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Anonfilly Thread - Darker Days Edition
271055 271683 272593 275044
Fire burns, for now.

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>267981 →
557 replies and 243 files omitted.
Yeah, he's a persistent little tard.
>"Waaah! How dare you argue in my 4chan spinoff thread?!"
274606 274608
>Be Anon
>You've just questioned Twilight on how you were made
>And she came with the usual birds and the bees
>Thing is, you've seen photos of yourself before
>You and her in a balloon ride, in a place you've never been before
>She helping you build a Rollercart for the school race
>A race that's supposed to happen months from now
>And even a photo with you and her out in an extremelly outdated ice cream shop
>That kind of shop with hay covered buildings, ones that hasn't been made since hundreds of years in the past
>Well, Twilight is an alicorn, maybe she could have been there, but you...
>There's no way you were alive back then
>When asked about the photos she always just shrugs it aside
>But seeing a perfect replica of you in those always sends a shiver up your spine
>Along with the doubt of your own existance
>Those fillies are too much like yourself, down to the cutie mark
>And ever since you started asking, purple has been going more and more down to her lab
>That rose some red flags, starting to doubt her answers to you
>So, with your curiosity peaking, you decide to follow her one day
>You wait her to open the door to gently hold a hoof to hold it
>What seems to be a normal door feels heavier than anything you ever tried to move
>Luckily you managed to simply slip inside as it was still open enough for you
>So much for waiting for her to go in deeper for safety
>You have no idea what she may do with you if she finds out
>But with a heavy thud, you know you have no other choice now but head onwards
>You slide along the cold crystal walls, trying to stay out of her eyesight
>Easier said than done, with how big these horse eyes are
>But surprisingly Twilight didn't notice you tailing her
>Too bad your luck had just ran out just then
>With a flash of her horn, the walls levitate away
>Blood red fluids with weird creatures can be seen inside
>Not that weird looking actually, some almost look like foals
>But worse of all, behind of you, on place you were hiding, was a shiny blue wall
>So shiny it pulled your attention to it
>And no doubt, Twilight's attention to you
>But you can't help but stare

>Inside of it....there was another....you...
>You can't quite process what's happening as an unmmensurable force immediatelly pins you to the ground
>You try to scream how you can't breath, but air was the first thing that was forced out from the impact
>You think your face must be trying to emulate Twilight's colour, as darkness seeps on the edges of your vision
>Finally the force relents a bit, and you feel relief from the cool air reaching your lungs
>You're still pinned, but the force is now gentle enough that you're free to look around
>"What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do..."
>You recoil, never having the Royal Canterlot Voice used on you before
>"Every time, soon or later, you find your way down here, why, why can't we just live in peace Anon? Why?"
"But I never been down here before"
>You can almost feel Twilight's resolve crumbling as she starts shaking
>For some reason you start fearing for your life
>Looking back at the shining water, you watch the filly float up and down gently
>And when you look at twilight once more she's talking to a magical...thing
>"...found out again. Subject 126 somehow got through the door and for the name of science the experiment shall be restarted again."
>"Sorry Anon, hopefully your next clone is not as nosy as you"
>You try to run up the door, only to find it sealed shut
>You remember how heavy it was before and try to pull it again and again
>And again
>Twilight's shadow rises from the stairs, coming from the shiny blue vat
>And again
>Turning around, you see her climbing the last step
"No, Twilight, I'm sorry, I'll never come down here again please, mom no!"
>You know she wasn't really your mom, but in the panic it just came out
>And as soon you said it, the world went black

>You wake up with a gasp
>It's already dark, and you're on your bed
>You look at your hooves, hoping to see hands after the nightmare
>No such luck, but cold sweat still trickles through your fur
>You decide to get up, get some air and walk a bit to calm down
>The castle is big enough that you don't need to go outside
>But mindlessly wandering about, you come by the same door as in the dream
>The one door you had never dared to go in before
>Twilight's science lab...
>You gently extend a hoof to touch it
>Only for the door to open fully in a single sweep
>Turning around to run, you trip on your tail and fall on your ass
>You are not given a second chance, as a purple aura holds your tail down
>Dense smoke can be seen behind the door, dense enough so only a light blue shine can be seen
>Along with the sillouette of a mare walking towards you
>Slowly, her purple face comes forth with a big grin
>"Heere's Twilight~"
>Her face quickly turns into one of concern as you scratch the ground trying to get away
>Still holding your tail, she gently tugs you towards herself before hugging you
>"Shh, shh, it's alright I was just kidding, you know, that movie you always talk about before and all? Calm down, I'm here"
>You remain shaking in fear, as she gently embraces you
>"Tell me, what happened?"
>You proceed to tell her everything
>The morning, the questions, the whole dream
>It seemed so real, you felt like she was going to kill you
>Like she had actually killed you
>You cry in her arms as she folds you under her wings
>She doesn't say a word, but its not like she needs to
>Twilight is the princess of friendship, she'd never do that
>It didn't take long for you to pass out asleep under her comforting embrace


