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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>202060


Anonfilly is for sexual


Second for dog copypasta


File: 1551389549687.png (215.17 KB, 901x815, 1181741__safe_artist-colon….png)

>sexing the filly
Don't do that. What if she gets pregnant?


>what happens if she gets pregnant
I have a child. There is literaly no downside


File: 1551390921647.gif (198.25 KB, 560x526, 1503094245360-4.gif)

Quads for filly


File: 1551391315359.jpg (18.45 KB, 300x168, 13266088_10153414851917003….jpg)

Nice get




>Lucky seven
This is a sign that filly should go to Las Pegasus and make a fortune.

What would happen if Anonfilly did just that? Went and won a fortune? How would Twilight react?


She would probably take the money and put it in a savings account until Anon turned 18 and lecture her about proper money management and not blowing it all on booze and junk food. Remember, fillies, Purple can't take something from you if she doesn't know you have it.


File: 1551398599351.png (227.78 KB, 1000x1285, 1555901.png)

"God I Wish That Was Me" Edition


File: 1551398799097.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>Fashion Friday in Equestria
>I was dragged out of the castle in a golden glow.
>Apparently, even having learned how to use my wings wasn't enough to avoid being toted around like a plaything.
>In moments, I was led into a gaudy shop packed from wall to wall with clothing.
>"Welcome to Canterlot Carousel! How may I help y--"
>The light blue unicorn froze in place as she spotted the princess of the sun standing in the entryway.
>"Good morning, my little pony. I believe I have an appointment to have a dress designed for my darling daughter. The Gala will be here before we know it, after all."
>I gagged for a moment before composing myself at a sharp look.
>The unicorn hastily bowed.
>"But of course! Were you wanting something completely new, or would you like us to adapt one of our existing designs for her?"
>"Oh, I'm sure that you can design something suitable. I'm sure Rarity would never forgive me either if I just got something from off the rack."
>The two shared a laugh.
"Wait… This is one of HER places?"
>I couldn't keep the grimace from forming.
"She… uh… she doesn't know, does she?"
>Celestia blinked for a moment.
>"Well, I suppose the possibility is there, but I don't believe so. It'll be fine."
>She smiles widely and I feel her magic drag me closer to the employee.
>"Now, tell the nice mare what you'd like to wear."
>My face scrunched up as my gaze snapped over to the unicorn.
>She gave a cheerful smile.
>Silence hung in the air.
>"How are you today?" she asked, smile still full of hope.
>More silence. I look away.
>She moves into my view, stooping down a bit closer to my level.
>"My name is Sassy Saddles. What's your name?"
>That earned a flat stare.
"I'm the adoptive daughter of the princess of the sun. If you really need me to tell you, you should read the papers more."
>A look of shock graced her features before she breaks into giggles.
>"Bobbins and bustles! You certainly are as feisty as the papers say, aren't you?"
>She stood back up.
>"So, is there anything in particular you'd like? Perhaps you'd like to look more like your mother?"
"I don't think I can eat enough cake to look like her, if ya know what I'm sayin'."
>I waggled my flanks for emphasis.
>The shock on the seamstress's face was marvelous as her mind undoubtedly went through potential disastrous incoming circumstances.
>Before I could enjoy it too much, the room was covered in shadow just long enough for me to realize it before I found myself swept into a large, feathery prison.
>Celestia's smile seemed a touch tenser than usual as she leaned closer.
>"Now, my little Emerald, that's not how we discuss things, is it? Haven't you been paying attention in Miss Raven's lessons? Without practice, you may well fail on your end of that agreement, don't you think?"
>Her wing was like steel wrapped in a downy pillow.
>She turned her smile toward the unicorn again.
>"I apologize for my little sunshine's behavior. She's still a bit of a rough gem, but we're working on that. Now, introduce yourself, dear."
>Her wing tensed a bit tighter as she gave another smile.
>"Properly, if you please. And give the nice lady an apology."
>Just as suddenly as I was caught, she released me from her clutches, nudging me toward the seamstress with that same wing.
>With a hmph and a frown, I clear my throat.
>Composing myself, I take a few steps, then give a slight bow with my forehooves.
"Hello. My name is…"
>My teeth grit for a moment before I compose myself again.
"…Emerald Dawn. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I apologize for my earlier behavior."
>I rise again, and give a brief look of 'happy now?' over toward Celestia.
>"Sequins and satin, she can be adorable when she wants to be, can't she?"
>I gritted my teeth as the seamstress patted atop my head.
"'m not cute…"
>The mares shared a slight titter before Celestia turned toward Sassy Saddles.
>"I'm sure we can trust whatever is decided for the look of her dress. Perhaps just a few measurements now, and we can return for a proper fitting for whatever is decided on at a later date?"
>The unicorn nodded, her horn glowing as she retrieved a notepad, pencil, and a measuring tape.
>"We can certainly work with that. Now, this will only take a few moments."
>The measuring tape snapped open and darted toward me.
>I found myself backing up, despite myself.
>Green wings snapped open in surprise as I looked for an escape.
>"Tut tut. Hold still now."
>Clenching my eyes shut, I felt the tape darting about, accompanied by the sounds of the pencil.
"H-hey! Watch where you're putting that thing!"
>Within a couple of moments, the measuring tape was gone.
>The sound of the writing lingered for a few moments as I pried open an eye.
>Sassy rolled the tape back up as she finished jotting down notes.
>"Aaand that should be good. Should we send some sketch ideas over first, or would you prefer that we just get in touch when we have something to try on?"
>"The latter is fine. I'm sure whatever dress is made will be lovely."
>I let out a groan.
"Can't I at least get like… a suit or something?"
>Sassy chuckled lightly.
>"Oh, can you imagine the scandal? A mare turning up at the Grand Galloping Gala wearing a suit? Let alone the Princess's daughter?"
>She tuts and shakes her head.
>"Nay, we shall make sure you look absolutely fabulous for your first public event! Don't you worry!"
>I let out another groan as the princess and the seamstress exchanged a few final pleasantries.
>With a brief, golden glow, I was deposited on Celestia's back as she stepped out of the shop and made her way back toward the castle.
>Just think of the booze, I told myself.
>Think of the booze.


Nice to see you again!
Great update as always, looking forward to more!


You're back!


>blatant diaperfag edition
Then you ask why your general got banned from /mlp/


I wish diaperfaggotry was banned here like it was on /mlp/. I know it can make a good shill deterrent, but we already have porn for that.


It's a meme you dip.


File: 1551411701868.png (1.07 MB, 4840x4840, 997901.png)

Nice update, I'm glad to see you're still active.
I always like the way you write Anon and Celestia's interactions.


File: 1551412694790.png (140.7 KB, 1140x1115, 1481412590407.png)

Heyy nice to see more of this story. Filly a cute.


File: 1551413168718.jpg (71.24 KB, 600x600, Mlp odcast.jpg)

>Being awake this late
Filly is getting out of hoof for you, dutchybro.


I am relative new to mlp or to the chan version of it. But was this podcast good or rather, is it any good?


File: 1551415812832.jpg (250.21 KB, 1024x1024, 1973027.jpg)

More beerfilly from Derpibooru


Quality varies drastically between episodes, but it's mostly varying between shitty and shittier.


File: 1551420521881.png (436.12 KB, 2071x1351, breast feeding.png)


File: 1551421939135-0.png (132.87 KB, 636x831, 1550079261562.png)


File: 1551422763928.png (407.85 KB, 1464x1782, 1491174469248.png)

What a good teacher


oof. That's basically me after getting home from my /nightwalk/s.

Oh my god. Doomer filly singing the Smiths when???




I see you are a filly of culture as well.


I'm a newfag when it comes to this site, and haven't really kept up with chan sites over the past few years, so forgive me.
If I may ask to have it spelled out for me, what is a "/nightwalk/"? Is it literally just a general term for nightwalks that could be taken for any reason, including being unable to sleep, and having a fucked sleep schedule(possibly caused by doomer blues) and deciding to go for a walk at night?


Well, yeah, basically. Just nights where you go out into your shithole city long after sunset and just…walk the sidewalks. Bonus points for music player, alcohol, smokes or being in a really seedy part of town.

And as the double decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
When the ten ton truck
Kills the both of us
To die by your side, well
The pleasure, the privilege is mine..


Fuck, I hate it when I turn ethereal when I'm trying to open Pringles.


File: 1551480470551.png (363.97 KB, 1293x1187, Anon - Pony 156.png)

>Not just turning the can upside-down into a bowl or something
This kind of stuff sometimes makes me wonder how things would end if one Anon got turned into a filly and met another Anon who got turned into a filly.


File: 1551481601767.png (73.03 KB, 383x503, 1891922__safe_artist-colon….png)

We know how it ends. Leg armor.


File: 1551482123064.jpg (34.56 KB, 320x180, squirrel.jpg)

Smoldix needs to do a pic where filly has her head/muzzle stuck in a pringles can.


File: 1551483507302.png (15.73 KB, 732x657, _filly punished filly.png)

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… and my hooves. The body I’ve lost… the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you?


File: 1551483730691.png (420.64 KB, 1943x1959, doitfaget.png)

Seconding this


File: 1551484054164.png (344.78 KB, 1200x1200, Anonfilly mlpol logo.png)




>"Hey filly, I gotcha a can of Pringles from back home. Want some?"
>>"DO I!?"
>several minutes of angrily poking at the top of the can before angery filly breaks down in anguish
>smartass filly takes the can and pours the chips out onto a bowl as the embarrassment sets in.
>"You're a faggot, filly."


Glad you all enjoyed it. I'm usually at least lurking. Sometimes scratching my head for what to add next to the story (or for an idea for a fun other story).

Yup! She's a strong ruler with a sense of fun! He--err… she's an obstinate filly that used to be a fully grown man! They fight crime. It's inevitable that there'd be some tension and some agreement, right?


File: 1551498593810.jpg (23.85 KB, 589x419, 1551457055734.jpg)


I… how does this relate to filly?


File: 1551499152018.jpg (97.1 KB, 635x903, 1551456728516.jpg)

I bucked up the joke.
It was supposed to be a filly face like pic related but I couldn't find it. And I accidentally pressed reply


Australian Satan pls.


File: 1551511001929.png (409.52 KB, 1441x2059, AnonFilly-FinalForm.png)

Time for the recap that nobody asked for!

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ

>You are the adorable green filly destined to bear the Element of Loyalty

>Though you were originally born a human, strange circumstances transported you to Equestria, changing your sex, age, and species!
>You're not alone in this, however. There's at least six other ponies who have had the same fate, five of whom are also bearers of the Elements, and four of whom you've had the pleasure of meeting.
>They're mostly good fillies… mostly.
>You may have had a few bad experiences with Daring Do in the past… but to her credit, that *was* in a time loop she doesn't remember, and you *were* being made to say some things you wouldn't normally say during your sleep thanks to a certain astral clone with more weird psychic powers than even you
>But really Daring, was it truly necessary to slip knockout drugs to a houseguest? Really?
>So maybe the Element of Honesty is a sociopath.
>And maybe the Element of Magic used to be a CIA agent.
>But hey, Laughter's a young teenager, and she makes for a cool little sister type.
>And Generosity… you haven't seen her in a couple of weeks, but she's practically a fucking rockstar.
>That only leaves Kindness… you'll get to meet her soon.
>But for now, you're on a train, getting ready to eat breakfast, under the watchful guard of a courier named Tom.


The fact you wasted Australian Satan trips on that is both hilarious and sad. Keep shit prepared next time you're attempting a get, fag!


Whoa boy time to start writing again wooooooooooooo fuck you lone and that other dude callin me dead making me feel bad about not writing
Pastebin here for all who forgot what's going on in the story https://pastebin.com/4kQ2hdG8
>be the filly
>where were you?
>oh yeah
>oh fuck
>so el sociopathio del crankhead Mr. Cane found out who you really are
>and he thinks you're a narc
>fuck him
>although he did kidnap your partner in crime
>you consider leaving Crystal Clear for dead
>but then again Cane would just come after you
>that and, yknow, morals.
>luckily those idiots that your uncle turned guardian was sent to train have been shaping up (no thanks to him), so you're going home
>next thing you know the royal guard will have a crayon shortage
>fucking jarheads
>the train pulls to the station and the three of you head home
>you make your way to your room and begin mustering up a plan
>what do you do?
>he's bound to have boys with him, so bum rushing is out of the question
>would he listen to reason? lol no
>bribery? Screw that
>hit the pipe to show you not five-o? Hell no
>you can't just shoot him
>or can you?
>you glance over at your AR, hanging diligently on the wall
>cops would probably think it's someone setting off fireworks or something since there are no guns here
>they probably won't show up until someone hollers at them about a domestic disturbance or something
>but how the fuck do you work a trigger without fingers?
>what you would give for a battle saddle™©®
>you collapse on your bed
>you glance at nothing
>until you notice something
>some construction work outside
>specifically the crane they're using
>with lots of pulley systems
>what if you used a string or something, tied it to the trigger, and pulled it with your mouth
>fucking genius
>you grab the rifle off of the wall
>heavier than you remember
>but then again you also haven't held this thing since you were human
>you take a length of twine and MacGyver yourself up a string tied to a trigger
>tying shit with your mouth and hooves was easier than you expected
>what is harder, is finding a good position to aim and fire at the same time
>even if you stand on your hind hooves (something you practiced regularly when you first transformed to piss off twilight), you can't get in a position where you can yank your head to fire while keeping steady aim
>what if you made a loop on the other end, wrapped that around your right hoof, and braced the rifle against your body with your left hoof
>now we're getting somewhere
>yeah, this is much more comfortable
>brace the rifle against your body with your left foreleg pressing against the magwell, jerking your right hoof back to fire
>after some fiddly trouble loading rounds into a mag, you load it and sneak out
>don't want anything like "what's that, Emerald? where are you going with it? I'm gonna confiscate that alien technology and dissect it"
>you chamber the weapon with your mouth and head straight for Cane's house
>semper fuckin fi


>be Crystal Clear
>you have been beaten, whipped, cut, blindfolded, but you legitimately don't know what Emerald's deal is other than monetary gain
>maybe Cane will give up soon
>if he gives up that mean's you're dead
>what happened to him
>you two were best friends, then all of a sudden money and drugs make you enemies
>oh no
>please don't let that be Emerald
>she's a good filly, she doesn't deserve what's gonna happen if she shows up
>from a distance you hear one of Cane's goons open the door
>"Boss, she's here"
>"Finally, i thought she would never show up"
>oh celestia please no
>in your least hoarse voice you yell across the house
>"Well there's your friend, how about you help him out by telling us who is telling you to mess with us"
>"im-fucking-plying i'm a snitch"
>"how're you gonna muster that"
>"just sit tight and this'll be over soon."
>"fuck this, get her, guys"
>all of a sudden, you hear the loudest noise you've ever heard
>it sounds like someone lit off a firework right next to your ears
>oh shit what the fuck is going on
>you feel warm liquid spurt all over your coat
>your ears are ringing
>all you can hear is smells like iron and sulphur
>you feel hooves take off your blindfold
>you look around
>everyone except you and Emerald are dead
>you look down
>the warm liquid that fell on you turns out to be the blood of your former friend
>what the actual fuck
>you look back at emerald
>she's grasping.. something
>it's black, metallic, with 2 bits sticking out of it
>"Cmon, we've got to get out of here before someone starts snooping around!"
"i - wha - a - e"
>your mind is running a million thoughts a minute
>"Look, i'll explain everything. But right now we have to get out of here!"
>looking back over you see little metal cylinders littered on the ground
>4 of them
>one for each explosion you heard
>you look back over at emerald who looks rather interested in something on the table
>she grabs what looks like a piece of paper in her mouth before motioning towards you to follow
>you get up and limp towards her, out the door

Fun fact, i was originally gonna write this update before not updating for ages, but i truly am that much of a lazy cunt. Updates shall return to schedule


File: 1551542342999.png (452.27 KB, 4840x4840, HI, ME!.png)

i'm glad to see you're not ded, friend


File: 1551544657386.jpg (340.99 KB, 1856x2048, image.jpg)

Ew, gross.
Glad to see my fucking blathering actually brought back a good story from the brink for once, now to see if it'll work to get ASSFAGGOT to write again…


File: 1551551121865.png (189.22 KB, 690x1000, New Canvas 24.png)

Some request, maybe? I'm out of new ideas for a while


File: 1551552322308.png (627.78 KB, 2369x2596, 1520999712198-0.png)

i wish i had ideas to spare but im always out myself
and you draw very nice horse rumps with your cute horses, hope something comes to you


Filly living on the Pie family rock farm and having to do actual physical labor.


Anonfilly using Spike to send threatening letters to Celestia demanding Booze.


Filly visits Nurse Redheart for a routine check-up


File: 1551558962125.png (804.39 KB, 1165x1382, FILLYCRAFTS.png)

Making fillies.
It's taking forever.


I imagine it takes about 11 months to make a filly.


You do lewd things, right? This story was kinda hot: https://pastebin.com/cUTW6TUF


>>208088 (heiled)
Nicely done.


well yeah, i could imagine god's work kinda takes forever
but you do it well


You can take a year if you like, bb. This is worth the wait, no matter what that wait is.


File: 1551596122193.png (278.15 KB, 1697x1010, scissoring fillies destroy….png)

It takes hours due procrastination but at least it's fun to draw fillies.


Damnit fillies! What did we tell you about scissoring! You've doomed us aaaall!


File: 1551598399676.png (175.27 KB, 800x600, AnonFilly-TeaDrinker.png)

You order a bit of everything off the trolly with some black coffee to wash everything down. If Blossom can be a coffee addict, so you can you. Twilight joins you, also taking her coffee black, and as you take your sip, you wonder how the hell she can enjoy this.

"Twi, every time I've seen you drink coffee, you take it black. How the hell do you like this?"

She shrugs.

>"Admittedly, Equestrian coffee isn't that great. I grew up on black coffee though. It can be great stuff if it's not made by idiots who over-roast their beans."

"There any place to get good coffee?"

She points over your shoulder to your still-hyper companion.

>"If Blossom didn't already have that flower cutie mark, I'd say it might be a coffee cup. Or a muffin. The Cakes have taught her well."

Blossom blushes a little at this comment.

>"And in Canterlot, I think Donut Joe does it okay. The best stuff you've got to make yourself though."

You take a glance over to Tom, who is sitting a way's away from you, but keeping an eye on everyone.

"You think Thomas ever gets a good cup of coffee?"

Twilight shakes her head.

>"That is the face of a stallion who has only consumed garbage coffee every day of his life, and has learned to like it. The coffee in the castle is the absolute worst because Princess Celestia loads that stuff down with so much milk and sugar that she can't taste how trash it is."

You spent a while in contemplation of whether or not to consider the courier to have a depressing or badass life. Either way, you're calling him Thomas now. Thomas is a cool name.


Unless you guys have something specific you want to do on the train, I'll time skip to arriving in Manehatten.


draw Celestia Giving The Filly a paddling.


Ask Twilight's opinion on Coffee Instant type II 1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]


Aweomse fillies.
>It takes hours due procrastination
Sounds like me and writting.


Lol, i accidently saged it.


First flagless faggotry, now this?
Me thinks you're a double agent


>Be told to be the one on lookout duty
>Your front hooves are planted on the windowsill that elavates you
>No, purple returning home as far as you can see
"Okay, guys coasts is clear," you unnecessarily whisper to the rest of the fillies hiding aroundd the doorframe to the kitchen
>The rest of the fillies don't need to be toldd twice as they begin to raid the fridge
>They are really into it and it takes a lot of time for them to do it properly as they meticulously cleanse the fridge from: Parasrite cans, chicken tendies and spaghetti, ice-cream, and hay-burgers
"Fillies! What do you think you're doing?" yells Twilght who stands in the doorframe
>In the awkawrd and heavy silence that follows in the room one of the fillies look at you with scowlding expression
"Why didn't you tell us that Twilight was about to come back. Like you were fucking suppose to," she asks.
>Before anyone else says something, you put on some rad sunglassess and says:
"I am double agent. Of course, I would sell you out for mommy's approval. I am mommy's filly afterall."

>flagless faggotry

Hehehe, I don't get why this is bad to be honest. This seems like a weird meme that has developed here.


Anonfilly having a moment for herself and smoking a fat cigar while Twilight is out on business.


Not him but when I click in the flag button, it crashes.


File: 1551633666152.png (81.89 KB, 515x434, little scissor filly.png)


Don't lose your way, little filly.


Fillies stacked on top of each other raiding the fridge, possibly at each level.
A shot from inside an oven(or toaster oven) with tendies cooking in it, lookin out at fillies eagerly awaiting the tendies to finis cooking.




Oh, and why not have a cookie jar on top of the fridge that the the filly on the top of the stack is precariously reaching for.


Good to see this continued!



God that's cute
What are the fillies making?


And then that filly's reputation was ruined
Not sure if worth


A lewd plush.




Filly has finally had enough and boops up the school.


File: 1551662589966.jpg (270.54 KB, 1920x1200, ryuuko motorbike akira.jpg)


File: 1551664733493.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


I wish to be the filly that pees in your mouth


File: 1551666597709.png (1.5 MB, 2000x1150, [Anonfilly] Babby is not c….png)

Babby can't speak yet but is still mad at you.


