5a9aa No.106870

File: 1515986188349.png (154.45 KB, 1280x1024, fillyshit.png)

>/mlp/ mods hate MLP and it's fanbase

That's definitely the impression I've gotten recently

90e44 No.106871

We love you too mods
No homo tho(YES HOMO)

9a2d9 No.106872

/mlpol/ mods=Gods
4chan mods=Fags

3b87b No.106873

>No homo
*All of the homo

90e44 No.106875

>all the homo
Does that mean I unironically love John Elway now?

aa01b No.106878

Excellent work ma dudes.

90e44 No.106880

>that mod edit

78b87 No.106881

File: 1515987090842.png (211.76 KB, 725x440, 1065884__safe_artist-colon….png)

unironically is the only way to love John Elway, sugar cube.

90e44 No.106882

>relationship status: complicated

78b87 No.106883

File: 1515987431318.jpeg (29.43 KB, 300x400, Shrek.jpeg)

>John Elway is Love
>John Elway is Life

5a9aa No.106884

File: 1515987564189.png (7.42 KB, 377x298, wizzard.png)

Filly wants to be a wizzard


04823 No.106885

File: 1515987613415.png (658.67 KB, 1280x960, 1510182772075.png)

but she's already a wizard

90e44 No.106886

>really fucking complicated
What am I to Elway?

5a9aa No.106887

File: 1515987671263.png (7.54 KB, 377x298, wizzard.png)

200% more cutiemark btw

5a9aa No.106888

File: 1515987762827.png (618.2 KB, 2000x1566, fillybeer2.png)

2c65c No.106890

File: 1515987842876.png (11.09 KB, 908x437, anonfilly socks.png)

78b87 No.106893

>What am I to Elway?

3b87b No.106894

File: 1515988028856.png (318.23 KB, 846x1024, pwffzzt.png)

The mods here have a great sense of humor

90e44 No.106895

>I am Anon Filly to mod Elway
I can accept this
Plz no lewd

46b74 No.106896

File: 1515988391260.png (628.64 KB, 799x601, FOOTBALL_1.png)

>Plz no lewd
Elway gets what he wants, ancap.
Even you.

90e44 No.106897

That's a direct violation of my NAP

Now to enjoy being filly

5a9aa No.106899

File: 1515989671955.png (6.38 KB, 357x378, FILLYBB.png)

Filly found something in Twilight's secret cupboard.

what do

04823 No.106901

show friends and ask if they can figure it out

90e44 No.106902

Throw it away or put it back 1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]

56cf6 No.106903

File: 1515990092688.png (115.28 KB, 629x784, 1512441255433.png)

Help me Fin! I'm stuck in the frozen north without any booze. What do?

5a9aa No.106905

File: 1515990762594.png (5.96 KB, 449x375, fillyBB2.png)

Filly can't help but feel that this weird new object is nothing but trouble so she throws it away [b]but…[/b]

04823 No.106906

File: 1515991179197.png (173.35 KB, 591x593, 1489218358866.png)

46b74 No.106907

But what?

5a9aa No.106908

File: 1515991961598.png (3.92 KB, 251x383, aza.png)

…that other filly you were hanging out with catches the it.

>"Hey, what is this thing?"

You don't know if you should tell her the truth or…

46b74 No.106909

the more pure it is the more satisfying it is to corrupt

dfa28 No.106910

1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]

427db No.106911


5a9aa No.106912

File: 1515993053247.png (3.87 KB, 264x249, fillybb3.png)

"It's a liquid, and it was in Twilight's drink cabinet so…"
>She seems a bit confused but seems to get the idea.
>She takes few long gulps from the bottle and…

6674e No.106913

I must know how this goes.

bfc87 No.106914

She's going to become an alcoholic
Just like her mom

5a9aa No.106915

File: 1515994133414.png (5.82 KB, 452x342, fillyc.png)

>"A-anon.. I don't feel so good. I… I.."

dfa28 No.106916

Here, why don't we get some food into your stomach. That might make you feel a little better.
1d100[ 1d100 = 87 ]

46b74 No.106917

File: 1515994457765.jpg (64.89 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

Was that really booze? What was in the bottle?

aa01b No.106918

>Its root beer.

