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Archived thread

Anonfilly Thread - Love Licking Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>255954 →
>You are anon
>You are a tiny green horse with a neat black mane
>And you have [Best Plot] X1
>Since you came to equestria you realized every stallion around would just stare at your plot
>At first you assumed everyone here was a pedo
>Then you realized they didn't look at the other fillies the same way
>Today, today is the day you test your theory
>That's why you're in the market
>In front of a cucumber stall
>Yknow, for scientific purposes
>"What can i do ya for lil filla'?"
>A green and black stallion seems to be the shopkeeper
"Let me guess, your name is green pickle or some shit?"
>The stallion frowns
>"Ah' don' like ya tone lil' on', but i gotta tell ya mah name s' actually Ri-"
>You cut him off coughing viciously
>He looks at you with worry
"Mr, can i get a cucumber?"
>You put on your best "I'm totally not sticking it up my butt" smile(TM)
>"Well sure yo' can sweethert', tha' would be four bitta'"
>You turn to look at your back
>Yep, no saddlebags
"Sorry mister, i-I don't have any money..."
>He instantly frowns
>Shit, you're losing him
>Suddenly something deep inside your tiny horse body awakens
>Such tremendous feel, only comparable to the scream of 10.000 blind mongolians
>Or tfw no coltfriend
>Your whole body shakes, as a burning feel concentrates within your stomach
>B-Brain, what's happening!?
"Ah' let you touchit'"
>You're suddenly caressing your left buttock with your hoof
>The shopkeeper starts to sweat, looking visibly awkward
>It's super effective
>"I-I- What kind of stallion you take me for!?"
>The shock fixed his voice
"C'mon stud, i betya' this aint the first time you throw a dog a bone"
>"I-I- This is not right"
>You approach the awkward stallion and hold onto his leg
"Woah sweetheart, packing some serious heat are we?"
>You press on his tiny muscles with your hooves
>The stallion picks as many cucumbers as he can from the stall
>He pushes them on you, distancing himself
>"ALRIGHT, AL-alright, take them, take them all, for the love of Celestia just stop"
>You put on the biggest, fattest pickle-eating grin
"Pleasure doing business with ya'"
>After a mocking salute, you take the fattest cucumber out of the pile and walk back home
>Today was a good day
Filly Feel LLC
258854 258875
>Be Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
>The concert hall filled with love filled ponies.
"Everypony we are in a state of war."
>Gasps could be heard.
"Filly Feel Limited Liability Corporation has released their new line of products."
>A gentle murmur confused.
"Anon's Magnum Dong, and the Biggus Dickus."
>"Oh! I have three!"
>My hoof met my face again.
"We are trying to limit their budget."
>"But they feel so good!"
>"Yeah! They stretch me out in all the right places!"
>"It truly feels like a real filly's!"
>The congregation of ponies stoped for a moment.
>In a mixture of awe, fright, and lust.
>Mostly lust, and awe.
>"I buy them for my colleagues to practice on."
>Horror intensifies now.
>"I'm a gynecologist for foals with problems. That way nopony is harmed."
>The collective "Ooooh." releases the suffocating tension.
>"I proudly pound my Filly Fappers Fanny everyday!"
"It's a problem for recreational use! Here look at this live stream to see what molesters are doing at their give away."
>The fact it was also for charity is strictly hush hush.
>The big screen flashes to life.
>Shining Armor thusting into the newest model.
>"Fuck her harder honey!"
>Oh no.
>The camera pans out.
>Princess Lovey dovey herself is riding the Anon's Magnum Dong Two: Boogaloo Shmoo.
>"Hey! What is going on here?"
>"Honey! It's AHH! It's AHH!lmost as good as yoooou!"
"Ah, ah ha... I've got to go bye! Oof!"
>Guards tackling me loosening my disguise.
>Be Queen- ow.
>"We've got her just as planned boss. Ready for pick up."
>The sounds of their love making ringing as I'm dragged away.

>Be Anonymous co-owner of Filly Feel LLC
>"Our sales are looking good, and nonconsentual touching is down."
>"Project Unripe is... almost done."
"Personally that's gross, but it will lower those rates even further. You did well. Begin the final steps now."
>Looking at my baby form I realize just what I said.
"Ah uh, it can wait another day right?"
>"Don't be a big baby about it. You never know you might even enjoy it."
That's an adorably cruel image OP
258851 258879

Thanks for bringing the fillies home.
>Anon with consenting adults
>Lolcow that may have skeletons
Real tough choice you posted here.
>"It truly feels like a real filly's!"
I don't like those implications...
258857 258859
Figured I'd make sure this ended up here since some of you might want to use it for reactions.
>since some of you might want to use it for reactions.
Thank you very much, I'm sure this angry filly leaving will be used often.
I was about to say I've seen that filly before, but then I noticed this time she's animated
Good on you, anon!
Reposting from previous thread because Harvey probably won't
>Filly and League
Good team.
>"I'm so... frustrated League."
>You're confused, your friend Nonny caught you at the sink and led in with that.
"What about?"
>"All of these ponies are just awful. I'm just not gonna take it."
>"Just hear me out, okay? I've got two knives in these saddlebags. You take one with me and we'll kill every piece of shit who's ever fucked with us."
"I don't know if that's-"
>She stops you with a piercing glare.
>"I like you now, League. Go home, tell nopony."
>You gulp.
"O-okay Anon. See you tomorrow."
>She gestures to her head with a hoof, jerking it up and making a 'pew' sound.
>"No, I don't think you will. I love you, League. I'm sorry if it never showed."
>You sniff.
"It did."
>You rush out of the school as the first screams start to echo.
>"All of these ponies are just awful. I'm just not gonna take it."
FYI, Ponyville is the best place in Equestria.
We're talking about the Loneverse here. Everything is bad but what we consider the best things are the worst.
>"Don't be a big baby about it. You never know you might even enjoy it."
258909 258910
Dresshorse's wig is weird
Oh dear, let me send you down the rabbit hole.
>>>/sp/11605 →
M-my style isn't that recognizable is it?
I know about Seb, I just don't know what "incroyable" means
Not 100% sure but I believe it's about the impossibility to reproduce such degenerate art.
Imagine that, but with ponies.

10/10 wig. Celestia should make that a mandate for those in power. To reach the highest level of dickhead.

That's a chubby fucking filly. But hey, more to hug.
>Love Licking Edition
Purest momfu's love, ever.
258920 258921
twiggles hug.jpg
Filly is for being doted on by a loving and caring momfu
258922 258978
Filly is for abuse.
Hug 4.png

hugging fillies.png
That grumpy filly needs some hugs
Anonfilly but its My Little Dashie
258927 258928 258940 258984
>She was green,
>dark haired,
>and quadrapedal
>but worst of all she was tangible.

“You’re not supposed to be here,” I said pointing a vicious finger at her.

“Says who, fucker.” She said, standing her ground and rising to the challenge in that adorable filly voice. She was inside of a cardboard box, all the tabs folded out -- she hung her hooves over the lip of the box. One of the tabs had a crude phallus drawn in what appeared to be sharpie. Another tab read ‘Fuck You’.

“Says the natural order of things. Says me.” Me I said. “You.” I continued pointing my finger at her like she had shit on the carpet. “You are Anonfilly.”

She spat at me, right in my face. “Suck a fat one, greentard. So what?”

“I am Anon. There cannot be two of us. You need to leave.” I told her, as if that would solve things.

“Well tough shit! I can’t. I don’t know I got here, I don’t know where I am,” She took one big look at me, scanning me up and down with her green eyes, “and I don’t know what the fuck you are.”

“You don’t?” I responded, earnestly confused. How could she not know-

“You look like a kindergartener got creative with some green-beans and a stapler.” Anonfilly took the opportunity to spit at me again. The saliva landed on my hand instead of my cheek this time — I was more prepared that time.

“Yeah? And you look like a fucking anomaly before god.”

She pounced. She was roughly the size of my torso, and she had just landed with all of her weight on my face. We crumpled to the ground… or more like I fell and gravity dicatated she fall with me. My head bounced off of the carpeted floor of my bedroom. She began to wail on me with her hooves, blam blam blam, each one landing somewhere more painful than the last. “Gah, fuck! Fuck off of me you you little shit!” I yelled at her.

I used my human superiority to take control of the situation. I had her under me in no time, all four of her hooves immobilized, under my four limbs.

She looked up at me with an indescribable amount of rage. I saw fire in those eyes that so reflected my own green ones. I would be giving the same look if that were me in that situation “Let GO OF ME you PERVERT!” She screeched in that little girl voice of hers. I had neighbors and I began to instantly worry.

“Fuck no I’m not gonna let go of you!” She spit at me again. Then she began to scream even louder. It was piercing, and almost emotionally distressing. I got up in her face, real close. My nose squashed against hers and i pushed her face to the floor with mine. “You are going to shut the fuck up, or I will shut you the fuck up for you. Do you understand me.”

She shut the fuck up long enough to give me another incomprehensably livid look, and then licked me. “You taste like fucking shit,” she said.

“Where the fuck did you come from?” I demanded answers.

“I was home before I was here — me and your mom were about to- '' She started before I smooshed her muzzle with my face, showing dominance. “Ow! Ow ow ow fuck fine! Equestria!”

“How did you get here? Here in my bedroom?”

“I don’t fucking know?!” She said with such conviction I couldn’t not believe her. There was a tense moment of silence. “Damn dude, this is your bedroom? This is a real shithole.”

“Fuck you.” I told her. There was more silence. “If I let you up, what will you do?”

“Shit on the floor, cry, vomit. I don’t quite know yet. Probably see where the fuck I am.” She said. Goddamn, she really didn’t run out of verbal spunk.

“I’m gonna let you up. I don’t want to actually have to subdue you, okay? Can you just be chill for a second while we try to figure this situation out?” I asked her.

More silence. The rage had subdued in her eyes. “Fine. I gotta piss anyways, can you take me outside?”

“I have a toilet?” I replied.

“The fuck?” She said. I released her. Contrary to what I believed her next action to be, she did not immediately attack me. She stood up, and just kinda moved around a little bit. I kneeled with my face in my hands.

“You know, a toilet?” I replied.

“What the hell is a toilet?”

((I want to continue this but I'm very tired. What do you guys think? I don't have any images to contribute so sorry about that
>“What the hell is a toilet?”
What a TWIST!
I was actaully about to mention my little Dashie in another thread. Weird. Are mind are probably connected.

It is probably great filly. I'm going to bed. Will read tomorrow.
>Lifts up my blanket and pats on the spot besides me.
Wanna sleep tight with me poner?
You should continue it, faggot.
Not sure if this is new, but filly with Little League from this thread:
And like a retard I forgot the thread.
>Love Licking
So cute.
Anonfilly and Pinky Pie.png

258961 259028
I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.
>your wish
I want to be the broken filly.
Anonfilly but its My Little Dashie
258986 259015 259035
“You expect me to piss in that?” She said when I showed her the waste-take-awaying contraption.

“Yeah, everyone pisses in these.” I told her. “I can give you a demonstration.”

“No thank you,” she said.

“Ah, so she can be polite!” I remarked, my hands on my hips.

“I will fucking bite you.”

“And I’ll fucking launch you.” Silence seemed to be a theme. “You need any help?”

“No, I got this.” She said. She was a little taller than the rim of the bowl. It was funny watching her get herself up on top of it, the toilet rattling dangerously the entire time (landlord sucks). She eventually ended up with all four hooves at different corners of the lid, her body precariously perched above the hole. “How the hell am I supposed to pee?”

“Usually I just relax my muscles down there and piss starts coming out.”

She blushed, looked at me angrily. “Get out!” She shouted as she continued trying to figure out how to use the toilet. I put my hands up.

“Fine, but I’m gonna fucking cook and eat you if I find any piss on the floor.” I told her.

I stepped out, closing the door behind me. I listened for any activity, and mostly I heard the toilet rattle as she tried to figure out how to work it. I heard a plop, an ‘Aha!’ and then the sound of liquid poured into liquid in a bowl. I walked away after she had figured it out.

I was thinking about something — I read that goddamn story: I absolutely do not want to have a ‘My Little Anonfilly’ type story. I shuddered in horror at the thought of having to deal with this little doesn’t-know-what-a-toilet-is shit for 20 fucking years. If there were some way to bridge the gap between this universe and that one, I would have to do it by any means necessary. I preferred solitude, that and if she gets discovered, that's just gonna cause more chaos for me.

And potentially her. Speaking of which, she was knocking from the inside of the bathroom. “Anon?” She called out like a hungry cat. “Anooon! I can’t open this door.”

I opened the door for her and she trotted out. I briefly glanced inside the door, just to check and make sure there wasn’t a puddle of yellow sitting on the floor. I flushed the toilet for her because she apparently hadn’t figured that function out. When I did that, she gave me a really confused look, and persisted out of the bathroom and into my living room.

She just kinda sat on the floor, looking up at me. I just kinda stood there with my hands in my pockets, looking down at her. “So…” I started.

“I want to go home,” She said.

“And I want you to go home.” More silence. “Did you have a nice pee?”

“How do you plan to get me home?”

“Me? Plan to get you home? Honey, I have no idea how you even showed up here.” I told her, shaking my head.

“Well there’s gotta be some way, I can’t just be stranded here.” She said. The rage in her eyes was flickering away to a sad fear.

“I… I honestly think you might be. There’s no precedent for this in my world, only fiction about situations like these.” I said, “Now that I’m thinking of it, you’re fiction too. You’re an invention of the internet.”

“Hell no I’m not. I don’t even know what the internet is, don’t you shove that shit down upon me!” She stamped her hoof on the floor. “What the hell is that even supposed to mean?”

“It means I’ve heard of you before.” Oh god why did I keep talking. “You… people write about you, draw about you.”

“They do?” She asked. Sad fear went to just normal fear. Damn, I could see all of my emotions reflected back in those big, cute eyes. She really was me in filly form, wasn’t she.

“You’re like, a book character of sorts here…” I said.

“Show me!” She demanded, running towards my legs. She pounced again, landing on my right calf and wrapping her hooves around it. “Show me show me show me!”

“Fuck it fine!” I said as I tried to shake her off. “Get off of me!”

>Inb4 she reads Lone15's green
>Or Killi's
Nice job.

Some more art of filly, Nyx and Dyx.
Look on the bright side it's almost a sure fire way to get to Equestria. You're going to need to increase your persuasion skills to convince the poners that you could come to Equestia even though that plot point was there for the feels... if this anon wants to go to Equestria.
Oh and survive the ten to twenty years.
>tfw you give rise to a superior shit poster
Do you guys ever think about what it would be like to be molested by Aunt Pinkie? I think about it. A lot.
Is it really molestion if you're a consenting adult?
>tfw Ponk's mane has a dildo that nopony else can see so you ride her everywhere in Ponyville none the wiser of why you're breathing to heavy, and why you're so flushed.
GJ My Student.png
>G1 Filly
259022 259023
By the power of Ponytron, stop right now!
Lucky star gets a pass
259024 259026
Back to Human.jpeg
Isn't that what you wanted Anon?
No, you're both just furfags.
>mischievous Twilight
Dear Princess Celestia
Today Twilight was using her magic to mess with an innocent anon, again.
Royal prompt action is required.
I want filly to get excited and briefly lose control
259032 259033
Kind of disgusting. I didn't write it, but I figured some of you might get a kick out of it.
I sexually Identify as a little filly. Ever since I was a colt I dreamed of old stallions pumping me
full of semens inside my tight little cunny. People say to me that a pony being a little filly is
Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m cute and beautiful. I’m having a plastic
surgeon to install little filly ovaries, crotchtits and have old stallions semens pumped into my
little cunny. From now on I want you guys to call me a “little filly” and respect my right to have sex
with old stallions and drip semen from my cunny needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a
parthenophobic and need to check your gender privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

Another one, god help me.
Bang bang! She fucked my ass.
Bang bang! She gave me gas.
Bang bang! I have the braps.
Bang bang! My Filly fucked my ass.

Bang bang! She fucked my mouth.
Bang bang! And kissed her way down south.
Bang bang! We both have quite a drouth.
Bang bang! My Filly fucked my mouth.
259041 259153
This writerfag is high and in heat.
Filly is not for sexual and she goes back with Twilight.
Anonfilly but its My Little Dashie
259042 259045 259052 259054
She wasn’t all that heavy to be honest. She was a comfortable weight as she sat in my lap at the desk, my computer open. My desk was the sight of a battlefield between me and my depression, a museum of plastic wrappers from a week ago and drinks sitting out, half-finished. She poked one of the plastic wrappers.

“What is this?” She asked, poking at the material with her hoof.

“Oh, that used to have a candy bar in it.”

“No like, what is that stuff.”

“The stuff?” It took me a second. “That stuff is plastic. We, uhh,” Oh to live in a world where there was no plastic. Was Equestria really that idyllic and pure? “We use it for packaging. I don’t know exactly how its made or what its made of.”

“It gives me the creeps.” I felt her shudder on my lap and it was hard to resist the urge to pet the shivers out of her.

“I feel that.” I said as I typed in my password and got to digging for greens and artwork. I opened up /mlp/, MlPol.net, and typed Anonfilly into DuckDuckGo with the safesearch filter ON. I found a few greens and a few pieces of artwork for her.

“Does this thing use magic?” She asked. “What is this thing?”

“No, this is called a computer. It gives me access to the internet. What I’m showing you right now is a very, very small slice of the internet.” I said, “The internet is-”

“Shut for half a second.” She jolted up on my lap, putting her forehooves on the desk as she peered into the computer screen. Her hooves dug into my thighs and her head blocked my view of the screen. “Oh Shit!” She cried. I could hear her panick. “Thats me!” The duckduckgo screen was filled top to bottom with cute filly. “Thats me! What are these drawings of me doing in there!”

“I don’t know what to tell you.” She began to hyperventilate. I had obviously onset some sort of existential crisis. She began to shake. “Hey, hey man-”

“Fuck you!” She shouted. “What the hell is going on? Where the hell am I? Why am I here?” She was crying now.

Tears streaming down her little green cheeks. I closed the computer, wrapped my arms around her.

Goddamnit. This is not how Saturdays are supposed to go. I didn’t want to fucking do this, but I did it anyways. My fingers combed through her hair over and over again, massagin her scalp as she wept into my chest in terror, in sadness. The realization overtook her, that she was stranded on foreign, alien shores, with no idea how she got there. I was absolutely autistic for even telling her that she was even remotely a concept here in my world.

Look at her. She’s just a little girl. All that tough guy bravado is just to keep her safe, she probably had bad shit going on back home in Equestria. She immediately put on a brave face and was a fighter because she was scared, and you just further shattered her reality. Goddamn I’m an asshole.

I picked her up and took her to my bed and wrapped her in a blanket. I wasn’t going to move until she stopped crying, and I let my shirt become a mess of her snot and tears. “That’s okay, little filly. That’s okay, Anon is here.” It was ridiculous but she responded well to it.

I just wish I could make it up somehow...

How does he make it up to her, Anons?
259037 259040
Pee and filly.
259039 259052 259054
Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 8.16.07 PM.png
>be me
>be writefag
>haven't written anything in so long, pulling yourself out of a depressive slump
>warming up your writing muscles by posting Anonfilly stories on a slower chan
>want to get back to writefagging because you seem to have found a stride
>post the latest installment which asks the readers for suggestions on what happens next in the story


>see this fucking post

god fucking damnit /mlpol/
Twilight licking filly.jpeg

Easy poner, peefags are feature, not a bug.
I want a momfu to carry me by the scruff of my neck
Peetzer. Get this horse some peetzer. Veggie only, don't be a total fuck.
Obviously food. Possibly accidentally introducing to the wonders of meat. Or possibly not, if that pink thing in AJ's sandwich that one time was meat.
I only hope yall keep the devil fruit hidden to prevent purpul crim- "accidents" if this goes...
It will be kept hidden, right?
A growing filly needs her fruits and veggies.
Take it from a fag who used to write cyoa green here, people are seemingly pretty burned out on interactive greens. I know the feeling of not having Anons be as excited about what you're writing as you are though, just stick with it and the (You)s will come.
Food is a good idea, maybe go somewhere and pick up a smoothie. (Not a good idea to turn on your own blender if you have one, lol.) She's not too keen on all of the human aspects of earth, but if you show her how something humans have invented that doesn't run off of magic can taste really fucking nice, maybe she'll warm up a bit.
Rub her belly, then read her a good night story called 'Anonfilly but its My Little Dashie' if that fails those and the spin offs might give her a glimmer of hope.
When all else fails never forget the tried and true method.
If you aren't going to Equestria might as well dress her up like your waifu so you get something out of it for the 20 years she'll be stuck with you.
Scruff 1 [C].png

"Hey Anon, wanna see how far I can fit this cucumber down my throat?"
>A few seconds ago you were enjoying your cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, but now you look down at it, your appetite lost.
"God League, why would you do such a thing?"
>True to her word, the suppression of her gag reflex is impressive.
>It's all the way down there all right, Jesus.
"Twilight, I need you to turn me into a little filly."
>"What? Why?"
"This filly keeps doing lewd things near me. I'm afraid I'll end up in jail if I don't neutralize her potential soon."
>"You know I won't be able to revert you to your human form, don't you?"
"Yeah yeah, don't care. Better than Tyrone's cock, hurry it up!"
>She rolls her eyes and zaps you with magic.
>You sniffle, that's about all you can do.
>You're not developed enough yet to walk, talk or really do anything.
>Twilight seems to be enjoying herself though, there's a bit of gloating in it all but you know she's always wanted a filly.
>Sucks to be you though.
>At least you got rid of that filly though.
>As you're about to fall asleep one night, you hear a window smashing.
>You try to cry, but your mouth is met with the soft frog of a hoof.
>"It might be a few years, but I swing both ways Anon!"
>She leaps out of the window, yelling out a mock expletive.
>In the morning, Twilight blames the window on the storm.
>You're fucked, literally.