That's a cute babby


File: 1551667675710-0.png (Spoiler Image, 41.11 KB, 259x194, Z.png)

>You look around for a scrap of paper and a quill, but you can't find either one in your room.
>You slowly and deliberately push yourself out the door, using the castle walls for support.
>There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home…
>Since when is this your home though?
>You had your computer, you had your booze, you were happy enough.
>Well, certainly not happy, but your life wasn't constantly in danger…
>A couple more months and you might even have gotten some sort of girlfriend.
>Sure you weren't much of a looker, but you weren't repulsive when you showered every day.
>And now you're quite the opposite of that.
>You grunt audibly as you push yourself off from the wall, half falling and half careening towards the other wall.
>You know there are some quills in the labs.
>Now you just have to pray you can reach them…
>You look up at the high tables from the resting point of your haunches.
>A feathery implement and a black bauble rest just so close out of reach.
>You hobble over to the other side of the table
>There's a small stool.
>Okay, now for the hard part…
>After a few tries, you jump as high as you can; clamping your jaw around the hard wood.
>Hopefully purple didn't spill anything toxic on this…
>Your jaw aches under the pull of your entire body and the stool teeters.
>You push up a hoof and give yourself a bit more support, followed by another.
>You flop your small aching body up onto the top of the lab table, panting.
>The quill and fountain rest before you.
>"Anon, what the hell are you doing in my fucking lab?!"
"I-I was getting the quill to write you a note that I had left…"
>"Oh. Well, come on. I'll make you some breakfast."
"Can you help me down?"
>"It's good for you."
"It's hay."
>"I didn't hear any gripes from you last night when you were enjoying your delicious Hayburger, I need to get you started on Fluttershy's regimen as soon as possible."
"But that was deep fried! C-couldn't I at least have some sort of cereal? S-something high in fiber; that would please her, right?"
>"No can do. I'm not cleaning up filly shit."
"I can make it to the fucking bathroom…"
>"Maybe you could, but I hardly trust you to do that after your muscles were turned to soup. As for now, you're eating salads for breakfast."
>"Excuse me?"
"No. I'm not doing it."
>With a flash, your hoof is engulfed in pain.
>You look down in horror to see a fork embedded a solid two inches into it.
>"Did I stutter? Look, what I say goes. Now we can play the happy fucking mother and daughter and you can do whatever the fuck I say, or we can go back to crushed ribs and locked doors with coffee. Does that fucking suit, or are you going to eat the Celestia damned hay?"
>You simply stare at her in shock for a good couple of minutes before nodding slowly.
>The fork is slowly pulled out of your hoof, leaving a four-pronged scar.
>You sniffle a bit as you lift it up and catch a bit of hay with the still-bloody utensil.
"I-I'm sorry Twilight… I love you."
>"Call me mommy, you fucking cunt."
"I-I love you mommy…"
>"And I love you too Clover."
>You feel her magic grip constrict around you, just enough to be uncomfortable but not enough to hurt.
>"Forever, and always…."
>"If you need me to catch you, just say the word."
"No, it's okay. I-I'm getting the hang of this."
>If you exercise deliberation, you don't need to lean on things now.
>Your muscles are still burning quite a bit.
>Pain is weakness leaving the body…
>Makes you wonder why you aren't some sort of superhuman being by now.
>You'll figure it out later.
>"Alright. Offer is still open, there's no shame in it."
>You mumble under your breath:
"Yes there is…"
>You eat shit after stumbling over an uneven patch of crystal.
>It scratches your already bandaged forehoof and you wince.
"I think I'm done for now."
>"You don't need to be able to walk that well just yet, I can take you to school."
>"It's my pleasure."
"Could I get together with League today?"
>"She's still in school, sweetie."
"After that?"
>Your mane is thoroughly mussed.
>"I don't see why not. Why don't you take a little nap in the mean time? You'll need your strength."
"That sounds alright."
>You're set back into your bed and the candle next to you is snuffed out with little fanfare.
>"You don't have to be anything more than my daughter, keep that in mind."
>There's a bright flash and you drift off slowly.
>"Hey. Wake up."
>"You wanted me here butthead, didn't you?"
"Oh, right. What the fuck do you feel like doing, League?"
>You open your left eye just in time to see her shrug.
>"I don't know, what do you want to do?"
>Input action.


>You arrive in one of the castle rooms to find two fillies looking at the drawfag wall
>The "drawfag wall" was merely a wall that purple gave up cleaning, after so many fillies started to draw on it
>"-really man look at her face, its horrible"
>"Well, your face is horrible!"
"Hey, no bully or else I will…"
>Said filly looked to her side and directly at (You) with a piercing icy gaze
>The little she turned around was also enough to show a very large thing she had with her
>A hammer
>But not any hammer
>The kind of hammer only the big sis was supposed to have
>You didnt even notice yourself stop talking as your thoughts drifted away
>Big sis was the oldest filly so she helped purple to keep the others in order
>Or rather in a more organized chaos
>Also did she shrink or was it you who grew? She was so much taller before…
>Man she must be such an old hag now

>"I swear filly, if you're thinking about how old I am…and what was that you just said?"
>Her hoof moved to the object on her side
>The legends that you couldnt hide anything from big sis surely were true…
>"You?" she said, turning around to face you straight on
>The hammer seemed even larger without her barrel hiding part of it
>"Yes, you?" - she spoke calmly, taking a single step forwards with the hammer now fully out of its sheath
"I gotta go"
>You dont remember her being this scary before when you were younger
>But if she hit you with that, even once, surely you d be a goner
>So rushing back through the door, you sprinted away for your life

*Back in the room…*
"Man what a faggot"
>Big sis turned around, putting the hammer back into its hold
>"I know right, she couldnt even take some banter"
"I bet she's one of those autists that go cry to Twilight about everything, kek"
>"Pff true. Oh, dude, want to follow her and then give her a scare when she tries to tell Twilight about how """mean""" I was here?"
"Do I? Of course! But your drawing is still shit though"
>"Well at least its better than your face, faggot"


Filly edit when?
i wish to be the pee


Oh yeah, and I guess I'll take draw requests. I'll probably be doing traditional by default, but you can request tablet if you want it to look even more shit than it would normally. As always, critique is still very much appreciated.


>Well shit
>You definitely didn't plan for this to happen today, but thinking about your situation for just a couple of seconds leads you to a single conclusion.
>You have no one to blame for this but yourself.
>You just had to go exploring Purple's castle by yourself.
>You just had to go trough the door on your right at the end of the corridor you had gone down.
>Upon seeing that it lead to a sewer system of sorts, you just had to venture further in, rather than turn around and explore elsewhere.
>Then finally, getting caught up in your exploration excitement, you just had to start skipping and hopping like an autist along the walkway next to the flowing water.
>So of course (You) tripped up and fell into the water
>And now (You) were being carried off by the running water to God knows…Celestia?…Sunbutt. To Sunbutt knows where.
>Well, the good news is that the water didn't seem to branch off in other directions so far. So either you'd get dumped out at an eventual end, or if there was a metal grate blocking your way, you'd possibly be able to use it to climb out of the water, and easily follow the one path back to where you first entered. If the water continued to not branch off, that is.
>Are your eyes playing tricks on you, or is there a faint shimmering up ahead.
>And is the water clearer on the other side of it?
>Looks like it.


>"Has anyone seen Anon?"
>The a number of men and fillies all turned their attention to Purple.
>After a moment, Purple speaks again, annoyance apparent in her tone.
>"You know what I mean. Ugh.. Really, why'd you all insist on being called by the same name?"
>All those who weren't purple spoke in unison.
>"I refuse to be a Tripfag."
>Purple spoke quickly, and matter-of-factly
>"Yes, yes. You've all said that before, and I still have no idea what that means…look, forget it, it dosen't matter right now. You all know who I'm talking about. Has anyone seen him?"
>All Anons present thought to themselves for a moment, and glanced at one another, some shrugs were exchanged. One Anon spoke up.
>"I saw him wander off a few hours ago. But he didn't say where he was going, or when he'd be back."
>Purple sighed
>"Well keep an eye out for him, and let me know if he comes back. For what's apparently supposed to count as adults where you all came from, you all sure are a handful."
>Purple turned to leave, but stopped, remembering something.
>"Oh! One more thing. I'm not explicitly forbidding you guys from going into the lower area, because I know you'd just go it anyway, but you should know; there's an access way to the sewer system, and that sewer system leads to a potent magical field that purifies the water that passes through it, and has even been known to extract the water from other matter that passes through it. So I can't guarantee your safety if you happen to were to pass through it."
>Purple pauses for a moment, looking away from you all, towards a wall. She seems to be thinking.
>"Shit!" Purple suddenly exclaims before running out of the room.
>Everyone left in the room just looks at one another, and then shrugs.
>Everyone then resumes what they were doing before Purple showed up.

>A filly Non motions for a human Non to lean in closer.

>"Yo, faggot. I've been drinking water consistently, I'm about ready to go here. You?" says the filly Non.
>Without a smile, or a frown, just a determined air about him, the human Non says "Ight, let's go." stands up, and proceeds to walk out of the room, the filly Non tailing not far behind.


File: 1551680812049.png (331.63 KB, 1400x1400, Riddler Costume.png)

Alright fillies, riddle me this: What makes up both 13, and 50?


I really wonder if parts of this are someone's actual fetish. Getting turned into water. Getting drunk after being turned into water(could be considered vore I suppose, but seems different enough). Getting pissed out after getting drunk. Getting pissed into someone's mouth after getting drunk, after being turned into water.


The letters I and T?


File: 1551681362343.png (289.77 KB, 2383x2651, 1456269311639.png)

Blow it out your ass!




File: 1551682773315.jpg (2.95 MB, 5312x2988, Anonfilly Akira.jpg)

Took some work (like three tries).


That filly has seen some shit.


Looks more filly-ish than babby, but I don't really care.


Pretty Good Svenfilly
Im actually very impressed Leaf filly


File: 1551688190389.png (205.2 KB, 837x469, AnonFilly-CuddlePillow.png)


Your coffee conversation with Twilight doesn't seem to make much more progress. You ask her about her opinions on Coffee Instant Type II, to which she responds that all instant coffee is for "the cheap and lazy". Considering that you rather liked MRE coffee back home you feel that this opinion might just be uninformed. Either that or your tastes are weird.

There's a long silence after this, which Blossom eventually breaks by bringing everyone into a game of "I spy". This is actually a bit difficult, as the train travels a bit faster than normal Equestrian trains, and so the amount of time to make a guess at what is being seen is rather short… except when it's something large, like a mountain in the distance. This works as your main form of entertainment throughout the day, as there aren't many other ponies to mess with except for maybe Thomas. You briefly contemplate playing a prank on the pony with the dining cart with Blossom and Daring, but Twilight reminds you of how foolish it would be to earn the ire of a pony who can spit in your food.

By noon time, the train makes it as far as Canterlot, and while you briefly pass through the city, the train does not stop at the station to pick up any more passengers, or even to obtain more coal or other supplies. Instead, it keeps passing through onto a separate set of tracks headed towards Manehatten. Given the amount of time it takes to make it to Canterlot, you might think you would make it to Manehatten by dinner time. This assumption demonstrates your complete ignorance of Equestrian geography. In reality, you end up sleeping on the train as you travel into more and more unknown areas. Admittedly, you don't get as much sleep as you would have liked, as you not only go to sleep a little late (thinking Manehatten should be showing up "any minute now"), but also have to deal with the fact that you are sleeping on a moving vehicle. Not too fun.

At around 3 in the morning, you are woken up by Thomas, who informs you that you are in Manehatten station. You feel somewhat groggy.


File: 1551692737736.png (1.3 MB, 3000x2975, Approved.png)





How is ziggers the answer? Please explain.


Niggers represent 13% of the population in america but 50% of the crime


Tfw someone not only responds to your spur of the moment writefagging, but gives it a compliment like “Im actually very impressed”
Tfw it gets a compliment despite the fact that you rushed the second half because you were tired, and it shows because of extra words you forgot to take out before moving on to other sentences, such as “if you happen to were to pass through it.”
y…you too


Filly reeeing at divegrass


Nice work


This, it was purple's fault




"I feel like fucking"
1d100[ 1d100 = 55 ]


Kek. That was something


Holy shit those eyes


I like this


Tell LL about the abuse twilight has been giving you and make revenge plots that you won't act on
1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


This, except act on them. Purple must die.
1d100[ 1d100 = 73 ]


Start groggily humming the Thomas the Tank Engine theme. Check to see if Purple is up, if not try to wake her, continuing to hum all the while. 1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]


File: 1551751600641-0.jpg (3.08 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190303_094724.jpg)

File: 1551751600641-1.jpg (3.06 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190303_094614.jpg)

File: 1551751600641-2.jpg (3.01 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190303_094330.jpg)

File: 1551751600641-3.jpg (3.62 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190302_225544.jpg)

3d versions plus extended scissoring


Smoldix went to Equestria.


File: 1551754776202.png (430.64 KB, 1600x1124, c8e51d2152274a702400610019….png)

WTF. Is that Rarity' shop?


File: 1551754952462.png (7.83 KB, 333x289, fillybeer.png)

Oh.. ok.


File: 1551757324560.png (121.56 KB, 1450x825, 1549485118039.png)

[Country roads starts playing in the distance]


N-n-no more scissoring, fag!


why is there a 50 cent piece under the left filly?


I'm gonna wager it was to prop it up to be closer to level with the other fillies and their scissors.


File: 1551761503392.png (1.08 MB, 1295x728, Kanji.png)

Nah, that's Kanji's work table.


File: 1551761888997.jpg (2.67 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190304_205625.jpg)

The stork scissors were being problematic. She needed to be a little taller to have them not just fall flat.


Follow up question: why do you have an australian 50¢ piece laying around


File: 1551765517846.gif (Spoiler Image, 38.95 KB, 399x369, Crypto-Shitposter.gif)

pic related.


File: 1551766127084-0.jpg (2.22 MB, 4032x3024, 1.jpg)

File: 1551766127084-1.jpg (2.08 MB, 4032x3024, 2.jpg)

I sent a Sweetie Belle to Australia. That Aussie showed up at BronyCon and handed me the 50c piece. It is now a sacred relic of the tiny poners. They use it as part of the good luck ritual every horse makes before they leave this place for their new home.

I haven't had the heart to tell 'em the thing is probably cursed with extreme autism


File: 1551773389946.gif (1.62 MB, 500x793, AnonFilly-RainbowLavaLampF….gif)


You grab your saddlebags and hum the tune to Thomas the Tank Engine as you proceed to wake the rest of your sleeping friends up, starting with Twilight. She cracks a single eye open as you nudge her, and then bursts awake much quicker as soon as she realizes the train has stopped. Now she too is groggy.

Once everyone is woken up, Thomas leads the four of you off the train and onto the platform. Despite it being the middle of the night, you are amazed to find that Manehatten station actually has quite a number of ponies both boarding and de-boarding various trains. It seems you are not the only pony to make this observation, as Twilight remarks in a rather strained voice that large cities truly never sleep.


"good thing I'm not a large city…"
1d100[ 1d100 = 42 ]


Glad to see we're back on this train of thought, and it's now that I'll bring up the fact that we still have all the supplies to make gunpowder iirc!


Lovin' the adventures of the tiny fillies anon


Well a large city sized filly sure would know how to have fun, godzilla style
Wish we could re-run a scene of that movie here
1d100[ 1d100 = 5 ]


File: 1551816466221.gif (1.22 MB, 1450x1080, 1549676552500.gif)

>A mere five


"I want to kill Twilight."
>"Well, yeah. Wasn't that the plan for a while?"
"No, I mean I want to do it again."
>"Okay, take a step back and explain what's happened to ya for the last… long time."
"Okay, it's a long fucking story though…"
>"I don't have to be home for a long time."
"Alright, here we go."
>You tell League about everything since your branding.
>At this point she's snuggled up against you, the worn threads of her cap rubbing up against your mane.
>You had forgotten how nice she felt, and specifically smelled.
>You still don't know if the bubblegum smell is from some sort of soap or if it's her natural scent, and you'd rather not ask her.
>A little part of you says that would ruin the magic, and you can use any small comfort you can get right now.
>She pats you on the head when you finish.
>"I don't know if you're looking at this the right way, Anon."
"What do you mean? She's hospitalized me, humiliated me and otherwise injured me. Did I tell you about the fork this morning?"
>"You told me about the fork this morning."
"Two inches! Two whol-"
>"Okay, I'm gonna say something and you're going to have to promise me that you won't get offended."
"Well, that's just not fair."
>"Why's that?"
"I can't promise something like that. I have no idea what you're going to ask. You could ask me what you're gonna ask me, and my natural response could be to be offended. Then, through no fault of my own, I would've broken my promise."
>"I… I guess that's fair. Just please don't take it personal."
"Of course."
>"Look, the way I see it you need Twilight. Like it or not, at this point she's the only thing keeping those frickin' monsters off of your butt. Now I go home every day, and my dad is completely checked out on the couch with a bottle of cider. After my mother died I couldn't really rely on anybody but myself, so I had to grow up quick. He doesn't hit me, but in a way I wish he would. That would imply that he cared at all about what I did. He doesn't."
"League, I-"
>"I'm not finished yet. Look, I know it must be hard to grin and bear it, but it doesn't look like you have much of a choice right now. I'd love to help you kill her, and I will if that's still what you want to do, but please Anon; I don't want to see you taken away…"
>A small tear runs down her orange cheek and lands on your wither as she starts to sob quietly.
>"I don't know what I'd do without you…"
>You wrap a foreleg around her.
>These certainly aren't crocodile tears, you can be certain of that much.
>You really do love League, maybe not in the romantic way she's probably hoping for, but sort of like a little sister.
>Well, if your little sister were larger than you and constantly tried to molest you…
>The point is that she means a lot to you.
>You don't really know how you feel about Twilight.
>"Anon, I'll follow you to the ends of the earth; but I need to know what the plan is. Are we killing Twilight or not?"
>Input action.


Is that an obscure tarentino reference i smell?


File: 1551833641693.png (198.61 KB, 841x1024, sweatingfilly.png)

>extended scissoring


"Let's let her keep being useful until this other problem is dealt with. When that's taken care of, we'll work from there."
1d100[ 1d100 = 24 ]


File: 1551860486340.png (360.44 KB, 586x433, Lyra-Sleeping.png)


"Well, good thing I'm not a large city."

Twilight rolls her eyes with a smile.

>"Yeah, but let's be honest. Neither of us are getting any sleep if this is some big national security thing."


As you follow Thomas out of the station and down several city blocks, the topic of national security causes a little fantasy to play out in your head. You are the size of Godzilla, and stomping all over the tall, bright, and noisy buildings. They shall all tremble before the wrath of mega fil…

The sound of snapping fingers snaps you back awake. You had apparently fallen asleep while walking. A sudden realization dawns upon you that ponies do not have fingers and you frantically search around to see what would be the cause, only to see Twilight giggling to herself. A tiny glimmer of light appears in front of you in the color of her magic, only for it to suddenly dissipate and make the sound again. Somehow you find this oddly satisfying. It's a sound you haven't heard in a while, and it echoes throughout your ears like a catchy tune the rest of the way.

You are eventually brought into what appears to be a bank, and led into a side room. The room has a few cushioned benches along the wall, upon which you see Lyra and Coco sleeping.


"Sup niggers"
1d100[ 1d100 = 13 ]


I sometimes forget that disembarking is a word too.


This is taking me forever to do, just about managing to write a paragraph every now and then. Rather make a bigger post less often than loads of smaller ones.


>After that little lesson of why hands are better than hooves for the purpose of not falling on your ass, you make your way downstairs
>This was a much easier task than getting off the bed but you probably looked like a proper spazz hopping down each stair one at a time
>As you approach the kitchen, the place where you have been eating for the past few weeks and the best guess where Purple will be, you can hear her talking
>Gotcha, there will be no escape from you now over this shitstorm she has created
>However, you decide to pause at the door to overhear what she is talking about, no doubt giving you some more ammo for when you walk in

>"… I just don't know what to tell him, err, her? Oh Celestia I don't even know what Anon even is now"
>"I couldn't bring myself to tell Anon before that I haven't got a clue how to send him back, and now this!"
>"I didn't mean for this to happen, the spell was going well then it just backfired"
>"The spell didn't even have anything to do with what happened, analysis magic isn't even in the same category of spellcraft!"
>"I'll have to research this further, but for sure I will need reverse this filly situation before going back to where we were before this mess"
>She didn't even know how to send you back to Earth
>She lied to you, all of this was some plan to keep you here, it has to be
>This spiel she is giving her lizard is just damage control, he must not be in too deep on this
>Though this could also not be some massive manipulation of the truth and not some scheme to imprison you
>Well, this is all you need to hear, you best get in there and show PurpleHorse you are not a happy filly
>Man. Not a happy man.
>[Reees internally]

>Right, time to make a dramatic entrance to show you are not fucking around

>Placing a front hoof on the door you bend your foreleg forward so you can leverage as much force as possible into slamming the door open
>Extending your leg out with all the force you can muster, the door opens at an incredibly normal speed
>Obviously you completely overestimated how strong this filly body of yours is
>both of them have stopped talking now and are staring right at you as you stand in the door way doing nothing


File: 1551871107979.png (949.29 KB, 2286x3871, FillyTailNom.png)






File: 1551886712906.jpg (121.09 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_3164.JPG)

These are quads.


Based and quadpilled.


File: 1551898376788.png (304.2 KB, 1017x1287, 1345821.png)

That's fuckin' adorable


Another quad for Filly, damn.


Let's go with something a little more tactful.
"Sup, ziggers?" 1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


File: 1551935563345.jpg (2.55 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190306_210738.jpg)

Thanks, I don't usually post the stuff here as I don't make a new anon filly very often. Most of the pictures of them involve making other not-filly pones.

Like this pissed off blep brit donk thing.

Someone asked me to start posting them, so there you have it. If it gets too masturbatory for ya, lemme know and I'll fuck off with it.


"You make a good point, hold off on that for a bit, then."
then proceed to cuddle and treat the filly to some ice cream, show her we care


1d100[ 1d100 = 86 ]


That's alright, glad you're still writing
Thanks for the update!


>"I caught it!"


File: 1551944018747.png (333.09 KB, 768x1024, 1455110875153.png)



File: 1551945344556.png (345.09 KB, 1659x2303, Coco-RestingCute.png)


You make your presence known as soon as you enter the room.

"Sup, ziggers?"

Despite being a little bit loud, Lyra does not seem to hear you, and is sleeping quite like a corpse. You can see her breathing though, so you know she's not actually dead. Coco, meanwhile, flips up an ear at the sound of your voice. She slowly wakes herself up, looks at you, and then looks at the clock on the wall. Seeming satisfied, she yawns rather slowly and speaks with a very soft voice.

