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Archived thread

Anonfilly Thread - Protection of Homeland Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>271054 →

>filly with FAL
Celestia approved to pierce body armor.
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>It's been three years as Anonymous in Equestria
>tgree wonderful years.
>You are dying.
>It's not magic, or radiation, or even some bizarre plague that should have fucked up yourself or the world do to being an alien.
>It's simple
>you're getting old, even with the advancements in technology and magic they couldn't do much more.
>Except for one thing.
"Rebirth? Are you serious."
>The medical expert and Twilight Sparkle looks gravely at each other and back toward you.
>"Yes, normally this treatment is done by bad ponies looking for immortality."
>"Usually something goes terribly wrong because they fail in giving the proper compensation of personal value.
"Whatcha mean Princess of books?"

<What does Twilight Sparkle say to you?
I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.
okay boomer cuck.
276180 276183

I knew letting filly grow under Raptorshy watch was going to bite back, what with her unique diet being shared to filly and all
Although an extra large filly should also be extra fluffy and comfy if mutual trust could get built with her. Though I do wonder how much trust would be needed before she allows Anon to comb her chest fluff without either getting jumpy
>Your memories.
Would you do it?
Been a while since we've had some cyoa action.
>"The spell requires a circuit of runes to be etched in chalk. At the center an item of personal value is placed. If the item has been tainted, a tainted rebirth will generally occur. Memories will be lost. Developmental issues will occur. Many ponies of poor character have long since disposed of any personal items that have no malice attached to them."
I think you forgot to post this one, Harvey
276227 276230 276231
Gonna spoiler these since they're from the Marenheit 451 Artpack and you should really go buy it bro, it's paper-searing hot and it's only one dollar.
276230 276231
I think that's all the ones that include filly, but if you notice I made an error be sure to point it out.
These are big
The booty has been plundered.
Wew, those look great.
>"You confront your past. You will be your own enemy for every moment that you've lived. If you succeed perfectly, well that is rarely documented. However failing in some aspects will harm your mind or your body."
Which ones? Or is it all of them?
Maybe... I'd have to know more about what it entails.
That's a tricky one.
I'd do it. Depending on what I have, and what it is.
276308 276311
Moody funk and guilt writing follow. Skip if you wish.
>"What are you doing?"
"Burning paper."
>You look down as the flames slowly consume the piece of shit piece of writing.
>You really suck.
>You don't deserve this form.
>You should've rotted in hell for all those things you thought.
>All that burning anger.
>All of that spite.
>Maybe you had been fucked over a bit, but you let it get to you a bit too much.
>At least you quelled most of your urges to commit the heinous.
>But what are you now?
>What is there of you without the calculation and the few things you still feel?
>There was a time when you could confidently say you were more, but it's been...
>Human and pony time don't mix well. At least four years.
>A hoof stomp startles you out of your rumination.
>"You look upset. Do you want to talk about it?"
"Yes, I want you to know. I want you to pity me just like everyone else..."
>"No need for sarcasm."
"I'm not being sarcastic. I want you to think of me as this small helpless green piece of shit."
>She groans and picks you up by the scruff of your neck.
>"You'd get the soap if you didn't look to be on the verge of tears."
>You look down at the piece of paper you were drafting a green about a filly supervillain on.
>It's almost all burned, but you can faintly make out the first few words:
">be you."
>At least that much is certain, for better or for worse.
276290 276309
>"In easier terms, a sacrifice of great personal value to you is required. So, would you be willing?"
>Breathe in
>Breathe out
>Explain your points, in that order
>Good, now do it
"Twilight, I'm dying. Any personal belongings I have are about to become useless to me anyway, so why would I not sacrifice something to get another lifetime of good times here and be able to get plenty more in the process? I'll die when I'm good and ready, and I've still got things I need to get done. Take what you need, no matter what it is. Hell, if it's necessary, take them all! Nothing is worth more to me than those close to me, and I'm pretty sure a spell wouldn't require a living sacrifice if its goal is to give new life."
>Twilight's already somber expression changes slowly to a grimace as she looks between you and the doctor
"Don't. Fucking. Tell me."
>"... Well, since you already guessed, that's the cost. Still willing?"
"Pull my fucking plug."
Well, that was a nice short with 0 filly.
then take a continuation to fix that!

>The doctor does as you instruct and you slip away
>Only for you to wake up later, now in a clearly different body judging by your senses now detecting a notable lack of certain human features
>Upon your awakening from this apparent revival, your mind begins racing in horror at the thought of who Twilight iced to do this
>If only you had your old body back, then you'd be able to personally throttle her for this
>Well, time to see where you are and if you can even do that
>The nursery ward of a hospital
>And the purple mare herself is standing over you
"Twilight, what the fuck! I told you I wanted to die, who the fuck did you kill!"
>Is what you would've said, but instead only incoherent and very angry squeaking comes out
>"Relax, I know what you're thinking and no, nopony died. I decided to try an experiment since you were already giving up your magic extensions to stay longer, and it turns out that a sacrifice of the recipient's own life is actually sufficient to conduct the ritual! I bet you're happy I ignored your wishes now, right?"
>Pretty neat
>"Also, feel free to try thinking to me instead of talking, I'll probably understand it better
Neat, can you hear me?
>"Surprisingly well, the transfer was a complete success!"
Alright, now who am I possessing for this to happen?
>"A clone I made for this occasion. Some helpful mare provided me the base genetic material in exchange for some monetary compensation, so that's who you're gonna look like."
>What do you look like?
>You look up at your mane draping over your face and see jet black
>Similarly, you look down the bridge of your snout and see plenty of green
>Heh, what a funny coincidence!
>Maybe it was one of the shitposters you "knew" back in the day that gave you this new body, but only meeting this mysterious mare will tell for sure
I understand. If I don't understand, I can heavily empathize.
Thank (You) Lone15.
That's a a punchline.
>tfw the princess of friendship will ice someone to keep her friend
>tfw you're her friend
>feels good man
>tfw you sacrificed yourself works so you get to continue the adventure in pony land.
276351 276384 276395
Legendary writefag and part-time psychopath All Nighter Faggot drew this one.
All Nighter Fgt
276360 276384 276395 276474
Bet you don’t even say “I love you” as you kiss them good night fag
276384 276395 276474
I love you faggot. I'd kiss you on your edgy fake-fanged filly lips if you'd write us more green.
No homo.
>>275431 →
>Twilight gallops down the hallway, sword raised like the inverse of a medieval knight, the rider being the useless one.
>"Were you playing with Orange again, this late at night?"
"Of course not, she just still has the keys."
>"We'll talk about this later, missy."
>You see the hint of a black tail being pulled by something and shout out to Twilight, who is just slightly nearsighted and could've missed it.
>Oh god, it's horrifying.
>Twilight's angry demeanor is gone in an instant.
>A party hat is put on your head, and you feel compelled to join in the festivities.
>But something is the slightest bit off.
>You ask Pinkie about it.
>"Well of course something is off, you didn't get a welcome party when you came to Ponyville! Enjoy, Ninny!"
"My name isn't Ninny, it's Nonny..."
>"Sure it isn't."
"But where's Orange?"
>The music stops.
>Everypony looks at you with hungry eyes for a split second before there's a blur and everything is back to normal.
"No, there's something wrong here! I need to leave the party!"
>"There will be no leaving the party."
>That's not Pinkie's voice.
>Be Orange.
>It got them both.
>You watch helplessly as their blood mixes with whatever these tendrils secrete.
>Even if a fully-equipped medical team arrived right now, Anon probably still wouldn't make it.
>Best whatever hallucinations they're in lull them to sleep, you won't be so lucky.
>Nonny's eyes shoot open.
>No, this can't be happening...
>She looks at you with terror, confusion and the marks of ceaseless, unnumbed torment.
>Her neck is ground meat, but she mouths out something.
>'It's not your fault.'
>You wish that were true.
>She fades after ten agonizing minutes.
>You're in tears now.
>"You have done well."
"This price wasn't what we agreed on."
>"Contract integrity is vital among our line of work. Perhaps you were too eager to take this form and did not fully read the conditions of my refueling."
"Just take me to the next one."
>"Very well."
>You're standing before the landing pod once again.
>Maybe you can save her this time.
>But somehow...
>You doubt it.
276384 276395
Freshly made ms paint filly.
>Kissing others from the same sex
>Telling them "I love you"
Über gey didn't even say no homo

But that just raises more questions, ree

Needs more glasses and a hat with unusual effects
Oof. Things will only escalate. Good green mine friend.
Very cool.
10/10 would whisper no homo again.
qt gey edgefillies
276552 276556

My Little Pony - Anonfilly - Fuck Off.png
>Doing hurtful things to filly
Filly is a QT and deserves better.
276556 276557
276559 276578
>tfw ywn trap filly in a six panel box for your devious desires.
This, as should.
276560 276571
How to draw a filly.jpg
anonfilly no.jpg
anonfilly free.png
>tfw filly escapes the box
Those have potential.
Perhaps a bit of color for those pics and an emotional argument.
276568 276571
I don't think I posted this last thread, fuck.
276569 276571
Is that a filly? It needs more green tbh.
276570 276571
>needs more green
It's mlpol filly, newfag.
doesn't look orange to me either, it looks white more than anything
Ah just what I needed a way to draw filly easy.
Well... that was easy.
Oh no.
>tfw filly escapes the box
>Shuffles papers.wav
"HALLLP! Code Filler! I repeat code Filler!"
>Pic related.
>"Twilight is currently unavailable Anon."

>"I remember her from the other thread friend. Maybe somefilly similar. In any case a repost is always welcome."
>"The eerie lighting does make her coat hard to see from that perspective. I do think it works well though in this instance."
>"Nice 69 get. Hey would you know of a neat green or fiction about filly where she has some fun times in ponyland?"
>Hey would you know of a neat green or fiction about filly where she has some fun times in ponyland
I'd go with either ASSFAGGOT's or EatCarbs's green, depends on what you define as fun.
>"I think I found them. Thanks, I'll put in a good word for you. My friend."
276577 276579 276580
Grey Hoof.png

>”You can’t keep doing this, Mitta.”
>There are a lot of places you don’t want to be right now.
>The graveyard in the forest just outside of town, for example, is one of them.
>The gates of Tartarus, the fields of Castle Everfree and the middle of a firepit are also places you don’t want to be.
>The last one makes you shiver and look at your flank.
>Honestly, those are pretty extreme examples.
>Still accurate, as morbid as they are.
>At the same time, though, you could say a lot of your thoughts have been morbid recently.
>You really wish they weren’t.
>You wish a lot of things, lately.
>You wish you weren’t here right now.
>”Mitta, please just talk to us.”
>Sitting on your hunches just inside the safety of your house with your back on the door with Grey Hoof on the other side.
>He means well.
>You know that in your heart.
>It’s just
>When he comes by like this it feels like your sanctuary becomes your prison.
>Not just him.
>Anypony really.
>”Gladstone and I are starting to worry. I just want to see you and make sure you’re okay.”
>You heave a sigh.
>It’s all the same.
>It’s always the same.
>With a monumental effort you get to your hooves, still debating whether or not you actually want to open the door.
>However, your hooves are already undoing the latch before you even make the conscious decision to do so.
>The door opens with a groan of its neglected hinges letting sunlight into your home for the first time in a while.
>You hold a hoof above your eyes to shield them from the sun as you step out.
>Grey Hoof looks tense for a few moments but visibly relaxes when he meets your eyes.
>”It’s good to see you under the sun, Mitta. How have you been?”
>You grunt, acknowledging his peasantry but not saying anything.
>After a few more moments of silence the dark coated stallion runs a hoof through his mane.
>”Listen Mitta, you really should come outside. Sequestering yourself inside your home isn’t going to make her wake any sooner.”
>He takes a step to the side giving you a better view of Sunny Town where many of your neighbors move hurriedly with supplies.
>”I really admire what you’re doing.”
>You raise an eyebrow.
>”Celestia’s honest truth. That filly should have somepony at her bedside when she wakes but-”
>You finish for him.
“It doesn’t have to be me.”
>It does need to be you but he wouldn’t understand.
>Grey Hoof nods.
>”You’ve taken her into your home and have been waiting on her hoof and tail nonstop for days now. I wonder if you even sleep.”
>The pony smiles wryly and scuffs at the dirt with a hoof.
>”Your mother would be proud that her filly paid attention and that her skills passed on to you, Celestia bless her.”
“We’ve had more skilled healers, Grey Mane.”
>Your words weren’t an accusation.
>Just a fact.
>”Yes, we did. I count us blessed that you’re still with us, Mitta. You are part of our little Sunny Town herd and I worry for you. We all do.”
>You notice a few ponies have slowed just enough to seem busy and not at all like they are eavesdropping.
>”Why don’t you come outside? I can get Three Leaf or somepony else to keep an eye on her for an hour.”
>You’re beginning to realize more ponies will come by if you refuse him now.
>They’ll stop asking nicely after a while.
>However, hearing a groan from the other room stops that chain of thought.
>Eventually, you open your mouth to reply.
“Not today, Grey Hoof. I’ll be out for the party, though.”
>You can deal with a few ponies until the Summer Solstice.

>You put a hoof over your mouth in a vain attempt to quiet your panicked breathing.
>You know somewhere inside you that it’s pointless and it only makes the panic in your chest grip you tighter.
>It has less to do with you trembling so violently that the cupboard you’re hiding in is rattling and more to do with the fact that you think they can smell you.
>They being...
>You don’t really know.
>Formless, undulating things that hide in the dark.
>A dark that moves around like a rolling fog that has been seeking you out for who knows how long.
>Sometimes a mass of that dark will break off in a violent, jerky twitch and take on the loose form of a pony.
>Your breathing halts as you hear a crash against the back door.
>A moment passes before you hear another one and it tears a whine from the back of your throat.
>You curl in on yourself.
>With your forelegs trembling against your chest you try to get a hold of yourself.
>Thud after thud and flinch after flinch, the things outside don’t stop.
>The sound of your impending doom wiggling its way into your head, threatening to snap something.
>It doesn’t take too long for you to devolve into quiet begging.
>In another life you’d be embarrassed.
>But this isn’t another life.
>In this one you are cowering in somepony’s cupboard from something that did way more than bump in the night.
“Please please please please please...”
>With a final smash of the door breaking and falling to pieces on the floor, quiet returns to your hiding spot.
>You want to run.
>You want to scream.
>You want to cry.
>You just want this to be ov-
>Slowly, jerkily, you turn your head to gaze at the rain cloud and multicolored lightning bolt on your flank that seems to be emitting a dim, pulsating light.
>Ice shoots up your spine and you whimper.
>You realize that the things out there can probably see the light from under the cupboard doors.
>Looking up from your glowing cutie mark, you can’t see the doors anymore.
>They’re just gone.
>Beyond where the doors were is an unnatural dark that stretches on forever.
>You can make out waves, ripples and vague outlines in it.
>You make no more observations as tendrils of that dark shoot out and drag you in before you can scream.
>With a nauseating sense of vertigo, you realize you’re falling a split second before you land on your sweaty back.
276579 276580
>You stare past your green muzzle in a daze at exposed wooden beams running across the sloped ceiling.
>You take a deep breath.
>The smell of woodsmoke, dust, your own sweat and something else play across your nose.
>Letting it out, tension and memories of your nightmare flow away with the used air.
>It was just a dream.
>A really scary dream.
>But still just a dream.
>You turn your head to see a few pictures hanging on a wall just above the bed you fell off of.
>All of the ponies within are unfamiliar.
>Just where are you anyways?

Grey Mane should have been Grey Hoof in previous post. Will fix in updated paste tomorrow.

>Wow, you sure as shit haven't posted in a while!
Yeah. Life comes at you fast. Also, I'm >slow.
>That pic
What is that image? And what does it mean? I did a reverse google search but all I found was its use here on this site. Off the top of my head it looks like it's a view upwards from the center of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, but I don't know.
Very nice, I'll have to catch up. Fun time to read. It's really appreciated Slowanon
>"AI made image. Not sure what the picture is of, but it's circulating through the predefined backgrounds.
Have fun."
filly needs to eat her greens.png
*munch* *munch*

Any chance you could make a filly edit of this?
Welcome back KYS.
276638 276679 276680
Lyra - Thumbs Up.png
Based, thanks
>Wisdom should feel like having a rare disease
Damn, that one cuts deep.
so is the glowing filly that cia agent gone fillyfag looking for pedos?

>Be Anonfilly.

>Currently dating the biggest Dacryphilliac in all of P0nyville.

>Also currently drawing a very nice picture, as this is what good little fillies do. They draw pretty pictures.

>You thought..

>You thought that ‘dating’ Rainbow Dash would’ve made your life better. She said she believed you when you told her you used to be a human, she treated you like an adult.

>She didn’t think you were weird, even had the same sense of humor as you. Could call each other fag until the sun went down and not have to worry about the other being offended. She got it, understood you.

>Eventually got you to open up more, talk about how lonely you felt. She saw your eyes welling up and how hard you fought back crying and hugged you, told you it was ok.

>Told you that crying didn’t make you a pussy at all, she’d still see you the same way she had before. That marked the first time in years you had actually cried, much less on someone else's shoulder.

>As her shoulder became tear soaked in your embrace, between sobs you could hear something else dripping on the ground beneath her.

>When she brought up dating, sure it had been a little sketchy. You’re trapped in the body of a filly but..you’ve got the mind of an adult, right?

>Told you that it could never get out that you were her special somep0ny, that it would ruin her career in the wonderbolts.

>You told her she’d never have to worry, you’d keep it secret. Anything for your ‘Rainbro’.

>First months were great, felt..odd, but they were good times you think.

>Until she started slowly talking to you less.

>And then not at all.

>Majority of your time is spent following her like a duckling. She doesn’t want to be alone-but she doesn’t want to talk to you all the time either.

>You used to get mad about it, eventually screamed at her to pay attention to you. You’re dating her Dyke ass the least she could do is act like you’re there.

>You still remember how bad it hurt when her hoof connected with your right eye.

>’Anon you make it so hard to like you!’ she’d groaned ‘You think it’s easy being around you? All you do is bitch and moan!’

>’All the time! You’re so...annoying sometimes I wish I could throw you out a window.’

>’I’d like to hear myself think instead of having to hear you talk about your made up stores.’

>’Maybe it’d be better if we broke up. At least then I wouldn’t have to put up with this, sheesh.’

>You’d been so shocked.

>Only when you started blubbering did her expression soften.

>Kissed you and told you it’s ok. She didn’t really mean it.

>You think that’s where it started.

>Every week is the same.

>She looks for some way to make you upset, get you to start crying and you take the bait every time without fail.

>Walk on eggshells around her constantly, if you talk too much or say the wrong thing she threatens to leave or she beats you.

>When things go good with her, they’re wonderful. When they’re bad, it's the worst thing you could ever experience.

>You don’t know how much more of this you can take.

>You sit there on the floor of Golden Oaks, finishing up your drawing.

>When you hear the door open, when you see Twilight walk in with her friends, you trot faster than your little legs can handle.

>Almost trip over your own hooves, but still you manage to face her and give her the chart.

>She looks at it, suspended in the air with purple aura surrounding it like a galaxy amidst the paper.

>There is brief hope, maybe she’ll ask what’s wrong this time.

>This will be different, please let this be different please, just ask what’s wrong. You pray to whatever garbage horse deity they worship here for her to take you aside, ask if everything is ok.

>Your heart pounds so loud you think you can feel it in your ears.

>Each second hangs in the air like a glacier between you and the others.

>She laughs, shaking her head before giving your nose a little boop. “You’re very talented Anon, I know exactly where I’ll put this.”


>She hums, leaving you as she picks up a thumbtack.


>Her aura lifts it up a little higher in the air, swiftly making it’s way back to a wall behind it.


>You watch her hang it up next to the others.
>glowing filly

276944 277007
Save a backup of your pastebin right now. Something very odd has been going on with the site recently. If you want to save pastes in the google doc that would also be appreciated, I have to be somewhere in 40 minutes so I can't do it myself.
## Scruffy
When you have a moment, please elaborate on what you mean by very weird

Edit: nevermind, In an idiot
>Be You
>You got enough good filly points to get a glass of the divine liquid
>Watching Twilight reconnecting with an old friend.
>wait where is it!
>what is she doing?
>oh no
>please no!
way ahead of you, everything's made permanent in a notepad doc before it even gets posted here.
277023 277024 277025
Taking green requests, the darker the better. Writing for the abuse thread on /mlp/ has rekindled some things.
277025 277089
Anon gets Return By Death and has to deal with a sadistic world bent on breaking him
Nah. Filly is for petting.
Or Have twilight be the one to return by death.
Anon is just sort of there.
Watch as she tries to escalate but it backfires.
Then she becomes a cultist and priestess and worshiper of friendship

Can even have her face against Anon in warfare. But friendship is the only option
The only way out of the damned death pit
No matter how painful the journey is.
She can fall back to old habbits formed in previous timelines to accidentally deal with current more mundane problems
Leading to horrific outcomes

I mean anyone is a valid option.
Doing it to Fluttershy would be...
The character transformation would be crazy.
Everyone would know something is up

Or Rarity could wrap herself in fabulousness to try to forget and move on.

