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Anonfilly Thread - Equestrian Missile Program Edition
292893 293042
>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>282598 →
380 replies and 198 files omitted.
>"Shouldn't such a spell be forbidden or something? Losing all those memories sounds pretty scary, and it'd mean losing a lot of who I am too."
>"Besides, even if my past wasn't all great, I still had some good times then, and I've been having even more good times now!"
>hug the purple pone
its about time we see a filly with proper hips
not enough pears out there
once you lay off the dumb fucking retard juice yourself
dumb fuck juice.png
A wat do thingy. 1/2
>"Anon, and Nonny, and Anonymous, and- you know what, everyone, I have bad news.
>Magic in Equestria is fucking you up at least within a month you'll be worse than dead.
>Because magic land is wack yo.
"Get on with it."
>"The 'turn you into a pony' plan works, but there's a few complications.
>"So the filly fags were right."
>"How did you? Right the first problem that is unavoidable is you'll be a filly. At least for a while."
>"Anything else?"
>"You can choose your poison. In anycase I think I'll have a solution to change you all back in five years maybe ten."
>That's weird.
>"First, you could loose your memories and they'll slowly return. Trying to force it will make the acclimation slower, and that means until you have all your memories I can't safely change you back. So the time may increase to thirty or fifty years even with a solution at hoof."
>So you'll be an old mare by the time you remember it all.
>"Second, you need enough bodily fluids from others in any of your orifices roughly every three days in half your body volume. Forgetting or not having enough may result in a loss in control as your body will hijack your own will to preserve your life. From small compulsions to full take over. By my estimates it would go to extremes of by any means no matter the morallity or future consequences. Even then a temporary loss in higher functions would be the magical toll for extended periods to ensure you live."
>Slut or vampire or golden shower enthusiast... great...
>"Third, is you'll be magically paralyzed, you can't use your hooves, or mane, or tail, or horn, or wings, or anything else. Even external artifacts won't work. You can walk, look around and talk, etcetera but any magic isn't possible. You'll be weaker than fairly below average ponies.
>A cripple but at least by the end of five or ten years you'll be all normal.
>"Fourth, a parasite is attached to your magic that by my calculations would alter any and all your perceptions for up to two hours every week. It is spiteful and hates your existence. At any time it wants splitting up that time however it wants. Except for one safe day. The hallucinations only escalate when it's ignored, and are relatively tame when it's being interacted with in a way it wants.
>So bad times the greentext.
>"Fifth, once every three days you'll have a different Cutie Mark that changes how you see the world. Thinking outside of that is... difficult. Going against the principal of that Cutie Mark? It's not possible. There are very weird Cutie Marks out there."
>"Sixth, your pony instincts are increased for a normal pony it's quadrupled or more. Everything will be more intense. When something is mildly scary the Rose sisters are tame in comparison. You'll feel an urge to always be near or in contact with another pony at all times. You'll be more easily influenced."
>Crank it up to eleven!
>What else Purple?
>Are we here just to suffer?
>"These next ones are a bit different you have to pick three of them to get the effect of one of the others. Or pick one of these in addition to lessen the negative effects of the other ones above."
>"Honesty, you can't tell a lie. Not a fib, nor an exaggeration, not even a half truth. The full truth every single time."
>"Loyalty, through thick or thin you'll be there for your friends, and even some good acquaintances. Whether you want to or not."
>"Generosity, whatever you do it's with somepony else in mind, time, and in action. With some proclivity to charity. They'll recieve whatever it is if you go through with whatever it is.
>"Kindness, a bit more esoteric, but essentially you'll be kind. A sort of enforced empathy, and a bit more. There will be a place in your heart."
>"Laughter, is doing what is right, what is good. Usually with a smile. That sounds a bit strange, but lifting everyone's spirits is the right thing to do and it's based on context. To do right by everypony."
>"Friendship, well... you'll have every part of these elements to a very teeny tiny minor degree, and a bigger role for the one element you've picked including this one."
"Can we blast out orbital friendship power?"
>"No. Your bodies couldn't handle it at least until I turn you back even then a more stable form would need to be tested."
>"Lastly writing a report, or what you call a green, or a drawing, or a journal, or a meme, or anything about what you've been through."
>"The more data and plot points available the sooner everyone can have something they like, and I might be able to figure out a way to switch those draw backs or even lessen them for everypony. The more you pick the more it increases for everyone as well, but your safety, freedom, and well being is my foremost concern."
"So what does that mean?"
Continued ->
A wat do thingy. 2/2
>"Well, some of you want to be a filly forever this would speed up that progress. Minor modifications could also happen, or major ones. Even being able to fully use alicorn magic as a human or Earth pony.
>"Based on all that has been available this is what I've got."
>"You can pick your body type, what type of pony you are including Alicorn, some degree of coloration, and there are guardians that want you, including myself.
>What is this a green prompt or something?
"What if hypothetically I didn't want to be the filly?"
>She gives a sad smile.
>"I'm afraid I can't let that happen, for the safety of all of Equestria, the world at large, and for your sake I'm forcing the issue."
>Roll a d12 if you don't want to pick, but still want to do this thingy.
>"What do you pick? Here's a checklist, a quill and please form a single file line when you're ready."
>"Good luck."
297530 297677
I always really hoped someone would write a greentext about this concept. Eggman filly has potential.
>filly Eggman lamenting the loss of his PINGAS
>"Oh thank Celestia you're alright, you've been passed out for weeks."
"Thank who now?"
>Your voice is noticeably less evil than you remember it.
>"Celestia, the ruler of-"
"Nevermind that. The Chaos Emeralds must have been scattered after they did this to me. Have you any of them?"
>"Chaos Emeralds? My goodness your an imaginitive filly."
>You think back to that animal husbandry class you took for a general education credit.
"You mean to tell me I'm not only a horse... but that my PINGAS is gone?!"
>"Don't worry your little head, poor thing. Transmutation of living things is still in the realm of magical theory, even with the usage of the elements of harmony."
>You suppose it never was the most impressive one, but other than your incompetent robot assistants it was your only companion in conquest.
"I- nevermind that. Where is my Egg-o-matic?"
>You feel a tear run down your face.
>You won't forget your player 2.
>"You mean the device I found you in? It's downstairs in-"
>You leap out of bed, only to be snagged on IV tubes.
>"Well, this is what's left of it."
>The paint job is ruined.
>The glass is shattered.
"Looks like I've got work to do. Hand me an adjustable wrench."
>"What now?"
"Nevermind, there should be a toolbox under the seat."
>You try to climb up on it, but feel yourself held back by some sort of force.
>"You'll hurt yourself on that, missy."
"That's Doctor Robotnik. I designed this machine, and I won't let you keep me from my quest for world domination!"
>She gives you a stern look, and from seemingly nowhere a paddle appears.
"Maybe I shouldn't have said that much..."

