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Archived thread

Anonfilly Thread - New Code Edition
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Filly hacks into mainframe.

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>264739 →
Oh dear I forget to put name
Superb plushy.
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Thread needed changing
Kill yourself pedophile.
268002 268004 268006

Kill yourself pedophile.
how many fillies do you think would actually end up being this gay?

Only way to find out is empirical testing.
To record into the big book of filly.
268021 268024 268028
Good job poner.
I downloaded it. Thanks.
God I wish that were me
This is... bootyful.

>second pic
Good shit right here.
perfect match.png
268063 268094

268084 268095 268134 268135
Play The Fucking Game.

A One-Shot
Occult Facade
“Fuck you.” This colorized cunt just ruined everything. Any possibility to have children, post-marital love making, and my new job prospect. Her defeated look couldn’t change the past. Even if she did in her own words it’s a spell that would reverberate through time and space to ensure it will be cast. Meadow needs to know.
“Wait if anyon-”
“No, you listen here. You were on a thin rope already. I stuck my neck out for you, again, and this is the thanks I get?” Each word a hammer to the maniacal spell caster. Her purpleish magenta hued fur wet with tears. A guilty woman’s tears to stop the inevitable. The bare bedroom loomed with my significant irritation baring down on her.
It’s this moment with me looking into her now soulless eyes Twilight Sparkle wizened princess of Equestria saw the monster unleashed, and the puerile unicorn. “Oh dear.”
Snorting and huffing, Twinkle Sprinkle princess truly had a way with words. Only after the last three revolts of not being diplomatic enough. Her horn already glowing scanning the magical residue oozing from my now green insignificant form. Good she remembers our agreement.
“Well Anon, The good news is you are effectively immortal, the bad news is you are permanently locked forever in that form,” hunh immortality for this shit? On the bright side I might have supreme Earth pony strength...
“Annnd as you are now you can’t get stronger or any natural forms of change either. From the looks of the casting matrix any changes at all are barred.” This sucks ass. “I’ll contact your fiancee.” A scroll pops into existence. Being a unicorn would have been a little cool, teleporting shit everywhere.
This stupid stupid mare that did this had a fairly strange story, but that’s neither her nor there. I owed my war buddy Starlight Glimmer a favor to keep her precious grand baby out of the rehabilitation course. To be honest it’s brutal, and I thought at the time it was too barbaric to bring out effective change. In truth magic lingers on in the soul and hovers in the aether around them for practically their whole life if not forcibly altered. The power of friendship could have fixed everything, but it’s a measurable magical phenomena not my hokey human psychology.
“Shouldn’t have fucked with forces I knew nothing about.”
Wisely she says nothing. Being a war legend has it’s perks.
“You said this form can’t change at all?” Glimmy’s grand baby moves to speak and shuts up with the look I give her. A spell that could bring about a utopic society, my filly behind.
“Eating, drinking, excretion are no longer necessary processes.” Her eye’s were raised. So much like her mentor.
“What about physical movement?” If this does what I think this will do I’ll make the best of it.
“Technically you should be in this physicality regardless of circumstances.”
“Princess,” Twilight straightens up, not expecting my to sound formal “The one man army is looking to rejoin the extreme threat reserves.”
Her eyes now see the possibilities I do. Orbital bombardment, an immortal filly raging war to keep friend and family safe, a someone who can go into the stickiest of situations unchanged, if needed a meat shield of the highest caliber.
“Accepted, but Anon I’d hate to take you away from her… how about this I’ll put an electric generator in your house for a side task. I know you’ll go stir crazy without something to do.”
“That’s why you’re best princess Purple.”
The royal guard outside the door to the bedroom speaks, “one Morning-gale Meadow if here your majesty,” “allow her entry captain,” Meadow has one worried look about her.
“It’s me Mea,” rushing over she crushes me in a hug. “I thought the worst has happened. We’ll work through this ‘Non,”
Then she locks eyes with Laminar Glinter—a fury—a flame so burning hot that I could feel the heat. “You broke our promise.”The final straw that broke the camel’s back.
It’s time to pick up the pieces, once again.
>"I hate you less than all those pony-ziggers."
"Y-you too..."
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>Organinze a 'former human support group' to help some of the new 'ponies' in town
>What could go wrong?
>The banner you ordered has spelling errors
>One on the green fillies is trying to stab another filly
>Yet another filly somehow got a condom is offering sex to the other members
>Why are there so many green fillies with Question mark cutie marks?
>What did you do to deserve this?
Pay To Fuck Grandma.
Learning the forbidden magic of friendship.
Filly is best princess of friendship
268102 268104 268112 268114 268123 268128 268170 268171 268196
>>221099 →
Alright fillies and gentlefags, today's the big day. You've been living in the orphanage since you got to Equestria, but now you're finally getting adopted. Take a screenshot or click and drag to roll for your new horse mom. Canonically married couples are a package deal, but who you roll will be the one who spends the most time taking care of you. Feel free to age-up/rule 63 as necessary otherwise. Good luck and don't forget to make her something nice for Mother's Day.
Points for consistency
Occult Facade
268123 268238
Have to say this is a bit funny.
268116 268120
I'm intrigued.
I'm scared.
You poor poor soul. On the bright side you get to see 'Aunt' Celestia and 'aunt' Luna... will it be rule 63
Blah blah I will suck your love!
>Twilight I'm adopting a foal
>"Discord, no."
"Discord, yes! Is it because I'm not a mother figure?"
>"Yes? I mean no?"
>Discord pulls what is called a pro-gamer move.
268127 268189 268191 268196 268385
Ah, so now you've got another mommy in on the action?
>See pic related. Might write a short green later.
The good news is I'll never be hungry again.
Occult Facade
Have to catch them all. Good news is that Rarity is... uhhh... you'll have free time, with the whole saving Equestria thing and business work, and she knows how to cook. Also how to take care of foals. Clothes, and costumes on demand (within four to five business days)
Nice. If you ever learn the secret of ponk's Pinkie sense, and reality warping I want in.
Screenshot (178).png
why me
Are hugh jelly bro?
My condolences. You wouldn't lack in jelly, and jelly accessories.
Might even be able to get petrolium jelly or KY jelly. Maybe even jelly flavored jelly.
268132 268133 268189
I kind of miss piece of shit alicorn Twilight being alive. Here's a little something that takes place before the beginning of Chilly Filly, and I guess it's sort of Mother's Day-themed. Enjoy.
"What are we doing all the way out in the Dragonlands?"
>"What do you think? You didn't leave me a body to bury."
"I... don't know then."
>"Then shut up."
"I-is this a volcano? What if I were to fall in?"
>"Then I'd be free of you for three hours until I got bored and decided to serve charred filly to some of my friends here."
>That shuts you up pretty quickly.
>You follow her across the brown rock, barely managing to keep up with her insane pace even with your earth pony traits.
>At least you should have those...
>You do.
>"Do you know how magic works? Where it comes from?"
"Yeah, when you turned me into this fucking mess you said something about the earth..."
>"Equestria's magic, and the magic of all of the species that reside on it comes from the ground beneath our hooves, yes. Do you know what produces it?"
"Hundreds of millions of gallons of molten magma?"
>"Well, good guess. There's far more magma in our planet than that, by the way. But no, the magma may shape our land over time, but it isn't the world energy source. Do you want to know what is?"
>"Tough fucking shit, I'm not telling you."
"I- what? You can't do that!"
>She chuckles maliciously.
>"I just did. The answer will likely come to you in time, oh well. Patience is something that is highly desired in a good filly."
>The words make you shudder a bit.
"I'm a good filly, Twilight."
>"Sure you are... you killed my best friend and you do nothing but laze around my castle like a bum. The answer will be revealed to you when you're ready."
>She hits a crack in the rock with her hoof, splitting it open.
>"Just as I expected, an old laying den. This is a rare sight indeed."
>You peer into the hole formed in the rock.
"I don't see anything."
>You can hear her grunt a bit in exertion as she ionizes a portion of the air inside the hole, the bright plasma illuminating the bones of a young dragon amid a fine powder.
>"This one is a perfect example. just enough air to allow breathing room for the young, but no food and no water. Dragon young all hatch at about the same time, so natural selection quickly takes effect. Biting and clawing at each other, tearing limb from limb in an effort to attain the most disposable energy. After two or three days, the strife will end with one remaining dragon. That is the one that the mother will raise."
"But... this den was undisturbed."
>"Sometimes, the mother will die, become injured or fall ill. Other times..."
>She holds your head up and looks you in the eyes.
>"She'll just forget."
>You whimper.
>"Of course, dragons aren't intelligent creatures across the board. Testing has shown that their aptitude fluctuates, with the eldest dragons possessing far greater intelligence than the average equine, and most of the others possessing about that of a pony with a slight mental handicap. Spike was above average, about what you'd expect out of a pony..."
>She covers the tomb back up with stones, heating the rock into lava and holding it in place until all that remains is the same crack."
>"The point I'm trying to make here is that dragons are, on average, stupid. You took away one of the few that had a fucking chance of integrating into pony society."
"I think you're trying to make another point too."
>She laughs coldly.
>"Oh? And what would that be?"
"That you care about me."
>She glances back at you with tired eyes.
>"You must be losing it. I could care less if you lived or died."
>So could you.
>Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes...
>But you do have a hunch, through all of the real urges you've felt over the years.
>"Hop on my back. I'll carry you to the edge of the volcano."
>The gentle swaying of her coat and mane in the hot wind feel sort of nice.
>You cling tightly to her as she beats her wings to climb over boulders and piles of bones, obviously long-forgotten by the beasts that consumed their former flesh.
>Finally, you make it to the tip of the world's wound.
>A few hundred feet below you, bubbles of molten rock pop and spit while a few of what you expect to be Twilight's friends the eldest dragons relax in the pool, their massive wings catching slow-moving lava flows and diverting them slightly over the ridged structures.
>You stand up on Twilight's back, hooves wobbly from the wind and the curvature of her barrel.
>You rush forward, kicking off of Twilight's face directly over the volcano.
>If you're wrong, then you won't have to live the rest of your miserable life as a filly.
>And if you're right...
>You're getting a spanking later.
>Or worse.
>But at least you'll know.
>As you accelerate, the fear of death you thought you had lost starts to rise back up in your chest.
>Do you really want to be wrong about this?
>What if she really doesn't care?
>Oh god you're less than twenty feet awa-
>With a flash, you stand beside a breathless Twilight.
>"I've never had to cancel a large amount of momentum with a teleportation spell before. Interesting."
>To your surprise, she rubs your mane.
>"It's not often that I learn something that truly interests me, and even less often that I learn two things in a day."
>She plants a kiss on your forehead.
>"I love you, my little pony. Where do you want to eat tonight?"
Thanks for the green Lone. What a terribly complicated way to say, and demonstrate she cares just a little.
Maybe in a spin off series you could commit some necromancy and have all the friends.
Then raising a family would be easy if they are all buried together.
Also Spike the undead dragon thirsting for comics, friends, and Rarity.
Pandas Take Forever to Groom
Pacific Tanker Fights Glaciers
Celestial Body
268172 268189 268229
>The machine clamped on the table was simple enough.
>It was a pair of rollers with heart-shaped indentations, matched together with gears and turned by a crank.
>The air smelled of cinnamon and sweetness, as the cream-colored mare scraped and turned the gooey mass of molten sugar.
>She set down the scraper she held in her teeth, looking over to the green filly.
>"Okay, Mystery Mint. All you need to do is turn that crank and feed the candy through. Be careful, because it's still hot."
>The young filly nods and gives a salute.
>"Lyra usually helps me out, but she's got a concert to play at."
>She rolls her eyes.
>"At least while she's away we don't have to deal with that silliness about you actually secretly being that human, Anon, from a while back."
>The filly's face scrunches, eyes shifting from side to side.
"Aheh... yeah. But it's no big deal. Anyways, turn the crank and feed sugar. Got it."
>"Right. Again, it's hot, so if you need to adjust it a little, be careful."
>With another salute, the filly climbs onto the stool that had been pulled up for her and grabbed the crank.
>"I remember making these with my mother when I was just a filly. Never thought I'd be doing the same myself. Anyways, here we go."
>And with that, the filly started cranking as Bon Bon rolled the blob of molten candy thin enough to be fed through the rolling press.
>So the day went. It was a hot, sticky task, but the two of them went through it fairly quickly, resulting in a table full of sheets of cooling candy.
>With a satisfied nod and a rare smile, the mare turned toward the filly, leaning in a little conspiratorially.
>"And now it's time for the fun part. We put our hooves on the table like so..."
>She does the motion and waits for the filly to do the same.
>"...and then.."
>With a smile, she sweeps her hooves through the candies, breaking them free of their sheets and sending a wave of cinnamon hearts toward the filly.
>With a dignified and certainly not at all girly squeak, the filly gave what might have sounded like an ecstatic giggle to the untrained ear.
>And so, the two set about throwing bits of candy at each other across the table.
>Eventually, the two wound down.
>"Okay, sport. Let's go wash up. Any more and we could probably be sold along with all the other sweets."

Guess who I got outta that pic. So, I guess a brief second look in on a short one-off I did in the past.
Vid somewhat related.
268189 268294
On one hand, hot Wonderbolt mommy. On the other, drill sergeant mom.
268172 268177
I have finally returned from the depths of a notepad document and have left my autistic ramblings in another thread to cast off the shackles placed upon me by my own brain! To celebrate this, take a green starring Anonymous and Colgate!
>Green in progress
268173 268174
Immortal filly orbital bombardment is a cool concept, I seem to recall a short green ages ago that focused on it.
Might give that a shot in a non-canon one-off. It sounds just retarded enough to be hilarious.
Probably rhetorical, but I'm gonna go with Special Agent Sweetie Drops.
Killing moonlight bro.
So I am... Btw, nice green farther up!
Celestial Body
Rhetorical indeed, but yep. She's a nice, level-headed sort of pony, when her past doesn't catch up with her.

It's nice to see plenty of folks writing this thread. Good job, folks! Here's hoping it keeps going.

And if you're not writing... why not do a silly little short thing for fun? Couldn't hurt, could it?
268178 268235 268385
Green finished! Without further ado, I present to you all...
What Kind of Present Does a Dentist Want?

>It's been a while since you first got here, almost as long as it's been since that dragon gave you fourth-degree burns and forced Twilight to make you into this
>After that, there was only one pony in town that you didn't have either an inappropriate or a hostile relationship with to take you in
>Yes, the dentist
>You're not too sure why either
>On the one hand, you never exactly found her insanely attractive
>On the other, you never had any issues with keeping friendly while you were there
>Twilight was also a bit surprised at this revelation, but nonetheless, Colgate was willing to take you in in your... Changed state
>And now, it's been a year since that day and you've decided to give her a gift as thanks!
>Now, let's see, what do you know about your caretaker?
>Likes messing around with clocks in spare time
>Generally nice
>Good work ethic
>Holds you to a consistent standard
>Well, that one might be because she knows that you're still a 20-something-year-old man underneath this small, cuddly exterior
>Either way, you're counting it towards her
>So, what should you do?
>You've got a while, given you decided to skip out on class today
>You'll have Sweetie Belle give you the rundown later, other things take precedent here!
>Hmm, is there anything you can think of?
>Wait a minute...
>That's such a blatantly horrible idea that it just might work!
>However, you're going to need some help to actually make it
>Oh well, you still need to call in a favor or two from Twilight anyway
>So, instead of going the rest of the way to the schoolhouse, you take a left and start towards the crystalline palace that dominates the skyline!
>After a walk and a half, you arrive on Twilight's front step and give the door a swift knock
>To nobody's surprise, the one who answers the door is a purple dragon instead of a purple mare
>"Hey Anon, aren't you supposed to be on your way to school?"
"Yeah, but I have other plans for today that I need Twilight's help with."
>"Does Colgate know you're out here?"
"Well... No, but that's because what I'm here to do is make her a surprise."
>Spike raises an eyebrow at you, calling your bluff
"Look, it's been a year since I first went to stay with her, so I wanted to make her something special that I'm probably going to need magic and someone smarter than me to make work. Will you let me in or not?"
>Spike continues to stare at you, also crossing his arms
>Accepting his challenge, you hold firm
>After a while of you two just staring each other down, Spike sighs and lets you in
>"She's in her office. I'm sure you remember how to get there?"
"Yeah, and thanks for this. I'd say I owe you one, but I'm already here to cash in some favors of my own."
>"No problem, I'll just remember this for the next time you need help."
>Spike casts you a sly grin, upon which you make a derogatory gesture with your forelimbs
>"Well, see ya around!"
"You too, my dude."
>You both part ways here, Spike going back to wherever he was before and you continuing your journey to Twilight
>After some time spent recalling the pathways of the Crystal Castle™, you come to the door to Twilight's office
>So, much like the last door you encountered, you give it a swift knock
>The sound disappears from the air as swiftly as it was made, taking all sounds of business from the room within with it
>After a second of waiting, you get a reply from the other side
>"... Come in?"
>Well, that's what you were planning on doing
>You open the door to find Twilight sitting in front of some papers on her desk, staring intently at you
>"Anonymous, shouldn't you be going to class?"
"Technically, yes. However, today's a special day, so I decided to skip out on something I don't need help with to take care of something that I DO need help with."
>"I'm not doing anything illegal and you're going back to school as soon as we're done. Those are my conditions."
"That works, and I'm calling in one of the favors you owe me to do this. Now that the formality's out of the way, shall we get down to it?"
>"Sure! What do you need?"
"I need help making a clockwork toothbrush."
>Twilight's jaw hangs open just a bit and her brow furrows as she tries to figure out exactly what you mean
"I have an idea of how to make it, I just need you to do it for me since I don't have my hands anymore."
>"Then you're going to need to tell me exactly what you expect, because I have no clue what you're trying to do."
"I'll explain on the way down to your lab."
>Twilight shrugs at your response as you open the door back into the hallway
>As soon as you're both out of the office, you begin explaining your idea as you both begin walking
"So, what I have in mind is- well, you know what I have in mind. What you don't know is how it should work, which is with a pullstring that tightens a spring that leads into a series of gear reductions that finishes off with a tiny gear spinning both really fast and off-balance."
>You look over towards the mare accompanying you to gauge her reaction
>Contemplative silence, so far
>After a few moments more, you get a go-ahead
268179 268385