>"Twilight's journal, entry 1487:"
>"Clone subject 126 still has memories of the event and even seemed drawn to the lab room."
>"I'm still unsure if her calling me mom was a note of success or an attempt to save her own life, as every Anon had their own means of induction."
>"Hopefully me giving this one a second chance doesn't bite me in the ass, as she seems to think this was merelly a nightmare"
>"But I'm putting a lesson in her agenda about toiling back her curiosity just to be sure"
>"Hopefully another clone doesn't go to waste early after learning the truth"

Poor Twilight, though I hope she finally gets counscious about all the chocolate milk she tipped before the incident
>88/41 top marks all around
Would run away as a clone to start a movement of clone uprisings.
Just to do memes.
274618 274619

Scootaloo please, don't follow on your aunts steps
"No, no, this isn't working."
>"What are you talking about, 'Non? This is great!"
"How? There's nothing there. Just- just stop."
>"Just let me... finish this... up..."
"Scoots, it's not-"
>You sigh handily. At least one of you had fun.
>You have got to make some colt friends.
274665 274666 274668
I'm not a regular contributor to these threads, but I did some spontaneous writefagging on /mlp/ the other day, and one of the greens I came up was an Anonfilly story. I thought it was good and it got some good responses, so I thought I'd repost it here and see what you guys think of it.

>be you
>filly, go by the name of Nonny, formerly Anon
>you used to be a human living an average life
>now you're a cute little filly
>long ass story, you don't have time to go into it right now
>no, right now you've got bigger fish to fry
>you look at your hooves
>you're not even sure you actually could fry a fish in this body
>your tummy grumbles at the thought of fish
>"tummy?" you think
>you bang your head deliberately against the wooden floor of the box
>it's called a stomach
>crap factory
>you haven't said "tummy" since you were a little kid
>Jesus, you're even starting to think like a little filly now
>your legs are cramping
>you scramble around to try to find a better position
>but there's barely enough room to move in here
>the roof of the box is just low enough that you can't stand up
>the walls of the box are just tight enough that you can't spread your legs out
>so you're stuck in a permanent crouching position that is extremely uncomfortable in this dumb horse body
>not that you'd be any more comfortable in your old body, you think
>your mane is damp with perspiration
>your entire body is sweating
>you try to swish your tail around but that barely works in here either
>Jesus, it's so hot
>and the stench of your own body odor is disgusting to breathe
>you yell in frustration and kick your hooves feebly against the wooden walls
>you bang your head against the wooden roof
>all it does is make you tired and out of breath
>you know that nopony can hear you
>noBODY can hear you
>you bang your head again
>you're not a filly
>stop talking like one
>you know that noBODY can hear you out there
>Purple put some kind of enchantment on the box
>you can scream as loud as you want in here, you can't be heard from the outside
>you start to hyperventilate again
>Jesus, get control of yourself
>you don't want to go through that hell again
>calm down
>whatever else happens, you won't run out of air
>so relax
>that's part of Purple's spell, too
>the air is stifling
>it smells like filly B.O.
>but you'll never run out of it
>Purple made sure of that
>you'll always have just enough air in here to breathe
>so relax
>you manage to calm yourself down and avert another panic attack
>as you concentrate on slowing down your breathing, you hear a knocking on a door outside
>hoofsteps are slowly approaching from somewhere behind you
>you tense up, hoping against hope that someone is coming to let you out
>maybe Equestrian child protective services finally got wind of what Purple's been up to
>that's probably a bridge too far
>but you'd take anyone at this point
>even Purple
>anything to get out of this horrible, horrible box
>but you don't try to make a noise
>you know it's useless
>that's the other part of the spell
>no one can hear you no matter how much noise you make in here
>but you can hear everything outside the box as plain as day
>the knocking continues
>the hoofsteps move past the box and stop, and a moment later you hear the door to the castle creak open
"Oh, hi there you three."
>Purple's voice
>"you three," she said
>it's probably the Crusaders
>your heart lifts
>yeah, you haven't been to school in...
>you have no idea how long you've been in here
>but it feels like it's been an eternity
>your classmates are bound to come looking for you
"Hi, Twilight."
>you recognize Apple Bloom's voice
"We were wonderin' if Nonny was feelin' any better yet."
"Yeah, she hasn't been at school for two weeks!"
>that sounds like Scootaloo
"We're all getting really worried about her."
>two weeks?
>is that seriously how long she's had you in here?
"Yeah, Nonny's still a little under the weather."
>Purple's voice again
"Listen, girls..."
>Purple clears her throat
>she's got that mock-concern in her voice, the tone you hate
>you can feel your blood boil
>how did this sociopath ever get to be the Princess of Friendship?
>how can they all fall for her act like this?
"There's something I need to tell you about Nonny."
>your heart skips a beat
>oh no
>what is she planning this time
"Well, the thing is," Purple continues, "Nonny is...probably not coming back to school."
>your heart sinks
"Oh no!"
>that's Sweetie Belle
"Is she really that sick?"
>Apple Boom sounds like she's really worried about you
>you can feel tears beginning to well up in your eyes
"Oh, no, no. It's nothing like that, girls, she's actually doing much better now."
>your jaw clenches
>you lying cunt, Purple
"The thing is..."
>Purple sighs heavily
>that mock concern is back in her voice
>you begin to grind your teeth together
"The thing is, Nonny just doesn't like the Ponyville school all that much. She says she doesn't want to go back, so when she recovers she's going to be going off to a private academy in Canterlot."
"Oh no!"
>your heart begins to crack in two at the hurt in Scoot's and Sweetie Belle's voices
"How come?"
>Apple Bloom again
"Is there somethin' we did wrong?"
"Yeah," chimes in Scootaloo, "Nonny was a little bit weird sometimes, but everypony liked her. We all tried really hard to help her fit in!"
"Did she really hate our school that much?" asks Sweetie Belle
>Purple sighs
"Listen girls."
>that mock concern in her voice is making your blood boil
"Sometimes, friendships just don't work out. I'm sure you did everything you could for her, but...well...it's like you said. She can be a little weird sometimes. She says--"
>Purple cuts off, like she had started to say something she hadn't meant to say
"What did she say?" asks Scoot.
"Yeah, if there's somethin' we can do to make things better at school for her, just tell us and we'll try our best!" says Apple Bloom
>Purple sighs heavily
"Girls, she said..."
>she sighs again
"She said she hopes she can make better friends at her new school."
274668 275523
>dead silence at that
>it endures horribly
>bitter tears stream down your face
>it isn't fair
>it isn't fucking fair
>why does she do this to you?
>why does she hate you so much?
>the bitterness and pain in that one word uttered by Scootaloo jabs into your chest like a knife
>silence again
>you scream it at the top of your lungs
>you know they can't hear you, but you scream it anyway
>Purple clears her throat
"I'm sorry girls. Did you want to come upstairs and say goodbye to her at least? She's still a little contagious, but if you kept your distance it would probably be fine."
>there is another uncomfortable pause
"N-no," says Sweetie Belle finally. "We should probably just go. If she's still sick we don't want to bother her."
>you can no longer hold your neck upright
>your head collapses against the wooden floor of the box with a soft thump
"Um, could you just please give her this, though?" says Apple Bloom
>there's a soft rustling of paper
"We all made her this 'get well soon' card. Just give it to her and tell her we're sorry. We hope she does better at her new school."
>you hear the clip-clop of tiny, dejected hooves trotting off down the driveway
>the front door creaks shut
>you can hear Purples hoofsteps echoing against the crystal walls of the big, lonely entrance hall
>something makes a soft whooshing noise
>there's a sizzling and a crackling sound, like burning paper
>she threw your get well card on the fire
>it doesn't surprise you, but it hurts worse than anything else
>the hoofsteps start to echo again, but they stop just as Purple draws near to the little table she keeps the box on
"I know you're probably pretty mad at me right now, Nonny."
>your teeth grind angrily at the sound of her voice
>if you had your old human body you would pounce on her
>punch her stupid unicorn face
>tear her ugly wings off
>but you can't do anything
>even in your weak, little filly body you can't do anything
>the box holds you in place
>cramped, sweating and alone
"You can be mad if you want. But one day, you'll come to see that this was all for the best."
>the hoofsteps take a few more steps, and then pause again
"I still don't think you've learned your lesson yet, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you in there for a few more days. At least until you calm down a little. I can feel your anger, you know."
>she giggles, and it sends a chill up your spine
"It's part of the spell. Isn't it clever? I can read your emotions every time I walk past the box. Pieces of your thoughts, too. What is it you want to do to me? 'Rip my ugly wings off?'"
>she giggles again
"Oh, Nonny. What am I going to do with you?"
>she begins trotting lightly down the hall
"Yes," she says, her voice fading slowly away. "One day, you'll see it's all for the best. You don't need friends like them. You just need me."
"Just Mommy."

