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Glim Glam Continues to Slam the Work of K "Wham Bam Call Me Ma'am" Kat
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Last thread hit bump limit.

Previous thread: >>284789 →

Continuing from my last post: >>294025 →

Once again, Velvet's basic argument here seems to be that killing in self defense or in defense of others is okay, but she draws a line in the sand at doing it for profit. It would be hard to justify Littlepoop's actions at the slaver colony by this logic.

Self-defense, as far as I'm concerned, is right out. She attacked them, and they were the ones defending themselves; again, the morality of who the slavers were or what they were doing doesn't factor into the equation here. As to the defense of others, you could argue that she was acting in defense of the slaves, but on the other hand the slaves didn't ask for her help, and she had no direct connection to them that justified getting involved.

Also, she drew the train ponies and arguably the entire town of New Appleoosa into her fight against their will, and got the train ponies killed. Does rescuing a few slaves balance out the equation and justify the loss of all that innocent life? Again, it's not particularly important what you or I might think about this; the issue is that these questions ought to have been weighing heavily on Velvet's mind for most of the past few days, but by all appearances they haven't. Really, the author has a pretty nice opportunity here to create a difficult moral dilemma for Velvet, and develop her character by having her try to solve it, but unfortunately this seems to have gone over his head as usual.

We also have LP's actions since the train scene to consider. Between the farm scene and their first meeting with Gawd, there was an entire scene in which LP and Calamity butchered another group of raiders. That wasn't in self defense at all, nor was it in defense of others; they walked up, picked a fight with the raiders, and then killed them all. Here is exactly what happened:

>Velvet Remedy crouched beside me, tending to a gash in Calamity’s side. To her credit, she’d actually tried to talk to the raiders. They returned her hello with some extremely perverted suggestions, at least one of which involved necrophilia. That’s when Calamity started picking off the ponies who had taken sniping positions on the roofs.
So basically, they were walking along the road and they came across a group of raiders. Velvet made an effort to talk things out, the raiders insulted her, and Calamity started shooting. Does this sound like self defense or defense of the innocent to you?

Granted, the raiders probably would not have let them pass and it would have escalated into violence one way or the other, but from Velvet's perspective this shouldn't matter; Calamity was the one who opened fire, so technically their side initiated the conflict. Plus, they could have just as easily turned around and found a way around the settlement, which is what what Velvet would likely have favored.

Anyway, now let's hear Littlepoop's side of the Gawd-contract debate:

>I felt like I was bleeding out, dying. But the more they yelled at me, the more I realized I had already chosen my course. I just had to make them understand why.
>“Silver Bell.”
Oh yeah, Silver Bell. I'd almost forgotten about her. As I recall, Deadeyes, for some reason, made an entry in his accounting ledger in which he confessed to being responsible for the farm attack that killed her parents. Well, I suppose that's a good enough reason to murder somepony as far as Littlepoop's logic goes. So, the question is: does the additional moral justification of Deadeyes being an icky meanie-pants baddie-pone who deserves a horrible poopoo death solve the ethical dilemma for Velvet, and also for Calamity who for some reason has a problem with murder for hire all of a sudden? Let's find out.

Littlepoop goes on to explain what she read in the ledger: that Deadeyes sent his evil meanie-pants poopoo henchmen to murder Silver Bell and her sister's parents in front of them. They also did it really slow and gruesome and made it really really painful, probably with ball-torture and butt stuff and everything, and they did a lot of other bad meanie-pants stuff too, like prank call a bunch of pizzas to Silver Bell's farm that she didn't order, and they left flaming doodie bags on her front porch that she had to step on to put out, and...and...

Anyway, you get the point. Blah blah blah, Deadeyes was a baddie and this justifies turning him into worm food; we've heard this bit before. How do her friends react?

>Calamity spoke first. “Well, now, that changes things.”
Of course it does. Killing for material gain is always wrong, even if it's not material gain you're receiving as compensation for killing, but is just the regular type of material gain you normally get from doing the type of killing you normally do anyway. But, if the pony you're killing is BAD, well that just changes everything now doesn't it?

>Velvet Remedy shook a little, but stayed firm. “What does it change?”
Velvet Remedy taking a moral stand for once? In my Fallout Equestria? It's more common than you think lol not really.

>Velvet Remedy shook a little, but stayed firm. “What does it change?”
>“Ain’t murder no more,” Calamity stated without reservation. “It’s justice.”
>Velvet shook her mane. “Revenge, you mean.”
What's vexing to me about all of this is that kkat clearly wants to explore some complex moral questions in this story, but obstinately refuses to put even a tiny bit of serious thought into the questions he wants to explore. The only character in this story with any clearly-defined ideals is Velvet Remedy, and she almost goes out of her way to avoid adhering to them most of the time. Everyone else seems to (loosely) follow a basic-bitch white-hats-vs-black-hats code of morals that basically amounts to: "bad stuff is bad, unless the pony you are doing bad stuff to is also bad, in which case bad stuff is good."
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>>You know what would make being cheerful for them easy? A little pony in my head waved a tin at me.
This author is really bad at integrating her crack mint addiction into the story and her internal monologue.

>Fuck that little pony.
No, fuck THIS little pony! Littlepip fucking SUCKS!

>I wanted to wallow just a little longer
Littlepip: Leave me alone to wallow in whatever it is mary sues wallow in!

>The robot started to clean in my direction

>If healing items are so effective and plentiful why do people die? Why are there any still around after 200 years?
The lore of the games solved this problem by saying health-restoring "Stimpaks" and inferior tribal "Healing Powder" can be manufactured even in the post-apocalypse. Kkat forgot about this by making do-anything potions so much better than they should be and only rare when he wants them to be.
So much of this story is written like he never wanted to do a second draft that stripped out the loot that couldn't be looted and didn't turn out to be important later.
If he didn't want LP and friends to take all of this healing potion, why did he put it there? Why not say "All of these health potions were made by a mechanical doctor that fucked up the recipe, creating poison that smells like healing potion and the only useable health potion here was hoofmade with that chemistry set"?
What, is team LP going to leave most of the healing potions behind and then come back for them once they have a car?
"We must travel light and avoid picking up too much junk" would make sense in a realistic world where carrying 20 pounds on your back is hard. BUT LITTLEPIP LIFTED BOXCARS! Go get her a boxcar-sized flat metal tray and she could carry all the health potions she wanted.

There are "New-U Stations" in Borderlands. They're respawn points just like in The Godfather and Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom, but with a dumb joke voice line that plays every time you respawn like "We here at Hyperion are always happy to revive you and take your money!".
That dumb joke and respawn fee and early-game tutorial "Characters explain videogame functions and vending machines" scenes means they canonically exist within the world so shitloads of players are unable to take emotional death scenes seriously. If I respawn when shot, why don't the NPCs who die during cutscenes?
Nobody goes out of their way to depower or imprison or cripple a foe specifically because "The second that bastard dies, he respawns at the nearest New-U Station in peak physical condition! So he needs to stay in this prison and not die!"
You'll eventually meet the NPCs behind the health vending machines and guns vending machines, and the Catch A Ride station that infinitely respawns your cars canonically exists, so you expect the respawn vending machine to also exist. Yet the whole world functions as if it doesn't, despite how much attention was drawn to it.
It's incredibly jarring and probably the biggest moment of bad writing in these games if you don't count spoiler stuff.
There comes a point where you're better off not drawing attention to videogamey things like respawn points, or +1 Life Pickups or Reviver seeds, or an impossibly all-knowing HUD that can tell you the names of important people while giving disposable randomly-generated NPCs names like Raider Scavver and Defias Cutpurse, or your arbitrary maximum inventory size, or level-ups and RPG stats, or dice-roll based bullshit, or your ability to save and pause and reload a game, or how the player character's insane luck makes him more likely to find a fully loaded military-grade gun in a random bizarre spot than you are to find a penny on the street.
And if something like this isn't it, what is?
If you don't have a clever meta justification for this unrealistic bullshit, shut up about it and let gamers willingly suspend their disbelief for it, and don't take this bullshit with you into literature unless the world's SUPPOSED to work like an easily-exploitable RPG.
And if this world IS supposed to work like a RPG, why isn't Littlepoop reloading her gun faster by switching weapons?

>Having half of your hide torn off is about as serious as skinning your knee in this world, so the attempted drama feels maudlin and silly, and the vivid descriptions of blood loss and torn skin just sounds like the author being an over-the-top edgelord
Could be worse. Littlepip could be a group of five or more ordinary human teenagers in the 90s given the power to morph into animals by a scorpion-tailed blue centaur alien, but despite the constant nearly-fatal hyper-edgy child-unfriendly wounds inflicted by assorted aliens and rayguns, changing from human to animal and back will insta-heal you and cause a spontaneous gratuitous body horror scene for everyone except your mary sue who gets to look pretty/cute when morphing because Kunt A. Assholegate says so.

Wait a fucking second, a "Chemistry set" could be used to make 5 free Stimpaks or a set of free drugs (1 each of Psycho, Jet, Steady, Buffout, Rebound, and Mentats) in FNV during the opening tutorial.
Elijah's one in Dead Money only made Cloud Residue (it's a long story but i deleted it for being off-topic) but if this fucking Chemistry Set is so great it can be used to make any drug whenever she wants, why is she making crack mints instead of MORE HEALTH POTIONS?
What's with this "JESSE WE NEED TO COOK!" moment?!
Realistically, a single health potion should be worth its weight in gold! Or better yet, bullets and sweet guns!
Unless health potions are easier to produce than bread once you have the required parts and tools to make it, making it cheaper than chips in isolated walled cities with "civilization" and dark secrets yet painfully rare out there in the wastes.

LP why u no hack turrets
>Could be worse. Littlepip could be a group of five or more ordinary human teenagers in the 90s given the power to morph into animals by a scorpion-tailed blue centaur alien, but despite the constant nearly-fatal hyper-edgy child-unfriendly wounds inflicted by assorted aliens and rayguns, changing from human to animal and back will insta-heal you and cause a spontaneous gratuitous body horror scene for everyone except your mary sue who gets to look pretty/cute when morphing because Kunt A. Assholegate says so.
Shut your whore mouth, yeerkfucker. Animorphs was great.
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>The Atrium door had closed and locked. We were sealed inside.
Considering what this place was designed for, it's unlikely the door was meant to stand open for a long period of time. It probably has some sort of timer on it that closes it automatically after a few minutes. In fact, I'd be amazed if all of the stables didn't have something like this.

>It was more of an aggravation than a real worry. I knew that I should be able to override every door in this place from the Security station.
Of course. I'd hate to think the author was going to give this group any sort of actual challenge to overcome; his time would be far better spent writing out a long, detailed list of all the random crap that Littlepoop finds in some old desk drawer.

>But reaching it meant getting past several more points where the suddenly trigger-happy security system could attack us.
Oh, okay, so there's kind of a challenge. Well, that's something I guess.

>I looked to my companions. By now, I was beginning to think of us as seasoned warriors of the wasteland (well, at least Calamity and I).
I notice that Littlepoop seems to regard Velvet with a certain amount of disdain whenever she's assessing the group's combat abilities. It's true enough that Velvet isn't much of a fighter, or a fighter at all, but condescension doesn't seem like the right attitude for her to have towards a pony she's supposed to be in love with.

Generally, when you've got a tough-guy or girl, I suppose hero character who sees a smaller, weaker, gentler character as a romantic interest, the hero usually develops protective feelings for her. However, with Littlepoop this is a little weird anyway, since even though she's supposed to be the tough, seasoned hero and Velvet is the gentle, naive pacifist who has to be rescued all the time, we also have this dynamic that was established earlier, in which Velvet is the sexy, sophisticated pop star and Littlepoop is just a mousy little fangirl who has a crush on her. What's weird is that LP seems to slip in and out of these modes at random; sometimes she's the tough, hardened warrior getting angry at Velvet for being too weak and sentimental, but then a scene or two later she's back to gibbering, lovestruck fangirl mode. Really the whole romance dynamic between these two feels completely insincere anyway, and a big part of it is that neither of these characters are particularly well developed to begin with.

Also, it's pretty damned arrogant for Littlepoop to be thinking of herself as a "seasoned warrior of the wasteland." She uses her S.A.T.S. to handle her targeting 95% of the time; if she had to rely entirely on her own aim she wouldn't be able to kill shit. Her PipBuck also has built-in radar that helpfully tells her the location of all of her enemies before she encounters them, so it's virtually impossible for anyone to get the drop on her. Most of her tactical advantages in battle come from her having a PipBuck, and the rest is just bullshit that comes from her being the author's favored Mary Sue OC, like her hacking ability and her lockpicking ability and her inexplicable ability to levitate preposterously huge things like boxcars. If a serious writer were to put this character in a serious version of this setting and take away her PipBuck, Littlepoop would probably be dead by the end of the second or third chapter.

>Velvet Remedy was looking at me sadly. I think I was fast enough, but I was guessing that she suspected what I was up to in the chemistry lab. She hadn’t taken her eyes off me since, and the reproachful look was burning into my soul.
Velvet's pity for Littlepoop's newfound drug addiction feels almost as tacked on as Littlepoop's newfound drug addiction.

Anyway, the problem now is that the door is locked, and the only way to open it apparently involves going to the security room in the special VIP area that apparently replaces the Overmare's quarters in this particular stable. Calamity finds a map, and they head off in that direction.

>We moved towards the stairs, stopping at a bulletin board covered in the usual notices. I shrank back; somepony had written “STOP KILLING US!” across the board in what looked like blood.
Sacrebleu! Le edge!

>“Oh my,” Velvet whispered. To my surprise, she magically tugged one of the notices off the board, floating it closer for inspection. The notice had been between a posting of new safety regulations and a flier for two missing fillies whose smiling faces had stared into an atrium of corpses for centuries.
Mon dieu! Le edge! LE EDGE!!

Anyway, apparently this flyer that Velvet finds is advertising an old concert with none other than Vinyl Scratch as the DJ. Why this information would be important enough that any of them would stop and take notice of it is the kind of question I should probably have learned to stop asking by now. Calamity notes with mild surprise that it looks like Vinyl had survived the balefire bomb after all. Littlepoop grumbles to herself about how much she dislikes stables, and then there's a page break.

>Between stealth and Little Macintosh, the other turrets proved little threat.
Oh, good. I'd really hate to have the story sidetracked by something as mundane as a trek through a creepy abandoned bunker where murder-turrets could attack at any given moment. Anything that distracts from descriptions of Littlepoop manufacturing homemade drugs or cracking old safes open is just a waste of page space, in my opinion. Come on, kkat! Get to the looting already! What does LP find in the security room? An old shoe? A 200 year old can of Bush's™ Baked Beans? More drugs? Come on, I need to know! Does she ever find all the crap she needs to build that stupid needle gun she's trying to make? The suspense is killing me! Quit wasting our time with all of this action and adventure and just get to the important stuff, for land's sake.

>I sat down to hack the terminal, trying to be respectful as I floated the pony skeleton off of it and laid it down in the corner near the others.
You know, it occurs to me that they might be misinterpreting history a bit here. Did it ever occur to any of these ponies that old Edgequestria might have been ruled by a noble race of skeletons, and they're all under a sleeping spell right now?

Anyway, Littlepoop of course effortlessly hacks the terminal, and of course the first thing she does is open the door to the armory so Calamity can loot it. While she's at it, she of course decides to root around in the old security logs.

The logs she finds are pretty much standard fare by now. Apparently the Stable developed some sort of artificial intelligence and began attacking the ponies inside for no reason; either that, or the Stable-Tec guys who were remotely controlling it got bored and decided to have some fun. It actually appears to be the latter. In any event, blood and guts and carnage abound, and no explanation is given for why Stable-Tec would want to do this to them exactly.

It's not clear whether the logs are text files or audio files, but I'm guessing audio as Velvet seems to be affected by them as well. Littlepoop becomes overwhelmed by emotion as she sifts through the various files.

>I reached to trigger another when Velvet Remedy physically pulled me away from the terminal.
>"WHAT!?" I yelled in pure rage, my body shaking so hard I felt like I would explode.
>"Littlepip," she said, and I realized she was crying, "You need to stop."
I literally burst out laughing when I read this. Most writers would take that as a warning flag that maybe they didn't convey quite the emotional timbre they were going for.

So, if I'm understanding it correctly, the situation here is that Stable-Tec put all of these ponies down here, locked them in with no Overmare, and then started shooting at them and killing them all of a sudden. One question springs to mind: WHY?

