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Archived thread

Anonfilly Thread - Lethal Force Authorized Edition
243515 243779 244325 245128 245544 247691
>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>240479 →
Continuing the discussion from last thread: would anyone want Dusk Shine as their dadfu?
Ready to be bred.
For a second, I thought those were bees on her tongue in the thumbnail.
Go die, normie.
Is this the thread where we introduce the bee sting fetish?
243551 243588 243649
>All of this dadfu posting
To be honest, I've never actually had mommy issues, unlike a lot of people in the thread: I had a generally good childhood with my mom, and I never felt like I was lacking in maternal affection. Now, daddy issues, on the other hand, that I might actually have, if just a little. If I was given the choice between the two, I would rather be the filly with a dadfu than the filly with a momfu.
I had some daddy issues too, but as my mom was the one that died I would personally take a momfu.
No shaming
I am entirely wholesome
Take this (You)

>>243447 →
I'd rather be the married even single dadfu.
>>243442 →
In >>243403 → Twilight was clearly breastfeeding, not getting head
Still wanna mommy the filly?
But of curse
Why wouldn't I want to take care of a cute filly
Because you touch yourself at night
I am not a horny dude
I am past the masturbating daily phase
I just want a cute poner to fill with ice cream
>>243711 (Checked)
Based and redfilled.
>blank flanks
Yeah, they need to all discover that their talents are nothing, just like you and me.
Rood, Our talents are Shitposting and Weaponizing Autism.
243789 243792 246596
That's like a base ability
Like a unicorn has magic
Earth ponies have better physique
Pegassy have narcissistic personality disorder and attachment issues
The nonyfillies have autism and the boards you browse are related to your qtpie mark
243790 243792
Only ones I browse anymore are /mlpol/, /sp/ (here of course), /lit/, and /mlp/. W-what would my cutie mark look like?
243792 243843 246596
Probably something like pic

But if you don't like it you could always use poner fashion or get a tubular tatoo (now which are the implications and consequences of trying to tattoo the equine equivalent of a little girl, that I don't know. But what I know is kids love that kind of adult shit and will probably make them the most popular in filly school so is worth the sacrifice!)
243793 243797
Personally, I like the idea of anonfillies' qt marks being stylized question marks which are unique from filly to filly
243796 243803 243804
>Going with something decidedly non-chan in the tailor-made individuality
Found the redditor.
243799 243831
>he hasn't seen the contentfags who support the very same idea
Found the newfag.
243798 243800
Anonfillies are just the CMC but with autism.
that, and there are several more than 3
>He thinks the voices of a few speak louder than the literally hundreds of images with standard CMs
>The CMC aren't autistic
243802 243837
But Anon, that meant something back when the show was worth watching.
This, sadly...
Well, canonically no two ponies' cutie marks are the same according to the lore, so several ponies with the exact same cutie mark is completely lore-breaking
The differently-shaped question mark CMs allows them to be largely similar, yet still different enough to share a fingerprint's uniqueness as intended
243830 243840 246596
>we should subvert ourselves to the greater whole and stamp out all individuality
Indeed, comrade!
243832 243836
That untidy filly is begging for a brush.
243842 246596
Contentfag who made the draw/write/lurker cm variation green here, even in that green they had one of the 3 cm only, not a million variations, dont put me in that boat, all fillies should have the same cm because all fillies are Anon and anything other than a "?" is anything but Anonfilly
No, just a gassing.
>used to be 1918
>now is 1908
They're removing the anonfilly tag in her pics? I was to tag some anonfilly pics in my favorites

I added back a few of them, some of them were added as a mistake and were just caught.
>When you're really really excited for brushies
Don't worry, they haven't cured autism in nine seasons of horse show. You don't have to be current to be up to date.
It's not a loss of individuality, if you want a tailor-made OC you can fuck off to ptfg. Here we only offer species changes, and even those are rewards for working hard on making content.
>anything other than a "?" is anything but Anonfilly
I don't disagree in the slightest. I've only ever been referring to minor stylistic differences - it still has to be recognizable as a question mark after all.
>going harder on an ironic post than an actual suggestion of a tailor-made qtmark >>243790
The intentions are clearly the same, and I found it funny that you were mocking commies for being retarded despite being seemingly even more so yourself.
I find it funny that the only post specifically calling for a cutiemark other than a "?" has only been called out once so far
243849 244347 244362
"Wahh! Twiggy! Nonny won't give me a (You)!"
244347 244362
(You) take that back right now!
I really miss this green, it had such promise before it ended abruptly. Are you still here, Discordfilly?
Won't be able to write tonight, but I'm thinking of doing some spooky one-shots once October kicks up. I have a few ideas, but suggestions are welcome; obviously I'll write anything from light trick or treating to gruesome horror.
244101 244147 244243 246596
large (11).png
One about procrastination where some anon keeps telling himself he will do his projects then becomes old and never fulfilled anything

Droop is not dead btw

Nobody cares.
244241 244255
Anyone got some simple filly draw requests?
Anonfilly wearing a runic shock collar and playing with filly Aryanne.
Are you new to reading my greens? This is a pretty common occurrence at this point...
Filly calling herself a faggot to a mirror.
This Too!
Everyone fighting the commies in the thread above and I am here being a faggot

Do you think they can see us? Like, have they scrolled down that thread in the last 4 hours


But that's the case for everyone I know
244327 244329 244651
I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.
244328 244329 244651
_filly boop (2).png
>pic related
I Wish to be the pee
244329 244651
>being the pee
Ah, a new one.
244330 244343
Bad posts
Naugthy anons
What is this, /trash/?

Considering the pissposting's been around for about as long as /trash/ has....yeah basically
Don't patronize him
I'll patronize you all you want because ur a babby.
244340 244343
I daddy you You can't daddy me
244341 244346
File (hide): 5FED9D7F9ECC02DBF48E3FB64A142B8E-2885494.m4v (2.8 MB, Resolution:960x720 Length:00:00:16, wikipedia_truck.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Who said I was a daddy? I'm the anti-daddy. I am anonmare, and I will teach you the basics of CBT.



244354 244382 244397
Did someone say Cock and Ball Torture?

The picture isn't related, I just felt like posting Jotaro filly, RIP in peace, Stand Proud.
Anonfilly (You) Fishing.png
I am tempted on giving him a (You)
Wat do
Is that a fucking jojo reference? on my mlpol?

i request one of you Fine filly fags fillyify this meme
Gibe him a (you)

I'll if he was a good peep and ate their veggies
Be Good Fillies so Mexi-Babby will give you (you)s.
He's been dead for years fam. You need to move on.
>move on
Yes, that's typically what people mean when they say RIP, Anon.
244408 244418
I'll send my condolences to your kangaroo wife
Is....is that a scootaroo

I love everything about that
Mexican Anon beginning to post here is the best thing that has happened for this thread in months. You can't Change my mind.
Thonks M8
244499 244502 244592
>When you get all tired out from your race war games with teal, green, and red filly and Floor Bored has to tuck you in
But of curse we kno- mean I know I am the best thing in months. Thank you prox- I mean, American poster
That's a great pic, love the oil colours
We need more Floor Bored cross overs.
244515 244602
Nothing good is coming her way.
>Filly's eyes.

>Sparkle has finally lost it.
>She's recreating us to be in her friends' image.
>The rubberized mess proof white paint binds near instantly to my once natural coat.
>I didn't want to be worst pone!
>"Careful An- Rarity you don't want this in your eyes."
>Mother fucker!

>Purple is making us reenact all the lessons they went through.
>Recording it too.
>Anonple Jack hoofs me in the shoulder. Right, river fake water dragon. Steve?
>Anyway my time to do the needed task.
>I take a quick look at my cured tail. Rubbery, and nearly impossible to cut.
>Looking through the saddle bag I'm not finding what I need.
>Twilight's eyes, and mane gain a crazed look.
"Dam- Darlings I appear to have lost my scissors in the forest while running for our lives."
>Everyone is scrambling looking for a substitute.

>Finally we cut the damned thing off, and not a moment too soon.
>A crazy Twilight is a dangerous Twilight.
>And so we make our way forward.
>"Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again PHBTTTT!"
244594 244598 244633
Big Sister Floor Bored.png
Floor Bored is a bad momfu. Cool aunt maybe.
Floor Bored may be a bad momfu to start, but Orange's subtle redpilling and self-improvement is sure to bring her up to snuff and even further beyond in good time.
Floor Bored Becoming a mom might give her the confidence to become more in life because someone is relying on her and at’s something she never had but wants to succeed at it
Cry 2.png
>mfw never had anybody to rely on
Gee, wonder why I have mommy issues
244640 244641 244646 244649 244710 244715 244941
Found a quote that relates to filly, enjoy!
"No one ever thinks about you.
Your mom is the only exception and she's just concerned with how much of loser you turned into.
She stops washing dishes sometimes,grabs the edge of sink for support and just stares at the floor rocking back on her heels slowly trying to put blame on her self ,her working schedule,were you were raised,your school ,your father...
she tries to figure out why you cant be successful in any facet of life; socially ,professionally or emotionally.She tortures herself over it because you don't .She thought you were special but you are okay with your mediocrity ,that's the worst thing for her .
But she is your mother so in some major way it's her fault.
That's what will end up killing her.The failure as a mother,a guide, a protector. She couldn't protect you from your own apathy.
You were always somehow skilled at verbal and English but she coddled you too much so you felt superior to working hard on anything and thus never had the grades or work ethic to succeed .
That superiority complex slowly turned into feeling outcast and bitter.
You are indignantly resigned to being alone but right before you go to sleep every night fantasized about changing.
You imagine getting in shape,getting a good job and really making an effort at making friends,getting a gf,following your ambitions of being creative.You are not going to live like this anymore.Things can be different.You had potential.People told you that once ,it must still be true ???
but then you jerk off and go to sleep. you used those fantasies to soothe your deep discontent for just long enough to delude yourself into sleep.Like an alcoholic and his discount gin,you tell your self that intricate story of your resurrection.
Tomorrow the cycle start all over again just like it always will.
This is how exactly your life will be when you're 50.
This is how your life will be right before you die"

W-why would you post that?
I feel personally attacked.
I moved out at a decent age and never felt superior to anyone growing up because of my honor roll status, but....fuck, man. You really picked a crappy time to post that...I hadn't responded to my mom for two weeks after one of my most promising job leads fell through. She came over just the day before yesterday to demand answers. It just so happened that I was dealing with more job related stresses and resorted to day-drinking at 10AM, and my housemate opened the front door for her to come in and see me drunk before noon. She kept pushing me about the job leads she keeps sending me, and because I just wanted to be left alone I told her I don't often reply to spam. She left as soon as I said that.
Well fuck...
I remember writing a one shot green about an Anon becoming the pee for shits n gigs when the inspiration struck. Let me see if I can find it.
Can't find it, may recreate it if/when the inspiration strikes.
>You were always somehow skilled at verbal and English
ight,that hit a little to close to home, but it's not an unfamiliar feeling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O96bGAyrWyY
That may have spurred me to use my rest day to finally complete a green I've been meaning to post here.
i loved that green text, im the original i want to be pee memer.
>tfw mom abandoned you at 13
You wanna talk about it?
I've mostly gotten over it. but sure. She Abandoned me to go Fuck some dude that she married because he knocked her up. it's not all bad though His Son and i became fast friends His Daughter became a shrill screaming leftist(im not sure what flavor of leftism she subscribes to. maybe a neo lib or ancom) thot druggie that has a face tattoo. my little half sister is a sweet girl she lives with her grandparents for reasons id rather not get into.
244823 244825 244879
Look inside your mind.
What do you see?
Look inside your mind.
And tell me what you see.
I see a bat?
A spooky scary skeleton?
I see what I hope is my future, whether it's my future before or after I die doesn't matter. All I hope is that it comes to pass, and that nothing comes to disturb that peace. That, and a whole lot of things that I should be doing right now but aren't.

I'm not fat, you take that back.
Project Hornet.
It is a very mommy issues anime...
244992 245011

Holy momma!
Drunk again? You degenerate filly cunt.
>the bottle is root beer
I like this idea.
>Pinky gets lobotomized/fucked in the head somehow after trauma, gets permanently stuck straighthaired
>Gets stuck caring for filly since twilight doesn't want the little shit and Pinkie could use the extra welfare bucks since she lost her touch for cooking.
>Filly is grateful at first, but as it becomes revealed that Ponk has become sort of a shut-in asshole, she starts to shirk away into the neet life, the both of them only really coming out of their rooms to eat, and even then usually in silence.
>Then, one day, filly walks in on her crying.
>Tries to comfort her, but just gets told to fuck off.
>Persists, eventually ponk admits that today is her birthday
>Filly smiles a bit, reaches into her bag and pulls out a macaroni card that she made in school.
>"Happy birthday mom."
>Ponk is taken a bit aback that anypony would remember, but she smiles for the first time in months
Eh, I'm a shit writer but there's your concept for the day, continue it if you feel like it.

245064 245068
Look up "Funny Memes" and then click images. Quite an interesting ride.
>>243081 →
>Be Moondancer.
>It's dark, even though the clock indicates it's only mid-day.
>Those blackout curtains do a good job of keeping out prying eyes, but with how often you shower mildew has grown.
>This place is falling apart.
>The interviews have all fallen through.
>You pour yourself some orange juice from the icebox.
>Somepony is tap tapping at your chamber door...
>You get up, feeling your belly jiggle a bit.
>It's on your list, but the only time you could run without seeing other ponies is when you normally sleep...
>Opening the door only as far as the chain allows, you peek an eye through.
>Then immediately shut it and walk back over to your chair.
>Blinding light illuminates the room for a brief second before dying down.
>You look at her, your blank expression not betraying how much you want to rip out her spine.
>"I know-"
"You used me for your own fucking state of mind. What did I become once you checked off that box?"
>"I've been busy..."
"Busy? Four years, Twilight. It's been four years since I've seen you. You know what? After you told me that you would stay in touch, I checked my mailbox every single day for a year. I even waited on the mailpony, which was the only time I even went outside after I found out that the library will deliver you books. Not once did I get a letter."
"Too busy with all of your other friends, if I've even still earned that coveted title from the mighty Princess of Friendship."
>She lowers her head.
>"I'm sorry for teleporting into your house, now would you please-"
"I'll make you sorry."
>You grab your knife from the cutting board and hold it up.
"You're not welcome here. Leave. I'm not going to let your fucking obsessions give you the peace of mind."
>"Moondancer, the world is going to end if you don't help me."
"And it's not even by your own volition that you come here! This keeps getting better and better."
>"Don't you care about the lives of everypony in Equestria?"
>She recoils, like you just grew a dick and fucked her firstborn daughter with it.
>"H-how could you s-say such..."
>She's crying.
>No, please...
>Not this, you...
>You shove a tissue that you used to clean up your marecum a few days ago, which she accepts.
"You have five minutes to prove the validity of your statement. Time starts now."
>In an instant, you're standing before a metallic behemoth.
>"I can't open it, but something bipedal came out. Based on how it talked to me, I suspected it wanted to kill us all. It later talked to Starlight, and she confirmed this. Anyways, when I was taking her home from a playdate-"
"You... took a bipedal alien bent on the destruction of the world to a meetup with foals?"
>"Right, I turned her into a filly shortly after meeting her and I've been mothering her to try and make her docile."
>Yeah, nopony would believe that's the only reason she's mothering a foal.
>"Anyways, I bring her home from the playdate and she's vomiting all over everything. She stays four things: 'charred', 'shadows burned to the pavement', 'fields razed and made barren', and 'tumors'."
>"I tested her vomit a few minutes later, and she tested positive for CBT."
"I'm not as well-versed on pharmaceuticals as I'd like to be."
>"The 'C' denotes that it's an enchanted drug, the 'B' tells us that it acts very quickly on equine biology, and the 'T' stands for transcendent."
"Go on."
>"Hallucinations experienced have a high likelihood to come true."
"Oh. So, what do you need me for?"
>"You're the only pony I know who loves knowledge as much as I do. If there's any two ponies in Equestria that can find a way to stop a nondescript threat, it's us."
"You... trust me more than you trust the other princesses?"
>"Well, yes."
"Twilight, did one of those fights fuck up your skull putty?"
>She sighs and puts up a bubble of silence.
>"They're inept, fucktard."
"Oh, so I'm the fucktard for wondering why you trust a useless unicorn with the fate of Equestria above its chosen guardians?"
>"This isn't a matter of diplomacy. This is a matter of annihilation. What did we build in the forth-grade science fair?"
"How am I supposed to remember?"
>"Come on, of course you do."
>You stick out your tongue and put your head on the table.
"Yeah, interdimensional interference radar."
>"If we could do that when most ponies are trying to figure out how to braid their manes..."
"pllish, the mechanism was simple. Tin vibrates on a certain frequency when extradimensional energy comes into contact with it."
>"How did we get the extradimensional energy?"
"No. That proves your point."
>"Exactly. So Moony-"
"Fine, I'll do it."
>"Great! I-"
"On a few conditions. Firstly, if we save the world, I never have to talk to you again."
>Her ears droop, but she nods.
"Secondly, I expect more welfare. A lot more, enough to fix this place up over the course of a few years and be able to eat more than spaghetti every night."
>She winces, but nods again.
>You adjust your glasses.
"Nopony is to know I had any sort of involvement. I want no media attention."
>Twilight holds out a hoof.
>You sort of grip it and let her shake it.
>"So it's settled."
"Yes. Now fuck off so I can teleport home."
>"We start immediately. I need you to help me figure out how we get into that thing."