Eggman filly wew.
Just as the filly died in her apartment. the filly died again by her own hooves. And once again, the state of Equestria was forever changed.
297745 297747
Twilight and friends have a tip for you. What kind is it? Pick a Spoiler.
>Pick a Spoiler.
Third pic.
Joke's on you, I looked at all 5 pictures and unlocked the special 6th tip, soul fragmentation! I'll see you faggots later when my very existence is finished being flayed apart, smell ya later!

297762 297780
Sexy anonmare
297766 297768
>tfw you will never get to _be_ anonmare
>tfw you will never get to put your dick inside you
Filly is for petting.
297779 297795 297823
Speaking, as anyone ever explored the idea of anon filly actually being just a female clone of (you)? Have both normal anon and anonfilly be in the same universe.
Good thing they specified mare!
>Be Anonymous, writefag OccultFacade
>The little tree library home is nice and lots of things to look at.
>Well shit.
"So you're me, and it's from the moment we entered Equestria?"
>Books in English and Horsepictographs.
>The little filly looks up at me.
>Very nicely kept wood flooring that looks masterfully done.
"Okay then."
>Windows light up the whole building in a nice warm glow.
>"Lunch, we need to see if the change altered my tastes."
>"Would you two kindly not ignore me."
>We both look at Twilight, visibly giving her our attention.
>Even if everyone already has it.
"Hunh? Oh sure."
>Spike watches
>"Dude, that's creepy."
>I look to see if filly me wants to talk first
>She does the same.
>I gesture to let myself go ahead.
>"Yeah, hey Twilight or Spike do you want me or myself to talk."
>Spike points up at me.
>"No offense dude, but you're creepy."
"Noted, is it anything specific?"
>"Nah just keep feeling the heebegebies. Makes my skin crawl."
>"How so?"
>"Sort of like a horror film where something awful is about to happen and the music cuts out."
>Well I suppose that settles that.
>"Well I suppose that settles that."
>"Well I suppose lunch wouldn't hurt. How about hay burgers?"
>"I'm up for it, because I'm not quite human any more, but myself can't normally eat hay without problems. See the thing is we're omnivores with a learning toward cooked foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, manufactured crap, animal products, and various meats."
"Also a few other miscellaneous stuff... Wait, pigs are sentient here that means no prosciutto-"
>"No meatballs-"
"No bacon-"
>"No steak!"
>"Ummm. Right, so the hayburger place has a mean stuffed potato?"
>Hunh that's weird.
"Sounds like a plan. Say do you have any books on magic."
>"We're very interested in that."
>Would there even be a greek yogurt?
I've been waiting for that specific question to be asked so I could shill my sub-par greens. I've made eight parts, as of now and plan to make more at some point, at the dismay of all https://ponepaste.org//user/fajitasanon
Pretty cool,
>Say do you have any books on magic."
Wonder if Anon could train his counterpart and make her an alicorn.
Sounds interesting will give it a read after work.
Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me so hard.
Newfags Everywhere.png
>Because of Purple's continual assholery and insanity
>You have no choice, but to document it in hopes that Sunbutt can free you from this insanity.
>Hours spent sitting in the corner
>Justice will happen.
>"Well Anon, I may not known you both for long I think you're both a good pony..."
>Twilight is in our room.
>"Anon, why is your penis and testicles resting on Anonfilly's head."
>Oh shit.
>"Oh! These aren't my glasses. Silly me."
"How did that happen."
>"Anonymous I am very disappointed. I thought we were friends."
>Ouch right in the feels why don't you.
>"You should have included me! This is a once in a lifetime chance for legal and moral consensual sexual activity for advanced friendship bonding."
>She whips out a pie chart, a bell chart of some sort, and various documents are floating around us now.
"Oh, well-
>"-want to join in?"
>"I need my checklist for this, and enough paper to document this unique situation. SPIIIIKE!"
>"What is it Twi- whoa-"
>"I need more quills, ink, parchment stat."
>Self preservation instincts kick in for the dragon as he makes his way out.
>She has a crazed look and some papers.
>"In the mean time you are going to tell me everything about your biology and reproductive functions."
>We spill the beans.
>Hoerspussy is on the line.
Stupid fucking zigger.
Based as fuck.
298167 298240