"The tiny gear spinning that fast with an uneven load will cause it to vibrate, then causing the entire construct to vibrate with it. So then, after that, we have the entire thing mounted inside a waterproof casing that we can attach a disposable toothbrush head into. Got it?"
>Twilight nods a bit more before adding some ideas of her own
>"Instead of the pullstring, how about we instead have a switch that releases a gear enchanted with perpetual motion that powers the whole machine? Then it doesn't have the issues of an opening that water can get into or the loss of power that happens as the reduction happens."
"I didn't even know that was a thing, but yeah, that'll work!"
>"Alright! I think I know exactly how to do what you want me to, I just need a minute to check my supplies once we get there."
"Cool. Oh, and one last thing: can you make the casing transparent so the mechanics can be seen?"
>"Sure, I've got some spare glass that I need to get rid of anyway. Any other things I should take into consideration?"
>You think to yourself for a moment until you remember one more thing that you'll need for this
"Some ribbon to finish it off."
>"Ribbon? What for?"
"Well, in case you haven't guessed yet, this is a present."
>Twilight stares off into space ahead of you both, nodding to herself briefly
>"Has it already been a year?"
"It has. Time flies, doesn't it?"
>Around this point, you both finally make it to the laboratory located in Twilight's basement
>With all the explanations out of the way and the plan set forth, a quick check of the supplies held within the storage section of this immense room is made and construction of the device begins
>Two squares of glass are brought over, melted with magic, and set into the proper forms via telekinetic force
>The necessary gears are brought over, assembled into the casing, and integrated into a switch brought over from another part of storage
>Enchantments are cast, switches placed into casings, casings glued together, and the entire thing given a test run with you as the willing dummy
>Everything works fantastic!
>Twilight brings over your last component, a length of ribbon, which you tie into a bright red bow to the best of your ability
>With everything taken care of, you place the completed toothbrush into your saddlebag
"Thanks for this, Twi, I'll make sure Colgate knows who helped me with it!"
>"No problem! Now, with all that taken care of, isn't there somewhere you need to be?"
>Well, time to hold up your end of the bargain
"Alright, send me off!"
>You strike a dramatic pose as Twilight casts a teleportation spell, dropping you instantly in the middle of the classroom
>Some time later...
>You're on the way home from school now
>You had to burn a favor to make sure Cheerilee didn't tell Colgate about your late arrival, but other than that, everything went well
>Now, all that's left to do is to hand over your gift!
>As soon as you get back to the house, you open the door and carefully extract your brainchild from your saddlebag
>A few scuffs and smudges, but it's okay
>Good thing you didn't screw this up, imagine how much that would suck!
>Now, all you have to do is lay low until Colgate's done with her appointments
>You use the time to do your homework and, when that's finished, continue your practice with standing on two legs
>One of these days you'll be back to your old self, you aren't letting your basic human skills degrade until then!
>However, your concentration is broken by the sound of the door opening and you fall over backwards
268180 268189 268237 268385

>You fall into the desk, forced to watch in slow motion as the toothbrush falls over and shatters upon touching the wooden floor beneath you
>You take a deep breath, holding it all in for as long as it takes for you to push all these feelings back down
>While you're doing this though, you hear your own door open
>"Anon, are you alright? I heard something fall over and break!"
>You sigh as Colgate looks down towards the mess of glass and gears sitting in front of you
"Yeah, I'm fine; your present isn't, though. Sorry about that."
>You continue to stare down at the mess before you as Colgate walks up to you
"Yeah, since it's been a year since you took me in. I asked Twilight to help me make you something, but I ended up breaking it just now when I fell over."
>Colgate places a hoof around you, pulling you in close to her
>"It's fine! I'm sure that if Twilight made it, she can fix it. If it makes you feel any better, I'll go see her over the weekend and get it fixed. The most important part is that you're still okay."
>You look up to the blue mare and wrap your forelegs around her as much as you can, placing your face over her spearmint-scented shoulder
"I guess so. I still would've liked to give it to you myself, but that works too. I mean, Twilight and I worked all morning on it and now it's just a safety hazard on the floor! Come on, man!"
>Colgate giggles a bit at your exaggerated outrage and choice of words before responding
>"Don't worry, I'll get the dustpan and clear it all away."
>After letting go and getting out of the way of the sweeping, Colgate asks you one final question
>"Do you mind if I ask what it was?"
"Not at all. It was supposed to be a clockwork toothbrush, a toothbrush that was supposed to vibrate as a result of a string of gears that created the vibrations. The outside was made of glass so that you could see inside it, but that also made it brittle."
>"That does sound like a neat idea. I just have one other thing to say, though."
"What's that?"
>"Since you took the morning to make this, how about you take Saturday morning to catch up on what you missed in class while I get it repaired?"
>You sigh again, only now realizing that you blew two favors only to come out the other side with a pile of glass and a punishment that you only have yourself to blame for
268182 268183
And as always, I can only get better with good feedback, so please help me to get better by feeding me criticism or telling me to off myself or suck a dick or something, whatever you think is appropriate for the quality of my work.
I'm reading.
Seems nicely done to me. Only real nitpick I came up with is perhaps something telling it was placed on the desk it later falls from, for context, but that's a low priority sort of detail in my opinion. Perhaps >>268182 will have others, perhaps not.
Yeah, I admit I kinda rushed things a bit and made a mistake there. I'll make sure not to make the same mistake in the future and I'll make a correction in the pastebin version.
268191 268196 268385
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.04.57 PM.png
On the plus side she's pretty experienced as a caretaker already, but having Sweetie Belle technically be an "aunt" would be weird

REEEEEEE I don't want you as a sibling

Delightfully dark

Patrician channel

Chances are if you're posting on an Anonfilly thread you need a drill sergeant mom

twiggles hug.jpg
>tfw Mother's Day
268289 268385
Looking forward to that green you mentioned now. Rarity having to deal with two Anonfillies.
268197 268201 268385
Not only I get /trash/'s waifu I also need to share the place with two other fillies? Screw Rarity generosity on adopting so many fillies, REEEEEEEEEE
Forgot pic and flag
268205 268215
Could be worse. I tried it again to what I might get instead just for fun and…let's just say a drunkard would be the best option.
One way or another >rape is going to happen
268216 268222 268225
Berry would probably give really good snuggles.
>Momfu vows to turn her life around and quit drinking for you
>The fillies at school beat you up and an FPS worker sees the bruises when she comes to check in on you
>Both you and Berry tell her it wasn't her, but she thinks you've just been prepped to cover for her
>FPS repossess you because they think your momfu is abusing you
>Tfw you find out she drank herself to death two months later
>Tfw nopony ever adopts you again
crying delet.png

It's good to see more greens even with sad feels.
## Scruffy
I would prune this, if I could do so without violating terms. Berry is a good hoers, and filly doesn't deserve to be alone. e_e
The filly thinks she deserves to be alone, which is all the more reason she doesn't
Nice very cool. It's a shame momfu doesn't believe. Is a gud momfu giving a fun family time. At least Lyra believes. A while collection.
That's a good momfu caring more for filly than the object.
My Little Human.png
Poor anon. In the end, it's just Purple's world.
Occult Facade
268239 268385

>Oh boy I'm in Equestria.
>In the ponyville orphanage. It's run down, but has a sad old home feeling to it. There aren't any orphans besides other Anon fillies.
>The worn bunk bed really isn't all that bad.
>Just like in the green I wrote about and the prompt.
>Magic doesn't want to budge.
>Chaos magic isn't tangible like what I wrote either.
>Honestly expecting fiction to come to life is a long shot, but I'm in motherfucking Equestria.
>Things could be a lot worse.
>On the plus side I've never been as healthy as I am now.
>Even if it's as a mini midget horse.
>Then a pony knocks.
>Everyone goes quiet. Including some fags scissoring stop.
>Roseluck walks in.
>After talking to the kindly matron she picks up some filly on the otherside of the building.
>A moment of silence for filly not getting her favorite momfu.
>on the other hand...
"Narrative forces have been broken rejoice!"
>"I bet 20 good filly points! Woohoo!"
>"Did Roseluck have a horn?"
>"Where's the cashout stash."
>Another pony knocks.
>That's odd. It's way too soon for another to show up.
>it's Roseluck, she talks to the matron.
>Someone standing closerby eavesdropping on them shouts.
>"Oh shit fillies Bug Queen took filly!"
>"Everybody panic!"
>Fillies start running, and the real Roseluck collapses. She might have tripped on a filly.
>Stupid filly body not cooperating.
>"The horror! The horror!"
>Then Discord appears, and starts screaming with us.

>Ten minutes later.
>The manhunt for Chryislis, and our fellow Anon began.
>"Since I have to. What else about that one?"
>Twilight teleported here pretty quickly to stop Discord.
>After everyone started screaming Several other ponies came to check what was going on.
>"You've read all the files already?"
>Then they spread the word about the bug.
>"Y-yeah. She likes writing spookey stories, but she does it for her friends."
>Narrative casualty is still on the table, and the horrible implications.
>"Skimming through it even had plants in some parts."
>"I still can't believe this is legally binding. The competition would be over by then."
>"I'm sorry deary it's a flawless magic signature. In about a month this will all be resolved, and you never know. You might come together as family. She's somewhat eccentric compared to some of her peers."
"The betting pool isn't dead yet. Hope is still a possibility."
>"Hello little one I'm going to be you're mommy for a few months."
>Taking a quick look around everyone else gave Roseluck, and I alot of space.
>"Indeed silly filly. The bad b-bug pony lied about you being adopted by me so I am adopting you."
"That's fucking stupid."
>She gasps at my command of language.
>"Could you not curse please? We will have to live togther at least until they fix it."
>The elderly matron trots over.
>"Or dearies you want to keep the adoption."
"We have to do this until they figure things out?"
>"Until then, or they'll enforce the jurisdiction."
>I wonder why.
>"Lawyer pony magic to stop the yearly noble adopt and drop tax reduction scheme."
>Old mare mind reading tricks I tell you!
>"And don't let none of the whipper snappers forget."
>So Roseluck became my guardian.
>"Don't cause trouble for the poor dear."
"You got it old mare."
Occult Facade
I actually have a story structure this time that should lead to a conclusion instead of the narrative blackhole.
Here's some poner.
Bitches loves sticks.
Good job. Keep it goin'.
Will do.
I started working on it, but it wasn't coming together as well as I had hoped. I'll try it again later, it's too late to get it done on mother's day here anyways.
My Little Pony - Anonfilly - Baby - Feed - Lactation - From mean to cute.png

Lol that fucking filename, you autist
It's qt
268295 268296 268302 268310 268383 268386
A bit late, but I thought I'd try my hand at some green

>you awaken to the sound shrill sound of the alarm clock, bane of comfy fillies everywhere
>as you groggily get out of bed, you look out your window and can see the first traces of light dawning over the horizon
>living in Cloudsdale, you probably have a better view of the sunrise than most
>at least that’s what you tell yourself to find a silver lining in waking up at the crack of dawn
>you never were much of a morning person, but since finding your way to Equestria in the body of a small pegasus filly
and getting adopted by the leader of the Wonderbolts herself, it’s all part of your new morning routine
>and part of that routine is making sure your bed is fit for inspection every morning
>you make sure the sheets are tucked tight, covers folded, and pillows fluffed, and then topping it off with your [favorite Princess] plushie set neatly in front of the pillow
>as Celestia shines the sun’s first rays into your room, your horse mom enters as if on cue
>you make your way to the foot of your bed and stand at attention
>“The Princess has elected to raise the sun and give us this beautiful day, and all without so much as a thank you!”
>”At ease.”
>you relax a bit as Spitfire inspects your bed pausing briefly to give a small salute and “Your Majesty” to your plush
>”It seems the Princess and I are both satisfied with your work. Now, give me 20 wing-ups and freshen up, and breakfast will be waiting when you’re done.”
>even with all the time you’ve spent in your new body, your mind has yet to fully adapt to having two prehensile appendages sticking out of your back
>even so, you power through your workout and head to the bathroom before heading downstairs
>after downing your protein filled breakfast, you grab your saddle bags and head out for some flight practice
>you had been taking some flight classes with a few other fillies and colts that a retired Wonderbolt had been teaching
>Spitfire had said something about it being good for pegasi to learn to fly with others
>the class finishes up around lunch, and normally you’d meet up with your friends for a while, but today you had other plans
>you head across the street to a local café and take a seat while you wait for your contact
>finally you spot a familiar blue stallion wearing an aviator’s jacket and sunglasses and wave him down
“Hey, Soarin’! Over here!”
>he makes his way to your table and sits across from you and sets a shopping bag on the table
>”As requested, one bag of arts and craft supplies for a Mother’s Day surprise.”
“Thanks, bro! I knew I could count on you.”
>you take out the supplies and begin working on your project while Soarin’ orders some lunch for the two of you
>your plan is to make a heart shaped medal with “World’s Best Mom” on it and Spitfire’s cutie mark stitched on the ribbon
>your hooves aren’t exactly the easiest thing to work with, and while Soarin’ offers to help with the stitching, you used to be a grown ass man with hands, and you’ll be damned if you don’t see this through on your own
>as you finish up, you take a good look at your handiwork
>the stitching is a bit rough and you could only fit “Best Mom” with your mouthwriting on the front of the medal, but all in all, you’d say you’re proud of it
>you sign the back “Love Anon” and place it in a decorated gift box and put it in your bag
>as you do, Soarin’ passes you a styrofoam container
>”Got you a slice of pie for the road.”
“Thanks. And thanks again for helping with this.”
>”No problem. The ‘Bolts are all like family so if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Now if you’ll excuse me, Rainbow Dash is in charge of the recruits today and I do not want to miss this.”
>the two of you take your leave and you head back home
268296 268302 268310 268383 268386
>as you make it home, Spitfire is already waiting for you
>of all the days, but you know better than to try to fight it and relinquish your bag and its secret contents
>she shuffles around in your bag a moment and pulls out the styrofoam box containing your sweet treat
“It’s a pie, ma’am.”
>”A pie? Where did you get a pie?”
“Soarin’ gave it to me.”
>”He did, huh? And do you two often meet up alone?”
>crap, should have lied
“N-no! We, uh, just sort of ran into each other. He was getting lunch and had pie and I was hungry so I stopped to say hi and he gave me a slice.”
>”Uh-huh. Well, we’ll see if you can earn this dessert for after dinner.”
>you had hoped the pie would be enough of a distraction to get away with the gift to surprise her with later, but your mom’s thoroughness prevailed as she pulled the second box from your bag
>”And now what’s this?”
“Well, it was going to be a surprise, but, uh…happy Mother’s Day.”
>she opens the box and takes the hoof-crafted gift out to examine
“I know it’s not much or the best but-“
>”ANON! What have I told you about selling yourself short!”
>she points to the cutie mark stitching
>”You see this? This has so much love in it, that even Princess Cadance would blush. In fact, I bet this thing is radiating enough love every Changeling and Queen Chrysalis herself will be drawn to it. I’m going to have to keep this on me at all time to make sure they don’t try to steal it.”
>you smile as you get an idea
“And what if I AM a changeling and already stole it, and now I’m here for your love too?”
>she takes a ready stance as she returns your smile
>”Is that so?”
>in the blink of an eye, you are lifted off the ground, into the air, and carried across the room to the couch where you are plopped down on your back
>before you can regain your senses, Spitfire begins a deadly assault of tickles
>curse these pegasi and their extra fluffy feathers
>”Give up fiend, you don’t stand a chance against Equestria’s best flyers!”
>you’ve had about as much as your filly body can take and find enough breath to call your surrender
“You win! Take your daughter back!”
>”Anon, you’re safe from the nasty Changelings.”
“Thanks for saving me, mom.”
>”Well, I had to earn that medal somehow.”
>she looks over at the clock
>”It’s still a bit early, and since I’ve got the day off, what do you say we go out and get some ice cream and watch Crash traumatize some recruits?”
“Sounds awesome!”
>”I knew you’d like that.”

>you and Spitfire sit on the stands along the Academy’s track licking your ice cream cones as you watch Dash fly circles around some exhausted recruits as she barks out orders even a seasoned Wonderbolt would have trouble keeping up with
>”You know, one day, that’ll be you out there.”
>you take a moment to fantasize about all the fun you could have teaching the new blood when you get a sudden feeling in the pit of your stomach and turn to face your mom
“You mean as an instructor, r-right?”
>she simply smiles as she looks on and takes a long lick of her ice cream
“Thank you for being an awesome mom and turning my life around more than you know.”
>she wraps a wing around you and pulls you in closer
>”And thank you for being an awesome daughter and softening up her mean ol’ mom.”
>”Mom was right, Mother’s Day really is the best day of the year.”
>and with that, the two of you enjoy the rest of your afternoon spectacle in peace
I smiled hard at that end, solid writing
I didn't expect this much feel good in one green, but you did it. Packed with solid characterization, and a loveable attitude.
I'm excited to see what you do Lone. It's always a treat.
268330 268338 268342
>Filly buys zigger gear
>Suicidal, figures a crowd full of dindus would be a good way to go
>Starts screaming ooga booga over and over again at the top of her lungs
>The crowd is going wild, but not like she hoped
>Afterwards several ponies ask her how she was able to so seamlessly emulate zebra culture
>Inducted into rap hall of fame
Celestia - Angry.jpg
>Inducted into rap hall of fame
Celestia is not impressed.
worm - Fuck You.png
>wigger filly
Let the apple's worm do the talking.
Twilight Sparkle - Punishment.png
>emulate zebra culture
Twilight wants a little talk with filly.
268348 268350
>implying spankings would go any way other than pic related
Fluttershy - The stare.gif
Momma Flutters always has The Stare.
It's appreciated poner.