It doesn't seem like it, but this is really not that difficult a question to answer. The trick is to realize that you're not supposed to actually think about it. That some giant corporation would go to all the trouble of building a huge facility that probably cost billions of dollars bits, whatever, just so they could throw a few ponies in there and murder them for no reason, would provoke curiosity in a normal person. However, once you understand the logic of Fallout: Equestria, it becomes quite simple.

Stable-Tec murdered the inhabitants of this stable for the same reason that the slavers round up children and the raiders decorate their bedrooms with the guts of their enemies: they're bad baddies, who do bad things because they are bad. Their only role in the story is to be as edgy and evil as they possibly can. In other words, it's pure shock value. The reader is supposed to be so utterly horrified by the horrors of this horrible horror that they never realize that the whole scenario is absurd to the point of being actually funny.

Earlier I mentioned the movie Crank as an example of a story that is completely absurd, but still manages to be entertaining and fun. The secret of a story like that is that it's aware of how ridiculous it is, and it deliberately pushes its ridiculousness to the furthest extreme possible. A formula like that could easily work with a premise like this, since frankly the premise is completely ridiculous to begin with. However, it would need some self-awareness to be able to do this.

A film like Crank is in the category of "bad on purpose." Sure it's bad, but it knows its bad, and it's trying to be bad, and that's why it's fun to watch. Meanwhile, the sort of film you could compare FoE to would probably be something like The Room; a terrible, pointless story written by a complete hack who has no idea that he's a hack, and who legitimately believes he has something beautiful and important to share with the world.

Nearly everything in FoE is completely and obviously ridiculous, yet it presents these absurd situations without any apparent irony or humor. As far as I can tell, the author is trying for a serious, heart-wrenching moment here; the story of Stable 29 is supposed to be horrifying beyond belief, and we are meant to genuinely feel for Littlepoop's reaction here. Some big bad meanie corporation rounded up thousands of ponies and stuck them in an underground bunker and then gruesomely murdered them for no obvious reason, and now Littlepoop, who is listening to a recording that someone, for some reason, made of this event and then saved on their computer terminal, is tearing her hair out and screaming "oh the horror of it all!" while Velvet sobs in the background. The fact that this entire scene is being acted out by cartoon ponies pushes it completely over the edge for me; this scene is quite possibly the funniest fucking thing I've read all year.

It keeps going after the page break, too:

>I was seeing red like never before, and I couldn't even attack the source of my anger because they were all dead. Dead decades and centuries ago. My body hadn't stopped shaking.
You read it here folks: Littlepoop is literally shaking right now.

Anyway, while she is in this state of whatever the fuck, she randomly comes across Vinyl Scratch's old room, because why the hell not?

>The room inside had been untouched since the night of the party, three months after the door of Stable Twenty-Nine closed, trapping everypony inside.
And she knows this how? I went back over the sound recordings, and I didn't see anything in there that provided any of these details. The only clue I can see about the three month thing is that the flyer calls it a "three month survival party," which I suppose implies that the party took place three months after the group entered the stable. Assuming they were locked in from the very beginning this would make sense.
download (3).jfif
>Velvet pities the junkie
Is it really right for Velvet to take pity on a junkie?
She's a formerly-rich bitch celebrity from her stable's upper crust.
If she wasn't constantly surrounded by drug-taking celebrity faggots who ruined their boring lives through addiction, she should have an absolute hatred for drugs and the 'lowlife lowborn stable-scum' that takes them for fun.

>VIP area
If there is no leader, why even have a VIP area or name it such? If it's necessary for something as important as opening and closing the vault door that keeps your stable protected from the outside world, why not put the security specialists/experts in charge of it?
Also, Kkat's a faggot for badly writing this leaderless Vault. Leaderless zones don't stay leaderless for long. Eventually someone good at managing and planning and getting others to listen to him basically ends up in charge of (at the very least) a good chunk of the zone. If someone good at managing doesn't take over, someone who thinks he should manage things eventually will.
Why the hell would the absence of an "Overseer", the all-powerful boss with "Watch the cameras everywhere" as his job, the faggot who's in charge of the all-powerful "Stable Security" militarized police force, result in the stable lacking any kind of authority or responsibility?
If the automated security starts fucking up, which mechanic is in charge of fixing it? Which mechanic is the boss of other mechanics in charge of training new mechanics, if one exists?
If you think the automated security system is malfunctioning and killing innocents, what's stopping you from bugfixing that or getting a mob to destroy the easily-smashed gun turrets if it's not whoever's really in charge?
And if this Stable gets its orders directly from Stable-Tec instead of a local Overseer...
1. How did Stable-Tec survive? In a normal experiment-free stable of their own?
2. What the fuck kind of experiment in "Anarchy" does that make this, if this civilization needs the permission of a company to wipe its own ass and/or was effectively ruled by the facility's own guns?
3. When the gun turrets got this genocidal, how did they stay functional for this long if it's easy enough for Littlepoop to take them out with her mediocre hunting pistol? During the start of this Kung Flu panic, people smashed up 5G towers thinking they had something to do with it. And possibly smashed up some power lines that looked like 5G towers but there might have been feds doing that instead to make the anti-5G guys look bad.
4. AIs don't just "happen" and come out of nowhere like a videogame spawning in a new enemy. AIs are fucking hard to make! What retarded fucking Assman-tier Anti-Humanist Transhumanist Double-Nigger Moment of anti-logic caused a robot to think genociding all of its poners was its job?

>"Littlepip," she said, and I realized she was crying, "You need to stop. Your crack addiction is tearing this family apart!"
Littlepip: There are spiders under my skin and secrets to uncover in the journals and terminal entries of long-dead ponies!!!

This reminds me of a Vault in Fallout NV that seems brilliant at first but falls apart once you think about it. It's that Vault where the Overseer is elected for a year, then killed.
So big Voting Blocs form to rule the vault and vote for anyone who displeases them, and posters saying "Carl is a communist sympathizer, vote Carl for overseer!" coat the walls.
This shit went on for about 200 years without any change.
Eventually one person got voted into power and decided to actually use the Overseer's absolute power to replace voting with a random lottery. So a civil war happened and fucktons died.
All but 6ish vault occupants died. They agreed to vote nobody in as Overseer even if it gets them killed.
The vault said "Congratulations! You've proven humans will not execute one human a year even if we tell them to."
Sad, the survivors agreed to make an edgy audio log and leave it on the floor so random looters can find it. Then they all kill themselves except I think some chickened out.
Anyway this vault sounds smart and deep at first but was really dumb and edgy in retrospect. It's like this Stable, because at first it's horrifying but then you realize it's kind of funny.
But it's still a step above this piece of shit Stable where poners exist in an underground facility that gradually kills them over time for no fucking reason. Come on, where's the GLADOS AI that likes testing stuff even if it kills? Where's the lesson here, besides "Not everyone can write"?
At least Shadow The Hedgehog's stupid "Everyone in this expensive facility was killed for no reason" backstory got aliens retconned in to be less retarded.

>be Eggman's grandfather
>daughter has super-AIDS named NIDS
>take her to Space Colony Arc
>make giant lizard and Shadow The Hedgehog while trying to cure her Space AIDS
>collab with genocidal alien Devil Doom and his race the Black Arms on Shadow
>Guardian Unit of Nations (GUN) slaughters everyone on the ARK including Maria
>brainwash+freeze Shadow until Sonic Adventure 2

Remember that time Littlepip linked her PipBuck's targeting program to some turrets, so they'd open fire on anything her PipBuck considered an enemy to her while sparing her and her friends?
Bet the dead poners wish they thought of that.
If LP did that upon entering the stable, she wouldn't have to purge the vault of anything violent towards her like the gun-turrets.
Her PipBuck's never fucked up and labelled a potential friend as a Hostile(TM) before, so it's not like doing this would make a spiteful Dungeon Master say "This vault actually had survivors who were starving so badly they'd rob anyone they encountered... but they could have totally been reasoned with if you tossed some food their way. Unfortunately your trick made the automated turrets kill them all. Yes, even though these turrets were already killing ponies so these survivors would have no reason to go near the damn things. Shut the fuck up and enjoy the edge."

What isn't clear, though, is why this room would be untouched since the night of the party, or how LP would know this for a fact. For this to be the case, Vinyl would have to have died on the night of the party, or at least stopped using this room after the party. Is the implication here that the night of the party was the same night that all the brutal slaughter detailed in the last batch of recordings took place?

As usual, timelines here are vague; all we really know is that Stable-Tec, for some bizarre reason, was using its remote control of the stable to murder all of its inhabitants. It started off by killing a few here and there using events that appeared to be accidents, but eventually it just unleashed an all-out bloodbath, using the automated gun turrets that were placed all around (this seems like kind of a strange design feature in the first place). However, we don't know how long this took or when any of these events occurred. It's possible that the accidents took place over the course of three months, and the bloodbath occurred on the night of the party; however, if this is the case it's not clearly stated anywhere. They could have just as easily been down there for years and years before any of this started happening.

However, what I think the author is getting at is that the "accidental" killings were taking place over the first three months, and then at the concert Stable-Tec decided to kill everyone at once. More than likely, the concert was held in the atrium and this is probably what all the skeletons in there are supposed to be about.

Anyway, Littlepoop wanders around Vinyl's old room, looking at all of her stacks of records and DJ equipment and whatever the fuck, thinking to herself that she could just randomly break all of this shit to relieve some of the stress she is feeling about all the ancient murders or whatever. However, she doesn't quite feel right about destroying the beloved possessions of a pony who was just another victim of the evil meanie-pants baddie corporation that was bad because badness. So, she decides to do the decent thing: steal those possessions instead. She goes through Vinyl's old record collection, takes whatever the fuck she wants because she's a goddamn klepto, and wanders off, once again feeling as though she has somehow done something noble here.

>When I returned to the others, I would have Velvet Remedy lock them in one of her medical boxes where it would be safe from bullet fire. I still remembered that apple.
If transporting vinyl records or wax 78s or whatever the fuck they have in Equestria across the wasteland is such a complex and delicate task, why not just leave them where they are? Why do you need these records? Why do you need any of the junk you pick up? You need help, girl.

Also, what apple? What the fuck are you even babbling about, you loony twat?

Since it wouldn't be a room in Fallout: Equestria if there wasn't a safe, Littlepoop of course finds a safe. She of course "hesitates," because she "doesn't feel quite right about this," but of course this feeling doesn't ultimately stop her. She breaks into the safe, which of course just contains sentimental objects of Vinyl's that are of no practical use to Littlepoop or anyone in her party.

However, for no obvious reason, there are also four memory orbs in there. One of them is called "Pinkie Pie's Last Party," so she takes that one and leaves everything else.

After doing this, she leaves Vinyl's room, and goes to another room marked "Shadowhorn," which I guess was the name of someone important in Stable 29. The name was mentioned a few times in the recordings. Since LP has apparently completely forgotten about both her friends and the probably now dead cyborg soldier she was supposed to be trying to rescue, and since she can hardly resist the opportunity to rifle through another dead stranger's belongings, she goes inside.

>The mare in charge of maintenance was a V.I.P. in the Stable? Even in the midst of my barely-reined fury at Stable-Tec, my pure hatred towards whom could not be told, part of my brain recognized that seemed odd.
I had to read this like five times before I figured out what the hell the author was trying to say here. This is easily one of the most awkwardly-written sentences in the entire book.

Anyway, she goes into this dead cunt's room and, surprise surprise, there's another goddamn safe in there, which she of course breaks into. There is another recording inside.

>When the safe opened, it revealed another recording. This one looked startlingly similar to the one I found in the Overstallion’s office.
Couple of things here. For one, I thought there was no Overstallion here, and that was the whole point of this place. For another, since it specifically says Overstallion and not Overmare, I'm assuming what the author means is that the recording resembles the one LP found earlier at the other stable, the one that was so shocking because it had a boy leader instead of a girl leader. Since that happened like forty forevers ago and I don't even remember what that recording was even about, let alone what it looked like, we should probably go back and see what the description of the first one was.

>But within his locked safe, I found both it and the recipe, as well as an old recording. My guess was that it was his last words.
This is literally all the text has to say about the Overstallion's recording found all the way back in Chapter 5. So, if a description of the first recording is never given, how exactly is it helpful to tell us later that a second recording resembles it? The answer: it's not helpful. It's not helpful at all. It's also not helpful that the text has yet to even give us a description of any recording; the only reason I have even a vague idea of what these mystery objects look like is because a helpful anon in this thread gave a brief description of the ones in the game.
298383 298389

Anyway, she plays the recording itself, and...hoo boy. Let's just say that the actual truth of what happened here is different from what the text has thus far been hinting at, but it's no less ridiculous. In fact, it may actually be more ridiculous. This recording is probably worth going through closely, because there's quite a bit of information in here.

>Hello, Shadowhorn! The following is for your ears only. I am speaking to you because you have been selected for a very important job, due to your sense of loyalty and duty both to this company and the ponies around you.
This appears to be another super-sekrit message from Vice President Scootaloo at Stable-Tec to the Overmare, or Chief Security Officer, or Designated Shitting Pony, or whatever, from this particular stable. The format resembles the one which opened Chapter Six, if anyone gives enough of a shit to go back and read it.

>Hello, my name is Scootaloo, and I’m the vice-president of Stable-Tec. If you’re hearing this, that means that the Omega-Level Threat Protocols have been enacted...
Blah blah blah, the magical nukes went off and everyone is dead now, time to implement Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Anyway, after her preamble, Scoots basically tells Shadowfax that in addition to being a survival bunker, Stable 29 has been selected to participate in some kind of social experiment:

>but there is a higher purpose to your Stable, beyond saving individual ponies. We here at Stable-Tec understand that it doesn’t do ponykind any good to save ourselves now only to annihilate each other later. We must figure out where we went wrong. We must find a better way. And we must be ready to implement it as soon as possible once the Stable doors open.
Normally, a speech like this would imply that Stable-Tec probably wants #29 to implement some kind of bullshit common-core style learning program in which tolerance and friendship and shit is taught to the young, in order that the next generation of little ponies won't want to annihilate each other with nuclear missiles or whatever the fuck. However, in this story, I'm assuming it will be something about rampaging killbots instead.

She goes off on a bit of a tangent after this, mostly spouting cliched lines like:
>dammit. How did we come to this?
>Bad decisions, emotional decisions… they’ve dragged us into a war nopony wanted. They’ve pushed us to the brink of extinction
>dammit all to hell. Damn us all to hell.

Anyway, she eventually gets back on topic, and once she does we get some interesting tidbits of information:

>Your Stable has a very exceptional design. Despite the official documents, this Stable has no remote connection to Stable-Tec whatsoever. Instead, replacing the normal Overmare position, we have fitted Stable Twenty-Nine with a Crusader-class computer system.
So, apparently, it wasn't Stable-Tec who intentionally murdered everypony for no reason.
The question now, of course, is who did?

>The Crusader-class Maneframe is the most advanced supercomputer ever created by ponykind, using the greatest available improvements in arcano-technology. The Crusader is capable of independent thought, creativity and learning.
Oh, sweet baby Jesus. I think I see where this is going. Also: "maneframe?" Seriously? There's a time when cutesy horse puns are appropriate, and now does not feel like one of those times.

>The goal of this social experiment it to remove the emotional, fallible pony from the equation. To see if we can do better through a pragmatic and logical system of government that is not subject to our own faults.
Yep, it's basically what I was afraid of. This is another "artificially intelligent supercomputer goes awry and kills everyone" episode. It's a first for this story, but it's bringing back some unpleasant memories of Assman and his "Celest-AI" spergery.

Anyway, there's some other shit in here that I'll get to in a minute, but the long and short of it is that the Cutie Mark Crusaders built some kind of magic supercomputer, which they gave to this stable in order to test as part of some kind of experiment in AI government. Naturally, this machine went amok and killed everyone in the stable.

What happened specifically is that some little kid accidentally shot the magic crystal thingy that generates drinking water (this is mentioned in one of the earlier recordings), and he caused some kind of permanent damage to it. The diminishing supply of drinking water caused the computer to reason that the population needed to be reduced, so it killed a few of the ponies. However, since the water crystal couldn't be repaired, the supply kept dwindling so the computer had to kill more ponies. Eventually the supply ran out completely, so it decided to just kill all the ponies at once.

There are several WTFs here. First of all, it seems like a pretty stupid idea to do something like this in the first place. If this AI has never been tested before, it makes little sense to test it in the middle of a life or death survival situation where literally thousands of things can go wrong. However, I get the impression that this was basically the author's point, so we can probably skip that one.