>"Welcome dearies. We're going to have an early morning tomorrow I think, so try and get some sleep. Oh, and watch your language, young lady."

She then curls up back to sleep on the cushioned bench, and you are left wondering how it is that a filly who looks younger than you can refer to you as "young lady." Meanwhile, Daring and Blossom are both snickering, and you can hear them say almost in unison, "ooooh, busted!"


I like seeing the tiny fillies doing stuff. You're good


Too masturbatory? Is there even such a thing in this glorious thread?


Tell them to fuck off before finding an unoccupied comfy spot to go back to sleep on
1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


>Find a comfy spot
You mean, lay down on top of Lyra to start a P I L E ?
1d100[ 1d100 = 89 ]


Damn, a mere six points from adding to >>209033 - well it's been a long time since I RTD in this site so watch me botch it out of desperation to boost.


Welp, I tried.


File: 1551980097606.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x300, dice 1d100.jpg)

It's dice 1d100 if you're rolling in email field
It's 1d100 in brackets if you're rolling in comment field


You can probably tell I wasn't exactly a /tg/ frequenter back when I posted to oldchan.
Boost attempt #3: 1d100[ 1d100 = 47 ]


I too like seeing the tiny fillies doing stuff, or just being tiny fillies. Like with most things, as long as there isn't an over saturation of it(which also tends to affect the quality of something) then it's fine, and it doesn't appear to be close to that level. Plus it's content for this thread, so it's a win all around.

Seeing them has actually made me want some, and made me curious about what else you make.
Do you have a place you post the pieces of your work that are for sale, like social media or a blog? Maybe even your own website?


1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]


File: 1552007018762.png (165.72 KB, 600x697, f98.png)



File: 1552009257289.jpg (2.03 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20190228_124848.jpg)

I don't post anything for sale. I can be found on plushie.horse. If you figure out which plushmancer I am, you can find the links to all my stuff.

Meanwhile the lil fillies make a pilgrimage to the big filly. They all want to be the big filly 4U


File: 1552010599822.jpeg (105.54 KB, 1012x1024, _filly smile.jpeg)

>the madman has a filly tatoo


File: 1552012012325.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1547944807010.png)

>the madman has a filly tattoo


File: 1552012203011.png (89.41 KB, 732x633, 1363113.png)

>the madman has a filly tattoo


File: 1552012299872.jpg (164.95 KB, 1280x720, AAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

Those lil' fillies are adorable!


File: 1552014423188.jpeg (33.17 KB, 720x566, 1495263037793.jpeg)

>the madman has a filly tattoo


File: 1552016717556.jpg (123.46 KB, 592x655, 1516252145527.jpg)

>the madfilly has a human cutie mark


File: 1552018417250.png (94.73 KB, 839x928, Disgusted 2.png)

>the madman has a filly tattoo


"I… I guess we should hold off for a bit. You make a good point."
>"You never did tell me what you wanted to do."
"Oh, right. Well, we could get some ice cream."
>"Alright tubby. Never enough, is it?"
>She pokes your belly a bit.
>You scrunch up your muzzle.
"Never enough until my heart stops beating."
>"You need any help walking?"
"How did you find out about that?"
>"Well, you were completely disabled when I last saw you, figure somethin' like that would take some time to get used to."
"Well, I don't quite need help walking anymore as long as I take it slow. I wouldn't mind you sticking close to me though, falling on crystal hurts like a fucking bitch."
>"I would assume."
>You slowly make your way into the kitchen once again.
>The fork from earlier still sits out, yet to be washed.
>You shrink away from the table and go straight for the contraption.
>It's strange how all of this started here.
>If you hadn't gone for the ice cream, you likely wouldn't have set the recent events in motion.
>Well, you likely would've pissed Twilight off similarly to punish you with school eventually.
>Small details are important.
>Opening it, you find a myriad of things.
>An excessive amount of frozen hayburgers.
>A box you steer clear of due to the numerous warning signs on it.
>And three tubs of ice cream.
>Aptly labelled in Purple's penmanship, you can make the calligraphy out:
>'Lab report due soon.' (it's coffee flavored.)
>'Night alone.' (Salted caramel.)
>'Bad breakup.' (Cookies and creme.)
>There's no seal on any of them now, I guess she figures you wouldn't try the same trick twice.
>You open up 'Bad breakup.'
>Just as you suspected, it still has the paper protection covering on it.
>Twilight can't break up if she's never had a relationship.
"Look what I found."
>"Is it safe?"
"Trust me, she won't be getting into this one for a very long time."
>You turn the label towards her.
>"You jerk."
"Whatever. Grab a spoon."
>Whatever they put in Equestrian ice cream, it's so much better than anything you've had on earth.
>Whether it's the lack of cheap-ass ingredients or the fact that the milk doesn't have to travel far from the teat before it's put in there, you're not going to question it.
>League seems to be enjoying herself similarly, though not to the same degree you are.
>Which is fair, you are literally fucking drooling.
>The air suddenly drops a good fifteen degrees. Fahrenheit, you fucking Eurocuck.
>The fur on the back of your neck begins to stand up as you start to feel as if something is very very wrong in the castle.
"League, do you feel that?"
>"Feel what? Are you implying I should have some sorta psychic link to the ice cream?"
"Seriously, the temperature dropped…"
>"Oh, yeah… that is odd."
"We need to get out of here. Now."
>"It's freezing cold outside, where do you want to go?"
"Anywhere but here, please."
>"Alright, alright. I don't feel it, but I'll trust ya. Let's g-"
>Glass shattering.
>The two of you book it down the hallway, the castle quickly becoming an unnavigable maze of corridors.
>You half fall half-run down the corridor, lagging significantly behind league with every last muscle in your legs on fire.
>Was it lab three or four that was next to the back exit?
>Was the Sub-library upstairs or downstairs, and more importantly where is the entrance to it?
>What can you use to defend yourselves?
>You already know the answer to that one. Nothing.
>As you run, books and papers begin to hinder your progress as they build up in small piles.
>The air is slowly but surely working its way up to gale-force winds.
>You don't want to be here when whatever that entails culminates.
>You turn a corner and you can see the front entrance, its ornate designs a relief for once.
>League bounds for it and knocks it open into the cold outside.
>You're almost ten feet away when you lose your hold on the ground and skid all over the cold crystal floor.
>You don't think anything is broken, but when you try to get up you can't manage it; your muscles are so incredibly exhausted.
>That horrible feeling begins to grow in magnitude with the wind.
>Your fur begins to stand on its own, you can feel the electricity in the air.
>You can just barely hear yourself whimper softly.
>Input action.


Well that wasn't hard at all, kek. All ya gotta do is narrow down to a low price, look through each <$300 plushmancer, and-

Tiny Equine. Gosh, I dunno, might be someone else.



"Oh fuck off, will you? I'm tired. I got woken up in the middle of the night, only to be dragged here and find out I have to go to sleep again on a goddamn bench."

>"Just because you're tired, doesn't mean you have an excuse to be rude. Also, don't use the Lord's name in vain."

"Celestia dammit!"

>"I'm sure she'll love to hear that in the morning. Goodnight, Anon."

It's really hard to stay mad at Coco. She genuinely seems like a sweet filly, but you really aren't in the mood for any of this. Part of you is in the mood for cuddling up to Lyra, but the rational part of your brain says that this would only make things more awkward, particularly considering this would have you sleeping really close to Coco as well. Instead, you find a nice cushioned bench on the far side of the room and try to lay down like a normal pony would. It's nowhere close to sleeping in a comfortable bed, but it's at least better than sleeping on the floor. You are soon joined by Daring, so at least you have someone to cuddle. With your hooves wrapped around each other, you close your eyes once again and drift off to sleep…

And wake up to the smell of freshly baked donuts. You open your eyes and turn your head around to see that Princess Celestia has entered the room with a tray full of fresh-from-the-oven donuts.

<<<"Good morning, fillies. I see you've all made it here safely. Who wants breakfast?"


"Twilight says your coffee is bad!" 1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]


Also i just noticed this on re-reading but WHO THE FUCK COOKS DOUGHNUTS IN THE FUCKIN OVEN?!


File: 1552057895554.png (248.92 KB, 530x530, 1550281074921.png)

>the madman has a filly tattoo

Is this a trick question?


File: 1552061819037.png (157.59 KB, 815x982, 1473328.png)

>The madman has a filly tattoo


Yarr, I did the same. I thought "There's no way he'd charge $300 for one of those, right? And I can't see them being worth more then $100 either. So that leaaaves..ah, perfect. What's their name? TinyEquine Yep, that is definitely him."


File: 1552064818442.jpg (338.96 KB, 1294x1820, child labor.jpg)


File: 1552067577782.png (158.55 KB, 1280x667, fillylip.png)

>the madman has a filly tattoo


The biggest enemy of fillies everywhere: actual fucking work.


What's she gonna do if I don't keep swinging? Send me to another rock farm?


File: 1552075812192.jpg (57.55 KB, 987x809, rarity_stencil_by_hitaiwoa….jpg)



She won't use any lube tonight.


>Not only were you sent to spend a week over at Pinkie's crazy family's rock farm for what you did
>You also had to share a room with her crazy sisters
>One of whom is extra crazy
>Crazy for you
>This week is gonna be hell


Contemplate finding religion and praying for salvation. Failing that, stop being a bitch and start dragging yourself toward the open door.

1d100[ 1d100 = 41 ]


"Maybe after just a little more sleep." Then plant your face down into the bench cushion. 1d100[ 1d100 = 48 ]


File: 1552107932581.png (345.99 KB, 1369x1746, Somehow even looder than t….png)


>Purple makes her NEET filly do actual work

No lewding fillies allowed


If I give you a green would you edit that pic so Limey doesnt have a pickaxe and there's hoofmarks and cracks on the rocks close to her?
In my autism its said that the pie family all have enough strengh to break rocks with their bare hooves and that's why their rocks are such high quality, well, all but Marble she just stays inside, now crying for Big Mac , and with Limestone being the oldest I imagine her being as strong, if not stronger, than Maud.

More rock farm filly would be nice too, this was /out/ work with Limestone, next could be """feeling""" the rocks and categorizing them with Marble with a very confused filly?

Either way I'll begin the work on the green even if this was already a wall of autism , content is content so everyone wins even if mine is shit


Well in that one time travel episode, in the timeline where Sombra enslaves the crystal empire and goes to war with Equestria, ponk and limestone break a huge boulder into smaller rocks using just their hooves. So it's more or less canon that they can break rocks with their bare hooves, rather than just a head-canon of your's. So more power to you.


Or they at least have the potential to if they're strong enough.


Nice job!
Poor Anon, having to do work for once


>Having to fend off a crazy Pie sister when she gets too touchy


I think that's gay


1d100[ 1d100 = 25 ]


File: 1552112475387.png (36.37 KB, 748x677, 1485615.png)

>he thinks a horsecock in a horse pussy is gay


File: 1552112601640.gif (163.81 KB, 520x508, 661890.gif)

Thats the thing, not even talking about potential in the future but the present, Maud actually already does that, but often its locked to her for some reason
Limestone is not only older but also never left the farm, so while she may not have Maud's precision from the rocktorate she may be even more fit and stronger, having done this daily and also using brute force from her earth heritage
Pinkie isnt as strong, but still has the Pie blood and enough energy to match Applejack, and if all else fails she just breaks reality. If she could do this at will she'd no doubt be the strongest horse around really, "unicorn master race" cant do shit against something like that. Who needs lazers when you can just bend reality? Still, even as is, pink horse is op, pls nerf
Marble is the weakest, more because she is afraid of getting hurt than actually weak, so she resigns to do light in-house work, which wouldnt help her physique, still could use earth magic to feel imperfections on the rocks, density or some delicate shit like that

Also, the Pies have some weird genes that makes amazing mares in that family
/autism and back to filly green


File: 1552113063667.png (208.02 KB, 1121x1141, Buying filly gf 10gp.png)

Have a 100% lewd free filly


>Having a dick inside you isn't gay


>this was /out/ work
Ideeaaaaaaa~! What about fillies based on board-specific personalities?


Those gullible ponies…


File: 1552114723897.gif (3.81 MB, 410x288, 1708396.gif)

So Cherry Berry giving Anonfilly a free balloon ride? Or ponycopter/airplane to be more fitting with the board
Aka. /n/


"If you made those in an oven, then may Faust have mercy on your soul."
1d100[ 1d100 = 30 ]


File: 1552118813093.png (581.74 KB, 2580x1587, AnonFilly-SleepingInBasket.png)


"Ugh, maybe after a bit more sleep."

Rather than eating breakfast with the rest of your friends, you instead bury your face into the nice cushioned bench and try to get back to sleep. This is rather difficult, as the smell of food is strong, and there is some light chatter between them. Nevertheless, you enter a sort of morning daydream state where you are not quite unconscious, but you aren't really "awake" either.

As you lay half-asleep, you start to ponder a bit about the little things in life. For instance - why is breakfast the most memorable part of each of your days? It's not even the most fun part. Has your life just become routine? Even on adventures when you're out in the wilderness, you somehow never manage to forget breakfast. You wonder what it would be like if you were to skip it… your stomach would probably rumble, and you'd complain about it all until lunch, but at least your day might seem… unique. And given that you've had way too much of days being literally the same in your past, maybe you might just try it for once. Yes, today is the day you're going to skip breakfast!

A donut is pressed in front of your face. It smells a little fruity, there must be jelly filling in it. You are VERY tempted to eat the whole thing in one bite. You also feel some pony's hooves scratching you behind the ears. That must be Daring. Daring is petting you, what the hell?


"Holy Jesus, what is that? What the fuck is that?" 1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ]


not if you have xx chromosomes.


"Go lower"


1d100[ 1d100 = 74 ]


And no matter how low it goes, keep saying lower until she's just back on the floor
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]


Daily reminder from your good pal All Nighter that lewding the filly is sinful.


Also Doc is updated.
Email or reply with any missed items


File: 1552147968054.jpg (346.32 KB, 1294x1820, child labor (autism editio….jpg)

There's just not enough space for cracks and stuff and i'm not sure i can make it look good.
Pickaxe was ugly anyway but still it's kinda boring to left Lime with empty hooves


That bag of rocks looks tasty.


"I ain't no wombat, but I'll let you get away with petting me for now. Don't expect me to be so forgiving next time." 1d100[ 1d100 = 5 ]
Then stare at the donut for a moment before saying >>209516


Ha ha ha, yesssss. Just to secure this, I'll give it a boost too.
1d100[ 1d100 = 44 ]


>So Twilight said you needed to learn how to use earth pony magic
>She knew very well that you had no magic
>Sure, you were a filly now, but you never had any as a human so nothing should have changed
>Even if her magic machine said otherwise, you refuse to believe you are, in fact, a filly
>You want big mc dic back so bad, this cant be happening
>"-Anon, be a good filly for me okay?"
>Right she was introducting you to the Pies
>What better way to learn magic than sending your filly to an internship with one of the hardest working families in Equestria
>Not only that, but you arrived on the crack of dawn
>A filly needs her sleep goddamit
>Oh wait, that was your cue
"Fuck you and fuck your farm"
>All residents frowned at you
>There was a pop sound at your side
>And you could swear one of them growled at you
>Ha, nailed it
>With a smug grin you turn back at purple, expecting her to take you back to the castle for your safety
>But she was already gone
>Ponka was the first to break from the shock, hugging her gray sister who looked like she was about to cry
>But unlike all the other times she heard you swear, this time she actually seemed crushed by it as well
>"That wasnt very nice Nonny, you can have fun learning things with us here too"
>"Shut it Pinkie!" - sounded the raspy voice of one of the grey mares - "If she wants to pretend to be as hard as a rock, then I'll just need to break her, Limestone style!"
>"Now, now Limestone, thou knows that thou should not act upon thy hate and end hurting this poor filly"
>"But father she…urgh. You, come with me"
>She didnt even wait to see if you were going or not before walking away
>A quick glance to her parents earned a nod
>Meh, you dont think she ll do anything, could mess with her a little more too

>Or not

>She brought you to the middle of a rock formation
>And told you to punch a rock
>Gee all work and no play…
>But you know how to work with these types
>Approaching the rock wall you give it a light tap
>Immediately falling on your back, you closed your eyes and held your hoof as if it was going to fall off otherwise
"Fuck shit motherfucker!"
>Swaying from side to side, you slowly open an eye to look at her
>Unmoved, staring blankly at you and looking just as angry as before
>In fact you think you hear her repeating "Its just a filly" under her breath
>Laying on your side you pout lightly before addressing her again
"Hey, I'm hurt here, help me out"
>You could visibly see something break inside her head, with how her face contorted
>Slowly walking towards you, you knew you had made a mistake
>And after grabbing you by the chest fluff, she hurled your body to the rocks with great strength
>Feeling the impact you closed your eyes instinctively
>But besides feeling your back being pressed to a wall of sand it wasn't too bad
>Wait, a wall of sand?
>Opening your eyes you see that the impact was strong enough to break the rock in countless parts, with you laying in the middle of it
>Looking down you see that you don't have a single scratch, cut or any sign of a injury
>But you also saw the mare making her way to you in middle of the shiny crumbs
>Lowering her head on yours, she pressed a hoof down on your ribs harshly
>And while being thrown into a rock didnt hurt much, this did hurt like hell
>She pointed to another rock in the quarry, not taking her head or the other hoof away
>You didn't remember signing up to the military, what did purple put you up to this time?
>"Limestone…" - came a deep voice from the distance
>Finally her hoof let go of you, raising her head away and finally letting you free
>You used the time to release a breath you didnt knew you were holding, all this earth pony shit not quite registering on your mind yet
>As gentle as a rock falling from a cliff, she pushed you to your hooves and towards your next destination
>"The things I do for my family…"
"What was that?"
>"Nothing, just punch the damn rock"

>The rest of the morning went by quickly, feeling more confidence in yourself with each hour past

>The opposite was true for Limestone, growing more frustrated with each of your attempts
>They weren't even half attempts anymore, it was a great way to vent frustration from purple
>But not once did you made even a crack in the new rock face
>By lunch time, Ponka arrived in the site with two bags, and seeing the first rock in pieces her face beamed
>But one look at Limestone's grumpy face seemed to be enough to diffuse it
>Leaving the bags on the ground, she started pronking back home and you turned to follow
>Only to fall face first on the ground, as something locked your tail on place
>"You're staying, we're not done here yet"
"Fuck you, I'm not strong enough to break a rock"
>"But you were resilient enough to not cry after being smashed into one, I see potential in you kid"
>Hearing a compliment from her was as unexpected as seeing a pig fly
>So shaking your head to see if you heard right, you turned at her with confusion written all over your face
>"Im not going to repeat myself you idiot. Just eat your hay, we have a long day ahead of us"


>After lunch, you went back to trying to break a rock, any rock
>But with the early morning workout and the blazing sun, you weren't going anywhere anytime
>Seeing how you couldn't even dent the rock, Limestone just came forward and broke the rock you had been practicing on herself, before throwing a pickaxe your way
>"I already lost the day trying to help you out, you could at least try and help me back"
"And how much help do you think I would be? I can't even crack a pebble!"
>"Find a fault line, hit it, boom. Now GET OUT OF MY FACE!"
"Geez, fine, no need to scream"
>Grabbing the handle on your mouth, you turned to find another rock

>You don't know when you started running

>But you had to get away from that insane mare
>She seemed ready to blow a fuse every second you did something slightly wrong
>But she was right that you wasted her whole day of farming for this
>So may as well try to help her
>You think you saw Marble on top of a rock, using the pickaxe with her head
>But if she told you to use your hoof then may as well follow, who knows
>Hearing the background noise, you were at least glad that you had been a good motivator for Limestone
>So getting to a rock, you drop the pickaxe from your mouth and try to grab it with your forehooves
>This will be a long evening

>You wake up with a clank noise by your side

>And the grumpy voice from Limestone finished that job
>With a grunt, you sit up and look at the sky, only to see a gold hue lowering the sun
>You try to remember when you fell asleep…
>After trying to hold the pickaxe with your hooves for what felt like hours, you just gave up and laid down to think on how to approach that
>Only thing is that it hadn't been hours trying
>Or that you didn't think for a second
>Details, blame Twilight
>"You didn't need to run you know, if you had stayed with me I could have helped you"
>Still groggly waking up you stare at the sweaty horse
"I dun wanna die"
>"What? I would never! Just didn't think you'd have so much trouble. Even Pinkie could crack a few rocks as a child"
>You have a hard time imagining pink autism doing that, but why would her older sister lie?
>"Here, climb up, lets go home" - she said, pointing at her rock bag
>Free bareback horse rides? How could you say no to that?
>Well considering the horse…
>With a shrug you just climb on the rocks and get comfy inside
>The rocks are surprisingly smooth to the touch and have a calming earthy smell
>Seeing that you finished settling yourself down, Limestone grabbed the bag and hurled it to her back before walking away
>"Next time you listen to father and let Marble or Maud start it up, stupid, stupid"
"What was that?"
>"Nothing, you're staying with Marble tommorrow"
"Love you too"


Bap the doughnut away and go back to sleep
1d100[ 1d100 = 50 ]


File: 1552159467651.png (1.43 MB, 3000x2000, 1531273.png)


Very nice, I liked it!


not anymore you're not.


Now we need the angry cuddles.


File: 1552165866924.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.52 KB, 650x650, aXm1177xjU.jpg)

Did you read my freaking email you fagot?


>I suffer from memory Loss
>So you being an adult human is something I can never remember


File: 1552169323828.jpg (59.34 KB, 720x720, 37583247_629942434049490_7….jpg)

This is going to end with Daring groping the filly. I can feel it in my bones.


And Anon is going to feel it in her fat filly flanks.




Avert course, gents! It's too early and filly is too sleep deprived for lewd. Not to mention Celery and the other fillies are in the same room.
I already rolled, so I'm going to do the honorable thing and pass the torch to others, rather than roll again and pretend I'm a different person.