268387 268392 268394 268414 268604
>enchanted with perpetual motion that powers the whole machine
I'm calling bullshit there. Otherwise, nice job.
>Y-yeah. She likes writing spookey stories, but she does it for her friends.
"Oh, come on. Do we have to bring Lone along? She clearly doesn't want to go, and there's no way you're going to get her in one of those dresses unless you restrain her."
>"Yes, we have to. My parents and Sweetie Belle will be there, and I promised them all that they'd get to see the three little fillies I adopted."
>You groan and facehoof, narrowly avoiding your horn.
>"Well then, I guess you'll have to wash the... ah-sigh-ee berries out of the earth pony's coat while I talk to her."
>You look over at the Brazilian faggot, her face, neck, hooves and well, mostly everything covered in purple juice.
>She gives you a sly grin and says something in her incomprehensible jungle-speak tongue.
>You do manage to catch a 'motherfucker' somewhere in there, probably mixed in with her native language so that Rarity won't give her a good mouth-soaping.
>Cheeky bastard.
"Alright, let me get my net."
>Lone, of course, lives in the basement of Rarity's boutique like the fucking bastard cocksucking faggot she is.
>God dammit Rarity, why did you let the youngest filly (allegedly) pick her room first? The basement was prime real-estate.
>Stooping under a pipe that's slowly leaking hot water, you come to her door.
>There's a sign scrawled in what you can only guess is shitty handwriting compounded into an English major's (lol) worst nightmare by a lack of hands.
>You can just barely make out a few lines.
>'Loneis room'?
>'Enter if you dore'
>Loneis? Dore?
>Probably her name and dare, whatever.
>You knock firmly.
"Rarity wants you upstairs, now."
>"I'm not coming unless she lets me go as is."
"I haven't even seen you yet this morning and I already know that your mane is a mess, you've got bags under your eyes, and the hair on your face is probably all matted with drool."
>She stops for a second.
>"Shut up, cuck. You can't make me come out anyways."
>You just groan, pulling out a few bobby pins from your mane and getting to work on the lock.
>It's a bit trickier than it was when you had a set of hands to work with, but all you have to do is tension and rake.
>Luckily the locks on Rarity's doors are ass, you'd have to talk to her about that later.
>Your tension pushes the cylinder and you push open the door soon after.
>You don't want to know what half of the stains around her room are.
>There's a half-built mechanism in the corner that looks to be a prototype crossbow that shoots... bottles?
>There are various cleaners strewn about, the room's state of disarray implying a more sinister use is planned for their chemical components.
>The only clean part of her room is the leather-bound book that contains her collected works as a writefag.
>You wouldn't know what it was if you didn't get one too, it felt strange to see your shitposts and one-offs embossed into smoothed papyrus.
>Something about how your combined efforts were worth celebrating, but you expect there's a bit more to share than that.
>Even the green you wrote on the /trash/ threads was there, and retrieving that wouldn't have been trivial.
>Like most things Twilight mentions in passing, you doubt it'll be explained.
>Some knowledge is dangerous.
>Speaking of which, she's trying to hide under the fucking bed.
>"Are you retarded? That's the worst spot you could've picked."
>You groan and drag her out by the tail, squirming.
>Huh, something's-
>You can't see.
>You can't hear.
>Something bumps into you and you lose your balance.
>You feel rope on your left hoof and you blindly slap at the air with your magic.
>Maybe a bit too hard.
>You don't really hear it as much as you feel it, but something sails across the room and hits the wall hard.
>You stand next to Brazilfag in the hospital lobby.
>"She's gonna be okay, right?"
"Yeah, yeah. Just a broken leg."
>"Aren't those usually grounds for euthanasia?"
"Yeah, on actual horses dummy. We've got modern medical equipment that's tailor-fit for equines and magic, she'll be fine."
>"You don't seem very broken up about it."
"I'm not. The fucker flashbanged me."
>Rarity rounds a corner, looking exasperated.
>"Well, she needs to stay the night and they'll be fitting her for a cast in a few minutes."
>She nudges you, gently but forcefully.
>"She wants to talk to you in particular, missy. I hope you have an apology ready."
>You storm down the hall until you find the one room with an opened door.
>Despite the amount of pain you probably put her through, she almost seems to be enjoying it.
>She grins at you, mane still a mess and her hospital gown far from Rarity's family-greeting affair.
>"I'm 'sorry'."
>"Apology accepted. I win."
>Her face falls when she sees Rarity behind you, comb levitating above your head.
>"Let's get that messy mane straightened out, the family will be here to visit in under ten minutes. Dear, you're lucky it was your back-leg you broke, I can still fit this dress on you!"
>It's your turn to grin as you form a small hand with your magic and wave as the little brat gets what she fucking deserves.
>Cool fillies don't look at explosions.
Oh yeah, and this is great too. But I'm sure you already knew that.
Awesome, I like this style!
>"I'm 'sorry'."
First was supposed to be from POV and second was supposed to be from Lone, fuck.
N-no u
Thanks. I don't make a habit of writing about named/identifiable fillies, but I'm always very careful when I do. Hopefully I didn't come off too self-aggrandizing or self-deprecating.
Edit request for pic related
Probably easier to redraw from the ground up. With that kind of coloring it'd be a collosal pain in the ass, not to mention it's shudder semi-anthro.
Noice. Fashion hoers somehow sticks to her promises. No matter how disfigured others are.
If this keeps up Purple will barge in like the koolaid man, and 'fix' the friendship problem.
Filly in pajamas is criminally underdrawn.
Filly after visiting Rarity.jpg
Filly after visiting Rarity.
Does anybody have that piece of fanart of anonfilly drawn like Toph? I need it for reasons.
268465 268585
>"I want some personal lessons miss Cheerilee~"
>"Come teach me some anatomy~"
>"Can I stay after class to help 'clean up'~?"
"N-No more of miss Twilight's fillies."
>"Spitfire could you take your sister flying dear?"
"Ma, I'm doing a event today, I can't."
>"Oh please, you act like she can fly enough make you work. You're supposed to be a ace, yet a filly can out do you? Really Spitf-"
"Alright ma! Ey Nonny! Come on, we're going for a quick soar!"
>"Really!?" A shrill voices cries out before a green blur comes tumbling down the stairs, stopping against a wall. "Oof! I'm okay!"
>You shake your head.
"This filly's as durable as Derpy... about as agile as her too."
>You get hit in the side by mom.
>"Hush. That girl speaks nothing but praise of you."
>You groan.
"Come on Anon. Gonna try to get you to do a aileron roll."
>"Yes!" She cheers taking off out the house.
Filly is such a masochist.
Poor miss Cheerilee surrounded by lustful Anonfillers.

If all Anonfillies were that durable. Nice perspective.
Was able to find it. The associated tumblr account is dead of course, so I'm really glad an image was posted with it. The original text associated with the post appears to have been "Am I the only one who thinks Toph’s voice would be a solid match for Filly Anon?
The fact that one is a earth pony and the other is an earthbender is just a bonus"
268468 268470 268472

Oh no!
268471 268474 268514
This is a bucket..jpg
Gentlemen, synchronize your death watches. We have seventy hours to live. For most men, no time at all. We are not most men. We are Fillies. We have no resources, but we have more than enough will. Let's make these hours count! Occult, collect everyone's dying wishes and put them in this bucket, please!
I want the bucket.
Cover your face filly.
When we are done, you may have it.
Occult Facade
Yeah, sure no problem.
I've spent multiple days on this green with this reference, localized right here in this thread.
I'm glad I'm with fillies of culture.

There's a Snake in my Boot (2 Roseluck Story)
Occult Facade
268478 268480 268540 270537
>After saying my goodbyes and see you laters we walk down the blinding path to Roseluck's abode.
>"Everything is so cheerful today. Right Occult?"
>I'm not sure why I'm feeling so irritable.
"Yeah it's a whole barrel of laughs."
>Is it the sudden abduction, adoption, or the now draining adrenaline rush?
>"Here we are."
>One thing immediately noticeable is that it's one of the background houses.
>Nothing offensive, and it does look really nice.
>Matches the whole feeling of Ponyville, nothing really eye catching here.
>It's a nice cozy cottage looking place on the outside.
>With a small blooming hedge, and flower box outside of a window.
>Then we headed inside.
Planters, pottery junk, mirrors dangling precariously, and buckets
>there's more
>allergy central, with the immense amount of flowers
>"Welcome to my home. Breath talking isn't it?"
>Flora of variety of species, and I guess sub-species as well.
"Wow, You did all this?"
>"Yeah! I mean All-in-one the hoofy pony, Lily, and Daisy my coworkers and friends helped too,"
>then she mutters under her breath
>"maybe too much time with them if I'm picking up their habits."
>"I have an attic space that's big enough to be used as a bedroom, or you can bunk with me in my room for now. In any case I'm going to make something for lunch. Make yourself at home, and please don't touch the flowers."
>Roseluck's house could be described as modest, cozy, or homely.
"Sounds like a plan, I'll take a look at the attic."
>Every inch of free space has flowers, and careful notes on every planter.
>It's going to take forever to get anywhere in here without knocking anything over.
>Carefully I made my way to the shanty stairs.
>Slowly I head up, avoiding the flowers.
>Fucking hooves, and weird equine legs
>At least the whole house smells nice.
>Half way up I see a rather large whote flower right infront of my face.
"Oh shit."
<Kr-Crash, thump thump thump thump
>It's down on the ground luckily unbroken.
"I'm fine. The white flowery flower thing is fine. Everything is just fine."
>Going up and down stairs, or ladders as a pony is a scary experience.
>Every section of the stairs (stationary ladder that's always about to snap) leading to the attic has plants, and floral cultures, and fucking pottery.
"You know when I said If I'd like my own bedroom?"
>She nods eyes tightening observing the localized disruption.
"I think being in your room would lead to less mishaps."
>She walks over righting the white flower giving it a gentle caress, then picks me up by my scruff.
>Setting me on the nice safe pony backside.
>Above the vegetative sea.
>"I couldn't agree more."
>Who needs a couch when there is perfectly good floor to faint on.
>Besides the flowers are always watching, moving far faster than plants back on Earth.
>I call earth pony bullshit.
>Still slow enough to be pretty plant-like, but still uncannily speedy.
>"The flower sandwich is ready, and the soup is still hot."
>Ah, now something I can really appreciate some good homemade grub.
"Thank you, Roseluck."
>Depositing me on the wood chair Roseluck took to the opposite side.
>"Please, call me Rose we'll be living together for a while."
>Then I bite the sandwich.
>Cardboard, vanilla, and a hint of jasmine.
>Swallowing I try the soup.
>Feels like disappointment, and failure.
>Slightly minty.
>"How is it? I used some of my own homemade vegetable flower stock."
>That's one hell of a happy goofy smile.
>Words tumble out of my mouth before I realize I'm not shutting up.
"It tastes like physical depression, and unhelpful cynicism. The sandwich has little body, but is edible because of the jasmine and vanilla flavor."
>I cover my mouth.
>Fuck this filly body.
>Her hurt look actually stings.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that while sometimes I am fully cognizant. Partial thoughts tumble out against my will."
"I appreciate everything you have done Rose. Taking me in, welcoming into your home, feeding me, fixing my failings, and being a good person in general."
>I quickly clarify.
"A good pony."
>I don't know what to make of her facial expression.
>"Is the soup good?"
>Oh dear lie, or tell the truth
"It's... I'm a bit biased, in my previous life I have tasted many dishes. None of them exhibited the flavors and combinations of feelings these foods invoke. I know it may not sound good, but I've never in all my time experienced anything like this before."
"There is room for improvement."
"I like the mint flavor in it."
>She gives a sad sniffle.
>"I dropped the ladle, after brushing my teeth this morning, in the soup pot."
>I feel like a huge dick.
>I am a huge dick.
>I eat my sandwich and soup hoping they were my words.
>She just eats as well.
>I'm finished with this
"Can I have a second serving?"
>I'm a glutton for punishment, but to see a smile would make this worth it.
Nice little read.
nice, it's good

What happen filly?
Oh fluttershy, it was horrible! Back when I was born... Jews stole my foreskin!
268516 268527
I just want a hug

268532 268537 268546
>"Christ you nigger, couldn't you have gotten a strap-on that's a size or three smaller?"
268527 268542 269294
When I was not a filly, I found it rather silly
To think that I would be a pony here one day
I had fanfics to read, didn't think that I should even heed
threats of Marehood would leave me here to stay
You should be careful what you ask for, I don't know if this life's for meeee!

I'm a pony, trapped here forever!
Now my pe-nis is gone and my links to home are severed
And though I'm oh so far a way, I wish that I could saaay,
That I wasn't trapped here foreveeeeer
and now I see that I'm really not, so cleveeeeeer
My Little Pony - Anonfilly and Starlight Glimmer - Hug.png
Sure filly.
Easy filly, everypony will give you a helping hoof.
You're jealous.
Ven no!
futa filly.png
Take another look at the pic; that's no strap-on
>I have an attic space that's big enough to be used as a bedroom, or you can bunk with me in my room for now.
>"I think being in your room would lead to less mishaps."
qt, you'd better write some comfy momfu snuggles
>"It tastes like physical depression, and unhelpful cynicism. The sandwich has little body, but is edible because of the jasmine and vanilla flavor."
kek, looks like Occult is fighting hard to take the title of most autistic writefilly. Nice update.
To explain your relocation
There's a simple explanation:
You're a toymaker's creation
Trapped inside a show for kids!

And whichever way your wander
Know ponyville is over yonder
This new chance you shouldn't squander
As we sing this silly song

When I wasn't yet a filly, I didn't know it would be so tricky
So I told a man you can do your worst,
If you can make me a mare then you'd be the first
So I got myself in-to this mess, hope they-don't make me wear a dress.
Now my memories are absurd and I think they all misheard,
But I still know the words to this song.

When you're throat is feeling strangled
And your foreleg has been mangled
Don't listen to the jangle
Of the bell that tolls for thee

Cause the chords are hypnotizing
and this whole world's harmonizing
So now Green please stop your crying
And Just sing along with me!
You sure about that?
This poner is a poet.
I've never heard of a strap-on without any straps >>268520

And so the meme was born.
268558 268561 268645
Futafags deserve the electric chair.
268564 268572 268573 268645
I can't believe there's actually a circumstance under which pony is disallowed on /mlpol/
268567 268572
It's not disallowed per say, it's just severely bullied for its degeneracy and being a gateway to the globo-homo agenda
My Little Pony - Coco pommel - Yes.gif
This again.

268574 268645
Gay pony porn isn't banned either, you'll just get called a faggot for posting it if it isn't lesbian. (As you should be.)
268575 268645
>when you're a nazi but gays are actually fine but only when they're lesbians because that's pretty hot
268576 268578 268645
Yes, those are in fact the community-set rules; and you can fuck off to /lgbt/ if you have a problem with that.
268577 268632 268645
First, those aren't part of the rules, and second, I was clearly just poking fun
If you can't take a bit of banter maybe (You) need to run on back
Aryanne knows the way.
box filly.png
Boxes are plenty of fun for a little filly
What a shock.

As the posts fuel the filly fire here are some instructional steps for funsies.
This is getting out of hooves.

>Horseface is an ancient ceremonial mask used in the exorcism of potentially malicious spirits
>also known as
"Sup Purple."
This feel appropriate to post this now from the archive.

268596 268597

>threatens to rape a guy for wanting a cig
what a fag
Top Filly. LOL
Derpy as a mom might be the best.
Hath my eyes deceive me? Has the Rusky drawfag of legend returned to us?
Not the same.
Prison changes you.
>"Well then, I guess you'll have to wash the... ah-sigh-ee berries out of the earth pony's coat while I talk to her."
>You frown, but it quickly morphs into a grin as an idea pops up
"Qualé mané eu tenho nome! E deixa eu me divertir em paz sua filha da puta, aposto que você só é branca assim por tar encrostada em gozo"
>Rarity just raised an eyebrow at you
>Wasn't the first time you used your native tongue to shit talk her, but she was never sure how to react
>It wasn't quite the reaction you expected, so you decided to keep fishing on your fellow filly
>You lay your thicc earth pony self on her side before sensually saying
>"Lambe meus cascos como um picolé que eu devolvo o favor mais tarde potrinha~"
>But she didn't gave you the pleasure of a reaction, just the usual eye roll
>"Alright, I'll get my net"
>You mlem at her with a giggle, as rarara levitates you off to your bath
"Hey I'm a grown man, I can bathe myself!"
>"I should take you to Twilight to check if there's something wrong, those weird things you say, and what with being a "man"...what even is a man?"
"Are you even listening? Release me woman! REEEEEE"

Just felt like adding the part with junglespeak for fun, been a while since i got a prompt from the thread, and don't worry about the self-aggrandizement/deprecating, it's fine
>2 unicorns
>Not one of each tribe
Your bias for boneheads sure was showing here
>"But the magic slap"
Could've been with the net while it was tied to one of the wings, to lift and be able to fly, a pony's wing sure must be pretty darn strong

Also I need more Spitfire and Filly, that one was top qt
Merry Band of Literates
"Who are we?!"
>"The bane of pseuds!"
>"I gotta pee!"
"What don't we have?"
>"Pee breaks!"
>You gesture for the full-bladdered filly to exit the circle before continuing.
"What is our charge?"
>"To breathe life into text!"
>"To stand on the shoulders of giants!"
>"To beat the typewriter into submission!"
"What will never perish as long as we persist?"
>"The thread!"
>"The eternal soul of filly!"
>"The dreams and nightmares of fillification."
Keep on keeping on. You're doing great writefag.
I'm gonna say it, since our resident crusader isn't here.

Kill yourself pedophile
Kill yourself actual pedophile
Alas, the one time he could have actually contributed
268612 268613
Any of you ever see any of those pedo posts appearing in other threads? So far I've only seen them appear in this one.
Only here.
268615 268631
A couple of other threads including >>>/sp/, but I'm pretty quick at reporting them and a mod seems to be on at all times. I don't know if it's the same (((guy))) who's using CP to take down other chans.
268615 268618 268631
Hmmm, I wonder then: If we make a new thread, will this one continue to get spammed with it, or will it change to the new thread with us? Also, anybody have any ideas on how to get that thing away from the site entirely?
268616 268631
well then, cancel my post at >>268614

If it is that guy, do you think there's any way we could get to use this against him?
268617 268619 268631
Site admins have his IP address but if he has a brain at all he's using a VPN or proxy. The advantages of a site dedicated to anonymity apply also to bad actors, otherwise the anonymity would not be totally reliable. There may be another way, though.
maybe we can bring this up on /qa/?
There's no practical way to stop it if you have the technical knowhow, how do you think Barneyfag was a problem all the years he was?
>The information of the users is sacred and shall not be used outside of needs by administration, we don't even have access to IP addresses from the users, we keep no logs, not even error logs, outside of what the website provides us directly.
Excellent green friend.
>Also I need more
Samehere (You)r green is good and I want more.
Here here to the ever lasting crusade to create!

