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Archived thread

Anonfilly Thread - Filtration Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>253641 →
*scruffy thinks to himself*
"Tha's not a proper coffee filter, and tha's not a proper use of a coffee filter. Summin ain't right with the fillies." he says, smearing black soot under his eyes.
255965 256025
>>255957 →
Guess kys post were delet, oh. Apologies frend.

You missed a few spots.
Sorry the edit.
Thanks, shed pony. Don't roofie me and take one of my kidneys tonight please.
I'm here to pop this thread's content cherry! Time to take you all off that cliffhanger, it must suck having to keep your grip for over a day. Anyway, where we last left off, Twilight has Anon and Astra both trapped inside magic bubbles, and has called in an expert of sorts to find out if Anon's still himself in there! You all had some guesses as to who that expert could be, but only one of you was correct, and you'll find out now!
255972 255985

>... Pinkie?
>You turn around to get a firm answer to your tentative question
>When you do, you see that bubbly pink mare herself glanicng between you, Astra, and Twilight
>"Ooh, you even managed to bring it back too!"
>"Yeah, problem is it got Anonymous and I can't tell if she's still in there or not."
>Pinkie nods energetically before bouncing over to you and staring at you through squinted eyes
>You can't help but retreat a bit to the other side of the bubble, but you move back when you realize how that might hurt your chances of getting out alive
>"Nonny, is that you?"
"Last I checked, I'm still me. Only difference is, now I'm a lovecraftian monster."
>"Mmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Likely story, but I know that the REAL Nonny would've answered that her best friend Pinkie should already KNOW she's her!"
"Ohshitohshit- does this mean I messed up?"
>"Nah, I could tell that you're still you the instant I saw you! I just wanted to goof on ya, that's all."
>As you breathe a sigh of relief, Pinkie drops her overly serious expression for a more fitting grin and some mild laughter
>"Yep, it's Anonymous all right!"
>Twilight then lets out a sigh of her own before dropping you out of your bubble
>"Thanks, that's a load off my mind."
>"No prob, anything for a friend!"
>"Anon, if 'Astra' really didn't completely assimilate you, then why didn't you tell me?"
"I'll tell you if you start explaining some shit to me, like why I can see the inside of Pinkie's head!"
>"I'd think that if you can do that, you should already know the answer."
"But.... But when? How? If you didn't trust me, why do you trust her? How long has-"
>"I figure if you're going to have that many questions, then I might as well start from the beginning. It all started the last time I was at that base for research, and I brought Pinkie there for company. She also got infected by 'Astra', but unlike you, she was very up-front about it and even warned me about it. For the rest of the expedition, I kept her quarantined and monitored. She complied, nothing came up, and when we both came back, I kept her under even heavier observation for about six months. Again, nothing came up, so I just dropped it."
"That just leaves me with one more question."
"Pinkie, how did you get free of Astra's control? I'm only like this because of something that it said is a rare mistake to make unintentionally, and I have a hard time believing it happened twice."
>"Idunno! I was just trying to be friendly with it, but it got mad and then I got my body back!"
>This is when Astra interrupts the proceedings
>"I ͜rem̩o̩ved̳ y̲o̠u ̼from uș be̙cau̮s̝e ̥yo̰u w̖e͖re̻ ͉c̬ąu̢s̬in̙g ̺us ̖p̹h͚y̗s̫ḭcḁl ag̱o̝nỵ wi̖tḥ yoṳr constant c̜h̟a͙t̼te̯r ̲a̤n̩d͙ o͉utri̬ght re̖fu̩sal̜ t̝o join̬ pŗo͍perl͚y̜ intoͅ t̬h͜e̺ ̲c̻ol̗lect̮ive,̜ e͖șp̗e̲ci̜al̩l̠y ͍wͅith ̖you͙r ̨utte͙ra̠ņc̘e̪s ̣o͍f̳ ̙'̰l̡igh̝ten͜ ̼u͖p' ͕an̯d̦ ̺'let̘'s b̭e ̢f̭r̭ie͉n͇ds̥'̬.̜"
>"You haven't changed a bit, have you? Oh well, I'm so excited you're here now, so now you have to be my friend!"
>Astra releases a low, guttural growl before giving its retort
>"We'̢d̢ s͇oone̹r ̻pas͕s ̫into ͓e̦t̤e͉rn̹ițy͓ ̣tha̱n j̟oi͔n̩ y̯ou̝ ̯in͓ any̯ ͎wa̡y͉.̼"
>"I'll have to take you up on that, then."
255973 255985

>The bubble then begins to glow as Astra begins freaking out within
>After another second, it finally caves
>"A̺l̙r̝i̯ght,̡ c̝e̹a͓se!̯ ̘W̙e ͅsh̹a͙l̪l h̜umor̨ y̠ou ̫for̜ ̺t̳he time͜ b͙ei̡ng,̡ ̡so ̦end̬ ou͈r̫ ̲torm͍e͜ṉt̝!̧"
>"Wow, you really don't like heat. That temperature was still within known records of certain deserts, and you already found it unbearable. I'll have to write that down..."
>The bubble stops glowing and Twilight pops a clipboard and pen out of thin air to note down this information
>Astra takes some time to settle down again while she does, probably so it can stop itself from repeating the situation when Twilight spells out the deal
>"... Alright, you already know your two options. Either become a functioning member of pony society without assimilating or consuming anyone, or be removed from this mortal plane to save it from you. Make your choice."
>"I͔f ̳yo̳u̦ ar̤e̟ ̖g̫oi̱n̼g to͙ ̯m͓ak̜e ͜o̖u͈r ͖ḑea̳th̪ ̮a̬s̘ insu̼ff̫erab̬le̝ ̞as̠ ̮t̪h̙a̩t ̩'͓te͉s͖t̹'̘ o̺f ̻y̨o͓ur̥s̤,͈ ̗t͔he̦n͉ ̹we̜'l͔l̖ ͕ta͍ke̼ what̠ li̙f̼e we͙ can ̬get, ͙s̲i͜m̱pḷy ̺f̞or͉ t̲he ch̤anc͈e͚ ̰of̻ exact̠ing ̟r͇e̗v͍e̠n͈ge up͈on y̥o̥u."
>"If you really want to be let out, then that's not a good way to start."
>Astra stays silent for a few moments, but you can feel the impotent rage radiating off it as it mentally steels itself to do the one thing it never thought it would ever have to do
>"..̫.̣ P̼lea̜sͅe̲ ̹rͅe̼l̡e̫a̞se ̭me͜,̲ w͍e ̯a̯cc͇e̗p̻t ͙th̯e ter͙m͉s ̬a͈n̨d ̮wḭll a̙s̘s̬imil̫a̖te ̳in̝to you̘r̭ ̡s̼mall-m͚ind̲eḍ ̼sp̠e̯cie̮s̪ wit͈ho̰ut g̠i̟v̜ing ͓yoų all th͎e ̬blessi͔n̯g̘ ̖o̭f͖ u̹n̼i̞t̨y̪."
>"Mmmm... Idunno Twi, it didn't seem honest to me."
>"SI̤L̟E͈NC̭E,̢ P͉IN̲K͕ ͇T̹UM̘OR!̯"
>"And that's just plain rude!"
>Astra lets out a frustrated shriek, briefly exploding out into a mass of flesh more akin to what you first encountered in the snow before once again regaining composure
>"W̬e͎ hav͔e̦ ͜a͕lrea̮d͖y͚ a̲gͅr̜e̹ed̥ ̙t̞o̲ you͚r͖ te̻r̳ms͇ tw̗ic͉e,̰ ̥now͚ relḛas̩e us!̧"
>From what you can sense, Astra's telling the truth
"Twilight, let it go. Astra's definitely angry, but it's also telling the truth there. It's willing to go along with your plans. Not happy about it in the slightest, but if I know my interstellar parasitic hiveminds, they rarely are in situations like this."
>"It certainly doesn't seem like it, at least from what it's said."
"Well, how would you feel if you were off uh..."
>Well, the comparison you were going to use wouldn't quite work, given the heavily pacifistic norms here
"Hang on, I gotta think up a better comparison. Give me a moment."
>Twilight sighs before replying
>"Take your time."
>Which you do, but you don't take too much
"Okay, what if you found a massive library with every book ever written free to read, but when you pulled a book off the shelf, it immediately slapped you across the face before demanding you A: not read any of the books there, and B: submit to their authority and spend the rest of your life acting like a book under threat of death?"
>"I'd leave the library."
"Okay, now what if you were always inside the library and there's no way out?"
>"Look, I get what you're trying to say, but if 'Astra's really going to stay true to its word, then it should be able to at least make an effort starting now."
"Astra has made an effort by agreeing to your terms! It has submitted to the fact that it's not the be-all end-all of life, and that at least in this moment, you're stronger. Besides, even if Astra ends up going back on its word, you've got two of us here that can track down every last piece of it so that you can reduce them to ash before things get out of hoof."
>Twilight looks back to the bubble containing the still-fuming ponybomination before turning back to you
>"... Alright, but you're in charge of keeping track of it."
255974 255985

>Twilight then turns back towards the bubble, lowers it to the ground, and opens it up
>As Astra begins reforming completely into its disguised form, Twilight addresses it again
>"You know the deal; no killings and no assimilations and I don't incinerate you. Got it?"
>"We understand."
>As the manufactured voice's words ring across the silent landscape, you feel Astra's presence in your mind downgrade from full rage to a low simmer
>"Good. You'll be under Anonymous's supervision, and Anon-"
>Twilight turns to face you now
>"-you'll be under Pinkie's supervision. We'll get the details of how this will all work sorted out tomorrow, but I still need to know one thing."
>"Why didn't you tell me about Astra?"
>She didn't forget about that
"It's... It's not something I feel entirely comfortable saying out loud."
>"Then just think it to me, I'll hear it."
"Your telepathy works like that?"
>"It works with Pinkie, so if you can do telepathic communication, then it'll work with you."
>Okay then
Testing, can you hear me?
>Loud and clear!
Can anyone else hear me?
>You recieve silence on the other end, prompting you to look over at Astra and Pinkie
>When you do, you see that they're both very distracted
>Specifically, Pinkie's got Astra around the neck in a bear hug while explaining how they'll both become friends for real this time while Astra tries to force itself free
Never mind, then.
>So, what is it?
Well... As you know, when you turned me into... This, I ended up having to go through the other hoops of childhood like school. You ended up playing the part of my caretaker, but something still felt missing from all of it. I still appreciate everything you've done for me, but... I guess what I'm trying to say is, what's a childhood without a mother?
>Twilight recoils in surprise for a brief moment before she ultimately comes to a look of understanding
>So you made it promise to be your mother?
Yeah, it's kinda sad, I know.
>No, it actually makes sense in a way. I'm just sorry I didn't realize it sooner, otherwise we might not be in this mess! I guess I can work that into the plan, so you don't have to worry.
Thanks for understanding, Twi.
>Now, how about we get those two in on the plan as it stands?
You're not telling them I told you, right?
>We ̼c̤o̹uld̨ h͉ęa̠r ͓ṯhe w̲h͎o̱l̙e tim͈e̖,̝ b̻utͅ t̠h̟e̠ ̞p̪in̯k ͓one̙ ̩is̩ liͅke̺ly͎ d͉e̲a̞f͎e͕nͅe͙d ḅy̭ her o͖w̠n̰ ̺wͅord͈s͙.̖
>Nope, I can hear it too! Don't worry though, I pinkie promise not to tell.
"Then I might as well have just said it out loud, huh?"
>"Maybe, but that saves part of the explanation. You and Astra stay together as you keep track of it and Astra plays the role of your legal guardian, Pinkie keeps track of you both and tells you two anything you need to know about your body and pony society respectively, and I handle everything administrative and any necessary disciplinary measures! We'll work out the rest tomorrow, but for now I'm tired. Pinkie, Anon, Astra's in your hooves."
>Twilight punctuates her speech with a yawn before heading inside to bed, leaving you and Astra under Pinkie's care
255975 255976 255982
And as always, like/comment/subscribe/dislike/shitpost/whatever, interaction is always the high point of my day and having input to take into consideration always helps me improve!
Liked, commented, subscribed, disliked, shitposted, and whatevered
Liked. It deserves a second reading.
1971212__safe_artist-colon-plunger_oc_oc-colon-filly anon_oc only_alcohol_angry tears_beer_beer bottle_booze_bottle_earth pony_female_filly_pony.jpeg
>inb4 derpi source
>inb4 phoneposting
I miss you fillies and I thought, what better way to express that than by being a debbie downer at 2AM? On with the show.

>day 1000-somesuch innaquestria
>you look outside and see snow
>lots...and lots...of snow
>the sheer, blinding whiteness of the rural town in winter is aggravating even after over two winters here
>you sit at the storm windows of your little shack, barely able to make out a single detail of the environment outside
>at least the insulation inside is good enough to stay comfy, but the real problem is the thoughts this snow evokes
>some time ago, you were in a more populous region, still somewhat small but fairly active
>you were one of the first fillies, but you stayed silent, only engaging once the other fillies started forming their groups, like their Discord Hellspawn and Twimom Babby social circle
>you never stood out, but one filly in particular inspired you to try entertaining others
>they led by example with edgy shitposts mixed with honest hints of leadership, advocating fillies to create a sovereign nation, offering troop-based skirmish advice
>you were more a humble storyteller and comfyposter
>neither of you reached a very large crowd, but it didn't matter

>you pour a mug of tea and sneak in some liquor, wrapping back up as you sit in bed
>that time's passed
>you never took pictures, or wrote a journal, or anything
>you kept no memento, thinking the memories would keep you going
>months of hard labor as a young mare have distracted you from that memory
>what was that little legionary runt's name?
>where was that silly birthmark, was it her front or rear left leg?
>all lost
>no point returning to Ponyville or even searching the Discord Hellspawns' hub for her
>if she's still around she's probably moved on anyway - hell, if she even remembered your unoriginal rambles of yesteryear, she probably has better ironpills to keep going
>no, it's too late now
>nobody knew you to begin with, not like forgetting you would be all that hard
>you take a long swig, swallowing a large portion of your spiked drink
>even now you are utterly unremarkable even among the couple-dozen people on yhis dirt road
>if you died in your sleep, the shopkeeper and the dog breeder would be fine again in mere days
>you're just another disgruntled anon
>soon enough even the disgruntled part will fade from public memory

I miss vidme. Sorry.
I guessed right. What do I win?
At least Pinkie isn't alone anymore.
I haven't been here all that long not compared to everyone else. I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I'm willing to listen.
256007 256051
>Anonfilly awakes with a note and an uncomfortable bulge.
-Here's some extra kidneys take good care of them I'll want them back later, but I'm out of room even with all my animals. ~Love, Fluttershy
>I shouldn't have taken those sleep aids.
>Heh aids.

256051 256143 256184
I would read the fuck out of a JTHM/Squee filly and Fluttershed story
>Filly w/ abusive and/or neglectful Twimom is sitting in bed
>Window opens, revealing a bleeding Fluttershy
>Asks if she can use filly's medical cabinet to disinfect her wounds
>Later saves filly's ass from a pedophile because Twilight is too busy off drinking to give a shit, etc.

256028 256036 256038
I want to use her as a punching bag while she slowly suffocates, strikes slowly getting harder as I watch the light leave her eyes
You’re a based and redpilled guy.
256040 256075

But isn't filly (you)?
Why do you think I want it so much?
256041 256067
Do I need to break out my counter-images?
No u
Imagine doing that with a babby
Anon my friend I don't think a baby can be poured through the underwear overwear? like coffee. It could be that I'm not trying hard enough
>foal labor
I didn't know filly was stuck in an Asian factory.
>Put babby in panties
>Wait a bit
Ly as in (Lee) in Anonfilly
256084 256276
I hope I only disappoint a little bit instead of alot.
>"Hey, hey, hey stay outta my shed."
>I'm sure it's a prerecorded message.
>I knock again it's polite to knock first. Especially when I first came to Equestria.
"It's me. Anonfilly, Remember it's me Ly?"
>I feel a hoof tap on my shoulder.
>It's Shy this time.
>"Oh, Ly I know Twilight is off solving friendship quests, and I'm glad you really do respect my boundaries too..."
>"But could you please? Maybe just join me for tea? We need to talk."
"A tea party? With you? Yes!"
>This'll be the first bite I had to eat in a while.
>Twilight is always so exhausted since summoning me.
>Sometimes she forgets to cook
>or even eat
>or stock the fridge
>or lock the doors
>or me...

>I love tea time with my now favorite pony in the whole wide world.
>Twilight will always be in my top twenty list.
>The fresh blood decorating walls in a language that was honestly a bit too detailed always gives off a cozy feeling now.

>I first met Flutter a few months ago.
>Twilight's dead asleep with barely a word as a good night.
>Few things could wake her.
>Hearing my door in my room creek open I thought it was Mo-Twilight it wasn't.
>Fluttershy all bloodied, and ruffled looks at me slightly crazed.
>I nod toward the bathroom.
>Little strange, but nothing concerning.
>Despite sharing the same extremely large bed the books form a hard wall between me and my purple m- co- ... Twilight
>Talking too loudly might wake up Twilight, and she always needs her strength.
>Fluttershy shambles into the bathroom.
>The door opens again this time a stallion, at full mast.
>Opening my mouth to scream to warn of a stranger
>a book magically flies into my mouth.
>It could be the earth pony rapist, or Twilight.
>I give it a fifty-fifty chance of either.
>He whispers
>"Give me a good time and nopony get's hur-"
>His blood drips down on me, but not the book
>coating the walls.
>Something terrible has just been avoided.
>"I swear you pissed the bed on my books, an' chewed- zzzz."
>I saw my savior with goo, and several bandages.

>The tea is quite good.
>The cookies are heavenly, so are the fingerling sandwiches.
>"Good, good you didn't see anything."
"What if I did? I didn't, but hypothetically."
>"Would you tell anypony else?"
"Mnmn no way I promised I wouldn't."
"Plus you're my best friend."
Uh oh, someone spilled lemonade and babby is sitting in it

256060 256061 256066 256116
I know I'm not unique asking this question, even among the pony fandom, but I've been really preoccupied about this: anyone else here feel like this thread, even /mlpol/ at large, is either getting put on the chopping block soon or just fading out of its frequenters' psyche? Even my time writefagging recently feels like a distant memory...
>getting put on the chopping block soon or just fading out of its frequenters
It might be. But this place caters to me.
I miss movie night.
256063 256064
I feel it too Anon, we all feel it...
Despite the discordfags' attempts to say that we're full of shit, we've been slowing for a while. Don't give up hope just yet though, Pupper is working on some fancy new updates to the site code that'll make it not require a supercomputer to have open all the time, once the new site gets rolled out I have a bit of faith that the ease of access will reel in a few passers-by. In the mean time, all we can do is pray for content and interesting things to happen.

>le dicksword boogeyman
Don't make this into an "us vs them" thing, we're all in this together.
It's been as clear to me as it has to you that the thread's been slowing for a while, I'd say ever since we got booted off /mlp/. Regardless of why things have slowed, it's important that we make the best of our time here for as long as we can. Squabbling and fighting among ourselves would be an awful way to go down, wouldn't you agree?
>We're all in this together
Except for the sequestered Discord cloister whom only descends from on high to defend their monastery, or some shit.
You get the smug satisfaction of having outperformed my pea of a brain!

I know I'm not leaving this site anytime soon, but I can't exactly speak for others. At least with the ride being officially over, only those of us willing to keep it going well will be left, right? I better not be the only one pushing, that's for sure
God, me too. I miss being in 27's mlpol discord server despite knowing I didn't really belong. I miss writefagging regularly, even stupid crack ships like Spy x Rarity, and not being so burnt out. I miss making videos for an audience of mere dozens, then getting a donation from someone who was much the same. I miss raids, I miss making fun of CWC and snort burnell, I miss making my stupid Fluttershy voice, I miss dramatically reading Country Bears fetish fanfiction with friends, I miss...the internet I grew up on.

I haven't seen the inside of the server in awhile but I'm just sick of trying to argue about it. It doesn't matter anymore. I just want the old web and all those I lost along the way as it came crashing down. I'm sick of fighting and being wrong or right.
>I just want the old web and all those I lost along the way as it came crashing down. I'm sick of fighting and being wrong or right.
Man, I wasn't even part of the old web to even know what's going on, but I want it back too.
256074 256076 256212 256347 257511
I couldn't sleep and remembered that Lunarshine gave me a code for 10% off of a purchase due to a late delivery. I have no use for it myself, but one of you might and I figured you might have some fun here. I did my best to make sure all of the questions were challenging enough and most couldn't just be googled (aside from the obvious) so I think it'll pose a worthy challenge.
If I get an email from one of you and there are no winners listed on the site, you're all disqualified and I'll just post it in a thread on one of mlpol's boards for whoever uses it first. The code is listed as expiring on the first of February 2019, but as it didn't ship out until December I'm sure that's a typo.
I know the answers to 6, 10, and 11 in case anyone needs help with those specifically.
Wouldn't this mean we should post as much abuse as possible to make sure it never happens?
Only number 9 correct.
>Ms. Cheerilee pauses, setting down the chalk to speak.
>"That’s an interesting topic for discussion Anon. Why don’t you start us out?"
>The filly begins to sweat nervously as her teacher disappears into the storage closet where the paddle is kept.