48691 No.106919

File: 1515995156264.jpg (44.24 KB, 800x459, Celestia-Sunset.jpg)

You shrug and continue to pop more bubble wrap.

"I mean I guess we made it out fine. Still don't feel so well about everything"

Celestia flashes you a warm smile. If looks could kill, this mare would make Chairman Mao look like the Dalai Lama.

<"Then don't worry yourself. You're safe now, and by the end of the day, I'll make sure you have a warm bed to fall asleep in that is safe from monsters. Running a nation is a chess game I've been playing for far too long for one or two changelings to be able to threaten things. Now how about you scoot yourself over to that kitchen? I bet if you ask nicely, you might be able to convince my chef Gustaf to make you pancakes."

The princess shoos you off in the direction of the kitchen and leaves to speak with a guard. What do?

5a9aa No.106920

File: 1515995434996.png (7.76 KB, 452x339, fillyc2.png)

"Oh, sorry I didn't realize. You must be hungry after today."
"Here, have this cheez burger"

5a9aa No.106921

File: 1515995929673.png (10.46 KB, 238x166, EAVESDROP.png)

Need breakfast so might as well ask for some top tier castle pancakes. Before that though we need to eavesdrop on the discussion with that guard. 1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]

58cb8 No.106922

Go to the kitchens. Gustaf sounds like a Gryphon name, and you're really starting to crave some bacon. 1d100[ 1d100 = 67 ]

Hopefully that makes drunk filly feel better.

58cb8 No.106923

Forgot second roll. 1d100[ 1d100 = 73 ]

5a9aa No.106924

File: 1515997852917.png (8.81 KB, 500x500, fillyc33.png)

Drunk filly feels better,
In fact… A LOT better…
>"Anon please.. Do it. Make me feel good"

56cf6 No.106925

If you don't eat out that cute little filly's pussy, you are a bigger fucking gayboy virgin than Spike.

58cb8 No.106926

This. Make her feel like a mare. 1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]

5a9aa No.106927

File: 1516000339536.png (4.95 KB, 390x315, fillyc44.png)

And so she did. Anon, taking advantage of ruby's intoxicated state, she >raped her and licked her out to the point where she came, squirting her juices all over Anon's face, who was eagerly licking it all up, wishing this moment could last forever, but it was not to be. Ruby, sobered up from her moment, looked up to Anon with lidded eyes as she whispered; more. MORE.

bf78c No.106928


56cf6 No.106929

Do more.

3b87b No.106930

1d100[ 1d100 = 53 ]

5a9aa No.106931

File: 1516001385937.png (5.36 KB, 390x315, fillyc45.png)

And so, the tables were turned.
Anon no longer saw any joy in this but Ruby was more than eager to 'experiment'
She forced Anon to the floor as her hormones steered her way to between Anon's legs
That beatiful flower. She needed to taste it, so she did.
And she licked away until Anon was shaking to the bone, and more.

8849e No.106932

Blueberry pancakes!
No, wait…
Banana pancakes!
Uh…chocolate pancakes?

It's so hard to decide!
1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]

db3b6 No.106933

Cryptically allude to that attitude possibly biting her in the rear one day in the event they find themselves one step ahead of her. It's a wonder we got here consider this changeling in particular seems to be fond of wiping memories, and we'd be screwed if by some cosmic roll of the dice it decided to wipe a little more than a few measly hours. 1d100[ 1d100 = 61 ]

db3b6 No.106934

Ah shit, I didn't see the second post.

58cb8 No.106935

That is my fetish.

5a9aa No.106936

File: 1516002650207.png (3.63 KB, 266x272, fillycc46.png)

Gonna green the rest of this shit….
>After some time you came back to your senses.
>You saw Ruby, fast asleep between your legs.
>You didn't dare to disturb her as she looked so peaceful there.
>So you laid your head back and thought about the events of yesterday.
>You >raped and ended up being >raped yourself
>eh, 5/5 you'd say, to be honest
>You never thought Ruby had it in her to be so assertive
>She seems so peaceful…
>Resting her head on your inner tigh…
>She's ok
>You wouldn't mind repeating yesterday's events
>Even though you weren't in control all the time.
>Maybe.. Fuck. Maybe you're a faggot after all.