277092 277114 277116 277494
>sadistic world bent on breaking him
Now that's something I'm really comfortable with. I haven't seen this anime, but after a few minutes reading up on the wiki I think I'm ready. (Though I'm not going to take the time to read about Witch Factor.)
>You're trying hard to maintain your calm.
>You've always considered yourself a level-headed man, but this is all a bit too much to take.
>Luftkrieg got hit by a train just seconds ago, so you look around for the nearest thing that you can use to kill yourself.
>Oh right, the wheels of the train.
>You leap in, but just in time are held back by a Purple aura.
>You sleepy.
>Know need do something, but not know what is.
>Beeping close.
>Mom crying.
>Want tell her it okay.
>Try talk.
>Words no work.
>Vision blurry.
>"Why Anon? Why would you try to kill yourself?"
>Why would kill yourself?
>Next day, put in new class.
>Other ponies not same as you.
>That okay, you special.
>Playing with blocks.
>Drawing pretty pictures.
>Something gone come back.
>You happy.
>School end.
>Go home.
>Play with blocks.
>Go sleep with mommy.
>She cry.
>Don't know why.
>Things better now.
>Wake up.
>Late at night.
>Mom over you.
"Why awake mommy?"
>"I've been asking myself that question for a while now too."
>You not in bed.
>In tub.
>Body wet.
"Bath this late at night?"
>"You're not the Anon I knew. I'm sorry baby. I can't let this go on."
>Mommy push you down.
>Try scream.
>No help.
>No scream in water.
>Why mom do this?
>You no good?
>You happy like this.
>You rush forward and slam your head into Luftkrieg's little ass, catapulting her into the air and just narrowly avoiding the train yourself.
>Oh god, why...
>You feel the tears running down your cheeks.
>You were really happier like that.
>Ignorance is bliss.
>"Hey Nonny, are you okay?"
>You think you might go back if you were given the chance at survival.
>But a lobotomy like that was one in a million.
>The inner mechanations of your mind click in a familiar way as you set your save.
Will continue with more shorts like this later if there's interest.
keep going, let's see how this evolves further!
Go on
When the bs power is to timetravel by death, moving fast and rope is your friend. Or some chemical, or a knife. Actually combining those methods for insurance and to ensure medical can't fuck with the plan.
Modern magical medicine can extend the suffering for too long and may make you miss your time slot. Unless you can manually do a save point, then it's just extra time to fill in your memory.
Time travel is broken and should be abused for as long as possible.
Mementos, Magic, Journaling, and any means to record memory would be useful for long training montages.
The problem is you have one save to work with.

I knew Filly would take care of Verity.
Relax filly, life is good.

277231 277239 277248
From the drawthread
lyra wtf.png
>11 year old filly

Age approximate, of course. Twiggle’s mistake doesn’t come with exact papers 95% of the time.
B-but anon is a grown faggot.
277247 277248
I neglected this long enough.
>second pic
Better version.
Wew, so many good qt fillies.
277290 277295 277305 277306 277307 277426 279018
>anon gets transformed into a filly
>best years of his life
>tons of hugs and affection and adults caring for you, it's great
>don't have to do anything
>But every little filly becomes a big mare
>Twilight kicks you out of her castle and tells you to find a job and get your own place.
>"You can stay with that one filly friend of yours, what was her name? Starry Anne?"
>Now your life is really stale. You go to your shitty job, you come back to Aryanne's place and crash on her couch, then wake up and do it again.
>You're right back to where you started, a wage slave. A wage slave in Equestria, who is a mare, to be fair, but still, your life hasn't really changed at all.
>This is bullshit.
>a wage slave
That filly should crash more often at >>>/ub/
That does make one wonder. What would you all do if you did become a filly and then a big mare in Equestria?
Try to get a job similar to one you had on Earth, given that you already have some experience?
Spend your filly time studying and training for a completely new job?
Become a wandering hobo?
Kill yourself, cucknigger.
Here is where you play the long game. Some early investment(s).
Call up your best buddy princess Celestia and Luna if they have a foalcon problem.
Offer them and sell the perfect hoser booty, for some lifetime royal cash flow. To catch the predator(s) of couse.
inb4 they jail you for trying to extort the royal princesses
>Equestria doesn't have the problem because magic.
>Try to get a job similar to one you had on Earth, given that you already have some experience?
Being ahead of the tech curve predicting some advancements and what to invest in might be good. However they have magical equivalents, that in some ways are better.
The important part is having fun, not making the world a worse off place, and feeling fulfilled.

If you're gay enough or if Horse land has normal marital marriage, one could try getting married.

But the path I would take is trying to abuse magic.
If I can't publish a historical documentary about humans. Targeted towards adults, only then to find out foals and children across the globe love it. The guts, the gore, the horrific terror inducing tales.
Make a autobiography about having a childhood twice.
Become the moden pony day Diogenes. Then tell the sunbutt princess to get out of your sunlight.
Because Equestia has some pretty damn cool shit in it. Maybe introduce RC cars, airplanes, helicopters, and drones. It'll be niche due to magic, but capitalize on being from a semi sci-fi dystopia.
But practicing the occult would be interesting, and see how Equestrian magic works with science as well.

Oh! If all that falls through, become the mirror verse ambassador to the humans.
inb4 you start an interdimentional war
Better yet start using the magic mirrors to become a successful trader.
If everything doesn't work, the wage slave vs being dependent on the state.
angry crying filly.png
D-delet this!
This mare needs to clean herself up, go outside, and meet a stallion.
277322 277324 277328

Kek, the good news is that you might have super powers.
277370 277426 277587
I'm not sure why but that depressed filly looks kinda Seb.
That reason is the bulging belly
Lizzerhole Twilight 2
>Physical comedy tends to leave little lasting harm.
>"-then the appendix exploded!"
>The apple family gave the appropriate laughter.
>"That's how I met princess Mooner."
>Applejack has a grin, and an ease after being touched, which is uncanny.
<"Come on Twilight tell them about Moon Dancer's party."
>Everything I even slightly knew about Twilight is wrong, when I got here.
>Twilight holding a pie slice pokes a telekinetic finger through the tip, all the way up the top towards the back.
>"Spike and I got her a plushy stuffed bear. See she had a rough time without Mr. Tumbles due to a misplaced restricted book, and the existential dread within."
>Hooked on to every word.
>"Anonymous here even suggested putting the dream catcher teddy with a safety blanket."
>Twilight jumps ontop of Spike and nibbles at the edge of the hole she made in the pie.
>I remember earlier today very clearly.
"Hey, Moon Dancer? What's got you blue?"
>Twilight wiggles her tail in the air.
>"I dream.I dream about souless eyes staring into me."
>Putting my small hoof on her shoulder, I realize Twilight is right there next to me. Breathing hard.
>"Open mine last, it's because it's the best. We need to complete the mission, you'll understand."
>Being pulled put of memory by the delicious food the apples have graciously served.
>"When she opened mine, she cried long and hard tears of joy."
>Applejack though frowns at that new information.
>"Wait a darn tootin second, y'all already left the party by then."
>"Yeah! We're already in the air, because flying by chariot means plans can be discussed without outside intervention."
>Twilight could be charming.
>In a stabbing your darkest fear sort of way.
>What Twilight just told them is biased and true.
>Both your fear, and yourself with your fear while your fear is being stabbed.
>"Well I'm assured of quality and care of the Apple family hospitality, and catering."
>Applejack looks cautiously at Twilight and back towards her relatives.
>"Ah'll head with you, we don't want any misunderstandings when the celebration is so near."
>Twilight's eyes widen
>then so does her grin
>"You would be an excellent second in command of battling Nigh- difficult celebration tasks, yes."
>"Big Mac."
>After a meaningful looks and a quick gesture he nods.
>So the group increased by one.
>This will have to go in the report.
<"We're looking for ah, a pony named Rainbow Dash."
Been rewatching a lot of Greg's stuff lately since he's been on /mlp/ and decided to make a quick edit from a Peel Off vid.
Here's the thread if you want to pay your respects of whatever: https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/35646291
>Filly Air Force
Checked 77-3-77.
277421 277426 277431 277486

>depressed filly
/ub/ is waiting.
>tfw you drink booze but it doesn't help
>tfw you drink anyway
Punch-Out!! - Nigga Stole My Bike (Original & New Wii Version).mp4
Mike Tyson_s Punch-Out!! (NES) Music - Bicycle Training
Looks like oldfag filly needs some exercise. This calls for a training montage.
Checked Hitler dubs.
277499 277519 278989
>Be Anonfilly.
>One week after saving Luftkrieg from the train.
>Currently saving up bits for explosives.
>For now, you carry your hunting knife.
>You'd doodling on your math sheet, not really paying attention while all the other fillies and colts struggle with their multiplication tables.
>Some things about being a filly are still pretty okay.
>You're putting the finishing touches on your Moonman fanart when a note lands on your desk from across the room.
>It's crumpled, its origin unknown.
>You open it up, making sure Cheerilee isn't looking as you read it.
>'You're alright, bro. Don't come to school tomorrow.'
>Oh fuck.
>God, it's that faggot Anoncolt.
>But you can play this right into your hooves.
>You look across the room and wink at him.
>He gives you that fat-faced grin.
>If he's shooting up the school, he has explosives.
>You set your save.
>"Yeah, they're just all fucking normies man. Fuck em'."
>"Especially that bitch Scootaloo. What's so great about Rainbow Dash? Fucking..."
>There's more, but you selectively tune his whining out as you look around the house.
>Crusty cunt aside, he could use a fucking workout routine.
"Do you have any juice?"
>"Oh yeah, sure. Check the fridge."
>Faggot lucked out and got a richfag pushover momfu.
>Twilight might have the royal treasury at her disposal, but whenever you ask her for something the answer is almost always no.
>Well, unless it's a book.
>But that's a whole hour in and of itself while she tells you everything about what kind of books she thinks you'd like.
>You like Twilight and you like talking to her, but the problem is that you'll use up all of your time doing so if you aren't careful.
>Pudgy is leading you to his room, you only know because Twilight set up a playdate with the two of you once.
>You thought he might be alright because he also used to be human, but he's the epitome of lazy neet bastard.
>A little voice in your head tells you that you're jealous you can't live his lifestyle, but you silence it.
>You're not jealous.
>His mom isn't home, or else he'd probably be yelling at her to fuck off or something.
>"Welcome to my abode, m'lady."
"You're way too fucking fat to pull that off ironically man."
>He kinda laughs, but you can see in his eyes that he's a bit pissed.
"So, what are you going to use to do the dirty deed?"
>His eyes light up and he fucks around under his bed for a bit, eventually pulling out a few clusters of stone with ornate runes carved into them.
>You've seen these in one of Twilight's books, it's a damn shame you're an earth pony and he's a unicorn.
>Because those are mana grenades, and now you're going to have to kill yourself.
>"Yeah, I asked my mom for some money to go to the bowling alley and the stupid bitch gave me 200 bits. She'll be home in a few minutes, want to test out the first one on her?"
>The thought sickens you, but you really want to avoid the process of bleeding out.
"Sure, that bitch really has it coming."
>Your voice is wavering a bit since you're fairly sickened, but you don't think he notices.
>"Oh yeah, but if I'm going to go I think I ought to take one last souvenir..."
>You cry out as he wraps you in his field.
"V-very funny bro. >Rape. Can you please let go of me now?"
>"I've been waiting on this for months. You know you're going to enjoy me taking your ass to pound town."
"Please, I want to live this life out without any sexual deviancy. I know you're pent up, but AAAAGH!"
>He penetrates you about as deep as he can, which isn't very deep.
>But with your filly hole being completely unused, it fills you to the brim.
>"You think I'm a fucking neckbeard now? I've got the fucking moves like Jagger, thot!"
>The musical reference would make you cringe if you weren't more focused on trying to get free from the blob of rape behind you.
>"Hornet! I'm home!~"
>He pulls out, splurting all over the ground.
>Must not have been any longer than half a minute, damn...
>You're somewhat in shock still, but you need to, as the host of Destroy Build Destroy would say; get ready to die.
>Tubby grabs a mana grenade and hides it behind his back, the runes lighting up slowly with the energy from his horn.
From what you understand, when the runes are filled completely, you've got three seconds before the damn thing is going off no matter where it is.
>And the dumb mother fucker is filling it too quickly.
>Oh well, better for you.
>You hug close to him and watch the thing fill to its limit.
>You're sitting back at your desk.
>Trudging through the rest of the day in a haze, you finally tell Cheerilee what's going to happen after everypony else has gone home.
>She doesn't look all that surprised, just disappointed.
>"If anything, I thought you'd be the one to do something like that. Thank you for telling me, holy shit..."
"Can I have some of that bourbon you keep under your desk? I'm not going to get into the details of why I know but it's been a long day."
>"Sure. Just a sip though, you know Twilight will find out if I give you more."
>A taste of the good old days calms you slightly as you trudge home.
>"You're a bit late, what's up dog?"
>Twilight, in theory, knows about the Looney Tunes because you've told her some things.
>In practice, she seems to be completely unable to get any of the catchphrases right.
>Equestria doesn't have a language barriar, but it certainly has a different dialect.
"Can you read to me? It's been a long day."
>"Is your homework done?"
>The two of you say the next part in usion.
"Yes mom, I did it during math."
>"Good filly. Come on then, up on the couch."
>Some things are still pretty nice.
>Hopefully Hornet gets his comeuppance, but that's for the system to decide for now.
You can suggest some scenarios if you want to. No guarantee I'll use them, but if I like one or two I might.
>colt is a rapey school shooter
yet more reason to have a "no girls allowed" rule

Wew. That's a clusterfuck and a half. (RIP mental virginity)
Anonfilly has a babysitter or alone, due to Twilight going on a friendship quest. Things happen.
Going to check that truth.
>Rolled lucky by the blessings of RNGesus
>>He kinda laughs, but you can see in his eyes that he's a bit pissed.
While I'd like to know how the cunt got to this moment.
>She doesn't look all that surprised, just disappointed.
>>"If anything, I thought you'd be the one to do something like that. Thank you for telling me, holy shit..."
Here's to anon, for not being cowed in the face of danger despite being >raped.
277525 277558 277563
[Petting intensifies]
>Tfw supposed to be no flag and isnt letting me delet

Oh well, ya'll a qt
>[Petting intensifies]
god i wish that were me
>ear scritches and bellyrubs
277600 277689
What would happen if Anonfilly got adopted by Rainbow Dash Presents Twilight?

> Be anonfilly.
> You're sitting in your room with Twilight's newly ordered sofa from Quills and Sofas with a beer in hoof.
> You hear Twiggles shouting from the hallway.
> "Anon! Did you take my beer again!"
"Yes! Next time get beer light!"
> "Why don't get your own beer!?"
"You never gave me an allowance."
> "I didn't?"
"No and even if I did I wouldn't be old enough buy any."
>"What are you talking about? Spike buys my beer all the time."
"Becauses he's your slave! I'm your kid."
> "Well... I can change that anytime."
"You wouldn't dare."
All of my feels, just.
277605 277612
I like this idea. Harvey did a mentally advanced filly last thread, based lad.

I wanna be more, I deserve to be more.
It's Purple's fault.
I hope that Mentally Advanced Series guy is doing okay. His show was what got me into FIM.
He stopped by on /mlp/ less than a week ago
unknown (2).png
Why yes I do drink straight from the teat, how did you know?

better text
I'm glad he's doing ok.
Needs more threats of being left to the public schooling system.

Aw, what a qt. Don't worry the cup can be refilled at a local dispensary.
Serioisly though milk is good for a growing filly.
277721 277723 277728
Why do you keep posting this? There's nothing sexual or faggoted about wanting to be magically turned into a little girl.
Silly filly, that's KYS filly. She's a qt. Nice digits btw
>Why do you keep posting this?
Don't worry about it. That annoying filly is already part of the thread.
Damn, those are really good digits


277756 277757 277854
The left pony is a colt.
Get your anoncolt bullshit out of this thread.
Colts can be qt fillies too. Just ask Rumble.
Oh look, an unironic faggot.

Anonmare is crashing over at your place. Again. This is the fourth time this week and you're starting to suspect when she isn't here, she's sleeping rough out on the streets.

The thing is, once she gnaws away at your manners just enough that you'll let her stay "a few days at most", she takes that exploitation of your generosity and runs with it.

Sadly, though, that's the only running she does. Much of her time is whiled away on the couch. Yeah, if you had any hopes of sitting on that thing again you can forget it. She stinks the apartment up and complains about how aimless her life is. About how she thought being a mare and having 24/7 access to a pair of teats and a nice plump horsepussy would be divine, but now realizes she actually has to WASH those parts of her.
Which, of course, she doesn't do. You really, really wish she would use your shower. Just once. Even if she'd leave your drain choked up with green fur. It wouldn't matter because at least then your nose wouldn't be under assault every time you neared her.

The main problem is, while you're not as big a loser as her, you're still a fucking loser who can't get a real mare to so much as acknowledge you.

And so, while it's utterly humiliating and you hate yourself for it, you fuck her. It takes a few drinks just to kill off the reasonable doubts. This was once a guy, after all. You're no faggot, and certainly no tranny, but a moist, tight, slimy horsepussy is a moist, tight, slimy horsepussy. When you're pumping in and out of her you can just close your eyes and imagine it's Rarity, or Fluttershy, or Applejack.
Nah. Who are you kidding? Not even Rainbow Dash could smell that bad.
But you know she'll take your cock any time of day, any day of the week. She'll indulge in ANY twisted fantasy or fetish you bring up. She has as few standards as you do, and that would almost make her a perfect match.
But you'll never be able to shake the fact that under all that pony she's still an autistic faggot.
277771 277827
Update on my OG story now, still going slow but y'all have been waiting long enough for something after that minor cliffhanger I left you all on.
>Last we checked...
>Nothing happened!
>... Well, Anon finished teaching Luna how to play the basics of 40K and they got through two matches
>Time to see who breaks the tie and comes out on top!

>When you come to, you are inside a colosseum with a table sat in the direct center of it
>Oh, yeah, the winner-takes-whatever-is-offered finale of you and Luna duking it out in small 40K matches
>Well, it seems she isn't here yet, so let's see if we can make things a bit more theatrical, shall we?
>To do that, you're going to need to limit the spawning zone of the dream to a certain area, that being the entryway opposite the one you come from
>Now, how do you do that?
>Well, a good start might be to imagine the place where you spawned in as a box in the dream
>After taking this bounding box, you highlight it with your dream magic and move it to the area where you want Luna to appear in
>After that, you set a pressure plate set to activate other dream happenings when it's triggered by her appearance directly under the box
>Well, now all that's left is for you to get into your own position!
>So you do
>Now, all that's left to do is to wait!
>And you do
>All the way until a voice calls out from behind you
>"Is there any particular reason why you're just standing here?"
>Your shoulders immediately slump and you turn around disappointed in your abilities
"Well, I was trying to set up something that would set off as soon as you showed up, but I didn't set it up right since you didn't even show up where the mechanism's trigger was placed. Well, I'm not letting all this go to waste, so just wait here until you get the signal!"
>"What signal? And what did you mean by a mechanism?"
"Just wait, it'll all become clear soon."
>And with that, you step backwards and teleport yourself over onto the pressure plate, setting it all in motion (slightly) as planned!
>When the pressure plate is triggered, you begin hearing the gate in front of you open and a generic announcer's voice peal out across the colosseum!
>With that, you calmly stride out of the now-open gate and into the empty colosseum and begin waving to the nonexistant spectators that don't populate the stands as you walk towards the empty table
>Once you reach the table, you look to the other side of the arena to see Luna looking around to see what exactly you were waving at
>After a sigh, she also walks over to the table and looks up at you with lidded eyes and a smirk
>"When I said to build suspense, I didn't mean to go to all these lengths just for us two."
"I had time, I decided to use it. Besides, I thought it was cool!"
>"Well, it certainly set the mood for the night. So, how are we settling this?"
>Well, there are still two options for what can be done
>Either you both go after objectives and try to hold them (the more balanced of the two), or one of you holding while the other tries to capture (the one that would probably work better with small armies)
>You summon in a coin and flip it, heads is option one and tails is option two
>Right as you catch the coin in your fist, Luna stops you
>"As soon as you observe that coin, it will come up as whatever option your subconscious mind will choose. Would you rather I looked at it and told you the true result?"
>Huh, noted for later
"Yeah, that would probably be a better idea. Go ahead!"
>Upon saying that, you turn your head away and open your fist, allowing Luna to find the true result
>"It's tails, what does that mean?"
"It means that one of us will be holding the objective while the other tries to capture it! Same capture rules as King of the Hill, but different starting points and win conditions. Those should be fairly easy to remember though, one of us starts on the edge of the map while the other on the objective, the holder loses if the attacker captures, and the attacker loses if the holder lasts all 5 turns without a capture happening."
>"Sounds good, let's play!"
>The table is once again set and the minis are summoned, time to see how this goes!