Kinda confused at the middle part when the rapist comes out of nowhere, but I definitely enjoyed it
>tfw no yandere momfu to attack any other mares that try to come close to you
>tfw you now have a stallion teacher
Harvey, if you see this is their anywhere private i can ask you something?
/mlpol/ has been dying for a while. It's got half the posts per day it did a couple years ago
How do you know it's lemonade?
>"How you like our new home 'nonny?"
>"I made sure we'd stay close enough to Ponyville so you didn't lose your friends and we can still throw parties with them!"
>"Ya' know. Your grandfather always said 'Pinkie! One day if you want foals of your own, you're gonna have to settle down with a stallion!' But look at me- no! US, now! My very own filly with none of the boring stuff before it!"
>"What boring stuff? Er... maybe that's a 'party' I'll explain to you when your older 'nonny. For now lets get you to school so you can see your friends! Or even check out your special somepony friend~ They'll definitely be there today~"
>"Snrk I didn't know, you just told me silly!"
>"Oh it's alright 'Nonny, you can love whatever pony you want, I'll still love you no matter what you silly filly!"
>"There's my big filly's smile!"
>"Of course you can ask me a question sweetie! Pinkie has got the answers!"
>"My special somepony? I don't got one silly."
>"Oh... well, I haven't thought about it. I mean, that Cheese Sandwich colt was fun to hangout with, but he's not my type, neither is Big Mac, but ol' AJ is likely to make me regret trying HIM."
>"You want a daddy huh?"
>"No? Then why'd you-"
>"Anypony... what do you- oh 'nonny! C'mer and give momma a hug!"
>"You're such a sweet filly! Momma is so lucky to have somepony like you in her life!"
>"Well, we're here, I'll see you when you get home, and remember smooch momma loves you~! Now go play with your friends!"
>Pinkie hops back home happily after watching for Anonfilly to get inside the school first.

256121 256123
>"Oh Celestia, right there! Ah ah, oh my goodness keep going! Don't stop! S-Such a good filly, oh Celestia you're SUCH a good filly! I-I'm close! Keep going! NNNAH~! KA-CRACK" Spitfire's eyes roll back and tongue rolls out as you crack her wing joints after a long day. "Oh godess~"
>She groans her head laying on it's side.
>You begin to gently apply the slightest pressure in needed areas to her back, electing small groans and and pleased moans.
>Living with your mom and aunt Aloe and Lotus has gotten you to learn were to apply pressure to help relieve pain and stress from ponies like Spitfire.
>That Rainbow Dash mare could really use it.
>"G-Gah, holy Celestia's teats did I need this." She says as her wings begin to shake as they try to stretch out more than possible in the pleasure. "Kid, how'd you like a job as a Wonderbolt service member?"
>You flap your small wings so you can get onto her back, you walk around on it, wings still flapping, so you can mediate your weight to just enough for pleasure, not too much to cause pain.
>You hum idly as you continue your work.
>Ponies say all sorts of things when you're working on them like this all the time.
>"Y-Yeah, oh work on that spot, mmm. Yeah, you work your little HOOfy magic on the team, and I'll pay you."
>"Yeah, I'd say abOwt, mhnm, forty a hour?"
>That does sound really good, but again. Massage crazy.
"I'm comfortable were I am, thank you for the offer."
>"Eh, you're proahbably better off. M-iiee!-luck, somepony will think you offer happy endings." She says with a snicker.
>You gently whisper.
"Only to the mares I like."
>There's silence as you let that hang, before letting out a giggle.
>She laughs.
>"H-Had me there for a minute kid. Thought today would be going another direction!"
>You just giggle quietly.
>Eventually after thirty more minutes of work you're done on the mare.
>She slowly stands up, her wings again shaking as they try to stretch more than possible.
>"Mmmmnhnn~! Celestia do I feel good! Thanks kid, again, the offer still stands. Ever want to be a Wonderbolt service member, hit me up." She says before trotting to leave.
"Have a good day~"
>"You too."

>You stand before the ruined world.
>"Remember your training, Anon."
>You look back at Pinkie, her long deflated mane flowing in the wind.
>You nod.
>Reaching for your long useless weapon, you channel the raw magic of the earth into your hoof.
>At first doing something like this would be enough to make you scream, but the pain is dulled after months of practice.
>You pull the pistol out of its holster.
>The small magazine is removed, and you take your precious bullets out one by one, counting them.
>One for the Sun Tyrant.
>One for the Moonlord.
>One for the Mother, and one for the whore.
>And one for the bookhorse.
>The rest will have to fall to your hooves.
>"Good luck, Nonny. If anypony can do it it's you."
>You load the rounds back into the pistol and stick your old beanie on your head.
>A memento of times long past.
>For a moment you feel angry at Pinkie for even implying that you could fail, your teeth clenching.
>But then you realize that it's the first glimmer of hope you've heard her proclaim in years.
>You holster your weapon once again, let your faux fingers shrink back into your hoof, and give your mother a hug.
>And of course she returns it.
Anon, I... I can only get so comfy.
>"Anon, I'm not entirely sure what this 'anime' is, but you can't write your report on it unless you can convince me it has some literary merit."

Please (Anon Only).png
>"Myeeem, don't you want me to learn about different cultures? Diversity is our strength after all."

>this filly has a death wish
256131 256132
I think there is a minor misunderstanding.
Let's the fillies to relax.
>Pony Town
Is it even a game yet, or is it still a glorified chat program?
Was it ever supposed to be more than that?
256137 256141
It didn't have any building elements the last I checked.
256138 256141
Maybe the real town... was the friends we made along the way

Now I want a Filly Crossing game
256144 256156
I get that reference
This image has been posted to filly thread before, plus they literally named JTHM/Squee in the post. Congrats, you put 2 and 2 together. Actually that's not quite accurate, you wrote "2+2" down, then got the calculator out to figure it out.
256146 256269 256275

256269 256275

Hunh, that would actually work out fairly well...
Extraordinarily well infact. All of fillies antics in greens could infact be portayed as that style, and could have seperate 'dimentions' so each time is slightly different.
One time you could get bitch Twilight, and another it's the short comfy green Purple.
The only problem is making everything.


256168 256275 256313

256270 256275 256313 257843
jailbait filly.png
256275 256313

256275 256313

256185 256189
Nny is my weakness, i felt compelled to translate the first issue into an anonfilly story

Since it's a bit big, here's a pastebin and a poner
>A bit big
Nigga that's only 69 lines, you can format that into green and fit it in a couple of posts.
It would fit into two posts but i spent all day reading and my eyes hurt
Ugh, fine... I'll do it for you you lazy faggot. Because it's good and not enough people will read it if it isn't posted here directly.
It'd beautiful Anon. It's a great green.
I hope you feel better soon.
That's actually..Very kind of you anon, thank you a lot
Y-you too
>It is the middle of the night, the darkness is all-consuming.
>A door creaks open, showing the silhouette of a filly carrying around a plush bear.
"Spike? I heard a noise" she whimpers, sacredly, her eyes still trying to make out the forms which lay dormant upon the bed in front of her.
>The dragon ignored her, his sleep undisturbed. You are honestly not sure why, of all creatures, asking spike for help seemed like a good idea.
>He was obviously not waking up.
>In fact, this one time you decided to dress him up in a cute dress and play pretend with him, and he did not wake up in the entirety of the night!
>His sleeping skills were something to envy.
>Regardless, the tiny dragon lays dormant and a fearful filly firmly pressed the bear plushie against her chest fluff.
"Come on, Fushy, mommy twilight will help us"
>Making her way through the darkness, the filly arrives at a tall wooden door, almost too tall to open considering her short stature.
>Right behind such door, twilight's reading room presented itself engulfed by darkness if not for the desk lamp illuminating whatever book twilight was reading now. Twilight just sat there, back turned towards the room's only exit, the illumination giving her a sinister look.

>The filly hesitates
"Twilight, I'm scared, I heard noises!"
>An uncomfortable suspense follows for a few seconds, only broken by the filly's own words
Immediately, a tired voice on the edge of anger replies emulating a calm tone.-
>"Anon, you just moved into your new room. You’re just not used to its sounds"
>Anon was ready to explain to her- To Twily how a good night's sleep is essential for any developing young foal such as her, in fact-
>"I'm busy right now, studying. That's all I seem to do now, I haven't smiled once since you came into my life. Go to sleep."
>That was…Rude, you even forgot what you were supposed to say and for some reason it made you feel guilty. Stupid filly body messing up your emotions, and stupid twilight and stupid monsters…
"Yes twily"
>was all she said before leaving the room.
>Back where she started, she laid hesitant.
>Her room's door was tall and imposing, somehow it made her feel even smaller. Looking down at her plushie, the filly scrunches and inflates her chest fluff; even if temporary, she manages to build-up some courage and with a valiant swing, she opens the door to her room, revealing…

>A broken window
>There is a broken window
>In her room
>So there really is some kind of eldritch pony horror lurking around her room in the middle of the night
>She freezes, letting out a whimper “mommy”
>A sudden CRacK snaps her out of her trance, muscles clenched around her bear plush
"The bathroom, Fushy. There's something in the bathroom"
>On a slow march towards the bathroom door, she releases the tight grip from the plush, looking into its empty eyes.
"Let's be brave, Fushy-"
>Almost as if interrupted by an inaudible voice, the filly annoyingly scrunches
"No, it's not stupid to open the door…Besides what am I supposed to do, wait for the fucker to murder me on my sleep? Nuh-huh not on my watch"
>Despite the words of bravery, her trembling legs gave away her fear, after all she was just a helpless filly and whatever pony fuelled eldritch hell was waiting behind that door was probably looking forwards to crush, kill, destroy… Or, even worse, boop her!
>She let out a smirk, it was thoughts like these that kept her not so terrified, somewhat.
>Collecting her courage, the filly slowly raises her hoof, she turns the doorknob and sightly opens the door-
>She falls back with a cute whimper, falling on her back and instinctively covering her belly with her tail, the door bursts open revealing a frustrated Fluttershy shouting at a tube of toothpaste she's squeezing angrily.

>Upon realizing there was now a little filly with a terrified look on her face watching her from the ground, the yellow mare soon seizes her rage-fuelled search.-

>"Oh hello anon"
>The previous frustration on her voice seems to be replaced by kindness as she hides the toothpaste behind her back.
>You cannot help but feel a small relief in knowing it was not a monster, but that kind-hearted pony that is Fluttershy, rummaging through your bathroom In the middle of the night screaming like a maniac just after breaking through your window.
>On the other hand, she looked…Different somehow, and you are still feeling your legs trembling as you try to sit down and let a few words escape your mouth
>"Sorry anon, I don't mean to intrude but. Where do you keep the bactine? You see, some of this blood is mine"
Despite opening her mouth, only a whimper comes out as anon realizes the mare in front of him is in fact covered in blood like right now. Blood, like real blood, last time you saw that stuff was this one time twilight came back home with a nosebleed, but you never saw this much blood like ever. An uneasy feeling starts to grow; suddenly a monster doesn't seems so bad.
>"Wait, I found it..Yeah that's it."
>The whole time, the yellow pony was still searching, undisturbed by the filly.
>She popped open the bottle of disinfectant and generously emptied its contents over her bruised body.
>The yellow mare looks back at you with a surprised expression that quickly devolves into a smile.-
>"Hey, you got a new bear plush? How adorable, what's his name?"

"T-that's Fushy"
>You can't help but stutter as the mare steps closer to pick up the teddy-bear
>"Well hello there, Fushy! Nice to meet you, I am Hhy."
>"So you are Anon's little friend huh? Well you certainly are an adorable little bear oh yes you are, yeees you are"
>Despite the freakish nature of the situation, the utter silliness of that baby-talk makes you ease-up a bit. You blame it on those damn filly hormones or whatever messing up with your brain, you know pretty well that there is something very fishy happening here.
>You're also pretty sure that for a second, the mare's expression went from a smile to a look of pure hatred holding your teddy but before you could point it out she gave it back to you.
>"Um, it's getting late, I should go now."
>As you proceed to tightly hold the plush against your chest, Hhy just proceeds to walk back up to the window.

>"Sorry about the window, I noticed it was locked…That's not very kind of you please-don't-lock-it-ever-again"
>You didn't catch that last part all that well but-
>"It's been nice talking, thanks for the disinfectant, bye"
>The mare climbs up the window, rushing a goodbye before taking off, and quickly flying away.

>Your muscles relax, were you clenching your muscles the whole time?
>For some reason a slight feel of panic starts growing on your chest, soon enough you're forced to do what any frightened filly does best
>You let out a shriek with all your strength as you completely empty your bladder-
>Soon enough your cry is acknowledged by an equally high, yet much angrier cry
>You will most likely spend that restless night alone in your bed.

Translated it into greentext format, gave it universal quotations and fixed a few errors like Flutters being referred to as green at one point.
Here's the pastebin for archival: https://pastebin.com/VBRyZFe2
Fight Club
is a dead commie
peanut butter jelly time
256222 256226
>No Little League
>No Peppermint
Have we strayed so far from the light?
I bet space horse is dreaming of anon pussy from inside that helmet
256227 256228 256232
Taking requests.
>Little League

Filly swimming.
fillymancer surrounded by ghostly fillies that float around spookily like the ghost players in Crawl
256230 256233
Do you think part of why we don't have as many writefags is that it's a hell of a lot less likely to get something from a green drawn these days?
I don't see any connection between draws and a decrease in greens/writes. I never wrote intending to see draws of my stuff.
Filly going back in time to stop Twinet.
256234 256248 256255 256322
I think the major reason is that there aren't a lot of interesting scenarios to write about anymore, it's all been done pretty much. Though I'm still waiting for filly in G1.
I admit to feeling this sentiment personally. I mean, it's getting hard to come up with anything unique or interesting in concept or execution relating to filly.
>it's getting hard to come up with anything unique or interesting
Here it is.
Creativity must come a natural and easy manner.

256239 256254

I don't know, Lone did some unique stuff near the end even if his story was mainly by the books. Hard to say if he'll return though.
>it's all been done pretty much
Don't let that stop you, you just have to see what everybody has seen and think what no one has thought.
Le watery and moist spookist!
That poor sea monster not knowing it is going after Anonymous the Anonfilly.
While trading the same ground can be the same sometimes it's how it's executed that matters most.
256258 256259 256263 256274 256275 256322
It is intresting to note that in the last thread we had this guy that wrote huge amounts of words in a short time in a novel format but I onl read like the first few posts and barely gave him any (you)s. And nobody else really gave him the attention he deserves.

The truth is that a wriitefag needs attention to continue to exist if you do not give them that, and specially new ones, they will disappear. Tbh, that is what happened to ASSFAGGOT I think. HE stopped getting (you)s when he posted and therefore didn't come out of hiatus.

If you care about thisthreads writefagging, the best thing you can do is to nag the people that write into writing more.

You don't have to shower them in praise but in attention. This is the key.
So many times were I just wrote oneshots thinking that I would be done with it only to
have a bunch of fags wanting more, and me not wanting to disapoint, wrote more.

Lone15, why are you not posting anymore? Is it because you are an ugly danish person. "Ugh, look at me when I talk it sound like a got my mouth filled with porridge.

Anwway, here some filly nonsense. Give me attention if you want more or I won't post more.

A rainbow zigzagged between the different clouds and a green lightning, with a smaller black one in th middle of it, followed it. The rainbow beam dove in a smooth arch downwards while the green beam did an upwards loop before it dove down after the rainbow one.

The rainbow beam slowed down and soon one could see that it was actually a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane, whose name was Rainbow Dash but you already knew that. She looked behind her and spotted a green growing quickly from a small dot in the horizon to a little itty bitty filly shitty.

The filly tried to opened her wings but notice that the wind tugged her out of balance so
with a scared face, that RD caught, she returned her wings to a flat aerodynamic position.

As RD grinned and flew to the side, the winds of the filly swooshing by where RD had previously been in the air made RD's mane and tails blow to the side.

RD followed the filly with her gaze. She was about to fly after her but then she saw that the filly had stopped shrinking away in the distance. The filly flapped her wings like somebody who was preserving ice-cream in the desert with a folding fan would. As she flew she looked away, clenched her jaw and shut her eyes.

The filly flew like this breifly before she felt two hooves around her shoulder and then how she was pulled with these hooves downwards as she began to spin. She folded her wings the moment she realized what was happening and after a few rolls in the air, she noticed how somepony carried her by hugging her tightly against its chest. She heard the familiar sound of wings flapping that a pegasus made when they were only trying to remain in the air. She opened her green eyes and which meet the red ones of RD.

RD had a restrained grin on her face and her eyes were half-lidded. Filly looked away with a grumpy look.


Don't actually doo what I told you, >Don't give me (you)s, because I have annoter project for this site that I want to write so therefore I do not to start a project here. I was mostly just whining at myself and you. But I stand by that (you)s is what writefagging lives and dies on.[s/]

256260 256275 256510
There's only so many ways you can suck a writefag's dick until it becomes repetitive.
256260 256274 256275 256510
It is obvious that if you want more you can always just ask for more
But it is also worth nothing that sometimes a writefag doesn't feels like writting, to force oneself to write when really really not wanting to will most likely lead to a burnout or creative blockage.

It is important to give some attention, sure, but in the end no writefag owes anything to it's public and he or she an pretty much drop his stuff at any time
Thought it is still sad when a great fic gets abandoned
256274 256275
>You don't have to shower them in praise but in attention.
Not praise. Just say what you think or anything.
But that not even what is happening here. The newfag in the last thread was did not get some much praise so that the praise ittself became redundant.
What I mean to sya is that I think the lurkers and such owes the writefags or contentfags attention otherwise I think they should stop whining about the thread dying. Because obviously.

256274 256275
I think it's less that writefags crave attention and more that attention guilt trips them into writing more. If they're writing for fun or just to get an idea out they dont feel obliged to keep writing for the sake of writing but if they have a clear audience hungry for the next installment than that is the key reason to write and update more often
Hm. Biter filly might make an amusing one-shot. Or two-shot. Too much of a one-note gag to carry a story all on its own for very long.
256273 256275
>"Anon, we've gone over this. You can't use double negatives. A negative negates the other negative."
"That's not no problem?"
>Twilight's eye twitches.
>"YES, it's a problem! It leads to ambiguity, confusion, and ponies will think you're dumber than you are!"
"There ain't no way it's bothering nopony."
>A scowl spreads on her face.
>Her horn lights up and a bar of soap pops into existence beside her.
>With a scream, the filly runs.
"I didn't do nothing wrong! I didn't do noth-glblblbglb!"
256275 256510
Like all writing, mine comes from the subconscious absorption of information as media is consoomed. To say I did much unique is a bit of an overstatement, I just spun it in slightly different ways.
I’m not Danish, ree... you post from a different country one time, and you’re a smelly Legolander for life. Keep in mind ASS likely isn’t ded, just in a longer hiatus than normal. I’ve had some contact with him since he fell silent here, and keep in mind that long fucking hiatuses are kind of his schtick at this point.
It’s a bit pretentious to say the writefag is owed anything. Just like the humble lurker, he does it for free(TM). The fact that he could stop at any time like >>256259 said doesn’t make his words any more precious to those who don’t enjoy the story, so saying that he is owed (You)s is a bit silly imo.
I don’t know about the others, but I have an unhealthy desire for attention. The way I see it I’ll be working in this thread on and off until it no longer exists, so I’ve got a bit of time to finish up old concepts. Except for Lab Filly, that concept is dead with the cyoa format.

256276 256510
Excellent job.


>Responds to everyfilly giving (You)s because I have nothing to add, but agree with all points to some degree.
Sometimes writefagging or contentfagging is bumped off the list of important things to do, due to circumstances in real life.
256278 256283
You forgot >>256051
He inspired me to write with his post despite me not being a writefag.