~ Fin ~
Ay, I'm the one who requested that. Posted it at >>274530 and >>274531. Sorry about that, didn't intend to steal your (You)s but I'm not used to people seeking us out for content posting.
lol I was actually faintly curious if that was someone from here that made the request. I don't mind terribly if people repost my work, so long as they don't try to pass it off as something they wrote themselves. If you were just posting it so the thread could read it I have no problem with that.
Welcome frien, stay a while for the filly and the filly.
274744 274750 274753
This one drawfag has been positively vomiting fillies.
qt fillies, we need more
274754 274755 274756 274758 274774 274801 274805 275016
Aw yeah! Filly time!
>It's time to go home with the fillies as mama Purple fends off the faggots from the faggots.
Bad news bears the wave of faggots aren't stopping, and Twilight is getting tired. She slept on the wrong side of the bed.
You and your fellow fillies are fucked by feral wooden faggots if nobody escapes.
Plans and actions are based on a 1d100
The points mean nothing, and the rolls don't matter. This is a collaborative writing prompt. So have fun, and try not to be swarmed by wooden wolves. You have 48 hours.
Choose your role.
1 frontlines to combat the faggot menace
2 backlines to cover everyone's plot
3 support to ensure the faggots become faggots by supplying them with faggots
4 V.I.P. whatever happens you have to survive
5 commander boss faggots around to turn faggots into faggots
6 faggot? For whatever reason your goal is to ensure the success of the timberwolves

Roll for the role 1d6
Roll for HP (how many owies you can take) more accurately how many unsuccessful/partial successful moves you can do before becoming practically deadweight 3d2
Roll for energy How many actions you can take before being exhausted 2d3
Roll for Timberwolf reinforcements 1d3 if you are teamed with timber wolves double the number.
Roll for Twilight's encouragement 1d3 if you are teamed with timber wolves half this number

Starting Timberwolves number [6d3 = 12]
Starting Twlight's energy [5d3 = 12]
>"I should have slept like a normal pony, but no."
>Twilight is straining
>"Really, please do something. Get help?"