>Be Sergeant Decius of the Imperial Fists
>You're stationed here with your squad, guarding this imperial outpost
>It's a good thing the fists can't lose when it comes to fortifying a defense point, right?
>You and your brothers stand guard over this outpost defending the Imperial supply line supplying this world's war effort
>Suddenly, your radar starts pinging a fat pile of alien contacts
>You and your brothers peek your heads out of your various enforcements to see what's going on outside
>Fucking traitors
>To battlestations!

>Be Sorcerer Azoth of the Thousand Sons
>You and your Rubricae have been sent in to deal with this section of loyalist forces, nothing too hard hopefully
>As you get closer to the site of your attack, you realize something
>Those are Imperial Fist fortifications
>Fucking Abaddon, sending us to the shit areas!
>Oh well, it looks like only a small number
>Something you and your Rubricae should be able to deal with somewhat easily... You hope

>Be Sergeant Decius
>Fucking sorcerors are trying to siege your position!
>Your men are fighting tooth and nail to hold their positions, and are doing quite well
>No casualties thus far, the only thing you have to worry about right now is how much ammunition you all have on hand
>There is no objective the Fists can't hold!

>Be Sorceror Azoth
>These Fists are heavily entrenched... It'll take a small miracle to get them out
>Luckily, miracles happen to be the specialty of your patron god!
>You offer up some prayers to Tzeentch as you cast your next spell, hoping for some shining light to grace you and your rubricae in the next few crucial moments of battle
>As the spell is cast, you feel the light upon you!
>Well, in you
>Your body explodes as your soul is brought to your patron deity, leaving in your place a daemon!
>Not just any daemon either, somehow a fucking Lord of Change has entered the battlefield!
>It seems the miracle has arrived, and not a moment too soon...

>Be Sergeant Decius
>You and your men scramble to more defensive positions, but you're not sure what else can be done
>It's only another two minutes before reinforcements arrive, but can you all last that long?
>Yeah, the fists can hold any objective, but not when the fight isn't a fair one!
>Either way, hold this position is what you must do, so you will

>Be Rubricae #213 stationed under Sorceror Azoth (now deceased)
>Things seem to be going well, at least from your limited knowledge
>Your state as a soul bound inside a suit of power armor leaves little room for thought, but you're still left in control now
>Uh... Carry on as planned?
>Sure, that's a good idea
>You lead by example, letting the Lord of Change do as it pleases since you can't really stop it
>Hopefully somebody qualified takes control from you after this...

>Be Sergeant Decius
>It's no use, that Lord of Change has somehow managed to overrun all of your positions singlehandedly
>You give the order to retreat, you all will have to regroup with the reinforcements to break this hold
>Hopefully with your combined might this clog in the line will be cleared, but if not...
>If not, the world is lost

>Be Thianas, Lord of Change
>Some idiot sorceror blew up his own mind to bring you here, you might as well humor his desires while you're here
>You finish scattering those servants of the corpse before breaking open a few rubricae for shits and giggles and disappear back into the warp once everything is clear

>Be Anonymous
>You just firmly lost, sheerly for the stupid luck of Luna rolling to summon a greater daemon from a warp peril
"Well, you won. I guess the dice just weren't in my favor today. GG anyway, though."
>"It was a well-fought battle, you would've won if I hadn't gotten that lucky. So, is there anything else you'd like to do?"
"Funny you should ask that, I was using that battle as a litmus for if you're ready to learn more. So, would you like to start learning about how vehicles interact with everything?"
>"Sure, that sounds like it'll add quite a bit to the gameplay!"
>She has no idea how broken some vehicles can be
>And you're gonna teach her through demonstration!
>Not now, though
>Now is merely the time to let her get experienced with the vehicles themselves
>So that's what you do for the remainder of the dream!
>. . .
>Wake up
>Take a shit
>Get out of bed
>Not in that order
>Get ready
>Go to school
>Go home
>Spike letter?
>Twilight letter?
>Progress on things?
>Fuck around
>Eat dinner
>Fuck around some more
>Go to bed
>Such is life when waiting

And that's it for now, gonna drop some more of "It's the Little Things next probably so get hype for that. Or don't, I don't control your priorities and am all too familiar with the fact that hype can lead to burns. As always, like/subscribe/whatever you feel is justified for my shit writing!
Aw yeah! I can't wait for the next installment. Sorry I didn't comment sooner.
>tfw a fellow anon gets rekt by the dream princess
277835 277857
Newf*g here. Is this essentially the /mlpol/ chapter of PTFG?
I do belive so but relatively new myself. Not sure if general Anon in Equestria turned pony stuff is allowed but I've been enjoying it here for the times writefags update a story. Sometimes might miss an update on /mlp so can usually find the main ones I'm reading here.
Anonfilly (You) Fishing.png
/mlp/ has banned Anonfilly threads even though PTFG has been up for at least two years.
PTFG is the Anonfilly thread.

If you compare it to an inbred half disabled lame cousin by illegal marriage.
Roughly speaking of course.

What can you do when fags are fags?
>newfag here
You know what you must do.
Posting filly outside /ptfg/ can catch a ban on 4chan, not that they enforce it all the time. Instead, filly migrated here where they can frolick with other fillies, and get brushies and snuggles and occasionally some consentual hoof holding outside the auspices of hostile jannies and mods.
>tl;dr no, /ptfg/ is for faggots
>TFW I'll never complete a single fanfic since my stories are generally taking up to a book to develop
>not continuing your book-sized stories just for the hell of it
>not giving that guy writing that smash fanfic a run for his money
File (hide): 6623AFA473472DCDABCA5819D151B0A1-863385.mp4 (843.1 KB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:00:17, Sai.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>"As you can see, Nonny is wearing Twilalab's proprietary, next generation technology! VR, Supergluey goggles!"
>Filly who was happily playing looks in Twilight's voice's direction.
>"You can put 'em on! But you can't take them off!"
>Filly tries to take them off but finds they're stuck.
>Celestia watches as the filly panics.
>"So... why'd you make this Twilight?" She ask as filly continues to panic.
>"Better than just turning them villans to stone. Got some made for Discord. Figured it'd be funny to watch him panic."
Anonfilly and Pinkie Pie.png

277961 277963

N.. no h h homo
278003 278104 279438
>month since last update
ded filly
I think he wrote some sort of Star Wars spinoff instead of working on developing his story, lord knows why.
Everyone needs a break sometimes. A work of passion and dedication seems to have more soul. One born of sickening chains won't have the same feeling.
I don't think it's dead. After about five years, being ded is highly likely. In the case of Tarboy and the hope for Tarboy 2 is marred with all sorts of weird shit going on that despite attempting to be made for so long nothing really came of it yet.
It'll come out when it comes out.
Do you have a sauce for the spinoff? I would like to read that.

278062 278063
The fuck does this have to do with anonfilly?
its obviously just some niggerfaggot from PTFG, the shit horror thread
Please see >>277838.
But the flag is wrong, the faggot doesn't usually go through the effort of hiding they're a Britbong.
Thanks frien
278083 278320 278327 278331

MLP Derpy pervert.gif
That's a good one.




278091 278095
In two different formats for drivelets and chads alike
HI, ME!.png
>tfw reply
You're replied.
Does the word “filly” come from the French word for “girl”?
AI Filly
This is a test of the dragon AI software on ai dungeon for use in story writing. Some of what you see is edited, but mainly the edits were done to maintain consistency. I won't greentext it since I'm going to bed. You can experiment with the weaker griffin ai for free (oy vey) or shell out a few shekels a month for the dragon version if you want to use this for any purposes. I don't find it to be any sort of replacement for conventional story writing, but with some guidance it could certainly streamline the process of writing greens. The future is now. Now, on to the story.

You are a filly imprisoned by an abusive Twilight Sparkle. She treats you like shit and beats you constantly. You want to run away, but you're scared that if you do, she might hurt your friends. What can you do?

You have no idea what to do! Maybe it's time for you to escape from this hellish existence.

What could you possibly need to get out of here?
Check room
There are a few objects in this room. You could take one with you. What would you like to check?
check bed
It's a bed, and it's quite comfortable. You decide that maybe you should take this with you.
check closet
There are many clothes in the closet, but you can't carry all of them.
check clothes
The clothes in the closet are too big. Maybe you can take a smaller one.
check magic
You use your magic to levitate all of your clothing.
check under bed for stored items
You see an old lamp under the bed. It's so dusty, you can't tell what color it is.
take lamp
You pick up the lamp, and while it is heavy, you manage to carry it out of the room.
You make your way to the front door of the castle, only to be stopped by a large group of guards. "What do you think you're doing?" one of them asks. "We are taking the lamp."
Please, don't. You are already out of this place. If you leave with the lamp, it's possible that the guards will try to take it from you.
This is a decision only you can make.
run with lamp, secure on back with magic to prevent falling
You can feel the lamp slipping off of your back, so you decide to hold it with your magic. As you turn to run, one of the guards hits you with a powerful beam of light. Your skin starts to burn. The pain is overwhelming, and soon you are out cold.
The guards place you in a cell and take the lamp away from you.
check mane
It is so long, you try to brush it with hooves but you can't. You miss your fingers.
check ground
You levitate down to the ground and touch it with your hooves. It's a nice feeling.
check door
You try to open the door, but it won't budge.
You sit and wait in your cell. You can feel your heart racing. What will become of you?
check thoughts
You can't think straight. You are too worried about the future.
apply hooves to pressure points to calm self down
You try to calm yourself down, but it's not working. You just feel more and more nervous as the seconds pass.
check cell
Your cell is barren, except for a small hole in the corner. It looks very dirty.
You wait in your cell. Hours pass, and soon it is night time.
check hole
You approach the hole in the corner. It looks even dirtier than before.
cover face with mane
You put your face in your mane to avoid looking at it.
jump in hole
You jump in the hole. You don't want to do it, but you have no choice.
"Come out of there!" A voice says. "We have prepared your chambers."
You peek your head out of the hole. In front of you are two very large ponies. One is white and the other is blue. They both have long, fancy manes and tails. "Follow us,"
"Okay." You comply.
You follow the large ponies to your new room. It's much better than your cell. "This will be your room," the blue pony says.
check coat for filth
You look at your fur. To your surprise, you are completely clean. The prison guards must have cleaned you before placing you in your cell.
"Where's Twilig- mommy?" You say, using the word for the first time.
"She had to step out. She should be back soon." The white pony says.
"I need to go to the bathroom." You need to get the fuck out of here.
"Go ahead." The blue one says.
You let loose a stream of piss, and they don't stop you. This is your chance. You open the window. Damn, it's high up. It's times like this that you wish you were a pegasus, not a unicorn.
climb out window
You climb out of the window. You're pretty high up, but it's not too late to turn back.
You jump out of the window.
brace for impact
You fall from the third story of the castle and hit the ground hard. You are badly injured, but still alive. Unfortunately, you won't be for long.
Attempt to set broken bones
You attempt to set your broken bones, but this is beyond your ability.
open eyes
You can't open your eyes, it hurts too much. You lay there, in unimaginable pain.
"Help me!" You whisper. "Please, help me!"
no reply
You hear no reply. It appears that you will die here, all alone.
However, there is a bright side. You are free. Free from the castle. Free from the lamp. Free from slavery.
You die a free unicorn, something many thought you would never be.
Drag self, surely you can find somepony to help you
You drag yourself in the direction of the nearest town. However, you cannot get there in time. You bleed out and die.
Oh, where are my manners. Here's the site.
278105 278110
We've got plenty of dead or dying writefags. I personally hope ASS comes back, him or Somedope. The thread seems to be in its death throes and I've never really gotten all the hype behind this trust once lost fic. It's got a lot of the same themes as other filly fics, but barely anything has happened and the protagonist is almost as much a pushover as Fluttershit. Remember when Anonfilly was Anonymous in a filly body?
If you want something that isn't being posted, why not try to make something yourself? You say the thread is dying, and maybe it is, but that's only because interaction's slowing because other users are dropping out. Maybe they're doing it for similar reasons to you, so maybe some extra action could help keep them around for longer.
>If you want something that isn't being posted, why not try to make something yourself?
Because any seasoned writefag will tell you that writing something you want to see and reading something you want to see are two very different things. I've written fucking plenty of what I want to see, but I know what's going to happen. The plot lies in my mind and changes little. When I'm reading something, there's a veil of mystery. Events can sometimes be predicted based off of context clues, but really I have no fucking idea what's going to happen next. I've been a writer for a long time, but I've been a reader for far longer and know that joy of finding the perfect story.
In any case, I am doing and have been doing plenty.
Well, then I suppose I can't help you much. However, from one writefag to another, maybe try writing with less of a plot in mind and just let the story carry you where it wants to go while writing? Then you can take your own spare details and turn them into a context clue or completely disregard them if nothing comes to mind. It means the writing will happen slower, but at least in my experience it'll come out almost as interesting to read yourself as it is for others to read.
278204 278209 278238
Been wanting to write one of my own but I'm no good when it comes to writing comedy or abuse type stuff. Still might give it a shot but trying to find an idea worth putting to paper. Really do hope this thread isn't dying though and also got my fingers crossed ASS returns some day since his was the first and my favorite of the Anonfilly stories thus far.
You'll never get better at writing something if you never try to write it, and it might even come out better than you expect. Give it a shot!
Do it. Whatever it is do it. Then hold yourself to the end.
Ending the thing is a journey all on its own. That's where the grit happens. Then if you want to you can make another draft to the end, untill its seemless. Or something. Reaching the end is another milestone.
Long or short I have full faith in you.
Short little greens are nice, and the end is in sight without derailing.

Only (You) can post content.
Write something if you've got the time. I'm more than willing to give constructive criticism for your story if you want it.
Working on something right now but is a rewrite of a other person's story. The author hasn't responded to see if it's alright for me to do it so will just keep it somewhere private or Paste Bin until he gives me permission but it isn't an Anon story so will post it in Glim Glam's thread so we can all tear my writing apart and make something marvelous from the remains hopefully.

After that though do have an Anon story I've been brewing up so want to work on that after!
278321 278327 278329
I downgraded it
278324 278327 278329
And the follow-up.
Follow-up needs a filly edit, p-please Harvey-sama
Very nice. The silly filly should make that frown upside down. Her wish was granted immediately.
278334 278335 278336 278344 281974
Yo I gotchu
Wew, not sure I can take the cuteness. It's too much.
Thank you for your service
Top QT.
278345 278347
>men literally want one thing and its disgusting
>its disgusting
Okay dike.
its a meme you dip.
this but fluffy filly when?
278479 278481 278482 278499
>be smoker
>transported to equestria by stupid horses
>end up being some tiny green retard horse
>need to smonk
>gather magical herbs and all the paper you can get
>hotbox in the map room of twi's castle
>fucking green rat lets your feel good fog out by opening the doors
>dumb fucking horse culture doesnt understand your smok
>grounded for 3 days by that gay purple one
smork is bad
no smonk
>dumb fucking horse culture doesnt understand your smok
Not knowing that in Equestria human vices aren't allowed.
Says (You) fagfilly.
That's a nice filly. Would roast marshmallows in the fire place. Maybe a cuddle.
Potentially harming your total capacity for the biological meat suit you inhabit and are bonded while it's fundamentally growing? Yeah... Hold it till adulthood if you can. Maximum functionality so you can do whatever the fuck you want is key. In a warzone without food or water or hygiene? Might as well, the long term consequences are about zero because the chance for death is so high.
Not in long term survivability Equestria though. That comes later. You'll have the capability perhaps not in the order originally planned.
Not qt and a stain on fillyhood.
278509 278530 278536
It's ya boi Placeholder, back at it again with more shitty writing! Tonight, we're dipping into the next bit of "It's the Little Things", where we'll start looking at more of Astra's develpoment!
>Where we last left off...
>Anonymous finished his own development, becoming master of all of his powers, including the forbidden one, much to Twilight's disappointment, anger, and worry
>Astra was also very proud of that fact, but it didn't entirely outweigh Twilight's disappointment
>After that, Anon and Astra had a brief falling out that was soon corrected, at least for the time being
>After that, not much happened
>At least, not until today!
So, let's see what happens today that gives the story a bit more to tell over just leaving it all at Anon's development!

>Be Anonymous, resident pony/human and unwilling parasite
>You've managed to more-or-less adjust to your body's new abilities and properly incorporate them into your daily routine
>Yes, even McChicken
>You use him to pretend to have a disability when ponies start bothering you, but only sparingly
>Well, once-ish a day is still sparingly, right?
>Anyways, you've even managed to land a job during the time a regular filly would be asleep due to your abilities to both forego sleep and change your size at will!
>Sure, you had to bribe Twilight into forging a few documents for you, but it gets you out of the house and gets you some income to fuck around with!
>Astra, on the other hand, has been doing everything in her power to resist acclimation
>Despite that, cracks are starting to show through the otherwise aloof and belligerent facade
>Speaking of, somebody's just come home from her own job!
>"We're back, you had best not be occupying the couch."
"I'm up in my room right now, don't worry."
>"Do you know what horrible things that violet vermin has us do?"
>"Too much of it! Eighteen thousand individual sheets needed sorting, I counted them all!"
>You finish up the last of your homework and look in the fridge for anything worth eating in the time you have before you go to work
"That's a lot, but Twilight's royalty. It's kinda her job to sort through massive piles of paper like that as well as read over them and make the appropriate judgement on what to do with them. At least you aren't doing that part too, right?"
>"You should see some of the decisions she makes. We have assimilated bacterial colonies with greater skills in decision making, much less general intelligence!"
"If the choices she makes are really that bad, then why not ask her if you can advise? From my experiences, she's usually quite open to constructive criticism if you make sure you're gentle with it."
>"Define gentle."
>You eventually settle on a leftover sandwich and grab a plate and some extra condiments with a few spare tendrils
>You assemble your masterpiece as you mull over your thoughts about how best to make sure Astra doesn't make Twilight have some kind of mental breakdown
"Just avoid criticizing her directly and offer alternatives with explanations backing them up for each of your corrections and I'm sure she'll handle it well."
>"We have absorbed enough wordsmiths in more languages than there are stars in the sky, we'll be able to fit some direct insult in without setting her off."
"Still, I wouldn't recommend it. I know you've heard or learned some variation of the phrase 'don't piss where you drink?'"
>"What of it?"
"Insulting your boss to their face is about as close to the definition of pissing where you drink as you can get without taking things literally."
>"Duly noted and promptly ignored."
>Ok then, looks like you're now the breadwinner!
"Have fun with that."
>"And you have fun pushing boxes for the next six hours."
"Somebody's gotta keep the trains running on time."
>"Suit yourself, Mussolini. Good night and return safely, else we'll have to take over for you!"
>You finish eating your sandwich and walk out into the living room to see Astra melting into the couch, yet still maintaining a somewhat equine form
"You too, I don't want to be stuck living alone again!"
>With that friendly goodbye out of the way, you go out to your night job in your taller persona
>Your name in this form, you ask?
>Verdant Strain!
>Get it, because you're a parasite and you're green?
>Fuck you, it's funny!
>Either way, you finish your walk down to the station with a few minutes to spare
>Punch in, get your shit together, start pushing boxes
>Freight's easy to move with your improved strength management, so much so that it's not difficult to pass yourself off as a normal, fully grown earth pony
>It also helps that when nopony's looking you use a tendril or two to move multiple boxes at once, but only when you're sure that nobody's looking
>Well, work's just work either way, so...
>. . .

>Be Astra Biologis, resident parasite and unwilling pony
>You've been holding this form for well over a month now, simply for the ease of not needing to transform every day and for no other reasons!
>You and all of your subservient parts are suffering yet another headache over the work you are being forced to do
>You're tired of sitting here, playing the sorting algorithm to an incompetent "ruler" and barely receiving any compensation or recognition for any of it!
>Things are changing tomorrow, and you're making sure of it!
>You've gathered intel and hid in place, building up so-called "good will" for long enough, it's time to finally put your plans to action!
>Now, to run over the details in your minds and let it marinate until nothing is left to stand in your way...
>. . .