256279 256283
I think Occult didn’t respond to him because he is Occult.
S-shit i screwed up
I've been found out!
>Ywn eat waffles made with love by momma Twilight in your jammies
Why live?
256308 256316
>Why live?
The answer is to no longer live. We'll all meet each other innaquestria, because I'm feeling the magic tonight.
256309 256316
"It's time for the lottery."
>You pick up the .44 magnum revolver, load in a single round, and spin the cylinder like a big, dangerous fidget spinner; just like the fucking autist you are.
>You put the thing up to your temples, the lustrous steel carrying a glint from your computer screen in the pitch blackness of your room.
>You sigh in relief.
>And then you become angry.
>Why is that relieving? You want to be there, with your loving momfu Twilight, far better than any human parent.
>You pull back the hammer and pull the trigger once more.
>In your rage, you press it three more times.
>Well, the next shot would get you for certain.
>"Wait! Stop!"
>You don't even question where the voice is coming from, just that it's trying to take away your salvation.
>In your underused voice you manage to slur out a drunken mumble.
"Why should I? I've half a mind to turn this damn thing on you."
>"Because, you're already dead."
>You laugh, and then look down at your lap.
>Six fucking feet down to your lap.
>"You shot yourself three bullets ago, the passing just didn't allow you to hear it."
"Then how am I holding the gun?"
>"You're not, just a copy. I'll give you your old body back for the day and a case of ammunition. If you can take down sixteen pesky people I've been itching to bump off for a while before midnight on Thursday, then you will be the sole soul to make its way to Equestria."
>"Fail, and you die permanently. Or, I could give you your old life back with a shot of redemption."
>You feel the grin stretching across your mismatched and dirty yellow teeth.
"Where's the ammunition?"
>You pull back the hammer and pull the trigger once more
Do you know ground ponies can't pull a trigger?
Not a pony yet, it was implied that comes after the murders.
My mistake.
Bad filly! No lood!
Is she crying? Is this legitimate >rape?
Knowing the drawfag's other work, it's probably legitimate rape.
256316 256317 256318 256319 256320
Whata green.
Death tries to come for all. Equestria will wait for you however long it takes my friend, in moments to hundreds of years. Time is folded to the most optimum.
You've taken the first steps to healing, and becoming even stronger than what they could ever imagine. Here's a (You) my friend. Let us not sow divisions now, but later when the stakes we are in subside with the efforts we put in. Harmony, and friendship will come give it time and shitposts.
256322 256328 256338
The thread's been dying because we moved to a dead board, so quit angrily shouting into the void
retard alert
>I hate anyone not doing what I wish
You are missing the point of chan culture anon.
UNADULTERATED AUTISM doesn't give a shit about what the rest is doing.
Relax poner.
256328 256330 256338 256510
Here's the thing, rarely I made greens from ideas of my on back on 4/chan, instead taking ideas from the ongoing discussion and making them into larger one shots, or continuing ongoing content, from one shot greens from others like the song of heart and from pics and then making a story for them something that happened to pic related.
If you get a drawing for a green or a green for a drawing it doesn't really matter can't say for sure on the second as I'm not a drawfag, it is good to know you inspired someone but shouldn't be what drives one to do something. (You)s are easy to get and nice, but forced ones are meh, to me those are as bland as getting no (You)s, the best are ones questioning parts of the green, debating what happened, saying something the found interesting in it, what ifs...overall just discussing the green itself or points around it. Having fags try and dig more from something you've made is the hypest drug, although I know people who are more than happy to just get a "nice" and "more" for (You)s

If a green(which isnt even a green as you aren't using >) starts after a normal post ya may want to add a few ----- to separate them in the post

Also I think this belongs to you: (You)

>"We dindu nuffin, blame the board."
Yes, history surely did not repeat itself like every other thread before this that got a discord, it couldn't possible be at fault, noo...

I mean, the sense of urgency coming from the word "dying" sure pushes more posts but a slow thread is not necessarily proof of a dying anonfilly.
256338 256357
Yeah especially considering his post was at 1AM PST. Literally every American user with a job was sleeping when he decided to be a faggot.
256332 256337 256338
>get kicked out of the board where we originated
>move to a seekrit club board that splintered from it
>board has several threads with no new posts for days, even months
>become surprised when our thread slows down as well and start to ree at dicksword about it
seems legit
I know this site's slow and has a really high page limit, but I can't believe that one on its face.

Otherwise, straight facts
Not as many threads with no posts for months, but there still are some.
Clearly you weren't here when we first came here, the thread was faster than it had been for a year on /mlp/
>start to ree at dicksword about it
This just screams of a discord faggot, sure we’re a slow thread but completely ignoring the issue and saying that a large and active server (when last I left anyways) is not slowing down the thread at all is folly.
>Ad hominem
Not even the same guy here, but this is still a pol board. Act like it.
Based Brazilfiller. I would follow you to hell and back with wise words like that.
It looks more like he’s talking about hating only the discordfags and people in his life. The discord is understandable, but what has the thread done recently to deserve such a hatred?
Why give him the time of day if he were wrong? Sounds like a long snouted filly is trying to blend in with the rest of us.
This is cute. I’m sorry that nobody has been giving you (You)s recently, but that Rick and Morty filly truly was an abhorrent concept that had no right to exist.
>ad hominem
>implying I didn't make a point in the post and the only word I said was "faggot"
fuck off
>Top five sharks
>Number five.
>The shark tank.
>I was disappointed there was no sharks or tanks, but they seem to be very famous.
>number four
>Pawn sharks.
>Again, there were no sharks, but there was alot of fat people, so there's a good chance the sharks are still on the way.
>Number three.
>Loan sharks.
>These sharks were hard to find, but when I did they gave me money. They'd be higher on the list, but they broke my legs later.
>Number 2.
>Baby sharks.
>These sharks are quite popular, and attack by rapeing your ears. These are already quite alot better as they are actually sharks and attack.
>Number one.
>This shark attacks both your ears and eyes, as it's post are quite cringeworthy and is pretty gay, and uses reddit. So this is quite frankly, lethal predator, and it's ability to make you want to die only helps this.
>This video is sponsored by gay'd shadowrapein's.
you didnt make a point, all you did was call him a filthy neet you retard.
The only discord I'm seeing right now is the discord being sewn amongst the thread
I said that there wasn't activity because people are asleep, you mongoloid nigger
Don’t call me a nigger, learn how to word your ramblings better you fucking ape.
Get out discordnigger. Go back to your hugbox.
So, how is everybody doing with this?
Indeed, most posts happen in certain time slots about three to hour hours earlier, then a burst about six hours earlier from this >>256315 post.
Then there are posts of opportunity that just happen,and then after that is the random lurker that posts stuff at weird times, myself included.

So is Quest type material accepted here on this thread or not? I know some fillers were reeing about Reuben's green...
>The local filly meetup was toward the end.
>The cardboard box fort in the tallest section of the castle became our third home.
>"Anonymous A. Filly!"
"It's the Purpo quick scram!"
>"When I get my hooves on you you'll be begging to be sent to the moon or Tartarus!"
>"She's pissed! Run! Run for your lives!"
>Hiding in one of the boxes me and an other filly waited.
>A whisper of a sound came out of me unbidden.
"Yo what do you think pissed her off."
>The filly next to my shuffles slightly.
>"Heard somefilly caused a massive lemon party all over her book fort and herself while reading. For the third time in a row."
>Cardboard could be heard twinkling and vanishing, as her stomps came close the smell of fire became more prominent.
>Twilight is white with rage. Livid could not describe how angry she is.
"Woah! Shit!"
>Magic gathering around the carboard as it vanished, and I did too-

>Be the other Anonfilly.
>She's just...
"Oh my god! You killed filly you bastard!"
We tend not to like quests all that much, nobody has even mentioned Reuben since he left months ago until now and when Lone announced his green wasn't going to be a quest anymore everybody was really happy. I suspect if we had something a lot more well put together like 11-54 of CQ people might be interested, especially since both of those came with lots of pretty drawings of the main characters. So, if you think you can do a really good job, go for it. But if you're going to give us sort of mediocre garbage like Reuben's green was, then I'd say forget about it.
>"Oh my god! You killed filly you bastard!"
Kek, I'm surprised we haven't have more South Park related content in this thread.
256371 256419 256422
>"Hey, I've got a pest problem."
"Sure thing, I used to be an exterminator. Where are the little fuckers?"

I feel like the deal is that CYOA stuff works better on a faster board, since there was a good CYOA back on /mlp/ when I first began lurking.
As it is though, this board is far too slow for something like that to pan out as well.
I gave up after just looking at the first question. You should have made all the questions for the miss/mr mlp poll to keep all the invaders out.
Thanks, I hate it.

Very cute
your a qt.png
ur very cute
256380 256414 256552
>>255841 →
A wave of fatigue hit me and I yawned. Amy’s coat was so soft and warm against my face I closed my eyes.

I woke with a start when somepony nudged my shoulder.

“Huh?” I must have fallen asleep, how embarrassing.

“Green, are you alright?” Asked Redheart.

“Uh,” I tried to fight through the fatigue. “er, yeah, just... tired.”

I rested my cheek back on Amy’s neck but with a warm fizzy sensation, I found myself floating away from him.

“Green,” Amy’s voice woke me again and I could feel the bed under me. “Green, you have to let go.”


“Your hoof,” He explained. “you need to let go of me.”

“Oh,” I was still holding onto his neck with him awkwardly bending down over the bed. “... Uh, how do I do that?”

Amy seemed stumped by the question. I guess that made sense since I was asking something he’d probably never thought about. My fatigue was already starting to recede; at a guess, magic must be physically tiring. I focused on my hoof and I could feel a slightly higher pressure of magic, so I tried pulling it back into my hoof. This only seemed to grip on tighter, so instead, I tried the opposite and pushed it out of my hoof. Amy looked a bit startled, I guess I was pushing on his magic field? After a couple of seconds of this, I started to feel tired again and my hoof grip released on its own. I felt cold and burrowed into the blankets for warmth.

“-don’t know what I saw then,” said Amy, I must have dozed off for a moment. “But I’ve seen a magic surge before and it looked like a magic surge.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you Amethyst,” Redheart sighed. “I just - you can’t fake a magic surge, can you?”

I was confused for a moment as to why Redheart deferring to her trainee until I remembered that she was an Earth Pony and he was a Unicorn.

Amethyst thought about it for a moment.

“Not... really?” He answered unsurely but gradually became more confident. “I mean if you knew enough illusion magic you could fake the visual and auditory parts but I could feel the magic coming off her and it didn’t feel structured at all; and the amount of magic? Well, look at her, she exhausted her whole mana pool in one shot. That’s not something you can do on purpose; not without years of high yield casting exercises anyway.”

“She’s too old.” Redheart countered. “Is it even possible for an eight-year-old to have a magic surge?”

“I mean, I’d say I’d never heard of such a thing, but...”

“But what?”

“Princess Twilight.”

“What are you saying?” Asked Redheart, incredulously. “That Green could be the next Twilight Sparkle? Is her magic that strong?”

“Oh no,” Amy waved his hooves placatingly. “Nothing like that. Princess Twilight’s magic surge lasted more than eight minutes, hatched a dragon egg, blew the roof off an auditorium and transfigured ponies into plants. They say she levitated herself off the floor and her eyes glowed as bright as the sun itself.”

“And Green?”

“About ten seconds,” Amy explained, “Her eyes glowed and the magic flow was strong enough to float her mane and tail with pure unstructured magic; and as you can see it didn’t give her a cutie mark for magic.”

“Well, there are no guidelines for this, so I guess just do a set of obs and keep a close eye on her,” Redheart instructed, massaging one of her temples with a hoof, “I’ll figure out how to report this to the CMO without him thinking I’m crazy.”

I yawned again and they finally realized I was awake. Nurse Redheart turned to face me and put a hoof on my shoulder.

“How are you feeling?” She asked with a sing-song voice.

“Tired. Cold. Hungry.” I fought through the fatigue to answer. “My skin feels prickly and I’m all... dizzy. I think... I think my blood sugar is low...”

“It’s alright sweetie, you just used a bit too much magic,” Redheart comforted, “It’s perfectly normal.”

“Normal?” asked Amy, “But-”

Redheart’s head turned so fast I’m surprised her nose didn’t break the sound barrier and she fixed Amethyst with a steely glare.

“Amethyst, you’re a Unicorn,” Redheart cut him off, “It’s normal to feel fatigued when you use too much magic, isn’t it.”

It was not a question.

“Why don’t you take a set of obs and then we can let Green have a little nap?” She continued

Amy swallowed nervously and nodded before walking out of the room, returning moments later with an obs trolley. He and Redheart had a whispered conversation as they passed each other in the doorway, but this time I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I still felt cold so I cocooned myself in the blankets, leaving one foreleg exposed so Amy could take my blood pressure. He clipped an oxygen saturation sensor on one of my ears and set about checking my blood pressure.

I wanted to ask Amy some questions about my ‘magic surge’ but my eyelids felt so heavy.
kys filly box.jpg
A cute!
What a sleepy filly when she should be planning how to take over Equestria with the magic.
256383 256385 256388
Fuck you I made it clear that my point was, Americans at 1AM aren't likely to be active. So I repeat: you = gigger nigger
256385 256411
Even so, what’s the point? Just because Amerifags aren’t active late at night doesn’t mean they’ll ignore all of the posts that happened when they were asleep.
Not done yet?
>not posting the infinitely more appropriate image instead
256389 256391 256411
>I wasn't awake to make an immediate reply so that guy is a faggot
>The internet is America's backyard, everyone else should bow to our times and standards
>Everyone should just be around and post in my time, all other times of activity dont matter
Not gonna lie, your massive black hole IQ is too large for me to grasp and even meme at, I have no idea what you're trying to prove with that point

Before you even try to defend that "Wah, he posted too late for me" let me remind you where you are: this is not discord, timezones and how long ago a post was made don't matter as long it's pertinent to the discussion at hand
If you want instant (You)s then go back to your shithole and do us all a favor to not come back

>>The internet is America's backyard, everyone else should bow to our times and standards
>>Everyone should just be around and post in my time, all other times of activity don't matter
These points are pretty weak considering that most of the posts here are American with a few other flags here and there, but then again this whole argument is stupid to begin with and you're both faggots for continuing it
Thanks, (You) too
N-no (You)!
>Be A- Purpl- Twilight yeah Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle?!
>You've woke up one fine morning in a strange bed
>in a strange room
>and in a strange body.
>With a qt3.14 green horny filly laying ontop of you.
>Then the unicorn filly opens her eyes and screams.
>You also scream.
>what? It was shocking.
>"Who are you and what have you done to my body!"
"Aw thats so cute- wait focusing I'm Anonymous you must be Twilight?"
>"Yes I'm Twilight! Give me back my body."
>She's pouting.
>There's a knock at the door.
>Rainbow Dash shivering, with an exhausted filly on her back. This one is orange.
>"Twilight switch our bodies some alien somehow hijacked mine."
>She's looking directly at you...
>oh right. Magic Purplecorn of power
"Sorry Rainbow Dash, but your princess is in another body."
>"Hey Twilight the Shy pone got bodyswapped with me, you gotta fix for it my equine?"
"Welcome to the club pal."
>"I can see forever! Hey what the fuck is that?"
>Is that ponk?
>It is.
>"Hey! Hey! You, no (You) yes (You) fix this shit! This is a big fucking plot hole and I want to be the filly not, an old mare-"
>"Write something to fix this! Do you hear me! Writefags do something!"
>"What if all if everypony came here?"
>"You're right again Pinkie... doesn't even need to be a writefag just somebody has to... tick. Fucking tock."
"How about we all just calm down a little."
>PinkieAnon just gives you the finger.
>"We are this close. Just... solve this and we'll somehow figure out how to make a portal on our side or something. Heck I'll even try to break through the fourth wall, but... I'm so close to being a filly damnit. (You) have to help us."
>Well let's wait for a bit and see if PinkieAnon isn't crazy.
>If everything goes well there should be little needed on your part.
Not to worry.
"Well I'll be darned it really did work."
>"Thank you even if I can't actually see you now."
>The real Twilight Sparkle is breathing heavily.
>"What did you just do?"
>"Silly Twilight they just got a little help from their friends. Ooo normally I'm the pink one, WooOoOoooO! It's solid like a rock. Let's see here..."
>Pinkie Pie making faces at what is presumebly the forth wall.
>Every Anonfilly is both happy and slightly shocked.
>"Okay here's a (You) mister >>256395 Anonymareican pants."
>"Hey, I'm back to my awesome self."
>She looks around and faces the wall Pinkie is looking at.
>Kind of a side view from ontop of the bed.
>"You're a pretty cool space alien monster thing for doing that."
>"Git back here you varmint."
>Nope I'm going back to sleep and letting someone else do the problem solving.
>It's not like I'm the center of a attention or anything.
>"Hey dudes, look at my hooves. They feel so real."
>Sleep first questioning reality later.
>"Oh hey do you have cherrychimichangas, or- Oh! Wait cupcakes. You know what cupcakes are right? See Twilight, whole new friends to befriend!"
"Good night everyponer."
>"It's everypony, not everyponer."
Would anyone be interested in reading a bunch of short greens I started and then abandoned for little to no reason other than that I got bored? Who knows, maybe I'll even feel like continuing one of them.
Sleeping Anonfilly.png

Yeah, write moar faggot i need a good story
Some of these are fucking old. I can't guarantee any of them will be any good.
>Be Anon.
>Be the filly.
>You stand out in the open night, just as you always have.
>But tonight feels different.
>You're still hunting the streets for food by day and sleeping in fear of pedophiles by night, but with the rain washing the filth from your tangled mane, you feel the best you have in months.
>It's almost as if you'd never been pulled across space and time and forced into the body of a young girl.
>The rain is a bit warmer here, almost as if the pegasi are trying to encourage the citizens to enjoy it.
>You need no encouragement.
>Even if you could have scavanged an umbrella, you wouldn't use it.
>The rain reminds you of simpler times.
>Your first childhood, where you took everything for granted.
>Your career.
>Hell, anything was better than this.
>Even if the town had somewhere you could stay the night, you wouldn't have gone.
>No matter how much you liked joking about rape, you'd rather avoid it.

>Ywn cry as filly gets her leg brutally and messily cleaved off by a piece of sharp machinery
>Ywn rush to her side as she bleeds out, the light sound of her delirious giggling filling your pounding ears
>Ywn hear her weakly say 'tis merely a flesh wound' before passing out from bloodloss
>Ywn feel her heartbeat slow and stop while you rush her to the hospital because you didn't properly bandage her wound.
And that's why you always keep Band-AIDS adhesive bandages on hand!

>Implying you'd leave her.
>Stroking her mane lightly, you take a deep breath.
"Well, since I'm already in this mess I'd like to ask you if you have any idea who took you."
>"I remember a bunch of drawings on the walls, really fancy ones. Here..."
>Sliding off part of your hoodie and taking the pencil behind your ear with her one good wing, she draws something that looks a bit like a centipede with a bunch of arrows going out from it.

>The soft hair of her underbelly is a welcome relief.
>Your bruises almost melt away in your shared sleeping bag on the hardwood floor.
>"Shh... don't say a word."
>Her hooves work through your tired and pained back like magic.
>You sigh contentedly.
>A moment of heaven, even if it is only a moment.
>You feel the tears start to come.
>Small and unnoticeable at first, but when the sobs start to shake your body your barrel is wrapped with two legs.
>You're tiny, barely bigger than the kindergarteners even though you're her age.
>A good twenty years older actually, but her age in filly years.
>She finally breaks the silence.
>"Tell me how you got that bruise on the back of your neck."
>"Tell me."
"They'll take her away. I'll have nobody again."
>"You can stay here with us."
>"Take your time."

>The red filly gets off the bus, a small satchel tied to a stick filled with toiletries and sex toys over her withers.
>The times she had in that old place were good, but it's time to move on.
>She was lucky to escape alive and in one piece after the red and black alicorn OC bearing Tumblr's ranks broke through their walls.
>A tear was shed on that day for all of the comrades (no commie) she lost.
>The land is as barren as Luna's vagina, more of a desert than a

>It's time to pack up and go out into the world on your own, you won't take this tyranny anymore.
"Moooom! I'm running away!"
>"Alright Sugar Pumpkin, just be back in time for dinner."
>She thinks you won't come back, how wrong she is!
>You fill your sack with enough food for a couple of days and set out on your path to stake your claim in this world.
>The path to the edge of Ponyville is longer with stubby fuck horse legs, but you make do.
>You'll show them, you're still a big guy.
>You stand before the darkened Everfree, storm clouds flashing

>The sweet fucking sound that releases you from your chains.
>You shove your already completed homework in your canvas bag (Bethesdafags get fucked) and ride the wave of foals out the door.
>Now to figure out how a filly can have a bit of fun on a Friday night...
>There she is.
>Your answer.
"Sup' Nyx."
>"O-oh, hi Anon."
>You give her a winning grin.
"Wanna have some fuuun?"
>She looks at the ground.
>"I have to finish up my homework..."
"Pfft, five minutes and I can get you all the answers."
>"I-I don't-"
"Come on, wouldn't you like to get it over with?"
>"I guess..."
>You open up her fancy binder on the ground with gusto.
"35. 16. 4. 72. 89. 433. 79. Done."
>"Won't she recognize your-"
"Nope. I've been practicing the writing style of every foal in this class just in case- of course she'll recognize it you dumb fuck, just erase it and copy over it. Now come on, things to do."
>"But Twilight-"
"You're a good filly, she'll believe whatever you tell her you got into..."
>You look her dead in the eyes.
"But don't tell her the truth."
"Mmhm! It's easy..."
>One musical number later, and Nyx is nodding her head, for all intents and purposes convinced.
>Good, you need two for you next task and you can't have a snitch.