More pertinent is that the latter part of the recording details measures that this Shadowbolt character could use to manually take control of the system if it ever went awry. If it started killing ponies a few at a time, it seems like it should have been obvious to Shadowcat that it was doing something it shouldn't, so why weren't the override controls implemented? However, I actually suspect hope the author may be going somewhere with this, so I'll skip that one for now as well.

I'm running out of space, so I will finish this thought in a new post.
>What happened specifically is that some little kid accidentally shot the magic crystal thingy that generates drinking water (this is mentioned in one of the earlier recordings), and he caused some kind of permanent damage to it. The diminishing supply of drinking water caused the computer to reason that the population needed to be reduced, so it killed a few of the ponies. However, since the water crystal couldn't be repaired, the supply kept dwindling so the computer had to kill more ponies. Eventually the supply ran out completely, so it decided to just kill all the ponies at once.
I'll give Kkat one tiny bit of credit here - this ties together a handful of things from the Fallout games quite cleverly. Janky, homicidal AIs suffering from logic errors show up frequently in all of the games so this sort of scenario isn't out of place in a Fallout story. Fallout 1 establishes that vaults rely on a small but vital component known as a 'water chip' to process their water supplies. And in Fallout 3, the shooting tutorial is framed as your (character's) father taking your ten year old self down to the maintenance level to practice with the BB gun he gives you for your birthday. Broadly speaking, the scenario makes a degree of sense and a tragic story could probably be spun out of it with a little effort.

However, as with most things in FoE it's integrated with the rest of the story in a very slipshod manner.
298500 298846
fuck shit.gif

The big issue as I see it is that the water crystal was damaged beyond repair. This whole tragedy is being presented as the end result of some monumental error in judgement on Stable-Tec's part, but neither Stable-Tec nor their AI are ultimately responsible for what happened. The crystal was damaged by accident, but once it was damaged it was irreparable, so everyone would have died sooner or later anyway. While I'm sure being suddenly murdered by killbots in the middle of a rave must have been unpleasant for most of these little poners, it was probably a lot less agonizing than slowly dying of thirst would have been. This was basically a situation where death was inevitable for everyone; the only choice would be when and how.

The author seems to want to emphasize the horror of this soulless machine ruthlessly murdering the living beings under its care because it made some calculation and determined that it was necessary. The message, such as it is, seems to tie in to what I have heard others in this thread refer to as the main theme of this work: that good intentions can lead to evil results. Here, the implication seems to be that Stable-Tec meant well: they created a government AI in the hopes that a purely rational machine wouldn't make the same impulsive and emotional decisions that a pony would. But, their good intentions ultimately produced this horrible result. That seems to be what the author is trying to communicate, as far as I can tell.

However, as I said, the reality is that whether this stable was being run by a machine or a pony, the leadership would have needed to deal with the same reality, which is that the water-jiggy was broken, it couldn't be repaired, and everypony was going to die one way or the other. The computer didn't break the water-whoosit, nor did the kid who shot it do so deliberately, but the end result was ultimately the same: it was irreparably damaged, and everyone in the stable was therefore doomed.

You could look at it this way: the machine probably made the right call by putting everyone to death quickly and...eh...relatively...painlessly with a mass shooting, instead of letting them all die slowly of dehydration. If the water had been allowed to simply run out, eventually the ponies would have noticed, and there would have been a panic. Ponies would probably start hoarding what water they had, and killing each other to obtain water hoarded by others. Some would probably try to leave the stable (if that were possible) and would die of radiation or whatever on the outside. In the end, whatever measures were taken, all paths would end in the death of every single pony in the stable. Killing everyone swiftly and at once was probably the best call here, and a machine could figure this out easily. A flesh and blood pony would have struggled with it and possibly would have chosen a path that, despite their good intentions see what I did there?, would have produced a far more gruesome end for most of these poners than simply getting shot by the turrets.

Let's look at exactly what happened with the water-doodle:

>Shadowhorn called us into a meeting this morning. We nearly had a major disaster yesterday. That idiot Buckbright built his colt a BB gun for his birthday, then brought the kid down to the reactor level for target practice. What was he thinking? Kid missed a radroach and punched a small hole in the environmental system. Actually nicked the water talisman. Thankfully, it’s working fine, but another half an inch and the whole Stable would be in serious trouble.

You will notice that even though it was done unintentionally, the damage done to the water-whatsit was the direct result of bad judgement on the father's part. So basically, this tragedy that the author seems to want to blame on the cold, heartless machine was actually the result of human error pony error, whatever. It was ultimately Buckbright who was responsible for the deaths of everypony in Stable 29, since he was the one who allowed his kid to fire a BB gun in the reactor area. You'll also notice another crucial error made by a pony: the narrator of the journal says that the talisman water-kerfluffle was fine and the damage wasn't serious; it actually turned out to be quite serious. Perhaps if the situation was understood and addressed sooner something could have been done. In any case, the...*sigh*..."maneframe"...in this situation is essentially blameless; it was faced with an impossible decision and made the best choice it could make.

I know I literally just bantzed the crap out of this story for being ridiculous a few posts ago, and in my defense this story is indeed very ridiculous most of the time, but now that I've read the whole section I will grudgingly give the author a few points here. Whatever he may have been trying to do, he wound up creating an interesting ethical dilemma with no good solution.

The irony is that kkack actually touches on something much deeper here than he realizes. His intended message appears to be "good intentions can lead to evil results," but in this case it was a completely unintentional act that led to a deadly no-exit scenario. If anything, it illustrates the ultimate indifference of the universe to man's pony's, whatever intentions in the first place. The tendency of humans and/or ponies is to look at the world like a puzzle, with the assumption that some "right" action is always available that will lead to a perfect outcome, and it's just a matter of figuring out which action is right. In reality, there is no right-action and wrong-action; all actions simply have consequences, and often they are too complex to predict the result. If the author really wants to use this story as a vessel for exploring complex moral issues, he'd be better off abandoning the white-hat vs. black-hat melodrama he's written so far, and delving deeper into questions like this instead.
>Janky, homicidal AIs suffering from logic errors show up frequently in all of the games so this sort of scenario isn't out of place in a Fallout story. Fallout 1 establishes that vaults rely on a small but vital component known as a 'water chip' to process their water supplies. And in Fallout 3, the shooting tutorial is framed as your (character's) father taking your ten year old self down to the maintenance level to practice with the BB gun he gives you for your birthday. Broadly speaking, the scenario makes a degree of sense and a tragic story could probably be spun out of it with a little effort.
Several things in this chapter are a bit clearer in light of this information
It's also the author yelling "Fuck you!" at the opening of Fallout 3 where you play as a child, your dad gives you a BB gun, and in a maintenance room underground you shoot some targets and shoot one Radroach that somehow conveniently got into the vault and that underground level at the perfect moment. Guess Kkat thought firing a BB gun down there should be dangerous.
The stuff about the water chip was "inspired by" a mix of Fallout 1's "Our water chip is fucked and there is no workaround. Go into the Wasteland solo and get us a new one" main quest and the role played by the player's father in Fallout 3.
In that game your dad left the vault to enter the wasteland and work on Project Purity, a big water purifier that cleanses all the water in the Ptolomac (logically the irradiated riverbed would be unchanged but Bethesda didn't realize riverbeds can be irradiated) and also magically un-irradiate all the water in all of post-apocalyptic Washington DC. oh and the purifier relies on a magic matter reassembling doohickey that'd be put to better use making food from dirt. You get him the doohickey with the help of a giant overpowered GMPC who could have done everything for you.
Guess Kkat thought it would be extra funny and ironic and tragic if your character from Fallout 3 and his dad voiced by Liam Neeson, the life-giving water-bringing heroes, fucked up the vault for everyone and prompted the Robo-Overseer to decide killing everyone quick would be better than any other method of getting or purifying water. It's a shame the vault RepairBots couldn't fix anything.
Doesn't it feel weird for Kkat to spit on Fallout 3's characters and plot when so much of the shit in this story was ripped straight from Fallout 3 and then clumsily shoved into his edgy take on ponyland?
We can't know the robot chose the right option. Any of this vault's ponies could have been the next Littlepip. The vault only needed one good reliable water source. How about groundwater or purified ocean/rainwater? The robot chose the quickest and easiest defeatist option, but would a human (pony, whatever) have tried harder to survive? Would a pony overseer pin all her hopes and dreams on one random character kicked out of the Vault and hope for the best? An AI programmed to minimize suffering might choose mass euthenasia at the earliest opportunity, but is that right? Is that what robots, the children of man (pony, whatever) should aspire to be? Isn't a tiny chance at success better than guaranteed failure? What did mankind or ponykind ever strive for, if there ever comes a day when we all agree with a machine that thinks giving up is better than trying? That "Maneframe" computer should have some ebooks on water talismans and engineering and magic. Why not gather the best unicorns and engineers in the vault and try to replicate another water talisman or summon water from the aether or create a portal to a realm of water or trap a filled water cooler in a time loop so it's always full no matter how much you take from it, or anything else that can be attempted with magic's limitless possibilities? That damn machine didn't even have the decency to construct a fake Ponyville and fill it with brain-scanned knockoffs of the Vault's inhabitants before giving up on life.
One more thing...
Isn't it ironic that what Kkat would call masculine behaviour (Teaching your son to shoot) ended up destroying a Stable with "Ruled by a robot" as its gimmick, but a Stable themed around ManDom and Masculinity ruling only failed because some mutant monster cats were created?
298491 298493
I dunno, maybe. most of the "Action" happens "off-screen" In the aforementioned scotch tape scene we have scotch acting like a thirsty cunt, Blackjack puts on the perceptitron thingie, accidentally joins her mind for a second
>Oh now i know hes not hurting her
And thats the end of it. Seahorse abstracts it quite a bit and every other sexual encounter is a cut-to-black experiance.
298492 298493 298498
Huh, neat.
What writing lessons do you think can be taken from Project Horizons?

Btw was thinking more about the "an evil mastermind or god did it and dies in the end" cliche. Starting to think it's lame now. If everything was part of one villain's machinations, did anyone have free will? Would everything have turned out fine without that villain's involvement? A moral like "geeed is bad" gets thrown in the trash and replaced with "don't get manipulated or mind controlled by a god or asshole or asshole god".
It takes everything that could have been said with the story and everything the heroes could have grown from and throws it away to turn the entire story into the tale of one baddie and the puppet show he was able to put on for himself until he got shot in the dick. Trying to make the final boss the biggest spectacle like that is a cheap writing trick and that's all "I was actually responsible for everything all the other villains did and the creation of those villains" is also cheap spectacle whenever it isn't a clever reveal that was subtly hinted at. In the books I've read so far the best final bosses are more than baddies who do bad because they are bad or told to be bad by the big bad god of evil. Punching out a dark god of darkness with raw firepower is some Kirby/Sonic shit. Not some Fallout or Pony shit. Fallout would have a choice between deep smart dialogue and a firefight and maybe some clever third thing like a self-destruct base button to trigger and run without ever meeting the final boss. And poners would solve the problem with glowy friendship lasers.
298493 298498
>Btw was thinking more about the "an evil mastermind or god did it and dies in the end"

I dont think that accurately explains anything. Goldenblood had his dirty mitts on everything but he wasnt responsible for the goddess. You can argue that his interference with Gardens was what led to the Goddess, but it was 100% twilights fault. The enclave and red-eye are almost entirely seperate.

If youre referring to the Eater or his dragon, the eater didnt actively do anything until the very end, and his dragon is basically only confirmed to be responsible for littlehorn.

Goldenblood isnt the final boss, the dragon actually was killed with a speech check by way of the eater, and Tom was the one who killed the eater. Blackjack only got her there.

If the Eater wasnt there, the dragon probably would still have caused littlehorn which was the inciting incident to the war. If the dragon wasnt there, its still reasonable to expect that the war would still escalate to where it ended. If goldenblood wasnt around, One of the more hawkish nobles at the time probably would have made everything go boom faster. Most of the events of KKat's backstory probably still happen.

KKat's equestria has quite a few manipulative monsters
298498 298535
Can we maybe NOT derail this thread into discussing a spinoff that's three times as long as, and no less autistic than, the story already under discussion?
Persona 5 did the God Copout and it sucked but saying why would take many off-topic posts.
Thank you. Some day I really should read that fic.
Sorry, I'll stop.
To try and get this thread back on-track, Calamity and Velvet's shared "I hate that self-righteous elitist prick/impulsive ruffian prick" moment seems like bad writing since they've gotten along great until now. They disagreed over how to handle the Stone Prison Arc since Velvet thought killing because a merc told you to was wrong but aside from that, they got along great. They even started singing cheesy made-up songs together!
Did the author decide he got them too close together too quickly for a proper "will they won't they" romance arc, and use this scene to retcon their relationship status? Perhaps Velvet could secretly resent him but so far Calamity doesn't seem like the type to hold grudges in secret.
This kind of "Fuck this fancy bitch/unfancy bastard" talk probably should have been moved up earlier in the story, before they bond over a shared love of music with some cheesy campfire scene where Calamity whips out a beaten-up acoustic guitar and tells Velvet dad taught him how to play.
298501 298547
Okay quarter-jew britcuck. I've got hobbies, duties, a family, and a home to take care of. Your only goal in life is literally being retarded while having absolutely zero solvency whatsoever aside from sperging out like a common crackwhore nigger. Also, great job at trying to poison the well since you clearly cannot even BEGIN to realize how many anons hate how fucking stupid you are! You're worse than the average leaf, which is an amazing feat. "M-O-O-N" spells dipshit britnigger.

I take it you haven't seen enough of Nigel's rants on this Cambodian equine hoof care site to understand. If not, don't bother. His mere existence is enough to give even the most hardened channer such massive degrees of turbo cancer that the fatality rate is over 100%.

The problem here is K "I can't stop sucking dicks long enough to breath" Kunt tried to pull BOTH a giant "Dues Ex Machina" and reverse-write-in a reversal at the same time while pretending that his 'story' was coherent to begin with. Destroying any nuclear reactor with a standard BB rifle is so far beyond a DEM situation that it would be a one in a negligible attempt. Only a complete moron would place sensitive equipmarent in an exposed position. The "ethical dilemma" is not only utterly shoehorned into the story without any TRUE repercussions (aside from the faux-emotional state of those that "experience it") and the fact that another vault is 'lost to the sands'. Oh, so a vault was destroyed because of someone being trained in a location that isn't perfectly secure? Too bad, that's the Wasteland for ya! Oh so that same vault is gonna be annihilated by a defective robot that makes an error which wasn't programmed out/was flawed to begin with? Too bad, that's UNStable-Tec for ya! The entire """tragedy""" is worthless except for being nothing more than shitty animu filler episode material. Pic painfully related in this case.

tl;dr: the only 'moral' that one can even bother taking from this is: don't be a shitty, retarded wannabe-writer like kkunt.
It's okay to not say anything.
God fucking damnit. Nearly every single post you've made is off topic. Yes he needs to constrain and limit the words to the utmost pinpoint they could be.
Just post the damn good post detail how it's a damn good post and make the shit work. It's been years, that method isn't working so move on to something that does. You wanted a better poster so suit up.
Both of your actions are well enough laid out yes it's frustrating at times and frankly I've had it. I have nothing to say on the story besides what has already been said. I've already said what I would have said and repeating what I'll said again ad infinitum is redundant.
Sorry I'm a bit short at the moment I'm sure I'll grow out of it soon.

Sometimes not saing anything is better than filling in the companionable silence.
Have a poner everyone.
Yes, I will take a look at it.
Please try harder to focus on the thread topic instead of trying to start a tiresome pissing contest between us. It doesn't help anyone when you insist I'm a part-jew that gives people turbo-cancer or some gaslighting mastermind out to ruin your day or any other delusion. What's next, will you say I breathe fire? I know I'm not perfect, but this is absurd. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm working on that. When I do something that pisses you off, tell me what it is so I know why you're upset and what I could do about it. Simply expressing how upset you are with these tantrums isn't constructive. When you scream and cry at me because you sometimes find me annoying, it is immature and unhelpful. Offense is taken, not given. It's not my job to manage your mood, but if you want me to do so anyway, communicate better.
Anyway, a nuclear reactor wasn't damaged by a BB gun. It's worse.
The child aimed at a RadRoach that somehow got into this "Perfectly-sealed underground location" (Did the first ponies to get into this vault take roaches in with them? Where did the roaches get the radiation they needed to mutate?)
and he missed.
He missed the dog-sized roach on the floor, punching a small hole in "the environmental system", damaging the water talisman.
Are those armour-piercing BBs?
These "Lmao it worked in Fallout 3 so it must work in real life" moments are fucking retarded. Yes, in Fallout 3 a BB Gun is a deadly weapon that can kill an adult in only slightly fewer shots than better guns with better damage numbers. But IRL, BBs aren't going through steel unless something's gone very wrong. Pics related, it's where your dad took you to shoot in Fallout 3. Sorry about the watermarks.