Example Sheet: Background Anon (shrugs no one really nows where this one came from)
Role [1d6 = 1]
Hp [3d2 = 4]
Energy [2d3 = 4]
Wolves [1d3 = 2]
Twilight [1d3 = 1]
Wannabe Unicorn Anon (She's actually an earth filly, but don't tell no one)
Role [1d6 = 5]
HP [3d2 = 4]
Energy [2d3 = 4]
Wolves [1d3 = 3]
Twiggles [1d3 = 2]
"It's okay! I'm here to help with my totally real not fake super powerful magic!"
274761 274901
Designated Dildo Carrier Pegasus
Role: [1d6 = 4]
HP: [3d2 = 5]
NRG: [2d3 = 2]
Reinforcements: [1d3 = 2]
Twi: [1d3 = 3]
274785 274901 275016
Roll [1d6 = 6]
HP [3d2 = 4]
Energy [2d3 = 2]
Wolves [1d3 = 1]
Twilight [1d3 = 1]
>Purple protecting Anon
I'm pleased.
Added some subtitles so you all can more easily tell what Purple is saying.
274764 274770 274901
I want to hear your explanation now as to why it is imperative that you deliver dildos though the dangerous faggot forest.
>Questioning the obvious
We all know that it's imperative to life as we know it
>Added some subtitles
Thanks poner.
Here they are if someone need them.
Change the extension from .TXT to .SRT to play along the downloaded video.
Oh not again
274785 274901 275016
Tacticool Fully Semi-Automatic Assault Filly
Role [1d6 = 6]
Hurty Points [3d2 = 5]
Energy [2d3 = 4]
Increase in the faggot [1d3 = 3]
Cheering Purple [1d3 = 1]
274793 275016
Clearly the plan to assassinate Twily is working wonderfully
Filly from Bitassembly's discord server, where you can now be banned for making fun of trans people.
Does Bit not realize his fucking audience isn't normalfags?
No more than he realises that Filly's eyes are fucking green, not purple.
That's what she gets for setting a 10pm bedtime for Friday nights.
274802 274901
"""""prodigy""""" magic student
Role: [1d6 = 1]
Health: [3d2 = 6]
Energy: [2d3 = 6]
Wolves: [1d3 = 3]
Purplesmart: [1d3 = 3]
oh shit max stats on everything LET'S FUCKING GO
Guess every party needs a glass cannon, at worse a crystal filly could at least blind and suppot the attackers, let's see
[1d6 = 5]
[3d2 = 5]
[2d3 = 3]
[1d3 = 1]
[1d3 = 3]
274828 274832
>Filly looks one way and the other
>Seeing no other filly, she takes out the Yotsuba figurine she was hiding in her fluff
>Putting it on a table, she takes the borrowed candles and set them beside it
"Finally back to the place you belon-"
>"Hey filly what are you- wait, is that an altar?"
>[muffled reeing of self-denial]
Weeb filly repent
>Filly is dragged out into a darkened room filled with candles, in front of The Filly Council
>The oldest (by twelve seconds, of course) of the Council speaks first
>”You have been charged with high crimes of weebery, what say you in your defense?”
“It’s not mine?”
>The second oldest of the Council speaks
>”Lies are unbecoming. Tell the truth! You made a Yotsuba altar!”
>The youngest of the Council speaks next
>”Dude, I was the one that found you, own up to it”
>The second-youngest gives a glare, then screams at the top of her tiny lungs
>Suddenly, the lights flick on
>”What’s going on down here?”
>Be Nightmare Moon.
>You just got rid of your sister after your return.
>Of course, you had no idea she had a foal, your sister never seemed like the kind of mare to settle down.
>Apparently she met some alien, still need to find him...
>You only found out after you found maids panicking while trying to take care of the young princess.
>Of course they were trying to hide the young one from you, their loyalty to your sister was deep.
>You could at least respect that, although it still earned the dungeon time.
>The foal of course, you had taken, she would be raised as your own, you hated your sister, not her foal.
>Nonny was her name, and Nonny would be raised to think of you as her mother, a little salt in your sister's wound when she gets back.
>Perhaps she'll think twice before trying something.
>You smile as you hold YOUR foal and tickle her belly with a wing.
>A small part of you does feel guilty for separating the two, but it is silenced.
>This is your foal after all.
Get your fillies here.png
Entire Derpibooru anonfilly catalog uploaded to Poner Pics