File: 1552182557385-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 2863x1757, image0.jpg)


File: 1552183632187.png (26.16 KB, 128x128, F.png)

She had ONE JOB.


Yes I did you little bitch
No homo tho


File: 1552186612927.png (Spoiler Image, 94.98 KB, 410x478, lewd2.png)

no homo.


Jokes aside though, https://pastebin.com/zBtXRDZJ is still filed under methfilly.




Nice work



Is it? Huh


Yeah, you filed it twice. It's filed under the right name now, Crafty, but you forgot to remove it from under Methfilly.


Fuck, keep forgetting to remove my name. I'll take more draw requests if you fags want anything else.


Oh, I'm not All Nighter, kek

Western showdown filly


Filly on a ship with a xenomorph.


File: 1552199420156.png (Spoiler Image, 147.04 KB, 664x648, 1449361922816.png)

>Be Anon in Equestria
>Dying fast due to immune system sucking dick against horse diseases
>Twilight needs to preform some sort of dark ritual to bring you back into shape again.
>When it's finished, you can feel your body is very small.
>Yep, definitely the filly.
>You lift up a hoof only to find that it's rather squishy.
>With a bit of concentration, you're able to turn it completely into a viscous fluid.
>You spill a bit on yourself, and its rapidly absorbed back into the recesses of whatever is beneath your fur.
>Sitting up in the mirror, you find that your hair is fucking tentacles.
>You quint and your eyes squint back.
>Like a fucking raccoon's.
>Twilight comes in.
>"Hey slugger, how are you feeling?"


Ha, that's a neat idea




>dissolve into a puddle in front of purple
>sure, you're grounded for a month and are now on probation for a year along with never being allowed to eat ice cream again, but it was worth it to witness the legendary flipout that happened when she saw that


>nearly half an hour of horrified shrieking and consulting dark-magic tomes later, you silently shlorp back out of your ink-puddle form and clean your mess
>Twilight's face when you casually wave at her with the biggest smirk you can manage
>several more minutes pass before she just passes out, to later chew you out for scaring her like that


File: 1552202523414.png (86.91 KB, 687x682, AnonFilly-LustFace.png)


"Mmmn… go lower."

Daring's hooves make their way down your back, turning her head petting into a nice back scratch. Still, you ask her to go lower, bringing her hooves to your lower back, and then your flank. Her hooves stay on your flank for quite a bit of time, but you tell her to go even lower. In truth, you want her hooves to drop to the floor, but before she can make any further moves, you hear Twilight telling the two of you to get a room. Daring scoffs at this.

>"You know Twi, we are technically in a room."

>"You know what I mean, Daring. Go be a weirdo somewhere else."

<<<"Is something the matter, fillies?"

>"Nothing's the matter. Daring's just being a weirdo.

<<<"Well as long as it's nothing serious. It would be unbecoming of a group of fillies who are supposed to be wielding the Elements of Harmony to be fighting among themselves. Speaking of which… Anon, I don't think I've met some of your friends before. Have your visions been able to tell you which element belong to each one?"


Awwww. C'mon. I wanted more lewdness. Fuckin' twigglehorn.


Tell her, Twilight's should be obvious, Blossom is Laughter, Lyra is Generosity, Coco is Kindness, Daring is Honesty and we're Loyalty, though god knows why. 1d100[ 1d100 = 99 ]


File: 1552203231961.png (163.22 KB, 890x1024, fillyhnnng.png)

A 99 on the dice and Hitler dubs. The fates have spoken


File: 1552203340559.png (27.97 KB, 123x128, OuO.png)


File: 1552203560659.jpg (139.51 KB, 632x540, _Check them.jpg)


this man wins
only a 100 can best him, but I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen with THIS ROLL!
1d100[ 1d100 = 5 ]





I think you mean THIS ROLL!
1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]




Dang, none of us can do it today.



OH YEAH? LET'S SEE ABOUT THAT! 1d100[ 1d100 = 77 ]
inb4 a 1


>skull for a ball
>"one more throw"
What does this mean?


probably divegrass, if I'm not pulling meanings out of my ass.


File: 1552211737584.png (206.34 KB, 1000x800, Grounded.png)

>ywn intentionally "go missing" just because you're desperate for an unhealthy amount of motherly love and attention after years of being starved of it


I assumed so, but why would Anon be mad at Twilight for a throw? And again, why the skull?


(anon who posted the post you replied to) here, agreeing entirely with this idea.


File: 1552213694117.jpg (3.1 MB, 5312x2988, 20190310_102304.jpg)

Filly has a weird leg


Benis leg


>"Okay, so, I want some of that 'gender reassignment surgery' bullshit, but, the thing is…I want to keep my marepussy. So…just, can you turn one of my legs into a dick? Is that possible? I don't care if I can't cum with it, I just want the dick."


>I just want the dick


File: 1552217608443.jpg (536.13 KB, 800x1045, 1547113551910.jpg)

>not caring whether that dick is functional


no u 1d100[ 1d100 = 78 ]


File: 1552221533422.gif (298.33 KB, 700x600, 2rcw.gif)

Noponer can beat those numbers.


*shake head* "No, princess. I haven't had any visions relating to which element each of my friends represents. I don't have the faintest clue, either. Even about Twilight, who I've known the longest." 1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]


aw well, was worth a shot


"Get fucked."
1d100[ 1d100 = 97 ]


File: 1552234453383.jpg (221.75 KB, 1600x900, DriverNephi.jpg)

If these answers are not somehow combined, Driver Nephi will brain Reuben with his iron.


I believe in the heart of the cards.
Secks. 1d100[ 1d100 = 25 ]


"Okay, what the fuck did you do to me?"
>"The ritual was supposed to turn you into a normal filly, not… This."
"What exactly did that dark ritual fucking involve?"
>You can see her tearing up.
>"Well, I had to impregnate a squid with a mindflayer tadpole and then kill it…"
>You relax your right foreleg and let it fall to the floor.
"Does this look like a filly to you?
>Twilight is still crying as she picks up your limb and gives it back to you.
>It's quickly reabsorbed into your mass, of course.
>"Okay, I'm going to come clean with you. This… was intentional."
>Before you can interject she puts a hoof on your head and starts to rub softly.
>Ohhhhhh god.
>You let out something in-between a squish and a whinny as you relax your 'mane' enough to let her run her hoof through it.
>"Do you want to be mommy's good little filly?"
>The sick fuck must've found all that fanfiction you were writing for some of the Anons that ended up fillies when they got there.
>But then again, Twilight had found homes for all those fillies. But you… you would be hers.
>"Then I need you to do a couple things for me. First of all, I'm sorry. I should've mentioned this beforehand, transitions can be quite jarring anyways. Let me tell you a bit about what exactly you are: you're the dark fusion of a freshy dead filly, a Deep Mind and your old body. Don't worry about the filly, she was terminal and I had full permission from her parents. She didn't suffer, just a mask of ether and some Potassium Chloride solution. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to being the filly. Your form is locked as one. No matter what you do with the rest of your body, you'll never be able to reform into anything but a filly, or the constituant parts of a filly. The deep mind has heightened your perception quite a bit, and you can develop the psychic powers that come with your heightened intelligence if you wish to."
>Just for fun, you let your jaw literally drop off of your face.
>She giggles a bit at that.
>"So, are you in or are you out?"


Wait, did I forget something? Did Celestia ever tell us what the name of each element was, is it easily avilible knowledge, or is she assuming that Filly's visions told her what the name of each element was?


Boosting 1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


File: 1552243880577.png (36.82 KB, 1220x651, 1705643.png)

Here's your spoonfeed
"Throw" as in throwing the game. She missed a penalty kick and caused /mlp/ to be eliminated
Skull because there's a skull ball


File: 1552244007823.png (495.79 KB, 910x748, 1520147208770.png)


>Filly fucks herself with her dick-leg


Fuck yeah




Oh, I don't watch /mlp/ soccer. Thanks for the explanation.


That actually got a kek out of me too


Did you forget that Anon was a Texan horsefucker before becoming the little filly? Of course he knows, he don't need no visions or nothin'.



Well yes, of course. And so does Blossom, maybe Twilight, Lyra, and Coco too. But if Celestia hasn't told Anon, and it's not easily available info, then will knowing the names of each element cause Celestia to ask how Anon knows? Make her suspicious, or at least surprise her? Or would she just assume Anon knew from his visions? That's what I'm really asking.


He's a texan horsefucker who also watches the show AND Celestia is aware Anon has visions, given the whole >Yo, princess, there's a doppleganger of me in Manehattan who stole my jewelry bit hence the entire reason we're in Manehatten to begin with.


was there ever an archive of this one?


>"Well yes, of course. And so does Blossom, maybe Twilight, Lyra, and Coco too."
I'm not sure what part of that made you think I didn't understand what you were saying, or that I disagreed with what you said.
>"Celestia is aware Anon has visions"
>"Yo, princess, there's a doppleganger of me in Manehattan who stole my jewelry"
Thank you for answering my question, Anon.


File: 1552275574566-0.png (150.18 KB, 1910x764, unknown.png)



File: 1552276767359.webm (6.87 MB, 1280x720, faggot_deer.webm)

>trolling omegle
>in spy mode
>in 2019


S-shut up Anon, I was bored…


File: 1552279742408.png (13.01 KB, 1012x278, I'm never doing this again….png)

I went and did it with a minor edit for the sake of accuracy.


We should pick a time and fill it with one question or explicitly horse realated ones, to confuse some randos over there, kek


an Omegle raid?

I love it. Maybe we can take it to a raiding thread?



File: 1552284162063.png (1.68 MB, 849x1200, Kidnapping.png)

Since I was ~9, I have unironically fantasized about variations of
>pic related
with various fictional women in differing circumstances
>inb4 nohooves


tbh, can't blame ya famalam. I love scenarios of dubious consent, although I draw my own line at preteen characters ironically I developed my own interests around the 12 year mark, hypocrisy much


Immediately pictured Celestia with Anonfilly under her wing and Twilight running after her, kek


>"She needs to make more friends, Twilight! Just let me take her out to eat, you'll see!"
>"I swear, if you don't set Anon down right now I'll turn your bones to spongecake!"


Wait, is this Lone's Twilight? Fuck that's brutal.


I'm salty that you got the quad nein get and not me.


File: 1552289067070.png (251 KB, 1406x1632, AnonFilly-Sword.png)


So much for going back to sleep. You'd really like to tell Celestia to just get fucked right now, but that would definitely get in the way of you being able to sleep. Instead, you shrug and answer to the best of your ability.

"Well, Twilight should obviously be Magic. Blossom's Laughter, and Lyra is… definitely Generosity."

You fondly reminisce about the time when you received your hand-carved wooden dildos in the mail. Lyra really is the best, and you need to remember to thank her for that… when you're not surrounded by polite company, that is.

"Coco, she's got to be Kindness, cause she's sweet as a peach, really. Daring's Honesty, if bluntness can be considered honesty. And as for me, I'm apparently Loyalty, though God knows why."

<<<"Interesting that you would choose those names for the elements, particularly given that you aren't so sure about your own element. Were they revealed to you by name in your visions?"


You're not quite sure if it would be appropriate to tell Celestia just yet that you're from another world. Still, she presses on with her point.

<<<"Equestria once had six champions, each representing one of six elements, and together they fought a great evil. But I believe the titles they chose were…"

She points to each of your friends in the same order that you described them, naming each one, and finally stopping her hoof upon you.

<<<"Sorcery, Hope, Beauty, Healing, Strength and… Bravery."

At the word "bravery", you reminisce once again, this time to the time when you stood up to a filly that threatened you with a knife. Of all of the words that could have described you here in Equestria, "coward" would never be one of them. Such a term could never have described Rainbow Dash either, the very pony whose element you seem to have taken. Do loyalty and bravery perhaps have something in common? You think a bit about your friends, and what you would do for them if push came to shove. If something ever happened to Blossom, the pony responsible would probably have hell to pay.

You're not entirely sure how the others fit their elements though. Maybe that information will be revealed in time? Or maybe you're just not thinking hard enough. Or hell, maybe the Elements of Harmony just represent abstract concepts that are poorly confined to a single word. That could all just be some sort of a cop-out, but perhaps it might provide a solution to Celestia's probing questions.


"Well, then just forget what I said. Apparently I was talking out of my ass."
1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]
"oh wow, i guess i was mistaken."


"It doesn't really matter what we call them, we could call them the elements of Nerdyness, Giggling, Rock, Manners… I wanna say Outback Survival? And Stubbornness and it'd work out the same. Those other six titles are still taken anyway, they'll be back at some point in the future and it'll be easier for the historians if you don't have doubles. Either way, said jewelry is here because SOMEONE STOLE IT AND WE KINDA NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD WITH THOSE, AJNA. Anyway, how hard could it be to find a pony that looks like me and a communist fanfilly in a city like this, really?" 1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]


"What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo." 1d100[ 1d100 = 60 ]


What you guys are saying is reminding me of the Succubus dream service in Konosuba. When Kazuma goes to it, and one of the Succubi is giving him examples of dreams dudes have requested, one of them was "Some men wish to be reverted to boyhood, and have a strong woman overpower them." And Kazuma thinks to himself, "Are the men in this town alright?!"


File: 1552318696506.png (1.52 MB, 1346x749, overpowered.png)

Couldn't find a vid of just the visit to the dream service on the first page of google, so I said fuck it. At least the moment I'm talking about is in one piece.


if you decide to clink embed, the clip starts at 5:09


Everything is fucking awful right now.
>You dig through the recesses of your mind to find a god you might've worshiped.
>Error 404, religious affiliation not found
>Alright, time to drag your ass to the door.
>You're able to get a bit of pull with your forehooves, seems like your back legs took most of it somehow.
>You're almost to the door when it begins creaking on its hinges.
>It slowly begins to gain momentum, barreling right into your recently healed ribs.
>Oh fuck no.
>You close your eyes and prepare for the worst before you feel something dragging you out of the door.
>"You didn't think I'd forget about you, did you?"
>"Jerk. Alright, what now?"
"Well, I have no idea where Twilight is. Did she greet you?"
>"No, I just heard her voice in my mind near the end of the school day when she told me to come here and meet you. I don't know how she got it across like that, but she sounded in a hurry."
"Ah, fuck."
>Well, you can't tell if Purple was bluffing about the fucking rune or not, but you'd rather not use up another charge.
>Then again, she implied she could recharge them.
>Or it might've just been an excuse to shove her smelly nerd butt in your face.
>Well, based on earlier she'll tan your fucking ass if you don't notify her.
>Well, that's being generous considering what she's done before.
>You softly utter:
"I am a faggot."
>"Yes, yes you are."
"Shut the fuck up League, magic and shit. You wouldn't understand."
>"Mhm. I'll scissor you later."
>"Okay, who's trying to molest- oh. Nothing's happening."
"There's something fucking up the castle, throwing books and shit everywhere."
>"Dear Celestia… you two go do something else, I'll handle this."
"Don't you want my help?"
>Twilight wastes a precious five seconds laughing at you.
>"Run along, sweetie. Let the big mares handle the big mare things."
"I-I amma big mare…"
>"You're smaller than the filly standing next to you."
"Don't you have more pressing matters than demoralizing me?"
>"Oh, right."
>She's gone in a flash.
>"So… what else do you wanna do?"
>Input action.


What's wrong?

Let's go play some baseball (on a public field) 1d100[ 1d100 = 85 ]


Lone's Twilight would blame Anon for being kidnapped somehow.


It's not a sex thing for me, more like a forcible adoption.


>Be Filly
>Waking down the streets of Ponyville
>Fuck this town is boring
>You wonder what kind of shady shit there is in the back alleys
>You take a trip behind some old buildings where nobody was around
>Suddenly, theres a stallion in your face
>"Hey kid… you like candy?"
>Oh boy, here we go
"Candy? I love candy!"
>He chuckes
>"Sure you do…"
"Where is it?"
>"You'll get your candy, but I need you to do something for me first, okay?"
>"Alright, well…"
>He sits down and spreads his legs
>"You see this thing? All you've gotta do is lick-"
>You burst out in laughter
"Holy shit, that things is so tiny!"
>His face goes beet red"
"God damn, I don't think you could please any mare with that spaghetti noodle"
"No wonder you go for fillies!"
>He sits there speechless, his jaw agape
>You didn't think it was possible, but his member shrinks even further
"Hey, where'd it go? I knew I should have brought my microscope with me!"
>The stallion starts to tear up
"Are you crying? I thought I was the little filly!"
>He throws something down on the ground in front of you
>"Just take the bucking candy!"
>He turns around and trots away, tears streaming down his face
"Bye bye, mister!"
>Free candy and a show? Today was a good day


Got a nice chuckle outta me, thanks Anon.
I got some unpleasant news this morning and most of the normalfags I interact with on a regular basis weren't helping by being complete dicks. To be fair on the second point I wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine either today, but it didn't help matters.


>normie friends being dicks and not understanding the issues relating to being /pol/ or /mlpol/
oof…yeah I feel that. Can't really talk about millennial depression or other white-male issues without sugarcoating it or getting blank stares and confused leftists when I'm talking to normies.


I've had a couple of 'em. Apparently the last one I did was in November. Here's a fresh one.

Hope that helps. Now to get back to trying to think on a topic for another bit of the story…


Glad you enjoyed it

Shit, sorry to hear that. I hope things improve


Apparently that had a bin.


Wanna talk about it?


It gets pretty personal rather quickly, and I'd rather not turn it into a blogpost. You all came here for cute fillies, not distressed writefags. Thank you for your concern though, you fillies really are the best.


You can put it up as a pastebin link or something, man. It's alright. I'm just as guilty of blogposting and I know how it feels having shit bottled up like that.


File: 1552352114760.png (475.45 KB, 1474x1204, 1518354794003.png)

I feel a lot less bottled up now anyways, I think I'll leave it at that. Thanks again.


If I may make a suggestion.
As cheesy and stupid as it sounds, I have an app on my phone for recording audio that I use to make audio journals. If I think about it for more than a couple seconds, I realize that it's pretty much me talking to myself. But when I compare it to vloggers/youtubers in general, and how, sure they're talking to their audience, but their audience isn't actually there at the time of recording. That could be considered a socially acceptable way to talk to yourself. And an audio journal is kind of the same thing as a written journal. You're writing for yourself, not for anyone else(mostly).
Sometimes it helps to say shit out loud, if for no other reason than to get it off your chest, and out of just bouncing around in your head. Sometimes it just feels good to speak out loud, like there's a feeling in your throat and vocal cords, craving use, and you alleviate that feeling.
I find that talking through it out loud helps me work through it, reach conclusions, analyze it from an almost third person/top down perspective. Thoughts, epiphanies, and solutions seem to come to me easier when I talk through things in this way, instead of just thinking about them.
After recording a 10, 15, even 30 minute audio journal, I'll sometimes feel like I just came out of a good counseling session. Relieved, like a load has been taken off my shoulders and chest, and I can get a feeling of clarity and refreshment, too.


Don't mention it man. Just know that we're all in this little nightmarish western existence together. I'll second >>210188 's suggestion, and add that if you want to blogpost in the future, you could use vocaroo or something and those who want to help could either use spoilers or vocaroo links to reply. I ain't got shit to do tonight anyway so, go right ahead if you do want to do that.


>"Interesting that you would choose those names for the elements, particularly given that you aren't so sure about your own element. Were they revealed to you by name in your visions?" >>209779 >>209900 called it!

Boosting 1d100[ 1d100 = 40 ]


I doubt I'll share anything, but I will admit that the idea does sound rather therapeutic. I'll give it a shot some time soon.


lone has ebolaids confirmed





File: 1552376490681.png (272.43 KB, 600x600, Celestia-ScrunchFace.png)


"You can forget it Princess. I guess I was just mistaken."

<<<"That doesn't really answer my question, now does it?"

"Well no, no it doesn't. I don't really know how I came up with those titles, they just sort of… came to me. I'm not sure if their title really means anything though. We could just as easily call Twilight the Element of Nerdiness. It won't change the fact that they're stolen."

<<<"Oh we already have them back. I wouldn't have called you all here for a task I could just as easily sent my guards to do."

Twilight passes a glance to you and Blossom, the only truly genre savvy ponies in the room, and proceeds to bust a gut.

>"Oh princess… that's a good one."

<<<"What, you don't believe me? I can show you all the Elements in just a bit."

>"Oh no, it's not that. It's just… the idea that you wouldn't send out a bunch of fillies to perform a task where any competent leader would make use of a highly trained and professional military is just too rich to believe."

<<<"And yet I just did."

>"Indeed you did. And you know what I bet you're gonna tell us next? Now I'm not the psychic here, but let's see if I can try to read your mind. After we finish our breakfast, you're gonna bring us over to whatever vault you've got the Elements in for safekeeping, and then send us off on some kind of crazy suicide mission to the changeling hive to get us to use them against their queen. And you're not gonna give us any kind of military intelligence providing detailed plans of the enemy's movement patterns over the past month or so, nor any complex floor plans to allow us to more easily locate her without running into many changelings along the way. Furthermore, you have no intentions of providing us with reinforcements or even logistics support. No, you're going to send us all the way out in the middle of nowhere with nothing on our backs but a bunch of jewelry out of some crazy plot to get us to grow as ponies or some shit. If we succeed, then it was just as planned. And if we don't, we weren't really the chosen ones. Either way, you win."

Celestia is completely silent in her response.


"You act like she isn't also a precog like I am and hasn't already seen the outcome and is just playing along because doing everything for the mortals cheapens the mortal's existences." 1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


this,but Dab
1d100[ 1d100 = 48 ]



whistle the tune from Reading Rainbow instead of the dab
1d100[ 1d100 = 26 ]


"Twilight, stop reading the script!" 1d100[ 1d100 = 18 ]


>>210254 This
Then a variant of >>210245 like "The princess is probably precog like I am on some level, and has a clear, more or less certain picture of what the eventual outcome of her actions and whatever requests she makes of us will be." turn head to look at Celestia "Is that correct, princess? Or am I way off the mark?" Then dab 1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]



fucking kek
virgin stallion vs. chad faggotfilly


You know that script exposition is Pinkie's job right? What would she say if she was here about you taking over her job?
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


Boost 1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]



Wew indeed.