245068 245071 245752
>Be Anonymous.
>Open your eyes.
>Oh dear lord, the sun itself is right next to you.
>It's asking you... if you think you could keep down a bowl of soup?
>This isn't right...
>You focus really hard and manage to make out some legs, then a face...
>You scream.
>That's no sun, that's a lion.
>You flail your limbs wildly, knocking something onto the ground.
>It lands with a thud.
>You have to get out of this room.
>It clamps down on your back with a mighty paw and grins a great tooth-laced grimace.
>You try to kick it, but it has you completely and utterly incapacitated you.
>You close your eyes, waiting for the inevitable end.
>Tears stream down your face, collecting in pools of blood at your feet.
>No, those are still hooves.
"I don't want to die, please."
>Like you can reason with a hungry cat.
>The thing bites down on your neck and you find yourself back at Button's house.
>Sweetie and Button are tossing a pair of lungs back and forth, and you're trying to get them for some reason.
>You look down.
>There's a gaping hole in your chest.
>You pass out.
>You're a captain on a ship at sea.
>A monstrous giant squid rises to the surface, taking out all of your masts with a single swipe of a mighty tentacle.
>It grabs you with a suction-cupped appendage, staring at you with those cold, dead eyes.
>You're moved up to its beak.
>Off goes your left frontal leg.
>The pain is dulled by adrenaline, but you still feel like you're going to pass out.
>Blood pours from you in a red waterfall, dripping into the waiting maw of the cephalopod.
>Its rasp tongue turns a deep dark red as you watch the fluid flow over every last groove of your life fluid.
>You awaken in a hospital.
>You sigh in relief.
>Something bipedal with the features of a fox enters.
>It's wearing scrubs.
>The grin of canid teeth on a human structure unnerves you.
>Your fragile head is lifted up with ease.
>You can feel claws extend into your flesh, but not enough to be fatal.
>It growls something and undoes the green drawstring on its scrubs.
>You scream out for aide, but the curved cutters pierce further into your skin.
>Blood is starting to flow quite a bit now, so you simply whimper in pain as the creature gets ready to take you.
>Oddly enough, its member is human.
>You pant roughly and whimper as it stretches you thin.
>The pain is unimaginable, it's way too large for your cunt.
>You can see more blood than just the shit from your neck on the covers.
>And, strangely, it does.
>It pulls out, firing ropes all over your face and hospital bed.
>You realize what this probably means a moment before it happens.
>The knife-like extensions plunge deep into your neck.
>You feel the blood running down into your lungs, coughing in a desperate attempt to dislodge it as you tilt yourself forward.
>You pass out.
>Twilight cooks you alive.
>A temporal field goes awry, leaving you to be vaporized one attosecond at a time by a nuclear warhead detonated at point-blank range.
>You're put in an industrial-strength gas mask, tied up with rebar, and left to dissolve alive in a bath of concentrated HCl.
>Luckily the mask fails after a good twelve hours of hell and your lungs finally dissolve, giving you the sweet release of death.
>Your first death.
>You awaken to a yellow pony stroking your mane as tears run down your face.
>Looking back, you can see a bowl on the floor.
>Can't be too cautious though...
>You lie on the floor in silence.
"I need to throw up."
>The bowl is put in front of you, and you feel your hair held back as you give the ceramic everything you've got.
>A tissue rubs what passes for your nose, getting into the nostrils and coming out tainted with tan-ish runny paste.
>"All done?"
"A-all done..."
>"Come on then, we need to brush those teeth and rinse out those nostrils."
>You nod sickly, wiping the salty tears from your face and getting to a standing position shakily.
>"I'll read you a story in a minute."
"What story?"
>"One I think you'll like. It's a secret."
>You force a laugh.
"International Mare of Mystery, are ya?"
>You blink.
>"I said, what's that?"
>Right, you were tripping balls just a few minutes ago.
>Gonna take some time for that to wear off completely.
245068 245069 245090
More lewd fillers
Dammit, filly is totally corrupted and went full cunt.

I want to Put my dick in the filly.
Filly is going crazy

Fatty. It's okay, just more filly to snuggle.
245090 245101

The jaded filly doing lewd to live >>245067
The chad filly living to do lewd >>245089

I can't believe Lone wants to get drilled by foxboys.
245094 245097

245102 245108 245119 245122 245176 245185 245200
What kind of music do you fillies listen to?

Sh-sh'es just wearing those for warmth, r-right?
Exclusively Gregorian chant, exclusively in CD-quality FLAC files.
Call of Duty lobby music. Black Ops 1 for focus, Modern Warfare 3 when I wanna feel like Rambo.
245117 245118
>you haven't heard from Nonny in a few days
>you'd probably better check on her
>rapping your knuckles on her door, an angry response lashes out at you
>"Fuck off!"
>oh yeah
>something doesn't feel right
>you're going in
>when you push open the door, Nonny is sitting on a stool
>she's fiddling with a rope, trying to do something to it with her teeth and hooves
>"Oh, thank fuck, it's just you, Anon. I can't fucking do anything without fingers."
>you look askance between her and the rope
>"Yeah, here, can you tie this into a noose for me real quick? I'm trying to fucking kill myself."

wat do?
"Can I use your body once you are dead ?"
Tie the rope into a hogtie. Fillies are too feebla and weak to resist. After that, bridal-carry the hogtied filly to somewhere pretty to talk it out....and then cuddle.
Video game music. My most played this week is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5YGxMjywSk
>"Anon, if you don't fuck my dead horse pussy, my ghost will call you a faggot for all eternity."
I rented Nanobots from my local library recently. It's scratched to hell, but 'Call You Mom' plays fine, so...
245124 245129 245134 245154 245179
The Nyxfags have broken in from the east! Quickly, select your weapon, put on your war face, and tell us your plan!!1
Got the fist. I **open the fist into a loving palm and stroke Nyx's mane** **while filly cries in the corner as she's cucked out of her cuddles.**
You monster.
How meaningful is the personality test and what's the sample size on it?

Mines extremely similar to the average but I don't know if that means anything.
>Red filly gets into the submarine to hack into it
>Blue filly shouts over the comms: "THE SILO DOORS ARE OPEN! I REPEAT, THE SILO DOORS ARE OPEN!"
>Red filly takes a moment to respond, her voice hollow and emotionless

>the warhead flies in the general direction of 8chan, leaving all the other fillies wondering what the fuck they just saw happen
>nyxfags were on 4chan and derpi, but the act leads to a massive outcry from all imageboards
>war between the derpi and normalfag hordes and the true fillies is sparked as the launch is blamed on the nyxfags' leader I dunno, some faggot like PurpleTinker? They seem like they'd consider themselves the leader of the nyx legion

I had to make a CoD reference. Can you tell that I've been marathoning the campaign of the Modern Warfare trilogy?
The RPG is mine.
I think it just takes all of the previous scores and averages them to give you the average, I know that's kind of a no shit but it doesn't list how many other people have taken the fucker unfortunately. Same thing with the fillyfags group.
245150 245151 245155
Reality can be whatever I want, and I want everyone to be the filly.
Fillycraft: Heart of the Swarm
Poor Purple. I understand that Filly is a pain, but dozens, it's too much.
Screenshot (109).png
Imma bout to go Chris Brown on their flanks
>Anonfilly horror movie
>Dozens of anons having been magically transformed into fillies by Twilight take over Ponyville, killing the unlucky few who enter the town by happenstance
>Coming to a theater near you:
>"Children of the Horn"
>killing the unlucky few who ARE NOT PONIES
>Coming to a theater near you:

>Be Twilight
>You're about to change the babby when this cunt comes up and runs off with the last clean diaper
What do?
Metal, Vaporwave,Fashwave,sometimes classical.
>tfw can't screenshot on this piece of shit laptop
I got the flashbang. I guess I'll do it like I did back when I played CoD: I'll rush in, through the flashbang, and let everyone else with the real weapons kill the Nyxfags while they're blinded.
Fuck, I'm retarded.
245182 246596
If she wants diapers she can wear them 24/7

No, you're supposed to be punishing her.
But it's 4chan's birthday today...
The classics: Billy Joel, Kansas, Queen, AC/DC, occasionally Guns 'n Roses, the kind of stuff my parents listened to and I grew up around. Sometimes I'll get into the more contemporary stuff like the Black Keys, Rob Zombie, or the Offspring, but the classics will always hold a special place in my heart. Outside of that, I'll admit I also like Two Steps From Hell and those kinds of over-the-top orchestral compositions.
Mostly music that whites have had the most part in producing, namely classical, electronic, and metal. In regards to their sub-genres pickiness can vary: anything in the classical/orchestral category is fine, almost everything electronic (excluding dubstep/house) and only power/heavy metal will do. I'll listen to European folk songs, synth/vaporwave, most pop older than twenty years, and classic rock depending on the singer and style. The stranger and more esoteric some music is, the more likely I am to give it a chance.
I want to protect a cute fillyanon from the October spooks
Who is a pussy enough to live up my expectations?!
245243 245254
>Be filly
>eating burritos with spic anon
>the fucker put to much jalapenos in
>it burns in your throat
>meanwhile you are out in the kitchen tearing down the fridge, he watches you from the sofa smirking and eating his on jalapeno filled burrito
"Faget! Where's the milk?"
>he looks confused for a moment before answering
"Milk? What's that?"
C'mon, there's a mare I need you to meet
"I-I d-don't know about this, Anon! Isn't it better to use a bottle?"
A bottle is shaped like a dick. What are you, gay?
Twilight anon snoozing.jpeg
"Obviously, not missy! How do you think you were created? Don't be jealous just because you aren't mature enough yet."
Fillies are not allowed to reply this post
I am confused where this is going
Jalapeño and dick shaped bottles?

Where is my filly to orientate me

He said spooks not spics.
245256 245259
Where is my filly?
You, the reader with mommy issues, you are mommy filly now!

You don't know me I don't have mommy issues.
I am the issue!
What's the difference?
I'll beyour filly anon.

You were always my little filly fiddle diddle
Do you really think you can defeat me?
"Ohhh, no. Daddy, it is thunder outside. I'm scared can I sleep in your bed?"
Silly hoers
We ARE outside
That was a really cute pic but filly is really sleepy now. Goodnight anon.
Good night
Don't sleep and drive, is very uncomfortable
245274 245275
Ree who deleted the spooky roll and write?
245275 245277 245301 245480 245493 245537 245560 245610 247112 247964
I got you, fam. Anon probably meant it for the writefag thread.
Yeah I didn't mean to post it in the filler thread. But if you want to roll for spooky filly stories then by all means go ahead.
245278 245280 245285
Yes, I very much intend to...
Going to take out the first dice roll though since filly will obviously be the main character and roll the additional horror element instead. Here it goes in order from left to right:
[1d10 = 1]

[1d10 = 2]

[1d10 = 10]

245280 245285
>Going to take out the first dice roll though since filly will obviously be the main character
Reminder that the main character doesn't necessarily have to be the POV character. If you rolled Twilight, then the story could be about filly witnessing Twilight's descent into spookiness. To take that even further, you could just modify the first roll to be primary supporting character as instead of the main character.

That's a really fun-looking roll though. Hopefully I'll be able to do one myself this Saturday.
>Filly watching Twiggles get spooked by skellies at the treebrary
yeah that's a pretty good green waiting to happen
245286 245289 245301
Shit, that's true. I'll do that if I do it a second time.
Spooky name re-enabled.
>It was a night like any other.
>Well, that wasn't entirely true.
>Twilight had determined that she needed some sort of berry to bake a very specific type of cake for Pinkie's birthday.
>A berry that didn't grow anywhere in Ponyville.
>Or the surrounding area.
>Try the forests at the foot of the Smokey Mountains.
>Even worse, she had framed it like one of those mother-daughter bonding things with specific rules.
>No magic.
>And no carrying tired fillies.
>Granted, she told you none of this beforehand, so now you're trying not to flop over on the ground in your slightly love-handled filly form.
"Aaagh! A monster!"
>"Nice try pumpkin, but I'm not going to fall for that a third time."
"No, I mean like, really! Big fangs and claws and a lot of scales!"
>Twilight takes a peek over her wither before giving you a deadpan look.
>"I never should've given you access to that bestiary."
"No, you shouldn't have. Can I have some trail mix?"
>"Only if you promise me that you won't just pick out all of the chocolate chips."
"But those are the best part..."
>"Then it's a no. Chin up! I would've killed to do this kind of thing when I was your age."
"Yeah, and you also practiced magic all the time. Like a neeerd."
>"Hey, magic is cool."
"Then why aren't you using it right now?"
>The next few hours follow a similar pattern of dialogue until the two of you can see the sun start to set.
>You grin a bit.
"Sun's setting, time to get back to the Treebrary."
>"Don't call it that, Golden Oaks has a very special place in my heart just like you do. Owning books is one thing, but getting to share that knowledge with the world..."
>You pick up a stick and write 'nerd' in the dirt.
>"Hey! Let me remind you who read every last book in the 'Diary of a Wimpy Foal' series."
"The writing is shit, I only read those because the stick figures reminded me of Newgrounds."
>"It's 'shoot', Nonny. Now unpack the tent so we can-"
"Oh, I left that back at the tree."
>You can see the first stage of Twilight Mania™ start to set in.
"It's cool, just teleport back and get it."
>She groans.
>"You're lucky it isn't that cold tonight."
>Her backpack is shaken off, and a single sleeping bag is removed.
"Hey, where's mine?"
>"In the bag you left."
>The twitching stops.
>"Guess we'll have to share~"
>Your rees can be heard deep into the night as Twilight pulls you in with her.
"Ungh... it's not that late, can't we go out looking for those berries now or something?"
>"Absolutely not. We start at first light, I can't-"
"Yeah yeah, you decided to finally buy a prostitute and lost your wizard powers. Could you just maybe... not hold onto me so tightly?"
>"Let me let you in on a little secret, Anon."
>You can feel her warm breath in your ear.
>"There never was a second sleeping bag."
"Rape! Rape! Holy shit!"
>"You sleep tight too, teddy."
>You huff in annoyance as Twilight's squishy hooves pet you all over.
>You feel all wet.
>Oh right, Twilight is a notorious sleep drooler.
>You squirm to try and get the dried saliva off of you, and in the process wake up your captor.
>"Mmm... morning sunshine, sleep well?"
"You drooled all over me you ingrate!"
>She just shrugs sleepily.
>"I made you, it's not going to hurt you."
>You can't entirely argue with that one since you did technically pop out of her uterus.
>Fucking Mary impersonator...
>With enough squirming, you finally plop onto the ground.
>"Where are you going doodlebug?"
"I'm going off to practice Discordism in the woods. What does sound like I'm getting up to do? I've gotta pee, bonehead."
>"Oh, right. You do that, I'll do breakfast."
>You find a nice secluded bush and let loose.
>Huh, are those...
>They certainly look like it.
>Despite how much you pretend not to, you really do like Twilight.
>To some extent.
>And those are the berries she's looking for...
>Picking as many as you can and storing them in your cheeks, you make your way back to camp.
>Twilight is trying to get a fire started when you return.
"Hehg Twahlight!"
>You spit the thankfully relatively dry berries on a stump.
"Look what I found!"
>She lifts up one of them, inspecting it and cutting it in half.
>Squeezing a drop onto the tip of her tongue with precision not usually seen in unicorns who are barring themselves from horn use, she ponders.
>After a few seconds her eyes go wide and she spits it out, grabbing the water bottle and rinsing her tongue off thoroughly before spitting all it out far away from the fire.
>"Tell me you didn't swallow any of those."
>Her expression has gone from jovial to dead serious in seconds.
"I-I didn't, what's the-"
>"One of these berries is enough to paralyze an Ursa Minor for at least a good hour."
"I thought they were the ones you asked for, I'm sorry..."
>Her expression changes again before she wraps you in a hug.
>"No, don't be sorry. This is my fault, I should've mentioned the methods of identification other than color and shape, my carelessness could have gotten you killed."
>The two of you stand there for a few minutes.
The eggs are good, though how Twilight managed to pack them out here in one piece remains a mystery.
>It's not like ponies have tupperware.
>You hear a crunch from behind you, but when your turn around nothing is there.
>Probably just a bird.

panicking filly.png
>Bone15 is back to spook us all
aw heck!
>You're close enough to start hunting for the berries, so you and Twilight start to try to find as many as you can.
>Carefully, might you add.
>You nearly pick up the wrong kind a few times, but Twilight is always on your side with her surprisingly adept knowledge of botany.
>By the time the two of you break for lunch, you've already filled an entire basket with the damn things.
>Proudly looking at your haul as you go, you start to feel a real sense of accomplishment from the whole ordeal.
>Plus it won't hurt to be on Twilight's good side for a bit, less time-out time and more cookies.
>The only thing that's a problem are the crunches.
>They're really starting to get on your nerves, you'll whirl around every time you hear one and every time it'll be nothing.
>Well, almost nothing.
>An inspection of the area usually reveals a snapped twig or crushed leaves, but it's only in a localized area.
>No disturbances besides what you and Twilight have caused for as far as your eyes can see.
>You've tended a bit near-sighted with this body though, so you let it rest.
>You're tired as fuck by the time dinner comes around, which thankfully is pretty filling.
>Veggie tendies cooked over an open fire are a lot better than some might think when seasoned correctly.
>Of course they aren't quite the same as meat, but your taste buds have adapted to the point that you can't tell quite as much of a difference.
>Twilight facehoofs.
>"Anon, I'm telling you. I hear it, but I'm not going to break my vow to find out what it is. I'm as curious as you are, but you haven't even finished eating and I have an obligation."
>"Don't be like that, come on. Aren't you enjoying your meal?"
"Y-yeah. It's just that it'll be getting dark soon, and this body-"
>"Your body."
"This body doesn't like the dark all that much."
>"Relax, there's nothing to be afraid of around here. I know Equestria like the back of my hoof, and I wouldn't take you anywhere that I didn't know was completely safe."
"Aren't you a scientist? Aren't theories supposed to be self-correcting?"
>She nuzzles you.
>"I'm also a mother, and telling you things like that won't help you calm down, will they?"
>You can't really argue with that one, so you just nod.
>"And hey, I didn't tell you this, but I'm willing to lift the rules now that we have all the berries we need. How about I teleport us up to the summit of that mountain, we sit and watch the sun set, and then get you in the bath before we break out the ice cream?"
>Well, looks like your cooperation paid off, even if you were a bit of an ass about it.
"I'd like that, thanks Twi."
>"Hey, it's no big deal."
"To take a light, from your stove..."
>"Another song?"
"Yeah, one of the few things I regret about coming here was losing all my music."
>She nods solemnly.
>"Well, ready?"
>Her horn lights up, taking longer than usual.
>"That's odd."
>She fires it up again, nothing happening.
>"I'm sorry Anon, but it looks like this area might be some sort of crust-mana dead zone."
"W-what does that mean?"
>"No magic, I think."
"You think?!"
>"Well, I can't exactly use a magic-detection spell if I can't cast spells, can I?"
>She sighs.
>"It's fine, we just need to go far enough to the east for more nodes to show up. My best guess is that when this area was used for mining they accidentally disrupted the network."
"I really don't like this, Twilight."
>She nods, biting a lip.
>"Well, I could also do away with rule 2 if it would make you more comfortable. I'd have to come back later to get this stuff, but this place doesn't look like it's had any pony activity for decades."
>You nod and hop up, clinging onto her neck pretty tightly.
>You're not going to lie to yourself, you've always hated the dark.
>Even when you try to rationalize it with a fear of the unknown, it makes you feel childish so you generally just try not to think about it at all.
"I don't care what it is, if you hear one of those crunches please bolt."
>"Anon, I-"
>You sniffle.
"Please mom, something about all of this feels incredibly wrong. I'm begging you."
>You get a good vantage point of her nod.
>"We only have a good half hour of sundown left, I'll get going."
>The daylight seems to drain much faster than that, and even at a brisk pace you can't make the edge of the forest by sunset.
>You don't recognize this area by night, but you trust Twilight in knowing which way to go.
>You turn your head over withers and see nothing.
>"Twilight, bolt!"
>Twilight takes off at a galloping pace you've never seen her take before, clearing trees and rocks like they're nothing.
>You can see the mouth of the forest, you've almost made it to the train tracks.
>A branch appears out of nowhere, and Twilight can't react fast enough to avoid it.
>You get catapulted from her back, thrown onto the gravel beside the tracks with a few scrapes.
>A voice echoes back from the woods.
>Your voice.
>Your blood runs cold.
>You hold your breath and run head-long into that forest, despite every neuron telling you not to.
"Where are you?!"
>"Where are you~"
>Your words are twisted at the end, adding an inappropriately playful twist to your previous phrasing.
>Gotta find her, gotta get out...
>There she is!
>Passed out.
>You slap her.
>Her eyes open groggily.
>You start dragging her to her hooves.
"We need to get out. Now."
>She nods, sobering up quick.
>A cold runs through you.
>Twilight is gone.
>"You ingrate!"
>You're not next to the mouth of the forest anymore.
>In fact, it would appear you're even deeper than your campsite.
>You whirl around, that one was close.
>Twilight's voice calls out from the same direction.
>"That bestiary!"
>You run the opposite direction so hard you figure your heart will burst.
>Then you stop.
>Your own voice whispers in your ear as you freeze.
>"A monster."
"You're out of crossbow ammo! Graaaah, the zombies bite into your brains and make you one of them!"
>"Sweetie, you suck at being the storyteller. Let me have a turn."
>Applebloom glares at Scootaloo.
>"That ain't so nice."
"Neither is this atrocious narrative!"
>All three of you go silent as Applejack emerges from the bushes.
>"Searching real hard for Twahlight and little miss Anon, are ya?"
>The three of you hang your heads and utter a well-practiced reply in unison:
"Sorry Applejack."
>"Sorry Applejack."
>"Ahm sorry sis."
>She sighs and sits down on the stump next to you.
>"Although, ah can't really blame you for gettin' bored. If ah were your age and nothing had showed up for weeks, ahd be pretty bored too. Just... maybe play your game while you look?"
>You nod.
"Sure thing."
>"Yeah, okay."
>"Good, now ahm gonna check up on the mountains. You fillies stay outta trouble."
>"Can I be storyteller now?"
"No! So then you start to turn into a zombie, not because they bit you but because the virus was inside you the whole-"
>"Now waht in tarnation was that?"
Work on Dropman will continue tomorrow, just wanted to get something out in the spirit of the month. Speaking of which, any spooky fillies you faggots want to see drawn?
245298 245309
File (hide): B9A69955B27A15153E5E3D02E0049A37-925114.webm (903.4 KB, Resolution:800x450 Length:00:00:38, 2157570.webm) [play once] [loop]
File (hide): 4B9EDAD77E3F82A2405040FCC7F7C342-1633167.webm (1.6 MB, Resolution:800x450 Length:00:00:54, 2157569.webm) [play once] [loop]
It's all Anonmare, but I figured you fags might still like it.
Lucky colt. Too bad that animation never got finished.
245302 245305 245351 246107
I'm definitely spooked now. Well done, just going to curl ontop of a bookshelf for tactical advantage.