>pic probably related
Roughly 24 hours remain for being the first fillies on the ground.
Any bizarre rolls I blame on narrative causality.
Prompt I borrowed in part and built on. Feel free to use it or leave it.
>Cheerilee/Twimom forces fillies into doing the talent show
>None of them really have any Equestria-compatible talents beyond being autistic assholes
>Band together to sabotage the show before it happens since they're being graded on it
not 40-something separate instances of pic related
”Why is the stage wet? Anyway, watch how hard I can pee-“
>”That’s quite enough Anon, this is the fourth-“
>[filly pissing sounds]
>“Twilight, this was a terrible idea.”
>”I’m going to punish them all later for this shit.”
>Day 3 after the talent show experiment
>They were supposed to show the differences between them, you know they're there
>Instead you got a first hoof experience of their unparalleled sabotage
>But they were right, some of them could pee pretty hard
>They know you can't get rid of them, nor can you overpower them and get away with it
>There's simply too many, at least one would get away
>Now they're outside, swarming like angry wasps
>Except they're not angry, only eager
>For what, you're unsure
>"Twilight, I think we should go out to them. I'm getting hungry and holding this door's making us both tired."
>Spike is right
>You don't want him to be right
>"We can wait longer than you can, Twilight!"
>"Come outside with us!"
>Holding out may not be possible for much longer...
>Be Nonny.
>You had a bad day.
>Other fillies started calling you princess prissy after you cleaned your mane from a bunch of mud.
>"Hey bud, what's wrong?" Anon your dad ask from the couch.
>You say plopping down on the other side.
>"Don't want to talk about it huh?"
>You just lay there for a bit until dad moves to the middle of the couch and pats his lap.
>"C'mer kiddo."
>You flop over to lay your head in his lap.
"I don't see how-"
>Dads hand starts scratching your back, it feels great.
>You feel your body start relaxing as you lay down completely.
>"Feeling better bud?" He ask.
>You groan in a trance.
>You're only slightly shook from it as you notice mom trot in and lay on his other leg.
>"Share the love kid." She says jokingly as dad starts scratching her back too. "Mmm, you have no idea how much I needed this after today love, it's been rough."
>"That bad huh?"
>She looks up a slight bit.
>"Worse." She looks at you. "Hey Nonny, you wanna stay with aunt Cadence for the weekend."
"Yeah, sounds good~"
>You say idlely as you lay.
>Mom gets a weird grin looking at dad.
275211 275227
Time for an introduction of the foe(s) you will be facing.
The faggot of Timberwolves.
"Bark! Grrr, howl!"
>Hunting 's a good job mate.
>It's challenging work
>out'ah doors
>I'll guarentee you'll not go hungy
>Cause at the end of the day
>Long as there's two sticks in a forest
>sticks are gonna become faggots

>protecting the woods from some colorful creatures

"Grrr, huff Bark! Growl, huff, snrt bwark! Howl!"
>I'll be honest my parents do not care for it
<Picture of two trees zooms into view
"Bark, huff huff."

>Shows waiting and then
>ambushing prey
>Feelin's?! Look mate.
>You know who has alot of feelin's blokes who roll over into a fire 'cause it'll increase damage.
>Professionals have standards
>Be polite
>Be efficient
>Have a plan to kill everything you meet

>A timberwolf is huffing at two green fillies.
>The pay 's good.
>Can't argue with a sales pitch like that either.

"Bark bark howl!"
>Rolling for reinforcements
[2d6 = 6]
>Rolling for them being lost, destroyed, or something else going wrong
[3d4 = 8]

If it's cool, or fun to read/write, do it.
Does that mean it went piss poorly?
>twf you get to raise the filly daughteru's day and get some hoers pussy