Oh dear I'll be more vigilant.
268634 268645
>It was just a joke guise! Haha, I'm not really a flaming homosexual fudgepacker, I just play one on muh 4chan clone!
268641 268645
>g-guise, that post with the smug reaction image was definitely completely serious!
Really now, are you even trying?
268646 268648
Alright fagets, that's enough
Now kiss and make up
Green filly was first.
Let the snowflakes show how cool and different they are.
268650 268653 268655
I can tell you're the futanigger by your distinct posting style, telling people to stop going at it because you're losing isn't an effective strategy.
A match made in Valhalla.
Sure, whatever helps you calm your fillytits
Doesn't matter either way to me as long as y'all are done with it
268654 268655 268665 268667
>implying I'm losing
You're the one who began by whining about the earthshattering existence of futafags like me
You two have already gone past the point where you're just 69ing for (You)s, which makes you both equally gay
268666 268667 268726
I'm just saying it's gay as fuck and doesn't belong in a thread where part of the central fucking concept is that a man has had his dick removed by becoming a little filly
No, it makes you gayer because you're still samefagging.
I never knew you were the sole and final arbiter of what does and doesn't belong in the Anonfilly thread
By the way, that other guy isn't me
268668 268669 268670 268671
Shut the fuck up you two, this entire thread is degenerate, arguing about degrees is the most pointless fucking thing I've ever seen come out of it.

>Daiperfaggotry? Nah, that's fine, but futa is crossing the line!
Shut up, just fucking shut up. If any one of you are gonna take a stand against degeneracy, you'd better fucking be prepared to argue about all of it, including the premise of this thread considering it's technically tranny shit. Jesus fucking christ.
>Australia of all people pipes up to put an end to this
fucking based
>That moment when Australia comes up to tell fags to stop shitposting
What times we live in...
268674 268676 268677
See pic.
I'd rather not add more degeneracy on top of the pile of it we already have, though. Diaperfaggotry is bad enough, but what you're implying is like saying that just because a sewer is full of shit there's no consequence to adding more of it until it overflows and people are walking around in raw sewage. Besides, we've had plenty of time to acclimate to filly being a man in a little girl's body, not to mention the fact that it's usually played for comedy.
It stings a bit, doesn't it?
>Be a bored filly
>All you have is these blocks
>They just said that the adoption paperwork would take forever and left you alone.

>Be Momfu
>"Ma'am I'm sorry, but look at this psychological profile."
>"What ever she went through is absolutely criminal."
>You can't help, but watch and listen to her 'play'
>"This is no small task. If you're sure sign here."
>pic related.

>Be Anon
"You're done?"
>"Yep, I'm your new mommy."

>Filly goes to psychologist
>Filly builds two towers out of blocks
>Knocks one over
>Psych asks why
>"The griffons did it."
Fine, but if you're gonna make it your personal mission to clean up the sewer, we're gonna expect you to step up and argue over every little bit of degeneracy that shows itself.
I'll do my best, Emu-chan.
268679 268697
I hadn't known about that feature before now, but now that I look at it, it doesn't remove the (You)s from replies, only the ones next to the name on your own posts
We both know you aren't even going to try, especially when it comes to your preferred types of degeneracy.
The least you could do is cut out your holier-than-thou attitude, since we're all already degenerates of one sort or another here on this Canadian Nazi horsefucking forum.
268681 268683
Nice try. If you reload the page after clicking it then it removes every (You) associated with that post, but I'm sure you already knew that.
>Waah we're all the same so why don't we just get along?!
You sound like one of those obnoxious MAGApede shitstains that had a hand in the ruination of /pol/; just because we share one or two commonalities doesn't mean you're welcome here.
>doesn't mean you're welcome here
Do you FEEL in charge?
I can keep at this shit for weeks, maybe months. I don't need to have some sort of authority bestowed upon me, my powers are in persistence.
Never said we should all get along, especially since you clearly won't for as long as you keep that holier-than-thou attitude. I'm only saying you shouldn't be a hypocrite about degeneracy when you've got your own in no short supply.
Can everypony just knock it off?
Sounds like some fillies need their changing.
And how would you know anything about my degeneracy?
Changing? No. Changing out? Well...
## Admin
Are you SURE about that?
Sorry Anon, but the autism of some people is just too powerful.
Maybe he'll get tired eventually, but until then we'll just have to endure.
>>268688 (checked)
I guess your authority is final... grumble
>The face Twilight's making is one of disgust because she can see what Anon's doing in the schoolyard from her treehouse.
>She wants to pull the trigger and put a stop to that little faggot's shit.
I'm not here to dictate to the fillies. I LOVE the fillies. What I wont abide is one filly trying to posture that another filly isn't welcome. No one has that privilege around here, even if one or both are degenerates. cuz let's be real, filly is always at least a little degenerate
Friendly reminder that Futa is gay because it's still a penis no matter what it's attached to.
Fantasizing about sucking "girl" dick is gay. Fantasizing about being a futa woman and fucking lesbians isn't, because you're the one having the penis not the one lusting over the penis like a faggot.
filly tongue.png
>Fantasizing about being a futa woman and fucking lesbians isn't
It is in my book. But let's put this matter to rest and keep posting fillies.
268703 268705 268708 268710
Just like abuse, filly's lack of cock goes back to the very beginning. I don't like seeing people try to undermine what I like about the thread, and it's not like I have any power here. I really don't think this is a situation where staff should be getting involved, no offense. Just another argument.
I think it'd be funny if Twilight monkeypawed Anon's wish to have his dick back for a day to fuck with his head.
That actually would be kind of funny.
Just like every other time this argument has cropped up, the only thing that's core to Anonfilly is Anon being a filly. Beyond that, anybody's free go in whatever direction they choose with it.
You're still free to like whatever you want with it, but anybody else can do the same, and there's no need to fault them for that. Now have a hug LonePone, it'd be much better to see you happy than angry or sad.
Who fucking says I'm Lone you asswipe?
Lone's known for being a massive abusefag, so even if you aren't him you're more than likely a fan of his.
Appreciated and acknowledged. I'm just here to curtail the gatekeeping (and to spank KYS filly), do carry on.
268714 268718
You've never imagined yourself fucking the gay out of a lesbian?
Fillyposters should be free to post anything involving filly, no matter how controversial.
I just hope that doesn't end up opening the doors to scatfags. I hate those fags.
meme face filly.png
scat is a shit fetish tbh
268720 268743
>Fillyposters should be able to post anything involving filly, no matter how controversial
>I just hope that doesn't end up opening the doors to scatfags
If ever there was a scenario for a "which button" meme

I want rubs...
Kek, that's a gem of a pic. Couldn't find it on DB so that just makes it rarer.

Anonfilly uses the Griffons' tricks against them! Uno meme when?
>"Art thou winning daughter?"
Freedom in a nutshell, I suppose.
Anyway, anonfilly idea:
What if anonfilly is redpilled, but Equestria is a literal fantasy-land where only bluepill logic can work and ziggers actually were turned good overnight by pony friendship?
>Freedom in a nutshell
More or less; freedom is either absolute or becomes gradually eroded to nothing
>>268411 →
>>268744 →
"Twilight we're losing alot of land."
>Purple's hoof rubs your filly head.
>The command area had the right amount of space and amenities to do everything.
>"There are more important things than cheap land."
>She gestures to the barracks and the emergency tents.
>"We have never lost a single pony in any conflict."
>A gasp escapes from you.
>"Everyone in our great nation is our friend, and we never needlessly waste our friends lives."
>You know each of your soldiers, friends by name.
>That's not quite right. The reports had a different message.
>"Rebuilding every time may take some time and hard work, but abandoning the principals of friendship must not happen."
"But, ponies died."
>"I said we never lost a single pony. Those heroes will be remembered, and we won't let their sacrifice be in vain."
>She looks into your eyes.
>"Every single soldier out there is already dead Anon, and that includes us. We won't let them be a casualty of our own doing by incompetence, bureaucracy, or ignorance."
>Images of your friends come to mind.
>Brutalized by paperwork, and an unfeeling lifeless worker.
>"Remember our lessons Anonymous."
>"Every soldier is equipped with emergency teleportation sigils."
>All the reports are about 'deaths'.
"I- Twilight."
>In her lecturing tone she says three words.
>"Battle of Hoofsinaty."
"Out maneuver them."
>"Yes, we have them exactly where we want them. They are tired, the land they occupy is trapped, and mentally exhausting. They can't get water without being decimated."
>Griffs, and Ziggers would sooner rip each other apart than to have the sacrifice, discipline, or friendship necessary to escape.
"They're fucked."
>"Yes, unless we retreat."
"I'm sorry Twilight."
>"It's my fault I should have granted you access to the observery, and front line accounts. Even with the dangers."
>Her gentle smile says everything.
>"With the only available information I would have made the same decision at your age."
>You puff up slightly.
>She's grinning.
>"I stand by what I said."
>You puff up slightly.
That's my filly.
268769 268791 268794 268809
Recent color edit.
Release filly, you human.
268789 268792
Fillys play police again
>you human
Wow, rude much?! They are only exercising their right to be degenerate together. Pet play is a common fetish don't you know?
I'm sure some of you degenerates know what this is for.

Easy fucking edit. She just needs the text tool. No fucking art skill needed.

If you don't know, I'll let someone else tell you.
A skin for a 3D model.
Indeed, but there's a program that uses that specific layout for the texture. With VR support. (or non vr if you don't have a headset)
In the criminal friendship system, boop based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Manehattan, the dedicated fillies who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Fillies Unit. These are their stories.
>Dun Dun
>a leash
Booping is an honored tradition zigger.
That filly may look grumpy but she has hearts in her eyes
268795 268800
Okay cuck.
I didn't make it, I only ensure the fillies reach their proper destination.
268797 268800
Not an argument. Posting that does not make you any less of a shitheel simp.
Somebody's mad, I quite literally only ensure that images are posted to the thread you nigtard, if you're going to direct your rage at someone then yell at the guy who recolored it and brought it back into the limelight. https://derpibooru.org/images/2349408
268800 268801
27_1555010__safe_artist-eclipsepenumbra_oc-colon-aryanne_clothes_nazi_reaction image_stahlhelm_transparent.png
36_OAT_12_2018_1896420__safe_artist-colon-ljdamz1119_oc_oc-colon-aryanne_oc only_-colon-3_earth pony_explosives_female_grenade_holding_mare_nazi_pony_simple backgroun.png
>muh neutral "put it where it belongs" cuckpost
>m-muh milquetoast flip-flop tu quoque
>m-m-muh cuckjoobooroo
>m-m-m-muh "I'm j-j-just making my (((opinion))) known"
Okay shekelboomer.
wind-up filly.png
What's got you so wound-up?
268803 268808
Nice balloon fetish faggot. I've been doing this shit for months with arguably far worse images than filly in a fucking leash, how new are you?
>using sage as a personal downvote
>saging this slow ass board
>all these autistic tantrums over thing I don't like
>not even posting anonfilly content
When did this thread start picking up /v/ rejects?
44_OAT_Update_October_2019_MLPOL_04_suggestive_an--m_cozy glow_dialogue_fangs_female_filly_implied foalcon_meme_pegasus_ponified meme_pony_snaggletooth_.jpeg
Old enough to empirically understand that "petplay" is for cuckolds of either sex, shitheel. I don't check everything on /mlpol/ these days due to business massively increasing. What's your excuse for being a degenerate shitheel?
268806 268809 268830
>x2 shitheel combo
Really presenting yourself as a member of the Übermensch with that literary prowess. Come up with a new insult, you cuck.
>I don't check everything on /mlpol/ these days due to business massively increasing.
X. You'd probably just rather circlejerk with your buddies on r/thedonald, from the sound of it you know little about this board, this thread, or even chan culture in general. If you take a look through previous porn threads you'll see plenty of petplay images, and if you look through the previous filly threads you'll see multiple greens with petplay themes with no fucking outrage from long-time site sers (not that petplay even necessarily makes my dick wet because, as I've reiterated multiple times, I just fucking post the images you tard.)
But hey, since it makes you angry have an image I dug up just for you.
*site users
268809 268814 268856
Can you rate the following in most to least degenerate?
Lusting after feet
Lusting after pony hooves
Tag-teaming another woman with your wife
Impregnation fetish
Tomboy Taming
Permanent Fusion with your wife to become a new being with its own thoughts, memories, and free will
Temporary Fusion with your wife to become something that can fuck more women without it being cheating on your wife technically
Pavlovian Dog Training
Popping balloons
Different Anon
268811 268814
>What's your excuse for being a degenerate
All warfare is based on deception.
I'd say if you want anything done about it become a god tier content fag.
Instead of contributing you headed into mommy problems central complained about an Anon doing what he has been doing. Also keeping this thread afloat with higher quality content posts.
This Anon right here is doing good work by bringing every filly home. Even if some of the fillies need to be put in the timeout box.
I get times are rough, and you're shitposting, and it's no secret that some real faggots are abusing filly's good name and image. The counter posting spree sure does make this thread look lively.
However, I award you no (You)s and may God, Celestia, and uncle Adolf have mercy on your soul. I'm sure you are doing all you can for the cause, but you have failed here in preliminary research.
Here is a boop, and a (You)
Hoofholding comes first.
>hold pony hoof in your hand
>feel the heartbeat in the frog because it's connected to the heart or something like that
>you can press your thumb on it to fuck with the pony's heart rate
>she trusts you to not fuck her heart up in this situation and she knows you humans hold hands to show affection
That's actually really sweet in a weird way
Oh, it makes sense now why this fucking newfag (>>268803) is hanging around. Nigel, did you tell all of your faggot friends about this super cool pony politics site and not even have the courtesy to suggest they lurk first? Fucking kek.
>I'm sure you are doing all you can for the cause, but you have failed here in preliminary research.
God dammit you faggot I'm just posting the fucking fillies for archival purposes, do you have any idea how often images get taken down with no notice from derpibooru? The mods are cucked, and any artist can, at any time, request for all of their shit to be hiroshima'd; case in point Seb's gallery. Sure the rome silvanus archive has them all, but they aren't indexed as well as derpibooru indexes them and it makes finding everything a pain in the fucking ass.
You're the best Anon
Sorry Anon I should have been more clear.
This is for (You)
>This Anon right here is doing good work by bringing every filly home. Even if some of the fillies need to be put in the timeout box.
You are doing great work getting the fillies to the thread. I really do appreciate that, and you.
Thank you.
This is for faggotron sage in all fields.
>I get times are rough, and you're shitposting, and it's no secret that some real faggots are abusing filly's good name and image. The counter posting spree sure does make this thread look lively.
However, I award you no (You)s and may God, Celestia, and uncle Adolf have mercy on your soul. I'm sure you are doing all you can for the cause, but you have failed here in preliminary research.

268818 268819 268852
"What the fuck you think you are-"
"Hey hands off my tail!"
>She then turned around to free her tail
>But an Anon ended up in one of her blind spots
>And taking the opportunity, he held her down by her belly, effectivelly pinning her to the ground
>Everyone else joined in the assault on the defenceless filly, brushes in hand and ready for brushing
"S-stop that, no, not there, unhand me faggots, ree"
>Head, tail, chestfluff
>Not one spot was left as messy as before
>And after they were done, filly was fuming
>Turning her back on to her hooves, an Anon planted a mirror right in front of her before she could scamper off
>Her face turned from rage to disbelief
>That...was her?
>Turning her face one side to the other she admired the work these anons put in
>Everyone was taken out of their zone as an [thud] echoed around, an anon suffering from diabeetus
"I...you...what the fuck are you looking at?"
>And resounding "Aww" came out of everyone
>She tried to pout at them, to look angry, but her blushing cheeks and shining eyes couldnt hide the truth
>Finally she relented with a sigh
"C-can we do this every week? It was..nice"
>One by one, all the Anons prompted an Ok from their hands, as her eyes opened up with the realization of what she just asked
"But no touching my tail faggots, ree!"
>tfw you want to brushie anonfilly every week with fellow anons
As it should be
268832 268847 268858
Too fucking tired to think straight. As for you building a strawman by making an assumptive reach that I have even an iota of liking for Drumpf, Killary, or any other oxythief politician is a flat excuse for a
>b-b-but muh fetish isn't degenerate

I'll make this mildly civil: in my OWN OPINION, your fetish = slavery. It is dehumanizing deponyizing that reaches a cliff, takes ten steps back for a running start, then jumps straight down the rabbit hole. Now I'm fucking done.
That's my filly.
A Cyan qt?
>Be Anonymous
>Cyan filler
>as feather pone
>even have Fluttershy's parents as parents
>still packing some man meat
>The garden in the clouds is really neat.
>The cloud collection is awesome.
>flight camp is pretty cool
>Fluttershy is sweet, adorable, and shy...
>kinda too shy
>how do I fix this...
>fuck it, time to get Rainbro Dash to get some ideas.
>She's still a kid, and I'd like to think I helped have her be more aware of her egregious points.
>"Hey Anon, what's the storm nipping your hooves this time?"
"You know those visions of the future."
"Sis needs to have a little more courage, so I figured I'd ask you. You both don't exactly hang out all the time yet, but..."
>She thinks for a moment.
>"You know what I have just the thing to stop getting your feathers in a twist."
"Thanks bro."
>"I'll just show her some of my moves."
>Hours pass.
>Fluttershy hasn't come back to the camp yet.
>Talking to others, and the counselors they have no idea.
"Please be safe."
>The desk with family pictures feels judgmental.
>Evaluating my sins.
>I hear yelling outside.
>The cloud longhouse shakes
>for minutes
>then everything holds still.
>The door breaks open.
>It's Mom and Dad
>"Zephyr Breeze! Where is your sister!"
>I'm Anonymous
>Their fury is nearly all consuming.
"I don't know."
>Having the normally docile stallion and mare shout at me is terrifying
"I swear I don't know!"
>Tears run down.
>I'm a failure.
>Still a failure.

>Cut to this situation.
>Many years later. Talking about such a formative event to a stranger.
>In an old dusty castle.
"And that is why I crave power Queen Nightmare Moon."
>"How very charming."
>"I still don't see how that is my problem."
>Fangs bare down on me.
"W-well if I had the power I could help you take revenge."
>Lying through my teeth.
>"But I may have use for you yet."
>She stands taller ears perking up.
>"We will discuss this later my most loyal servant."
>Time to capture a nightmare fragment.
"As you wish my Queen."
>I hide behind a pillar.
>Hearing the most important battle first taking place.
>A bright rainbow light bathes the area.
>A shadow of a fragment lurks closer to me.
>Latching on like a limpet
>"I am weak, shelter me and we will become powerful!"
>I'm not a failure this time.
>"No you fool you'll kill us both!"
>I'll make this mildly civil: in my OWN OPINION, your fetish = slavery.
It's not my goddamn fetish you retard, I just post the fucking images. How many times must I say this before you get it through your smooth fucking brain?
268851 268853
>A teacher gives Filly an assignment.
"Here, plot this graph."
>Filly takes a piece of graph paper and just goes nuts with a crayon!
>Later, the teacher checks it.
"Very good!"
Is that a logarithmic graph?
Remind me of the Ice Sprite in TFH.
And either a sin or cosin wave

That's what I get for not losing close attention.
Oh! I think I see what you mean now.
Generic explanation of what has already been said. it took me longer than I'd like to admit to think I have an inkling of an idea
It moves foward through exponentiality with X being the exponent and the (x, y) correlating with the various exponents.
Starting with fractional which are calm on the negative end regardless. Moving into more regular exponents. Gradually being more extreme the higher the exponential goes.