[1d10 = 6]

[1d10 = 9]

[1d10 = 8]

[1d10 = 2]

Holyshit those rolls.
>Pinkie Pie
>Everyday Life
>Your Own Mind
The dice gods work in mysterious ways.
Excellent stuff.
245350 245911 246610
You are undoubtedly a little bit nervous as your driver escorts you, 6 other ponies, and a "white house staffer" who you can only presume to actually be secret service, away towards the President's Guest House. The complete silence in the vehicle despite the number of bodies it carries only adds to this unnerving atmosphere. Your ride, however, is short, and sure enough when you exit the vehicle, you can see the White House just down the street. If intelligence agencies were going to torture you, they've picked an incredibly high profile location to do so.

As you enter the building, the first thing you notice is a vibrant red Chinese flag upon the flagpole. Something about this seems off, and it starts to eat at you just a bit as you walk through the otherwise beautiful halls of the house. These feelings are washed over very quickly, however, as you are brought into a sitting room with a large framed painting of Abraham Lincoln, and beneath him in a chair, a very grumpy looking and life-like Winnie the Pooh.

Twilight cannot help but burst into laughter at the sight of this, pointing her hoof at him. "Hahahahahahahaha. Nǐ kàn qǐlái bùcuò, Xí Jìnpíng"

He grumbles while staring daggers at her. "Tā mā de nǐ, Shǎbī."
Grab her by the pussy.
Looking forward to this one
good shit
Hello mommy issues thread
Ready to feel nice trough fillies?
245368 245370
>trough fillies
Has this even been done before? Fillies drinking from a trough like a communal drinking fountain?
245369 245370 245415
Not yet, but if it is done they should be drinking mare milk.
What about gamer filly pee?
245383 245384
Very funny
You won't be such a joker after I can come up with a punishment I can give to an online filly poster
You mean formula?
N o
Bad filly poster
More of a filty poster now
No weird kinks
B-but mare milk is a weird kink too mister spic...
245392 245395
I say filly isn't filthy enough Any brapfillies? Floor Bored and filly pee stuff? What about pregnant filly?
>Twilight thought by turning anons into fillies she would give them a chance to integrate into pony society.
>The problem is nopony wanted to adopt them.
>The anon fillies were horrible creatures.
>They were rude, vile, and sexually deviant.
>Thus the anon filly orphanage was born.

So this one didn't come out right so I'll make another (probably).
245390 245422
Uhhh... WTF! Did just draw filly after she had been raped? I was just drawing and suddenly it fitted to add a stream of tears here and the position was already finsihed and by complete happenstance it came to.
What's wrong with me?
I need to take a break.
You need more than a break. You need pussy.
Without knowing exactly what you are implying I will agree. It would be nice not being alone all the time and lately I have been on this porn binge. However, don't worry. My studies and the my gym exercises are going great.
That's why we use formula in this house
Threadly inforced wholesomeness with iron petting
Revolters will be put to sleep early
Hey, urine is sterile until it exits the body. Don't lump us in with the fucking brapfags, zigger.
Bodily waste is still bodily waste, whether it's solid, liquid, or gas
245400 245401
No, poop is gross because it has gut bacteria in it that make it smell horrible. Farts are not only gross, but they contain two highly flammable gases that aide to the horrible smell along with the expelled bacteria. Piss might be waste, but in survival situations it's recommended to drink (of course ideally you'd have something to filter it with, but no survival guide worth his salt will tell you to eat shit.)
>falling this hard for the bear grylls meme
I'm so sorry for you anon. Hopefully (You) don't get stranded out in the wilderness.

The truth is, no survival guide worth his salt would tell you to drink piss either, because piss has salt in it and you'd only get thirstier as a result.
Would be better to try to hold it for as long as possible so the body can reabsorb as much water as necessary.
The waste products would not be ideal for reconsumption putting more stress on the body.

But out of all the bodily waste it isn't that bad. Plus in a pinch you can use jar based karate!
Stop the filthy talk
>breastmilk from a trough
That ruins the experience, without that sense of maternal intimacy you may as well drink formula
It happens.
245432 245437 245439 245446 245448 245449 245452 245464
What's everyfilly's opinion on fictional physical bullying and emotional abuse?
>What's everyfilly's opinion on...
It's fine as long as it's happening to me, but I'd never want any fillies to go through it unless they had that fetish too.
I want Twilight Sparkle to give me stockholm syndrome by emotionally abusing me daily and using her obsessive nature to play mind games on me.
This tbh...
Have you been okay lately Aussie Anon? You haven't been posting as often and I'm a bit worried about you...
There's more than one of us, Anon, the other ones haven't been posting much either.
It's shit. Happy filly is best filly.
I know there are, but you specifically. I can tell the difference. So, what's up? Other threads just been holding your interest more?
No liek, anon.
I don't quite understand it, or where the kink(sexual, or non-sexual. What's even a word for a non-sexual kink like thing?) comes from exactly. But in a thread of this subject matter(fillification), filled with plenty of people with mommy issues, it doesn't seem odd for like half of it to be fictional abuse. I personally dislike it, because I don't like seeing people suffer, even in fiction. But No one's forcing me to read the stuff.
Uh. Uh! Stop identifying me, faggot!
I wouldn't like it, nor would I like it happening to other fillies. Anons beware: you try abusing me, I will bite your nuts off.
Ain't gonna happen, cap'n. So, what is it? You need a hug?
245461 245475
I should have stayed a lurker. I'm going to bed.
Sleep tight, tomorrow is another long day.
That's implying the first thing Anon did to you wouldn't be putting a muzzle on you.
245466 245467 245507 245627
Fiction is written for three reasons:
1) To entertain
2) To provide deeper perspective about the real world as well as the fictional
3) Clop material

People who read abusefics for #3 should gas themselves. Abuse is not really "entertaining" as it's meant to be unpleasant to read due to the emotional reaction it's meant to facilitate, though it can be compelling if it's tempered with lighthearted/heartwarming/generally positive moments. It's best use is of course for #2 as it provides a harsh probe into our human nature as well as illustrating a real-world problem, but only if it's done particularly well. Be warned: most fanfics centered around bullying and abuse are epicenters of edge and cringe, simply because 1) fanfics are on average edgy and/or cringy and rarely tackle serious topics well and 2) authors are usually emotionally damaged themselves.

You mean fetish. And for me the issue is (besides the aforementioned) that Twilight is the default "abusive mom" though it's not in her nature. It would be more realistic if she were neglectful (which in the real world is also a serious problem and is more common), but you can't really neglect a filly with an adult's mind, especially in Ponyville. "Oh to be Old Again" is one of my favorite (sadly perpetually unfinished) fanfics because it has a more-or-less faithful-to-the-show approach while still being emotionally impactful.

When you write a fic keep in mind the different types of conflicts:
Man vs. Man (or Pony vs. Pony)
Pony vs. Nature
Pony vs. Self
Pony vs. Society

"Oh to be Old Again" has very little Pony vs. Pony conflict because it's Ponyville and everypony's well-meaning. However, the whole theme is centered around Pony vs. Nature, Pony vs. Self, and Pony vs. Society because the protagonist must navigate a completely different world (Pony vs. Nature), deal with his unwilling transformation into a foal that makes him doubt himself (Pony vs. Society), and be increasingly frustrated by a society that believes "helping him" means erasing his improbable past. There's not much "abuse" as we would put it but nonetheless it is a hard-hitting saga. To put the protagonist in a more "abusive" scenario necessitates a shift in all the above conflicts, as well an environment quite unlike vanilla Twilight's home (think of "The Sweetie Belle Chronicles").
>People who read abusefics for #3 should gas themselves.
245468 245509
If you stop being a sperg and read abuse for the usually edgy, pulpy, OOC delicious mess that it is, it can be fun. Not all fiction needs to be high literature, and in my opinion you're a fool for thinking that a good majority of fanfiction should live up to the standards of our great contemporaries. There are a few exceptions, but fanfiction is almost always schlock.
The acceptance of it being schlock is what makes it great.
same guy btw, just hit send before I could add that and mobilefagging is abitch.
245481 245486 245670
[4d10 = 11]
Roll. I probably can't start posting til the weekend, but if I roll now then I can at least have a day or two to brainstorm and pre-write.
245486 245493
>Email dice
I shiggy diggy, we've got an oldfag.
dice 1d100
dice 1d100.jpg
[1d100 = 83]
dice 1d100 goes in all fields
[1d10 = 4]
I no longer remember how to toss dice so if I embarrass myself, you can punish me in whatever diabolical you can imagine. Also, I am not that old either; I'm a babyfilly.

Who! It worked. I'm genius!
Also, I might have looked it up.

245497 245498
Well, that didn't work. Mmm.........
[3d10 = 14]
Now i got it
245499 245500
Sadly you can only roll one dice (or several equal dices 3d10 in email, but in comment you can roll several separate dices [ 1d10 ] [ 1d10 ] (remove spaces).
large (2).png
I was suspecting that it was something like that. Now I know. Thanks a lot!
Pupperrrrr,... you're giving away sekrets again. Xp
Purple made me do it
Conflict in Literature.png

245515 245520
There's a difference between "schlock", "pulp", "so bad it's good", and "just plain bad". I like schlock. I like old, Italian-made slashers and I like Troma movies. I like reading literal pulp fiction, as in stories that first appeared in literal pulp magazines, and I like the simplistic adventure narratives they present. The schlock defense doesn't work with most abusefag stories. There's an art to making really enjoyable schlock. Compare a schlock classic like Toxic Avenger 2 to literally anything The Asylum puts out on Netflix and you'll find that there's a real difference between a fun schlocky romp and a poorly-written shitfest. Good schlock has, if nothing else, consistency, effort, and sincerity. If the schlock in question happens to be aware that it's schlock, then the schlocky parts are deliberate, over-the-top, and fun. They might not have good writing, good actors, or a decent budget, but there's an effort and sincerity that makes them really enjoyable.

Take something like Cupcakes. Why is it that, after 9 fucking years, Cupcakes still stands out as the worst this fandom has to offer? Certainly there's been worse. It's far and away not the most poorly-written thing on the internet, and to be sure there are grimdark fanfics that are dozens of times edgier. You'll find most of those in the "least viewed" section of fimfiction, because nobody reads them. Here's a hint: it's not just because Cupcakes was written before season 1 was over. The really neat thing about Cupcakes, in my opinion, is that Pinkie Pie is completely in character. No, canon Pinkie would never actually slice up her friends, but take a look at how Pinkie acts in Cupcakes and you'll see what I mean. She's hyper, happy, talkative, and oblivious. She seems to have no idea why Rainbow Dash wouldn't enjoy being eviscerated, and when Dash complains Pinkie just giggles and references some "rules" that she has to follow for some reason. She fucking tries to floss her teeth with Rainbow Dash's intestines for a joke. This is all arguably out of character, but it's also based on traits that really do exist within Pinkie Pie in the show. That's the sincerity part. The effort part is in the gratuitous, in-depth descriptions of the gore. Most people wouldn't have the patience to paint that bloody word-picture.

Hell there was a good greentext example of this kind of thing too. I can't remember what the fuck it was called, but it was a TwiRape story featuring an underage Anon and the narrator kept referring to Twilight as [mother]. I'm sure someone ITT knows what I'm on about. Twilight's curiosity leads her to encounter something while mind-probing young Anon that makes her snap and become a full-blown evil rape mastermind. Twilight proceeds to slaughter practically every mare that so much as looks at Anon, and she uses her magic to transform Anon's world into an incomprehensible nightmare. Really, it's the best example of an evil Twilight story that I can think of. Twilight has a reason for going bad, and even after she goes bad she retains a lot of canon Twilight character traits such as her reliance on magic, her tendency to get obsessed, and her tendency to get frustrated. And the writing was high-effort as well; it did a great job of making the reader feel just as disoriented as the Anon in the story. And the schlocky parts, of course, were completely over-the-top.

Now in your typical abusefag filly story, the premise is something like this. One day, Twilight develops an unexplained, deranged desire to turn Anon into a filly and torture him til he's mind-broken into a perfect little daughteru. In all other aspects of her life she's somehow a basically good and decent pony, but when it comes to Anon it's "something something I've always wanted a little girl." As Cupcakes demonstrates, it's okay to have characters do out of character things, but these things ought to at least come from something that's really within those characters. There is nothing within Twilight to imply that she's ever wanted to be a parent, so seeing her suddenly blurt out that she wants a daughter and commit a terrible crime over it is a seriously jarring experience for the reader. The stories where the premise is "Anon is a dickhead so I'll fillify and abuse him" have a similar problem as well. Specifically, there's not really anything resembling vengefulness or sadism within the actual character of Twilight Sparkle. But the [mother] story demonstrates how that can be done right too. All you have to do is provide an explanation for the break in character. Maybe Twilight has a magical accident that gives her brain-worms or something. Preferably, there should be a transition period between the in-character Twilight and the out-of-character Twilight, though this can probably be brief or shoved off into the backstory if you just want to get right into the abusefaggotry as quick as possible.

The biggest reason why these stories can't put forth the schlock defense, however, is that they're not actually all that schlocky. The abuse generally doesn't skyrocket into delicious, over-the-top cruelty. It's just fetish mindbreak shit. For some Anons of course that's wish-fulfillment so I'm sure they get something out of it. But for the rest of us it's at best just somewhat uncomfortable.

Not the guy you were replying to btw, and not to say that good abusefag stories don't exist. I just generally don't care for them.
Quick, what is Orange Filly's eyecolor? I need to know it for a thing.
Gay colored.
Thanks Anon. You will become best filly when you end up in Equestria.
how much worth are admin posts

dubs get?
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Y-you wouldn't happen to have a link to that Twilight green, would you?
Alas, I've been searching archives and pastebin for it all afternoon, but all I could find was this old banner from 8chan's /gtpone/ to prove that the story really existed.
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Yeah, I realized that since you don't have a Canadian flag, ya siller filler.
Anyways, I can actually think of an abusefag filly story from this thread that I think you would like based on the criteria outlined in your post.
It's an edge-fest that fluctuates from self-aware comedy about how over the top everything is in Equestria to taking itself pretty seriously (granted, it never succeeds in fully realizing the second aspect, and some of the emotional scenes feel forced.)
>Twilight has a motivation for being a shitty pony. (it's described later since the writefag clearly wanted to get right into the abuse, eerily strange that you would point something like that out.)
>The mind-break aspect is there, but Anon holds out for a while before the mommy issues side of the thread made the writefag give in to their demands. Did I mention it was a cyao for a while?
Granted, there are a lot of elements you probably wouldn't like, and there's sometimes a lot of down-time between the aspects that you probably would. The plot is sort of a nonsensical scribble, but the absolute brutality of the universe is actually quite refreshing, and it somehow isn't completely dismal as a product.
Give it a try if you feel like it. https://pastebin.com/sGSfXRXL
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Thanks for the green, I'll check it out.
No problem, tell me what you think of it.
i saved this because it's art.jpg
Okay holy shit I actually fucking found it.
The author appears to have nuked his own pastebin and then re-uploaded acts 1 and 2 of the story here:
And then I managed to find acts 3 and up in the wayback machine here:
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Filly's gonna get STONED
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File (hide): B34C0B8838040ED89A91DEE5FF0BBBE3-4618326.mp4 (4.4 MB, Resolution:960x520 Length:00:00:39, nosound.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Oh yeah, and also lots of pretty scenery in the works.
Knowing what happens to the fillies that get game-ended in this game, what happenes when the rock horse game-ends the filly? How long until we see?