5a9aa No.106937

So. The end. I had no plan or anything going into this,
It's all incosistent with green and 3rd/2nd person and shit's just fucked all over.
Hope you enjoyed :-DD

48691 No.106940

File: 1516009930244.jpg (754.13 KB, 1200x762, FluttershySecretlyLikesBac….jpg)

With the need to keep your guard up all the time removed, your body begins to return to a more normal state. Suddenly, you become very aware of how little sleep you were able to get over the night, and of the fact that you haven't eaten breakfast yet. In your sapped state, you meander over to the kitchen and see Twilight sitting at a table and chatting with a gryphon in a chef's hat. That must be Gustaf.

Positioned in front of Twilight appears to be eggs, hash browns and… is that bacon? If that's not hay, you need it in your body right now.

"Twilight, is that bacon?"

A mischievous smile answers your question as she tears off a piece of a bacon strip and levitates it over to you. You take a bite and… holy shit that's real pork.

"Gustaf, please tell me you have more where that came from."

He points to a second plate on the kitchen counter.

>"Don't go telling Celestia I'm feeding meat to curious fillies now."

01d6f No.106943

Apply bacon to face 1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]

bf78c No.106944

Dice rollRolled 25

Is there any other answer?

bfc87 No.106947

Thanks for the little story, I liked it

bfc87 No.106949

Might as well
1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]

04823 No.106950

File: 1516030757728.png (350.32 KB, 3573x1861, 1481447150373.png)

indeed, the fillies were cute and the green was lewder, gud jorb

b1230 No.106951

It was an fantastic story

bfc87 No.106952

That's a big filly

04823 No.106953

File: 1516033057694.png (439.85 KB, 10000x7501, 1455687119943.png)

90e44 No.106955

Well congratulations, you got yourself lewded. Whats the next step of your master plan?

967f2 No.106956

File: 1516035731483.png (800.14 KB, 1280x1071, 1492631377167-1.png)

I have added code so that we can hide poster ID on a thread by thread basis. So on next Anonfilly thread we can turn it off (think turning it off in this thread might confuse the timeline of some stories).

04823 No.106957

File: 1516036119352.png (85.26 KB, 550x394, 1509849894823.png)

eating my tendies
>tfw no pic of filly getting tendies

bfc87 No.106958

Neat. So this has to be manually done by a mod for each thread?

967f2 No.106959

As it is now, yes (initial code). I will extend it to be an option for thread creator if desired (mods will still be able to turn them on/off).

bfc87 No.106960

Sounds good to me. Having it be an option would be nice so that we (or others) can make use of it without needing to contact you guys each time.

967f2 No.106961

Will try to have it done in a little while. Can't promise to have it done to the next thread is needed, but you never know.

bfc87 No.106962

File: 1516038100755.png (211.76 KB, 3699x3784, 9fc94770d338f41086806f98c1….png)

That's fine, no worries. We can just have one of you toggle it for us if needed.

Thanks for the work you've put into this, it's really appreciated.

967f2 No.106963

File: 1516038214570.jpg (35.83 KB, 564x516, 1492961614411.jpg)

Happy to be of sevice

13077 No.106965

Not only do mods=gods
They are also AWESOME.

04823 No.106967

this video pleases me
jane a shit

967f2 No.106975

Now thread creator should be able to turn off Poster ID by the power of checkbox.

13077 No.106978

File: 1516041662623.png (13.74 KB, 542x342, Neato.PNG)

bfc87 No.106983

Awesome, thanks

967f2 No.106987

File: 1516043359473.png (214.57 KB, 543x600, jesus.png)

01d6f No.106988

I for one think our new overlords are based as fuck

aa01b No.106989


90e44 No.106991

Fucking hell. You guys are the best mods/admins, we really appricate it

48691 No.106997

File: 1516047009783.png (150.01 KB, 894x894, Twilight-BigNoseNoMouth.png)

You sit down at the table with your plate of food and place a strip of bacon across your face. This earns you a funny look from the others in your company, especially as you proceed to bite the end of it and slurp it into your mouth like a noodle. Twilight giggles.