Shortly after saying this crap about the water chip, the text also ruins this Vault's "Everyone here thinks they're relying on Stable-Tec for their orders and thinks they must continue to do so" premise.
>“As head of Maintenance, Shadowhorn laid down a whole new series of safety protocols. They aren’t official until she gets them passed through Stable-Tec, but we’re going to follow them anyway. If Stable-Tec doesn’t like somepony giving the orders for them, well they can trot themselves down here and say differently.”
Despite all this time without a local leader for an Overseer, despite all this time spent obeying a computer they thought was Stable-Tec, they suddenly decide they can make up their own rules and follow them and enforce them without needing the permission of "Stable-Tec" aka the machine guiding them. That makes the prior "There are no safety rules because nopony is in charge down here! If only someone was in charge to tell us to be safe!" part of the chapter really fucking stupid.

Why the fuck would the "Stable-Tec" robot "Maneframe" take so long to guide them that they start to bitch about how long Stable-Tec takes to tell them anything/permit them to do stuff?
Why would the rule of an all-seeing all-knowing AI in charge of this underground facility and its gun-turrets take such a hooves-off approach to managing things?
It's an AI in a book that doesn't understand how AIs work, so it can make decisions faster than people can despite making retarded leaps of logic like "Reducing pony population didn't prevent water starvation. Must continue reducing population until 0 is reached!".
If anything, shouldn't an AI like this micromanage its populace until their yoke starts to chafe?
And what's with the way that maintenance ponies think the water talisman is fine at first, but then the AI decides it's fucked and the water supply's fucked and water-recycling is a myth and the population needs culling, Green New Insanity-style?
Team Littlepip is only here to get that McGuffin they need to save SteelCunt's life, and get the fuck out.
So they should act like they're on a strict time limit.
But instead, they scavenge for supplies and get some health potions, so they can see another hint to the fate of a Stable they have no reason to care about.
Then Littlepip makes drugs so Velvet can think she's a faggot.
And then the door suddenly closes just so the heroes have to go to the door switch, and of course they stop to investigate everything about the Stable along the way, just so Kkat can show off all the "work" he put into this stupid stable and its lore.
He can't just give us a handful of clues and expect us to work it out, maybe coming back to it in another side story. No, he feels the need to walk you through absolutely fucking everything and spell it all out, no matter how many words that wastes.
Everything about this stupid Stable feels like it was hastily written around a desire to piss on Fallout 3 elements and include an evil supercomputer just like the ones in Fallout 3 somewhere, despite the hypocrisy of pissing on the heroes of a game that served as your primary source when writing something this creatively bankrupt.
But Kkat couldn't think of any ways to turn "Stable ruled by an evil AI" and "Stable doomed because of the Water Bois from DC and their taste in makeshift gun range locations" into two distinct and interesting Vaults that failed due to separate lessons the ponies failed to learn in time.
So they're shoved together even though it means neither are compelling.

The lack of leadership, safety restrictions/protocols, and realistic physics meant BBs went through steel and fucked up irreplaceable magitech bullshit.
An AI could either send ponies into the wastes for a new water chip- I mean water talisman or commit die and take its whole stable with it to the sound of DJ Pon3 music.
And now Team Littlepip is only down here in this particular Stable because they need to save the soldier bleeding out on their watch, and they found more than enough healing potion for him plus the McGuffin needed to unarmor him (why didn't LP psychically take Steelcunt down here with them?) but they're acting like they have all the time in the motherfucking world to learn exactly why this little social experiment failed.
>Everything about this stupid Stable feels like it was hastily written around a desire to piss on Fallout 3 elements and include an evil supercomputer just like the ones in Fallout 3 somewhere, despite the hypocrisy of pissing on the heroes of a game that served as your primary source when writing something this creatively bankrupt.
On the contrary, I get the impression that Kkat absolutely LOVES Fallout, particularly 3, and wants to cram as many things based on or directly lifted from the game as possible. That's not a recipe for good writing, but it's an understandable goal for an amateur writing a crossover fanfic. The main problem is that Kkat doesn't have a good grasp of how to establish stakes or maintain tension, because he gets his understanding of storytelling from open world RPGs he's sunk dozens/hundreds of hours into rather than books.

This diversion does at least serve to introduce the concept of crusader mane(ugh)frames, which show up again later as part of the main plot.
That makes sense. I guess we'll never really know if he considers "And then the heroes from my favourite game semi-indirectly caused the death of everyone they ever knew and loved long before the heroes from my fanfic got here" to be a loving cameo tribute unless he says so. Wee know he's bad with implications because of the Zebra stuff. Not that I have a problem with an author painting african-inspired creatures as 100% evil apart from one obligatory good one who's specifically good because she acts un-african. But it didn't seem like he intentionally wanted to write the Zebras that way.
I wish he did some kind of "Behind the scenes" series of journal posts on Fimfic.net where he describes his writing process, what he was thinking when he wrote this, and what he wanted each chapter to accomplish. That would be hilarious.
>I wish he did some kind of "Behind the scenes" series of journal posts on Fimfic.net where he describes his writing process, what he was thinking when he wrote this, and what he wanted each chapter to accomplish.
Kkat has written *extensively* on FoE in his fimfic blog over the years. It's quite a trip.
For real? Awesome! Does it spoil upcoming events in the story? Does he organize his thoughts on different chapters, organize his posts by specific topics in the story, or just post whatever he thinks of without organizing any of it?
If he did a "Writer's Commentary" thing where after each chapter he tells people what he was thinking when he wrote this, that would be perfect for a "Review the chapter, and then what he said his goals were when writing it" format.
Reviewers like the Angry Video Game Nerd often ask "What were they thinking?" rhetorically, but this is a great opportunity to see exactly what they were thinking and criticize how he went about attempting what he said he wanted to accomplish with this character, or that chapter, or this faction, or that abrupt dump of a tragic backstory.
Environmental storytelling is about suggesting what might have happened here, not spelling it out for the audience in one of eighty collectable tape recordings/diaries detailing every last detail especially ones that weren't suggested in the environment at all. It's about making people speculate over what could have happened somewhere, and making it a rare treat when we get enough information to definitively figure it all out. Not just putting hugging skeletons in well-travelled and entirely-expected and often even currently-inhabited places that have somehow been undisturbed for 200+ years along with a journal to painstakingly explain everything for BugthEAsderp's target audience. It's about suggesting there's more going on in the world than the player's adventures, not leaving collectible journal pages around that only the player character can pick up or see or hear. People still talk about Lavender Tower and Cinnabar Island. Nobody gives a fuck about the random skeletons in Fallout 3 or 4, and by the time 76 rolled out it featured so many skeletons and Dead Guy Journal holotapes everyone got sick of it.

Also I forgot if I've already said "I hate how Littlepip goes out of her way to learn how random poners died but never tries to take any kind of logical wisdom from it/fulfill their last requests/carry on their legacy" or not, but I still hate it. Littlepip doesn't have an in-character reason to be such a nosy cunt, but she should. It's jarring when LP reads some dead pony's diary because she's never given us or herself or her friends any excuses for it, and her friends never call her out for it so we want to do it ourselves.
She's got no excuse to have such an entirely random knowledge of the pre-war world. Sometimes she doesn't know something she should know, giving characters an excuse to exposit things to her (and us). Sometimes she does know things, but can't mention it until it's time to awkwardly expositionate about it to her friends (who already know) and us.

They could have fixed the "Velvet and Littlepip expositing to us" problem by making Calamity play dumb about the pre-war world to hide the fact that he's a Dashite at first, giving them excuses to fill "him" (us) in.

Maybe my "Littlepip and Velvet should have been raised on hyper-simplistic Pony Propaganda, Calamity should know more than he lets on to add to his mysteriousness and hint at his Dashiteness, and LP should believe learning of what really happened before the war is the best way to make sure whatever killed Equestria never happens again" idea isn't the perfect solution for this problem.
Someone else could probably think of a better solution than that.
Anyway, this problem needs fixing because it makes LP's love of holotapes and diaries (which the author relies on to tell the audience what he did with this canon character and that location and this fallout element and that fanon meme) stupid. "My OC needs to do this because I want her to and gamers did it in Fallout 3" is stupid.
Give your characters reasons to do shit! They can be bad ones! They can be fucking shit reasons! But they need to be good enough to convince your character to do shit, and convince your audience that your character would be convinced by a reason like that.
Although with how hyper-edgy and hyper-bleak this world is written, are there any societal lessons Littlepip could take from the dead that aren't obvious things like "Don't be in a prison full of rapists when nukes fall and society ends" or "If you want to make a slavery-free town, don't make it at the end of a slaver-operated railroad track that leads straight to a slaver city" or "Don't play with a BB gun in an absurdly fragile maintenance room"?
298850 298862 298871

Anyway, what I've provided is a rough summation of what happened to Stable 29. This information was obtained from both Scootaloo's message to Shadowcunt, as well as a short subchapter section that follows this message. To be thorough, I'll briefly go after the second subchapter.

After listening to Scoot's recording, Littlepoop goes to investigate the security junction she mentioned:
>There is an access junction between the Security station and the V.I.P. rooms through which you can access the Crusader Maneframe.

She locates the junction. We are not told how she found it or where she found it, only that it was easy to find. This seems a little strange, since one would think that a security override that would allow a pony to take control of the entire stable is the sort of thing that would be well-hidden and well-protected, but at this point I don't think a detail like this matters too much. At present, Littlepoop only knows that the stable's population was killed by the AI acting alone, and that neither StableTec nor any of the ponies ostensibly in charge of this stable are to blame. However, she does not know the full story, and she is curious. Once again, her curiosity about some 200 year old tragedy supersedes her actual mission (which at present happens to be saving Private Cyborg, which I'll once again protest should logically be a time-sensitive goal).

Anyway, she opens the junction box and finds some kind of device inside that allows a PipBuck to connect. From one of the previous recordings, she knows that one of the other ponies was electrocuted attempting to connect to this box:

>Shadowhorn passed away last night from complications after being nearly electrocuted early yesterday morning while trying to access the junction behind a security panel with her PipBuck.
This text is from the recording she found before she found the Scootaloo recording, the one that had her freaking out and kicking at walls. Between this information and what she just learned from Scoot's message, she can reasonably surmise that Shadowtwat was attempting to override the AI, and the AI somehow detected this and killed her. This is a satisfactory answer to my earlier question of why the security override controls weren't implemented. There is, however, a minor logical issue here: if the purpose of the override is to allow a pony to take control of the stable in the event that the AI has gone haywire, it would stand to reason that the AI should be blocked from interfering with this process by design. The override system should be something that the AI is prevented from tampering with; however, this assumes that the system was sensibly designed. It's entirely possible that StableTec is just incompetent.

Anyway, in order to bypass this danger, Littlepoop takes out Velvet's old PipBuck, which she is still carrying around with her for some reason, and jacks into the control panel while levitating it a safe distance away from herself.

>I pulled out Velvet Remedy’s PipBuck for the first time since shortly after I found her. It was a thing of beauty, but I realized it had a less pleasant meaning to her.
I'm not sure why she describes it as a thing of beauty; I don't remember there being anything special about this particular PipBuck. As to what the "less pleasant meaning" it has to Velvet is all about, I have no idea. My guess is that it's tied into her whole "I don't want to be in le cage" deal somehow. In any event, this sentence is vague and awkward; I would either rewrite it or delete it.

Anyway, she jacks into this thing and manages to not get electrocuted. Inside, she finds a log of the AI's actions, and discovers what it did and the reasoning behind it. As I've already explained, the issue was basically that the water-thingy was damaged and was not repairable, and the AI determined that the solution was to gradually cull the population until the water eventually ran out entirely. At that point, it decided to kill everyone.

Nigel has brought up some decent points that contest the logic of this, namely that the water-dealy would need to be both very delicate and basically unprotected in order for a low-velocity projectile like a BB to fatally damage it. The text doesn't go into detail about the reactor level or how things in this area were designed and/or armored, but if it was possible to damage something this important this easily, it seems like another serious design flaw on StableTec's part. There is also the question of how a rad-roach would have made it into the stable in the first place, since the whole point of the structure is that it is supposed to be hermetically sealed so that nothing from the irradiated outside world can get in.

These are both reasonable points, to which I will add an objection of my own: if all of the critical stuff kept in this area is indeed this poorly protected, it seems like it would be a pretty dumb place to practice target shooting in the first place. Buckbright ought to have known this and thus it makes little sense for him to have taken his son down there for that purpose. It would have made far more sense for the kid to have just gone down there on his own without telling anyone, and nicked the water-bippityboop by accident. This actually could have made the situation more plausible, since being a child he wouldn't understand the severity of what he'd done, he'd simply be afraid of getting in trouble, so he would likely have just fled the area and not told anyone about shooting the water-whatchamacalit. Since the AI was entirely in charge, only it would have known about the damage, and it would have handled the situation in its own way, leaving Shadowcack and whoever else to simply guess at why it was killing everypony.

My guess is that kkack simply wanted to emulate the scene in Fallout where the player's father takes him shooting mentioned by another anon, so that is why he chose to do things this way.

>After three months, the water talisman failed altogether. The Crusader acted accordingly. To preserve Pony Life.
And with this, the subchapter concludes in a page break.

The next scene opens with Littlepoop drowning her sorrows in liquor:

>I poured what was left of a bottle of apple whiskey down my throat, enjoying the burn. The rage had drained from me, replaced by a numbness that was even worse.
It's unclear where she is in physical space at this point. Is she still by the junction box, which incidentally we don't even know the location of? Is she back in Shadowbutt's room, or maybe Vinyl's? Where did she get the whiskey? Was this just something she was carrying around with her, or did she find it in the stable somewhere? These are all minor questions, but answering them would make it easier for the reader to visualize what's happening.

At this point I'm just assuming it's stupid to ask if she still gives a shit about getting back to Roboponer before he dies. If the actual reason she is exploring this vault in the first place is anywhere near the forefront of her mind, she doesn't mention it in her narrative. Anyway, traumatized by the contents of the recordings she just wasted a fair chunk of time listening to, she now decides to waste even more time by delving into the memory orb she found, which the astute reader will recall is titled "Pinkie Pie's Last Party."

The memory appears to be Vinyl's. LP finds herself looking through the DJ's eyes at the dance floor of a large party. Rainbow Dash is apparently in attendance; she flies up and compliments Vinyl on her choice of beats:

>“Awesome beat, Vinyl Scratch!” she grinned, “Your rhythms always makes for the best parties!”
"Your rhythms always make for the best parties" would be the technically correct way of wording this, although the sentence is still awkwardly worded. I'd probably have her say something like "You always know what music to play," or "The music at your parties is always the best," or "I want to stick my tongue in your butthole."

>And, whoa, was Vinyl Scratch checking her out? She had my gaze going up and down… No, wait, that’s just headbobbing.
Hurr durr lesbian hoerses.

Anyway, another pony, clearly Applejack though her name is only given as AJ, approaches Rainbow Dash. She identifies her by name, and they talk about drinking and drugs sacrebleu! this story is so le dark and so le mature!. AJ is attending the party with a stallion whom Dash identifies as her boyfriend, one Sergeant ‘SteelHooves’ Applesnack. Since this story doesn't seem to have a problem with preposterously implausible coincidences, I'm going to assume this is the same 'SteelHooves' who is currently bleeding to death on a lonely battlefield, while the pony who was supposed to be bringing him medicine is sitting here watching this stupid memory orb.

Vinyl's attention is at this point diverted from AJ and RD's conversation to a nearby balcony, where an argument is going on between a pony that LP recognizes as Pinkie Pie and a second pony whom she does not recognize. The second pony is described as a "purple unicorn," and a few lines later Pinkie addresses her as Twilight. It's not clear what exactly they are fighting about, but Twilight seems to have a problem with Pinkie's behavior. A moment later it becomes clear that Pinkie has developed an addiction to the very same crack-mints that Littlepoop is apparently now addicted to, and Twilight feels that her mint-abuse has gotten out of control. She also implies that it is becoming a wide-spread problem at Pinkie's parties mon dieu! le drugs and le sex and le violence in le pink and pastel pony cartoon! so much le edge!!.