>Be filly
>Playing with your friends, spin the bottle and all that gay shit
>Your mom opens the door without knocking
>"Hey Nonny, have you drawn yet today?"
"Mom, I'm busy."
>She walks over, picking you up by the scruff of the neck right as the bottle lands between you and the filly you have a crush on (no homo)

>Be filly
>Working at Freddy Krueger's Fapperia
>Playing Minecraft pocket edition on your iPad Pro(TM)
>Big bird comes in and anally rapes you
>Get paid minimum wage at the end of the week

>"Come on dear, you can hop in with me, we're both mares, I'll even get your back for you too."
>"That's it darling."
>"Yes, I can't imagine it's easy to wash back her, so it's only polite to help."
>"My, my, you're quite tense dear, here let me rub your neck."
>"Why yes, you like that hmm?"
>"What are you do- OH! Oh..."
>"No no dear, you're a growing young mare, it's okay to have those... feelings."
>"It's not something I should explain, you should ask your mother. Just, be sure to leave out the bath hmm? It would save us both alot of trouble."
>"Now then... what?"
>"Well I made a offer dear, and I am not a mare to go back on her word. So let me finish your back and don't move to much now won't you dear."
There are more of these, but my internet just went out and they're all on my pc. So, goodnight.
Goodnight poner.
They're much appreciated.
I want to be molested by Rarity
THE POINT is, screaming that the internet is dead just because there hasn't been a post in like three hours, LIKE A FAGGOT, is fucking stupid when a large number of posters are asleep. Why is this so hard to understand? I'm not claiming America is the only country in the planet.
>when a large number of posters are asleep
Not me yet.
I'm refering to the all caps post that was made 28 hours ago.
I felt like I was drifting away until a sudden jolt woke me. I was still moving, I was falling! I flailed in a panic and only managed to get tangled in the bedsheets, but with my head now uncovered I could see that it wasn’t me that had moved, it was the bed. I was being rolled down a corridor.

Relax, breathe, everything is fine.

I felt wet and sticky and I definitely didn’t check to see if I’d wet the bed; and even if I did check it was unnecessary because I hadn’t. I’m not a baby.

My sheets were damp though, from a cold sweat. By the miracle of this new body’s healthy skin, it didn’t itch. It was still uncomfortable though.

Amy was keeping pace next to the bed as it was being rolled down the corridor.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“We’re going for a ride.” Said Amy.

“I can see that,” I deadpanned. “Where are we going?”

“Thaumatology,” The word was unfamiliar, but it was clear enough what it was by context. “The doctor just wants to run a few tests to make sure you’re okay.”


My horn was starting to hurt like it was clamped in a vice that was slowly being tightened and I wanted to be asleep and these ponies had no idea what was wrong with me and even if they did they wouldn’t tell me because I’m just a child. Ugh, my head.

“Hey Green, are you alright?” Amy asked with concern.

“Fine,” I snapped.

“Are you in pain?”


“Did you need som-”

“I’ll live,” I pulled the blankets over my head again and curled up to face away from him.

I didn’t see much of Thaumatology because the lights were too bright, making my eyes sting and my head throb. Stupid lights. Stupid ponies with their poking and prodding and their clippity-clopping hooves on the hard floor. Stupid machines with their beeping and clacking and whirring.

I groaned and ponies looked at me with concern. Probably. Or maybe they didn’t. I don’t know, my eyes were closed and I was ignoring them.
256416 256417 256427
>stupid pony body.
>stupid hooves with no real traction.
>stupid tile floor.
>stupid mop wringer.
>why can't side gigs be easier on fillies like you?
>you take your tips for the day - just enough for a cab-carriage home, thank fuck - and toss your apron, glad today is your last day for another week.
>you decide, however, a detour is in order.

>Sweet Apple Acres.
>sweet and homely place, but you're not really here for that.
>knock, knock, knock.
>Apple horse answers - just who you hoped to meet.
>"Howdy, Anon. What takes ya to this part 'a town?"
>your mouth is dry, your neck is craned to minimize pain, and you can only guess the grease from the deep fryer has gotten into your forehead fur.
"...does your stash include gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and orange liqueur?"
>"I...I might. But what's gotcha interested in drinkin' tonight? Are ya alright? Maybe you could take mah bed t'night, maybe a li'l soup and some wat-"
>as she offers her advice and help, you barely register the grinding of your teeth.
"All I want. Is to teach you a recipe I know. Is that alright to you?"
>she seems concerned for you, but after a moment, she nods wordlessly and gestures you in.

"-Now after you mix this all in, you add some coke for color, and you've got the easiest hardcore cocktail to drink: a Long Island Iced Tea."
>fuck. Right.
"Do you have any sweet soda around? Preferably brown?"
>"Ah...don't really stock pop, just cider 'n juice."
>you're becoming more aware of AJ's subtle changes in expression.
>on account of your unblinking stare.
"You can't make a Long Island, without cola. This shit is like four different kinds of liquor."
>"Now Anon, it's nothin' to worry about, is it? We can try it with juice, might be fi-"
>"If yer gonna raise yer voice after dinnertime, ah'll have to ask ya t'leave. Bloom 'n Granny Smith're tryna sleep. Can't we just take a moment to air it out, calmly?"
>you're shaking.
>your frustrated glare slowly shifts toward the unfinished cocktail.
>you bite back a swear, grabbing the glass and kissing your taste buds goodbye.
>with your past experience you get it down with one long gulp, but your filly throat cries for the release of death.
>as you let out two quiet wheezes, trying to get the taste out of your throat, Applejack comes close, sitting beside you.
>"Anon...why did ya come here, really?"
>you feel it all hit you at once.
>your wagie-tier part time job, your injury, your alcohol, all come at you full force.
>your senses dull as you speak, barely even audible and interspersed with shivering little sobs.
>you doubt you'll remember the specifics of this night.
>but at least you got to sleep with your waifu.
wrote with a hangover. Please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Can you guess why I got drunk last night
256427 256428 256739
>you wake up in a very warm place.
>your back is cradled in something warm, like you got a little snagged and bunched up in your sheets.
>your neck hurts even more than it did yesterday.
>slowly but surely you recount the last 12 hours, as the warmth behind you seems to shift.
>just as you open your eyes, you feel hooves drape over your withers, your neck screaming to stop moving before the pain almost fully ceases.
>"Mornin' sugarcube."
>it slips out amid your panicked jump, but as the pain returns, you whimper slightly in pain.
>"Ya weren't lyin' about that fall, sug. Yer neck feels like a knotted rope. D'ya need to rest up some more? Ah gotcha some water, an' Ah can bring leftovers up here from breakfast in a bit."
>you don't reply, just trying to rest your neck into the right position.
"Is it okay that we just...stay like this?"
"Thanks Jack."

>a few minutes pass in silence, before a thought comes to mind.
"Hey, is there apple flavored whiskey innaquestria?"
>"Not that I know of."
"Well...there's this brand from...back home. It's called Tennesee Apple, and the stuff is made by a company called Jack Daniels."
>you hear a little snort from behind, and you can only imagine how wide she's grinning.
>"Apple Jack. Ah like the sound'a that, squirt."
256420 256424
Anonfilly class - Adult life.png
Conditioning Anonfilly.png
I don't know how to translate them.
god i wish that was me

256426 256429
Anon's quality time with filly.
I fucked up his leg, i know
I can't hate something this cute, fucking fuck.
"I'm not a dog" lol
I hope she has ear pro!
This is very comfy, many thanks Ash.
256430 256477
Why not teach her real apple Jack? The liquor made by freeze distilling cider?
>"God dammit Lieutenant Dan, your theory had better be correct or you’re paying for the hearing aids."
"Oh, shut your mouth. When have I ever been wrong?"
256437 256477
I didn't know about that, neat.
256433 256436
Hearing aid? What's a hearing aid
the interior of that ear is so out of whack I love it
256443 256477
Fun fact, I believe it was New Jersey that once payed workers in apple Jack to build roads
256444 256455
What kind of dumdum forgets about the ear protection
lmfao, they fucking would
Join Us.png
no u, qt, come to Equestria!
More Filly needed.
That's beautiful.

All the filly all the time!
Some collared fillers UUUU
snuggling fillies.png
I wish to be the filly and snuggle with a fellow anonfilly
256463 256464 256466
I'm disappointed that this isn't being hosted here as it should be like Lone's contest was, but we can't let the normalfags outfilly us.
First place is $100.
Second is $60.
Third is $40.
Best of luck, and may the best writefag win.
Thanks, fag. You're doing good work. No homo
The most of the people funding the contest aren't even aware of this place.
I know...
It's despicable, isn't it?
Reporting of da rules
1. The story must be about Anonfilly.
2. Each person may only enter the contest once.
3. Entries must be in English.
4. Story submission starts on January 24th 2020 and end on February 24th 2020, at 11:59 EST.
5. The story must be at least 1,500 words, and be complete at a maximum of 6,000 words at time of submission.
6. The story must be newly written for this contest. Nothing previously posted to Fimfiction or anywhere else is eligible.
7. To preserve judging anonymity, the story must not be posted anywhere until after the voting is over. Also, don’t do anything else that would reveal your identity and bias the voting.
8. Each story must be posted to Fimfiction once the voting is over. Winners cannot claim their prizes if their story isn't posted.
9. Stories entered must be T rating or below. Anonfilly may have the mind of an adult, but let's not do naughty things.
10. Winners will receive their prizes via Paypal. Do not enter if you can’t receive funds in this way.
I forgot to mention it, but it's 'Anon'filly. Anything that turns into the little green pony fagget counts as well.
Can you even imagine having someone love you as much as she loves her filly? Can you even imagine what it'd be like to be the filly that she loves?
>"We got a tip there was a wanted art thief in the area. You haven't seen anyone suspicious, have you?"
No sir, no art thieves here.
256473 256723
>Ywn be this comfortable
indoor filly adventures.png


>"A-Ah! My little filly! Help me eat this!"
"What is it?"
>"W-Weeds, now eat, before the ponice get here!"
256476 256479
mommy milkies.png
Filly needs to drink her milk so she can grow up big and strong
Hear hear!
Speaking of apple jack, I've got some freezing up right now. Already did one freezing. Once it stops freezing, it's ready.
Word of warning: freeze distillation does not remove the methanol. So don't go chugging it unless you wanna go blind. Sip it. Don't have much of it at all.
I look forward to trying the taste that the colonial era enjoyed.
256489 256495
>Be filly
>Be that guy
>You end up as GM because of your experience in D&D
>Advanced D&D.jpg
>Apogee refuses to play anything but an astronaut
>You give her a starter astronaut suit with +1 constitution at the cost of 2 speed
>It sucks balls but she loves it anyways
>Luftkrieg wants to play a crusader
>No way of talking her out of it
>Give her a starter armor with +3 strenght and +2 constitution at the cost of all magical abilities
>She's fine with the trade off
>Zala's playing a conjurer
>She's the only one that didn't trouble you over the bucking starter armor
>She has really bad luck with dice, most of her stats are 1 and 2
>She managed to roll a 20 on magical power
>Be filly
>Game has been going on for a while
>Apogee got herself inside some sort of hive
>Luftkrieg is on a slow march towards the nort in search of the "Unholy abomination requiring immediate cleansing"
>Zala is stalking Luftkrieg, she wants to party

What sort of unholy plague does filly releases upon her players?
Fillies of culture
Apogee has to deal with a swarm of giant wasps, and Zala and Luftkrieg have to deal with a Tarrasque! That'll teach them not to split the party!
"No, I get that it's weed, just... why do you have to eat it?"
>Celestia looks up, mouth full of cannabis
"You've got magic, why not just oh, I don't know, teleport it somewhere else? Maybe put it under an illusion so the cops don't find it? Worse comes to worst, just go for the classic abuse of power? You're basically god, I don't think the cops could bring you in just for weed, and eating what looks to be a pound of it all at once is bound to mess you up for a while."
>Celestia swallows her mouthful before giving you a deadpan reply
>"Do you want to help me, or not?"
"Nah, weed makes you gay and I'm happy not being gay."
>Suddenly the rest of the weed spontaneously ignites!
>Yeah, you should probably run
256503 257843

256504 256521

256506 256519
>The party is currently split and that’s very annoying
>Nothing that a lesson on the dangers of adventuring alone can’t fix

>You put both your front hooves on the table, raising yourself over the DM’s book.
> Luftkrieg and apogee look at you expectantly
>Zala, she is still reading through the players handbook, probably on the nature of the land around them
“The rotten smell of decay fills your lungs as you crawl into the nest, the corpse of a hyena lays on the ground; the dead beast is bloated and foul. A giant larva is feeding on the corpse”
>Apogee gets visibly uncomfortable with the scene playing displayed her mind
>But wait there’s more.jpg
“You hear a loud buzzing sound, as a giant red wasp charges at you”
>The wasp bites apogee, it has no stinger
>2-2, no damage
>The disgust washed from apogees face to turn into a look of pure concern over her character
>She rolls for a basic attack
“The wasp’s hard body repels your hit with ease, the beast bites back!”
>4-2 damage, apogee has 12 hp left
>Apogee’s concern steps up as she bites her lip, nervously reading her character sheet
>”I-I cast Corona of floating force”
>That’s a daily skill
>She just wasted her most powerful attack on a level 1 monster
>Not that you can blame her, she will eventually learn
“You swing, making the air around you ripple with sheer psionic force. The wasp hits the opposite wall of the dome making a loud THUMP, the wasp exoskeleton cracks, revealing portions of exposed tissue beneath. As soon as the insect gets up, it quickly halves the distance between the two of you. You can hear a loud buzzing sound coming from somewhere outside of the room”
>It takes one hit for apogee to finish the dying wasp before fleeing the cave, terrified.
>She didn’t even care about levelling up.
>You giggle over the thought of what’s coming next, now looking up at Luftkrieg
“A Gargantuan creature approaches, obscuring the horizon, you hear loud thumps with each closing step”
> Luftkrieg scrunches
>”I get up and stand guard, reading my weapon”
>By weapon she means the shitty axe she found laying around some ruins
>You respect her bravery, the look on her face tells you she’s not planning to retreat despite being outmached by a long shot.
>You look at Zala, as she gazes at her character sheet as if it would give her the answers to the universe
>You don’t think she will be coming out of her safe hideout any time soon, judging by her abilities.

Will filly be merciful with her players, or will she whoop their plots?
Or will she insert a plot device to get the story back on tracks?
Legs look a bit short, as if she had dwarfism or something.
I hope she gets the players back together and be merciful to them
256518 256529

So yeah, so later on that day I realise that this post doesn't makes sense since people have lives, right. I don't actually believe that writefags are owed (you)s either because that doesn't make senese.
I just wrote this on impulse and didn't really consider what I wrote.
I also think it was unecessary to speak on Ass'es part since I don't know why he doesn't post here much anymore and there are also way better examples of anons quiting because they don't get the (you)s they deserve on this board.
I think the reason I said this though was because I'm just generally tired of discord discussion. It is the same conversation repeated in every thread. I don't get it. Clearly anons here are not in the discord and if they are who cares so long as they are peek in here aswell.

Look, I have never been on the discord in my life so I guess I don't get it. But like, if we assume that discord is draining the thread, then what then? We can clearly not shut it down and the people who like it there are clearly not changing there minds either. So why are we even wasting our time talking about this?
Wouldn't the better approached be to encourage the content creators that actually are here?
There was even this guy that wrote some desprate pleading post about how we were dying and that even if you weren't a writefag and thought you couldn't write you should make an attempt.

If we are at war with dickswordWhat kind of deragatory name is this anyway? kek shouldn't we demand soilders(content creators).

Yes, I agree nobody needs to do anything. You can just quit this all filly thing and never come back but if you actually care about filly content and want more, then demand it. Pay for it with encouragement and (you)s. Don't tread on me but the basics of econmics are still at play here, I think.
Yes, I agree. Don't force anyone but still appricate what they give. These two are completely compatible with eachother.

I think I forgot my point but... Anyway, that guy that wrote that post... Well, I can't find it. Regardless my point is that if this is how dire our situation is, then why isn't anyone who can barely write flooded with (you)s?

It is not that hard and yes, again people hve lives but considering that I feel like one of the few that would actually ustilize the advanced debate tactic on internet forums, not replying and moving on, it is hard to think that someboddy who actually read someone's stuff can't make the time to say, "Luv it," "Couldn't get passed the first few paragraphs of this boring mess," "KYS!!!"

While when something hurts anons' ego, however, theyy seem to have unlimted amounts of time. How weird.
I'm so tempted to go out and make a fool out of myself and subtly bait people into hating me and my thread just to generate buzz. And now I have moved on to talk bout the board in general but it really is a thing that the board suffers from as well. The idea that one cannot post less then perfect posts or something. I don't know.

I'm trying sort my thoughts out as a I go along writing this but ehhh.
Like Nigel's two threads about his Silver Star pony fanfic drew a lot of aattention. While I have started to wonder if I may actually have jumped on the bandwagon back then since it was only a trashy story he posted not some vile jew propaganda. There might be some more context to it, I don't remember I have moved on.

The point is that the will to destory is probably mroe tempting then the will to create in people in general.
I mean, he got so much attention that the memes are still around. Fucking Hulk Onion as posted in the last thread, the hoof holding one.
While the talented battle brit got most of his attention from his satire of Niigel's work not from his original work, House of Vapor. It feels like I'm the only one on this board that has read his story.
It is a 7/10 mystery story bursting with political satire. It might not be the greatest work ever and I have some problems with it, as I always have with any story, but it is still one of the greastst stories that has come out from this site. So why isn't this work put on a fucking pedastal as the rest of the site as all the lurkers turns into balllicking sycophants? Instead, I am probably the only one who read it. It took me like a day but it was worth it and I haven't regretted doing so.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm going to go over to the glimglam review thread now and give my (you)s to him because he is actually too good for this board as is now and if he had more sense he would he moved on with his talents to better things by now. And you can tell that I don't jerk him off either by just checking in his thread, I constantly criticise him.

And that is the key point here. The worst thing you can do towards a content creator is to say nothing. If you say nothing they die. If you critcise them, even unfairly or even more because you do, you draw attention towards them.
Will probably regret this later.
>If a green(which isnt even a green as you aren't using >) starts after a normal post ya may want to add a few ----- to separate them in the post
>Also I think this belongs to you: (You)

Thank you cutie.


Well said. You need to be the change you want to see. No matter how terrible the content any Anon makes actually is it's something more than nothing at all. The school session is in so more (You)s and content will most likely pick up during summer.
I Haven't been pumping out as much content as I would have liked though, and I'm as guilty for not doing so as well...
TLDR write, or draw, or musicate something, or fancies your tickle, or hold responce prompts. (Such as the choose the random weapon, and the mother's day pony prompt.)
Mmmm plot device into plots...
Almost cracking an interlude where the filly players tell their parents allll about the joys of this game. Starting a D&D (O&O) panic that sweeps the nation as Anonfilly continues to DM.
>"Hey little filly where'd your legs go?"
>They condensed on my way here twisting my human form with the available matter it had on hand.
>As the harmonic frequencies of thaumic pressures remolded my body to best suit my time here.
>It was too late for me to realize I shouldn't have skipped leg day.
"None of your business."
>"Hey! That's rude of you."
"You were checking out my jailbait filly flank. You know what that makes you?"
>The chokeing sounds could be heard.
>Turning my head.
>tfw you will soon become one with purple horse by way of the lil' filler land shark.

256528 256584 256606
“The gargantuan creature makes its way through the trees, giving you a better look at it’s massive draconian body.”
>You proceed to show Luftkrieg and Zala a picture of the Tarrasque
>Luftkrieg smirks
>Zala looks terrified
“By it’s sheer size, you can see this is no ordinary creature but a very powerful beast”

>”I stand my ground” Boldly exclaims Luftkrieg
>Zala looks about to get an aneurysm
“The beast charges! Quickly reducing the gap between you two”
>”I-I cast dust storm binding!”

A spirit charges at Luftkrieg out of nowhere, and before she can react it explodes right in front of her, sending dust and slit flying everywhere!
Luckily for Luftkrieg, the explosion caused her no damage but only sent her flying back a few meters just to land on her flank.
With his target hidden behind a giant cloud of dust, the Tarrasque comes to a full stop, letting out a nefarious shriek.
A voice from within the woods calls out for the confused mare whom is just getting up from the floor
“Lufkrieg, run!”
Luftkrieg scrunches for a second as she feels the rage build up within her tummy
“Never!” She shrieks, “A warrior never backs down, I will slay this overfed lizard”
And with an heroic war cry, Luftkrieg charges at the giant creature, ready to harvest his life.

