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Greentext-Bane-athon 2023-2024
OP on TeamSpike !TeamSpike
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There's a writing, writefagging, help and editing thread over here
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This here thread is about one thing clobbering dat dere Kirby slinging >greentext.
Like other competitions there's rules, unlike most competitions concerning writing there's two three four criteria.
First, more than 100 characters per >greentext. Out of 6000 per post, it's a confidence booster. You can do it.
Second, we're crashing this thread before 2024 November 19th. This is the reverse Spike thread.
>Reaches Bump Limit or gets archived
>There have to be more Mares than Spike, else Spike wins.
>Don't let Spike win.
>Every >Greentext without a Mare comment of any sort at the end date, becomes Ten points for Spike.
>Mare and Greentext is Ten points for Mares. Multiple mares commenting give Fractional Mare points of subsequent digit placmentment.
<Ten's place, One's place, Tenth's place, Hundredth's place ect.
>Greentext can be Spiked
>Greentext can be Mared
Third, posting Spike in reply to a greentext, makes it count for Spike.
If someone then posts a Mare in reply to the same green text it becomes neutral. If another posts another mare it now counts for team Mare. Reverse is the same for Spike.
Fourth, only one mare post per greentext counts. Spike gets two per greentext.
Five, OP is on team Spike always. If OP posts a Mare or a Spike it always counts as a point for Spike.
If Spike wins as the thread crashes, you lose.
Don't be OP, good luck winning.
>Yes, this is rigged against you.
>Yes, this OP's post does count for Spike. It has over 100 characters in greentext.
>Greentext should be about a story, but it's not technically against the rules.

>Spike the Dragon, also best pony, flew on an chariot just like all those years ago.
>Unlike all those years ago somepony decided to just connect multiple together like a train.
>Just like trains nothing could ever go wrong.
>Except if Spike the very important pony dragon miss counted the mares on board, then Pinkie Pie would throw them a good job for stress testing the chimi-train-chariots party.
>Spike however spent enough time with Twilight to make sure every number is right.
>Well it couldn't hurt to double check and talk with all those interesting ponies.
>Especially at the end of the train with the most important ponies to Spike.
>With that He sets off for a very successful journey.
Important Contest Lore
>But OP what If I post a greentext, but also reply with mare image?
The mare image gives a mare point to the replied greentext, unless it's Spike then it's a Spile point or OP does it.
You replying to your own greens doesn't count. As OP it counts for me.
However it is one image per reply. Unless it's Spike or OP, in which case two images posted counts.
The greentext is still a greentext that can be replied to.

>Spike does check his checklist, despite whipping through the air almost uncontrollably quick and potentially lost some of the stress tester list of names everything should still be fine.
>And importantly on track.
>Pulling out the rulebook, a mishmash glued paper horror it says the tester verifier pony dragon can use any means to double check the testers.
>Even changing the rules.
>It's what that cackling mare said and she had a tag saying 'trust me'.
>Spike the ever moral dragon wouldn't abuse this.
>Too much.
>With the flight leading to uhhh
>map says Vergo's emporium
>Whereever that is it should be smooth sailing.
>Be Anonmare.
"Ehh, I'm not following any of this."
>"Look it's really simple," says Spike. "If you land on the any red square, then you either draw a card from the troubleshoes' deck or you have to wait a turn. However, if I own the red square you're given another choice, roll for which of my placed down trapcards I should activate or remove one block from the jenga tower."
>Spike beams toward you.
>You snout scrunches.
"How about we just play, like tic-tac-toe or something else," you say and scratch the back of your neck.

nice thread op
here's a jew ;^P punpun^^
"What are you guys doing?" you ask.
>"Oh, hi Anon," Twilight Sparkle says. "Oh, nothing much I'm just teaching Aryanne here Equestrian, she's from germane you see."
>"Heil Anon, I'm in ze green," the blonde beauty horse says and greets you with a high hoof.
>"What's a kiss, Anon?"
>You blink and shake your head.
"What? There's no way you don't know what a kiss is?" you say.
>She scratches her hoof with her other hoof as she looks away, blushing.
>"Don't look at me like that, I don't know what it is okay? Whatever it is we don't have it in Equestria."
>You mouth wiggles out acros your face like cursive writting.
"Well, I can show you..."
>"Yes, please."
"Okay, then close you eyes."
"Now push out your lips?"
>She does as told.
"Perfect, here it comes."
>You push your own lips against hers.
>She opens her eyes wide like saucers.
>Her face fills with pink like a can getting filled with cool-aid.
>Puffs of smoke slithers out from head as her eyes spin like wheel suddenly pulled of a racing-track.
Twist was completely overwhelmed by your move. ;^P
I'm not even remotely autistic enough to understand OP's convoluted rules, but I understood "post mares" and "reply to greentext."