Oof, that is the power of not thinking through what you really really want. To obtain the monkey's paw wish. From a story perspective it's nice short green. >You're fucked, literally. Feels slightly off in this context.
Can confirm being human is pretty cool. Very nice drawing. edit "Well I could reach things on (the) top shelf. I didn't even notice that except when looking over it a few more times.
259154 259227
*back into Twilight
>*back into Twilight
That's the right thing to do.
Let's face it, Filly is an unruly loose cannon and vulnerable when not supervised by her momfu.
259158 259159 259160
I have drawn filly!
A hipster filly.
Good thing that filly doesn't need REAR GUARD anymore.
Is that... beanie?
Hello! You're back.
259166 259170 259179 259191
Serious question fillies: What do abt KYS filly? The general feeling is that its low-effort, no content posting, but KYS filly is also part of filly culture so I could see just ignoring him. Thoughts?
Is he an anon, or just a bot?
Reasonably sure its an anon
>but KYS filly is also part of filly culture
Okay with that, but at some point it crosses the line to become obstructive and annoying.
Kill yourself pedophile.

Kill yourself pedophile.
Kill yourself pedophile.
259181 259185
After killing KYS this thread will need some cleaning, I believe.
Yeah... at this point I say nuke the fucker. When he was just replying once of each post it was fine, but his is just annoying.
Give tendies, fluttermom
Kill yourself pedophile.
File (hide): 018B6009FCB577F9BF50FB4DB1B19859-4023457.webm (3.8 MB, Resolution:960x540 Length:00:00:12, 1574828832000.webm) [play once] [loop]
I will say I did post once for the memes to see how it felt...
I'm not sure if this fully describes the experience.
>I'm not sure if this fully describes the experience.
Very close.
259188 259190 259193
kys filly box.jpg
KYS filly is a cute! Though she can get too chatty sometimes.
Fuck off
n-now kys.png
kys-fuck_off nuzzle.png

something to hang.png
>she can get too chatty sometimes
259195 259196 259197
Have you considered taking action against the pedophiles in your midst?

A beauty. The eyes need a retouch.
I would love to see you validate that loaded question
Wrong board faggot.
There are only ponies here.
Have you considered killing yourself?

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Some Barbie fillies from the League thread:
Anonfilly - Eww.png
>No hooves.
259205 259208
>second pic
I found it troublesome, there are plenty of symbols used by satanists.
The all seeing eye, a black doll, a rat, a face decorating the chest and others are worrisome.
Looks fine.
Poor Killroy having to be so close to a electric dildo without actually being on the dildo.
>Redish grey foal around the streets of Ponyville.
>Not someone who lives here.
>"I'm looking for my ball. Anypony seen my pink bouncy ball?"
>Looking at my fellow Anons both human and pony our decision is set.
>Totally not creeping on a poor defenseless foal.
>Getting into the cardboard police car I head out.
"Weee-wooo! Weeee-wooo! Looks like someone is wearing a frowny face in my part of town."
>"Are you a guard?"

>Be Sizzle
>Some strange filly in a uniform is running towards me in a colored box.
>"Looks like someone is wearing a frowny face in my part of town."
"Are you a guard?"
>"Something like that. I'm Officer Filly, Anon Filly."
>Oh! That's why everypony moved out of her way.
"Please Officer I lost my ball you have to help me find it. I have to go back to Hoofington soon."
>"Calm down, calm down. I'm going to report it to my station."
>She takes two cans with a string and chucks one cup into the nearby allyway.
>"Bzzrt-bzzrt this is four niner niner on the pelican's beak over looking the sunrise over."
>"Copy that. You are cleared to go."
"But it's not a sunset yet."
>She looks over at me, and motions me to sit in her box.
>A whisper
>"it's super special code speak only police ponies know."
"What's it mean then?"
>"A foal lost an item, the other part says what kind of item."
"Now what?"
>"Coming in hot we've got super villians at the apple stand."
>"Oh no. Hey want to be a hero kid?"
"A hero?"
>"A hero. You make the police sound, and we'll both move to the apple stand."
>Was it what she was saying earlier?
"Uhhmm we? Woo?"
>"That's good, but we need it a bit louder if we want to make sure not to hit any pony."
"Weee? Wooo?"
>She tosses her side of the can to the allyway so both side can be together.
>And we start to move.
>It's tough, but after a half a dozen crashes, and twisting we are on our way.
>We made it to the apple stand.
>There is one creepy green minotaur thing, and a red filly.
>The pony behind the counter stops reading her magazine.
>"Aw shucks."
>She opens her magazine again.
>"Help. Er. Help, help, help. I've been ummm held hostage by erm.
>She looks like she's in trouble eyes looking eveeywhere.
>One of the bad ponies points to name tags that says 'Real Villain' they both wear.
>"Right, by Real Villians."
>The red filly with the cape covering her cutie mark speaks.
>"That's right you heroic heros! Applejack is held hostage by us Real Villains!"
>The tall thing just shakes weirdly.
>"Okay deputy I have a super important task for you. I want you to head over to Applejack with this police car box, and rescue her."
"But how?"
>"All you have to do is have Applejack join you in this cardboard vehicle, and head to the end of the street. I'll keep those villains occupied."
"Well... okay..."
>She jumps out.
>The box feels really empty without her...
>I don't know if the mare can even fit in here.
>Picking the box with my mouth I valiantly scootch over to her.
"I'm here to save you ma'am."
>"Thank yah sugarcube."
>Having the mare fit in this tiny car is a struggle of it's own.
"Oh umm... no problem, wee woo."
>We only crashed seve-
>eight times.
>The sun overhead moves to noon.
>Lunch with my father, and I haven't even found my ball.
>Looking at the uncomfortable mare.
>She beams at me.
>I'm a hero to somepony.
>Reaching the end of the street I hear Officer Filly.
>"You did an amazing job, the swerves were a bit excessive, but some of those avoided their evil blasts."
>Applejack opens her mouth and closes it.
>Probably not aware how close to danger we both were in.
>"Hey what's that in the car's cup holder?"
"Cup holder?"
>I don't remember there being a cup holder.
>So there is a cup holder in here...
"OH! It's my ball! Thank you!"
>"Not exactly sure how it got in there, but I'm glad you found it little hero."
"Oh I'm going yo have to go tell my dad everything that happened over lunch!"
>Hugging the Officer gruffles a little bit, and the mare because she looks uncomfortable.
>"Well sugarcube yall stay safe, and have fun."

>Be Applejack
"So where was it hun?"
>"In a bush by Twilight Sparkle."
>"Speaking of lunch..."
"Yall are invited to Sweet Apple Acres anytime."
>Ah little tease shouldn't hurt.
"My little heros."
>"I'll show you little."
"Yah show me that everynight Anonymous."
>"Noooo my poor innocent mind of my two caretakers... ruined forever!"
>Be Anon, the filly.
>Much more different than Anon the human, your dad.
>You're currently watching a sweaty Applejack carry around a big heavy barrel.
>Dad said having thoughts about other ponies is totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of.
>But as you look at the large flank mare you can't help but feel wrong.
>"Oh, howdy Anon!" You nearly jump out of your coat hearing a voice talk to you. "Woah there, calm down sugarcube, didn't mean to scare ya'."
>Your ears flop back in shame.
"O-Oh, hey there Applejack, nice day today huh?"
>Her eyes narrow.
>Dad said mares can smell fear, and this one certainly can!
>"Ya' don't look like yer here to talk about the day Anon..." She says lowering her head to your level, you can feel the sweat on your head as she does. "Yer after something aren't ya'?"
>You cower back.
>"Ya' want some cider early!" She says with a happy smile.
"Y-Yeah! Can't hide nothing from you Applejack!"
>She chuckles.
>"That's right. I suppose I could give you a mug, so long as ya' help me with these barrels."
>Take the easy out.
"Alright, how should I?"
>"Just get your head under the barrel's rear and I'll get the front."
>You do as she says and soon you're in heaven.
>You're face with the finest flank in Ponyville.
>Your knees go weak as she flicks her tail giving you a flash of what's hiding behind.
>"Woah, there 'non, don't go weak on me early, still got five more barrels!"
>Five. More. Barrels."
>Five torturous barrels.
>You flop onto the ground as the fifth is put to the stack.
>A mug of cider is put infront of you.
>"There ya' go 'non, a reward for some hard work." She says with a happy smile. "Let me know if you want some more, could always use the help."
>You groan.
>She just chuckles and starts to trot away.
>"Oh, and 'non?"
>You say flopping your head towards her.
>"Mares like a honest pony, next time, just tell them what you think." She says giving you a wink.
>She wasn't looking at you...
>You think you're gonna die.
"Kilroy was here" is a classic meme
Same with the magic 8-ball, artist is probably a 30-year-old boomer
The doll is a golliwog and is an old-time "racist" doll
"Happiness is mandatory" because Anonfilly is an edgelord and believes that's how life is in Ponyville
Can't explain the rat or the face.
Have this (You) like father like daughter. The apple really didn't fall from the tree. (Various puns)
I really like it alot.
259213 259315
>Filly is a complete marelet
>She was already smaller than most as a filly
>But while growing up, that difference to the others grew along with the time
>Even Littlepip overtook her and put her to shame
>And as an adult she's barely got to 5 feet tall (or equivalent to that to horses), if even that
>...even Littlepip...
Meant to say "...even ""Pipsqueak..."""
Although Littlepip is also a marelet so i guess it still fits
The face looks like Mr. Yuk, an old sticker to mark poisonous stuff you keep under the sink so kids don't drink any. And the happiness is mandatory and eye is Friend Computer from Paranoia.
I don't kite about the rat.
259220 259698
>>256579 →
Hey, sorry for not delivering sooner. I tried drawing tonight and nothing was turning out right. Hold me to these two, I hope to have them done by the end of the weekend. Look forward to more shitty fucking fillies...
>>256580 →
>>256591 → Gonna be a bit vanilla, sorry to disappoint.

It's no problem m8, I'm sure we're all just glad that you're still around!
What happen to that poor filly?
259228 259233 259242
Non-consensual Lewd(Sketch).png
It has its downsides though...
>filly in the womb
Damn, that's filly golden dream.
259230 259231
Technically speaking, its only a golden dream if Twilight engages in poor hygiene and fluid leaks from one orifice onto/into another. I'm probably overthinking it
I think that's an unborn anon pony.
That's not really how female anatomy works... Getting urine so far up your vagina that it passes through your cervix, gets into the uterus and then penetrates the placenta would be quite the undertaking.
I bet even Purple's womb has a fully stocked library with every book a developing fetus would need.
259237 259238 259275

>humans again
259241 259247
Impressive work, Harvey!
I dunno, would you like it more if they weren't >ayyy's?
259249 259250
>that pic
Yeah nah. At least two of the are canonically gay.
259243 259300
>Tfw twi shallows a cumshot
The most cute and tender baby.
a bit confusing but still cute
Please don't encourage him to draw humans too hard, faggot seems ready to jump at the opportunity to draw a bunch of barbies.

There is no such canon.
>t. has never had a best friend
259263 259268
Was rereading portions of the Anarchist's cookbook last night in preparation for a few projects. Came up with an idea I think is kind of neat if someone wants to take a crack at it, I probably won't myself as I'm busy with other things at the moment.
>40 or so year old man gets killed somehow
>Goes to Equestria, has no fucking idea where he ended up
>Also he's a little green filly
>Gets pissed, fucks with Twilight a bit maybe because he blames her for his predicament
>Figures out that Equestria has just entered the age of the telephone and personal computer, remembers the days he spent in his teens phreaking and hacking
>Decides to take up his old arts once more as a sort of petty revenge
>Very few ponies understand network security, filly is having fun
>Eventually bites off much more than she can chew (underground foal trafficking network, Equestrian government secrets, something big.)
Just spitballing, if you find it interesting feel free to try your hand at it.
259266 259268
So basically
>time traveling hackerman
I like this.
Basically that, yeah. Glad you like it frend. Any interest in writing it?
259278 259284
Did someone say...

Would this be about movie style hacking or real meatspace hacking?
Oh! What about a real hacker in the pony world suddenly finding out movie style hacking works there, but nobody knows about real world methods at all.
>>258164 →

Trust Once Lost: Chapter 12

>Highly Illogical

“You remember your parents?”

“Well, they’re not my parents.” I explained, “They’re not ponies, and they’re not in Equestria.”

They were the human me’s parents, the pony me had no parents since I’d been brought into the world fully formed. Well, almost fully. The much taller fully-grown ponies gathered in the room looked at me expectantly, and I felt very small.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“That’s all right Green,” Dayglow noticed my discomfort and wrapped a wing around me, “You’re being very brave, you can tell us about that when you’re ready. You don’t have to talk about it in front of everypony.”

Having fur sucks. It turns out, not all of my vomit was on Applejack - I got some of it on myself, and it couldn’t just be wiped off. While I did have magic now, it still wasn’t up to the delicate task of cleaning myself. Soothing Melody - my trainee nurse minder - was tasked with giving me a shower.

I was worried that Melody would be cross with me for giving her more work, but she actually seemed to be enjoying herself. I got the sense that she was treating me like one of her dolls; she put so much care into style my mane and tail - all without standing me in front of the mirror or asking what I’d like. I can’t really blame her for treating me like a doll when that’s how I was acting.

Melody helping me in the bathroom was uncomfortable. She was a female, close enough to my age as a human, and she didn’t have the sense of professional detachment that Redheart displayed. I knew, intellectually, that the looks she was giving me were just because I was a cute little filly that she got to play with, but my human mind was interpreting them in a very different, very creepy way. That type of female attention had always been frightening to me.

I guess I should explain. In my life as a human, I had good people skills... professionally. Personal relationships, however, ranged from exhausting to terrifying. I like things to be predictable, I enjoyed the fact that shifts had routines and a procedure manual that I could study so I would know exactly what to do at all times. People are unpredictable, but at work, there were very clear boundaries and expectations and, most importantly, I didn’t have to trust them. I always had it in the back of my mind that they could suddenly snap, spit in my face and cuss me out, make false complaints about me, or try to stab me with a pen; So, when they did, I wasn’t angry with them. Their irrationality was just another symptom that had to be managed. Most often this type of behavior was the result of dementia or mental illness; For the rest, while being a complete dickhead isn’t technically a mental illness, it might as well be.

I can’t turn it off. I don’t have another way to interact with people. Some of my earliest memories are helping my mother with her mental illness, I couldn’t blame her for being irrational; and caring for my baby brother, who was as irrational and impulsive as you would expect from a six-year-old. My dad really tried, but he never managed to understand how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. I didn’t blame him for trying to be assertive and snap Mum out of having a panic attack by telling her forcefully that she was being irrational and spouting nonsense. He honestly thought that would help.

If you know anything at all about anxiety, you can probably imagine how well that went. For anyone left wondering, not well. It’s possibly the most counter-productive thing you could do short of actual violence. I didn’t have the words to explain it to him at the time, and to this day he doesn’t really understand, though he has at least stopped attempting it.

I know my family better than I know anyone else in the world, I love them, I would do anything for them - but I don’t trust them. I’ve never really trusted anyone.

They’re not even my family though, are they? Am I a terrible person if that’s a relief to me? If it feels like a burden lifted? It’s not like I was abandoning them. The original was still there, and, by virtue of us being essentially the same person, he was actually, for the first time ever, someone I could trust to see things my way. Too bad we’d never meet.

Not trusting anyone, being afraid of new social situations, being afraid of people being irrational... can you see where this is going? I was terrified of having a girlfriend. That didn’t stop me from having one. A girl asked me out. I wanted to say no, but I was too afraid to turn her down in case she and her friends retaliated against me. So I said yes. We dated for three months and the furthest we went was a kiss on the lips, which only happened because my Dad told me I should do it because it was cruel to string her along.

I felt nothing but fear; she was ecstatic and literally skipped back to her father’s waiting car. She broke up with me a couple of weeks later, said she would hate me forever and threatened to have her dad beat me up.

It was cruel of me to lead her on, but being honest and telling her I never felt anything for her seemed even crueler, so instead I pretended to be sad about it.
259273 259274 259871
Since then I’ve made sure to be clear about rebuffing romantic or sexual advances towards me. Most of my colleagues have taken the hint and assume I’m gay. While this would be a handy excuse for why I’m terrified of female sexual interest, I don’t actually like men in that way either. It terrifies me because I have no idea how to respond. From my experience, rebuffing these types of advances is something that makes people completely irrational, and reciprocating is equally bad, if it’s not done correctly.

I knew, with reasonable certainty that Melody wasn’t going to try anything weird, so I just sucked it up and stood there with a blank expression, complying with her requests to raise each hoof, stand, or sit.

She was efficient with her work, and despite taking time to style my mane and tail we were finished up within ten minutes. Most of what she’d done for me had been accomplished with magic, so it was a shock when she touched my hind quarters with a hoof to direct me out of the bathroom. With the thoughts going through my head at the time, I about jumped out of my skin.

I squeaked and wrapped my tail around where she had touched. An involuntary shudder ran through my body, interrupting my breathing exercise. I took a new breath and controlled the exhalation over four seconds, waited another four seconds, then returned to breathing normally.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized, my face flushed red with embarrassment, “I wasn’t paying attention and you startled me.”

Melody didn’t answer immediately, and when I gained the courage to face her, I could see why. She had recoiled away from me, holding the hoof she had used to touch me tight against her chest. Her coat was somehow three shades lighter, her pupils were pinpricks, and I wasn’t entirely sure she was breathing.

“Are you okay?” I asked with concern.

“I-I’m going to get the nurse.” She mumbled before beating a hasty retreat out into the hallway.

Looking at the bed I noted that it was raised up too high for me to safely climb into it without help; I just lay on the floor and waited for my caretakers to return. My broken leg was throbbing again, but I couldn’t tell them about it; I needed a clear head to deal with whatever nonsense I was wrapped up in now.

Why does this keep happening to me?
Little League's mouth looks kinda strange.
259281 259284 259286
>Be Anon
>Due to an accident minutes after arriving in Equestria, you are now a filly
>There were no witnesses to the accident, so no one really believed you were an alien in a horses body
>Despite that, you were enough of an oddity that the local Princess, Twilight Sparkle, took an interest in you, eventually acting as an adoptive mother
>You appear to be far too young to be out of school, so you're forced to go most days -- can't be setting a bad example
>Of course, you aren't paying any attention most of the time you're in the classroom, so you're setting a bad example anyway
>Back on Earth, you enjoyed spending time on public Capture the Flag games
>You download or remotely access an operating system specifically designed with certain vulnerabilities in mind, then work within the system to find the password (flag) to give you access to another part of the system where another flag is accessible
>Twilight recently installed some new hardware at home, powerful enough to run a somewhat familiar operating system to work with
>You're probably not going to see a personal computer in every home anytime soon, but it's a start
>So you've been occupying your classtime designing a CTF scenario to hopefully release to the public when PCs become ubiquitous
>Since ponies haven't really messed with computer security much yet, you didn't want to make anything too difficult to figure out at the beginning
>Poorly hidden password.txt files, programs with developer backdoors and accessible source code, encrypted passwords with the decryption program sitting in the open, a program requiring an easily brute-forcible password, hidden information visible when running the program in a debugger, leading to simple buffer overflow with an accompanying text file detailing the structure of the program's memory
>After a few weeks of designing and creating your game, you think it's finally finished
>Still, it's possible that you missed some odd quirks in the system, so getting somepony else to test it seems like a good idea
"Mom, can you come down here and test a game I made!?"
>Twilight arrives in the computer room pretty quickly. "Sure Anon, how does it work?"
"You start on a very limited user, with access to a few files and a program, then use the program and whatever information you can gather to get the password to the next user with more privileges and a different program. You win when you uncover the last password."
>You get up and gesture to the terminal
>"Ok, I think I can do that."
>Honestly, you're a little concerned about the first level
>The level starts you in a filesystem location containing the program file and a password.txt file, and nothing else
>You open the password.txt file, copy the gibberish contained in it, start the program, paste the gibberish, and the program spits out the password for the next user
>The entire game is meant to be simple, but the first level sets the tone for the rest of the game, so starting with something that easy might leave a bad impression
>Twilight sits down and opens the program
>The terminal reads "Enter password: "
>Twilight frowns at the screen, then begins typing furiously
"... What are you doing?"
>"Sh, I think I'm nearly past the firewall."
"What firewall!? We don't have a firewall! We aren't even connected to any external network! Our system is completely isolated! There is literally no point in having a firewall!"
>Twilight's scowl deepens appearing to concentrate very hard on the complete nonsense she is mashing into the computer
>"I think the computer's security system has caught me, need to work fast before I get kicked off!"
"What security system!?"
>The normally black background on the terminal turns red, and you don't recognize any of the text on the screen
"What did you do!?"
>"I think I've nearly got the antivirus disabled."
>The terminal background suddenly goes green, and the text is replaced by different nonsense
"What antivirus? I didn't even know that antiviruses had been developed yet!"
>Twilight continues concentrating on her keyboard mashing for a few more moments, then visibly relaxes
>"I got it."
>There, at the top of the screen, is the password to the second level
"That's not how this works! That's not how any of this is supposed to work!"
>"If that's not how it was supposed to be done, you may want to patch out that vulnerability."
>You don't think that you'll be using the computer for a while.
File (hide): 0E718285388F0CB45AC95B018178C568-2482563.webm (2.4 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:00:22, Hacking.webm) [play once] [loop]
Twilight has had training in the mirror world.
Pfft amateurs
Kek, fucking wizard horses.
I still think a meatspace hacking scenario would be interesting, movie hacking is good for some fun gags but I think irl has more potential for a longer-form story.
File (hide): B1BB6A9517C2A74519E0786F072CD6BD-868068.mp4 (847.7 KB, Resolution:480x270 Length:00:00:05, hack.mp4) [play once] [loop]

That's fucking perfect.
Yeah, it would the meme hacking can only go on for so long.
Then in an unexpected twist magic pony hacker Twilight, PurpleSmort, Sparkle completes the meme hack only to find out she failed. Having to do it the meatspace way.
>Babby is gay before even being born
She's a decent filly.