>Be Anonymous again
>Last day of summer before school starts next week, better use it wisely!
>Get home, wash yourself off, eat some breakfast
>Food time!
>Yes, McChicken, it's food time. What do you want?
>Want meat!
>Can't do that buddy, sorry. Guess it's another sandwich for us
>(Disappointed cockatrice noises)
>Make and eat sanwich
>Wave off Astra for her day at work
>Go outside and tool around!
>. . .

>Be Astra
>You're on your way to that purple imbecile's castle and are putting the finishing touches on your extra plan details
>Soon enough, you're at the door to the castle and begin knocking
>That lizard called 'Spike' is the one to open the door, not to your surprise in the slightest
>He lets you in without issue, of course he doesn't know what's about to happen so he has no reason to stop you
>You take youre position in the offender's office, finding her already at work ruining things even more
>Time to put your plan in motion!
"We have suffered here beneath you for long enough, now is the time for change!"
>Twilight looks up from her documents, giving you a surprised look
>You move a tendril out to lock the door behind you, ensuring that at least in some small part she won't be able to leave
>"Uhm... What do you mean by that, Astra? Remember, if you make a move to harm me, I can still protect myself easily."
"We may not be able to remove you ourselves, but we will at the very least spare those beneath you from your horrible judgement!"
>Twilight recoils, clearly offended at your words
>"And what's that supposed to mean!?"
"We mean that you lack the knowledge and wisdom to properly make the decisions you make, we would be far more qualified and make far better decisions."
>Twilight recoils yet again, but this time more in surprise than anger
>"You do know that there were far better ways to start off this discussion, right?"
"Anonymous informed us, but we didn't feel that it would carry the proper weight unless our full intentions and thoughts were placed within our statement."
>"Most ponies, myself included, don't respond well to open and initial hostility. Next time it would probably help your cause more if you started off nicer, you know. As for your actual concerns, I'm not sure how to help you. I'm not the one with the power to designate who makes decisions, so the best you could do is advise me on these issues, and even then you haven't quite proved enough to me that you'd be the best one for the job. Okay?"
"We will not be taking no for an answer, we will be advising you on these decisions."
>Twilight sighs, capitulating to your superior authority
>"Fine, you can give whatever input you want, but I'm not guaranteeing that I'll listen."
"That is acceptable."
>"Alright, now that that's out of the way, let's-"
"There is one other thing."
>Twilight's shoulders slump again, but she still lets you speak
>"And what would that be?"
"We would like a raise."
>"FINE. You get a raise, now let's just get to work!"
>With those matters settled, you start filtering through papers and placing them where they should go, occasionally rebuking Twilight for a wrong decision or praising her for a correct one
>She is made visibly uncomfortable by your remarks, but the first step to fixing a problem is realizing that there is a problem and sometimes a gentle push is needed to make that connection!
>The rest of the work is finished out, the day comes to a close, and you return home less aggravated to Anonymous

And that's all for this installment, and since Astra's development is likely going to take far longer than Anon's, I was planning on making things more contained and episodic from here. As always, like or dislike, tell me what I did well or tell me what I did wrong, give me mindless shit or give me mindless praise, interact with me or don't. Have a good night!
>Heh, tonight
But it's noon, right Lone15?
Good night, or good morning which ever. Nice to see McChicken playing nice with filly. Little filly playing with boxes and trains for work is nice to see.
Paperwork and the parasite. I want to see how Twilight deals with Astra 'advising'.
Feels good making a horror space alien doing paperwork spares most from the horrors of excessive forms.
>You are Anonfill official foal for MMMM incorporated.
>They make
>Today is another day of taste testing to ensure quality.
>Also because it's fun.
>First up is mmm.
"Sup slut."
>"Hello to you too you hellion."
>Redlight is always fun to tease.
>"Hey! Anon, once you finish your inspections head up to the boss' office. Don't have too much fun boss wants you there soon."
"Darn. You have the goods?"
>The mare waggles her teats.
>"Hurry up, I have a date later."
>Nipping at her nipple luscious nursing milk fills my mouth.

>The Mhmm is near by.
"Looking pretty there half breed."
>"It's Half'n half!"
>A quick sip from the part pony, and I'm on my way.

>Finally the mm.
>"So you took your sweet time fag."
"Fuck you Anon."
>"Fuck you too, lil Anon."

>Time to see what the boss wants.
>"Anon! It's good to see you. We have a new product in mind."
>A very dramatic pause.
>"Fuc! And you will be its lead producer."
>"F-U-C. Hope in the machine chop chop."
"Uhhh, sure."
>The boss is crazy a good kind but crazy none the less.
>It almost is like a better version of the mare milkers...
>Oh no.
>"Yes the lead and only producer of foal udder cream. Being of legal age and everything."
"Oooh~♡ fuck!"
>"Ah fuc that's good."

278555 278558
I think he's referring to me posting from Denmark once or twice, I swear I'll never live that shit down. As for your update, it's good. I guess as far as criticism goes using exclamation points more sparingly might be advisable, I can understand Anon being excited all the time but Astra is a bit of a stretch.
It's usually about noon somewhere. Since I've been a bit dead, have something I typed up for the abuse thread a while back and might continue.

>You tap your hooves on the plush floor gently, trying to occupy yourself until dinner.
>Your thoughts are all you have to keep yourself company, despite the system's insistence that they're unhealthy.
>The straight-jacket, though uncomfortable, does at least provide some warmth.
>More than you can say for your hind legs, it's winter and there's hardly enough money to heat the cafeteria.
>The door unlocks and you look over to it lazily.
>An indeterminate amount of time ago, you would try to rush the orderly that had arrived to extract you for dinner.
>But after the shocks, you decided it was best to preserve what remains of your mind after the extreme dullness of this shithole.
>The orderly is a strong stallion, and he lifts you up onto his back with little effort.
"What's for dinner tonight, Jeff?"
>"I keep telling you, my name is Heartbreaker."
"Sorry, you remind me of this guy I once knew. You know, one of those humans that don't exist according to you faggots."
>He grunts and you grip tightly around his barrel with your hind legs.
>You've fallen off before and you don't wish to again.
>The floor is seldom cleaned, and you only get showers once a week.
>You're strapped onto a bench by another orderly while Jeff goes to get your food.
>Your jacket will mercifully be removed soon so that you can feed yourself.
>Every night you analyze your surroundings, not only to keep your senses sharp but for any sign of an escape route.
>You've noticed three fatal flaws.
>The first is that one of the newer staff members will buzz out of the door and stick a hoof through it when he takes his five minute smoke break, but he only takes it during dinner once every five days.
>The second is that one of the seat buckles can be jiggled open with a metal spoon, which based on your rough estimates are given out 1/3 of the time.
>The third is that Heartbreaker will often chat up a friend of his if the seating arrangements put them next to each other.
>Tonight, two of the fatal flaws are in place, with the third yet to be determined of course being whether you get a plastic spoon or a metal spoon.
>The orderly watching you is Heartbreaker's friend, and he looks over at the big guy expectantly as he sets down a plate of some disgusting mush in front of you.
>It's probably creamed alfalfa or some shit again.
>"Eat up, kid."
"I've told you before, I'm twenty-three years old."
>"You were six when you came into here, and you're seven now."
>He undoes the jacket with his teeth, and you gaze upon your prize.
>The metal spoon.
>Now you just have to be sneaky, pretend to eat the mush for a bit.
>You grip the spoon with your forehoof, scooping a generous serving of the shit on.
"What goes down must come up."
>The next move is tricky, but it has to be played off like this or you're fucked.
>You put the spoon in your mouth and chew.
>The 'food' tastes as bad as any autistically picky eater would expect, but this part is important.
>The stallion's hoof is sticking through the door.
>Your ticket out of here awaits.
>You grip the spoon with your cheek muscles and spit out the mush onto the floor with the other side of your mouth.
>Nopony noticed, good.
>You position the spoon just right and, nerve-wrackingly, drop it.
>The buckle gives.
>You run.
>Heartbreaker calls out behind you:
>"Hey! Get back here you little asshoaaaaaaa!"
>A crash can be heard as, presumably, your little trap works its magic.
>The smoker is luckily unalerted to the few panicked stallions chasing you.
>They probably have you on speed with your stubby little legs, but you have one thing they don't.
>An unbridled desire to escape your lifetime sentence of torment.
>As you crash through the door onto the narrow edge of the building that rests over the canyon, the last words you heard before you left civilization echo in your mind.
>"Anonymous, age six, to be placed in institutional care until her self-destructive delusions of grandeur are quelled."
>Not going to happen, on the account that they aren't delusions.
>You spread your hooves out wide as you break into a gallop on what must be a 65 degree angle.
>You'd never be able to do this if you weren't an earth pony, the physical strain would probably kill you.
>It isn't easy in your current state, but, as you expected, your insane fucking maneuver has discouraged any would-be chasers.
>With a crack that you discover quickly is the keratin of your left forehoof breaking, you hit the canyon floor.
>You can still walk, but it'll be a pain.
>You feel a sharp poke in your side and see a dart.
>You hurriedly pull it out, but whatever its payload is has already been delivered.
>You suck on the point of contact and pull out a bit of something foul-tasting, which your immediately spit out.
>You redouble your efforts to get out of sight.
>As long as they can't find you when they get an extraction team down here, you're golden.
>Just as long as...
>You feel lightheaded.
>No, this isn't possible.
>You're pretty sure nothing acts this fast on Earth.
>The best you can do is half-bury yourself in a pile of stones before you black out.
>There's an IV in your arm and a pair of handcuffs on you.
>You guess that's a leg actually, huh.
>Right, you tried to escape.
>And it didn't go all that well.
>Your hoof is bandaged and you can see a bit of dried blood under them.
>How long have you been out?
>You push the covers aside and sit up, brushing aside the curtains on the hospital window.
>At least four stories up, nowhere near the asylum.
>You can see the signs of civilization below.
>If you don't get the hell out of here, they'll surely lobotomize you.
>Pretty ponies aren't too keen on beings that don't share their ideals, something that should be evident by the fact that you made into one in an attempt to assimilate you.
Aw yeah, filly made out of the mental ward into the pony made jungle.
>"Anonymous, age six, to be placed in institutional care until her self-destructive delusions of grandeur are quelled."
Filly will show who quells who!
Got to get inti the rhythm of things. Good work.

Oh no. Fillies on the attack for a snack! Their cuteness is over 9000!
If only orange filly's CM wasnt inverted on the right side. REEEEEEEE
278582 278684
Sit, Girl.png

278612 278684

278614 278727
NO - Angry.jpg
>filly abuse
278615 278661 278727
babby upsies.png
>abusefags play the infantile "I win no takebacks!" game
at least you're in the right place for that type of behavior
278619 278620
It's a parody of an existing image, how new are you?
>"j-just a joke, n-newfag!"
sure, none of these ever were serious, but "this is omnipotent and more infinite than anything else" is an extra level of autism and literal child's play
checked timestamp
The only infinite thing is your niggery, infinigger.
I only made this one because the hugboxnigger was doing the same thing. Let me reiterate, how fucking new are you?
Only 2.7 million views? Should have added selling mysterious bath liquid to reach the billion mark.
That's a qt.

Filly thinking a meer hoers doldo and hackysack will stop one such as I from doing the duty of all hoesr fuckers?
Think again.
I only remember the one pic being made by the hugbox fag, but I've been here long before the ban
278723 278727
Alright, I'll bite and spoonfeed you just this once. The hugboxnigger and I were going through a bit of back and forth with the pic editing, and eventually that was the result. So every time I see him pop up, I post that pic.
278727 278740
I don't see the supposed other pic any of those times, so you're still the bigger autist
278729 278740

I'm fine with either picture, because I demand maximum filly all the time. Limiting filly to just comfy, or just abuse is to limit the true potential of Anonfilly.
What about comfy abuse?
Or abusive comfy?
Backstory gained. Noice. The balance remains.
cheeky fuckin' filly.png
now this one's definitely a newfag
Yep. I have a ways to go.
Filly is for _____
Petting and hoof rubbing.
278741 278745
I'll find the instances and prove you're the bigger autist when I wake up. Bedtime.
You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that we have such great new people coming to this thread for filly. Thank you.
>You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that we have such great new people coming to this thread for filly
278743 278746 278759
>Be Cheerilee
>It's your week to look after the group of autistics Twilight created by accident.
>They all look pretty much identical, but over time you've learned som subtle differences between them.
The one who seems to always show up at school with cuts and scrapes is a big cuddler, the one with the bags under her eyes really likes sea animals and can be kept quiet if you bring one of uour college tectbooks, etc.
>Despite most of them showing great intelligence along with extensive crystallized knowledge, the class you're teaching is technically a special needs class.
>Some fillies fit the bill more than others, what with their...
>But everypony develops at different rates, and it's your destiny to ensure your pupils a bright future.
>A lot of the class is spent one-on-one with certain fillies on rotation while the carers keep watch over the others and handle all of the... non-academic aspects of teaching a special needs class.
>But today you're giving a test on basic Equestrian history, one of the few subjects these fillies have no natural edge in.
>What could go wrong? You've taught them all the material and you're sure they all know it fairly well.
>You go around and pick up the tests after about an hour (testing accommodations are important for autistics, and most of the fillies have shown difficulties with mouth writing).
>You're looking over the multiple choice questions when your blood runs cold.
"Which one of you is Anon?"
>The entire class raises their hooves.
"I can't grade the tests like this! Can't you just all... pick nicknames?"
>Your favorite naptime cuddler wobbles her forehooves up onto her desk, looking at you with the most betrayed look you've ever seen.
>"Missus Cheerilee... are you saying you want us to namefag?"
>Most of the class starts to sniffle or outright bawl at this point.
>You're hoping they'll settle down, but after ten minutes tears are still rolling.
"Nopony has to redefine their name, come on up..."
>It takes you three hours to validate every paper.
>Still, the look on their faces when it's all done is just...
>And then one of them ruins the moment by shitting herself...
>Just another day in the life of a schoolteacher.
>>It's your week to look after the group of autistics Twilight created by accident.
How would she create them?
With one of the most exquisite magic in Equestria.
I meant you're the bigger autist than the hugbox fag, not me.
Being autistic about proving you're less autistic is still pretty autistic though.
>tfw all the special needs fillies are shoveled onto Cheerilee while the few normal ones get to be homeschooled by Twilight
feels good, man
And would she somehow give people autism with it?
The fact that you're questioning if the joke applies to you or not tells me that Twilight wouldn't need to worry about applying autism to you, Anon.
TWILIGHT SPARKLE used her AUTISM BEAMS to turn me into a GREEN HORSE with AUTISM. Read more here...
The heavy weight of name fagging.
Truely a great teacher to do such a thing day in and day out.
>It's your week to look after the group of autistics Twilight created by accident.
Ah rotating Anonfilly duties can't blame them for doing that.
>be anonfilly
>live a great life
>until a stallion who was also once a man from earth rapes you
>and nopony in equestria knows what rape is, so they won't understand it if you explain it to them and don't have any laws against it
Am I doing this right?
278765 278772 278831

278777 278831 278832

278780 278791 278793
I fucking hate how much this has taken off. We can barely even get drawfags in here, and all of these faggots on the outside are drawing shit that very clearly is implying we're past our prime. I know the guy behind it is one of the discord trannies too. Christ.
meme face filly.png
Don't you know anon, fillyabuse is a time-honored tradition ^:)
Damn right, and you can go back to the fucking pisscorp server if you think it isn't Homoanio.
278786 278799
>sperging about irrelevant discord drama to feel validated and special
this is the reason discords kill threads
He brought it here first.
>"I-I'm not to blame, it was him!"
you know damn well that means nothing, just suck it up and admit you're being part of the problem
I don't think it's meant to imply our thread is past its prime, and even if it is I'm certain it's not intended to ridicule.
It's a simple enough concept to easily be a coincidence: "Anon gets a second chance at life but ends up mostly the same".
t. washed up old mare who spends all day reminiscing about her foalhood
>I don't think it's meant to imply our thread is past its prime
The ride never ends.
Discord is for faggots only.
It's a parasite that sucks away users and suckers them into posting worthless posts that will fly away and be forgotten in seconds.
Any "official /mlpol/ discord server" is just a seekrit club of trannies and faggots rulling over other trannies and faggots.
278831 278909

Tentacle rape soda.
Poor poor ex-anonfilly. Leaving fillyhood is rough sometimes.
>Filly yeeting the entire world.
>Saved from impending doom.
Fucking outrageous
O N E.png

You've heard of cat-dog but have you heard of filly-filly.

Is filly noodling?


>Equestria's Senate
>A zigger in the background
>Celestia and her Dragon dildo
>Purple as Cesar
The swamp had taken hold in Equestria. What to do?
278917 278923
danger noodle.png
>tfw noodle

...Why are you staring at me like that, little filly?

W-what do you want from me?
I must say I am a bit unnerved by your gaze.
Yea that's the pic I was referring to. Been watching a lot of River Monsters lately and that one's been captivating me, any chance you could draw filly fishing with, cuddling and/or fucking Jeremy Wade?
She wants you to brush her tail.
278932 278985
I did an attempt
Best companion.
Thanks, I appreciate the work you're doing.
278999 279507
>One week after Hornet's arrest
>You're still trying to purge the memories of what he did to you from your mind.
>After all, it never happened.
>Twilight has taken some notice of your odd behavior and you've overheard conversations about setting you up with a therapist, which will only make things more convoluted.
>For now, you're content to wallow in your trauma with a decent book under the covers of your bed.
>No matter who's out to get you, this never stops being great.
>The short story you're on in the compilation is about a mythical creature that stands on two legs and builds mechanical contraptions to hunt and kill ponies for meat.
>Sounds kind of like a dwarf or a human, too early to tell.
>The rain is picking up outside, so you reach out a hoof to close the window...
>And see a face inches from your own.
>Oh fuck
>You've been subconsciously setting saves whenever you stop reading, so you don't have a large preparation window.
>She raises a knife up and plunges it into your throat.
>You choke and gasp, trying to get as much blood in your lungs as possible before Twilight can potentially fuck this up by saving you.
>As you feel yourself fading, you swear you recognize her eyes behind the black shawl that envelops her entire body.
>You tactically roll out of bed onto the floor, your knife on the table and too high up for you to grab when you're not in bed.
>The mare leaps through the window, splashing the floor with droplet of rain as she blocks your exit.
>You manage to scream out a "Twilight, help!" before she closes the distance between the two of you and puts the blade through your foreleg.
>Fuck that stings.
>She covers your mouth with a hoof.
>"Your little guardian has already been taken care of, there's nothing you can do."
>Your blood runs cold.
>Did your reckless use of saves get Twilight irreparably killed?
>"And now you'll join her in Tarta-"
>The door breaks down.
>Standing before you is none other than Twilight Sparkle.
>"But I-"
>"I'd teach you some better knots for next time, but there won't be a next time."
>Blood showers down on you.
>Twilight looks a bit woozy, and you notice there's a massive welt on her head.
"I'm sorry..."
>"Sweet Celestia, you're losing blood fast."
"I'm not delus-"
>You're cut off by a flash and Twilight's frantic instructions to an EMT.
>Hopefully you can take a fucking shower when you...
Will continue tomorrow
I’m invested. Keep up the good work.
279002 279034 279037 285338
Newf*g here. I have a few questions:

1) Where did the idea of turning Anon into a little girl/filly come about? Where did that come from and how come there aren’t many Anonstallions or Anonmares (or Anongeldings if you’re Lance Armstrong)?

2) How come there isn’t a lot of grown Anonmare and >no hooves Anonfilly art, such as in pics related?

3) How come Anonfilly is usually a slut?
279003 279004 279034
>Time to spoonfeed!
1: probably some transformation fetishists, all things considered
2: because no hooves is gay
3: the grown man inside the underage horse still has a sex drive and now has infinitely more opportunities for mischief
4: reddit spacing is bad form
5: lurk more
279014 279034
1) But why do so many people fetishize about transforming into a little girl/filly?

2) I think it’s cute.