Is he rock hard?
Please Clap.gif
Thanks filly, you made my day
[4d10 = 27]

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What the fuck even is this thread

Like do you people actually unironically want to be turned into a child cartoon pony so you can be fucked or "bred" by people from /mlpol/ or you yourself fuck an /mlpol/ user that has been turned into a little filly? Do you realize how ridiculous that is
This is by far the most degenerate general on /mlpol/ I mean it combines fucking pedophilia, transformation, beastiality and/or xenophilia and whatever other fetshes you might have and Tbh I gagged a lil bit upon discovering this thread
Please consider psychiatric help and reevaluate your life of you unironically browse this general and look at anon filly pictures
Some of us just enjoy the comedy of errors aspect of the concept, friend.
You're late. Where the hell have you been?
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Most of the newfags immediately reach that kind of conclusions and sometimes with even worst opinions.
I won't waste an explanation, it is beyond your comprehension, however I would advise you to ignore this thread cos', seriously, it is far out of your reach. Perhaps after a while you will catch up the satire of this thread.
Lurk moar.
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It's you who has to lurk, dogposting has been a thing for years, this shit is pasta.
point taken
Outraged newfag - 2019.10.04.png
Saved and archived.
Your outrage is priceless.
>mfw all these newfags who don't even know about the dogposter copypasta
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I think this is the first instance, just from a cursory search.
Quads can't lie.
[1d10 = 8]

[1d10 = 4]

[1d10 = 7]

and 4th roll either to add on or sub another roll, depending:
[1d10 = 5]

Placeholder the Sleeping God
Know what, this works perfectly for me! Probably done by tomorrow, but absolutely this weekend.
Placeholder the Sleeping God
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Eh, 5 in the morning counts as tomorrow, right? Anyway, I present to you my story!

The Madness Behind Magic

>Tonight's the night
>Twilight was looking for this exact happening for over 800 years, and it's finally happened tonight
>The stars, moon, planets, and Equus itself have all aligned, quite literally, for her ultimate experiment
>The last line to her Magnum Opus, this universe's Grand Unified Theory!
>Tonight, Twilight Sparkle will figure out the enigma of magic!
>However, it all hinges on one ritual locked away in the depths of Faust's own personal library
>It took a lot of convincing to make Celestia open up about the ritual's existence, much less where she could find out about it
>God knows why
>I mean he probably does, but if you could ask him directly, you'd have more pressing questions to ask first
>Mainly why you had to drag yourself out to an ancient equestrian city to help Twilight with this
>Blah blah 'knowledge of another world' blah blah 'indispensable to my research'
>Still doesn't explain why she not only had to turn you into a horse, but render you magically immortal
>Flight and magic are cool too, don't get that wrong
>It's just... Why?
>Anyway, it's cold down here in this necropolis and you want something to distract yourself from the silent eyeless glares of the statues around you
>So, you run through the plan again!
>When Twilight's set up at her own location, she'll send you a magic signal and tell you to begin your part
>Step 1: draw the runic circle exactly as she instructed
>Step 2: remove the obsidian knife from its sheath and use it to add some of your blood to the center of the altar
>Step 3: say exactly what she told you to say, no matter what happens around you
>She really seemed to stress that last part, for some odd reason
>You're not entirely sure why, but you've seen enough magic fuckery happen during other experiments since you first became her assistant
>A cold wind blows over your back from one of the numerous alleys surrounding the enclosed area you're within
>Seeing nothing else to do while Twilight's fucking around (probably somewhere with heating), you decide to take in more of the scenery
>You stand atop a short stepped limestone pyramid with a flat top, sitting directly in the middle of a large crater lined with numerous pathways and steps, with each of the cardinal directions holding a pedestal with a large, faceless pony statue staring inwards towards you
>Well, not towards you, towards where you're standing
>However, you swear that they've been following your motion ever since you stepped up here
>Either way, you'd swear that all this came straight out of the set of a horror movie
>If all goes as it should, though, you'll be back home in an hour or so for debriefing and number crunching
>No more spooky statues for you to deal with
>No more spooky statues, no more cold winds, no more weird crater...
>Your horn ignites on its own as thoughts that aren't your own begin to enter your mind
>You jump at this occurrance, but it soon becomes clear that this isn't as malicious as it would seem
>It's pretty staticky, but you hear an all-too-familiar voice broadcasted directly to your brain matter
>"Alright Anon, I'm set up here at the observatory nearby. The effects of the alignment will be peaking shortly, so I hope you're ready with that circle."
"No worries, I've got it in place. Just tell me when to do step 2 and I'll do it."
>"Good... Full alignment in T-minus 15... 14... 13..."
>You bring the sheath and the knife contained within to bear in front of you
>"11... 10... 9..."
>You unclip the button on it and fix a green aura around the hilt
>"7... 6... 5..."
>You do one final check of your position within the circle and raise a hoof, satisfied with your placement
>"3... 2... 1... Go for step 2!"
>In one fluid motion, you draw the knife and drag it across your outstretched forelimb, giving the ground in front of you a light coat of red paint
>With the dripping of your own blood being the only other sound, you begin to say the power phrase
Placeholder the Sleeping God
245604 245873

"Dormiens et evigilare faciatis unum hercle!"
>A crescendo of wind begins around you, whipping your mane into a frenzy and drowning the sound of your own voice out
>You falter briefly to regain composure before moving on to the next sentence
"Excita huius mundi bonis et prae me prohibitos autem scientiam!"
>As the sentence passes your lips, you see lightning begin arcing out of the clear sky to strike the four statues around you
>Their exteriors begin to fracture, revealing a sickening interior
>Worse still, they no longer hide their malicious intent towards you as the immense, once-contained corpse-piles of many more than four long-dead ponies begin shambling towards you
>Again, you falter, but only for long enough to cast a protective ward around the altar
"Sed vade, Locorum Mauris pellentesque!"
>The final sentence rings out across the suddenly calm plaza as the four cadaverous monsters freeze in place before disintegrating just shy of your protective dome
>That's not all, though
>A strong and imposing magic presence begins to infest the area, immediately destroying your protective ward, and causing the runes in the circle to begin glowing
>The upside to the glowing runes is that you can now see the stain of your blood on the altar beginning to boil away
>The downside is that you see your blood boil away before you
>The glowing of the altar begins to dim, however, as you notice an unnatural darkness slowly encroaching on the plaza from all sides as what appear to be souls begin rising from the ground and conglomerating into a single point in the sky above you
>As the inky blackness creeps further into your field of view and the magic aura grows to suffocating levels, the soul singularity ignites and tears a hole through reality itself, exposing something far beyond your capacity to know
>The All-Knowing
>The Dreamer
>The Sleeping God itself
>And as your brain struggles to use 800+ years of living on both Earth and Equus to somehow rationalize the otherworldly presence you're observing, you witness one final thing
>The Sleeping God opens a single eye

>Anonymous should've completed the ritual by now, you'll give it another few minutes before you go to check on her
>If all goes well, this should give you the exact answer you need to complete the Grand Unified Theory and connect in magic to the other fundamental forces of the universe once and for all!
>The secrets of the entire cosmos will become an open book to you, and you could use that book to accomplish anything!
>You could solve every problem in all of existence, all you'd have to do is account for all the proper variables and the math would tell you in plain equish!
>In just a short while, it will all be more than just a thought in your mind
>A few more minutes pass and you decide to check on Anon
>You open the telepathic connection again, expecting to hear an excited reaction, or even Anon's standard bored passivity
>However, all you get before the connection closes is a brief, intense flash of pain, horror, and disgust
>Oh shit
>Did she do the ritual wrong?
>Did she not say the power phrase properly?
>Did she interrupt it, somehow?
>You waste no more time thinking about the possible problems and immediately teleport over to Anon's position
>When you get there, you witness a jarring sight
>Anonymous stands in the center of the circle stiffly, her green coat now striped with rusty brown as she stands in a pool of her own blood facing away from you
"Anon! What happened!?"
>You rush over to your assistant's side as fast as you can, and the details of her condition only get worse as you get closer
>You struggle to hold back bile as a tide of nausea overwhelms you
>What brought about this nausea?
>A 5-inch green cone, lying in the blood like disposed trash
>You debate inspecting it further, but you already have a good idea of what it is
>You open your mouth to speak one more time, but this is when Anonymous finally responds to you
>She turns to you, exposing the charred stump atop her forehead and revealing her vacant expression and hollow, focusless gaze
>"Damned are those who bear the burden of magic, for their eternal sleep shall be within the palace of Redlohecalp The Dreamer."
>When the last word rings out across the altar, Anonymous collapses into the pool
>You dive into the redness to catch her, but when you do, you find that her body's already cold and without a pulse
>Even with the much more pressing concerns at hoof, you can't help but continue to turn over Anon's last words inside your head over and over
Damned are those who bear the burden of magic, for their eternal sleep shall be within the palace of Redlohecalp The Dreamer
Damned are those who bear the burden of magic, for their eternal sleep shall be within the palace of Redlohecalp The Dreamer
Damned are those who bear the burden of magic, for their eternal sleep shall be within the palace of Redlohecalp The Dreamer...
The most wrong thing about the dogposter has always been those fucking outlets.
>Second clip
>No fall damage
I was fully expecting the filly to go splat, and have pixalted blood fly in many directions. Glad it didn't happen, actually.

Well done, friend. Excellent description of all of the horrors, including the end.
245607 246596

10/10 quality content

[1d10 = 9]

[1d10 = 9]

[1d10 = 4]

[1d10 = 9]

245615 246596
>one dice away from getting all 9s
Why Rngeezus, why....
On the plus side the demonic body horror could be about the princess(es) evil cootch and the curse of cobwebs. Shame it isn't the animated objects, but you win some and you lose some.
Christ, it's been Murphey's Law the day. Could I get some happy filly green?
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Ok, I'll help you out!

>Once upon a time, (you) were Anon
>Anon didn't have a very good day
>It was quite the opposite of good, in fact
>So, Anon did the only thing he could think of in these trying times: he reached out
>Not to his friends or family, though, since it would probably be quite rude to bother them at this hour
>Instead, he reached out to his friends on the imageboard he frequented
>He put forth a simple request, one for a happy greentext to be written
>That was it, nothing too hard
>And then he waited
>And he waited for almost 20 minutes for something, anything to happen
>But then, it happened
>When the page had refreshed, somebody had written a response to him!
>Not only that, but it was a greentext too!
>Excitedly, Anon read through the greentext only to find that it wasn't about filly the character, but filly the thread
>Filly the thread and all of us in it
>All of us in it that care about each other in a way that's almost purer than any other kind of care
>None of us know each other IRL (to my assumption), and yet we all care enough about each other to even work to cheer each other up over the internet through odd styles of writing that simply wouldn't work anywhere else
>We're all so far apart, and yet we share this close of a friendship
>And as such, we don't like seeing each other down
Don't be depresso Anon, Tomorrow's another day and it's bound to be better than this one! And even if it's not, we'll still be here for you even in the early hours when nobody should be reasonably awake. We'll still be here no matter what. Hope you feel better, dude.
Placeholder the Sleeping God
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it since I'm pretty interested in the whole cosmic horror aesthetic and I wanted to do it proper justice.
>People who read abusefics for #3 should gas themselves.
Why though? Should people who have kinks for playrape and NTR/cuckolding also be gassed?
For the first it's debatable, but for the second they unquestionably should.
>for the second they unquestionably should [be gassed].
Who should be gasses? Everyone involved? The bull, cuck, and female? (Assuming its 2+ males 1 female)

I'm having a difficult time following your rationale/logic.
If playrape is debateable, is playcucking, as in, your gf with a stuffed animal cucking you, also debatable?
245635 245642 245747 246133
It's supposed to be the second part of this:
but it took me so logn, the story is probably dead by now. Just don't want to leave it unfinished
>Who should be gassed? Everyone involved?
Whoever has the fetish, especially if they actively seek to indulge in it.
As for the first being debatable, that's only because it could be argued that playrape is just another form of sexual roleplay. In my own opinion they still should be gassed though.
Poor filly, dead boulders are not her thing.
>Identifying rocks
"Yep, it's rock. Can I go now ?"
245658 245706
>filly thread green
>it's 30 lines of "har har this is a greentext"
>this stanley parable shit is supposed to convey some bullshit about friendship

This is why Jesus isn't coming back. I'm going back to sleeping without covers and wishing that I slept at a reasonable enough time to do laundry in the morning. I hate all of you.
I hate you too, nigger. :^)
That was certainly an interesting take on my request, and even though I ended up falling asleep before seeing it last night you managed to make me smile. Thank you.
245667 245709
>You come home from school and your momfu is wearing this.
>Some fat autist is in the kitchen, and she's just cooked him hayburgers.
>You can see the tears in her eyes behind her false smile
What do?
>the beast numbers
Seb is that you?

(no, its just a silly filly)
>(no, its just a silly filly)
sounds like something Seb would say
All right here we go. Pinkie Pie, the woods, zombies, and family. I re-read Robert E. Howard's excellent novella Pidgeons From Hell to prepare for this.

>a glob of melted ice cream falls from the cone and splatters on your rear leg
"Shit fucking damnit."
>you hastily wolf down the rest of the ice cream, resulting in more globs splattering in more places
>with the fuzzy hair on your now-free forelegs, you vigorously rub out the offending ice cream globs from your coat
>now your forelegs feel all sticky
>but at least you can't really see the ice cream anymore
>you sigh
>now you're just sitting on a hot park bench without any ice cream
>and your legs are all sticky
>you hop down to the ground and begin to walk home, hoping to get a bath in or something
>force of habit compells you to try walking bipedally
>force of gravity compells you to fall flat on your face
>you groan
"Shit. First time that's happened in a few weeks."
>but that's not even the worst of it
>based on the direction you're facing, you were trying to walk to your old house
>the one you had to get rid of when you went from a six-foot biped to a two-foot baby horse
"Fuck, man."
>adjusting to life after the accident has been a very bumpy process
>your tiny body is racked by a huge sigh
>then you get up
>and make your way to Twilight's house
>great, brown spots of soft dirt have adhered themselves to the ice cream residue on your coat
>but at least your legs don't feel quite so sticky now
>wrapped up in melancholy and dirt as you are, it's no wonder she takes you by surprise
>in a past life, you'd called her your marefriend
>that life had ended when she told you, "Sorry, Anon, but you're just not the man I fell in love with!"
>even though she was breaking up with you, that joke had been the first time you'd laughed since the accident
>of course you're still friends with her
>how could you not be friends with her?
>how could anyone not be friends with her?
>she rises, seemingly from the earth itself, in a flash of pink light
"Hi, Anon!"
>once you're finished flinching at the sudden motion, you return the greeting as naturally as possible
"Hey, Ponks."
"Doing anything right now, Nonny?"
"Well I was about to-"
"Great! Come on, I wanna show you something!"
"No, hang on, I'm all covered in-"
>a pink tail lowers itself to entangle you in its intricate frizz
>and Pinkie dashes off with you helplessly in tow
>you're freed upon the wooden platform of Ponyville's train station
"You wanted to show me the train station?"
>Pinkie giggles
"No, silly. We've just gotta meet someone here before we can go see the thing we've gotta see."
"All right, two questions. First of all, what even is this thing we've gotta see?"
>Pinkie twists her neck unnervingly around til her face is suspended upside-down before yours
"It's a surprise!"
>you lightly tap Pinkie's nose til her face has floated away to a more comfortable distance
"All right, then who do we have to meet? Is that a surprise too?"
"Oh, just my dad."
>the stern gaze of Pinkie's dad fills your brain and causes you to visibly cringe in fear
"Wha- why would you want me to meet your dad again? You know... he knows that we're, you know, not a thing anymore, right?"
"Oh, sure, I told him all about that. Don't worry, Anon, I'm sure he'll act a lot less scary now that we're just friends. And, you know, now that the accident happened..."
"Yeah, yeah, I guess."
>Pinkie Pie squints at the sky and licks her lips
"Now, based on the position of the Sun, the strength of the wind-current, and the vibration of the tracks, my dad's train should be pulling in right... about..."
>without warning, a big black steam locomotive screeches into the station and stops on a dime
"Goodness fuck, how do you do that?"
"Language, Nonny! You know how my dad gets about that."
"Boy, do I."
>Igneous Rock Pie glides through the crowd of ponies like a folksy specter
>the flight of the wraith comes to a halt before you and Pinkie Pie
>Pinkie's frantically waving hoof is all but invisible now, save as a blurry, pink fan-shape
"Hi, Dad! I brought Anon along, hope you don't mind!"
>Mr. Pie nods
"Good day, Pinkamena. Is Anonymous, then, the friend you mean to take with you to the house?"
"Huh? What house?"
>Pinkie nods vigorously
"Then no, I don't mind. I'm sure Anonymous still has the strength, where it counts, to keep you safe."
"Whoah, safe? Hang on, Pinkie, Mr. Pie, I wasn't counting on anything dangerous. I'm not exactly the man I used to be, you know."
>Pinkie guffaws
>but if her father appreciated the wordplay, he doesn't show it
"Oh, it's nothing so bad as that. Just an old, crumbling house. As long as you've still got your good sense about you I'm sure you'll be quite well. By the by, I was sorry to hear of your accident."
"Yeah, it's fine. Look, I still don't really know just what it is I've been dragged into here."
"Why, I wonder that Pinkamena didn't tell you."
"It was gonna be a surprise!"
>Igneous Rock Pie allows himself to smile with genuine warmth at that
"Ah. Of course it was. Well then, don't let's keep your friend in suspense any longer."
>Mr. Pie retrieves a set of keys and a roll of paper from his bag
"There we go. The keys to old Blanche's house, and a map that ought to tell you how to get there."
>Pinkie takes the items and stores them within the depths of her poofy mane
"The short of it, Anonymous, is this: A distant cousin of ours, one Blanche Pie, has recently passed away, and her house has passed into my possession."
"And Mom and Dad say I can have the house!"
>Igneous nods
"Yes. The house is just outside of Ponyville, in the Everfree Forest, and I'm afraid that it's a bit far from the rock farm to do me and the missus much good. Besides, it's about time Pinkamena owned some land."
>Pinkie Pie's chest is so swollen with pride that you think it's about to burst
>and Igneous is looking fondly upon her
>but you're still confused
"So, wait, you've had a cousin living just outside of Ponyville this whole time, and I've never heard of her?"
>Pinkie shrugs
"I didn't know about her til today either. I hear she mostly kept to herself."
"Cousin Blanche was, well... a long time ago, there was a Pie by the name of Flint. Flint Pie travelled for many years among the nomad herds of Zebrica, and returned to Equestria somewhat... queer. He took his family into the Everfree Forest, and after that he was said to have become rather disreputable. Respectable Pies haven't had much to do with Flint's line in many generations, but since old Blanche Pie was the last of that branch, I don't suppose there's any harm in letting slip the secret now."
>Pinkie Pie is all but bouncing now
"Ready to go, you guys? Because I'm ready to go! I've never been more ready to go! I was born ready! Ready like-"
"My apologies, Pinkamena, but I must return home now. There's still a great deal of chores to do before autumm really sets in, and my train should be arriving..."
>another train screeches to a halt in front of the station
"So that just... runs in the family, huh?"
>Pinkie pouts
"Aw, all right. See you at Hearthswarming?"
>Igneous smiles in his usual, glum fashion
"Of course, dearest. I'll see you at Hearthswarming."
>the frizzy pink pony brightens up immediately
"Okay, bye, Dad!"
"Farewell, Pinkamena. And, Anonymous, I trust you'll do what it takes to keep my daughter safe."
"Yeah, sure, totally."
>Pinkie doesn't stop waving til Igneous' train is long out of sight
>then she smiles ecstatically at you
"Ready to go Anon? Because I'm-"
>you stuff your hoof in her mouth
"No. I'm not ready. I've been all covered with sticky shit this whole time, and I really don't want to go waltzing through the woods like this."
"But you still wanna come, right?"
>she giggles
"I'm gonna need those big, strong arms of yours to keep me safe from the monsters, you know."
"I don't have big, strong arms anymore."
"Sure you do. On the inside, where it counts."
"Look, if it'll make you happy, I'll come visit this old house with you. Just let me take a bath real quick. What do you say we meet up by the forest in, say, an hour?"
"A whole hour?!"
"Oh, it's still early in the day, you'll be fine."
"Fine! An hour it is. Ooh! I can't wait, has it been an hour yet?!"
>at long last, you break away from Pinkie Pie and make it to Twilight's house
"Hey, Anon- whoah! What happened to you?"
"Lost a fight with an ice cream cone. I'm gonna take a bath real quick. Also, I'm heading out to the Everfree with Pinkie after that, apparently she's inherited an old house out there."
>Twilight looks up from her paperwork
"You're heading to the Everfree with Pinkie?"
>Twilight sets her quill down apprehensively
"I don't know if that's safe, maybe I should go with you guys."
"Oh, would you quit worrying? I'm your fuck-up, not your foal, remember?"
>Twilight's ears flatten even as she grins sheepishly
"Of course, but... you're my friend, too. I'd be worried about this even if the accident never happened. Really, you guys should take me along; there's all kinds of monsters in the Everfree, you know."
"Pinkie and I are both adults... or, I'm as old as an adult, anyway. We'll be fine. Besides, don't you have that big presentation in Canterlot to prepare for?"
>Twilight looks at her mountain of paperwork
>then sighs
"Okay, if you say so. It's just... I'd feel terrible if something happened to you before I figured out how to fix the accident."
"Hey, until you do figure it out, I've still gotta live, don't I? Anyways, I'm meeting Pinkie in an hour, so I've gotta start drawing that bath now."
"All right. Have fun, Anon."
>Twilight returns to her furious note-taking
>and you clip-clop up the stairs to the bathroom
>force of habit compels you to lock the door behind you
>even though you don't normally wear clothes anymore
>it takes a bit of finaggling to turn the faucet with your hooves
>but you're getting good at this sort of thing
>and a torrent of steaming water - already hot from the spells Twilight has cast on the piping - bursts forth from the spiget
>you're careful not to fill the tub all the way up
>you did that once, out of habit
>and your tiny filly body nearly drowned for it
>these things are built to lap at a full-grown mare's chest while she's standing, after all
>you used to think that was too short
>but now, you cut off the stream while the tub still appears hardly full at all
>and you clamber over the edge
>only to make an ungraceful splashdown in the water
>the hot water creeps through the layers of dirt and ice cream and hair for what feels like a minute before it finally contacts your skin
>the weat heat makes you sigh
>makes you crave for more
>so you close your eyes and plunge your head beneath the waterline
>water cascades noisily from your mane as you surface
>the water on your head rapidly cools to a brisk contrast against the waters of the steaming tub
>finally, you reach up for a bar of soap and begin scrubbing it against your forelegs
>the white suds rapidly turn brown and fall into the water, turning it brown too
>once your forelegs are rinsed clean, you move on to the somewhat trickier task of getting your hind legs clean
>and so on and so forth, until there are no more sticky, brown spots in your coat
>you'd like to wash your mane, too, as long as you're in here
>don't tell Twilight, but you don't, strictly speaking, do this whole "bathing" thing every single day
>so you reach up for Twilight's special, scented oils
>and you pour what probably constitutes a little bit too much of these on top of your head
>then you gather up some fresh soap-suds and mix them in with the oils
>and because you're feeling extra wasteful today, you turn the faucet back on and rinse your head under that
>it's better than dunking your head under that brown water, after all
>satisfied of your cleanliness at last, you pull the plug and watch the bathwater spiral down the drain
>then you climb out of the tub and spread your towel on the floor
>you've found the easiest way for you to dry off nowadays is to roll in the towel, rather then rub it against yourself
>once you're dry enough, you look up at the mirror
>clean as a whistle
>not for long, of course, if the Everfree Forest has anything to say about it
>but you look good enough for a date with Pinkie
>no, it's not a date
>you can't go on dates anymore
>you know what, shut up
>about ten minutes later, you can be found approaching the Everfree Forest
>you're about twenty minutes early
>but you guess, correctly, that Pinkie Pie will be waiting there for you all the same
"Ugh, finally! Are you ready to go yet?"
"Yep. Pull out that map, let's see where we're going."

