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Archived thread

Anonfilly Thread - Darker Days Edition
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Fire burns, for now.

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>267981 →
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>>271048 →
>What about reviews of older content?
I like the way you think. Anything you want me to start with?
I have absolutely no idea.
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Assfaggot's or eatcrabs (that's the one with glimmer, right?)

Anyway, I bring rushed filly because I wanted to make something for the thread but didn't really have the time and was too lazy to puyt in much effort. Do not praise this. Then you are praising me at my %20 when I can do much more when I really try.
rushed filly.png
Hmmmmm. Still looks like a qt to me.
Time and effort.png

Thanks. Yeah, also think now that I'm being to harsh and use a dumb mentality. Afterall, it is better to have medicore content than none at all and we cannot improve wiothout failing so.I set an unecessarily high bar for my content again.

Anyway, >pic is something I'll be working on for this thread.
that one sucks
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As promised in the last thread, I finally arrive again after a long fucking time of pissing off elsewhere to finally drop more than a one-off! The first of my two stories off hiatus is the one featuring Anon and Thingpone AKA Astra Biologis. Where we last left the cast, Anon learned that Pinkie's a thing too and they were getting ready to go back to Twilight's castle to get Astra officially registered as a citizen. With this, Astra officially begins its journey of full assimilation into pony society! Let's see how the first day goes, shall we?

>After a short walk lead by Pinkie, you all are at Twilight's front door and Pinkie's knocking
>Quite fervently, too
>However, after about four seconds of sustained knocking, she stops to wait with you two
>And then, another four-ish seconds later, Twilight opens the door!
>"Good morning everyone, I trust Pinkie filled you in on what's already done and what's left?"
"Yeah, let's get that all done with; the faster it's done, the faster Astra can properly settle in here."
>"And the faster we get away from the pink one."
>In response to that, Pinkie immediately leaps to Astra's side before putting a hoof over its shoulder
>"Aww, don't worry! I'll miss you too, but just remember that we'll only be across town from each other. No need to get so upset over it!"
>Understandably, Astra begins a low growl that only ceases when Pinkie moves away
>More pleasantries happen between Twilight and Pinkie, but you tune them out as the party moves back into Twilight's castle
>After a while navigating the familiar hallways, you make it to Twilight's office
>Once inside, Twilight takes a seat at her desk in the center of the room and begins leafing through a stack of papers before her
>"Just a moment, Astra, I'm just pulling all the papers you need to sign to formalize things."
>After making it through the entire stack, Twilight holds a few papers in her telekinetic grasp and beckons Astra over
>"Sign these and you'll be officially registered as an Equestrian citizen and thus a legal entity, have full custody over Anon for the remainder of his years of 'foalhood,' and also have a place to live in Ponyville. Also, you'll be officially employed as a clerk here at my castle."
>"And what does that entail?"
>"Nothing too much, just sorting documents and bringing necessary things to my attention. Nothing too hard or time consuming, since I fully intend on using some of the time you're here to help you adjust further."
>"Of course you do..."
>Astra sneers at this, but nonetheless extends a tentacle to sign the papers
>"Now where am I supposed to sign these?"
>"Just flip through and sign wherever you see an empty line with an X before it."
>Astra proceeds to sprout a few more tentacles after hearing this, using them all to sign every paper at once wherever they need signing
>"Is there anything remaining that is required, or are we free to leave now?"
>"That's about it, all that's left is for me to show you around town and where you and Anon live now."
>"Then let us finish these engagements so that we may resume our solitude."
"I'll be there too, you know."
>"Yes, but you have proven that you are capable of interaction without annoyance. We accept your presence."
>It's a start
>"Then without further ado, let's go get you orientated and situated!"
>Twilight takes the lead on the way back to the entryway with all of you following behind, and this lead extends all the way to the tour of the town
>All the major spots are covered
>The market district, town hall, the school, even Pinkie's house and place of work in case any emergencies happen
>A few meet-ups with some ponies that are out at this hour happen with Astra being largely silent and letting Twilight handle all the introductions
>You catch Astra in the process of planning a few assimilations, but you quickly shoot them down with a simple 'Don't.'
A moment please, some technical difficulties due to zalgo no longer being allowed.
271081 271094
Alright, zalgo text has been "fixed". Not to self-promote, but check the pastebin if you want to see the full effect of it. Resume!

>After a little while longer, you realize that Astra actually hasn't been paying the slightest bit of attention to any of the landmarks it's being shown
>Remember, we have access to the collective knowledge of all the beings we assimilate, even your own. This tour is nearly pointless, all we require is the knowledge of where we will be staying.
Yeah, I probably should've remembered that and brought it up.
>Mistakes are made. Do not dwell, but rather envision the future where this experience will save you time through not repeating the error.
Quite inspirational, but what made you mention all that here?
>Counting seconds doesn't pass time as well as conversation.
Fair point. So, if you want to talk more, how about you start thinking about how you want our house decorated?
>Astra goes quiet for a few moments, concentrating on its own thoughts briefly
>Despite all that, you get an answer remarkably quickly
>Decorations are but trivial distractions of the mind. We require none, nor have any preference towards what is used. You may do as you wish with that.
Is there really nothing that you care about having around the house besides the essentials?
>To use another of your phrases, we could not care less.
Alright, feel free to cut in whenever during the decoration process if you change your mind.
>"... And this is where you two will be living!"
>You snap your focus off of Astra as Twilight exclaims this and reorient it to where she's gesturing
>A humble two-story house, typical in both size and style to the usual Ponyville building
>Uh, how did you get here again?
>We kept note of that, do not worry.
>As the words flow into your mind, you also receive a mental package with it
>Upon your realization that this has happened, the package immediately opens and you are bestowed with the knowledge of just where in the town you are in relation to everywhere else you visited
>You are welcome.
>Now that all that's out of the way, you turn your attention back to Twilight
>"You two feel free to get to know your new home, and Anon, I'll teleport your stuff to whichever room you choose for your bedroom."
"Alright, thanks! Astra?"
"Still no input about the decorations?"
"Alright. I'll let you make that decision when you're up to it, and until then I'll handle it."
>With all that decided, you lead the way into the empty house to start looking around
>It's a cozy little building, despite its two-story framework
>The lower floor is divided between a living area, a kitchen and a bathroom while the upper floor is divided between a hallway, two bedrooms and another bathroom with a stairwell connecting the two floors
>Upon reaching this upper floor, you inspect the layouts of both rooms to see which fits you better
>Astra follows you up here, with Twilight and Pinkie following behind 'her'
>While you're thinking about this, you shoot Astra a question
"Pretty sure I know the answer, but do you care what room I choose?"
>"We do not. Choose whichever you would rather take and we will accept the other."
"Alrighty, I'll take the right one. Twilight?"
>"Sure thing, just let me get over there."
>Twilight comes forward from behind Astra, the latter physically flattening itself against the wall to avoid touching the other, and steps into the doorway of the room you chose
>After a flash of magenta, you peer in from behind her to see all of your stuff now inside the room!
>Dank, and it all fits well!
>You take a brief look at your belongings before deciding that they're all in the right place and going back out into the house
>The others you came here with also clear out of the upper floor, but before you join them, you decide to peek into the other room
>All that's there is a wall mount for a lamp
>Literally nothing else
>Now burdened with this knowledge, you return back to the ground floor with everyone else
>Upon finding them in the kitchen with Twilight making sure Astra knows how everything works, you bring this up
"I just noticed that there's nothing in the other room upstairs. No bed, wardrobe, nothing. Not sure if this is a problem, but just thought I should bring it up."
>"We see no probl-"
>"OH NO! Where are you going to sleep!? Where are you going to put all your cool things that you get from your friends in the future!? Don't worry Astra, your old pals Pinkie and Twilight are gonna fix this right up!"
>"There. Is. No. PROBLEM."
271082 271094

>Through the course of this interaction, Pinkie collapsed onto Astra while Astra turned most of its biomass into a pseudopod designed specifically to wrench itself free of Pinkie's grasp
>After a few more seconds of Pinkie somehow staying firmly wrapped around Astra's neck while Astra tries continually to break free, Twilight steps in and magically pulls them apart
>"We have never needed to express gratitude before, but there is a first for everything. Thank you, Twilight Sparkle."
>"Aw, why the breakup?"
>Twilight sighs and turns to Pinkie with a serious expression
>"Did you not feel Astra pushing against you to get away from you? Not to mention that you kind of cut... Her? It? Whatever, you interrupted Astra as they were responding. Maybe you should try giving them just a bit of space?"
>Upon hearing this, Pinkie's eyes widen as the realization strikes her
>"Ohhh! I'm really super duper sorry, Astra. I didn't consider that you might not be as friendly as a regular pony yet, so I must have been too close for comfort! Starting now, I'll give you some more space."
>You feel some relief coming from Astra's vicinity, but not much
>"However much space you think we need, double it at the very least."
>Pinkie looks down from her current position to observe the current space between her and Astra and steps back accordingly
>"Double it again."
>Pinkie again looks down, judges the distance, and moves
>"One more time."
>Pinkie backs up the remaining distance she can, now standing on the staircase
>"This is about as far as I can go right now, is this fine?"
>"Mmmmmm... I lied, one more time."
>Pinkie concernedly looks behind her, seeing nothing but the wall
>"I, uh... I don't think I can go any farther back."
>"You can if you leave this building."
>This is where Twilight steps in again
>"Astra, at least let us help you get situated here with Anon before shooing us out please."
>"Oh, I'm not shooing you out. Just the pink one."
>Twilight sighs, Astra pulls a masterful pokerface, and you feel a wave of smugness fall over you from Astra's direction
>"She's not going until I am, so please at least try to manage it until then?"
>Astra releases a slightly growly sigh before capitulating
>"Fine, what else is there for you to do here?"
>"I know you've already expressed your desire to the contrary, but it's going to seem weird if this house doesn't at least look like it's lived in by more than one pony, so we're going to need to furnish it."
>"We will allow you to do this if you provide us a good reason."
>"Well, what if a pony who doesn't know about you were to come here? I know that Anon's brought friends back to the castle before, so they'd be pretty confused if it didn't seem like his new caretaker didn't even live in this house with him."
>"Would those 'friends' have any reason to go through what is supposed to be our spaces in this building?"
>"While they shouldn't, it's a simple fact here that foals will do what they aren't supposed to. It's also fairly well-known that foals are bad at keeping secrets, so if one of them happened to see this and bring it to the attention of another adult either on purpose or by accident... I'm sure you could guess the problem that would arise."
>"So not only are we to assimilate into this world, but we're also to mask our true self even while within our own sanctum?"
>"As much as you may not like it, that's probably what's best to make your integration go as quickly as possible."
>Astra raises an eyebrow at Twilight, who sighs and continues with her explanation
>"Look at it this way, if the other ponies get used to you being a pony and you get used to having the pony mindset at the same time, it'll probably go over a lot easier with both you and everypony around you when you finally make the big reveal that you're actually a shapeshifting parasitic alien hivemind."
>"Fine. I can tell that you wish to strip our dignity from us further, so we'll simply let you and ignore it."
>"Would it help you if you thought of it more as a way of solidifying your infiltration into this world's population?"
>"Only slightly."
>"It's a start. Anon, want to come with us to help out, or would you rather stay here and get your room in order?"
>Twilight and Astra both look to you when this question is asked, but Astra has a bit more to give than an expectant look
>Come, provide us with a buffer from these two.
Alright, but I'm not going to be able to be a buffer forever. Eventually you'll have to figure it out yourself, so just remember that.
>We shall burn that bridge when we get to it, now come!
What's the magic word?
>... Please?
There we go, now let's go!
"I'll come, I can get my room in order on my own time."
271083 271094

>"Alright, let's go!"
>With that, Twilight leads the way down the stairs and out to the outside world, with everyone else following behind somewhere
>After a few trips to a few places to pick some furnishings for the house with you doing most of the choosing while Astra deflects it all to you, you all return back to your new home to get it all in place
>By the time it's all over, the day's almost completely spent
>So many hours with so many stops made...
>It's a good thing that Twilight was footing the bill, otherwise the actual haul would've been far less and thus far less convincing
>Well, according to her argument
>Something tells you Twilight had other reasons for it, but you're not complaining
>Now, there's space for you to lay around all around the house instead of just in your room and Astra has all sorts of places to hide for when Pinkie shows up!
>"Alright, do you two want us to help get everything organized and set up in a way you want, or can you both handle it from here?"
>"We are quite fine with handling everything, you may leave."
>"Are you sure? There's a lot here to move, we can help get it all done a lot quicker."
>"There is no need for assistance, we can both handle it from here."
>"Alright, if you insist. Come on, Pinkie, let's go home."
>Twilight and Pinkie start heading for the door, but Twi stops short as she remembers to say something
>"Oh yeah, Astra, remember to be up and ready by 9 tomorrow, that's when your job starts!"
>"Yes, yes, we will be ready. Please leave."
>"Alright, we're going, don't worry!"
>Twilight gives an exasperated sigh as she pushes Pinkie out the door with her, closing it afterwards
"So, how are we doing this?"
>"We have no preferences. We will help you do what you need to make things look as you wish them to, but we have no input on this matter either."
"Okay, but I meant more what would you rather do in terms of getting everything set up? Move furniture, hang pictures, what?"
>"Again, we have no preferences. Whatever you require of us, we will do."
>You never quite realized how frustrating your own indecisiveness was to everyone aroud you until now
"Fine, uh... Hang pictures, I guess. You know how to do that, right?"
>"If you know, then we know."
"Good, you do that and I'll see how far I can get with moving furniture."
>Astra nods before immediately sprouting numerous tendrils and using them simultaneously to pick up both pictures and hangers and mount them on the walls
>Meanwhile, you get to work pushing a couch and find it surprisingly easy
"Hey, did you turning me into this also make me stronger?"
>"Yes and no. While your relative strength is still the same, your body is now capable of using its full potential to exert force while also reallocating unused musculature to areas where it is needed most."
>"'Neat' indeed. However, this does come at the cost of you no longer being able to grow stronger through traditional means. In order to increase your own strength further, you must attain more biomass and absorb it."
>And there's the catch...
>Well, maybe
"Does it have to be living biomass?"
>"While technically no, you will gain far less strength from biomass that is already dead due to you not being able to assimilate living cells and instead having to process dead cells back into living ones."
>Okay, that's a breath of fresh air
"So one more question: can it be biomass attained from plants as well as animals?"
>"Yes. Plants can also yield strength if processed correctly, but it will yield less than other animals even if those animals are dead."
"Then let me guess, eating dead plant matter will actually cause me to lose strength?"
>"No, but you will not get stronger either. You may as well absorb nothing if you choose to absorb dead plant matter."
>Well, looks like you might as well not even bother eating anymore then
>Unless it's for fun
"Okay, I lied, I have one more question. Is there anything else I should know about the kinds of biomass I consume?"
>Astra pauses briefly in its tasks, considering your question for a moment
>"Animal biomass yields strength and intelligence due to assimilated muscle fibers and neurons, plant biomass yields endurance and durability from assimilated chloroplasts and cell walls."
>So everything gives something...
"And I'm guessing the same rules for living versus dead apply to plant matter as well?"
>"Correct. You learn more every day, soon you will be a master of your own body. Then, we can begin your true ascension."
"I'm still not assimilating anything unless it's willing and I give it back its body."
>"You will, in time."
271084 271094 271229

>Yeah, that's what you think
>Who does it think you are, your mom?
>Oh yeah, that's the whole reason why you live with that thing
>You finish pushing the furniture to your desired places soon after you finish questioning your new existence further and decide to check on Astra's job
>When you look around, you find every wall barren!
>Where did all the pictures go?
>Then, when you get back to the living area, you see it
>One solid block of pictures, all clustered right in with each other haphazardly on one wall
>Well, time to teach Astra a lesson in interior decoration
"Hey, you mind coming in here?"
>After a few moments, something halfway between a pony and a shambling mound enters the room
"When I said to hang the pictures, I didn't mean to hang them all in the same area. You gotta spread them out, give every room a bit of attention so that it all looks better instead of..."
>You turn back to the eyesore
"Instead of this."
>"Then further specifications should've been made."
"You can see the inside of my head and you have every piece of knowledge I do, there had to be something in there that was telling you this was a bad idea."
>"There was, it was ignored by the collective."
"Protip, sometimes that nagging feeling's actually right. Now, do you mind helping me take all this down and spread it out properly? And just in case you need further clarification here too, pictures don't go in the bathrooms. Every wall other than the four in my room are also fair game, got it?"
>"Do not worry, we were not planning on messing with you twice."
>Wait a fucking second!
>You halt in place, several tentacles holding pictures in the air around you
"So you were messing with me?"
>"What of it?"
>Astra's pokerface is as flawless as ever, but you can feel the mirth radiating off it from here
"Wow, with a guardian like you, who needs a real parent..."
>"Do not be so upset, it was merely in jest."
"Yeah, yeah, hang the pictures please."
>Without another spoken word, you and Astra set back to your task, quickly correcting the problem and getting everything sorted back out
>There, now this house looks more lived in!
>While you're admiring your combined handiwork, Astra goes back to its own room without further interruption
>That seems like a good idea, you also decide to go up to your own room too
>Not to relax yet, you still need to put things into reasonable places first
>However, once all your things are properly in order, you settle into your chair to read a book you're partly through
>After it's finished, you decide to check the clock
>It's four in the morning
>And you didn't even tell Astra goodnight!
>Well, you can still say good morning
>Good thing sleep's optional too, otherwise you'd be hating yourself tomorrow
>It is still summer though, so you could've gotten away with it for another month if you needed
>Not like you need to, but you could've
>Oh well, there's plenty of books you can still look at and besides, if you really run out of things to do then you can always go bug Pinkie, now that you know she's probably up at this time too
>You instinctively get up, thinking to go get something to drink now that you're up, but remember that it's still physically impossible for you to be either hungry or thirsty now
>Then what do?
>Read more?
>Eh, sure
>You place the book you were reading back on the shelf you have and grab a different one off it, cracking open the front cover to check out what's inside
>And this is how things continue for the rest of the night, all the way up until the sun rises and it becomes acceptable for you to go outside
271094 271195
And that's it for now, the other story's still in production as I type this, so the next chapter of that should be out sometime either this week or next. As always, like, comment, subscribe, tell me I wrote like shit, tell me my writing made you bust a nut, whatever you feel is appropriate. also please tell me if the no-name thing was supposed to only be a gag or if I'm actually supposed to be completely anon from now on, I legit don't know.

It's great! I like thing pones interactions and how Anon deals with it.
Whatever you feel like doing friend. I know that I had to do something and that's what I did. Others continued the green, but I'm not sure if it'll stick. Even if it's supposed to stick. I'm not sure. I always recommend doing what feels/is right.
I took as sort of a gag, name or no name it won't change anything when delivering, just for fags namefagging without content really

Also beeg green, nice, and since you mentioned, post the paste fag
Will read it later
Hey Anon, good job from the Anon who suggested the prompt. You're still doing well.
Yessir! Paste is https://pastebin.com/gS6rBb9A

I'll just wait to see what others do for the name thing then. Also, thanks for the feedback, my dudes!
>Ywn be the filly.
>Ywn be a filly adopted by a family.
>Ywn be a little introvert girls way of communicating with something freely without fear.
>Ywn be a sleepy snuggle buddy.
>Ywn help them become more social.
>Ywn watch as she gets more human friends.
>Ywn notice her spending less and less time with you.
>Ywn stop seeing her as often as she spends time with her friends.
>Ywn sit at a closed door at night, hoping she'll let you in to cuddle again.
>Ywn start being seen as nothing but a chore to her.
>Ywn start getting blamed for stuff she breaks.
>Ywn have her parents notice her blaming you for stuff she did.
>Ywn see her start disliking you more for it.
>Ywn start going to her parents for attention.
>Ywn cling to her mom.
>Swn gladly accept the attention.
>Ywn find another human to love you again.
Eh here's some 16x16 fillies
It's much more amusing thinking of it as a portal to the unknown.