Sorry for being dead, some medical shit happened and I've been busy. Living up to my name indeed
Now who's ready for a chapter book-length text dump?


>Be Lyra
>Furiously trying to think of a way out of this situation
>On one hand, the foal was in with the alicorns, and might become one someday
>But if you killed her, you lose all bargaining power and get buttfucked by the (((Princess)))-owned SCAT
>Plus she was still your best bet in finding out about humans
>The good news was that there was some sort of force field around the upper part of the castle, which kept the pegasi from trying to invade from above
>By accident, you found that dropping priceless vases showed that objects would slow down when in freefall, eventually hitting the bottom of the circular shield at a minimal velocity
>You looked at the jooce-equipped filly, and wondered if the real reason it was there was due to a suicide attempt
>She sets down the empty box quietly, trying to avoid getting your attention
>But your back was to the wall, and you didn't know how long you had until they broke in and hoofcuffed you
>You hear a dim noise; it sounded like a "huleo"
>You perk your ears up, trying to locate the sound
>"Huleo!" it rang out, slightly louder
>It was a stallion's voice, and you were definitely alone in here
>New management?
>You head back to the balcony, filly unwillingly levitating behind you
>Peering out over the edge, you see several SCAT officers surrounding a commanding, self-assured stallion holding a megaphone who oozed dominance
>He SHOULD be in charge
"What do YOU want?!?" you yelled at the officer
>Hopefully something l-lewd
>"I'm here to acquire the release of a-" he looked down at a sheet of paper another officer was holding "Anonymous!"
>Clever. He thought that making the filly seem insignificant, you'd lower your proposal.
"My demands are the same! I want a confession and amnesty!"
>Despite the distance, you manage to see him sigh a bit
>"We don't negotiate with terrorists ma'am."
>"I'm not here to discuss political philosophy. I'm here to dictate the terms of your surrender." he said emotionlessly, the tone of a wagie repeating their customer greeting
"I-I have a PRINCESS here!"
>He looks back down at the clipboard
>"Nope, sitrep says Princess Sparkle is out."
>"Let's act civil, miss." he suggested in a low-key condescending manner
"I-I'll be back!" you insisted


>Still Lyra
>You skedaddle inside, trying to think of a solution
>Maybe you could suck that S.C.A.T. officer's dick
>No, he probably had Stablecies lining up to do it
>Damn, if only you had some way out of here
>You look over to the nervous-looking emerald filly, huddled in the corner
>Maybe she knew something
"…Hey kid, are there any secret doors in the castle? Or some kind of tunnels underneath us?"
>She doesn't answer
"Well, if I'm going down, you're coming with me. And I'm not talking about prison."
>Anon gives an audible gulp, followed by a thoughtful look
>"Huh? I dunno, probably not. The floor is pure crystal, so good luck trying to break through that."
>Faustdamn it
>"Wait, there IS the auxiliary tunnel in the basement."
>"It was originally made to transport objects in and out of the castle discreetly, but isn't really used since Twilight can just teleport willy-nilly. We only use the basement for storage anyway. Old Halloween costumes and whatnot."
"Take me there. Now."


>Be Anonfilly
>Lyra had taken the bait
>Still levitating a knife behind you, Lyra followed your hoofsteps as you managed to locate the stairway to the basement
>You were getting used to your new hom- abode.
"So anyway, the tunnel is magically sealed. You need to hold your horn against it and say the magic word to reveal it." you explain as you reach the bottom of the staurcase. "And since I'm an earth pony, I can't use it. I think Twilight might have locked it just to spite me."
>"And what's the magic word?"
"Oh, it's 'Magikazam'"
>Lyra says nothing, and you can feel here eyes searching for a secret passage
>You guide her into a cell you had spent the night in before
"See that circular discoloration at the back?"
>Lyra pokes inside, looking for said marking
>With one strong heave, you slam the cell door behind her closed, hearing a *click* as it automatically locks
>Before she could react, you blitzed to the left, out of her line of sight- and hopefully, magical ability
>You hurried upstairs
>You didn't know if the crossbars would hold.


>You dash straight for the front door, hooves clip-clopping against the cool floor, reverberating through the silent castle
>Safety was just a doorknob away, and you were approaching the foyer rapidly, not slowing until you were face-to-face with the imposing entryway
>One hoof extended, you furiously rotate the knob counterclockwise
>Or rather, you TRY to.
>It was locked, and not in the normal way
>The physical bolts were clearly unlatched, but for some reason the door would not open
>Buck, Twilight probably forgot to dispel the magical seal this morning
>Your m- kidnapper was paranoid as well as insane
>Could your life get any w-
>You here a metallic screech coming from the basement


>You knew the doors and windows were all locked, and virtually indestructible
>Hiding might be your best bet, but that depended on whether or not Twilight would be home quickly
>That metal was magically reinforced, but it wouldn't hold out too long
>Fighting was out of the question
>You blitz upstairs, eager to put as much space between you and the Mint Marauder as possible
>Where could you even hide? A closet would be too obvious…..
>Taking the stairs two at a time, you traded safety for speed
>This would be your downfall. Literally.
>Stumbling over a misplaced hoof, you collided its front end with the edge of the next stair, keeling forward, then overcompensating backwards
>You fell back nearly half a floor, unable to stop your descent without hands
>Lucky you didn't land on your head, but you still lay splayed out across the staircase, with no idea what to do or even what hope you had
>The screeching stopped.


File: 1552457448938.png (96.53 KB, 600x801, Celestia-LionFace.png)


"Twi, stop reading the script. You know that's Pinkie's job, right? What do you think she'd say if she found out you were taking over her job?"

>"Anon, what are you talking about? What script?"

Your flashbacks continue as you remember that you entered a time loop immediately after spilling too much information about the story. You decide not to break the fourth wall too hard, except for laughs.

"Obviously if you know exactly what's going to happen here, this must be some kind of scripted event. In any case, the princess probably has some precognition powers of her own, and knows this is going to turn out fine. Right, Princess?"

She gives you a wink and a smile in response.

<<<"Right. So how about we get all of you your elements and send you off on your - what was it you called it Twilight, suicide mission?"


>Be Lyra Heartstrings
>The dense metal poles took some force to bend open
>You manage to wriggle your way through the opening you had bent in the bars
>That bucking filly
>She was WORSE than a hostage, she was a saboteur
>You were gonna find her, and MAKE her cooperate
>Or at least deal a blow to the Friendship (((Princess)))
>You stealth your way through the castle's bottom floor, eyes wide and ears perked
>Coming into the kitchen, you grab a chef's knife from the wooden stand on the kitchen counter
>You wouldn't be chopping veggies


Goddamn it Reuben, way to split up my posts





You know, you can make your posts a maximum of 6000 characters, right? You don't have to split them up into 1000 character chunks. Still, it is nice to know that I split it up using a Princess Celestia trollface image.


I split it up for emphasis, since I use a lot of mini-cliffhangers it usually flows better that way.


I like to make self contained stuff within 6000 characters if possible. That way the cliffhangers don't annoy people especially since I write a single chapter a month if anything unless I'm really feeling productive.


>After several minutes of rigorous exploration, it turned out that the bottom floor was deserted, and all entrances magically sealed
>As tested earlier, there was no way to escape upstairs
>Or anywhere, actually
>The only place for her to go was up, and the filly had a finite amount of room- and by extension, time
>You suddenly hear a scraping noise coming from the floor above
>You hurry over to the curved staircase, eager to finish this job
>The filly was possibly trying to move some furtniture to hide behind, unaware of how the noise echoed throughout the castle
>There wasn't a large amount of furniture in this castle, so she shouldn't be too hard to find so long as you kept an eye behind you
>The scraping noise stopped, then continued
>Your hooves made the normal clipping noise against the crystal floor, echoing in the grand halls
>Why bother with stealth? You had nothing to hide from, and Anon wouldn't be able to hear it over her own sounds anyway
>It was annoying how the curved wall on your left, matching the staircase, limited your vision upwards, its surface decorated by the ocassional painting of some old wizard or (((politician)))
>Why didn't other ponies see the underhanded control the (((Princesses))) had over their lives?
>Brainwashed by the MSM, of course
>Bucking Featherweight, you knew where he got the bits for that scooter
>But now that soft screech had become a regular "bump"-ing sound, growing louder and louder
>What was making that noise?
>Then it hit you.


>Be Anonfilly
>The Home Alone duology (yes, DUOLOGY) had prepared you through this scenario
>If Trump hadn't been in his hotel that day, you might be fucked
>Unfortunately, the lack of hands was interfering with your ability to go Techies on Lyra's ass
>Wait, was that horsie-racist?
>Either way, you were making it work
>You pushed one of the cabinets forward down the hall with your head, struggling against its weight with your little filly body
>A human little girl would never be able to accomplish this, but earth pone strength helped
>You wish it wouldn't make that noise, but stealth wasn't an option right now
>Eventually, you manage to get to the edge of the staircase
>With one last heave, you shove the medium-size piece of furniture over the edge, listening to the loud BUMPS is made as it bounced against the stairs and walls, picking up speed as it did so
>No time to wait, you had other plans to attend to


>Be Lyra
>What the buck was that
>A mini-wooden dresser of some sort bounded around the corner, and before you could react, it slammed against your skull, filling your mind white a white-hot pain centere on your head
>Your concentration fell apart with the sensation, and the knife flew forwards out of your magical grip, sticking into a leg of the furniture
>Not only that, but the cabinet knocked you off your hooves and down several stairs, your head hitting the corner of a step; your head was now completely covered in pain
>Somehow the cabinet continued downwards, only picking up more speed as it bounced down the stairwell, knife still embedded within
>She was going to pay for that

>Eventually you recover your knife and set out upstairs oncemore

>That was a cheap shot, but what else could she do?
>She was just a little filly
>You reach the second floor, and are greeted by an empty hall
>You turn to the door to your left, but right before swinging it open you see a black tail retreating past the corner at the end of the hall
>You gallop down the corridor, a murderous glee filling your heart

>As you dart around the corner, you fail to notice the items littering the floor

>You mantain your velocity as you slip on one of many bouncy balls, flailing backwards in midait
>Unfortunately, your plot landed straight onto a jack, its pointy end piercing against your thiccness
"REEEEEEE!" you howled in pain

>It was a full minute before you managed to get up, curse a few times, and traverse the hallway, avoiding the dozens of balls and jacks

>You searched the remaining rooms of the second floor, and headed up the staircase to the third one
>The last one.


File: 1552459072179.png (237.15 KB, 1371x1017, 1522607852934.png)

this is the closest thing to purple giving me a book as my only birthday present
please update the pastebin tho when you get the chance


>Among the closed doors of the next entrance hallway, one remained slightly ajar, only a miniscule crack separating the door from the frame
>Closing doors was slightly difficult with hooves, and the filly was clearly panicking
>You swing the door open and are greeted with a traditional bathroom- an overly large, curtain-laden shower/bath combination, a small, low-hanging and utilitarian chandelier, a sink laden with bottles, toothbrushes, and a tube labeled "Personal-Use Lube: For All Your Adventures" slaying on its side, clearly devoid of any contents
>The shower curtain was diagonallyy supported by some string to the ceiling; those corrupt princesses probably used some expensive metal to make it
>Your surroundings didn't matter, your objective did
>Gazing into the chamber, you see a dark silhouette crouched behind the shower curtain, the top of its head barely visible above the wall of the bathtub
>You slowly stalk towards your prey, basking in her fear
>It was a warmer in here, but that was probably due to the lack of windows
>When you drew close to the bathtub, the floor began to feel a little… slippery
>Maybe the (((Princesses))) bathed in melted butter
>Edging right next to the curtain, you take a moment to relish in this victory
>You release a small breath, and with difficulty rip the shower curtain off, hangar and all
>It soared upward, but you were focused solely on your quarry
>It was unimportant, all that occupied your mind was bloodthirst
>Before you sat not a filly, but a small wooden box soaking on the opposite side of a bathtub full of sizzling hot water, with a throw pillow on top
>While you gazed at the ruse, something hits you in the head from behind, its impact half-force and half-surprise
>You slip on the oily surface, plunging forward into the bathtub

>The water scalded you like lava, and you finally understood how boiled potatoes felt

>Stumbling a bit, you manage to spring yourself out of the tub, some liquid still stuck to you
>Your fur coat offered little protection from the burning sensation, and your face and ears burned the worst
>You shake your body like a spastic dog, desperately attempting to shake off some liquid.
>Eventually the water cools down enough to be somewhat manageable
>Glancing up, you see a tight cord connected the shower curtain to the mini-chandelier, finishing by connecting to the handle of a small suitcase which was now hanging in midair by the glorified string.
>Coupled with the impact and surprise, it was enough to make you slip forward
>It hovered there like it was taunting you, basking in the warmth of your pain
>You had a response ready, of course.


>You slowly crawled down the hall, watching your every step
>The next entry was a set of double doors, shut closed with glass interior and thin wooden bezel
>You swing them open wildly, but still reserved enough to avoid slamming them against the wall for fear of making noise
>While you search around the room, you notice a small stack of manila folders on the bedstand
>Flipping through some of the contents, you can see a host of vital information
>Government spending outlines, lists of planned development projects, some (undoubtedly secret) international treaties, papers on Equestrian culture (and probably (((their))) goals to subvert it)

>You returned to the hallway, still uncomfortably warm as you carefully levitate the folders as well as your knife behind you, setting the former down gently and promising to return for them later

>Peering at your surroundings, you see a door with a paper sign taped to the front, with a crudely written "Anon Only" scrawled on it in crayon, paired with a poorly-depicted skull and crossbones
>What was intended to be intimidating was actually cute
>But looks could be decieving, and this little hellspawn was going to return to the blazing pit
>You stretch toward the slightly-open door with confidence, sure that this was where a foal would hide
>It turned out that she hid SOMETHING
>As you pushed the door open and hurried inside, a room-temperature liquid splashed on your head, followed by the thunk of a plastic bucket hitting the floor
>It was but a second before you suffered for your blunder
>Your eyes, untouched from the scorching water, suddenly burned in a manner almost equivalent


>You fall on your rump and cover your face with your forehooves, which of course did nothing to minimize the agony
>Eventually you manage to shake off the throbbing sensation in your eyes a bit, but they still ached
>Looking back up, you see a still shape hidden underneath the bedsheets, which had some wooden blocks on its edges
>You approach the bed, expecting a pillow or stuffed animal of some sort, considering this filly's resourcefulness
>But it couldn't hurt to check.


>Leaning over the bed, knife ready, you swing the covers off, knocking the blocks away, and you immediately send your weapon into the figure without checking its form
>As expected, a large pillow was all that lay beneath the blankets, unproductively punctured by your knife
>Well, at least that was all-
>You begin violently coughing, the air you were inhaling suddenly rancid in a manner you had never experienced,, filling your thoughts with panic
>The smell was the worst you'd ever experienced, at least equal to what you'd find in port-a-potty after a Mexicoltan carnival
>Was this some sort of Hoofland Security bomb?
>You retreat to the other side of the room, but the odor still clung with you a bit, merely emulating a fart
>Turning around,, you see a brightly-colored cardboard box leaning against a wall, featuring a pair of happy foals surrounding some beakers on its cover
>"My Little Chemistry Set:"
>"Deluxe Edition"


>This was it.
>You stood in front of a descending ladder, a beam of sunlight lighting up the floor surrounding it
>This led straight up to the rooftop, and the shield prevented any attempt to jump
>The filly was up here.
>Nowhere else to go.
>You maintain your magical grip on your knife and newfound manilla folder, trying to suppress thinking about the pain
"For Equestria" you mumble, steeling yourself for the task ahead
>There would be no mercy.


File: 1552460939730.png (388.07 KB, 1156x916, Bathtime 2.png)

I have the rest finished, but I'm gonna leave you on this cliffhanger because I'm a mega-ass faggot. Don't worry, it won't be too long…


How have I never seen this filly image before? I feel so many feels at this epiphany.


Updated, another 5.3k words puts my total at 116.5k for my story, 129k total for all AF green.


Ponder the meaning behind Celestia's gesture, the wink and the smile, despite you and Twilight's recent words. Your apparent misnaming of the elements, while sounding more or less certain. Her quasi-grilling of you for that. Was she just giving you light hearted reassurance, and confirmation of your statement?
Or does she perhaps know more about your situation than she's let on so far? The fact that none of the six of you are originally from this world? That you're actually from another planet, in another dimension most likely? And you're not even the same species you were before.
(If I get high on the perception check)Maybe she even knows about the voices in your head?
(if I get stupidly high on the perception check)Could she…maybe know the actual why? The how? Or have some idea of how to figure that out? 1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]
(If this is not where you want to go at all right now, take the first paragraph, or however much you want, and do whatever you want with it, Reuben)

(Additional roll for perception check 1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ] , add whatever bonus you think Anon's powers should give him, if any)
(Additional roll to avoid or prevent pinkie related interference 1d100[ 1d100 = 66 ] )


Great to see you again!
I hope everything is okay now, medically


File: 1552495705030.gif (Spoiler Image, 35.92 KB, 344x584, IMG_3215.GIF)

Bathtubs are the leading yearly cause of filly deaths. Always watch when they wash.
Glad you're okay, I was honestly a bit worried about you…
I made something for you, sorry if the gif isn't the highest quality. Here's the folder with all the frames of it if you want to tinker with it yourself, I know you like to edit images. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P6NIlbdm-tboov1G5ZTQQ1rkdpKKmSuH
It's good to have you back.


gif doesn't appear to be animated to me. Your phone might have borked it.


File: 1552498629260-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 344x584, FillyPain1.gif)

Ah, fuck me. I hate being a mobilefag.


There we go
Not bad


Happy birthday!


File: 1552501569176.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, 1523590501164.png)

Happy Birthday Anon!


Happy Birthday!


File: 1552507057597-0.png (439.86 KB, 680x753, 1522676740632-1.png)

File: 1552507057597-1.png (895.67 KB, 3000x3058, 1544423113617.png)

i'll kiss you on the mouth no homo
>tfw you meant that getting your favorite green updated feels like a birthday present but anons erroneously wish you a happy birthday the next day
>tfw you realize it's what the filly would do anyway to jew ponies out of presents and well-wishes
thanks anyway anons



When would filly celebrate her birthday anyways? Anniversary of the thread?


whenever purple's birthday comes around
>"happy birthday to us, anon!"
>"who knew that we shared the same birthday?"
>"i got both of our names on the carrot cake!"


Happy belated, nigger!
Is that better, Anon? Still like the filly would do?


File: 1552516553674.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, hnnngg.png)

That's more adorable than it has any right to be


>Carrot cake
Purple has damn good taste.


File: 1552523522340.png (772.15 KB, 6000x6612, 1490044131495.png)

Heyy the local assfaggot is back! I hope things are going better for you now.

Love how this chase scene turned out, definitely looking forward for the rest.

I think using paragraphs would work just fine.


File: 1552525445858.png (132.28 KB, 715x538, Conception (S).png)

>implying you're not starting out as the fetus


File: 1552533461567.png (Spoiler Image, 2.24 MB, 1606x918, M24byFWMpphBEK0z_TQdxsn707….png)

I was going to color it, but I kind of thought that would mess up the aesthetic.


Good Job lone


File: 1552539167421-0.jpg (75.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I didn't know you had been keeping a personal log of all your one-shots too.
Could I possibly see those legendary greens?


Okay, I'll do that soon. A lot of it is old, so the writing might be a bit shoddy


Alright, I'd like to ask you all something. I've always sort of had this idea of my main green being a 'hybrid cyoa.' If any of you recall, it used to be at the top of the pastebin until I removed it because it was honestly a fucking joke. I've been accepting rolls ever since that one fag told me to make gunpowder over a year ago, it wasn't fitting. I'm starting to wonder if I should let it just be a normal green for a while.
I saw your responses on that poll, I get it. A lot of you fucking hate cyoas, and I fucking love (You)s. However, there comes a point at which I should probably put aside my own narcissism for the purpose of doing my damn job and telling a coherent story. In so many words, I'd like to remove rolling for actions (at least for a while) so that I can focus a bit more on the plot elements that I've set up. Tell me what you all think, if you would.


That's okay, we all start somewhere. I don't touch my own older stuff for a reason.


I'll give you (You)s, bby.


Real story, yay! t. The fag who told you to make gunpowder over a year ago


>Be Anonfilly
>You scurried across the rooftop, not bothering to peer over the edge and signal to the officers
>They couldn't save you.
>Only one could.
>And time was short.
>You release a scrap of paper and green crayon from your mouth, and hurriedly scrawl out a message using the latter on the former
>It took you a moment to finish scribbling it out, and you take a moment to look over your handi- hoofiwork
"need help"
"crazy mare w/ knif"
"on castl roof"
>You scuttle across the ground and rush towards a small, unlit bronze brazier, featuring runes adorning its frame that looked burned in
>Purple put it here in case you needed to message her, a device that automatically sent all missives to her, with some delay
>It was undoubtedly kept in an inconvenient location so that you wouldn't overuse it
>By putting your hoof against its surface, you manage to turn on the emergency cask, which lit up with a magical green fire
>You manage to reach up and drop the missive into the flames, which was instantly consumed in a puff of smoke
>Behind you, you hear the growling of a broken mare.


File: 1552546295179.png (152.37 KB, 1036x1000, AnonFilly-Blaargh.png)


As Celestia escorts you throughout the bank building to the vault where the elements are being held, you begin to think about a few things. What exactly is meant by Celestia giving you a wink and a smile. Does she know something you don't, or is she just completely fucking with you. Was Twilight perhaps justified in suggesting that she's actually incompetent, and have there been others before you?

And what was up about her comments about your choices of names for the elements? Was she supposed to be reassuring you that your choices were actually correct? Was she maybe aware that the names all came from voices inside your head and trying to get you to admit that? How much does she even know anyways?

