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Audiobooks and Readings
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I love audiobooks. I always listen to an audiobook while I'm at the gym. Post audiobooks and links here like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bkEYUkv4PE or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sswv7j5dMw8

You can also post stories you want read and recorded. I'd take request, I obviously decide myself if I'd want to do a particular request or not but I'm always open for sugguestion. But you might want to just throw out a request and someone else might pick up on it other than me, who knows what will happened? If you request something from me, please request a shorter story and understand that my accent will be thick and noticable at times if not all the time during the reading.

Attached is something I'd just read for this thread. Here's the original text: >>>/mlpol/go/4086
Not to bring up old drama or anything. I just think it's funny and it has kinda become a classic on this board.
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And the rest.
I have an acapela group text to voice, and someone from PPP is trying to make some for book reading.
I tend to have Chara read to me rather than a pony because I am a disgusting >/nohooves/ fag but I love this and have been drowning in the best pony and other lit I can find. Sadly because of the seething desires of the yids I do not have much time to listen to programs that aren't focused on non fiction these days. I fully recommend getting a natural reader or checking out ppp to facilitate your reading experience. Nothing will ever top having your waifu read to you quietly. I can practically feel them as they hold the book and make gentle contact with me.