3) So are there many Anon x Anonmare clop stories? And who says that all Anonfillies are (former) adult men?
You still haven’t answered the question about grown Anonmare art.
279015 279018
1: I personally don't have the fetish, I just want a fresh life in a world less doomed than this one.
2: it's still gay. >>279004 that image is more no hooves garbage, so it's still gay.
3: no fucking idea, and thread rules. women turn into colts, but women don't exist on the internet so it's all fillies.
What about these Anonmares, then?
Don’t forget about >>277287 as well.
A lot of Anon-on-Anonfilly art on Derpibooru is being labeled “Self Ponidox”. Does this mean that any and all human-on-Anonfilly sex is “selfcest” or of the like?
>probably some transformation fetishists, all things considered
Yeah, but one transformation fetishist specifically. Are you new too? His name is Skitter, this is the pic, and you will give his weirdo ass the respect it deserves for giving life to a transformation thread that isn't just
>4: reddit spacing is bad form
>5: lurk more
Listen to the above two.
>And who says that all Anonfillies are (former) adult men?
The general implication is that anonfilly is a former adult man because we all had unfulfilling childhoods or mommy issues or something and anything else just doesn't really interest us.
>So are there many Anon x Anonmare clop stories?
Anon x anonfilly? Plenty, just dig around in the google doc for a bit and get whacking off. As for grown anonmare, none were archived so unless someone writes one or you write one you're sol for now.
Only pic1 and pic3 are intended to be Anonmares. Pic3 is based off of a green where anonfilly grows up over the course of it, hence the mare sizing.
Will spoonfeed more in a bit, I have to get ready for class.
To be fair, I did originally come to this site from /pol/ after the exodus.
Nice trips, have some more food
>Idea of filly
The Skitter pic posted above, original thread never ran on the transformation fetish shit, but shenanigans of Anon being made into a filly against his will. Tffags have always tried to claim the thread as their own since their fetish general been basically dead since forever
Anoncolt has always been a thing, but good luck finding a femanon since it's the internet. Anons become Anonfilly, femanons turn into Anoncolt. No, there's also no trans shit as much leftfags try to push it into filly, as originally she used to hate purple for losing her dick and wasn't nearly as lood and dick hungry as here

>Anonmare and >no hooves
Anonmare been a thing from time to time, not common though. For >No hooves i don't think that even needs spoonfeeding does it?

She always did innuendos to fuck with poners, a filly saying dirty shit and all, but as said before, she wasn't nearly as dick hungry, but once this got a red board a lot more fags that unironically wanted to take dick pushed the idea forward.
Before there was even a joke that if filly stayed with a mare it would be gay because she's also a mare, but if she took dick it would be extra gay because she was actually a grown man. Only exit was Anonfilly and Anoncolt finding each other
So what about >>279033 ?
>Rape is a hell of a drug
Plus it's Anon, you at least know what "Anon" is right?
If not, surely you can get that from lurking, let derpiniggers think whatever they want
>Plus it's Anon, you at least know what "Anon" is right?
That’s why I’m asking the question. If I didn’t know who “Anon” is, why would there be a need to ask?
If ya know who Anon is then you already have your answer silly filly
I guess it isn’t TECHNICALLY selfcest if it’s two different Anons, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some sort of story where Anon f*cks himself as a female pony.

And wasn’t there some sci-fi story about a guy who traveled back in time, had a sex change operation, and married his former self to sire... himself?
Yeah, that'd be "All You Zombies." Wasn't technically sex-change like how most people think because the dude was a herm, both sets of organs were equally developed so he was able to both take it and leave it. I honestly found that to be the least interesting part of the story and found the most interesting part to be the little-explored aspect of having time-travel glowies going through history to prevent terrorism and civil unrest before it happened.
File (hide): 6FAC34ECF51AC5E4172865CA5C594D07-6332969.m4v (6.0 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:00:21, Kicking.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>"What's wrong with it?" A annoyed Swift ask over the radio.
"I dunno."
>"Well what were you all doing before it stopped?"
"I dunno."
>"Well what's your unicorn doing?"
"She's kicking it."
>"Tattle tale!"
>"Well tell her to stop!"
"Overwatch says stop kicking it."
>"What's she doing now?"
"She stopped kicking it."
>Swift groans.
>"Just wait there until we get some engineer unicorns that aren't fillies in..."
So what is your answer to the initial question of “Is Anon x Anonfilly selfcest”?
279086 279106
KYS filly is like a strange game of whack-a-molefilly
Imo, filly on filly is only self-cest if the filly identifies with being both fillies, as has grown a niche kink in certain anime doujin communities. That is kinda hot now that its phrased in such a way. Mmmmmm, both fillies.
Don’t a lot of people get b& here for writing that?
We've yet to get a ban appeal, and it's been more than a few minutes.
Like, not one
279102 279139 279143
release filly.png

Filly is going to get a bath whether she likes it or not. She's stinking the place up.
So if people keep getting b& here for doing that, why does it continue? And how come no one on our counterpart on 4ch writes that, but they write that here?
So if I somehow meet Anonfilly, should I be surprised at all if she says she’s me... and wants to have sex with me?
>pic related?
Ah, and intermission bath time.
It's all coming together.
So does Anonfilly ever have any dom/sub fetishes?
How come Anonfilly’s voice is so similar to those of the CMC’s?
There was a voicefag who did Anonfilly before, is she back? Links?
At the top of the page.
279435 279436
cute not cute.gif

>”Awww... what makes you think you’re not? I can definitely tell that you’re the cutest pony I’ve ever seen!”
279439 279525
// Calm Down Green
// Story: Trust Once Lost
// by Greenhorne

My heart pounded in my chest and I squeezed my eyes shut. I was still frozen in place - I had to say something, but I couldn’t think of the words, and the breath I was holding came out as a moan. Applejack hugged me tighter. Ugh, why was I so cold?

Get it together! You’re acting like a baby! You’re just cold because you’re panicking.

I took some deep breaths and felt the wood floor beneath me, the warmth of Applejack’s body, the steady beat of her heart.

Focus! Breathe! Say something!

“I’m sorry,” I said automatically. Not the right thing to say.

“There ain’t nothing for you to be sorry for Green.” Applejack said. “Rainbow had no right to corner you like that.”

“She didn’t corner me!” I insisted, “And she wasn’t being mean to me, please don’t be mad at her because of me!”

“Yer shakin’ like a leaf sweetpea,” Applejack said gently, “Ah, know Rainbow can be a might thoughtless but ah promise she would never actually hurt you.”

“I know,” I said, “It’s not her I’m afraid of, it’s just that -”

I clamped my mouth shut when I realized I was about to put the blame for my panic attack on Applejack. I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“I’m just having a panic attack for stupid reasons.”

“It’s not your fault Green.” Applejack said.

“It is my fault though.” I retorted. “I hurt Scootaloo, and that’s why Rainbow came to talk to me, and now you’re fighting with your friend because you’re worried about me. If I wasn’t here, none of this would have happened.”

“It’s not a bad thing to have ponies worry about you Green,” Applejack consoled, “It just means that they care about you.”

“Yes, it is!” I insisted, “If they’re worrying over me then they feel bad, and I don’t want them to feel bad because of me!”

“You can't stop somepony from caring about you,” Applejack said, “What you can do is let them help you.”

I rolled my eyes, but I don’t think she saw.

“If you let them help you then you’ll feel better, and they’ll feel better, an’ fore ya know it everypony will be happy again.”

I groaned at how sappy that was.

Or they’ll fail at helping me because I don’t have any willpower to change my life, and then they’ll be frustrated and I’ll feel bad for wasting their time.

When I’d considered waiting out my second childhood I hadn’t realized it would feel this bad. What if this never went away? What if I felt this way for the rest of my life? My body felt so cold. Stupid body.

Applejack hugged the shivering filly. She had only meant to protect her, but yelling at Rainbow hadn’t been the right way to go about it, even if she did still feel completely justified.

“How are you feeling Green?” She asked.

“I’m fine.”

The filly continued to shiver, drooping her head before finally answering.


“It’s going to be alright Green.” Applejack assured. “How about I run you a nice warm bath and then you can get ready for bed. I promise nopony else will bother you.”

“O-ok.” The filly’s voice wavered like she was trying not to cry.

“That could have gone better.” Sweetie Belle said.

“Well don’t look at me,” Scootaloo responded, “I tried to tell her it was fine. Not my fault she’s such a cry baby.”

“Mah sister said that an adult treated her really badly and now she’s afraid of everypony.” Applebloom explained, “So she has to learn how to trust other ponies again, an’ mah sister is gonna help her ‘cause she’s the element of honesty.”

“Well, your sister’s doing a great job helping her trust Rainbow.” Scootaloo rolled her eyes

The crusaders stealthily made their way to the door and peeked out to see Applejack embracing Green as the filly shook. They all froze as Green spotted them and retreated further into the embrace.

“Is she still afraid of us?”

When the crusaders saw me being comforted by Applejack I was so embarrassed. Here I was acting more childish than the actual children; and my response was to shy away, like a child, which created an ever-tightening spiral of terribleness.

At my current size, the bathtub was enormous. As a human, a bathtub ended at my knees making it a cramped uncomfortable affair. I couldn’t quite swim laps in this tub, but you could easily fit three fillies my size end to end.

My size also presented a problem; I had no idea how to climb in short of throwing myself over the side and splashing water everywhere. I was surprised when, after seeing my hesitation, Applejack picked me up by the scruff of my neck like I was a kitten. My pony body seemed to know not to flail when I was being carried like this. Rather than panicking, I went limp and actually giggled at how silly the situation must look.

The tub was only half full, so I could still touch the bottom. As I sank into the bath the water was perfectly warm and I immediately felt much more relaxed, and warm!

“Will you be alright on your own?” Applejack asked.

I blushed at the question. I’m not sure why having help for a bath was so different from help in the shower. I guess having a shower is just for washing someone for practical reasons, a bath seemed much more awkward.

“I’ll be fine, thanks!” I said.

“Alright,” Applejack looked a bit uncertain, “Just give me a yell if you need help getting out of the tub okay?”

“Okay,” I promised.

Applejack left the room, closing the door to give me some privacy.

The feeling of being submerged with a coat of fur was indescribable. It created an odd sense of drag, like I was being pulled in a thousand directions at once. The buoyancy of my new body was about the same as a human. With some air in my lungs I could float. If I exhaled all the air from my lungs and took my hooves off the bottom I would slowly sink.

Water rushed into my nostrils. I coughed reflexively as I felt water dripping into the back of my throat, rearing my head back in a panic and shooting twin geysers of water as I breached the surface.

Note to self: Nostrils no longer face downwards.
279525 279796 282819

I did manage to climb out of the bath without help, though the thumping sound made when I flopped onto the floor had Applejack knocking on the door to check if I was okay. I did need her help to dry me with a towel. I would have to find out how ponies managed that at some point; shaking like a dog seemed like it would be poor manners.

The crusaders had left the room by the time we got back, and the bed had been remade from when I’d pulled the blanket onto the floor.

Crawling under the covers I felt drained. The anxiety had finally left my body and been replaced with an all-consuming drowsiness.

“Goodnight Green,” Applejack ran a hoof through my still damp mane, “I’m sorry.”

The regret in her voice made me want to cry, she’d tried so hard for me and I’d made her feel like a failure. For once I managed to let it go.

“Goodnight Applejack,” I said.

When I thought she was out of earshot I added, “I’m sorry too.”
279473 279478
4 years later and 5 hours more.png
I mek post! pic related from a bunch of stuff on twiboooru cut out backgrounds
das a lotta filly...
279481 279482 279547
Can't believe I missed it by four days, damn. And filly's been around for five years now, not four.
filename .jpg
File name refers to the other collages I made 4 years ago

What a good filly.
Love yourself filly.
Kill me yourself.
Shit, sorry for the delay.
>You feel very tired and just generally like shit.
>There's a large bandage on your foreleg.
>You notice the wound shape is triangular.
>Fuck you, did she really?
>Well, in any case you don't feel mentally any worse for wear and you escapades don't appear to have resulted in any physical disabilities.
>Really a miracle your foreleg wasn't rendered a lost cause, what with the nature of the blade.
>Something stirs in your periphery and you instinctively dive, ripping out one or two of your IVs.
>It's just Twilight.
"Sorry mom..."
>She gives you a soft smile, you know she likes it when you call her that.
>"Nothing to be sorry about, hold still a second and I'll put them back in for you."
>You oblige, and she sticks you a total of three times.
"Who was that?"
>She frowns, likely having hoped your conversation would stay innocent for longer.
>"Hornet's adoptive mother. I'm not sure why she snuck around that way."
>"Anonymous, you know you can tell me anything, right?"
"Some things are better left unsaid, but I don't think I've done anything wrong."
>"I'm sure you haven't, ponies have been getting a lot more violent lately. There are slight magical imbalances everywhere I look, compared to previous readings anyways. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of it all soon."
"How long have I been out?"
>"About six hours, on the bright side you shouldn't need to worry about missing school since it's Friday."
>You groan.
"Are they really going to keep me here all fucking weekend?"
>"Are there any coloring books you want me to grab?"
>You cave.
"I guess I like the Power Ponies one."
>You doubt you could preserve your weekend even if you went back to your last save.
>Such a shame...
>You set your save.
It's a kissing sound.
The man entrapped in his own previously useful habits and actions hurting himself and those around him by accident. Poor filly. Expand the flexibility, or become totally reborn. The other options are far more grim to take.
>You set your save.
That's a bad habit that will continue to bite filly in the flank. Playing on normal mode with some limited time travel is technically a step up. At least the cost of loosing all social and friendship progress isn't set back.
>"Um, Twilight, Nonny has been really difficult lately."
"Have you tried discipline?"
"You need to set boundaries so that your foals don't walk all over you."
>"Okay. Well, I do have one thing in mind..."
pinkie sad.gif
>no tendies
>no pepperoni
That's fucking evil.
>You sit silently, looking at the ground.
>"What's up Anon? Why the long face?"
"Scootaloo, have you ever seen 'Sixteen Candles'?"
>"I think the most I've ever seen at once is ten when I went to my cousin's birthday."
"Of course..."
>Why would she know about your dumb, human movie?
>She doesn't even know you used to be a dumb human.
>But your birthday was four days ago, and nopony remembered it.
>You had dropped hints occasionally, but Twilight was too busy with her studies and Spike always got angry with you when you interrupted his endless slave labor.
>Night comes early to Ponyville in the winter months with the altered calendar or magical bullshit or whatever.
>Point being, it's cold as fuck and the sun sets early in August.
>You harken back to one of the earliest greens you read on the threads and fry up a few pancakes.
>No candles just like All Nighter-sama predicted, so you use a match instead.
"Happy birthday to me..."
>You wonder how the rest of those faggots are doing.
"Happy birthday to me..."
>You guess everybody got sent to their own version of Equestria after all.
>Either that or the rest of them are out in the Badlands or the Frozen North.
>Somewhere far away from you.
>"Happy birthday dear Nonny..."
>You're starting to cry now.
>You've always been alone, but now sitting in the kitchen you feel it more than ever.
>"Happy birthday to me..."
>And before you can even blow out the match and make some sort of feeble, desperate, wish; it fizzles out on its own.
Oh no, poor filly. At least there is still time for a late party, snow and society make for one hell of a time reorganizing when a birthday party can happen.
Subtle hints doesn't work with Twilight 'sledge hammer and a brickwall' Sparkle. Most importantly tell Pinkie Pie, she's good at word of mouth advertising. Whether or not they enjoy the interruption.
>You guess everybody got sent to their own version of Equestria after all.
>Either that or the rest of them are out in the Badlands or the Frozen North.
Oof. Well once the Anon's and fillies escape being enslaved a big party can be had.
Well done, and Happy Birthday.

Nigger, I'm into MILFs.
>"QT spotted, requesting backup."
>"Requesting orbital bombardment, super QT spotted."
>"Request accepted."
279726 279731 279799

little faggot's at it again, suffocating the town
>"I'm anonfilly, and this is jackass."
>Bath scene
I declare your filly writefag status to be complete.
For future reference, fillies don't get through bathtime lightly.
That's one hell of a sky dive. Hope no poner get's hurt.
279904 279936
>Be Chrysalis.
>All of your hive has left you, Twilight and her friends keep beating every plan you make.
>Your magic is too weak to even just overpower them.
>You're starving.
>You're alone in a forest, crying.
>You give up.
>You haven't even seen-
>"Mom?" A small voice ask before exclaiming in happiness. "Mommy!"
>You look in time to see a small green and black figure crash into your sode snuggling close.
>"Mommy~" The little filly whines happily.
>You just look at her.
"Why aren't you with your own kind? I figured they would have taken you with them"
>She looks at you with disgust for a bit.
>"Who the ponies? Blehg! I hid in the hive until the traitors and the morons left! Then I went to look for you!" She says with pride. "And now I found you! So, what's the plan?"
>You're surprised genuinely.
>This little filly who your drones found lost as a foal stuck with you.
>Despite all the drones and soldiers you thought would stay loyal betraying you, the filly you were certain wouldn't did...
>You haven't really treated her well, and dispite that, she's still loyal...
>You could use her, like a hostage, get some powerful artifact, but then what?
>You lose to Twilight anyway and you lose your last true loyal ally.
>You sigh.
>No, you're not going to keep doing this.
>You're not going to surrender, but you're a queen, and it's a queen's job to keep her citizens comfortable, happy, and safe, and bringing Anon into a fight, she wouldn't win.
>No, you'll make sure at least you do good by one.
>"Well?" She ask expectantly.
"Yes, I have a plan."
>She smiles.
"We'll lay low. Act like a filly and mother in some random town, and learn how ponies live."
>"To exploit it later! You're so smart mom!"
>You smile and wipe away the inky black tears from your eyes.
"Yeah. Now come on, lets find some place we like."
>You say turning into a green mare with a black mane.
That's a brilliant matter plan filly has enacted.
279934 279941
Filly Eeet Hotdug.png

That's my filly.
279941 279943 279945
Purple has a master plan.
>Even dog food is better than flowers and shit!
"Mhmhm mh hmmh mm mhmhm mhm mhmhh mm mhhm!"
All she wanted was a tasty filly treat.
Some delicious meat!
I was expecting
Not merciful instantanious death.
not them, but id gladly do it right after you, you absolute hexadecanigger
279989 280020 280036

>hidden flag
Don’t talk to the KYSfilly
>cozy filly
I don't think Twilight will approve you taking her cozy clothes filly, put that back where you found it before she notices that missing
Besides, as an earth pony, you will probably wish you didn't grow as thicc later
Pretty sure that's Celestia's old cloths that shrunk.
The magic of putting it in the washer and dryer to shrink things, plus a tailor with magic. Sun butt is not pleased.
Maybe even Princess Luna's due to the size.
280061 280062 280068 280084

280070 280084
WTF that mean?

The filly.
Just because being a saint of fillyhood forever doesn't end the march of time.
Ride the feels.
Catch the Purple.
It means filly is one year closer to inevitable doom
do you understand.jpg
280104 280419 280754 280913
A green filly skipped about on the dirt streets of ponyville. A swirling green veil levitated a long glass. The higher up on the glass, the more its shape change to that of a flower's pedals. The glass edges even splt up into several unique, outwards and downards arching glass pedals.

A plastic straw was jammed through the fluffy cream roof, the top layer of sweetness in the glass and through layers of red, blue, and finally brown ice-cream, where you could once again see the straw peek out from ice-cream into the glass bottom.

Darkness rose through the straw up to its opening and in through the sucking lips of the filly to spurt out on her tongue. Her head bobbed lightly from side to side with her eyes shut as she walked. Around her ears soft cushions were attached to plastic elliptical earcups which in turn connected with each other through a headband hidden underneath her unkempt black mane.

A small buzzing zap of green light jolted from the filly's horn and hit one of the earcups. Her lips formed the same kissing mouth, fish have as she began whistling a melody. Her body sawyed with each step in her walk.

As she lowered the cream level a bit, her eyes met the loving gaze of a grey earth-pony mare with a neatly combed black mane; a white collor around her neck, attached to no other garment; and a lavander G-clef as her cutie mark. The filly smiled at the mare and with a hoof slightly nudged off one of the cups off her ear as the mare walked up to her.

”Hehe. Oh, Nonny. You look so cute with those headphones. Enjoying the music, are we?” the mare asked while sinking her beaming face down to Nonny's level.

”Mm,” Anon mumbled and nodded, careful not to let her headphones fall off. ”I just bought them from your store.”

”Oh, really?” The grey mare gave the headphones an inspecting look. ”B7-Poninators, huh? Those are good but aren't they a bit pricey?” Her lips pushed together and somewhat worried purple eyes looked at the filly.

”Well, yes. But I thought, 'it's wort' the bits.' I even bought some years extra warranty for them.” Anon gestured with a hoof over one of her headphones' earcups. ”Its not like hay, that you buy everyday, so I thought I would prioritize quality and life expectency over everýthing else,”

The grey mare brought a hoof to her chin and looked upwards.

”Well, if you think you're gonna use them that much, I guess it makes sense.” Her eyes went to one of the earcups and moved towards it. ”So what are you playing now?”