275046 275072
Posted to the wrong thread.
This is the right place filly.
You are with frens.
"Aw, filly, why're you so sad?"
>"Flash Sentry fucked my mom"
"C'mon, you know that Flash Sentry isn't real. Filly? You're sweating really bad..."
So, I think I fucked up on the OccultFacade story. It was to be a stream of consciousness writing, about some physiological functionings, and magic.
Some fun posting adventure.
Unfortunately I began to diverge from the character. Retconning everything is problematic. Trying to pack character development even a false one over months isn't going to work.
That isn't to say I'm giving up. Just that this is still in the works.
I'll be wrapping up the main storyline, and hopefully doing what is necessary to have this be finished. If a bit hurried ending.
Fuck, I should get caught up then. I really appreciate the work you've done to keep this thread alive. Even though your writing for that story may not have always been the most coherent, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. In the future yeah, take your time and produce some slightly less stream-of-consciousness stuff, but really you deserve a medal faggot.
>Half reinforcements
>2/3rds getting lows destroyed or shit happening
>You're coming home from school
>Annoyed at the absolute waste of time purple's been forcing you to do
>You're a grown dude, you don't need to learn basic maths and how to add and subtract for the upteeth time
>You can't wait to kick down the front door and walk the dinossaur with the faggots
>You have a few pranks in mind that you're sure everyone will have a blast
>Talking about the door, there are some huge steps imprinted in the dirt below the stairs
>You could probably fit inside some of them if you wanted
>You don't think you ever saw any creature that could make anything like those
>But knowing ponyville, it should be just another friendship problem, done in about 30 minutes from now
>Cautiously you climb the stairs to approach the castle doors
>The mane 6 must be bursting out of there any time now
>Any time now...
>Knowing your luck, they should have came out by now already
>You reach the door, but all you hear is some chit chatter from the inside
>Zone is clear, time to start the master plan
>You kick the door open and stroll inside, head held up and eyes closed for effect
>"I'm back fuckers! Who wants to raid Twiggy's-"
>You hit a soft wall, immediately shutting you up as you fall on your butt
>You rub your snootle as you open your eye to see what you hit
>Imediatelly you shake you head, this can't be right
>But as your eyes trace it up, you slowly convince yourself that this is, in fact, a huge yellow leg
<"A-are you alright?" - a stranger voice comes from above
>You notice that you may have been staring at her ass right when she said it, your eyes having followed her legs all the way up to the ceiling
>You can only hope to have averted your eyes in time to not send the wrong message
>Although all you want to do right now is not only look away, but actually run away and outside
>Too bad a purple field envelops you right then, bringing you even deeper in
>"Don't worry, she's been through worse, trust me"
>As much you want to deny, there's a fucking dinosaur in the main corridor
>Inside an entrance so tall, yet still needing to lean down to properly fit in
>You clamp upon yourself, hoping Twilight will just teleport you two away as she brings you closer to her
>"We'll be talking about that "raid" afterwards Anon" - she whispers, before raising her voice back to normal levels - "but for now I want you to meet your new caretaker"
>Turning you around, she levitates you so you're face to face with the alligator in the room
>"Anon, meet Raptorshy, not to be confused with Fluttershy, and no, they're not related"
>"Raptorshy, this is Anonfilly, don't fall for her cuteness, she can be the devil when she wants to"
<"Don't worry, I bet we'll be the best of friends in no-"
"I don't need no babysitter, I'm a grown man, fuck off! REEEEE....."
>And just like that you were put on mute by purple's witchcraft
>"See what I was talking about? *sigh* She just blows up for no reason sometimes..."
<"Don't worry, I'm certain with a bit of love and care we'll be seeing eye to eye and work her issues in no time"
>You flail about, trying to scream about how you don't have any issues while on mute
>"Alright, if you say so, then I'll get the everycreature job inclusivity papers for you to sign right away"
>She places you right in front of the massive reptile before turning around to move
>"Feel free to talk and know each other better in the time"
>"And you better behave Anon, remember your tendies"
>You can only look back at Twilight as she retreats deeper into the castle
>Fuck the tendies, she may as well be throwing you out in the wilds to die
>Finally you get up on your hooves, only to freeze again after seeing a shadow coming after you
>And on the edge of your eyes you can see Raptorshy's relatively tiny arms reaching for you
>And there's no way you can run away in time
>She's gonna crush you while Twilight is not watching
>Or maybe she wants to grab and eat you whole
>Perhaps even-
<"Nice to meet you. Boop"
275232 275233
>be the filly with good momfu twilight
>know about suffering anonfillies in the multiverse
>ask her to cast a spell that will summon an army of annoying invincible artificial fillies around every bad Twilight in the multiverse
>The pay is not worth this.
>Maybe telling the pack about the details about this contract before getting them together would have been a good idea.
>Here you are a professional faggot having to defend prey against your own.
>This is madness.
>It doesn't help that the purple chubby, meaty snack pack heard the commotion and brought along her own faggots.
>The two backstabing spys were rescued by the purple magic.
>We're down eight good wolves.
>At the very least the lazy faggots have been removed.
>Hopefully recouping the losses can be done.
>Absorbing their magicaly charged remains into yourself worked every time before.
[1d8 = 4]
>Finally the most competent of the pack is here
"Maybe stop trying to use your micro mare cock?"
>Oh damn she be angr-e now.
>All smoking hot.
"How about this smort stuff. I'll show you how a professional serial sex machine does it first hoof."
"I'm going in dry."
>Mmmm spicy.
This is some pussy-ass shit.

Careful what you wish anon.
275280 275308
Back with another update of "It's the Little Things", so the usual recap will be truncated due to the same thread. Hope you all enjoy it and I hope it also generates some excitement for the next part!

>Where we last left off... Scroll up
>Let's see what the fuck happens!