271343 271490 271581
>be the filly
>have a miserable life full of tragedy as Twilight's abuse-toy in a fucked-up equestria
>but every night you wake up in a cheerful and perfect show-accurate equestria with a good mother who loves you
>and every night when you go to sleep, you awaken in equestriabuse-land
>and you would never be able to know which is real and which is fake for fear of finding out that the good Equestria only existed in your dreams
>inb4 neither, you're still a human, you're just in a coma and you should wake up, please wake up.
271550 271554 271581
>Be Twilight
>This joint custody agreement is hell
>You don't want to give her up every other day
>But the magic of contracts binds you
>It tears you up seeing her like this after every visit
>happy, excited, bruises fading
>Your toy is only good broken

how does harvey consistently break horse skeletons but make the fillies so cute?
>"Ma'am? Your comments on the verdict?"
"Go suck a fat load."
>The steps to the highest court house ruled Twilight Sparkle the supreme victor in your struggle for emancipation.
>The reason why?
>She was too important to be judged.
>Too much of a keystone in society.
>Speaking of the bitch
>"Greeny isn't this great? We will be together"
>Everywhere on this fucking globe will find you for Sparkle.
>On THIS Globe!
>Of fucking course!
"Y-yeah, I-I have to pee now."
>She sighs.
>"Should have installed the catheter, go before you make another mess."
>Luckily the Castle is fairly close and the guards are...
>they just move ponies away from the conflict.
>Stealthing in, to the forbidden trove of dangerous items and pseudo-human history is the gold mine you see it.
"So long and thanks for all the fish."
>Entering one at random the spiraling shapes and colors and senses blur and blind and-

>Waking up you see Discord leaning over you.
>He's in a super hero outfit.
"Captain Goodguy?"
I want to see this continued, good job making me feel such intense want from one of Nigel's crappy prompts.
Because you touch yourself at night.
>Be Twilight
>Life in Ponyville is wonderful
>You even have your own adopted daughter!
>Unfortunately you have half custody with yourself from another dimension
>She keeps telling you that Fourth Leaf plays too hard sometimes and hurts herself
>It's good that she's not afraid of getting a little dirty, but you wish she would come back with less bruises
>And also wish she would stop flinching every time you got near her
>Oh well, fillies will be fillies
If you touch it, do you become the filly?
Some might consider that a worse fate. The ignorance yet well meaningness.
Well done.
dumb fuck juice.png
>tfw dumbfilly
medium (1).png
>pic related walks into the filly pile
>wat do?
271603 271604
>Filly pile
Is this some sort of discord meme?
You are a very silly filly, not knowing what a fillypile is
Silly filly, the filly pile is where the fillies belong
271624 271627 271662 271722 271900
I wanna know how many fillies we have here
What a strange way for you to come out as gei
Should I poll as what I'd rather most or how I'm most well known by?
271637 271667
>"Your hands are so soft Anon, what kind of lotion do you use?"
"Filly cum."
Based and filly-pilled
271653 271656 271659 271667 271795
>be burger anon
>get turned into filly
>but not in Equestria
>you are still on earth
>you can't use anything in your house because hooves
>not knowing what to do, you panic
>in your distress you wander outside to find some kind of help
>people notice you and call the cops for a weird green dog
>soon a cop car stops near and an officer walks to you
>the policeman tries to talk to you like you are a dog
>panicking, you jumble together some horse noises and human words
>walk a little too fast towards the cop
>the cop doesn't know how to handle it, he has just used a gun for everything before this
>he takes a knee and pulls out his gun
>he uses his God given right to kill and shoots you right in the chest
>you tumble like a sack of potatoes
>you garble some mixed words while twitching on the ground
>the cop again takes aim and puts a bullet right between your eyes, ending your suffering
>dog bless
Filly c, can't talk?
This is holy war.
Practical problem is now solved
It's been 10 hours and so far of the time of this post it's up to 21.
I laughed more at the pic than the green itself, never was a fan of dog sized ponies, but that pic, my sides

Fuck you, I was just recovering
Top kek

"Who's a good filly?"
>"Not me"
"Who's a good filly?"
>"Fuck off fag"
>Anon kneels down and pinches both of filly cheeks with his fingers
"You are~"
>"N-no u"
>Releasing her cheeks, Anon starts caressing the fur on her face
>Feeling the individual strands as one hand slowly moves to scratch her ears
>Anonfilly can't hold her facade as she smiles and blushes at the attention
>"I never noticed human hands were so soft"
"Are they?"
>"Yea, they feel so good-"
>She opens her eye, shocked at something
>Pushing the hand from her ear away, she pulls it to be in front of her face
>Anon is left with his other hand holding her face,caressing her cheek as she scrunches at the other limb
>"I-I mean, what the fuck are you using on those f-fag?"
>Anon can't help but giggle at her tsunderish behaviour
>But out of the blue she prepares to spit on the gripped hand she was staring at
>Anon tried to pull it away, but it was too late and her grip too strong
"What the fuck was that for?"
>"Don't hide it, you see this?! The spit didn't make your hand any less shiny!"
"Seriously fag, I'm not using anything, gee"
>Anonfilly just kept scrunching at Anon, waiting for him to revel his lies
>Anon in other hand couldn't help but grin, as he remembered something
"Although...my hands have been smelling a whole lot like you, see?"
>Booping her snoot, he left his hand on her face so she could sniff it
>But instead she just scrunched and turned away
>"Of course, you just messed with my fur and ears, what else you want it to smell like?"
"You took a bath not even 10 minutes ago"
>"I'm a horse"
"What does that has to do with anything"
>"I don't know, maybe the leather or fur retaining the smell and-"
"With how hard you like to be rubbed and scrubbed?"
>Another boop shuts her up and turns her face into another deep scrunch
"Besides, you know very well what kinda smell this is"
>Opening her eyes in surprise, she dropped on her haunches and scooted some distance away
>"N-no way, I heard about horse cum being used for women hair and stuff but...wasn't it from stallion's?"
"Cmon, it's not that bad"
>Panicking, the filly started rubbing her face
>"It's not that bad? You fucking faggot been scrubbing that shit all over me!"
"You weren't complaining all the times they worked their magic back on your rump"
>Anonfilly tried to scrub it even harder as her face almost turned into a tomato
>"Just...go wash that shit before it gets worse man"
"What did I tell you about the bath?"
>"But it's still there, ew, gross"
"Cmon, come over here, I know how much you like hair brushing afterwards"
>That got her to freeze in place
>Slowly looking at him, she saw him moving to loom over her, arms wide open and ready to grab his target
>"No! Get away from me!"
"Here, comes the brushie brushie"
>Anonfilly promptly got on her hooves and ran away
>Not losing a beat, Anon ran after her, giggling at her screams
>"Fuck off, REEEEEEEEE"
All is right in the world.
Filly fragrence, the only product you need for all your problems.
271685 271699 271725
>Be Orange
>You've been in Equestria for a few years now, Greenie only showed up about a month ago.
>Fucker still seems about the same age as you some reason, lucky bastard didn't have to deal with Twilight's sippy cup bullshit.
>In any case, after begging Twilight for weeks you've both been allowed to take a camping trip off into the forest.
>Not the Everfree of course, you think they're called the Whitetail woods?
>You don't particularly care.
>In any case, it's a good place to flex your outdoorsy muscles and show off to the little green faggot.
>Fucker grew up in Kansas, while you're...
>You don't remember your state of origin, but it had a lot of mountains and forests.
>Some things fade during the transition for every filly.
>But you show her how to pitch a tent and start a fire with nothing but dry sticks, and she's ecstatic.
>Breaking out the s'more makings, you figure it's a good time to start telling scary stories.
"Were you a /x/ lurker?"
>"Nah, shit never really interested me. Most of the tales were fake and gay."
>You raise an eyebrow.
"Wanna hear one that isn't fake and gay?"
>She giggles.
>"If you say so faggot, I'm quite the lie detector though."
>You grin as you extinguish a marshmallow with two graham crackers, a bit of chocolate stuck to the left one.
"Alright. It was a night not that different from tonight-"
"Shut up, give it a chance. Warm, summer night. Out in woods like these, not particularly far from civilization but far enough to where you'd run into others fairly infrequently. "
>You pass her the s'more you just made, she hasn't quite mastered the art herself and you have limited marshmallows.
"I've got my german shepherd and my Mosin, so everything's right as rain and I'm hoping to bring in a nice buck I can turn into venison. I had this shitty little tent that couldn't have been much larger than the one we're sharing now, but keep in mind I was a grown-ass man over six feet tall at the time. Mengele, my dog, was sleeping outside."
>You toast your marshmallow to the yellowing point, perfect all around and then spread it evenly on one side of the graham cracker with the stick, putting the chocolate in the center.
>"Damn, you're fucking good at that. Why didn't you make mine like that?"
"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Anyways, I turn in and unzip the tent a bit so I can feel Mengele pressed up against me. She'd usually get the scent on something long before I did, and when she did she'd take off! So, my Mosin is already loaded of course."
>Her mouth is full, otherwise such dismissive speech would be quite rude.
"I'm in the sort of dreamlike half sleep when I feel vibrations running through my side. Mengele was growling, and what a fucking growl it was. I gently stroke down her back and she just gives me this pitiful look. Now, keep in mind that this dog has chased down black bears and come out without a scratch on her. She was clever as a fox, strong as and ox and just about the best animal friend a man could ask for. So, obviously I'm immediately awake."
>"I gotta take a leak."
"Come on you faggot, now?"
>"Unless you want me to piss all over the ground next to where we're going to sleep, yes. Now."
"Fucking... fine."
>You're a bit peeved, but she comes back within five minutes and you resume.
"She's scared shitless, and seeing her in that state I'm practically scared shitless by proxy. I don't notice anything is wrong yet, but that nose of her's must have picked up something nasty. At this point I'm guessing anything from grizzly to a fucking stealth tank, but after a little while I start to smell death."
>"Very fucking original, smelling death."
"Shut up you zigger, your fucking flat ass doesn't know shit. Yes, smelling death. For uncultured Kansasfags, the scent of decay and enzymes left behind by decomposers is very distinct. So, Mengele is trying to get into my fucking tent at this point and I figure I can take whatever this thing is. I've got a loaded gun and a dog that rips the throats out of deer, so I just put on my boots and stand up as she curls up on my sleeping bag, trembling like a freezing kid."
>The light of the fire reflects something moving in the woods and you whip around, only to see a curious raccoon near your bag of marshmallows.
>You look it in the eyes and hiss, picking up the bag and resting it on your dock.
>It scampers off.
"The first noticeable aspect was that everything in the immediate vicinity went silent."
>"Real fuckin-"
"Crickets started falling out of the trees. Moths that had come near the dim light of my bug-zapper dropped dead feet away from the electricity. A frog just went limp and sort of deflated, blood leaking into the soil. At this point, my ears begin to ring a bit. Mengele is practically catatonic, so I say fuck it, strap my rifle on my back, and scoop her up like a big gay baby. I fucking ran that heavy-ass dog six miles back to the car where we slept. Come morning, I went back to the site. All of my stuff was still there, but everything, and I mean everything organic had shriveled up. The cotton in my tent. The trees nearby. It was a goddamn forest of decay."
>"What do you think it was?"
"Hell if I know. Ayy? Government experiment? Your guess is as good as mine. Mengele was never quite the same, though...."
>"I think you're full of shit."
>You grin.
"Wanna bet?"
"How much?"
>"Twenty bits."
>You pull out a pocket knife and cut away a bit of orange hair with the scissors, revealing pink skin.
>And, more importantly, a sort of birth mark.
>"So you've got a birth mark. What of it?"
"I say Mengele was never the same, but neither was I. Three days after that trip, I collapsed and died; ending up here. The odd thing about it was that I could see everything that happened to me, even when I was dead. Them opening up my body. It looked like a fucking mud puddle. That bit of skin is a marker, an indicator of my death. Ask Twilight. She'll tell you."
>"I don't have one of those, you're full of shit."
271699 271725
>Quick as a whip on a nigger, you tackle her and shave off a bit of green hair in the exact same spot.
>Yours is brown, gnarled and twisted.
>Hers is red, fashioned into a tiny screaming face.
"So you burned to death."
>She looks away from you.
>"I was cleaning the factory's main furnace when one of my co-workers neglected to check the maintenance logs and turned it on. I got out, but there was nothing they could really do. I practically cooked meat."
"I'm really sorry."
>"It's oka-"
"That you just lost twenty fucking bits! Faggot."
>She looks like she's going to cry, but she just stifles the tears and storms off.
>Little faggot deserves it for doubting you.
>Cryptids are fucking real.
>In fact, because of that you'd probably better keep an eye on her out here...
>You follow her at a distance of about twenty yards, silently moving through the earth.
>Keeping the campfire in your peripherals.
"Come back."
>She jumps, then turns around.
>"Fuck off, you asshole."
"I didn't ask for any sort of sympathy. We died horribly, and that's why we're here. And if you got lost in these woods, I can fucking guarantee you'd die horribly."
>"W-what do you mean?"
"Just come back. Momma orange is gonna teach you everything you need to know about forests...."
Well I'm spooped. I definitely want Orange filly on any camping trip with me.
271725 271783
File (hide): 22E1D5594EAF1A2A6CA19CED0A056075-7273687.mp4 (6.9 MB, Resolution:960x540 Length:00:02:30, TGS0170- [play once] [loop]
Here it is.
271717 271730

Angry filly a cute, is law
I'm not cute.jpg
>Be Anonfilly
>Master of the >rape
>You are a plague upon society, and you get away with it
>Filly doesn't have horsecock
>You rule over the other schoolfillies with your massive purple stolen strapon
>No filly is safe
271723 271724 271751
Final results: There is 22 of us here
6 pegasus fillies
4 unicorn fillies
4 earth fillies
5 pretty pretty princesses
and 3 who are not fillies what are you even doing here
Fitting digits, then
>and 3 who are not fillies what are you even doing here
Enjoying the fillies.
Really, really nice. I'm not an /x/ lurker so what cryptid was that?

Doesn't have a name, this one was based off a bunch of different ones I've read about with a little of my own fears mixed in. I'm guessing it worked out alright?
271753 271774
Surely I'm not the only filly who thinks a poll like that is fukking gay and didnt do it
qt unreasonable.png
>a poll like that is fukking gay
271764 271765 271766

it's shit.png
It's unique! it's Novel!
What's with the weird colored eyes?
Teal filly.
Nah, it just means you’re a cute gay little filly
>Sticker spam
Sucks how the fag went full jew, but absolutely based work Anon, top kek

All Anonfilly eyes have the eye colour similar to their coat though, green/green, orange/orange, bitassembly only didn't do that for his because he pointed something about contrast in pixel images, but that pic just feels like random ocs
271789 271791
I have heard of a version in which anonfilly is a woman and is a colt but I have not been lucky to find a story someone could help me
Its mostly the concept I think, in which Anons become Anonfilly and Femanons become Anoncolt
Don't remember it having greens only pics, but would be nice to be proven wrong
>is a colt
Sorry buddy, wrong general. This isn't the place for that gay shit.
2020 never forget.
271814 271848
>Be Anonfilly.
>Life has been okay since you were made filly.
>Twilight is taking care of you while Luna looks for a fix.
>You dare not tell anypony why Luna turned you into a filly... lewd horse.
>Twilight said she had something she thought you'd like.
>Some place called T.O Salad house.
>As you walk in you see... is that a-?
>Twilight giggles a bit.
>"Yes and no Anon, they're like a human you know, but they evolved from minotaurs, and from my analysis, are commonly much shorter than a human like you evolved to be. I thought you'd like this." She says and pats your back with a smile.
>A bunch of really good looking women walk around the restaurant and one takes notice of you two.
>She's pretty ripped and well endowed, very proud of it if her attire is anything to go by.
>"Welcome to the T.O saladhouse! Follow me." She says leading the two of you to a table.
>As she does you can't help but notice alot of mares here... not alot of stallions, say for Caramel.
>You get to the table and the woman walks off to lead another set to a seat.
>Another tastefully muscular woman with a slightly smaller but not by much set on her.
>She has a slight blush as you look her up and down.
>"W-Welcome to the Taurman Outback Saladhouse. Here's your menus." She says setting them infront of both of you. "Ask about the strip salad I will break your spine."
>Twilight chuckles.
>"Oh that won't be necessary. I'll just have a regular Celestia Salad."
"W-What's the strip salad?"
>Her blush grows a bit.
>"A bit young... but."
>She lifts you by your front hoofs and places your muzzle in between her breast.
>Your eyes go wide as she does and you feel her arms wrap around your back and-
>You moan out into the woman's brest and you feel you're rear leg kick.
>You're limply laid on your seat.
>"Your salad will be ready soon."
>You hear a giggle.
>"Knew you'd like this place."
but then how does the spine un-break?
271826 271830 271848

n-no u!
Wew. Unfucking my spine, AND having a steak? With ponies all around? I'm in.
I drew you a picture about how much I like this, unfortunately it got mixed in with the shitposting folder. U R a Cue Tea
Part 62

>Be Occult Facade
"Your faithful uhhh..."
>Whoever the teal anon is they need a pay raise.
>I'm not- really used to being the center of attention. Having everyone hear the status check of the pony slave thing isn't really all that comfortable.
>But we are all adults here.
"Pony, Occult Facade."
>Fancy Pants despite her discomfort with some of the crude language used, quickly became more comfortable.
>Reflecting in how I look as well.
>Her writing truly is quite a sight to see.
Especially for mortal means, as the sights in... we won't say the name, praise unto her, but it is good enough.
>Ah, more memories being cleared for release?
Yep, now if you don't mind.
>"For a no name background waifu you fucked up, at least you have the momfu incest thing going on."
>Somewhere in a cardboard box a certain filly's senses were going off. A scowl marrs her face as she shouts her battle cry.
>Thank goodness the walls are sound proof, and resists spying.
>The lush interior, with the gaggle of fillies, and a grown mare trying to keep composure is interrupted with Celestia politely breaking in.
>"Ah! My little sunshine you're here as well. Perfect."
Uhhh deadline came the letter wasn't sent.
>Oh fuck.

>Be Anonymous Shimmer
>Green fuzzy fur felt great between my fingers.
"Hold still I'm rubbing your belly."
>"Nooo, seriously I have to go use the bathroom!"
>This is an awesomely lucid dream.
>No creeping horrors under the thin reality yet, and no memories being butchered.
>"Anonymous! Let the filly go use the bathroom. You'll have plenty of time to go snuggle with yourself later."
>Even dream Sunset is here.
"Sure, sure. Alright, but let me enjoy this for a little longer before you start the tentacle stuff."
>Fat chance I'm going to let this lucid moment slip by me. Subconsious what's the estimated time till the horror shows up?
>Always busy when I'm awake or when terrible deeds are to go down.
>The green filly version of me, looks back at me.
>Yep pretty sure I'm asleep still.
>I keep rubbing the fuzzy belly even more.
>This is nice.

>Be Soul #1
We hunger!
"I am hungry."
Don't fuck with us now we're about to have everything we could have ever wished for!
>Nurse knocks on the heavy metal door.
>"D-doctor? We're out of food for the patient."
No food?
There will be! Soon.
>She has a nice rump.
>The buzzing intercom blares out again.
>"Ten minutes."
>"N-no! Please! Doctor!"
Fucking shit this is going downhill fast. Stuff your mouth with the sheets. We can at least last ten minutes.
Not food. Memory of words. Gulag and food. We. Hunger!
We get all the food, we just have to wait a little.
>Burning and agonizing time passes.
>Watching Nurse rub on the door water on her cheeks.
>"Nurse we regret to inform you about clause thirty-seven. The cause is from 'freak accidents of nature'."
>"Nooo! Just let me out!"
>When did we get so close?

271883 271915
>>269296 →
Top Five Care Tips!
>Personalized Confused Patient Management Strategy Documentation
>Form #73-219A

Please help the patient to fill in the spaces below. If the patient is unable or non-compliant, fill in the answers for them as best as you are able. Each point should be in the form of an 'I' statement.

Hi, my name is -Patient Name-, but I prefer to be called -Green-

1. I have short term memory loss so I may forget where I am and what I’m doing, please reorient and give reassurance

2. I startle easily so be sure to introduce yourself and tell me what you’re doing before you touch me

3. I like to talk about nursing, sometimes I like to pretend I’m a nurse too!

4. I won’t tell you if I’m in pain so look for non-verbal signs of distress

5. I can mobilise independently but I require supervision and assistance with all ADLs
Filly looks like she's looking up instead of towards the other filly, any chance of a fix?
that's how it's supposed to be. learn memes
271884 271889 271903
"Don't vorry, hooves growback!"
"No zey don't."
Every other version I know the fag was looking at the target, even in the original as well, what are you on about?

>Being man turned ponies, fillies don't have any magic and make for the perfect infiltrators
>Since all detection spells work on magic signatures and all that
>But ever since learning about that, Fransciska started to silently grab fillies to experiment on
>If only she could apply this same magic hiding skills to all her pony fellows
>Yet it doesn't seem that they are willing to collaborate
>Always saying that they don't know what she's talking about or downright lying and acting surprised at the supposed revelation
>Almost like they don't want to help fight for the larger cause
>But she won't tire until she gets to the bottom of how they do this
>No matter how many fillies she may need to discard after she accidentally breaks them
>For Equestria!
271895 271897
Wouldn't that be an amp-QT?
>attaching your pic related
Up to 24 Anon's now that has taken the poll.
Chicken wing poner has taken the lead with seven Anons.
Why not everything poner is at five Anons.
Classic filly is at four Anons.
Horny poner is at four Anons.
And finally another four Anonymous people.
Plus it's only been two days and some may not have seen the poll yet. Friends may yet to still tally up.
now with color
>I like to talk about nursing
>sometimes I like to pretend I’m a nurse too!
Fuckin hell
>"Aboose" high definition colorized digitally remastered
Poor Clover
I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.
I'm gonna spit in the filly's mouth
are you gonna kiss the filly on the mouth?
that's kinda gay
It’s okay, we’re all fillies here, it’s not gay unless the horsepussies touch
Nice to see filly getting her nutrients
272021 272035 272477
sorry, I'm out, AFK 90% of the time these days and the busy on weekends, I hardly manage to finish my greens :<

>resumed from the last episode
>Decepticons have detected a source of energon on our world
>they have decided to acquire it to take control of the world and start over again

>Anon and a few fillies have decided to start a hacker organization
>they're installed on an ancient lumber factory
>The situation has become critical for all, since robots are everywhere, the little technology ponies have created are now in the control of Decepticons.

>Twilight and her friends have been overwhelmed and magic seems to do nothing on them. like, pissing in a violin.
>Anon's still disappearing from times to times.
>He's finally putting Twilight in the confidence that him and a few of his classmates are involved into something big.
>Twilight is certain Anon is losing his mind pretending he's behind the MILF_FUCKERS_COMPANY, an organization that even triggered some ministers at Canterlot, that yet managed to limit data the autobots could have controlled about that source of Energon.

>He's convincing her to follow him.
>They're trotting in the streets of ponyville, it's raining so she's kind of using a shield. Anon's going with a hoodie.
>Approaching that old building with the ruined, rusty sign with a vintage illustration of a stallion that say «Let's go hackin'»
>Twilight is impressed by the fact all of the governments are looking for that secret organization, as ponies have little to no infrastructure or intelligence agency specialized in networks
>«You're kidding me... It was there in plain sight? How do you even ... have a way to connect to»
>Anon:«telephone lines to the whole region heading to Canterlot are passing next in the street. We don't even pay for accessing it, all of this is illegal of course.»
>They're getting in the building by the rear door. It looks abandoned and dusty as always.
>Anon's welcoming her inside, cranks on the light. It's messy, there's old computers, newer ones all retrieved from various places. Walls are filled with printed pages, drawings, plans.

>Twilight: «For how long have you been ... hiding this from me?»
>Anon: «I always told you. You always ignored it.»
>Twilight: «And you pretend despite everything your solution is better? Than our armies?»
>Anon doesn't says a word.
>She's looking, observing at all the things we have accumulated, stolen books, software...
>Twilight: «You know you are researched. Canterlot believes the MFC is more some kind of secret society that's acting behind all of this, including this invasion to install a new world order.»
>Anon's grinning. «That could be true. They're right. either it's us, either it's the machines. Machines are visible, they are hardly hiding. We really re invisible. You know me now. You're one of us. »
>Twilight's thinking a moment to think and understand the situation
>she's looking at Anon again «Okay. Let's imagine I can trust you. What do you want, what do you need?»
>Anon: «Just a hardware access to one of these robots. You have captured one, right?»
>Twilight: «The army did. They are interrogating him. You... want to hack one of these?»
>Anon's looking up the ceiling «Before she disappeared, Silverspoon wrote a worm that slowed them down, it's not if I can do it. it's we must do it.»
>Twilight: «I think I can do this. We'll need to get organized, they won't let you touch the specimen. Just promise me...»
>Anon's thinking more «Twilight you're a cunt but we're all down in this shit» but only replied «I do, it will work. I'm just packing some hardware and disks, »
>she's looking at the books «Isn't that dark magic?»
>Anon start packing his items «Yes, Diamond Tiara kind of borrowed some a while ago.»
>«I thought these have been lost in the ponyville's library»
>Anon:«consider this a mandatory preservation act. It's been useful to us, by the logic it has»
>she's looking at him «You're not horned but at lest you're the lesser of evils there.»
>Anon: «no such thing as good or evil now. Only victory or defeat.»

>far away from there
>in a highly controlled underground base, unicorns and other armed members of the NLR guard in the desert
>underground, tunnels, offices, and blast doors, with controls and armed stallions everywhere.
>Two unarmed stallions, in civilian suit, peacefully walks, discussing, being saluted and granted access.
>They both look mischievous and powerful unicorns.«unprecedented opportunity, that's how I see it.»
>the other one is looking by a window and they are stopping in front of it. «From now we have a status that surpasses every political group of this planet. Even Celestia.»
>the older one is also contemplating. «This anarchist organization, coders, hackers. Whoever they are they might hate us, what's beautiful is that we get them to work for us.»
>the gray stallion's looking at him. «The hacker known as Anonymous? What do we know about him exactly?»
>«It doesn't matter. What's important is that they know nothing about us.»
>panning over the large bunker, ll with concrete with CCFL lighting
>«We may possess the necessary tools, but what we do not have is Anon's unadulterated focused... rage. He's not reasoning like everypony, I like this. He's what providence brought us.»
>he's looking at the window. «Have I told you to my great grandfather an inspirational quote?»
>The other pony is looking at the older one «Occasionally, sir.»
>«Control. It's the ability to give the world something, and take it back. That's control.»