259324 261028
A few updates on the anonfilly contest:
And the link to the original page with the rules if you're interested:

259317 259318
Fillies fillies.png

File (hide): E81E3FEABD8254B3325FCC7B2E0316BF-3203410.webm (3.1 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:01:17, Hacking Time.webm) [play once] [loop]
Hacking Time.webm

The Great Debate.png
>smol filly and big babby are constantly getting into fights
>arguing fillies
"You wouldn't believe the trouble I've been through with Twilight-"
>"S-stop? Please?"
"see she's trying to zap me with the dick begone spell-"
>"Please, no..."
"it's so big and massive. Feel it."
>Tears roll down her face
"I'm sorry 'bout your dick 'n everything, but a friend of mine finished analyzing my mare cock!"
>"You... arn't going to rape me?"
"No rape, see once my friend finishes the spell she should be able to turn us back to being a human again or give you heavy equipment."
>"T-then why?"
"You feel really nice, and soft, and fertile."
>"Oh no, I- I-"
"You are soaked, well I better be on my way make trouble for Purple yeah? She'll waste alot of time looking you over."
>"Anon? Anonymous! Anon! Are you okay?"
259340 259362 262282
Futa does not belong here you nigger. Go back to /d/.
259329 259347
It's just as I thought, they've reduced her to just another cute fucking oc. We should show them the kind of dark, twisted, fucked-up stories we're capable of constructing.
259338 259339
You mean the cute fucking mommy issues oc of today's shit or the old cute vulgar "give humanity and dick back" oc?
259345 259347
I'm saying that I miss when filly's main defining aspect wasn't just "cute." Of course she'll always be cute, yeah, but I've always found the dynamics that you get with an adult human mind in a foal's body to be the best part of any green or drawing. Knowledge that one isn't supposed to have, darkly malicious actions being easily disguisable as childish misunderstandings, that's the kind of shit I read and write filly green for; and I feel like all of the contest's advertising doesn't reflect that well, along with its restrictions to a teen rating. I'm not saying that you can't write a good story without sex and gore, but I do think that they're going about it in the wrong way, and that the kind of people they'll attract with the current model will fail to write stories that succeed beyond making you go 'daww, her snoot has been booped.'
Oh right, didn't really answer your question. Filly is far better when she's at least a little bit unwilling.
259341 259342 259362
futa filly masturboop.png
That filly has a nice willy
259344 259362
>Implying you're not a canon-wrecking coomer
Nice try derpinigger, go back to your shithole of a site.
259348 259362
>implying implicative implications
I shiggy diggy
259346 259347
>the kind of people they'll attract with the current model
>Implying we didn't have those people way before the article on Seth's Site For Autistic Niggers
Filly has been hijacked by normies and there's little we can do about it, they outnumber us.
really makes you filly.png
Isn't the contest being run by PTFG?
259350 259362
Not the same guy, but I can fucking smell it whenever you open your mouth and half of the time you're recycling the exact same post. You should really stop embarassing yourself.
Oh yeah, tranny central. That would explain a few things...
259359 259362
I have a hunch about who you are, and if I'm right you should really stop being so obsessed.
Filly fun.png
Smoll horn filly!

I want to be the little filly
what the hell are you talking about? does somebody else also think you're a pretty big fag?
259363 259364
I think all of you should shut the fuck up before you derail this thread
B-but I was the filly first.
Sure you were, qt.
259382 259383 259386 259388
happy valentines day fillies
d-delet this!
>yet I feel more lonely than I've ever been
I don't think you'll understand now, filly, but some day you will.
Beware what you wish, because it will haunt you for ever. Many colts already found companion to discover is a trap and torture.
Believe it or not, your loneliness is your strength and safe state. Nobody understand you better than yourself.
Easy poner, that anon is filling sad but soon he will recover. His problem is that his hormones are raging, but it will pass.
Happy hearts and hooves anon
1971212__safe_artist-colon-plunger_oc_oc-colon-filly anon_oc only_alcohol_angry tears_beer_beer bottle_booze_bottle_earth pony_female_filly_pony.jpeg
>I am surrounded by more love than I ever wanted, yet I feel more lonely than I have ever been
I'm not going out. I'm beating off and returning to bed. Has nothing to do with Valentine's day.
I hope everyone has a great day!
259414 259416 259421 259426 259436 259443
Happy Hearts and Hooves Day everyponer! Happy Valentine's Day!
For those that have free time today,and need something to do how about a conntentfag challenge.
It's about (drum roll please)
Someone/Somepony you admire.
A day with you Waifu.
Someone/Somepony checking you out.
Peetzer horse Cant dance.
Disregard those options for something you want to do.

Remember to love yourself it's important.
For all couples that happen to see this you are invited too. Have a great time together whoever you are!
With love ~♡
, OccultFacade

Ughh too touchy feely, but seriously love yourself.
>love yourself

Valenstein's Day is just a marketing ploy for jewish jewelers and Hallmark cards. Not that it matters. I'm fresh out of love this month.
259417 259424

Yeah, but I'll pull at the dirtied bruised underlining truth the thing bastardized.
>Last sentence
Poners are good too, because sometimes you need a little help from your friens.
Very nice. Beautiful.
Wonder what Ponks perspective looks like I'm sure it's great.
Again, fresh out, dude. None to give.
Then only one solution more poners!
You're free to try. I'm going to bed.
259422 259423
My Valentines Day gift to you, an attempt at the momentary transformation of sadness. God I'm so alone...
>When we were young the future was so bright. (Woah-oh)
>The old neighborhood was so alive. (Woah-oh)
>And every foal on the whole damn street. (Woah-oh)
>Was gonna make it big and not be beat.
>Now the neighborhood's cracked and torn. (Woah-oh)
>The fillies are grown up but their lives are worn. (Woah-oh)
>How can one little street.
>Swallow so many lives.
>Chances thrown.
>No more rees.
>Longing for what used to be.
>Still it's hard.
>Hard to see.
>Fragile lives, shattered dreams.
>Nonny had a chance, well she really did. (Woah-oh)
>Instead she dropped out and had a couple of kids. (Woah-oh)
>Hornet still lives at home cause she's got no job. (Woah-oh)
>She just plays guitar and smokes a lot of pot.
>Non committed suicide. (Woah-oh)
>Clover OD'd and died. (Woah-oh)
>What the hell is going on.
>The cruelest dream, reality.
>Chances thrown.
>No more rees.
>Longing for what used to be.
>Still it's hard.
>Hard to see.
>Fragile lives, shattered dreams.
>Chances thrown.
>No more rees.
>Longing for what used to be.
>Still it's hard.
>Hard to see.
>Fragile lives, shattered dreams.
Happy hearts n hooves day, faggot
I love it no homo.
You too poner.
I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing Pinkie Pie secretly lust for Anonfilly.
Do you think it'd be like that even after she gets married?
>Cheese Sandwich starts to wonder why Pinkie keeps caring so much about that one green filly
>implying Cheese wouldn't be giving that filly the same looks as pedoPonk
The two are basically the same pony after all
259427 259428
>Checking you out
O-oh my... t-that's really well drawn it's great!
259431 259432
>Anonfilly, despite her young age, quickly advances through the ranks and becomes one of the best captains Equestria has ever seen
>This makes Shining Armour very jealous
The Tradition one-shot
259432 259436
>An empty bottle is almost thrown.
"I- everything I've worked for is just gone."
>Newspapers cover the royal couple's bedroom hooftacks and red string connecting some togther.
>Human saves Twilight
>Mysterious adoption processes by our newfound princess
>Youngest Royal Guard Recruit with perfect marks...
>Youngest PT officer on impossible mission, command is 'baffled' at her success
>Youngest to alcoholic stains the title making it illegible.
>"Honey come to bed I have something to tell you on Hearts and Hooves day".
>Shifting some of the news paper off the bed I ingeniously flop on the bed.
"Rghht mrrrw."

>Be 'Almost' Captain Anonfilly
>Apparently there is a ceremony for being a captain.
>Especially one that fulfills whatever those requirements are.
>Every cocksucker here won't say shit.
>Standing outside of the guest room for the Prince and Princess of the Crystal Empire.
>Ready as I'll ever be for this surprise test.
>Just remember don't squee.
>I'm better than that now.
>It's really Shining Armour!
"Can I-"
>He's frowning at me.
>Keep it together for best pone.
"Prince Shining Armour Sir! It's an honor to be here! Sir!"
>"Come in I will brief you on what this is about."
"Sir! My condolences for interrupting your time together!"
>The guards seem even more smug now.
>"It's part of the briefing."
>The room looks like a mess...
>What kind of animal can go toe to toe with the Princess of Love?
>"At ease. I've selected you out of all the captains for a verry~ special mission."
"Yes whatever it is ma'am."
>"It's one you can refuse if you don't want to go through it. It may be... distasteful in some circumstances, or you might salivate at the idea."
>What did I get myself into?
>He breathes calming down for what I think might be bad news.
>He softly smiles.
>"Call me Shining if you accept the mission well... other code names will be supplied. Oh! Don't forget you are supposed to be at ease."
"Ah- I alright."
>He slides a Manila folder across the glass cover table.
>That's a sick slide.
>It's pictures of me in the shower...
>In the bath...
>I meet his eyes.
>"Read the file."
>Lines devored, meanings uncovered.
"Holy fuck."
>"Only if you accept."
>With the best ponies...
"YES! Fuck my brains out already you faggets!"

>Be Princess Cadence[/c]
"How does she feel around you."
>"So tight! Like the record breaker she was, but I'll show her why I was the Captain of the Royal Guards."
>Miss Filly has a smile with her tongue sticking out.
>All as perfectly princessly planned.
"Isn't this so nice."
>"She's cumming again our little bed warmer."
>Captain Filly will fit in our lives so nicely.
>I'll pop the question after dinner.
"I'll suppose I'll join in now."
"Have a taste of this."

>Be Shining Armour
"Honey! This is the best idea you've had yet!"
"Yeah what I said."
>Alicorn, and Cutie Mark magic sure is something.
>"Keep rutting us harder!"
>Me, and myself feeling both of us wrapped by loving needy flesh.
>Mewling mares trying to hilt my sword.
>Protective spells vibrating and changing temperature, all the little tricks I've built up by being around wifey.
>To break the little pain in the flank.
>Now I'm the pain in her's.
>She's twitching her divine folds, and Green is doing her best to clamp tighter.
"Three thrusts!"
>Thrusting back to the forbidden entrance.
>Wife casts the spell on my cock sleeve.
>Completely pulling out, as a corkgun sounds are made.
>Plunging past the cervix hitting the wall.
>Pulling back out, reaiming for the lower holes.
"I'm cum-"
>We collapse exhausted as our whole day of intercourse closes.
>"So good."
>I've still got it.

>Be Anonfilly
"So you're saying I get to marry you both, and have mind blowing sex almost every day. All I have to do is..."
>"Service Caddy while I pound you using magic so nopony would be able to tell."
>"If you make me shudder during the speech I'll think of sone extra reward on the honeymoon."
"I have say yes, this is amazing!"
>"What's the magic words?"
"Yes daddy?"
>"Close enough."
>Already at full mast again.
The Tradition one-shot but Pink isn't everywhere
>An empty bottle is almost thrown.
"I- everything I've worked for is just gone."
>Newspapers cover the royal couple's bedroom hooftacks and red string connecting some togther.
>Human saves Twilight
>Mysterious adoption processes by our newfound princess
>Youngest Royal Guard Recruit with perfect marks...
>Youngest PT officer on impossible mission, command is 'baffled' at her success
>Youngest to alcoholic stains the title making it illegible.
>"Honey come to bed I have something to tell you on Hearts and Hooves day".
>Shifting some of the news paper off the bed I ingeniously flop on the bed.
"Rghht mrrrw."

>Be 'Almost' Captain Anonfilly
>Apparently there is a ceremony for being a captain.
>Especially one that fulfills whatever those requirements are.
>Every cocksucker here won't say shit.
>Standing outside of the guest room for the Prince and Princess of the Crystal Empire.
>Ready as I'll ever be for this surprise test.
>Just remember don't squee.
>I'm better than that now.
>It's really Shining Armour!
"Can I-"
>He's frowning at me.
>Keep it together for best pone.
"Prince Shining Armour Sir! It's an honor to be here! Sir!"
>"Come in I will brief you on what this is about."
"Sir! My condolences for interrupting your time together!"
>The guards seem even more smug now.
>"It's part of the briefing."
>The room looks like a mess...
>What kind of animal can go toe to toe with the Princess of Love?
>"At ease. I've selected you out of all the captains for a verry~ special mission."
"Yes whatever it is ma'am."
>"It's one you can refuse if you don't want to go through it. It may be... distasteful in some circumstances, or you might salivate at the idea."
>What did I get myself into?
>He breathes calming down for what I think might be bad news.
>He softly smiles.
>"Call me Shining if you accept the mission well... other code names will be supplied. Oh! Don't forget you are supposed to be at ease."
"Ah- I alright."
>He slides a Manila folder across the glass cover table.
>That's a sick slide.
>It's pictures of me in the shower...
>In the bath...
>I meet his eyes.
>"Read the file."
>Lines devored, meanings uncovered.
"Holy fuck."
>"Only if you accept."
>With the best ponies...
"YES! Fuck my brains out already you faggets!"

>Be Princess Cadence
"How does she feel around you."
>"So tight! Like the record breaker she was, but I'll show her why I was the Captain of the Royal Guards."
>Miss Filly has a smile with her tongue sticking out.
>All as perfectly princessly planned.
"Isn't this so nice."
>"She's cumming again our little bed warmer."
>Captain Filly will fit in our lives so nicely.
>I'll pop the question after dinner.
"I'll suppose I'll join in now."
"Have a taste of this."

>Be Shining Armour
"Honey! This is the best idea you've had yet!"
"Yeah what I said."
>Alicorn, and Cutie Mark magic sure is something.
>"Keep rutting us harder!"
>Me, and myself feeling both of us wrapped by loving needy flesh.
>Mewling mares trying to hilt my sword.
>Protective spells vibrating and changing temperature, all the little tricks I've built up by being around wifey.
>To break the little pain in the flank.
>Now I'm the pain in her's.
>She's twitching her divine folds, and Green is doing her best to clamp tighter.
"Three thrusts!"
>Thrusting back to the forbidden entrance.
>Wife casts the spell on my cock sleeve.
>Completely pulling out, as a corkgun sounds are made.
>Plunging past the cervix hitting the wall.
>Pulling back out, reaiming for the lower holes.
"I'm cum-"
>We collapse exhausted as our whole day of intercourse closes.
>"So good."
>I've still got it.

>Be Anonfilly
"So you're saying I get to marry you both, and have mind blowing sex almost every day. All I have to do is..."
>"Service Caddy while I pound you using magic so nopony would be able to tell."
>"If you make me shudder during the speech I'll think of sone extra reward on the honeymoon."
"I have say yes, this is amazing!"
>"What's the magic words?"
"Yes daddy?"
>"Close enough."
>Already at full mast again.
259508 259515
Well that was certainly... an experience.
Pic related.
259440 259442
>Be Twilight.
>See the hooman named Anon is alone on Hearts and Hooves Day.
>Nopony should be alone on Hearts and Hooves Day!
>Decide to give him a present – "hearts" (butt so thicc that each flank looks like a heart from the side) and hooves – (taking the name hearts and hooves literally, of course!).
>The spell will transform him into a Filly, temporarily, then transform him back the next day.
>Nothing will stop the transformation back.
>…Well, almost nothing.
>As long as he doesn't take a dick up his ass, he should be fine.
>Anon wouldn't take a dick up his ass, right…??
Goddammit purple
>Be Twilight
>tfw your human friend was raped.
>tfw you didn't let him know at all so he screamed for help.
>tfw he was rectally ruffled.
>Mistakes have happened, but really who could have known a filly alone in a house far from town would be a problem?
I'll respond to this prompt, particularly the second one, and I'll do it for two different scenarios on this day!

>Me in Equestria
>Wake up next to her, stay in bed for another while and snuggle
>Eventually get up to start the day for real
>All the standard getting ready stuff, she can join me in it if she wants or do it at a different time if she wants
>Not sure what there is to do for fun in Equestria, but maybe see a show or something?
>Maybe take a walk around a park or the castle courtyard or something, appreciate the world around us
>Nothing else particularly special needed, she's enough
>At the end of the day, watch her raise the moon before returning to bed with a good book, both of us snuggled together until we both crash out
>Shenanigans included, of course

>Her in IRL land
>Beginning is more or less the same
>Once ready though, maybe grab some food somewhere before just playing vidya into the wee hours of the morning
>Smash, Halo, whatever has some form of local multiplayer
>Maybe even set up some conditions for PVP that naturally lead into lewd, if she's into it
>Still end up crashing out eventually

Sorry it's not too detailed, I only just saw this and it's already getting a bit late.
Thanks friendo, I think a lot of people needed that today.

Who the fuck actually browses this site with anyone else? I don't have a costanza strong enough for that statement. If you actually exist though, be proud; you're quite the anomaly in a site full of societal anomalies.
259568 259571 262235
Anyone know where I can find my own filly plush design? I would like to try my hand at a filly plush.
259464 259467


That's a beautiful green, and thank you for your kind words.
>A helping hand in every bite.
>A filly for every pallet.
The most ecofriendly of all mobile devices. Comes in several styles.
Not enough fillies
Alright, time to take you all off that cliff! Where we last left Anonymous and company:
>Anon got that letter to Chrysalis out
>Spike was left with more questions than answers again
>He then took the pieces he was given and put them together into something that might present an answer, but he needs to confirm it with Anon
Time to see how that goes!
259475 259490

>Be Anonymous
>Ah, to be free of responsibilities, even if only for an afternoon!
>Too bad you still don't have a computer or even an internet connection
>Otherwise, you'd be tearing it up in CSGay or something
>Why'd you even think of Counterstrike?
>You don't even play it, the most interaction you've had with it is meme videos!
>Eh, there's a first for everything
>Point is, you'd like something to be here to keep you more entertained, but it's still nice to let your brain shut down for a hot minute
>Well, it would be shut down if not for a sudden disturbance at your door
"Come in."
>"Hey, uh... I have a question."
>Wait, why's Spike here?
>You sit up off your bed and turn towards the dragon standing in the doorway before replying
"I have an answer."
>Spike turns around and closes the door behind him before moving over to your side, you positioning yourself to better face him
>You look at him expectantly when he remains silent, but he just beckons for you to lean in closer
>You're already this far up, let's just oblige him
>"Okay, before you answer it, I just want to say that this stays between us. You don't tell Twilight, I don't tell Twilight, neither of us tells her and everything's fine. Got it?"
>Huh, it feels kind of weird being on the receiving end of a condition like this
"Sure, ask away."
>"Say it. I cannot stress this enough."
>Wow, it must be serious
>What, did he somehow put together what you really are?
>Heh, nah!
"I promise not to tell Twilight, okay?"
>The dragon nods to himself before taking a deep breath and steeling himself
>What, does he want to ask you out or something?
>Nah fam, you ain't gay
>Or are you?
>Well, gay in body, straight in mind
>Whatever that means for you is still up in the air, but oh well
>"Are you a human?"
>oh shit lmao
>We might need to take a few steps back and recheck that question
"Come again?"
>"Are you a human? And not one of those humans that's on the other side of the magic mirror, I mean a human like from the comics."
>Oh fuck
>Defcon 1, it's happening
>Well, do you tell the truth?
>Do you brush it all off?
>Let's see what brought him to this conclusion and try to debunk it, maybe?
"What makes you think that?"
>"Well, it all started with how suddenly you showed up here without any forewarning, even though Twilight's really good at that. Then you went with her on that short-notice trip to Canterlot, and I guess got the attention of the changelings in the process. From there, you came back and got involved with them somehow, got foalnapped, and somehow managed to turn that from a hostage situation into a peace treaty. That's not even considering your socks, pants, and your working phone, either."
>Fuck, he's got a solid case against you
>Can you even poke any holes in it?
>Not to mention you kinda shot yourself in the hoof by telling him those vague details about the times you were off doing things with Twi and Chrissy, dang
>... Fuck, it may just be time to bite the bullet
"You know, for being able to put those pieces together despite Twilight's best efforts to stop you, I think you deserve the truth. I was going to try to prove you wrong, but that's some solid detective work you've done, and I won't lie in saying that I accidentally helped with it, too. I am, in fact, a human deep down. GG!"
>Spike immediately loses all focus for a moment as his mind puts it all together
>"So... I'm not crazy? You aren't just messing with me?"
"Nope, I'm not. I'm actually a 22-year-old human male underneath this pony disguise; the royal sisters, Twilight, and Chrysalis can attest to that."
>Spike spends another few dumbfounded moments staring at you before organizing another coherent statement
>"Dude, what's it like there?!"
"Remarkably similar to that comic series of yours, but I've been stuck here for the past month-ish and thus can't check for inconsistencies."
>"That's weird, next you're going to say that there's a comic where you come from that we're all part of!"
"Do you want me to actually say that?"
>Just as Spike was recovering from his stupor, he's put right back in it
>"You don't mean..."
"I do mean. A full TV show, a few movies, and a comic series all focused around Twilight and her friends solving everyday problems and saving the world."
>Spike goes silent again for a while before finally coming to a more reasonable state
>"I'm gonna need to go sit down. Is it okay if I can ask more questions later, or would you rather it ended here?"
"It depends, do you want to risk more chances at getting mindwiped?"
>The dragon puts a claw to his chin as he thinks for a moment
>"If I do get mindwiped again, will you fill me back in?"
"Nah, I'm not sure how happy Twilight would be about this to begin with let alone if it kept happening."
>"That's fair, I'll just be careful about when and where I ask you things. Sound good?"
"It's your choice, m8."
>"Alright. Then... I'll see you later?"
"See ya."
>With that, Spike returns to his basement and you return to your position on the bed
259476 259490