Perhaps less important, but still something you find confusing… why did she have you sleep in the bank? Granted, it was a secure room, but did she think you were somehow going to get mugged traveling from a hotel to the bank to get your elements? Or are you on a seriously tight time schedule that you can't even spare what would be at most an hour of extra travel time.

These thoughts seem to wash over you as you enter the vault. The room is very dark, illuminated only by the light of Celestia's horn… and the mesmerizing glow of six magical gemstones sitting upon a pedestal.


Well, we know ours is the red one. Take it!
1d100[ 1d100 = 29 ]


"Oh sh-…dang, it's our bling!" Can't curse in front of the Princess, after all. 1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]


"Fuck,princess. that's Bretty cool."
Grab our element without askingAnd then DAB on the princess
1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]


Boosting to secure. Hold the dab for a couple moments, while glancing at both the unicorns in the room. Hoping that they'll make an "OK" hand gesture appear on one or both of your hooves using their magic. 1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]
(which they probably won't, for various reasons. Not the least of which being the fact that human hands aren't really a thing in Horse Land)



File: 1552574767906.png (364.8 KB, 1542x2084, _filly giggle.png)


Can't curse in front of the princess, satan.

Ask Celestia where the elements were found. 1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]


Alright, alright! Step right up, take your bets on whether this will end in another Alternate ending! Come on, don't be shy!


Nice work
What's that cutie mark supposed to be?


If you have a story you want to tell, then yeah, you should just write that story


Just stop doing a CYOA in general. They drag down conversation and reduce the (You)s normal stories get because everybody ignores the green to make random meme rolls.


>You turn to see the psychotic mare, her eyes reddened, body slightly burned and bruised, and the few dry ends of her mane and tail springing out
>The knife was what scared you, and she approached you, finishing about six feet from where you were
"You've lost."
>"Oh I have, have I?" she replied, relishing in your imminent demise
"My mother's arrival. She built a phone in the Friendship Castle. She put a link connecting your princesses and I've just told the entire group how to find me."
>She merely scoffed at that.
>"The shield is up, your message will never reach the (((princesses)))" Lyra declared, emphasizing the last word like a conspiracy theorist would. "All your lies in here will be exposed." she added, shaking some manila folders you vaguely recognized, "I lose nothing but time. You, on the other hand, DIE with the princesses."
>You braced yourself for death.
>Right as you expected the knife to penetrate your chest, a beam of purple light bursted through Lyra's torso, instantly incapacitaing her
>She fell to the rooftop floor, knife and papers respectively clattering and thumping
>You turned to see a purple winged angel before you
>"Nopony touches my daughter."


>You rush over to Twilight and hug her as she gently lands, throwing your hooves around her neck
>"There, there, mama's here now. You're safe."
>You won't cry. You won't cry.
>Well, maybe just a little is alright
>Out of the corner of your eye you see Twilight levitate the folders into her possession
>"You're not gonna be needing these" she gloats at the dying Lyra, who remain splayed out on the cold floor, trembling in minor convulsions as a small pool of blood spread below her
>The unicorn desperately raises her head and looks up at her killer, incapable of speaking, eyes reflecting her beaten spirit
>"You failed, Lyra."
>Lyra dropped her head, and you could swear you heard sobbing
>Twilight rotates you onto her back, and carries you toward the staircase
>"Come on Anon, I'll make you lunch." she said, leaving the dying Lyra to her own thoughts


I'm part of the 50% who voted "neigh" on the strawpoll about CYOAs a few threads ago


Excellent update, Not ASSFAGGOT. You never fail to impress with a new blend of absolutely fucked.
It's supposed to be a normal question mark, the ass should've been about a pixel thicker to do that though, so I ended up just stylizing it slightly and hoped none of you would notice.


Haven't really delved much into your stuff yet, but just on principle I want to say; Ya, go for it, my dude. Every story in these threads doesn't need to be a cyoa. I've personally been enjoying participating in Reuben's story, but I don't expect every writefag to make their stories cyoas. Nor should I. If you have a solid, coherent story you want to tell, then you shouldn't feel like you have to adapt it to make it a cyoa. Especially not if it's going to significantly affect the cohesion and the quality of the story in a bad way.
Likewise on the other end, you don't have to feel like it needs to be only one or the other. If you get to a part that seems like it could be easily, smoothly adapted, where you think "Hmmm, why don't I throw the readers a bone here? See what they come up with?" , you could make that particular part cyoa. (what I thought when I read "hybrid cyoa")
Solid story could be the default. Then, if you feel like opening the floor a bit, you could say that rolls/action suggestions are open for that specific post, round the end/beginning or something.
You're the writefag, so the ultimate discretion of what to do with your story is yours.


File: 1552628541665.png (839.54 KB, 2066x1653, 1984852.png)

What would Twilight do with Filly for Pi Day?


File: 1552628961409.png (101.4 KB, 362x286, 1552258535649.png)

Give her to Pinkie, so Ponka can fully "enjoy" her day


Make her memorize Pi to the 314th digit and then have pie with Pinkie later to celebrate.


Probably what >>210840 said. I'd just want to spend some time with Purple and make a pie together.


File: 1552629187978.png (280.63 KB, 628x589, A Good Attempt.png)

Filly: Isolation
Make her a pie of course. It won't come out right, but it was made with love, and that's all that matters.


File: 1552630150135.png (239.31 KB, 721x692, 1363108.png)


Oof, good luck

Daw. I'd like that too


File: 1552634461567.png (48.98 KB, 535x700, AnonFilly-Implying.png)


You are very tempted to run up to the elements and put yours on immediately, but something seems fishy to you.

"Hey Celestia, where'd you find the elements, exactly?"

<<<"Exactly where you told me they'd be."

"Twi, where'd you tell her they'd be, exactly?"

>"I told her they'd be on a filly named Ajna who looked like you, and was headed towards Manehatten on a ship to see her mother."

"So I take it you intercepted her?"

<<<"That would be correct. I also put her in a prison for stealing artifacts vital to national security."

"I see… did you speak much with her when you took the elements back?"

<<<"I did not have the pleasure of meeting her, but if you would like, I could arrange to allow you to visit her in her cell."

"It would be interesting to see if she's still in her cell. The elements are what allowed her to maintain her corporeal form."

<<<"That… would have been something that might have been prudent to mention earlier."


"Eh, she was kind of a cunt anyway. So, when do we hit the road for the badlands?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ]


Don't worry about it, she's back in the Astral Plane, probably saw it all coming, and allowed your guards to get the elements to begin with. She's probably watching us right now and making faces. 1d100[ 1d100 = 41 ]


Boosting (because it's not nice to swear in front of the princess, guise) 1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]


For Pi Day, I got a pumpkin pie and an apple lattice pie and shared with my coworkers and housemates, having an eighth slice of both pies.

I love pumpkin pie so much, I wish I could take a whole pie but I can't let myself falter in my lent diet or uberhengst lifestyle change.


No wait, fuck. I thought you were responding to the gif. Question mark over x^2, was trying to show that filly was some sort of scientist or engineer working onboard.


This, then look around and up while thanking Ajna for likely moving the elements-the jewelry and the ponies- closer to where they were needed, and ensuring the bling got there safely. Not in a taunting way either. Say it like you mean it, as if that was her plan all along, and you are appreciative of it. 1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]

It's also probably a good idea to give somewhat of a fuck if we piss off Ajna or not. She could potentially be a great help. Maybe help Anon hone his precog abilities, or use her own to help us.


Ah, I see it now


Ideas for new stories
>filly goes on Griffon shooting spree
>New Zealand shooter gets reincarnated as a filly


Fund It!


Lol. Everybody in the filly server was all Im literally shaking right after the video was shared around.


Do it.


How about something like this instead?
>Horrible things happens in Equestria
>They're all exactly like many horrible things that's happened on Earth that Anonfilly read about before ending up in Equestria
>For example, a destructive magic spree just happened in a school in Manehattan
>It happened on the same date a shooting spree somewhere happened on Earth
>So Anonfilly pretty much knows on which day in the Equestrian years horrible things are going to happen
>But will any pony believe her?
>Or would some think she's behind it all?
>Would she even bother telling anyone?


Just leave an anonymous tip, filly isn't retarded. Threats are taken seriously.


>Just leave an anonymous tip
In Equestria? How? By sending a dumb pigeon pony?


Just send a letter to the mayor it's not that hard.


File: 1552699620481.png (650.99 KB, 2613x2761, 1985514.png)

How many of you would this be?


>Hair done in a ponytail
That would probably be me. I love it when girls put their hair into a ponytail.
The clopping to myself part I'm not so sure about, though.
I would basically take the opportunity to be like Smolder and do as much girly shit as I could think of.


It would probably be me.


File: 1552703825118.png (2.26 MB, 2000x4000, one of us.png)

Filly's got the magic boop.


File: 1552703993912.png (80.35 KB, 240x276, X Parasites.png)

Filly is an X Parasite confirmed


>Starting straight out of the matriarchy
Too bad they forgot about the sun and moon, RIP Eqqus


>Getting booped by a filly to be turned into the filly
God I wish that were me


I'd at least wait until I was a teenaged filly before doing anything like that. I'd want to enjoy being a kid/foal again first.

I would probably do up my mane like that, tho. Looks nice, and I've heard it's easy on your scalp if you get it right.


>Twilight is off in the Dragon Lands with Spike on a mission
>meanwhile, Anon has booped and converted every pony in Equestria
>Twilight comes back to the castle only to find nothing but fillies lined up as far as the eye can see
"Ms. Sparkle, welcome back. Like what I've done with the place?"


File: 1552704395009.jpg (396.03 KB, 1833x1863, 20170910.jpg)

God damn it Anon, I fucking lost it


Let's see it.


The real question is if it just clones that filly, or if another Anon is brought to Equestria each time.


Nice to see more Filly from you


Skitter lives.


More like camels, but yeah, love it.


Kek, sort of what I was planning on doing. Don't think I'm going to refrain from occasional puzzles just because this isn't a cyoa anymore. If you ever feel like getting caught up on my crappy green though, I can plug my pastebin…


>Fatal error detected. Unable to continue, terminating due to uncaught exception.
>Restart Chillyfilly.exe? Y/N
>Be the filly.
>Load savestate
>Enter state ID. Alternatively, "Search for recent."
>Search for recent.
>Savestate found. Corruption detected, load anyway? Y/N
>She's gone in a flash.
>"So… what else do you wanna do?"
"Baseball. On a public field."
>League looks at you strangely.
>"What about our field?
"League, I don't want to get raped and I don't want you to fucking die. No."
>"Okay, okay…"
>You hear her sniffle a little bit.
"I'm sorry, this… I've been on edge recently. The Everfree was never safe to begin with, and I think it's even less so now."
>"Okay, I know a good park. I can't guarantee we'll be alone though."
>This was a horrible idea.
>You stand weakly, hooves planted firmly in the dry dirt with a bat that tastes like the mouths of one hundred other fillies firmly grasped in-between your teeth.
>You're starting to wish that you had accepted League's kind offer of her helmet, but you don't want to look like even more of an autist.
>Diamond Tiara, the pitcher, gives you a sadistic grin.
>"It looks like the fucking cripple finally crawled out of her hole to be with us mortals. Let's show her a good game, huh?"
>You stare her directly in the eyes.
>You can't show weakness.
"Bring it on, daddy's little cocksock."
>She narrows her eyes and throws a hardball directly at your face.
>You wince as the ball makes contact with your left eye.
>Yep, that's going to bruise hard tomorrow.
>You fall to the ground in the dirt, writhing in pain.
>"Foul ball!"
>You're supposed to hit them.
>Is that even possible in your current state?
>You push yourself up with some difficulty and to the mocking of Diamond.
>"What a fucking weakling."
>Well, if the saying before was 'all in the wrist…'
>You try your best to look tough by cracking your neck, but it just comes out looking like you're stimming or some shit.
>You focus on the ball with all of your mental energy.
>As it is thrown, you silently calculate its trajectory and arc, raising the filthy bat for all you're worth and knocking it straight toward Diamond.
>You hear her yelp as it makes contact, but you don't see where.
>You're already off to first base.
>It would appear most of the other ponies playing didn't actually expect you to make the hit, so you make it to first base before anyone is even up and scrambling to retrieve the damn thing.
>Your limbs are still super fucking sore, and you honestly made it at a snail's pace.
>You should be out.
>The next pony comes up to bat.
>Grinning at you with a mouth full of gum, League kicks up a bit of dust before getting in position.
>Her own bat gleams in the bit of sunlight shining through saturated clouds, clearly a warn but quality instrument.
>You watch her glare at the same pitcher that very nearly broke your nose a minute ago, clear contempt in her eyes.
>Shit is about to get real.
>You almost don't even feel like you're looking at the same pony as the bat connects with ball, the small white object flying far off into the distance.
>Far out of the field.
>Hell, maybe even far out of the town.
>Equestria's rules must be pretty lax on this shit, so you just watch as the other team panics and League makes a full home run.
>Then you join her.
>So does the rest of your team.
>By the time most of them have recovered from their shock enough to even request a pony retrieve the ball, you're already a good twenty points ahead.
>By the time Diamond is selected, fourty.
>By the time you can tell the ball is located by a distant cry, sixty.
>By the time she gets back, sweating and panting, eighty.
>She weakly walks over to League with the ball, dropping it on her back.
>"Not bad."
>You watch as League delivers a powerful buck into Diamond's side, knocking her over onto the ground.
>"That was for the first time you messed with Clover."
>A thoroughly-chewed piece of gum directly in her dusty and once well-kempt mane follows.
>"And that was for that hardball."
>She just glares at the two of you.
>"You'll pay for this eventually."
>"Mhm, sure. And I'm princess Mi Amore Cadenza."
>Diamond picks herself back up and walks back over to her team. They discuss for a few minutes before an older looking colt comes over.
>"We forfeit. That was a darn good play, League."
>She lets on less than you know that probably means to her with a sly smirk.
>"Yeah, well if you ever feel like getting your butt kicked again Clover and I will be happy to play you all."
>"I might just take you up on that offer."
>You've just been standing there awkwardly for a bit now, and League finally takes notice.
>"Come on Clover, let's go do something else."
>As you turn around to leave, there's a gasp from the colt.
>"Holy shit! How'd you get those cutie marks? They're metal as fuck!"
>You bite your lip.
"I… I'd rather not talk about it."
>"Oh, come on. You're practically asking for it walking around with those things."
"They… aren't cutie marks."
>The joviality present a minute ago is immediately replaced by horror.
>"You don't mean-"
"See you later."
>You and League walk off from the baseball diamond into town once again.
>You feel suddenly free, like you could do anything.
>Input action.


File: 1552716500523.jpg (42.69 KB, 461x450, CloverReadingSomeMoon.JPG)

If you've been watching the thread closely I apologize. Thank you Plunger.
>Go home and flick your bean.
>Unknown command.
>Go get something to eat at Sugarcube Corner.
>Unknown command.
>God fucking dammit.
>Unknown command.
>What the fuck even is this thread Like do you people actually unironically want to be turned into a child cartoon pony so you can be fucked or "bred" by people from /mlp/ or you yourself fuck an /mlp/ user that has been turned into a little filly? Do you realize how ridiculous that is
This is by far the most degenerate general on /mlp/ I mean it combines fucking pedophilia, transformation, beastiality and/or xenophilia and whatever other fetshes you might have and Tbh I gagged a lil bit upon discovering this thread
Please consider psychiatric help and reevaluate your life of you unironically browse this general and look at anon filly pictures

>Unknown command.
>fwaoifj waoiefjwa;oifej waiofejwaio;fjwaofjwa ;oifj awio;fjiwajfuieahfiojw;fjeaiowejf
>Unknown command, continuing path.
>Yep, completely and totally free.


Is it wrong that seeing the failed inputs reminds me of the music video for JoCo's All This Time

I love that music video


File: 1552717661721.jpg (233.95 KB, 3216x3824, Celestia-BitingPillow.jpg)


"Eh, don't worry about it. She was a cunt anyways, and she's probably now stuck on the astral plane again."

Celestia seems to nod in approval of this news.

<<<"A most fitting jail sentence, perhaps. She can see everything in this world, and yet interact with none of it. It's a very lonely experience."

Technically, that's not entirely accurate. She's not lonely, she's got six other fillies to play with for all eternity until you and your friends leave. What happens after that is anyone's guess. There will probably be a lot of sad ponies, though it wouldn't be as sad as it would be if Diana's hopes of returning home were eternally crushed. You try not to think about that possibility too much, and focus on the mission at hand.

"So when are we heading off towards the Badlands?"

<<<"Now when did I say that you were going to travel to the Badlands?"

"That's where the Changeling hive is, right?"

<<<"Is that what your visions told you, or are you just guessing?"


I hadn't seen that before, thank you Anon.


"Tell me the answer and I'll tell you my reasoning."1d100[ 1d100 = 81 ]


I've been corrupted by cuteporn because your pic reminded me of the diaper edit


Here's your (You), as promised.


I saw it all, the glorious deletes. Here's your (you) for making it through


File: 1552760456600.png (439.1 KB, 1675x1954, 1525149188999.png)

oh hell yeah, id be fapping up a storm


What happens if a filly boops a filly?




File: 1552778718558.png (901.3 KB, 2000x1200, not like this.png)

The boopocalypse spreads.
How many fillies is too many?


Plus one.


Hooray, now we can all have our own little green faggot.


Not if she boops you.


>implying that wouldn't be the ideal scenario


File: 1552784288297-0.png (908.4 KB, 2600x2615, 1552778652336.png)


That would mean that I could just then look at myself in the mirror and cuddle myself :^)



>Cuddle yourself
That will be no different than attempting to cuddle with yourself right now, unfortunately. :( I'm sorry to be the barer of bad news


Sure there's a difference. Instead of my disgusting human appearance, I'd be a smol green filly.


>Filly goes to boop (You)
"Yes, yes, do it! I cant wait!"
>Slowly retracting her hoof the filly looked at you with disgust
>"Oh, you're one of THOSE weirdos…"
>She slowly backed away, before turning around and away
"Wait, what do you mean weirdo? I want to be the filly too! Fuck you!"
>Dropping to your knees you clench your fists
>So close yet so far…
>And you didn't even notice another filly approaching you on you side
>"There, there" - she said, tapping your back - "don't worry her"
>"She probably doesn't know we have better uses for faggots like you"
>And then the human brothel got another unwilling human-Anon to its roster


>"Stop treating me like a pony you faggot, I'm a human like you!"
"Yea sure Anon, want a free example?"
>"Hmm, I dont know" - said the pony who wanted to adopt a filly - "she already looks pretty annoyed"
>Acting quickly you grab her mouth with your hands, blocking her speech
"Fillies have great imagination, don't worry about it"
>"That I see, so…"
"Oh yea, the example"
>Releasing her mouth, you boop her with that same hand
>"Grr I swear Anon if you boop me again, stop this faggotry or else-"
>Like an alarm clock, her reeing didn't seem to ever end
>And with a hoof to her ear the mare shouted over the noise
>"Hmm, good to know, I'll take five"
>"Uhh, does she ever stop?" - she shouted again
"Yea, just give her a tendie"
>Her shouting lowered after hearing about tendies
>She only stopped after seeing the chicken treat
>"Doesn't that do harm to her? Being m-meat and all?"
"She will be fine" - you said, plopping the tendie on the already open, awaiting mouth - "she's a good girl"
>"I'm a grown man you faggor- ck, rrk, you faggot"
>"You need to eat more slowly so you don't choke on your food little filly"
>"You're not my mom, FUCK YOU!"
"Don't worry, besides some bad words she is still a cute"


File: 1552786307609.png (1.65 MB, 1710x2025, 1813502.png)

>Try to cuddle yourself
>You're now a green filly, it should be better
>You grab your purple pillow to be your small spoon
>You shouldn't feel like before
>But…why didnt it change?
>The cold of the night doesn't bother you any longer with you green fur
>But the dampness it holds under you eyes reminds you of whats coming
>Alone in the woods, shooed away from every coty gor Equestria's protection
>No other fillies remain, a cure was found and everypony turned back to their old selves
>You being the original was expunged from Equestria
>All you wanted was to have some friends
>But Purple put an end to your plans
>Now all you have is yourself and this purple pillow
>You hold it tighter, imagining it being Twilight's soft coat
>Only it holds no warmth
>Oh no, its raining
>Just another day in the new life of being a filly…


File: 1552786637091-0.png (5.66 MB, 2717x1723, image0.png)


File: 1552786750601-0.jpg (61.37 KB, 1098x957, D10oVdBXgAYwLdQ.jpg)




Top notch


Cock futa trap anthro filly is a hyper scat porno non-linear actress and loves to succ your banana who is phone? The big gay self-insert furry lolita-sama error ree shrugfilly.


What a madfilly



Never too many


File: 1552793592127.png (94.85 KB, 1046x1055, 1481187855159.png)


File: 1552793798472.png (128.04 KB, 759x584, 1917198.png)


Oof, some good feels

Thanks for the greens


Those are some big eggs for such a little filly…


For You


What if you boop a babby?