>Panning through the window where the two ponies are discussing, in that very bunker, all kind of equipment, cryogenic tubes, and a [Vienradzis Corporation] logo on various locations, scientists in pressurized suits working, doing controls, checking flickering computers in a haze of carbonic ice smoke, doing measurements around a device on some kind of crate. a cube. The allspark, standing there. Perhaps an artificial one. Its presence here is a mystery.
Grrrüüüüün ist unser Anon,
Frrroooooh das junge Pferd...
I needed this green. Thanks.

So many good fillies today.
I'm enjoying the story. Thank you.
>It's a beautiful normal day as a filly.
>Under the evening sky that Luna carefully brushed.
>"Fucking pony’s are the most disturbing fucking creatures to ever walk this goddamn planet."
>A griffon slurred drunkenly.
>"Glad to know."
>What a chad shitposter. Posting pony pussy is the pony porn areas keeping it alive.
>"No really you goyshit’s are the most disgusting animal’s to ever walk the earth."
>Dropping the package of translated looted horseness down.
"You would be beneath animals, a pox upon the earth, but if that's the cross you really want to die on I won't stop you."
>The griff stumbles onto another. Bringing them into this as well.
>"It's funny coming from a cursed seed like yours."
>Top quality friendship wheel pony. Splayed for all to see.
>Griffon though wasn't done yet.
>Turning directly to you.
>"Who gonna kill me huh bitch you gentile fucks no my people run the shithole you live in."
>Spinning around to the other one in this happenstance it continues.
>"Hahahaha I’m cursed you jerk off too cartoon pony’s."
>Dropping more of the work.
"You're killing yourself. Stop it. Being a martyr for those that play with your life? That's a straight crucifixion right there."
>Something changed. It may have been the alcohol, the lewd material, or the strange words spoken. But this is what happened next.
>"Alright I’m sorry just been drinking I’ll leave but I want to ask you something are you Jewish to cause I just want to know if I’m speaking too a brother or a goyshit."
>Thinking about what to say, there is so much that could be said.
>Dropping the last few pages and wrapping up the pony pussy comic down.
>Attention fully on the griffon.
>No words spoken.
>"Okay sorry I’ll leave."
>Applejack tastefully winks.

Based on this interaction and these Anons.
>>272019 →
>>272026 →
>>272028 →
>>272040 →
Special thanks for everything.
>>223714 →
Horsepussy is the answer.
272156 272326
"Well League, it's a sign of the times, you know. If the Canterlot Police isn't able to keep the goddamn ziggers from breaking into my house and taking my mom's jewelry and all of my expensive anime figurines, then I will."
10/10 would arm filly again.

also it's movie night finishing part two of Stardust Crusaders OVA: The Movie
272173 272597

Based filly.
Is Writefag Roulette still hanging around?
This will never be you. Welcome to hell.
272194 272198 272199
Special online convention pt server is active and online
I see.
Where can I purchase a subscription to death?

To answer your question, no. To add on to that answer, I'd rather not ever do that unless parkour is just a stand-in for the act of placing my penis inside and thrusting vigorously.
Enjoy your glorified chat room, I'm gonna jerk off and sleep.
272201 272209
You have to sign in with a social media account.
>Not having 7+ throwaways
You even trying bud?
But lookit all these cuties! You missed the mango revolution!
I'm not just here for cute shit, I could go to half the generals on /mlp/ for that. I expect a bit more from myself in my fillies, and I'd hope that you'd hold yourself to a similar standard too.
Appreciated, you're not required to participate. Still, the invitation is there
>right nao
272316 272321
WOW, that's a lot of fillies.
Theres even moar now. We have supporter status, and our own server. Come as you are, all are welcome

FN FIL.png
Darker, slightly more aesthetic edition.
It gives me Farcry 2 vibes from the color palette used.

Click the spoilered words then the picture.
Ah, nice wholesome Purple time.
>... a cute little 'Fully' now
Nope not wholesome, not after that.
>Be the filly kind of Anon
>It's another beautiful day in the Everfree Forest
>You've gone in here to get something horrifying and mind-destroyingly disgusting to show to Anon - the one who got to keep his human body
>Fuck purple, she's still banned from cloning attempts
>But that is not the spite you are trying to feed today
>You're feeding your food-based spite against Anon who ate all the goddamn trout that he was got for you
>What did he expect to happen when you were left with tendie ingredients?
>Now he will rue the day he admittedly righteously kept your fish from you
>You just have to find something. A timberwolf? Cockatrice? Maybe even a chimera?
>First come, first chase you guess
>Probably should have made an actual plan on this
>Shut up me, you're not supposed to doubt the master plan
>That's one way to break yourself out of an internal argument early
>There's a lot of pollen here
>Probably because of the flowers, retard
>Damn they're blue, might keep some for myself later, love blue shit
>Something in the back of your mind says that maybe there's something wrong with them
>Eh, whatever, if it's not trying to kill me immediately it's probably harmless
>Unlike that chicken-lizard thing
>You look away from the back of its head, being a statue is not a good way to get payback
>Or at least being a statue in the middle of the Everfree
>Getting off track here, need to get that thing to chase me back
"Oi, chicken lizard cunt thing fucker, follow me!"
>That should do it
>Turning around, you start to book it
>Judging by that sound of quick footsteps, it's almost as fast as you
>Did not count on that
>You dodge and weave through the trees, back to your house on the outskirts of Ponyville
>Anon won't know what hit him
>You break the treeline, and spot your house in the distance
>And you're also running out of breath, who knew that going from not running to running for a while tires you out
>Also you tingle a little bit all over
>Shit, did the whole stone-vision thing work even if you didn't look at it?
>You're just a little bit from the house, just have to ding-dong ditch to get him to see it
>You quickly look over your shoulder to make sure that the thing is following you
>You remember that this was a mistake after you make it
>Your last words escape as you're turned to stone
"Fuck you faggot."

>Be Anon
>The most glorious green guy known to this pony-infested land
>You just finished giving your morning hatred-fueled insults to the sun for flashing in your eyes in the morning
>How did nobody invent blackout curtains yet?
>Well, it's time to get up again, start another day, do the three S's.
>You're well into brewing your morning cup of coffee until you realize that your favorite little green clone horse never came out of her room
>You gently open her bedroom door...
"Hey faggot get up."
>But there was nobody there
>Maybe she's already up somewhere?
>It's not like this is common, but it has happened before
>Especially times like now, where she's mad at you for some retarded reason
>Like last night when you ate the fish that you got that night, no questions
>Tastes bad when you don't cook it right away
>Anyway she's you but a little filly, she's probably fine
>You finish musing to yourself as you finish making your coffee
>Black today, too lazy to fetch the cream
>But not too lazy to start to think of making more insults to Celestia's fiery load of fucking bullshit
>You're pretty sure that the dream you were having was awesome but you can't remember a thing about it
>Out the door you go, gotta make sure there's no barriers between that nuclear fusion reactor and your unmatched intellect of insults
"Fuck you, you great big ball of fuckwits!"
>Truly, beyond your time
"Your existence hurts my eyes! I wanted to sleep godda-"
>Your tirade is cut short when you notice a stone statue just a few feet from the door
>It's of Anonfilly, but with a giant fucking horsecock, with these blue flower petals stuck all over her
>You're pretty sure that fillies don't have those naturally
>Normally, you'd put this kind of thing off as a prank, but only Anonfilly does those kinds of pranks, and she is not nearly proficient enough with that horn to pull this off
>Well, her and Discord, but he's barred from talking to you or Anonfilly after that one incident with the quesadillas
>Twiggles did not get over her fear
>That leaves one more option: this is real somehow
>Guess you'll go get purple to fix this
>...but that can wait, you have more pressing matters
"Your celestial fuckshit cuntflicking fuck can eat a dick, sun!"
What a filly.
>...but that can wait, you have more pressing matters
Well said.
272482 272485
>Anon's following Twilight to a military fort some kilometres from Canterlot
>on the way there, she's using her magic skills on Anon «Promise me to not do anything dumb, or dangerous, I might be the second most popular princess of Equestria, I have little power, you do what you have to do.»
>As she's pointing her horn to Anon sitting on the bench in front of her, a beam of particle turns the green filly slightly transparent
>Anon starts panicking «What are you doing? I can see my guts! I CAN SEE MY BONES! RAAAAAAAAH»
>Twilight's laughing as Anon slowly disappears «You're becoming temporarily invisible, the spell last from thirty minutes up to one hour.»
>Anon's admiring to see through himself, looking at the bones in his hooves before they disappear «Okay.. This is normal.. But why using this, can't you teleport like, anywhere you want?»
>«No Anon that's a misconception, you can not understand»
>Anon's now invisible but still insisting «You think you're the only genius here?»
>Twilight's explaining «Alright I'm explaining, I need to know the place I must go to, I must have been physically on that given place, and the probabilities of us being able to get on that given place mut be absolute. If I am there, i can be also on many places at once I can be, or have been before. I'm on this train, i can change from a seat to another in the wagon, but I can't be on the field, outside, or directly in Canterlot. With tunneling however I could teleport myself out of a probabilistic range, going through walls or locked doors. That's more complex.»
>Anon's laughing, most of his head and some bone remains visible, still finishing to disappear «You're just using quantum mechanics on a normal scale. But can you be both dead and alive? This is pretty cool»
>Twilight's looking more serious «I know that spell, that means I can more or less see you, unless they have unicorns who are looking for this spell, you should be safe. Just keep in mind what I explained you, the plan of the fort, dungeon, entries and exits.»

>The train is slowing down and arrives in the station, accompanied by Royal Guard waiting for her with a car.
>Guard's embarrassed «I hoped to bring you a better vehicle your highness»
>Twilight : «Not important. We are at war, luxury is irrelevant, Lieutenant.»
>Anon's following them on the car.

>Once they entered the fort, she's talking to a few royal guards she appointed for an inspection.
>She's taking her pissed look and royal strictness, which erases the smile on the stallion «This is an examination of your installation to ensure the captured machine is detained and secured. Order of Princess Celestia. I'm also doing a randomized visit of the installation.»
>The military's acting all natural «Of course, of course. Welcome in»
>Anon's trying to trot on the pavement as much as he can to avoid the ground to leave any hoofprint
>He's rushing in the corridors as soon a guard open the doors.
>He's waiting for Twilight and the guards to get inside the prison where they detain the decepticon
>Twilight looks impressed «That's.. What happened to the specimen?»
>the guard explains «It tried to escape a few times, the last time, our unicorns gave all the magic they got and exploded it into pieces like this. I'm sure it's dead.»
>Twilight is faking a pissed look «How are we going to interrogate it?»
>The higher rank is defending himself and speaks on behalf of the guard accompanying them «Your highness, with all the respect I owe you this thing sent my best horses in the hospital and is accountable to a couple of pony lives. We did what we had to do and I don't regret a thing about having this shit being forged to make axes and swords in a close future, in fact I'm glad you came by surprise, we were about to inform Canterlot.»
>Twilight's looking at the rest of the decepticon and at the stallions. «You did the right thing. You're on the terrain, we are not. we should be on your side... We continue the visit? »
>Anon's waiting for them to leave before starting to inspect the burned remains of the decepticon
>He's looking at the parts, cable, melted iron or titanium, picking a piston that was once an arm or a leg to break further into the skull if the machine, hitting it like a german fixing his Trabant.
>he's managing to break it open. Outside Twilight is keeping the guards busy, talking about all kinf of issues and how's life there.
>Anon's a bit pissed «burned, fried... nothing exploitable what the shit? Oh hey yes, maybe that part... looks interesting. Looks like a chip or something... I must get it out of here.»
>Anon's best idea was at this moment to render these components invisible was to swallow it.
>he's picking a few more «I can't believe I'm eating a robot... Urgh. » and a last one that looks somewhat round, bigger than the other components, size of a golf ball.
>another idea being to put it on his vagina the best he could, unlike what he expected, it does not disappears, being invisible, all of the items now seems to be flying.
>Anon's pissed again «For fucks sake! TWIliigh....tth...» He knows he needs to get out of here
>Outside the guards start questioning what they heard. «Perhaps we should check, I heard something»
>Anon triggers some kind of alarm as he moves away from the prison
>All guards are heading to the dungeon
>Twilight : «I'm coming with you. You'll need a backup.» They're heading down the corridor, get the door opened, accompanied with two more armed guards securing the little alicorn.
>They're opening the large doors again, Twilight's pointing her horn inside. She's yelling «DON'T MOVE OR I FRY YOU! LAST WARNING.» before blasting the whole thing, incinerating the whole dungeon, debris and smoke everywhere, just enough time for Anon to escape, rolling on the floor, and hide behind one of the pillars
>Twilight's looking at it with a smug face. «Thanks guys. We're done with this one for good.»
>After a short, quick debrief, she's hastily leaving the fort, followed by anon, represented as some flying items.
Pic unrelated?
Yeah i dont have a lot of pone on this PC. would take too long to draw each image in context.
But would be fun!

>They're running as far as they can from the fort like thieves.
>Anon's laughing but complains he can't see shit when even his eyes are invisible
>Twilight:«I can't believe you ate alien tech. And you shoved some parts... uh. »
>Anon : «If I knew at least, I had no idea what I was about to find, you almost shot me.»
>Twilight :«I've seen you escaping as soon I opened the door, don't worry. If I wanted to kill you I wouldn't have done all that.»
>Anon's becoming slightly visible:«When's the next train for Ponyville?»
>Twilight:«11:45. Just enough time for you to recover full opacity. I'm risking a lot doing this you know.»
>Anon: «Can't you just teleport us there? Cause I feel a bit naked being able to see my organs and skull»
>Twilight's laughing «Anon, you're always naked»
>Anon: «Jesus Twi, I was about to say thanks for helping me with that thing but you're still a cunt, that part was not planned... Hey I am a skeleton again!»
>Hours later they're back at the Milf Fuckers Company, examining the parts Twilight helped him to vomit and extract, checking the electronics reactions of these alien circuits.
>Anon's laughing «I could get Doom to run on this thing. I will get DooM to run on that thing!»
>I'm here, saying nothing. Me and Twilight aren't really friends. In fact I hate Anon for even breaking his own principles siding with her, but on the other hoof, we don't have a lot of choice.
>she's still asking me. «Have you really adapted these spells for... an electric computer»
>Just reply a «yeah» not even looking at her.
>Anon's asking me «Diamond, need you. »
>we're picking each one disc, inserting it simultaneously on each of the networked consoles, loading the two completing parts of the software
>one of the monitors starts displaying thousands of lines of code mixed with weird images bursting, flashing. it's almost uncanny
>Twilight's asking «What does it do?»
>me : «hacking. it's saying so on our door.»
>Anon:«it's bruteforcing a method to run instructions and determine the logic of the architecture of that system we try to get into, once it's done we can know how to program them. Since we can't fight them, we will just send them like, a code of self destruction.»
>the largest computer screen, an old large television, a window appears, starting to map some kind of instructions with botched, strange characters
>and that was faster than I thought.
>Twilight's worried. «So you mean, ...if you tried, you could get this machine to enter anypony's brain and take its control?»
>Anon:«Brains are not electronic, signals are different, it's analog»
>Me:«maybe it's already running in our heads and we don't know it.»
>Anon:«Payload, I'll just compile something to get anypony to be the administrator, using any of the inputs of the robot, may it be a radio signal, visual, audio, but ... I should go with a radio. You have WiFi on this laptop Diamond?»
>another word no one knows what he's talking about «I'm not that fucked up.»
>Anon:«okay I'm building a radio interface for that thing. simple serial thing now we know a bit how they work...»
>Twilight:«And you think you will just be able like to say hi mr robot, stay still I will tell you to stop destroying our world and desactivate you.»
>Anon : «that's the idea. Or use one to turn against the others.»
>Twilight: «Before you do that, I think Princess Luna knows more than she seems about these. Celestia too. They never really talked about it. Can we like, ... know more about these?»
>Anon: «if you insist. Yeah after all it's all yours.»
>Twi: «Now how do we get one of these alien robots to come in? We need to set a trap or something... see if it works»
>Anon: «that's your job okay? I'll have finished later now let me concentrating on that wiring.»

>Everfree Forest. hours later.
>Anon:«...You've witnessed, she said at the three pines at the entry of the road on the everfree. We're not late! And we're alone!»
>He's unpacking his portable computer from his backpack and turns it on.
>I'm doing the same with mine. «We should need a catchphrase or something epic to say.»
>Anon:«She's asking her friends to bring one around here. Not a big one, but that should be enough, we get one, trap him, send him back to his pals, infect them and then... they'll all be ours.»
>I'm thinking two minutes «Imagine if we had any of them just for us. Obeident servants ready to defend us, work for us... Instead of letting Twilight do what she wants with em. You don't owe her anything.»
>Anon: «I... I know, but.. .ah fuck, I dunno why but I feel like I can save Equestria this time.»

>Far away from there
>Mane 6 and a few of the Wonderbolts are fighting against a fighter jet similar to a F-22 with swept wings.
>Many are hit. and they eventually retreat. Rainbowdash is falling on the floor like a brick
>The jet is transforming into a robot, Starscream, landing on his two feets, smoking from every overheating joints and articulations.
>Starscream:«Is that all you got? Instead of fighting and dying you could be our servants and I'd keep you alive, as pets! Insignificant beings you are!»
>Twilight: «DAAAASH! you dared to hit my friend, fucking» *brap*
>she's firing a beam of energy at Starscream, eventually vitrifying the ground with his shadow in the middle.
>Starscream: «We're not here for you. We just came to retrieve something that belongs to us.»
>Twilight's not even listening. Repeating «I'll kill you» and giving all she's got.
>Starscream: «Instead of focusing on me why don't you go help your friends? You're not ready to fight.»
>Glimmer kept firing as well but is running in the forest, on an area away from the population, carrying something with her. «Haha, I.. have no idea what I am doing.. hahahaa»
>she ends up facing us, chased with a huge robot.
>Me: «Glimmer?»
>Anon:«Holy shit»
>I'm rolling, unpacking the computer, and smash the [enter] key heroically
>screen reads "ON LINE"
272508 272511 272576 272884
>Starscream's closing in to Starlight
>Anon's rushing in and stand in front of the iron giant. Starscream have no idea what such a small thing could to to him.
>Anon stars yelling «AaaAAAAAATATATAATATATATTAATATATATAATAAAAAA» punching the feet of the huge alien robot.
>Glimmer is panicking, she knows Anon is special but at this point ...
>Anon stands in front of the large decepticon
>I check my computer with all kind of wires and antennas coming in and out, finishing the transfer of a payload on the robot, finally showing a more familiar administrator shell, and calling me «root»
>Starscream's asking him «What exactly do you think you can do to me?»
>Anon's standing. «You don't know it yet but you are already dead.»
>He's laughing while Anon remains serious, unimpressed.
>Starscream : «You small mammals are insane. I...»
>He finds out something's wrong. «What?»
>Anon is moving slowly away, as the huge mech is falling down on the ground like a brick
>He's pissed «What just happened? I did only 2% damages... That flying little shit didn't even touch me.»
>Anon's coming to his backpack again, grab a cable with a lot of DIY and plugs one side on his computer, start climbing on the robot's head with the other one on his mouth.
>Starscream can't help but yell he's gonna kill us all «I'll get back to normal, whatever you used this time, you three, I promise you will have a quick and painless death.»
>I'm coming to laugh at him while Anon is doing his stuff «Wow, you have no idea what will be happening to you once we are done disassembling you bit by bit, and still allowing you to feel every bit of it, it will take days, months even. Here, on this lost part of the country. You will be like a cadaver being aten alive, and have your last bits prone to corrosion. Pretty much summed up.»
>Starscream is yelling «You can't do this.»
>Anon's coming down and start checking a few things. «Yes, now I have MY Transformer.»
>I'm frowning «Hey. I did most of the job!»
>Anon «it's a quote from Terminator you cunt, I'll get mine, not this one. Just need to make some room.»
>Glimmer is still hesitant, approaching, her horn pointing at the robot and us. «What exactly are you fillies doing with that ...monster?»
>Anon:«trying to get how it really works»
>Glimmer:«Can you like, turn it off or ...disable its shields?»
>I'm insisting : «IT's ours now, and you better not scratch it.»
>Starscream:«I don't belong to anyone! Not even Megatron, I am a warrior! You're committing a mistake that will annihilate your kind!»
>Anon:«It's gonna take a while but with a few programmers... It might just have enought room for being controlled. And fight on our side even. Like you said. And that's a big one, convert to a jet fighter and all... pretty cool huh?»
>Glimmer:«You know these robots?»
>Anon:«WE humans have robots in my world. I'll just ...make up some room, and wew there's a lot of things on that head. translating the timecodes it's centuries! You know what? Shut up.»
>Out of curiosity «And does it have a mission or something?»
>Starscream:«We need the Allspark, it is in your world, in this area. Just this cube that will give-»
>Anon:«we don't give a fuck. But wew, let's make up some room so I can really implement my software. You're strangely made, nanomachines, each containing some kilobytes of storage, logic or other functions.»
>He knows better «what does it do?»
>Anon's being the teacher«it's really fussed tech, these things can replicate, and follow each a part of a program, just like living cells»
>Starscream:«We are made of living cells, just like you meatloaf, except we don't produce excrement. What you do the best. Are you listening? We are gods, in comparison to you!»
>Anon is ignoring him:«There's a pattern of a few gigabytes of raw data, that might fit on the storage of that computer just fine! And here we go. Wow.»
>I'm looking at the screen, and then go back at the robot's face. «Wrong mistake, you are a machine, you have been manufactured.»
>Anon:«she's right.. but by who? For what... That gets interesting we're not gonna format you yet.»
>Starscream:«AS soon reinforcements will get my signal you will»
>Anon:«all your communications and everything are down or under my control, and hey, sorry my guy but you are an artificial intelligence, you travelled in space, colonizing worlds, adapting and all, because you have been programmed for that and what's coming up is ... insane. »
>Starscream: «You have NO RIGHT TO EVEN TOUCH MY MEMORY! I am a living being!»
>Anon continues scrolling in the terabytes of mess «nothing valuable anyways you guys are morons and visibly you are using a thing called psychology logic. you even have reverse psychology. Let's make some cleanup, I need its source code.»
>Starscream's screaming for help the best he could as Anon's erasing tons of files and data from its memory. «IT HURTS! You are removing history, information, elements that could. could could. cou element tha a a a a ae e e e e e eeeeeeee STOP ! I will do everything you want. You won. »
>Anon:«The meaning of "robot" in my world means "servant" to begin with. These ones are programmed to believe they are alive. But why. They lost that part reprogramming themselves.» he's pressing some keys «well there we go. It was an intelligent lifeform that created these machines.»
>Glimmer: «did you kill him?»
>Anon: «shut up. Diamond come check that.»
>This machine has been designed by a civilization that's gone extinct. Robots can travel across the universe for thousands and thousands of years.
>Their goal was initially to terraform worlds
>For intelligent beings to populate them
>Anon's staring, captivated as he's seeing what they look like «Oh fuck. How?»
>Voyager Disc image representing humans. Just like anon before.
>Anon: «We... created these robots. That's why they look like humans»
>1.7 terabytes of storage containing mostly the human genome and other earth species.
>Glimmer: «Are you alright?»
>Anon: «No, not really, but also, yes. I think I am.»
Making transforming robits real one millennia at a time.
F for Starscream we hardly knew ye in this story.
>ponified anonymous
This is great.