next update soonTM
Good reference executed poorly by a shitty SFM artist. Anybody want to redo this well?

245694 245734 246596
I sketched filly.
>bedroom eyes
Well, I'm sorry you didn't like it. Then again, you didn't have to to begin with, but whatever.

Thanks Anon, I'm glad you enjoyed my less-serious writefagging. I hope your sleep was good and I hope that today was better than yesterday for you!
find the pipe gun that I built without Twilight's knowledge, load it, and use it
probably a 50/50 shot it kills him vs. me, but I'm willing to risk those odds
245748 245754 245868
Top kek.

Hey, I remember that green/CYOA.
Love it.
>History is probably dead by now
Yep, too bad you summoned this dead writefag who takes promises to the grave
Will see what can be done here
245768 246596
Was it better as a cyoa, or as a green? Was it good at all?
Short one.
>You didn't ask the woman to get into bed next to you, but she did anyways.
>Why? She knows what you are, doesn't she?
>Of course not, she wouldn't have done it if she did.
"What's your name again?"
"That's a nice name."
>"Thank you."
"You know what I am, don't you?"
>"Yes. You're a sick little filly."
"No, I-"
>"Shh... you need to sleep off that junk in your system."
>"No buts. Whatever you were before doesn't matter."
>A downy wing brushes your cheek.
>"Twilight will take good care of you, I promise. I know she seemed firm at first, but she's yet to let anypony down who relied on her."
>You feel a slight smile begin to form on your face.
"T-thank you."
>"No need. Tomorrow's a new day."
>Your eyes begin to grow heavy...
>Be Moondancer.
>Back home again.
>Alone again.
>You look up at your dresser.
>There are quite a few pictures on it.
>Filly Twilight and you in costume during Nightmare Night as Hydrogen Fluoride.
>A picture from every year but 9th grade of the two of you winning the science fair.
>That cheating bastard got his dad to do all the work for him anyways, doesn't count.
>Birthday parties.
>And then, they stop having Twilight in them.
>A photograph of you in black, standing next to your father's casket.
>Why you decided to frame it is still beyond you, it just felt like the right thing to do at the time.
>A picture of you at graduation, your mane frazzled and your eyes baggy holding your diploma.
>A few pictures from up in the mountains when you were trying to build up a portfolio to do wildlife preservation.
>You groan, getting up from bed and walking to the edge of your dresser.
>You reach up with a hoof, and it's exactly where you remember it being.
>The polaroid photo of you and your gauss cannon, the first test to be against the structural integrity of your skull.
>You pussied out, of course.
>You can't do anything right.
>You walk up to the half-scrapped device and stroke it lovingly.
>So close, yet so far.
>Lying back down on the floor, you let the tears come.
>Of course she only comes back when she needs you, she has better friends now.
>Friends who won't correct her grammar jokingly or style themselves to look as much like her as possible.
>Friends who are content to just be themselves, not inferior versions of her.
>You undo the tie in your mane, letting it fall down.
>You take off your turtleneck and lay it carefully on the bed.
>Finally, you go into the bathroom and remove your glasses.
"I didn't expect to see you here, Twi."
"Why are you in my bathroom?"
"I need my privacy."
>You flop down on the bed, leaving your glasses beside the sink.
>You're too tired to read tonight.
"Tomorrow's a new day..."
>Be Anonymous.
>You hold up a hoof to your face and it's not a gelatinous blob.
>You brush up against the still-sleeping form of the pony that's snuggled up next to you and she feels fairly normal.
>Pretty nice, actually.
>You stretch as best you can, yawning.
>You guess you should probably get up and get ready for school, dislike it though you do.
>Well, that's not entirely fair.
>The teacher is pretty nice.
>The mass behind you stirs, startling you slightly.
>"Are you feeling better?"
"Yeah, just need to... pee."
>"Oh, of course."
>She relinquishes her comfortable hold on you and you scamper off into the bathroom.
>Going through the strange process of getting yourself up onto the structure that's actually a bit taller than you are, you balance your four legs precariously on the edge of the seat and lift up your tail a bit.
>You don't relax the ridged positioning of your legs until you finally finish up and hop to the ground.
>Well, if nothing else that act of insanity has left you wide awake.
"Yeah, actually."
>"Come on, I have something I think you'll enjoy."
"What is it?"
>She just hums.
"Don't I have school today?"
>"It's the weekend."
Huh, I don't remember that part. Did I have to purchase a season pass?

>Social media
It's almost like this filly is some sort of NORMIE
245767 245857
Some shit from /mlp/.
>”You’re sure you want me to do this, Anon?”
“I’ve already said yes like five times, Twilight.”
>”Okay. It’s just... I’ve never performed this spell successfully before. Theoretically there shouldn’t be any issues, but, well...”
>She gives the spell book one last check over before tilting her horn towards Anon.
>It charges up, wrapped in a bright purple aura that grows brighter and more powerful.
>There’s a blinding blast of light, and after a few seconds the room settles again.
>Twilight cautiously opens one eye. In front of her is a shorter filly with a green coat, black, ruffled hair, and a black question mark on her rump.
>”Uh... did it work?”
>The filly doesn’t respond, though, her face seemingly struck by something, and her hind legs sinking outwards.
>With a moan her tongue distends, drooling uncontrollably.
>”Oh dear... no, no... fillies aren’t supposed to...”
>That isn’t all, though. Is it just Twilight or is the filly... getting bigger?
>The growth is initially not very noticeable, but seems to speed up considerably. In less than a minute the filly occupies the entire size of the room, showing no signs of slowly as she bursts through the ceiling.
>Twilight flies up with anonfilly, watching as she quickly dwarfs the castle, then the town.
>After a few minutes more the growth stops, anonfilly staring down at the microscopic ponies miles below.
>”Hey! Anon! If you can hear me in there, maybe you can-“
>With a flick the filly’s tail sends the princess flying.
>All anonfilly knows is she needs sexual relief, and her eye has caught just the thing.
>The hill that Canterlot sits upon is a few miles in the distance, and with heaving, thundering footsteps the filly makes her way towards it, her pussy leaking with a heavy splash as she goes, leaving a trail of her juices on the ground as wide as a river, showering everything and everypony that’s unfortunate to be beneath her.
>Twilight catches up with anonfilly, trying to fly beside her, but her shouts go unheard.
>Even if her voice was loud enough to get through, there is only one thing on the filly’s mind: soothing the aching sexual desire she doesn’t quite understand the source of, but knows the solution to.
>Realizing trying to talk to the filly is fruitless, Twilight dashes past, heading directly for Canterlot and hoping to somehow avoid the situation before it occurs.
>”Twilight! Would you like to tell me what’s going on!?”
>”No time, Celestia. We need to get everypony out of Canterlot now. Right now.”
>”Twilight, I can’t just-“
>”We haven’t got time, Princess! We need to get everypony out!”
>The filly is faster than Twilight anticipated.
>After only a few moments, she looms over the hill, seemingly a million miles high.
>She gets into position, squatting; poised perfectly.
>A splatter of marejuice takes out one of the castle’s exterior walls.
>Twilight, Celestia, and the other occupants of the town can only watch in horror as the fillyhood above them begins to descend.
>The peak of the hill breaks through the pussy lips, allowing it to slide down effortlessly, closer and closer to Canterlot.
>Celestia desperately tries to cast some spell, but it’s no use.
>They are surrounded on every side by darkness.
>A damp, flexing, moistening cavern that swallows the castle and every building in the city.
>The filly continues to thrust up and down, only sucking the minuscule ponies deeper inside.
>The entirety of Canterlot is torn from the side of the hill, pulled up towards the cervix.
>Thousands of years of civilization lost. Nothing more than a means to please a horny filly.
245770 245782
Really Big Filly.png

It wasn't my thing personally, as I'm not into those kind of evil/abusive Twilight stories, but from what I remember it was good. I kinda like the CYOAs so long as not every post is >rape, kys, or just other stupid shit.

Larger fillies should have a smaller surface to volume ratio, and thus be less affected by cold weather.
245798 245810
>some ten minutes into the walk, the bright noonday Sun is filtered to a dusky, dim glow by the dense foliage above
"Are you sure you can read that thing?"
"Sure can. We are still on course! Why do you ask?"
"Mostly due to those holes you poked in it."
"Oh that's fine, Nonny, I can still read it."
"And the fact that you're using them as eyeholes and wearing the map like a Halloween mask."
"Pfffft, how else am I supposed to see where I'm going, you silly filly? Oh, left turn here."
>Pinkie executes a smart left-face on the dirt path and continues her march into darkness
"You know what? Okay."
"Okey dokey!"
"That's fine."
"We're lost, aren't we?"
"Just a tiny bit."
"Lemme see the map."
"No! Hang on, if I can just..."
>Pinkie pulls the map from her face and scans it carefully
>following that, she squints up at what's visible of the Sun through the forest roof
>finally, she licks her hoof and holds it aloft
>she smiles, apparently satisfied with something
"Come on, this way!"
>and then
>she bounds into the treeline
"What? Not through the fucking brush!"
>you scamper as far into the foliage as you can go
>but ultimately your advance is halted by a big patch of brambles
"Pinkie Pie! I'm not tall enough for this shit anymore!"
"Geez, you were always so needy."
>a pair of pink hooves reaches down to hoist you out of the brush
>and in the clearing you've reached stands a great, stone mansion
>or, it's mostly stone, anyway
>the center of the house is comprised of an intricate tetris-work of flagstone
>the wings immediately adjacent to that seem to have walls of cobblestones, tastefully set within their mortar frame
>beyond those lie a few brick walls, with here and there a brick bearing the seal of Ponyville brick-makers
>then there's a couple wooden portions with peeling paint
>finally, the outermost - and smallest - wings of the manstion appear to have been dried from mud
>the mansion is clearly in a state of disrepair
>broken windows
>chipped walls
>crumbling bricks
>yet for all this, there's not a single vine or patch of moss clinging to those appealing stone walls
"Pinkie Pie, are you sure about this?"
"Totally. This is where the X on the map is. See?"
"No, I believe you. What I meant was, are you sure about living here?"
>Pinkie Pie shrugs
"I dunno about living here, but it'd be a pretty good party spot."
>Pinkie grins
"Think about it, Anon. There are. No. Noise laws. In the Everfree Forest. We can get as loud as we want!"
>you hate to cut Pinkie's excited fantasies short
>but at this moment, a dark-cloaked figure appears from around the corner of the house
"Whoah, calm down. There's someone over there."
>the dark figure scoops some sort of powder from a sack hung about its neck and scatters it along the walls
"Oh, I know her. That's Zecora!"
"Is it?"
>when the figure notices you, you make out her face and see that it is indeed Zecora
"Anonymous I see, free as a bird. I take it you've come to say the Z-word?"
>Pinkie gasps
>you let the Z-word slip one damn time
>and then another time
>and maybe like a dozen more times
>and now all of the sudden it's the only thing the local zigger expects you to say
"Wha- no! Not today, Zecora. I'm just here with her."
>the zebra sees the pink pony at your side and relaxes
>but why does she tense up again?
"Ah, and my friend of pink. Here to see old Blanche's house, I think?"
"Uh-huh! My family wanted me to have the house, and now I'm here to have a look-see."
"Hey, zi- Zecora, what's that stuff you're throwing around?"
>Zecora takes another scoop of the black dust and scatters it about
"Old Blanche Pie knew the magicless magic of the Zoodoo tribes. I'm here to clear out all the bad vibes."
"Bad vibes?"
"Magicless magic? Is that kinda like my Pinkie Sense?"
>Zecora, faced with both of your questions at once, gives the higher priority to Pinkie's
>the old zebra's nostrils flair at the mention of Pinkie Pie's sixth sense
"Yes... then in Pie blood runs the magicless magic. I wish you'd turn back now; I fear an end somewhat tragic."
"Pffft, tragic? This isn't a play, you silly willy!"
"Yeah, why are you acting so spooky, stripe horse?"
>Zecora moves a little closer to you before spreading more of the black dust
"A maker of zombies and zuvembies was Flint Pie of old. He taught his family that blackest art: the Zoodoo practice bold."
"Okay, I've seen zombie movies, but what's a zuvembie?"
>your hoof crash-lands on your forehead
"Oh, geez, this is another one of those things where something in Equestria is just like something from back home on Earth but with a bad pun in the name. I know what this is."
>Zecora silently spreads more dust
>Pinkie Pie looks at you all askance
"See, back on Earth there was this thing called Voodoo. And when they wanted to make a zombie they'd give a guy some stuff to paralyze him and then they'd bury him alive. They'd dig him up later and the guy would be brain damaged, see? He'd be servile but aggressive, and the damn Voodoos would pretend like the guy was the living dead. It's twisted, to be sure, but there's nothing magic about it. Let alone magicless magic, which doesn't make any fucking sense to begin with."
"But what's a zuvembie supposed to be?"
"Oh, it was the same fucking thing but always a woman. I think they supposedly had some kind of magic powers that regular zombies didn't."
>Zecora shakes her head
"The zuvembie is the steed of Yigballa, the spotted snake. Each one is a mare or filly he takes."
"I'm kinda surprised the concept of steeds exists in this world."
"It is not wise to speak of such things to pony-folk. I only ask you to go home now; this is not a joke!"
"Oh, calm down. We just wanna look around."
"Well... I was kinda hoping to spend the night."
"Shut up, zigger."
"Ah, sorry. Just slipped out. Anyway, why would you want to spend the night? It's probably all drafty in there."
"Well how else are we supposed to find out all what's wrong with the place? It's what my dad said to do, anyway."
>old Zecora shakes her head
"My leave of you I now take. The place is clean now, I hope for your sake."
>with that, the striped mystic disappears into the woods
>Pinkie Pie grins at you
"Come on, Nonny, let's check it out."
>and check it out you do
>the two of you spend hours looking into every room of the mansion
>by the time you're done, the sky is dark
"Well, I guess we are spending the night. No way are we traipsing through these woods after dark."
"There's that good sense Dad was talking about it. You know what this means!"
"Does it mean slumber party?"
"Slumber party!"
>by the dim Moonlight filtering in through the old windows, the two of you make your way to the master bedroom in the center of the house
>no sooner are you there than Pinkie Pie is bouncing up and down on the bed
"All right, what are we doing first, Ponk pony? Scary stories, spin the bottle, truth or dare-?"
>a pair of pink hooves siezes you and pulls you close to Pinkie for a tight hug
"Please no."
>but Pinkie is already snoring dramatically
>and, nuzzled into that warm pink chest
>so familiar to you
>yet new too, this being the first time you two have cuddled like this since you became smaller than her
>it's a safe, warm, cozy feeling
>and soon you've drifted off to sleep too
245873 245876 246007
>that night, you relive your first day as a filly
>you're flopped outside of your old home
>before you know it, a pair of local fillies is standing over you
>an orange one
>a teal one
>both with glossy, black manes
>just like yours
>the orange one opens her mouth
"Hi, are you new in town?"
"Not really."
>the teal one cocks her head
"Really? I don't think I've seen you before."
"Remember that big monster that lived in this house?"
"Sure, we were here looking for him."
"You're looking at him."
>the two of them look at each other
>the orange one's eyes widen
>the teal one leans in a little closer
"Are you sad because you're not big anymore?"
"Yeah, kinda. Among other reasons. Anyways, why were you looking for me."
>the orange filly shuffles on her hooves a bit
"Our cat got stuck in a tree. We was hoping you could get her out."
>the teal filly inhales
"I guess that's not gonna work now. Sorry to bother you."
>the pair of them walk off
>but you sit up
"Wait, hang on. I used to be pretty good at climbing trees when I was your age. Let's see if I can't help you get that cat back."
>the orange filly smiles
"Yeah, sure."
"Thanks! I'm Orange Float."
"And I'm Aqua Marine."
"Pleased to meet you. I'm Anon."
>in the end, you had to get Twilight to teleport the damn cat out of the tree
>but Orange and Aqua were pretty good friends with you for a while after that
>the dream changes scenes now
>Orange Float and Aqua Marine stand before you again
>their manes don't look quite so glossy
>their eyes look tired
>this was the day they moved out of town
"Hello, Anon."
"Hey guys, what's up?"
"We are moving to Dodge Junction today."
"Oh, shit. How long do we have?"
"We are leaving now. Goodbye, Anon."
>and the two of them walk away
>they acted so strangely that day
>but you always chalked it up to them being tired from packing, and upset about the sudden move
>you haven't seen them since
>the dream ends when a void of cold air appears between you and Pinkie Pie
>your eyes flutter open to see your companion climbing out of bed
"Pinkie? What's up?"
>a long, low whistle blows through the house
>Pinkie's ear twitches at the sound of it
>and without a word
>Pinkie Pie walks out of the room
Will read later.
245821 245823
Anonfilly wants to cum inside Twilight Sparkle?
Anomfilly wants to come inside, Twilight Sparkle?
Or Anonfilly wants to come inside Twilight Sparkle?
I'll take the misspelled one but without the comma for 500, alex.
cum inside my home
I know this isn't filly-related, but if the one known as Ash is still here I hope this will brighten his day at least a little bit.
Thanks but I've already seen it.
>Tfw live on mountains
>Tfw have size fetish
>Mfw this green
245867 245897
Some sort of hair succubus?
I want to brush that mane...
Oh yeah, speaking of which it's not dead. Work on it should resume when I finish the current green, with what is effectively a conclusion to it being reached by the 25th of December because I'm a stickler for dates and that'll be two years after I created the pastebin for the fucker. Stay tuned, and maybe get caught up before then if ya wanna: https://pastebin.com/sGSfXRXL
Could've been longer with a bit more setup, but nice and spooky. Glad I took the time to read it.
Excellent, looking forward to more.
damn , shit gonna get spooky soon
Placeholder the Sleeping God
Yeah, I thought I was going a bit fast with the pacing after I looked back on it. I guess that's a lesson to me about not trying to write an entire one-off at 4 in the morning.
245891 245898
Fucking lol
>that mane
Remember when drawfags posted their anonfilly art here? I do. Now more than half of it never gets posted here first despite it being intrinsically related to chan culture.