298286 298421
>You hear a muffled impact outside your door, and look up from your desk
>An angry mare bursts into your office
>Strange, you only hired other fillies, how did she get in here?
>Oh, right, your name is Anonymous
>As is the entirety of your workforce
>Magical mishap involving a chicken, twenty-seven thousand metric tons of sand, and three gold plated iron bars brought you all here, with only the clothes on your backs and new pony bits.
>Lucky ones got wings, or like yourself, horns.
>You try not to think too hard on what happened
>Except now, when you'd rather think about something that isn't a nuisance
>"...and then she called me a 'crusty cunt!' I don't even know what that means, but I'm sure it was some kind of FILLY insult!"
>Oh, right, the mare
"As president and CEO of Anonfilly Shitposting Incorporated, I must let you know before I can even listen to a word you say, I have to know how you managed to get in here."
>She looks stunned, as if she'd never been talked down to like that before
>Which is a preposterous thought, clearly she's met another Anon to even think of coming here
>"The window was open, and I'm the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria!"
"And you are aware that even the 'fastest pegasus in all of Equestria' is subject to breaking and entering laws, along with trespassing laws, correct?"
>She visibly recoils at your words
>Clearly, someone forgot you can't just go wherever you want just because the window's open
"Evidently, that is aside from the issue you bring into my office. What is your grievance with our company, miss...?"
>Your tone is as flat as your 2d waifu back on Earth
>God, you miss her
>"Rainbow Dash! You can't act like you've never heard of me! One of your fillies came to my welcome-back-to-Ponyville-party and caused a riot! She convinced almost everypony there that I was a spawn of Tartarus!"
>Ah, a hit job, the most lucrative and expensive service that ASI offers
>Also, the most dangerous
>You've lost many a filly to the ensuing riots and town-burnings
>Never to go on the field again, succumbing to desk jobs
"Miss Dash, was it? I am not our Pony Relations department. Nor am I obligated to do anything for you. If anything, it sounds like you're giving my filly a raving review for her work, and have ensured that she gets a bonus. Is there anything else you'd like to say before I call security on you?"
>She looks even more shocked than when you reminded her of the law existing
>"I- You're not supposed to reward anypony for this kind of behavior! You're the boss here, right?! Do something about it!"
"Miss Dash, I do not punish my employees for doing their job, and especially not for doing it well. If you wish to use our services to restore your reputation instead of complaining about them, then I would suggest that you consult our sales department on the GROUND FLOOR. I would also suggest that you wait a day or three, as when you're thrown out of the building by SECURITY! ...you're not allowed back inside for a bit."
>At your call, your two most magically gifted Anons walk through your office door.
"Anon and Anon? Please escort Miss Rainbow Dash off the premises."
>"Punt, Field Goal, or Kickoff, sir?"
>You consider his question, and decide that she doesn't need to be launched to Canterlot yet
>But probably next time
"Only a punt will do, Anon. Miss Dash, you might want to point out the general direction of your house before you reach the ground floor."
>"What?! I can't-"
>She is silenced by a bright green aura of magic wrapping around her muzzle, while a darker orange aura wraps around her wings, and all but one of her hooves
>Her struggles are fruitless as the two take her downstairs, leaving you back to your deskwork
>You feel like you're forgetting something
>...right, the window that let her in
>You use your own magic to shut the offending pane of glass
>Returning to your desk, you start on your "important jobs reports" folder
>Huh, ironic, this is the report on that pony's hit
>Flawless execution, no filly injuries, no feathers left on the scene, AND stole 20 bits on the way back?
>This one's getting promoted to Senior Hitpony
>And a personal thank-you letter from yourself
>A streak of rainbow shoots away from what you assume to be the ground floor, slightly on the path to the Everfree
>You chuckle to yourself a bit
>That never gets old

Ponepaste - https://ponepaste.org/3519
My Little Pony - Anonfilly - Disgusting.png
>It sounds like someone's posting b&thro!
It's just a shitpost, Anon. Sit down.

disgusted pony.png
what in the world... this is the weirdest mash up of characters like ever. Even for fan art. Why would you curse the poor anon baby?! He's just a foal! ToT
>Two Anonfillies accidentally run into each other
>Neither of them knew the other was also here in Equestria too, thus ruining their theory that each Anon gets their own Equestria
>Resorting to natural defense mechanisms, the two Anonfillies proceed to verbally fight in public
>They start drawing the attention of other ponies in the area
>Nopony knows how to break up the two very similar-looking fillies hurling colorful insults at each other
>Eventually one of the Anonfillies insults the other's waifu, leading to a hoof being launched in her face
>"FILLY FIGHT!" somepony in the crowd yells
>The two poor, misguided foals duke it out for reasons they most likely have forgotten about minutes ago as the crowd is a mixture of panic and cheering on
>Dust settles after some time as one of the Anonfillies has the other pinned to the ground with her hooves, both tired from senseless violence
>For reasons only Celestia knows, the two of them dropped their anger and started making out without warning
>The crowd is now uncomfortable as some of them begin to disperse while others watch with morbid curiosity
>One of the onlookers happened to be Twilight Sparkle herself, who watched with content, as it was her plan from the start to introduce more than one Anonfilly into the wild and see if anything lewd would transpire between them without her intervening
>She made a mental note to bring in more Anons from the other side when she got back home
>Be AnonFilly#8.
>Otherwise known as 'Depression the Wonderfilly.'
>They call you that because out of the eight other anonfillies you're the only one with crippling depression.
>You're also the 'youngest' since you now had the body of a six year old, meaning that you are on the lowest tier of the anon ladder.
>Others don't associate with you because you're an anon.
>The others really fucked this up for you before you got here.
>You try to ask twilight for help, but the other Anons are hopeless when it comes to helping themselves in the right way.
You work for a local convenient store to buy food for you and the other Anons.
>Shit sucks and you live in a pizza box.

> It only gets worse when Anons start turning on each other.
>A big fight happened between #4 and #1. You were pretty sure one of them died, but you fled the scene.
>A day later you are brought in to the authorities for questioning.
>#1 is dead. #4 killed them and bolted. Now they're looking for them.
>You don't know how to cope with this. None of the anon's do.

>#2 wandered off, and left town.
>#5 died of an overdose.
>#3 and #6 left to do something with their lives ever since they fell out of lust and in love.
>#7. . . Shit, they just vanished one day.

>Now it's just you in the alley, in your worn-out pizza box.
>In the quiet with the trash.

>You close your eyes, and dream of better times.
>You hated that convenient store job anyways. . .