>Be Anonfilly.
>"What's up nerd?"
>You sigh.
"Hi aunt Gleaming..."
>Bucking muff munching dy-
>"Don't sound so excited to see me kid." She says putting a hoof on your wither and face blocking part of your veiw. "What ya' working on? Some nerd game?"
>You move your head forward a bit.
"No. It's a idea I have for a smaller cannon that guards could carry on their person and use at- hey!"
>You yelp as she crumbles up the paper you had and tosses it away.
>"No need, nothing will ever beat good old pike and magic, and it's boring."
"But it could launch a assortment if things to make combat magic unnecessary for the common po-"
>You stop as you're nudged in the side enough to make you stumble a bit.
>"Listen kid, the guard doesn't need any new fancy nerd stuff, we've worked the same way for thousands if years and it never failed us. I'm just trying to save you the effort. Why don't you go play some sports or something instead of making this ludicrous ideas. I mean, this!" She points to a design you have on the wall. "What is this even supposed to be? Some sort of, over designed armor?"
"It's layered armor, two inches of normal armor with two of a thick cloth with two inches of more armor a bit more cloth with another layer of armor on top. It could possibly stop a cross-"
>She tears it off the wall and shreds it with her magic.
>"It's useless. Infact, most of this is. Now, come on, imma convince the other guards to play some hoof ball."
>You just sit there in shock.
>That took you five weeks to design.
>You were going to show it to mom.
>"Ugh, you're just like Twilight. Fine, you let me know when you stop being so obsessed with nerd stuff. Imma go play."
>You could have revolutionized armor, saved so many ponies should the time come.
>Mom would have been proud at the least...
>You try to pick up all the shredded peices and put them together, but it's just not possible.
Is that a hoof?
That ChromaticsFilly confused the hell out of me.
Something came to mind, but it didn't quite fit.
New filly, courtesy of new artist. Kinda reminds me of Lone's old art.
yeah, I see it in the same hollow eyes not a criticism, I thought it worked with the general tone of the works. I wonder if this artist will also partake in the aboose side of things?
>Something came to mind, but it didn't quite fit.
Not sure, but perhaps related to degenerate art.
Oh fuck I still have a bunch of draw requests to do for you faggots
272577 272579
just a headcannon about the origin of these transformers and all, i imagine things as I write, that's a fun practice.
yep, I imagine him as a hacker doing a bit what he can with the rudimentary equestria's tech available to him.

>The mane six are heading, Twilight and the help of other ponies from the wonderbolts are carrying Rainbowdash to the emergency unit on a nearby camp.
>she's severely wounded, others are being taken care of.
>Twilight's crying «It's all my fault; we attacked an enemy we don't fully understand. I wanted to fight instead... »
>hours are are passing.
>Twilight's worried «How's Rainbowdash?»
>a doctor is coming to her : «Your highness, rest assured we are doing the best we can. Her vertebral spine has been damaged, many fractures, muscular, she's strong, she will make it. But I'm honest with you, she will never fly again, or walk by her own...»
>Twilight's in tears, sobbing, this is the worst moment of her life.
>another member of the medical staff is interjecting «We can do everything we can but there are experimental treatments, nothing approved officially. All of this is confidential and for this we would need an high ranking permission. So I'm asking you if you are authorizing this?»
>Twilight is looking at him, confused, still physically and emotionally shocked «...Organ transplants?»
>an unicorn seen previously is coming. He's smiling. «Something more interesting. We just need this»
>Twilight : «Do anything you can, she would rather die than live crippled.»
>She's signing a document that authorizes them an experimental treatment forbidden by the laws.
>Twilight: «I hope I'm not making it any worse.»
>The grey unicorn smiles. «You have our promise. She will be back.»
>The doctors aren't saying anything but nods.
>There's an helicopter landing in front of the hospital, they're carrying Rainbowdash into it, taking her away, escorted by military ponies.
>Doctors are asking her to follow them as she need more exams.

>Moments later the helicopter lands on the complex
>Rainbowdash is still comatose, try to keep an eye open, with IVs and ECG monitoring her.
>doctors and scientists are surrounding her, doing blood samples and other exams, disinfecting her and taking her to a white room with ponies in sterile suit.
>they're placing her on a table, under the supervision of generals and obscure ponies behind a glass.
>She's still conscious and trying to say anything.
>some unicorn in a suit is unlocking a crate with six vials with a greenish glowing liquid and an injector. «proceeding phase one.»
>They're scanning her in real time with all kind of machines
>behind the glasses, the grey unicorn is talking with the ministry of defense «This is where things are getting interesting. The recent research on the enemy coupled with our decades of scientific works with the Cube helped us control and develop these nanomachines, entirely reprogrammable. They can do anything we want, anything we need.»
>General's worried «You are transforming a pony as one of these machines?»
>He's laughing «not at all. Not a machine. Machines can break. This is a biological supplement. Princess Sparkle herself overridden all laws for us.»
>ponies are behind computers, checking the vitals and spread of the substances in the veins of rainbowdash. «ready to initialize, phase two in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. execute.»
>doctor's looking at the screen «ECG is abnormal, blood pressure increasing. She's not gonna make it!»
>inside Rainbowdash, nanomachines are starting to operate, doubling her tissues, muscular structure, nervous terminations.
>some ponies are stepping back as they observe the monitors
>she's convulsing, and doctors have a hard time keeping her under anesthesia.
>she's stopped moving.
>hours are passing.
>RD is alive, eyes closed, but she can hear ponies talking around her.
>She can see some kind of image from the sound alone, reflecting machines, walls, ceilings, like an extra sense, even magic.
>eyes closed, some crosshair and squares determining the position of ponies in the room, able to hear anyone talking «all functions are stable, that's indeed a miracle.» «we are now all jobless» «you're kidding» «...EEG signals indicates she's awake.» «can we still have control in case everything gone wrong?» «normally we should, she might need some weeks or reeducation and learning.»
>she's opening her eyes, slowly, the room is dark, it's the night, only some lights from monitors, she's not saying anything, only discovering she can see in the dark with some kind of thermal vision. on the corner or her vision an indicator [infrared + visible]
>quickly realizes she can change this just with her mind. [visible] [radar+visible] [threat identification] [health checkup - 100%] [damage map]
>Rainbowdash: «What ... what am I?»
>Doctor: «You'll have to discover it by yourself. You were dying. It was nasty to look at, not to mention all of your organs failing, blind and »
>Rainbowdash's jumping off the table, taking off all the sensors, IVs and metallic straps around her: «WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?» she's looking at herself.
>Doctor: «We gave you a second chance, you're not a robot or anything, don't worry. I'm gonna call this technology, Imaginos. Nanomachines have repaired your body like a second immune system, a zealous one. It will adapt to every single of your needs with time.»
>Rainbowdash is looking at her reflection on a large observation mirror around the room. «I'm still myself?»
>Doctor: «Your body is relatively the same with some extra. Consider this as a present. Now tell me. What is your soul screaming for?»
>Rainbowdash: «Revenge.»
>Doctor: «You're a weapon I'm glad to see escaping.»
>She's closing her eyes. «I gotta go.»
>Rainbowdash is looking at the mirror, rushing on it eyes closed, but her new senses are mapping a way to exit the bunker, accompanied by alarms of all kinds
>She's almost knocking several guards. running in the corridors, blasting doors on her way out.
>She's able to fly again, climbing, testing out her wings.
Nanomachines, filly.
>As she's climbing, her senses and vision indicates her altitude, position, other flying objects or ponies.
>«Let's put Doc Frankenstein to the test. Ha! »
>She's starting to climb, 500, 1000, 3500 m and counting.
>She's switching different views, relative position, detecting movements on the ground, and decides to head towards Canterlot.
>Going supersonic she's there in a matter of minutes.
>She's landing near Canterlot, where stands Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow
>She's checking around. «DISCORD! I know you're here. I can literally see you!»
>Discord:«I'm not Discord I'm a tree. Just kidding, Fluttershy inspired me to embrace my treeself. Since you recovered I assume she' doing well. Hm.» *he's taking his more normal appearance, takes out a power level meter out of nowhere «Ah indeed you're doing much better, went to that secret parts shop? And you want me to liberate Cozy Glow and Tirek and Chrysalis? How cute, how primal»
>Rainbowdash is looking at him a threatening manner «You prefer me testing myself against you? You're not worth it. We are at war, I'm giving you the orders, you know that spell.»
>Discord: «Celestia is gonna send us on the moon for that, but on the other hand I'm curious to see » He's snapping the fingers, liberating Equestria's worst villains.
>Tirek : «Heherhaaha! I feel so revived!»
>Chrysalis:«Guess someone changed her mind.»
>Rainbowdash: «You're wrong. I came here to destroy you once and for all. I dreamed of this for a while.»
>Discord's sneaking close to her.: «I'm just here to watch of course.»
>Rainbowdash's not even looking at him. «Who are you, even?»
>She starts hovering, looking down on them
>Tirek: «You arrogant bitch. I hoped your friends to see this!» >He's jumping to attack her
>She's rushing on him., bucking him repeatedly on the face, so fast at some point the air is heating up around
>Rainbowdash is taking some distance to rush on him, bucking him up in the air, flipping back. She's jumping as fast as she can, flipping to buck Tirek back into the ground. She's diving on him so fast she's heating up like a meteor.
>Tirek is coming out of the hole he just digged, filled with rage, pain, the face covered in blood, he's shooting a beam of energy at the pegasus.
>Rainbowdash could have avoided it but instead, she's not moving. She's screaming, but the pain only makes her more mad, and envious.
>Her body is partially transforming, her front hooves changes into hands.
>She's spinning, still diving on the centaur at hypersonic speeds, punching through him. Destroying him, so fast he can't even fight back.
>It's not a fight, it's an execution.
>Chrysalis's preventing cozy glow to look at it. «I want you to run, and never look back.»
>Golly's in tears, she knows what's Rainbowdash is here, alone for :«Chrysalis wait...Take my energy!»
>Chrysalis isn't gonna cry. She never did. «I have to. I want you to save your life, don't look back. Promise me kid, okay?»
>She's standing in front of him like an angel of death. Looking at her accomplishment. Not with satisfaction, but with an expression of someone who had to do something necessary.
>Tirek is agonizing, coughing blood on the floor. Discord is looking at them, saying nothing. He knew soon or late that would end like this, from a side or another.
>Rainbowdash's giving him a final punch on the face, putting an end to unnecessary suffering.

>Chrysalis now knows what awaits her.
>She's looking at RD. «A fight to death. But whatever you've become, you must be stopped. If I fail to kill you someone else will. There is no way out, right?»
>Rainbowdash is grinning. «That's reciprocal. You're protecting her? Why? She's a pony. Why have you failed to do this with your own people?»
>Chrysalis is attacking first. She ain't kidding, RD dodged it.
>They're punching eachother, kicking, bucking and bouncing so hard and fast the floor acts like a liquid.
>Chrysalis, spitting some blood on the floor. «You're still the dumbest of the six. If you were thinking two minutes instead of wasting both of our energy we could achieve something together. But you want to be your own hero, am I right?»
>Rainbowdash is rushing on her, punching her.
>She's firing another beam of magic at her. Rainbowdash is screaming as she gets a serious burn on the shoulder and back.
>Chrysalis's stopping, taking her breathe. «You're not invincible. Yes that's blood. What is killing us gonna give you? Some satisfaction? Go ahead, kill me, you'll feel more loyal than ever will ya?»
>Rainbowdash : «Something less to worry about. We have a bigger threat. IF I can beat you, I will be able to beat them.»
>Chrysalis : «What if you're wrong. What if you had us two on your side?»
>Rainbowdash : «Never... Never ally with an enemy to fight another enemy. I can kill you now, I will. For our future. So, if even I die fighting in the days to come, I die knowing I can go peacefully.»
>Chrysalis : «I get you. At this point I recognize myself there, let's do it, tell me if you change your mind.»
>She's rushing on Rainbowdash, blasting beams. Rainbow's biting her, taking off a chunk of flesh off her shoulder.
>Rainbowdash is exploding her teeth, Chrysalis is using the momentum to try to impale her on her horn. Dash is quickly avoiding it, leaving her with a big rip., bucking her on the ground.
>She's rushing on her, punching the old changeling queen with all her forces, screaming.
>Chrysalis's barely able to move again, her wings are broken, both mares are bleeding.
>She's using the remaining forces she's got to get back up. A large open wounds gets her guts to fall down on the floor. She's in pain, but she still manages to laugh defiantly at RainbowDash. «Hey! Make your friends proud! No one else is watching! Go ahead, mutant! What are you doing?»
>Rainbowdash is looking at her, realizing what she's doing
>Chrysalis is almost crying «Please don't show weakness to me right now.»
>Rainbowdash is rushing on Chrysalis, put a last attack on her, killing her on a second.
>She's staying there for a few seconds.
>it's the first time Discord remained so silent.
>Rainbowdash is looking at him, gaining back her spirits.
>Discord's coming close to her. «I disagree. You're not a monster.»
>Rainbowdash is regaining her hooves and recovering from her wounds. She's looking at him one second. «Watch over my friends. Tell them everything. I'm heading to their leader.»
>Discord: «A certain Megatron isn't it? They're establishing a base in Manehattan. What advice can I give if any? Don't go gentle, they are machines. They are manufactured for this. To harvest a world's resources and move on another world and they are about to put their hands on something that's precious to them. Something that gave you that power.They won't leave you one second of rest.»
>Rainbowdash nods at him, before taking off direction Manehattan

>In the meantime, Anon keeps decompiling and analysing the content of Starscream
>He's analyzing, trying to understand why and how many of these have been made.
«This is the relic of an agonizing world where a sentient species similar to humans took a long time, they sent machines on other planets. On other stars, barely a one way ticket some took to leave Earth. For hundreds and hundreds of years not a single evolved form of life have been found. They sent in machines to expand life across the galaxy. to fertilize planets that can host life. Eventually these planets created more of these machines, autonomous, and programmable, more complex, natural selection also applies to machines, which ends up into the ...machines that becomes independent or semi-sentient.»
>There's me, Glimmer, Silver, Sweetie Belle, Mutton Bash. We're all trying to understand more what these are and what's anon's species future, or rather, past.
>He's continuing. «That means a lot about the origins of humans. We might have been imported afterall. from other humans who wanted to send in life. Nothing is a coincidence. And these have developed from these machines sent to colonize the galaxy in the course of millions and million years. Some with a deep desire to rebel, being alone and going with the logic conclusion that all of this is absurd. And even undo the job, rebelling against their creators. That's how you get these machines that calls themselves transformers. at the image of their creators, who decided to rebel and destroy life. »

>Silver is concluding «So if I get it we are facing space migrants, they pillage resources and want to transform every habitable world into a lifeless machine. Overtime they are weakening and what they are looking for, by what I've found is this.»
>she's hitting the keyboard showing secret documents «this cube has been recreated from fragments uncovered hundreds of years ago, kept on some kind of temple of an antique civilization.»
>she's passing other pages «This device contains all the knowledge possible and imaginable about the universe, many thinks this is one genuine source of energy, it's really something big.»
>Glimmer's confused «What does it have to do with us?»
>Anon's being the Anonymous he always wanted to be. «There are secret societies who want to use these robots as an opportunity to implement their rulership, and topple the governments of Equestria, Germaneigh, Prance, Ponyland. There, it's said. One of them who is at the top of this organization is no more no less that Starswirl the bearded's descendant. High class of unicorn who through history wanted to bring revolutions in Equestria, topple the power. Strange huh? They are essentially ain international military contractor Things like that.»
>Glimmer :«This is just a conspiracy theory, just a cult of unicorns detaining a power like this they would have never...»
>Anon:«it was bait. Alone this device is useless, but the technology can create an army that will bring control. What they want.»
>Glimmer:«Sweet Celestia! We can't trust anyone!»
>hearing this from Glimmer. «You're saying this. That ideal is the path you kind of followed a few years ago. You exactly know how it works, don't act surprised!»
>Anon's shrugging and I keep going
>« letting highly, overpowered ponies to rule the world, will do anything to bring a revolt, a war, a crisis, and come with the perfect solution to bring in control, and erase us!»
>Sweetie Belle:«well, okay, now we know all this what should we do?»
>Anon:«Undermine their operation, now we have connected the dots we need to contact trustworthy ponies at Canterlot»
>Glimmer's frowning as she's reading the bunch of evidence Anon has printed, with dates and operations.
«And get shot, and eliminated by secret services. That's your plan?»
>Anon: «Fucks sake Starlight I'm trying to find ideas!»
>Glimmer:«Anon, you three, you shouldn't even being here, I'll bring everything I have to Celestia in person, agreed? Your name won't be mentioned and no one will believe you anyways. Not even Twilight, and myself I hardly do.»
>she's grabbing all the evidence Anon printed on listing paper, with names, addresses, links, and the info extracted from the head of Starscream. «Once this thing is resolved, and I am confident it will be, I'll be pleased to have a conversation, in the meantime avoid getting your friends in trouble. That thing almost killed us.»
>She's leaving, like that. «And clean up that mess, what an idea to even rent a clubhouse like this...»

>Silver's being sarcastic: «wow the ambience, the friendship and all, it's wonderful!»
>Anon: «Let's see the good side of things. We have a robot. All ours!»
>Anon's moving a bunch of books on front of a TV and some camera, all plugged in around electronics boards and a small metallic sphere and connectors.«Let's ask what our buddy has to say about it!»
>Some kind of Max Headroom CGI head is on the TV, basically Starscream's remains of an electronic brain, disembodied.
>Starscream:«My rage for your species at this moment is heading to infinite. I'm also processing many methods to make you all suffer to death.»
>Silver: «oki!» puts a sticker on the TV that read [No touch. Bites.]
>puts a sticker on the TV that read [No touch. Bites.]
The best safety sticker.
272594 272605
>be filly
>Twilight is your momfu
>she's a shit mom
>get the rest of the Mane Six to also be your mommy
>end up in a shared custody system where you sleep in different houses every week, but different parents can visit and help out
>not each of the Mane Six being a good mom but (You) as a filly growing attached to each of them to the point that they decide on a shared custody system where you can sleep in any of their houses whenever with any of your six mommies always being free to come see you at any time
>not regularly asking for sleepovers with all of your mommies who are happy to oblige
>filly's momfu drags her to a BLM meeting
272605 272612 272651
>Be the filly
>ask mom for magic Invisibility and Forcefield-Generating Necklace
>>"Just in case a monster attacks me"
>proceed to play pranks
Fuck off Nigel, these prompts are shit.
It’s more than nothing. Sometimes they work to get me started. Unsuck that cock and have some of that forbidden f-word fun
Not even sure what this green even is.
>'play' 'pranks'
>things have quickly gotten out of hand
"S-stop League. The Guards are commming~♡!"
>So very much out of hand.
>The wood grain burns so good as the trusty baseball bat turned slapdash dildo rams in with a holy fever.
>They open the door seeing the filly acting like nothing is wrong.
>"Ey, yah right twat 'ear dis wanka fookin' aboot makin' ice outta splooge. Gonna give yah a right talkin' to yah cunt."
"Ahhh~♡ s-sure!♡"
>"Fookin' foals these days can't even keep et in private anymore."
>The stockade for public humiliation and retribution is open with a feggit inside it.
>Little League dutifully using her bat, and helping other ponies help themselves.
"C-c-can't believe you talked me into thHISSS!♡"
>Twilight's disappointed look disappears as it's her turn at the trouble maker.
>"Honestly Anon, all you had to do was ask if this is what you really wanted."
>The one problem with the Necklace is that loud sounds weren't blocked.
>Which is why you were found, and why Little League can still do this under everyone's nose.
>Be Anon
>Multiclassed into unicorn ages ago
>Things aren't all bad
>Magic is as good as fingers most of the time
>Sometimes better
>Peeing sucks, you miss Little Anon
>You're like twelve in pony years
>But you did manipulate a situation to get your hooves on a sweet necklace
>Manticore didn't even look at you
>This necklace has turned out to be your childish prank generating piece of magic
>It turns you invisible and it makes a forcefield
>One or the other, it doesn't do both
>Would defeat the purpose or some shit she said, stupid Mo- stupid Twiggles
>Anyway, on to current times with current events
>Specifically sneaking up on Ponk
>She's been impossible to prank, it's like she knows all
>But not today
>Clean road, invisibility, a minor muffling spell that was totally worth the two week training course by the Purple Bore
>And the most important element, a bucket of ink
>You just have to wait for her to stop at something
>Your crimes will be untraceable
>It will be glorious!
>"Oooh! A lucky bit!"
>Oh it is, Pinkie, just not lucky for you
>She stops for just a second
>A quick run over and-!
>Something happened, and it takes you a second to fully process it
>Or a full minute because now you are both visible and covered in ink
>She had suddenly rolled out of the way, and you tripped on the bit she found
>This made you lose consideration on your muffling spell and yell out
>Sending your bucket of ink flying upwards out of your mouth
>The handle of which caught on your necklace, flying off of your neck with it
>The bucket landing on you and the necklace landing in font of you
>"Hehehe! Gotcha Nonny!" you hear the pink menace giggle behind you
>"Twitch-a-twitch! C'mon Nonny, you should know by now!"
>Defeated again
>You give up
>Time to find an easier target to pull pranks on
>One that isn't a low functioning version of an all-seeing god-pony
>Maybe Lyra
>...after you clean yourself up
>Mom- TWILIGHT is gonna be pissed when she sees you
Can somebody translate because I feel like I’n having a stroke reading this
The jist is that Anon goes on a lewd spree in public invisible with Little League.
Her actions catch up to her as the guards apprehend the lewd pony.
Little League decides the fun isn't over yet, and keeps the lewd sensations going.
Being placed in a stockade ponies have their way with Anon.
Little League helps.
Purple Poner decides to have some fun as well.
Happy ending.

272681 272687
don't go trying to shit up the thread, faggot
>dicksword drama should stay on >dicksword
Okay discord tranny.
Discord is gay.
I wish I could be with a cute poni waifu.
Navy Seal copypasta.mp3
That's a weird way to spell momfu.
All jesting aside lucid dreams, and being the best you can be on this Earth.
Where there's a will there's a way.

not my favorite way to go out, I'd give it a 6/10
>"Oh, hi Anon. How's Twi been treating you?"
>"Heh, I'd guess she's been feeding you well, with that chub you got going on."
>"Ah don't worry, I can help! Need a workout buddy anyway!"
>"Come on, I'll get you started on some situps!"
272692 272703
>Be Celestia.
>You walk down the walkway of your throne as guards salute you from your left and right.
>You stop as you notice something.
>A little green filly in guards armor.
>You smile.
>How cute.
>You go off of your normal track to visit the little cutie.
"Aren't you just the sweetest little thing?"
>You tickle it's little chin as it keeps a hard look.
>You smile and use a wing tip to tickle her side making her twitch a bit.
>Good enough for you.
"Ehm, what guard brought their filly to work?"
>Not a one moves.
"You're not in trouble, I just want to compliment you on such a good young filly."
>Still, nothing.
"I would even offer to let her come more often, could teach her some possible improvements, it would look nice on future job applications."
>You're really confused.
>Most guards understand you're not cruel.
>Suddenly your thoughts are broken by a mare with a lump on her head rushing in.
>"Has anypony seen my armo- Princess!" She stops mid sentence and throws a salute.
>You laugh.
"At ease. I was just talking about your little filly, she must want to be like mom so she borrowed your gear for a bit. She's very nice, you should be proud."
>The guard seems a bit nervous but nods.
>"T-Thank you princess, but I don't have a filly."
>You look at her surprised.
"Then who is-"
>The filly is gone.
"Wah- where?"
>You look around and see no filly.
"Guard, how did you get that lump on your head?"
>She's confused.
>"What lum- ow!" She feels the top of her head and cowers at the pain. "I... I don't know? I just woke up in the hall without my armor. I figured I just fell asleep."
>You frown.
"I believe a filly knocked you out miss."
>She thinks for a bit before a blush goes across her face.
>You need to find that filly.
>She'd make a good guard.
Would infiltrate the throne room of sunbutt the wise for the keks.
Just winter emergency rations.
Digits confirm. Is cute.