Anyway, Twilight loses her shit on Pinkie Pie and tells her that if she doesn't get her mint problem under control they can't be friends anymore. She storms out of the party, and the memory ends. It is actually a pretty decent scene, but like most of these flashbacks it has no apparent connection to the main story (to the extent that there is one).

>One thought hit me as I collapsed from the memory like I had been kicked in the stomach. (I had, in fact, vomited on myself.)
This is a very, very awkward sentence, but I'm too lazy to go over it in detail. At this point if kkack wants technical help he can pay a professional to wade through this clusterfuck, though I don't envy the poor soul that takes the job.

>Leaning against the wall, I assured myself, “I’m not that bad…”
>“But I have to be careful with you,” I said to the Party-Time Mint-als in my saddlebags. “I can’t let Calamity or Velvet Remedy get to thinking I have a problem with you. I don’t want to lose my friends because they think I’m addicted.”
The author attempts, rather weakly, to connect this disjointed scene to Littlepoop's own supposed drug addiction. Again, I don't disapprove of the addiction as a part of her character, but I do object to the way it's been rather gracelessly tacked on. We have not seen her use these mints more than a couple of times, hardly enough to constitute serious abuse, and her "addiction" has barely factored into the story. Also, while I actually thought the memory orb scene was decently written, it is unfortunately just another random event from the past that has little bearing on the present.

Pinkie and Twilight are complete strangers to LP, and she has no real reason to be emotionally affected by any of this. Moreover, this scene shifts the focus rather abruptly from the tragedy that occurred in Stable 29 to the issue of LP's supposed drug addiction, and her investigation of the Stable 29 incident is itself a diversion from her primary objective of helping Roboponer. Far from adding depth and emotional resonance to the story, these layered subplots feel like the author is bouncing around randomly from idea to idea, like a kid with ADD aggressively flipping through channels instead of just finding something to watch and watching it.
298855 298898

Anyway, that was the end of Chapter Fourteen.

Chapter Fifteen: Whispers in the Darkness

Today's Fortune Cookie:

>“Psst! Pinkie Pie, are you asleep yet?”
This quote, evidently, was spoken by Pinkie Pie's rapacious Uncle Jeff, who would periodically sneak into her bedroom on the farm and shove entire pineapples up her plot-hole, and long story short that's why she developed a mint-abuse problem later in life. Actually I'm just kidding; as is the norm with these epitaphs, I don't have the slightest fucking idea who spoke this line or what the context is.

Anyway, the chapter opens with another of Littlepoop's dream sequences. She's having nightmares about all the fucked-up shit she's learned about the wasteland during the unspecified amount of time she's spent here (at this point I'm estimating about 3 weeks). The details of the dream aren't particularly important and mostly deal with events we already know about.

As I've complained many times before, the disconnected episodes from the past that LP keeps digging into have very little to do with the events of the present. Though they seem like they would be compelling enough stories on their own, there has been absolutely nothing done to connect any of these events to the main story involving Littlepoop and her friends. What makes all of this even worse is that there (still) is no main story; since she left the stable, LP has done nothing but wander around getting into random fights with random bad guys, without any hint of a larger overarching plot.

What makes all of this so vexing is that the author, as far as I can tell, is far more interested in writing about the history of the war that led to the apocalypse than he is in writing about anything going on in the post-apocalypse present he chose to set the story in. Moreover, most of these episodes from the past seem like they would be considerably more interesting to read about than the present story, which is painfully dull. Littlepoop is not a particularly interesting or likable protagonist, and she doesn't really do much besides wander around collecting junk and picking fights with random enemies. Her friends are not particularly well thought out characters and there is little interesting chemistry between any of them; it's not even clear why the three of them are friends. None of them have any tangible goals or objectives, so the story has nowhere to go. As I've complained before, the author seems to want to use Littlepoop's explorations of the present, ruined world as a framing device to reveal what happened in the past, but as I've also complained before, she has no obvious reason to even want to dig up the past, so this story just feels like a bunch of disconnected anecdotes that hint at a considerably more interesting story than the one we're actually reading.

The episode we just witnessed in the memory orb, for example, was actually a pretty well developed scene. We see several of the canon MLP characters at a much later stage in life, and while they appear to be partying and having a good time, it's clear that everything is not well. Pinkie Pie's exuberant personality seems to have led her to a life of constant pleasure-seeking, which has led to addiction. Her problem has gotten bad enough that it is affecting her friendships; there is also an implication that the availability of drugs in Equestria is becoming a broader social problem, and that Ponk is somehow responsible. Twilight Sparkle, one of her best and oldest friends, has just given her an ultimatum to either get her shit together or they're finished.

Not only is this a good scene, there's a lot of material here for a compelling character arc. Pinkie is a character who loves fun and parties and good times; addiction is often born from chasing a continuous dopamine rush, and chemicals that produce this affect artificially would plausibly be attractive to her. It's easy to see how she could become addicted to something like cocaine-mints. If I had to place a bet on which which mane 6 character would be most likely to have an addictive personality, Ponk would be my choice.

Now compare this to Littlepoop's supposed "addiction" to the same substance: basically, we have a pony with no prior history suggesting she might have addictive tendencies, who just tries the mints one day and then suddenly gets addicted to them. Is it plausible? Sure; if a substance is addictive enough nearly anyone could get hooked. But from a literary perspective, it's not interesting.

With Pinkie Pie, the author has explored some possible dark sides to her established character. You could easily do this with any of the mane 6, btw; the trick is to simply take the traits they are known for and push them towards extremes that turn them negative. Twilight's smarty-pants bookishness and obsessive organization could turn her into a tyrannical bureaucrat a la Barack Obama or Angela Merkel. Rarity's vanity and desire for popularity could turn her into a shallow social climber; her obsession with her fashion enterprise could turn her into a workaholic. You could pretty much go down the list and do this with all of them.

The mane 6 are examples of well-built characters: they each have their strengths and weaknesses, and you can easily pull their arcs in a positive or negative direction depending on what you emphasize. The series itself focuses on developing their strengths or at least what the later writing staff interpreted as their strengths, but with a story like this, where the tone is darker, it would make sense to focus on and draw out their weaknesses.

Unfortunately, kkat's OCs haven't been developed in this way, so there is nowhere to take them. So, we get this meandering bullshit about a bunch of random boring characters who become friends by default for no reason other than convenience, and then wander around the wasteland for 500,000 excruciating words, looting and killing because reasons.

Anyway, I got a little sidetracked there. Continuing with the actual story.

The chapter opens with Littlepoop having a bad dream, and then she suddenly wakes up. Once again, we have absolutely no idea where she is or how much time has passed since the end of the previous chapter. This is the information we are given:

>I was laying… somewhere. A bed. But every time I tried to remember exactly where I was, or how I got there, the memories slipped away. I opened my eyes. The room was dark, but light poured in through a cracked-open door. I didn’t recognize the walls with their shadowed posters or the roof with its still and silent turret.
Maybe Pinkie's uncle slipped her a roofie.

Anyway, it's clear that there's something wrong with her, but it's impossible to say what. She was drinking whiskey the last time we saw her, so it's possible she got drunk and blacked out, and had to be carried...somewhere. It could also be the comedown from the crack mints, I guess. It could be any number of things, really, since we have absolutely no sense of time or space here. For all I know, six years have passed since the end of Chapter Fourteen, the party lives in Saddle Arabia now, and Littlepoop caught pony AIDS from being gang-raped by a bunch of raiders on motorcycles.

These are her symptoms:
>My body felt wrong. I ached, I felt horribly weak. I had chills when I wasn’t sweating profusely. My stomach churned. My mouth tasted strange and mushy.

Meanwhile, Velvet and Calamity are talking outside, and LP overhears some of their conversation. They mostly seem to be discussing her the way they would a sick child, which LP takes as something of a blow to her self esteem.

>My stomach convulsed violently. I wanted to cry. My eyelids were too heavy to look around anymore, and I didn’t fight them as they closed on their own. I turned away from the slice of light coming through the door, falling again into fitful sleep.
This ends the subchapter.

I have to say, when I read the first few paragraphs of this chapter, I had to go back and make sure I was actually on the right chapter. It legitimately feels like we just skipped a huge chunk of the story here. I know this author is into these weird time-skips, but this seems like a major skip even by his standards. Absolutely nothing from the previous chapter has been resolved; we have no idea how (or even if) they made it out of Stable 29, we don't know whether Roboponer got his medicine or died or what, we don't even know why Littlepoop was unconscious or what's wrong with her or how she came to be in this state.

It would be one thing if the chapter had ended with Littlepoop getting clonked on the head or blacking out from booze or injected with some kind of mystery serum or something; waking up in a strange location after a time skip would be appropriate in one of those situations. However, the chapter just ended with her thinking to herself that she needed to keep her drug use in check so her friends don't treat her as an addict. The chapter had gone completely off the rails by the time it ended, but that doesn't mean the author can just abandon the story where it's at and pick up at some random point in the future; you need to at least make an attempt to resolve things before ending a storyline and moving on to a new one.

Their location right now is a complete mystery. Since I haven't been told otherwise, I would assume they are still somewhere in Stable 29, but that doesn't feel right somehow. They could be on the moon for all I know. Let's take another look at the description the author gives us of LP's immediate surroundings:

>The room was dark, but light poured in through a cracked-open door. I didn’t recognize the walls with their shadowed posters or the roof with its still and silent turret.
"Walls with shadowed posters" could describe any number of locations in this story, but I'm particularly confused about this part:
>the roof with its still and silent turret.
The roof? How the hell can she see the roof? She's in a dark room, which would imply either that there are no windows, or that it's night outside. The last place we saw her in was underground, so strictly speaking there shouldn't even be a roof. Did the author mean to say "the ceiling?" But that doesn't make sense either; why the hell would there be a turret on the ceiling? I have no idea what the fuck is even going on anymore.

Oh well, let's keep reading and maybe we'll figure it out. Together we can solve the puzzle.

When the next subchapter opens things are unfortunately not any clearer. LP is still in some kind of mental fog, and we learn from Velvet that she has a fever. Calamity and Velvet seem to be deepening their romantic bond over their mutual concern for LP, which is actually pretty funny. I'll give the author 20 points if he has them fuck on top of her unconscious body.

Anyway, they banter back and forth for a bit, but nothing of any serious importance is discussed. Calamity tries to convince Velvet that she needs to start wearing armor. She is vehemently opposed to wearing raider or slaver armor, but Calamity informs her that, believe it or not, there are other types of armor and they can probably buy some when they get to Tenpony. Why they are going to Tenpony or when it was decided that they were going there has never been mentioned to my recollection.

As long as I'm complaining, I'd like to point out that this scene is yet another example of how absurd medicine is in this story. Littlepoop has some inexplicable fever that seems to have downed her for the time being, yet all it took to heal the mortal wounds that she and Velvet sustained during their fight earlier was a few swallows of magic potion. Does that shit just not work on ordinary illnesses? In all the years of developing all-powerful healing potions and crack mints and all the other weird shit they have in this world, it never occurred to any of the Equestrian scientists to cook up something like Tylenol?
Bit curious to but with the radroach how did it actually mutate into that so soon. Sure got magic and all but the water purifier breaking seems to have happened only a few weeks after the stable was sealed since it was that 3 month anniversary party when the population was killed. Seems like damn near the moment the bombs dropped immeditly every endemic creature mutated into giant hostile monsters. Makes some more sense in Fallout 3 since it's 2 centuries after the war so plenty of time for things to mutate and could assume the vaults would have some stuff break allowing them to scurry inside.
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download (11).png
Considering all the absurd combat advantages given to Littlepip by her PipBuck, Velvet's a retard for not wanting to wear it.
If LP and Velvet travel together, and the Overmare for their old Stable can track Velvet's pipbuck, the Overmare knows where Velvet is.
Velvet's all "I don't want to wear that thing, it's a shackle! It reminds me of my time in the Stable!" but that's retarded.
This thing saves Littlepip's life constantly.
Kkat knows if Velvet also wore one of these, she'd have the same enemy radar and the same HUD/Eyes-Forward Sparkle. She'd instantly become the same SATS-target-assisted instant-badass Littlepip is, perhaps an even better one, because Littlepip's combat prowess is 69% Pipbuck, 30% overpowered gear she conveniently has, and 1% retarded moments of "Creative thinking" that only work because the author's dumb enough to decide hiding yourself with a cumstained sheet makes you invisible and not a single Alicorn ever encountered or heard of a memory orb, not even their leader.
Littlepip should want Velvet to wear her Pipbuck. She faced the goddamn Wasteland to bring it to her!
Calamity should want Velvet to wear her Pipbuck, because SATS can bail you out of any combat situation that goes bad and practically carry you through them.
Velvet in a Pipbuck would steal Littlepip's thunder. Hard to pretend wearing something special on your wrist means your protagonist's a "Veteran badass Wasteland master" when anypony else could wear their own copy of the damn thing to get the same overpowered bonuses.
The Pipbuck, its automatic map, and the way it puts markers on your map and in your HUD for you to follow... That was briefly and cleverly mocked in Fallout NV's Dead Money DLC, where a big blue fecker named God says your pipbuck and easy-to-follow quest objective markers makes you a dog on a leash. Or something like that.
But it's a leash that binds you to your current objective. And you hold your leash's handle when you decide which quests you complete and how, and which quests you ignore.
Velvet has no excuse to be so pretentious and virtue-signally over not wearing such a blatantly overpowered god-watch.

>AI's action log
A convenient log that spells out everything wrong the robot ever did? Sweet. Bet the ponies of this vault wish they saw this sooner. Bet any nice ponies at Stable-Tec, if they exist, wish they stopped this robot upon seeing that log.

This name is so stupid it's like something canon Sweetie Belle or maybe Scootaloo would come up with after trying to think of an apple pony name for DND night.
There are websites out there that list EVERY TYPE OF APPLE EVER! I know, because I looked at one when trying to figure out how I could subtly give my character a name that's an incredibly subtle reference to his actual identity as a cowboy apple pony, but also something he'd choose to name himself given the chance. I didn't even know Star Apples existed until the day I saw that site. Silver stars bring sherrifs to mind, and silvery-white stars in the sky, so the name Silver Star blends in over in Canterlot while sticking out if you know what to look for. Fuck Kkat for doing absolutely no research on apples and their silly names and the creative things you can do with pony names.
Doing something dumb/lazy and then making your characters snark about it is the laziest and gayest joke possible. If your own subconscious telld you this is uncreative and dumb, why go through with it anyway?

>Steelhooves keeps bleeding, keeps keeps bleeding and uh
LP's lifted heavier shit, she should have psychically picked him up like another gun and carried him through the dungeon. Or dragged him behind them, if too tired for that. It'd mean dragging him closer to the health potion/Suit Unlocking Spell Matrix they're after. And if they leave him outside, there's always a chance some Raider/Bandit/Slaver or non-union criminal without the uniform or training might decide to finish him off and take whatever goods can be found in his steel-coated pockets.

>"Pinkie, your crack addiction is tearing this family apart!"
why are fandoms so unfunny? Why do they repeat the same simple jokes until they drive them into the ground?
"Hahaha Italy likes tomatoes"
"Hahaha Akechi likes pancakes"
"Hahaha Deadpool likes chimichangas"
"Hahaha Jeremiah Gottswald likes oranges"
"Hahaha Celestia likes cake and Twilight loves books"
"Hahaha Sonic likes chili dogs"
Then when those stop amusing the fandom they get taken further but not in a funny way.
"Sonic only eats chili dogs and all the framed photographs in his house are of him with chili dogs"
"Celestia wants to fuck cake"
"Pinkie does crack and Twilight is legally married to a book"

>Velvet should wear armour
Yeah, and her fucking Pipbuck.