"Do you know him, Twilight? Or her?"
President for life Xi Jinping of the people's republic of China, more humourously known as Winnie The Pooh because he's yellow, red (re: commie) and has a sort of bear like build. He hated it so much he had it filtered by the great firewall, so I'm not surprised the chinese colonist isn't aware of it.
I am in bed but not with a filly
I'll die if I don't get one
What do
That's an awful lot of contraceptives anon
Is filly supplement
Help I am dying
I know how you feel... I post whatever I can find and try to give it text rooting it in the thread so it seems more genuine; but it really isn't the same, is it?
I'll be your snuggle filly
Smoldix won't draw insect vagooter REEEEEE
>Pinkie! What the fuck are you doing?
>the words fail to get past your throat
>you want to get up
>to tell Pinkie that she's being a dumbass
>to tell her that this whistler in the dark can mean her no good
>but your legs are just as paralyzed as your lips
>seconds drag on
>minutes crawl by like glaciers
>you are still
>even your lungs refuse your order to panic
>and your breathing is slow and even
>the only part of you that's behaving as it should is your heart
>in the absolute stillness of the night, its frantic pounding is a rhythm that vibrates in your every nerve
>and with your eyes glued to the open door
>you see Pinkie Pie reenter the room
>but what's that in her mouth?
>whatever it is, she lays it down upon your pillow, mere inches from your face
>it's long and thin and flaccid and
>Pinkie Pie shuffles off to the other side of the bed
>snuggles back under the covers
>and lies still
>the spell is broken, and you bolt upright
>the thing upon your pillow
>it's a dead snake
>in the silver glow of the dim Moonlight, its scales appear as the brightest ivory
>but scattered across its length are dozens of pitch-black speckles
>upon the serpent's head is a crescent-shaped gash
>a bite mark, evidently the cause of its death
>slowly, you turn around to get a look at Pinkie Pie
>in the merciful white glow of the Moon above, it's hard to make out specific colors
>but your companion's muzzle is definitely darker than the rest of her
>her chest rises and falls peacefully
>does she even know?
>you imagine, for a moment, the smile of Pinkie Pie
>stained with red
>well, you're not going to leave her like this
>Pinkie's father charged you with protecting her
>and that includes protecting her smile
>she shouldn't have to know that this even happened
>but what to clean her up with?
>the bedsheets are obviously out of the question
>and Pinkie's hermit relative didn't exactly leave paper towels laying around
>the fuzzy texture of your foreleg becomes sharply sillhouetted in the silver light
>that could work
>gently, you brush your foreleg across Pinkie's face
>she inhales and twitches at the contact
>but only a little bit of the sticky fluid gets picked up by your coat
>this isn't going to work
>maybe if yoy could just...
>you lie down and eye Pinkie's face from up close
>then, you stick your snout beneath hers
>and nuzzle up from underneath
>the sound of stretching limbs stampedes its way over the sheets
>and Pinkie yawns
"Anon? What are you doing, you silly filly?"
"It's cold."
>a single giggle weakly bursts from the sleepy pony
"Auntie Pinkie will keep you nice and warm."
>you hold still for a minute
>two minutes
>and then
>deep, soft breaths of sleep tickle your ear
>you hold your breath
>and pull out from underneath Pinkie's head
>you can't really see what's left of the dark stain on the underside of her head
>but your own head now feels sticky where it touched her
>cleaning up the rest of Pinkie Pie's face isn't quite as hard
>in a perfect imitation of affectionate nuzzles, you wipe your face and mane over her snout til it's the same shade of pink as the rest of her
>once or twice she giggles in her sleep at the tickly sensations
>but she doesn't wake up again
>satisfied as you can be with your work, yoy turn to the snake
>you don't want to put that thing in your mouth
>but you'll have to if you want to get it out of here
>so you pick up the cold serpent and creep from the room
>down the dark stairs
>through the black hallways
>in the back of your mind, you're afraid you might meet the whistler in the dark
>but rationally, you know that it was must have been the wind, whistling through a broken window
>Pinkie sleepwalking right after you heard it was probably a coincidence
>as for her fucking murderizing a snake with her bare teeth?
>well, people do wierd shit when they're sleepwalking
>hell, Pinkie does wierd shit when she's awake
>but even as you rationalize, your imagination conjures monstrous images
>gaunt, yellow equine figures resembling old mares
>with crackling skin and patchy coats and moldy hooves
>damn that Zecora
>the thought of being surprised by a zombie in the dark has haunted your nighttime expeditions ever since the first time you were little
>you sure didn't need to hear that old zigger rambling on about the living dead today
>and you sure didn't need to catch Pinkie sleepwalking like that tonight
>finally, you make it outside
>the snake is tossed unceremoniously into the brush
>and now you're cold and alone in the dark woods
>and your face is sticky
>wasn't there a stream around here somewhere?
>yeah, you can hear it
>it's right over there
>you plunge your face into the freezing water and scrub at your coat with your hooves
>it takes a long time for that sticky feeling to get out of your face
>in fact, you're still washing up when a sickly Sun's rays filter through the forest canopy

>Be a 23 year-old mare
>Be presenting a large exophytic genital wart arising from perineum, vulva, introitus of the vagina, and inner aspect of thighs.
>Develop severe itching and formication (insect-crawling sensation) in the lesions
>Don't be believed by Nurse Redheart
>Be told it's psychological
>Nurse Redheart tells you they'll do radiofrequency excision.
>Procedure begins
>Maggots begin crawling out of the crypts left behind by removed warts
>Procedure is abandoned, maggots are removed by hoof.
>Be smug because you were right.

246012 246046
are there any skeleton fillies or are you niggers gonna make me draw one
draw it, faggot
I will survive for another weekend
Anon is filly best friend and protector.
246035 246050 246060 246126 246154 246169 246188 246190
Just cold crashed a bit of my latest brewing adventure in the freezer. Waitin' for it to thaw out in the fridge so all the dead yeast can settle to the bottom. Then, I'll be able to see how things turned out. The tiny sample I tried before gettin' it all out of the bucket seemed like it'd be nice.

Suppose I should get back to the filly with their own aspirations of brewing. Start workin' on the big event that's been building up, maybe. Not sure how I should make said event go incredibly wrong. After all, it's practically tradition now, right?

Any other writefags got advice on how to give yourself the kick in the pants to get working? Well, other than the 'Just DO it, faggot!' level of advice that everyone seems to so willingly share.
I listen to music, read, or watch a movie to get inspired. Generally I find inspiration for creating a good story comes from having recently analyzed and picked apart a good story. All of my favorite updates are from when I had the time to do that.
246045 246048 246094
A Filly Astray Demo is available for those of you who have the money to shell out for patreon. Please don't ban me for shilling mods, I really don't like the fact that he's done this to us either... https://www.patreon.com/posts/30575415
And if any of you do have the money, would you consider perhaps linking the zip file?
not impressed.png
>And if any of you do have the money, would you consider perhaps linking the zip file?
That would be unfair for the developer, and he deserves those coins.
246047 246064
There's a skeleton inside every filly even (You).
very spooked filly.png
>would you consider perhaps linking the zip file?
If the file would come from a kiked company, I will be the first one to help other poners out, but this is not the case.

>Any other writefags got advice on how to give yourself the kick in the pants to get working? Well, other than the 'Just DO it, faggot!' level of advice that everyone seems to so willingly share.
One way is to sit at the computer, and type a few words thinking and plotting about what you are going to write. You'll be distracted unless it's urgent keep sitting there forcing a word out changing it a bit. Eventually you'll go through everything in the mental list of all the things. Finally then the mind is dedicated to the task at hand.
>It's the Elimination of other tasks without doing them.

Another way is to always be able to jot some words down mobile fagging works sometimes. This is kind of the inverse of the above tactic by doing something, then distractedly working on the real task writing.
>It's the Scattered attention refocusing on something.
Both are a form of meditation.

You can search for inspiration, divine guidance, the muse, or even the stray thought. These work too. Sometimes these listed are extraordinarily quick to escape. They must be seized upon with utmost haste, and diligence.

But eventually it does boil down to the most primal of building blocks.

After all good writer...
A writer must write!

TLDR >'Just DO it, faggot!', but no seriously do it.
Only you can convince yourself to do anything.
I usually rely on the internal pressure of procrastination vs. the feeling of letting everyone down finally boiling over to get me to write. Other than that, I can't usually be asked to even open a .txt.
LIES! Skeletons aren't real!
246070 246085 246092
So here is a question I've been wondering about since I watched "EQG: Spring Breakdown" and I have asked to PTFG before, but have yet to receive a clear answer on: what determines what kind of pony one becomes? Sci-Twi becomes a unicorn and Rainbow Dash becomes a Pegasus.
Go to the thread and ask them yourself then, faggot.
Just saw a post on the South Park FB page mentioning it, and decided to google it. The real reason I didn't know before was probably because I'm close to living under a rock, metaphorically.
I doubt there's any canonical explaination for such a small detail
246093 246097
Good day everyfilly
246106 246145
>what determines what kind of pony one becomes?
In the EQG universe, generally whatever their pony counterpart is, as shown with most of the people who cross over to Equestria. However Sci Twi breaks this rule. It seems like that should be what happens, since she didn't go through an accession ritual like pony Twilight did, but multiple times when Sci Twi "pony up"s she has wings. So logically, she should have become an Alicorn, or even a Pegasus(I've seen a couple pieces of fanart of Sci-Twi as a Pegasus), but she isn't either of those things. It's a small personal peeve of mine that horns never show up on the girls when they pony up, outside of Midnight Sparkle and Daydream Shimmer, but that would have also clarified what exactly the girls are supposed to be in pony form. But really, there's no point in trying to make sense of what happens in EQG, or how certain things work, because everything about it besides the fact that Sunset exists is non-canon. So really the writters can do whatever they want with it without worrying about consistency, making it fit with the rest of EQG, or having to explain something.

In terms of Filly, generally Anons become Mud Pones. It seems to be general consensus that content fags will become Unicorns. I'm not sure what determines who becomes Birbs or Alicorns, though.

Outside of those, it's up to headcanon and what people think, really. I think it would be whatever the person Identifies with the most, either on a subconscious or conscious level, and what they would fit into the best in pony society, and Equestria in general.
Good day to you.
246097 246106 246143 246193 246596
File (hide): 92E4189655C20D657E101C023E760EE8-25268902.zip (24.1 MB, Listing of : C:\____\mlpolbackup_backups\backup\mlpol\src\1570546436333.zip Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 650752 05-06-19 16:09 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly.exe 18 08-10-19 16:45 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly_Data/app.info 123 08-10-19 16:45 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly_Data/boot.config 42224 08-10-19 16:44 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly_Data/globalgamemanagers 43264 08-10-19 16:44 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly_Data/globalgamemanagers.assets 21128 08-10-19 16:44 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly_Data/level0 400380 08-10-19 16:44 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly_Data/level1 54584 08-10-19 16:44 FillyAstrayForestTest/Anonfilly_Data/level2 ......... (only showing the 10 first files) ......... , FillyAstrayForestTest_4.zip)

Shilling isn't selling shit, shilling is pretending to be impartial or unrelated in order to con you into trusting someone or something you should not. Shilling is dead fucking easy to do on the internet, which is probably why the meaning of that has perhaps morphed a bit.

Either way, have a zip file you filthy animal. And if you do end up playing it, make sure you leave a fucking comment and report bugs.
Are you a filly?
246098 246106
No, I am not. I am a mid twenties NEET. But those are what become a Filly msot often, right?
246098 246106 246193
You shouldn't have indulged him, anon. But thank you regardless. I won't play it until I have a patreon set up and donate to him anyway.

G'day. Hope you're all working on that uberhengst life today.
246101 246106
At the same time mid 20s NEETs get to nurse fillies
I am watching the anniversary and in bed

246100 246133 246134 246596
I cant believe all the drawfags are dead
They're just getting into the spirit of things for Spooktober.
246105 246106 246108
What anniversary? Did I miss something?
Silly filly
>>245750 →
246109 246110 246192 246193 246198
>Content fags become bone heads
I don't want to be a cheater, if i am to be a filly I just want to be an earth hors

Your comment is as bad as those fags who wont watch episode leaks "because", someone provided it so just dont go around sharing it everywhere in the internet and enjoy yourself faggot

And nothing wrong with asking, not everyone is a richfag with buck to burn, but i do agree that he s not EA, Epic or some shitty publisher, if you dont have the good filly points then wait for your tendies like the rest of us unless bit drops it himself out of goodwill like i think he may ve done here, from the (You) request in the end of that post and all, else who knows if he'd ever see it
That said
Here's your (You) payment, i know its not as good as shekels but will be back with any bugs that i find in it
Also should I continue the green i did on mulp for the game history here or should i wait for after the release from the paywall?

>Mid 20s NEET
>Gets to nurse fillies
You're like a little babby

Welcome to /mlp/anniversary stream season /pol/ack, where we rewatch every episode of all seasons in sequence with pretty much no breaks, and this time also lining to end it with the s9 final episode premiere as well

Not gonna lie, it hurts so much to see the characters i loved again and know that they will get butchered once newer seasons rollover…i had to stop this year and couldnt go on already, but its usually fun to rewatch with other faggots
Pic technically not related, but it fits if you want a pick me up after reading. It'll ruin the story. Maybe...

>Today's a great day in ponytown!
>The sun is shining. Sky is picturesque as always. Hard working ponies going about their day.
>Feels good man.
>Purple's shifting books in order of amount of pages.
>Background pony is still obsessed with apples.
>Erm three other ponies... doing normal pony stuff...
>Finally Pinkie Pie best pony, and man's best friend!
>Ponks has actually been walking normally around me barely a hop, or a skip. The surprise hugs are- were a bit strange, but the physical contact made everything better.
>"I've got a cupcake with your name on it mister."
>Helps with readjusting to Equestria.
>Without her I'm not sure where I'd be.
>No words were needed, but saying them filled a spot in my heart.
>Everything is alright.

"Ow! Fuck..."
>Twilight's lab... beakers broken, and crystals cracked. Blackened burns mark the walls.
>"A-Anonymous! Are you o... kay?"
>Must've been helping her with a spell, but my head is splitting. Not just my head.
"Ughh. Everything feels too tight."
>A green hoof is in my vision.
"Purple did you become green?"
>"Oh my... Anonymous I'm so sorry."

>Hah must have been because I was a writefag!
>I'm a green filly now.
>I've lost a bit more, but...
>Doesn't compare to the sting of losing my friend.
>Pinkie must hate my guts I missed twister night. I Pinkie promised that too.
>She's been keeping her distance. Eyes darting to the nearest exit when I get close.
>Even with a picnic party with her friends she'll bolt if I get too close.
>She does look happier though without me.
>Skipping, and hopping everywhere with a big smile...
>She sends letters full of platitudes, but the emptiness inside rubs raw especially when she's so close. Put of reach.
>Heh, could have only have liked me for my body.
>I can't let my friendship just fade away.
>Not like back then.
>I'll talk with her.

>Be Twilight Sparkle
>Pinkie, and Anon are going through friendship troubles. What an understatement.
>Her terror since he became a pony...
>I've searched the books.
>Untold hours of research.
>A diary from Honey Pie, and reports from the psychologist Sick Mind.
>If only I knew before...
>Anon is going to see Pinkie...
>He went hours ago.
>Oh, buck.