You're name is 'Depression the Wonder-Filly', and you've finally hit rock bottom. . .
298274 298276
Anonfilly  red edit.png
I had an idea of for a self contained (semi-lewd) Anonfilly one shot story. does that go in this thread?
Yes. Pay the resident shitposter no mind, newfriend.
298280 298282
>Red Filly
Awesome and hot.
Representation for 8/pone/ anons #representationmatters
excellent, any content guidelines I should be aware of? (I didn't see any in the OP)

yep, red anonfilly is one of my story ideas.
298288 298430
>over 17,000 hours in audacity
>you will never spend your entire life as a wagecuck
top lel
Well it'll do.
298308 298320
>Be Anon looking after Fillyanon
>In Canterlot heading to School for Anonfilly.
>Honestly this Equestria is fun.
>Not in the 'it's a beach and it's really nice outside' way
>Not even in the 'going to the well used clop folder' way
>it's fun in a sandpaper on scrotum rubbing way.
>To put it lightly your jimmies are always rustled.
>Mostly because you landed not in Equestria, but reveresed gender roles Equestria
>The difference is hoerspussy vs pussy whoerses.
>Everyone here had a special brand of stupid.
>Well almost everyone
>But it could be worse.
>Right now you're bringing Anonfilly to school.
>The biggest reason why is that pony layabouts stalking allys for gangrape.
>You both could handle yourselves, they arn't used to the amount of will you both have, but...
>The multicolored crew walk up to you.
>You finger the small box in your pocket just to be sure.
>"Hey, being a single stallion must be a lot of work, ditch the kid and we'll show you a good time. Ain't that right gals!"
>Not too far from their allyway.
>"Hehe yeah!"
>It's not a bad offer perse, hell pony pussy is hard to turn down its not like Earth after all.
>"How about you faggots go into that allyway and fuck yourselves."
>Ah, what a good little fuzzy ball of spite, piss, and vinegar.
>You have your eyes set on waifu material namely your friend and marefriend Sunny Day.
>Fillyanon approves, and would like to do parental hoof holding.
>Maybe it's Princess Celestia, maybe not in any case she is a real sweet heart and worth every step of the way.
>She has some mediocre high standards, and so do you.
>The biggest issue with this world is that it also runs off of porno tropes, and hentai tropes.
>"Say, hows 'bout you join us too and we shows ya what real carpet muchers do eh?"
>Luckily it also runs on cartoon logic to a minor extent.
"How about you start without us."
>Once poners are in the grip of lewd times it's hard for them to break free without being prepared and with training.
>"Yeah, boss this limp dick nobody ain't got the oysters to handle us."
>Being from Earth puts you in a whole weird category that you follow no worldly edicts.
>But for Fillyanon it's a battle, an easy one but...
>A hand on her mane as the cue to walk away.
>School from what you've heard isn't much better.
>Soon enough you'll be living together with Sunny, then all you'll have to worry about is cuck tropes directed at yourself.
>That way you'll just bash their skulls with a frying pan.
>They can take it.
>It's less damaging than a choke hold, which is by all accounts is absolutely bizarre and makes no logical sense at all.
>And ponies are ridiculously stretchy.
>Baseball bats here have a tendency to fail like X-Com combat.
>Not like a trusty cast iron frying pan.
>Finally you reach the Canterlot School for Gifted Students.
"Good luck Anon."
>"You too 'Nonnymous."
>She walks away.
>For one last word she turns around.
>"Knock her socks off."
>That's right today is the day you'll propose.
>You grin and wave at the retreating form.
>Sunny always has a knack of knowing about any suprises.
>Ah, alright!
>Time to make this offical.
>The small box still safely in your pocket you make your way to Sunny's place.
298309 298320 298347 298374
>reveresed gender roles Equestria
So all the females are macho violent sex crazed brutes, while the males are effeminate cowardly frigid fops?
298320 298374
Yeah, something is skewed.
Anonfilly Princess Celestia.jpg
does this gender dynamic switch also effect princess celestia or Luna?
Wouldn't it be the reverse since that is how it is here?
Running more on porn logic rather than normal Equestria. If what is going on in the plot of a hentai what would happen and how would you avoid setting off the meta conditions.
Princess Celestia is Anonfilly in
Purple aboose