>"You're weird Anon, but it's a good weird. Never change."

The rest of your food you eat normally. Two days has been too long to go without good protein. What Gustaf said didn't sit too well for you, however.

"Is there anything wrong with fillies eating meat?"

True to her characteristic need to be a smartass, Twilight provides your answer before Gustaf can speak.

>"It can give us indigestion, kind of like cats who eat grass and then throw it up afterwards."

>>"Yes, well, that hasn't stopped you from asking for it whenever Celestia isn't looking. It's like you have some sort of carnivore living inside you."

If only he knew…

>"I need my brain food! Eggs and bacon are full of delicious choline. Do you want me to fail my next test?"

Gustaf rolls his eyes. You hope you aren't going to regret this bacon later. For now, you savor every bite.

3eba2 No.106998

>For now, you savor every bite.
Damn straight you will.

bfc87 No.107030

Lets hope we don't get too sick.

30e1d No.107039

Try and refrain from more bacon, don't want to end up doubled over for the rest of the day 1d100[ 1d100 = 97 ]

30e1d No.107040

File: 1516062586250.png (173.95 KB, 800x540, 1502531747317.png)

one time I kinda wanted a low roll

48691 No.107044


If you want to change your action, you can keep that on your current roll.

bfc87 No.107045

But we don't want to get too sick.
1d100[ 1d100 = 84 ]

56cf6 No.107046

"Gee wiz, I sure do love tasting this juicy, delicious meet!"
t. filly

30e1d No.107047

Nah its good, I'll stick to not gorging on bacon & eggs.

30e1d No.107048

Also, once we have UID-less thread, what are we going to do regarding rerolls/'this-ing'? Not that anyone here would resort to samefagging.

8849e No.107049

Screw the rules, how often are you going to eat bacon in a herbivore society?

Speaking of which, though, careful that no one sees you eating it. To ponies, practically every animal is a sentient creature and I can imagine quite a few are rabid vegans.
1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]

48691 No.107058

File: 1516065982520.png (362.63 KB, 1582x2840, Twilight-DreamyEyes.png)

As you finish your meal, you look down upon your empty plate and contemplate the wisdom of this decision. You don't feel too terrible yet, but if it gets bad enough, you probably won't do this again. Or at least not as often as Twilight does. Is she mad, or simply exaggerating the effects of meat on a filly's digestion. Doesn't matter. If you're going to be a filly, you're going to stick to a healthy and nutritious diet of sugar, flour, and whatever other carbohydrate-packed food groups ponies tend to eat.

Twilight wraps a hoof around you.

>"Hey, don't overthink it too much. Eating meat for a pony is no worse than eating a ton of sugar for certain other species."

Your mind flashes back to a Halloween night when you were 9 years old. You had the dumb idea to eat half your trick or treat bag and didn't want to eat anything the next morning. Maybe you'd do it once again in a blue moon if you felt stupid. On the other hand, you're a horse now. Sugar is your bitch.


Your focus is brought back to reality, and you see a very bored Twilight looking you straight in the eyes from an adjacent seat.

>"We're stuck in the castle until the princess captures and interrogates bug mom. What do you feel like doing?"

f2e78 No.107059

Let's go exploring! 1d100[ 1d100 = 55 ]

bf78c No.107060

Dice rollRolled 53


5a9aa No.107061

1d100[ 1d100 = 66 ]

30e1d No.107062

You know a room with shit tons of bubblewrap. Or go talk shit to stoned Discord in the gardens? Assuming it counts as being on the castle grounds? 1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]

f2e78 No.107064

>go talk shit to stoned Discord
This. Seems like fun.

46b74 No.107065

Dice rollRolled 4

Explore the castle with the intent to cause mischief. If you find bubble wrap though all bets are off.