Good point.
Oh I think I know the origins of that quote! Not sure what the context is for the story but I think that was from the episode when they first visit Appleossa and are on the train ride at night with the girls unable to fall asleep. Can't remember the full context but AJ had that giant apple tree with them in the car which I recall was making the others uncomfortable.
Is it the scene where Fluttershy says she'd like to be a tree?
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>I felt doomed to wander until either I found my place in this hellish outside, or… or I fixed it. At least, as much as I could. I supposed I was searching for my virtue, as Watcher had suggested, like a filly trying to invoke her cutie mark. But Calamity and Velvet Remedy were not burdened by my quest, or my sense of being utterly lost. Why wouldn’t they leave me to it on my own once they had found some place to stay? Tenpony Tower, for instance. Why shouldn’t they?
Once again, the author demonstrates that he is aware of exactly what's wrong with this story, and specifically with this character, and yet once again rather than taking this as a signal that he ought to rewrite the story in order to correct the problem, he instead chooses to simply take note of it and move on. In this rare moment of introspection, Littlepoop attempts to look inside herself, only to discover that there is basically nothing in there. Not only does she lack external goals, she does not have any internal drive or motivation either.

For comparison, let's look at Applejack for a moment. She, too, is a character without external goals; this is a big part of why the show's later writers had so much trouble figuring out what to do with her once it became an event-driven story. However, the gulf between AJ and LP is yuge. Applejack is pure zen; she doesn't have external goals because she doesn't need them. AJ's life revolves around her family, their farm, and the community of Ponyville at large, and in the day to day tasks that go into maintaining that existence. In other words, she finds meaning in life itself, without the need to pursue anything beyond what she has already.

Littlepoop, by contrast, has nothing of the sort. We hear briefly about her mother at the beginning of the story, but she hasn't mentioned her or thought about her since then, so we can only assume they aren't particularly close. She doesn't seem to miss any of the ponies she used to live with in the stable, nor does it seem to bother her that she just walked away from the only life she's ever known. If she had some concrete external goal, like a quest or an archenemy or something, the author could probably get away with having a one-dimensional protagonist; it's been done often enough. As I've said before, this premise would work just fine as campy action-adventure, and characters don't really need much depth if the whole story is just about fighting.

However, LP has no such external objective, nor does she have any inner motivation to keep her going, and these two things combined make her a depressingly empty character. Who is Littlepoop? What is she struggling for, or against? What reason does this pony even have to drag her sorry self out of bed in the morning? Her friends? Her "love" for Velvet? Puh-lease. Her friends are as empty as she is, and anyway the three of them are barely even friends; allies or traveling companions would be more like it. Her love for Velvet is an adolescent crush based mostly on physical attraction and proximity. The two have done little serious bonding even though they've been traveling together for some time now. So apart from this, what else does she have? Her cocaine-mint addiction? She even manages to do that half-assed.

All of this is made even more depressing by the fact that LP herself is aware of how empty she is. She asks herself what she's even trying to do, and can come up with nothing better than this abstract desire to "fix the wasteland." Fix it how? For what reason? Once she's "fixed" everything, what then? She doesn't know.

Littlepoop has nothing she actually cares about, so she throws all of her energy into the maudlin false-empathy she displays for the ponies whose voices she hears in the recordings she collects. She convinces herself that these centuries-dead ponies to whom she has no direct connection are lost souls crying out for justice that only she can provide. So, she goes around beating up every slaver and firebombing every raider camp and looting every stable, because "justice." Ironically, all of this only serves to depress her further, because the more of this shit she does, the more she realizes that even this is a pointless goal; the past can never be changed, she still has nothing to live for in the present, and even if she succeeds in "fixing" the wasteland, she will still be the same boring, empty, purposeless twat she was to begin with. So, she keeps going, not because of some deep-rooted inner drive to do good, but simply because she has no better use for her time. She ruthlessly murders anypony her tacked-on boilerplate sense of morality tells her is "bad," and then wanders around the wasteland collecting random junk, because she's bored and empty and she can't think of anything better to do.

Ironically, once again, the author has actually managed to make a much deeper statement than he ever intended or even realized he was making. Littlepoop is pretty much the quintessential modern millennial; in fact she is probably a subconscious self-insert for the author. Bored and rootless, depressed and directionless, completely lacking any serious sense of purpose, no strong ties to family or community, no meaningful friendships. LP's bloody crusade against raiders and slavers and the horrors of the wasteland can easily be likened to BLM riots or anti-Blumpfh protests. She has no serious values; she's just hurling bricks because she's depressed and empty and miserable, and deep down she knows that once the "wrongs of history" have all been righted she will still be miserable.

Oh, and the bit about being on a quest to "find her virtue," or whatever? That's a crock of shit too. It's no different than some vapid twat jetting off to Europe to "find herself," only to end up spending six months wandering around Prague, blowing strangers and taking pictures of her meals to post on Instagram.


Anyway, Littlepoop continues to whine to herself and wallow in her own pointless misery. That single paragraph I highlighted is about as much introspection as she can manage; she now diverts her attention towards her false empathy for the long-dead ponies of Stable 29, to whom she has no responsibility and for whom she can do nothing. She purposelessly racks her brain to try and think up a possible solution to their problem, and the best she can come up with is to reduce the strain on the water-whoosafudge somehow, so that the collapse of the stable could be padded out across several decades though it would still eventually collapse; thus she is still arguably just prolonging everyone's suffering. However, this would apparently still require some loss of life. The details of her plan are never revealed, because she apparently considers whatever she thought up to be too horrible to imagine, so she quickly dismisses it. Eventually she falls asleep again.

Page break. When we rejoin her, she is still in the same situation. We get some more graphic descriptions of her fucked-up dreams, which aren't really worth going over in detail. Most of it has to do with her anxiety over Calamity and Velvet's budding relationship. Then, she wakes up again.

>Despair tainted my hope, like a cupcake with ashes mixed into the batter.
How the hell do you write a sentence like this and not burst out laughing?

>Grey daylight seeping between heavy curtains (were they armored mesh?) raised the ambient illumination in the room.
This, at the very least, gives us a better picture of the setting. She appears to be in an above-ground room somewhere, so presumably they left the stable at some point.

>Relief was like a flood of painkiller, numbing the irrational fears of my night terrors which clung to me like leeches.
Kkat, you're no longer allowed to attempt simile or metaphor. Your prose is a warm stream of diarrhea flowing endlessly from your warped imagination to the page, much as the previous night's saag paneer will flow from the butthole of an Indian man to the designated street beneath him.

Anyway, this shit just keeps going and going. Littlepoop is delirious, feverish and sad, and much of her emotional energy is directed towards wondering what Calamity and Velvet's relationship has progressed to during the time that she has been unconscious. All of this would be fine, if it weren't for the fact that we were just dropped into this scene with absolutely no preamble. As I said, nothing in the previous chapter was in any way resolved, we don't know where she is or how she got there, and we don't know what's wrong with her or what made her sick.

We are gradually given information, but it's fed to us in very small doses in between LP's obnoxious, stream-of-consciousness whining. Eventually we learn that she is in SteelHooves' shack:

>On the opposite wall was another copy of the recruitment poster. (“You too can be a Steel Ranger!”) I realized where I must be. Lifting my PipBuck, I checked the automap. SteelHooves Shack. I collapsed back onto the bed, feeling unbearably exhausted, physically and mentally.
First of all, if she had just checked her stupid PipBuck to begin with, she would already have this information. Second, this still doesn't answer any of the pertinent questions. Namely, did they actually save SteelHooves as they had planned, or did they just commandeer his shack after he died waiting for them? My understanding is LP's technician skills were required in order to save him, and if she's been in some kind of weird fever this entire time, I don't see how he could have lived.

>And, even worse, I felt horny. Which was not a sensation that mixed well with illness. Maybe it was having Velvet Remedy so close, her head pressing against my flank as she slept partially on my bed. My stomach twisted in warning. I didn’t care.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; the last time she woke up she found that Velvet was sleeping platonically next to her.

Anyway, as she notes above, Littlepoop is sexually aroused, and decides that she needs to masturbate. She spends several nauseating paragraphs babbling autistically to herself as she tries to decide which dead pony from the past she should fantasize about, and eventually settles on Rarity. She clops for half an hour?!? with Velvet in the bed next to her, and then suddenly realizes that Rarity is some distant relative of Velvet's, and this ruins the fantasy for her. Before she can settle on a new victim for her sordid fantasies, she suddenly vomits. I swear to God, I am not exaggerating or making any of this up; literally all of this revolting autism is actually in the text.

Naturally, this is the point where Velvet wakes up. She gets LP a drink of water and then cleans up her puke. This, of course, is fairly humiliating for her, since vomiting in front of your crush is considered a faux pas in most circles, and being pitied by your crush is even worse. In spite of everything I hate about her, I almost (almost) want to feel sorry for Littlepoop here, but everything else that's wrong with this scene makes this very difficult.

>Velvet Remedy returned to give me water, to clean the wall and floor of my vomit, to bathe me and replace the sheets on my bed. I was in no state to enjoy any of it. But I could properly marvel that she took the time on somepony like me.
This right here is almost (almost) a "d'awww" moment. However, this line:
>But I could properly marvel that she took the time on somepony like me.
This line is just too much. For most of this story, LP has behaved as if she has an unreasonably high opinion of herself, so this just comes across as obnoxious self-pity. It's possible that whatever happened to her in the mysterious interim period between chapters has humbled her somewhat, and if that's the case then great; it's about time something smacked her down from her pedestal. But I still can't sympathize with her.
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Anyway, in the next subchapter, her fever breaks and she's more or less back to normal again. Hopefully we can finally learn what the fuck happened and how all the shit from Chapter Fourteen resolved.

>As I floated the canteen from the bedpost, the deep, resonating voice of SteelHooves carried in from the other room. “Sorry, but I just don’t buy it.”
What? So that guy's still alive? Did LP cure him before she got sick, or what? Sorry to keep returning to the Ch 14-15 issue, but this is seriously one of the most jarring scene changes in the entire text; it feels like I'm reading a book that has had several pages torn out of it, and I have to figure out what happened during the missing part of the story.

Seriously, there are so many unanswered questions here. How did they get out of the stable? Last time we saw them the doors had self-locked and they were sealed in. What happened to SteelHooves? Obviously he's not dead, but he was lying in the middle of a fucking field with serious wounds for a period of literal hours; it feels like whatever they did to revive him at the very least deserves a quick scene. And what the hell is wrong with Littlepoop? When did she get sick? How did she get sick? None of this makes any sense.

Anyway, the author either has no intention of explaining any of this shit, or he isn't planning to explain it just yet. SteelHooves, meanwhile, offers us this:

>“Your group is like the beginning of a bad joke,” SteelHooves elaborated. “A covert agent, a princess descended from pre-war aristocracy and an outcast from an advanced civilization trot into a saloon and try to tell ponies that they’re completely normal.”
An "outcast from an advanced civilization" presumably refers to Littlepoop, and I guess it's more or less accurate. Velvet's being a princess and Calamity's being a secret agent is news to me, though.

This next bit of their conversation is yet another of those weird little episodes where the author displays self-awareness about how ridiculous his ideas are, but chooses to simply point them out instead of correcting them. Here, I'll just quote it:

>That alicorn was at full strength, unimpaired, her magical shield shrugging off grenades. Then, a moment later, she was dead,” the low voice gave a grave accounting of our meeting battle like a schoolteacher reading test scores. “A single bullet hole, right through the brain. You want me to believe some innocent young mare just weeks out of a Stable did that? Do you even believe that?
This is referring to her takedown of the alicorn during the fight in which SteelHooves was wounded (and where he sustained the fatal injuries that he has mysteriously recovered from during the undefined time lapse between Chapters 14 and 15). And yes, as I've often pointed out, Littlepoop's ability to just magically hit anything she wants to with dead-on accuracy is obnoxious as fuck. It's unclear whether Roboponer knows about her PipBuck's abilities yet, but it seems like he ought to, since his suit apparently uses similar technology and she was talking about being a PipBuck technician earlier.

>“An innocent young mare,” SteelHooves repeated, “Just out of a Stable. With refined criminal skills that let her pick every lock and hack every computer, even when nopony else in two hundred years has managed the feat.”
I've been grousing about this for almost the entire book. These bizarre little flashes of self-awareness on the author's part come out of left field sometimes.

>I frowned. I had to admit, I’d wondered about the lack of other skilled lockpickers myself. But then, I also knew that I had honed my skill in precise telekinetic lockpicking over years as part of my attempt to conjure my cutie mark. My C.A.T. proved that my natural talents were focused towards mundane and arcane sciences, and my studies as a PipBuck technician and the tools of my trade gave me the education to manipulate terminals that few outsiders would have. But most of all, I knew that I hadn’t been anywhere near as good at either of these things when I left Stable Two as I had become since. I had been reading books and getting a lot of practice.
tl;dr, she is Mary of Sue, the Great One whom the scriptures foretold.

In all seriousness, I'm beginning to wonder if people in whatever forum he originally published this on were giving him shit about his character being a Mary Sue, and he felt the need to cook up some kind of in-world explanation for it. If he was just publishing this as he was writing it, it might explain his tendency to try to justify problems instead of revising and correcting them. I know this text was posted on FimFiction after it was already completed but wasn't published there initially, and I'm a little curious as to where and how this was originally released to the public.

Anyway, SteelHooves is apparently of the opinion that someone as talented and amazing as Littlepoop must be an agent from the Ministry of Awesome or some similar black-ops organization apparently the Ministry of Awesome is a black-ops organization, because there's no way she could just be a regular-ass civilian. Calamity assures him this is not the case, and they go back and forth like this for awhile. The conversation is completely pointless, and does absolutely nothing to clarify any of the points that still need clarification, nor does it provide any other particularly useful information (it's mostly just a recap of events we've already seen). We finally get real confirmation that Velvet's ancestor Sweetie Belle was in fact one of the three founders of StableTec, which has never technically been clarified (though it's obvious enough at this point), so that's something I guess.

The scene ends on a strange note:

>“Did you know that when Littlepip sleeps, she has a cute little snore?”
Littlepoop (eavesdropping, speaking to herself):
>I do not sn… oh crap!
I'm not quite sure what this exclamation is supposed to imply.
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Up until now I saw her as the kind of dull-eyed "gamer" that slogs through the filler of Open World games while telling himself he's enjoying collecting all 998 pinecones and caring creatly about all 400 of the audio logs he's collecting in the name of getting the 120% completion achievement even though he still hasn't gotten past the introduction to the main plot yet. The kind of prick who treats DND like it's Skyrim, a game where you stealth-archer shoot and murderhobo and accept random quests from whoever you can't kill and steal without any thought for the story you're telling. The kind of guy who says he "plays games for the story" to justify playing on Hyper Easy mode even though it's really because it makes getting the game over and done with quicker. I saw her as the kind of faggot who would call Fallout 3 good just because it took 400 hours to fully complete.
But you're right, it goes deeper than that. Littlepip isn't just bored and boring, she's empty and fundamentally unfinished as a character.

>Littlepip clops for 30 minutes
Remember her sexual stamina for later. It's a plot point unfortunately.
Neon Genesis Evangelion or its remake had a scene where Shinji jacked it to Asuka's unconscious body in a hospital and then says "I'm so fucked up" and feels bad.
That scene was there because the author hated his fandom for embracing his work as an escapist fantasy when he wanted his story to say "escapism is bad and dads like Gendo are shit and guys like Shinji need to get out of their shells no matter how the world treats them because embracin' da world is gud uwu, also chicks like Rei and Asuka and the drunk one are fucking messes even though anime typically romanticizes these three character types"
The author wanted to make the audience uncomfortable and say "Hey, remember when you fucked your Asuka body pillow or jacked off to Asuka doujinshi porn manga comics? Fuck you for that".
It's why the remake had the New Rei who was every bit the soulless robotic tool Original Rei was supposed to represent as a "fuck you" to the Japanese ideal of beauty and perfection named Yamato Nadeshiko or something.
Anyway, while these choices were made by a smart director to make the audience uncomfortable with themselves and the story told on purpose, this right here is just the author trying to make you feel bad for Littlepoop while assuring you she is totally not an invincible goddess but is also totally justified in having her godly skill.
Ten bucks says LP will turn out to be Rainbow Dash's x100 great granddaughter or something.
LP deciding to masturbate to Velvet's sleeping form or hump her horn or whatever it would be disgusting but if she felt bad later it could be deep commentary on the coombrained bronies who call anything deep writing if it pleases their egos or dicks. If Velvet caught her cooming and got disgusted and started yelling at her it could make the target audience feel bad for all the times they nutted to waifus who would probably hate the idea of being used as fapping material by absolute strangers.
Or it could trigger a feral rage in the degenerate coomer bronies, the one that comes on whenever they feel their waifu show is "under attack" from any form of criticism. This work could be a masterpiece in subverting expectations smartly and making deep commentary by telling the tale of a bored hollow "badass" who gets all her skill from a wristwatch and never gets the girl.