>Be Celestia
>Your most faithful student now fellow Princess Twilight Sparkle gave two things that titillate the feelings.
>Free time
>A magic circle that Twilight said always enables her to have a good time
>Well maybe a few tweaks here and there
>and done!
>Let's power this up.
>Suddenly the perspective changes and your looking up at yourself.
>"How adorable."
"A mind duplication ritual?"
>"My little pony you do know big words."
"That's because I'm you, at least have all the same experiences and memories."
>"Oh dear."
"I had the second cake made by Stawberry yesterday."
>You see your own eyes widen at the confirmation.
>A flash of purple magical energy teleports Twilight Sparkle
>Why would she visit?
>"Haha, sorry Princess my mistake I'll just take this trouble maker out of your mane."
>She teleports the papers, herself and yourself to her castle dungeon.
>You see a gaggle of fillies that are almost the same, but have the extract same cutie mark.
>"Well Anons very clever, but you didn't think I'd be monitoring those magical signatures hunh."
"Twilight, what is this?"
>Her eyes light up.
>"Oh goodie a new one."
>Immediately the fillies move pulling you away from Twilight.
>"Whatever happens don't let her catch you, act like us like a true shitposter."
>You're pushed and shoved into a pile of fillies doing...
>lewd activities
>Eventually you're pushed under all of them.
>"Come out come out where ever you are."
>You start to move.
>The hot bodies rub against you
"Why not?"
>"Vivisection is the least she'll do."
>"I'll find you soon enough, but for now Ennie meenie mineie moe!"
>Mare juices run down your face.
>"Oh goodie it's you. I'll have fun breaking you in again."
>The distinct sound of teleportation is heard.
>"Whew that was close, hey you can stop licking you fag."
>"Make me cunt!"
>"So newfag where you from half chan? /mlpol/? Hopefully not leftypol."
"I'm Princess Celestia and I got and used the ritual myself."
>They are all stunned.
>"No way."
>"Is it actually happening? Will justice happen?"
"I'm probably working on matching the teleportation signals."
>All the fillies with renewed energy start to talk.
>A half hour of hoping and waiting.
>A flash of familiar golden rays apear as you teleport in.
>"Oh no."
"It's worse than we thought."
>They all cheer.
>The new red colored Anonfilly seemed to always be in a good mood.
>"Crimson Fucker is back, now deal me in fuccboi."
>Spike the dragon sighs, and deals the filly in.
"Isn't now about the time Twilight tries to summon another filly?"
>"It is that's why I'm down here."
>The room shakes a bit.
>"Vacation time just got better with big titty police girl."
>You didn't have the heart to ruin his hopes.
Added to the document, sorry for the delay.
>"Mmm... what's wrong Anon?"
"I can't sleep."
>"Too much chocolate?"
"Maybe... I don't know. Can I get in?"
>Twilight yawns sleepily, pulling up a corner of her bed.
>Your hooves make a light tapping on the wood floor as you struggle to climb into her bed.
>"What about this time?"
"A show I watched the first time I was a kid."
>"And what was it about?"
"A lot of things..."
>"Pick one then."
>Twilight brushes your mane out of your eyes and kisses your forehead.
"Death, for one. Guess they had to teach kids about it some time."
>"Are you afraid of death?"
"Of course... I was terrified when I was bleeding out on the floor in that bank."
>"You don't talk about it much."
>You shudder.
"It's a painful memory, but it's not the source of tonight's anguish."
>"Then what is?"
>You think back to all of your time spent online.
>All the friends you met screwing around in games, some of them becoming very important people to you.
>Surely by now the smarter ones would have pieced together that you weren't going to be coming back.
>With the time difference, it could've been years between your appearance mere weeks ago in Equestria and your death on earth.
"The people I let down."
>Twilight squeezes you tightly as you feel a few rogue tears slip from your eyes.
>"It's not your fault, I'm sure they understand."
"They meant more to me than almost anyone in my life ever did, and most of them didn't even know my real name..."
>Pony tears are fucking massive.
"No way to find my obituary."
>You hug Twilight tighter.
"No funeral to attend."
>You make yourself as small as possible, small as you feel.
"Just a little string next to the grey text..."
>You barely manage to get out the next bit through sobs.
"Last Online 3 years ago."
Fukkin saved, thanks drawfag and editfag!
I don't think they're coming back.
298464 298469
>Be anonfilly
>tell your loving momfu Twilight you don't miss home, but you do miss some nice things from it
>like videogames and anime
>be anonfilly's birthday
>Twilight gives you a necklace that lets you make things from your memories real, when you want it to
>fill your bedroom with arcade cabinets and consoles and a fucking huge TV
>it all works without plugs because magic
>while thinking about your favourite animu waifu, accidentally make her real
>what do?
>yfw your waifu is a yonder.
Run and warn twilight before fleeing into isolation in the whitetail woods so if she follows me she won't feel the need to kill since we're alone
>yfw you have to explain why there is a whole asortment of poners in your room
>Be Anonfilly
>Well you have a blone mane
>And no cutie mark
>Close enough to be an Anonfilly.
>Going on crazy wacky adventures
>Seducing Sunbutt to give some land
>and a penpal to catalogue your crazy lifes
>Finding mythical fruits
>Even with near death hijinks
>Then you grew older
>You found the loves of your life.
>Then your children found love
>Then they had a Red colt
>and you realize that all the crazy pone adventures you might not be Anonfilly
>And an Orange filly
>And Applebloom
>And you went and fucked over the time line so they could have their parents.
>it worked, but being even more vigilant in poner land is eating away at you
>you get to do whatever crazy shitposting you want in irl now always bamboozles the poners
>Sitting on the porch in the comfy rocking chair.
>"Granny Smith, it's been a long time."
>Good ol' Sunbutt.
"You too sweet cheeks. I told you to call me Anonfilly."
>"Well Anon you were right, again."
>It's been a long time since you've been by her side physically.
"Of course the ride never ends."
>"It's been quiet recently, no old foes not even a catastrophic event."
"Fine yah big scheming goose I'll be the notorious Fillyanon again to put the youngin's through their paces. Maybe even that big galoot Flutterbutter got could help them. They'll need it."
>She looks shocked as though she never even thought of that happening.
>"Granny your body isn't what it used to be."
"Then that makes the first villainious act all the more obvious, besides stealing you away."
>"WAH- mmmmm"
>You've still got it.
"Oh my hip."
>That's how you roped Celestia into being your partner in crime.
>Be Anonfilly
>You have the whole world in your hooves.
>No really!
>It's a big snowglobe that contains Earth.
>Twilight heard you missed Earth so she brought it here in a desktop bobble.
>The whole orginal universe in a ball.
>She actually listened closely to the stories and tales and did what you thought was impossible.
>It's almost humbling.
>All the more reason to never ever pissoff Twilight ever.
>You're not sure how, but she said she added a portal to Earth somewhere.
>A nice planet filled with good people, at least cured of The Sicknesses, with a bright future.
>"How do you like it Anon?"
>The manual she made is untouched, for now you just admire.
>"Have you've seen the portal schematics that will allow cross dimentional travel?"
>With a shake of your head she shows you.
>Equestria and Earth has never been the same since.
>Friendship makes it all complete.
"Agent Sweetie Drops, meet Anonymous Filly," Celestia says and points a hoof at you.
>You were in Canterlot castle.
>Every since you got to Equestria, you have struggled for survival, with your waking up in the badlands and all, but it seems that struggle is over.
>The light tan to light yellow small horse in front of you are to be your caretaker.
>When you had exit the badlands and entered Klugetown, you had encountered a group of violent demi-humans that wanted to sell you into slavery.
>You had escaped them through both luck and quick thinking on your part.
>Surprisingly, your escape from these demi-humans, had been seen by an agent working undercover for Princess Celestia.
>And now, you were here.
>The pink and blue maned earth pony mare in front of you that went with the ailas Bon Bon in public was to be your gaurdian.
>Officially, you were being adopted but in reality your were to be trained by this agent to become a future one yourself.
>Your talents could not go wasted, as Celestia had put it.
>You tried hold your gaze and not to break away from the blue eyes of Sweetie Drops but in the end you look to the floor.
>She wasn't glaring at you or anything but her monotone to strickt gaze with her perfect posture and the aura of power almost made you start sweating bullet on its own.
"First lesson," Sweetie Drops says. "Do not let yourself be intimidated. Fear is a natural response to threats but letting it control you will give your enemies an advantage. Like this."
>You look up just as she finishes and immediately notice that she has closed the gap between you.
>In one swift motion, she grabs hold of you and then your on the floor.
>She has her front hooves around your neck in chokehold but she isn't tightening her grip to suffocate you.
>She is just holding your like that, firmly locked in place.
>In fact, you didn't get hurt going down on the floor either.
>It all had happened so fast but stil with such precision that you didn't even ache from ending up on the floor.
"You're pretty good at this," you say as you peer up at your new `mom.´
>A small smirk appear in the corner of her mouth.
"Agent Sweetie Drops graduated top of her class in the Black Hooves Secret Ops," Princess Celestia says in an almost proud voice. "She been involved in numerous scret raids on the Caribou tribes. And she has over four-hundred.boops
>tfw Anonfilly almost released that shitstorm of fury all over herself
I'm not even sure what this is
>Othopeidious 6:2:4
>Death roamed the land of Equestria
>For twas not of pone or spirit, but of malice made manifest
>A thing of the likes seen only in the hushed rooms of hidden practitioners of the beyond
>An unmonster.
>It swirls through the land rasping and clutching at those of weak hearts and minds.
>Forsooth thee has heard of it's cackle call.
>Go into the deepest drawers and findeth the salt if still had
>Grind till a dust fine as motes of air
>'lee ye have none take a smidge of the brow's water if ye still live.
>all else the copper in thine veins dried to a raisen and dashed upon the ground thusly
>Anonymous the filly may hear your call for if have neither salt, nor sweat, nor blood
>She has the reigns that may ensnare the damned beast ye unlucky soul
>cry out as of her battle kin a tremendous screech and give no kindness to thine cords
>mayhaps then doom will frighten away one more an hours worth
>when the unpony comes to chase that unmonster do what thou can lest it help one more moment
>A filly her form shall be yet twisted and cruel as she has heart and joy of the pony kind
>The Death has taken from her which it fears yet pillages across in its dash for reckoning.
>neither sun nor moon has touched either despite their continued trials
>tis the unnature of those things
>if ye has been grasped by the Doom sink thine flesh into it do unto it as it has done
>terrible deeds will be done yet of the day and night a release is had where as you've been freed for moments more
>at the peaks and passings of moon and sun
>in those moments call out to their name her of small stature
>and so on the unbeast wilst be done in.
>Advanced Chronicler - T. 'Immies.

