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Anon owns custom pony disguises in pony world
>Be Me
>Equestria is a pretty great place more or less.
>The less part has you going to extreme measures.
>"Morning there Fluttershy."
>Giving the best high pich silent moan, I try hiding a bit before speed walking away, to Ponker Poe's place.
>Today is the day Pinkie got new suits.
>A quick moan to the Mr and Mrs Cake and you're in Pinkie Pie's room.
>On time, as the hatch opens as I slide down to her party cave, while removing the head part of the disguise as usual.
>"Anon you made it safe and sound and I was so worried what if you got- mmmrmrmff"
>My hand gently cusped Pinkie's mouth, then my lips. Her basement of plans filled with party items and gadgets and the tentative home of Equestia's only human.
>Equestria is a magical place quite literally means crazy things occur.
>For ponies it's social situations and the evil bad guy of the week.
>For a human it's eldritch horrors. Actually dealing with them is surprisingly easy, it's the collateral damage.
>Ponies could deal with it just as easily, it's the insidious way they start and end. Attempting to scar anyone or anything part of their seemingly greater plan.
>It's why ponies and others sing so much for almost no reason, it also drives those things away.
"Who do you have this time Pinkie?"
>All men has a threshold for how much bullshit they can take and no more.
>Bear crawling everywhere made for a hot bod for my party waifu.
"Woohoo standing up straight again!"
>Hugging the bestest pink hors, thoughts turn dark for a moment.
>Being glad to pretend to be Spike.
>Those monsters will pay.
>For now a life well lived.
>But is it truly living if it's as Spike?
>"Take a look at the party map."
>Also doubles as the emergency response for extraterrestrial creatures.
>An arch by the library. A breach to that other world.
>Pinkie only hugs you both know it's a trap, but the plot points that it's the finale for a long awaited climax.
>"I put something special in that tail when all hope seems lost."
>For all their unknowns they play by common themes.
>You both know it'll help for the second phase but not the climax.
>Speaking of climax.
"Hey Pinkie let me know when the audience is looking away."
>"Sure, still here, and here oh it's getting smaller, like one of those funny stories you tell it's almost gone there it is."
Shudders against the dark curtain, only a pin prick opening, prelude to the activity behind.