File: 1552804005816.jpg (139.99 KB, 943x1283, 1508465754158.jpg)


File: 1552806327933.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 1740x1080, GayGreenShamrockShitpost.mp4)

I wasn't going to tell you all that today's my birthday, but after the insistence on it I sort of figured I had to. Thank you fags for caring, and have a happy drunk Irish bastard day. Here's a short green that doesn't really have much to do with anything and a St. Patrick's Day themed shitpost! Warning: image is a tad bit assault gif, if you actually no meme have fucking epilepsy I would kind of advise against viewing it.
>You lie on the ground, immobile.
>Your cheeks hurt.
>Not those ones you perv.
>The swarm of fillies, all wearing green hats, dresses, and various other bits of clothing all pass by the bench you're lying underneath, clearly on the prowl for you.
>You were lucky to escape once, you doubt you'll be able to do it again.
>Many questions pass through your mind.
>If Saint Patrick was an Irish character, how the hell do ponies even know what this day is all about?
>How the fuck do you pinch with hooves?
>Where's Cheerilee?
>You look up again, seeing her among the throngs of students, sporting a small green bowtie.
>Right, she was the one that pinched you.
>The biggest question of all though:
>How the fuck are you not immune?
>Aside from your mane, openings and tail, you're completely green from head to toe.
>That surely must count, right?
>You look in front of you, spotting a patch of clover.
>You doubt you'll be able to…
>Well, you hit the genetic jackpot today.
>Pulling up your four-leafed clover, you set it behind your ear with glee.
>Standing up from beneath the bench you look directly at the herd.
>Somehow your voice comes out in a booming bass, much lower than your normal fillyish squeak.
"This is your final warning, apologize to me at once and I may spare you from the thousand horrors of Saint Patrick's Day."
>A few giggle, but most stay silent.
>Cheerilee breaks the silence moments later.
>"Everypony, pinch her!"
>What fools.
>The power of the four leaf clover runs through you, causing you to scream like an banshee.
>Snakes start to emerge from your eyeballs and fall to the ground, chasing away your assailants.
>You somehow know they aren't venomous.
>You're pretty sure there weren't any snakes in Ireland to begin with, but whatever.
>You simply walk away from the school, barely acknowledging what just happened.
>You know Pinkie is making shamrock cupcakes today, and you really want to try one.
>Or three.
>It's going to be a good afternoon.


File: 1552808539986.png (140.39 KB, 500x594, Celestia-Blush.png)


"Tell me the answer and I'll tell you my reasoning."

<<<"I'll suppose it was a guess. No, they don't live in the Badlands. The Changelings have a hive in the forest South and East of Griffonstone. The hive looks a bit different from its surroundings, which might give it the appearance of being in the badlands. This is because of a throne in the center of the hive that sucks away and nullifies all magic except for that of the changelings, so the entire area around it is dead."

You start to vaguely remember seeing the episode of MLP that depicted the changeling hive before you were spirited away to Equestria. This might be a harder mission than you initially suspected, given the fact that the structure of the hive is chaotic, and the walls are ever-changing. Moreover, one crucial detail about this new information brings Daring out of her relative silence.

>"'Scuse me, Majesty. One small question - how in the hell do you expect us to blast the queen away with a magical artifact if her throne nullifies all magic?"

<<<"Oh, that's simple. You just have to smash up her throne with something non-magical. A sledgehammer ought to do the trick."

>"Right. Anon, I hope your teeth are as strong as your tongue is, 'cause I call not it on hammer duty."

<<<"Of course, I'm still wondering… Anon, how did you know what the hive looks like if the throne should have nullified your psychic abilities?"


"I don't see a horn on my forehead, is magic even relevant to my abilities?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 12 ]


Are we just gonna keep playing chicken with one another in regards to what we know and how we know it, princess? 1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]


What the fuck


>The original anon filly walks out of the kitchen and asks whats going on


"I'm Just that cool Princess"
Dab on her and hold it for a few seconds
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]


File: 1552811330203.png (303.79 KB, 472x470, Bad Roll.png)


File: 1552811475954.png (90.21 KB, 455x696, Babby Scrunch.png)

Who can resist booping this?
>Twilight gains 200 pounds in 5 pounds


*in 5 months


"For the sake of this universe's existence, and the sake of all of the beings that reside within it, it's best that some questions are left unanswered." 1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


>cause I call not it on hammer duty
Reuben i dont speak strokeise, in english?


Have you never played a game of tag in your life?


They say that at least one Strayan in every thread is gay.
This is where you say "not it" as quickly as you can.


File: 1552831220476.png (416.34 KB, 768x1024, 1094568.png)

>Appear in Twilight's castle
>Several fillies lives there with Twilight as you arrive
>The problem is that you are not a filly
>You are a anoncolt
>Now all the fillies think that you were a femanon on earth
What to do?



This would never happen.


File: 1552840062219.png (1.35 MB, 2500x2500, birthday faget.png)

Happy Birthday Lone15!
I enjoyed the green and the shitpost


Attempt to convince them that you were a dude on earth, and that fucking any of the fillies would infact be gay. Not some kind of situation where "Well,I'm a dude with female anatomy, and that is a dick, but you're a female in there, so it kind of cancels out, and isn't gay. Since our current genitals are equally alien to us both, and we're only animals deep down, and animals have needs. So fuck me, cunt."
If they don't believe you, accept the pounds and pounds of pussy and ass, thinking only of how much mad pussy you're getting, and not about the fact that you're(technically) fucking dudes.


Doing anything sexual with or as the filly is, in fact, completely gay no matter which way you parse it. Except masturbation.


>Except masturbation
>implying that isn't gay as well


File: 1552845101137.gif (652.02 KB, 2292x1667, 1478504236616.gif)

Happy birthday, fagilly. Cute plush.


Truly there's no winning here. Is it also gay to not indulge in horsefucking? Probably. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.


File: 1552848239409.jpg (53.89 KB, 720x566, 1456762.jpg)

Happy Birthday, Lone!

Nice green


File: 1552848317597.png (366.79 KB, 2252x2525, don't boop the babby.png)

Be careful


Happy Birthday


She doesn't even have teeth, what's the big deal?


>he doesn't know how hard babbies can bite with their gums
Childless confirmed.


Different Anon here, but do you really think many of us would stick our dicks in a 3d woman?


File: 1552884679688.png (442.78 KB, 1400x1072, shh_filly_is_sleeping.png)

Filly is asleep for the night
Isn't she adorable?


>Inb4 Country Roads cocksock comes in and talks about how much he misses him


She better be careful sleeping on top of the covers like that or she might get cuddled.


no u
I just love his art style and truly liked him being here, and then he was suddenly gone
s-sorry for being too overbearing about it before
wouldn't be the first time I unknowingly annoyed people with my enthusiasm

also you can't >inb4 the arrival of the anon you're replying to ^:)


File: 1552886318682.jpg (17.4 KB, 474x449, 1552718801342.jpg)

Implying its only 1 (one) fag who keeps bringing this up…
Welcome to the club
[muffled Country Roads plays in the distance]


Alright, here's an old one-shot, featuring Derpy as the momfu:

>Be Anonfilly

>You prance home from school, eager to dump your backpack on the floor and hug Mom
>When you get to the house, you swing the door open and trot inside
>But inside, you see two ponies in suits talking with Mom in the living room
>Mom's eyes are puffy and red; she's clearly been crying
>She looks over the ponies on the couch and sees you, which nearly triggers another crying fit
"Hey, what's going on?" you ask stubbornly
>The two ponies on the couch look over at you with somber expressions
>The mare on the left looks at her stallion partner
>"This is the hardest part of our jobs."
>He nods in agreement.
"Mom, what's going on?"
>Mom just shakes her head, hugging a pillow against her face
>The stallion gets up and walks over to you, kneeling so he's at your level
>"Well, you see kid, sometimes adults, well, they're not ready to take care of a foal…."


>Be Anonfilly
>You'd been living with Miss Lyra and Miss Bon-Bon for… well, it seemed like forever. Years and years.
>You had just celebrated your twelfth birthday a week ago.
>You had chocolate cake again, your favorite.
>Sometimes you'd call them Mom by mistake, but they were okay with that
>You think they liked it
>You sat at the table coloring in your coloring book
>Bon-bon said you were going to have a surprise today
>She'd been out of the house a lot recently, but you had no idea why. It was connected to the surprise, you were sure.
>You heard a knocking at the door, but you weren't the only one
>"I'll get it!" Lyra cried out, practically running for the door
>You had no vision of the front door from this room, not like it mattered.
>You heard whispering, and the door was shut relatively quietly
>"Anon! Come over here sweetie!"
>You set down your crayon and hop off the chair, walking towards M- Lyra
"What is it?"
>She rubs her hoof against your face in a loving fashion
>"Something wonderful, sweetie."

>"You know that Bon-bon and I love you, right?" she continues, "And that we always will?"

>Did her voice nearly crack?
"Of course Lyra, you've always been there for me. Both of you."
>You hug her as a show of affection
>"Now open the door sweetums." she says, moving aside
>You take a tentative step forward
>Was this the surprise?
>With caution, you turn the doorknob and let the door swing open.

>You looked upon a gray Pegasus with a blond mane, her posture one of a runner preparing to sprint, eager to dash forward and embrace you

>It quivered with excitement
>Her eyes couldn't focus on one spot, and only the right one remained fixated on you
>Her smile was one of pure love, as if you were the only thing that mattered in her life
>But her eyes held a mixture of happiness, anxiety, excitement, heartache, and anticipation
>She had been looking forward to this for a long, long time
>The two of you just stood there, looking into each other's eyes.
"Who're you?"


I'm still mad at that ending.


Well he could've put "not it" in quotations to make it more obvious


Same here.
Alright DJ, play me some upbeat stuff.


Give me some good drawfag ideas pls.


filly and filly doing something weird and confusing to trick purple into thinking that it's "a regular human greeting".


Filly smoking a bong.


Like, in a bad way, or you just hate the unhappiness, or…
I meant for it to be heartbreaking because I'm a little fucked up


Something involving the babby preferably breastfeeding


File: 1552892476286.gif (228.11 KB, 296x272, AnonFilly-CuteBraids.gif)


"Celestia, for the sake of the universe's existence, and the sake of all being residing within it, it's best that some questions remain unanswered."

<<<"Would it be a trouble to ask why that is?"

"Yes. Yes it would. Just trust me, alright? If you can trust me to wield the Elements of Harmony, you can trust me to keep a potentially universe destroying secret from you."

<<<"You know, when you phrase it like that, it sounds like it's my business, being a princess and all."

"Well, them's the breaks. Were you to know it, it most certainly would destroy the universe… or shove us into an endless time loop. Specifically it would shove me into an endless time loop until I performed some mundane task. Why? Again, that's an answer that should remain unanswered. But needless to say, given that I woke up this morning on a train, feeling completely restless, I don't think a time loop is in my best interests."

<<<"Fair enough, young filly. You are the element of… what was it you said again, loyalty? I suppose I can trust you with this matter."

"Alright, good. Can I have my necklace now?"

<<<"Oh, of course."

The princess levitates each of the elements over to you and your friends, fitting them around your necks, and in the case of Twilight, upon her head. As the Element of Loyalty is fitted to you, you are surprised to find that nothing particularly interesting happens. You feel like you should have some sort of sudden vision or epiphany. Instead, you simply feel more powerful, like you could take on any threat that comes your way.



Draw Anon with the Element of Loyalty around her neck. It should be shaped like her cutie mark, but maintaining the same ruby coloring.


I hate the unhappiness, I hate how it's just a giant middle finger to the entire buildup before hand, and I hate how it shafts momhorse derpy so hard and not in the good way.


immediately start facing random objects and saying "pew pew!" and puffing out your chest to move the necklace every time you say it
1d100[ 1d100 = 50 ]


Boosting 1d100[ 1d100 = 87 ]


You're not even me, faggot.
Guy from last night here. I was more saying 'gib more one-shots,' not 'I hate your story and all it stands for. Feels are the fucking thing that should keep this thread going more than anything, and anybody who can't handle that doesn't belong here. That being said, do you have any one-shots that are a bit more lighthearted to wash that bit down?


Use your new infinity stone to snap half the poners in existence


I love how Celestia actually seems to believe Anon, instead of being playful like "Oh my. Well you'd better not tell me then." like you would be if a child told you something ridiculous(by most standards) like that.
Being an Immortal, she's probably seen and experienced a lot of hard to believe things in her life time.
I like how you're writing her.


Filly using a chainsaw.


Filly burning a cross on zecora's lawn


I mean, depression IS a feel.


Filly trying out Scootaloo's scooter and eating shit


Seconded. I didn't know how much I needed this until now.


And after all this time, i forgot to roll 1d100[ 1d100 = 84 ]


Filly shooting up a yak temple




There can only be one!


10/10 would pick up by the scruff.



File: 1552960961087.png (247.48 KB, 598x598, 1547781641979.png)

1d100[ 1d100 = 62 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]
Highest roll gets my support and a comfy petting session with many boops included


File: 1552961233665.png (209.37 KB, 954x1011, 43214324231.png)

Thank you for helping our noble cause!


Filly crying really messily while some fat neckbeard rails her from behind, bonus points if the neckbeard is saying something like "This'll get me a lot of upvotes on derpibooru!"


A one page comic with a self contained story in it. I am currently doing something similiar.


In case you didn't notice, he replied to both of us. Retard.


File: 1552967367946.png (1.35 MB, 960x1818, arguingfillies.png)


How the fuck am I supposed to see that you were the same Anon in the post he was replying to? I'm sorry Purple didn't spawn us all in with psychic powers. Guess I'm using a name now to avoid confusion.


Step 1: Acknowledge that there was a second post being replied to.
Step 2: Figure out whichever post was yours.
Step 3: Use logical deduction to figure out that the other post wasn't yours.
Step 4: Assume that the other person that replies to something that was a reply to a post that wasn't exclusively yours is that same person that made the initial post.
Step 5 (this is the hard one): don't get immediately butthurt because that person decided to finish an interaction on a fucking canadian nazi horsefucking spinoff site of a mongolian basketweaving forum.



File: 1552969094681.png (110.6 KB, 587x529, Mareaaaas2.png)

I'm not butthurt, I think you're the one that's projecting on that, kek. I realized there was a second post being replied to, but the 'logical deduction' wasn't exactly logical considering you went from 'I'm mildly disappointed with how you did thing' to 'Your green is bad and you should feel bad,' which was a jarring enough transition to easily make you seem like a completely different person.
Here's your complimentary spank filly, naughty trousers.



I wasn't saying that I thought the entire thing was bad, it was overall good except for the last line just ruining it. If I came off as saying that it was bad as a whole, then I'm sorry. However, I'm not the one who immediately resorted to calling someone else that they don't even know gay.
Also, you can take that spanking and shove it up your ass sideways.



Okay, to be fair I'm pretty much within reason to assume that anybody here is at least a little bit gay.
Oh, I will. That's my fetish, you fool!


You're free to assume that, but assumptions aren't always correct.
fug :DDD


File: 1552977883973.png (575.27 KB, 1280x1839, Twilight-GlowingEyes.png)


All glory to the power that is you. Why, with just a snap of your fingers, you could eradicate half of all life in the universe. In fact, you might just do that right now! Well, you would if you had any fingers, that is. Maybe you could give yourself fingers?

You try to focus the magic of the elements on making yourself human. To your surprise, your element begins to glow a bright red as you do this. Admittedly, you did not expect anything to happen. You turn look around to see if any other ponies' elements are doing the same, and find just one other pony - Twilight. Her element is glowing in the color of her magic, and her eyes appear to be glowing just the same.

<<<"Twilight? Anon? What are you two doing?"

>"I'm going home, Princess. To my real home. Some other pony can do this, but I'm not going to stand to live in this hellhole any longer. Anon, please help me. I need the others, but I think they're too tied to this world. If you could just convince them-"

<<<"What's going on? What do you mean by 'home', Twilight?"

>"Don't play dumb, Princess. You're the most powerful magical being on this planet. There's only one reason why we would be here. I don't know why you needed Earthlings, but you should know that we're not content to live in a gilded cage."

<<<"Earthlings? A cage? I still don't understand."


No. Not until the communist is dealt with. 1d100[ 1d100 = 24 ]


Use our power to force Twilight to submit until the job is done
Also, add on a "What would your boss, THE PRESIDENT, think if we just let communism win?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 71 ]


File: 1552993577297-0.jpg (3.14 MB, 5312x2988, 20190319_105836.jpg)

File: 1552993577297-1.jpg (2.32 MB, 5312x2988, 20190318_100923.jpg)

File: 1552993577297-2.jpg (3.62 MB, 5312x2988, 20190317_110045.jpg)

File: 1552993577297-3.jpg (3.05 MB, 5312x2988, 20190314_122023.jpg)

Have a few fillies on me


Help her 1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


I'm not a faggot, but those two poofs can make some decent music, alright?
>Not necessarily pleased though.
"League, what do you-"
>"This is on you, sister."
"I'm not your sister."
>The tap on your muzzle that follows catches you off guard and you go cross-eyed to focus on the hoof that rests on your face.
"Stop that."
>"Stop what?"
>You get tapped again, somehow not on guard from the last assault on your poor innocent filly form.
"Help! I'm being molested!"
>You don't say it loudly, of course.
>League giggles.
>You can't tell if she's joking or not.
>You start lazily walking your way in no direction in particular, Baseball Horse trotting beside you.
>You don't know how it's possible, but she somehow looks even cuter with her gear satchel.
"We're armed. We've got a baseball bat."
>"Oh, this old thing?"
>Her lazy handling of it betrays her previous prowess, if only for the moment before she kicks up a chestnut and hits it a good thirty yards.
>"I don't know what you're talking about."
>You're a bit flustered about her seeming lack of caring, but you keep your cool.
"I think I finally figured out who one of the voices in my dreams is."
>"I am not the one you seek, simply look inside my beak-"
>A swing from League's bat into the ground and she goes quiet.
>You don't know what's more impressive, the fact that Zecora can somehow account for her own sentences being cut off well enough to rhyme, or the fact that she didn't flinch at all.
>She still looks quite nervous though, which you attribute to the fact that there are multiple different potions and aqueous solutions set out on her small table.
>None of them are labelled, but you can assume it would either be a detriment to her work or a major health hazard if multiple of them were shattered and were to mix…
>Or all of the above.
"What the fuck did you do with Sweetie Belle?"
>She looks down at her hooves.
"League, do me a favor and break that large one, the Erlenmeyer flask."
>"Whath the hechk is am 'Errlehnmayer?"
"Ya'know… bulbous at the bottom, thinnish neck? It's sort of the staple thing you probably think of when you think of science experiments."
>"Ooooh! Okhay, here we-"
>"Into this forest fifty miles they plan their incursions. The coordinates you were sent were simply a diversion."
"Which direction?"
>"Best due West-"
"Nevermind, just draw us a fucking map."
>You consider giving her your pencil to draw with when she takes a while to find one, but there's no telling what kind of toxins she might dribble on it to get back at you.
>You watch the map drawing quite closely too.
>You're nothing if not paranoid around this mare after she revealed what you had suspected.
"If this leads us into a trap, there's going to be hell to pay."
>She chuckles coldly.
>"If their trap you were to survive, you would not long be well and alive."
"League, blue solution. The one she's steaming over the cauldron."
>"I joke of course, you dense little filly. How could I ever be so silly?"
>You don't exactly enjoy being called dense, but you're not going to fuck her up for that.
>You begin to walk out the door before you stop.
"Say, you have plenty of chemicals here; right?"
"Fifty miles, she said fifty miles… why the fuck did I think this was a good idea to do today of all days?"
>You still have too much pride to ask your friend for a bareback ride, but you're getting close at this point.
>"Relax, we're no further than ten out. I figured we'd just do a scouting mission and get right back to town."
"Yeah, so did I. I'm not quite seeing anything though, you?"
>"Can't say so. You sure do have some wacky ideas Anon, but they haven't failed yet."
"I don't know why you keep trusting me, they almost always nearly do."
>That gets a pretty good stifled laugh out of her.
>"Yeah, Cockatrice fighting was doomed to be a failure even before we dragged those nimrods along."
>You join in a bit yourself.
"How the hell were we supposed to find a Cockatrice? Didn't Cheerilee say something about them being endangered?"
>"Good riddance, I'd rather not be turned to-"
>Everything goes completely silent.
"Haha League, very funny…"
>You look all around you, half-expecting to see a stone statuette of League standing there in horror, but nothing is there.
>League has vanished without a trace.
>You start walking off the trail.
>If you could even call it a trail, it's more just a few weeds trampled down presumably from where wild bears and other large animals have walked.
>The thorns prick you, but that isn't why tears are running down your face.
"League! This isn't funny!"
>You're nearly bawling at this point.
"I'll let you do whatever you want to me if you come out now, you win! Any hole, League!"
>The thorns stuck in your legs begin to bulge out.
>You try to pry them out, but instead tear out a hunk of your own leg.
>Warm blood trickles down your fur, staining it a sick hue of belated Christmases.
>You crawl your way back in the direction you think the path was.
>Was it West?
>Which way is West?
>Life is peaceful there…
>Go West…
>In the open air…
>Go West…
>Where the skies are Blue…
>Go West…


"Twilight..Diana, wait." Try to convince her to stay. Tell her you know how badly she must want to go back, and that you would never fault her for that, or ask her to numb that feeling.
Tell her to think of how bizarre and specific this situation is. A bunch of humans get their consciousnesses ripped away from their world, and thrown into the bodies of fillies in a world that should only exist in people's minds, and on screens.
And you weren't just thrown into any fillies' bodies, it seems as if you were thrown into the bodies of fillies meant to wield the elements of harmony. You all had an important role in this world, probably Fizzlepop too.
Tell her that the Princess may not be responsible for this. She may have sensed something was off, but knows as little, or even less than you all do.
Tell Twilight that she said it herself; Celestia is likely the most powerful being in this world, so having her on your side will likely help you a great deal with the goal of getting back home.

(*Deep breath, exhale* Rngesus, help me to avoid the coming conflict. 1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ] )


>Filly always does the laundry
>Twiggles thinks she is just being helpful for having a roof over her head
>The real reason is Filly just likes to sit on top of the machines


File: 1553036757141.gif (1.44 MB, 506x284, Sagari laundry dance.gif)


File: 1553039343276-0.png (48.8 KB, 823x768, 1544998745525.png)

File: 1553039343276-1.gif (344.13 KB, 202x242, 1548783630188.gif)

>Anon happily volunteers to take over laundry duty thinking it's the easiest chore in the castle
>"Hey, Anon, don't forget about the laundry. You should probably start before it gets too late."
"Laundry? What laundry?"
>"The laundry you volunteered to start doing. I went ahead and gathered it outside for you."
>she points out a nearby window which reveals several large baskets full of unwashed sheets and linens
"But how? There's so much! Nobody here even wears clothes."
>"Well, it's all the towels, bedding,…Um, you do know you're supposed to wash more than just clothes, right?"