>Twilight's gonna fucking end you if-
>-WHEN she finds out
>Odds are she will, and it's only a matter of time
>Well, you'd better stick with Spike just in case she gets to him first and decides to blank him again
>You grab your phone and head out, your path clear and your goal in mind
>And soon enough, you make it down to the basement and find him there
>"What's up?"
"Nothing yet, I'm just here to shield you from Twilight when she finds out about what happened."
>Spike bolts upright and somehow goes pale through his scales
>"She knows?"
"Not yet, but I guarantee it won't be long before she figures out something's up and I'll at least try to help you keep your memories when that happens."
>"So she really did mind-wipe me that one time?"
"Unfortunately, yes. I was of the mindset that there were better ways of going about fixing that problem, but the damage had already been done by the time I found out."
>"Well, it's nice to know that you're on my side here."
"Yeah, I'm a big fan of letting people keep their memories."
>Taking the opportunity presented by this lull in the conversation, you sit over in one of the empty chairs nearby and start to mess around on your phone again
>"You know, I just remembered something."
>You glance over somewhat expectantly at the dragon, waiting for him to continue
>"The night after you first showed up here, Twilight had me help her look at that phone of yours so that we could get it working again. I'm not sure why she didn't feel the need to wipe that from my memories, but I'm not questioning it."
"That is a bit odd, huh."
>"So, what are you up to on there?"
"Scrolling through saved memes, nothing too interesting."
>"What's a meme?"
>What is a meme?
"Well, a meme is technically defined as any sort of thought or idea that transfers through the minds of individuals and evolves over time. Where I come from though, a meme is more often thought of as an idea that is transferred and changed as such with some form of comedic value behind it."
>"That... doesn't explain much."
"Think of it as an inside joke between you and literally everyone else on the planet. I know that metaphor sucks, but it's at least a bit right."
>"I think it might be better to show me an example over trying to explain it."
"Okay, let me just find a few that you might get."
>Hm, what should Babby's First Meme be?
>Well, he knows a decent bit about the geopolitical climate of Earth, maybe a few memeballs to get him going?
>Yeah, that seems like a decent idea
>You grab a few of the ones he's most likely to get and slap them into a separate image folder before handing the phone over to him
"Here, this should start you out."
>He grabs the phone and begins to read the first meme
>After a moment of reading though, he asks you a question
>"How do I go to the next one?"
"Swipe left."
>"Ah, okay."
>Spike then spends another minute scrolling through the memes you picked before handing the phone back to you
>"Not bad. Not my taste, but not bad. Got any more?"
"Yeah, but I'm not sure you'd enjoy them as much given how they extend more into human culture and get more into that 'inside joke' territory."
>"Oh. Never mind, then."
"Really? You don't even want to see them?"
>"Nah, I probably wouldn't get them and it would just come off as weird to me."
>You shrug in response and take your phone back, going back to where you left off in your memes

>Be Twilight
>It seems one of your psychic alerts has just gone off for something, and you've been spending the last few minutes trying to figure out what
>So far, you've narrowed down the possibilities of what it could be from the apparent amount of time it's been active
>It's been up for certainly a while, around a week or so
>Maybe if you narrowed it down to a certain day, that would help?
>You really wish you could implement more detail into these things other than 'something happened,' but that would require completely reworking the spell
>Oh well, that's an idea for later
>For now, however, figure out when the alert was set!
>Let's see, it was...
>Now let's see, what happened on Tuesday that you would've set an alert for?
>You look back to that day, but find that you can't remember much due to your sleep-deprived state that day
>Your sleep-deprived state may have just keyed you in
>It's an alarm set to notify you of a spell wearing off, that you set to alert you later if it does wear off
>And you just happen to remember a certain spell that you casted that day that works worse the less mental stability you have
>Spike just got some memories back, and it's something you tried to cover up
>He can either take it one of two ways, though
>Either treat it like an intrusive thought, or treat it like a forgotten memory
>Knowing him, he'd probably go with the latter
>And judging as how he'd probably also remember that you were the one who did it to him, he wouldn't go to you about it
>Looks like you'll have to go to him instead!
259477 259490

>Be Anonymous again
>Your meme browsing is interrupted by a violet flashbang going off in the room, with a purple pony appearing out of the middle of it
>Spike is also shaken out of his comic, turning to face the newcomer to the room with a fair amount of surprise
>"Hey Spike, do you mind if we talk for a minute?"
>"... About what?"
>"Just something that I'd like to check in with you about, it'll be over quickly. Now, just-"
"Twilight, no. You're not doing this again."
>The mare turns to face you, now seeing that you're in the room too
>"What would I be doing? I just want to talk to him, that's it."
"I don't know how you figured it out this quickly, but you're not mind-wiping him again."
>Twilight goes silent for a few seconds as she stares at you, eventually coming up with a reply
>"You wouldn't be saying that if he didn't know something to warrant it. What's going on?"
>You turn to Spike and cast him a glance as he returns one to you
"Well, she clearly knows already, so should we just tell her anyway?"
>"Now she does..."
>The dragon sighs before continuing
>"I guess there's no harm in it now, go ahead."
>You turn back to Twilight and raise yourself up as much as you can while putting on a stern expression before going into your statement
"Spike already knows that I'm a human. He put the pieces together himself from the events that have happened since I got here, all I did was answer his question when he finally brought it to me. If you're going to wipe his memory to make sure he doesn't figure it out again, you're going to have to wipe the events of the last month from his mind if you want it to stick and I know for a fact that you wouldn't go that far."
>"Anon, do you know how much of a matter of your security this is? If Spike could figure it out, that means that anything could if they had the time to figure it out! ANYTHING, including any of the evil entities that exist within this world!"
"And? That doesn't justify wiping Spike's mind, and one of those 'evil' entities already found out and things are still completely fine."
>"I'm not worried about wiping Spike's mind anymore, I'm concerned about the potential paper trail! Imagine how the Court of Nobility would handle it if they knew that an alien was living right under their noses, they'd probably have you taken to some cold laboratory in the middle of nowhere and experiment on you or something!"
"Twilight, that's not going to happen. Want to know how I know?"
"Because I've got three of the four princesses on my side, with the fourth likely to take it should she be informed on the situation. The same goes for any evil entities left, you've already given me the connections I need to get out of everything that could happen alright!"
>Twilight's shoulders slump and she sighs as she drops to the floor
>"I know, but what if something happens where even all that doesn't work? Where not even the combined might of all four princesses and the elements of harmony aren't enough to save you from that something?"
"Then you'll probably have bigger things to worry about. I know you made that promise to get me home, but your duties as a princess should come first. If you have to choose between me or the country or, God forbid, me or the entire world, you'd better choose the option that isn't me!"
>Twilight stands back up and nods before continuing
>"You're right, I shouldn't worry so much. You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget that you're not a foal while you're in this body, but that shouldn't be an excuse. Just promise me that you'll still keep it all on the down-low, though?"
"I will, don't worry. Just as long as nobody else puts the dots together, at least, and even then I'll make them promise to not tell anyone else."
>"I guess I can't stop you from doing that much; just try to stay out of trouble if you really have to tell them."
"I will. So, you alright now?"
>Twilight takes a deep breath and nods before turning to Spike
>"The same goes for you too, don't expose anything unless you have to. Got it?"
>"So you're not going to wipe my mind again?"
>"No, I realize now that that would only lead to more problems. And besides, you're not going to get any better at holding secrets if you don't have any to hold, are you?"
>"Good point."
>"Then I'm going to leave now, unless either of you has anything else you'd like to say."
>"Does this mean Anon can tell me about what's going on with he- him and the changelings?"
>Twilight looks expectantly towards you, prompting you to answer
"I don't see why he shouldn't know at this point, sure."
>"Alright, anything else?"
>You and Spike exchange another glance before giving a negative, so Twilight takes her leave
>"So, what is happening with you and the changelings?"
>You take another pretty long while to fill him in on everything that's happened since you were first taken to the hive all the way up to now, and you even include the fact that Emerald's a changeling
>When he hears that, you see him rapidly shift from surprise to a wince, likely from him remembering his performance around her while Chrysalis came to stay
>"Dang, remind me to apologize for that when we see her again."
"Sure, no problem. Anyway, that's about it. Anything else you want to know?"
>"Yeah, what's that 'Plan B' you mentioned for helping Chrysalis repopulate her hive?"
"I'd rather keep that to myself, given the sensitive nature of that plan."
>"Ok, I won't press it."
"Anything else besides that?"
>Spike thinks to himself for a few more moments, before finally shaking his head
"Cool, you mind if I head back to my room now that everything's been defused?"
>"Not at all."
"Okay then, I'll see you at dinner."
>Spike waves to you as you exit the basement, heading back up to your room to kill time again
>However, after an uneventful dinner and a few more hours of wasted time, you run out of time to waste
>Sleeping time!
>. . .
And that's it for now! Do all the usual stuff, and I hope you all enjoyed this block of text as always! In other news, I have a fever and my chest hurts a little bit, so if you stop hearing from me fairly soon, assume I died or something. Realistically, I'm fine and just have a cold, but there's always that small chance that I caught the Kung Flu and am mere days from death. I hope it isn't that, but just in case I'm telling you all now.
Guessing I'm not the only faggot who didn't leave his bed yesterday. Headcount of lonely fags?
259492 259503
>Another Hearts and Hooves, another long, long day of silent thought
>It all passed very quietly, you're thankful for that
>You didn't leave your bed
>You didn't get breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack
>It couldn't hurt you that much if you don't feel any hunger pangs, right?
>You have no intention of going out until the red devorations have been torn from every building in town
>It's sunrise the morning after when purple opens your door
>"Anon? Uhm, Applejack says she's heading to Apploosa for the night for a rodeo and auction. She says it's a cancer benefit and it would mean a lot if-"
>You curl up tighter in your covers, face covered and eyes shut
"I'm fine. You have fun."
>It came out more wounded than you wanted it to
>"I...alright Anon. Don't forget to eat."
>Your silence gets the point across succinctly enough
>The room goes dark
>Back to thinking about getting that knot tying badge...
The power of reason defeats hysteria once more. Excellent work.
Hope you feel better. Try not to die, or I'll have to meme you back to life or something.

That hits me right in the feels. I really really want a version where Anon actually heads out anyway.
Just me and my friends and waifus in my head. Otherwise spent it with family as that's where I live on a dat to day basis by staying in bed, eating leftovers, played a vidya game, ect.

It's just another day. Oh! Except sacrifices of virginity can get a boost in power. The difference between body, and the mind of if your virgin means pulling the sacrifice off multiple times. It's broken, but mostly only works efficiently if another of the participants is also a virgin, and takes theirs as well. I could just be using a shitty ritual to get the things I need done with it...
In a parallel universe where I said yes to grandpa maybe I would write that version. I don't plan on leaving this spot till my little whiskey bottle is empty.
Have this (You). Thank you for sharing frien. U R a cute.
Still don't know what you people like about my writes.
>Several hours pass before you finally get out of bed
>The taste of dehydrated saliva on your lips compels you to wash something down
>You notice a mug of tea on your nightstand, a dark ring formed at the top of the inside from days without a sip
>You have to maintain a very slow gait to keep from hurting your atrophied muscles as you navigate the crystal castle
>No Twilight, no Spike, nobody to stop you from cleaning the pantry out
>But you just want a bite of something sweet, not to truly sate your budding hunger
>You settle for a nearly empty carton of ice cream, sitting beside the counter with a spoon and gradually picking at it
>After what couldn't be more than 400 calories, you reach the bottom and toss the carton away
>You see a package on the counter with a set of pastel balloons emblazoned on its shipping tag
>Ponk's a kinky bitch, and you can guess what's in the box
>But instead you leave it there - the last thing you need is a rutting today
>You feel as though you're ready for another week of hibernation, so you head back to the bedroom
>Pulling out your last bottle of Apple family whiskey, you give a wordless cheers to an audience of none, and return to nursing the flask sized container
>If purple comes back today, you're not accepting visitors
259508 259510 259511 259515
>Be me
>Fillyfag friend has a birthday on Valentines day
>Draw something for him and post it here because it's somewhat appropriate
>Nobody fucking cares, not even the fag I drew it for
Time for a run

Don't fool yourself into thinking like that, Lone
If I followed along with every ten page green update and spoilered image maybe I would notice your draw Lone. Truth is I don't read almost any episodic greens or look at any spoilered images anymore.

If I even knew what that comic was supposed to be or mean, maybe I would comment on it. All I see is a mushroom covered in dicks, a watermelon, and a secret agent filly.
I mean, it's cute but I really have no idea what is it about
See, for once I'm not the one retard who doesn't get it
259517 259533
I swear I keep thinking I post something about then don't.
Post the whole comic please.
Once is me being forgetful.
Twice is me being a fag.
Thrice is me being an ultra faggit.
Four times is me being constantly interrupted.
Five times in a row thinking about posting something, but don't is enemy action.
Occult, the day I can understand you for more than one consecutive post, I'm admitting myself to a ward.

>In heat so, wet
>Snails has been stalking you for a while
>Decide its time to end this and scare him away
>Pick a knife from the kitchen for deamatic effect
>Kick the door open
>Want to scream something badass like 'Wanna die?' or 'fuck off'
>Stage 5 terminal autism kicks in
Post your inspiration, you coward.
I dont have it
plus that pic gives the same vibe
Fair enough.
It looks like I do have a problem communicating...
Fuck off
thanks fren

perfect match.png
They feel very genuine, you write from a place of vulnerability and you do it well.
Now that I've had some time to think it over I realize I really shouldn't have said anything, but thanks
It's kind of a shitpost, and my handwriting is god-awful so you'd be forgiven for not understanding it. It started out as some filly shooting another filly with a baret from the sky, and then the other filly yelling at her that angels of love are supposed to use bows instead of high-caliber rifles, but then I realized that I couldn't draw a baret that well and gave up.
>Truth is I don't read almost any episodic greens
Dear lord I just realized that I'm one of the last people on here doing one of those... it hurts that it's fallen to the wayside, but I see your point. Some of them can get a bit lengthy.
Don't worry about it man, and that is the whole comic.
Part of the charm of your work is the mystery that's inherent to it, but I do sometimes struggle to tell what's going on. Just remember that not everyone is a fifth-dimensional shadow wizard like you are, some of us mortals need a bit more explanation.
"I am the captain of the tard guard."
a bit.
Shit used to literally take up 90% of the vertical length of any given thread.
Don't worry too much, fever's cleared up a bit today and I'm not planning on dying for at least another few years. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself, but you never know. Next update coming whenever I get another burst of creativity!
>once there was an ugly filly
>everyponi hated her
>then she died
>the end
>Anon looks up from her seated position at Pinkie, her eyes watering and lip quivering
"T-that didn't help at all!"
Delet filly.png
>I'm not planning on dying for at least another few years
>he doesn't want to kill himself
>He doesn't want to work on improving himself until he's happy and has learned a nice trade to dab on the political science major liberals working at starbucks
delet this
A Knock at Midnight - Father Nathaniel.mp3

259546 259547 259548 259579
So, how do you guys punish your fillies? Last week she broke half of my plates, did this for a couple of days and she's been really snuggley ever since.
>Level 50 tard wrangler
Just imagine this tiny shit trying to stop waves of tards trying to get into equestria once they die.

>The sun is at its highest
>The smell of tears, sweat and vomit fills the air
>Another one showed up
>Shoving pony plushies and chocolate milk into the tards distracts them
>At least long enough for the T.A.P.E. commandos to restrain them
>The screams of tard rage could be muted by cookies, but not every new recruit has the fortitude to endure them
>We've lost a bunch of good ponies to Post Tard Stress Disorder
>The sound of hooves rumbles through the horizon
>Soon enough the royal tard army stands at the horizon, their glistering golden armor illuminated by the morning sun
>Just in time, some tards were already trying to brush private schnuf's mane
>Seems like you will live to see another day

And then all the tards got turned into breezies and lived happy(? ever after (till someone ate them)
>So, how do you guys punish your fillies?
Try it. I dare you.
>breaks plates
I'd get her a plastic dog bowl to eat out of.
>how do you guys punish your fillies?
Severely, but only if she's a bad filly.

259551 259552 259562 259564 259635
RPC 1337
Anonymous Filly
Object Class: Beta-Yellow (Utility)
Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC 1337, hereafter to be referred to as "fillies," are to be contained in a 5 meter by 4 meter space resembling a child's bedroom and containing four twin-sized beds, configured as two pairs of bunk beds with each top bed being accessible by a small staircase. Each bed may be shared by two fillies, so that each containment space may hold up to eight fillies. Containment of instances of RPC 1337 is authorized at Sites 002, 007, 008, and 031, to be distributed according to the operational needs of each site. Instances of RPC 1337 are no longer authorized for designation as CSD personnel. However, fillies are to be employed at their respective sites in whatever tasks they are capable of performing.

Instances of RPC-1337 may appear anywhere at any time, though usually they're discovered in English-speaking countries between the hours of 2300 and 0400. RPC 1337 is to be monitored for by the same routine protocol as other anomalies. When discovered, instances of RPC-1337 should be recovered by the nearest MST unit at its soonest convenience and delivered to the appropriate site via standard Authority transport personnel. Persons who have encountered instances of RPC-1337 prior to containment should be administered basic class A-1 amnestics.

Under no circumstances are instances of RPC 1337 permitted outside of Authority property or to be viewed by non-Authority personnel.

Description: Instances of RPC 1337 appear to be juvenile female horses, often known as fillies, with black manes and black question marks branded on their flanks. All instances possess the ability to speak in fluent English, the memories of an adult human male, and anomalously dextrous hooves. Instances of RPC 1337 claim to have formerly been adult human males with no knowledge of how they became fillies. Each filly is capable of describing her previous life as a human being in great detail. However, when questioned on their names, instances of RPC 1337 invariably reply with "Anonymous," or variations thereof such as "Anon" or "Nonny." Thus, identification of the fillies with actual missing persons has so far proved impossible, and it is unknown if they genuinely were formerly human, or if the memories they appear to have are themselves anomalous.

Researchers have thus far identified four different variations of RPC 1337.

RPC 1337-1: Green Filly: Of the Authority's present filly population of four hundred twenty-one, two hundred ninety-eight of them possess bright green coats of fur. Instances of RPC 1337-1, hereafter to be referred to as "green fillies," display varying levels of aggression, crudeness, and profanity. Authority personnel working with instances of RPC 1337-1 are authorized to carry spray bottles filled with water for the purpose of discouraging the fillies' tendency to inappropriate language.

RPC 1337-2: Orange Filly: The Authority currently contains one hundred three instances of RPC 1337-2, hereafter to be referred to as "orange fillies," easily distinguishable from green fillies by their orange coats. Instances of RPC 1337-2 possess the similar tendencies toward aggression and profanity displayed by instances of RPC 1337-1, though mostly directed against Authority personnel of Jewish or non-Caucasian heritage. All orange fillies so far contained have appeared to believe in various ideologies which may roughly be classified as White nationalism, and should, with the exception of during testing, be assigned to the supervision of Caucasian Authority personnel only.

RPC 1337-3: Red Filly: The Authority currently contains nineteen instances of RPC 1337-3, hereafter to be referred to as "red fillies" and identifiable by their bright red coats. Red fillies possess the same personalty traits as green and orange fillies, however, their aggression is greatly tempered by what can only be described as a crippling depression. All red fillies are to be kept on suicide watch, and should be made to see Authority psychiatric personnel on a regular basis, though it is important that the psychiatrists assigned to red fillies should not be of Jewish heritage. No more than two red fillies are to be contained in a single room together. Furthermore, it should be noted that red fillies are extremely hostile toward green fillies, and that their bunkmates should therefore be orange.

RPC 1337-4: Blue Filly: The Authority presently contains, and has only ever encountered, one instance of RPC 1337-4, hereafter to be referred to as a "blue filly." RPC 1337-4 is distinguishable from other fillies by her bright blue coat, and possesses similar personality traits to instances of RPC 1337-1. RPC 1337-4 reacts with extreme aggression to being called "blue," and Authority personnel should not refer to her as a blue filly in her presence. RPC 1337-4 insists that she is teal. This is not true, and RPC 1337-4's belief to the contrary should be regarded as an anomalous property. Authority personnel are reminded that teal is a shade of green, and that if RPC 1337-4 was truly teal, she would be regarded as an instance of RPC 1337-1.
259562 259635

>Interview Log 1337-001:
<Interviewer: Dr. Andrew O'Nimitz, chief researcher for RPC 1337
>Interviewed: RPC 1337-1-024
<Dr. O'Nimitz: Good morning, Nonny. Are you ready to talk?
>RPC 1337-1-024: Don't call me Nonny, faggot, I'm not fucking cute.
<Dr: Why, I didn't say you were.
>RPC: Yeah, well, I'm not. Just call me Anon.
<Dr: My apologies, Anon. 23 asked me to call her Nonny.
>RPC: That's because 23 is a fucking faggot.
<Dr: Yes, well. How about we start the interview by asking you how old you are?
>RPC: I'm a grown-ass man, damnit! I won't be talked you like-
<Dr: I know, I know, I know. Don't worry, Anon, I believe you. I just want your age for my records.
>RPC: I guess I became a wizard last week.
<Dr: What?
>RPC: Thirty. I'm thirty years old.
<Dr: I see. And where were you born?
>RPC: Middle of nowhere, Illinois.
<Dr: Ah, our first Illinois filly. I'm from the prairie state myself. I'm from Stockton, do you know it?
>RPC: Never heard of it. I'm from Galena.
<Dr: Oh, Galena's a good ways south, isn't it? You probably wouldn't know Stockton.
>RPC: Right.
<Dr: So, do you remember anything about your childhood?
>RPC: Alkie father, whore mother, raised by the internet, don't wanna talk about it.
Dr: Okay, that's fine. We won't. Just one more question, Anon, and we'll let you get back to settling in. Do you happen to remember ever having any name other than Anonymous?
>RPC: No. Why would I?
<Dr: Well, Anonymous isn't a very common name, you know.
>RPC: Isn't it? All my roommates are named Anonymous.
<Dr: True, but we suspect that whatever turned you into fillies may also have tampered with your memory to make you forget your name. If you happen to remember anything, it could help us identify who you were, and maybe even help us change you back.
>RPC: Well, I don't remember anything else.
<Dr: Not even a last name? Everyone's got a last name, Anon.
>RPC: Last name? Uh, maybe it was, uh, Shitposter?
<Dr: Shitposter? Your name is Anonymous Shitposter?
>RPC: I dunno, maybe it's German or something. Look, I gotta take a shit. You mind if I duck out of here?
End of interview.