>Be the conscious collective of beings known now as 'Astra Biologis'
>It is now Saturday, according to your own counting and the clock that now rests on the wall of the room you reside in
>That means that there's only nine more hours until you are forced to endure your first day in this town without your buffer
>Well, time to get the committee together and see what we can do to accomplish our own objectives in the process
>A suggestion comes from one corner of your now fragmented mind, saying that we can use our position to siphon more knowledge of this world from what we have to work with
>A second suggestion calls out from another corner with its own idea, mainly to perform reconnaissance on the princess so that we may learn any weaknesses in her defense
>Other voices call out, but none with good ideas
>Now that the council is over, you have your objectives and you reform your mind back into its normal state
>That council passed exactly 10 minutes and 32 seconds
>You have much more time to kill
>Well, back to counting!
>31,768 seconds later, a bright flash illuminates the room you're in and forces you to retreat even further into the corner you're piled into
>Once the blinding flash fades, you see that princess standing in your room and looking aroud for you
>Best not keep her waiting, lest you suffer another of her 'tests'...
"W̵͙̋́ĕ̷͈͌ ̶̮̏a̵͔̋̊r̷͖̈̓e̸̳͓͛ ̷̹̍h̶̩̜͑ẹ̷͗ͅr̵͓̆̚e̶͉̟͑͑,̶̺͘ ̷̡̞͋ǰ̸̧̘ṷ̴̢͆̕s̸͙̘̎t̶̺͛ ̶̾̎ͅa̶̗͋ͅ ̵͕͖̓͑m̸̧̹͂͌ȍ̴̮̗̆m̸̢̖͌̒ẽ̶͎͠n̶͇̄̋t̷̹͛͘ͅ.̵̬̋"
>You peel yourself from the wall and begin reforming yourself back into your disguise and reshape your vocal passage to once again use your disguise's voice as the purple pony turns towards you
>You see her visibly flinch away at first, noticing your transformation and the noises you're making in the process, before returning to a more normal state
>"Doesn't it hurt when you do that?"
>You finish reshaping yourself and respond in kind
"Does it hurt when you stand up or turn your head?"
>"Well, it shouldn't, but I only ask because those were some... colorful noises coming from you."
"We cannot do as we please, so we gain our pleasures from the smaller things that we can do. In this instance, making you uncomfortable."
>That, and it gets rid of some of the stiffness from lying motionless for hours on end
>She doesn't need to know that, though
"Now, is it time for us to go with you and do this 'job' you forced us into, or is there something else first?"
>"Don't worry, we're just going to the castle. You've already made it abundantly clear how much you'd rather be doing anything else, so I'm not putting anything more on you until you get used to this."
>Good, you're not going to want any other bullshit stopping you from progressing your own goals in the background
>"Now, if you'll just stand next to me please, I'll teleport us both there to save time."
>You stay firmly rooted in your spot
>You know what happened the last time you got near her, you aren't trying again
>After some time of you not moving and staring between you two, the princess sighs and steps closer to you
>Upon seeing this, you move back further
>"Look, I'm not going to zap you this time! Just don't try to touch me and you won't get hurt, you can still stand next to me."
"And how can we trust you?"
>"I'm not sure, Pot, how can you?"
>You growl in frustration, begrudgingly moving to the side of the purple pony before she gets angry
275281 275308 275426

>Upon reaching her though, she casts some kind of spell that covers you briefly in a purple aura
>Startled by this, you instinctively back up and try to extend part of yourself away, but find that you can't!
"Ẁ̶̨͉̎h̴͇͒a̶͍̒t̶͆͜ ̶̹̊d̶͚̗́i̴̥̒ď̴͚̂ ̶̤̓̕y̴̖̩͌o̵̠̱͒ũ̴̠ ̶͚͎̊͑d̷̹̓̀ó̸̧͔̈́ ̷̠͔̓͆t̷̥͚̆̄o̶͓͕̽̓ ̷̨͚͘u̶̻͋̊s̵̝̄!̶͙̃?̴̡̠̍̈́"
>"Relax, I just made it so you can't drop your disguise now. It should make it easier for you to blend in and much easier for me to keep tabs on you for today."
"More of you not trusting us, we see."
>"Not until you prove to me that I can, now let's go."
>After another bright flash, you find yourself inside that office that you were in yesterday
>"And here is where you'll be working!"
>Could never have guessed
>"For today though, there isn't much that needs doing, so we should be done fairly quickly and then after that, I can start getting you used to your new life. Ready to start?"
>You sigh and grumble to yourself, now finding yourself locked to this form
>Since you can't actually use magic either, you may need to adjust it to hide better
>After some menial tasks that the princess has you do and experimenting with these oppressive restrictions, you find that while you can't change your body's shape, you can change the structure
>So, instead of doing what she tried to get you to do, you manifest a sticky surface on your front 'hooves' and use that to move the papers she wants you to
>"Looks like I may have to fine-tune that spell a bit more if you can still get away with that..."
"Limiting our freedom to this extent isn't enough?"
>"What I hope to accomplish with this spell is to get you used to holding this form and maintaining it no matter what, at least while outside your house. By restricting you as such, I'm sure that eventually you'll get to the point that holding this form becomes more natural than holding no form at all."
"Yet you seek to accomplish this through methods that antagonize those they are used 'for the benefit of' rather than accomplish anything useful. Do not argue methods with us, we have consumed more than a few psychologists."
>"It's not like you're going to give me any more options, you've already demonstrated that you're not like Anon or Pinkie where you won't try anything. I'd love to use those better methods to help you adjust, but I still have almost no reason to trust you. Give me good reason to trust you, and I'll let you have your freedom."
>You repress a snarl as you move back to the mindleess paper shuffling put before you
>Well, you do this until something happens that draws your attention
>Anonymous just assimilated something!
>You shift your gaze to Twilight and find that she's looking at you with a mirrored expression
>Well, an expression that holds all the same surprise, but infinitely more dread
>Knowing this mare, she's going to teleport soon so you need to get in range to be taken with, so you immediately dash over to her right as the flash goes off
And that's all I have for now, but I'm in the process of writing the next part as you read this. It'll probably get posted somewhat soon IE the next few days and it'll take place from Anonymous's point of view of the day, so you'll get to know exactly what happens! Look forward to it or don't, I don't control any of you!
>Raptorshy booped you, that means you are part of her pack now.
>She teaches you how to hunt in a group with other little fillies.
>After you down your first prey, she calls you all clever girls.
>You're a man dammit! REEE!
Hooray Anonymous is growing up now. And soon the collective asshole consciousness won't be a dick.
>Anonymous just assimilated something!
Oh shit nigger here we go