>"We really need to work on your hygiene."
Dumb crystal tree doesn't even come with washing machines to make this fun. I bet the other Princesses wouldn't put up with this shit.


File: 1553048856079.png (18.74 KB, 500x243, Oekaki.png)

>Be filly
>What do?


Find a soapbox, climb up on it, and reeeeeeee about the evils of futa degeneracy.


File: 1553049399704.png (371.85 KB, 1073x2125, futa filly masturboop.png)


File: 1553049914874.png (21.54 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


>when you cash in all of your Good Filly Points to have Twilight give you your dick back for a week


filly filly, because filly should filly filly


File: 1553051619692.png (22.97 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Bunch of qts
I want to huff first filly's fluff



Poor filly's gonna have a hard time with hooves



File: 1553055423039.png (15.45 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1553057466073.png (487.21 KB, 2398x2045, Comfy-fied[OC].png)

delet this right now


File: 1553058519296.png (940.03 KB, 1144x1024, 1453771733872.png)

I see this as a request for abuse pictures.


File: 1553064768646.png (626.94 KB, 1987x1530, Happy To Be Home.png)

Let's face it, real Twilight would never be abusive. She'd be a loving momfu, albeit a bit neurotic and overbearing sometimes.


Someone needs to watch the pilot episode again. She's casually abusive to Spike all the fucking time.


File: 1553069201360.png (308.33 KB, 2048x1536, AnonFilly-Dabbing.png)


At this point, the voices in your head begin to bicker, loudly. Most of them want to appeal to your greater sense of morality. There is a communist loose in Equestria, and if you don't stop her, she's going to team up with the changelings and enforce a soviet-inspired government upon every sapient species on the planet. It is times like these that make you truly question what makes you the Element of Loyalty, or perhaps Bravery. Who are you loyal to, your friends? Your country? What even is your country anymore? Perhaps the only thing that makes the most sense to you about loyalty is that you can't hold it with two conflicting interests; you have to pick a side.

A lone voice stands opposed to the rest, echoing loudly throughout your head. It speaks only two words: "Help her." You're not quite sure whether 'her' should refer to Princess Celestia or to Twilight, but your heart says Twilight. The voice begins to grow louder and louder, and eventually drowns out every other voice. You look Twilight in the eyes, and you realize where your loyalties lie. You have to help her get home.

To do this, you're going to need to convince your remaining four friends. You don't know how much time you have left before Celestia does something to try and stop you, so whatever you say, it has to be completely convincing in as few words as possible. Luckily, you know these ponies. Well, except for Coco. Okay, luckily, you have an ace in the hole - reading every possible future simultaneously to find the exact sentence that convinces your friends to want to return to Earth. You start with Daring, since she's easiest.

"Daring, you miss having a dick and eating meat. And if you stick around here, you're probably going to get arrested again because ponies don't know how to coexist socially with a pony who's antisocial. Between living alone in the woods for the rest of your life and living in a city having to pretend you don't enjoy hunting animals, wouldn't you rather come home and enjoy your hobbies with people who understand you?"

She rolls her eyes and smiles.

>"Alright alright. I think I see your point. Let's skedaddle."

"Blossom. No, Hannah. You are being worked far too hard just to stick around in Equestria, and are being denied a proper childhood in the process. You have family back at home, and I'm sure they miss you just as much as you miss them."

She sighs.

>"I suppose you're right. I do miss my mom and pop. Probably going to miss being able to fly though."

"Lyra. You are a cover artist, and you specialize in a genre of music that you have no access to here in Equestria. Eventually, your memory of the songs you love is going to fade, and you'll have to either compose something new yourself, or start covering pony musicians. I think your talents may be far more suited to a world designed for them."

It takes a few moments for her to process your suggestions, but eventually Lyra shrugs and joins with the rest of your friends. That leaves only one pony… and the hardest.

"Coco… I know you're old. You're scared of death, and Equestria has given you a new life, so to speak. If you return to Earth, you may only have a few years left, and if you stay here, you'll probably have several more decades. But try to think for a moment about what those decades will be like. You'll remember all of your life back on Earth, but it will be forever beyond your reach. So you'll spend decades with regrets over never being able to say goodbye to the people you love. You'll also be spending a lot of time trying to get used to a culture that is relatively alien to you. Your years of wisdom don't really work here. Everyone treats you like a child, but you're smarter than them. And when you finally reach adulthood in this body, you're going to be forever wishing you could be a child again, and complaining that you wasted your childhood years twice. On Earth, you'll at least be able to know that you've lived one life, and lived it to its fullest without regrets. And I think that's what God intended for you, right?"

A tear slowly falls from her eye. You're not quite sure if that speech worked, but a few seconds later, you can see her resolve on her face.

>"Okay, I'm ready. Let's go, before I change my mind."

Celestia looks like she's about to make her own complaint, but it's too late. You have the elements, and you're united in your will. Each of you focuses on a single thought - to go home. Combined with the magic of the elements, that thought turns to power. A blinding flash of light fills the room, and a bright white portal opens up.

<<<"What do you think you're doing?"

"We're blowing this popstand, Princess. Smell you later."

Before she can do anything to stop you, the six of you rush through the portal as fast as your tiny filly bodies will allow. You see another bright flash of light around you, and finally, you all fall down upon what looks like some sort of small park near the intersection of a few roads. The lack of cartoonish color around you suggests that you're clearly not in Equestria anymore. The sight of a Kansas state flag on a pole beneath an American flag, and standing atop a monument stating that you are at the geographic center of the continental United States suggests the previous statement is a bit ironic. However, a couple of unfortunate properties of this turn of events seems to spoil your recent success. Firstly, you and your friends are still ponies. And secondly, not only has the portal behind you disappeared, but the elements seem to have not survived the transfer. They gemstones in each of the necklaces and Twilight's crown all shatter simultaneously as soon as you step hoof on Terra Firma.

Welcome home?


End of Story 1.
Begin Story 1. Y'all Ready for some Filly PiE?



Err… Begin story 2. Ignore my silly typo.


Immediately break down and find some way to off yourself because you've single-handedly doomed all Equus with your selfish actions, as well as screwed over all of your friends that you've met along the way because you decided to listen to an aussie after deciding it was in all of our best interests to nuke australia.
1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


meant for >>212703 or whatever puts this roll on the board


Feel immense guilt that you left Equestria to the tender mercies of a communist whilst also taking their first and best line of defense. 1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


Also hey, would anyone like to see any changes to the story format when I continue this story in Earth? I'm thinking I'd like to make this stop looking like an awkward cross between prose and a script, and just stick to one or the other.


Don't worry, I gotcha mate.


File: 1553076646904.png (650.34 KB, 2745x1481, stump filly.png)

Hah, filly got PRANKED.
Oh that Twilight, such a card.


F to pay respects.


This. Very much this. Australia isn't even real, it's a hoax.
1d100[ 1d100 = 60 ]


Filly wants her tubes back, you monster.


Deadass, Diana is about to leave the other fillies to fend for themselves for a minute, march straight up to her house, and expect her family to not just believe that she turned into a cartoon horse, but also be ok with her being one for the rest of her life, and being a pre-teen for the time being. She will not give a single fuck, she'll just be overjoyed that she's actually back home.
She'll turn her husband into an actual horse-fucker the second her body is legal. Her husband probably won't mind doing it if their bond is strong enough, "For better or for worse". And at least one of her kids won't mind having Twilight as their mom.

I am very sorry if I just spoiled the first few posts of your sequel, Reuben. The image sprang to mind, and I just had to post it.



That's cute. You think Diana's going to have an easy time with this all.

Allow me to point out some details of note for you. You have no money, no vehicle, and you look like a bunch of weirdos in the middle of the Bible belt. You are about 90 miles away from the nearest airport, not that you would necessarily be allowed on a plane anyways. Diana has connections, but those connections are really hard to use when you don't even have the same voice as before, and you've been gone for two years.

Oh and did I mention, Filly, that you skipped breakfast and that the rest of your friends are running on donuts? And that once again, you have no money.


Alright, I'd really like to fucking take Reuben's green seriously for once. Can we all band together and promise not to spam shitty memes constantly and actually play? I haven't played in quite a while because it's honestly ruined the experience for me, but I have faith in Reuben as a writer and I have faith in you faggots this time around. We've got a new setting, new opportunities, fresh start. Let's do it right.


Let me clarify that I'm not anti-fun, the copypasta and shit just gets old really fucking fast.


Well shit. 1d100[ 1d100 = 89 ]


Boosting. 1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]


I totally understand you. All I really want meme-wise is a single dab. Just one dab and I'm good.
Can the rest of you with any intent to meme agree to that too? Just one dab and that's it for the time being?


Wait, did she have her legs cut off?


File: 1553108731497-0.png (1.38 MB, 4000x2481, stump filly.png)

File: 1553108731497-1.png (1.13 MB, 3992x1322, stump filly 2.png)


>second image
FUCKING goddammit


Twilight Deserves Gas!


File: 1553109697716.jpg (286.79 KB, 600x600, 1488945053227.jpg)

>when you realize where Twilight stuck the second filly's fourth leg


In the trash because she didn't need it?



Never been a fan of amputee stuff, but that living-fleshlight-looking filly make a convincing argument.


Follow-up where Anon is using her as a fleshlight when?


Alright, did a thing. Enjoy.
>Ywn come home from school one day to see Twilight setting up the table saw
>Ywn ask her if you can help her cut with it
>Swn ponder for a second and say 'sure'
>Ywn get up on the table, eager to finally be of use to Twilight
>Swn turn on the table saw
>"Now Anon, be care-"
>Ywn feel searing pain as the rotating blade cuts into your flesh and stains your fur a bright red
>Swn hurriedly pull you off of the table, haphazardly bandaging your foreleg and rushing you to the hospital
>Ywn find out that she fucked up the tourniquet in her haste
>Ywn start to get really tired as the mask is put over your soft muzzle and the Ether starts to set in
>Ywn have fevered horrific dreams due to the substance forcing you to sleep
>Ywn start to slowly come to
>Ywn feel that your shoulder is wet.
>Ywn look up and see Twilight crying into your small form
>Ywn ask her in a daze
"Mommy, why are you crying?"
>Ywn just barely be able to blubber out
>Ywn look to your left and find that your foreleg is nothing more than a stump
>Ywn black out.
>Ywn be fitted for a prosthesis by a really nice mare with lots of little ceramic birds in her office
>Ywn spend every day practicing with it, determined to get back to how you were before your amputation
>Ywn slowly start to be able to walk normally again
>Well, close to it
>Ywn go back to school for the first day in a long time and beam with pride as you walk there without Twilight's aid
>Ywn sit down at your old desk to little fanfare but one of your old friends giving your plastic limb a little hoofbump
>Ywn go outside for kickball
>Well, to watch.
>You're pretty sure you won't ever get quite that good with it
>Ywn be sitting on the bench reading one of the many books Twilight bought you while you were recovering when you feel hot breath on your neck
Yeah, I'll post it when I get the chance
>Ywn turn your neck a bit to glance over your shoulder, expecting your friend to have finally come out after a talk with Cheerilee
>It will never not be your friend
>Ywn feel a sharp pain in your cheek as you're knocked off the bench
>"Do we like fucking cripples around here?"
"I-I don't want any trouble, please…"
>"You made trouble for yourself the moment you came onto my playground."
>Ywn take the beatings for a solid ten minutes before you pass out
>Ywn hear murmers of ponies talking in the brief patches of consciousness that follow
>"Three fractured…"
>"Don't know who, Ms. Sparkle…"
>"Appears to be a punctured lung, we'll need to…"
>Ywn feel a slight pinprick before you go under


File: 1553133231034.png (579.98 KB, 2398x2045, Re-canonized.png)

I lend you my power.
You are no match for me, babby.


>anyone letting Purple use a table saw
>purple not autistically reading the manual forwards and back to make sure nothing goes wrong
>the table saw not having any sort of guards to go on it
>the saw also not having any sort of magical failsafe just in case some retard like Anon goes near it
Dang, somebody's getting sued out of house and home.


File: 1553135355133.png (1.32 MB, 2685x2388, 1537619290921.png)


File: 1553135788340-0.jpg (336.5 KB, 1200x880, 1200px-Chinese_cuisine-Sha….jpg)


What if the filly wants me to abuse her?


File: 1553136283552.png (582.06 KB, 2569x2911, Comfy.Mega-fied[OC].png)

Oh I don't think so
Sorry, had to fix something in the image


File: 1553138692199-0.png (1.19 MB, 1024x728, WorldOfPain.png)

File: 1553138692199-1.png (1.65 MB, 2569x2911, IWin.png)

Aha! But you didn't take my time machine into account! I will go back and kill your mother before you were even born to prevent you from making these!


both of you go fuck each other and get over your twits


But alas, without the /MegaComfy/, would you have had the need to make the /Megaabuse/ in the first place?


File: 1553139251777-0.png (221.46 KB, 851x1488, smol_anon_filly_in_hands.png)

New filly from the Eternal Gayboy Anal Slut Czaro.


It was more an idea that shit's going to be tough, but Diana likely won't care how tough it is, and face it all head-on, because at least she made it back to earth.
But yes, the fillies are indeed fucked nine ways to Sunday right now, mostly because of the fact that they are still fillies.
Thinking about this has got me excited for what comes next. By the way you're talking, I'd bet you prepared for this direction being chosen, or even wanted it to go this way. I can't wait to see what you've got cooking.

My thoughts are essentially what I said to Lone here >>210772 TL;DR Don't feel that it needs to be just one or the other, but if you want it to be just one or the other, then go for it, my dude.

I think I'm going to be more reserved with my observations, and especially predictions, because not only am I worried that I'm being the equivalent of that guy that talks loudly during the movie at a theater, but in this format it could have the added detriment of it seeming like I'm trying to steer or hijack the story. I'm honestly sorry if any of my posts gave you that impression, Reuben. It isn't my intent to hijack your shit, and I'll stop stepping on your toes, if you feel like I have been stepping on them.


shit, wrong post number


Both of these posts are paradoxical because they cannot be true unless both are true. Therefore, this thread must be fake.


Its (you) whos fake anon


File: 1553143597883.png (148.89 KB, 732x633, very spooked filly.png)

Wait, what?!


>this thread must be fake
Holy shit…


I would want upsies as the filly




gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8


Piss off back to your containment board and jerk it to body horror.


Unfortunately, the /MegaComfy/ post negates all later posts that try to deny it, so therefore you cannot go back in time to kill my mother.

>because they cannot be true unless both are true
How? Only the first one is true since it negates the other.


But my post also nullifies all past and future posts. That would mean that my post also completely neutralizes yours.


The post was negated by the first one, meaning the entirety of your post doesn't count.
Like code, thread physics goes line-by-line.


File: 1553149920651.png (75.43 KB, 248x380, Reversal card.png)


File: 1553151198341.png (249.55 KB, 1280x1291, Twilight-Angry.png)

Guilt, regret, and anger. Three tidal waves of emotion flood your mind as you try to process what just happened. In your selfishness, you have single-handedly doomed all of Equestria to a fate of enslavement and likely starvation at the hooves of a communist, while simultaneously fucking over your own friends. What kind of idiot were you to-

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Twilight lets out a blood-curdling scream at the top of her lungs. She's been doing this for the past five minutes, interspersed with hyperventilating and striking Lyra and Daring when they try to cheer her up. She is not taking any of this well.


You've had enough of this shit. It is absolutely impossible for you to focus on how much of a miserable failure you are when Twilight keeps trying to blow everyone's eardrums off. You walk up to her and clock her in the face with a wind-up hoof punch, knocking her to the ground, but not unconscious. She looks angry, but not seriously injured.

"Shut the FUCK up Diana. Do you think I don't know we all fucked up? I'm trying to wallow in my own FUCKING misery here, and I can't exactly do that when you're SCREAMING AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!"

"Umm… guys?" Coco steps forward and attempts to position herself between the two of you. "I don't think fighting is going to solve any of our problems. And I mean, at least we're home, right?"


"I…" Coco is speechless. Her attempt to defuse the situation backfired, and now Twilight has turned her ire towards her. The rest of your friends, likely not wanting to invoke the wrath of Purple Cunt, have distanced themselves away on a nearby park bench. You will have to fix this… somehow.


Wait for a good opportunity to bash Diana over the head hard with something heavy. Also find something heavy and devise a plan to properly bash her.
1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]


This but not so heavy it kills her 1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


Appreciate Coco's attempt to try to calm the situation, but seriously, fuck Purple Cunt. Give that bitch the verbal thrashing she deserves for acting like an entitled fuckcunt and being the worst friend in existence. Seriously. And you know what? If she can't take it or if she remains mad at the ponies here who have supported her through this journey so far, then just gather everyone else together and leave her. 1d100[ 1d100 = 90 ]


This, except we're dragging her back to equestria to be able to fix the mess we left behind and if she doesn't cooperate, tell her that we'll track her down when all this is over and no matter how she tries to stop us, we will find her and make her spend her last few minutes on earth choking on our dick.
1d100[ 1d100 = 84 ]


But how?


How are we dragging her sorry ass back to equestria? With the elements. How are we getting those back? We do that same thing that real-purple and the other ponies did to fuck up Tirek. How are we going to track her down IRL? Autism. How are we going to make her spend the last few minutes she has alive choking on our dick? Because we keep it lodged in her throat until her soul leaves her body.



Point out that all the six of you had managed to do was create a portal, not whatever means would be necessary to separate your essence from your pony bodies, and return it to your bodies on earth.
Point out that using the elements to take you directly back to Earth in order to circumvent whatever reason you were all brought to Equestria was bound to be an imperfect solution.
Accept responsibility for not thinking about any of this in the heat of the moment, not talking Twilight down, and actively encouraging the other fillies to take this path, even using your powers to ensure you could convince them. 1d100[ 1d100 = 58 ]


Sounds like a plan. Boost 1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 53 ]


File: 1553207244259.jpg (1.17 MB, 2495x2448, IMG_3180.JPG)



File: 1553212617413.gif (461.42 KB, 1376x1178, filly-screem.gif)


She's right, though





File: 1553221257160-0.png (608.5 KB, 724x1024, large.png)

Another totally not filly


Why that filly have a cunny instead of a horsepussy?


Merry Christmas,you filthy Heretic.


File: 1553237396903.gif (576.86 KB, 600x600, Twilight-NightmareFuel.gif)


Coco doesn't deserve any of this. All she wanted to do was help, and now she's getting yelled at. She did what she knew was right, and now you feel you need to do the same for her. Using both of your front hooves, you grab Twilight's face and force her to look you in the eyes. She is not happy, but this has to be done.

"Diana, what the HELL is your problem? This is NOT how you are supposed to treat a friend. Coco never asked for ANY of this, and you fucking know it. I get that you're mad. I think we're all fucking mad, but right now you're acting like a spoiled fucking child. Daring is a literal criminal and she's behaving better than you right now. Yeah, we've fucked things up - royally. We'll fix it, somehow. I don't know how, maybe it'll involve some sort of rainbow magic like in that one episode. But you know what? If you're going to act like this, you'll get nothing, and we'll leave you. Element of Harmony or not, I am not going to work with you - ever - if you act like this again."

Twilight glares at you like she's about to kill you, but in the end, does nothing. The two of you are silent for the next half a minute, simply staring into each other's eyes. She sighs. "You're right, I am being a bit of a cunt. I'm still mad though… and I want to destroy something."


Who wants Twilight to commit a federal offense in a fit of anger?


Nobody. The last fucking thing we need right now is any attention at all.
Offer Twilight a hug. Even if she declines, hug her anyway. Friends don't let friends fuck each other over. 1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


"Yea, i understand your Frustration But the Best thing to do right now is get out of Here Before Someone sees a bunch of talking magic horses"
1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]


Well now's a good time to test if your magic still works, because we're shit out of luck without it. Uproot a tree or something. 1d100[ 1d100 = 48 ]


Whatever she does, nobody had better get hurt.
After diana''s done working out her shitfit, how about we brainstorm about ways to get back to equestria. Secret CIA projects, anyone?
1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


This but without ripping up a tree you retard, something less noticable 1d100[ 1d100 = 42 ]


>>213308 This, but ask her to pick up a stick with magic and smash it against a tree trunk or something else hard. That ought to kill two birds with one stone. 1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]


It just occurred to me that if magic doesn't work, then Twilight might get angry enough to commit the federal offense that Reuben mentioned. >>213291



Not a bad conclusion for now. I'm excited to see what you do next.

Friendly reminder for the rest of you to give contentfags other than Reuben and Smoldix (You)s if you want them to stick around


Empty (You)s are worse than no (You)s


CYOAs ruined these threads, actual content is ignored for le meme rolls.


Use the download links, don't download resized images


File: 1553292898901.jpg (2.69 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190322_173538634.jpg)

What's this?


File: 1553293097865.jpg (2.52 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190322_175053436.jpg)

Oh shit


File: 1553293219233.jpg (2.68 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190322_175212841.jpg)

Filly is unsure about this


File: 1553293728587.png (139.63 KB, 999x931, 20_face_filly anon_ big ea….png)


very cute plushies


File: 1553294339052.jpg (2.19 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20190322_183616491.jpg)

The size works out pretty well




Checked those trips.
Also, she is so cute.


Yup. They belong together.


At least it wasn't a huge problem back when we were on /mlp/ and just used simple (You)s for inputs since it mostly blended in with other content and discussion, but now we have blocky dice rolls in bold with each response, and reactions to the numbers rolled as well, sometimes with extra rolls in those
The CYOA as it has been here feels like it chokes out other stuff at times


At the very least, it gives the content fag visual feedback that someone likes what they're doing, and wants to see more.


File: 1553309011244.jpg (1.37 MB, 3264x2448, 33.jpg)


File: 1553309838424.png (101.67 KB, 493x525, bread bump.png)

New bread?!


I wanna fuck dead anon clones! Necrophilia FTW!

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