>Interview Log 1337-036:
<Interviewer: Dr. Andrew O'Nimitz, chief researcher for RPC 1337
>Interviewed: RPC 1337-2-001
<Dr. O'Nimitz: Good evening, Anonymous. May I call you Anon?
>RPC 1337-2-001: You may, Doctor. And good evening to you, too.
<Dr: I must confess, Anon, you're somewhat more polite than I expected.
>RPC: Why shouldn't I be polite?
Dr: Well, most of the fillies we've found haven't been. Also, I heard you were somewhat rude to the MST personnel who brought you in.
>RPC: Who?
<Dr: You know. The soldiers who brought you here.
>RPC: Oh, those guys. No, I wouldn't say I was rude to them.
<Dr: Really?
>RPC: I mean, I guess you could say I was kind of rude to the nigger, but let's face it: you can't really be rude to niggers.
<Dr: Whoah. You just dropped the N-word on him?
>RPC: It's "nigger," Doctor. It's just a word; you shouldn't be afraid of it.
<Dr: Ah. Right.
>RPC: You seem uncomfortable, Doctor.
<Dr: I suppose I'm just surprised to see something so small be so full of hate.
>RPC: Oh, who said anything about hate? Think about it from my point of view. One night you wake up to find that, not only are your thumbs and dick gone, but you're also being whisked away with no explanation by some big buck nigger. You'd get a little rude too, wouldn't you?
<Dr: Well, I, uh, suppose I might. That's all I need, Anon. You're free to go pick out your bunk now.
End of interview.

>Interview Log 1337-049:
<Interviewer: Dr. Eliza Smerdy, psychiatrist for RPCs 1337-3-001 through 005
>Interviewed: RPC 1337-3-004
<Dr. Smerdy: Hi, Anon. How are you feeling?
>RPC 1337-3-004: Like shit.
<Dr: Oh no. What happened?
>RPC: Nothing. Nothing ever happens.
<Dr: Surely something happened. You've been helping Dr. [REDACTED] research that one anomaly, haven't you?
>RPC: Yeah, yeah, the big [REDACTED]. That's interesting, I guess.
<Dr: You guess?
>RPC: Don't get me wrong. It's interesting and all, but it just doesn't feel like I'm doing anything, you know?
<Dr: Why's that?
>RPC: "Nonny, go get my pencil. Nonny, go fix me some coffee. Nonny, my ass itches."
<Dr: Did he really ask you to scratch his, um, rear?
>RPC: No, no. But you see what I'm getting at, right?
Dr: He's not taking you seriously.
>RPC: Exactly! I'm not, like, a fucking expert or anything, but I did major in chemistry. I ought to be doing at least a few things related to the actual work, right?
<Dr: Well, Dr. [REDACTED] is known to take a while to get used to people. I'm sure you'll get your chance soon.
>RPC: As long as I'm two feet tall and don't have thumbs, I doubt it.
Interview truncated here. Further reading may be obtained by Authority personnel with medical clearance.
Is this like some kind of parody or just another spinoff of SCP?
259554 259555 259562 259635
>Interview Log 1337-072:
<Interviewer: Dr. Andrew O'Nimitz, chief researcher for RPC 1337
>Interviewed: RPC 1337-4
<Dr. O'Nimitz: Ah, you must be the Anon who came in just last night.
>RPC 1337-4: Uh-huh. Look, when am I getting out of here?
<Dr: Well, that depends.
>RPC: On what?
<Dr: On whether or not we can ever find a way to change you back.
>RPC: Any progress on that?
<Dr: Not much, I'm afraid.
>RPC: Great.
<Dr: If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you some questions. Perhaps your answers will help us to find a way to give you back your old life.
>RPC: Shoot.
<Dr: I'm interested in your coloration. Thus far, different colored fillies have had different personalities. Do you happen to have any idea why you're blue?
>RPC: Blue?
<Dr: Yes. You're the first blue filly we've found.
>RPC: I'm...
<Dr: You're...?
>RPC: I'm...
<Dr: You're what, Anon?
>RPC: I'm fucking teal!
At this point, RPC 1337-4 began to scream and thrash about violently. RPC 1337-4 was sedated, thus ending the interview.

It's a spinoff. When SCP went full-SJW, a ton of contributors jumped ship for RPC.
259561 259562 259567 259635
Testing Logs:
Prior to April 20, 20[REDACTED], instances of RPC 1337 were authorized for designation as CSD personnel. Below are three of the tests which were conducted using fillies as test subjects.

>Test Log 745-004:
Twelve instances of RPC 1337-1 were selected as CSD personnel for the purpose of testing RPC 745 http://www.rpc-wiki.net/rpc-745 . The fillies were transported to OL-Site-745 in the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina. RPC 745 was issued an Argentine military FAL with a single round of ammunition and permitted to interact with the fillies. Initially RPC 745 regarded the fillies as animals, but upon learning that they could talk had a brief conversation with them. Upon learning that RPC 745 considers itself an Argentine officer fighting in the Falkland wars, the fillies began to mock it, declaring that "Argentina is not White." RPC 745 appeared to grow upset and confused, and began asking the fillies if any of them were British. The fillies quickly outed RPC 1337-1-023 as a "britcuck," calling her "Nigel." RPC 1337-1-023 attempted to deny the claim, but upon hearing her English accent, RPC 745 fired its rifle into the head of RPC 1337-1-023, killing her instantly. RPC 745 refused to interact with the fillies any further and departed silently to its quarters.

>Test Log 319-026:
Forty instances of RPC 1337-3 were selected as CSD personnel for the purpose of testing RPC 319 http://www.rpc-wiki.net/rpc-319 . The fillies were transported to [REDACTED], Germany on December 14, 20[REDACTED]. The fillies were treated to a large banquet every evening until the 23rd, when RPC 319 manifested among them. The instances of RPC 1337-3 reacted to the appearance of RPC 319 similarly to human children, referring to it as "grandma," and holding conversations with it despite its apparent inability to speak. When the fillies sat down to dinner the next night, RPC 319 manifested among them again. The red fillies' normally gloomy demeanor vanished as they joyously ate the anomalous gingerbread RPC 319 produced for them, and they frequently declared that RPC 319 was "fucking based." At the stroke of midnight, RPC 319 consumed all instances of RPC 1337-3 present at the test, reducing the Authority's population of red fillies to its present number of nineteen.

>Test Log 204-7:
Procedure: All instances of RPC 1337 were designated as CSD personnel for the purpose of testing RPC 204 http://www.rpc-wiki.net/rpc-204 . A fake settlement called "Fillyville" was built along the boundary-waters region of the US-Canadian border and populated with fillies. One half of the settlement was situated on the US side of the border, and the other half on the Canadian side. A number of survival items and firearms were stored in a bunker on the US side of the settlement; while the town hall, with RPC 1337-4 as mayor, was located in the Canadian side.
Results: RPC 204 was released into Fillyville, with results the same as in human-populated settlements. The inhabitants heard emergency broadcast signals, hallucinated a nuclear explosion, fell unconscious, and awoke believing themselves to be in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The fillies on the US side of the town quickly raided the bunker and formed a loosely-knit gang called "Stalkers." The uniform of the Stalkers seemed to have been inspired by RPC 204 itself, consisting of gas masks and hazmat suits. The Stalkers attempted to take the firearms as well, but found that they could not operate them with their hooves. By the time the fillies on the Canadian side of town reached the bunker, there were no gas masks left, and the remaining fillies were barred from joining the Stalkers. The Stalkers proceeded to scream phrases in Russian and chased the remaining fillies into the town hall, where they remained holed up for the night. Over the course of the night, RPC 1337-4 succeeded in uniting the remaining fillies against the Stalkers under a rigid theocracy called "The Children of Uni-Teal." The Children proceeded to destroy all Authority monitoring devices in the town hall. Over the next three nights, eighteen Stalkers disappeared from the town proper. The Stalkers quickly decided that the Children were responsible and laid a full-scale siege against the town hall. The Children responded by charging into the town proper and engaging in a brawl with the Stalkers.
The End: On April 20, 20[REDACTED], Dr. Andrew O'Nimitz's motion to prohibit the designation of instances of RPC 1337 as CSD personnel was passed. Sedatives, along with Class A-3 amnestics, were aerially distributed over Fillyville, effectively ending the battle of town hall. Though many fillies were bruised and scraped, there were no fatalities or serious casualties in the battle. The eighteen missing fillies were found in the basement of the town hall, beaten and half-starved, but alive. These fillies were also issued Class A-3 amnestics, and were hospitalized until they could resume their normal tasks for the Authority.

After recovering the instances of RPC 1337 from Fillyville and restoring them to their normal sites, Dr. O'Nimitz sent out the following communique to all Authority sites:
"Instances of RPC 1337 are no longer available as CSDs. Stop abusing the damn fillies, you sick bastards."

It should be noted that test 204-7 was the only time when RPC 1337-4 was referred to as "teal" by anyone other than herself.
Guess I can appreciate that. I just walked away from what little I knew of SCP other than Containment.
I want to lock KYS filly in a cage and feed her Cheetoes through a funnel.
The end, and pastebin'd at https://pastebin.com/nSr8VPf3

thanks fam
Highly appreciated.
It needs further lecture.
That was bloody great
259571 259572
Just googled my little pony plush pattern and picked a few that looked okay.

Free pattern: https://www.deviantart.com/voodoo-tiki/art/My-Little-Pony-pattern-1-291118373
With an example build here: https://offbeathome.com/my-little-pony-plush-tutorial/

A youtube turtorial: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TApfktgEfmE&annotation_id=annotation_4020402105&feature=iv&src_vid=Napyi_O2X0k

10 page google document turtorial: https://www.patreon.com/posts/free-laying-26841837

A knitting pattern if you want to try that instead, though the instructions seemed hard to discipher for newbies: http://knitoneawesome.blogspot.com/2012/11/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic.html?spref=fb&m=1

Saw some people selling downloadable pdfs with patterns for 25$ while I was looking around. Seems pretty ridiculous to me to sell knowledge but apparently people buy it enough to warrant the price.
There are some resources at plushie.horse
All the free patterns seem to be mares. I need a filly pattern.
Bigger head, smaller body. Tada, it's a filly.
Is there a certain body to head ratio I need?
>Historically the process, the purpose of which was often to make an older horse behave like one that was younger, or to temporarily liven up a sick or weakened animal, was known as feaguing (from which the modern term figging derives), and involved a piece of ginger, onion, pepper, tobacco, or a live eel.

Also, the RCP entry was one of the best things I've ever read in a filly thread. We're especially lively today.
>Ywn dye your coat to look like Celestia.

>Twilight sees what appears to be a filly Celestia and starts to panic.
"Oh my goodness, princess, what happened!? Why are you a filly!"
>"Carry me Twilight!"
"Y-Yes princess!" Twilight says placing the Celestia like filly on her back. "Come on! We have to find Luna, maybe she can fix this, then again this seems like discord's doing. We have to hurry, we probably don't have much time to turn you back to yourself! Maybe Caden- oof!"
>Twilight's panicked galloping rams her right into something big.
>She stumbles back and catches 'Celestia' in her magic before she can fall.
>As 'Celestia' giggles Twilight looks to what she hit and finds a very much adult Celestia.
>"What's the rush dear student?" She ask before seeing a small filly. "And who's your cute little friend~"
>Celestia ask letting her motherly instincts take hold as she lifts the filly with her own magic.
>"Nonny!" The filly says excitedly expanding all her appendages shocking Celestia.
"Princess, I thought she was you, but she's not apparently, but if she's not you she's somepony else meaning she's a-"
>"Alicorn. Quite the cute one too, aren't you~!"
>The filly giggles as Celestia's feather tickles her belly.
>As she continues to play with the filly she ask Twilight a question.
>"Tell me my student, what are young unicorn fillies prone to doing when panicking?" She ask calmly and still watching the filly.
>Twilight thinks.
"Well, alot of things, fillies could empty themselves, run away, flail, buck around, an-"
>"Yes, any filly does those. But a unicorn filly?"
"Oh, well they start randomly firing off sp-"
>Twilight's eyes shrink to pin pricks.
"Oh no, we need to evac-"
>"At-at-at." Celestia says still calm and motherly. "Do not panic her, she may have found your previous panic enjoyable, but a full evacuation would make anypony uncomfortable. Just stay calm and lets see if we can figure out just who Nonny here is."
>Be alicorn filly.
>tfw you are considered a temperamental time bomb, without the snackbar
>Seems like the only logical choice is for them to take care of your every need all the time.

>That means there should be a specialized task force dedicated to fixing foals that treats temper tantrums as a matter of public safety.
Good to see you aren't dead. I was considering writing something like this for a while, but abandoned it as I didn't have the free time. Thank you for bringing this into the world.
259643 259688 259754

It is, and it's still more beautiful with the subversion removed.
Thanks Japan
259657 259675

>Filly has been watching those chinese cartoons again
I know that cute snout.

I knew it.
That snout is too powerful for anon to resist.
It'a not DIO! But it is pretty close to perfection.
Filly Surpasses even Kars
Imagine being this much of a degenerate slut
still a qt lil' grumpfilly
259686 259699
Go back to your diaperfag thread on /trash/.
>go back to your diaperfag thread
aren't we already here?
Is this new? Looks great even epic.
It's new, yeah. Straight out of Shino's meth lab.
259691 259692
Sorry that I asked should I looked it up myself. Thanks anyway. Although, I don't use discord. Does anybody know if there is anongoing green with these four fillies or why are they paired up together like this? It is not the first tiem I have seen them together.
No, Shino is just trying to push his oc along with a few other oc fillies that are fairly well-established in /mlp/ culture. Silly Sven, no matter how hard you work on a greentext nobody will every draw anything from it anymore...
>these four fillies
Three fillies, a zigger and a rat.
>Silly Sven, no matter how hard you work on a greentext nobody will every draw anything from it anymore…
Well, I would understand that when it comes to my characters since well I haven't written anything that is... good.
But are you saying that is the case for all peoples greentext?

Regardless, that wasn't the reason I asked. I thought that I might try to write something about these characters since they had such a nice pic together. Or is that sycophantic thing to do?

Idk, just looking for inspiration for what to write about. Have six hours here dedicated to writing infront of me but no subject matter.
>Or is that sycophantic thing to do?
Actually, what the fuck am I smoking? Obiviously not
259726 259758
I thought the mythos was that her mom was adrunkard and her dad absent. What is up with the rat? Is it a refrence to something else?
Scratch that I guess, urgh...
>he thinks only diaperfags say lil
I mean in this case I'm one but I know plenty of people saying it out of that context, including family who usually follow it with "faggot" or "squirt"
Another acceptable place to put the prefix lil': before the word nigger.
>tfw dudes complain about last night's taco belle
>tfw when you have a date with Sweetie Belle
>tfw you discover she's into hardcore pegging and she smirks at you while fixating her Deluxe Anusator Extreme XXL
>tfw "guess why they call me taco belle"
If i had to guess, its either a reference to OC:Trash (artist used to be ina relationship with owner of that oc) or just some weeb shit to make incestbait cute.
>Bring your foal to work day with Aryanne
>"Anon, ve do not call zem potato-mashers because ve use zem to mash potatoes."
"Snips and Snails were asking for it though...."

”So how do we solve for x here?” a purple mare pointed at a quadratic equation on the blackboard with her pointer that she held in her mouth. ”Does anypony know?” Her gaze flew over the many heads in the classroom.

Many of the fillies and colts seemed to be looking at a different direction or looked away when she looked at them. Not a single hoof was in the air, well, except one, the green one. But the purple mare did not acknowledge it and let it just hang in the air.

”C'mon, guys. Just try. There is nothing embarrasing about give a wrong answer. In fact, I would say that it is more importnat to do mistakes because then you are no longer afraid of making them because you have already made them.” Gave them a bright smile as she search for anyone who was couragous enough to meet her gaze. She found a blue unicorn colt with a black who was looking at her through his long fringe.

”Starfeller, how would you go about it?” she asked as she nodded at him.

Pulling back in his seat, Starfeller looked around as if he wondered if she really picked him, before he cleared his throat.

”Well, I would...” He made circular motion with his hoof as his gaze had gotten stuck on chart about the unique creatures in the Everfree Forest. ”Use the pq-formula, I guess?”

The purple mare nodded so that her pink and white striped plump bangs whpped up and down.

”That is exactly right,” she said making straighten himself in his chair. ”And do you know why that folmula works?” I literally don't remember what they do in middleschool. This might be a tad to advanced still. Yeah, now I rememeber. No, this is highschool stuff. She bit hold of a white chalk and began to write, ”pq-formula,” on the board.

When she didn't hear anything, she turrn around. Starfeller had shrunken down in his seat and avoiding her gaze.

”Does anypony else know?” she asked the class. She looked around ad found yet again the green hoof in the air. She looked over to its owner who was leaning on the backrest so that the chair balanced on its backlegs and with huge smug grin onher face. The purple mare sighed.

”Anon, do you know why?” she asked.

The chair fell back in place with a thud and anon held up her cheek with a hoof whcih elbow was placed against the desk.

”Can jetfuel melt steelbeams?” Anon said.

The mre shook her head while her mouth sputtered, ”W-wh-wha... What? Tsk. Just answer the question.”

”Yes, I can explain it,” Anon siad and push herself up from the desk into sitting straight in her chair. ”The pq-formula gets its name from the fact that if you take two arbitrary numbers p and q and replace them for the coefficent and the constant in that quadratic expression over there.” She pointed on the equation on the blackboard. ”And manipulate from there you get the pq-formula. It is all about that associative law or something like that, don't remember what it was called, combined with another law and then blam! Buckwheats.”

”Ehmm... Yes, Anon that is right. It is derived from there using these symbols instead of-”

”Like-like there is like two sqaures and two equal area oblong rectangulars that adds up to the sum and you through that sum figure out the sid which is x.” Anon was making weird motions in the air with both her hooves.

”Uhm... Yes, Anon that there are indeed squares involved in this. Ehm... Thank, you anon. So now how can tell me, just based on the original expression, I don't wnat you to calculate anything, how many roots we are likely to get?” she said as she turned to the class.

”We won't have any real roots but-”

”Anon! Have I called for you to answer?” asked the purple mare.

”Ah... No,” Anon said as she canned her neck forward.

”Good. Now who can tell me how we figure this out based on this equation alone~”

”But there is no point in you teaching these brainlets,” mumbled anon into her hoof with a sour look on her face.

She was nudged by something soft and scrunchy. She turned around and cam face to face with a yellow pegasi filly who had that weird ”pony smiling face” on where her lower eyelids covered her eyes.

”You're so talented, Anon,” she siad with a cherry voice.

Anon huffed and pouted. ”Whatever you say, Brock.”

”Huh?” She opened her red eyes.

”Eh, forget about it. Anyway, I been meaning to ask you: Could we bring your Turbo Uno Six-thousend to my place for tonight? Since we are four, it would mean we could play Sub Surface, as intended, and Code: Featherfly, but this time with more players so it isn't just you versus me,” Anon said.

”Mmm....” The yellow filly sucked on her underlip.

”We don't have to if you don't want to. I was just asking, fam.” Anon gave her a smile.

”Well... I suppose... it could work. But we have to be careful. I don't want to break anything.”

So I will finsih this tomorrow is the plan.
259757 259759
I don't even remember what "pq formula" means if I was taught that in the first place. In middle school I was in a GATE program being taught algebra in grade 6.
Well, it probably not the offical name of the formula. The point of the scene is anyway not the math stuff but to show that filly is a galaxybrain kind of thing.
>Gate program
Well, that is great for you. Do feel that you got what you wanted from it or would you had prefered a normal schooling?
The mythos is her dad is a CEO and her mom is a bitter drunkard who lives in a junkyard. I think she took the rat from the junkyard or something.
Thanks, then I will keep that in mind when I write about.
Btw, do you feel, as a genius, that your way was paved out for you in the begining. That everyone expected you to become a scientist so you never stopped to consider what you wanted to do with your life? Or has that type of intellectual prusuit always been something you desired yourself?
259773 259781
It did absolutely nothing for me. It just made me do algebra like a year or two early around people who were older than me. I already felt isolated by my social standing and it did no favors for me. In the end I barely even graduated high school on time so it wasn't even worth that.

I didn't choose GATE. I also didn't want to be a scientist, except perhaps computer science. I don't think I was all that bright, my parents just taught me to read and do basic math before school instead of letting (((common core))) dictate when I learned things. That being said, I still don't know what the fuck I want with my life. So...thanks GATE.
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a scientist pretty badly and it always fucked with me that I wasn't with the gifted kids. It's not like there was really that great of a reason for it either, they were only keeping me out because I still had testing accommodations, which were only in place because I had significant delays in processing spoken words, I was completely competent if you gave me a sheet of paper to read.... Teacher in charge of the elementary school program was a jackass anyways, when I finally got in during middle school it was in the hands of far more competent people as far as I could tell. Still, most of my memories just involve fucking around for thirty minutes a day with lateral thinking puzzles, so I'm not really sure how much they helped me either.
259780 259844
If Anon got turned into a filly, would he still act all macho and try to help the M6 save Equestria whenever it's in danger? Or cower in fear because he knows he doesn't have the strength he used to have anymore?
259841 259844
>Be Season 10
>A new villain threatens Equestria
>Mane 6 only talking about it in hushed whispers
>Eventually, Anon gets a visitor in the night.
>It's the 'villain'.
There's a more interesting moral conundrum for you.
This is why homeschooling really is the best.
Most of the kids I know who were homeschooled were either super awkward or had awful behavioral issues because they didn't have as much time to develop their social skills. I don't doubt it can be done well and that it can be better than public schooling if it is, but you have to have parents or tutors that really give a shit about not only teaching the material but preparing you for life after school. Most students I knew who were went to a normal middle and high school anyways.
259784 259785 259786
File (hide): B18A53AE3E00285F192D9E7068D62864-1060084.m4v (1.0 MB, Resolution:960x720 Length:00:00:04, bro.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>implying public school teaches you anything past how to procrastinate and how to avoid bullies
>implying schools prepare you in any capacity for life after school
I know public school helped me learn how to talk to people, and when you get up into high school you miss out on a lot of opportunities to have glimpses of a lot of different career paths (if you took as many CTE classes as I did at least). I'll agree with you as someone who was bullied mercilessly throughout most of elementary school that there is a pretty good reason for possibly keeping your kids at home until 6th grade (so long as you make sure they have plenty of opportunities to see other children), but after that you are depriving them of some important educational opportunities.
>implying public school even teaches you how to avoid bullies beyond presenting you with them daily
>Implying public schools can't be summed up neatly and simply as glorified daycare
259788 259790

>"Because you touched yourself at night."
>this won't stop me
Beware of what you wish anon.
259796 259809
New filly content, straight out of Seb's asshole.
259798 259800
>implying this utter garbage counts as filly content
259799 259802 259806 259807
It's tagged filly, good luck finding her amid all of the derpibooru skidmarks.
>counts as filly content
It counts.
Granted it's heresy of the filthiest kind, but anonfilly nevertheless.
259801 259804 259806
You imply it's as hard as Where's Waldo with everyone wearing striped shirts, but I found her within thirty seconds. In between a vain blue pegasus and an insipid orange batpony.
No man threatens a messenger!
259803 259804
She's wearing D-(crescent moon)-D sunglasses

Also I found an ahegao face and Sebpony in a prominent place, but no sign of Shino's OC's. That is absolute cancer.
Yeah, I see the fucking upboat and downboat ponies as well. I don't know if I hate reddit or derpibooru more at this point, but it's a close match.
Yeah, I didn't time myself but it was definitely less than a minute
For those that can't be assed. If you want to play Where's Filldo, then don't click the spoiler.
Besides the orange colt unicorn.
15215 259810
Thats traced.
Great job at...Not even trying i guess.
A disgrace.
259814 259815 259816 259827 259831
I'm sorry for promising drawings, I really don't see myself being able to deliver. I haven't been able to sit down and really enjoy it in months, maybe someday I'll get to them. I don't feel like I've ever produced anything worthwhile art-wise though, so don't get your hopes up.
I fucking hate myself, so hopefully you can take comfort in knowing that you're not alone in hating me.
>Florida critter.
259816 259819
>I fucking hate myself, so hopefully you can take comfort in knowing that you're not alone in hating me.
No one hates you and you have become self-absorbed in your self-hatred, deriving a perverse form of pride in it. Fasting and meditation will work towards curing yourself of it.
Fasting is cringe and bluepilled. But, I do agree that deriving masochistic pride from being notorious is sinful. Gotta find purpose in something other than getting negative attention.