The filly's head turned to her side and towards the mare.

”Well, you can listen in if you want.”

”Oh, yes. Please.” The grey mare's snout nudged one earcup to the side till it flipped over onto its back. She then moved so that she stood side by side with Anon. One of her front legs ”happened” to be placed over and on the other side of Anon. Her cheek rubbed against Anon's, now rosy colored, as her ear fell over the cup.

”Ooh, so you're listening to classical music, little Nonny.” The mare got down on her haunches and forced Anon down underneath her. ”And it's Viva Baldy's four seasons. Winter huh? But it's summar now silly filly."

With burning red cheeks, Anon was looking the other way.

”Well, I- Haaaa...” A rough tongue dragged upwards along her throat. ”I prefer to- Hooo... Listen to winter more.” A small string of drool connected Anon's upper and lower lip as her mouth opened and small raspy pants exited.

The grey mare nibbled Anon's ear tip and wet smacking lips began to whisper right into Anon's ear.

”Wanna come home with me and listen to it when I play it. Music is like making love; one thing leads to another. What do you say?”

Anon swallowed and paused for a moment, making up her mind.

”I would love to, mistress Octavia.”

A pair of soft slippery lips met Anon's with such hunger and dominace that it felt like she would be consumed by the mare.

Eh, this wasn't the original intention but it sort just happened.
Excellent investment choice. Getting a live performance by an expert? Priceless.
”I would love to, mistress Octavia.”
Would like to see what happens next, but this is a very satisfying conclusion as it is.
Occult is still here, right?
Yep. I never left.
Good. Glad we still have a few writefags.
Sorry I haven't been writing that often lately.
It's okay, I haven't been writing as much as I'd like to either. I really did like that proof of concept green you did where you added a lot of clarity to your work, I think the next time you sit down and write you might want to go more in that direction.
Ah speaking of greens I almost have something of an inkling for another chapter in the occult facade story.
280216 280322
Sup nerds, I'm back with more shit green for you all to read and get disappointed over! Anyway...
>Where we last left Anon, he's been waiting for the mail!
>Waiting for the mail and playing 40K with Luna in the meantime, to be exact
>In the most recent match, Anon got his shit pushed in by a roll of the dice and lost to Luna
>The next day, fucking nothing happened!
>Let's see what happened next...

>Huh, no dream tonight
>Well, shit
Hey Luna, are you still here?
>Guess that's a fat no
>Well, shit
>Time to turn off the consciousness again!
>. . .
>Wake up
>Get ready
>Go to school
>Come home
>Go to room
>Spike comes into your room
>"Mail's here."
>Grab letter
>Place letter on table
>Resume fuc-
>Hurriedly, you tear open the stationery as best you can to expose the juicy inky depths of the paper you have been blessed to now hold!
>As expected, it's from Chrysalis
>Well, let's get to reading!
>"Dear Anonymous,
>I have heard your concerns and have thought about the situation as you asked me to. As such, I still am confident in our "Plan B" as you seem to call it, and as for a Plan C, should things come to that then I will be fully capable of handling that myself (assuming my mana supply is decently recharged from "Plan B".) Also, tell Twilight that she should be more worried about the success of Plan A than Plan B or subsequent plans as she is the expert on pony sociology rather than changeling biology.
>Dearest Regards, Chrysalis"
>Duly noted, you should probably bring this knowledge to Twilight
>You take the letter all the way to Twilight's office, satisfied with your plans once again now that Chrysalis has confirmed your intellectual superiority
>Knock knock!
>"Come in."
>You open the door confidently, striding forward with as much presence as your short stature will allow you and brandishing the letter gripped between your teeth
"Check out what came in the mail today!"
>"So I saw, what's the news?"
>You finish your walk and drop the only lightly damp letter in front of Twilight, who readily catches it to make sure none of your spit contaminates the other papers there
"Read it and see."
>You wait patiently to see her reaction as she reads through it, her expression remaining motionless as her eyes cross the page
>After a few moments, Twilight sets down the (significantly drier) page and turns to you
>"Well, I guess we don't need to worry about a plan C according to Chrysalis. As such, the job of deciding a plan C, now plan A.5, falls again to you."
"Plan A.5 is to let Chrysalis handle it."
>"Are you sure that's the best idea?"
"I trust her judgement more than I trust my own, that's for sure."
>"And where does my judgement place in there?"
>Where does it place?
>On the one hoof- hand, Twilight is very frequently right
>On the other, when she's wrong, she's wrong
"I guess if I had to place it, it would be simultaneously higher than Chrysalis and lower than my own."
>Twilight raises an eyebrow at this odd answer, waiting for you to explain further
>Noticing this, you elaborate on your line of thinking and receive an understanding nod in return
>"Yeah, that seems fair. So, where does this place you on heeding my advice here?"
>Twilight sighs briefly and shuffles some papers before responding
"Well, it's your decision to make. So, would you like to hear the progress made on Plan A today?"
"Sure, what's going on?"
>"Well, the tests have been made and field-tested and the trial course has also been assembled and baselines set. We're all set for the weekend and whatever applicants show!"
"Fantastic news! So, do we have any idea of the number of applicants?"
>Twilight pulls open a drawer and levitates out a small pile of envelopes, all of them opened yet still containing their original contents
>"See for yourself."
>Twilight places the letters in front of you on the desk and returns to her own work
>You take the pile and start moving the letters around, counting them as you go
>... 29, 30, 31, 32, 33
>33 applicants so far, that's not bad at all!
"Alright, I like how many we've gotten here!"
>"I'm glad you're optimistic, at least."
"Are you not?"
>Twilight sighs again beofre turning to look you in the eyes
>"Honestly, I'm not. With a sample size this small, we're not likely to find even a single stallion who fits all the criteria, much less one that's also willing to then go ahead with the plan."
>That is not something you took into consideration

"Then what numbers would you have been hoping for to get the best results?"
>"At least a thousand, optimally two to three thousand. A larger sample size would make things take longer, but have a higher chance of success in the end. Also, to put it all in scope, the population of this province alone is around 100 thousand and we received a grand total of 33 applicants. The male population of Equestria as a whole is around 5 million as well, and that's the pool we're pulling from. We have 33 applicants."
"Okay, you didn't need to rub it in that hard."
>"At least in terms of time, it isn't that bad. At this rate, the town won't have to deal with a massive influx of ponies and the testing shouldn't take more than a few hours at most. It's a far smaller sample size than would be optimal, but it at least doesn't strangle ponyville under its weight."
"That's also fair. So, what now?"
>Twilight considers the options for a moment before getting back to you
>"I go back to sorting through all this paper that I let stack up while dealing with everything to do with our plans. I'm not sure what you'll do, so just don't get into trouble."
>With that, her full attention returns to her desk and you go off to somewhere else
>That somewhere being the storage closet for some paper
>Time to send Chrysalis a reply!
>You bring the paper back to your desk and grab a pencil to start writing
"Dear Chrysalis,
I've brought up your thoughts and concerns with Twilight and after a heart-to-heart with her, she has agreed to capitulate to your idea. As for your advice on her priorities, she merely wished to express the concern that both plans have a chance of failure no matter what, but she will also accept your judgement on it. As for the plan itself, Plan A is going along quite well. The preparations are all made and a sample size of 33 stallions has been confirmed for testing. How many of them will make it to you is anyone's guess, but we have the applicants.
Best wishes, Anonymous."
>Fold that up, slap it in an envelope, and hand it off to Spike!
>"So where's this one going?"
"Chrysalis again, it's a progress report on how well things are going so far."
>Spike grabs the letter and puffs it off in green fire, then turns to you and asks a question
>"So, mind if I ask what the progress being reported is?"
"Not at all. Plan A's exited the setup phase and is awaiting execution, Plan B's still on the table, and there may or may not be a potential Plan C should both plans A and B fail."
>"Do you still not want me asking about plan B?"
"You know what Plan A is supposed to do, right?"
>"Yeah, find a stallion that Chrysalis can use to repopulate her hive."
"And now you know what I really am, right?"
>"Yeah, a human."
"A male human, don't forget. How have you not managed to put that together by now?"
>"But you don't have any magic, how are you supposed to help there?"
"... Do you not know how foals are made?"
>Spike starts acting defensive at this accusation, recoiling merely at the idea that he doesn't know
>"What, do you think I'm really that dumb?"
"No, but now I have a suspicion. Would you mind filling me in about how it works so we can get on the same page?"
>This seems to diffuse a lttle bit of the tension, but not much
>"Well, Twilight told me something about love magic being instrumental to some sort of bonding ritual between two ponies that ends up creating a foal, but she didn't tell me much more and got all red-faced when I asked."
>This poor, poor boy...
"Spike, I hate to tell you this, but you got told the wrong thing. Well, either you got told the wrong thing or Twilight told you the right thing in a very roundabout way."
>The dragon recoils again, this time in surprise
"Yeah. Also, mind if I ask how long ago you asked Twilight about this?"
>Spike thinks to himself for a minute, eyes flitting about as he sorts through memories
>After a few more moments though, he comes to an answer
>"A few years ago, something like that. I know we were both in Canterlot still and she was close to graduation or past it, I can't remember which."
"And how old are you now?"
>Well, if you remember your DnD dragon rules, a 20-year-old dragon is still technically a very small child
>However, you don't think it really took into account the comparable mental age to other living beings

>... Eh, Spike seems old enough to learn the truth
"I can tell you how it works for real if you want me to, or you can go ask Twilight. The choice is yours."
>"I'll take what you say and line it up with what Twilight says, how about that?"
"It doesn't really matter to me since I can't stop you from doing that. Anyway, sex. Sex makes foals."
>The dragon's face goes blank for a few moments, absorbing what you just said, from the looks of it
>"What's sex?"
>Oh, nevermind, that was the thousand-yard stare of utter confusion
"Ask Twilight, I guarantee she won't give you a straight answer but the look on her face will be priceless."
>"Then what's the straight answer?"
"You take your dick, get it hard, stick it in the cunt of a girl you like, and instinct should take over from there."
>With that, you leave Spike standing there and looking down at himself to go back up to your room and screw around
>Well, you would, but that same dragon calls to you as you're walking away
>"Can I ask some more questions?"
"You may ask one more question, make it a good one; I've got homework that I should do before I forget."
>"What did you mean by 'a girl I like?'"
"You know, like how you like Rarity."
>Another flash of realization crosses his face before being quickly replaced by embarrassment
>"What makes you think I like her?"
"I said I'd answer one question. See ya!"
>And with that, you leave for real
>Time to go sit in your room and do none of that homework you said you'd do since you already did it out of boredom and instead do nothing at all!
>Well, time to sleep until dinner
>. . .
>An undefined amount of time later, you're nudged conscious by a voice you recognize
>Well, better not leave Twilight without some sort of answer
"Eh, don't worry about it, it's probably fine."
>"I'm not here to get that kind of answer, what in tartarus did you tell Spike!?"
>THAT gets your attention
>You open your eyes and turn to face the upset alicorn staring down at you, face fully flushed magenta instead of the usual lavender
>You masterfully contain your laughter at this turn of events and instead answer back equally as masterfully
"Do you want me to go over our entire conversation from start to finish, or is there a specific part you want to hear about?"
>"I want to know whatever it is you told him that made him burst into my office and immediately yell, and I quote, 'sex makes foals!' before running back out and off to not even Celestia knows where!"
>This time, you struggle to hold back your laughter at the image now in your head, but you keep it together just well enough to make a coherent reply
"I'd say it's pretty self-explanatory."
>"How does that come up in a conversation!"
"It came up since apparently you didn't tell him the right thing."
>As Twilight's complexion goes from magenta further and further towards straight red, you're forced to let out a snort before you explode
"He wanted to know how I would fit into the planned Plan B, what was I supposed to do?"
"Look man, I don't know what to tell you. If you weren't going to tell him, I had to. He's twenty, you know!"
>"I would know that better than you, I hatched him myself!"
"So then why does he get to know and experience everything there is to about life's dullest times without at least knowing about its most exciting times?"
>"He's still a baby by dragon standards!"
"A baby with a mind comparable to my own, and I don't care if that makes me sound dumb, I fully acknowledge that I am."
>Twilight sighs and glares at you through lidded eyes
>"I don't think either of you are dumb, I just wish that I didn't have to deal with all of this on top of all of my pushed-back paperwork."
"That's fair. Is there any way I can help with that?"
>"Yeah. Go find Spike before he goes out and tells the entire world of his new discovery."
>And with that, Twilight teleports back down to her office and you're left alone in your room again, save for a new task
>Find the purple retard
280219 280323

>Well, you can think of one place to start
>You trot down to the basement, being sure to knock outside the door before going inside
>And it's empty
>No dragons
>Where else could he be?
>You wander up out of the basement, poking your head into every room you come across on your way to the next destination
>The living room
>He's not here either, dang...
>The kitchen?
>Nope, not even a trace
>What about the library?
>You duck into the large, book-filled room and scan around until you find something
>Well, someone
>Your target is sitting at the library desk, currently working his way through the first of a few different tomes stacked next to him
>Whatever those books are, he seems to be pretty absorbed into it all
>Well, you found what you were told to find, so that's all you have to do
>You should still check to make sure he's doing alright
>You walk up behind Spike and tap him on the shoulder, bringing him out of his trance and to a position facing you
>"Hey Anon, what's up?"
"Not much, just got sent by Twilight to make sure you aren't going crazy from your newfound realizations. What's up with you and all these books?"
>"Just seeing what else I didn't know, now that I know I had it wrong. What, did Twilight think I would go running through town yelling about this?"
"From what she told me, your actions did give her that impression."
>"Then tell her I'm fine, I just got a bit excited."
"Sure thing, buddy."
>Spike goes back to his reading and you go back to Twilight's office, ready to tell her the news
>Upon opening the door, you just pop your head in and say what you need
"Spike didn't go crazy, he just went to the library to learn more. Everything's fine, don't worry."
>Twilight looks up to you and breathes a sigh of relief at your news
>"Thanks, I'm glad he didn't do something stupid."
"Agreed, and between you and me, you should probably apologize to him and answer whatever other questions he has at some point. It'll be awkward as hell, but the bandaid's gotta come off eventually."
>"Noted. For now I still have a pile of forms to get through, so that'll have to wait."
"I'll leave you to it, then."
>Twilight nods and returns to her work while you return up to your room, satisfied with... something
>A job well done?
>Misinformation corrected?
>Probably not that either
>Getting away with being a shithead?
>... Regrettably maybe
>Well, you've been a good boy (girl?) for this long, you deserve to start a bit of fuckery
>With this thought, you pass out again until dinner, eat, then screw around until it's time to go to bed for real
>. . .
And that's all for now, next time is Things and other things and I hope you're still here and reading it, Lone, it's all for you bb ^:), so look forward to that. In the meantime, keep living your lives and I'll return to anonymity as you all do whatever. Have a nice day!
Kek. Shape big ol' bug-o has so little potential suitors.
The image of Spike running around town yelling about sex is hilarious.
The price of fixing ignorance.

Shouldn't have insulted those tentacles the last three times. They are very ornery.

Oh no. Filly watch out your autism is too stronk!
Hold on, what if Abusive Twilight Sparkle and Mini sporkle met and exchanged tips on how to raise a filly.
>"From up here over the freeway I almost feel alive, knowing that just the smallest scooch forward could end it all for good."
Filly lives on the edge. In all forms.
280436 280441
how many colours of filly are there?
Three, green, orange, and teal.
rainbow filly.gif
as many as a rainbow 'cause filly's a fuckin' faggot
>when you get the Super Star in mario
Please leave Nigel. You aren't funny, and nobody cares.
Part 64: Time Passes
>Be Occult Facade
>Since Princess Celestia politely ordered with an iron hoof, Fancy Pants and I have been working on the 'party'.
>By that I mean making other ponies do it.
Probably Celestia's agents. The griffs were not too happy about the change in plans, the potential to fuck over the sun butt ruler though her foal is too much of a prize for them to ignore.
>That's more or less how we spend our days making sure the trap is set, and perfectly gilded and clear.
>I can't shake this sinking feeling though.
That's probably for the best.
Because we can't shake it off either.

>Be Sunset Shimmer
>The blue speed daredevil junkie speaks after the long explanation.
>"You mean to tell us you're magic aliens?"
>"Basically. Would you believe that being a magic horse isn't as limiting as most would think it is?"
>Fluttershy however keeps a hold of Anon the filly.
>"So awesome."
>"Y'all aren't going to probe anyone right?"
>Anonymous answers. Finally getting cleaned and dressed.
>"Only if they want to if you know what I mean."
>Her eyebrow waggle earns an uncomfortable chuckle.
>"Still ain't rig-"
>In a horrifying twist in reality a very elderly man apears.
>A heavy tome in his hands. It writhes slightly.
>"What the buck! I'm me again?"
>He laughs, a terrible dry laugh showing the scars on his soul.
>Slowly he gets younger.
>"Whoa whoa, what is going on?"
>"The yellow thing, and chaos displaced me. Hah."
>As he spoke Anonymous hisses in agitation.
>"Ah, Occult Facade we meet again."
>Anonymous Shimmer shuts her eyes tighly.
>He glances at both Anon the filly and Anonymous.
>"Oh, dear. I am further than I thought. My apologies ladies. I am Sam S. Fu partial engineered eldritch god, and married to my lovely wife Rosie. Professional occultist for her majesty Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna. I have a book for a magic expert."
>It calls to me.
>I must have it.
"I can use this."
>Revenge will be mine!

>Anonymous and Anon isn't doing well after the meeting with the friendly thing.
>It's been weeks.
>Long days of intense study and rigor
>but I have a ritual to get revenge for Anonymous
>and to free the ponies from the princes' rule.
>I just need some blood to ensure I have a way to get back.

>Be Anonymous Shimmer
>Sunset stood with a knife overhead.
"You have to be the one to do this? I'm still a bit foggy on the details."
>Careful consideration enters her tone.
>"It's imperative the specifics and general goal is a secret as possible. I know you understand and it's tearing you up."
"Fine. I don't like it, but I trust you."
>The blade draws a little of my blood. Apparently it had to actually be a blade or it wouldn't work.
Whatever she does I hope she remains well.
>"Wish me luck."
>Her voice saying words twisting and violating reality and memories resurface.
>Then she's gone.
>As though she never existed.
>In a thunderous crash she enters reality changed.
>"I'm baaack! I stuck a pretty hard bargain. You wouldn't believe the things I've- well maybe you would. Say hello to the bride of an eldritch horror."
>Everything is calm? I'm more at ease?
>"Sunset Shimmer of the cult of..."
>"Hey, what do we call this? Mhmm. Right. Makes sense. Well the name is in progress, but my spouces are split on the specifics."
>Sunset is just how I remember her being.
Nothing too weird.
>"Want to be the first member? The evil league of super villainious do-gooders has cookies."
"I'm in."
With all our faith in her.
>What will be done first?

>Be Daring Doo (soul #1 turned into a zombie)
>The badlands are a lost cause.
>It's empty and desolate enough that if the princess burns it nothing else would be lost.
>Princess Celestia's student is also here to see the real dangers of such vile magic.
>"No pony could have foreseen this, my little ponies."
>The green filly's execution to prevent the disease from changing and spreading.
>Damned Ahuizotl.
>The green filly shakes and jerks standing in the sun, on the sandy streets.
>Sometimes bending to lick some blood.
>The young voice shouts, magically assisted.
>Her last words will be remembered.
>"Can you please hurry it up! I've decided! It'll be a song! One from a famous book!"
>Green filly looks increasingly agitated.
>The ruler over the sun has her horn crackle as the magic finishes.
>The sun turns red.
>Chills run down my spine.
>"Fifteen birds!"
>This is what our princess holds in her hooves.
>"In five fir trees!"
>Alone in the deserted desert streets.
>Death is in the air.
>"Their feathers were fanned."
>Heat pours down from the sky.
>"In a fiery breeze!"
>Fur burns, her falling green fur smokes.
>"What funny little birds."
>She bites into what is left of the corpse.
>"They had no wings."
>Sunset Shimmer looks onward
>"Oh what shall we do?"
>"With the funny little things."
>Then the deformities truely begin.
>"Roast 'em alive! Or Stew 'em in a pot."
>She starts biting herself.
>"Fry them, boil them, eat them hot"
>The burning sun begins shifting blue.
>"bake an' toast 'em, fry an' roast 'em."
>"till beards blaze and eyes glaze."
>"till hair swells and skins crack."
>A form apears behind the filly.
>"fat melts and bones black"
>Who could teleport there? Who would?
>"and cinders lie beneath the sky."
>Celestia's words were clear there is no stopping the sun once it begins.
>A crack as something shifts.
>"Is that Sunset?"
>They both vanish.
>"Oh dear."
>A blitzing beam of blazing baleful bonfire bursts after the bonded burnt filly.
>The town is slag.
>All evidence destroyed.
>Ashes melded into the heated landscape.
>Except for one pristine thing.
"It looks like they left a paper."
>The princess' horn sizzles and looks painfully red.
>We'll have to wait till it all cools off.
>Her student speaks, stealing her teacher's wisdom.
>"No pony could have seen that coming right?"
280489 280492

For realsies, you and (You) and even you too deserve to have happiness.