46b74 No.107066

File: 1516067387705.png (330.61 KB, 523x357, Commit_sudoku.png)

8849e No.107071

Best not to be seen outside. Build forts out of furniture and pillows and have a play-war with Twilight.
1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ]

bfc87 No.107073

This, but bring bubblewrap
1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]

56cf6 No.107074

>don't say you
>Don't say say.
>Do not sat you!
>DO NOT say (You)!

1d100[ 1d100 = 77 ]

48691 No.107077

File: 1516069328509.png (416.8 KB, 2736x2940, AnonFilly-Offended.png)

56cf6 No.107079

Just shut up and let slip the (You), nerd. I got the high roll.

46b74 No.107080

I think he is trying to have filly spill spaghetti everywhere and answer "What do you feel like doing?" with "you". If that was the attempt, he has succeeded.

1def3 No.107085

But now is not the time for lewd.

cdef1 No.107089

rolling for both of these
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]

48691 No.107090


Well yes, you do have a high roll, but you do not appear to have an intelligible command out of it.

cdef1 No.107092

File: 1516070379768-0.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x300, dice 1d100.jpg)

File: 1516070379768-1.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, confusedfilly.png)

>exactly one less than the current highest roll
What did the dice mean by this?

5a9aa No.107095

File: 1516071835161.png (10.21 KB, 513x424, Fillypr.png)

Filly is a degenerate slut

56cf6 No.107096

Mmm. Filly is a sweet little angel.
Everyone loves a good slut. You know it to be true. So does filly.

f2e78 No.107098

File: 1516072054761.jpg (120.19 KB, 716x768, 1462567749323.jpg)

46b74 No.107099

File: 1516072126272.png (18.16 KB, 700x729, Filly_Disgust.png)

But filly is pure.

f2e78 No.107100

File: 1516072195715.png (211.1 KB, 1200x1000, 1499363527520.png)

04823 No.107101

File: 1516072255818.png (3.92 MB, 2537x1857, 1509220543943.png)

>ywn be best friends with filly
>swn be your filly bro
>ywn enjoy each other's company just hanging out and doing stupid shit
>ywn spend whole days just with each other
>ywn realize that you really enjoy her company
>swn confess her own mutual feelings to you
>ywn enjoy a budding bromance with each other
>ywn realize how shit everything is without her
>swn realize how much you make her smile
>ywn both realize how comfortable you feel with each other
>ywn spend hours and countless nights cuddling and hugging each other
>ywn watch as she falls asleep with a smile on her face
>ywn feel complete and happy in her embrace
>ywn watch her light up every time she sees you

why live

5a9aa No.107102

File: 1516072262859.png (12.7 KB, 513x424, Fillyrape.png)

Ruin the purity

56cf6 No.107103

5a9aa No.107104

File: 1516072431333.png (7.83 KB, 333x289, fillybeer.png)

bfc87 No.107106

File: 1516073163191.png (176.7 KB, 738x972, f43f5a5b5bf963fdc8e064ed59….png)

f2e78 No.107112


48691 No.107117


4: Explore and Cause Havoc, also Obtain Bubble Wrap
37: Obtain Bubble Wrap, Chat with Statue of Discord
53: Explore and Loot
55: Explore
57: Avoid Outdoors, Build Pillow Fort
66: Obtain Bubble Wrap
70: Build Pillow Fort, Bring Bubble Wrap
76: Do 70 and 77
77: Avoid uses of words "you", "say" and "(you)"

I can't avoid the narrative "you", since it's second person, but I can restrict filly's dialogue for an update or two. Still… an odd lot, no? I guess we're building a fort out of bubble wrap.