I don't hate or even dislike you Lone. You're just another filler in this thread, not great, not awful. I still need to get around to reading your main green.
259820 259821 259843
We have them in [Redacted] too. Fucker has been my friend for the winter, eating all of the millipedes that stink up this room.
Fasting destroys gains, but I see your point with meditation. I've just been running regularly in a shot at catharsis.
Don't get me wrong, I find pleasure in acts other than being hated, but I find it harder and harder to motivate myself to do them. I haven't read anything that wasn't for an assignment in weeks, haven't drawn anything but low-effort shitposts in months, and all of the good writing ideas I have go forgotten as I have no time to write them down or ruminate on them enough to internalize them. I really want to be liked, I just don't think I often am for a multitude of reasons and I don't think I really deserve to be....
Tell me what you think when you do please, especially what you thought needed improvement.
259823 259843
>Don't get me wrong, I find pleasure in acts other than being hated, but I find it harder and harder to motivate myself to do them. I haven't read anything that wasn't for an assignment in weeks, haven't drawn anything but low-effort shitposts in months, and all of the good writing ideas I have go forgotten as I have no time to write them down or ruminate on them enough to internalize them. I really want to be liked, I just don't think I often am for a multitude of reasons and I don't think I really deserve to be
Shit man, I relate personally to pretty much all that except drawing. I had a spark what felt like a month ago for filly writes, and it just fell to the wayside and I completely forgot what the idea was that started it. I've not held down a job for more than a week yet, and no hobbies or pastimes have stuck since I left home. And as for not feeling liked...I don't really have any advice. I just left a ponytown group and emptied my friends lists out of a similar self-consciousness combined with irl shit.

I think I have an idea for a prompt though, partly inspired by the Squee filly someone made and the Fluttershy green of yellow quiet needing her bactine. Maybe while I'm out on the road in the morning I can start writing it on my phone, and in a few days we can post the results?
>all of the good writing ideas I have go forgotten as I have no time to write them down or ruminate on them enough to internalize them
Writers carry notebooks and a pen around to jot down inspiration, I suggest you do the same. It might be difficult if something occurs to you in the middle of a class, but I can only recommend writing fast (which does take practice).
>I really want to be liked, I just don't think I often am for a multitude of reasons and I don't think I really deserve to be….
Well, there's the problem. No one "deserves" to be liked and wanting to be liked, though apparently innocent enough, is a discontentment that is the root of your ills. It's indeed humiliating to do so, but rejecting this desire will not just make you a happier person but a better one overall. That is the purpose of the "Litany of Humility." You're always welcome to come onto >>>/üb/ if you need advice.
259824 259830 259831
I keep a notebook on me, it's just difficult to get at it while my hands are occupied. I write very fast, it's the legibility that's the issue, hah. I've tried to rid myself of a multitude of things, that's one that won't take unfortunately.
I'd love to read it, I enjoy reading slightly more than writing.
I find it funny that were it not for the most horrible event to ever happen to me, I never would've met any of you wonderful faggots. I hate that my stupid fucking ocd brain always faces me with what I would choose if I could go back and somehow change it all. In any case, thank you.
259826 259830
Very relatable again. But if you spend too long in the past, you'll end up hitting a signpost. Yknow?
Anyway, the prompt I had is based on what I got in my youtube recommended feed:
Specifically, the way that Nny's interactions with the world are analogous to the facets of having a fanbase. In JTHM there's characters like the copycat killer, holding up a sort of warped mirror to Nny's character and the artist behind it, perverting the original media's meaning down to simple memes and consoomerism.

So, what if the characters we know and tolerate ended up somehow being exposed to their fandom through the anonfillies' reactions to being innaquestria? Or, to crank up the cliche, it could be a direct situation of Anon coming back home as the filly with the gang, only to each experience a crisis of identity related to anonymous culture, fandom identity, flanderization, etc? It could be a directly lifted sort of thing with the blood-wall and homicidal antics, or something else with a similar mood/message.

I dunno it's 1:30 and I have to drive in like six hours, I'm being a rambly faggot again
Here are some examples, to sorta clarify this one:
>Aryanne or Luftkrieg confronted by larpy skinheads who claim to act on behalf of the race, disgusting her and raising uncomfortable questions about the acceptable limits of identity, love of race and heritage without alienating, et cetera
>Little League meets an Anon, or uses the internet to meet an Anon, only to realize that latching onto the fandom of someone anonymous means she misses out on developing a personality or shuts herself off from potential social connections she would otherwise enjoy
>An anonfilly returns to her home but, being stuck as a pony, is forever identifiable by her nonhuman status, forcing her to take on a sort of spotlight among people, learning to live with being so recognizable and unable to simply masquerade herself as an anon in daily life
>Twilight finds out what us deviants write about her motherly traits, and becomes obsessed with being the perfect momfu, to disastrous results
>Fluttershy gets teased relentlessly by a filly/anon/person for being so secluded that she has the appearance of a closet serial killer, and either has her innocence lost in learning what the teases mean, or is generally disturbed by nightmares borne of this new self-image

I'll shut up now
259828 259835
I like your shit drawings anon, they do look like pubes but your ideas are nice, that's what makes it interesting.
Plus most of us are shit at drawing anyways, improvement comes with time and dedication.
Cannot be unseen
No problem, on the bright side the "most horrible thing" means it will get better.

Maybe each pony develops a following and the sort of preventable Youtube drama that we see so often happens?
Lone you massive cutie just about everyone here thinks you should just get well soon as self hatred isn't healthy for you.

I'm sorry for your loss.
Tell your mutinous brain that one way or another you'll have your cake and eat it too, because /MLPOL/ is inevitable for all Anons, Fillers, and horse fuckers. Even across time, and space. Take care I understand circumstances that lead to moments that are seemingly impossible to achieve that hurt so much, but in the end is the path that has something worthwhile.
Tell your brain you want them both, but you have to deal with the cards you've been now given.

Imagine that I said an actually good peptalk, or something with blackjack and horeses...
Fillaree, the official soap company of /filly/, is starting a kickstarter!!1
(Of course I don't expect any of you to actually pledge to it, I just found it funny. Please no shill ban.)
No Twilight,
I don't wanna be soap
259836 259839
All fine ideas, I hope you can follow through with this because I'd love to read something like it.
Kek they kind of do, don't they? Fuck.
>Rarity immediately camwhores herself out to horny fatasses
>Twilight tries to keep the peace through the news, but the lack of residual magic on earth is making her weaker and weaker and after all of the images she's seen drawn of her she's started to sleep with a revolver.
>AJ goes completely off the grid, doesn't tell anyone her destination except maybe Twilight.
>Fluttershy acquires a paparazzi-esque following, becomes more and more isolated and slightly unhinged as time goes on.
>Ponka goes to every crazy fucking rave she can, gets drugged and date-raped multiple times.
>Dash is shot down by a duck hunter when she's getting sick flight clips for her epic montage, survives but the ensuing legal battle draws a lot of media attention.
Could work.
Thank you Anon. I appreciate it.
>Despite her best efforts, filly still has a partially developing brain and goes through an emo phase. She starts posting pictures of herself on image boards with really edgy captions, Anons still love it because of the occasional panty-shots.
>Eventually Twilight finds out and tries to put an end to it, but after she receives death threats she gives in and just lets filly carry on.
>despite her best efforts, filly still has a partially developing brain
259845 259848 259851
>Twilight tries to keep the peace through the news, but the lack of residual magic on earth is making her weaker and weaker and after all of the images she's seen drawn of her she's started to sleep with a revolver.
I'd like to think she becomes an occultist and a theologian.
Possibly becoming more unhinged over time.
Also trying to keep to the "AHHH!" Edgy theme.

>"Anon guess who I talked to today?"
>You pinch the bridge of your nose.
"Pur-Twilight you were under the covers for the entire day."
>"I know! I talked to God, and it said-"
"Whoa whoa what?"
>"-to stop practicing magic, can you believe the nerve-"
"You are going to have to explain."
>"So I did the communication ritual of clasping hooves and closing eyes and stuff right."
>"Then I talked."
>"I needed a second opinion so I started asking around for different perspectives. So this God had a right hand man..."
"Wait, is that why the room smelled like brimstone for minute."
>"Anyway, after some talking about fires and ice and ice on fire and fire on ice, then some helpful ponies on the internets said to contact myself!"
>"Can you believe the discussions we were able to have."
"Pu-Twilight? Are you okay?"
>Her grin stretches further.
>"I almost figured out the magic problem, but I'll need to do some tests. In partiality related business how far away is a ranch? Oh! And I need a couple buckets worth of blood."

>Day five hundred twenty one
"Twilight you have to stop this isn't working."
>"I'm sorry, but Twilight is a bit busy right now this is tulpa Secretary Notes please leave a message, and I'll deliver it."
"Another one?"
>"Look, bub, Anonymous the last seven tulpas' died due to unforeseen work complications that were totaly out of our control."
"Seven? But weren't there over... You haven't bathed in anything, but blood, and mercury for the last year and a half!"
>"What's your point?"
"This isn't healthy! For the love of all ponies you scream at night."
>"It's just the demons she's been testing on."
"Every. Night."
>"Oh! Right we have an appointment with the ghost hunters, then with several religious leaders at ten. Make sure nopony rapes this body would you Anonymous I have to go get Twilight."
>So you wait looking at the dead eyes of your friend, her shaky breathing, and semi erratic heart beat are the only signs of life.
>You could probably get a quickie and nobody would know.
>You drew a mustache on her last time, and she was shocked that it appeared.
>The less talked about the con incident the better...
>You could end her suffering, and call it a work accident...
>How could this have gotten so fucked up.
259842 259844 259851
>You've been a little filly for far too long
>Every time you try to help twi, she just laughs it off and tells you
"MaYbE WHeN yOu gRow uP"
>Theres only one way to show 'em just how resourceful you can be
>You have to stop the next big villian before they even have the chance
>Eventually, a new villain does show up
>As always you aren't allowed to help
>This is how you ended up leaning against the door on the throne room, trying to make out words.
>Cant let her ... methods ...extreme
>White...zebras and....that happen....Now?
>This is getting nowhere
>You sigh and lay on the floor, arms wide to the sides
>How the hell are you supposed to help if you can't even make out what they are saying!
>Fine, you'll find out yourself!

>You asked around town for any malicious folk, all you got was some weird looks, some candy and an apple
>It wasn't so bad but seems like twilight got ear of your shenanigans, cause now you're off to your room early, basically grounded.
>The nerve on that horse, youre probably older than her
>on the other hand, could be worse, you got the bed all for yourself and
>You jump out of bed, heart making some sick beats
>Something just crash-landed into your room
>And this time it's not rainbow-color and holding a mug of cider
>This pony is white, and wearing a trench coat
>Ow the edge
>She gets up seemingly unharmed by the broken crystal and looks up at you
>"You are anon-i-mouse, ja?"
>Brian is busy at the moment
>Can someone else take on mouth?
>Oh no
"You talking to me vanillaface?"
>"No, vith the hore that birthed you" "Thankfully, till later"
"What do you want, for fucks sake"
>"In vhich room can i find anoneh-mouss?" "It's 'anonymous' you dumb horse, and you're looking at him"
"Oh? What do you mean "Oh"? "
>"You look like normal filly?"
"No shit!? I thought i looked like a toilet 'Cause im tired of your crap already"
>Aryanne laughs
>"Now, now"
>She pulls out something from under her trench coat
>You're no /k/ommando, but you recognize a pistol when you see one
>Your pupils retract as you instinctively take a step back
>Where the fuck did she even get a pistol from
>"Vhen i heerd of a horrible m...Affe, pony hybrid, i had to take matter on me own hooves, ja?"
>Damn, you're stuttering, this just wont do
>You take a breath and puff out your chest c
>Time to channel your inner negro
>You stand on two hooves, doing your best sassy black woman that needs nuffin' impression
"Yoo pullin' dat glock on ah, ya' biatch ass nigga? ya' betta git yo sorry ass outta mah face 'fore ah bash ya' fuckin' hed in, ya feel?" >On a second thought maybe that wasnt such a good idea
>Aryanne inspects her pistol carefully
>"Ms. Anon, i'm not here to mordet you"
>Not anymore
>"I'm here to judge meinself"
"Judge? What do you mean judge?"
>"Let me tell you about the Gryphons..."

>Around 4 cakes later
>"And zat's why chicken cross zee road"
>Aryanne nods proudly
>"No matter, think about it, little one, i'll come back tomorrow, we remove alpist, ja?"
>She chuckles and climbs back the hole she made when literally crashing in
>You sit on the bed, silence as your companion
>That talk gave you too much to think about

>Next day
"Twilight, can we talk?"
>"Anon, im really busy, can you wait a few-"
>She sees your serious expression and gives you an awkard smile
>"I-I suppose i can spare a few minutes"
>One short walk to the kitchen later
"Twilight, are zig- Are zebras bad?"
>Twilight gives you a confused look
>"Of course not, anon. We've already addressed this back when zecora came into town, zebras look and act different because they come from a different culture. Like any other citizen of equestria, they deserve respect and a fair chance to live within our kind."
"What if they start mixing with the ponies and spreading their culture all over ours, what if they eventually replace us!?"
>You sound a bit more urgent than inteended
>Thankfuly Twilight chuckles at your panic
>"You've been reading equestrian history for once?"
>She gives you a doubtful look and continues
>"Anon, Zecora is only one, im certain we dont have to worry about her replacing us any time soon but if that were ever to be attempted, im sure we could come up with a solution"
>You dont really like that vague answer, but she does has a point.
"What about gryphons?"
>Twilight stares into nothingness for a few seconds, as if she remembered about leaving the stove on back home
>"Everyone deserves a fair chance." she says flatly.
>By the looks of it, she's thinking way more than just that, but doesn't says anything.
>You decide to not push it.

>Around 6 weeding cakes later
>It's sunset, and you're leaning against the balcony in your room.
>You have been thinking a lot about the whole issue
>Every pony is way too naive, they trust others way too much and as that white mare pointed out, this has led to some major catastrophes in Equestrian history.
>The tigerkin massacre, the mothpony invasion, the elephant's foot, rosemary's triangle...
>It just keeps happening because no one is there to do what must be done before it's too late
>But how can you ever agree to join this mare, by doing that you would betray everypony's trust
>You would betray Twilight, even if she was a shit-tier mom and forced you to put the toilet seat up like you put up with her crap
>She was still the closest thing you had for a mother

259844 259851
>You hear a weird sound coming from under the balcony
>You lean-in and see...
>Aryanne, wearing suction cups, climbing her way up
>She reaches the balcony and gives you a warm smile
>"Anon, lieben! Have you thought about it, ja?"
"Just shoot me"
>Your bluntness wipes the smile off her face
>You shut your eyes tight, holding back whatever emotion wanting to overcome you.
"Shoot me, i've got no choice, i cant betray Twilight, i cant betray her friends and everyone else i know, i get it, i'm either an ally or a foe, so get this over with quick, i-i dont want to-."
>Aryanne shushs you with her hoof, her face cold and serious
>"Fräulein, we make sacrifices for our future -"
>You push away her hoof, tears on your eyes, you hide them burying your face on your hooves.
"No, no. I-i dont wanna leave them, i dont want to be your enemy i-i just wanna do the right thing"
>Filly sobs echo through the room
>You feel something press against your head
>Your whole body trembles as you shut your eyes tight, waiting for the blast
>Just a sharp pain and then it will be all over
>The smell of vanilla fills your nostrils, as you feel the thing moving downwards, accompanying your mane
>Wait what
>You raise your head and dry the tears away with your hoof
>Aryanne is petting you wearing a concerned expression
>"I should not have put so much pressure on you, mein kleiner"
>Aryanne's calmness and behavior takes you by surprise, you stare at her in confusion.
>She pulls closer, pushing your face against her chest.
>You instinctively comply, leaning against her soft fur. She does smells of vanilla.
>Closing your eyes, you can hear her heartbeat, the soft rhythm in company of her caresses, makes your whole body relax.
>You let out a breath you didn't even realize you were holding, suddenly you feel exposed, vulnerable, but at the same time warm and protected.
>You let the tears escape your eyes, all of those emotions deep inside you escape, and seemingly evaporate as they meet the warmth of your protector
>"Das tut mir leid, i should have explain, you dont have to choose, you already have ze weltanschauung within you"
>Aryanne stops petting you and holds your cheeks, raising your head a bit and looking into your eyes
>"I dont want you to betray, i want you to protect"
>You look away shyly
>"Can i trust you with this, little one?"
>You nod softly, she gives you a smile
>"Wunderbar! ponyville vill be most right on your hooves!"
>She snuggles you a bit and lets go, seemingly happy with the turn of events
>"I'll be leaning now, zehre are places in need to remember their gift-"
>You hold onto her hoof, interrupting her
"Can you hold me again?"
>She gives you the brightest smile
>"As long as you want"
I hardly ever get that creative spark, and just about every time I do, it either fizzles out almost immediately or is quickly washed away by my self-doubt. There's only ever been one time it's managed to burn bright enough for long enough to bear fruit, but even then it only resulted in a simple short green for a different thread.
There's no doubt in my mind Lone knows who's typing now, so for what it's worth I'll chime in and say I also think you've become too self-absorbed in your self-hatred to the point you block out any positive attention you get, and I too think you should work on fixing that. Once you do, you'll certainly be happier for it, and you may find it easier to get content flowing as well.
That's perfect.
>Twilight continues to be a cunt
>They go off to confront Aryanne
>You don't want either to be harmed
>Aryanne is shocked, yet understands your kind heart of a true pony.
>Twilight shows your true form to Aryanne
>Purple you cunt I needed my dick before hand multiple times!
>Aryanne's thoughts are shaken
>What about the filly she spent time with
>Twilight says thisisyourponynow.plato
>Aryanne's faith is restored as she responds to say the truth.
>Anon uses diogenies and whips out his cock
>shocked Twilight face.jpg
>tfw the reich was the friends you made along the way
>oh wait still have to clean up the mess
>Twilight in her excitement understands the meaning of friendship once more with the help of Anon and Aryanne.
>Celestia and Luna is invited to join them in their merry quest for friendship.
>Credits Roll
I kek'd. Have a (You), qt.
>>Anon uses diogenies and whips out his cock
When in doubt, pull out the cock, yup that sounds about right
I would actually love a full story of this.
Both greens are wonderful, I love this community.
Would be nice, yeah.
Oh, this is a new face.
Nah, I've been here a long time, VPNs just mess with the flag system.
>>258772 →
>You poke your doppelganger's face.
>She's breathing softly, you really shouldn't wake her up.
>You hear her murmur something in her sleep.
>"Cuddle with the pone to get worm..."
>"Franziska? Can you carry one of them?"
>The mare whips around.
>"Ah, apologies pferd... I did not notice zese... others."
>She gives Anon a very dark look.
>"You... wouldn't happen to have a gestaltwander vith you, now?"
"Please, we'll explain later. I can promise you that she's not any more dangerous than I am."
>"Ah, but zere is ze risk. I know not how dangerous zis filly is, and two fillies have tvice ze potential energies. I vill carry ze blue one, ze purple mare may take ze green one if she vishes."
>"Thank you."
>"Now come, there iz "
>Twilight hoists up your twin, and Franziska throws League over the back of her thick coat like a sack of potatoes.
>You're about to protest the force, but you realize that the coat is probably soft enough for it to not hurt.
>She's knocked out anyways.
>You and Twilight stick close to the blond mare, both of you shivering.
>"I vill admit that I didn't expect to encounter two of ze same pony. I vould like a full explanation later, but for now I simply vish to know how to differentiate ze two of you."
"W-well, she's missing a foreleg and I'm-"
>"No, no. I mean, does she have a different name? Vhat is your name? I get ze distinct feeling zat ve will need to become rather...."
>She pauses.
>You think it over, and sigh.
>That pony has been through a lot more than you have, you're not going to give her the short end of the stick.
"You can call me Green Clover. Her name is Anonymous."
>"Green Clover... vhat a silly, redundant name."
"So I've been told."
>"Your markings... they are crude. Vhat is your talent, filly?"
"I... don't have my cutie-mark."
>"Oh. Vell, the workmanship is crude. I can straighten it for you if you vish."
"No, I think I'm alright..."
>The thought of having your flanks burned again is enough to make you want to vomit up the little bit of eggs that you ate this morning.
>God, was it really this morning that Twilight served her last meal?
>You press on.
>Your limbs are completely numb, and every breath of frigid air is like a knife through your bronchus.
>Just as you're about to collapse, about to let yourself succumb to the cold, you see lights.
>"Just a little bit longer, kleiner."
>The white building blends in with the snow, which you guess may be the intent.
>It stands a modest two stories in height above the ground, and appears to be built on solid ground as opposed to the snow all around.
>Insurance against those snow-burrowing worms?
>Who fucking cares, it's gotta be warmer than out here.
>The coated mare goes up to the door and sticks her horn into the keyhole, pulling it open against the heavy winds.
>You painfully step up to the door and collapse on the carpeted floor.
>Twilight follows soon after, wobbling back and forth.
>"I vill stoke ze fire. In ze mean time, velcome to ze ends of the earth."
>She sniffs the air and scrunches up her snout.
>"You all smell like metal."
>League is placed on the floor, and the white mare removes a menacing boot before pressing a soft frog up against her.
>"Bring ze sleeping ones with you to the baths, I fear more damage if they are not warmed soon."
>As she leads you through the halls, she begins to talk about treating frostbite and hypothermia. A rubber-edged door opens, warm steam rolling out into the halls.
>Two large rounded tubs stand before you, practical-looking porcelain steps inviting you to enter.
>Begrudgingly following Franziska's instructions for avoiding tissue damage from potential frostbite, you move up to the tub with slow, restricted movements while Twilight does the same. Franziska trots ahead and places League in the tub, prompting her eyes to shoot open.
>She nods, and you slip in next to her.
>The warm water rushes over your numbed body, reawakening your nerves with a distinct tingling. Despite yourself, you sigh deeply.
>Twilight follows, taking the final filly in with her after her prosthesis is screwed off and placed on the floor.
>She remains asleep, but an innocent smile spreads across her face.
>You see her dock shake, and a cloud of yellow in the water.
>"Due to ze generally unsanitary nature of tubs, zese are enchanted with a spell that ensures a pristine environment. Suds of soap, dirt, excess oils, bacteria and most..."
>She looks at the filly guilty of pissing in the tub.
>...undesirable chemicals are neutralized upon contact with ze water."
>A few bottles of shampoo are placed on the sill.
>"I bathed not two hours ago, make yourselves comfortable vhile I vork on a few notes. I'll be back to check up on you soon."
>The door closes, but does not lock.
>Be Franziska.
>You'll need blood samples from the two clones as soon as you can collect them, and preferably without their knowledge.
>Nothing about this sits right in your mind.
>Four quadrupeds show up out of nowhere, kill your prized worm, and have the nerve to survive long enough in this weather to prove that they aren't changelings.
>You don't regret interrogating them longer than you needed to to be sure, those baths will warm them all up well enough to where the damage you personally caused is minimal.
>However, you get the feeling the Übermare will want to see this herself.
>You unbutton your multiple layers of winter wear, hanging them up carefully on the wall next to your credentials.
>Your body relieved of all of the extra weight, you mutter an incantation and open up your quill box.
>You chuckle as you select one and clasp it gently in your aura, dipping it in ink.
>When somepony is dealing with griffon prisoners of war, the only part kept untouched should be the wings.
>The traitors lend themselves well to a few things other than manual labor.
>You begin to write.
>'Dear Führerin Aryanne...'
259861 259868