I wonder if you could find the frequency of the points after X=2.5
going to guess it's some constant. Not sure which one, and there are a fuck ton of them to pick from.
>I wonder if you could find the frequency of the points after X=2.5
I won't even try.
Permanent fusion
Temporary fusion What is this, Steven Universe?
Lusting after feet
Pavlovian training
Impregnation fetish
Lusting after pony hooves (as long as they're clean)
Tomboy taming

Balloons are a wild card.

>caltrops are extremely lethal

Blue filly is QT
holy shit you must be even newer than I thought
lurk moar or GTFO
268864 268865
>">Input Action."
>You look around the room, seeing a chest of drawers and not much else.
"I molest the chest."
>"Good, you find a few bits and a sweater. >Input action."
"I leave."
>"There are no exits."
"Goddamn it, I fucking leave!"
>"You're going to be here with me for a long time. At least until you own up to what you did."
"It was a fucking accident!"
>"She's dead, and it's your fault. Input action."
"I slam my head into the wall."
>"Your head bounces off of the cushioned wall harmlessly."
"I slam my head into the chest of drawers."
>"You can't do that right now."
>You struggle against the comfy jacket they put you in.
"I didn't kill her!"
>Nopony answers.
"I'm a good filly, r-right?"
>A small plate of mashed peas slides under the door and you practically slam your face into it.
>"Poor thing, are the precautions all necessary?"
>"She's a danger to herself and others."
>You whimper, trying to get a look at the ponies outside through the slot.
>Come on, just a hoof...
>The only ponies you ever see are the ones that pick you up three times a day for potty breaks.
>They watch you the entire time, but you've adapted to it.
>Better than the alternative of holding it or sitting in your own piss.
>You never get showers.
>Once every couple of weeks, maybe.
>Your mane is long and greasy in front of your eyes as you stare at the slot.
>An eye.
>She looks sweet.
>"She'll cut you up into little bits. Scream."
>You settle for a soft whimper.
"Stop that, I'm trying to make a good first impression."
>You realize you might've said that aloud and writhe in an attempt to cover your mouth with a hoof.
>"It's customary for considering visitors to bathe the foal to see how they take. Would you like to give her a bath?"
>"Oh, I'd love to."
>Could you finally be getting out?
>"Of course not. You'll rot here for your crimes, you shit."
>The feeling of the straightjacket being removed is a rare one indeed.
>Your forehooves are quickly zip-tied back together, but you still feel hopeful.
>Your small frame is lifted by magic.
>A slightly pudgy emerald mare smiles into your eyes.
>You feel almost safe, gently swaying as she walks you down the hall to the baths.
>"Are you ready to go home, sweetie?"
"Y-you're going to be my new mommy?"
>You can hear the tub filling up.
>Your face is shoved into the water, taking away your breath.
>You look to the side with betrayal in your eyes, but the tub walls block it.
>"Told you."
'You said little bits, not water.'
>"You die, I die. Use your talents."
>You groan as you feel your consciousness recess deep into your brain.
>The mare screams and you try to tune out what the third is doing.
>Awful, just like what you did to that little unicorn filly.
>After a few minutes of screaming and crying, she goes silent too.
>And then starts talking.
>"Why were you trying to kill us?"
>"Criminal justice can't formally execute foals so they use mares like me."
>"Here I was thinking you cared about avenging my death."
>You use a fragment of bone to saw through the zip ties and take a few precious seconds to rinse the blood out of your mane and coat.
"Where to now?"
>"The woman knows where the ponies who wanted this done to you live. Want me to get The Overseer to go at her again?"
I don't get it, how did the bath scene transition to the filly killing a pony, and where did the bone fragment come from?
A bit edgy, but I'm intrigued.
More ?

>Filly has some psychic-murderer-rape-gore power
>Killed a regular filly(ies?) by accident when it activated
>Sent to the loonybin 'cause too young to be *officially* executed
>"Adoptive mom" get sent to *accidentally* accident her by drowning
>Filly's survival instinct kick-in and adoptive mom get added to her K/D
>Voices in her head are apparently all her past victims, now including "adoptive mom"
268885 268889
>More ?
Probably not, I was in an incurably horrible mood last night and only wrote that because of it. Glad you thought it was interesting though.
>Probably not.
>Would somepony think of the fillies?
For fillies' sake, thanks poner.
I'm sorry poner. I hope you feel better. It's a great green that has the potential to be even more awesome.
268911 268912

HI, ME!.png
I'll pet her.
>purple is losing her mind because all her fillies went into heat for the first time at once
>all of her furniture is ruined and they keep trying to get outside
>finally decides to lock them all in one room together until they get it out of their system
>bad idea.

purple has ways of dealing with amorous fillies
268920 268922 268925
So fillies, Anons, I've just heard an interesting psychological perspective.
Writing stories about yourself in a indepth realistic situation can not only alter your mental state for years to come, but also prepare you for all sorts of situations. Video if anyone wants to see it.

The short and skinny is how integrated you are as the character (especially the main character) tangibly effects yourself if you want it to (I'd guess by default it is always on).
What this means however these kinds of techniques could be used for self improvement, and improvement of others.
I'm not saying abuse greens should be banned, nor power fantasy is the key to ultimate power. Just an interesting technique to leverage the power of the mind.
Woah, watch out anon! You might trigger that one guy's 'tism!
>psychological perspective
Nope, no perspectives nor deconstruction. Just play the game like everypony.
Celestia disaproves.
If you have enough knowledge of the situation to write it realistically, you're already prepared for it.
File (hide): 062990334C813B55C99319E4BE1EFEBB-2034492.webm (1.9 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:00:17, 2001076.webm) [play once] [loop]

268926 268928
Psychology can be a useful tool. I've been viewing myself as a "main character" years before I saw the mentioned video simply because some very odd chains of events have occurred in my life and if somebody were viewing my actions I feel they would glean at least some interest from the paths I have taken. I try to live life more like an open-world video game than anything. Most things are possible, you just need the skills and know-how to make them happen. Everybody has a price. People who act unreasonably can be threatened or blackmailed. That being said, I never fully self-insert when I write. The purpose of a greentext is often to give people somewhat of a blank slate to project themselves onto, and I feel that tainting that slate with my own perspective would lend itself poorly to the narrative.
>What this means however these kinds of techniques could be used for self improvement, and improvement of others.
And here we reach the limitations of psychological treatment. I've tried to act as a quasi-therapist for some, but the human brain will not allow itself to be molested without full consent of the molestation. I know that sounds oxymoronic in nature, but if you've ever listened to a hypnosis file and felt no changes afterward that's the sort of thing I'm talking about. Tulpas can only be generated with concentration and willingness, hypnosis requires willing submission to a trance-like state, and telling people that their life can only go up from the bottom doesn't make a dent in their desires to off themselves unless they decide that your words have meaning. Take this as you will, but the stubborn are often unmolestable in these aspects.
268928 268929
>Psychology can be a useful tool.
Psychology is a kike pseudo science that messes up minds. Tell me about anypony that is happier and more mature after that pseudo therapy, you'll find none.
Listen to Celestia and stick to friendship anon.
Thank you for sharing. I find what you've said to make sense personally.
How else can I grind exp in the tutorial zone?
Attempting to peer into the mind is an interesting subject. A great many people could benefit from knowing at minimum the basics. There are those that will do harm onto others.
There are also those that can help others convince themselves to be helped, and to heal.
As far as sciences go, it's as soft as butter. I'll give you that. Doesn't mean it's completely useless.
>Tell me about anypony that is happier and more mature after that pseudo therapy, you'll find none.
I'm a bit happier after being forced to go to therapy sessions for years. Granted, most of that time was spent just venting about problems and petty squabbles in my day-to-day life, but as I'm sure you know placebo pills can help minor problems even if you know they're placebos.
>Psychology is a kike pseudo science that messes up minds.
Yes, it certainly can mess up minds. It can mess them up even more if you're aware of how to do it and the person you're trying to mess up is caught unaware. That's precisely one of my draws into psychology, and in dealing with lolcows many people will often practice aggressive psychological tactics without even realizing it. If you're good enough, you can exploit mental vulnerabilities in a person like a hacker could exploit shoddy code in a guestbook. All it takes is a bit of injection and...
Remember to check your fillies for fleas and ticks, especially after they've been out playing in the woods all day.
Gotta scrub down the fillies
268938 269003
More like your tism, lmao.
Old wisdom goes more or less like this, they say you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
Obviously they haven't tried hard enough.
Luckily this is a fillyer so those measures don't need to be taken.
Sure, whatever you tell yourself faget
Words cannot describe how much I wish I was a filly with a pony mom
268941 269004
>I was a filly

>I was a filly
>Twilight unfucked whatever magic was keeping you a little filly.
>You were gettinf used to your momfu, and everything was good.
>Now your a man.
>Apex Omnivore
>Alien to the most dangerous race of beings on Earth.
"Read me a bedrime story?"
>Fuck it if the world going to screw with you you'll screw with it.
>Twilight fixed the problem again.
>Then the unthinkable happened.

> I was a filly with a pony mom
>The orphanage is not well kept.
>Barely even counting as a shack in town.
>It's cold.

>Words cannot describe how much I wish I was a filly with a pony mom
>On Hearths Warming a miracle happened.
>Momfu was kidnapped by changelings
>Their plans quickly fell apart with the sudden loss of their key operative.

>a pony mom
>Everything is good, and comfy.
>Our time together is treasured.
>It's beautiful.
>But time marches onward.
>heartless to us all
>we make the most of it.

>Words cannot describe how much I
God dammit you know what I meant
I know what you mean frien.
You're a qt3.14
I just felt the need to make a green.
Good filly points awarded for the nice little green.
Nope said Celestia.
By the power of her magic, all abuse and meanness is gone.
This thread is plenty of friendship now.
>Now your a man.
>Apex Omnivore
269017 269019

thanks for bringing 'em here frien
>I'm not drunk enough to deal with this shit.
>drunk with Granny Smith's cider
Filly filly filly.
269026 269027

>"Filly you keep taking about niggers. What are they?"
"Alright listen up Purple pone, this is going to be one hell of a tale."
>So weaving pasta, facts, history, and a coherent story together Twilight Sparkle learned, and understood niggers.
>"Wow. Hold on... you said there were other types of niggers."
Imminent drama, get your cameras ready.
FireShot Capture 204 - #2351708 - safe, oc, oc_filly anon, female, filly, nigger, op is a du_ - derpibooru.org.png
I'm pleasantly surprised. Thank you Anon.
Fucked from fifteen directions
269032 269035 269036 269047
God I wish pic related were me. Ignore the text, ponytown niggers being niggers and I'm mobilefagging.
A) Don't die, we'd miss you here.
B) What's going on that's got you like this? If you'd rather not tell us, that's okay too, just don't move on to C and just know that we're cheering you on to victory here.
C) Is there anything we can do to help?
D) Those ponytown niggers deserve even more autism if this is how they welcome our kind.
269037 269044
What a bunch of niggers.
By the way I heard a Nazi discovered Autism during WW2.
If that's true, it explains why the jews tried so hard to muddy the waters and turn the word into a slur for all mentally disabled kids.
It would explain why they forced thousands of additional symptoms and deficiencies into the Autism umbrella until "autistic schools" are 80% potato and 15% misbehaving normie child and 5% smart kids who waste their intellect on obsessing about Thomas The Tank Engine and Pokemon instead of Engineering or Writing.
And it would explain why the jews try so hard to make "Autistic Groups" and brainwash them into going tranny and hating the right and wanting more free shit from the govt like "good" disabled dependent jewed groups.
Your thoughts?
I say low IQ NPCs, no more nor less.
This totally off-topic sperging wants to have been up to 94000 characters longer
Be wary of griffins, they'll entice you in with friendly displays only to leave you penniless
Is filly being caressed and molested by tentacles? If so I fully approve. I'll go get the camera so no-homo.

Looks like filly dropped her spaghetti everywhere. Good thing she also ate those glow sticks.
Filly you have to power through the whoremoans flowing through your body. Fight them!

269089 269092 269105
>"Nice day out, huh?"
"Y-you too."
>The boat floats along gently through the river.
>Looking down into the water, you can see a multitude of tiny brown fish flitting about in the shallow water.
>If you wanted to get out now you easily could, even though you aren't as strong of a swimmer as you were when you had your old body.
"League, did you leave the paddles on shore so that we'd have an excuse to spend more time out here?"
>She grins back at you from the other side of the boat, her treachery revealed.
>You giggle, more bemused than pissed.
"Well, guess we'll have to jump in near dinnertime if we don't float onto shore first."
>A cool breeze blows and she presses her back up against yours.
>You can feel her rougher, more unkempt mane brushing up against your (begrudgingly, fucking Purple) more well-groomed one.
"No homo, right? Just a couple of friends keeping warm."
>"Y-yeah, no homo."
>You notice that you're moving a little bit more quickly.
"Uh, do you know if this river is... used for anything?"
>She waves dismissively.
>"I think fer some sort of experimental new energy source, Ms. Cheerilee called it... hydroelectric?"
>A cold feeling runs through your body.
>Looking down at the water, you can no longer see the bottom from all of the murky mud.
"League, we're going to have to ditch the boat."
>"What? Why?"
"Because otherwise we're both going to die virgins."
>You can't see the turbines, but you know that as much water as possible will have to be drawn into them for optimal power generation.
>Jumping into water moving at this speed terrifies you, but you know it's your best shot of surviving.
"Jump! Now!"
>You feel League clasp your hoof as you jump into the air, a splash into the fast-moving water moments later knocking you under.
>You struggle a bit before your friend pulls you to the surface.
>The bank can't be more than ten feet away, but you don't know if you can make it.
"Swim diagonally! We don't have to beat the current, we only have to get to the shore."
>Despite your own advice, you're struggling to keep up with League's pace.
>The water is moving faster and faster, the brown replaced by a heavily-oxygenated white.
>You can tell you aren't both going to make it.
"Let go of my hoof, get to shore, and run for help. I'll just slow you down."
>She's pushing forward with all of her might, and her grip on your hoof doesn't loosen one bit.
"League, I'll be fine god dammit! Your life is more important, I've already had mine!"
>"No! Life isn't worth it without you!"
>Your paddling is getting weaker with fatigue.
>You really wish you had kept in better shape after Twilight zapped all of your gains away to the shadow realm.
"League! Let go of my fucking hoof! League? LEEEAGUE!"
>A spiky splinter of a fallen tree sticks out of the woods.
>You watch in awe as League takes off her cap and uses the little bit of extra reach it affords her to hook the hanging strap on the back around it.
>She pulls you over to it and you both pant like a couple of wet dogs, the concrete termination-point of the lake no more than five feet ahead of you.
>Beyond the slanted channel you can see the massive turbine, water pushing your boat through it at incredible speeds.
>An audible and sickening CRACK can be heard, and then the boat is gone.
>League punches your left wither.
>"Dummy. I had it all under control."
>You climb across the tree, hoof over hoof behind League.
>Sweet, dry land...
>Your bladder feels a bit lighter than when you got in the boat, though luckily you were behind League for most of the ordeal.
"Y-yeah, I guess you did. Thank you for saving my life."
>"You can repay me by paying for the milkshakes we're about to get to celebrate not being mincemeat."
"Don't tell Twilight about any of this and you've got yourself a deal."
>You see League glance forlornly at her cap, the force of two fillies pushed by hundreds of gallons of water having done a number on its stitching.
>You pat her on the back.
"Hey, don't worry. I still have a favor or two to cash in from Rarity, I'm sure we'll get that patched up in no time."
>She wraps you in a vice-grip of a hug before trotting off ahead, seemingly just as energetic as ever.
>You take a few more seconds to catch your breath before going after her; much, much more slowly.
What a nice green.
All filly wanted was an emergency paddle to be paddled with...
Nice one-off! I too like to have involved conversations while swimming furiously.
269095 269106 269109

Cool. If I don't say it, I'll get the other thing, yeah? My favorite.
pony town.jpeg

Little League - Cap.png
It's good.
269112 269115

>Chubby filly
269116 269117 269118
Turn back time? Y/N
"Being around faggotry can be tiring" - Anonymous F. Filly three years after Princess Twilight's reign recolorized
That's a good qt.
Also useful as a flotation device due to the density compared to water.
Back to when? Will I lose all my collectible items, and checkpoints? Do I finally get to access the perk shop?
Do I become a duplicate or is it more of a merge?
Yes, because now the guilt is all mine.
269136 269172
>"So then Gendo is all 'get in the robot, Shinji' and then Shinji is all 'nooo' and then-"
"Anon, I still don't see what any of this has to do with your history homework."
>"This is important human history, Purple. We can't just skip over it."
"What Neighponese leader ruled during the Hay dynasty?"
>"Chingchong The Great?"
"I'm glad you were at least paying some attention in class today. Tell you what, you can tell me more about this 'anime' of yours for every question you get right."
>After Anon bafflingly got every single question on the sheet right, you had no choice but to begrudgingly let her explain the entire plot of her anime to you.
>Half of it didn't make any sense, what did the angels even want? All of the villains you dealt with had some sort of earthly concrete goal.
>You can see her eyes drooping a bit now, finally.
>"S-so then Shinji and Kaworu are gay lovers and they shower together and did I also mention Kaworu is an angel from the moon who is actually..."
>She slumps over in her chair, out cold.
>You invoke a levitation spell with mana-mechanical gyroscopic stabilization and gently pick her up, walking quietly back to your room.
>After putting up with that hell, you deserve a reward.
>You climb into bed, nestling her into your barrel and wrapping a wing around hers.
>"Nnden Annoranouttafukinmoney..."
"I love you, Anon."
>You blow out the lamp.
>>"Chingchong The Great?"
Now I'm curious about all the answers
Also baffling Purple with tales sounds great.
Maybe Anon's special talent is making ponies think that her answers to their questions are correct?