Nice. Got a bit of promise in that green for more, but dunno how much. Nice as stand alone, though.
272720 272721 272794

I keep that filly.
Cute! Somebody should probably take that tray from her before she drops it, though
272729 272794

272729 272794

272728 272794

My Little Pony - Fluttershy - Giggling.gif
Bath time faggot.
Dressing filly up as a cute is qt.
Scrub scrub scrub ‘till the water’s brown
272736 272794

>tfw snek treads after you
>obligatory "are you walking closer to me?!"

272748 272794


272763 272794

272792 272794


We need more storry with a different momfu than Twilight ...
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>When mommy and daddy got turned into plants they had to go to someplace called an EEE ARRR.
>So now my mommy is this grumpy green grouch.
>I don't even know her name.
>"All right little purple, if anybody tries to do anything weird to you or with you blast 'em with magic and scream."
"My name is Twilight!"
>"Sure thing Purple smort."
>Then in her house she had so many relatives who looked almost exactly like her.
>I want my real mommy and daddy back.
Return of the legendary botfaggot
Short may he reign
272794 272806

Not what I meant, but I'm still interested.
>"J-jinkies Anon..."
Would anybody be willing to draw a Terry Davis filly?
Preferably with one of his famous taglines?
Checking those clues it is indeed the jews yet again.
Wew, so much filly. Thank you all!
I really hate Rarity, but I love the aesthetic of this pic. Could somebody edit dress horse into Twilight?
Good morning.
>"Morning Sleepyhead!"
>"Time for school!"
>"Silly filly. It's Saturday. Come on, pancakes are hot."
>With that, you drag yourself out of bed.

That's pretty lewd. Pretty fucking lewd. Would grope the fluff again.
>Would grope the fluff again.
272871 272885
>Be Luna.
>Your big human holds you close as you both lay in your bed.
>"I love you honey."
"You're not real..."
>A hand runs down your side in a familiar way.
>"Is that such a bad thing? To enjoy yourself, if only for a bit?"
>You narrow your eyes.
"Yes. My enjoyment of a mortal is what led to you being made what you are."
>The hand scratches at your wing joint like he used to
>"You saved me. You extended my life, stopped me from leaving you."
"Exactly. I didn't ask you what you wanted, I didn't stop to think about what you thought, I just acted on my emotions and if you ever do remember, you'll probably hate me. I stole from you the only thing mortals are truly entitled to."
>The hand pets your mane, a action that would calm you, but now only makes you angry with yourself.
>"I would have wanted to stay with you, I love you."
"You are not him."
>You wake up to knocking on your door.
>You quickly put on your regalia.
>You state.
>The door opens and Twilight steps in.
>"Hello princess."
>She says with a small bow.
>You smile.
"Monthly update already?"
"Yep. She's been doing well. Makes friends with the other fillies, hasn't been in a fight since the Diamond Tiara incident. Diamond Tiara's family is still trying to claim their daughter wouldn't assault another filly, we all know that's a lie. She's been budding up with Rainbow Dash, I personally think it's because of her coat being similar color but not exactly to your own but that's a guess. I may have to put Discord 'on ice' if he keeps digging into this until her memories come back, I caught him trying to interrogate her."
>You nod.
"The nation stands with your decision if you think it necessary. Is that all?"
>"No, just one thing. Have you been visiting her dreams?"
>You shake your head.
"No, you said it better if I didn't, so I have not. Why do you ask?"
>She pulls out a paper.
>"I told her to make a dream journal and I'd give her some candy. Of course as a filly candy is worth it's weight in steel. This is one of the pages."
>She uses her magic to float it to you.
>You begin to read the sloppy hoof writing.
>'Today I had a weird dream, me and this big blue grown up mare were at this pretty ocean hill thingy, we were having a little picnic. We were talking about some boring stuff, then I made this joke about kissing or something? We both laughed, but then we actually did it! It was gross, but for some reason, it made me feel funny. I was also some weird thing, I had spider hoofs, and was much bigger than any pony I've seen. I wouldn't really mind that dream again strange enough.'
>As you finish you look to Twilight.
"So, what does this mean?"
>She smiles.
>"I think you're gonna be getting your husband back if they keep having dreams like this!"
Can't abolish the Anon. No matter the magical mishaps Anonymous pulls through.
My Little Pony - Anon - Anonymous.png
>Anonymous hacker filly
Thanks poner.
KYS faggot.

Too fucking cute, this right here is why Pegasus Fillies are and always will be the best.
272913 272916 272917
Is this a net positive or a net negative?
Net negative. Genetic engineering of the perfect filly will happen with masculine men. If shit continues down this road faggott and slavery is the only end.
On the other hand being a literal filly would be a net positive for all humans of that time period.
I'm holding out hope for a good future that can make the last one possible (put the spirits and entities into flesh homunculuses, or maybe some AI), but not with all the doom that precedes it.

I'm sure at that timeline of when being a pony is possible their control is overthrown by an army of fillies, ponies, peak humanity, the hidden cache of the internet, and doom marines.
Once again pony saves the day.
Only positive in Equestria and restrictions may apply.
That faggot anon is a menace, even under Purple close supervision.
Net neutral, that 2040's prediction is pretty bad
But to become pone, the process may be painful but worth it
272952 272954
Dammit, I stop writing for a bit and this place is dead in the water. I'll crank out some more soon, fucking discordniggers.
boops the good filly
I'm too dumb to write without a combination of inspiration and mexican food
Ready for epic swag coolness, my brony friends?
>get buff at gym
>get to Equestria, now filly
>get new begining
>But you are not discourage, even if you now are a small filly, you wil get back into peak physic
>goes to ponyvillle gym.
>The day you start school and Cheerlie welcomes you in, you have rocking huge hips and flanks that says unf
>Throughout the day colts stare at you
>One of the populare fillies at school starts hating you becuase you have taken alll her attention.
>Wat do?
spit on her and all the colts that get near you
you will forever be the forbidden fruit, because you're not fruit.
no u
>even has flag hidden
## Scruffy
Sorry, I was busy. Please pay him no mind
273035 273037
Pumped Up Kicks (Medieval Style with Female Vocals - Original by Cornelius Link).mp4
Thank you for being awesome as always.

>Be me, Twilight Sparkle
"What's this Anon?"
>video related
>"Well the teach said to do something about history, so I figured I'd cover alot of human history through song."
>Is she trying to get you put back in magic kindergarten for this violent magical song?!
>A heavy thud lands behind you.
>Oh Sweet Celestia.
>"My most faithful student I'm so glad you can help Anonymous during her trying times. In fact Luna has been enamored with this music she is asking for a continuation of the musical exploration."
>"Indeed Twilight you've done a fantastic job, but could you please use some more exotic slurs instead of my name in vain? It get's remarkably dull over the years."
>Ut's time to say something Anon taught you.
273014 273015 273085 273346
Picked other, I want to be sun's little spoon.
I chose other; I want to have warm comfy filly snuggles with other fillies
That's a nice looking nanner.
So here's a challenge filly fags. Anonymous thirty minutes a piece challenge!!!

Time yourself and write a snippet of text about Anon filly. Here's my thirty mins.

The green filly dodged her head to the side as a pink punch was thrown where her head had been.

”Bastard!” the pink filly shouted.

The green filly rotated her whole body and delivered a spinning kick. The pink pony's head flew and with it its body. A silver tiara the pink filly had wore on her head tinked several times as it landed on the ground.

”Ohhh! Worldstar that mah, zigga!” Zala shouted as she held her head. ”Sheeeeiiit!”

Diamond Tiara spat out blood and a tooth onto the pavement. She then stood up and glared at Anon. Anon gave her a blank look.

”Ms. Anonymous.” She cracked her neck. ”So you have choosen the way of pain!”

Damond Tiara planted her hooves into the concrete and then lifted up a huge blouder. She spun around and then tossed it at Anon.

At first it looked like Anon would be hit, but then Anon spun around bucked the blouder. The boulder continued forward in its incredible speed as Anon was shoved in front of it, grinding her front hooves into the pavement, leaving trails of broken asphalt after them.

Anon was pushed away from the school ground, zipped by Sugarcube Corner, and going towards collision with Twilight's crystal castle. Then she saw, babyfilly play with her diaper and suddenly Anon's willpower were renewed. She strained her muscles and dug her front hooves into the ground. Electricity sparked around her body. She came to a grinding halt and with a last bit of effort the blouder was shoot back.

”Huh? Well, that was a bit disapointing.” said Diamond Tiara as a tumour grew out where her former tooth had been and soon morphed into an identical one as well. ”Seems like there are no ponies that can challenge me. Ha ha ha.”

Then Diamond Tiara noticed a small dot on her hoof. She swatted it but it didn't disappear instead it had grew. It was a shadow that grew until it covered her completely. She then looked up and saw her boulder from before.

”Yea yea yea, wat ahm axing is wat came first, the fried chicken or the egg. You know what ahm sayin? You feel me? Sheeit zigga we wuz philosphers and sheeit man,” Zala said as she talked on her phone.
>>273000 (checked)
Stumbled across that a while back myself. Good shit. Seemed like there was a divide between 'bardcore' and 'tavernwave' for the style's name. Prefer the former, myself.

Nice little green, too.
273081 273086
I know mommy issues general and all, but is there anyone you wouldn't mind as a dadfu or father figure?
Big Mac is the only real choice, he's pretty chill.
Kill me yourself, you coward.
273087 273094
>no option for wanting to be the jailbait filly/attack loli
1557432728699 (1).gif
You know what would be neat a Father's day version of the mother's day prompt.

See who you get as a dadfu. If they are female they turn into a male.
Kill yourself pedophile.
273092 273093 273095 273346
Fucking optimization - 2.jpg
Sharing my question here, since Anonfilly will probably be the MC(s) :
I'm working on some horse game, and I need ideas.
I'm using a new fancy & buggy & undocumented Unity tech that make it reasonable to have hundreds (well currently I can get to one thousand at 60FPS) of NPCs acting on screen, but I have no real idea of what gameplay to do with that. I just have a mighty need to throw horses everywhere on the screen, but I need something sorta constructive to do with them.

Mentioned possibilities :
>Swarm-focused RTS
>Bootleg Dynasty Warrior
>Lemmings but in 3D somehow
>Reverse tower defense
If you have other ideas, or recommendations on existing games that might be a good example for this kind of gameplay, feel free to share.
From where you're kneeling it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck. Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.
build a stampede to trample famous landmarks.
What about a swarm based civilization builder? That's asking for alot.
3D lemmings would be interesting. You could add wolves, magic thingies, rolling boulders, rivers, pits and holes. Maybe a thingy chases you in free mode while puzzle mode is locked in and much more similar to lemmings.
Inb4 fishing simulator.
"You're right it is rigged from the start, because..."
>"Well? Out with it."
"I win!"
>Rainbow blaugh
"And the power of being filly is mine! All mine! Mwahahaha!"
>>273085 post related
Could you make something like Total Tank Simulator but with a fantasy/pony theme?

273107 273108 273111

y-you too.png
That's very well done.
Have to hang that on the fridge. Not sure why video related poped into my head after seeing that qt. Not really sure...
God I remember that one from the title alone.
Filly version when?
273128 273136 273460
Not sure who the top oc is but she's pretty cute.

Ah yes, my favorite Twilight. Bitchy Twilight.
Fillies walking under mares like that is top qt, makes for a great obstacle for their chasers too, after running between the 4 legs and leaving a confused mare behind
We need more bitch Twilight green tbh
273137 273139 273146 273159
I wanna be the filly and have a mare stand over me and make me feel safe
I wanna be the vulgar little filly with the tired but well meaning mare telling me to stop with the Celestia-damned cursing already and behave
Easy to sink face in chest fluff.
273148 273150
>I wanna be the filly and have a mare stand over me and pee in my mouth

filly spots some degeneracy.png
>I wanna be the filly and have a mare stand over me and pee in my mouth as an Anon pounds her and me as their saftey washes over me.

Based filly.
273160 273187
I wanna fall asleep in a filly pile
273161 273187
I want to be lightly crushed by the weight of at least three other fillies in the filly pile, so it's like a weighted blanket
based fillypile
273190 273194
>>269294 →
>Trust Once Lost
>Chapter 18
>To Greener Pastures

After hearing Green’s care plan, Applejack felt much better about taking her in. It didn’t hurt that the filly had taken a real shine to her when they met for a second time. All she really needed to do was be stable, dependable, and caring.

As they walked through the cool evening air the filly stuck close by her side. Applejack felt a little proud that the filly trusted her and felt a protective instinct overcome her. She was determined to live up to that trust. She knew Green wasn’t her filly, she was just taking care of her for a while; Dayglow had been clear with both of them that this wasn’t an adoption and that they shouldn’t think of it as such; It was important to manage expectations. Oddly this had seemed to make the filly feel more relieved than disappointed.

When I saw the lights were off and all of the curtains drawn I looked over to Applejack and noted the slight knowing smile on her face. I had a feeling I knew what was coming, but the thought filled me with dread. I tried not to show it.

Applejack opened the door and allowed me to enter first. She closed the door behind us without turning on the lights, and I steeled myself against what was to come. It didn’t help.

“SURPRISE!” A chorus of voices called out as the lights flashed on.

Every single eye was on me. Most of them from above my height. Anxiety twisted in my gut.

“Aww, she’s so surprised she’s speechless!” Pinkie Pie giggled.

I was struggling to keep a smile on my face, and I felt a warmth on my back as I realized that I was subconsciously trying to hide underneath Applejack. My face blushed red with embarrassment. I had to get out of here, but I couldn’t just run away or ponies would worry.

“I need to go to the bathroom real quick,” I said

“Down the hall and first door on the left.” Applejack instructed, “Did you, uh, need some hel-”

“I’ll be fine thanks,” I said quickly.

As soon as I had the door closed I let my smile drop and I heaved a breath. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it in my teeth. A panic attack. Great. Just what I needed. I had been nervous around social situations as a human, but nothing like this. I looked in the mirror and my reflection looked pitiful. Seeing a tiny creature so distressed made my heartache... for myself. I did some breathing exercises and made use of the facilities - it wouldn’t do to return to the bathroom too quickly and have someone wonder if I was hiding in the bathroom to avoid my own party.

Alright, alright. Pinkie probably went to a lot of trouble to organize this party and if she thinks you’re not enjoying it she’ll be crushed. So enjoy yourself dammit. Fun is mandatory. I managed to make myself giggle at my own stupid joke. Alright so you’re going to meet a lot of ponies, and you’re not going to remember their names but that’s okay, right? There’s so many, so that’s a good excuse. They’re all just going to be seeing you for the first time and getting first impressions that you can never take back and they’ll see right through you and know you’re faking it and they’ll take it as an insult like you’re saying that they’re not worth your time and then nopony will like yo-

“Stop,” I said under my breath. “Breathe.”

I took a deep breath, and prepared to walk out of the bathroom. I’d already taken too long and I didn’t want anypony to worry. Alright, you just need to keep this up for a couple of hours and then you can say you’re tired. That’s fine, you’re a child so ponies won’t think anything of it. Alright, deep breath.

I looked back in the mirror to confirm that I had a happy expression on my face, taking note of my ears which had betrayed me before. I still couldn’t control exactly what they did, but by focusing on listening for sounds in front of me I could keep them from folding flat against my head. Satisfied, I pushed the door open and winced at the volume of all the ponies chatting excitedly. I didn’t like being in a crowd at the best of times, and with my more sensitive hearing, it was that much worse.

Applejack and Pinkie were making a beeline for me and I mentally prepared what I was going to say, and tried to make sure my smile didn’t look forced.

“So, were you surprised Greenie? Were you, were you?” Pinkie asked excitedly.

“I was very surprised Pinkie,” I tried to giggle, but I was terrified that she wouldn’t buy it, “You nearly surprised the pee right out of me!”

“Oh no!” Pinkie said, “That would be TOO surprised and you would be SUPER embarrassed in front of everypony and they would all be staring at-”

AJ stuck a hoof in Pinkie’s mouth. “Yes Pinkie, we get the picture. Now if you’ll excuse us I need to show Green what room she’ll be staying in.”
273194 274135
As soon as we were upstairs, away from the party I sighed, tension leaving my body.

“Alright Green what’s wrong?” AJ asked. “Your tail’s wrapped around your leg so tight it’s like you’re afraid somepony’s going to bite it off.”

“What?” I lied poorly, “Nothing’s wrong I just want to get back to the party.”

I’d rather die.

AJ raised an eyebrow at me and I knew the jig was up. I crumpled to the floor, feeling sick.

“I’m not feeling well,” I explained, “But I don’t want to ruin the party for everypony. I’m too tired.”

“That’s not the whole truth,” Applejack stated, “Is it, Green? I won’t make you go back down there if you don’t want to, but you’ll feel better if you just let it out.”

I sighed.

“I’m scared of meeting other ponies, and I don’t like crowds, and I know I’m being stupid and irrational because all the ponies are probably really nice and they won’t judge me but it feels like they will and I’ll never be able to remember all of them but they’ll know me and now I’m too scared to go to the party but Pinkie worked so hard to make this party just for me and if I don’t like the party she’ll be sad and then she’ll cry and I’ll be the worst pony ever because I made Pinkie cry and then everpony will hate me, and I’ll hate me and it will all be ruined because I’m so pathetic that I can’t even, and then, but I-I can’t-”

Without even meaning to, I’d pressed my face into Applejack’s soft chest. Tears were streaming down my face and that just made me even more embarrassed. Applejack had put her foreleg around me and that actually did feel nice.

“Oh Green,” AJ squeezed me tighter, “I’m so sorry. I’m sure Pinkie wouldn’t want you to put yourself through this for her sake.”

“You can’t tell her!” I insisted, “If she knows she made me feel bad then she’ll feel bad too and it would be my fault!”

“It’s not yer fault Green,” AJ said, “You can’t help the way you feel, an’ torturin’ yourself tryin’ to convince Pinkie you’re having fun is only going to make her feel twice as bad when she realizes you were puttin’ yerself through that just to spare her feelings.”

“Can’t you just tell her I wasn’t feeling well?” I pleaded, “Her special talent is making ponies happy, so if she finds out, she’ll cry!”

“Pinkie knows all kinds of ponies, Green,” AJ consoled, “You’re not the first pony to walk out of your ‘Welcome’ party. Why, when Twilight first came to Ponyville she ditched her party to read books and Pinkie didn’t take it personal.”

Stupid, stupid. You’re catastrophizing everything. Everypony is just trying to help you and you’re screwing it all up. Stupid body. Stupid childish emotions.

“You have to give ponies a chance, Green,” AJ said, “If you’re twisting yourself into knots trying to say whatever you think they want you to say then you’re denying them the chance to actually do something nice for you.”

“I just don’t want ponies to be sad because of me.” I explained, “I know I’m being stupid and unreasonable, but I just can’t control my emotions.”

“Ponies will understand if you’re shy.” Applejack was stroking her hoof down my back. “I’m sure they can keep themselves entertained, so you’re not ruining the party at all. We’ll start small okay, how about you meet my little sister and her two friends to keep you company and I’ll go deal with the party downstairs?”

I was a bit nervous about meeting them after the impression I left on them in the forest. I glanced down at my bare flank. I guess it was inevitable that I was going to meet the Cutie Mark Crusaders so I may as well get it over with now.

Applejack misinterpreted my nervous glance.

“You don’t have to worry about them making fun of you, they don’t have their cutie marks either,” AJ explained, “They’ll probably ask you to join their little club.”

I nodded.

“Alright, Ah’ll send them up with some cake,” AJ promised. “Please don’t ever feel like you need to hide when you’re feeling sad, or scared. Ah promise Ah’ll never be mad at ya for being scared of somethin’”

“Okay,” I said in a small voice.
Applejack up for nomination as best momfu. It's time to turn Green into an Apple.
>It's time to turn Green into an Apple
Perhaps you meant to turn Purple into an Apple.
273211 273214 273218
>Be Twilight.
>Anon has been too happy, being turned into a filly was supposed to be a punishment!
>But you've got a plan.
>The princess is coming over to visit, so you're going to embarrass them infront of her.
>Dong Ding!
>She's here!
>A few hours later and Celestia, Anon, and you are talking in the living room.
>You drop something just quiet enough to make Anon hear but not Celestia.
>They turn around and bend down to pick it up, that's when you do it.
>You lift up her tail to reveal her to the princess!
>Her tail is so long and puffy all you do is make it look like she's shaking her rump.
>Celestia smiles.
>"Aww, that's so cute, did Twilight show you her and Cadence's sunshine thing?" She pats Anon on the back. "You did miss a couple parts though, it goes:"
>Her and Celestia start doing your best friend hoof shake!
>You panic!
"N-No! Celestia, it was me that was me that shook her rump like that! See I was trying to lift their tail to flash you so you'd be offended and-"
>Celestia is looking at you with disgust.
>"You were trying to make me look at a filly's bits Twilight?"
>You panic more.
"NO! See, they're not really a filly, that's Anon the human! I turned them into a filly to punish them for-"
>"I know who he is, but I thought they were a filly to experience what it's like to be a pony and you helped them. But you did it to punish him?" She is looking both disgusted and angered that you would do such a thing.
"W-Well he was being mean and I-"
>"So you thought being mean back would change that? Get even? Twilight, I always told you, violence breeds violence, and if we all lower ourselves to such a standard we are lost. But you apparently think because he's different you get a slide to be mean to somepony helpless to harm you?"
>You think for a bit.
>She scoffs.
>"Come on Anon, I'm sorry I didn't see how little my student learned before. I'll help you experience what being a pony really is then you can turn back to a human."
>"Yay!" The filly calls.
>With that they're gone.
"N-No! This is supposed to be about filly abuse! Not me! I'm not supposed to be the one suffering! It's not fair! It's not-!"
>Be Twilight
Filly aboose failed we'll get 'em next time.
What if filly wanted Celestia to see her filly bits?
>"Hehe you can see a pony pussy, right princess?"
"Anon nooo!"
>Twilight then uses her body to cover the filly place.
>Touching the filly filing folds infront of the princess.
273220 273232
>violence breeds violence
what the edge is that pic from?
Were you fucking born yesterday?
273223 273225
babby upsies.png
Trips confirm you were born in the good old days after 9/11.