No filly, this is not da hood anymore..
Momma Purple will teach you manners and the right and decent way.
259869 259872
Oh no! Dr. Girlfriend has captured the diaperfag filly and is holding her hostage for 6 gorillion bits!
Will Twilight pay the ransom, or kill two birds with one stone?
Will Timone and Pumba ever have hot, steamy anal secks?
Will Jamal ever learn how to be a functioning member of society?
Find out of the next exiting episode of The Fillyshack!

>will Twilight pay ransom or not
the diaperfag will be abandoned while all the fillies willing to actually act their age are able to stay and adjust properly into society

>will timone and pumba have buttsex
you ask that like we're supposed to have an answer

>will jamal become a functioning member of society
hah, no!
259872 260717
When Redheart saw Melody stumble out of Green’s room in a panic, she just sighed. On the second shift of her double, her patience was beginning to fray.

“Alright Melody, what’s Green done now?” Asked Redheart, “Did she sprout wings? I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point.”

Redheart felt a little bad when her light-hearted jab failed to penetrate Melody’s panic. The pink mare grasped Redheart’s hoof and tried to drag her towards the patient’s room. Redheart had a feeling that it would be better not to have this conversation in front of the patient.

“Is this a medical emergency?” Redheart asked

“No, but-”

“Is Green having a panic attack?”

“Well... no-”

“Okay then, tell me what happened.”

Melody swallowed nervously. “Well I was giving Green a shower and she - and I - and she - I mean I, I think I touched her somewhere I wasn’t supposed to!”

The mare shrunk in on herself covering her mouth with a hoof as if she’d admitted to something unforgivable.

“So where did you touch her?” Redheart sighed again when she realised she wasn’t going to be leaving this shift on time.

“On the flank,” Melody explained, “I was showing her out of the bathroom, and - and she was so scared! She was shaking and then she apologised to me! Like she thought I would punish her for getting scared! It’s all my fault!”

“It’s all right Melody,” Redheart comforted, “You couldn’t have known she would react like this. You’re not the one who hurt her, you just found one of her triggers. Something about the situation must have made her relive a traumatic memory.”

Redheart walked towards Green’s room. “I need you to be calm, Melody, do you need a moment?”

“No.” Melody responded, “I’m fine.”

Green was lying on the floor next to a bed that had been raised so the linen could be easily changed. When she saw Redheart enter she rolled onto her back so she was looking at the nurse upside down.

“Whatever she told you is a lie, nothing happened.” The filly said in aggravation, “I was just shivering because I was cold after being in the shower.”

“Would it make you feel more comfortable if we pretended that’s what happened?” Redheart didn’t believe the filly for a second, “I know you feel embarrassed when you have reactions you can’t control.”

“Sure. Whatever.” The filly struggled to her hooves and Melody moved towards her but froze as she couldn’t decide whether she should lay hooves on her.

A look of agony crossed Green’s face as she tried to breathe through the pain in her broken foreleg, but she didn’t let out so much as a murmur as tears gathered in her eyes.

“How bad is the pain on a scale of one to ten.” Melody asked reflexively.

“I’m fine,” Green growled, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Green, please be honest,” Redheart pleaded, “We can help you with the pain, and we need to know if there’s something wrong with your leg.”

“I snapped my leg in two and now I’ve got metal screwed into my bones, it’s perfectly normal to feel some pain.” The filly said matter-of-factly, “What I need is for ponies to stop treating me like I’m crazy. I’m here because I broke my leg, my brain works just fine.”

“I don’t think you’re crazy Green,” Redheart said, “Something bad happened to you, and it wasn’t your fault, even if you feel like it is. You -”

“Nothing happened.” The filly insisted, “I’m fine. I just get anxious sometimes, and you ponies always assume it’s the worst possible thing. I can manage my anxiety just fine, I just need people to stop poking at it!”

“Are you ready for bed, Green?” Redheart asked, disengaging from the conversation that was distressing her patient.

Green looked back to the bathroom and the towels left on the floor.

“Yes.” The filly answered in a huff, but she couldn’t cross her forelegs due to the cast. She blinked adorably when she noticed this before returning to her scowl.

“You missed dinner,” Redheart explained, “Did you want some sandwiches from the fridge?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, if you change your mind, Melody will be right here. Is it alright if she stays?”

“Ugh, it’s fine! She didn’t even do anything, I just get scared for no reason sometimes. It’s not like I’m gonna die.”

“All right then, get some rest, Green.” Redheart instructed, “Melody, just keep an eye on her, and don’t forget to write in the notes.”
Why finance criminality when Twi can save money and practice dark magic?

Reminds me of "Oh to be Old Again." Did you draw the artwork yourself? I can see you developing a similar style to MKogWheel (the waviness of Melody's eyes to indicate tears is a good touch, pun not intended).
259905 259922
>Anon's body is not changed through magic nor is his essence transferred into a new body created by Twilight, but his human body is torn apart and rebuilt into a facsimile of a pony's through nothing but surgery and magic healing spells
Holy fuck is that a gruesome thought
somebody do a one-off about that!
Gimme a few hours.
259909 259935
Has anyone ever done a collab here?
You've got some excelent wrtiers and great drawfags, and you're all on the same page about some promps, one would guess a small collab between some drawfags/writefags would be a normal development
I can't remember the last time I saw something drawn based on a recent green, drawfags seem to be perpetually busy with other things.
259923 259924 259928 259972 260013 262497
>"There we are, good girl."
>You would protest if your vocal cords weren't currently elsewhere.
>In the darkness, beneath deadened eyes, you can make out many things suspended in the air around the operating table that has become your hell.
>You have no idea just how much of you is left, what she's changed and what she's kept.
>When she drugged your drink two weeks ago though, she did tell you that you would be just as good as the real thing.
>You don't doubt it, despite her unhinged nature she's clearly a medical genius. The fact of the matter that you aren't dead after two weeks of being ripped apart is evidence enough of that.
>You exhale loudly, trying to draw her attention.
>"Aww, is my little girl thirsty?"
>A sippy cup is placed in your mouth, and you drink from it greedily.
>"Mommy is almost done. Just hold my hoof cutie, it'll all be over soon."
>The haze is lifted from your eyes and you almost vomit at the sight. Thousands of giblets of man all hanging in the air over you. Your legs, your old heart, your...
>You never thought you'd actually see a central nervous system removed.
>Well, maybe your moral fiber will improve a bit now...
>Your attempt at humor does little to calm your racing mind.
>You've got to get out of here, tell somebody that your body has been stolen.
>You spot your vocal cords. Of course, she's going to put them back in and then you can tell somebody about this!
>With a flourish, every part of your body not attached to you is engulfed in flame.
>You let out a bellow, distorted sobs coming from your ruined face.
>"Shh... it's better this way. Why don't we get you in the bath and then you can sleep in your own bed?"
>You see her jotting down something on a notepad before your clasps are lifted.
>You try to run, but you're still using your knowledge of the workings of a human body and topple off of the operating table.
>Twilight catches you, petting your back with a hoof.
>"That was close."
>She levitates you gently to the ground, where you begin to try to get your bearings.
>Left arm moves back left, right arm moves forward left...
>There's no rhyme or reason to it, so you just flop over on the floor.
>Twilight takes the opportunity to scoop you up by your neck with her mouth, and you go limp.
>Even though part of your mind is still screaming at you to run the hell away while you can, this feels strangely calming.
>Like you can trust Twilight to care for you, no matter what.
>The gentle sway of your wrong-feeling flesh in her mouth continues until she makes a turn into the bathroom.
>"Spike, thank you for getting the water warmed up for little Nonny."
>"Oh, no problem Twilight."
>He turns to you.
>"I know you can't talk, but I'm sorry about the accident. Don't worry, Twilight is just as capable of a mother as she is a surgeon, maybe even more so."
>She playfully hits his shoulder with a hoof.
>"Now don't scare the poor thing, you'll make her think I was careless enough to leave a sponge in her when I took out her spleen. Spike, would you mind..."
>"Oh, of course not. Girl time."
>The door is pushed shut from the outside.
>"Have you ever had a major surgical procedure before this?"
>You shake your head.
>"Well, count yourself lucky. Most doctors will use methods that forbid showering or bathing."
>You're lowered down to the surface, the tips of your new hind legs allowed into the water.
>"Too cold?"
>You shake your head.
>"Too hot?"
>You hesitate, then nod.
>After a bit of cold water is added, she asks you again.
>You shake your head, and she slips you into the hot, but not overbearingly so water.
>A rubber duck is placed on your fuzzy chest and you look up at her pleadingly.
>"You're going to have to learn somehow. Would you rather it be through play, or do you want to hit the ground running tomorrow when you start school?"
>You angrily try to say that you've already graduated, that you were in your third year of college, but of course everything comes out like a downie trying to argue.
>You give up and just let the tears run down your face while you get the hang of kicking your legs, moving the rubber duck back and forth, and rubbing shampoo into your coat.
>Twilight helps you quite a bit with the last part, and you doubt you could've gotten clean if she didn't.
>"You're going to have a few issues that normal earth ponies don't have. Since transforming you into a filly was impossible through purely magical means, you will not be able to harness magic, even if you took the time to learn it. Your hooves, no matter how hard you concentrate, will never generate mana fields to lift objects or allow you to turn doorknobs. You will have to adapt to these shortcomings quickly or find a friend who can help you get around them."
>You're not sure how she grew out your coat so quickly, but it's sopping wet when she lifts you from the warm bath.
>You begin to shiver.
>A hooded towel modeled after Twilight herself begins to vigorously dry you off.
>"Do you want to ride on mommy's back, or would you prefer mommy to carry you? One hoof-tap for back, two for carry."
>She holds up a hoof and you tap it once, already addicted to the feeling.
>True to Twilight's word, the bed you are tucked into is very comfortable. A pan is removed from it before you're put in, likely full of hot coals to keep it warm for you.
>"Anon... there are a few things I need to tell you before I read you your story and say goodnight."
>She shimmies in next to you, wrapping a wing around the back of your head.
>"You'll need to take a very powerful anti-rejection medication every twenty-four hours for the rest of your life. If you don't, your now almost entirely equine body will reject your very human brain and cause you to die. I don't want that, and you don't want that. So...."
>She pats your speechless neck.
>"Don't do anything stupid like try to run away, alright cutie?"
>A small, pastel pill is lifted in front of you along with a glass of water.
>You swallow it immediately, water forgotten.
Excellent job, what a fucked Twilight. Poor Anon if Purple ever forgets she'll have to put him tougher again.
Nice, that's dark and insane, kind of reminds of cupcakes, great job anon, you have a thing for grimdark.
Yea already happened, no paste thou but have the pic from the last time ITT
The problem is that filly is very fragmented tbh, so one side giving ideas to the other with the green/pic doesnt seem to be as common anymore. Well, it was never "common", not here, not in any other place, but its even rarer now considering very few artists seem to still lurk and other few writefags still hold on.
Still, there is a fair bit of coop still, vide the Aryanne "villain" green, so its not like it doesn't happen at all, inspiration can't be rushed or forced afterall
259952 259958

>Filly shits on the grocery store floor again
>Filly finds out she has her pussy again after losing it

You could say that it was a bad shituation
259960 259961 260004

I wan-
Uh, I definitely don't want any bellyrubs! Absolutely not!
Wait till the last line for the pic.
>Be me
>Window is open on a pleasantly windy day.
>Purple is my best friend
>My Anonfilly looks softly upwards as my hand rests on her vulnerable underside.
>my one true friend begins to talk
>My fabulous suit matching the namesake of her color
>I have to stop this
>That I have to keep going
>my hand is getting tired as the blissful look on the little filly's face fluctuates to a soulful moan.
>Purple flutters an idea to me.
>She brushes the filly's nethers.
>Unzipping I prepare for a step I wasn't ready for, but with Purple I could take on the world.
>"Stop right there Anonymous!"
>Twilight Sparkle finally decided to join us.
"What do you think Purple should I continue?"
>"Just sober up Anon and everything will be okay."
>My suit nods back and forth with the breeze
"Okay Purple. Okay."
>"Thank goodness Anonymous."
"Just give me a second for me to catch my breath."
>Purple motions to hurry up
"Just so you know I'm not ready yet."
>Purple puffs up at my words.
>"You ready now Anon?"
>plunging in deep to my hilt
>Purple is hit by Twilight's magic beam saving my skin
>The Anonfilly no longer is looking at me, her eyes full of Purple's delicate threads.
>Purple has pulled through worse situations than this.
>The open window let's our yells be heard throughout town.
>Be me pic related.
Absolutely Not.gif
Filly isn't a pooper.
Perfect! Just how I want my filly to be. Bellyrubless so only my hand can rub the belly.
I-I-I mean if there was teamwork and... well if h-hands touched it's not homo right?

I have to agree.
This spoiler will spoil the story.
More going for the insane Anon talking to his purple suit for advice rather than ponies.
Actually rereading the damned thing I wrote pic is actually even more related I'm going into a corner and try figuring out how I accidentally made the story about diaperfilly instead of classical >rape that wasn't supposed to happen.
I mean both could technically work...
I'm going to curl up into a ball now.
>Be me Anonymous
>My filly life is one of mystery
>Twilight says not to worry
>If only Derpy ate that muffin
>That muffin would have saved time
>Sparkle worries me
>Living the filly life
>Anonymous me be?
>Filly >rapes a stallion with her ass.
>Takes him to court, claiming he >raped her.
>She tells the court that his dick "fit just like a glove.".
>The defendant, Orange Juice "OJ" Simpson,'s lawyer comes up with a "if the dick don't fit, you can acquit" defense.
>The stallion tries to fit his dick info Filly's ass, but can't because she's too tight.

A literary work for the ages.
>If the derriere's like a goose you can be set loose.
>it won't go in, it looks like you win
Wew, is it getting a bit hot in here?

Mental ward filly mind went pudding after too much >rape
>There i saw her
>Her mane unkept, her eyes twitching
>My heart sank, she was no older than my daughter
>"Me? Be anon, filly back on track! Serenate twenty five...Apples!"
>No one understood her incoherent babbling, even less fathom what goes through her mind
>It is my job to help her get better
>I take a deep breath and put on my best smile
>The door creaks open, i step into the padded room
"Hey anon, how are you feeling today, darling?"

Rocks fall, everyone dies. The end.
This is exactly the shit I was hoping for, Thanks Lone.
Maybe the prompt-story relationship between us doesn't have to be so one-sided?
Glad you enjoyed it filly, it was a lot of fun to write.
Hmm... well, are we even now?
Maybe we are. That is, until one of us makes a prompt the other likes.
Well, we'll just have to see when that is I suppose. Until next time.

You too, my dude!
Gateway to equestria_970428_5865797.jpg
>You give a half hearted look around your room one last time.
>It’s almost different as you stand higher than your normally would but at the same time it’s all the same.
>Your eyes drink it in and your chest begins to fill with that familiar feeling all over again.
>The ghost of a smile graces your face.
>A breathless sigh escapes you as even that phantom moves on.
>Effigies, pictures and other assorted paraphernalia surround you.
>All of them...every single one of them are—
>Well, you have to be honest with yourself.
>Not all of them.
>You only have a grocery clerk’s meager wage to work with after all.
>And after the bills and debts and life expenses and whatever else—not to mention the fact that you got mugged and...well.
>It’s been a hard month.
>One that had followed another hard month and so on.
>Barely scraping by and working yourself to death one week and fighting just to keep at least forty hours the next.
>Doesn’t matter.
>All that matters is that you are drowning.
>You’re drowning in the day to day.
>But that’s fine.
>You are drowning in a sea of people who don’t give a shit about you one way or the other.
>But that’s fine
>Well, suffice it to say you and yours aren’t on good terms in the slightest.
>One accusation was all it took and despite being proven false your life was turned upside down and you are drowning in the fallout of it.
>But that’s fine.
>Your depression is laughable.
>It’s circumstantial because you are in a hell of a situation with no way out.
>But that’s fine.
>You read once that surrounding yourself with things that make you happy would improve your quality of life.
>And so you did.
>So that’s fine.
>It isn’t.
>It is not fine.
>You are not fine.
>When you first got into this show you cracked your first genuine smile not born of passing humor in weeks.
>When you first saw her you wish you could say you were smitten with her first sight but you weren’t.
>You did like her eyes though.
>Over time you grew to like her more and more.
>The way she talked and enunciated, the way she moved, her confidence and rarely the lack thereof.
>That cocksure attitude and wry grin.
>Eventually you stopped getting through your days, not getting it over with, but to see that smile again.
>To see her.
>To see her mane.
>To see her eyes.
>To see her fly.
>To see her treat the great blue yawning sky like it’s hers and nopony else’s.
>And that’s when you realized how far you’d fallen for this horse in TV.
>You are in love with her.
>Her flying, her attitude, her unwavering loyalty.
>Her insecurities and her flaws.
>The whole shebang.
>She makes you happy and you let her.
>So happy...that it hurts.
>She is your waifu.
>She’s not real.
>So...as you look around your room you feel that smile trying to hunt you again, twinging at the edges of your lips.
>But that smile never comes and that feeling is snuffed out by the feeling in your chest demanding all of your attention.
>It feels as if your lungs are full of water.
>It feels like you’re drowning.
>But you know that the fire in your lungs isn’t from water or anything of the sort.
>They work just fine as your chest expands and your nose catches the acrid smoke filling your room.
>The fire downstairs must have truly caught now.
>But that’s fine.
>You won’t burn.
>But you will die.
>Not to the fire...but to the rope around your neck
>But that’s fine.
>You refuse to live in a world where she is not.
>But that’s fine.
>You are drowning.
>Drowning in love.
>But that’s fine.
>You kick the chair out from under you as you hear what sounds like something collapsing downstairs.
>As the smoke begins to sting your eyes
>As the feeling of drowning reaches its peak
>The chair hits the floor with the sound of wood hitting wood and your feet do not.
>But that’s fine.
>You’ve never heard anyone mention how much this would hurt.
>The rope digging into your neck as you whole weight is suspended by it is agony.
>But that’s fine.
>Even as the life is choked out of you...you feel like you’ll be able to take your first real breath in a long time.
>And that’s fine.

>The wind is what wakes you.
>And its a strong one at that as it buffets, and pushes at you messing with that feeling of vertigo that you sometimes get after waking up from a really intense dream.
>That strikes you as odd though.
>Strong wind in your bedroom?
>Maybe you left a window open and it must be some fucking storm.
>You slowly open your eyes, the embrace of sleep leaving you.
>As you do, your situation dawns on you in a flash.
>Memories rush past your widening eyes one after the next.
>The pungent scent of gasoline, the sound of a match strike, the scratchy rope, the drowning, the pain of choking and her.
>And then your eyes register the greenery of rapidly approaching treetops.
>Oh shit.
>You put your arms in front of you in a vain attempt to save yourself but are met with a flash of green of a different sort.
>You have only a moment to take in two green furred forelegs ending in hooves outstretched in front of you before you fall through the canopy of a tree.
>A terrified shout escapes your lips as small branches dig at your body and...