>Twi knows it hurts now but she also know you will thank her as an adult
>Not posting any of the multitude of filly spanking pics
Pic related is you.
Yes, there was no need. Though, I haven't seen that before although I recognize the artstyle belonging to our resident squating russian.
Hugging anon.png

Death by the fuzz. What a way to go out.

>"Chingchong The Great?"
>"I'm glad you were at least paying some attention in class today.

Okay, that was great.
269178 269186 269188 269206 269245
Give draw/writing suggestions, and please specify which one you're requesting. Trying to knock the dust off of my sketchbook.
Keep in mind I can only ensure some semblance of quality with writing.
I can promise that it'll look a bit better than pic related though.
269188 269268 269688
Filly sipping drinks.
269268 269688 273540
Filly reeing in an attack position
269189 269268 269453 269688 269691
filly drinking a juicebox
Filly lying to Twilight
There are so many qties in this thread.
your a qt.png
Such as (You)?
"N-no u?"
269261 269268
Purple knows.
269264 269268
The two most worrying words anyone could say to a filly.
269266 269267
>"Scrubby scrubby~!" Tia sing songs behind you.
>You groan.
"Ugh, Sister, is this really neccessary? It's just a adoption. These happen."
>"JUST A-" She stops her royal voice as she hears herself. "Just a adoption? Luna, a filly has suddenly appeared from no where in need of a loving mare to raise her, nurture her, show her how to live. This is more than a adoption, this is the day you promise that filly you will be that mare, you will show her what life is, you will always be there for her and love her."
"Yeah, but is you bathing me neccessary? I'm a grown mare, I can wash myself."
>"Yes it is, and no you can't. A quick wipe of the fur is not cleaning, and you can't be trusted. Now move your wing."
Old sister also knows.
She hasn't the heart to call her sister a smelly NEET, she wasn't to know however, that this filly and Luna were to compliment each other very well.
269270 269287 269366
>"Purple knows-"
>The filly disappears in a flash of light.
>You rush into your darkroom and tear down the photos before pouring gas on them and tossing a match.
>After that, it's on to your collection of lewd images, which...
>You can't bring yourself to burn them, so you just put them in one of the many hollowed-out books that you keep on hand.
>Your sex toys are moved from under the mattress to inside several willing volunteers who are also running around panicking.
>Come to think of it that probably doesn't help anyone, you'll have to bleach them after you retrieve them.
>You're particularly distrustful of that one filly who was able to fit two in her ponut alone.
>You're just putting your first draft of a pony Anarchist's Cookbook into one of the hollow pillars on your bedstand when she walks in.
>Serious looks all around.
>Twitchy fillies trying to stand perfectly still.
>Fluids dripping on the fucking carpet.
>There's a pile of anime figurines burning in full view of The Belle-Dame.
>70% chance they weren't even burned by the filly they belonged to.
>She's holding up the warning party in her telekinesis.
>"None of you are going to leave this room until the offending party has named every accomplice."
>She's calmed by the signature tactic of scruff-holding, but as she sways back and forth you get a glimpse of her tanned hide and moistened facial hair.
>Resigned, she points to you.
>"Anonymous number 154, do you know what you have done to me? To this... family?!"
"I-I don't! Honest!"
>For all of your mischief, you have no fucking idea what she's talking about this time.
>But you do know one thing.
>You're fucking in for it.
>Be Dyx.
>"Ah dunno, are you sure it was a good idea to paint all of those nasty things on Twilight's castle?"
"Pffft, of course. Anypony that supports the establishment deserves everything that she gets. Death to the princesses!"
>Sweetie Belle quietly mumbles something.
"What was that?"
>"B-but aren't you an alicorn?"
>You glare at her.
"What was that?"
"That's what I thought."
>Scootaloo, ever the voice of reason in the posse you've commandeered, pipes up.
>"But won't Twilight be looking for a culprit?"
>You grin.
"That's the best part of my plan, she's already got around 200 culprits to get through before she even considers us."
"See? It begins."
I will do these all in some aspect, there may be some overlap with all of the drinking ones though.
>"That's the best part of my plan, she's already got around 200 culprits to get through before she even considers us."
Shit, this filly is devious like a changeling.
I really want to see the punishments, and what happens to fire filly dyx.
Justice will be served. Royally served.

269295 269299 273189
Trust Once Lost Chapter 17
>It's Not RAD

An awkward silence filled the room and meaningful glances were exchanged. Nurse Redheart’s coffee seemed to have taken effect and she placed a hoof on Dayglow’s foreleg to give her the emotional support needed to press on.

“Your Majesty, I don’t question your motives, nor your ability to care for the child,” Dayglow swallowed dryly, “But I have concerns.”

“We shall hear them,” Said Luna. “Feel free to speak your mind.”

“Green is very anxious about other ponies finding things out about her. Being placed in a highly public position is going to be difficult for her to cope with,” Dayglow explained. “At the same time, she can’t be sequestered away to protect her from public scrutiny because she needs to be socialized; she’s already afraid of other ponies and the last thing we want is to legitimize that fear by telling her she needs to hide from the general public.”

“When she presented herself to us in her dreams she displayed a remarkable level of control for somepony so young,” Luna said, “If we do not take the filly under our wing I feel a great opportunity will have been missed. We will work with her to manage her anxiety - as the guardian of dreams we challenge thee to find somepony more experienced in dealing with such matters.”

“Green’s guardianship is still undecided,” Dayglow said. “I’ll take her majesty’s offer into consideration when I make my recommendation. I will, of course, bow to your absolute authority should you choose to exercise it.”

“Before we make any decision we should hear all the facts,” Paperstack said. “Redheart, you have been Green’s primary nurse for the last two days, what is your assessment?”

“On the first day I took care of Green she was still delirious and when I introduced myself as her nurse, she told me that she was a nurse too.” Redheart said, “She was very hesitant and asked for help with everything. At first, I thought she was just desperate for equine contact, but she also seemed ashamed for needing help and would cry and apologize for ‘wasting our time’.”

Redheart looked downcast.

“I tried to reassure her, but after a few minutes she couldn’t remember anything I’d said.” Redheart continued, “She had enough awareness to read the name off of her ID bracelet, but claimed she didn’t remember her own name. She kept telling me that she was a pony, but I’m not sure what exactly she meant by that.”

“Before you ask, yes, we did check if she was a Changeling,” Paperstack said.

“We would not have asked,” Luna said. “Her behavior is not at all consistent with a changeling infiltrator, but we suppose it is good to be certain.”

“Night Shift reported that during the night Green wandered into another patient’s room and introduced herself as the patient’s nurse.” Redheart continued, “Either she honestly believed herself to be a nurse, or she was just playing pretend. I noticed that Green was given morphine by evening shift before she went to bed, so it’s possible her increased confusion was a result of that.”

“When I cared for Green again the following morning Green was less confused, but still claimed to have no memory of what happened to her.” Redheart said, “She also claimed to have no grip in her hooves. Her lack of hoofgrip was reported to doctor Redcross who instructed us to record it as non-compliance pending a review.”

“Her lack of coordination makes her appear much younger than she is, watching her walk I was worried she was going to flop like a newborn.” Redheart said, “Listening to her speak you’d think she was a teenager. She’s clever and has a good vocabulary, but she’s still at the stage where she thinks that nopony else could understand what she’s going through. She lies constantly and thinks nopony will notice, so that does show a certain level of immaturity. She did manage to trick one of my trainees into letting her read her patient notes.”

“She’s having panic attacks, but she also has techniques to cope with them that were clearly trained.” Redheart said, “That along with her general familiarity with hospital procedures suggests that she’s spent some time in a hospital; if she told the princess she’s experienced this type of injury before I would be inclined to believe her.”

“Her sense of humor is dark, she’s making jokes about things somepony her age shouldn’t really be thinking about, but if it helps her cope I’m not about to scold her for it.” Redheart said.“I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was going on with Green - until she had a magic surge.”

“A magic surge?” Twilight asked, “You’re sure?”

“Well I’m no unicorn your highness,” Redheart explained, “But my trainee who witnessed it was and he assured me that it’s not something she could have faked. The burst of unstructured magic was felt by ponies several rooms away, and afterwards she fainted and had to be treated for magical exhaustion.”

“We thought you might be interested to see her thaumatology results, so here’s a copy.” Paperstack provided the younger princess with a stack of papers, “In summary; there’s nothing wrong with her magical pathways, certainly nothing to explain her magic surge, and as you’re no doubt aware a magic surge in a child her age is virtually unheard of.”

“That’s putting it mildly.” Dr. Azure Light said, “Until yesterday the only recorded case of a foal experiencing a magic surge this late was her Highness.”

It took Twilight a moment to realize what the doctor was saying. “Wait, you mean- oh Celestia,” Twilight grasped the edge of the table, “She didn’t hurt anypony did she?”

“No, your Highness,” Redheart reassured, “She used up her entire mana pool, but so far her magical potential is not in the same magnitude as yours.”
“Her mana pool is within the normal range for her age group.” Dr. Azure Light explained, “Most unicorns her age have difficulty expressing their magic though. Learning to keep their magic contained is something that happens naturally during infancy. When we teach older children to cast spells deliberately they have to work against their natural reflex to pull their mana back.”

“Have you read any of the studies about the effects of a low-magic environment on childhood development?” Twilight queried.

“Not that I recall, your highness,” Azure Light answered, “I assume it would in some way stunt the development of their thaumic system?”

“Actually it’s very much the opposite,” Twilight went into lecture mode, “Ponies that grow up in an environment with very little magic have overdeveloped thaumic pathways which allow them to use small amounts of magic more efficiently. Fine control is difficult for them however since -”

“Twilight, I’m sure this is fascinating, but what does it have to do with Green?” Luna cut in.

“Right, heh,” Twilight said, “Green’s thaumic pathways, you tested them?”

“We did, Your Highness,” Azure Light answered, “They were within normal variation; neither atrophied, nor overdeveloped, which is one of the reasons her claim to have no hoof grip doesn’t make sense. If she was unable to use her magic at all from age zero to eight then we would be able to tell.”

“Why would she lie about that?” Asked Applejack.

“I’m not an expert in foal psychology, but that type of behavior is typically associated with an attachment disorder.” Dayglow said, “When a foal is very young if they don’t develop a secure bond with their caregiver they resort to different behaviors to get their caregiver to give them attention. It may be a little premature before Green has seen a psychiatrist, but-”

The mare looked down and began searching through her bag. After an awkward silence, it became clear that she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

“Applejack,” Dayglow asked, “Do you still have that pamphlet I gave you earlier?”

Applejack pulled a pamphlet from under her hat.

“Reactive Attachment Disorder?” She read off the paper.

“It’s common among foals in the foster care system.” Dayglow explained, “Neglect or abuse in early development, or being separated from a caregiver they have bonded with, prevents the foal from forming a secure attachment. They have difficulty trusting others, poor self-worth, anger, and a need to feel in control. They’re willful and disobedient, sometimes they lie pathologically. They want to get attention and care, but they feel like they have to do something to get it. Some of them are very quiet and don’t show any emotion in case it makes you angry and you abandon them, others act out and scream and cry about minor things, acting like they’re helpless because they’re afraid they’ll be ignored otherwise.”

“It does seem to fit,” Redheart admitted. “Although Green seems more willing to use manipulation to get what she wants than outright disobedience.”

“She disobeyed our orders when we were searching for her in the forest,” Luna countered, “Even when it put her at great risk, she wanted to be in control of her rescue rather than leaving her fate in the hooves of others.”

“It’s too early to pathologize her behavior,” Azure Light argued, “We haven’t seen how she acts in a comfortable setting.”

“I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a comfortable setting for her at the moment.” Dayglow countered, “Attachment disorders are on a spectrum, you’d be hard-pressed to find any abused foal who didn’t have an attachment disorder to some degree. The ‘treatment’ is essentially just good parenting, though the trauma they’ve suffered makes that much more difficult. Fundamentally, it’s an inability to trust.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘good parenting’?” Asked Applejack. “I’m not even a real parent, are you sure there’s not somepony more qualified?”

“She needs somepony to be dependable; firm, yet forgiving.” Dayglow explained, “Somepony to help her work through her anxiety, to cope with her stress, and to show her that she can trust them to always be there for her. I’m not going to sugar coat it; it’s going to be very frustrating, for you and for her, but if you stick to it then it will be very rewarding - and we’ll be here to give you whatever support you need.”

“I’m sure you can do it.” Said Twilight, “You’re the most dependable pony I know.”

“You were there Dayglow,” Applejack said, “She was so terrified of me that she threw up all over herself, are you sure it’s a good idea for me to be the one taking care of her? And I wouldn’t know the first thing about helping her with her magic problems.”

Applejack chewed her lip nervously.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s just...” Applejack said, “To be honest I didn’t know what I was signing up for and it frightens me a little. What if I get this wrong and I end up making things worse?”

“If you weren’t at least a little worried I’d be concerned you weren’t taking this seriously.” Dayglow consoled, “The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do this alone - I’ll be working to make sure that you have a strong support network to call on. I also have some parenting classes which I think would be helpful, as well as counseling, for you and for Green. At the moment this is just a foster placement, but from what little we know about her past it’s likely that she will need somepony to adopt her.”

“Our goal in taking Green as our ward is not merely to have her for ourselves, but to ensure she receives the best care possible.” Luna said, “While we are sure your facilities are adequate for caring for the ponies of Ponyville this is still a small facility, without a dedicated pediatric ward. In Canterlot Green would be able to receive more specialized care.”
269312 269366 271876 271877
“With respect, your majesty,” Azure Light responded before Paperstack could begin her defense of the hospital, “If Green had a safe home to return so she could be discharged tomor- today.”

The doctor corrected herself, seeing it was after midnight.

“She will need outpatient treatment and followup, but none of her injuries are serious enough to require hospitalization.” Azure Light said.

“I’ll need a repeat x-ray to ensure her foreleg is healing correctly, and she will need to come in next week to have her cast removed.” Dr. Stone explained in his monotone, “If she were one of my regular patients I would have discharged her yesterday morning. Extended hospital stays are statistically inadvisable.”

“We’re getting ahead of ourselves,” Paperstack said, “We should finish reviewing the case before we start talking about future plans. Redheart, you were telling us about Green’s magic surge?”

“Did anything happen that might have triggered the magic surge?” Twilight jumped back into the conversation, “My magic surge was triggered by a wave of magic that later turned out to be a Sonic Rainboom. I don’t think Rainbow was practicing her one yesterday, but I can definitely ask.”

Redheart looked uncomfortable at the question.

“Green’s magic surge actually seems to have been triggered by my trainee,” Redheart explained. “Apparently he had been helping his baby sister with thaumic field pressure sensitization exercises and decided to try them out on a patient without consulting anypony.”

Luna looked displeased at this revelation.

“I’ll want to speak with him tomorrow.” Said Twilight. “That type of exercise should be very safe so I don’t see the harm in him trying it, but I want to know exactly what he did.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged, your Highness,” Redheart said. “After Green’s tests in thaumatology she slept for a couple of hours and I placed her under the care of Soothing Melody, another of my trainees. When Green woke she met with Dayglow and Applejack, and you all heard how that went. When Melody was showering Green she described the filly as ‘submissive’ and emotionally flat, until she touched the filly’s flank. Green panicked and covered herself with her tail while she did breathing exercises - and then the filly apologized to Melody for getting scared. When I talked to Green she denied anything happened at all.”

“So she feels like she needs to cover for other ponies.” Dayglow commented, “That’s not a good sign.”

“If she’s trying to cover for Melody she’s not doing a very good job,” Twilight noted. “By saying nothing happened she’s making it seem like something much worse happened.”