>LP killed an alicorn
Shooting the stunned Alicorn in the face was the easy part. She had all the time in the world to line up her shot and deliver it as calmly as a surgeon administering anaesthetic.
The alicorn was not "at full strength and unimpaired" when the kill happened. The Alicorn fell for a trick any Alicorn in the hive mind should have learned about long ago. The Alicorn's final hours were spent trapped in somepony else's memories adter triggering a memory orb by holding it with magic which is only sometimes okay to do.
LP shooting a sitting duck is not the absurd part here. LP turning the deadly alicorn into a sitting duck is the absurd part. "you must be a badass commando oper8r or something" doesnt explain why the whole fucking world gets stupider and easier to dupe whenever Littlepip needs to outsmart somepony.

>muh lockpicking
Surely it's not a stretch to say a Wastelander might find himself overencumbered with sick loot and decide a sturdy wall safe in the middle of a random crumbling building would be a great place to stash and lock away some loot he thinks he can return to later without any monsters or new building occupants taking residence in the building or anything bad happening to him on his way to find a trader to sell some junk to.
That could explain some of why Littlepoop sometimes finds wildly inappropriate items in what seems to be a safe not opened once in 200 years. It could even explain why post-war drugs are sometimes found in pre-war places. But the author never thought of that.
"I was fucking bored and felt like getting good at lockpicking because it seemed like a skill that would impress bitches and get me laid and possibly save my life someday plus a fictional character I like was great at it" would work great as a justification for Littlepoop's status as The Master Of Unlocking. Plenty of people learn random shit for some or all of those justifications.
Alternatively Kkunt could go the extra mile and say Littlepip learned lockpicking from a friend or mentor character she misses from the vault. When LP asked how he learned lockpicking, "Don't ask" was her answer.
Or could just say "I worked 9 to 5 at a Pipbuck Repair shop. I did all the work and had to practice my lockpicking on the store's supplies of spare Pipbuck locks because it could be useful for my job".

I hear this work was originally posted chapter by chapter on Google Docs and shilled by Equestria Daily every chapter. Nepotism lol. I also hear EQD refused non-FOE FIM+Fallout content to promote this.

>i snore? Crap!
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>she's empty and fundamentally unfinished as a character.
It's supposed to be a vessel to house the interactions with a slight tint ment to resurface fond memories. By using the third party experiences it artificially increases its value of how good it is by setting up moments that would activate those memories. Mostly because it's a copy of the plot but with ponies and references that also dredge up those memories and hopes that the reader synthesizes a positive fabricated experience.
Does Kkat know that? I don't think so. It is more of a trip through memory lane that mashes things up in a simulacrum of a real meshed reality.
>"Yes Lilpoop is an anomaly what is so weird about it?"
<"Look into her eyes! No soul, only clopping and a makeshift personality that's constantly falling apart."
>"But drug addiction... sometimes. Has internal conflicts. Maybe?"
>"She snores!"
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That makes sense.
It would only take a few tweaks to make this a brilliant work of parody, a subtle intentional satire of its own concept.

Littlepip has three modes when it comes to doing things: Looty-shooty, doing what she's told, and trying to kill villains. Her plan for "fixing equestria" begins and ends at slaughtering everyone her civilian morality deems a villain and hoping this magically fixes things.

It's a good thing the author always goes along with what she wants and makes her right even when she shouldn't be. Covering yourself with a cum-soaked bedsheet to sneak past guards? Works perfectly! Killing all the baddies and exploring randomly until you find The World's Biggest Magical Undo Button right next to the smoldering wreckage of The World's Biggest Rubber Band Ball? That's perfect for undoing the apocalypse and instantly fixing everything ever so much that the next generation of ponies openly doubts that what their parents went through could ever happen (Even though Memory Orbs still exist but the author forgot about those)

Kkat could push Littlepip further over the edge with each kill while pointing out how killing desperate ponies trying to make ends meet and ensure they don't starve (Raiders) and desperate ponies who get paid to ensure SOMEBODY does constructive work in this hellish wasteland (Slavers) won't un-poison the land or un-choke the skies. With each kill, she could lose more of her excuse to kill.
>"I had to kill him and loot his pockets, Velvet! He was selling drugs on the street! And that's wrong!"
>"I had to kill him, Velvet! Sure, he was the only doctor for miles around besides you and he lived here for twenty years, but twenty two years ago he was one of many raider who killed the parents of a pony I met yesterday!"
>"We just risked our lives attacking this Slaver camp and slaughtered all the Slavers here. But it turns out the slaves we wanted to rescue were ex-raiders getting sent to a penal colony for raping fillies in Red-Eye's territory! So they had to die, Velvet!"

If baddies were easily able to manipulate Littlepip into committing atrocities just by pretending to be a good guy and throwing out a sob story, it would be the perfect commentary on the "I'll take any job" murderhobo-for-hire nature of most DND-style heroes. All of that bullshit with the Gem Prison and the DJ's "Fuck you, Littlepip, don't save Slavers/Raiders from Raiders/Slavers!" would have worked better if Gawd played nice but was secretly a villain playing Team LP like a violin to end up in charge of Talon Company and the gem prison before kicking LP out of her new prison.

How many innocents do action heroes injure or kill during their epic battles with villains? How many laws do they break? How many stories ended on happy music even though the next day should have been suffering/certain death/a bad ending for everyone involved/a mountain of paperwork to deal with? Littlepip is a SHIT action heroine. She's annoying and stupid. She's sometimes egotistical and sometimes obnoxiously mopey/emo. It's not her skills or experiences that make her a combat god, it's her factory-default mass-produced PipBuck and her uncanny ability to reduce the intelligence of everyone around her with her mary sue aura. Everypony back in her Stable had at least one PipBuck and could have been as great as Littlepip or greater if pushed. If the Overmare sent out a search team armed with PipBucks AND the best guns/armour Stable Security had to offer, they would be a strike team of combat gods in a world of poorly-armed scavengers. Littlepip hasn't earned her power and she has no idea what to do with it, but she can't give it up, just like she can't give up the drugs that enhance her power further.

No matter how "Exciting and Action-y" or tragic and gory Littlepip's fights become, and no matter how many Dead Pony Diaries or MGSV Cassette Tapes or Pagies or Terminal Entries or random pieces of garbage she collects, she will never bring back Equestria and it would take a Deus Ex Machina to do it for her.

Just picture Littlepip standing in the burning wreckage of Neo Canterlot, the Slaver capital of the world rebuilt by slave labour and Red Eye, after killing everypony she thought was evil. "We did it, Velvet!" She cries with glee, blood coating her face and gun as embers smolder around her, for the sound of ponies screaming in fear ceased by her hoof long ago. "We saved Equestria!"

She could fight Red-Eye expecting awesomeness, getting sadness instead. Like Old Snake VS Ocelot.

Take it a step further! Say the sex and drugs and guns and rape happened because some human asshole introduced sex an drugs and rock and roll to ponyland before being killed by a monster he created (a junkie who killed and robbed him). He couldn't appreciate the sweet innocent pony shows so he introduced them to the human vices he considered "fun", only for that to ruin Equestria and swallow him whole. Then it went on to swallow more innocents, because vice is bad and pony virtues are good or something. Just like in that Christmas movie where a human gets the elves to listen to non-Christmasish music on the radio, immediately turning them violent. Or in that propaganda movie where a good guy and slut get sucked into the TV and end up in his favourite old-world American sitcom where everything's perfect but once imperfect things like female masturbation and "sexual liberation" are introduced the perfect facade crumbles, white men can't play basketball right any more, and white men get iron marks on their suits.

When I saw The Pink Cloud in this story, an environmental hazard that fuses things together, I thought this story was doing meta commentary on itself and it would end in a mockery of its own premise. That or the "It was all the CMCs playing DND" thing. Especially when all exposure to Pink Cloud does to LP is fuse her Pip-Buck to her limb even though this changes nothing and doesn't hurt her and she never took the damn thing off anyway.
>Littlepoop has nothing she actually cares about, so she throws all of her energy into the maudlin false-empathy she displays for the ponies whose voices she hears in the recordings she collects. She convinces herself that these centuries-dead ponies to whom she has no direct connection are lost souls crying out for justice that only she can provide. So, she goes around beating up every slaver and firebombing every raider camp and looting every stable, because "justice." Ironically, all of this only serves to depress her further, because the more of this shit she does, the more she realizes that even this is a pointless goal; the past can never be changed, she still has nothing to live for in the present, and even if she succeeds in "fixing" the wasteland, she will still be the same boring, empty, purposeless twat she was to begin with. So, she keeps going, not because of some deep-rooted inner drive to do good, but simply because she has no better use for her time. She ruthlessly murders anypony her tacked-on boilerplate sense of morality tells her is "bad," and then wanders around the wasteland collecting random junk, because she's bored and empty and she can't think of anything better to do.

>Ironically, once again, the author has actually managed to make a much deeper statement than he ever intended or even realized he was making. Littlepoop is pretty much the quintessential modern millennial; in fact she is probably a subconscious self-insert for the author. Bored and rootless, depressed and directionless, completely lacking any serious sense of purpose, no strong ties to family or community, no meaningful friendships.
This is probably the most incisive breakdown of Littlepip I've seen in a while. Looking at her this way is pretty depressing - particularly with the knowledge of where the story eventually ends up going, and the fact that Kkat holds Pip in high esteem as a moral agent. The fact that Pip (and by extension Kkat) is actually subconsciously aware of just how vapid a person she is would be funny if it weren't also sad.

>All of this would be fine, if it weren't for the fact that we were just dropped into this scene with absolutely no preamble. As I said, nothing in the previous chapter was in any way resolved, we don't know where she is or how she got there, and we don't know what's wrong with her or what made her sick.
Skipping over the climaxes of major plotlines is a recurring pattern in this story, and it never stops.

>Naturally, this is the point where Velvet wakes up. She gets LP a drink of water and then cleans up her puke. This, of course, is fairly humiliating for her, since vomiting in front of your crush is considered a faux pas in most circles, and being pitied by your crush is even worse. In spite of everything I hate about her, I almost (almost) want to feel sorry for Littlepoop here, but everything else that's wrong with this scene makes this very difficult.
Case in point. Littlepip rubs one (or several) out next to a friend without her knowledge or consent, and we're supposed to feel sorry for how sick and pathetic she feels. You know, rather than contempt at the fact that she has no concept of decency or personal space, even with regard to the person she supposedly has romantic feelings for. This moment was probably intended as "see she's not a sue, she has moments of moral weakness!", but that's dubious as hell considering that she borderline molests Velvet here.

>An "outcast from an advanced civilization" presumably refers to Littlepoop, and I guess it's more or less accurate. Velvet's being a princess and Calamity's being a secret agent is news to me, though.
As clarified by the discussion of Pip's skills, he's referring to Pip, Velvet and Calamity respectively. This is one of the first indications that there's more to Calamity than meets the eye, which would be interesting it if wasn't immediately ignored and swept up in more wank about how incredibly skilled and powerful Pip is.

>I do not sn… oh crap!
Presumably this was supposed to have quotation marks somewhere.
This scene is trying to make Littlepip look pathetic and vunlerable and imperfect. So why does Steelcunt suck her cock so goddamn hard with all this "your skills are in the top percentage and it makes no sense for a civilian to have them" talk?
Also how the fuck did Steelcunt survive? The Spell thingy they were trying to find just helped him get his suit unlocked so it could be repaired by a licensed PipBuck Repair Technician. Because as we all know... the skills mastered in civilian phone repair translate perfectly to the skills needed to repair military-grade 200-year-old pneumatic-assisted steel-plated murder suits enhanced further by magical healing systems and videogame HUD bullshit.
Did Pip heal him offscreen? Did he down some magocal healing elixir of life offscreen? Or is this the power of Ultra Plot Armour?
>Case in point. Littlepip rubs one (or several) out next to a friend without her knowledge or consent, and we're supposed to feel sorry for how sick and pathetic she feels. You know, rather than contempt at the fact that she has no concept of decency or personal space, even with regard to the person she supposedly has romantic feelings for. This moment was probably intended as "see she's not a sue, she has moments of moral weakness!", but that's dubious as hell considering that she borderline molests Velvet here.
This kind of thing seems more appropriate for a character like Floor Bored. Having no social skills or sense of propriety is a part of her character, and it could actually make her sympathetic since she might be making an honest attempt at intimacy without realizing how inappropriate it is. With Littlepoop though the act is just mildly nauseating.

>"Yes Lilpoop is an anomaly what is so weird about it?"
<"Look into her eyes! No soul, only clopping and a makeshift personality that's constantly falling apart."
>"But drug addiction... sometimes. Has internal conflicts. Maybe?"
>"She snores!"
This should be printed on the dustjacket of all future copies of Fallout: Equestria.

>I hear this work was originally posted chapter by chapter on Google Docs and shilled by Equestria Daily every chapter. Nepotism lol. I also hear EQD refused non-FOE FIM+Fallout content to promote this.
That sounds about right. Equestria Daily seems to be the pony fandom equivalent of a publication like Vice or Buzzfeed, so I'm not even remotely surprised to learn they had a hand in popularizing this faggotry.

Also, it was the bit about the safes specifically that had me wondering if kkat had written in that dialogue specifically to address criticism he was receiving. Here, I'll quote it again:

>“An innocent young mare,” SteelHooves repeated, “Just out of a Stable. With refined criminal skills that let her pick every lock and hack every computer, even when nopony else in two hundred years has managed the feat.”
It's highly improbable that the locks on these safes are so sturdy that literally nopony has been able to figure them out for 200 years; that's completely silly. I don't claim to be an expert in locks or safe-cracking, but you know the old saying about 1000 monkeys and 1000 typewriters. Given a reasonably large population base with access to tools and enough time to experiment, it stands to reason that somepony would have figured out how to crack these safes eventually.

Kkat hasn't described the safes any better than he's described any of the other common elements in this world, but I'm not imagining bank-vault level security here. I'm picturing something closer to pic related. Also, if these things can be broken into using a bobby pin, it's definitely not high-level security. Also, at one point Littlepoop discovers a magazine on lockpicking, and uses the knowledge she gains from that to crack a more difficult safe. Even if it was a pre-war publication, it's still common knowledge that's floating around out there. Magazines are printed in high volume, so it stands to reason that there should be copies of this all over the place. Asking how or why she came to be so good at lockpicking is a reasonable question, but I can't imagine she's the only pony in the wasteland who ever figured it out, particularly when it doesn't even seem to be that hard to do in the first place.

The computer hacking is a little more of a unique skill. The technology is old, and I imagine hacking was not a common skill even when the tech was current, so I imagine there aren't too many ponies in the wasteland who know how to do it. Like the safes, the terminals are all over the place, but unlike the safes, they don't contain anything particularly valuable. Scavenging seems to be the chosen means of survival for most of the ponies in the wasteland, so it stands to reason they would be curious to crack open the locked metal boxes they keep finding scattered all over the place. The terminals, however, would be pretty useless, unless you're the sort of weird klepto who likes digging through 200 year old emails written by dead people. Ponies, whatever.

In any event, though, they are both skills that would probably be easy enough for most reasonably-intelligent unicorns to pick up if they had the time and inclination; neither one really singles out Littlepoop as any kind of prodigy.

>Shooting the stunned Alicorn in the face was the easy part. She had all the time in the world to line up her shot and deliver it as calmly as a surgeon administering anaesthetic.
>The alicorn was not "at full strength and unimpaired" when the kill happened. The Alicorn fell for a trick any Alicorn in the hive mind should have learned about long ago. The Alicorn's final hours were spent trapped in somepony else's memories adter triggering a memory orb by holding it with magic which is only sometimes okay to do.
>LP shooting a sitting duck is not the absurd part here. LP turning the deadly alicorn into a sitting duck is the absurd part. "you must be a badass commando oper8r or something" doesnt explain why the whole fucking world gets stupider and easier to dupe whenever Littlepip needs to outsmart somepony.
These are all good points.

There is a page break, and when the scene opens again Littlepoop is apparently over her mysterious ailment. We still don't know what disease she had or how she caught it, and I suspect the author has no intention of ever telling us (or more likely he just assumes we already know). We also still don't know what became of SteelHooves. It's obvious enough that he must have been healed somehow, but there are a lot of unanswered questions as to how exactly it happened. Again, I suspect the author simply feels that this does not require explanation, because once again he is just assuming that we can see whatever is in his head. In any event, who cares; Littlepoop isn't sick anymore, and SteelHooves is still alive for some reason. Moving on.