>Be Pinkamena 'Pinkie' Diane Pie
>Granny's warning of those bathed in the wrong color of the fake green...
>Giggle at the ghosties...
>"Pinkie dear, one of your friends is here-"
"Ooo I which friend is it Applejack? Oh! Rarity?-"
>The bedroom door opens. It's the demon.
>The monster that consumed my friend Anon.
>"Pinkie, I've come for yo-"
>The eldritch false green glow licks the room.
>Contamination, Corruption, Corrosive.
>The world crumbling as creatures claw their way in.
>Anon stopped them from invading, but now...
>Backing into the corner.
>An itch behind my eyes. To see what nopony else could see.
>"Pinkie? Are you-"
>It's coming closer! I'm trapped!
>Days of my family's farm.
>With Granny.
>With Father, and Mother.
>My Sisters.
>Everypony I've met.
>Rainbow Dash.
>Twilight Sparkle.
>Anon kept then away, but it devised a plan to take the uncorruptable man.
>My friend...
>I have a mouth, but I can not scream.
>Tears slide down as I look into what used to be my friends eyes.
>It reaches to smother a twisted facsimile of a hug.
>Cackling of the damned cascades.
Dont go to the 4-link i sent, gave a quick look in the catalog and didnt find the thread here so got the one there, use the previous Anon's instead for the mlpol thread
>>245750 →
Don't make me go there and do that to you mister

I am indeed a silly filly. I thought it had something to do with pone, and I completely forgot about BN_King's marathon stream.
i try to do a little bit every day over a longer time
There is one >>245633

246135 246191
Mate, I asked if people wanted spooky shit drawn earlier in this thread, you just didn't respond.

246143 247929
Draw filly dressed up as something too spooky, a puppy

Also have some art

Also also any draw suggestions
all of you should draw a poner a day
You a qt plunger post ur art
Love the custom music, too bad it doesnt loop uninterrupted forever, restarting with the same pause from the beggining, also dont know if its because of this, if so discard this part, but game stutters after a long time of constant playing without going back to the menu, like 20 minutes or so
For the bugs:
>Boop and forward attack on normal and forward attack on hard, with a dead adult stone wolf behind the filly, will make the animation to go behind the dead body instead of staying ahead of it, like if you were to simply walk by
>You can hit behind you with the forward attack in a very short discance
>Not sure if bug or meant ot be, but picking a shield wont just give you a new shield but also restore the second one fully if you already had it and it was broken
>One of the flying eyes do not revive upon filly death, the one not in cave, see >pic
>Not sure if its meant to show something else after the 100 coins or purposely removed but sign dialogue doesnt change

The big rock wolf takes a bit to attack which threw me off a lot of times when trying to block straight on, I love that and honestly would be nice if it randomly delayed his counter attacks like that, at least on hard, so you couldnt just block and counter-combo right away. I still had a lot more trouble with the small wolf swarms than everything else, lil buggars can pretty much stun lock you to death, which isnt a bad thing if you put yourself in that spot to begin with and you can tactically maneuvre yourself away from getting to that, but damn
On other hand flying eyes are pretty easy to deal with even on hard, sure they dont die on one hit anymore, but they're still nothing more than mere nuisance

Thanks again for the 24mb of dolphin porn, it was very nice

Red filly(infinity-chan) blaming green and orange filly for leaving her lost in a forest
>It seems to be general consensus that content fags will become Unicorns.

So was Sci-Twi an author or artist of some kind?

>I'm not sure what determines who becomes Birbs or Alicorns, though.

We know human Rainbow Dash was the high school jock, so maybe that was a factor, as well as her outgoing personality. I have a feeling that alicorn TFs are reserved for royalty, national heroes, recipients of knighthoods (or equivalent), and the object of Luna's and/or Twilight's affections in their dreams, if they can cross the barrier between reality and fiction via the dream realm).

On that last one, I actually had a dream where Luna turned me into a pony and the very first thing I wanted was a belly rub... which may have given me wood. It wasn't until much later when I found out horses IRL love belly rubs and they can get erections from doing so if they are relaxed enough. How weird is that?
Hi :)
246148 246152 246153
Fuck life
Hi, faggot
>Yes, Anon
>Fuck life
>Fuck everyone in it
>Leave no one unruled
>You must >Rape
>Yes, >Rape them all
>Every filly and every mare
>Leave no one sa-
>"What are you looking at fag? you been staring at that wall for 5 minutes..."
>"Nothing, its just..."
>Yes Anon, the perfect victim
>She will even enjoy it
>Remember the time when you two shitposted together?
>Yess, she is perfec-
>A slap to the face bring you back to real life
>Or as real as Equestria is now...
>Fucking hooves are hard, you miss hand slaps
>"Dude what the fuck is wrong with you? You were breathing deep and everything"
>"You...wouldn't understand"
>"If anyone would understand you that'd be me, cmon, spit it out"
>In a moment, you were already on top of the filly
>Her body pinned down with no way to fight back
>"Woah, the fuck are you doing? Purple! T-TWILIGHT!"
Smh, newfag. If you want to be extra obnoxious, you slap on a tripcode. Putting on an email just really makes me think.
Let's juggle some ideas between us then. How do you feel about having another momfu chracter for filly than Twilight?
This way we can create a plot. I am gonna act as a wall you can bounce your ideas off on.
Advice for writefagging:
>Read books. I can't fucking tell you how many times I've been stuck on an update and then realized that ripping off a book I once read was the solution for moving forward. Dostoevsky always applies, and nobody catches you when you rip off public domain pulp stories.
>Background music. Googling "[x] ambience" or put a simple instrumental song on repeat is a good way to set the mood if you choose an appropriate track for the update you're writing.
>Just DO it. If you find yourself mindlessly refreshing the front pages of the various boards you browse, get off the internet and write. If you have to go to uni or work, consider installing a text editor on your phone so you can writefag during shit breaks and other down time without risking spaghetti-spillage. Consider setting a time limit for yourself and then announcing it before you start posting the story, so that the expectations of other Anons can outweigh your tendency to procrastinate. Just do whatever it takes to pump out at least two or three posts every day, this is literally the most important part of writefaggotry.
What kind of goals do you set for yourself in the short term? Do you have a specific amount of words per day, write X portions of a scene, or some other metric?

Also, what does your editing process look like, if you do it at all? How much time do you spend editing vs the initial writing? How much polish do you apply before calling it good?
If you're taking requests, I'd really like to see a filly of this chan 404 image, maybe filly sitting on a chair but with the same shirt and pants.
Hello there little filly, what is it you're doing all alone over here?
I very rarely read any book, i just try to picture how the history would progress if it was irl and how the characters would react to the situation
Usually i may listen to a song before, which may give me an idea on what to write, but normally i write in silence
>pump 2 or 3 posts per day
2-3 mlp or mlpol posts, one is 3 times the size of the other you know?

Short term goals should be keypoints you find necessary for the history, since i try to visualise the scene and how it plays out i dont have much planning or goals besides what the history should have and try and drive it to a certain ending, sometimes adding something here or there so the character change of course seems natural

Editing is just final proofread before posting, 1 in the same day and 1 in the following or 2 after im done and back to back, usually i take 1 - 1 hour and half to write 6k chars and 1-2 hours to properly edit those

It should show why i dont really write long continuous green, coming back to an older idea is harder than it seems if you stop mid green. The "polish" is if i feel like a part isnt explained enough during the each full proofread, so both are intertwined per se. My largest one shot so far is like 25k chars, all written in one sitting, but i ve gotten ideas that would easily break 100k if i could do long greens

When a idea comes to mind, stop and write it, even if its just a sketch of the idea, with a few keypoints you d think interesting to tackle in the green for later, then whenever you feel like you ve nothing else to do you can flesh it out
Writing it from the spot would be better though, as the idea is fresh on your mind

Wait, I should be dead and only posting flagless for true anonimity, sorry about the flagfagging
Ask yourself "what kind of story would I want to read?". Then write it.
Filly in a spooky skeleton costume like this
>I just want to be an earth hors

Any particular reason?
Don't worry about it.
figured me out. Yeah, I was actually gonna post it here anyway hoping for some feedback. I just thought I could be clever about it. It is not the full game, just a small slice of forest that is gonna end up on the public build later.
Appreciated. Useful stuffs, the lags after 20 minutes is scurry tho, every devs worst nightmare, glad you pointed it out.
246200 246589
>Your comment is as bad as those fags who wont watch episode leaks "because", someone provided it so just dont go around sharing it everywhere in the internet and enjoy yourself faggot
>but i do agree that he s not EA, Epic or some shitty publisher

Pick a belief and maintain it for two paragraphs, brazilanon.
He is. It's okay filly, you don't have to be smart. Just cute.
>Pinkie Pie comes walking out of the house, rubbing her eyes and yawning
"There you are, Anon! I couldn't sleep without my slumber-buddy you know!"
>if Pinkie Pie is aware of what happened last night, she shows no signs of it
>in the dull yellow light of the early morning, you can assess how well you cleaned her up
>there's no discernable trace of the stain upon her face
>her nose might be a slightly darker shade of pink than the rest of her
>but that could just be from the nippy autumn morning
>or maybe you're just imagining it
>Pinkie giggles
"What are you doing, Nonny?"
"Oh, me, I'm just, uh..."
>you splash a hoof-full of stream-water into your face
"I'm roughing it, you know? Taking a bath in the great outdoors and all that. Do I look dirty to you?"
>your face still feels sticky
>Pinkie splashes into the creek and leans close in to your face
>you're sure she'll notice the matted, stained hairs on your face, body, and mane
>Pinkie shakes her head
"You look fine to me."
>Pinkie grins
"Actually... I dunno. You might need to RINSE OFF a little more!"
>a pink foreleg splashes a tidal wave of creek-water directly into your face
>you yelp and retreat for the shore
>when Pinkie Pie is finished laughing at that, she notices that you don't seem so amused
"What's the matter? Don't wanna splash me back?"
"Ah, I guess I'm just tired."
"That's what you get for getting up so early, you silly filly."
"Yeah, I guess."
>with the Sun shining overhead
>and Pinkie Pie smiling in front of you
>it's easy to believe that last night never happened
>there's no trace of the stain on Pinkie
>there's apparently no trace of it on you, either
>and when you glance over at the spot where you tossed the snake...
>you can't see any sign that it was ever there
>of course, it could have just settled under the brush
>or some animal might have taken it
>or maybe...
>maybe it slithered away
>a violent shiver erupts from the back of your head
>in an instant, Pinkie Pie is at your side, a pink foreleg draped comfortingly over your shoulders
"Nonny? Are you cold?"
>you lean into Pinkie Pie's warm side and nod
"Uh-huh. I guess fall is really starting now."
"Yeah! Isn't it great?"
>Pinkie's bizzarely-prehensile mane wraps around your torso and drops you off on her back before she stands up and begins to prance around
"Soon all the leaves are gonna turn orange and then we'll get to dress up for Nightmare Night and then winter will come and Hearthswarming and..."
>Pinkie's excited rambling about holidays quickly degenerates into an incoherent monologue about the various months of the year
>clinging to her back like this
>it's easy to say that last night never happened
>it was all just some kind of bizarre dream
>clearly you're the one who was sleepwalking, and that's how you ended up by the creek
>you smile and bury your face in the fluffy pink mane
>it smells like sugar and bubblegum
>you could just close your eyes and...
"Whoah, you are sleepy, huh?"
"What? No! I'm just-"
>Pinkie cuts you off with a giggle
"Come on, let's get you home so you can go to bed. Granny Pie always told me that growing filles need eight hours a day!"
>you know she's teasing you with the whole "growing filles" thing
>but you can't seem to care right now...
"Wow. You're even too tired to pout."
"Fuck off."
"That's more like it!"
246207 246298
>you have a vague recollection of getting back to Twilight's house
>somebody tucked you into your bed
>did somebody kiss you on the forehead?
>it's hard to remember now
>you're back at the creek in front of the Flint-Pie mansion
>Orange Float and Aqua Marine are there too
>they look even worse now
>they're so skinny, you can see all their ribs
>they're not acting normally at all
>they speak of changes in form
>and they speak in perfect unison
"Once, you were a boy."
"Once, you were a boy."
"Well, okay. Sure."
"Then, you were a man."
"Of course. That's the way it goes."
"But you came to another world, and there the accident happened."
"And now you are a filly."
"Are you getting at something here?"
"Have you given any thought to what your next form will be?"
>you suppose you have
>though you've never thought about it in exactly those terms before
"Well, I suppose that either a cure will be found and I'll be a man again, or not and I'll eventually grow into a mare."
"And after that?"
"What happens after that?"
"Well hopefully there is no 'after that'. Getting to be two species in one lifetime is more than enough for me."
"But there is an after that. You will die, Anon. Your body will return to dust, and your mind will return to the distant spheres which noone yet living may know."
"I- yeah. Sure, I'll die some day. That's the way it goes."
"What if it didn't have to go that way?"
>you frown
"But how else could it go?"
"You could stick around for a while."
"What do you mean by this?"
"Stick around for a while."
>expression returns to Orange and Aqua's faces
>they are again the happy fillies who cheered you up, once upon a time
"Stick around for a while."
>Orange bounds playfully at you and chants it
"Stick around for a while."
>Aqua splashes and giggles and screams it
"Stick around for a while!"
>something is moving in the brush
>when it realizes that you see it, it rises up to its full height
>it's an old mare
>she's tall and thin
>her coat was white, once upon a time
>but now it's dirty and dried and yellow-looking
>she grins with long, flat teeth
>and she mouths the words in unison with your friends:
"Stick around for a while!"
>a great, white snake with black spots rears up behind her and towers over the trees
>it speaks with a voice you can feel rather than hear:
"Stick around for a while, Anon!"
>in averting your eyes from the snake's horrible gaze, you look down the stream
>and the water is red with blood
>a hoof gently prods your side
>your eyelids flutter open to the sight of Twilight's troubled face
>the fuzzy blankets draped over your body are soaked with sweat
>your face is cold
"Anon? Are you all right?"
>you blink
>she brushes a wet lock of mane out your face
"Bad dream?"
>Twilight withdraws her hoof as though she's pricked it on something
"I know, I know. You're not my foal. Sorry, I... should have just let you sleep. Pinkie made it sound like you'd been up all night."
>your purple benefactor retreats to the door and opens it
"Twilight, wait."
>and she pauses in the doorframe
>she smiles
"I'll be downstairs working on my presentation if you need me."
>Twilight slips out of the room
>and gently shuts the door behind her
>your head begins to sink back into your pillow
>your eyelids begin to close
>hell fucking no
>with effort, you throw the covers off of you and roll out of bed
>you've clearly been having some crazy fucking nightmares
>the source of the dream-imagery is obvious enough
>the spotted snake
>the zombie in the bushes
>it's from those damn zigger superstitions Zecora was spouting off yesterday
>all that nonsense about
>what did she call it?
>Yigballa, the spotted snake
>and the Zoodoo tribes
>all you need is a way to view this shit rationally
>once you understand the myths, the nightmares your brain has been making up from them should stop
>fortunately, you live in a library
>so you head downstairs to check out some books
246210 246321 246350
Filly takes after Fluttershy.
>filly grows up to be a cat lady
Maybe it's the only way to not be gay?
New Harvey filly...
remember the good old days when he was ours?
Thought you meant a Harvey Weinstein filly for a second there and got all excited.
Fucking christ this is unsettling. Please do continue, enjoying it thoroughly.
246307 246309 246310 246334
kek. Thats really funny
Thanks mare, saved.
1566351__semi-dash-grimdark_artist-colon-countryroads_oc_oc-colon-filly anon_oc only_bandage_blood_female_filly_nurse_pony_rearing_silent hill_silent h.png
Silent Fill.
I want to fill the filly with Cheeto Puffs™
i guess you'd have to be pretty silent about it, huh?
Of course, it runs in the family
Is that legit from the show (haven't watched anything since WINGS)
Not as far as I know, that image is pretty old iirc too.
Is this a reference to horse penises being sheathed?
Or the fact that she doesnt have one anymore

No u, fucking futafag.
246348 246360
What are you replying to?
246349 246360 246362 246382 246493
>He doesn't keep the thread open at all times
Deleted kys post.
Why say "fucking futafag" for a post of just "kys"?
I wanna be there and cuddle with them.
246382 246493
This. It doesn't take all that much processing power to just keep the browser tab open, does it? Unless you're so cheap you won't pay for the five cents a day of power that it expends, fucken j00
>He keeps the thread open at all times
But from the example set by Sci-Twi, Rainbow Dash, and Sunset Shimmer, it seems to hold that at least females retain their genders during TF. Why not males?
>posting writefaggotry
>see that there's a spelling error
>delete, fix, repost
246416 246428

246457 246589
Why she so wide though?
The royals are not impressed.
The fuck are you talking about?
because filly is for breeding?
they're royal faggots anyways, FUCK THE PONICE
246504 246509
I wish I could keep the thread open 24/7, but I have to bring my laptop with me to campus every weekday
Separate windows/tabs.
Ever heard of a fucking incognito tab?
New art from that Kumakum guy. After this it devolves into anthro garbage, so I'll just spare your eyes and not fucking post that.
246536 246547

Oh! Does that mean youthful pony anon is a pedofilly?

I identify as a filly.

246549 246551 246553 246570 246576 246596 246618
Btw, were do I lurk to learn of the old memes before time? Like I don't get Carlos.
Fucking newfag. Just go and watch all of the pony thread simulators and you'll get a pretty good idea of a lot of them, that's pretty much the best you're going to get shy of combing through every fucking thread on desu.
Just make sure to watch them in reverse order because Homer is retarded and doesn't know how to make a playlist.
>doesn't get Carlos
I'm speechless
Watch any episode of the magic schoolbus

Look closely...
246559 246565 246578 246596 246618
Is itjust anons wanting to have sex with ponies or do other things happen because so far it is super dull. I'm sorry.
>best you're going to get shy of combing through every fucking thread on desu.
So the term, "lurk more" is just another way of saying fuck off I don't wanna explain anything. Good to know. I suppose I can sympathize with the sentiment of not wanting to explain everything over and over again.
Okay, then I'll look.

Thanks everyone.
Shutup newfag
246578 246596
Yes, I see. The Holocaust failed and one got away...
246564 246578 246596
Ur cute.
246573 246686
Pretty much... normally you don't want to announce that you're new to the world; though I suppose the worst that could happen is getting called a newfag. 'Lurk more' isn't a fuck off so much as it is a scolding. When you drop a glass of milk on the floor for the seventh time and Applejack scolds you because she's "not mad, just disappointed"? It's sort of like that. You should know, you could easily probably do a google search since knowyourmeme exists, but yet you choose to ask anyways.
246571 246576 246578 246596
>knowyourmeme exists
Does it really cover all memes, though? Isn't /mlp/ memes a bit more obscure than those memes on that site?
>I don't get Carlos
Imagine having a Zoomerfilly as a sister.
246578 246596
But yeah, searching through the internet till you find the answer is the first action you should take and then you can obiously ask afterwards if you don't find anything.
246574 246578 246596
You cannot invalidate my epic comeback.
Would it bother you if I used tictoc in Equestria?
Yes. I would have to hug you close and tell you that you shouldn't do things like that because you have a lot of potential and I wouldn't want my baby sister ending up as a roastie.
I go away for an hour or three then there is this post.
Feels good man not being a newfag.