>Twilight calls to the form laying on the ground, currently shaped into a filly as opposed to the once proud human it once was
>A soft, high-pitched voice calls out from this form, seeking to rebut the comment thrown at it
>"No. I passed one... to you..."
>The small form's head rises from the ground, its gaze rising too to match Twilight's own glare
>"Sure as the sun will rise... The memes... will continue..."
>The filly once named Anon lets out a large yawn as the sun rises behind it, but it continues to speak anyway
>"Now I return... to my sleep..."
>And with those final words, the filly passes out, once again collapsing to the ground
Nanospells, son
Suicide fics with filly are popular lately.
Wheres KYS filly on this one?
273292 273294
Maybe he doesn't think he needs to say it because PTFG trannies already will 41% of the time
They've passed 50% at this point, trannies are pumping those numbers up.
File (hide): DFEF1C97CE7CD63C65B875D28219CE63-2321336.webm (2.2 MB, Resolution:480x480 Length:00:00:09, 1583114994088.webm) [play once] [loop]
Despite only making up 13% of the population, too!
It's a twofer!
holy shit i'm getting good at this. she's a wamen and black, a twofer. two minowwities for the price of one. also 13-50 blacks. also tranny suicide rate is high.
273300 273302 273312 273321
anyway, on-topic
>be the filly
>is your unicorn horn a bone like a tooth, or strong hair like a Rhino's "Horn"?
Shit prompt, shut the fuck up Nigel.
Just took a few minutes to make this. Enjoy.
I always considered it to be a bone with neural tissue inside of it.
273305 273309
What would the neural tissue be for?
Projecting nervous system signals or mental commands outside of the brain to create "Magic"?
273307 273308
KYS you zigger.
Filly abuse isn't welcome.
The horn would have to have a significant amount of nerve tissue to 'conduct' magic, or mana as well as send electrical signals to the horn, telling it what to do. Just having a fucking bone there makes no sense, fantasy has to adhere to logic.
273310 273317
>Filly abuse isn't welcome.
Someone's new.

What he said >>273305
that 3rd one is made by some butthurt autist faggot who doesnt like fillies in his pony town safe space, delet this shit
No, it isn't. I've had that image saved for years you nigger.
>Be filly
Turning you into a filly wasn't an easy process and Twilight had to cut a few corners.
The floppy 'horn' on your forehead is a case and point.
Plus side you can see where yoh spray and can use the magic dick to magick shit!
The down side is that stuff dribbles down. Because gravity is a bitch until you learn levitation, gravity manipulation or shield stuff.
Not all fun and rainbows. It'd a cool party trick, and the only one really embarrassed by it is Twilight.
i only believe you because of your digits
but (You)'re the nigger, nigger
273322 273329
Proofs? I'm just saying abuse should always have a place here because it creates interesting stories and art; not to mention it always has had a place here.
273316 273318
>This post is omnipotent
Purple deploys magik to protect filly.
It nullifies all past and future posts that contradict it. She can't do anything.
Leave filly alone.
273319 273341
>Putple deploys magik to protect filly.
>It works too well.
>Protects filly from oxidative stress.
>filly freaking out because purple fucked up and is suffocating
>oh shid wat do?
>oh shid wat do?
Hurry Spike, let's send a message to Princess Celestia.
Filly abuse ends NOW!
273331 273343 273370 273837 273848
You give great questions that lead to green

>Another day in Equestria
>Be the filly with a question that needs to be answered
>Which you can ask if this lecture ever ends
>"So is it getting through to you now how dangerous that was? Or if I thought Discord gave you as a gift and you were left as a life-sized filly lawn gnome?"
>This speech would probably be more effective if it were coming from someone other than yourself
>The you that's the original, purple found out cloning was hard
>Apparently the other you was worried at some point
>Though some ponies were talking about him yelling at the sun again before actually helping you
"A pony would've reported me to someone, they don't take lewd statues lightly here."
>"And whose fault is that? Especially after the quesadillas?"
>You still hate when not-you is right
>Especially because he thinks exactly like you do
"Point is that you should've let me have the trout, faggot."
>"Not when you act like that, and you know that's not the point. Just- fine, go fuck off until I think of a way to actually get through to you."
>Hah, you won the stall-out of stubbornness
>That means freedom to go bother purple about your forehead protrusion
>Bookhoers knows about being a pony and should have a surface level knowledge on what exactly a horn is made of
>You arrive at the castle after a long run-turned-walk
>Running still sucks, no matter the number of legs
>You knock on the large crystalline door
>It takes a moment before the biggest beta you know opens it
"Ey, Spike! What's up? I'm here to talk to-"
>"Sorry 'Non, Twilight said to tell you that she's not helping you find more poison joke."
>Damn, there goes those future plans
>But that's not what you're here for this time
>You're here to learn something important, something vital
"It's not that, but I do have a question for her. Fate of Equestria may depend on the answer."
>Spike gives you a flat look, like the one you'd give to a child who's obviously lying but it's more effort than it's worth to confront them about it
>"She's in the library. Seriously, don't ask about the poison joke."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever you gem-munching fag."
>He opens the door more so that you can squeeze in
>You immediately start for the library
>This place seems almost nostalgic, back from your first few days here
>Back when the current pony-you wasn't made yet and had just gotten here, Twi wanted to study you
>And again when Twilight gave you pony-lessons and magic lessons after her cloning failure
>You reach her personal library door, and find it closed shut
>Usually a sign that whatever she's trying to research, she's deep into it
>A perfect time to yell for her loudly while walking in
>You walk in to see the mare stumble off a stepping stool while letting out a pained cry
>She quickly gets up, and shoots you a glare
>"Spike should've told you that I'm-"
"Not helping me find poison joke. Yeah, I've heard. I just have a question, a very important question that I need you to answer. Purely academic."
>Twilight gives you a shocked look
>"You... have an academic question? For me? You're the same Anon that slept through all of my lectures on how to be a pony, and you have a question?"
"Yeah, don't get your tail in a twist. It's been bothering me, what exactly is a unicorn horn made of?"
>Her face lights up in a way you've only seen just before your lessons
>"I thought you'd never ask such an important and scholarly question! It's quite simple, I just need to get a couple of my bio-sorcery books from the other shelf and we can get started!"
>This might have been a mistake
>"To start you off, what do you know about our horns?"
"That I traded my lower horn for this one, and that it makes magic."
>She completely ignores your joke while levitating a few books from the shelves
>"They don't make magic, they harness it from a nearby gland. Now, do you have any theories on what they're made of?"
"Bone, maybe? Or a solid chunk of hair like a buffalo?"
>"Neither, it's a completely different structure completely!"
>Her voice pitches up in enthusiasm as she finds the book she was looking for. "Basic Pony Physiology - Second Edition"
>Opening it up, she points at a diagram of a unicorn head with a label on the horn
"...Alicorn? Isn't that what you and Lulu are?"
>"Well, yes, but it was discovered by Starswirl the Bearded that horns were in fact not bone but a highly conductive bonelike material that had a plethora of nerve-endings that could not sense pain. He named the material after the princesses to honor their strength and sensitivity. Also, that's Princess Luna to you, not Lulu."
"Huh. The more you know. Now, second question."
>Twilight stamps her hooves in a sort of clapping of excitement
>"Yes, Nonny?"
"Where's Discord, I have an idea-"
>Her smile immediately drops, and her horn lights up
>You hear a pop, and you blink to find yourself right outside your house
"C'mon! That whole thing was weeks ago!"
>It was worth a shot anyway
>You hear the human Anon inside
>"Oh, sounds like she's back. Wait here, I'll get her for you."
>He opens the door and looks at you with a smile
>Oh fuck you know that smile, that's your I've-Already-Won shit-eating grin special
"What did you do?"
>"I found a way to get through to you."
>Damn, forgot about that
>It's getting late, so maybe it's something quick
>Neither of you like to miss bedtime
>You walk in the door only to have that hope crushed
>Three fillies, three sleeping bags, and your own markless ass
"Oh, hey girls, what's up?"
>Your attempt at a calm, collected voice comes out as a shaky, nervous one
>You really hope they don't say what you think they're going to say
>Sweetie Belle confirms your worst thoughts
>"Mr. Anon said we could have a sleepover! Isn't that great, Nonny?"
>You quietly swear an even deeper oath of vengeance upon Anon for this
2 is better than 1.jpg
Nonsense, this is the mommy issues thread
The filly is (You), so if you want (You) to be abused you clearly need even more motherly love
273330 273343
Don't listen to them, Anon. They just haven't let abusive, bitchy Twilight into their hearts yet.
273337 273343
Only ever writing abusive bitchy Twilight closes more doors than it opens
Good green. Thanks.
>Implying you can only have one and not the other
Why yes, I do browse all anonfilly content, how could you tell?

>Twilight brings the protection bubble with filly outside
>Starts to scream "filly lives matter" while calling mares to join her
>Filly slowly suffocates while banging on the purple dome to try and free herself, purple not once looking at her
273344 273365
It's Nigel, save your ideas for someone else Anon. It's a good green of course, but keep in mind that nobody wants that nigger here and writing his prompts will only prolong his tourism.
Almost every abuse green that had a longer runtime than a one-off explored the depth of the concept. ASSFAGGOT's Twilight is kind on the surface but brilliantly manipulative and prone to psychological torture, while All Nighter's outright destroys filly's mind completely before the story even starts and then starts to feel remorseful for it because she doesn't even know why she's being punished. But you wouldn't know that because you're a nigger who considers abuse to be a dead-end concept even though you've never taken the time to read an abuse fic.
I hope that when the time comes to go to Equestria, we can be abused together.
Do you see any other prompts being made by other Anons? No? Then let the discussion flow fag
Nice flag-hiding Nigel.
Tower defense where you play as Twilight having to defend herself from a swarm of anonfillies who wants to cuddle their unwilling momfu. The towers are magic clones of her friends and other townsponies, each with their own special abilities. Every level ends in a bloodbath with dead anonfillies eveywhere.

Other. Life's alright but I tire of this clownworld and Equestria seems like the perfect world to restart in if such a thing were possible. Ideally I'd save up enough money to buy/build a wagon like Trixie's and travel all over the world.
273348 273349
>Everyone that doesn't agree with me is Nigel
Even if you aren't Nigel, you're still a fag.
>t. Nigel
Filly floof must be groped for the good of all anons.
273358 273363
Not knowing the secret that we're all fags here

t. Discordfag not wanting discussion to happen on the thread
See? Works both ways
W-wew, you could at least give it a good brushing and a milkshake for the filly before going for that Anon
>Anonfilly is a discussion thread
Lurk moar Nigel
>Not discussing filly and filly shenanigans
Your newfag is showing anon
## Scruffy
That a fact?
273364 273367
Yes, check the archives if ya're still doubting, prompts, discussion, shitposts, or do you think discussion only happens in politics or that it equals to one fag screaming at one another?
Ya only don't see much of it anymore because most of that moved over to the place that shall not be named. Just don't tell ya to lurk more because, well yea, with that tag you already do that enough and the thread hasn't really had much of it here to make notes
273366 273381
I'm not you (staff can confirm this) but you're still right. Discord is a faggy circlejerk and it wouldn't surprise me if Discordfags hate that they can't mute/ban anyone on this site.

The imageboard format is good for intellectual quality posting in threads.

But in discords?

Every chatroom is full of fast low-IQ glomp/uwu-posting. People talk for the sake of being heard saying nothing. Your contributions slide up and fade away from everyone's minds in a few seconds so there's no incentive to make good long-lasting quality content.

Discord is a circlejerk where "Alliances" between petulant bullies who agree to bully others and defend their friends from being called out on their faggotry is all that matters to anyone there.

Your name on an imageboard is irrelevant, and what you're posting now is all that matters. Discordfags can't understand that or assimilate into chan culture because they're too used to discord/reddit "Everyone has a username and someone with a low social credit score must be reminded of it every time" culture.

I didn't blink when leftists called me a Nazi. Why the fuck would I blink if leftists spent 2-3 years calling me "Nigel"?

Discord steals activity from the site and subverts chan culture.
Even if discussion is happening somewhere other than here, that still doesn't prevent you from having discussion here. Ultimately that's just an excuse to shift blame away from yourself.
Don't put words in my mouth, I'm saying restricting yourself solely to filly abuse gives less variety overall
273370 273371
Because that was exactly the point I was bringing up, right? Did you even read the comment chain or just came around to blindly defend the hugbox?
Nice 180 either way, proves how fags cannot say "discord" without the defence force coming around, even if it has nothing related to them at all

Shush, at least keep it filly or related to the thread instead of posting merely for drama points
>check the archives
No need. I dont contest that discussion occasionally occurs here, but its maybe what, 1-2%? That's not a criticism either, the overwhelming majority of posts are greens, prompts, images, and good 'ol fillyposting KYS notwithstanding but to cite discussion as though its a common thing?
I dont just clean up the AF threads, I'm also a satisfied filly-poster
filly workout.png
And have a thing to hopefully skip the dramafags, was waiting to see if it was going to get coloured before posting, but don't think its gonna happen
/r/'d on the mlp/con/ to have Anonfilly bareback riding Mistmane, but drawfag did the opposite, not that I'm complaining since it's quite funny and filly gotta work those Erf pone muscles soon or later
What if we all just ignore the Discord Defence Force and go back to posting about anonfilly?
Look at this >>273321 and how good it is.
Discordniggers can't do that.
I read the comment chain, and I never said anything about any discord. I'm only highlighting how pointing anywhere outside the thread is just done to deflect blame. Even now you default to the assumption that I'm the Discord Defense Force rushing to the scene. By this point the discord drama's been beaten so far into the mud that in general neither side wants anything to do with the other, so our focus is best kept inward and on what we can do for the thread here and now.
273374 273375
I meant before the move, when most filly stuff was done in the threads themselves. Never implied was a big part of current threads either, even mentioned that lurking won't really give many notes on it by today's threads, exactly because it's not that big of a thing
But seriously lets leave that topic behind and get the thread back on the rails

That was not an invitation to poke and try and raise more drama, just don't bring it up. Period

>"Even if discussion is happening somewhere other than here(...)"
Argument to debate:
>"(...)because most of that moved over to the place that shall not be named(...)"
And what is that place? Exactly

What blame am I even deflecting in the first place? That I am not Nigel? That I said to "let the discussion flow" and now for some reason I'm just pointing at how discord is bad and that's preventing me from discussing shit?
Nice job pointing fingers, you're a fag

No more (You)s on this topic, back to filly
filly scrunch off.png
You just jumped to assumptions from the first comment I made, faget. I do agree this argument is pointless, especially since you and I are mostly arguing the same point.
B-beeg ghei
>Your name on an imageboard is irrelevant, and what you're posting now is all that matters
Yes, but you're Nigel, the redditor and the fimfiction shill. You clearly give a shit about an identity to attach your opinions to.
And you think I'm able to restrict myself to filly abuse if nobody writes it these days? Nigger. I don't restrict myself to writing or drawing one niche, but that shit shouldn't be banned.
It's good, glad to see Nips is finally drawing anonfilly again.
>Be Anonfilly.
>You decide to put yourself on the line to discuss politics with Celestia.
"I just think it would be so much better and fair to let the ponies vote for who they want to lead and their own choices over just saying you do everything and control everything because you say so."
>You've been discussing for a few hours.
>She sighs.
>"Anon. Do you want to see what happens with your 'democracy'? When ponies decide on their own?"
>You nod.
>With a flash you're in a ruined... city?
>You're confused.
>There's dust everywhere, vehicle and equipment that you never seen ponies use but are clearly made for ponies laying about.
>A jet like vehicle lays in a ditch, clearly from it's own crash.
>There's a griffon skeleton laying in it's wrecked cockpit.
>In the distance there's what clearly is a power plant, a massive hole from something a bit away.
>Greenery has started to retake the land, but that hole is mostly empty, chared.
"W-What is this?"
>"The end of a era." Celestia says beside you. "Across the ocean of the small island we call Equestria, deeper than ponies would ever travel. This was Amareica, my and Luna's home."
>She looks over the land.
>"Ponies had gotten greedy. Each looking for their own and nothing else. Every creature did. Only when they wanted something did they interact with one another. One day we got in a war, the war to end all wars as they called it. It did end all wars. It ended the world as we knew it."
>She points over to a hospital like building.
>"Luna and I sat there after it was all over. We waited to die, but we didn't. For some reason we didn't. So we came to a decision, if we could, we would never let creatures fall so far again. We gathered ponies, and some griffons, and we left. We found a new land, and made sure any records of this place were destroyed. This. Is the profits of 'democracy'."
>You just stare at the ruined city.
"Why'd you bring me here then?"
>"Who will believe you?"
>That's... true.
>You see something moving around down in the street.
"What's that?"
>Celestia looks to where you point.
>"Faust only knows. Many things here became monsters, beast intent on nothing but their own survival. It is nothing intelligent enough to save though."
"How can you be sure?"
>"It's chewing on a car right now."
>You look down and confirm, yes, it is chewing on a car.
>"Do you understand now Anon? Why I lead? I and Luna know what to avoid, something no other pony would."
"I... I guess."

>Democracy ended civilisation because we got into a war once
Extremely low brow with no actual discussion of the failings of democracy. Just vague "selfishness". Could have been much better if you explored the perils of mob rule, bureaucratic lag and lack of civic responsibility more, all of which are factors that contribute to the collapse of a democratic civilisation. As it is, this is like a commie saying capitalism is bad because it's profit focused, not people focused, as if the two are polar opposites that cannot co-exist.

Equestria doesn't work just because it's authoritarian, it works because those imbued with absolute authority are also instilled with a strong sense of civic virtue. Systems do not fail because of a flaw in the system, they fail because the system is manned by flawed people. Celestia of all ponies would know that and be able to properly express it, there wouldn't be a need for an orwellian style erasure of history to keep things on track.
So tender.

Our powers combined we are retarded
>"You need to be more careful Anon, quadrupeds move differently from humans."
"Yeah yeah, shu-"
>You're surprised when you feel a wing around you.
>"Hop on my back, you need some good rest."
Ps: Swift from the green is this mare >>273114

"What's the history behind your eye patch anyway?"
>>Turns out it was sucking dick and the guy nutted in the eye
Probably not the real thing, fags were memeing, but rolled with it anyway
>Pinkie Pie closes the book
>"And that's how you were born Anon, isn't it grand"
>You(Anonfilly) just kept staring at ponka, hoping to see any kind of lie in her eyes
>But the pink mare just kept her usual carefree smile, waiting for what (You) had to say
>You weren't born out of a pony, Twilight commited biological crimes to make you into what you are, you know it!
>There's no other reason a princess would be visiting an earth pony like you so often...
>Yet, the white mare kept fidgeting underneat you
>Almost as if you weren't supposed to hear it so soon
>You were sitting on her lap while listening to one of Pinkie descriptions of your "mom"s great war histories
>Not really your mom since you were originally born a human
>But you never expected it to end like this
>Looking up at the mare you're sitting on, you find that she was staring at you
>Only to look away and avoid eye contact as soon as they met
>Why is she so nervous anyway
>You're a human, you know it
>You even had a pretty nice shlong before to explo-
>"So what did you think of today's history Anon?"
"Is it even real?"
>"Of course it is, Swift here went through the 11 months and everything!"
>Fuck, the direct answer to try and get her to stutter on the lie didn't work
>And worse, you got a direct answer back
>This...can't be
>What of your arms, your fingers...?
>You feel the soft embrace of the hooves of the mare you're sitting on gently push you closer to her chest fluff while caressing your neck
>I-its not your imagination, you know it
>But you're a filly, and its true that fillies imagine the most weird shit
>It can't be...it just can't...
<"Shh, it's alright Anon, I'm here, shh shh"
>By now you're in a full blown hug and petting session
>Even though your mind is too occupied with other things to notice that
>Because you know it was real
>You know you were a human, one of those mythical creatures from the books
>Even if Lyra says you'll grow out of it and learn to just enjoy it for what they are
>You know they are real
>The technology
>The internet
>The faggots you shitposted with back home...
"I wanna go home"
>You feel your mom nod above and slowly get up, gently putting you on her back
>"I-I didn't say anything bad right? Will she be alright?"
<"Yes Pinkie, don't worry about it, she's just on that age...you know"
>"Oh, okie dokie lokie"
>Your life is a lie
>"Don't worry Nonny, aunt Pinkie will keep the monsters under your bed at bay"
>Your mom lost her eye to give birth to you...
>What even is the genetics of these fucking horses?
<"Don't worry Anon, one day you will understand"
>And as always, it almost feels like she can read your thoughts
>You feel a wave of drowsiness creeping in
>All this thinking plus your comfortable position, along of the clip clop from your mom as she walks...
>You just want to go back to Earth...
>Just go back home...and shitpost...
>Or perhaps just...a nap for..now...
>tfw all this time as a human is to prepare you for a life as a pony
>tfw all the ponies had a past life, but moved on
>tfw you gave up your eye so this little pony can exist
273499 273503
Some shitty animation using opentoonz and the plastic tool.
She's cute, but yeah it's rough and could use a bit of work. Nice job though
Angry filly.
It's good.