>You awake.
>Your world is pain.
>You limbs, your back, your head.
>Your face feels...wrong.
>There are scratches, scrapes and cuts all along your body that you feel burning furiously against the open air.
>You think you can’t feel one of your legs but you can’t even focus through the pain to be sure.
>You try to open your eyes but you can’t as exhaustion hits you like a freight train.
>You vaguely remember something or other about something to do with being really tired and hurt but it leaves you as soon as it comes.
>You try to stay awake regardless but like a sand castle against the tide, sleep overtakes you.

forest of thicc.jpg
>You don't realize you're awake until you notice those first two sensations.
>Sharp stabbing pain and dull soreness follow them near immediately forcing a feminine gasp from your dry mouth.
>Hearing your voice sends a spike of wrongness about this situation up your spine for reasons you don’t understand.
>You lick your lips to get some semblance of moisture to them and try to open your eyes.
>It was a mistake.
>You only manage getting one open before the brightness makes you flinch bodily.
>Hot pain shoots into your head from your left leg and chest, your nerves telling you just how bad off you are.
>It rips a scream from your throat which turns into a coughing fit bringing more painful shudders to you.
>You have no choice in riding it out until you can keep still enough to return to some kind of comfort.
>You manage to do so after what feels like an eternity but there is a lingering soreness that saps your energy as you try and catch your breath.
>The only thing you can do is catch your breath.
>Your breathing and the pain in your body is your whole world right now.
>All you can do is lie where you are, blind and hurting.
>But still you lie and time continues its ceaseless march.
>What feels like minutes pass.
>Then hours.
>Consciousness is fleeting, coming and going in fits like whispers on the wind.
>Sometimes you are in a world of hurt beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.
>Other times you are just cold and want to do nothing but curl in on yourself.
>More often than not you are none the wiser.
>You...have odd visions in the times between.
>Of horns and glass and wind and cigarette smoke.
>Of smiles and pain and engines and 4AM alarms.
>Of wings and trains and milkshakes and a warm sofa with a blanket.
>Nonsensical things with no relation to each other hot on the heels of one another.
>None of these things having a rhyme or a reason and when you wake, however briefly, what you’ve seen has an obscure vagueness about them.
>But they too are lost again and again as you fall in and out of blackness.

>You come to again with a start, sucking in a breath as you feel a ticklish sensation near your nose.
>You move an arm up to bat whatever it is away and end up striking a tender lump on your face.
>You gasp and the pain in your chest makes itself known again.
>At the sound of you hissing in pain, you hear whatever it was tear away through what sounds like dry leaves.
>You open your eyes to try and catch sight of it.
>But you don’t.
>You are confused for a moment when only one eye opens.
>Try as you might, your right eye refuses to open and only hurts worse for your troubles.
>Why can’t you open that eye?
>You gently bring your...arm up your eye to make sure the dang thing was still there.
>That arm falters halfway there as a lump forms in your throat.
>What if your eye isn’t there?
>You don’t know what you’d do if you lost an eye.
>But you need to know.
>A bit more shakily, your bring your arm up until you make contact with it.
>And you make contact with a swollen, painful lump.
>It wasn’t what you were expecting.
>Where you were expecting a single point of touch instead feels like you punched yourself in the eye.
>But it is still there at least.
>Even as you bite back tears, you are happy with the fact that it’s still there.
>You look around to get a better grasp of your surroundings if for no other reason than to distract yourself from the pain.
>A chaotic smattering of trees stretches as far as you can see from you place on the forest floor.
>Whatever fog remained of your unconsciousness vanishes with a sobering thought.
>Glancing around one more time to be sure, you come to the same conclusion.
>You don’t know where you are.
>You gingerly lie your head back down in the leaves.
>You remain still on the ground for a few very long moments with nothing but the blowing canopy and birdsongs keeping you aware that time is still moving forward.
>Some time later you bite your trembling lip and bring your head back up.
>The trees haven't gone anywhere.
>There is a lot going on right now and you need to not lose your shit right now.
>You take a deep breath and hold it.
>Upon letting it out you look yourself over, having steeled yourself against whatever sorry state you’re in.
>You gasp in alarm when at what you see.
>You are green.
>You are fuzzy.
>Your strange for some reason green, fuzzy self lying your side on this leafy, muddy forest floor is not okay.
>Patches of your green fur are gone having been scraped and scratched away from your fall leaving barely healed scabs in their place.
>From the throbs and aches starting to rear their ugly heads, you are probably bruised all over as well.
>A wing hangs limply from a joint on your back and it feels wrong.
>It twitches when you think about it, leaving you with a fleeting sensation of pins and needles.
>And from your position you can barely make out your hind legs.
>You have four legs.
>And one of them is bent at a very odd angle.
>There’s something beyond knowing that it is broken that strikes you as being terribly wrong.
>But that thought is overshadowed by another.
>You aren’t...
>You...aren't sure how you are going to walk on three legs.
>You start trembling at the thought of having to get up.
>You aren’t feeling that leg now but you know you will...and it’s going to hurt.
>You try taking a few warm breaths to get a hold of yourself but you just can’t.
>You wish you could be strong enough to move despite it.
>But it’s going to hurt.
>It’s going to hurt and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
>You are alone and no one is here to help you.
>Tears start falling down your face, hot and heavy.
>You briefly think about just staying where you are but you know it’d be stupid.
>You don’t know where you are so there’s no way anyone else knows where you are.
>No one is coming to save you.
>Acknowledging that thought tears a sob from your throat.

260001 260002 260012 260013 260014 260035 261094
forest clearing.jpg
>You can’t stay.
>But you don’t absolutely have to go right now.
>Which is good because you don’t want to even think about moving let alone getting up.
>Right now?
>All you want to do is cry.

>You awkwardly trot three hooves with the fourth raised as close to your body as you can manage.
>Standing...was an ordeal.
>You fell the first time.
>On your broken leg, no less.
>After feeling that you just wanted to lie there and never move again.
>But you didn’t.
>Being afraid of feeling excruciating pain was small potatoes.
>The thing that got you up and moving after quite a few false starts was the thought of being alone.
>The thought of dying alone in some random forest really.
>You couldn't think of anyone who would miss you.
>No one at all.
>Or anybody who wouldn’t miss you.
>You stopped that train of thought before it could begin and tossed it in with all of the stuff you couldn’t afford to think about right now.
>So you walk.
>No, trot?
>You limp.
>And it’s all you really can do.
>Trying to think about your situation and that nagging feeling that above all of this there is something else that's gone horribly awry is liable to have you burst into tears.
>You don’t want that.
>Despite all the uncomfortable aches and pains you focus on them and your movement.
>You can’t get yourself worked up again.
>Each step forward is a small battle.
>You occasionally find yourself having to lean against a nearby tree to rest for a few minutes.
>But trying to avoid thinking about everything is an even larger battle that you’ve nearly lost a few times already.
>It’s not a battle you can afford to lose.
>As cathartic as it would be if you just started crying now, you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to stop.
>So you limp onward.
>Your legs crushing leaves and dirt underhoof.
>You’ve been moving for a while now.
>It was cloudy from what you could see through some breaks in the canopy so you have no idea what time of day it is either.
>You got some feeling back in your left wing in the time you’ve been steadily limping forward.
>It’s still hanging limply from your side but the pins and needles sensation has upgraded to a throbbing ache through the whole limb.
>Which is good.
>At least you think it's good.
>You stumble forward and barely catch yourself before eating dirt.
>That’s what you get for not focusing on moving your legs.
>That’s the other reason this has been a struggle.
>You can’t exactly walk without focusing on your legs and how to move each one.
>You’ve got a good system going where you are moving at something close to a walking speed.
>Even then, you hope you aren’t too deep into this forest.
>At the pace you’re going, you’ll be getting nowhere fast if you are.
>It could be days before you find your way out.
>Weeks if you’re particularly unlucky and you’re sure you can’t keep moving for that long.
>You halt for a second to breathe deeply before continuing.
>Not thinking about it.
>You just hope you find water soon.
>Before you can’t.

>You eventually find yourself in a grassy clearing.
>The blades themselves were tall things, tickling your belly in some places while irritating healing wounds in others.
>The lot of it is taller than you are, making it difficult to make out the opposing treeline.
>You glance to the sky.
>The clouds had cleared up partially throughout the day leaving a few stragglers to lazily float over the world.
>The blue has since bled away into a brilliant yellow and orange with the sun dipping below the trees.
>The bottom of the few clouds in the air are colored a deep red, making the whole scene seem picturesque.
>That isn’t right.
>It doesn’t seem picturesque.
>It is picturesque.
>You let a breath out slowly as your eyes drink it in for a few moments longer than necessary.
>And then a few more besides.
>You realize that since the sun is setting ahead of you that the direction you face and have been walking is west.
>You can’t recall how you know that.
>You think someone told you about it but you don’t remember who.
>Hardly matters though.
>You don’t exactly know where to go even if you did remember.
>Looking around through the grass as best you could is a fool's errand.
>Most of it being above your eye level makes seeing anything beyond it difficult and lends you nothing of note aside from a large boulder dominating the center of the clearing.
>A wave of lethargy suddenly moves through you.
>You have been trotting through the trees probably for hours, after all.
>You look one last time you make your way through the field over to a large boulder that towers over the grass and gingerly lie down.
>Your aching hooves sing praises to you as you do.
>A groan of half pain, half pleasure and half some other third thing escapes your throat.
>This is nice.
>You sigh, settling down in the depression you made in greenery.
>It shouldn’t be as comfortable as it is.
>You’re a bit chilly and you could stand not to be so sore.
>The grass stabbing or rubbing against your coat is kinda itchy.
>Parts of your hair hang over your eyes far enough to tickle your muzzle.
>But after everything?
>You can’t help but to close your eyes as you rest your head on your hooves
>The feeling that you are forgetting something important wiggles its way into your mind but you ignore it for now.
>You’ll deal with it in a few minutes after you rest your eyes.

That's it for now. I'll make a paste in the morning.
Is there a version where she's really mad instead?

Magnificent work, poner, you deserve a medal.
260061 260062
I knew you would deliver. Well done.

New write prompt: reverse "Biblical Monsters" (instead of Twilight coming to Earth it's Anon coming to Equestria and it plays out similarly to the original fanfic.

Checked and blessed. Thank you for the green.
Filly is for boop
260049 260057

Harvey, do you even know WHERE IN THE FUCK YOU ARE?


I haven't actually read Biblical Monsters, and since my reading list right now is fuckhuge I might have to decline, sorry.
>reverse "Biblical Monsters" (instead of Twilight coming to Earth it's Anon coming to Equestria and it plays out similarly to the original fanfic.
Interesting idea, but it really calls for a human Anon instead of the filly. Probably doesn't strictly belong in this thread.

>Be Luna.
>You were summoned by your sister and teleported to her quickly.
>You found yourself in the bathroom and sounds of a stuggle.
>By the tub is your sister and in it the little green filly Anon.
>"I need to wash your ears! They're disgusting!" Your sister yells.
>Celestia, your sister, the perfect mare, the mare that keeps her mane pristine with ease and coat kept by will alone, looks at you, completely disheveled.
>"Luna! Hold her down!"

>Inb4 the same asshole from before says not to fillydump
Pic1: Some shit from secret santa.
Pic2: Nore is never coming back.
Pic3: Genericblush.png
Pic4: Water skiing.
Pic5: The death of innocence.
Some stuff from the ponytown thread.
260074 260091
You don't have to never fillydump, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't kill ya to ask the fagets who made the fillies to post 'em themselves first
260075 260076 260080 260099 260102
You're a nigger, Harmonio.


y-you too.png
Hello Lone15!


Not Lone, but pic related.
>dicksword drama leaking into the thread
Is it time to put this horse out to pasture?
Imagine being outraged on behalf of drawfags who likely don't give enough of a fuck to post their work themselves.
260094 260095 260097
Imagine thinking a simple request is equivalent to outrage
Imagine making the request in the first place
You've spit the dummy over this shit before, faggot, don't you go gaslighting us.
260099 260121
Fags not in the discord ex.: me wouldn't even know there was drama in there if ya hadn't posted, just the usual with content being focused outside and finally finding it's way here thanks to that one faggot who's doing gods work
If they dont care to post on the thread within like a day at most then what makes you think they will even care? It's free market for anyone to repost by then...or are ya going to want to file a DMCA for it now discordfag?
What could this shit be other than outside drama of some sort leaking in? >>260074
I don't know of any contentfag by that name, which leaves discordfaggotry as the obvious scapegoat
Shut the fuck up dicsword autist
260104 260109 260111 260113 260121 260180 260200


Technically it's an excellent job. Only minor gripe is that the body is at a of a bit weird angle, but (heh) it's needed for a clean shot at the rump ravaging which more than makes up for it.
Here's my unwanted thoughts on how I think it could be improved, or for continuation or alternative shots. Which to be honest is a lot more work than moving to the next project.
The potential for a blowjob after effects show as strings of thick mare cum link the lips to the throat in a continuity of time, and space across the floor each pool denoting how much time it took to end there.
Oh and filly could still be not dead unless its a dream. I like happy endings damnit, but the execution is pulled off very well. I think it's a shame for a living being to be terminated for a few moments of hedonistic pleasure, then again this is art. All about sending a message. Then going all the way through is a happy coincidence.
Or to at least double penetrate, but one has to start somewhere.
Oh! Possibly have headless filly service Luna's moon; Telekinesis magic solves all sorts of logistical problems.
Is there even that much blood in a filly's body?
Probably, I've seen more blood come out of an average-sized person who didn't bleed to death.
>Ib4 this is all a dream
>Filly isn't dead, and Luna knows that very well
>Even with her detached head Anonfilly can fell everything
>Every slow pass of the cold cleaver
>Every nibble from Luna straight in her spine
>Every thrust from the dildo inside of her
>Being the princess of the night, Luna knows exactly how to make it not feel like a dildo as well
>And thanks to that, filly may as well be pretending to be dead
>Filly.exe stopped responding: Sensory overflow
>Long has Luna wanted to try something like this
>Her ponies wouldn't suvive sadly, the trauma most likely killing them by the morning
>The human turned filly though...
>She saw her dreams at random
>Other bloodthirsty memories of his previous race
>So many things none of her ponies would ever imagine
>So many things even herself hadn't thought about
>And more than that, she always keeps saying she's a grown man
>There are no worries to be had about scarring a child for life
>No worries to be had for one extreme lucid dream
>She was perfect
>The head tries to mumble something, coming back to herself again
>But just as she blinked twice, Luna plunged deep once more
>The green filly brain did its best to try to make sense of the situation
>The heated mare on top of her
>Being thoroughly decapitated
>And more than that, the feeling such a huge member inside of her for the first time
>All noise she managed to make was a loud moan, before she was lost once more to her senses
>This was a long night
No fair! I only got this stupid rope, and I gotta tie it with my stupid hooves'n stuff.
>the execution is pulled off very well
>the execution
Art for Filly is really coming a long way, whether it is wholesome or degenerate. Kek

You're obviously going to bleed a lot more if your heart keeps pumping. If you're quickly beheaded a lot of blood will spill out but not as much as you'd expect. https://youtu.be/Mj5U8UbWqsk?t=5438

260129 260131


>chonky horse
>ain't that your horse
Twilight confirmed hayburger addict
>"Nonny? Nonny this isn't funny."
>You snicker under your breath.
>Dumb Purple horse will never find you out here in the woods.
>You look to your left and notice that Orange is gone.
>You break your cover immediately.
"O-orange? Oraaaaange?!"
>Twilight rushes over to you and tackles you with a hug.
>"Don't you ever-"
"M-mommy, Orange is missing."
>She looks at you, clearly puzzled.
"Franziska's filly."
>"Anon, didn't I tell you not to-"
"Never mind that, she could be hurt!"
>"Okay, okay. Calm down a bit. Hop on my back."
>Just as you drop over a short bank, you see this:
>Without a word, Twilight beats her wings and takes you up over the forest, flying you home.
>Before she sends you straight to bed after a small meal, she tells you one thing:
>"Orange is missing."
260156 260167

260161 260163 260167
>And then Anon woke up alone on the couch
>Just like every night
>But you can't sleep it off
>Every time you close your eyes, that horror haunts your every thought
>Worst of all, the room is dark and eerie silent
crying delet.png
D-delet this!
>Awake, and cold.
>The fillies tucked in the master bed during these harsh times.
>Heating is too expensive
>foal protection services were tipped off by a disgruntled little shit
>Purple actually gave an overview so you wouldn't get locked up.
>She wouldn't be able to handle every filly.
>That just ment they would be stuck with fosters.
>Unwillingly stuck with them, as some other fillies went their own way a while ago.
>Cuddling with them would send them breaking through the door.
>Fuck it's cold tonight.
>The fillies have all the blankets even though they probably only use one of them at most.
>Foal protection service is heavily biased in favor of ponies
>and normally everything works out well like that
>Better get back to sleep, dreaming of a warm house with cozy fillies warming your heart.
Is Greenwood still here?
260181 260183 260200
Snuff/gore porn is unbased.

260188 260192
Green hoof knocking on the door of my friends' apartment. It overlooks a beautiful view of the city. At least it does until someone builds a bigger one.
Unfortunately these fags can't make a decision without my input of some sort. Not really sure why they got married in the first place, but whatever floats their boat.
"Hey! Facade buddy it's so good to see you. Have you lost weight?"
There's the unicorn it only took him ages. He's looking down at me, and the height difference is huge.
Sure I might have isolated myself since going to pony college, but I can at least nail an introduction.
"Ye-yeah, you too."
"I'll be right there.
"Come in, come in. What's in the paper bag you brought?"
Almost forgot about the heavy thing waiting for these two to answer the door.
"It's a party gift."
There she is a blue pegasus keeping the home front tidy.
"It's a melon. It's all the store had at the moment."
The forest green unicorn, my friend, Class Trip looks at me unamused.
"You know what. I think you ought to leave."
"What?! I just got here."
His magic easily enveloping my small earth pony body shoving me out the door.
"Trip you fag let go of me. Reeeee!"
The door slams shut.
. . .
What the absolute fuck.
Fine I'll knock until they actually explain what the hell is going on.
That made no sense at all.
That melon was fucking heavy. The price of being a fucking filly forever. At least it's in Equestria.
"Hey! Facade buddy it's so good to see you. Have you lost weight?"
"Trip you cocksucker why did you toss me out."
"I'll be right there."
"Occult Facade are you feeling okay?"
The brown bag with the melon is nowhere to be seen inside the place...
"You know what Trip. I could go for a shot of whatever drink you have in the bar."
Weird place for a really mini bar for a guy that didn't drink, but I can feel the headache that this night is going to be already.
"So, what did you guys do to my melon?"
Feeling weightless I can hear Trip say,
"You know what. I think you need to leave."
"No! Explain what is going on."
Tossing me out once more in the short hallway.
The door slams shut once more.
. . .
That's odd my melon is right where I left it.
I just sit stunned for a moment.
The elevator is still undergoing repair. It was a good thing I made it at the last second.
I'll knock on the door again, because something weird is going on.
The door opens.
"Hey! Facade buddy it's so good to see you. Have you lost weight?"
It's a groundhog's day effect...
The one time I really wished Twilight actually came. Or the crazy time pony whats her face. Hell even Fancy Pants.
"Are you okay? Come in, come in. I know there has been a little renovating, but nothing that shocking."
"I'll be right there."
"Grace, Trip. I have something important to say."
I can tell I'm going to be throughly sick by the end of this little misadventure.
"We are stuck in a time loop."
Kek, what a classic.
Still a better time loop than Reuben.
260199 260200

I've never really liked Piemations, but didn't some tranny faggots really do him dirty?
260205 260206 260207 260209 260210
I've still yet to figure out what it is exactly that you all want, but I think only a single (You) on my continuation green is pretty telling. You all just want one-offs for a while? I can do that.
260209 260215
I have one desire of everyone here. That is for there to be more of everything.
I want whatever (You) make Lone. Whether it's a comment, a shitpost, your art, your long form stories, a story idea, or a short green. I want it all.
I might not always reply to everything even now that I'm trying, but I do try to see, experience, and watch everything.
>continuation green
Speaking for myself, long greens can be awresome and take you for a hell of a ride, but i rather read a long finished green than an "ongoing" one that might never be finished (i myself are guilty of doing that)
Plus i have no idea what is it about didnt see the first post
I'm with Occult, I just like seeing that you're sticking around and being creative. As for why I personally don't reply, I just don't have much to say.
260215 260217
Stop namefagging without content ya fags

And last few small content deliveries of mine didnt get any replies, and i dont care, just the usual with the thread moving on, i dont need fags to reply to know that someone must've seen it, lurker or otherwise, and no comments are better than bland ones imo. That said, what ya said about getting no you's is no excuse, stop focusing on the (You) market so much and do what you want, what you like or where your inspiration takes (You) towards.
I love long greens. I just end up waiting until they are finished to read. I can't very well leave a (you) on something I haven't read. Just keep doing what you are doing.
I don't deserve that, but thank you.
I gotcha. I'm trying to care less about (You)s, but I still use them as a bit of a metric to judge what I think you guys want to see. I wasn't trying to be cynical when I was talking about only getting one, just... calculating.
Well, the first chapter of my green is technically done. If you consider that good enough, here's the bin: https://pastebin.com/aBuFQj0h. The writing quality improves, but there are far better greens you could devote your time to. If you haven't read it yet, you should go into the doc and check out ASSFAGGOT's green. It isn't complete, but it's set up in such a way that it doesn't need to be to be worth your time to binge. As for finishing my green in its entirety, I did make a promise with you all a while back that I'd finish it or die. Take that as you will.
If content is posted without names, why even bother with names at all? It's not like they're needed to keep track of which green is which with how slow the thread has been.
The person you're replying to clearly said "namefagging without content" not "content without namefagging." What are you talking about?
I know that much, I'm asking why namefagging should be bothered with because most people don't care when filly pics are posted without namefaggotry, so why not abandon namefaggotry altogether to stop the namefagging without content? In hindsight I should've been clearer about that
260225 260233 260247 260251
I don't namefag because I find the idea that someone would write a fake update for my story hilarious and I strongly encourage it.
That does sound pretty funny, plus anyone can become the namefag. It's not like everyone here constantly uses a tripcode.

So in general