A terrifying voice echoes throught the woods, making the earth tremble and Luftkrieg to fall on the grass beneath, her body suddenly filled with a deep sense of fear. Before she can get up, a golden aura encompasses her and she’s lifted from the ground.
A hundred screams fill the air as warriors with similar armour as that of Luftkrieg charge at the Terrasque. By looking at the scene, Lufkrieg finally appreciates the beast’s strength and comprehends Zala’s concern. Luftkrieg shivers to the thought of what if-
“Enjoying the show?”
The sudden voice scares her, before she realizes there was now a tall unicorn in full plate-mail standing in front of her. At least she assumed it was an unicorn.
“W-Who are you?” she whimpers
The unicorn just stands there for a few moments, his face hidden under his helmet.
“I have been entrusted with the full power and authority of our king. Where I am he is too, what I deem right and just, he approves. What I condemn as seditious or criminal, he also condemns. I am the law.”
If it wasn’t for the current situation, such a cheesy introduction was sure to give your sides a treat but for some reason, it felt as if every word that came out that stallion’s mouth contributed to the growing fear deep within yourself.
You can feel the magical aura suddenly strengthen around your body, preventing your every moment and making it hard to breathe, your pupils contract, as fear turns into panic.
“I do not recognize you, that armour does not belongs to you”
You can feel something hard and metallic press on your neck. The familiar feeling sends waves of adrenaline through your body, as you struggle with all you might but for no avail the magic is just too strong.
You can only close your eyes as tears build up in frustration, they can’t do this, they can’t just slit your throat right here right now, that’s not fair that’s-
A sudden clicking sound derails your train of thought, you realize the feeling on your throat was now transported to the back of your neck.
As you open your eyes, you manage to spot what looks like some sort of carriage before being thrown into a small room with lattice windows.
“Wait, wha-?”
Suddenly, you’re back on the floor, the familiar figure of Zala snuggles against your body
“I thought you had died!”

>Luftkrieg sits visibly annoyed, eating some chips mumbling something about unfairness
>Zala looks genuinely happy to get company in the slave wagon
>You’re pretty sure she’s blushing a bit, but it’s hard to tell
>Apogee is popping a cold one, waiting for her turn
>The familiar feeling of playing DnD with a bunch of friends makes you smile like a goofball
>Maybe you’re being too soft?

Wish granted
Now i eat
Huzza! Shitpostermcgee ain't getting her head chopped off, but looks like she did bite more than she can chew.
It's a true gift to ponerkind
but man do I feel uncomfortable looking at it. Luna is hitting all sorts of uncanny valley notes for me, filly with her ass raised is weird I know it's the perspective that filly is kinda diagonal, while looking at the marecock(tm) is throwing me for all sorts of loops.
Ah, good old speedwagon... I mean slave wagon.
Hmmm I can sense something...
>The familiar feeling of playing DnD with a bunch of friends makes you smile like a goofball
>you smile like a goofball
Anonfilly is actually having fun, rejoice momfu's and take note. Sending fillers to speedowagon's slave wagon always puts a smile on faces.
256532 256541
>the talented battle brit got most of his attention from his satire of Niigel's work not from his original work
Well he obviously did, most people on the site were aching to pick at nigel, as soon as a well-written parody came out, it was an instant hit.
That is not the board's fault, that's just the current trend
Content creation orbits around trends, you can see this in sites like youtube where the new "trend" takes over the whole site for a few weeks, it happened with amnesia, minecraft, fortnite and whatever other game might become trendy at a given point in time.

Your thread is not dying, you just need more posters, and to get more posters you need to attract more posters, hard to do when every other site talking about mlp is also slowing down.
I can only give you a tip, if you want people to vomit content over your thread just encourage them to do so by creating a comfy ambience where shitty artists discuss their shitty artwork while some tips on how to improve are sprinkled around.
In a way to make people confortable with posting their crappy artworks, get more people to post crappy artworks both yours and mine.
Le filler face is muwah manufique.
Yeah, honestly even the most ridiculous garbage that you can churn out will be more than nothing. It always is.
Sorry, btw. I didn't read your post that you made for the last national writing month thread. But as you said we are all guilty of this. I don't think we should feel bad about this. I just think we should realise that if we want certain type oof content we have to provide for it to exist in the first place. But yeah, I'm just repeating myself and you probably already knew that.
I don't have a thread currently, but I guess you are refering to this thread?
>just encourage them to do so by creating a comfy ambience where shitty artists discuss their shitty artwork while some tips on how to improve are sprinkled around.
In a way to make people confortable with posting their crappy artworks, get more people to post crappy artworks both yours and mine.
Agreed, I don't really know what it is but it feels like this board is afraid of make posts that aren't 100% smart and well thought out. Like it isn't that hard to create a thread on this site if you want to but it seems as if it is basically the same people who contineously does it. I have nothing to based this on though. But take for example the writing threads, I have been the guy that posted the majority of them and while they were shitty since they were generals and I regret that, they were still more than nothing.

Like anyonecan literally make their own thread. It is not that hard nor does it need to be smart. It can simply be a prompt for stories or a story itself. The problem is that having a thread "fail" is obviously not a nice feeling so people will avoid it.

An Anon in Equestria prompt will probably fail or maybe not. It is very hard to know before one tries but the thing is that trends are either artifically created by the massmedia because they have the money to and influnces to create trends. They can make enough people care about something so it looks like it is important. Or a trend happens because it is somethng that people didn't know they wanted before they got it kinda like Anonfilly. If you would have asked me if I wanted a cute faggot, I would probably be indifferent but now I know that it is basically just a cute girl horse acting tsundere she isn't more;P. So now that I'm hooked, I comeback to check in on this at times.

I think that what I'm trying to say about this right now is that you only need one other person to like your stuff and suddenly you are not alone with the thing you are doing. There is circulation and that is what draws other people that criculation between contentent and people consuming it, I think.

I'm not the biggest Anonfilly fan so from now on I won't read every single thing in this thread. And even if I was a hardcore fan I'm not saying anyone has to read through things, just post why you stopped reading and that will be it or post because you want it to exist bascially. But I do like Glimglam's reviews so that is something I want to support and want more of so that's what I'm going to do moving forward. I also, want to encourage anons to postmore writing related threads on the board, because I have an intrest and I can already promise you now that you will get a rply from me if you do such a thing even if I think it is shit. Which is kinda stupid of me since if it is shit, the best strategy for me would be to kill it through silence but ehh, details.

I'm probably just talking in circles. I'm not very concise, I think.
256559 256564
>The problem is that having a thread "fail" is obviously not a nice feeling so people will avoid it.
Yeas but it is also tiring to be the guy responsible to maintain a thread up like forever, you might like to help and might also enjoy the attention but you will eventually want to move on with your life regardless of the support you might get and if no one is fit to take over your legacy, the thread will just die.

I agree with you on your stuff but remember you're not responsible for replying to every single post anon. Sure, anons love to get asspats but i am pretty sure if an anon really likes to make content, they will make it regardless of how much asspats he gets.

Plus you could always post your stuff on fimfiction and on the thread, like >>256414 does.
Ever since i got to read the first few posts in the thread i have been silently following the story on derpibooru but giving (you) to people as if they were likes just does not sit pretty well with me.
And it would feel too fake to reply to his every post sucking his dick, i rather just read the whole story, send it to a few friends and maybe post like one comment about it
256555 256557 256559 256562 258163
I fell asleep on the way back to my room, and when I woke again Amy was gone. In his place was a pink Unicorn mare with a similar trainee badge on her hat. That meant the shift had changed so, Redheart had probably left as well. I’d only known them for a few hours, but I felt their absence keenly. They were, after all, the only people I knew in the entire world, and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to them.

I felt much better after my nap. All that remained was a dull ache at the base of my horn, and a feeling of emptiness in my chest where my magic had seemed to originate from.

My new minder looked bored. She idly flipped through a magazine she had levitated in her magic. Watching a patient sleep wasn’t the most fascinating of assignments, so I didn’t blame her at all. The Unicorn had a straw yellow mane put up into a bun like Redheart’s had been.

“Hi.” I squeaked. Stupid squeaky voice.

The Unicorn mare sighed and looked up. “Oh, you’re awake.”

Her voice had no enthusiasm, as if looking after me was a major imposition on her time.

“Really?” My voice dripped with sarcasm, “I hadn’t noticed.”

The unicorn obviously knew better than to rise to the bait and instead she slid herself off the chair and stretched.

“They wanted me to let them know when you woke up,” She explained as she walked over to the door. “Don’t do anything crazy while I’m gone.”

I almost wanted to do something crazy just to spite her but that would just be immature. I understood where she was coming from; it was boring. I was basically wasting her time, but this was part of the job and she’d just have to suck it up and get used to it. I’d never had much sympathy for people that couldn’t keep themselves entertained for a few hours, especially if they were being paid for it. It’s like, you’re being paid by the hour to sit around and read a book, and you’re complaining about it? You’re complaining that the patient isn’t awake and trying to rip their catheter out or punch you in the face? What are you, five? Do you need me to dangle my car keys in front of you to keep your attention?

After a few minutes the trainee returned with a fluorescent orange pegasus. I tactfully decided not to ask if that was her natural coat colour since I didn’t want to remind her of the traumatic experience she must have endured as a filly when she fell into a vat of ink on a field trip to the highlighter factory.

She wasn’t wearing a nurse hat, so maybe she wasn’t a nurse?

“Good afternoon,” She greeted, “My name is Day Glow, do you remember me from yesterday?”

I almost smirked at her name, but I managed to keep it contained. At the same time a spike of fear hit me. Yet another pony had me at a disadvantage by knowing what I’d said while I was delirious, I couldn’t remember a thing. I thought back to the notes I’d skimmed with Amy earlier; I hadn’t paid any attention to the names, but if she wasn’t a nurse, and she wasn’t in Lunar guard armor, and she hadn’t introduced herself as ‘Dr’... Right, the social worker.

“Sorry, I don’t remember anything from yesterday.”

“That’s alright.” She consoled, “We didn’t make much progress yesterday, but I’m told you’re feeling better today?”

“I don’t know.”


“To know if I was feeling better today I would have to compare it to yesterday,” I deadpanned, “If I can’t remember yesterday how would I know if I’m feeling better today?”

She laughed at my joke, but it felt more like politeness than actual mirth. At least she could tell when I was joking.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She noted something on a clipboard. “My job here is to represent the Ministry of Families, Foals and Mental Health.”

That was a mouthful. Hopefully she was here for the first two and not the third.

“It’s good timing that you woke up actually,” Dayglow continued, “There’s somepony I was just with that I wanted you to meet.”

I don’t like surprises. My job is to make sure that everything goes according to plan. To be prepared for anything that might happen. Day Glow had caught me completely off guard and nervousness twisted my stomach.

“You can come in now, Applejack.” She called out.

Damnit. They brought the lie detector. I couldn’t run. My leg was broken, and even if it wasn’t I had nowhere to go, no one to turn to. I was frozen on the spot, my skin was cold.

Relax, breathe, don’t have another panic attack.

I closed my eyes, and I took some deep breaths. I managed to stop shivering as I got the panic under control. I still had a knot of nervousness in my stomach though.

Alright, alright, she’s probably right in front of you, so don’t get startled.

I cracked open my eyes and saw that Applejack was actually standing a respectful distance away. When she noticed I was looking at her she approached and introduced herself.

“Well hello there little one, my name’s Applejack.”

The knot in my stomach twisted tighter. Oh god, what if she knew I was lying when I told her my name? Ugh.

Ok, your name is Green. That’s what ponies call you, that’s what you refer to yourself as, so it’s not a lie. Just tell the truth. Your name is ‘Green’. You’re a pony, you were never a human.

I felt bile in my throat.

“Hi m-” I closed my mouth again when I realised I was speaking far too quietly for her to hear me.

Applejack moved closer “Pardon?”

Her moving closer made me even more nervous, if such a thing was possible. My stomach hurt.

“H- *hurrgh*” I threw up on her hooves.

So much for first impressions.

I bet ya won't boop me!
Still lovin' it. Do you have any idea of how long you're planning on making this yet?
Great stuff friend
I'm planning on it being an epic, 200k words plus.

Once I get Green set up in Ponyville it's going to transition into more of a slice of life/ adventure of the week format for a while until I decide to progress the plot into the final phase so it really depends on what kind of reception it's getting for how long it goes on for.
256562 256564 256596
>Yeas but it is also tiring to be the guy responsible to maintain a thread up like forever, you might like to help and might also enjoy the attention but you will eventually want to move on with your life regardless of the support you might get and if no one is fit to take over your legacy, the thread will just die.
I mean sure. That can be the case. Then I am not saying you can't just quit. But if that is the case you just do that.
I think you are imagining a thread which has never caught on in the first place. Like I don't think you are thinking about someone like Nueve. He just posts a new thread each time there is a need. He really doesn't have to do anything more about that.
What I mean to say is that if you enjoy something keeping it alive isn't that hard. This might sound contradictory to what I am about to say next.
>I agree with you on your stuff but remember you're not responsible for replying to every single post anon.
Yes, I agree. That is what I have been saying in the last couple posts. It was only in the first one were I didn't say so. But yeah, I was wrong and I agree but what I'm saying now is that, if we want content we have to give something for it. In this case support in the form of encouragement.
>Sure, anons love to get asspats but i am pretty sure if an anon really likes to make content, they will make it regardless of how much asspats he gets.
I can understand where you are coming from but I disagree. This might sound contradictory to what I wrote in the begining but if nobody is caring for what you are providing you will stop providing it. The truth is that one some level we care what other people think of us. We want to be respected and we want to provide something to soceity, mostly for survivals sake, but also because we want their approval or the approval of the group we associate with. Only the most autistic person keeps going with a hobby that is entirely self-serving. Take Chrischan for example, he might create art that only appeals to him and not to anybody else, his comics for example.
I don't think any of this is bad. I like self-serving art but I know that when I learn that I am the only one who think or cares about something in the entire world I feel lonely. It might be different from person to person who they react to things like this but alienation has both reinforced my ego but also hurt me.

My point is that, yes, there are some people who can just post endlessly about their art but they are not the norm and they as well as anyone else will appreciate praise/encouragment or feel the need to prove their haters wrong.
>Ever since i got to read the first few posts in the thread i have been silently following the story on derpibooru but giving (you) to people as if they were likes just does not sit pretty well with me.
Sure, but I feel that we misunderstand each other. I think that if we want content, we have to give the people providing us with content attention. The "asspat" part of this is the weird thing. I specifically said that people could write whatever came to mind or well that was what I meant and it comes out clear in the text i think as I'm saying I'm okay with posts like, "KYS!" Such a comment is obviously not an asspat but honestly, I almosst prefer that to silence. Fucking silence sucks. There was this one time that I worked on this drawing and it came out super nice and then I posted it on the drawfag thread and nothing.

Anyway, I do not promote dicksucking. But I understannd what you are saying:
>And it would feel too fake to reply to his every post
I can related. It must be genuine, right? But that is the thing, you should be genuine. Again I will refer to my comments in the glimglam review thread. I am 100% genuine about everything I say. While the last post I made was mostly me agreeing with him, you don't have to scroll high up to see me disagreeing with him.

In fact this part of that validation people seek when sharing their art. People want relate to others. If you analysis this guy's >>256552 work and tell him what you thought and it turns out that was why he wrote it, it will mean a lot to him because now he realises that he is not alone. Like I can related to the part about nurses, I have also experinces in that field so I get what he is talking about when he talks about letting someone get comfortable within your presence and better even would it be if you understood this experince from his story alone and could elaborate further on this ideas.

What I'm talking about here isn't some deep dive analysis. I am talking what did you feel when you read this and if you want to be all introspective you can figure out why. Otherwise, just leave a comment on your thoughts about it, again, if you want to see more of this.

I think am going in cricles here but...

Bar minimum here, again if is a content provider that you enjoy, is just to confirm that you are indeed reading what they are writing and to remind of that when they stop. A "Do more faggot," is music to my ears.

But again, I must stress that I get where you are coming from. I also dislike the like whoring on youtube and such sites. But I don't think these situations are equvialent.

Please, share your thoughts on this tirade if you actually ended up reading it.
Cool pic btw.
That is pleasing to hear. Its just too depressing when a story you enjoy ends so I always wish for them to go on for as long as possible.
>Chrischan for example
I think i need to sleep before trying to get into conversations because that's an obvious point that i missed hard as an inmate's dick.
I do think someone that enjoys producing their work needs at the very least to know he or she is not undesired on a thread.
>Sure, but
>is obviously
>t a
I do agree with your points, but specially with this part here
>If you analysis this guy's >>256552 work and tell him what you thought and it turns out that was why he wrote it, it will mean a lot to him
I think you hit just the right spot right there
That's the kind of genuine compliment a creator should get, an honest opinion from whomever happens to have read his piece. That kind of asspat is rare because it actually takes time and effort to produce.

>"Do more faggot,"
Yup, that's more like it, short, easy to make and to the point plus it means whoever is reading your shit actually wants more.

>Cool pic btw.
This is beautiful, sir.
256565 257656
>they will make it regardless of how much asspats he gets.
Pic related.
I've created ongoing content for no (You)s, and I've abandoned content when people really liked it because I just didn't have the time to work on it.
>Fucking silence sucks.
Finally someone fucking gets it. It stings me deep to my core to slave over a drawing or a snippet of green for hours only to get fucking nothing.
256566 256567
You fool, that image will summon the pissfags to this thread!
very spooked filly.png
What if they were already here?!
Ha ha! You have summoned me? Hold on... that's not right...
Don't read the title just yet.
Title: Old Young Filly Henderson
Co-owning a bar with a local from some backwater town called 'Ponyville' doesn't sound like much of a wise business decision.
That would be true except for one detail.
Canterlot is a hop, trot, and a train ride away. Somewhere I've been trying to get a hoofhold for years, and failed. I never did manage to break in there, but this isn't a story about that. This is about my most loyal costumer.
It goes a little something like this.
My well kept heavy bar door slams open.
"Who did tha-!"
In walks the local princess Twilight Sparkle. She has a deranged look on her face. No, she looks entirely deranged and on the verge of snapping bringing forth windiegos.
"My princess I'm terribly so-"
A large bag of bits hits the counter.
"I don't care please for the love of all that is good. Just get me something so I can forget."
"Heavy on the rocks?"
Her darkened eyes tell the whole story. She really does not care.
Then, an idle thought comes to me. Isn't she feeding a filly naturally?
Two of thwm now that I think about it?
"Princess you know that alc-"
I pour her the wrost drink I've made in my entire career. Devoid of passion, and love. A tonic that care not for taste, but hard results. It's sickening that this thing I've just made could be considered my magnum opus.
She hammers it down. Eyes tearing up.
"However much the bag has I want that many drinks."

Princess Twilight is a social drinker.
"So then Hendersonfilly, and her coltfriend Kelly the colt was burning the royal bushes using phoenix fire."
Sweat dripped down my brow. I couldn't fail now. The doors and room sealed and warded to stop spying. This is blackmail of the highest order. I... I like to think of my self loyal to princess.
"That's not the worst of it though. Oh no! You see I scanned them both. The princess didn't teach a foalish unicorn nuh-uh. You know what I found?"
The bit bag ran out of bits. My limbs hurt, but still I can't stop myself from asking.
"What did you find?"
She guzzles down three bottles of my Forget It recipe and stares through me. Deep into my soul.
"Nothing. There was nothing for me to find."
I don't know if that's good or b-
"Everything was plain as day. There was nothing to find. It was just there."
"Do you want to know what was there? Well do you?"
"I- I-"
"I saw two foals, and their entire past. My liver isn't anywhere near failing so give me something stronger."
I read that in the Pinkie voice from RDP.
Smoldix may be a nigger, but he draws a good filly.
Totally not recolored fillies.
>but he draws a good filly.
And eyes.
256580 256581 256582 256583 256588 256591 259217
Hey, sorry for not continuing the lighthouse green. I don't know when/if it'll be continued since I typed up like half an update for it a while back and it was fucking ass. I need to get back into drawing, my poor sketchbook has been sitting neglected ever since I did a few Christmas things. Anything you all want to see? Preferably really fucking weird, but not necessarily fetish-y.
Filly wearing Twilight's skin
Fillies in Boogaloo.
Filly gang collecting the toll.
Fillies in a stampede.
Filly doing math on the blackboard.
Filly with rating signs, for example 0/10 - 2/10 - 8/10 - 10/10
Filly parachuting while the mares below panic.
What will happen next anon?
filly attempts to wrap a present for twiggy but somehow wraps her hooves together :^)

Something momfu-based. Maybe diapers or milkies? Or a lap-pillow if you want to be vanilla.
Not For Sexual.png
>What part of "Not For Sexual" these ziggers don't understand.
Filly is pure.
Filly is a pure faggot
You're too nice, I feel weird when people recognize my typing style. I mean if I REALLY hated being named, all I would have to do is change how I talk here and how much, but I do feel almost put upon, like a small time star getting spotted by the paparrazi.
256598 256620
First, i'll take care of my real world problems then buy chocolate milk and finally write the next part

>Spoiler 2
A filly of culture, I see.
256607 256635
>You look at apogee
>She looks back and smiles
>Realize you are smiling like an idiot
>Look away with a slight blush like a faggot you are
>Did you just fucking stutter?
>You clean your throat
>Let’s not make this even more gay
“So, you crawl out of the hole…”
A minute ago, apogee crawled out of a very disgusting hole filled with disgusting things and a killer wasp. She was bruised by that encounter but nothing too serious.
A sigh escapes her; maybe it was a bad idea to leave the party, back in the ruins.
She told them exploring the ruins would only take a few hours, but Luftkrieg keep on talking about how every second was important or something; She didn’t even change opinion when they found that cool axe under a few rocks. Those ruins were cool, not like this horrible hole thingamajig filled with dead things.
After a few checks around the area to make sure she didn’t miss anything, Apogee resumes her walk towards the north; Earlier on their adventure, her party had found this “path” in-between the trees: While the terrain around it was filled with plants of all sizes, only vegetation in this seemingly natural path was short grass.