I can see the erasure taking place as a way to make so the future generations think on the princessess rule as "normal", capitalism, socialism and every -ism being a thing but only under their watch, never opening breaches for ponies to find and become curious about other forms of more open politics where they can't sway the populace
And then s9 happened and Twilight fucked everything

>ALL ponies had a past life but moved on
Now that's an interesting take, a bit too /tfg/ perhaps but still interesting, especially when thinking the "what ifs" for if the filly was a normie that hated this green pedo- filly he saw everywhere in the internet before with a burning passion
>Ib4 this normie is Twilight, reason she gives filly so much shit
273566 273668
>It's 3:00 in the morning, and you're just as bored as you usually are.
>Normally you'd occupy yourself with writing, but now that you have hooves it's a bit more of a commitment than hammering out some stupid shit on a keyboard.
>You really hope those CS twink fillies can get the internet up and running at some point.
>Because that's also a factor in you wanting to bash your skull in.
>But there's an hour to kill before you jump out of your window onto the curiously-growing tree that enables your nightly escapades without triggering any of Twilight's little traps.
>You opt to play with some of the dolls that Twilight bought you for your 'birthday'.
>It's kinda hard in the dark, but you work that into your plot.
>'Jennifer' the trans mare is going to the Grand Galloping Gala, the theme being complete darkness.
>So nobody can tell that 'she' doesn't look anything like a woman.
>You're getting to the hilarious part where a stallion hears her voice and directs 'her' towards the colts' bathroom when you hear hoofsteps.
>You scramble silently across a carpeted floor and back up into your bed, shutting your eyes and flickering them as rapidly as you can to mimic REM sleep.
>Twilight's quite good at detecting when you're faking.
>You hear her using real curse words about the messy state of your room, so that's a good indicator that she's bought it.
>She's levitating something and you hear a slight clinking on the bedside table as she sets it down.
>Glass of water, probably.
>The door shuts, and you go back to silently making 'Jennifer' get her Gala dress covered in toilet water.
>Either she's early or you've been playing longer than you thought.
>You have a fairly long window to get in and out, but this part always scares you.
>With hands? A cinch.
>With hooves?
>You push open the window.
>Leap the two feet over a twenty-foot tall gap.
>Catch the rough tree bark in-between your forelegs and hind ones.
>Wiggle your way down the fucking tree.
>And drop down right next to Orange.
>She's smoking something.
>Not weed or crack, she'd never stoop to that.
>And probably not a cigarette either.
>You're about to ask when she interrupts your train of thought.
>"Yo faggot, you ready?"
"Y-yeah, sure. Where'd you get that? What is it?"
>"You were a writefag, right?"
>"Then you know the importance of withholding information for effect. Follow me, you're gonna like this.
>>269186 →
Finished this one, it looks like shit so I'm going to redraw it. Sorry for taking a while.
273560 273564 273585
How to take care of your filly ! A handy instruction guide !
Step 1 : hug her.
Step 2 : pamper her with kisses
Step 3 : compliment her beauty
Step 4 : give her confidence.
Step 5 : reassure and support your local filly.
Step 6 : give her lots of physical attention until her eyes turn into hearth shapes.
Step 7 : get intimate with the filly.
Step 8 : make her fall in the love.
Step 9 : dick the filly to nirvana.
Step 10 : connect with your filly on a spiritual level of love and mind.
Step 11 : Souls bound with the filly with magic.
Step 12 : Reaches the realm of the immaterial cute autism with fillies by your care and affection.
Pamper her with pampers.
273569 273585
Am filly, can confirm the fucking Leaf is right
>Follow me, you're gonna like this.
I am definitely liking this so far.
P-post hoof pics
Filly is for boop
Hmmmm. It seems my solemn duty is to lewdly boop the filly.
273596 273611
>Floorb had been found guilty of 13 counts of filly fiddling and has been sentenced to 13 consecutive sentences of millennia moon imprisonment
>The victim of the case has this to say
"Are you fucking serious right now? I'm like twenty seven, it's legal!"
>Clearly a case of Stableholm syndrome
>More news at 11
>This just in Newst Princess Twilight Sparkle Pardons Floorboard
>Victim of the case has this to say about her endorsed fillyphillia
>The newst alicorn has this statement
"I never have nor never will support that, this is a clear case of (magicobauble translated by our teams) [filly isn't filly is alien!]"
>You heard it here first Princess Sparkle is aiding aliens in their mostly ambiguous goal.
>Breaking news!
>At repeated and louder than normal request of concerned Equestrian residents, Princess Twilight Sparkle's pardon of Floorboard has been revoked by Princess Celestia
>Our sun princess implies that her decision is not influenced by the alien involved with the case, but rather extrajudicial use of royal powers
>Victim of the case in question has this to say
"Do you retards not know the number twenty seven? It comes after twenty six! It's FUCKING BIGGER THAN EIGHTEEN YOU WORTHLESS FUCKS! YOU-"
>Victim may need to undergo psychiatric testing, because she is clearly six
>More news at 11
273612 273613 273617 273624
>Mmmm cheese
Fucking kek
filly cringes at some degeneracy.png
Where are you finding these? Are there more?
273646 273648 273657
haha filly piss
273650 273657
Can we sell it?
oh no filly's pissed

Did Hitler hate Jews?
Its not filly peeing inside my mouth, but this seems an acceptable compromise
273662 273666 273669 273678
Filly's been reading history books again.
This kinda feels like a sidefic to assfaggot's green, I love it.
I had no idea Aryanne was so cute as a filly
273675 273847
>The two of you discuss film as you walk through the deserted town, always a good way to pass the time.
"I'm telling you man, it was good."
>"I don't know, the plot sounds like a clusterfuck."
"There's a scene where this guy essentially calls a nigger a pseud and headshots him."
>She chuckles.
>"Well, if we can ever get Earth DVDs over here I'll consider it. That does sound kind of fun."
>It's clear that she's using a different route than she usually does, but that's to be expected if this is something more than your usual evening gatherings.
>Stupid Twilight not approving of her political beliefs...
>It's a hoarse whisper.
>You freeze.
>On the outskirts of the town, you see two bright green dots.
>"Timberwolf. They usually don't come this close to town. Have you been practicing your magic?"
"Of course, you know who I live with, don't you?"
>"Right. Can you do those beams yet?"
"What? Let's just wait for it to fuck off."
>"It's in the way."
"You mean to tell me you found something-"
>"In the Everfree, yeah yeah. Look, it's not that dangerous in there if you do your research, which I have. Can you do beam shit or not?"
>You groan as you charge up a bolt of magic, the mana collecting in your horn physically draining you a bit.
"You're gonna have to aim me, I get really jittery when I do this."
>You sit down and she climbs up a bit on your back, clamping her hooves down on both sides of your head and holding firmly, but not painfully.
>"Good. Let go... now!"
>You focus the energy inward to a fine point, and then, release outward.
>The feeling is much like a sneeze.
>The bolt lands square between the two eyes of the thing, putting them out for good.
"Damn. Nice shot..."
>"Wouldn't be my first, and hopefully not my last. Lucky hornhead bastard."
"Come on, I'd give this shit up in an instant if I could fly like you could."
>"Oh yeah, I'm sure you'd love flight lessons with Krusty the Kunt and having lightweight, easily breakable bones. Keep at your studies and you'll fly anyways...."
>She actually does sound a bit peeved, so you change the subject as you walk into the Everfree.
>"Can you light that thing up?"
>You concentrate for just a moment and obey.
>Crickets chirp in the summer heat as you continue along the rough path carved only by necessity.
Is Ash/Undeadasylum still here?
273752 273755
It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
>Filly has been equipped
>With full health a beam attack can be launched in addition to the shank
>"Handy for roasting kebabs no matter the circumstances."
>"Hey! My beautiful face is right here you know!"

Keep up the good work I'm having fun.

hey, what if there was a filly rpg game where the main mechanic is 'combination' moves and attacks
273680 273755
Still better, poner.

Glad you like it. Sorry I haven't been around much, between other projects and feeling like shit little time is left for filly writing, which is a crying shame.
hugging fillies.png
>Already looking forward to the future of the country and dealing with reds
Fillies grow so quick...

Damn this style is fucking cute, but why did you have to hurt me so? I need my chocolate milk to drown into, brb

Go on...what kinda "combination"?
If it's by two chars, besides specials, I'm not sure how that'd be better than individually picking something, plus amount of move varieties, unless it was solely focused on that?
Filly is for loving, tender motherly affection

273822 273823
WTF is that.
some PonyTown shit
I don't fucking know, found it on derpibooru untagged and it looked like filly.
273839 273846 273848 273863
>Morningtime of being filly in Equestria
>You're running out of ways to start your mental thought processes
>The fact that last night's sleepover did not include sleep is not helping
>You're just glad that you took over the tea-making duties before they did
>Repeat incidents of the ashen juice are far from acceptable
>Though the sleepover wasn't a total bust
>Half way through what was supposed to be torture you started planning the long game
>They're all so friendly here, those three would be perfect scapegoats for more extreme pranks
>But enough evil plans that have a chance to backfire, back to current time
>The fillies are gone and you are exhausted
>Curse this small body and its limits
>When you were the one and only Anon, and human, you could go four days without rest!
>You glance your tired eyes to Anon as he sits upon the living room couch, reading a trashy magazine
>Scratch that, he's napping
>...damn, that looks comfortable
>Maybe he wouldn't mind if...?
>Wait, of course he wouldn't mind, you're adorable and you wouldn't mind
>You sneakily creep up on Anon with the stealth of a thousand cats
>Or one clumsy unicorn
>Slowly, you lift yourself onto the couch next to him, and very very slowly place one hoof on his lap
>You keep constant vigilance on your human counterpart to make sure that you have plausible deniability if he wakes
>When his breathing hitches a little, you freeze
>It slowly returns and you release the breath you didn't notice you were holding
>Slowly working yourself onto the golden land of lap takes but minutes but it feels like hours
>Those anime lap-pillows were onto something, this shit is one of the comfiest places you've been in
>Once fully settled, you slowly drift off to sleep
>Bliss achieved

>Be Morningtime Anon, Equestria's grumpiest biped
>You're going to have to be more careful of when you instigate these sleepovers
>Or at least have more cider
>You did not sleep a wink
>Who knew that those three fillies would be so loud all night?
>Clearly not you
>Rarity did not help your state when she absolutely insisted on a spa trip later to "clear up those bags under your eyes, darling!" when she picked up Sweetie Belle
>At least AJ and Dash had the courtesy of taking their fillies with some semblance of speed
>You are alone with Nonny, and by god does that couch look comfy
>And that tabloid that you were reading just last week is sitting within reaching distance of your spot
>Gotta have some way to deter her from getting you back quickly
>Sitting down and snatching it up, you promptly fall asleep
>Or at least you would if Nonny wasn't trying to do something
>You'd do something after that fiasco, wouldn't you?
>You keep your eyes closed in a blissful near sleep state, waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop
>It doesn't take long, you feel her slowly tap your leg with her hoof
>Surprising, you thought she'd go for the magic route after all those lessons with purple
>But not as surprising as when she crawls onto your lap very slowly
>Like she's not trying to wake you...?
>Oh fuck that's adorable
>You wait for her breathing to stabilize before you open an eye
>This is the cutest thing you've ever seen
>The filly is sleeping on your lap like a cat
>You wish you had a camera ready
>But seeing it is enough for now
>You reach a hand up, and start gently stroking her mane and coat
>You're glad you don't have anything you have to get done today
>Even if you did, you weren't gonna do it
>The ponies would probably understand
>You slowly drift off yourself, content with the feel of Nonny's soft fur and mane
>Bliss achieved
Do you have a pastebin for these? I'd love to add it to the doc.
Yep Yup! It's right here
Thanks, all added to the doc. Your contributions are appreciated, stranger.
Oh, right. And if any of you all have archived filly greens that you don't see in the doc, tell me so that I may add them.
question mark.png
Don't worry about it.
Thanks I needed that. Just a glimmer of light to accentuate the darkness, but seriously it does mean a lot to me.
Hunh all sorts of Anon's coming out of the woodworks at this hour.
273851 273857 274198
>You walk through the forest quietly, Orange having showed you a neat trick a while back.
>It works better with feet than hooves, but setting down the back of them before the front makes less noise on fallen leaves.
>"...but yeah, you see a lot of different wing structures on pegasi. I'm not sure how much genetics has to do with it and how much of it is magical bullshit, but some of us are built more like owls. I'd approximate I'm a bit more like a falcon than anything, oh stop here."
"What is it?"
>"I don't know, actually. I just know that you have to stop here for a minute or two before walking further."
"How do you know that?"
>"Because I carelessly bounded through this area one time and had to take flight to avoid it."
>You shiver, nodding.
>And so you wait, conversation continuing as normal.
>Orange sometimes fucks with you to scare you, but this area makes you feel really wrong.
>Additionally, why inconvenience herself for a prank that won't even pay off unless you run on ahead?
>In any case, after a few minutes she marches forward, motioning for you to follow and not ceasing conversation.
>You see no signs of any sort of wildlife, but the feeling becomes almost unbearable when you pass a fallen log.
>You dare not look at the other side.
>After crossing a slow-moving stream and stopping to look at some cool fish, you both come across a small ravine.
>Orange seems troubled by this slightly, but she maintains her composure better than you would.
>"What a pretty ravine."
>Then, much quieter in your ear:
>"This ravine wasn't here when I last came out here. Take a look at it, see the natural growth? The mosses that look like they've been here for decades? The twenty foot trees?"
>You whisper back:
>"This all took place in the course of seven hours. We need to split. Now."
273850 273853 273857

Time to kick Nonny off the table https://youtu.be/OGbhJjXl9Rk?t=14
Keep up the good work, Lone
273855 273868
Which ponies haven't gotten their chance to be Anonfilly's momfus yet?
273856 273857 273867
Derpy, she's tries her best to be a good mom but has trouble. Anon only making it harder, until she sees derpy crying by herself because she feels like a horrible mother and failure causing Anon to be a be cuddlier with her and try to be a better filly.
Pretty sure ASSFAGGOT did a Derpy one-shot a while back
Ah, well the scare factor isn't helping my immanent sleep, but well done.
Have this killdozer to fuck up the mysterious moving spot of 'oh fuck, oh shit, of fuck'.
Also this (You) with your name on it.

no, no (You)s
You however deserve a filly snack, and a (You) too.
Damn, I was wondering how you did that sick (You) denial but I think I just figured it out. All of the fillies that don't follow Lord Pupper will have to figure it out for themselves, though.
top comfy
Has Tempest been done yet?
If I made someone smile, then I smile too
You did.
Smile again poner.
273874 273905 273954 274123
Alright, I'm tired of writing and trying to get anywhere at a reasonable pace and it feels too sudden to use a skip, so take the almost 40,000 letters of filler that I've written. Feel free to bitch me out for as long as you want for this, I probably deserve it.

>Where we last left off
>Anon and Twilight are getting plans for the tests ready so that they can meet Chrysalis's deadline and Anon is explaining the timeline and some overarching lore of Warhammer 40K to Luna in preparation for teaching her the system
>Let's get into the garbage, shall we?
273875 273905 274123

>Your dreams take you to an office building conference room for some odd reason, but that's not what catches your attention
>What does is that Luna shows up almost the instant you realize you're dreaming
>"Alright, now we can continue where we left off last night."
"Dang, you must really want to hear the rest of it. Well, pull up a chair and I'll try to remember where I left off..."
>Luna does as you instructed while you look back to the events of the last night to try to remember where you stopped
>Ah yes, there!
"Now, the Emperor of Mankind is organizing all of the space marines he created from the leftover genes of his primarchs to create an army to go out and find them while reuniting the human worlds spread out across the galaxy. With Mars subjugated and the Mechanicum on his side, he sets off into the solar system at first and reclaims all of humanity's lost colonies without issue and begins branching out further to continue work on both of his objectives. With his armies of space marines in tow, the Emperor manages to eventually reclaim the first of his lost sons, Horus Lupercal, whom he instantly hit it off with."
>You search your memories trying to remember which of the primarchs was discovered next, but you don't get anything coming to mind, so fuck it!
>Everybody's introduced at once!
"The rest of the Emperor's sons were also found as this Great Crusade went on, with all of them together totaling up to the 20 sons that he lost. These sons, minus the two we never were introduced to, were named Horus Lupercal, Lorgar Aurelian, Mortarion, Magnus the Red, Perturabo, Fulgrim, Angron, Alpharius Omegon, Konrad Kurze, Rogal Dorn, Roboute Guilliman, Ferrus Manus, Lion El'Jonson, Jaghatai Khan, Corvus Corax, Leman Russ, Vulcan, and Sanguinius. These primarchs would also take control of their respective legions, giving them names that they saw fit."
>Now, what were all the legions' names?
>Ah, yes, those!
"Horus named his the Luna Wolves, Lorgar named his the Word Bearers, Mortarion named his the Death Guard, Magnus named his the Thousand Sons, Perturabo named his the Iron Warriors, Fulgrim the Emperor's Children, Angron the World Eaters, Alpharius Omegon the Alpha Legion (despite his being the 20th legion, oddly enough,) Konrad the Night Lords, Dorn the Imperial Fists, Guilliman the Ultramarines, Ferrus the Iron Hands, Lion the Dark Angels, Jaghatai the White Scars, Corvus the Raven Guard, Leman the Space Wolves, Vulcan the Salamanders, and Sanguinius the Blood Angels."
>"A lot of those names certainly aren't very original."
"Yeah, Games Workshop isn't the best at naming things creatively sometimes."
>"Still though, to think that someone who is literally named after a kind of crow would name his legion after a kind of crow... What were they thinking?"
"I mean, at least it isn't Ferrus Manus, which directly translates to 'Iron Man.'"
>"That is true. I'd like to ask one other question, though."
>"Why did you list Alpharius's full name when you only listed one name for all the others?"
"Because Alpharius Omegon is actually Alpharius AND Omegon. The primarch that will become most well known for mind games and shenanigans was actually born as a set of identical twins."
>"Interesting. Continue, please."
"Alright, now we're getting into some more meaty shenanigans and it all starts with Lorgar. Lorgar happened to grow up on a world where the chaos gods were known and worshipped, which happened to clash heavily with the Emperor's Imperial Truth, which is that there are no gods so don't try to worship any of them that you did before. As a result, Lorgar ended up turning his worship towards the Emperor himself, seeing him as a god in his own way, much to the Emperor's disapproval. Lorgar doesn't really care though, but the Emperor does since it's making Lorgar go slower than the other legions since he's trying to convince everyone that the Emperor's a god and all that, so Emps steps in to stop him."
>Luna's still listening intently, ears and eyes both locked on to you
"Emps takes it upon himself to then punish Lorgar, and he does this by coming personally to where Lorgar and his legion are stuck at and slaps a bit of sense into him with some hard facts and logic. Lorgar then gets secretly butthurt about this and decides 'fuck it, if he doesn't want my worship then I'll just go back to worshipping the deities that I had back home!' So he does this, and his legion follows suit since a bunch of his legion are also from his homeworld now. However, it all flies under the Emperor's radar, so he doesn't do anything to stop it. And it also starts leaking into the habits of other chapters, too. I bet you can see what's going on from here."
>Not even a second passes between you finishing that statement and Luna responding
>"What happens next?"
>Well, first you have to get some other miscellaneous details out of the way
"This continues to go on under the radar for a while while various things happen. Emps steps down from the front lines of the Great Crusade to go work on a secret project back home and leaves Horus in charge, Magnus ends up losing an eye to fix part of his legion's problem with people suddenly mutating, and a certain Edict of Nikaea is passed, barring anyone in the Imperium from practicing any magic aside from the navigators and astropaths necessary to keep things moving in it, and Magnus is less than happy with this. Now, we get back to what else is happening with all those legions that the Word Bearers have corrupted. One of those is the Luna Wolves, headed by the Warmaster, Horus."
273876 274123

>"That's bad, right?"
"I'm not saying anything yet. Anyway, Horus and his legion have been infiltrated by the Word Bearers and their chaos tendencies and have begun getting buddy-buddy with them as a result. This all comes to a point when Horus is wounded in a battle on a world that has been claimed by Nurgle during the 5ish millennia of chaos caused by Slaanesh's birth, and is brought to a planet by the Word Bearers for healing. During this process, Horus is brought into the warp and converses with the four chaos gods and is shown an image of the future to come where half of the primarchs are left to history and the others are put on pedestals beside the Emperor. Little does he know that all this was set up by the Word Bearers."
>Luna's eyes go wide and she audibly gasps
"However, right before Horus can be completely corrupted by chaos, Magnus astrally projects to him and tries to warn him that he's playing right into their hand! Horus doesn't care though, and is actually a bit mad at Magnus for breaking the Edict that was set up, so he just ignores him and continues dancing to the dissonant tune of the ruinous powers. Magnus isn't happy about this at all, and decides to bring this to the Emperor's attention immediately and goes off to do that. Meanwhile, Horus finishes up his healing and comes back out, intent on betraying the Emperor and claiming the Imperium for himself and his brothers. As he's doing this, he manages to get a few of them on his side immediately."
>Luna leans forward, waiting to hear the names
"Horus gathers Mortarion, Angron, Fulgrim, Lorgar, Alpharius and Omegon, Perturabo, and Konrad to his side due to their own various issues with the Emperor and their own inherent chaos corruption, the corrupted ones being Angron, Mortarion, Fulgrim, and Lorgar respectively. Angron's anger gains the attention of Khorne, Fulgrim is possessed by a daemon of Slaanesh, Mortarion's legion is already being bent to Nurgle's will, and Lorgar's the embodiment of chaos undivided. Now, with these forces-"
>"Hold on, what about Tzeentch? Who's his primarch?"
"That's for me to know and you to find out. Now, Horus and the rest of the now traitorous legions proceed to completely massacre the loyalists within their ranks before turning their war effort against the greater Imperium. Now, back to Magnus! He's currently in self-imposed exile along with his legion on his homeworld of Prospero due to the Edict preventing them from doing pretty much anything, so he has nothing but time to contact the Emperor. However, due to the Ruinous Powers putting their own plan into motion, astropathic communications are pretty much out. This message is urgent though, so Magnus decides that it's a worthy sacrifice to break the Edict again to make sure it gets to him quickly."
>Luna almost imperceptibly shakes her head, as if she knows exactly what's going to happen
"Magnus fires up the astral projector again and tries to get to Terra through the warp, but encounters a massive roadblock. Being unable to break it himself, he is forced to take a power boost from a warp entity in order to get past it. Gifted with this new power, he shatters the barrier and gets to the Emperor, who is now pissed because Magnus just accidentally destroyed his secret project by breaking that barrier! Because of this and Magnus also breaking the Edict a second time, Emps doesn't even bother to hear him out and just sends Leman to collect him and bring him to Terra for more forcible exile. Magnus goes home disheveled, hopeless, and heavily regretting his hasty actions as he awaits Leman."
>Luna sighs briefly
>"I saw that coming from a mile away, I hope Magnus doesn't get punished too hard."
"Well, you're about to find out what happens, because Horus ends up intercepting Leman along his way to Prospero and changes the order, seeing as how Leman doesn't know that Horus is a traitor yet. Leman continues on to Prospero, now with orders to completely destroy the planet and everything on it. Magnus knows what Horus is up to, and if he's brought back to Terra then the Emperor will find out and stop it all, so that red loose end must be tied up."
>Luna's expression now goes back to full absorption, pupils now pinpricks in horrified anticipation
"Leman lands the Space Wolves on Prospero according to what Magnus expected, and Magnus even lets it all happen thinking he deserves it. However, the whole time, he can hear the screams of the population as they're wiped out by Leman and the Space Wolves, and eventually he can't take it anymore. He orders his legion to stand against the Space Wolves and goes to face off against Leman himself. When they both enter combat, Magnus learns that Leman's not going to stop this no matter what, so he fights with all of his physical and psychic might to keep his world and people safe, but Leman still manages to overpower him in the end, forcing Magnus to use the last of his strength to pull his legion and the entire world's population into the warp to escape the burning."
>You pause briefly here for some dramatic effect
"Once in the warp, they all come to rest upon a world belonging to that same warp entity that gave Magnus that power, who offers to take them all in under the condition that they swear fealty to him. That entity, as you may have already guessed, is Tzeentch. Magnus is the last primarch, driven to the arms of Tzeentch through necessity by the actions of somebody that Tzeentch had working for him. Thus ends the tragedy of Magnus the Red, and back to the regular events."
>Luna bows her head for a moment before looking back up to you
273877 274123