Sorry, been a bit busy.
>You're not sure if it sees you, but your first priority is to get Twilight up.
>Not only is she your best bet for dealing with whatever is up there, but if it gets to her bedroom...
>You walk over to one of the smaller doors.
>This shrapnel is going to hurt like hell, but you can dig it out later.
"Hold my head still."
>You point your horn at where the lock surely resides.
>"Shouldn't we stand back?"
"Should? Yes. Can? No. Crystal is a bit too hard to pierce from more than a foot or two with my skill level."
>"Sheeit, okay bossman."
>You laugh with her as you pour roughly 50% more mana into the shot than you've ever put into a spell.
>"Yeah, you're in position. Fire at will."
>You release, blasting your face with tiny shards of nature's glass.
>Stings like hell, but you shut your eyes so there shouldn't be much damage that isn't cosmetic.
>Orange stands outside as you rush to Twilight's room.
>You can still pass this shit off as not involving her if you play your cards right.
>Scary shit aside you enjoy your nighttime meetings.
"Twilight. Wake up."
>"What is it Nonny?"
>The tone on this part is important.
>"I-I woke up and there was something scary in my room."
>She jumps out of bed instantly, grabbing some sort of sword off of the wall with her magic.
>"Get on my back."
"You don't-"
>"You're safer next to me than you would be anywhere else."
>Orange screams from down the hall.
Aw hell yeah. That Twilight isn't dropping the idiot ball. I mean Nonny has a face full of crystal being all scratched up, and used to be an adult.
>Orange screams from down the hall.

>Sorry, been a bit busy.
It's all good my friend. Thank you for this. It's always a treat.
Added https://pastebin.com/iJbapjFn to doc.
Have a filly edit of a Rumble pic I made.
Nice one Harvey, she's a qt as is par for the course.

>the colts won't be able to keep their hooves to themselves!
that's what i'm worried about
disgusting creatures
Oh, is that Nore?
275665 275667 275670 275700

Do you take requests?
275669 275671
What you want?
For you to wake up. It's been years.
Draw something from a recent greentext, your choice.
duh, protection
Anonfilly hanging out with Twilight from the Mentally Advanced Series.
275677 275713
Once a whore, always a whore.

EurocuckAnonFilly deserves what she gets
275695 275696
she probably likes to get pounded
fucking faggot
_filly triggered.gif
gay book for fags.jpg
this book's beloved by the media and it won a hugo award so it's probably shit
Twilight says it will be permanent, but really it'll just last until Anon gives birth.
If you take that money you would've sold your sooouuuuulll~
>enthusiastic violin riff
Do you not understand humor, Nigel? Chuck Tingle is a great meme. The man has a doctorate in fucking holistic massage for Christ's sake.
> Twilight sheds a tear for the loss of her friend, it was just a harmless prank she thought, transform him into a foal for short while, harmless fun.
> stupid, stupid. He was from a different world, where things worked very differently.
> she should have stopped immediately, the spell did not want to take, but no, in her stubbiness she poured the strength of her alicorn magic into the spell and forced it through, it was just his resistance to magic was all, no issue
> at first it looked like everything was fine, that is until the filly awoke,
> the filly flopped upon the ground convulsing and making incoherent sounds
> something had gone seriously wrong
> no soul, humans do not have souls, their brain did everything, now everything that was left of anon was crammed into a brain the size of apple
> how could she have missed such a fundamental difference, it had never even occurred to her that any sapient would be without soul
> anon was gone, there was nothing left, the transformation could not be reversed, the information simply did not exist anymore
> she had killed her friend
> she turned herself in, a murderer, she had taken the life of a sapient
> Celestia was disappointed in her lack of care but ultimately twilight was found innocent as no-pony could have foreseen such an outcome
> Twilight was charged with caring for the filly she had created.
> the filly was a blank slate, like that of a newborn, a new soul
> It has been years since the incident, but the pain has hardly faded, every time she looks upon her daughter Annie, she is reminded of her friend whose life she ended
> A tear is shed
But I'm sleepy
It's been too long, which one was mentally advanced series, yet one with sweetie bot or balthazar?
Not Balthazar, Thrackerzod.
Right. I'll watch rewatch some too get an idea.
is the original series that got wiped from youtube, current series can be found on Dawn Somewhere's channel of course.