“She was in a lot of pain.” Redheart explained, “And it was the end of a very stressful day, she probably wasn’t thinking clearly - she denied pain as well, even though I could see it on her face plain as day. It seems like she’s getting very frustrated.”
Another excellent chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Nice job faggot. One of the more professionally produced stories we've had in this thread.
269351 269357 269363
>You've been the filly for a few weeks now.
>Twilight's doing, of course.
>She clearly planned it all out, as the day after she ground your bones into dust and reformed you, you had to go to school.
>The other fillies picked on you mercilessly.
>Insults about your size, smell and intelligence flew from cute foal mouths.
>You somehow managed to hold back the tears until you got back to your room.
>You had forgotten how mean little kids could be.
>All angels around parents, but with no grown-ups to watch...
>The insults really shouldn't have bothered you either.
>It was all petty stuff.
>Stuff you would have laughed off back on your home board.
>But now, with half the mind of a child...
>They cut deep.
>That was yesterday though.
>Today is a new day, full of new opportunities to make frie-
>You vomit all over the carpeted floor.
>Oh shit.
>Twiggy is going to kill you.
>"Anon, are you ready for-"
>She stops cold.
>You notice a pencil sitting in the puddle being rapidly absorbed by the carpet.
>You hang your head low.
>"You did this."
"S-sorry, I didn't have time to-"
>"Gagging yourself with a pencil to get out of school? Hm, that's a new low."
"W-what? No, I'm sick. Just check my temperature, please!"
>You really do feel like shit on the grill.
>"Mhm. So I can see that you put your forehead up next to your oil lamp to heat it up? Nice try sweetie, but you have to go to school. I'll be forgiving for now, no shower and you keep that vomit on your forehooves."
"B-but I-"
>She whirls around and snaps at you:
>"You want to make that no breakfast too?"
"All I want is some warm soup..."
>"Too bad."
>You force down the dry cereal as quickly as you can.
>Your mouth tastes like death and your stomach is screaming at you.
>Hunched over your filthy hooves, you shuffle your way to school.
>You opt out of any sort of morning play as you trudge over to the door and sit your little ass down, knocking as best you can.
>After a few minutes, the door opens.
>"Oh, hello Anon. I didn't expect to find you here. Why don't you play with the other foals?"
"I just want to sit down, I feel awful..."
>"Oh dear... I could send a carrier pigeon to Twilight and tell her."
"She thinks I'm fakin'..."
>Cheerilee just sighs.
>"I'll have to talk to her about that... alright Anon, make yourself at home."
"Thanks Cheers."
>She blushes a bit at that.
>"You need to stop with the pet names, I can't exactly date you anymore..."
>You giggle a bit at that.
"I'd kiss you if I knew this wasn't contagious."
>The red flush in her cheeks intensifies.
>"Well, if you were to do poorly on a few history tests I could arrange to tutor you~"
>You just nod at that and make your way to your seat, you don't want to think about that right now.
>The next thing you know, a seatmate is jostling you awake and you're wiping barf-colored drool off of your desk.
>"Alright class, today we'll be learning about the digestive system."
>Oh fuck.
>As Cheerilee goes into detail about the processes, you become more and more nauseated.
>You remember that humming is supposed to help, but you don't want to draw any attention to yourself.
>Pretty soon you find yourself preparing for the inevitable.
>Your seatmate, bitch1 (you haven't gotten any names yet) takes your head in her hooves and begins to smugly dialogue.
>"Don't you want to learn, Anon? Keep your eyes on the teacher."
>Nobody deserves to be have cookies tossed on them, but of all the fillies this cunt deserves it the most.
269353 269357 269363 269366 269427 269870
>Despite how shitty you feel, you give her a knowing smile before releasing your payload all over her head, down her neck, and into her lap.
>She looks at you with utter shock.
>Cheerilee has stopped the lesson and is just looking at the two of you, bewildered.
>"Alright class, I'll be back in a few minutes once I've taken care of Anon and Lapel."
>So that's her name, even sounds like a fucking thot.
>You shamefully drag yourself to the sole office with your tormenter in tow.
>The door closes.
>"So, what exactly happened?"
>"Oh Ms. Cheerilee, it was terrible! She looked at me, smiled, and then threw up all over me!"
>"Mhm. Let your peer speak."
"She held my head in place while I was trying to keep from throwing up under the guise of it being to encourage my academic focus."
>"That's about what I thought. Lapel, do you have anything to say to Anon?"
>"You're a stupid worthless filthy butthead."
>"I'll send your parents and transcribe those exact words to them. Anon, I assume you just want to go home?"
"Yes, more than anything..."
>She looks at you with those sweet caring eyes.
>"Alright. My carrier pigeon is out right now, I'll get Twilight in person. You two try to play nice."
"Thanks Ms."
>She nods before heading out the door.
>Ignore her.
"Fuck you."
>"That's not very nice."
"Neither are you."
>That one prompts a hard swing into your cheek.
>You fall of the stool you're perched on.
>Hard, you're going to have a bruise there tomorrow.
>"Nopony talks to me that way."
"I'm not a pony."
>The next ten minutes are punctuated with new injuries and insults.
>You're crying softly by the end of it.
>The air pressurizes as two pops can be heard.
>"Oh, Princess! It's just horrible, first she throws up on me, and now she's trying to beat me up..."
>Filly can manufacture some crocodile tears, you'll give her that.
>Twilight is looking at you with rage in her eyes.
"W-wait, you believe-"
>"Hush. Thank you Cheerilee, I'll take it from here."
>"Goodbye Anon, get lots of res-"
>You're in the castle.
>"You've irreparably damaged my schedule with your deceit. Torturing poor foals, I thought you better than that!"
>The slap on your ass is just as jarring as it is painful.
>"I'm going to teach you something you won't soon forget.
>Each word is followed by a hard swat of your young filly ass.
>You're sobbing even harder now.
"A-all I wanted was some rest, I'm sick Twilight!"
>"Yeah, you're sick alright."
>Another swat, this one missing your ass entirely and punishing your cunt.
>You cry out in the most intense pain you've felt since you've become a horse.
>It feels like hours that she spends pummeling your cheeks, but in all likelihood it lasts no longer than five minutes.
>You're a complete mess by the time she's done with you.
>Vomit all over, tears straming down cheeks, and opposing cheeks more red than green at this point.
>"I wish I had had the nerve to wipe your mind you worthless piece of shit.
>She pulls out an old-fashioned dunce cap.
>"Don't come out of that corner until you've learned your lesson."
>The cold crystal floor does little to cool your burning cheeks as you sob silently.
>And you once thought you wanted to be the filly...
The end.

I enjoyed it. Thanks poner.
Abuse fics never get old
just like abused fillies
Abuse fics arn't my cup of tea all the time. You've made a great green, well done.
>put a condom over her head, do some silly faces, have a laugh
>what wouldn't she do to entertain her anonymous sisters
>but what started as a joke soon became serious business when the filly discovered that she couldn't get any air
>the other fillies noticed her panic but no matter how much they tried they couldn't get the offending object off of her
>it didn't take long for the jokester filly to stop moving forever at their hooves
>the remaining fillies looked at eachother
>none of them wanted to be the one to explain to Twilight why she had to spend her precious, expensive, magic reagents to summon yet another anon from the void
>maybe it wouldn't be so bad to live in to everfree forest for a while?

Sad. He should just run away.

Never enough. Quit your job and write green 24/7 instead. Let the (You)s sustain you when the money runs out.

Laughed at the fillies being too paniced to notice someone shoving dildos up their ass. How terrible has Twilight got to be to inspire such fear


269377 269379 269465
The cum is allegedly real.
Thanks for spoilering it, going to go get my brain bleach.
>be the filly
>get sick of being abused
>go to a unicorn and ask her to read your memories using magic
>she sees everything and will try to adopt you or send a letter to Celestia saying to read her memories with magic for evidence of something she won't believe involving Twilight
>Celestia or someone she sends in per place does so and sees evidence that Twilight's out of control and a worse person than Sunshet "be adult, go to school, become prom queen, feel important" Shitter ever was
>be the freed filly
>be comforted by all the ponies who had no idea Twilight was a psychotic bitch all along
>romance rainbow dash
>finally get to cum inside rainbow dash
269397 269404
File (hide): 2EB4642F94D674A92BE49607A67286BF-369704.mp4 (361.0 KB, Resolution:438x606 Length:00:00:18, FillyDescent.mp4) [play once] [loop]
I'm not the dev, but the game is still in development.
>to summon yet another anon from the void
I don't know what to think. A blessing or a curse?
>"How'd Purple off yah this time?"
"Water-boarding with soapy water, while being vaporized."
>In a poof another filly appeared.
>"Speak up! You're no Fluttershy."
<"I stuck a condom on my head and suffocated!"
>A moment of silence.
>"That's just poor luck, these fookin' hooves I tell yah."
<"One of 'em tried biting it, but it's tough and stretchy."
thanks anon, glad to see its still in the works
269404 269444 269449

No step on qt snek.
Tea bag the defeated remains of your foes. That's how you send a message not to be missed with.
>No step on qt snek
>"Gee Anon, ya might not be good at manual labor, but ya sure can make some good food! You'll make somepony ya like very happy when ya grow up!"
>"Ya already are? What ya mean hu- oh..."
>"Yah, I like ya too Anon, like a daughter to me, even if you're Twilight's."
>"W-Well I dunno about that hun, look, I'll make ya a deal. You wait till you're a grown up, and if yer still interested I'll give it ah shot."
>"I'm a honest mare, I stick to ma word."
>"Romantic evening, huh? How about we kill ourselves together?"
Background pone is a qt and would be best waifu for AppleJack
Laughs evilly in Medic.
But how will filly cum inside without a dick?
A funnel-like dildo apparatus that directs her marecum into a narrow stream.
269420 269421 269437

>Trixie as a momfu.
Anon is fucked.
269425 269437
>Travel the world in magic camper with gypsy mom
>See all sorts of wondrous places
>Help mellow out her bombastic personality
>Put on the occasional show to earn some coin
>Great and powerful snuggles
I don't see any downsides
269426 269427 269437
>gypsy mom
>I don't see any downsides
Purple disagrees, filly needs the love and discipline of a real momfu.
With momfus like that >>269351 I'd rather not.
Twimom snuggles.png
Momfus like that are only figments of abusefags' imaginations, Anon. Pones that aren't OOC would make fine momfus.

>It's been three days, Purple and Great and Powerful Momfu are having a custody battle
>Hell Twilight wasn't even there, but when we headed to pony town everyone flipped thier shit
>Stupidly the marched off in a competition to see who would be your momfu.
>Without asking you.
>Really wearing you down.
>But you have a dastardly plan.

<time skip

>"Well Anon who is the most magnificent mother?"
>despite her boating she really is worried, and relieved?
>"We're grown mares we can take it."
"Both of you are heckin' stupid. I was a somethingsomething year old guy before all of this."
"But since you both are very concerned, and went through all this effort you'll both be my momfu."
"I'll be heading out with mommy Trixie, and the permanent address can be the cyrstal cock castle."
"I mean seeing you two make out would be kinda hot."
>Just like that they settled everything like reasonable adults.
Cry moar.
269448 269449 269714
Hehe, Snek goes slurp
Silly danger noodle, turnabout is fair play.
don't talk to me or my daughter ever again.png
Now now, learn your fetishes. That's unbirthing, not vore.
Unbirth is a form of vore, smart one.
Clearly you're just an uncultured swine.
Thanks now I want to die
who would want to be cultured on this?
269483 269485

And that's how Anon became the filly, and the filly became a wet, red stain on the wall.
So that's how Twilight keeps the walls that shade of green.
269489 269490 269496
Been a month since I last updated. I hope this is satisfactory for now.
Previously: https://pastebin.com/aBuFQj0h [Embed]
>>266549 →
>Clover gasps and you turn your head in time to see Twilight catch her.
>"Do you want to go back to bed?"
>Aryanne sighs.
>"It iz no hair off of mein back if you vish to postpone ze meeting. Franziska has told me of ze unusual circumstances of your arrival already."
>"I-I'm fine, really."
>"Are you sure, fraulein? you are bleeding under your bandages."
>"I vill tend to her. Tvilight, I may need your assistance again."
>"Of course."
>"I'm okay, really..."
>"No, you aren't sweetie."
>And just like that, you're sitting alone with the leader of a nation and your friend's living doppelganger.
>"The pastries are still varm. It vould be a shame to let zem cool, ja?"
>You chuckle nervously.
"Y-yes, it would."
>"Stop zat, I told you zat I am here as a friend, did I not?"
"You're the leader of Equestria's greatest nation, and you're asking me if I want pastries. I'm sorry, this is all just a bit too surreal."
>"I'd imagine you've seen more surreal things on your journey here."
>You think about it and nod.
>"No pressure, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and zen start from ze beginning."
>And so you do.
>You tell her everything.
>Every injury, every awkward moment, every time you were nearly raped or killed, the instance that split you off from "Clover" in time and became your own person...
>Aryanne stops you occasionally so that you can explain one or two things about technology that has not come to pass in her time, clarification on magical techniques that Twilight used, or to crack a joke or two to lighten the mood.
>Her wit is just as sharp as the glimmering combat knife she uses to cut and serve you and League the scones.
>Your partner in crime is pretty quiet throughout the story.
>Finally, you describe yourself walking into the room and sitting down before Aryanne.
>She chuckles at that, cleaning her knife with a napkin and re-sheathing it on what you can best describe as a sort of form-fitting utility belt.
>"Vhat you have just told me may very vell be enough. Ze techniques utilized by your... to avoid confusion vith ze Tvilight ve have present, Purple; could turn ze tides of war in our favor if zey can be replicated. A shame zey died vith her, I am sorry for your loss."
"I... wasn't as close with her as my less-damaged counterpart was."
>"Understood, but even so."
"Thank you."
>"What are you going to do to the Griffons?"
>League's voice catches you a bit off-guard.
>And her question's implications make you slightly uncomfortable.
"I'm sure she didn't mean-"
>"No, no. It is alright, I am prepared to explain my actions. History is generally kinder to ze victors, and I understand zat vithout your help my corpse vill be vilified in your books. Tell me vhat zey have told you, and I vill tell you how it happened."
>"It was taught that you killed griffon families indiscriminately, as if they were infantry."
>"Zis is true. For every griffon allowed to procreate, another generation of soldiers vould rise up against the Equus. Did ze books give any sort of motivation for my actions?"
>"They said you hated them for their greed and that you thought they were dismantling pony society."
>She chuckles warmly.
>"I did hate them for zere greed, yes, but I vould never kill a creature because of a single fatal flaw. Equines are flawed too, in our own ways. No, ze drives for my actions are a bit more... personal."
>League nods, but you can see the slight look of discontentment on her face grow more extreme.
>"But, vord of mouth is often not enough to convince mares of reason. Zis is acceptable. Ze price vas steep, but there is no such thing as a forgery soul-etching."
>She smiles and produces a small grey box, softly pressing her frog up against it.
>The seam in the box is worked to such tolerances that you don't even notice that the box has one until it has split in-half, despite gazing at it for several seconds in wonder.
>Inside is a perfect sphere of darkness, so black that it seems to suck the light from the well-illuminated room around you.
>She walks over to your side of the table and runs a hoof through your mane, the orb placed before you.
>"Caress it. Gently, if it vere to fall off of zis table it vould likely shatter and be lost forever."
>You press your good foreleg up against it and shiver.
>Be Aryanne.
>Today is your first day of school!
>Vater helps you put on your new saddlebags while mutter prepares the three of you a filling, nutritious breakfast.
>You've just sat down at the table, struggling to balance with the weight of all of your books when the sirens blare.
>Saddlebags are abandoned as you're hurriedly rushed into the basement.
>You're not too worried though, drills like this happen all the time.
>The silly mayor probably getting all worked up over a bird she thought was a griffon again.
>You giggle to yourself as mama kisses you on the head.
>"I'll be here vith you, munchkin. Zis von't take too long."
"Then ve can finish breakfast?"
>She rubs your ears in the way she knows you love.
>"Of course."
>Your father is already gone, but he's always the first to return from the klaxons so you're not too disappointed about the lack of a goodbye.
>As you hold mama close, minutes turn into hours...
>And before you know it, it's already time for school to begin.
"Mutter, vhat of school?"
>"They'll understand, don't worry."
>But you can't help feeling a growing pit of anxiousness in your stomach.
>What if all of the best friend spots are taken up by the time you arrive?
>You snap out of your dark fantasies as something impacts the basement door.
>"Aryanne! to ze corner!"
>You scamper off to the corner and cover yourself in a blanket, only the blond top of your head and your blue eyes peaking out.
>You're very proud of those two attributes, as are your parents.
>But right now, you're scared stiff.
>Splinters of wood scatter into the basement with the light from upstairs as the door breaks.
>"Only you?"
Horray! I havn't eased it yef, but it's just in time for me to read it.
269491 269496
Drawings soon, maybe Monday.
You saw nothing.
>"I am infertile, fortunately for you. One less mare to contend vith on your checklist of murders."
>The gruff voice chuckles.
>"You really think I'm keeping track of how many mudbeasts I've slain? The boneheads and the pigeons sure, they're a bit hardier than you worthless lot."
>"Zen make it quick."
>"'Vith' pleasure."
>The gruff voice laughs at its own mockery.
>A burst of air nearly blows the blanket off of you, but you manage to hold fast to it.
>It does, however, obscure your vision.
>You're too afraid to move it back, so you listen to the ensuing scuffle.
>You know mama won't go down without a fight, and even though you can't see her you're praying to the deities to aide her.
>But when she cries out louder than you've ever heard her scream before, you feel tears forming.
>"Worthless bitch. Glory to Griffonsto-"
>You hear the thing that injured your mother squawk before going silent.
>You know it might not yet be safe, but you have to help her if you can.
>You throw off the blanket, rushing over to her shuddering form.
"Y-you really got him, mama..."
>"Yes, I suppose I did."
>She chuckles and then coughs.
>"See if any of ze medics are free, I can tie myself up for now but I am losing blood fast."
>You nod and run up the stairs, like the wind that gives your equine sisters in the sky their passage.
>Rushing out the door, you see the streets strewn with neighbors.
>The kindly old stallion who would give you hard candy when he thought your parents wouldn't looking has his wrapped around the wheel of a carriage.
>The pegasus who used to babysit you's head is placed neatly on the cobblestones, her body fifteen meters away with her white coat muddled with liters of blood.
>You gallop to the hospital, but every room you check reveals a dead nurse, doctor, surgeon, patient, or therapist.
"Please! Somepony! My mutter, she's in trouble!"
>The blood dripping on the floor is the only thing that answers your cries.
>You rush back to your mother, tears nearly blinding you.
>"Nopony left?"
"N-none, mama..."
>"You did your best, come here my little miracle."
>You're not sure why she calls you that, but it feels nice.
>"I vant to see those pretty blue eyes again."
>You hug her close, looking up into her eyes and hoping that somehow, the force of your hug will stop the bleeding from her chest.
>"You're a very special mare Aryanne, do you know zat?"
"I'm but a filly..."
>"But today, you must become a mare. Go to ze next town with the letter in the safe, ze combination is six, seven, sixty-three."
"I love you, mama."
>"I love you too, Aryanne. More zan anything. I know already zat you have ze strength to make zis right."
>You hold her close until her ragged breathing slows to a halt.
>And continue until the tears are the only things warming her cold body.
>Only then do you notice that your flank has become decorated.
>The insignia is not known to you, but the heart surrounding it of course is.
>You know what must be done.
>Be Green Clover.
>Aryanne slides the orb over to League, and she carefully touches it.
>You see tears forming in her eyes too seconds later.
>"I-I lost my mother too, you know..."
>"I am sorry. It changes a mare, does it not?"
>"Y-yes. I will do the best I can to aid you in your fight, I'm sorry for my apprehension."
>"It is quite alright. I vould imagine zey vould need to paint ze griffons in a more positive light to make my actions seem unjustified."
To protect their smiles.
Well done Lone15, I'm ready to combat the griffon.
A few more fucking errors that I missed, so I'll fix them in the doc. I can't fucking believe I had to delete Hitler dubs.
Thank you, this one was an interesting experience to write.
269496 269515
"You knew this would happen, don't beat yourself up about it."
>You cough into your hoof.
>It's red, you don't have much more time.
>"Not so soon, I-"
>She holds up a wing, letting those warm feathers you're oh so familiar with absorb the tears.
"But eventually. You're an alicorn, you'll live for thousands of years. Maybe longer. This was inevitable...."
>"You have the makings of one, you were going to live forever."
"Twilight, there's no sense reminiscing on that now."
>You yawn.
"I'm tired..."
>You can see the hint of a smile on her face.
>You feel the sort of happiness you haven't felt in months as she pulls back the covers.
>Your form is a mess of intravenous drips and bandages from failed procedures, but she still somehow finds the perfect angle to wrap herself around you.
>"Do you want a bedtime story?"
"Yes please, mom."
>"Once upon a time, there was a grumpy bear and a meek antelope."
>You can feel your eyelids growing heavy.
>"T-they fought every day, the bear being a hunter and the antelope being an herbivore."
>You're fighting to stay awake now, but you have to hear the whole story.
>"One day, the antelope stopped and listened to the bear. He realized that there was no right way to subsist, only different sides of the same figure."
>You readjust your position slightly.
>"A-and then one day when the bear woke up..."
>There's something wet on your face.
>Twilight is at barely a whimper at this point.
>"He was an antelope..."
"Twilight, I think I'm going to sleep now."
>"B-but I haven't finished the story..."
>You look up into those beautiful eyes and give her a tired smile.
"It's alright, I understand it."
This is Aryanne's canon backstory to me now.