"Horus and his legions begin their campaign against the Imperium, opting to first disorient the loyalist forces with the help of the chaos gods. Guilliman and Sanguinius are separated from the larger Imperium along with their legions, Ferrus Manus is killed by Fulgrim, Leman tries to mount a one-man assault on Horus and fails, Rogal and Jaghatai are called back to Terra to help reinforce the planet for the coming assault, and Corvus and Vulcan are left heavily damaged and stranded after setting off a large trap while trying to counterattack. Eventaully, the Imperium is pushed back all the way to Terra's doorstep, but the loyalist primarchs remaining have also fought their ways back to Terra to help reinforce Rogal and Jaghatai's forces there."
>Now for the climactic final battle!
"Horus's flagship warps into space in Terra's orbit with Horus issuing a direct challenge to the Emperor himself, which the Emperor accepts. The Emperor, along with his custodes, teleport onto the Vengeful Spirit to fight Horus. With him, though, he brings Rogal Dorn and Sanguinius to help him out. Sanguinius makes it to Horus first and challenges him, hoping to stop him or at least weaken him before the Emperor gets to him, but instead gets killed outright. The Emperor arrives to Horus next and sees the dead body of Sanguinius before him, causing him to challenge Horus immediately. Horus and the Emperor do battle for a considerable time, with neither getting the upper hand for a while. Emperor's being evenly matched by Horus, all until one thing."
>Luna gasps again, this time more audibly
"Horus manages to get a fatal blow on the Emperor and knocks him to the ground. The Emperor tries to recover, but isn't able to due to how heavy the damage to him is. Horus begins advancing on the fallen Emperor, preparing to strike him down for good, but is stopped by a lone human. This human does his best to stop horus himself, but is atomized by a psychic blast from him. Witnessing this, the Emperor steels himself for what must be done now. The Emperor unleashes a psychic blast so powerful that not only does it atomize Horus's body, but it also completely annihilates Horus's soul and banishes him to non-existence. However, this comes at a cost, heavily taxing the Emperor's already wounded body and forcing him to take more damage."
>Now for the cavalry to arrive!
"All is not lost yet though, as Rogal's made it to the Emperor! Rogal takes the wounded Emperor and brings him back to Terra's surface where the loyalist forces have finished beating back the traitors for good, gets him back to the Imperial Palace, and gets the Emperor hooked up to life support to help him heal from his wounds and use his psychic might to keep the Imperium's infrastructure going in this new time of darkness. The traitor legions are pushed back to the Eye of terror, the loyalist legions are split into chapters to prevent another uprising, and the remaining primarchs try to pick up the pieces left behind."
>"Is that the end?"
"Nah, we still have about 10,000 years to go. However, there isn't too much that notable left. Anyway, things keep going around the same until the primarchs keep disappearing for their own reasons. Rogal goes missing after holding off a chaos invasion leaving only his left hand behind, Vulkan disappears leaving only some relics to lead his chapter to him eventually, and Guilliman is put on life support himself after a run in with some other threat. Jaghatai runs off to challenge the last of the Eldar for them being cunts and never comes back, Leman runs off into the warp to find a way to fix the Emperor, and Corvus and Lion just drop off the face of the Milky Way. After all this though, some new threats begin to arise. Remember that unnamed species from last night?"
>Luna thinks back on the previous night before a look of realization crosses her
>"The one that the Old Ones may have made to help stop the Necrons?"
"Precisely that one. They show up right about now, on the outskirts of the galaxy on the world of Tyran and turn it from a planet teeming with life into a barren rock within weeks. This new threat is finally sighted by the Imperial Inquisition, and the Ultramarines are called in from their nearby homeworld of Macragge to deal with these newly dubbed Tyrannids. The Tyrannids are a race of insectoid creatures that strip worlds of their life and assimilate their genes into their ranks for use later, which is why they're theorized to be a creation of the Old Ones as a form of biodiversity preservation along with raw strength to combat the Necrons. Anyway, the Tyrannids are running rampant in the galaxy and the Ultramarines are tasked with destroying them."
>You take another deep breath and get your mind ready to deal with some of Matt Ward's shit with the coming tales
"The Ultramarines manage to just barely beat back the Tyrannids this first time, but there are more of them coming into the galaxy constantly and from many places so there's always more Tyrannids. From here, the Ultramarines somehow beat the Tyrannids back without any casualties and stupidly quickly and become complete mary sues from now on, but that's just my own opinion. Either way, chaos keeps being a thorn in the Imperium's side, the Necrons start waking up with more souls ripe for the consuming, the Eldar keep clinging desparately to life or hiding in the webway and being degenerates, and the Orks weren't going anywhere to begin with, so they're still punching anything that moves. That about brings us to the present, in the grim dark 41st millenium choked with war."
>"That was a ride. Anything else of note?"
"Not really, just some other lore more recently that I have no idea where it's going so I'm leaving it out for now."
273878 274123

>And you also just remembered the T'au
"And I apparently also had an entire faction slip my mind. The T'au are a newcomer species to the galaxy and are actually multiple species joined politically, including some traitor humans. They're pretty irrelevant though, so nothing much really has happened with them and I kinda don't think anything will."
>"Then why did they even bother making them?"
"I dunno, fleshing out the universe some more? Giving the weaboo communists some representation? Games Workshop does what they want."
>"What's a weaboo and what's a communist?"
"A weaboo is a derogatory term where I come from for a person who is completely and totally obsessed with a country called Japan to an unhealthy degree, but has evolved into meaning a person who even just watches anime. Anime is a kind of animated cartoon made by the Japanese, before you ask. For your second question, just imagine Starlight Glimmer. That's a communist."
>Luna raises her eyebrows and nods concernedly as she ponders the implications of the information you've given her
>"I see."
"So, any ideas on what kind of faction you want to play from a lore standpoint?"
>The mare casts her gaze downwards in concentration for a few moments, carefully considering her options
>Soon though, she brings her eyes back to meet yours with a tentative answer
>"Can I use the Thousand Sons?"
"Before you make your decision final, let me show you what the Thousand Sons do."
>Without any further fanfare, you pull a book out of thin air and flip through it to make sure that it all says what it needs to
"Also, these aren't the rules that Games Workshop themselves made for the Thousand Sons, it's something put together by a fan. However, the rules are pretty cool, so I decided to keep this in mind."
>Now that all the fine print's out of the way, you place the book (https://1d4chan.org/images/archive/e/e7/20161003203527%21Codex_Thousand_Sons_v_1.75.pdf) down in front of Luna
"I'll let you read that, seeing as how I'd probably explain it all horribly by myself."
>She grabs the summoned book in her magic, briefly staring between it and you
>"Are you familiar with the fact that one cannot actually discern text in dreams?"
>Well, yeah, but that didn't stop her at any other time there was reading to be done!
"But what about every other time we've been messing around and there was something to read?"
>"I was never actually reading it, more inferring what it was supposed to say from what you mentioned and the environment around it."
>Well, let's see if you can try something else
"Then is there any way for me to put the information directly into your head?"
>"No, but there is a way for me to extract it. All you need to do is to read it, I'll handle the rest."
>You shrug at this, deciding that it's easier than not
>You retrieve the book you summoned and open the first page, noting after close scrutiny that the 'text' is, in fact, illegible in a traditional sense
>At this point, you pause for Luna to get her part of this ready
>Looking over to her, you see her eyes close and her horn ignite
>You also notice a thin, translucent blue strand now linking your forehead with her horn
>You wait a bit longer, not sure if everything is ready yet
>After another moment of waiting, she nods as the go ahead
>And so, you begin reading!
>Through the flavor text at the beginning, down into the actual nitty gritty and everything else that bears mention
>After a while, you finish reading and look back up at the mare to find her still with her eyes closed
>After another moment though, they reopen and focus on you as the strand disappears into the ether from whence it came
>"Some interesting rules. I'm assuming you won't be starting off using Space Wolves against me, just to keep it more fair?"
"I play the Imperial Fists, don't worry. Before we move on though, what did you do just then?"
>"I possess a myriad of abilities here, one of them is to see and hear as others do. It helps with tracking down certain monsters that may have broken through the border of the Astral Plane, but I usually end up using it to help dispel nightmares."
>That just raises more questions, but you're not sure if you'll get answers
"What kind of monsters break through the border of the Astral Plane?"
>"The kind that have the ability to enter dreams. I would tell you more, but that would risk making you one of their targets and they are quite fond of any mind they can enter."
>A small silence persists after the current topic is dropped, but not for too long
"So, is there enough time for a game?"
>Luna's horn ignites again as she closes her eyes, opening them a few moments later
>"There's about 30 minutes left for our time. Is that enough for a standard game?"
>Maybe if you played a small game quickly, but not if you want to do anything else
"It's enough time if we really hurry, but I'm not sure if that's the best idea with you learning a new system."
>"Yes, you're probably right. Well, is there anything we can do in the meantime?"
"I could teach you the system the game uses."
>"A good idea, let's do that."
>So you spend the rest of the time giving her the rundown on 40K's rules and regulations to make sure that Luna knows what she's doing in her first game as well as she can
>. . .
273879 274123

>You awake to an alarm, signalling the beginning of another day here innaquestria
>Oh boy!
>School, and probably nothing important!
>Well, no use whining about nothing interesting happening, there's probably been enough excitement packed into the last two weeks to last an average pony a lifetime and you probably have more on the way
>You absentmindedly huff at this, causing the bandage around your nose to tickle you
>Oh right, your nose is still bandaged and broken
>Almost forgot about that...
>You huff again, this time more carefully, contemplating how there's still about two weeks before this shit's supposed to be healed
>Well, time won't kill itself
>You go about your day, first going to school and skating through your lessons as always, then sitting by yourself and missing Emerald's company during lunch and recess, then finally heading back to the castle to kill yet more time
>Except, you don't!
>Instead of going to kill time, you instead go to Twilight to ask about the progression of the plans!
>You check all the usual places, first looking in the living area and then down in the lab, but finally navigate your way to her office again to find her
>You knock on the door, confirming her presence there when she answers
>"Come in!"
>You accept her invitation, opening the door and letting yourself into the room
"Hey, what's up? Any progress worth mentioning on things?"
>Twilight looks up from her documents, thinking to herself for a moment before returning her gaze to you
>"Nothing too interesting to report. Everything from yesterday's still done, no letters came in for you."
>Before you can respond, a flash of realization crosses her face
>"Oh! I put in the requests for the paper ads in the time since you last asked, that's something!"
"That's good, anything yet?"
>"Unfortunately no. However, it's only a matter of time until something happens."
"Indeed. Well, I'm gonna go bother Spike to see if Chrissy got back to me yet."
>Twilight nods and looks back down at her papers before you leave the room
>You make your way down to the basement to find your target, and he's there doing exactly what you expected
>Holding a comic book with one arm and keeping his Rarity plush near him with the other
"Sup dude, any letters for me?"
>"Nah, sorry. I'm not even sure Chrysalis knows how to teleport a letter through magical fire, so it would probably be coming by post anyway. Give it a few days."
"Alright, fair enough. So, what's been happening today? Anything cool?"
>Spike puts down the comic book for a moment to think to himself
>"Well, Twilight ended up spending pretty much the entire morning down in the lab making noise. I don't know what it was about, but it was loud."
>Maybe that has something to do with some of the trials?
>Eh, you'll ask her later
>Unfortunately, later doesn't come today as you completely forget the question within a few minutes
>With all the official business now either out of the way or out of your mind, you decide to get back to other issues
>Namely, one you haven't actively thought of in ages
>Should you stay, or should you go?
>Is there an answer yet?
>Answer machine broke
>Understandable, have a nice day
>Well, is there anything else?
>You tear through that quickly, getting mildly impatient at the lack of anything interesting happening that today was
>It's going to take a while to get over your period of constant happenings, isn't it?
>Eh, guess you'll just have to deal with it
>You carry out the rest of today easily yet slowly, eventually falling asleep uneventfully
>. . .
273880 274123

>Your dreams start off equally as uneventful, too!
>Is there no escape from boredom!?
>As a matter of fact, there is!
>Once Luna joins you in the dreamscape of bland unimportance, you immediately remember exactly what's to happen tonight
>"So, is there anything else I need to know, or can we finally play a game of this Warhammer?"
"Well, you have a good idea of the basics and you know how to use your army... I guess the only thing extra I could tell you is how my own army works, but that's not entirely necessary to do beforehand. I guess the last thing to do would be to decide what kind of game it is we're playing."
>"What kind of game as in what the objective will be?"
"Exactly. Whether we're competing for objectives, one of us is defending while the other attacks, king of the hill, or just sending in our units and seeing who comes out with more points left."
>Luna considers the options before her for a moment before making a decision
>"How about we do that last one?"
"Alright, arena deathmatch it is!"
>You quickly summon a table into the void, already pre-decorated with terrain for the units to stand in, as well as the units themselves with their own little spots to stand on on either side of the field
>As for the field you've chosen, it's fairly clustered with rock formations on either side where the units should start to provide cover while opening up into a small river near the middle
>Also, for extra decorative touch, the water of the river moves!
>Also, the units themselves move too, but only when commanded to move
>Alright, both sides are equipped with about 1000 points to keep things simple at the beginning
>Your Imperial Fists marines and Luna's Thousand Sons marines both move to where you both direct them, turn order is decided with a dice roll, and the game begins!
>Turn one movement: Imperial Fists move first, opting to organize just inside the rocks to get the drop on the Thousand Sons during the next phase, while the Sons move similarly
>Turn one shooting: everybody shoots at everybody else, almost nothing is accomplished
>Turn two movement: the Fists hold the line, opting to let the Sons be the ones to close the distance; the Sons consider this briefly before staying in the same place as well
>Turn two shooting: Roughly nothing again, the Sons start throwing out spells to try to make things happen while the Fists start lobbing grenades to the same effect
>Turn three movement: an agreement is formeed, in the interests of something interesting happening, both sides move out of cover and into the central area
>Turn three shooting: things finally happen! A few soldiers take some damage on each side, one particularly unlucky sorceror gets his head exploded by a bolt gun while another one accidentally summons in a few horrors when casting a spell
>Turn four movement: the Fists, seeing the growing numbers of enemies, opt to move back towards the rocks while the Sons and their daemons give chase
>Turn four shooting: the Sons press their number advantage, bringing down a few of Dorn's bois while some more of Dorn's bois start shooting back from cover again
>Turn five movement: the Fists finish retreating to cover while the Sons continue pursuing, not realizing that they're falling right into a trap!
>Turn five shooting: the Fists begin unloading everything they have into the clustered Sons, killing sorcerors left and right while the Sons end up breaking morale and retreating off the field!
>Results: Resounding victory for the Imperial Fists!
>You replace all the pieces into their respective sides and clean the battlefield of the fake blood, resetting things for a different game to begin
"So, how was it?"
>"It's an interesting system to be sure, but I'm sure I have a ways to go before I can beat you."
"Nah, it was pretty close there until the end. All you really had to do was not pursue me and you probably would've won."
>"A mistake I shan't make again. Now, what kind of game would you like to play?"
>What kind of game indeed?
>Well, you'd like to have a bigger game for one, but you should probably keep things more limited to make sure Luna doesn't get overwhelmed by having to manage over a hundred minis at once
>Not to mention all the extra rules behind vehicles and characters, you'll get to those once she's mastered the base game
>Now what of the games that remain will work with the limited number of units you'll use while still being fun?
"How about... King of the hill?"
>"Alright, I'm assuming we'll need a new board for this?"
"Yeah, probably."
>You whip up the old Dream Editor again, taking the table and editing it to a more industrial landscape, with multiple floors and places to stand in with a large central point where the objective, a reactor core, is placed
"Alright, the objective's that big thing in the center and it can be taken from three different levels but not if any enemy units are there too, so just be aware of that. Whoever holds the objective for more turns wins, if there's a tie on turn 5, then we go to a turn 6."
>"Sounds good, let's play!"
273881 274123

>The table is set, dice are rolled, units are moved and killed off, and time flies by as things happen
>In the end, it's another close game but this time the Thousand Sons win out
"Well, GG."
>"Gee gee?"
"It stands for good game, it's just something I say to maintain sportsmanship when I lose."
>"Ah, GG indeed."
"So, is there time for another game?"
>Luna takes a moment to check, getting back to you with an answer fairly quickly
>"There probably isn't, only around 20 minutes."
"Dang, I was kinda hoping there could be a tie breaker round. Oh well, I guess we can leave it at 1-1 for tonight."
>"At least leaving it to tomorrow to decide the true winner will let us take a break and build some suspense in the meantime."
"Very true, and I don't plan on losing."
>"Nor do I, but only time will tell."
>From there, the dream slows back down until you both call it for the night
>. . .
>You wake up to another boring day, just doing all that you need to to get through it and not much else
>Daydream in every subject but history, blah blah whatever
>When school finally lets out, you immediately and quickly head back to the castle!
>Open the door, put down your crap, find Spike
"Hey, anything interesting happen while I was gone?"
>"Nah, sorry."
"Any letters come?"
>"Not for you, at least."
"Oh well. I'll leave you to it then, I'm going to talk to Twilight and see if anything's changed on her side."
>"Alright, see you around."
>You make your way back out to the rest of the castle only to realize you have no idea where Twilight is
>Well, you know the usual places she might be, that's a start
>Let's check them!
>Right as you set off towards her office, you spot her coming up from the laboratory
"Just who I wanted to see! So, how are things going?"
>Twilight's head whips around to face you, clearly you surprised her here
>After she recovers from the shock though, she speaks up
>"Uh... Not bad, I guess. Still nothing, but I did just finish setting up the baseline trials. Tomorrow I'll have Applejack and Rainbow set the bar like you said, so things are a bit ahead of schedule actually!"
"How are we already ahead of schedule when nothing's happened yet?"
>"I had planned for things to take longer just in case anything came up, but the last few days have been pretty quiet so I got everything done faster than I thought I would."
"Fair enough."
>"What about you? Anything happen in class?"
"I wish, it's getting boring after all the things that have happened over the past while."
>"Yeah, I can understand that. Just remember to savor these times, you never know when something big could happen and throw you for a loop."
"Don't get me wrong, I am. I just don't like having to wait like this; it's frustrating to say the least."
>"Yeah, waiting's never fun. Do you at least have anything to work towards in the meantime?"
"Not that I know of..."
>"Then what did you do to pass time where you came from?"
"Play videogames and shitpost on imageboards. I can only do one of those things here, and to do it I have to have the money to waste in an arcade. I'm sure you can see my problem."
>"What's an imageboard?"
"A place on the internet where people gather anonymously to post images and discuss various topics. They usually aren't the most hospitable of places, but there's a certain feel they have that keeps the users coming back for more."
>"And what would that be?"
>How would you describe it?
"Well... It has to do with the fact that anyone's allowed to speak their mind, no matter what they have to say and in response, anyone else can say whatever they want. For example, I could go to a thread about a game and scroll down to the bottom to find people arguing about the best way to roast a chicken and then jump into the discussion myself and derail things further or try to bring it back on track. It's a neat experience that words can't really do justice."
>Twilight rolls her eyes and shakes her head slightly before responding
>"Sounds facinating, but you're right in that you can't do that here. However, you could always look at any of the books on the shelf in your room. Failing that, check the library; you know where it is. If you really can't find a single thing to read in there that looks interesting, I'll give you a few recommendations."
>You shrug in response, deciding that reading is better than abject boredom
"I guess I'll get to that, then."
>So, you do
>You walk upstairs to your room and take a look at the contents of the shelf opposite your bed
>Standard stuff that you'd find in a library
>Mainly books
>Books and books, as far as the eye can see
>You browse over a few of them that catch your eye, occasionally taking one down to inspect it further and maybe even take a look inside
>None of them really pique your interest, though
>It's not like they're bad or anything, you just don't really find anything to get you interested
>No flashy covers, no plot synopses, just... Book
>Once you finish filtering through the entire shelf, you move over to the library
>Start from one side...
>Filter through for a long time...
>Come out the other empty-handed
>Well, if you still had hands
>Point is, you've just looked over the entire library and decided that it all wasn't worth your time
273882 274123

>It's about now that Twilight also pokes her head in through the doorway and calls out to you
>"Anon, are you in here?"
"Yeah, why?"
>"Dinner was ready 20 minutes ago, you should come eat."
>Oh, yeah
>You need that more than a book, you should go do that
>You trot over to Twilight and begin the walk down to the kitchen with her
>"So, did you find anything you want to read?"
"Nah. I even looked over everything and cracked open whatever caught my eye, but I found nothing."
>"Absolutely nothing?"
>"And you looked over everything?"
"I was in there for a few hours, I wasn't just standing around."
>"And I'm not saying you were, I'm just surprised. I take it you don't read often?"
"Not often at all, I have a hard time getting past the first few pages of a book without something more than words to keep me going."
>"What a shame, there were a few in there that I was kinda hoping you'd look at."
"Like what?"
>Twilight rattles off a half-dozen titles that you vaguely remember looking into before turning back to you for any additions
"Well, I do recall looking those over. However, none of them really caught my interest."
>"Oh. That's just a bit disappointing, but maybe traditional novels aren't your thing. How about comics? I'm sure Spike would be willing to share some good ones with you."
"He's offered before, but I'm not really into the whole superhero scene and I'm not sure what else he's into."
>"He's got other things to offer that you might enjoy more, all you have to do is ask and I'm sure he'll let you borrow some."
>So it isn't all capeshit!
"Alright, I'll ask him about it after dinner."
>Speaking of, you both make it to the kitchen and you eat the food that's been left for you before doing as you said you would
>After a short trip to the basement, you're standing in Spike's doorway
"Hey, Twilight told me that you've got more to offer in that comic stack than just capeshit. Mind giving me some recommendations?"
>The dragon looks up from the comic that he's currently reading and gives you a surprised look
>"Yeah, I've got some other stuff, but I can't really help unless you tell me what you want to read."
>Huh, what do you want to read?
>Not the real-life manga, that's probably just going to make you worried about more things than you should be right now
>Well, what kind of thing did you enjoy reading back home?
"I can think of two radically different directions to go with this. Either horror slash supernatural stuff, or slice of life slash comedy."
>Spike thinks to himself for a moment, staring off into space until he sighs and falls backwards onto his bed further
>However, he immediately gets back up and responds
>"You really had to ask for two of the things I don't have, didn't you?"
"Sorry m8, I like what I like."
>"It's fine, it's just a bit funny how you come to me, the dragon sporting the largest comic collection in Ponyville, and I don't have what you're asking for."
"Well, when you put it that way it kinda is."
>Despite all that, neither of you are laughing
>"Well, if you're asking for horror, I guess Twilight could help you better than me."
>Dang, and you were just talking to her!
"Well, thanks for the assistance anyway."
>"It's the least I could do."
>And with that, you leave the basement
>Not to ask Twilight about anything, you'll do that tomorrow
>You'll just suffer through for the rest of the night
>So you do
>After a couple of hours, you decide to call it quits on browsing through your images and playing games and just go to sleep unceremoniously
>. . .
273905 273943 274123

And that's it for now. As usual, berate me for being late on yet another deadline I set for myself or berate me for still being up at 4:30 in the morning or berate me for only giving you guys filler or even berate me for being a faggot. However, if you're feeling especially generous, feel free to voice some praise if you feel for some reason that it's deserved here. Now, if you all will excuse me, I'm going to try to think of how to push this forward a bit faster without rushing things. Expect another part of one of my stories out before Half-Life 3.
Filler is good. Both the pony and the story. Sometimes setting up the world, the average everyday mundanity, is a necessity.
Pushing the side plot while the main one is going through time can help. Or a perspective shift to see the kinds of stuff that is holding it up.
>As usual, berate me for being late on yet another deadline I set for myself or berate me for still being up at 4:30 in the morning or berate me for only giving you guys filler or even berate me for being a faggot.
Uhhhhhh. If that's what you like to hear.
>cracks whip
>cracks whip
>waves a chair around and a watergun in hand
>get's a pile of salt and some electricity
273945 273950 273956

>not thinking you deserve praise for the content you delivered
>thinking you deserve to be berated instead
273946 273947
Having one's tail pulled like that must be painfull as hell
Wonder what she did to the diamond dog's colony to deserve that
She was a bad doggo
>filly doesn't like her tail pulled
I'm not even an abusefag and I know this is bullshit
>"Aww, what a little cutie~"
>The big titted woman picks you up.
>"I could just eat you up you sweet little thing~"
>You can feel her tits pushing against your face as she hugs you close.
>"I could use a little friend like you, how'd you like a new home?"
>You just lay in the woman's arms as she carries you away.
>"Do you like peanut butter?"
"I-I'm allergic to peanuts"
>"Oh, I see..."