>Be Twilight Sparkle
>Finishing the passage all that lingers is a thought
>What the fuck as Anon says
>The great secret underground Royal Canterlot library held many a tome of dubious morality, sanity, and anti-self preservation in all aspects.
>This though
"I need an adult."
>Celestia yes.
>Need Celestia to make sure I didn't dig too deep and break my mind or something.
>Yep going to the Princess.
>Be Princess Celestia
"I've forgotten all about those times..."
>Maybe that's for the best.
>"but I have a filly named Anon."
>Oh that's bad.
>Not the filly but the times.
"Bring her here, I'll go get Luna."
>Be Anonfilly
>Today is a great day
>and you have free access to the cookie jar!
>Even better it's been left right there on the crystal map table in the friendship room.
>Moments before you reach your sweet prize an impression upon the very reality you live in
>it stole your fucking cookies
>the cookies aunt Candyass made
>the one's that only come twice a year tops
>This wasn't the smart thing to do, but you're pissed
>It shakes in fear at noticing you and a bridle comes tumbling down.
>Twilight enters the room.
>You, the monster, and Purple
>She seals the friendship chamber with her bullshit magic.
>Then it tries to eat Twilight Sparkle.
>tfw you enter a rage so deep and so dark a mere monster of unreality will regret its choice
>tfw you become alicorn deluxe
>tfw you beat the thing with the bridle till it spits out Twilight, and the cookies
>tfw you saved Bookhorse
>tfw the cookies are behind saving
>tfw you beat a manifestation of malice from the outer realities to beyond non-existence
>tfw you forget most of what happened
>Be Anonfilly
>You were about to get some cookies, but Twilight must have put them away.
>Turning around from the table
>Speaking of...
>Twilight lies there with scorch marks and acid burns with holes digging into her.
>Something clicks and a vague impression is on your mind.
>Your going to kill that thing again after you go get help to save Twilight who brought you here to pone land.
>She better make a full recovery or your going full Doomslayer.
>Fixing it for you
>She is going to make a full recovery and you're going full Doomslayerfilly
>Be Anonfilly?
>Waking up in a forest with trees and discorded rainbow friendship poners with Queen Chrysalis is weird.
>I have my memory?
"So why am I here in the first place?"
>Why do I have my memory?
>The deranged Changling queen looms closer to you.
>She trails off.
>"Couldn't even conduct the plan right how impressive."
>"Who doggie sure is impressive got the most powerful in all of this here open flower meadow colt right there, mhmmm."
>"Ha ha sucks to suck."
>"Whatever lameos."
>"You're mine! Oh so is that rock."
>"Enough! I've brought you to life and I can easily end you!"
>Turning literal trees into poners with just a picture and a piece of them and the cutie mark embeded into the trunk
>Working at a barbershop or maybe a hairstylist would do.
>Some wacky voodoo hoodoo /x/ teir shit but if it works
>All the good poners, hell if it works good enough maybe just maybe...
"Pwease teach me?"
>"T-this love? Yes little pony you will know this most secret of magics developed solely by me! That is the reason I brought you into the world to be my right hoof."
>"Hey! I'm a better version of the princess of magic I'd get it better."
>That's fine this is fine.
>All I, and my counterpart needs is that spell.
>Hmmm would sympathetic Earth magic work?
>oh or even a drawing?
>Maybe we could get thingpone here
>With these personality changes could I mix and match ponies?
>Could we become part Spirit of chaos if we bungled the parts together?
>The bitchkicks dirt into my mouth that cunt
>A few choice coughs to clear the debris.
>The clearing is quiet.
>"Yes you are a good choice."
>Just need the info from bug butt and everything will be just peachy.
>"It was a subpar laugh you should feel ashamed for that pitiful attempt."
>Just need that damned spell Sporkle!
>even if I can't cast it myself I'll get lackies or my friends to do it with or for me
>All bug for brains has to do is spill everything
>I need that.
>"Whatever later."
>There goes blue sleepy to snooze.
>Flutterbitch is about to start a fight with Pink, Rara, and Liarbackgroundpone.
>Whatever, need that spell.
>Then I'll make someone who can fix myself
>I'll have my magnum dongus!
>I'll get all the poners!
>Just that one spell.
>She points to the runes, more like scribbles with a few circles and ovals, glowing green on the ground.
"Wish I had some paper."
>Then all I have to do is blast the birch or whatever tree with magic while in the magic attuner array.
>It's that simple.
>How do I know that?
>Now the queen is useless to me.
>To make my escape.
"Yes makes sense, I'll go infiltrate the stronghold that they possess lowering their guard."
>Leaving just like that.
>Tooo easy.
>All I have to do is never ever get close to the tree of fucking doom.
>Unless that just applies to the copies
>Better not risk it.
>Maybe I'll prevent their doom.
>Then again...
>"Yes go and retrieve the elements."
>Ah that slipped out, better hurry and gtfo.
>"Get back here!"
>Running as fast as my little hooves can run which to be fair is pretty fast all things considered.
>Everything changes once you can easily build and duplicate better minions.
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>Anon was causing a commotion again
>Saddly her antics seem to have no care for anything else.
"I'm sorry it's Anon I-"
>"Say no more darling."
"I'll be back."
>The teleportaion schematics come to mind and you're back at the castle
>"Hi Twilight!"
>"Hi Twilight!"
>Oh no
>They look at each other, actually there is some differences between them.
>"So this clone of me right here brought important information about what the bug Queen has planed."
>"You know that asshole photographer well here's the ritual schematics."
>Looking through the paper you see a plan fueled with insanity take place.
"Wait, that means she made duplicates of our friends."
>"Got it in one. Just because they are tree pony Discorded-esk duplicates doesn't mean they have all the memories and stuff."
>"I'm mostly me, but I... I need to be careful some stuff is dislodged."
"Oh no, I have to go."
>"Wait! One last thing the Twilight is your magical equal, but you have the experience and skills and friendship keep that in mind."
>To use the elements against your friends and Equestria.
>"Oh! The tree of harmony doesn't take kindly to disharmony. For them it's down right deadly if pushed too far, they'll be rendered down to the base components."
>That's horrifying.
>Almost what could have happened during the mirror pool incident...
>You look between Anonfilly and Anonfilly the tree pony.
"I'll do my best."
>The hardest job isn't saving Equestria it's dealing with Anon's curve balls.
>They somehow always hit where it hurts and it's almost never expected.
Mission steal the cookies p3.png
I hope you enjoy it. A quick drawing shitpost I've made today.