All these greens…muh feels!
269515 269517
>be filly
>learning about dinosaurs in class
>Cheerilee says the end of a Stegosaurus's tail is called the Thagomzser
>wait a fucking second
>that thing didn't have a name on earth until a Far Side comic had a caveman say "This part is called the Thagomizer, named after Thag who was killed by it"
>and the scientific community decided to go along with it
>the HUMAN scientific community
>raise hoof
>cheerilee sees you and calls your name
"Miss Cheerilee? Why is it called that?"
269517 269519
Hunh. The pony conspiracy is about to opened up.
I can't put my finger on it, but I feel I've read that before somewhere. Still a great green.
Off topic.
>and the scientific community decided to go along with it
>the HUMAN scientific community
>The pony conspiracy is about to opened up.
Well, that conspiracy about dinosaurs is fucking real.
The skeletons in the museums aren't real, but Hollywood makeshifts. Every bone recovered never has been returned to the countries of origin and are kept by the Carnegie Foundation and the Royal ...whatever. From broken and single bones the "experts" imagine whole animals that came from their asses.
No kidding.
>I can't put my finger on it, but I feel I've read that before somewhere.
You probably have, I found a cache of old and unfinished greens that I wrote on my phone ages ago recently and decided it might be fun to post and adapt a few of them.
>"W-What was in that potion you foul foal!?"
>You smile as you look down on the small Chrysalis.
"Who's the child now bugbutt?"
>You say as you can feel the grin grow bigger.
>"D-Don't call me that! Fix me now!" She says trying to sound athoritive but only sounding cute.
"Why would I do that? Personally I like you more this way. Besides, I probably saved you, the ponies weren't gonna put up with you forever. Also I don't know how."
>"No! You're lieing! You have to know how to fix me! I'm a queen!" She says as her eyes tear up.
"Aww, are we gonna cry? Weren't you the one who always said to toughen up?"
>"F-Fix me..." She begs.
"Nope! Well, imma go play with Twi now, you know where to find me when you stop being a cry baby~!"
269586 269605
From the draw thread:
>>269390 →
>>269393 →
Depowered-Filly-Chrysalis has some good potential as a prank accomplice / target for Anonfilly.

>Next: Child labor
>Leslie just has Anonfilly do her chores
>Local fillies cause generic isekai'd loli to have a heart attack
269603 269604 269651
[kind of want to make anon a hacker again]
>a scenery of Equestria's landscape seen from the sky at dawn, calm, silence and nature
>two pegasi are rushing in the middle of the night at close supersonic
>closeup on them, they all got a helmet and a radio.
>Stinger, a teal colored pegasus and Thunderlane. Both are armed and in uniform, patrolling the skies.
>a female pony voice «Baltimare control to Thunder01»
>The yellow-eyed black pegasus from the Royal Forces responds
Thunderlane:«This is Thunder01, I copy»
>the female pegasi from Baltimare on the radio is calmly giving them instructions «Unidentified airborne codename Vulture is now at 0-50 to your position, at 60 nautical miles, level 3-5-0. Possible hostile.»
>SkyStinger:«0-50, 60 nautical miles, level 3-50. Copy Baltimare.»
Thunderlane:«Probably another dragon that's lost and entered our airspace.»
>On the ground, a lot of military ponies are following a radar echo. «Scramble Cloudesdale, and get me Luna on the phone.»
>Next to them, some pegasus mare is on the phone with somepony with a german accent.«We have one unidentified spot on our radar screens entering our airspace. Do you confirm? Alright we'll keep you informed.»
>«So what's our nazis are up to?
>«Germaneigh Luftwaffe confirmed they don't have any of their jets airborne but have took off from Rammstein Airbase.»
>One of the air marshalls's picking the mic. «Thunder01, Stinger44, you are clear to engage Vulture as soon you are in range. I say again, kill Vulture when on reach. »
>SkyStinger:«Wilco Baltimare.»
>Thunderlane:«Stinger, i got a visual, cannot identify-»
>a ball of light traveling at high speeds almost hit him.
>Thunderlane and his teammate are turning and starts chasing the UFO «Holy shit!»
>Stinger:«Tally ho!»
>on the ground, ponies are following the interception on the radars, as ponies are chasing it over the mountains.

>A sonic boom, with condensation trail painting a rainbow under the moonlight. Something flying twice faster than a bullet. RainbowDash is incoming as reinforcements to the two pegasus.
>RainbowDash:«This is Crash, got a lock on Vulture, over.»
>Thunderlane:«It's all yours!»
>She's packing a missile on her saddle, shes aiming it at the unknown object, and fires it at the target.
>RainbowDash:«Crash, fox three!»
>The missile disappears among the clouds in the night, and ends a few seconds later with a flash.
>Baltimare:«This is baltimare, Vulture is no longer on our screens. All units come back to the base.»
Rainbowdash:«Ha, that gotta hurt!»
>Stinger:«Nice shot Crash! We have an impact, sector 21-04 northeast Everfree, secure the area.»
>Ponies are doing a flyby trying to determine where the UFO have crashed, without a lot of success, then going back their respective directions.
>On the ground, an impact, with various metallic bits slowly moving. An amorphous bunch of circuits and different parts struggling to form something.

>Near from there a couple of country ponies are approaching from the impact riding their 4x4 vehicle.
>One of them is carrying a rifle, trying to know what they just saw.

>The strange thing that crashed scans the vehicle, the rifle, even the glasses of the old pony
>Pony: «see anything, Lou?»
>Lou: «Over there, I heard sumthin'»
>Some weird, humming, electrics noise, an engine starting up, two headlights, and a car, out of nowhere is now rushing on them.
>Lou: «Who's that fucko doin ere? HEY!»
>He's shooting at the other truck before being hit, and flying a dozen of meters away, breaking his neck.
>The other pony driving his truck is now rolling a few times, gets ejected through the window, both are likely dead, as a car with nopony behind the wheel is now on the roads of Equestria, flickering and glowing strangely.

>Cut to a skreeching electronic noise
>Anon's screaming as she just wakes up on a desk, at the sound of a matrix printer and some strange looking equestrian technology. Keyboards, monochrome terminals on command lines, electronics DIY packed on woodern boxes.
>The first rays of sun tells the green mare she spent all the night on an office trying to write her first computer program, her, who always swore to learn at least some HTML or VisualBasic is now learning EBM's opcodes.
>In the middle of listing and magnetic tapes, a grey filly is also waking up, picking her glasses and putting them back on her nose
SilverSpoon:«Is it compiling finally, Anon?»
Anon:«Of course, all by myself, I've been working all night nonstop, whoever wrote these books is a faggot and a moron.»
>Silver is looking happy but tired, she also have been debugging kilobytes of code that night too.
>Anon yells
«Just you know what? Your hardware is shit, it's like not even my grandfather worked with something like this during the war, but this shit here is the future, I need more coffee.»
Silver:«Mom hates me cause she says I'm not normal, but with you, I know I'm fine.»
Anon:«Being on the attic of an autistic horse with a computer isn't normal. Even me being here isn't normal. But I'm playing along, as always, like the good little mare Miss Twilight want me to be, you know what? In a few years she'll be mine. Because she's a cunt.»
>Silver's going downstairs and prepares some breakfast, and some coffee for Anon, who's still fixing some lines in her software.
Good to have you back.
Would hack the filly again.
these are QT fillies friend
269622 269623 269626

269624 269651
Is a good
>mandatory timeout cuddles
I wanna die.
A beauty.
>The truth is he's moved on from Twilight as a target because she doesn't take the bait anymore
269654 269687 269698
yep, I need to go back to writing, that keeps me focused on something.


>Hours later Anon's explaining what he was working on all night long.
>He wants to make computers accessible for everypony by writing a thing called an User Interface.
>Silver also brought a few copies for their exposé on computing, doing their stuff in the middle of the class.
>All that to get interrupted by Cheerilee «Fillies. Let's be realist; that kind of thing will be useless. Computers are computers, no one needs a computer. If you need one you need to learn programming»
>Anon is cutting her «Or just know commands and have a book for reference, nothing functional, in my world»
>She's making fun of him once again «Yes in your world. I forgot you are from a country called Theory, and everything you imagine there is successful. Vehicles, aeroplanes, computers, energy and killing eachother.»
>He's pissed of course
>Cheerilee is frowning «You fillies need to keep realistic, this is not the school of friendship here. We must get ready for life, ideals are cute but even if Snips and Snails discovered a new recipe that would at least have a purpose.»
>Silver is yelling «This is serious, we are also working on a project, on security of networked computers and telecommunications, you know your taxes and many data are now stored on cards and magnetic tape, centralized, these information can be confidential, and be accessed by unauthorized ponies, or corrupted, like a criminal record, a banking information, orders, medical too, every site that more and more use these machines ignore they store personal information. Or crucial systems like the telecoms, or the Army or emergency... And none of these systems are secured. In this terms, in case of war, we would be subject to a term anon coined, a cyberattack.»
>Anon:«She's right and that's also the second part. Cryptoanalysis, that's what she would be. it's math.»
>Cheerilee:«This would be a valuable lesson, we have plenty of trees here to make papers and pencils, the old fashioned way. We're not Industria or Hooviet Union where every pony is linked to a big database and controlled every minute. I'm teaching you the basics, if you want to play all kind of computer things, drawing, inventing recipes, talking to animals if you like, do it, but what you learn here in this class is basic knowledge and logic, which will be valid for the rest of your life.»
>Sweetie Belle's nudging Anon. «First time, heh?»
>That pink mule's on competition with Twilight's stupid school. And that's one of her good days.
>Nopony this day again managed to reach a decent rating, at best, I got a C-. So nope, it's not a hugbox.
>We don't even need to bully anypony at some point, we all get bullied.
>Get rekt, destroyed, and need to get even better.
>Compose something, paint, she will bring your work to an expert that will tell you in the face why you suck unless you are that exception.

>Anon and Silver's trip on security kind of caught my attention.
>end up discussing about it. Father uses computers for his business, if I can get him a job
>Anon's got that little blink in the eye when he's talking about what he did in his previous life
>In a world of information, knowledge is the weapon, and anonymity is like an invisibility spell. «Everyone's more or less God. Seeing everything without being there. To have knowledge of everything, without having physical contact. God does nothing. If God doesn't do it, the people will.»
>Later I found that this also was inspired by one of Anon's animés.
>Anon's thinking: We should make a group.
>I'm frowning:«You two are so nerdy you're even scaring Twist from joining»
>Anon's laughing «It's not like, the school's computer club. A group of hackers.»
>Silver's continuing. «A secret group of computer pirates. We're already 4. You still have your father's old computer, right?»
>She's right, basically this thing a typewriter with a television screen attached to it I use to write a book. «Myeah...What can I do in your super secret club?»
>Anon's frowning: «I'd see you like, the social engineering expert.»
>And then they bring em to their outpost, talking about things like exploits, databases, networks, cryptography, injection of code...
>One sure thing is, they both know no system is safe. And can be controlled. To know, to observe, to have an influence, good or evil. Who are they at this point?
>They both ensured I would never tell a word to Twilight or Cheerilee, or anyone about what they do, or what they know.
>One sure thing they are not about making videogames, hence me questioning why they brought Button Mash in their club.
>We're anonymous, she's anonymous, he's anonymous, I'm anonymous. You're anonymous. As simple as that.
That's my filly.
Your filly just fucked a page of 4000 characters just by hitting that fucking "preview page" button strategically placed there.
I'm removing this as a function right now before I continue.
Hardware-wise if I cannot find a software method.
Anonfilly - Repent.png
Filly did nothing wrong.
not anon, but I, for having installed a modern distro on this PC and forgot to do a xmodmap -e "keycode 166=" xmodmap -e "keycode 167=" the placement of these is monstruous. an accidental hit and I'm back one page losing the content.

And I'm writing a story bout hackers and stuff. It's late, I should do it tomorrow instead.
>xmodmap -e "keycode 166=" xmodmap -e "keycode 167=
>keyboard mapping
I've got it now.
269683 269685
>You sit at the table as you eat your dinner.
>The vegetables are small, smaller than they would normally be with sunlight.
>You could get better food, but this is what your citizens eat, and you should be treated no better, they already are in fear of their own speech...
>Across from you, with a much better plate is your 'aunt'.
>Of course she eats well, why would she care about her citizens suffering, so long as she gets her moon, why should she care.
>"Ehm." She grunts to get your attention.
>She gets it with the scowl you give.
>She looks as blank as always.
>Blank or angry, all you've ever seen of her.
>You couldn't care less, she deserves nothing better.
>"Anonymous, our niece. A citizen has told us you spoke poorly of us. Is this true?"
>You say as you continue eating.
>She sighs.
"Why not?"
>The room is quiet, say for the guards armor shuffling.
>"Why do you hate us dear niece?"
>You feel the fork in your magic crinkle as your grip tightens.
>Your breathing gets deeper.
"What is there to like? You show up, take away my mother, lock up my friends, disgrace her, hurt her citizens, and claim yourself a ruler."
>You say as you try to keep your calm.
>"We have not locked up any of your friends. Only traitors. The citizens will find I am superior to our sister. As will you. We can be thy moth-"
"NO. No you cannot, and don't say you can. The fact you see nothing wrong with what you do proves this, your plate alone tells how much you care of your citizens. I'd hate to see what you'd trade me for."
>"We would never-!"
>You simply stand up with your plate and hover it to a guard, who holds it on a wing.
>"Where are you going? We are not done!"
"Lock me up if you want. You would anypony else."
>You leave the room, you cannot hear as she orders the guards to leave.
>You do not see her hang her head sadly.
>She loves her family in the end, the thought of another hating her tares her up more than she allows any to see.
>She just wants somepony to be there for her.
>Your mother would be disgusted at your actions if she could see you now.
269684 269685
>Be 'Nonny' as Aunt Luna likes to call you.
>Daughter of Celestia, niece of Luna, heir to the sun, and studyer of magic!
>You're really glad you got your own aunt, mom is nice, but having more family is always nice.
>You're currently speaking with one of the elements of harmony, miss Rarity.
>Always nice to speak with the citizens.
>"And that darling is how I'd design the helps new gown, it allows mobility and keeps it clear of chemicals, all in a stylish design."
>You smile.
"This looks wonderful miss Rarity, and I'd love to have such a design in the works. I'll speak to my mother about a commission."
>She dances around before stopping her joyfull outburst and collecting herself.
>"Eh, thank you so much princess Anon. This means so much to me!"
>You nod.
"Of course, anything for the citizens of my mother's country."
>It is always nice to have such innovative ponies.
>You have a maid lead her to a room for the day. Couldn't have the poor mare make this trip with a uncertain answer home.
>Life is great.
>You are Nightmare Moon.
>Tears stream down as you place a hoof on a window of what could have been.
>You watch as 'Nonny' finished up her court and ran up to a version of you.
>Hugging her happily, actually talking, playing.
>Being a family...
>Why can't you have anything?
>princess Anon
I can't bear it.
The fucking dickhead now is a princess.
It's too much.
That's a great green. Truely hard times. Failure of communication on multiple levels, and actions bereft of justification.
Woe is the life left wrapped in self loathing, none existant self confidence, and no one to blame.
To strike at the heart of matters is the key to defeating the beast. To form the truest of connections.
>Your mother would be disgusted at your actions if she could see you now.
Anon's mother or NMM's mother?

The princess has fallen, long live the princess.
269689 269695
Good stuff. There was a prompt a while back about something like this, I don't know if you saw it while lurking but I like the way this is going. Your writing has improved a lot. Have something I drew on a plane around two years ago I think I never posted for your efforts.
269690 269691 269737
Juiceboxes never felt large enough.
Gonna do yours next, maybe tomorrow night. I'm kind of horrible at keeping schedules.
Wew, I didn't know I needed that until I saw it. Great job.
Some say filly melted the steel beams with concentrated autism, but we know better. The third tower folded like erectile dysfunction in motion. A filly's blader is only so big, has an estimated time of six seconds.
The time frame is all wrong. My friends, there were dancers on the buildings...
And here's the magazine.
This is going to be one hell of a ride, and it never ends.
At least we're all here together my friends.
Thanks, heh.
Gonna include my warm-up sketches too, bonus points if you can tell the two things I'm referencing.

269705 269708
that's cute, promised the next illustration will be drawn on my Windows CE GPS's MSpaint.
269705 269712 269730
>Fort Amalthea, Canterlot, 17:00 CET
>a large room, decorated with paintings of battles, with old military ponies, knights, the ministry of defence, secretaries and scientists are discussing, reviewing videos of the radar of the last night.
>Scientist unicorn «We are still in the process of gathering evidence and data, it could be anything, probably an intermediary stage of a launcher, an unmanned vehicle, or debris of a communications satellite we have not any report yet.»
>one of the Royal Guards is announcing «Mares and gentlecolts, her majesty the Princess!»
>Two guards are accompanying Princess Celestia to a reserved seat and the room goes in a respectful silence.
>a servant is bringing her a few copies of the reports of yesterday's incident.
>The ministry is making his speech «Your highness, as you are aware we are here to discuss the intrusion of the Equestrian airspace last night. The investigations are continuing this afternoon.»
>Princess Celestia is reading the report «Thank you, Ron. That's a bit confusing, no wreck of the airship? General?»
>The windows blinds are lowering and a projection is starting, and the general is making his speech.«Ah well, the start of radar contact have been established at 21:37 over the mountain region in the north of Wilbrink, prefecture at the border between Germaneigh and Ponyland. The contact was then at supersonic speed, Trondheim control tried to contact the aircraft with no success.»
>the path is drawn on the map and is summing up the report «The unknown aircraft continued to follow the heading inside our land without identification. at 21:41 two armed pegasuses are scrambled from Ba