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Hey Anon, I found this quite interesting article about "Right-Wing-Psychedelics-Use"
It's very long, don't expect you to read the whole thing, but what are your general thoughts on this?
Considering all the schizo-stuff of Esoteric-NatSoc it isn't really a surprise they would come to like shrooms and stuff - Trying to get secret Aryan technology from the machine-elves sounds kinda based.

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>Considering all the schizo-stuff of Esoteric-NatSoc it isn't really a surprise they would come to like shrooms and stuff
Esoteric NatSoc is about calling the Gods (demons) to intervene, kinda like the kiked kabbalah. No drugs needed.
Psychedelics on the other hoof are used by degenerate non-initiated ones in their quest for power over this realm, a very petty and ignorant way if you ask.
>Psychedelics on the other hoof are used by degenerate non-initiated ones in their quest for power over this realm
Add to that that they get no power whatsoever and their experiences have no practical application IRL, so, it is relegated to hedonistic and entertaining purposes.
>and their experiences have no practical application IRL
The introspection you can get on psychedelics can be really helpful IRL.
I don't doubt that the most people use psychedelics for degenerate-causes, but that doesn't negate the potential for helpful insight it can have in a therapeutic sense.

>Esoteric NatSoc is about calling the Gods (demons) to intervene (...) No drugs needed
The Shamans of various cultures use, among other things, psychedelics to get in contact with the gods. What is your opinion on that? The result of cultural degeneration and shamanistic practice?
>The introspection you can get on psychedelics can be really helpful IRL.
Name five successful or influential individuals who used psychedelics for purposes higher than entertainment.
>Inb4: Kiked Hollywood fags and other subversives.
>Name five (...)
Don't remember exactly 5, but I got 3 from the go.
-Albert Hofmann
-Ernst Jünger
-Julius Evola
All of them had a over-all positive opinion about psychedelics.
A lot of people claim to be based and redpilled, but they are only this way with ethnicity and gender. There are so many redpills they reject. One of them being that drugs are good and addiction is a myth.
>There are so many redpills they reject. One of them being that drugs are good and addiction is a myth.
For the sake of the argument I would say that there is where the slippery slope begins.
And specifically on your second sentence I'll say: GTFO degenerate.
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>The more I discuss with NatSocs
Well, there you have it. You're not NatSoc, then naturally you don't grasp the mindset of a pure body.
The only retard here is you
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Psilocybin is very good at treating cluster headaches and other severe headaches, one small dose a month tends to cure people. It also shows promise in treating traumatic brain injury, depression, PTSD and other mental problems that afflict our people.

Microdosing mushrooms has helped a lot with getting fit for me personally as well. I feel way stronger and can lift more on shrooms. I learn a lot faster when on shrooms as well, and it does promote the creation of new neural pathways and dramatically increases neural scaffolding. I’ve had great experiences with DMT as well and it has helped me realize my true potential. DMT is extremely intense, long story short, and without getting to personal here, I heard Gods voice and had a trip in which I completely left my body and our dimension, and realized that we are spirits and when we die we just leave our body. Psilocybin and DMT is also very good for cuddling up/making love with your gf too.

NSDAP scientists invented LSD, and the cia stole it and when they realized it wasn’t going to work for mind control, dropped it, although I’ve never tried lsd. I’ve been National Socialist since like 2016, I didn’t do psychedelics until I’d been ‘redpilled’ for several years, beginning in 2020. I’m not telling any of you to do drugs, that’s your personal choice. Obviously don’t drink alcohol in excess, stay away from opioids, meth and all that. If you are going to do drugs stick to the natural ones like cannabis and the classical psychedelics, do you own research. When it comes to this sort of thing, it takes a certain type of person, and if you are line me, you already know if you are meant to do these things or not. I was always drawn to it, and it always called to me, sorta like shamanism I guess.
LSD is actually less likely to give you a nightmare-hell trip than shrooms, IMO. I think people are just more comfortable about cubes since they're organic and hard to take too many of. Just food for thought.
That or you could huff ground snowpity or whatever.
That's all I'll say since this isn't 420chan.
The mental connectivity SOUNDS good, but I'm mostly concerned about the appropriateness of those connections. Are these connections nonsense, and how can you tell whether yes or no, when they're made by a drug that doesn't obey your judgement? You're putting yourself at the whims of a substance that changes what you think, and really doesn't care what you thought. Later, you might need to devote serious time to culling things that you thought you knew. I'd just stick to my own judgement and nutrition to help in building that (planning to make brains a long-term part of my diet at some point).
Yeah I’ve heard good things about LSD. I’m sure I’ll try it one day. If you have the right place to do it and have a good mindset, and are around people you trust, you will avoid 99.99% of bad trips. You have to respect the medicine, because it is powerful stuff, DMT especially. lsd is semisynthetic, and is a much safer version of the psychedelic fungus ergot, so it’s at least partially natural. I’ve had bad trips before from taking shrooms in a bad mood but also learned a lot from them, they really weren’t so bad.