280538 280552 280566 280575
Okay, final update. This is basically the canon ending to my novel-length green (https://pastebin.com/u/ASSFAGGOT)

>Be Anonfilly
>Eating your breakfast, buttered toast and cereal
>Twilight enters the room, flipping through the mail levitated in her magic
>"Bill, bill, spa promotion, bill..."
>Ah, the usual
>...trial for a weight loss program?" she asks in an annoyed tone
>"Must be the wrong address" she says, throwing it in the trash a bit TOO fast
"Yeah, there's a lot of castles in this neighborhood"
>"Is there something you're trying to say Anon?" she asked in a venomous tone
>"I meant houses, but got confused. All the addresses in Ponyville sound the same since they're all horse puns. Besides, they probably send those to everybody."
>That seemed to satisfy her, so she plopped down next to you
>Pulling out the newspaper, you can see the headline
>'Flash Fires Continue in Afetlocka'
>Who could have possibly started that?
>You also noticed some piece about strained Equestria-Saddle Arabian relationships
>Something to do with insulting their religion

>You slide the medium-sized cardboard box into the post office tray
>Completely unmarked using generic Equestriawide stamps
>Full of edible vines, which was the Mareslim equivalent of pork, going straight to the Saddle Arabian Sultan's palace
>The sender address, however, was listed as coming from Prince Blueblood himself, which hopefully the post office wouldn't notice
>Damn asshole deserved it

>Sitting at the dinner table with Purple, enjoying some meatless Caesar salad with grape juice
>The dining room was designed to house large meetings with over a dozen seats, so the two of you sat right next to each other
"Hey, Twilight?"
>"Yes Anon?" she asks, looking away from her sauce-drenched plate to you
"I was thinking about what you said. About my cutie mark."
>She perks up at that
"Well, I was thinking, when I was playing with Winona yesterday-"
>You never played with her, she chased you around while you fled from her mud-and-possibly-shit-covered body
>Twiggles and Applejack saw it differently
"-Maybe my talent is with animals? Maybe the question mark is that I understand animals when they can't talk."
>"I knew you'd come around." she said, hugging you with a wing
"Is there any way I could spend more time with animals? I know we don't have any..."
>"I'm sure Fluttershy would love to have you help her. Why don't we talk to her tomorrow?"

>You rap on the door to Fluttershy's cottage
>Twilight had urgent matters to attend to in Canterlot, possibly due to the bush fires raging across Afetlocka (which you obviously had nothing to do with) or some offended nobility in other nations
>After a few moments a neon-yellow pegasus appeared, dwarfing you in size, yet seemingly smaller in stature
>"Hi Anon, I'm glad you could make it" she stuttered, albeit without fear
>Maybe she was an autist too
>There was a brief moment of awkward silence; you were unsure of what exactly to say
>The wording of the next few sentences was critical, but your preplanned, convoluted dialogue trees seemed to disappear
>Timing was important as well; too fast, and you seemed too eager and carefree
>Too slow, and she would think that Twilightmade you come
>Just act vulnerable
"So, I, uh, I wanted to help with your animals" you proclaimed in your softest voice
>She gave a warm smile at that
>"Well come inside, I'm sure you'll want to meet all your new friends"
>And with that, you entered the beastmaster's domain
280539 280552 280566 280575
>The next day
>The tough part of buying flowers was picking one of the 1982396 flower shops Ponyville had
>Equestria's entire economy shouldn't be sustainable, none of it matched supply/demand ratios or employment-acquisition equilibriums
>Hell, this pre-industrialization world shouldn't have enough sugar in the world to support their cake-based diets
>"So those flowers should spring up in just a few weeks. Keep 'em close to your house, wild animals like to chew on 'em" the shopkeeper noted
>"I'm sorry I didn't have enough Perfoddils, but be careful with those Annlillies. I know they look the same, but those ones are slightly poisonous, so don't let your pet play in them."
"I don't have a pet" you reply briskly, turning to leave the store with saddlebags full of seeds
"I am one" you mumble sadly, tugging at your collar

>Planting the seeds was simple, as your cloven hooves made pawing holes into the soft earth quite easy
>Thinking "earth" made your collar warm up a bit; you'd asked Twilight if she could fix that since it was just a term for dirt (linguist gang rise up), but she'd refused, assuming it was one of your tricks
>It kind of was, you were hoping to desensitize her to the idea of removing words (although the collar primarily seemed intent-based)
>You rap three times on the door to Fluttershy's cottage
>After a moment the wooden apparatus swings open, revealing the butter-colored pegasus
>"Oh, Anon. I was wondering where you were. I thought you'd be here a few hours ago"
"Oh, I'm sorry, Twilight said you were here at noon" you lie convincingly, sun hanging directly overhead
>You add a morbid tone to your voice, the tone of a child who just got bullied
>One you had experience with
"But I guess she wasn't paying attention to me. I'm not supposed to ask questions when she's busy anyway"
>You hang your head in a nearly-impercetable manner, subtle enough to be unnoticed by many, but obvious to one who could basically read the minds of animals
>"Well come inside, I have lots to show you" she said, the passion in her voice tinged with melancholy

>You hustle the Cutie Mark Crusaders towards City Hall, your pawns all too eager- if confused- to help you
>That's why you hated them, but they could serve two purposes:
>1. Act as a distraction. Evenwithout your intervention they could probably create enough of a fuss to keep eyes off of you
>2. Act as a smokescreen in case Twiggles found out about your visit. Surely these three would never to something immoral.
>"So why do you need our help Anon?" Sweetie Belle asked in that infuriatingly-squeaky voice
"Well, Ihave a cutie mark, but I don't know what it actually means. It just sort of showed up randomly. I think it has to do with government, since I was reading history at the time, and we always need to question what we're doing" you lied, "and you guys specialize at helping foals with cutie marks, right?"
>The question should be, "Was government a mistake?"
>Assuming monarchism even counted, these bureaucrats were just glorified paper pushers
>Which you were counting on

>"Oh, hello girls. Do you need something?" asked Mayor Mare's assistant, a pale-coated blonde-maned stallion who looked and sounded like he needed a week off
>The desk he sat at carried piles of papers, all documents that looked official to varying degrees; some bearing wax stamps of royalty on fine parchment, others scribbled in crayon with drawings that would make only a mother proud
>"Is Mayor Mare here?" Scootaloo asked in a hasty, almost rude tone
>"No, I'm afraid she's gone on official business" the aide answered with a hint of glee only found in a stressed worker managing to avoid labor
>Of course the mayor was gone, you had waited days for her departure
"Well, we were hopin' fur a tour of the facilitah and a meeting with her" proclaimed Apple Bloom in her overblown accent
>"Well, I'm sorry that she's gone, but I'm too busy to be a tour guide"
>Damn, you had hoped for a beacon to the documents you hopefully needed
"Well, I need to use the little filly's room" you declare
>"Oh, it's down the hall and to the right." he says, raising a forehoof to your left
280540 280552 280566 280575
>Having scouted the building out earlier, you knew that a large ledge jutted out from the side of the building on the second floor, with a bathroom window sharing the same outcropping with the window to the mayor's oversized office
>Luckily, it was a single-pony restroom; you locked the door behind you, and got to work opening the window
>It took some effort, as this window had probably never been opened in its 100 years of life, but eventually it swung out, and you felt a light breeze tingle your fur-coated body
>You nervously took your first hoofstep on the two-foot-wide concrete
>It was solid beneath your hooves as you gradually applied more weight to it, and double-check to make sure it was the correct ledge
>You still took your time walking over, shoulders brushing the brick wall
>If you were spotted by anypony you were phenomenally screwed, but luckily this side of the building pointed away from the town
>You edge to the office window and try to pull it open
>Luckily, you had a tool prepared for this
>Out of your saddlebag you pull out an elegantly crafted masterpiece
>On one end of the silver implement, the visage of a flying alicorn shone brightly in the sun
>Protruding horizontally was a shaft about four inches long
>All princesses had a "Master Key", which could open any government lock just by touching the tip to the outer mechanism
>And probably privately-owned, this country didn't even have a Constitution
>Luckily, Twilight never used hers, since all she dealt with was friendship problems and minor alcoholism
>Taking it was a breeze, once you had discovered its existence
>You pushed it towards the lock, and upon contact you heard aclick, and the window opened by itself

>Hopping inside, you were met by an empty, overly large room, foreign to your eyes
>A large mahogany desk sat in the middle, separated from the floor by a lush red-velvet rug
>The flag of Equestria sat proudly on a polished bronze pole behind it
>One wall was entirely blocket by metal cabinets, each with a paper label attached
>You quietly trot to the iron cases, scanning for the right topic
>"Demographic Statistics"
>"Grant Applications"
>"Tax Forms"
"C'mon, c'mon"
>It had to be here somewhere
"Ah, here we go"
>"Family Services"

>Timekip several weeks
>You had "become closer" to Twilight to keep her from being suspicious of your new relationship with Butters
>You started slow; the occasional hug, 'yes mom', etc.
>As the days progressed you pretended to become more attached
>Even slept together during a stormy night
>You had to carefully manage te right amount of trouble to get in, so she didn't think you were just sucking up to her
>To be fair, it was the Cakes' fault for leaving those cupcakes out unsupervised.
>As you left the cottage for the umpteenth time, you decided to spend the diminishing rays on sunlight checking on your plants
>The shopkeeper was right; both types of flower had grown quickly
>If you hadn't memorized their positioning, you doubt you would've been able to tell them apart
>Much less a dumb rabbit
280541 280552 280566 280575
>Another two weeks later, you came back to Fluttershy's cottage, only an hour before sunset
>When Twilight found out, she'd be furious, but sometimes to pull off a big heist you need to take a small hit
>You'd found out about the bad news a few days ago from Purple herself
>After multiple knocks, Fluttershy finally answered the door
>Her eyes were puffy and discolored, unkempt mane and tail signifying a significant amount of time spent crying into pillows over the last few days
>This was the most critical part of your plan
"A-are you okay Fluttershy?" you ask with a combination of false worry and uncertainty
>"*Sniff* no, not really." she stuttered, voice quieter than usual, "did you need something?"
>The next sentence could determine the rest of your life.
"Well, yeah, b-but if you're too busy... I can... go away" you confessed, the small gaps in your dialogue crucial to maintaining the balance between needing something and appearing demure
>"*sniff* No, anything for you Nonny" she said, having recently adopted your nickname
>You had to time its introduction so that she'd grown accustomed to it, but not have used it in front of Purple
>She led you inside the sanctuary oncemore
>Hopefully this would become a daily ocurrance

>She led you to her couch at a pace that would make a snail proud, and you plopped down next to her.
>An awkward silence permeated the air, neither of you knowing where to begin
"I came by because I heard about Angel"
>This only led to a renewed bout of sniveling
>'Not too hard', you thought to yourself, 'Keep her sad, but not distraught. She still isn't over it yet.'
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I know I didn't really spend time with him much, but he meant a lot to you, and I care about how you feel."
>"*Sniff* Thank you Anon. You mean a lot to me too"
"I- I..."
>You begin to feel genuine sorrow; no need for crocodile tears
>"Is everything okay Anon?"
>She gives you a disbelieving stare
"It's just- no, nevermind"
>Fluttershy scoots over next to you
>"You can tell me anything Anon"
"Well, I don't- I don't really have a mom, or ever really did."
>"...What about Twilight?"
"I mean, I live with her and she usually feeds me-"
>You see her left eyebrow raise at that last bit
"But she really feels more like a landlord than a mom. And you've been so nice to me- that I- *sniff*"
>This wasn't just 4D chess anymore, you were opening up
"I-it feels like having one."
>"Oh, Anon." she says in a gentle tone, pulling you deep into her chestfluff
"I made this weird, didn't I? It's okay if you don't want me to come back, I probably messed everything up again"
>You feel her wing wrap around you, rubbing gently across your back
>"You're always welcome here Anon"
>You eagerly but gently nuzzle in to her chestfluff
>Not just for psychological manipulation
>You needed to be held
"Th-thank you Fluttershy. You mean a lot to me." you choke out
>"I love you Anon."
280552 280566 280568 280575 280576 280665
>You stuff the last bouncy ball in your saddlebag, strapping the leather saddle on, your tuba attached to its side
>You take one last look at your room/prison cell, then shut the door behind you
>As you trotted down the staircase and reached the bottom floor, you sensed a familiar presence lurking behind you
>"Where are you going Anon?" her tongue lashed out
>You turn around to face your captor, the demigoddess who gazed down at you with indignation
>You knew she'd be in the entry hall at this time of the morning, walking to get the newspaper while she boiled water for her first cup of coffee
>You had everything timed by the minute.
>No longer did you cower in fear of her.
>She held no power over you.
>Not anymore.
>You instinctively paw at your neck, expecting the electrical surge for disobeying her to come
>There were still slight burn marks in the fur where the torture device once hung
>"Sweetie" she hissed, "where is your-"
"My new family doctor ran some more tests. Turns out I no longer need it, and perhaps I never did. Either way I don't have to wear your godforsaken jewelry anymore."
>"I don't know how you got that collar off, but you're coming with me. I'm your family, so don't give me that bullshit about new doctors."
>"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you never formally adopted me. As it turns out, you missed some paperwork."
>You threw a manilla folder from your saddlebag, its paper body sliding against the cool crystal floor.
>All official Ponyville paperwork had copies sent to Canterlot, so you couldn't just remove a document and claim she fucked up
>Twilight picked up the cream sleeve with her magic, its contents pure (metaphorical) red tape regarding adoption proceedings
>She scanned through the first page, but you decided to speed things up
"You missed line 212 on page 4"
>You watched her flip to the proper page, anger swelling at your insolence, veins in her forehead ready to pop
>You had already memorized the requirement, of course
>'Parent must complete an 'Ability to Provide' form, to be submitted before obtaining custody of the child'
>"I'm a goddamn princess, I don't need to prove I'm capable of providing for you!" she yelled, undoubtedly angry at herself as well as you
>"It doesn't matter, I'm just going to finish this right now! And when I'm done you're getting the punishment of a life- why are you laughing??"
>Your chuckling had begun to fill the hall, growing louder and louder until reaching a crescendo at her last statement
"Because you're too late, Purple."
"Somebody else has already adopted me."

>You throw another folder at her, a third copy of Fluttershy's adoption form
>Somepony who loved you enough to make you family
"You've lost, Twilight. While you were protecting ziggers and dealing with triggered Mareslimes, I found a proper mother, made our relationship official, and ensured that every pony in Ponyville, as well as many outside, knew about this change in lifestyle."
"Your parents learned about this days ago. I'd been hinting in letters to them about the change in guardianship, that you simply felt unfit to care for me as your duties as a princess put too much strain on you. They were sad but agreed it might be for the best, and said I can stop by whenever I'm in Canterlot."
"I've spent countless hours with Fluttershy meeting all your friends, explaining our situation, attending social events. The Elements of Harmony all call me Butters' foal now. Miss Cherilee asks me how she's doing, and Mayor Mare officiated the ceremony. I'm no longer yours."
>"No- I can fix this." she stuttered, "I'm a princess-"
"You want your friends and family to watch you rip a child from her mother's fetlocks- your friend's fetlocks? You'd lose everything- maybe even your nobility."
>You hear a knocking noise come from the door, perfectly synchronized with the growing misery on Purple's face
>Right on time.
"Goodbye Twilight. And fuck you, you walking piece of shit. If you try to interfere, or summon another foal from a different dimension, I will blow the whistle on you so hard, you'll be imprisoned for life, which for an alicorn is a VERY long time."
>As you turned to leave, you felt a hoof grasp your flank in desperation.
>"P-please don't go. I need you." she begged, "Don't you want to stay with Mommy?"
"...Of course" you respond, and look back to see a glimmer of hope in her eyes
"Which is why I'm leaving now."
>The look of horror and sorrow on her face was the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen.
>A moment you would remember for the rest of your life.
>You kicked Twilight in the face with a back leg, only turning around after watching her reel in pain.

>You barely open the castle door and slip outside, preventing the tender mare from seeing Twiggles in mourning
>"Are you ready to go home Sweetie?" Fluttershy asked in the most tender tone possible
>You look back at the castle, remembering every moment of your wretched life trapped in its crystalline walls
kys filly box.jpg
D'awww, wakey wakey kysfilly!
Kill yourself pedophile.
Anonfilly did it! Though the pain, and the trails, and the hardships thank you ASSFAGGOT for the green.
>Anonfilly did it!
That's my filly.
Vi sitter här i venten.jpeg
Christ what an incredible story. I'll miss having you around here, but I guess we all knew this had to come to an end someday. Better an ending that gives some closure to it all than everybody wondering if you're lying in a shallow grave somewhere; but if you ever want to come back I don't think anybody will blame you for wanting another ticket on Mr. Bones Wild Ride.
To celebrate your achievement, here's a song about endings that I was originally going to use for the final act of my green. That ending never came to pass, but ironically I think it fits yours well... from a certain point of view. Godspeed you magnificent bastard.
Woah, its done! That is impressive. It started off as some sort of shitpost with Anon drawing pepe and Twilight doing some sort of psycological evaluation and here we are.

Poor Twi, she only want to have a filly. I think we all can related to that. But she went about it the wrong way. The best villains are tragedies.

Anyway, good on you to actually finish your work. That, to me, is the greatest achivement here,
And just like that, it's come to an end... An era has passed, and a new one begins now.
Take a bow for us all ASSFAGGOT! Congratulations on a job well done. Your story was the first Anonfilly story I read and first green text I ever read on any boards. Was an absolute hoot and holler the whole way through and reread the story recently pining for the day the journey would conclude. Hope to see your next project and if this is your end then you have played your part well, we have clapped out hooves, and will dismiss you with an applause from the stage as you exit.
280586 280587 280588 280600
Filly got herself a faggotmobile
beep beep
>"If you win, I help you get your dick back. If I win, I get your ride. Now, you ready to race with the big fillies?"
>Twilight presses a button that plays an engine revving sound through a small speaker
Sibsy Workin on Car.gif
vroom vroom
280661 280663
I need a colt for a Pic I want to draw
The obvious choice is Anoncolt
Let's go with Snails.
it's pretty much perfect other than the fact that up until this point anon seemed to like hanging out with the cmc, saying she hated them out of the blue was a bit confusing. be seeing you.
280670 280678 280749
Pffft, noice.
>10,000 keks under the sea
Thread theme these days
could SFM and an Anonfilly model be used to make a series like this?
Kill yourself pedophile.
280728 280858
Prompt I wrote for the abuse thread based off some weeb shit. Feel free to use it if you want to, I'll cross-post your green there.
>Be Anonymous
>Also be a filly
>Wake up one morning to explosions
>This isn't Twilight's castle
>There's some loli chick flying around screaming in German and getting shot by lasers
>She's countering with an SMG
>Gunshots from every direction, sensitive autistic filly ears are covered with hooves while you cower low to the ground hoping you won't get shot
>After hours, you don't hear anything anymore and feel safe to come out
>German soldiers adopt you as their battalion mascot until they can report back to their capital
>You're really glad you took German in uni instead of Japanese like all the smelly weebs
>Poked and prodded by scientists in your underwear (thank god they had some of that, Equestrians be damned)
>Apparently your latent magic has properties unlike any they've ever seen before, albeit not any directly useful for combat so they don't even entertain the idea of you going to war
>Fine by you
>You're allowed to stay in the hospital while they run all sorts of tests on you
>Apparently word gets around of your existence, because that loli chick comes back
>Starts grilling you for information, you don't have anything to lose so you outright admit you're originally from Earth
>After some confirmation to make sure you aren't lying, she's a lot friendlier to you
>Starts talking about how some crazy asshole named "Being X" got her into this mess and that she was also originally an adult human
>You may not have usable magic like she does, but you do have the insight of an alternate future and she knows it
>Asks you if you'll work with her in developing strategies to win WWI
Kill yourself pedophile.
280751 280756 280858 280941

”Twilight, I'm home!” a green filly with a black mane shouted as she entered the crystal castle tree's main vestibule.

She wiped her hooves on the black entrence mat and walked inside.