The sudden clicking sound of insects rocks her – Shit, the wasps must be coming back looking for blood HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM, I REPEAT-
The impact sends the pegasus flying to the side of the road; A massive carriage pulled by two giant bugs stops a few squares away.
She caresses her head with a hoof and dizzily gets up, it’s hard to stand straight, that was quite the hit she took.
At the distance, she can make out the figure of a pink earth pony running towards her.
Apogee attempts to draw her weapon! Failure, she falls on her flank instead.
The pink pony approaches, a worried expression on her face. Apogee stands up, as straight as currently possible despite the dizziness.
“Are you alright, we didn’t hurt you did we?” The pink mare inquires
Apogee smiles, at last someone friendly
“Ish shust a scrahcht”
The pink mare covers her mouth, holding back a laugh when a shout stops from the vehicle stops her laughing altogether
“Rose ye scabby sea bass are ye makin' love t' that carouser or wha'?”
The deep voice echoed through the woods, as the mare’s face goes from happy to worry in an instant.
“Look, sorry, I have to go”
The mare quickly turns back at the vehicle ready to run back–
“WAIT” As Apogee yells, the mare instantly turns back at her.
“You’re going north?”
The pink mare smiles at the question, now turning entirely towards Apogee.
“Wanna ride th’ ole nautilus?”
Apogee squees, finally something good happens

“I'll nail yer gizzard to the mast, ye lice-infested hoof!”
The pink pony scrunches, looking down as a small grey-coated stallion with a dark blue mane scolds her. You can barely make a word of it.
“wha' are ye th’ interloper of the twelve seas, ay!?”
The stallion looks at her, then at you, he exhales hard, some vapour from his nostrils quickly dissipate in the air.
“Get out o' me view, i wants t' hear no more o' this”
The tiny stallion turns back and leaves the small empty room, leaving you and the pink mare alone.

Apogee scrunches and sticks her chest fluff out.
“That guy’s a jerk”
The pink pony stays still in silence, her head still low.
Apogee builds up concern, that scolding was kind of like her fault, she didn’t meant for this mare to get in trouble for helping her and–
The mare smiles, the tip of her hoof pressed gently against Apogee’s snout
“You thought i was sad, didn’t you?
“Wait you’re not?”
“Of course not, didn’t you hear? He called me an interloper!” She giggles
You have no idea how that changes the context of things, but you giggle anyways
“You were lucky we passed by, the woods are dangerous and we are on our way to one major trade route when we hit you…” The pink mare pauses for a moment, as a sudden realization hit her.
The mare presses on Apogee’s chest with her hoof. Apogee can’t help but look down at the hoof curiously; Is she looking for something?
The air around her chest suddenly feels heavy, a sense of pressure building up on her chest. Apogee whimpers in surprise, suddenly, she can feel all the pain on her body dissipating, until there is none left.
“There we go” The mare says, removing her hoof from Apogee’s chest, the latter looking like a dog trying to understand quantum physics.
“B-but you’re an earth pony, what kind of spell is that?”
“Spell?” The mare giggles
“You’re not from these parts, are you?”
Apogee nods, the mare sighs, bracing herself for a long upcoming Q&A

>”I– It’s so big”
>’’There’s no way i– I can’t!”
>You scrunch
“Don’t be a faggot and take it like an adult!”
>You sigh as Apogee finally takes “The Complete Psionics Handbook” from your hooves
>She opens Page1 and gets immediately distracted by the first illustration
>You can tell she likes it a lot
>Maybe she’ll at least shift through the pages
>Time to check over Zala and Luftkrieg

Forgot to attach this

Let's see if i can get the next part out soon, i want to get more input from anons, what's the fun in telling a pre-written story.

Sick, twisted, degenerate scum. Both of you belong in Tartarus where every glass you tip over is your stolen happiness.
256627 256629 256632 256633 256644
Bat eat rat
Bat is for pat
patpat the bat bat
Anonbatfilly why did I never even think of that? Imagine the little faggit as a vampire. Sitting on the throne room of her mother Celestia swirling a cup of blood like liquid, quoting Dracula, Castlevania, and more.
"The pats it burns!"

>batfilly pretending her cup of fruit punch is blood
She cute.

Luft and Zala are sold as slaves to the ponies Apogee is with, but they won't let their two new slaves go with Apo
That's a very not as in absolutely cute filly, love the hair detail on the pat too
256641 256642
I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.
Your wish is granted.
God dammit, you faggots are reminding me of that Twisted Metal one-off. Stop it.
>Tfw You win Calypso’s contest with a fellow fillyfag
>Tfw they butt in before you can and use your collective wish for >>256637
>Tfw you become the full-bladdered filly, forced to relieve yourself in your friend’s mouth
>Tfw it’s the best sensation you’ve ever felt.
256644 256645
>panicked sobbing echos through the castle and grows louder as a green, princess seeking missile races through the halls until it finds it's target and leaps into the startled book horses embrace
>"Anon! What happened? What's wrong?"
>two small puncture marks can be seen on the scared filly's neck as a grumpy bat filly flies into the room, eeeeing angrily
>"Anonbat! Did you bite your sister?"
>"She kept making fun of me! She said I suck."
>"That's still no reason-"
>the purple pony lets out an exasperated sigh
>"No more biting ponies. Now go to your room."
>"Hmph. She tasted gay anyways."
>"As for you missy, you should know better than to tease your sister like that. Now let's get you patched up."
"So I'm going to be okay and not turn into a bat pony?"
>"No, that's only silly stories in comic books."
>Twilight pauses to think for a moment
>"Although, I do still need to teach you a lesson, and seeing as how you have such strong opinions on bat ponies..."
meant to link to >>256625

I feel ill for writing the spoiler
>"Hmph. She tasted gay anyways."
A connoisseur I see.
Absolute kek. Revenge for such a vampire filly would have to go beyond the ethical codes of prank warfare.
Bat filly will sparkle, flamboyantly. It is by the will of Twilight herself.
oh no
256653 256659
Person of the year.
Purple doesn't look pleased.
/r/ing a version of this with Aryanne and some fillies.
>Twisted Metal filly
>Person of the year
Is there any art of Anonfilly with a different mane than her original one? It would be kinda fun to see Anonfilly in a bunch of different styles, like pigtails, combed back, Steven Seagal with him trying to hurt her because she tried to copy him and so on.
>>254162 →
Nore returns from the grave to give us commie bat ass.
256708 256710 256715 256716 256870
My neck still hurts and I'm out of things to wash my remaining whiskey down. I need either filly energy or something lewd to fap to so I sleep well.
256713 256715 256716
Forgot pic related. Thanks in advance if anyone delivers.
Sorry but I've got nothing on me at the moment so unless you get lucky on pastebin and find something worth reading there then it looks like you'll have to go to bed without either.
1860623__safe_artist-colon-neuro_oc_oc-colon-filly anon_oc only_bag_blanket_female_filly_hiding_question mark_simple background_solo_transparent backgr.png

>filly energy
The filly spirit bomb, kek. I'll accept that. Night fillies, here's hoping next injury I get at work is instantly fatal and I get to be the filly.
>The virgin cyber truck
>Has to wait in traffic
>Windows break
>Terrible run time
>Overbuilt making more breakable shit for the future
>Have to arm it for the boogaloo
>Actually terrible on the environment in the long run
>Rich hipsters will drive it
>The chad t72 Russian mbt
>It is the traffic and god help the fucker to cut you off
>Runs well
>Has what is neccessary
>Comes prearmed
>It blends into the environment
>Rich hipsters cry when they see it
>"Let them come comrade, we shall see."~Fat fluffy filly in a T72
Someone also made an alternative to the commie filly

256724 256738
This is a bad juxtaposition
The snuggles aren’t stolen if that’s what you’re implying. I attained them from the drawfag like a good little filly.
Look at the image above, then at the one below.
Oh, kek.
are you a housebroken filly?
Housebroken or broken house?
Not if they're wearing diapers!
>day 40-something since you taught Applejack how to make LIITs.
>at first she was reluctant to let you make some for the two of you, but knowing your nature as a former adult, she surmises you can make decisions like that if you wish and sold you some under-the-table ingredients.
>while you at first were fine with one glass a night, you've started to get diminishing returns on your alcohol intake.
>you stop going to the Apple household after two weeks of visiting and drinking with her.
>you're sure it beats her up that she can't provide you company when you're secluded in the castle, but you got worried she might not like when you're drunk.
>better to quit while you're ahead, and she doesn't hate you yet.
>Twilight, on the other hand, visits your room quite often, sometimes forgetting to knock as well.
>"Anon, breakfast is ready."
"Mmn, five more minutes..."
"Rrgh, fine. Lemme get a highball down first, then I'll be over."
>Twilight doesn't seem to pay attention to this, closing the door with a soft, annoyed sigh.
>you get out of bed and open your dresser - why did she give you a dresser with so many drawers if pony clothes are rare and optional? - revealing a diverse collection of drinks, with a spell of sealing and a chilling rune hidden inside.
>you grab some whiskey, then a bottle of cola, pouring them into a well-used pint glass sloppily.
>looks more like half and half than a single shot...but fuck it. Down the hatch.
>after downing the morning drink, you stumble your way into Twilight's kitchen, pupils dilated slightly from the light difference between your dim bedroom and the brightly-lit kitchen.
>as soon as you sit down, Twilight seems somewhat concerned about your behavior, offering you a plate of eggs and Griffinstone bacon.
"Mmn, thanks."
>"Not a problem Anon. So, you mentioned getting down a highball, hmm?"
"Uh, yeah?"
>you give a somewhat defensive look her way, as if trying to ask what's so wrong with drinking as soon as you get up.
>"Would that happen to be one of your little cocktails?"
>her expression narrows somewhat as she takes a bite of her eggs.
>"And you decided to drink an alcoholic beverage at 9AM."
"Are we done with 20 questions or are you gonna just make your guess?"
>"My guess is that you should go to the hospital with me to make sure your liver's still intact."
"Don't talk to me like you know me."
>"Anonymous, whatever you might think of me, I am your caregiver, and one of the six ponies who even knows who you really are. And I know old habits die hard, but whatever you're doing between shifts isn't going to sit well with your filly body."
"That sounds like future filly's problem."
>"That sounds like you're plotting to send yourself to an early grave."
"Fuck off."
>she backs down at that, her expression scrunching up before she sighs slightly to herself, returning to her food.
>a few minutes of silent eating follow, before she speaks up again.
>"Just don't forget your next shift is at 8 tomorrow. If you don't get up after first call, you're on your own. I might be a princess but I don't use nepotism to keep ponies employed."
"Except when it suits you-"
>"You know what-"
>she gets up and takes your nearly-finished plate, frowning as she dumps both your plates in the sink.
>"Just take your milk. Make a white Strussian with it if you want. I don't care."
>you get up and walk off with milk in hoof.
>fine, maybe you will.

>another week passes.
>you arrived to work drunk twice, and clocked in late once.
>the manager is none too pleased.
>hung over, you're not pleased either to hear that old crow tell you how everything you ever do is wrong.
>you toss your apron and walk out without another word, and just like that, you don't have a job anymore.
>time to visit auntie Jack again.
>you quickly make your way to the barn before the sun has a chance to set.
>naturally you packed three cans of cola in your saddlebag, just in case you need a mixer.
>within seconds of your knocking, AJ answers.
>"Howdy, what's- oh."
>"Anon, Ah might not be the smartest mare in this town, but Ah do know why you're here."
"So, wanna share a glass? I brough-"
>"No, Anon. Ah heard what you said to Twilight, and Ah'm not gonna supply ya with more of the goods until ya shape up."
"Wh- shape up? The hell's that supposed to mean? You drink too, don't act like you're any better."
>"Ah get up at sunrise 'n work every mornin'. Worst Ah ever get up to is gettin' drunk in the privacy of mah own distillery, then go t'bed. Ah don't bit- er, complain at Granny Smith over mah responsibilities."
"Easy for you to say, you've been doing this work for what, a decade now? You've had that body for your whole life, work you know you're talented at, a support network of your brother and granny, a group of friends that would do anything for you-"
>"Just, shut yer mouth fer a second!"
>you snap your mouth shut, angry but not ready to invoke the fury of a mare scorned.
>"Not everythin's sunshine 'n rainbows here, filly. Ah wasn't born with mah cutie mark, 'n I didn't always have it easy. Who d'ya think had to take care of Applebloom, before I made friends with Twilight and the folks? Do you see mah mom 'n dad here?"
>you wait a moment to make sure that those aren't rhetorical questions, but just as you open your mouth to reply, she cuts you off.
>"Ah repeat: no more'a mah liquor until ya shape up. Go apologize to Twilight and then we can start talkin' again."
>your despondent, sobered gaze seems to tug at her heartstrings, so just as you turn around, she speaks up again.
>"Ah'll be waitin', alright? You're not a bad girl, y'just gotta git yer priorities in order."
>you trot off, keeping your nose to the street as you head back home in the hopes you don't get noticed by any townsfolk.
>a lot can change in a month...
256746 256747
"There are many pictures drawn about her, but very few stories."
Wait, do derpiboorufags/fimfictionfags seriously don't know about Anonfilly threads here or on /mlp/ ?
Or is the guy posting that contest pretending really hard we don't exist just because our stories might not be are jew-approved ?
Good to plaster the comment section with links to /mlpol/ filly' stories.
>Wait, do derpiboorufags/fimfictionfags seriously don't know about Anonfilly threads here or on /mlp/ ?
I doubt it, they’re blind consoomers. They see cute pony, they click upboat, and then they move on.
This tbh. We are the genesis point of 99% of anonfilly content, formerly anyways. I don’t want to stand by in silence while our name gets slandered by the derpiniggers, fimfags, and ptfg trannies.
That was a good read. If you ever feel like continuing I'd love to read more, fillies with problems are the best fillies.
Thank ya kindly sugarcube. Couldn't sleep, I conducted my first moral orel marathon of the year and was feeling the pain. Now me 'n Jesus, we like to feel the pain.
256786 256788 256832
Figured I'd drop another now out of date WIP. My goal is for a more details coloring, working with tools I usually don't use.
mein gott thats so damn adorable
That's pretty good. What happened to her face?
Those just indicating where the leaves overhead are located. I plan to then reverse the light coming from above to have sun coming in through the leaves.
256810 256816
>Be Applejack.
>Running your stand.
>See the little green filly Anon.
>You've never seen her with her parents... poor filly is probably alone.
>You watch as she looks around to see if no pony is watching and go to a trash can.
>She misses you.
>She gets on her hindhooves and begins to dig in the can.
>You can't watch this, Granny raised you better.
>You call out.
>The filly nearly jumps out of her hide as she jerks her head to you.
>Her ears fold back and she lowers her head as she sulks up to your stand.
>"Yes ma'am?" She says barley meeting your eyes.
"Here ya' go, this is better for you."
>You say as you put a apple infront of her.
>"I-I don't have any bits miss Applejack."
"'S on the house dear, eat up!"
>You say with a honest smile.
>You watch as her eyes light up and she nearly dives on the apple.
>"Crunch munchmunchmunchmunchmuch!"
>You tip your hat up to get a good look as the apple juices get all over the filly tearing into it.
"Dang, ya' really like apples huh?"
>The filly finishes up and wipes her muzzle.
>"Mhmm, thank you miss Applejack!" She says as she starts to trot off.
"Ya' got a place to stay Anon?"
>She stops mid step.
"How'd you like one?"
>"I really couldn't, the apple was more than enough, I couldn't even pay for a place..."
"It's just ah barn hun, you could pay it off with a few chores."
>You barely have time to react as the green filly tackles you in a hug.

What about that bat makes it a commie?
Not sure what to say
Something is going on with my heart! It was normally at a steady decline then something happened.
Is this the mythological feels?
I must have more.
>Filly gets fit thicc living with Applejack.
>When she becomes a mare she has a body that makes almost any mare jealous and stallions beg.
>She never dates any of them because they're not the right one for her, Applejack told her growing up, "If a pony is only interested in you for your looks, they won't stick around for you."
>She has to find the right mare or stallion, and finding the one through swaves of ponies is difficult, but she's determined.
Different anon
"We-wew. Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just you? I mean me? I mean, uhhhh, Applejack!"
>"Sure is mighty toasty today isn't it. Banana split at Sugarcube corner sugarcube?
>yus nailed it
256815 256833
There instincts to seize the means of production
Mangos are the means of production?
>homeless filly
Now that's something i haven't read tillnow
There was feral wild filly
That filly needs petting.
>There instincts to seize the means of production
As a good far right lad, I have instincts to seize the means of REproduction.
What about the means of REEproduction?
>he cant drink neat whisky
Everyone laugh at the hoemoe
Heck you, I only started drinking at legal age and haven't really gotten used to it yet. Highballs are easy to get down.
I recommend Tuaca then. It tastes good and you feel it quick.

Can't remember if these were posted
That filly on the right has seem some THINGS
257042 257132

Hazmat Template.png
Don't mind me, I'm just gonna leave this right here.

Hazmat Filly.png
It ain't carrots, it ain't peas...
Thank you for this can of whoopass.
257029 257129

Watch me bungle image editing like a fucking drongo.
God I wish that were me
>yeah I browse tumblr what of it
Am I missing a second meaning of cinnamon roll or something
I think the phrase just propagated around tumblr or something
Curious about what it is supposed to say originally.
Sup nerds, in this night where I attempt to completely un-fuck my sleep schedule, I bring you content! Content from my original story, so I'll be giving you all an update about what's happened so far:
>Anonymous and Twilight have been tasked to find proper mates for Chrysalis
>Anon's in charge, but Twilight's handling almost everything aside from idea making
>Including criticism
>Now that the weekend and thus the royal address are over though, Anon has no way to immediately ask Chrysalis about any plan Cs, should plans A and B not work
>To remedy this, he's writing a letter!
>However, he needs paper for it and Spike is helping him to get it
>Along the way, Spike gained more information about recent events, but remains just as if not more confused than before
More on these developments and more, coming at you now!