56cf6 No.107120

Just spaghetti and say "You." before you even have the time to think about it.

e1ee7 No.107124

Dice rollRolled 44

Obtain bubble wrap and explore. No fucking way we're looting after Sunbutt has already graciously provided us with all of this.
(55, 66)

cdef1 No.107125

this >>107120
77 is filly thinking to herself "don't answer with 'you'" and then spilling spaghetti by immediately responding with "you" regardless
>"What do you feel like doing?"
Also, I think we could go build a pillow fort with a bubble wrap floor after we spill our spaghetti to satisfy the highest few rolls

8fa08 No.107126

rolling for filly to immediately pull the most pained expression she can after the (you)
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]

48691 No.107127


Fuck I'm retarded. Alright, I'm going to go take a quick bath, and then I'll come up with an update filled with more spaghetti than an Olive Garden.

cdef1 No.107128

I'd prefer an embarrassed expression myself

eb232 No.107129


8fa08 No.107130

call the cops all you want, the filly can't be un->raped

85b91 No.107140

File: 1516081439314.jpg (587.26 KB, 1512x2016, IMG_20180113_105940.jpg)

8fa08 No.107141

>dat cheeselegs
can't help but notice the wings are wrong, though.

48691 No.107144

File: 1516082384028.png (291.05 KB, 1200x1200, AnonFilly-Drunk.png)


Twilight tilts her head quizzically.


"That is uh…"

You vomit up the spaghetti and wheatballs from the day before yesterday… or at least that's what you think it is. Gustaf faints. You might have just insulted his cooking. You're not sure.

"That's what I want to do. You."

Twilight smacks her face with her hoof.

>"You are absolutely terrible at pickup lines."

You shrug and wipe the vomit off from your face.

"Yeah well, I was just trying to tell a joke. No idea where the spaghetti came from. Shouldn't that have been completely digested and gone out through the other end by now?"

>"I honestly have no idea myself. Say, are you going to clean that up? I mean, I can't see any towels around here, but you could probably wipe it up with a lampshade and hang it up to dry or something. No one would notice."

"I'm pretty sure everyone would notice. Besides, aren't there cleaning staff in here?"

>"There are, but I needed to make a joke at everyone's expense."

"Everyone? Didn't Gustaf just faint? I'm pretty sure we're the only conscious ponies in the room."

She points out the kitchen window to reveal the castle garden.

>"See that statue over there? That's Discord. He can't talk or do anything for the next decade or so, but I'm pretty sure he's cringing every time he hears someone dropping trope names and breaking the fourth wall."

"Okay, for real though, we should get something done. Do you want to make a bubble wrap fort?"

>"Eh, sure why not."

And you spend the entire morning constructing a scale model of Canterlot Castle out of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

8fa08 No.107146

pull a godzilla and break it down
1d100[ 1d100 = 59 ]

119c5 No.107147

You should go and flag your tail at Discord knowing that he can't do anything about it.

cdef1 No.107149

>literal spaghetti
>no pillows in the pillow fort
of course, there is the possibility that the literal spaghetti is meant to be humorous, but I honestly can't tell if it is or isn't

48691 No.107151


Literal spaghetti forms the base for several absurd jokes.

cdef1 No.107152

Yeah, that was in the back of my mind since I started typing up that post, but I still wasn't sure of your intentions with that part of the scene because you didn't initially understand what >>107074 was trying to say
still fairly disappointed about the lack of pillows though

119c5 No.107153

At least she didn't burst into treats.

04823 No.107154

File: 1516088293393.png (127.97 KB, 480x601, 1513014987001.png)

>but still no better resolution pic

04823 No.107162

File: 1516101038938.png (990.55 KB, 2367x1909, 1509139307605.png)

>only faggot up during real filly hours
>never have a filly to stay up shitposting and talking to
even more suffering

db3b6 No.107163

File: 1516101440816.png (208.87 KB, 768x941, 1047761.png)

Go to bed, m8.

04823 No.107164

File: 1516101648008.png (207.96 KB, 893x817, 1505878457221.png)

no u, australia
already tried

bf78c No.107167

Its only 10:43 pm the next day tho

eb232 No.107168

Whoa. I was awakened just about an hour ago and now I can't get back to sleep. Being a light sleeper is suffering. At least I don't ever have to worry about getting raped by niggers in the middle ogf the night. What's on your mind, my man-pone?

bfc87 No.107173

The text is a bit distracting on the Filly one, personally I would have had just her.

Also this. Wish we had a higher res.