As Littlepoop is getting ready to hit the road, SteelHooves approaches her and informs her that he will be joining them:

>“I will be accompanying you to Tenpony Tower. After risking yourselves to save my life, escorting you safely to your destination is the least I can do.”
"After sustaining severe injuries in a battle I engaged in specifically to save you guys, I was lying in the throes of death. You left me there, completely exposed and in excruciating pain, for literal hours while you went goofing around in some abandoned stable, listening to old cassette tapes and watching memory orbs and cooking drugs and taking naps. Presumably, at some point, you eventually left the stable, wandered back to where I was, and presumably administered whatever treatment I required. I'm a little fuzzy on the details there for **some reason**. By some miracle I was still alive when you eventually wandered back, and for reasons that science could not possibly explain I have somehow made a complete recovery. I am apparently fine now, despite the fact that several of my vital organs were crushed and I was bleeding internally for, again, literal fucking hours while you faggots went dungeon-crawling. Apparently, either sepsis isn't a thing in Equestria, or else these potions literally do cure everything. Anyway, I really appreciate you guys apparently saving me when you finally got around to it, so I figured the absolute least I could do is risk life and limb for you again."

Wow, what a stand-up guy.

Also, I notice this group's destination seems to change around quite a bit. Tenpony Tower has been mentioned a few times before, and from what I gather it's the place where the DJ broadcasts from. I'm still not 100% clear on why they are doing this it's been explained by others in the thread that this is just another Fallout reference the author is assuming the reader will get, but as far as in-world logic goes LP's reasons for seeking the DJ are spotty at best, and moreover, they never seemed to actually settle on it as a destination. It seems like about half the time LP is talking about going to Tenpony Tower, and the rest of the time she seems to be following through with her original plan of going to Fillydelphia to bust up another slaver ring. They were in Manehattan earlier, and it was mentioned that Manehattan was on the way to Fillydelphia, so I assumed they had settled on Fillydelphia. However, now it seems like they're going to the tower again.

Part of the problem is that we don't know where any of these locations are in relation to each other. Is Tenpony Tower also on the way to Fillydelphia? If so, it would make sense as their next destination; however, this has never been clarified. I've been working under the assumption that the Tower was off in some other part of the world, and going there would be a complete detour. Shit like this is why a lot of fantasy authors will include a map of their setting in the back of the book. Fictional geography can be tough sometimes; your characters live in this world and presumably know where everything is located, but the reader does not. Even just a quickie MS-Paint map that shows approximately where everything is would make this story a lot easier to understand.

Anyway, for some unexplained reason, LP is ambivalent about accepting his offer.

>I frowned, looking about the room while I thought. The shack had three rooms, the bedroom, the main room, and a workroom in the back. Upon seeing the whole of it, I realized that SteelHooves had given me his own bed to sleep upon, and that everypony had slept on the floors save for me. It made me feel grateful and guilty.
Wow. So not only did this guy just lie there patiently, slowly bleeding to death while he waited for LP and her crew to finish screwing around in the stable, but he even gave Littlepoop his own bed to sleep in while she recovered from the flu or whatever the fuck she had. I can't imagine what about Littlepoop could possibly inspire this level of devotion on this soldier's part; literally everything bad that's happened to him recently is directly her fault. If he hadn't risked his life to save her from the alicorn trio, he could just be having a normal day right now, and so far she's mostly being a cunt to him. If I were in SteelHooves' position, I'd slip a timed explosive into her saddlebag when she wasn't looking and then send her on her merry way.

Anyway, she tells him to ask the others about it. He tells her that he already did, and they told him that she was their leader.

>What? Why? I was really the least qualified to be in charge. Because the radio kept saying so? I added that to the list of things to talk to DJ Pon3 about when we arrive to Tenpony Tower.
False modesty does not suit you, LP.

Anyway, this goes on for awhile. We get confirmation that SteelHooves is indeed the same pony who was dating Applejack in the memory orb earlier (he has some mementos of her around his house). How he has managed to live for more than 200 years is still a mystery, but I'm assuming it has something to do with his suit. Littlepoop tries to bring it up, but he plays it like he doesn't know what she's talking about.
299117 299135

On a completely unrelated note, my brain has started reading all of SteelHooves' lines in the voice of the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, and it's one of the few things that's making this story bearable.

>DJ Pon3’s voice erupted from the back room. “Got your ears up, faithful listeners? Cuz I’ve been talkin’ and some of you ain’t been listenin’. For years now, I’ve been reminding you that ghouls and zombies ain’t the same thing. Ghouls are ponies who have had the misfortune of soaking up a major dose of magical radiation and not dying. That stuff twists and rots their bodies, but unlike zombies, their minds are still like those of any other pony, and they deserve t’ be treated as such.
This information would actually have been helpful like ten chapters ago; here it just feels completely out of left field.

This next bit could either be foreshadowing the plot of the next episode, or it could just be more random autism the author is bringing up that will never be mentioned again, or it could be something that seems like random autism that will never be mentioned again, but will actually be important in another seventy or eighty chapters when some obscure detail mentioned by the DJ here becomes mission-critical. You honestly never know with this cross-dressing faggot author, and I'm getting tired of trying to read his mind all the time. Anyway, in case it's important, here's this ridiculous bullshit:

>“Well, some of you ponies up in Tenpony Tower didn’t get the message. And when Sheriff Rottingtail kept pressin’ for him and his ghouls t’ be allowed inside, just cuz they were sick of being hounded by manticores an’ slaughtered by bloodwings, Chief Grim Star, the head of Tenpony security, responded by hiring a bunch of mercenaries to scour the tenements along the Celestia Line and wipe them all out.
>“In an interview, when asked how he had managed to be such a supreme douche bag, Chief Grim Star had this to say:”
>Another voice, gruff and irritated, came through the radio’s speakers. “Fuck off. I did what was right by those I swore to protect.”
>DJ Pon3’s voice returned. “Just warms the heart to know that there are ponies steadfastly defending prejudice and bigotry, doesn’t it? Thank you, Chief Grim Star and may Celestia bless you with a kiss from the sun.” The last certainly sounded like it was said through gritted teeth.
Hurr durr social commentary.

>I shook my head. On the one hoof, I actually felt relief to hear a news report that wasn’t about me. But on the other, I had experience with both ghoul-ponies like Ditzy Doo and actual zombie-ponies. I knew the difference. And the idea of somepony endorsing wholesale slaughter of innocent ghouls because they couldn’t be bothered to discern between them made me hurt and tinged my vision with red.
In other news, Littlepoop once again has sand in her vagina over some bullshit that has literally fuck-all to do with her. Who is she going to brutally murder in the name of justice this time? Stay tuned and find out.

Meanwhile, SteelHooves reads the expression on her face, and misinterprets her reaction to the DJ's comments. He assumes she is anti-ghoul, and is upset with the DJ for being pro-ghoul. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth. She has this to say in response:

>“One of the wisest, kindest ponies I’ve met in this blasted hellscape is a ghoul-pony!” I spat at him. “Her name is Ditzy Doo, and she’s easily worth any three Steel Rangers put together. Not for fighting skills or fancy weapons, but for the quality of her character.” I stomped a forehoof hard enough to sprain it. “DJ Pon3 is right. And if you don’t get that, then you have no place traveling with us.”
"Yeah, don't trigger me you racist shitlord. It doesn't even matter that you mortally wounded yourself just to save me from alicorns who would have easily killed me if you hadn't been there, and then gave me your bed to sleep off my crack hangover or yeast infection or whatever the fuck was wrong with me for the first three sections of this chapter, even after I left you to die alone while I went dungeon exploring. The only thing that matters right now is that you're being prejudiced, and my off-the-shelf consumer-grade one-size-fits-all values system I ripped off the back of a cereal box and stapled to my sleeve to make up for my complete lack of actual convictions says prejudice is bad."

If nothing else, this story is proving to be an amusing psychological profile of its author.

Anyway, even though technically Littlepoop never said yea or nay to his coming along, it looks like SteelHooves has joined the party. Page break.

>I gazed at the leftover parts strewn across the workbench in Calamity’s wake. Now that I had all the parts to build my poisoned dart gun, I should use this opportunity to put it together.
Jesus Christ, is she still talking about building that stupid dart gun? At this point I'd like to see it get built just to eliminate it as a topic of discussion. The actual finished gun she can shove up her ass for all I care.

>The conversation from the night before still cast its shadow in my mind. I knew what Calamity and the Steel Ranger had talked about, and just how convincingly SteelHooves had woven doubts. Calamity knew I’d been eavesdropping. But neither of us had said anything.
It seems like the author is attempting to build some sort of tension between Calamity and Littlepoop. My guess is that he wants to have Calamity start doubting Littlepoop's intentions or identity or something, and this gradual mistrust on his part will eventually intersect with Littlepoop's jealousy over his relationship with Velvet. At some crucial moment in the plot, the tinder will explode and create an actual rift between them. At least that's what a competent writer would do; like I said, it's impossible to guess what this loony trap actually has in mind.

Calamity notes that LP appears to have accepted SteelCock's offer to join them on their murderous rampage quest, and asks her what she thinks of him so far.

>I shrugged. I still wasn’t sure what to make of the Steel Ranger. I’d seen the shadows of both good and bad in him, but it was too soon to do anything more than to hop, skip and jump to conclusions.
Oh, blow me, you self-important cunt. You haven't seen the shadows of jack and shit; how could you have? You've barely exchanged three words with the guy.

In the previous chapter he was grievously wounded and most of the brief conversation centered around his injuries and how to cure them. We still don't know what took place after the chapter ended, but at the beginning of the current one LP is grievously ill. For that matter, we don't even know how she was able to ply her trade as a technician and repair his computer-powered-medical-thingy if she was delirious from fever. The more I think about it, this is actually a pretty serious plot hole; logically, this guy shouldn't even be alive right now, and that's not even taking into consideration the fact that he was bleeding internally for several hours before they even tried to save him. At any rate, the two of them haven't had enough interaction for LP to form any meaningful impression of him one way or the other. All that "shadows of good and bad" malarkey amounts to is this:

he saved my life and let me sleep in his bed, even though I've done basically fuck-all for him

he said something politically-incorrect about ghouls and that makes him an icky-pants racist

Anyway, for some reason Calamity doesn't seem to trust SteelHooves either. Unless they're simply adhering to a general "don't trust strangers in the wasteland" mantra, I don't really see why either of them would be naturally suspicious of SteelHooves. He's done nothing that would suggest malicious intent, he saved their lives earlier, and he's letting them rest up in his house. He easily outguns all three of them, and if he wanted them dead he could have killed them by now, particularly since Littlepoop was borderline-unconscious with fever for the last several days and Velvet is basically useless in a fight. Moreover, he's going out of his way to help them despite the fact that they've caused him nothing but trouble so far. Seems pretty trustworthy to me; far more than Gawd, actually, to whom Littlepoop just handed over the keys to Shattered Hoof without a thought.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that neither of them trusts SteelHooves for whatever reason, but they agree that the ridiculous amount of firepower he seems to have will probably come in handy the next time they have to fight an alicorn.

>I nodded, having begun to worry about the next time we encountered those creatures. If my suspicions were right…
Also, while we're on the subject, Littlepoop, you can take your suspicions and blow them out your ass. You left the stable like three weeks ago tops, and since then you've done nothing but kill indiscriminately and sift through collections of moldy old tapes. You know literally fuck-all about this world or what's going on within it, and your assessment of virtually any situation is worthless; stop acting like you're some kind of battle-hardened combat specialist.

This line from Calamity might have something to do with his distrust of SteelHooves, at any rate:

>“Well, let’s jus’ say that the Steel Rangers ain’t exactly got a reputation as champions o’ the common pony.”
I'm not sure whether to read this as ominous foreshadowing, or if this is just another piece of Fallout lore that the author is assuming the reader will already know. In any case, for the time being he doesn't elaborate, and Littlepoop doesn't question him.

The scene ends with an insincere attempt at emotion. Calamity's mention of "reputations" calls to mind the conversation she overheard the previous night, which once again causes her to worry that he might now be doubting her. It appears that her primary fear at this point is being abandoned by Calamity and Velvet, and I suppose I don't blame her; if I were a dull, miserable little shit like Littlepoop, I wouldn't want to be left alone with myself either. Anyway, Calamity sees this in her expression, and reassures her that he trusts her. He gives a schmaltzy speech about how he knows she has a good heart:

>“Ah’ve seen yer heart, Li’lpip. Y’all genuinely want t’ help folk, an’ ya put yer own life at risk t’ do so, even when some of ‘em don’t deserve it. I ain’t gonna start questionin’ what I know ‘bout ya just cuz somepony who don’t know what he’s yappin’ ‘bout can get it twisted all up.”
This would probably not be my interpretation of her role in events thus far, but I'll leave that alone for the time being. What's more curious here is he seems to take it as a given that she is aware of what he and SteelHooves discussed, even though it was a private conversation that she only overheard by chance.

Anyway, after he says this Littlepoop gets all teary-eyed and hugs him. D'awww not really.

Page break. As the next scene opens, the party is (still) getting ready to leave. I forget whether I mentioned this or not, but SteelHooves has a memory orb on one of his shelves along with some mementos of Applejack. He notices Littlepoop staring at it, and tells her she can look into it if she wants. She does, and the scene dissolves into memory-land again.
I bet a proofreader told him he struggled to understand the Ghoul/Zombie stuff since the mindless feral ghouls were called Feral Ghouls in Fallout 3. So in the chapter he's writing now he adds some clarification because not even he wants to go back through this trash, even to add a paragraph explaining shit.
Is Kkat trying to reference the Fallout 3 "fuk da rich and racists" mission with this radio broadcast?
In Fallout 3, Tenpenny Tower exists and is full of mostly-white Haves. The nearby Have-Nots are ghouls living in filth who demand to be let into the tower. I think a rich asshole tells you to slaughter all those ghouls? And randomly blow up the town of Megaton which is made of scrap and scrap walls built around an unexploded nuke for no reason. There is one Atom Cultist fag in Megaton praising the bomb because bugthEAsderp think wacky=good writing. But if you do as the leader of the ghouls say and let them into the tower, the rich let these ghouls in without a fight. And then they slaughter all the rich and take over Tenpenny Tower for themselves. Even the nice rich people. The omniscient radio voice of DJ 3 Dog calls you a cunt if you don't let the ghouls take over. And if you get revenge by slaughtering the ghouls after they eat the rich DJ 3 Dog still calls you a cunt.
Kkat's attempt to fix this clumsy social commentary isn't much better. If you play the games you know it is right to ignore the ghouls or take them all out no matter what the radio nigger says about racism.
Also it's really fucking dumb that when Steeltoe (PAIN! STEEL! PAIN! STEEL!) Has this zigger moment where he assumes Littlepip is racist against Ghouls, it prompts her to think she saw his dark side or whatever.
If anything she should think "Pros: He is fucking strong and loyal and honourable. Cons: I know nothing of the Steel Rangers or their role in the world, he jumps to conclusions way too quickly, and he cannot avoid friendly fire when using explosives".
I noticed another detail to that could have made a good joke. Steel let her sleep on his bed and she decided in s horny fever state to furiously masturbate and vomit on it. Almost wish the story dwelled on them prepping to leave just so there could be a scene where he is cleaning up and noticed that little gift she left.

Also for the Steel Rangers not being known as heroes to the common folk that is a Fallout reference thing. The Brotherhood of Steel aren't the nicest people around and their sole concern is hoarding advanced technology to ensure no one else besides them has it since they don't trust anyone else to have it and not repeat the same mistakes of the past that doomed the world.

Of course that gets thrown out the window in Fallout 3 where they are super good guy Power Rangers who want to save the world. At least it's kind of retconed in Fallout 4 where they say the Chapter leader of the group in 3 was a bit of a renegade and took their group to DC to help with the Project Purity and didn't mind helping people.

I barely know anything about the Steel Rangers in Fallout Equestria though so not sure what their role is unless it's to hoard magical artifacts and devices for the same reason as the BoS with hunting alicorns as a side hustle.
>big final boss that causes everything bad to ever happen

not really no, the eater is more of an opportunist, and shooting it actually isnt how its defeated. the most you could say is that the eater helped amare get some of his abilities but what that entails and how that works is left to the reader to theorize. if you're talking about amare, he was defeated by his own hubris, insisting to his evil egotistical boss that he would be nothing without him.