It doesn't cover everything, and it doesn't always get it right, but being steeped in real image board culture eventually you'll pick up most things. Look through archives, and greentexts. The shitposts, and memes. The origins of the memes.
Like seeing someone else piss on an electric fence.
246579 246583
Stop samefagging newfag

Seriously I'm new
246580 246596

You're not helping you case, kek
That is sweet of you. Almost worth a story that one.
Please, don't spank me!

246589 246596
Also, it isn't samefagging btw.
246592 246596 246686
Fuck me, I cant into editing longer posts

Your own comment has the answer you know

>Imagine being a filly and not being able to read and understand horse writing
Twilight would be ashamed Anon

The only way to not be gay is Anonfilly with an Anoncolt, since itd be a man and a girl on the inside

Extra T H I C C earth pony genes, purple tries to hide, but filly was made as a weapon to surpass metal ge- Celestia herself, all thanks to Purple's fetish after growing under that massive sunbutt, so blame the purple horse

Dont you know? All flagless posters are samefags, I thought I already knew that, but have a reminder, me ^:)
huge faggot filly.png
I sure do enjoy talking to myself, me!
246597 246618 246686
t. All me
Enough shitposting from (You), from me, fuck I don't event know anymore
Reposting League green from the LL thread.
>You are ready to rape, and it is time for a dicking!
>Well, a metaphorical dicking, you suppose...
>A soft sigh escapes your lips, and even that sounds girlish and gay.
>God you fucking miss your cock...
>Though, you've managed to adapt, learn your new strengths and weaknesses.
>And goddamn, there really are a lot more of them.
>But your strengths are very, VERY powerful.
>"Okay class, time for recess!"
>Let the hunting begin.
>You slowly file along, giving your teacher Ms. Cheercheer an innocent smile that visibly makes her heart melt.
>This shit's just too easy.
>In her eyes, you can do no harm.
>The second the sun kisses your face, a more content sigh leaves you.
>It is time.
>You scope out the prey, all the little niggas playing around you.
>You don't go for the colts, that'd be fucking gay.
>And technically the fillies are fucking gay too, but only on the physical plane.
>In spirit, you're giving them a dicking.
>Looking towards the picnic tables, you see a perfect opportunity.
>There's a bright orange filly with a flowing sky blue mane, looking at a blank trucker cap.
>You can't see her face, but goddamn you see those hips.
>Must be an Earth filly too.
>Light on your shitty small hooves, you make your way over before she notices you, nearing up on the picnic table.
>You fluff your fluff up as best as you can.
>Go time.
>Jumping onto the chair startles her, clearly snapped out of a gaze.
>With one quick motion, you reach your hooves out and pull her right in for a firm, but not squeezy hug.
>Though there sure is plenty to squeeze.
>You bring her closer and between your own hips for a slight thigh lock.
>And yeah, she's got some pretty primo breeding hips, A+ no homo.
>Ah shit, no cutie mark though.
>Well, good thing you're a cute little filly too.
>She's so warm and soft, you swear fillies are just actually made of marshmallow or something, the mares have never compared.
>You bury your face in her mane, getting a nice hint of citrusy shampoo, and a natural scent like cinnamon.
>Reaching your hooves a little lower, you suddenly feel her hooves-
>You're suddenly let go and fall on your back, gasping for air in shock.
>Fucking cartoon physics, oh good god that was fucked.
>The filly before you just gives you a gentle, innocent smile.
>Cute freckles on her face, and a soft violet for her eyes.
>Her expression reads innocence but she isn't giving you that vibe.
>And she's approaching you- oh NOT THE BACK BREAK AGAIN!
>She's on you in an instant, and suddenly your vision is comprimised by her chest fluff.
>Oh god, she's gonna smother you in her fluff.
>This sweet, fluffy orange fluff.
>...There really are worse ways to die.
>You reach your hooves not for escape, but for those thicc ass flanks.
>Before you die, a single grope at least.
>Getting two hoofuls of squishy orange flank, she quickly sits up and spares you, allowing you to see once more.
>Her mane hangs over you, blocking the sun but matching the sky hanging above it.
>She tries to read your face, a small blush on her face.
>"What are you, gay or something?"
>You're stunned for a second.
>That's the first time you've ever heard anything vulgar from a pony- much less a filly.
>Well, you guess "filly-fooler" is their way of spitting on the homos.
>But by her tone of voice, you can see she's probably the rebel type with daddy issues or something.
>Not that you were free of it, but now you get all the attention even when you don't want it, so who's laughing now?
>Well right now, still not you.
"It's only gay if you make it gay."
>She puts a hoof to her chin and looks up cutely in thought.
>"I guess so."
>When she looks back down, you strike with a cobra hug attack and a kiss right on the muzzle.
>Target is stunned, counterattack!
>You flip her around-
>She pushes you off the table and onto the grass, then straddles you once more.
"...Clever girl."
>"I'm gonna have my payback for that kiss, you weirdo!"
>You shrug your tiny little hooves.
"Being normal is shit and boring anyways."
>That gets a tiny giggle out of her, and she moves over you once more.
>"I'm Little League."
"Anonymous. Anon, Fillyfilly, or the Lean Grean Bean Machine."
>Another adorable giggle comes out of her.
>"I like you Anon, you're nice."
>You feel your face heat up a bit.
"W-wow no you, fucking gay."
>She lays down on top of you again and pats your flanks from up top.
>"Only gay if you make it gay."
>This was certainly a very special filly.
>After riding the high of a whole recess of filly cuddling, you're back at it again with school.
>Though today's also Friday, so you're gonna invite League over to your house for the weekend.
>It'll be really nice not needing to hug-rape all the ponies anymore, now you'll just have one pony for all of your haping needs.
>Your own personal hugslut.
>And speaking of, in you watch a flowing blue mane walk in leading a filly behind.
>But sitting right on top of the sea of softness is a now no-longer blank trucker's hat.
>Can't really see what...
>She turns to face you, giving you another innocent smile while her cheeks burn a slight red.
>Now it's got a big 'ANON' with an equally big pink heart in the background.
>In this damned filly body, you can't help but get a little red in the face yourself.
>She saunters over and plops her fine orange ass in the chair next to you.
>The second she does, she puts her hat down on the desk facing you, then gives you another cute smile.
246613 246807

You have half a mind to grab your now commie-speaking compatriot right in the pussy for her transgressions against America. A sudden memory of your first day in Equestria, however, suggests that this might not be such a wise idea. Instead, you ask her in a suspicious tone, "Do you know him, Twi? Or, her maybe?"

She laughs. "That's Xi Jinping, Anon. He's the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Basically their supreme leader."

You blink several times. "Wait... what? How would you know?"

"Oh, that's easy. Thus far, everyone we've met who's been transformed has been a pony. And here we see Winnie the Pooh. Figures Discord wouldn't be content in consistently turning humans into the same thing, so the one human in the world who would most likely be Winnie would be..."

"The one guy who hates him the most due to his own resemblance."


The bear starts to grumble louder.

"And what exactly did you say to him, exactly?"

"That he looked good. He called me a bitch."

"Wow. Issues." You turn your attention to Xi. "Hey buddy, what do you have against Winnie?"

Twilight shakes her head. "His English is shit. If you want a conversation in a language you can speak, see if his wife's around. Either that or like... any translator at all."

"Weren't you speaking Chinese just a second ago?"

"Yeah, but I'm rusty. 2 years in Equestria will just about wipe away most of your foreign language skills. I tried to keep up my Korean, since that's what I used most at work, but my Mandarin and Russian just sort of fell by the wayside."
"Dang. Would he understand it better if I said it loudly and slowly?"
246623 246686
Bruh. If you know Carlos' name, you should already know literally everything there is to know about Carlos memes. It's just bad puns. Just- stop, STOP.

 1 boop.png


I hate this site sometimes, I click on the post number and it opens the text window, and yet when I post there's no reply number. Fucking- ree.
>and yet when I post there's no reply number.

I deleted the post and re-did it.
246671 246675 246844 246851

>"Man, Twilight's gonna ground me for a month!"
246676 246699
Alright, there's something I'm missing. What is this based on?
Anon, those are teeth
O-oh oh no. What have I done? Scruffy! You really are cute, Scruffy. You just gotta believe in yourself. Like I believe in you.
Now I get it. Those posts he had in his post were all me btw. But I thought that wasn't samefagging since you know I wasn't pretending to be some other poster in anyway of form.
Well, huh. That's a bit of downer. I had hoped it was from some epic green from way back.

shit, now i can't unsee lipstick
Its based on a DnD session where two of the group sneaked off to scout a lizard village and ended up burning half of the village
Absolutely adorable
>Twilight looks up as you trudge into the library proper
"Anon? You need something?"
"No, I'm just looking for a book."
"Can't get back to sleep?"
"Yeah. Something like that."
"Oh. Sorry."
>Twilight scribbles out a few more notes on her papers
"Twilight, it's fine. It's not even noon yet, I can just sleep at night like everyone else."
>the five worst things about living with the accident, ordered by severity:
>1: being two feet tall
>2: not having thumbs
>3: existential crisis over whether or not you count as a tranny
>4: the breakup with Pinkie
>5: Twilight apologizing all the time
>Pinkie's friends ended up becoming your friends
>you liked all the girls, to be sure
>but you never realized how close you'd grown with them
>not until they started growing distant
>Twilight in particular is especially hard to talk to now
>the accident was, after all, her mishap
>that's why she was the one who let you move in with her when you couldn't keep your house
>but living with her only makes the gap between you that much more noticeable
"Right. Sorry."
>you begin scanning the bookshelves for something that might help you
"What book are you looking for?"
"I'm just looking for anything about Zoodoo."
"Oh, so you're the one who left out 'The Secrets of Zoodoo.'"
>you blink
"I didn't leave any books out."
"Well somebody left it out last night."
>Twilight shrugs as she pretends to look over some notecards
"Maybe Spike got it out."
"Yeah. Maybe. Is it still out?"
"Uh-huh. Right on that table over there."
>you head over to the table
>a thick volume is open to its last few pages, right at the very tail-end of the glossary
>a few definitions catch your eye
>"Zombie: Said to be the living-dead creations of certain Zoodoo shamans. The practice of zombification is highly persecuted in modern Zebrica, but explorer Flint Pie portrayed zombies as a fact of everyday Zoodoo life in his travels in the 700th Year of the Sun. Zombies were said to be creatures with no free will, who would serve and protect their creators with diligence and ferocity."
>"Zoodoo Spots: On certain holidays of the Zoodoo herds, the zebras are known to adorn themselves with white paint in such a way that their stripes appear only as black spots. This is said to be in honor of Yigballa, the Spotted Snake (see: Yigballa)."
>"Zuvembie: Though similar in some respects to the zombie, the zuvembie was not, as is comonly supposed, merely the female equivalent of the zombie. Like the zombie, the zuvembie was said to be a creature of the living-dead, created by secret Zoodoo rites. Unlike the zombie, however, the mare or filly selected for zuvembification had to participate in the secret rituals of her own free will. The zuvembie could be created by a Zoodoo shaman, or by another zuvembie, as these creatures were said to retain their free will unlike zombies. The zuvembie was said to be able to control dreamers, the recently dead, and zombies with audial cues. Though the zuvembie retained her will and intelligence, it must not be supposed that she could pass for a living zebra. The zuvembie was unable to speak through her own body, and she found satisfaction only in the corruption and harm of the living. Like zombification, zuvembification is highly persecuted in modern Zebrica."
>it's easy to see why Zecora is so afraid of the old Flint-Pie home, if she really believes in this stuff
>but where is the entry about Yigballa?
>you flip back a page
>you see the illustration of Yigballa before you read his definition
>it's photo of a crude hoof-painting upon a stony cave-wall
>but what it depicts is clear enough:
>a great white serpent that towers above the trees
>speckled with black spots along the length of its body
>and with a bleeding, red crescent-moon upon its head
>a sweep of your foreleg sends the volume flying across the library
>Twilight all but leaps up out of her seat
"Anon?! What's wrong?"
>you stumble backwards, away from the direction the book went sailing in
"I'm... I'm going outside for a little bit."
>the Sun manages to keep the back of your head somewhat warm
>but the wind makes the rest of you pretty chilly
>it's official then
>fall has started
>yesterday was probably the last warm day of the year
>walking through town, you even pass by a home that's already putting up Nightmare Night decorations
>a little prop gravestone
>with a little green plastic hoof stuck in the ground in front of it
>the mare who lives there pauses in the middle of hanging up a fake cobweb to wave at you
>"Like my set-up, kid?"
>it takes you a moment to realize that she's speaking to you
"Y-yeah. It's pretty spooky, all right."
>she laughs
>"Last year I got six foals to run away from the house before they'd even asked me for candy. Let's see if you're not one of them this year."
>eventually, your synapses fire to tell you that the mare is bantering with you
"Pfft. As if."
>"We'll see."
>you toddle off without responding
>funny how you can't seem to hold your head up, even though it feels so light
>the dirt road beneath your hooves bears no trace of your aimless journey upon its cold, hard surface
>you don't dare to think
>"Look! Mom, look!"
>a little yellow pegasus filly is pointing at a single red leaf upon an oak tree's lowest-hanging branch
>but looking up it for more than a few seconds is too much effort for you
>you don't dare to feel
>your hoof contacts the ground in a strange way
>your leg doesn't like that, and buckles under your weight
>"Whoah, hey Non, you good?"
>that sounded like Rainbow Dash
>you open your mouth and nod and keep walking
>"Anon! Anon, hey- Hey! Careful with that raincloud! No- here, let me do it."
>the streets are alive with happy, colorful ponies
>a hundred conversations swirl in the air around you, all careful to avoid your trudging form
>clearly you're still pretty tired
>maybe you should just go home and take another nap
>never mind
>you don't dare to dream
>you especially don't dare to dream
>you shake your head
"I'm just being dramatic."
>coincidences do happen, of course
>hell, it doesn't even have to be a coincidence
>maybe you happened to glance at that book, open to that page, before you left yesterday
>after all, who knows how long it was sitting out?
>but it wasn't open to the Y-page
>it was open to the Z-page
>of course, a light air current is more than capable of flipping a single page
>from there, there's only one question left to bother you
>who left the damn thing out in the first place?
>before you can come up with an answer for this, you trot head-first into a pink leg
246889 246998
"Oh, who was that? Sorry!"
>you rub your scalp and look up to see a pink pony with a solid sheet of paper taped to her face
"Pinkie Pie?"
"Anon! Hey! I tried not cutting holes in the map like you said, but I keep bumping into things."
"Wait, you're not going back to that house, are you?"
"I sure am! And this time, I'm ready-"
"Holy shit Pinkie you can't go there alone!"
>Pinkie peels the map from her face and looks askance at you
>then she smiles
"Oh, I see what's going on here."
>oh no
>what does she know?
"You wanna come with, huh?"
"Blanche asked me to come alone, but I'm sure if I put in a good word for you she'll let you come. Hang on."
>you notice that Pinkie has brought a small wagon as she un-harnesses herself from it
>it's filled with purple cloths and white candles, with a fold-up table peeking out from beneath and a shining crystal ball nestled on top
"Blanche? As in your dead cousin?"
"She prefers the term differently-living. Don't worry though, I won't tell you used the D-word."
>Pinkie Pie takes up the crystal ball and squints into it
>and from somewhere
>a long, low whistle sounds
>even as you whip your head in the direction the whistle came from, you know full well what you're going to see
>maybe there was a fleeting shadow
>but maybe that was just your imagination
>you look this way and that way in a frenzy of energy that you didn't have mere minutes ago
>who knew that an ordinary Ponyville street had so many buildings?
>so many places where weird, yellowed figures could be lurking, even in broad daylight?
>Pinkie has looked up from the crystal ball just in time to see your little panic attack
"Are you okay?"
"I- yeah. Just imagining things, I guess."
>the friendliest pony in Ponyville smiles brightly
"Blanche says you can come. She said she'd really prefer if I could come alone but then I told her all about how safe you make me feel but then-"
"That's good, Ponk pony. Yeah, I should definitely go with you. Just let me let Twilight know I'll be out overnight-"
>Pinkie shakes her head
"Sorry, Nonny, Blanche says we have to go right now. Or at least I do. You could maybe catch up with me after you're-"
"Nah, that's fine. I can come now. Wouldn't want you to have to spend a second alone in those spooky old woods without me, you know?"
"Awww. See? You do have big, strong arms on the inside!"
>this time, you take the map
>and you get to the old Flint-Pie mansion without getting lost
>without Zecora in the front lawn to regale you with zebra legends, you realize just how quiet the clearing around this house is
>the front door is too small for Pinkie's gear to get in
>but you find a pair of wide, stone double-doors in the back, set within the central flagstone portion of the building
>they swing open with difficulty
>but they let the wagon inside without any trouble
>the room you've entered isn't one you found in yesterday's exploration
>that's probably because the only apparent way in or out of the place is that big set of double-doors that leads outside
>that and a few barred windows, set far too high for any pony to reach them
>there doesn't seem to be any way to get directly into the rest of the house from here
>with a few dramatic flourishes, Pinkie Pie has the table set up with a purple tablecloth and the the crystal ball
>a few more and she's decked out with a royal cloak and a jewel-set turban
"So, uh, I never asked, but what exactly are we doing out here?"
"Uh, a seance, duh!"
"A seance?"
"You know, when you talk to ghosts."
"I know what it is, but why?"
"Well last night, I had a crazy dream. My cousin Blanche was asking me to come back today to talk to her. Now I thought it was just a silly dream but today when I got back home I heard her talking to me through the crystal ball and I knew it was real and I got ready to go right away because I mean how many ponies get a chance to really bond with their long-lost differently-living distant cousin and then you showed up and-"
"I think I remember what happened after that, thanks."
"Nonny, you've been acting kinda weird today. Are you all right?"
"Me? I'm good."
>Pinkie lies on the ground to be eye-level with you
"It's okay to be scared, you know. Ghosts are pretty spooky, after all."
"No, I'm not- It's not that. It's just- uh, when are we starting this seance?"
>Pinkie giggles
"Well we've gotta wait for it to get dark out, silly-head."
"Oh. Right."
>you frown
"Wait, if we've gotta wait for it to get dark out, why did we have to get here right away?"
"I dunno. You can ask Blanche when we see her."
>outside, a roll of thunder tumbles across the countryside
>and inside
>you wait