>Be Anonymous
>Spike finally leads you to the supply closet, which you mentally mark down the location of for later
>You get your stationery and head back to your room with Spike in tow, thinking about what you should write on the way
>It would probably be a good idea to start off with a professional opening and leave the casualty for the end, if any
>Hm, maybe something along the lines of 'Dear Chrysalis, I would like to ask for your assistance in-'
>Nah, too long to get to the point
>Maybe 'I would like your input on-'
>Better, but can we do even better?
>You think on it for a minute and get close a few times, but nothing improves on the lead you already have
>Oh well, you're in your room now and your pen is right where you left it!
>So, you get to work
"Dear Chrysalis,
I would like your input on matters involving our proposed plan B, and a suggestion for a potential plan C should both plans A and B fail. I continue to have confidence in your judgements concerning the executions of both plan A and B as they are, however Twilight has asked that a plan C be drafted just in case and I have so far been unable to come up with anything suitable. To this end, I would appreciate input towards what you think would be an acceptable plan C for our situation so that we may be prepared in the worst-case scenario.
I also understand that such matters may take some time to think over properly, so I do not expect an immediate reply. However, to get Twilight off my back to expedite the planning process here, I would still appreciate word coming when you are able to send it.
Kindest regards, Anonymous"
>You then fold up the paper, lick the envelope shut, address it just in case, and hand it off to the cross-armed dragon next to you
"You got this, right?"
>Spike lets out an irritated sigh before grabbing the letter
>"I'm not sure whether it's better if I do or don't."
"You better have it covered, otherwise I'm telling Celestia that I couldn't get everything done because Spike didn't send a letter right."
>That gets his attention
>"Even the princesses are mixed up in this?"
"Yeah, so don't disappoint me so that I don't disappoint them, please."
>Spike then proceeds to stare off into the distance for a few seconds before finally bathing the letter in green fire and sending it on its way
>"You do realize that you've only given me more questions, right?"
"Don't worry, you'll find out more about Celestia's involvement in all this whenever news finally gets here from Canterlot. But anyway, that's about all the help I need, thanks!"
>"No problem, I guess..."
>Spike takes his leave, leaving more confused than when he entered, if that's even possible
>Don't worry Spike, you'll learn something to help ease the confusion soon enough!
>Right when the papers get around to putting out the results of yesterday's happenings
>Back to more important matters at hoof, though!
>Stupid horse body, subverting your proud human mind
>Either way though, time to go find Twilight and report on the letter
>It's a shame Spike already left, you could've asked him where she is
>But hey, you know where he's going, so you can probably catch up to him if you hurry!
>You dash back out of your room and see him about halfway down the hall
"Hey, one last thing: do you know where Twilight is?"
>He turns to face you before pointing farther down the hall
>"Probably in her room or office. If she isn't there, she's probably in her lab. If that's the case, then have fun waiting for her to come back out!"
>And with that, he resumes his journey back to his basement
>And you are left to accomplish your task once again
>Well, it won't solve itself and waiting now won't help you either
>But the question is, do you even know where her room or her office is?
>Wait, you remember a specific moment where this would be extremely useful!
>Yeah, that time you wandered into Twilight's room while trying to find your own!
>Now, what route did you actually take...?
>After wandering for longer than you would've liked, you find Twilight's room again and this time note it down for sure
>Too bad she's not in here though, that cuts things down
>Well, the next place you know of is the lab
>You make your way down the stairs, all the way to the massive set of doors between the lab and the rest of the castle
>Of course, they're closed
>Dang, now how are you going to figure out if she's in there?
>Well, that's probably a good place to start
>You press an ear against the doors, hoping to hear anything that would tell you whether Twilight's there or not
>Nothing but the sound of your own blood circulating, dang
>Try knocking?
>The metallic clank of your hoof impacting the solid door rings out across the otherwise silent entryway, but after a minute, the only response you get is yet more silence
>Now you have to find the one spot you were hoping she wasn't!
>There is a way to find out where it is, though
>The question is, do you really want to bother Spike for the third time in the span of a few minutes?
>Well, would you rather spend an hour wandering the castle?
>Fair point
257065 257067

>You make the short trip back to the basement and find Spike exactly where you found him the first time
"Hey uh, sorry to bother you yet again, but where's Twilight's office?"
>Spike's shoulders visibly sag at hearing your voice yet again, but he does a good job of hiding his irritation when he gets up
>"It's fine, I'll show you."
>And with that, you're once again following the dragon to your destination
>Along the way, another attempt at conversation is made by Spike
>"So, why do you need to see Twilight so badly?"
"She wanted me to send that letter, so I'm telling her that I did."
>"Should I even bother asking more?"
>Not too sure
"Well, it depends on what you want to ask."
>"Is Twilight a changeling or something? Is that why all of this is happening? Because I know they aren't above trying that, so I just want to know if it's happening again."
"Last I checked, she isn't. Also, before you ask, none of the princesses are either."
>"Okay, then what is happening? You said I'd find out from the news eventually, so why can't you tell me now?"
>You know, he does make a fair point
>Besides, you went there with Twilight, so you'd be expected to know what happened without any extra logic being needed, so you can just say it
"As a matter of fact, I will. It turns out that Celestia and Chrysalis have finally ended hostilities, and Twilight went to Canterlot to oversee it and brought me with because of a field trip."
>All of a sudden, it seems that a set of gears finally clicked into place in Spike's mind
>"So that's why the field trip was moved up! I was wondering why they would do that if it was just a regular address, but that makes a lot more sense now."
"That help clear things up?"
>"A bit, but I'm still very confused about almost everything else you told me earlier."
"Eh, don't worry; that's perfectly natural."
>It's around this moment that conversation peters out, but luckily you aren't far off from the office!
>You have been noting down how to get here, right?
>Good, we don't want you getting mixed up again on another important task
>"Need me to stick around again?"
>Do you?
>Well, you're pretty sure you can get back to your room without any issues, so that won't be a problem
>You're not sure if Twilight will go into any confidential matters here, but it might not be wise to risk it
"Nah, you can go back to that comic now. Also, if I need anything from you for the rest of the day, feel free to tell me to fuck off."
>"Geez, I wasn't that annoyed by it."
"No, but I don't want to overstay my welcome and it would just seem rude for me to go to you for a fourth time after everything you've already helped me with today."
>"It's no problem, I'm here to help out Twilight, and I'm sure she'd want me to help you too."
"Fair enough, but I'll still try to stay out of your scales."
>"Cool, and I'll keep my door open in case you can't."
>And with that, you and Spike part ways, with you opening the door and him leaving for the basement a third time
>When the door opens, you see Twilight sitting at a crystalline desk with a stack of blueprints and printer paper in front of her, pen in magic, putting ink to everything that needs it
"Hey, how are things?"
>"Not bad, I've almost got the athletic test prototype designed and I've got the mental aptitude tests finished. What's up?"
"I just wanted to report in and say that I got that letter sent, Chrysalis should get back to me with an answer at some point."
>"That's good, I assume you had Spike send it?"
"Yeah, he wasn't too happy about it or the fact that I wouldn't tell him why I was writing it, though."
>"Oh well, as long as you didn't reveal too much to him."
"You're not mind-wiping him again."
>"If he figures out what's going on, he might need it."
"As project director, I'm ordering you to not mind-wipe him."
>"Hopefully, I won't need to. However, if he ends up learning the heavily classified details, it could lead him to the truth of your existence here and necessitate one. Besides, what did you tell him that makes you so adamant that I'd mind-wipe him again?"
"Nothing, I just know that you've done it for him learning less. All I've told him is things he'd learn from the news and not to look into anything else because it's all a mess behind the scenes."
>Twilight finally looks up to you and raises an eyebrow suspiciously
>However, you know you're in the right here, so you easily stand up to her challenge
>"Alright. Well, I guess that's everything you needed to do, so you're free to let me handle everything else until it comes time to actually conduct the tests."
"Then I'll leave it to you!"
>And that's it!
>You're now free to use the rest of your day as you see fit, so back off to your room to do something until dinner!
257066 257100

>Be Spike
>You're back in your room with the comic book, but something doesn't sit right with you
>That news about the address should've set you at least a bit straighter, but for some reason it's only making you think more
>Anon gets foalnapped, comes back a few days later, and tells you that the events are classified
>Then, Chrysalis and one of her changelings are houseguests for a day before Twilight brings them and Anon somewhere, once again you're told nothing
>Now, Anon and Twilight have just gotten back from Canterlot apparently to help make peace between Equestria and the Badlands?
>The heck?
>Putting a few of the dots together, you assume that the other trip to somewhere was also Canterlot, when Chrysalis brought that other changeling along
>But why would they be going there?
>Anonymous said it wasn't to replace anypony, and the fact that both Chrysalis and the other changeling made the return trip proves that (at least partially)
>But then where did all this come from?
>It has to have something to do with Anon getting foalnapped, seeing as that was dubbed classified by her both then and now
>And given that it's changelings that are causing you all this concern, they probably had something to do with it
>But what?
>If Anon was really taken by changelings, then how did they get to Ponyville and why did they take her?
>Well, knowing changelings, they probably got here under disguises to spy on ponies, but then why did they take Anon?
>Did she figure out what they were?
>Maybe, but then why would they bring her back to their hive and how did Twilight know it was them and that they brought her there?
>Anon was right, this is confusing to think about
>If only you had some other piece, something that would patch a hole somewhere and just tell you everything you need to know!
>Think, maybe there's something farther back that you missed?
>Something from before?
>Let's see, from when Anonymous first got here:
>Introduction to the town
>Starting school here
>Accompanying Twilight on that trip to Canterlot
>Looking back on it, that's definitely somewhat out of place
>A decent place to start looking, maybe?
>Why would Twilight bring her to Canterlot, when she was clearly fine leaving Anon at home with you when she had to deal with the map problem?
>Why did Twilight have to go to Canterlot anyway?
>You're not sure, but it was certainly a last-minute decision, given it happened only a couple of days later
>So Anonymous follows Twilight on a last-minute trip to Canterlot only a few days after she gets here from Manehattan, gets foalnapped by changelings a weekish later, and then somehow that all leads up to peace between Equestria and the Badlands
>Either this filly is Marephy's Law incarnate, or something's not quite right with her
>Well, of course something's not right with her with all that weird stuff she-
>You bolt upright at your sudden realisation, pieces all starting to fall together into a coherent picture
>Those things she brought in her suitcase?
>That thing she always brings with her?
>A phone, she even told you that much!
>A real one too, since Twilight said that she had no idea what it was at first and she's always on the cutting edge of tech!
>Yeah, Anonymous said she was a fan of humans, but why would she have both a set of human clothes and a WORKING PHONE?
>How were you this dumb to not see it?
>Anonymous is a human, but how did she get here?
>Waitwaitwait, slow down a bit
>Humans aren't exactly as you've seen in your comics, Twilight could tell you that easily
>So then why are you automatically assuming that Anon's a human like you know them?
>Unless something happened that caused one to come into existence here, like an experiment gone wrong or something, they should still be largely fictional
>Hang on
>It feels like something blocked off inside your head is being released
>Wait, is this a thought or a memory?
>Either way, you might want to hear it out
>It's you cleaning up in the lab after that one set of experiments that made that massive sooty mess
>You're picking up a folder and a bunch of stray papers that you can't quite read
>On the back of one paper it says something about a connection being established, and that Anonymous should be told about it
>You put the folder and its contents together and back on a table before going to your room
>You're there for a while before Twilight shows up, bleary-eyed and asks you about it
>You answer, then she apologizes to you, ignites her horn, and then you completely drop all knowledge of what happened
>Did Twilight mind-wipe you?
>Was you seeing that all it took?
>Holy Faust, if this is a real memory, then you're completely right!
>You've figured it out, all thanks to Twilight improperly performing a mind-wipe in her sleep-deprived state!
>Anonymous is a human taken to Equestria by some experiment of Twilight's, Twilight brings her to see Celestia because Anon's an alien, the changelings find out and kidnap Anon to see for themselves, Twilight finds her and brings her back home!
>That still doesn't explain how peace was formed, but it explains how things got to that point!
>But there's still one more hurdle
>But is it worth another potential mind-wipe?
>Well, even if you get mind-wiped again, then you're just back at square one
>Maybe even without any hope of getting the knowledge back
>But if that happens, then it won't concern you anyway, so why does it matter?
>You've got to get a firm answer before you go crazy from thinking anymore
>You've got to confirm your theory
>You've got to confront Anonymous
257100 257371
And I hate to leave you all on another cliffhanger, but I'm in no state to write more tonight given that I'm already tired and have worked myself up over in the coronavirus thread, so I'm going to try to calm myself down and leave you all to the rest of your night! As always, like/comment/soupscrib/critique/shitfling/whatever!
>So, why do you need to see Twilight so badly?
257121 257126
I wish you the best!
>pics related
The greatest conspiracy never told. The contents you see may be disturbing.

>Pic 2
I... Actually wasn't expecting that, fucking ew
Hey (You)!
Yeah, (You)!
ur a qt
257128 257131 257136 257843
999743__questionable_artist-colon-adequality_artist-colon-dotkwa_octavia melody_oc_oc-colon-anon_clothes_comic_cute_denied_earth pony_female_floppy ear.png
Not even being saged and reported for degeneracy is enough for (you).
257133 257136 257156
"She's my mom. Please, you’ve gotta believe me!'
>"Preposterous. Twilight Sparkle has had no offspring, and if she were to, they would be alicorns. I see no wings under your coat, just a horn."
>You grimace as you fumble to unbutton the thing, you hate doing this. It just reminds you.
>You wiggle the two nubs on your back.
>"Dear Celestia... right this way, princess."
>She's changed a lot about the place since your first few months in the treehouse. One of the few perks of being born with a fully-developed brain is that you remember everything that has ever happened to you.
>But there are some things you can’t infer.
>Why Twilight left you behind to rot in that orphanage.
>For the first year, as you gained the strength to move about, you were terrified some careless or cruel foal would push in the soft spot on your skull, forever extinguishing the one thing you had left.
>It nearly happened more than once, but you were lucky.
>"This is her quarters. You understand I must enter with you to ensure her protection, correct?"
"Of course."
>You hesitate.
>"What’s wrong?"
>Your heart pounds in your chest.
>The door opens.
>"Princess Twilight, you have a visitor."
>"Not now Vanguard, I'm working on a very important friendship study."
>She turns around.
>"Oh. Vanguard, return to your post."
>"As you wish."
>The door shuts with a slam.
>You can tell now that Twilight closed it herself.
>Your heart begins to pound faster.
>"The reminder of my biggest failure... how have you been, Nonny?"
"You left me in the uncaring wastes. I don't know who removed my wings, but rightfully I am your daughter."
>"I did. Imagine the scandal if it were found that a princess not only foaled, but decided she didn’t want it. All of my energy would be focused away from my work. I’m sure you understand."
>You grit your teeth, seething.
"Imagine wanting to fly your entire life. Then, after you die, imagine getting that ability; only to have it cut from your back."
>She shrugs.
>It in no way forgives the act, but you'll need to make her think it's good enough.
>You slow your breathing.
>Concentrate on your heartbeat.
"It's fine."
>She nods.
>"What did you really come to talk about?"
"The orphanage closed. Everypo- everyone who lived there was left on the streets. For a week, I've been hiking towards you from Canterlot, following the train tracks. I haven't slept for two days, I've bathed in nothing but sweat. I... figured you might take me in again. I wouldn't impede your research, all you’d need to do is leave a little food out for me, let me take showers.... Y-you could tell ponies that you adopted me, nopony would have to know what happened."
>She pauses, considering your proposition.
>"You’re what, twelve now? Go out and get a job. It’s not my fault that-"
"I'm six, Twilight."
>She glares at you.
>"Don't you dare interrupt me. If you're six, I can find you a nice place to stay around here with a nice pony that can be your new mommy. I'm bus-"
>A foal's crying comes from another room.
"Twilight. What is that?"
>"I babysit. Now, out. I'll find you tomorrow on the streets and-"
>You push your way past her, into the next room.
>Standing on the crystal is an ornate crib with a tiny, swaddled alicorn lying in it, crying its eyes out.
"You bastard."
>"Leave! Leave before I reconsider my generosity!"
>You feel all the emotions you've held back boiling to the surface, concentrating at the tip of your horn. You can feel yourself beginning to lift off of the ground. You can hear Twilight screaming, feel beams of energy hitting your skin. They hurt, but all are harmlessly reflected.
>You implode the foal.
I feel bad for Octavia now.
reee I'll continue posting the superior recolour every time you do, fag
I'll fuck you any time you want, tavi, don't worry.
forty keks
F's in chat to whoever the babby was, but even you have to admit purple fucking deserved it here.
"Imagine wanting to fly your entire life. Then, after you die, imagine getting that ability; only to have it cut from your back."
>She shrugs.
Anon just wanted to touch the sky, but burned before he could fly.
Poor Octavia may this >>257131 anon bring you out of your slump.
Speaking of Octavia, what if a historical Octavian was reincarnated as a poner? Praise Epona.


Fucking hell, Lone.
Instructions unclear, got dick caught in your mom. Send help.
>"Sis... come close I want to tell you something..." Alicorn Anonmare calls to Anonfilly.
"Yeah what is it old ha- sis, tell me?"
>Anonfilly says approaching.
>"I need to tell you that for all these years, that, that, that, the secret to my alicornhood is this jewel." Anonmare says pointing to a jewel shaped like a question mark.
>The filly looks at it.
>"So don't touch it!" She says gaining the filly's attention back to her. "Because if you touch it I will become a unicorn, so DON'T touch it! I just wanted to tell you that."
>Filly just looks at the mare.
>The filly just sits there.
>The mare touches the jewel with a wing.
Nice art! Nice ass, too.
>tfw you also wouldn't touch it.
257176 257180
>Be Anonmare
>"Push! Push!"
"Fuck you faggot I'm pushing! Give me more morphine!"
>"I think I see his head. It's green like you!"
"Help me you cocksucker!"
>"Oh my Celestia what tartarus spawn is this thing! It's hideous!"
"Oh fucking hell I feel like I'm ripping apart!"
>"It's- it's- it's a healthy adult human?"
>"Never thought this is how I would get in Equestria."
"Fuck you, you limp wristed, penis slobbering-"
>"Hunh, an anonfilly."

2254666__safe_artist-colon-shinodage_oc_oc only_oc-colon-apogee_oc-colon-filly anon_oc-colon-houston_oc-colon-luftkrieg_oc-colon-zala_ear.png
Shino filly
Plot twist: the human anon was an irl mare owned by a horsefucker.
>Plot twist: the human anon was an irl mare owned by a horsefucker.
>Be me
>Twilight Sparkle.
>Looking at the the human, and the filly it's really quite hard to imagine the humans to be the so called apex of life on their planet like Anon claims.
>He looks almost...
>Like a teddybear.
>Sure the teeth are a bit offputting, but it's not actually scary.
>Noodly limbs, a strange gait very unlike a minotaur, soft hands with five digits.
>Almost doll like eyes, that shine.
>In a suit.
>Translated from horse is roughly this.
>"Yo dickass hay grass yo!"
>These past few days as been testing my resolve.
>"Hey, follow me Nelly! We're going for a ride like old times."
>"Nicker neigh!"
>"Lead follow kickin' alpha."
>I haven't had the heart to tell Anon that Nelly really is speaking to her, as an intelligent being.
>"We're going to Applejack. You love apples right gir- boy?"
>"Love me dem appuls."
>Wait doesn't AJ know somepony thats a horse...
"Hold it Anon!"
>"Purple's gaining on us! Let's ride Nelly!"
"You can't just say that in polite society! There are foals around!"
When you're stationed on border patrol, this filly comes up to Trump's Wall(patent pending) and begins to yell at you in Spanish from below. What do?


How does she zip up her suit?
With her ass. Also
>Using Neurofillies as reaction images
Holy unbased

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul. This art proves it. I can see the anon when I look closely.
The slightly green tinted hair isn't bad. Not bad at all.
Indeed, windows to the soul.
257265 257368
Name some pieces of media that remind you of filly in some way. I’m looking for more of them that evoke a certain feel.
Movies: Ladybird
Songs: Call You Mom, Obstacle 2, Song 7
Vidya: ???
Shows/anime: South Park, The Saga of Tanya the Evil
Books: ???
>Ywn be this much of a qt
Based Emu cocksock filly
I haven't tanya's everyday life in awhile
Heh. Silly filly, you mixed the two up. Since I’m pretty sure you’re Harvey though, could you maybe draw some sort of fillified cross between the two? That is, if you want to.
What a qt!
That all you have to say?
I'm not even sure why I'm doing this.
257329 257340 257375
Select a spoiler for your prize. If your lucky a prize may let you select another prize.

Nothing in this one. Here, pick a prize.

U R a QT. Pick another prize too.

Choose your momfu, and or dadfu. Pick another prize too.

Choose how you would like to live in Equestria. Pick another prize too.

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Pick another prize too.

Choose what you want to have with you in Equestria, real or fictional. Can be done multiple times. Pick another prize too.

Would you detail your experience for something else not on this list? Pick another prize too.

Choose your form, this can be altered during your time in Equestria. Pick another prize too.

You have access, and can freely travel anywhere, and at any point in tine. Pick another prize too.

Sorry one doesn't have anything instead, Pick another prize.

Think of a power you would like to have. You will have it. Can be chosen as many times as you like. Pick another prize too.