2d28e No.107185

Been busy so couldnt give my $0.02 >Implying that has any value after converting but personally i kinda like the /int/ factor of the thread and i can see the shitposting rise without it tbh
Even though Australia does it with or without flags but i like to think its something holding other fags back

On other hoof i miss fuck off and kys filly soo…

01d6f No.107190

Does the option only hide the UID or does it hide UID + flags?

d19eb No.107196

As it is now it only hides the UID. It can easily be extended to hide flags too.

af8b7 No.107207

Thanks for clarifying.

cdef1 No.107217

Honestly, I'm fine either way as far as having or removing flags
With flags, we get stuff like "Nuke Australia"
With no flags, we have an extra layer of anonymity

90c9e No.107220

File: 1516138909690.png (66.5 KB, 568x823, 1094609__artist needed_que….png)

In what ways can anon be turned into a filly? There is anon being transformed by purple. There can be a transformation upon initial arrival, and what else?

a7c8b No.107222

File: 1516140346412.jpg (28.53 KB, 850x478, noose-e1337727704742.jpg)

bfc87 No.107226

Poison joke, experiment gone wrong (accidental Purple instead of intentional), Discord shenanigans, etc…

Another way of handling that could be to have a drop-down when making posts that lets you choose between no flag, country flag, or any of the meme flags (without having to ask a mod to change yours).

30e1d No.107236

Thread has slowed down, are people waiting for the new one or something?

bfc87 No.107237

I am, yes. I'm guessing a lot of other people are too.

f25a6 No.107238

File: 1516147644259.png (1.07 MB, 4840x4840, 1444273420920.png)

me too

30e1d No.107239

File: 1516147978567.png (54.71 KB, 665x599, 1509700147522.png)

5a9aa No.107240

Princesses transforming you, some fucked up Everfree magic, alchemy…

cdef1 No.107241

Maybe Aerolite would stop being butthurt about Anonfilly if we put up some green with Anon getting turned into a filly upon arrival or from poison joke (or some other everfree magic) and Purple trying to help him out like her usual canon self would

cdef1 No.107242

*if we put up a /mlp/ thread with some such green at the start of it

39a32 No.107243

There's no need to make a thread for that. PTFG already exists.

30e1d No.107245

Aerofag's hateboner is too strong

not even once

bfc87 No.107246

That will most likely change nothing. Feel free to share some green like that in the next mlpol thread, though.

30e1d No.107247

File: 1516151171743.png (192.68 KB, 1130x1184, Comfy fillywrap.png)

Well here is hoping thread #6 is up tomorrow, I need my fix

46b74 No.107248

Be ready for some surprise green tomorrow. No promises though.

bfc87 No.107254

File: 1516155066154.png (207.7 KB, 909x795, 2912407dcd2fab0cd4a288ec21….png)

2d28e No.107255

File: 1516155847347.png (67.59 KB, 700x700, Lewd filly.png)

What would you do if you caught your roomie, who you know was another anon who got turned into a filly the lucky bastard, masturbooping behind you?

56cf6 No.107257

mutual masturbooption

bfc87 No.107258

Tell him he's a sick fuck
And then boop him yourself

da004 No.107260

Get behind her and give her a Boop-Around.

46b74 No.107261

Bring in even more fillies and turn it into a circleboop

cdef1 No.107262

File: 1516156335453-0.png (590 KB, 1000x1000, 1510008391457.png)

>Aerofag's hateboner is too strong
So how can we handle Aero's hateboner?

5a9aa No.107263

File: 1516156349972.png (162.52 KB, 1000x1200, 1212.png)

Little faggot's seeking attention so give her what she wants.
Keep booping her until she can't walk straight.

bfc87 No.107264

File: 1516156572923.png (398.64 KB, 1219x1379, 1633391.png)

There's only one way

46b74 No.107265

File: 1516156673954.png (57.14 KB, 1235x396, How_to_handle_Aero.PNG)

bfc87 No.107266

File: 1516156761369.png (157.59 KB, 815x982, e6d36ca69da758f41d84a2c730….png)

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