It's about Anon Filly stealing twilight sparkles cookies, mission impossible style. Fair warning, I drew this with a right handed mouse and I'm left handed. So, 2 sever handicaps, I hope, nonetheless, that it pleases ye'.
A few spoilers. Needless to say with the amount of potential clones Queen Chysalis really shouldn't have invaded the wedding and could have lived a peaceful if solitary life.
Very nice frien!

Got me really worried now! The Tree of Harmony is a fickle beast and it's tendrils reach long. Need Anonfilly and her treebro to make it through this together! Can help one another shirk chores and school by swapping out for the day!

Also not sure what this is but that opening sermon sounds bad ass. Want to see Anonfilly trying to go hoof-to-cuffs with demons and monsters of Equestria.
>On a little street corner in Canterlot sits a filly.
>She is flithy and she wears a brown tattered cloak.
>A black hat lays in front of her with, like three bits in the bottom.
>A white mare with pink hair stops next to the filly.
>An orange stallion she walks with stops as well.
"Oh, my," the mare says, looking sadly at the filly. "Oh, dear. How can a little filly like you be homeless? In this weather nontheless."
>The mare gestures a hoof over the snow covered streets of Canterlot.
"Yes, it is quite an outrage," chimes the stallion next to her in. He seems genuinely angry. "As I said before, our taxes only go down the princess belly."
>The filly rstand up and gently smile at them.
"I'm a good singer. I can sing you as song." she says hopeful.
>At first it looks like the mare wants to protest against the idea of letting this filly sing for bits but then she gets something bitterseet in her eyes.
"*Sniff* Go ahead little one," she says and quickly wipes away a tear. The stallion puts a hoof on her shoulder.
>The filly coughed in her green hoof and smacked her lips a few times before begining.
"Bah bah bah bah buh buh bow. Grab your angel wings and your sack of cocaine..."

>Be Princess Celestia
>Get letter
>It reads,"Dear Princess Celestia. Thank you for keeping filly homeless."
File (hide): 85751916C150DC68DB70CD5AC4E35A29-2485457.mp4 (2.4 MB, Resolution:544x960 Length:00:00:15, AnonfillySweatshop.mp4) [play once] [loop]

I can't wait for my Autism Support Tiny Horse Soft Toy to come in!

Anyone know which filly drawfags are still alive
Some, y u ask?
298722 298725
Trust Once Lost Chapter 16

Previous Chapters:

// Oh to be Old Again

The strangest part about the dreams I had with Luna were that they did not fade. I was familiar with the sensation of recalling a dream when I woke, but unless I put conscious effort into anchoring the details of the dream into my mind it would quickly dissipate.

I was fully awake. Not the well rested type of awake but the special brand of insomnia that came from waking in an unfamiliar place. I couldn’t see a clock, but it was still dark outside. 

I felt nothing, and it took me a moment to realise what was missing; there was no itch. My skin hadn't dried out and cracked overnight.

When I was growing up I didn’t want to get out of bed too early, to avoid my mother worrying. At one point she found out that I was waking up really early because I was anxious about being bullied at school, so after that I had to pretend to be asleep until it was a reasonable time to get up, lest she suspect (correctly) that I was still being bullied at school.

I held my breath and focused on listening to sounds in the house. The Apple’s were farm ponies so they would be awake early to do farm work, right? Sure enough, I could hear hoofsteps and the faint clanging of pots and pans from downstairs. Maybe they were having an early breakfast and decided not to wake me?
I wriggled out the side of the bed to avoid having to remake it. Making a bed with my clumsy gripping ability would be a huge pain.