I actually dabbed about 500 mg of DMT (which is a shit ton) and that was my first time doing anything stronger than cannabis. I left my body completely and had a full ‘breakthrough’ before I even exhaled the smoke all the way. Every moment I felt I was so out of this world that I must be ‘peaking’ but every moment I was 1000x higher than the moment before. DMT was so intense that I wouldn’t recommend just anyone do it unless they have done their research and truly know they need to. I had done my research for years, and knew it was the most powerful psychedelic, but still had no idea it was as strong as it is.

Overall I had a very positive trip, it was life changing, spiritually enlightening to the max, and the most intense experience of my life. However I was glad to have my girlfriend and a very good friend there to hold my hand and calm the inevitable anxiety that happens when you leave your body. I could easily have freaked out if I didn’t have that little comfort of someone I trusted holding my hand/cuddling me. Alexander Shulgin said DMT is paradoxically euphoric and anxiety provoking at the same time, and that’s definitely true.

With regards to OPs questions on spirituality, esoterica and all that, I see psychedelics as like an ancient technology that acts as a key to the spirit world. You can definitely get first hand experience with the spiritual, the esoteric and the religious with them. Ancient Aryan cultures did use them as well as cannabis. I personally think the idea of right wing psychonaut squads is pretty based.
Personally I didn’t feel very influenced by mushrooms in the way you described it. It was more of a subtle ‘awareness’. You have a lot of control over it, because you are still you, and still have all of your thoughts. What you put into it has powerful effects as to how it goes, with mushrooms especially in my experience. If one were going to do psychedelics I’d advise psilocybin in a small dose, as that’s pretty gentle, you might not even have visuals, just a nice feeling.

Even on DMT I just felt like I was me, but not in my body. As if I had died, but was still a ghost with my mind and my thoughts. A lot of the things I saw/learned made perfect sense, and I was like “woah I wish I could somehow show this to people, but I can’t transmit my experiences to them, and it’s so fantastical they would never believe me, so I guess they have to have their own experiences.” The things that didn’t make sense were more like infinite fractals and impossible extra dimensional shapes, that it felt like my mind just couldn’t comprehend, but I could tell they had purpose. Like when I spoke to my girlfriend, I would see shapes forming in my mind that would then float out of my head into her head, burst into bubbles and that’s when she understood me, and vice versa.

I also had a moment while cuddling with my gf where my empathy for my girlfriend got so strong, that I couldn’t tell the difference between us, I was like “wait which one of us am I? Have I been her all along or was I always me?” It was literally like I possessed her body, while I was trying to get back into my own.

I did experience some scary stuff on DMT, but I was able to will myself away from it pretty quickly. For example I saw thousands of different rainbow colored humanoid wasp entities floating in bubbles in a Martian looking landscape, some as big as me, some tiny, all of them humming in my head and shape shifting, growing boobs and ass trying to tempt me or something, that was scary, but I willed myself away from it so fast, and it really wasn’t an important part of my trip. (Come to think of it some anons here would probably enjoy the shapeshifting wasp girls, but I just wasn’t sure if they were demons or some shit, so it spooked me)

Absolutely though if you don’t feel right about these things trust your intuition. I only ever do it when I feel everything is lined up and correct so to speak. If I have a bad feeling at all, I wait until some other time to do the psychedelics.

My bad if I’m rambling just felt I had some experience on the subject to share, as even most DMT enjoyers haven’t had full ego death/breakthroughs like I have.