Please rate on the following scale.
>Choose your momfu, and or dadfu. Pick another prize too.
Fuck yeah. Twilight, of course.
>You have access, and can freely travel anywhere, and at any point in tine. Pick another prize too.
Back to the treebrary, of course. Gotta get back, back to the past...
(At this point I realized they all say to pick another prize, and I'm not a greedy filly so I'll let someone else step up and have some.)
Please rate on the following scale.
Yes-ish. Part of the comfy for me comes with the restrictions. I only want to have a certain amount of power, not be a god. Really I'd be okay with none at all just so long as I could snuggle up with my mommy...
257333 257338
Draws will come when I'm less tired, probably this weekend. Sorry, I haven't forgotten about you, and writing comes easier to me. I wasn't going to write tonight but I was asked to, so fire away with your (one-off) concepts. I'll probably just head to bed in thirty minutes if nothing is posted though.
Your own version of an old green:
All Anons are one(1) filly, either fighting for control, sharing control of the body with everyone at once, or literally being Twilight's experiment to find a fix to her little filly multiple personalities and voices she keeps hearing, each morning being another Anon who controls with the rest watches and talks what should be done in her mind, although purple doesn't know the truth and everyone inside is scared to just tell her

This may be a bit too deep to just get and write, so "fillybox shenanigans" is fine as well
Here is your (You) for participation, concerns, feedback, and prizes are restocked each time.
>SPOILER #5 first half
Maybe or maybe not.
Fuzzywuzzyfeelgoodtestv5.7801 will include more restrictions.
257337 257338
Mate, that's not a one-shot kind of thing, or at least not for me. That'd be a mini-series in and of itself. Anything else you wanna see?
That green was an one shot back then actually, but spoiler is there for that exact reason, if it was too deep to come up with something right away

So repostiong from the spoiler boxfilly shenanigans
I'd like to see filly with a kite.
I'm a different anon so that anon get's first dibs whenever that filly posts.
In order which i picked:
3: Derpy with Dinky and Amethyst for sisters, the full family and the doctor as the distant dad

7:Maybe, dont know what will get yet, will get back to it

1: reee


2: R E E E E E E

4: Already on first but besides being the erf hoers in a family with a wall eyed pegasus mom, one earth pony dad who came last in the family, yet is barely around and always traveling and bringing back weird presents, and two hornhead sisters, one with counter clockwise horn and the other adulting early to help out, i cant really imagine the shenanigans myself, its just unique and would live on the daily for each challenge

6: Just enough bits to order a backpack of my own there really

8: Erf hoers is gud hoers
Wouldn't mind being a crystal pony to joke about being pure, even with the added extra frailty, but that could end up being snowflake status and besides the occasional joke being an erf hoers would be better imo

>Erf hoers
>Can travel anywhere anytime
Pedoponk better up her game, cuz the 4th wall cant even hold this filly

11: I think 9 would make filly OP enough, but if i have to then just extra fast thinking, 9 would do the rest

4: ironic how this was the very last, nou
And for 7, considering everything had a pick another, do i even have to make the green with all this description?

For the requested rating, I rate it Maybe+

257385 257433
Goddamn Boxtrolls was a shit movie. I know what you mean though, so here goes.
>You've been sitting in this box for a while now.
>You can't hear much outside, but you know you're moving.
>Food supplies are still good, you were given plenty by Purple before she sent you out.
>The only real issues are the lack of baths.
>And bathrooms...
>You're not gonna get into what's happened to all of that... stuff.
>Just that it isn't pleasant.
>The metal walls shake, and you brush your greasy mane out of your eyes pointlessly in the darkness.
>The day-night cycle in here is pretty hard to judge, so you just eat when you get hungry.
>Your tummy grumbles.
>And speaking of which...
>All of the meals are MREs, of course.
>You pray to the /k/ube, thanking it for the meal you have been given.
>And then peel back the seal, revealing the mystery beneath.
>It all tastes about the same, but it's filling and you won't die.
>You take a swig from one of your many water bottles, fully aware that it'll probably pass through you quicker than you want it to.
>Whatever, you're thirsty.
>You swear loudly as you tip forward a bit.
>Nearly got a face full of...
>Well, this does look to be it.
>You brace yourself for daylight, but it is hours before it comes to your container.
>A friendly looking zigger pokes her head in.
>You utilize your advanced knowledge of pressure points and put her into a peaceful sleep, dragging her a few feet away from the container door before you go back in and put on your cosmetics.
>Within a few minutes, you look more or less like one of those degenerate pony-zeeb hybrids.
>Lighting the jug of gasoline, you Get the hell out of dodge; leaving the peacefully sleeping zeeb to cover for your actions.
>The streets of Afetlocka (or whatever it’s called) are packed with zebras, so really the only issue is knowing where you need to go.
>Your gross smell also helps you bend in.
>Luckily, Twilight made you practice.
>Take a left on Trayvon Blvd, keep going until you reach Kang Kastle (more of a collection of shacks) and then enter the furthest building to the left.
>The massive zebra turns towards you.
>"Little filly, I haven’t heard that name in years. Whadda ya want?"
"It’s horrible Mister. The moon is out of allignment, and you’re our only hope of avoiding it crashing down to Equus."
>He scratches an ear.
>"And how’d you expect me to do that, little filly?"
>You can see a grin pass over his stoic face.
>"Yah, I think I can do dat."
"Just push it as far out as you can."
>You watch as the stallion walks outside, a look of pure concentration on his face.
>And suddenly, thwoom.
>Space Chimps.
Hopefully that satisfies, gonna sleep now.
>I’m looking for more of them that evoke a certain feel.
Dunno how filly can be a genre, so I guess you just mean mostly mommy issue stuff (with some shenanigans and redpilled mixed in)
Movies: Alien (mostly just replacing xenomorphs with Anonfillies)
Songs: Once You Meet Her (obviously referring to momfu and not filly)
Vidya: Fire Emblem (Mostly supports like the Erk-Louise B support), Undertale
Shows/anime: South Park, gay porn, MLP:FiM, The Simpsons (mostly Bart-based episodes)
Books: Mein Kampf, tons of adoption fanfiction I've read
That ending giving off some real Westworld vibes
I've toyed with the idea of a story that involved a poner finding themselves in rome and turning out to actually be Incitatus, the horse that Caligula made consul
Fuck you.
Celestia, and fuck you.
Princesses plaything, take that as you will, fuck you.
Fuck you I want hopes and dreams again
Fuck you, I don't even understand this one.
Quantum superposition filly, where I am a different variety of horse each day, fuck you I can do that.
G1 ponyland, because fuck G4, fuck hasbro and fuck you.
You fuck.
Give me the power of thick thighs.

I r8 it 'fuck you'/10

>Ywn pick up the aussie filly, snuggle her close, and drop her into the fireplace.
Why live?
257399 257427 257433
Abusemode ON.jpg
Recently got into that FoE game.
Time to see how long Filly can survive.
257403 257427
Ok, well, that was fast.
Died in the second room to a raider.
64 damage critical spear hit on a 40 HP bar.
Filly isn't made for post-apo scavenging.
Well, she's finally dead. After years of the dicksword faggots beating her into the ground, someone finally put her out of her misery. Time to leave this thread forever.
RIP Anonfilly may the dead welcom-
I said press F to pay resp-
Hey! You can't just do that what about the dramatic tension?
The ride would finaly-
Fine, fine, have it your way.
The Anonfilly is not quite dead, long live Anonfilly.
Anonfilly is forever
Anonfilly shall never die
257435 257561
The payment came in, nice work faggot, here's the (You)
Pleasure making business with ya

Now to clear out the ziggers, for Equestria of course

Filly #2 is ready to take on the wastelands, hopefully her preference on magic specialization helps her get further than the first filly sent out, not that these fillies have any knowledge on how to specialize on anything as a horse
Ps.: Fuck alicorns, they are worse than the goddamn enclave with my main build
257437 257561
Dead foals are only midly concerning.jpg
Well, Twilight already sent Filly #1.1 & #1.2. They got a bit further, but both fell to the "can't leave a room if you aggroed something, even if it was right out of said room's loading screen".
The local population seem to get a bit upset about the accumulation of children corpses in the main hall, which isn't good for the already low property value.

Welp, filly #2.1 died in room 3 because she couldn't jump over a cockroach after killing a raider and barely surviving
Time for filly #2.2 then if we aren't doing one filly per fag

Nice pic, hue
Wew. Very nice
Anonmare in heat.png
>Anonymous, the Human
>Almost Spring one day remaining
>When you said that you would be a fireman, everypony (everybody damnit!) just blushes and turns away
>Being a person who stops fires and who stops heat are two different professions, and no pony told you the difference.
>The classes were weird one after another, but the tools of the trade were mastered.
>These ponies sure know some weird fetishes to put out fires quickly. Who needs a water bucket when you have squirt power.
>Most towns don't actually have a dedicated fireman. So no one could use the power of the squirt.
>A rest to see what tomorrow would hold.

>pic Anonfillyinheat.png
"Th-thanks Purple."
>"Shocking isn't it. She won't be satisfied..."
"It'll stave off the inevitable a little longer till help arrives."
257478 257486

Brave filly.
>"Pee filly is ded"
Alright, you all just want me to post it to the thread and have it be up for grabs? I'd rather somebody use it than not.
Gawd you suuh a foking faggot
257531 257542 257546 257557 257674 257836
>Tfw no piggyback rides
>dedicated colt dad
Extraordinary to see that.
>Not momfu
Could Anonfilly be in a healthy family situation?
Who knows, but find out next time on Anon Y Mous Filly!
257552 257843
Nah, he’s gonna beat the shit out of her later for calling him daddy
>Shhh Mr Stuffles he'll hear you.
>"Cocksoppet! Where the buck did you go!"
>His heavy hoof steps walk closer, and closer.
>"When I get my hooves on you I'll show you why you will never call me daddy!"
>His eye appears like a demon from hell come to rip me from under the bed.
>Don't move, don't move, don't move don-
"Ahh! Chu!"
>"Buck my eye!"
>Mommy Twilight brings Daddy when she says I'm being bad.
>His fat hoof unable to reach me this far back.
>I can hear his spittle in his words.
>"Fine. Stay there."
>Marshmallow said she would take care of me if I ran...
>So did AppleApple.
>And did Crackpone
>I... I... I love mommy...
>I have to run.
>Crawling out from under the bed a hoof strikes.
>"You thought you would get away with being a bad filly? Well did you?"
>Hooves starts to stomp.
>"Just be silent. This'll shut you up."
>I feel Mr Stuffles ripped from me.
>He's being pushed into my mouth.
>My one companion through everything.
>The beatings blur
>his voice melting into the pain
>it's hard to move
>is this how I leave?
>something bright is in the corner of my vision
>it's getting dark

>I'm in my cage.
>Everything hurts, even my insides.
>At least I have Mr Stuffles still. Something is stuck to him...
>Is that a sticky note?
>Dear Anon, never anger us again like that, we were worried. Your...
>My time when I was a human is still fading fast, but I still remember somethings.
>This cage still has a shitty lock.
>Still able to open up easily.
>Now is the time to capture the day.
>Even if it is nighttime.
>Marshmallow is closest, and Mr Stuffles is falling apart again from trying to protect me.
>The burning in my body is where they touched me...
>No more...
>I can do this...
>I... I have to have Mr Stuffles get all better again.
>He won't survive another round with either mommy or daddy.
>at least I can do that.
>I must go now my protector needs me.
2188320__safe_artist-colon-marsminer_oc_oc-colon-heroic armour_oc only_pony_unicorn_father and daughter_female_filly_male_stallion_text_w.png
Real Chad Fillies choose dadfus.
Sniper Arnold.jpg
You'd better hurry up with that /comfy/ ending. I'm not a patient man.
257573 257592
After [1d100 = 67]
fillies were sent into the dreaded wasteland, one lucky filly managed to report back for having cleared the first floor of the factory
Ponies rejoiced, believing this would finally be the filly to save them, but purple knew she'd most likely just die in a beartrap after getting cocky, as soon she went back to explore the second floor of the factory
All Twilight needed was for a single one of these fillies to reach the ministry of science lab, but noo, they had to keep dying over and over, lowering the stable morale with all their lifeless bodies getting teleported back to the main hall, perhaps, they were just too weak to be trusted
Stepping back, she readied her magic as, just as she predicted, the lastest filly teleported in with a beartrap clutched around her midsection, dead
Magic ready and as praticed after so many fillies, she didn't even let the filly fall to the ground before grabbing her in her telekitic field and hauling her to the filly vault where all previous fillies were stored
Once more she Twilight thought if all these fillies were worth it, she could just let them live around instead of sending them away, but no other pony had the drive to...kill, to be a predator out there, like the green ones had, she could try and go herself, run from everything and everyone, but the stable would be unprotected if she went away
So without a choice, she started to prepare ritual to summon another filly to help in the next day

/r/ pic of Twilight with a filly wearing a beartrap on her magic, as she looks inside a room with a pile of green fillies, from all the previous fillies she brought over and sent away to die...well not to die, but still
Literal fucking reddit meme fillified, ugh...

I didn't, just reposting it from derpibooru... I repeat, how can we make filly a hate symbol?
>"And so, we find that mares wearing socks to take care of sick fillies causes a effect of comfort normally caused by a mother." Red Heart says laying on her side and softly caressing a small sick green filly who despite being sick, a small smile grows with a little more comfort.
>"See here, this is Anon, she's suffering from from nothing too serious, just a flu, but to ensure her recovery, we have to keep her here for a bit. Fillies like this is where you mares come in." She says lifting her head to look at the group of volunteer mares.
>"A influx of small orphan fillies have appeared, without a home they are prone to sickness, without comfort in a unknown scary area like a hospital, they are hard to help recover." She says petting the little filly's black mane.
>"And even if we don't know where they came from, every filly deserves a chance and a healthy life. So all we need you mares to do is put on some socks and comfort some of the fillies who otherwise have nothing while they recover, if you take a liking to them, don't feel afraid to say so, they could surely need a home, if not, that's perfectly okay too. Now. With this out of the way, lets get to helping some fillies mares."
>how can we make filly a hate symbol?
You can't.
The pony is radioactive for normies and they will refuse to even consider it.

I'm confused as to what you're implying, but Rainbow Eevee, Seb sympathizer and person who is known to enjoy looking at shitty rage comics in the current year, has drawn filly. Take a look at her derpi profile if you don't believe me.
So that's what the red dot was...
>Be Rarity
>Anon the poor dear came in at an unseemly hour, ruinning beauty sleep.
>but, helping Anon as he once helped others is what a decent pony would do.
>The problem stems from when Twilight just... changed.
>Princess Celestia and Luna said she would be back to her old self soon.
>That was last year.
>"Can you save Mr Stuffles?"
"Of course darling, now why don't you tell me Mr Stuffles' and your adventure."
>A foalish grin spread on her black and blue face.
>"We came back after angering the monstrous troll wildabeast, and then..."
>Stich by stich Mr Stuffles became just a good as when you made him for her.
>sure it was at the prodding of your friends, but marketing a level of service through the year has been...
>humbling, and horrifiying
>Asking her to sleep over with me wouldn't help, she would just slip back out.
>back toward Twilight, and her...
>not even sure what the right word would be.
>I have to do more. This just isn't right.

>Be Applejack
>Hearin' Rares creepin' around the farm with Anon on her back sure is a mighty sight to see.
>A yellow feather contrasting the fashionista's purple mane.
>Ah so that's the situation.

>Be Fluttershy
>Tending to Anon with her wounds is... well
>It needs time.
>Anon may have been able to shrug off injuries better than the princesses, or even a hydra, but as a filly?
>I'm sure one day she'll be just as tough.

>Be Rainbow Dash
>Seeing almost all your friends on Pinkie's air balloon.
>Did the worst happen?
>Oh no. I should have been speedier all of this could have...
>If only I was faster.
>A green mane could be seen now the air ship's closer.

>Be Nurse Redheart
>Pinkie the poor dear told me everything.
>It's a tall tail, but knowing Anon isn't gone maybe I could finally...
>Finally get him the support he needed for all these years.
>Better call in a few favors.

>Be Twilight Sparkle
>The sun is a nice and bright, with all sorts of rainbow colors in the sky.
>Truelly remarkable how big it loo-

>Be Anonymous
>I felt really good.
>almost everypony were down in rainbows Dash's room.
>no moremodifying drinks for Anonymous.
Washing up in darms of dozens of best waifus

>Twilight was hit with
"Mmm so comfy."
>I could see everyone.
>Well it is a bit early to go do anything. i think I'll just

>In a tracker of ponies that I helped back then
>the Searching light bust open.

>Be Anon
>A gaggle of gals felt really nice like I belonged.
>MrStuffles made it too.
"Mmm. Don't leave me."
>"Never my Anon."
They wouldn't happen to do any other kind of nursing, would they?

>actually cleared the first floor with max difficulty settings
Beartrap filly confirmed as not a filthy casual.
Nice plot, i can totally picture Twilight doing that crazy shit
>"Hello young filly, we have a plentiful palate of food to choose from, you can get it on a plate or eat it right off the kirin!"
>"Yep! Everything is cooked on a natural kirin flame! It is like a grill cooked, but has no taint of artificial flame or charcoal, leaving nothing but the deliciousness of the dish!"

257683 257722
You are pretty good at this oekaki drawings mah dude. Like really good.
Yeah, same here.
Wait, who are you? Did I recognice your typing style?

257670 257680 257698
Filly pissed on your bed

how do you react
>giving ideas to pissfags
Is that Shining Armour?
>Shining feels sad for you, what with you having no place to stay in and all that
>So he takes you into his family
>Cadence just has to deal with it

Extra messed up points:
>Shining slowly starts caring more about you than Flurry Heart because you don't keep acting like a spoiled princess
>You also happen to enjoy things he enjoys, like ogres and oubliettes
Tell her to go on the newspaper next time or it’s back to the fucking pound.
No no. I was just saying recognition has its ups and downs generally.
I'm thinking based?
"For fucks sake I set up a plastic tarp for this already with the easily cleanable stuff."
>"I really had to go, and it was a supprise."
"Mmm. I see. I see. Well in that case... You know what else is a surprise?"
>Crossing the distance closer so I can whisper in her pony ear.
257701 257702 257704 257705 257706 257715 257881
Don’t click it unless you wanna see something really fucked up. I just make sure they end up here.
[ Seb liked that. ]
Thanks for the warning. Hopefully with the power of modern magic filly can return to a normal life.
>"Fucking fetishfags! REEEEEEEE!"
>Twilight overhears Anon singing Sir Mix-a-Lot
Filly is one step closer to becoming one of those oppai mousepads.
That's what I need an Anonfilly mousepad with moisturization support. Along with an Anonfilly mouse as they grind at eachother while searching for Anonfilly green to read.
Now if only we still had writefags...
That's your cue.
if hyper is fucked up, I can only imagine what's tame.
Thanks anon!
It is fun to draw okeaki
From the Secret Santa thread on cripplechan.
crimmus gun.png
crimmus tint.png
crimmus intense.png
crimmus overwhelming.png
There's a set that goes with it, not sure if it's been posted here before
257726 257730 257753
>That gun
has that artist ever fired a handgun or even looked at one in his life?
The artist is Neuro, and he's a euro
257728 257730 257731
He's a pedo
I mean, yeah. And his art is kind of samey.
He must work in Hollywood
Confirms it
So the mulp mods were right to ban us?
257734 257737
It still bothers me that this filly isn't wearing a collar. Any particular reason why the drawfag didn't give her one?
Nah, very few of us actually want to fuck children. Most of us want to be the children being fucked.
Clearly you don't appreciate how much air it takes to play the sousaphone. If she had a collar on it would choke her uncomfortably and probably ruin the sound of her oom-pah music.
No, I do. I've played brass instruments before, and I understand the effort. But it's based off of a green where she's wearing a collar.
>Anon's great big hand holding my body
>his fingers on each of my flanks
"N-not so fast!"
>judging by the rapid clicks and jerky movement Anon is probably winning...
>Looking ahead I see the larger Anonfilly's soft teats holding up Anon's wrist.
>Then some fag starts to lick me.
>"I'm fuckin' bored."
>Anon's pressing on my cheeks and the stroking of my tail with the filly licking whatever she can reach as I shift around the over her.
>An impromptu belly rub.
"Stupid realsense control pad!"
>"You love it fag."

>Be Anon.
>It takes alot of skill doing what I do.
>The old flash game reaching a tipping point
>as I start the final conquest.
>The moans are easiest and familiar...
>eh I'll teach those two fags how to stop being fags after I reach the secret area.
>First a flick then...
>Suprise butt sex
>works everytime.
I don't know what I just read but I love it and I love (You) n-no homo
Love you too. No homo.
The rundown is Anon is playing a porn flash game for reasons with his Anonfilly mouse, and dual purpose Anonfilly mousepad/cocksleeve.
Mousepad Anonfilly is a secret homo as she plays with the smaller mouse filly that is being rubbed all over her. The belly wubbs has been doubled. The physics is dubious at breast.
In a feat of acrobatics, and being a gamer Anon, flicks the mouse pad Anonfilly's clit, then butt fucks the mouse pad while still playing the game realizing his dream of being a Team Fortress 2 spy.

Anonfillies are in ⁶9 position. Anon's hand is on top
257754 257757 257801
>"Snoipen's a good job mate."
>"Bloody fruit shop owners."
>"Everything above yer neck's gonna be a foine red mist!"
>"You prancin' show ponies."
Sorry the rotation is fucked, I tried uploading it twice with it rotated the correct way and neither time worked.
gun wizard.png
Is this gun better for you anon?