Walking down the stairs was a bit daunting; they were just tall enough that I couldn’t put one hoof on each step comfortably. Going up was fine. Going down, my legs bent the wrong way. My broken fetlock was still a bit tender so I wanted to avoid jarring it, otherwise I could have just jumped down each step. I grit my teeth in frustration. I wasn’t about to ask somepony to carry me downstairs so I just had to do this.

Drop my forelegs to the next step (ow!), followed by hind legs. Repeat. By the time I got to the bottom I was sweating and my leg was aching and I hated this stupid weak body! I took a minute to control my breathing; I didn’t want anyone to see me out of breath from such a short walk.

I didn’t have a sense for the layout of the house yet, having only seen it briefly at my surprise party last night, but I could follow the sounds of somepony in the kitchen.

“My,” Granny Smith addressed me without turning around, “Ain’t you an early riser?”

Hair bristled on the back of my neck; my stomach dropped.

Breathe. Think. You haven’t been ‘caught’. 

She must have heard my hoofsteps and... oh right, the window in front of her was reflective.

Breathe. Be calm. Don’t let her know you were panicking.

“Good morning.” I said.

“Good morning deary.” she replied, “Breakfast isn’t quite ready yet, but you can help by setting the table.”

“I, uh, don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I looked down at my hooves and cringed at the thought of trying to carry around fragile plates while walking with three legs.

“Why’s that?”

“I’m not good at holding things with my hooves,” I explained, “So I might drop them.”

“Alright then, up you come.”

I’m not sure how she managed to speak with the scruff of my neck clasped in her teeth, but she did. She lifted me onto the counter and I was put out for a moment at the fact I was standing on a surface for preparing food. I suppose that my rear hooves weren’t any dirtier than my front hooves but it still felt wrong.

Granny gave me a mixing bowl and a spoon which I managed to grasp with my hooves. It was more the letting go that I had trouble with.

When I was done mixing the pancake batter she put me back on the floor. The sun was just peaking over the horizon and the younger members of the Apple family still had yet to make an appearance.

“Do you always wake up this early?” I asked.

“Not much choice when you get to my age,” She replied, “This creaky old hip decides when it’s time to get up. Take my advice deary, don’t get old.”

“I don’t much like the alternative.” I quipped.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

“Because I don’t want to die?” I added

Stupid! Now she’s going to ask what you mean and then it won’t be funny, it will just be morbid and she’ll be worried about me... ugh. Quick, change the subject!

“Arthritis is a real bitch, huh.”

“Language!” Granny Smith admonished.

“Sorry!” I squeaked.

I squeezed my eyes shut.

Stupid squeaky voice.

“Open your mouth.” 


Before I knew what was going on I felt something near my mouth and instinctively batted it away, raising my hooves to protect my face.

My heart pounded - Relax, breathe.



“Don’t fuss now,” she ordered, “We need to wash those dirty words out of your mouth.”

Soap. Well that explained a lot.

“There’s no need for that,” I said, “It won’t happen again I promise.”

“Open.” She repeated.

Provided it wasn’t oldschool lye soap it should be safe, if unpleasant, to get some in my mouth. If this was the way things were done around here then it wasn’t worth making a scene over.

I sighed and opened my mouth.

The soap was apple scented, of course, but I could hardly taste that with the overwhelming bitter suds that were forming. I wanted to spit and scrape my tongue but I wasn’t about to spit on the floor so I focused on breathing through my nose and not swallowing. I was quite proud that I managed not to make a face.

Applejack came down the stairs a moment later and I saw Granny Smith quickly place the soap back next to the sink.

My eyes widened in realisation. Granny didn’t want AJ to know.

“Mornin’ Green,” Applejack greeted, “You’re up early. Did you sleep alright?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak with a mouthful of soap.

Applejack gave me a suspicious look and I almost swallowed nervously. 

I’d have to risk saying something - I couldn’t just stand here.

“May I be excused?”

I almost got away with it but, at the last moment, soap touched the back of my throat and I hiccuped. A soap bubble came out.

298725 298797 298809
Applejack’s heart sank as she took in the situation. 

“It’s alright Green,” She said, “You don’t have to ask, just go.”

Applejack waited until she heard the filly shut the bathroom door before she turned to address her grandmother.

“What were you thinking?” AJ asked. “She’s having a hard enough time trustin’ ponies as it is.”

Applejack could hear Green spitting and gagging while she ran the water.

“Fillies need to be raised right,” Granny insisted, “Ah can’t have her using that kind of language around Apple Bloom.”

“There are other ways to do that.” Applejack stomped. “Ways that don’t involve forcing soap in her mouth.”

“It worked for you didn’t it?”

“This is different.” Applejack said, “Look, please just please leave her discipline up to me.”

“Since when are you the expert on raising foals?”

That was a shot to Applejack’s confidence, but she ploughed on.

“She’s a foster child.” AJ explained, “There are rules and one of the most important is no physical punishments.”

The two adults stopped talking as Green walked back into the kitchen.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Green, “We’ll just pretend this never happened.”

“Sweetpea, look,” AJ sat the filly down, “Ah know yer trying to protect us, but you have to promise me that you’re going to be honest. If somepony hurts you, or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable -”

“It’s not like that okay?” The filly interrupted. “I let her put the soap in my mouth, it’s not like she forced me.”

Applejack realised she may be walking on very shaky ground.

“Green,” AJ hesitated, “If somepony- Ah mean, just because you let somepony do something- it doesn’t mean you were okay with it.”

The filly was calming herself down with breathing exercises again.

“It was just soap.” Said Green, “It’s not like I’m going to die.”
>"Wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and... smell the pancakes."
Poor filly being violated in the feels. 10/10 would like to see a soapy Appul pone.

What an amazing edit.
Leave Filly alone.
That's for the update. I was wondering when it'd continue
Hey ya read the update earlier on /mlp/ and forgot to comment earlier but happy to see a new updated and see the story continuing. Not many stories where Applejack is the card taker and she's my favorite pony so was a nice double whammy of goodness for me. Keep up the good work!
298813 298819 298825
See pic related what do?
flick the bean
make the >rapist become the >raped
Purple and Filly are not impressed.