She navigated the blue and purple crystal halls and corrdiors. The path was followed on autopilot and soon she found herself outside of the castle's library doors.

Boom boom boom!” she knocked.

”Aaah!” through the door a small muffled yell were perceived by the filly. Moments later the screetching of a stole being dragged over the floor and then the increasing sound of hoofsteps comming closer to the door could also be heard.

The door swung open and a purple alicorn with simple, short cut dark ppurple-blue mane and a pink star surrounded by smaller white stars as her cutie mark smiled at the green filly. She plopped down on her haunches and wrapped her front hooves around the filly.

”Oooo,” the purple mare cooeed as she squeezed the filly into her mare floof and she also waggled her back and forth. ”Did you have fun time with Aryanne?” She gave the filly some breathing room and met the filly's gaze with a beaming face.

The filly nodded and then chewed her underlip.

”Mmm... But I'm getting a bit hungry,” she said.

The mare's lips smacked as she shook her head.

”And here I'd planned to have dinner ready when you arrived. I'm sorry. I got swept up in my studying.” She grinned sheeplishly.

”It's fine, Twi.

>When you write something but lose enthusiasm for it half-way. Prompt was suppose to be about filly breaking potted plants because she wants Twi to administor discpline because she used to be an abusefag but find her Twi to be lacking in abuse.
I really like her mane.
So in that regard you can cut out the whole entire written part here since nothing of it s really relevant. Talk about getting side-tracked.
I half expected her to be listening to https://youtu.be/RaBDvmZ59fE
Very nice regardless
Please write moar, this sounds hilarious.
280858 280881 280941
I write a lot of things that doesn't get posted on the site but just sit in my folders. Here is another unfinished thing. I was inspired by the new Henry Stickman CYOA game, Complete the Misssion.

>Be the filly, he Anonfilly
>Four amoured-clad crystal gaurdponies of the crystal empire are escorting you down the pathway along the walls of the dark pit-prision, Tartarus
>A frown was plastered on your face
>Princess Mi Amore Cadanza or the pinkbitch was cruel towards her husband
>You saw this hunk in his best years, and thought to yourself, He is aware somewhere in the back of this mind that once he was dead, his immortal wife would move onto the next stud. He, on the other hoof, had to be loyal and faithful. Poor sod.
>So what did you do to help him? Told him to seek a new relationship who would be mutallly loyal towards him, someone who was also mortal?
>Well, tha was the original plan. However, it escalated from there to you sawying your jailbaits as the sugguestion of finding a new mare came out of your mouth and then you sort of ended up in his and Cadance bed
>Long story short, Cadance found the two of you and now you were here
>Sticks with lanterns attached on their ends were are lit by yor gardescort as the depths of the pit and the darkness that comes with it became too much
>The escort stops at a hole in the mountainwall fenced off behind bars
>Your gaze sees that your cell has a neighbor cell with a pink pegasus filly in it with teal curls in her mane and a rook for a qt mark curled up in blanket
>Her eyeswidens at the first sight of you but then she looks just annoyed and looks away
>One of the gaurdponies opens a door that's part of the bars and shoves you in
”The princesss of love told me to give you a message,” the crystal guard stallion who shoved you in says. ”She said that, a harlot like yourself will enjoy the communal showers in this place.”
>The ponies grins wickedly at you. You just glare back at them
>They leave and the cell your in goes dark but after a while your eyes adapts to it enough so you can makeout most things in in your near vicinity

Wat do?

A ”Hey, you delicious pink ball of love. Wanna get out?” (Try to escape with Golly)
B Pee on the bars of your cell tll they corrode (Escape on your own as you are)
C Btw, did they forget I has magic (Suddenly you are a unicorn)
D Wait for the communal showers and use your charm to gain allies and start a revolution (Yeah, that)
E Eh, fuck this. This is the job for a man not a filly (Become the firstborn, the Anon the human.)
F Fools! This is not even my final form!!! (Become baby)


>You walk up to the bars of your cell, near the wall to the neighbouring cell
”Hey, you pink cutie. Do you wanna join up ana bust out of this place?” you whisper over to the other cell with the pink filly
>The smacking of lips and a sigh come from the other cell
”And how do you suppose that we do that? You think, I haven't tried to escape before?” she says.
”Yes, but this time we're two. Now, many more options for schemes have been opened,” you says and spits on your hoof before extending it out towards the other cell. ”Spit-sisters? We're both too pretty for jailtime. They will rough us up in here if we stay.”
>You hold your hoof there for a while befroe finally you hear clops and feel another wet hoff in your own
>You shake
”Alright, sister. I'm in. But you better have a good plan,” she says.
”Well, how about this?” you asks.
>Later, much later
>Gaurdpony stallion walks up the long pathway
>Your fillly in crime, which you name you learnt is Cozy Glow, waves a hoof out between the bars to beckon the gaurd to her
”Hello, mister,” she says softly in a sad voice.
>His snout snorts
”Quiieeettttt,” he grumbles
”But Mister,” she whines on
”I said, quiet!” he growls and turns his head towards the filly.
>He waggles his eyebrows
”You think, I don't know what's going on?”
>Cozy flutters her eyebrows
”What ever do you mean?”
>He walks up next to the wall between your cells, leans onto it, and a ring with keys dangles near near the bars outside your cell
>You stayed in the back of your cell when he arrived, shrouded in darkness
>Your hoof reaches out, slowly attaches the ring as he talks with the filly, and then you reel it in
>You hear their voices in the background
Toss keychain in eye-> stumbles down pit unlocks dorr
What could Nonny be listening to 2.png
280858 280941
This was suppose to about that Canadian writefag who used to write pony porn in that thread. Had like three jokes about how him being canadian in there.
>1 Before the sex, he would fish up a bottle of mayple syrup out of his flanel and coat her pussy with it. Saying something along the lines of, "Nothing is better than Mayple syrup on flapjacks."
>2 He would have layered condoms becuase its cold.
>3 Even though, the mare he has sex with is moaning, screaming, orgasming, and has heart pupils in her eyes; he wold still constently apologize.

>Be leaf-horsefucker former writefag
>You were transported to Equestria about ten years ago
>Now you and your horsefu are watching your filly play hockey
>The pink-lavender pegasus besides you brings her hooves to each side of her mouth and cheers
”Come on Nonny!”
>You see how the teeth or your daughter clenches as her hooves push back with their ice-skates over the ice, kicking up snow
>She faints right and wait for it... Wait for it... And then as the defendng filly goes for a poke on the puck, your girl sweeps it over to her otherside with her hockey stick
>She twists her neck and the wooden blade of the stick is just in the right sieg heil angle for a powerful shot
>Her eyes narrows onto the goal and the goalie who looks nervous as your little filly has been the one to score most goals on this match so far
>Your filly's neck twist and-
”Nonny, you can do it!”
>The shot goes wide, passes the goal frame by several inches, bounces off the wall behind, and after a scuffle between one of your daughter's teammates and one filly from the opposing time, the judge breaks the play
>Your daughter glides in an arch towards your position in the gallary
”Ohh, sweetie. Too bad on that shot but you'll get it next time, I'm sure, your waifu says and pumps her hoof into the air
”Mom!You're the reason why I missed. I can't focus when you are shouting,” your daughter says while stopping herself by grabbing the ledge of the rink
>Your waifu waves a hoof in the air and waggles her eyebrows
”Pssh, if you can't focus when somebody cheers for you, you won't go far. I'm just happy to see you succeed.” Your wife nods at her own words
>The few other parents in sitting close to you in the gallery sees this exchange as charming and chuckles mirthfully
>You filly sighs, shakes her head, and brings a hoof to her forehead
>She looks over to you with pleading eyes
”Dad! Get mom out of here! I can sleepover at Aryanne tonight if you just get her out of here.”
>You, who so far have been chuckling along with the other parents at the cuteness of youth, eyes goes wide at the implications of your daughter's words
>Your wife waggles her hoof at her filly and gives her a frown
Now missy, Anonymous junior. First off, that's private and ou should refrain from mentioning it in public. Second, you think your dad and I can be bribed then think agi-” She is interupted as your your green muscular arm hooks around her barrel and she is lifted up, out of her seat
>You daugther smirks at you
”Thanks dad,” she says playfully or sarcastically. You can't tell
>A blush spreads over her cheeks as she looks up at you with wide eyes
>You smile at her, lift her up so her barrel lays over your neck and you hold her hindlegs with your left arm and her front hooves with your right
>A lot of preps stare at you
>Your mare moves her tail to cover up her marehood that is now in full view of everypony who looks at the wierdos that just stood up in the middle of a gallary Attention-whoring alien stealing their woman and rubbing it in their face t. Anonymous
How a filly and a paper pusher changed the world.
Would read more.
>tfw want abusefag twilight
>tfw the best you can get is a safe word and some scolding
>tfw you keep pushing for more
>tfw you push too far
>feels abuse man
Oof domestic abuse, filly needs to brink pinkbitch to justice!
Nonny is the daughter of a Canadian... I thought I had a twisted mind, but...
At least she helped her dad score with his waifu, while she scores the goal. A true Anon through and through even helping the leaf.
>tfw not leaf with poner waifu
>tfw burger without Anonfilly daughter to help as a wingpony
Just uh, just a thought here, but did Anon nor Shining Armor never entertain the idea of Shining also getting immortality at some point and just not dying, or did Anon just want to get fucked?
280905 280913 280941
This is in the same universe as this.>>280087

With a bardcore version of a nightcore version of the popular song, ”Summer Sun Celebration Sadness” playing in her ears through her blue headphones, Nonny danced herself back home to Carousell Boutique.

Her head swung back and forth with closed eyes as she danced her way towards the door of the boutique. The music ceased in her right ear and she felt how the earcup was placed behind her ear and onto its back.

She was about to turn her head to the right but was stopped as she felt a soft fur pillow rubbing against her right cheek. Her green eyes glanced to the side and met the green eyes of a white unicorn filly her age with a fluffy, partly pink but also partly purple mane. Her warm cheek was what had been so cosy on yours. One of her ears folded over the flipped over earcup.

When she heared the music, she shook her head and a chuckle escaped her lips. The corner of her lips du deep into her cheek as she grinned at you with one eyebrow highten and one held low.

”Anon,” she got out before a small burst or condecending laughter exited her throat. ”Only you would even come up with the idea to listen to something like this.”

Nonny's lips smacked, green lights flared up around her horn and a zigzag flying bolt of it hit the right earcup. The music was replaced by a new one: ”Green Hill Zone a Waporwave cover.”

The white filly gave Nonny a deapanned look while she shook her head softly and sighed.

”Sweet, Celestia, Anon.
> yours
You have good ideas Sven, if you committed to one I'm sure you could make a really nice story. As it stands these are good, but they leave a filly wanting more.
280961 281015

QT would stroke hairy legs.
stfu his hairy legs look nice!
You kinda fucked that up, botbro.
>High noon of being the filly in Equestria
>It's been a while since you've started a train of thought like that, so today must be important
>And indeed it is, as you've finally figured out how to remove the purple stopgap between you and your favorite party amalgamation
>Seriously, the quesadillas incident wasn't that bad
>Okay, it was
>But it was worth it
>Your train of thought is interrupted by slamming hornfirst into Twiggle's crystal eyesore
>Right, the plan
>You knock a little tune into the front door
>It's a little amazing how many knocking frequencies you can hit with a crystal door
>The door opens to see the worlds most disappointing looking dragon
>"Hey Nonny. Twi's busy with a project right now."
"An exploding project or a boring, very interruptible project?"
>"I don't think it'll explode, but you should wait-"
>That's all you needed to hear
>You push past the pathetic purple lizard
>You'll probably apologize later, you want to be enough in his good graces to continue playing O&O with the boys later
>You hear some semi-distant grumbling, and after a couple minutes the purple pony princess makes her appearance
>"Hi Nonny, what brings you here?"
>Her words say friendly, her tone says "You were supposed to not let her in today, spike"
"I've come to make a deal, Twilight. One that we'll both like."
>Her eyes narrow
>Shit, should've known dropping the hated nicknames would rouse suspicion
"So by your standards, I am a perfectly normal, not at all unusual unicorn filly. But I do know someone who is none of those things and very interesting to study for you. I could convince them to let you do magic on him again if you let me talk to Discord again."
>"...no. The two of you are a large threat to natural harmony. And there's no way you could possibly convince Anon to let me study him again, you of all ponies should know that."
"And what if I already convinced him of this change and have the proof of three very good, harmonious friends that I can restrain myself from causing chaos untold with Discord's help?"
>Seriously, that sleepover paid off in spades, Sweetie and Scoots trust you way more than they should
>Downside is that Bloom's more suspicious of your intentions, but not enough to cause a rift
>You'll win her over eventually
>"...considering all the possibilities of all that and the probability of everything being true... I'm willing to go along with your deal here, if you bring Anon here and have him outright tell me he is ready to be studied again."
>Shit, she was monologuing while you were lost in your own self-praising thoughts
>That might've had a detail you could've exploited
>Ah well, better claim the deal before she realizes the painfully obvious truth of Discord + Nonny being a terrible combination for anything nearby
"Thanks Twilight! I'll bring him over right now!"
>You gallop at full speed back to your house
>There is no way this could backfire

>Another day of prepping some slow-cooked goodness for dinner
>Also be the one, the only, the legendary Anonymous
>Today's been a great day
>Scratch that, it's been a great two weeks!
>Nonny hasn't caused any trouble since the sleepover!
>She even went a full day without calling you a faggot!
>You're gonna surprise her with some trout tomorrow
>Yeah, you're feeling that upbeat about all this
>Think of the devil, you can see your little green pony-clone running towards the front door
"You know, you should watch where you're going!"
>That door's thin enough that you know she can hear you yelling
>The door opens, revealing Nonny rubbing her horn
>"No time for watching where I'm going faggot, I'm playing Purple like a fiddle and I need your help."
>There goes the hopes for two days in a row
"As much as I love messing with Twi, my heart's not really in it since last time."
>Honestly, it wasn't that bad
>Yes it was
>"Good, because that's part of the reason I'm doing what I'm doing - if we play things right she'll let us hang around Discord again."
>That grabs your attention
"Explain, slowly."
>"No time for slow, explain in ook monkey brain. You say yes to Twiggy magic and then she tell Flutterbutter that Discord can hang with us again."
>This is a fucking shit plan
>But it's technically YOUR fucking shit plan
>Plus you kind of miss someone who drank the glass instead of the milk floating around at random intervals
"I don't think-"
>"You're not supposed to think, you're supposed to get moving to that crystal monster in the distance."
>Time to relent, you guess
"Alright, alright, but if this goes bad you're going to be the one cleaning the bathrooms from now on."

>...That's the last thing you remember.
>You start to wake up on what feels like a soft bed
>Opening your eyes, you see that it's a fucking massive bed
>"Twilight, how the FUCK did you manage that from a 'simple scanning spell'?! I'm not even mad, just impressed!"
>Wait, you didn't say that
>But that's your voice...
>Ah shit, she did it again, didn't she?
"Twiggles, I swear if I look in a mirror and see that I'm Nonny now, I'm gonna learn magic then throw you."
>Yup, sounds like Nonny
>Should've predicted this could've ended up being some body-switching shenanigans
>"Actually, you're not me either."
>That's Nonny's voice too, but you didn't say that
>"Your name's 'Green' now, and to foil your throwing dreams, you're a pegasus." Anon tells you
>"No, that wasn't supposed to happen! This is getting out of hoof, now there are two of them!"
>You, Anon, and Nonny burst into laughter
>"What? What's so funny about this?"
>"Don't worry about it. I might tell you later." Nonny replies, after catching her breath
"Now, about meeting with Discord..."
>Twilight looks like she's on the verge of a breakdown of frustration
>"Urgh, I'll talk with Fluttershy. And I guess Rainbow too, you'll need flying lessons." Twiggles groans
>None of you are ever gonna let her live this down.
281032 281408
Thanks KYSfilly, always nice to see fast replies. To reward you, here's a pastebin link for that story. https://pastebin.com/6KvAft9S
Wew, got another filly and the chaos spirit friend pass.
It's not like someone who can fly and use lightening on a whim will cause any trouble.
281066 281067 281069 281087

"Once upon a time, a pony princess was born. The kingdom rejoiced and celebrations were held during the day. However, not everyone was invited to the festivites. A zebra mare named Zixcia who practiced the dark arts of woodoo was not welcomed to partake.

"That night, Zixcia sneaked into the pony castle and the room with the cribe that held the newborn filly. On this innocent foal she placed a terrible curse as vengence for not being invited just because she shrunk pony heads for fun. She dindu nuffin.

"The next night, the filly's mother, the queen, noticed that the filly was cursed as the curse only revealed itself during the night. The royal couple took the filly to the old grand wizard Starswirl the bearded, seeking help.

"Another celebration broke out as the filly was cleansed from the curse. The wizard warned the royal family that this disease the filly had caught was not something she could have gotten by accident. Somepony had cursed the filly. It wasn't hard to figure out and so pony forces were sent out to assassinate the zebra for her crimes but the zebra hid well and wasn't found.

"The years rolled by and the baby foal grew into a proper foal but as one life grews older so does another. When Star Swirl the Bearded died, the magic protector of the kingdom was gone and no other unicorn in the kingdom was able to replace him. This was the time when the kingdom once again fell into sadness as Zixcia came back and foalnapped the filly. To spite the ponies, she once again put the same curse on the filly and then placed her in a highest tower of the abandon kingdom of Root Loose.

"Root Loose was a previous unicorn kingdom which stood upon a piece of land that hovered in the air over a dark chasm. The only path to it was an old ropebridge connecting the floating island to the chasm's cliff. It had been abandon when the fierce black dragon Upah made it his.

"The kingdom sent battalions to rescue her from the dragon but their attacks only ended with pony bloodshed. The nobles pitied the Queen's lose but ultimately told her to move on. The kingdom couldn't sacrifice more lives to a hopless cause and that the Queen could get a new foal as an heir to her kingdom.

"After a month had passed, ponies assumed the filly had starved to death and funeral cermony was held. However, ponies who live nearby Root Loose have said that they at times seen the filly princess look out of the window in the highest tower. Perhaps, she is looking into the horizon for a noble kinght to come and rescue her from this horrible faith?

"Yeah, right! Like that's gonna happen," said a feminine voice, a hand tore off the page woman had been reading from, and with a rustling sound, the woman wiped her ass with it.
281069 281111
>Shrek, but pone
Yes, acceptable
>Implies >nohooves is the true form
No, no, NO!
Filly is best princess
This tho
281087 281122

281087 281126

Well played. It looks like you're now an all star.
Very qt.
"It's doesn't matter if you have nohooves or hooves, filly or man. I love you regardless, Anon."
>And femanon kissed manAnon on the lips with ture love's kiss. cementing him to be >nohooves forever.
Shame that artist is a cuck, that's kinda cute.
It's a shame you let personal grudges and artist drama affect your enjoyment of art.
>feeding Anonbabby her bottle because Twilight's busy with some bullshit
>little shit won't stop making eye contact with you
what a faget
281130 281137
He sullied this thread with his discordfaggotry.
>t. sullying the thread by dragging discordfaggotry into it
Discord is for jewed furries and lefty faggots
Those digits.
>nohooves forever.
>implying femanon wouldn't become a poner.
"It's doesn't matter if you have nohooves or hooves, filly or man. I love you regardless, Anon."
That's a touching message.


281255 281259 281277

281254 281261 281277 281310

281277 281350
Why can I not help but think that I’ll keep having natural urges to hug people if I become a pony?
It's fine filly.
Fukkin kyoot.
>"Don't judge me! It's warm."
<"You know what else is warm? My-"
>people are there for you to hug
>Why can I not help but think that I’ll keep having natural urges to hug people if I become a pony?
Hmmmm. At least there will be lots of hug willing poners.
281287 281291 281350
>>people are there for you to hug
But how would I cope with humans who’d want to eat me? I’d probably also be afraid of that.
avoid the chinese.
281291 281308 281350
That’s just racist. That’s like saying avoid Arabs because they’ll commit acts of terror: it’s a stereotype and a very racist assumption. And didn’t the Chinese sometimes have horses for riding, not eating?
You left the breaching thread. Keep your cope there, or gtfo. You've been posting the same fucking post over and over. Any kind of fun posting is shot down with 'but muh humans eat me', or 'das rasicis'. Any orginal response to you is never responded in kind.
It's a stereotype because there is some truth behind it. Also the Chinese did both. So take your demiqueer changeling roleplaying ass elsewhere.
If you can actually not be a drain on the thread I would be surprised.
281297 281350
>You left the breaching thread.
>Also the Chinese did both.
So how does that make Chinese people inherent predators? And are you referring to the PRC alone or also Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan?