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What opinions do you anons have towards law enforcement officers? I've seen cops called ZOGbots here, but I've also seen anons express sympathy towards them. I'm sort of cynical towards them. They've repeatedly failed to defend people from bodily or property damage by criminals, from not preventing Stalinistic terrorists from comitting thuggery in Berkeley, Charlottesville, Portland, etc, to failing to prevent black riots from getting out of hand, to failing to intervene against mass shooters, like in Broward. They mostly only "protect and serve" a small oligarchic group of individuals and their interests, which makes sense because that's who pays them (although, if I want to be precise, it is really the tax cattle paying them.) It also seems pathetic how many boomercons LARP about being like the Founding Fathers and saying they'd fight the government if it tried to confiscate their firearms while worshipping the police and military. Of course, this isn't to endorse any sort of violent action against the police, many of whom have been misled and decieved like the normies who trust them.
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>WATCH: Cops Beat Innocent Man with Rifles, Break His Ribs As He’s ‘Handcuffed & Unconscious’
>Lufkin, TX — A couple’s verbal dispute over a parking space turned into a nightmare after a call was made to 911 to settle it. When police showed up, the man involved in the dispute, Mark Anthony Smith, 48, was savagely beaten by three deputies who all used their rifles to inflict serious injury. He was then falsely charged and thrown in a cage.
>The incident unfolded in April but video of it was only just released. The video reportedly saved Smith from spending decades in prison after it showed that cops were the aggressors and Smith was an innocent victim. Despite the charges being dropped against Smith, the apparently corrupt sheriff, Greg Sanches, is standing by his officers and justifying their near-deadly assault.
>Virginia: Anti-White Police “Investigating” Pro-White Graffiti On Negro Statue
>Negroes have been toppling, defacing, vandalizing dozens of white statues for weeks… no reaction from police.
>But some pro-white graffiti on a black statue and they’re immediately on the case!
>U.S. Supreme Court Reaffirms U.S. Police State
>On June 15th, the U.S. Supreme Court, with only the libertarian right-wing (basically anti-government) Clarence Thomas dissenting — reaffirmed that America’s law-enforcement officers have “qualified immunity” from prosecution when they do things such as to shoot an innocent person in his own yard whose unthreatening pet dog is seeking his protection from an officer who is trying to shoot it; or, as the libertarian lawyer Jay Schweikert put this matter: “the Supreme Court let stand an Eleventh Circuit decision granting immunity to a police officer who shot a ten-year-old child in the back of the knee, while repeatedly attempting to shoot a pet dog that wasn’t threatening anyone.”
>This isn’t a failure ONLY by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is instead an expression of the American system as it now exists, and which failure renders the U.S. Constitution itself almost meaningless, especially as regards the rights of the people and the obligations of federal officials at all levels in the government. There is no accountability; there is only blame. And, as in any authoritarian system, all blame goes downward, and all praise goes upward. That’s the reality. The U.S. Constitution is by now just a string of words. America’s Founders are dead, gone, and no longer really even an influence. That’s the reality. Pretending otherwise won’t fix anything. Drastic changes are needed. And the American public has proven itself not up to the challenge, still refuses to face the reality. This is system-failure. And the public refuses to face it.
>law-enforcement officers have “qualified immunity” from prosecution
>Currently, the phrase “American justice” is oxymoronic.
>Are Police Officers Responsible for Enforcing Immoral Laws?
>Colorado Passes Historic Bill Ending Qualified Immunity For Cops
>It is essentially a get out of jail free card for cops and it perpetuates the problem of police violence by giving bad cops a free pass.
>Steps like this in Colorado are essential to reining in the terror of bad cops. This is why everyone needs to call their representatives and tell them to support the bill proposed by Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash (L-Michigan), H.R. 7085 which will end Qualified Immunity on a national level.
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Jason Howerton - A man who got shot in CHAZ now wants to sue the police for not responding fast enough to the 'autonomous zone' where they have up barricades barring the police from entering.-1275889670715510784.mp4
Nigger who was shot in CHAZ wants to sue the police for NOT responding soon enough: https://archive.fo/R2c3m
The more I think it, the more I believe niggers learnt from Jews to play the victim and to leech Whites.
I wanna vomit.
>Interview With National Guardsman Whose Information FBI Agents Leaked to "Antifa" After Torturing and Threatening Him For His Political Beliefs
> The FBI's war on civil liberties and political dissent is kicking up a notch.
>National Justice interviewed Shandon Simpson, an Ohio-based member of the National Guard currently being discharged who was humiliated, threatened and tortured by federal agents. He was never charged for a crime.
>A parallel military investigation found that, while initially his identity was withheld (he wasn't charged with anything), the FBI later leaked it to Christopher Schiano of the "antifa" group Unicorn Riot.
>Simpson was then ordered to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in hopes he would stay silent about what he was subjected to. Simpson having his rights violated has compelled him to speak out anyway.
Thank you for posting this. Hunh, I'm pissed on multiple levels. From the injustice, to the sheer stupidity of the glow niggers. Hold on MULTIPLE glowniggers from every soup can!
I didn't think I would have all these feels tonught.
>How Israel Trains U.S. Police
>Thousands of U.S. law enforcement officials have traveled to Israel on police exchange trips over the past two decades. There, they’ve learned and brought home tactics like racial profiling, crowd control and surveillance that Israel employs against the millions of Palestinians it controls under its illegal military occupation. AJ+’s Dena Takruri explains how American protesters exercising their constitutional rights are being treated as an occupied population.
>Revolutionary New Bill Would Require Cops to Carry Their Own Personal Liability Insurance
>Since the George Floyd protests began in May, they have since morphed into a much broader movement which is now exposing a problem this country has suffered from for a long time. The system of law enforcement in this country has morphed into a militarized standing army, preying on the poor, and rife with corruption. Naturally, people are pissed and this anger is finally morphing into solutions.
>To lower the likelihood of future chaos, America’s system of law enforcement needs radical change. Instead of threatening to execute suspected looters with no due process — the discussion we should be having right now is how to fix this broken system. It is not difficult, it is based in logic and reason, and its effects would be significantly felt almost overnight.
>According to the NY Post, a bill introduced by state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx) would require police officers to obtain personal liability insurance to cover civil lawsuits filed against them for excessive force and other abuses as a way to deter misconduct.
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>Police, Just Another Cog in the Freemasonic Zog Machine
>Modern day police are nothing more than a security arm of the corporation. Thugs that are authorized to terrorize innocent people, authorized to rob hard working people, authorized to murder anyone who doesn't submit to their commands, psychopaths that will ruin your life if they choose to, authorized to lie to you, to treat you like less than human and the sick fuckers get off on it.
>Cops Beat Man for Taking Up 2 Seats on Empty Subway, Charge Him for Cop’s Swollen Knuckles
>Negro zogbot attacks White man.
>New York, NY — Body camera footage shows a New York City police officer brutally assaulting a homeless man for taking up more than one seat on a near-empty subway train. Instead of immediately arresting the officers involved in his attack, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has decided to charge the homeless victim with assault, a felony charge which carries a maximum prison sentence of 7 years. The cop had swollen knuckles.
>The 30-year-old homeless man identified himself as Joseph T. to reporters but was afraid to disclose his last name because he fears retaliation. He was charged with felony assault for allegedly kicking the officer’s hand while he was being assaulted and handcuffed. However, the video shows the beginning of the altercation where the officer needlessly escalated the situation by repeatedly punching Joseph in the face and it does not show any such kicks to the officer’s hand.
>Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s decision to pursue assault charges against Joseph has sparked outrage among activists and defense attorneys. Public defender Scott Hechinger said that prosecutors who pursue charges like this are “shameless enablers of police violence.”
>We agree.
>Joseph had broken no law. He had harmed no one, yet he was savagely attacked by police, who kidnapped and subsequently charged him.
>Cops Charged With Murder After Video Showed Them Taser Man 53 Times, Choke Him Until He Died
>Carter County, OK — Cowardice is defined as a trait in which excess fear forbids an individual from taking a risk or facing danger. It is the exact opposite of courage. On the night of July 4, 2019, Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman both provided a perfect example of cowardice when they moved to arrest Jared Lakey for the non-crime of running down the street while yelling. Because they are police officers, they refused to let him go on his way but because they are cowards, they killed him with their tasers.
>Dingman and Taylor were too scared to attempt to handcuff the entirely incapacitated Lakey that night, so, for over ten minutes, these two cowards deployed their tasers out of fear. The cumulative amount of time Lakey was tasered was over four minutes.
>“Axon/Taser warns against simultaneous exposure and cumulative exposure exceeding 15 seconds,” according to attorney Steven Terrill. “Jared was Tased for approximately four minutes of cumulative exposure.”
>On August 14, 2013, Kathy and Robert Dyer got a phone call one night that is every parent’s nightmare — their son, Graham, was in the hospital. The 18-year-old boy had been severely injured during a struggle with police and was fighting for his life — a fight he would lose.
>It would take years for the Dyers to see the video footage from that fateful night. Once they did, they found out everything the cops told them was a lie and their son was repeatedly tasered — including in the genitals — in the back of a squad car, until he died.
>Skinhead Group Members Sentenced To Decades In Prison After FBI Entrapped Them and Then Destroyed Exonerating Evidence
>Members of a Pennsylvania based skinhead group called Aryan Strikeforce have now all been sentenced for a 2016 conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.
>Joshua Steever pled to 20 years, Henry Lambert Baird got 14 years, and four others received lesser but significant sentences.
>What is noteworthy about this case is the FBI's outrageous conduct during the investigation and the federal prosecution.
>According to a document filed on behalf of defendant Justin Daniel Lough, undercover FBI agents were responsible for the entire criminal conspiracy, from start to finish.
Drugs are bad, Mkay?
>NYPD Says Cops Justified in Beating of Innocent Man for Taking Up 2 Seats on Empty Train
>New York, NY — As TFTP reported last week, body camera footage showed a New York City police officer brutally assaulting a homeless man for taking up more than one seat on a near-empty subway train. Instead of immediately arresting the officers involved in his attack, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance decided to charge the homeless victim with assault, a felony charge which carries a maximum prison sentence of 7 years, obstruction and resisting. Fast forward to this week, and the NYPD announced that the cop who — without justification — began punching the man in the face, will not face punishment.
>Police Confiscate Man's Firearm After Anonymous "Antifa" Members Accuse Him Of Being a "Racist"
>On July 7th/8th, left-wing extremist twitter user @anonymouscommie doxed a Sacramento resident named Andrew Casarez. The anonymous account accused him of being a "neo-Nazi troll."
>On the very same day, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office opened up an investigation into him. During a background check, they found that Casarez was a registered gun owner. On July 13th, 2020, Sergeant Nate Grgich executed a search warrant for his home and car.
>Nothing illegal or of a criminal nature was found during the search, but Sgt. Grgich was able to get a judge's permission to seize Casarez's handgun, a pair of pants and a "racist" t-shirt using a new law enforcement tool called a "gun restraining order," which was signed by Judge Jaime R. Roman.
>The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office is bragging about being the first in the country to seize a firearm using primarily the owner's political ideology as the excuse.
mr 9mm
Why should anyone care about the nigger my french friend?
I'm not the French anon but I think the point is that for each nigger we are aware of, at least ten Whites were murdered in the same way.
A likelihood I am all too aware of, and one that really doesn't require a nigger to underscore, but it makes sense.
>Know Your Rights and Stay Legal
>If law enforcement violate your rights remind them they're committing a Federal felony under US Code Title 18 sections 241&242. Read here: Title 18, United States Code Section 241 & 242
>Furthermore, you can sue the officer and their department by filing a 42-1983civil action details here: Section 1983 and Civil Rights Lawsuits - FindLaw
>Report: “Woke” Corporations Supporting Black Lives Matter Quietly Funding Police
>Corporations like JPMorgan Chase, Chevron and Marathon claim to support the movement for black lives, but their donations to police help “tyrannize the very communities” they claim to stand with.
>Backed by corporate power
>But the Public Accountability Initiative’s new study found that these companies were responsible for bankrolling some of the country’s most notorious police departments. By giving money to police foundations, corporations essentially buy weapons, equipment, and surveillance technology for law enforcement, helping them to avoid public scrutiny of questionable purchases and adding to their already bloated budgets.
>“These companies, which rely on extraction and exploitation to secure their profits, have an incentive to form tight bonds with police forces, which function to uphold and protect their interests in the face of community opposition. In many states, these companies go so far as to back laws to criminalize protests of dirty energy projects such as pipelines, openly weaponizing the police and criminal justice system to protect the profits of the fossil fuel industry and the banks that fund them.”
>Newspapers: Fusion Centers Have Secretly Created A National Citizen Spying Program
>The Feds have done a great job of keeping the public from finding out what DHS Fusion/Intelligence Centers are really doing. In a country founded on freedom, we find federal and local law enforcement scrambling to keep the true function of Fusion Centers hidden from the public.
>By piecing together news articles from Maine and Texas papers, a disturbing picture begins to unfold of warrantless surveillance of Americans.
>To say that this is reminiscent of China, the USSR or East Germany is an understatement. As the Chronicle warned, “worrisome examples of suspicious activity have led to increased scrutiny” which means the Feds and local police could be secretly monitoring innocent Americans without out any public scrutiny.
>If you thought DHS’s “If You See Something, Say Something” was a failure, guess again. DHS has managed to justify creating 78 Fusion Centers whose sole purpose, it seems, is to spy on innocent Americans and track their daily movements.
This thread is establishment approved!
>Kindergartners attending class in a Pennsylvania school district this fall will learn that sympathizing with police officers and not watching the news are both forms of white supremacy.
>Implying the Jews don't pull the strings of both the cops and the anti-cop leftists
>>279888 →
>WATCH: Cops Beat Innocent, Cuffed Man with Rifles and Knees, Break His Ribs — Get Paid Vacation
>Lufkin, TX — A couple’s verbal dispute over a parking space turned into a nightmare after a call was made to 911 to settle it. >When police showed up, the man involved in the dispute, Mark Anthony Smith, 48, was savagely beaten by three deputies who all used their rifles to inflict serious injury. He was then falsely charged and thrown in a cage.
>Deputies Brandon Rainwater, Rodney Nash and Tyler Due arrested Smith on April 4. Video from that day is graphic and shows the horrid abuse faced by Smith despite committing no crime.
>The video reportedly saved Smith from spending decades in prison after it showed that cops were the aggressors and Smith was an innocent victim.
>Police Are Buying Your Data From Private Companies To Avoid Getting A Warrant
>It is now pretty much common knowledge that everything we do online and on our smartphones is being tracked and cataloged by various government agencies and international corporations; but there are a lot of people who take comfort in the fact that their information is being stored with trusted entities, and that authorities would not be able to spy on them personally without a warrant.
>However, warrants for surveillance are not very difficult to obtain, and in some cases, law enforcement agencies have been caught purchasing social media information from data companies to avoid going through the courts.
>A company called Babel Street has millions of dollars worth of contracts with US law enforcement agencies for their surveillance product called “Locate X” which allows police to draw a digital fence around an address or area, pinpoint mobile devices that were within that area, and see where else those devices have traveled, going back months, according to Protocol.
>Activists Reportedly Bust Cops Placing a Camera to Illegally Spy on Political Opponent
>Memphis, TN — Because cops using taxpayer dollars to spy on their political opponents with cameras and other intelligence gathering devices is a ominous practice, the city of Memphis enacted a consent decree in 1978 barring cops from doing just that. But cops being cops often act as though they are above the law and the following case out of Memphis may prove that notion.
>Antonio Cathey is a union organizer who works full time for Fight for 15, the labor movement calling for $15-per-hour wages for fast food workers. Cathey is also a police accountability activist who has had his share of questionable encounters with the Memphis police department for attempting to hold them accountable.
>Cops Strip Search 6 Kids, Including a Toddler, After Mom Took Too Long to Buy Muffins
>Elizabethtown, KY — In the land of the free, taking ten minutes in a store to buy muffins is akin to robbing a bank or selling heroin. At least that’s the way it played out when Holly Curry ran inside the Cobbler’s Cafe to buy her six children some muffins for breakfast and came out ten minutes later to find two cops waiting for her. This visit from police would end with all six of those kids being stripped naked by police and a family’s rights being severely violated. The good news is that in an extremely rare more, the cops who strip-searched children and threatened their mother were just denied qualified immunity.
Road bandits.
>State Law Lets Cops Steal Cars of Innocent People and They’ve Done it 14,000 Times in 3 Years
>Police departments used to be forced to sell broken down and abandoned vehicles at auction to supplement their budgets. Not any more. The sale of personal vehicles has gotten so lucrative in one U.S. state, police departments are raking in millions of dollars yearly in what many are decrying as an illegal, or at the very least, unethical government-sponsored theft scheme.
>According to St. Paul’s KSTP, which conducted an in-depth investigation, Minnesota cops have confiscated, sold, and profited 10 million dollars worth of cars in just the last three years alone, with many motorists saying the confiscation and sale was illegal. Cops in Minnesota have taken nearly 14,000 vehicles from the citizens.
It's not just cars. Cops will steal property too and not just from cartel members. Look up "civil asset forfeiture".
I should mention that the owners of the property don't even need to be charged with a crime for the police to steal their shit.
281729 282334
Beat me to it.
But if OP wants a serious answer, then the institution of the police is a necessity, and people who want to live in a civilized society should have nothing against the concept of law enforcement itself. If you want order, someone has to keep order. Anything more specific changes by country, or even smaller region. I certainly want to be able to ask for help from some legal organization when some gypsyniggercunt decides he wants to steal my shit, hurt me, or worse.
Of course, this doesn't mean that one should rely on the police of one's country for order and safety. The neighborhood [watch / homeowner's association / defensive militia / your local equivalent] is just as important to support, defend and build. They should give the locals protection against the corrupt members of each other, in theory at least, and supplement each other's efforts when it comes to keeping the peace.
Also worth to note: if you or your loved ones do not have first hand experience with police corruption where the police have hurt you or yours in major ways, and you are not a criminal yourself, then you literally have no reason to hate the police on any occasion, except when you criticize them for not doing their job.
You sound like we are living in wonderland.
Police are hostiles out of control, they serve the establishment, not the people. In theory a citizen replacement is due, however I don't believe they are going to go away peacefully because of their fixation in power, constant money and the final pension.
281735 281739 281740
And you sound like a marxist agitator.
Brazil IS a Socialist country, isn't it? That's corrupt to the core, with most of your options for "safety" boiling down to siding with the government or siding with the drug/war lords?
281743 281771
That explains why you don't understand how bad things are in The Commonwealth, France, Germany, the US, and the British Isles.

>That's corrupt to the core, with most of your options for "safety" boiling down to siding with the government or siding with the drug/war lords?
>siding with the government
>siding with the drug/war lords
One and the same. The same goes with the US and it's allies.
281743 281744 281771
I'm not piling on you, but you're mistaken.
It's true the commies want the police to go away, but it's also true that police is the tool used by the elite to keep the sheeple in check. That's unacceptable.
Think it in this way, without police White Genocide never could be possible, prisons would not exist because the the most direct justice is, or to go free, or to pay restitution or reparations, or be hanged. Corrupt public servants would be executed and their assets seized. Undesirables and subversives, banished.
Having the police and System's judges around is a guarantee that no community problem will be ever solved and "legal" patches and trickery will be the used every time.
Do not let the indoctrination overwhelm you, (((they))) call you "the mob", but themselves the voice of reason and the rule of law (their law).
281744 281759 281829
>The same goes with the US
No, it's not. Despite how much the media bitches about "Muh police shootings", the annual rate for "death by cop" remains well below 1000 people (Out of a population of over 300,000,000). And, less than 100 of those deaths are were the person killed was completely unarmed. And, all of this regardless of the context of why they even shot the person in the first place. Meanwhile, your country has two-thirds of our population, but the "Death by cop" rates is over six times higher. And, the only excuse I can find why is you're government effective being involved in civil war with itself: https://archive.vn/m8wcm

>It's true the commies want the police to go away
No, they don't. They want to use the police as their own personal army to attack the people that they want to have attacked, to protect them for whomever-the-fuck posses a threat to them, and dismiss crimes whenever the person is doing it for a so-called "justified reason". Just look at all the current ongoing reports of the riots, with the progressives and biazuo shouting "Fuck the police" meanwhile also screeching "Where's da police at" in the same breath when someone attacks them.
>without police White Genocide never could be possible
Excuse me, but didn't the early explorers, colonizers, and pioneers of the Americas experience complete extermination of towns and settlements by the indigenous peoples until the army and police came in and put a stop to all that? And, keep in mind, these settlers were well armed.
>prisons would not exist because the the most direct justice is, or to go free, or to pay restitution or reparations, or be hanged
But, that's how the law currently works. If you're convicted of a crime, you serve your time. If the crime you committed is heinous enough, then you are given the death penalty. The only thing I have to disagree with in regards to how the U.S. criminal justice system works is that they don't force labor upon the convicts (With the exception of "community service" in some cases, but even that's going away).
>Having the police and System's judges around is a guarantee that no community problem will be ever solved and "legal" patches and trickery will be the used every time.
<Pic related
>(((they))) call you "the mob", but themselves the voice of reason and the rule of law (their law)
Question: if these people are beheld to "no law but their own", why do they spend so much money hiring lawyers to find any trick in the book that allows them to get off, or come to some settlement/agreement when it becomes clear that there is no way they can be found "Not guilty"?
Forgot the damn pic.
>They want to use the police as their own personal army to attack the people that they want to have attacked
Exactly. If you don't see it yet, this is the main reason why governments' gangs need to be disarmed.
Remember, Jesus was tortured and killed by law enforcement.
281772 281829 282334
>but it's also true that police is the tool used by the elite to keep the sheeple in check
It's like you are trying to point out your own fallacy. The police is a tool. A tool is meant to be wielded and used. What it is used for depends on who wields it. If your government is not on your side, the police won't be either. Not in any official manner, at least. If a violent asshole uses a stolen hammer to punch you in the face, your reaction shouldn't be speaking out against the very concept of hammers, but against the asshole in question. The hammer is still just a hammer. If you manage to ban hammers on the basis of them having the potential of being stolen and used to punch you in the face, good luck building anything more complex than mud huts in the future.
No, the right course of action is getting your hammer back.
Yeah man, I live in this nationalist utopia where gypsy gangs roam the streets to rob and maim people just for the fun of it, and if I speak out against them I severely restrict my chances of being employed anywhere else than little far right strongholds in select industries. The muslim immigration was successfully slowed, yet we have our own no-go zones dotted around the country already, they just don't praise Mohammed. No, BLM is not burning our cities, thank fuck, but before they started burning yours, we were legitimately around the same level of fucked up. We live in a globalized environment, and MSM telling you how this place is all that different is just sensationalist nonsense. The "left" has all the same talking points and is pushing the same agendas. Their end goals are the same. The civnats / neocons have the same shortcomings and failings. You pretending this country is in that much better of a political situation is akin to me saying "The US elected Trump, so they live in this based and redpilled white nationalist dream now with no problems whatsoever and therefore can't possibly comprehend how bad it is in other places."
Now, that wouldn't be truthful, would it? Kindly stop your version of this dishonest mischaracterization of the status quo, as I never used mine in a serious manner, and don't intend to. Much appreciated.
>a tool
>The hammer is still just a hammer. If you manage to ban hammers on the basis of them having the potential of being stolen and used to punch you in the face
>the right course of action is getting your hammer back.
You mean to vote and keep playing a rigged game.
If you didn't notice it, the likely scenario will be that this election will be the last one, no matter the result there will be fireworks. That in itself is not much worrisome because soon will extinguish itself after some bloody skirmishes, the lines would be drawn and people will try to resume their lives. The huge issue is when governments want to introduce themselves in the dispute, which looks like was the plan all along.
Create unrest to have an excuse to roll out gunmen in blue, black, and khaki.
You know in the pipeline there are millions ready to become homeless and hungry and men with guns will be just there waiting with food and a vaccine.
Problem - Reaction - Solution
>You mean to vote and keep playing a rigged game.
You can stop putting words into my mouth any time now. A democratic attempt to take back your country may or may not work, and my posts so far have touched exactly zero times on how to get your hammer back. It's up to you and the demographics of the place you happen to live in. If your country is filled with niggers and a good chunk of the remaining white people are brainwashed beyond hope, obviously the democratic path will not work. I consider this a failing of the democratic republic. The system itself can be a threat to the existence of the nation state hosting it.
>Problem - Reaction - Solution
And I suppose it is a coincidence that this narrative and the anti-police sentiment pops up everywhere online at around the same time that the communists and niggers of the US start whining about getting v&. There are no coincidences. Not anymore.
>And I suppose it is a coincidence that this narrative and the anti-police sentiment pops up everywhere online
Not a coincidence, but a deliberated piling up on the fuckers.
If you support your police, ti's your choice. Be aware they are like a poisonous scorpion and their will sting you at their first chance. And if you are so brainwashed about authority and the rule of law to consider that threat acceptable and natural, then your beyond common sense and I have nothing else to add.
>And if you are so brainwashed about authority and the rule of law to consider that threat acceptable and natural, then your beyond common sense
>You can stop putting words into my mouth any time now.
The strawman fears the Mexican poster. Point out the exact words I used to support, justify or accept police corruption, or stop this nonsense. I also oppose immoral laws that the police may carry out due to them being law enforcement. It is however in their nature, as the hammer. On the other hand, this rhetoric you are posting is the exact same one people use to condemn the feds for arresting communists and niggers destroying property, rioting in the streets, declaring autonomous zones on US soil, etc. No, I will not condemn authorities for acting against Antifa and BLM rioters. Yes, that one is an example of the hammer being used for the good of the nation. See, despite your insistence on the contrary,the point I have been making is just a tad more nuanced than "police good", and it is obvious to anyone who actually takes to the time to read it.
If you want laws, then you need them enforced. Period. Notice how this says nothing about the quality of the laws in question, the government making said laws, the efficiency of the enforcement itself or the morality of each officer or chief. That one is a whole another discussion separate from the point I made, and varies on a case-by-case basis.
I'd say that's a whole lot different than
>police good
but it does a fair job of pointing out how
>police bad
makes just as little sense, if you want to live in a civilized society.
>If you don't see it yet, this is the main reason why governments' gangs need to be disarmed.
Except that these retards fail to understand that law enforcement officers are held to a list of rules and laws as well, not the whims of the public. Meaning the police cannot function as someone's personal army. And, if they break those regulations, the officer can be suspended, or even imprisoned. That's part of why these riots are so hilarious to watch.

In the U.S., at least, why don't you go after the people attempting to change the laws, rather than the people enforcing the country's laws?
>Remember, Jesus was tortured and killed by law enforcement.
You mean the law enforcement officers who sent Christ to several different cities to be tried, could not find him breaking any laws (Even the most obscure ones), were going to let him go for finding him breaking no laws, even just roughed him up a bit and then were going to let him go just to appease the pharisees, even gave people the option between releasing the innocent Christ or one of the surviving revolutionaries who were still imprisoned after a failed coup, and the pharisees responded by swaying the public towards calling for Christ's execution? Which the Romans begrudgingly complied with, and washed their hands of the incident, because it was the "will of the people" who passed judgement upon Christ's fate. Not the rules and laws of the government as they did everything they could to get him off.

Yes, that sounds more like a mob rule rather than an out-of-control police force. If you wanted to use an example of the corruption in Roman law, you could not have found a worse example. And, there certainly is better examples that you could have pulled from as Rome did away with much of the "checks and balances" when Caesar came to power. The trial of Christ showed that the system worked, but the people didn't want that. And, that's similar to what's happening now. The baizuo, the rioters, and the progressives want to use the police as their own personal army, but the police cannot act like that. The police can only enforce the laws that are listed on the books, and the only way they can enforce them is through the regulations the government has passed into law. And, unlike with Roman law, the police cannot escape being judged for an incident no matter how much they try to "wash their hands" of it.
I think your experience with cops depends on the local leadership, how you interact with them, and if you are hitting the cop's personal peeve. I have always been very polite to cops, they have let me out of traffic stuff often. Only time a cop dragged my ass over the coals is when I was a college student in a college town, and the cop really fucking hated the students. The uni's bad reputation wasn't entirely undeserved.
281836 281842
>held to a list of rules and laws as well
Who judges them?
You can spend less than 10 minutes and find tons of enforcers and judges caught blatantly committing crimes without repercussion.
18 U.S.C. § 241
>Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in the United States in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured by the Constitution or laws of the Unites States or because of his or her having exercised such a right.
18 U.S.C. § 242
>This provision makes it a crime for someone acting under color of law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. It is not necessary that the offense be motivated by racial bias or by any other animus.
Just these two sections of federal law make every law enforcement officer in the US a criminal.
That's not even addressing using RICO law against the massive misuse of civil asset forfeiture, which was originally intended to be used when a court couldn't be easily accessed.

>No, it's not.
>Muh shootings
Are a drop in the ocean compared to everything else the government does against it's citizens through various law enforcement agencies and legal structures.

>You pretending this country is in that much better of a political situation is akin to me saying
Your government actually built a border with a clear no-mans-land. That's not far off from a moon mission in the US at this point.
>if you want to live in a civilized society.
The US is an open air prison because of the police and the people who have grown to rely on a third party to protect themselves.
A society cannot be called civilized if it requires roving gangs to randomly enforce a will upon the people.
281842 281888
>the people who have grown to rely on a third party to protect themselves
Like every other country I can think of. You bring up having proper borders, a thing I am grateful for and endorse. But you do this to undermine the point about how any nationalist success associated with Hungary is largely overplayed by MSM in an effort to demonize right wing politics. Dude, this is still very much Europe: I still do not have the right to own a gun.
If you see US citizens as overly reliant on a third party for protection, then try to imagine how the people of a country where the very tools you could use to defend yourself are illegal would fare in that same department.
>randomly enforce a will upon the people
Yeah, except when "the people" are niggers setting fire to cars and the "enforced will" is that they stop and be punished for their destructive behavior. You keep dancing around this, but the fact of the matter is: there is a will that is right to enforce, and most criminals are not honest and upstanding members of society just minding their own business.
281846 281888
>Who judges them?
Depending on the case and how it's handled, it can be a judge or a jury.
>You can spend less than 10 minutes and find tons of enforcers and judges caught blatantly committing crimes without repercussion.
Then why didn't you post any recent examples? And, something that from prior to February.
>Just these two sections of federal law make every law enforcement officer in the US a criminal.
And, if you bothered to read a little bit further to 18 U.S. Code § 245: https://archive.vn/DfjJr
<(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed so as to deter any law enforcement officer from lawfully carrying out the duties of his office; and no law enforcement officer shall be considered to be in violation of this section for lawfully carrying out the duties of his office or lawfully enforcing ordinances and laws of the United States, the District of Columbia, any of the several States, or any political subdivision of a State. For purposes of the preceding sentence, the term “law enforcement officer” means any officer of the United States, the District of Columbia, a State, or political subdivision of a State, who is empowered by law to conduct investigations of, or make arrests because of, offenses against the United States, the District of Columbia, a State, or a political subdivision of a State.
>Are a drop in the ocean compared to everything else the government does against it's citizens through various law enforcement agencies and legal structures.
Are you seriously trying to readjust you complaint that because the cops don't shot enough people to justify your crusade against them, that means that you still have to tear them down because of OTHER parts of the government, who have nothing to do with law enforcement, and also have their own list of laws and regulations that they have to abide by, have corrupt individuals who try to the game the system? With half a dozen committees who do their own independent investigations into the matter and slam said corrupt individuals when they step outside their power (That is, if the citizens don't get them first).
>The US is an open air prison
Then why don't you LEAVE if living in this country is so terrible.
Unlike living in an actual prison, no one's going to stopping you.
>A society cannot be called civilized if it requires roving gangs to randomly enforce a will upon the people.
But, that's exactly what you're advocating for. Roving groups of " the people" who enforce justice as they see fit, with no laws and regulations, no oversight, and no jurisdiction.
What you desire and advocate for is anarchy.

>Dude, this is still very much Europe: I still do not have the right to own a gun.
>If you see US citizens as overly reliant on a third party for protection, then try to imagine how the people of a country where the very tools you could use to defend yourself are illegal would fare in that same department.
Isn't there also the little caveat that the U.S. IS the only country where the citizens have an unrestricted right to own a weapon? Which means that shootings in other "established" countries tend to be a rarer occurrence because only hardened criminals or wealthy individuals (Or those that manage to jump through all those legal hoops in order to obtain a gun license) have access to those weapons, meanwhile everyone else has to make-do with make-shift and melee weapons for protection. And, that this fact also carries over to law enforcement tactics are conducted. To where European police would be strung up on the spot for shooting someone unless it was absolutely warranted (Which, even then, is extremely questionable) because practically no law-abiding citizens would own a gun, which is the "only" reason why you'd shoot someone. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., practically anyone can buy a gun at the age of 18, which means that officers have to operate under the assumption that everyone in the public may own a gun, so they are taught to be even more aggressive because their life is on the line every time they clock in. And, that's also leaving out the fact that an American officer even just pulling their gun out, not even firing it, for any reason can be enough to suspend or fire the guy.
>only hardened criminals or wealthy individuals ... have access to those weapons
So, what is you point, exactly? Only criminals and politicians having guns is not a good thing. And this doesn't just stop at guns, it's any weapon they deem worthy of banning, whether it shoots things or not.
>be citizen who respects all weapon laws and therefore doesn't own anything remotely useful
>get attacked by one of the roaming gypsy gangs who don't give a shit about laws
>you're fucked
Anyway, I only brought it up as an example to support how some burgerland posters pointing to Hungary as the desired nationalist paradise is absurd, I think it is a bit off topic by itself.
It is especially annoying when someone tries to use it to shoot down anything you have to say about any topic.
281889 281903
>Europe: I still do not have the right to own a gun.
Welcome to NY, NJ, CA, and most other metropolis states, and most other large cities in the US.

>judge or a jury.
Part of the same system.
Picked for maximum loyalty.
>Then why didn't you post any recent examples?
What thread did you post in.
Why do I have to prove what you choose to ignore?

One of many sheriff's oath of office
>I will support the Constitution of the United States and of this State.
Every state forces sheriffs to say something similar.
Nearly every state has explicit right to bear arms sections of their constitution, and every state is required to honor the second amendment.
Sheriffs and their deputies enforce red flag laws and restricting the right to keep and bear arms.
They are clearly breaking both codes I've listed.

How many people have had assets siezed in the US for purely political reasons?

>OTHER parts of the government,
IRS is law enforcement. Tax code is law, they enforce it.
DEA is law enforcement. Drug prohibition is law, they enforce it.
BATF is law enforcement. Judges ruled that unconstitutional law is now law, and they enforce it.
The entire justice department and their subsidiaries are law enforcement. And the entire justice department is corrupt.

>What you desire and advocate for is anarchy.
What I desire and advocate for is exactly what my ancestors fought to create.
What I desire and advocate for is explicitly stated in the period morale songs.

>the U.S. IS the only country where the citizens have an unrestricted right to own a weapon?
Have fun with a dead dog, wife, and child because someone wanted to make an example of you for sawing a shotgun.
281901 281903
>Have fun with a dead dog, wife, and child because someone wanted to make an example of you for sawing a shotgun.
I'm so confused. Are you anti-police now, or anti-2nd amendment? And who is going to enforce the gun bans if there are no police around?
>(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for records that the Secret Service claims to have destroyed related to a reported physical altercation between a Secret Service Agent and Joe Biden at a photo op in 2009 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:20-cv-02457)).

>The lawsuit was filed after the Secret Service failed to respond to a July 14, 2020 administrative appeal challenging its claim that all files related to the 2009 altercation, “ha[d] been destroyed,” due to “retention standards.”

>On March 29, 2020, the Gateway Pundit republished a 2017 report alleging that an unidentified Secret Service agent was suspended for a week in 2009 for “shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him.” “The situation got so heated … that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President,” according to the report.

>The United States Secret Service (also USSS or Secret Service) is a federal law enforcement agency
281903 281965
How's the Interpol benefits?
City, LAPD Officials Mark 20th Anniversary Of North Hollywood Bank Shootout.mp4
>Why do I have to prove
Because you're the one making the argument that the police "have to go", therefore you need to post examples of why they should go rather than post all the hypothetical (IOW, fictional) actions that the police can commit.
>Sheriffs and their deputies enforce red flag laws and restricting the right to keep and bear arms.
No, they don't: https://archive.vn/ZjI1W
>IRS is law enforcement. Tax code is law, they enforce it.
The IRS is a subsidiary of the Treasury Department.
>The entire justice department and their subsidiaries are law enforcement. And the entire justice department is corrupt.
Except your previous argument went ranting on that because law enforcement doesn't kill enough civilians (literally copying and pasting my previous post), that means that you still have to tear them down because of OTHER parts of the government, who have nothing to do with law enforcement, and also have their own list of laws and regulations that they have to abide by, have corrupt individuals who try to the game the system? With half a dozen committees who do their own independent investigations into the matter and slam said corrupt individuals when they step outside their power (That is, if the citizens don't get them first).
>What I desire and advocate for is exactly what my ancestors fought to create.
Which is? Why do all these arguments boil down to someone advocating for some vague ideal with no concrete foundations, and then get mad when people point out how terrible the resulting outcome of those intended actions are?

>Are you anti-police now, or anti-2nd amendment? And who is going to enforce the gun bans if there are no police around?
I honestly think he doesn't know, and just wants to abolish the police because they're "the man who's keeping him down".

An incident that happened 28 years ago, where all the people involved were punished due to creating an event that NEVER should have happened in the first place?
<Since, we talking about incidents from yesteryear, how about discussing the North Hollywood shootout: https://infogalactic.com/info/North_Hollywood_shootout
281950 282037
>Cop Murders Innocent Unarmed Dad in Front of Kids While Rescuing a Dog—Court Denies Cop Immunity
>Lawrence was unarmed and was not hitting or otherwise attempting to harm the officers. He was simply defending himself by pulling away. At one point, as shown in the video, as the officer was using the taser like a cattle prod on the innocent father, Lawrence grabbed his hand and tried to pull it away.
>This pulling away of the taser was used to justify Sgt. Woodruff in the murder of Lawrence as they claimed he was an armed threat. Woodruff never received so much as a slap on the wrist for killing Lawrence that day and has fought for immunity since.
>Now, however, a judge disagreed that Woodruff is entitled to immunity and has ruled that a lawsuit can move forward.
>For not having a driver’s license to rescue a dog, Robert Earl Lawrence would be killed by police. His children would watch with their own eyes as their father died in front of them at the hands of those they thought were there to protect them.
>sovereign citizen
Stupid, just looking for problems.
>How's the Interpol benefits?
At this point I honestly can't tell whether you are trying to point out that employees of the Interpol are often corrupt, or implying that I might be a glownigger.
I sure as fuck hope it isn't the latter, as I am the one in this thread consistently demonstrating that I criticize the civnats and neocons from further right, and you are the one arguing for the side with the talking points that always end up suggesting that "we" should care about the "mistreatment" of those poor Antifa faggots by the big, bad police. I'm the one on all kinds of watch lists thanks merely to political opinions while having done nothing illegal, and you are the one the neolibs and marxists would deem politically correct, brave and beautiful. Here, have a redacted fuck you.
>Police Union Caught Issuing ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Cards to Family, Friends That Get Them Out of Tickets
>Known as blue privilege, there is an unwritten law among police officers: when they catch their fellow cop, or even their fellow cop’s family member or friend breaking the law, they are let go without consequence. Situations that have led to the murder of minorities and poor people end far differently when its police and their families caught committing the same crimes. A recent report out of Vice shows that this corruption runs so deep that police unions actually issue courtesy cards to friends and family of cops that allow them to get out of minor infractions.
>The cards are issued by the Police Benevolent Association, or other police unions and they are known as “courtesy cards.” They have the issuing officer’s name and signature on the back, along with a phone number for the ticketing or arresting officer to call to verify the relationship.
Basically. Fuck the officer for killing him, but Jesus Christ fuck "sovereign citizens" just the same.
>but Jesus Christ fuck "sovereign citizens" just the same.
>sovereign citizens
You really need to fight only the battles you can win. No one can win that battle. If you can't win the battle, keep your powder dry for the battle you can win.
I recognize you gotta point.
>Mother Calls 911 for 13yo Autistic Boy’s Tantrum, Cops Show Up and Fill Him With Holes
>‘I Can’t Breathe. I’m Gonna Die, Help’: Cops Beat, Hold Handcuffed Man’s Face in the Dirt Until He Dies
>Delaware County, NJ — On April 3, Stephen Dolceamore, 29, of Delaware County, was in need of medical attention. He was reportedly in the midst of a mental health crisis when police officers responded to a call about him. Instead of “help” however, Dolceamore received a savage beating and would die as a result. Dolceamore would spend his last moments alive, face down in a dirt strip in a hotel parking lot, begging for help as cops squeezed the life from his body.
282283 282316 282317
>hypothetical (IOW, fictional)
Reported cases.

>No, they don't
Yes, they do.
And you don't seem to be able to answer the simple question:
>How many people have had assets siezed in the US for purely political reasons?

>The IRS is a subsidiary of the Treasury Department.
Who enforces tax law. An enforcer of law is de-facto law enforcement, no matter the branch.
MPs are law enforcement. And what branch do they fall under? Executive.

>where all the people involved were punished
>Lon Horiuchi
>was charged with manslaughter for the death of Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, but the charges were later dropped.
>dropped charges

>I honestly think he doesn't know, and just wants to abolish the police because they're "the man who's keeping him down".
>can't see the forest or the trees
Has Israel influenced political, military, or financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments?
You and your Hungarian friend are absolutely radioactive.
282282 282283
I really wouldn't have a problem with cops having some tranquilizers. Some of these nut jobs do need to be taken down until the medics can arrive. I'd opt for a syringe full of sedative over a beat down any day.
Look, it is undeniable that cops are psychos who enjoy to harm and kill. They would never give the same brutal treatment to another cop's family member, the rest of us is fair game for them and it won't stop till they are disarmed, disbanded, and punished for their crimes.
Those retards claiming that a society can't function without these cops are fooling themselves, the militia can take over in blink together with citizen appointed judges, but of course the establishment will oppose this by any means necessary. The taste of power is hard to let go.
282284 282426
Amped Up Guy Shot With 3 Tasers And Still Wont Go Down.mp4
I'm currently in the process of writing a response to this post: >>282252
But, I can answer your question in less than a minute.
>I really wouldn't have a problem with cops having some tranquilizers.
>I'd opt for a syringe full of sedative over a beat down any day.
Because you can only incapacitate someone within several seconds (Where anything can happen in that time ) if the drugs are directly administered into one of their major veins (And, remember, you're SHOOTING someone regardless; there's a reason why cops are trained to aim for the chest rather than one of the smaller body parts, now imagine the skill required to aim for one of THE FUCKING VEINS that you need to directly administer the drug into). If you miss that vein, then the drugs won't kick in until half an hour later (At best). Even then, you need to get the dosage right and have the appropriate tranquilizer formula that can be used due to the person's medical history, sex, age, weight, and height all playing a factor in the process. Administer too little, and the person is going to brush it off despite miraculously managing to hit him in one of the major pressure points. Administer too much (Or the person is allergic, or the person is already suffering from exposure to other drugs, or the person has a weak immune system), and you may KILL him. At that point, why not just use a gun?

Then, that's on top of the fact that cops already have the equivalent of tranquilizer darts without the chemistry: it's called a tazer. And, even THOSE are shown to be ineffective (At best) or can kill a person (At worst).
282317 282426
Let me resume your post in a nutshell, no matter how insignificant the issue is, cops are allowed to escalate til murder by the politicians and the judiciary, it is to comply or get murdered. That is unacceptable and basis for fair and natural retaliation.
Thousands of people are being murdered for this out of control gang for not compliance or, because the government thug feels so.
And if these killers can't do their job because restrictions on their use of violence, the door is right there and better they quit for everybody' sake.
282317 282355 282434
File (hide): 58B6786E373D9BD0F554512C1EE5705F-48958232.m4v (46.7 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:04:33, How Wolves Change Rivers.mp4) [play once] [loop]
How Wolves Change Rivers.mp4
Thank you for providing some actual sources so that we can have a discussion.
I asked for recent examples, 2011 was nine years ago. That's not to say that civil asset forfeiture (An act that is anything, BUT "civil") IS NOT something that people should quit worrying about: https://archive.vn/pWBSj
However, in the years since the video was uploaded, the people committing it are being imprisoned: https://archive.vn/jVPWj
States are putting in laws that prevent the act: https://archive.vn/wv1Qm
Similar measures are going through congress: https://archive.vn/CcqoB
And, you have both the state courts: https://archive.vn/uqHOY
And, the federal courts declaring the entire practice unlawful: https://archive.vn/8lQt9
That being said, there's also the fact that people should be going after those who are creating these problems and/or abusing their power in the first place: https://archive.vn/yT4V6
More laws, or a complete destruction of the law, will not solve anything is it is ignoring the root of the problem: that it's a position manned by people; and people are (By default) selfish, corruptible, and emotional. As soon as you find a way to best minimize the effects of those qualities, then things will start to improve.
Why can I NOT find any mention of this incident (Or it's after-effects) that happened back in 2015: https://archive.vn/JC4zx
There's mentions of a lawsuit that was happening, but the ONLY source I can find even talking about the incident (Both before and after July 2017) is just this one article posted in August that is a repost of another article from July 2017: https://archive.vn/5wXN6
The only other relevant info this is the "Clyde-Hirsch-Sowers-RESPECT Act", that passed the House, but is still waiting in the Senate: https://archive.vn/CkruG
And, that's on top of the fact that it appears the actual story is missing too much info on what exactly took place, much more who exactly was in the wrong: https://archive.vn/q1pDM
And, less than two months later: https://archive.vn/Q4eVF
Also, one thing that's really perplexing me, why didn't they direct deposit the cash through a shared branch bank? It saves both the time and the hassle. That's not discounting that the DEA was in the wrong, but WHY?!
Again, not recent. Also, that wasn't the actions of the cops, that was the informant. And, the guy was sent to prison as a result of it: https://archive.vn/BDjE0
With the shop owner later filing a lawsuit about the entire incident (And, once again, that's the latest update I can find): https://archive.vn/6v9mf
To be quite honest, informants are more trouble than their worth: https://archive.vn/5g2Qp
And, despite the fact that even the cops know they're unreliable: https://archive.vn/2Rehz
They're still used in over 90% of cases (As of seven years ago) for some reason: https://archive.vn/pmzEQ
In fact, what's really sad is that they are completely aware that it's a problem, but won't ever address it because no one is going to hold their feet to the fire over it (Not the public, nor their supervisors): https://archive.vn/59TlH
I doubt Henry Howe's lawsuit will make much change, but it's a start: https://archive.vn/CinXn
<The officer has been suspended and two of his colleagues are on administrative duty, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said, as the agency's internal affairs unit looks at the case.
So, I bring up a few sources showing how several sheriffs across several cities refuse to enforce red-flag laws, and three isolated incidents discredit all of that?
>>How many people have had assets siezed in the US for purely political reasons?
Define "political".
I'm not joking because you have people who keep bitching about this subject, such as how (A few months ago) Pantifa supports were screeching about how they were declared a domestic terrorist organization: https://archive.vn/Oopgp
And responded by saying that the government cannot do that: https://archive.vn/7eguq
Or stating that, to make things "fair", they also need to investigate white supremacists, Far-Right extremists, and Right-Wing militias: https://archive.vn/9AfUh
>Who enforces tax law. An enforcer of law is de-facto law enforcement, no matter the branch.
That isn't how that works. It's like declaring that the Supreme Court is "law enforcement" because they enforce the laws of the constitution upon the rest of the federal government.
>MPs are law enforcement. And what branch do they fall under? Executive.
The Treasury Department is part of the Executive Branch, smartass, however that does not mean they're law enforcement. Actual law enforcement falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, another division under the Executive Branch of the government. The MPs serve as nothing more than security for the U.S. Army (And, only the U.S. Army), which is part of the Department of Defense, again, another division under the Executive Branch of the government.
File (hide): 9EBF6BD33294A08FC056857C4642ABC7-800751.webm (782.0 KB, Resolution:640x352 Length:00:00:10, 1445986776675.webm) [play once] [loop]
The Exectutive Branch has 15 different departments (All with their own division, subdivision, etc.). Each one has their own jurisdiction and responsbilities that they are confined to and cannot violate. Partnerships may happen, however even those are held to guidelines on what they each can and cannot do. Trying to declare that "All of it is the same" shows that you don't know the most basic shit about how the government actually works.
Why are you linking a Twatter post detailing that a couple of bank robbers used their hostages as shields during a shootout?
>Has Israel influenced political, military, or financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments?
What? Can you rewrite that into an English sentence that I can actually understand?
>You and your Hungarian friend are absolutely radioactive.
Why, because we're not anarchists who want to destroy every form government?

>Why don't the cops use "less than lethal methods" to subdue potential criminals?
<Because those "less than lethal methods" are either completely ineffective or just as deadly.
It all boils down to human interactions and basic personality profiles.
More importantly the foundational rules of the universe. It's just physics at play. Any and all human social systems and contacts have to be enforced by someone. If it's your own moral guide, the angery mob, the neighborly sheriff, or the tired cop, a power hunger police, or a firearm backing it up.
Any person can do whatever they are capable of doing. It doesn't mean they should, or that others won't act upon that action.
That includes law enforcement too. They are people as well. The lawyer, the judge, the senator, the representative, the CEO, the CFO, the branch manager, the janitor, the activist, (((those fuckers))), the everyday person, or even a child they have that potential and are not limited. That has to always be considered.

So should the police be that brutal? Sometimes that's the only heat of the moment choice visible. Hindsight is 20 20, but some instances it's multiple failures of simple communication.
Just like all things, shit happens. Right now ever single instance of every single malpractice can be recorded. So even if total crimes and malpractice is down, the personalized footage is up.
That means there is still room for improvement.

So how the fuck does society stop brutality? No criminals means no need to enforce it. Long impossible shot.
So what are the tools at our disposal.
The goal is threat nullification, and physical submission (for transport).
There is guns to cease their fuckery. It's a permanent solution.
Any kind of pain inflictors targets the mind to make it give up. Except people can resist that.
Electro impulses have be just right to work properly.
Drugs change people's minds so the above might not work anyway.
Tranquilizers are even more fiddly, and can fuck up.
Martial Arts takes fucking years to not be a faggot.
Choke holds would work if its fucking done right, but nooo too much time and training to do that. Not to mention they have to be right next to the person to do it. Then they have to do it 'safely'. If they stop hollering make sure they don't suffocate

Now there is the biggest problems. Good, Right, and Proper Law enforcement is hard. People on average are extremely lazy. They won't, and at times can't, do everything perfectly. Not only that half the population are stupid. Then there is the fact the tools available aren't good enough.
>The police is a tool. A tool is meant to be wielded and used. What it is used for depends on who wields it. If your government is not on your side, the police won't be either. Not in any official manner, at least. If a violent asshole uses a stolen hammer to punch you in the face, your reaction shouldn't be speaking out against the very concept of hammers, but against the asshole in question. The hammer is still just a hammer. If you manage to ban hammers on the basis of them having the potential of being stolen and used to punch you in the face, good luck building anything more complex than mud huts in the future.
No, the right course of action is getting your hammer back.

Everything said here is what I agree with.
Multiple divisions to keep the peace, and to ensure people have their liberties and the associated responsibilities.

During these times one has to keep a keen head.
>Has Israel influenced political, military, or financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments?
What? Can you rewrite that into an English sentence that I can actually understand?

External forces do effect other countries and the US is no exception despite attempts otherwise. Dual citizen ship in the highest levels of government are a majority.
Loyalty, and severing the interests of the US and its people are not their main factor.
>You and your Hungarian friend are absolutely radioactive.

Laws don't stop bad people from doing bad things, and neither do guidelines. A silly sign saying it's a gun free zone doesn't strip a criminal from one. People have to do it.
If they aren't caught, no one knows. If they have the news, internet, and media on their side nobody can know. If they hold the monopoly of force no one can ensure they actually follow the rules an escalation of force that distabilizes more of society than its worth. Such as stopping of transport, or water, or food, or electricity, or waste, or any of the hundreds of things. It will cost so much more.
It is needed that people have the arms as well, despite many people being idiots, the seperation of forces has worked, but needs to be further encouraged.
The soft social rules and laws are there, they don't stop people, they are the potential cost.
If the laws are patched up that doesn't mean they have to enforce it.
If they violate the principals of the country, they shouldn't enforce it.
If someone speaks out against that, they are fired, and a yes man can enter.
There has to be trust, and they have to be truthful, and absolutely clear. That's dangerous, because freedom always is.
I am not an anarchist I am listing the potentials, and the consequences. People lie, and cheat, and do horrible things. Everyone CAN do ANYTHING. Keep that in mind, just adjusting the law doesn't mean things get better.
It OUGHT to, but that didn't mean it will. Call me cynical, but that's how I see it.
Just one factor could potentially make a huge difference, or it could be practically useless.
>wolves video
Agreed, wolves are needed, but our wolves, not (((theirs))).
282433 282434 282437
>the militia can take over in blink together with citizen appointed judges
Eh, my neighbors suck, I'd rather roll the dice with a random cop.

>Look, it is undeniable that cops are psychos who enjoy to harm and kill.
If that were true, they wouldn't last long. Most cops don't get the opportunity to kill someone over their whole career. If you want to kill, join the army, you will be given chances to kill.

You make it sound like cops have a few notches on their belt each. They don't. You also sound like a nigger.

>If you miss that vein, then the drugs won't kick in until half an hour later
Hmm, how do they take down animals then? Shoot from a distance and wait it out?

> it's called a tazer. And, even THOSE are shown to be ineffective (At best) or can kill a person (At worst).
Yeah, plenty of videos of a tazer just making someone mad.

>Thousands of people are being murdered for this out of control gang for not compliance
Yep, someone has to do it. Always be polite to your local policeman. Bring them some donuts, it might come in handy.
>You make it sound like cops have a few notches on their belt each. They don't.
Do you know many police forces prefer ex-military elements?>>282426
>Always be polite to your local policeman. Bring them some donuts, it might come in handy.
I'm speechless, and you are the problem.
Police is meant to serve us, we don't bow to them, we don't kiss their asses; and the supreme truth is that they are below us. Get that in your head.
282437 282484
Has Israel influenced political, military, or financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments?
Answer the question.

Was it fun murdering that 100% innocent man in DC while he was sleeping next to his pregnant wife?
Was it fun shooting her?
Was the fast and furious gun walking operation fun?
Was it fun stealing money and firearms from small business owners, while committing fraud and identify theft?
Do you realize you're breaking federal law by hitting the reply button as a federal employee? Or did you get a special waiver? I hope you realize that if you received a waiver, you're only supporting my point.

This faggot understands: >>282334
Any form of law enforcement in the civilized world is a paramilitary organization who represents the occupying force.
They are not my law, they are not my people, they do not represent me or my people.

ANTIFA is powerless without the police
>punch that nazi!
>oh no he shot me!
Who captured the Wisconsin guy? Who allowed him to be charged with murder?

Liberals are powerless without the police
>Who is going to enforce it?
Mexico is a look at America's future if law enforcement isn't brought to heel.
It's illegal to own a firearm outside of special areas, illegal to own ammunition, and yet the criminals have everything, the police do nothing to fix the problem, and specifically target anyone who challenges their ability to combat violence.

>Hmm, how do they take down animals then? Shoot from a distance and wait it out?
10-100x dosage, then wait for it to drop and rush in with reversal drugs. Police can't even tell when they've suffocated someone, how do you expect them to do that?
That won't work on drug resistant subjects.
Tazers are safer and they're still unsafe.
Wrestling and beatings are safer than Tazers, but jew lawyers whine, and the pitbull police can't seem to control themselves to do it correctly.
>Yep, someone has to do it. Always be polite to your local policeman. Bring them some donuts, it might come in handy.
You have to do it.
If someone fucks with you, don't wait for someone else to help you, do it yourself.
>but that's illegal
Because police.
Every early senator in the US carried either two pistols or a pistol and dagger. Compare and contrast the violent crime rates during that time and now.

The glowniggers in this thread can't seem to accept that they're largely unnecessary in daily situations, and seem to be completely absent in times when they're absolutely necessary.
282443 282484
Who has the nukes.png
>Hmm, how do they take down animals then? Shoot from a distance and wait it out?
Pulling up some news articles: https://archive.vn/s03id
<Unlike in television and movie portrayals, real tranquilizers take time to take effect, and the impact of a dart can make an animal aggressive or cause it to run.
<Sedation "doesn't happen immediately," said Leigh Henry, a senior policy officer with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
<In fact, a vet from a local zoo shot one of the tigers with a tranquilizer dart. But the animal started to run off, forcing officers to shoot and kill it.

<Attempting to fatally shoot an animal that's mauling a human comes with the risk of accidentally shooting the person you're trying to save. But tranquilizers can take as long as 10 minutes to kick in, letting potentially life-saving minutes tick by while the animal is still alert enough to pose a threat.
<Palm Beach Zoo chose to tranquilize the tiger, and Konwiser, 38, was airlifted in critical condition to a hospital, where she later died of her injuries.
<Since then, the zoo has come under fire for its choice to "tranq," which West Palm Beach police say prevented paramedics from immediately entering the zoo enclosure where Konwiser was mauled. Neither police nor the zoo have said how long emergency personnel had to wait, citing the ongoing investigation.

<It took eight shotgun blasts by sheriff's deputies to kill a lion that got loose at a North Carolina wildlife center and killed a 22-year-old intern, according to a sheriff's report obtained Wednesday by ABC News.
<Caswell County Sheriff's deputies resorted to deadly force on Sunday to take down the 14-year-old lion at the Conservators Center in Burlington after a worker at the facility shot the animal three times with tranquilizer darts that apparently had no effect, according to the report.

>Has Israel influenced political, military, or financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments?
You mean just like Russia, France, China, and the U.K.: https://archive.vn/jH23p
Why don't you provide sources to back up whatever the fuck it is that you're talking about?
>ANTIFA is powerless without the police
<Meanwhile ALL the cities that are being burned to the ground don't have the law enforcement taking ANY action towards the riots taking place
>Who captured the Wisconsin guy?
The Kenosha Kid? He turned himself in.
>Liberals are powerless without the police
<Meanwhile [Second verse, same as the first], all of which are Liberal-dominated regions
>Every early senator in the US carried either two pistols or a pistol and dagger. Compare and contrast the violent crime rates during that time and now.
Second pic source: https://archive.vn/k74ob
File (hide): D49431D992F238656AFC2A9E844C2E51-8221194.webm (7.8 MB, Resolution:1280x720 Length:00:01:45, 20200825___streamable.com_NA.webm) [play once] [loop]
>Has Israel influenced political, military, or financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments?
You have two choices to answer this question.
1. Yes. Israel influences political, military, and financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments.
2. No. Israel does not influence political, military, and financial leaders of the United States using nuclear armaments.

>muh sources
>plays dumb about fast and furious
>plays dumb about assassinated man in this very thread

>The Kenosha Kid? He turned himself in.
>Wisconsin authorities issued an arrest warrant charging Kyle Rittenhouse with first-degree intentional homicide, Antioch Police said. He is in the custody of the Lake County Judicial System pending an extradition hearing to transfer him from Illinois to Wisconsin. Antioch is located about 15 to 20 miles from Kenosha, just across the state border.
>Turned himself in
Try harder.

>muh pink text liberal cities
webm related
MFW a glownigger gives two examples of law enforcement supporting criminals through inaction, while arresting those maintaining the peace or protesting the actions of niggerfaggots.
MFW fedniggers that conducted snatch and grabs siezed phones without obtaining warrants.
MFW fedniggers charged a native born US citizen for "illegally entering the country".
MFW fedniggers won't be properly punished, further proving my points.
MFW fence sitting responsible conservatives are quickly realizing that law enforcement is being used almost exclusively against them.

>muh statistics
Epstein didn't kill himself.
Chicago gun laws and violence.
D.C. gun bans and violence.
Baltimore gun laws and violence.
New York City gun laws and violence.
You're unnecessary outside of very specific situations Mr. Glownigger.
By the way, did you answer the question yet?

Here's a set of questions for USA anons:
Has any sheriff deputized his entire county so that all residents may purchase post-ban fully-auto firearms as their second amendment right guarantees?
Has any police department in magazine ban state imported large capacity magazines to sell to residents without using it as a honeypot?

I know of one place in the US which passed legislation requiring every home owner to own a gun and ammunition.

Now for more rhetorical questions.
If imprisonment is meant to contain, then why are the imprisoned set free?
If imprisonment is meant to reform, then why don't post-imprisoned have the same set of rights?
If the post-imprisoned cannot exercise their rights, then why are they taxed as if they can?
If they have to be monitored once released, then why release them?
If the post-imprisoned cannot peacefully remove themselves from society without breaking laws, how can you expect them to reform?
Why should I be treated like a criminal when law enforcement fails at either containing or reforming someone they label a malcontent?
>You have to do it.
>If someone fucks with you, don't wait for someone else to help you, do it yourself.
Well, sure, but that assumes you will never come in contact with the local police otherwise. It's cheap insurance to butter them up and act friendly. You get the benefit of the doubt at the very least. Some people locally have police benevolent association stickers on their car. Personally, that's too transparently kissing ass to me. Just seems disingenuous, but if it comes up in conversation that you know where the station is, and they ask why...

Ok ok, I lose, no tranqs. Just shoot the mentally ill. It's really too bad the asylums were closed, they may have had problems but they were really serving a need.

>Police is meant to serve us, we don't bow to them, we don't kiss their asses; and the supreme truth is that they are below us. Get that in your head.
Well, that's not very friendly anon. You can't go in there acting like they owe you a favor, you are just being friendly. But hey, friends help friends out. It's the magic of frenship.

The law puts them in power over you, like it or not. Disobey a direct police order and you are getting fucked up or dead. It's just the way it is.
>It's really too bad the asylums were closed, they may have had problems but they were really serving a need.
Blame the politicians who cannot budget if their lives depended on it: https://archive.vn/TXu6n
The press and media for declaring that all mental asylums are cruel and inhumane because of a couple horror stories (Boy, doesn't that sound familiar): https://archive.vn/6eUKC
And, the tranny and faggot community for bitching about how people see their fetish-turned-lifestyle as a mental illness: https://archive.vn/7IMDi
>Milwaukee Trump Supporter Arrested for Brandishing a Gun at Black Lives Matter Mob That Was Surrounding His Home
>A Milwaukee man has reportedly been arrested after pulling a gun on a mob of Black Lives Matter supporters who were surrounding his home for several hours.

282728 282757
Police watch man get assaulted by mob, then arrest him when he defends himself.
Imagine what will happen by new year's eve, conservatives will be caught between the cross fire of commies and police. Until they don't wake up and recognize that police is taking marching orders from the same fuckers organizing the riots, they'll be paralyzed and crushed. After all, most police and those in key positions in the judiciary are luciferians freemasons and have conflicted loyalties and moral standards to normal people.
I think they did that to remove him from the situation. Even though he pulled a gun, they were going to lob rocks from the back, and he would have had to start shooting. He was released with no charges.

>Imagine what will happen by new year's eve,
Too long, imagine what will happen by election day.
282778 282851 282864
>Too long, imagine what will happen by election day.

>Trump and the GOP win by a landslide
>Everyone left of Hitler contests the election
>Outright anarchy begins in Democratic controlled districts as they announce disapproval and/or session
>Majority of police force fail to report in on the next day
>Pocket militias start setting up comps so that they can survive
>Trump sends in the National Guard
>Everything resolved within the week by arresting everyone, and filing charges against those who resist
>The Democratic party fractures as half of it's members and leaders are in jail
>Non-anarchists are released over the next couple months for being innocent
That's as far ahead as I can think.
Nice trips.
>>282777 (checked)
pic related.

But really, fixed that for you:
>Trump and the GOP win by a landslide
>Everyone left of Hitler contests the election
>Anons have forgotten what happened in 2018.
>Blue cities in purple states start "finding" boxes of "uncounted ballots". Woops.
>Outright anarchy begins in Democratic controlled districts for fun
>ZOG police force arrest anyone defending themselves
>Whites say nothing, niggers say "he was a good boi, dindu nuffin"
>More boxes of "uncounted ballots' discovered.
>Biden wins
>The right do nothing
>Biden dies
>Dawn of Harris / Pelosi administration
>Pedosex legalized
>Mandatory estrogen injections for white men every Tuesday.
Princess Luna - Check'em.jpg
>Three Interactive Tools for Understanding Police Surveillance
>As law enforcement and government surveillance technology continues to become more and more advanced, it has also become harder for everyday people to avoid. Law enforcement agencies all over the United States are using body-worn cameras, automated license plate readers, drones, and much more—all of which threat people's right to privacy. But it's often difficult for people to even become aware of what technology is being used where they live.
>The Electronic Frontier Foundation has three interactive tools that help you learn about the new technologies being deployed around the United States and how they impact you: the Atlas of Surveillance, Spot the Surveillance, and Who Has Your Face?
Dog killers.
>Cop Arrested After Shooting at a ‘Puppy’, Killing Innocent Sleeping Woman Instead
>Arlington, TX — As readers of the Free Thought Project know, police killing or attempting to kill dogs is an all too common occurrence — happening so often that it is caught on video much of the time. Also, as the following tragic case our of Arlington, TX illustrates, all too often, police will attempt to kill a dog — miss the dog — and shoot and kill an innocent person instead.
>A Texas grand jury indicted a police officer this week after he was seen on video trying to kill a dog and killing an innocent woman instead.
>Arlington police officer Ravi Singh was charged on Wednesday with criminally negligent homicide for killing Maggie Brooks, 30, the daughter of an Arlington fire captain.
>Florida: Cop Fired For Cowering In Fear As Gunman Slaughtered Children Get Rehired, With Full Back Pay
>Parkland, FL — A sheriff’s deputy who was fired after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting for cowering by his car while Nicolas Cruz slaughtered children inside, is back on the job — and likely receiving six figures of back pay.
>According to the Sun Sentinel, an arbitrator ruled this week that Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony acted 13 days too late when he fired deputy Josh Stambaugh last year for his conduct during the February 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
>State law says discipline against law enforcement officers must occur within 180 days of an investigation’s completion but apparently that didn’t happen. It is unknown exactly how much Stambaugh will receive in back pay, but he earned more than $150,000 in 2018, including overtime.
Any doubts about what's going on here?
What a dipshit. You would have to be a master marksman to make that shot in that state of panic. A medium size dog, running at you, while you are running backwards, then you squeeze off three fucking shots? He's a pussy, if he was really worried about the dog, he could have calmly lined up the sights and waited for the dog to get closer. Unless you are a kid, the dog isn't going to be able to kill you. One shot would have done it, and if it didn't, you need to line the sights up again, and squeeze off another.

These cops need more range time. Spray and pray just doesn't work, especially on a dog.

They also need to learn how to scare a dog. Put your hands up and out so you occupy a lot of space, make a loud sound, and 9/10 dogs will fuck right off after that. Three quick steps forward towards the dog will take care of the last 1/10 unless the dog is pro trained to attack, and few dogs are.
>Newly Released Video Shows Cop Shoot 13yo Unarmed Autistic Boy 12 Times as He Runs Away
>Salt Lake City, UT — As TFTP reported the Salt Lake City Police Department apparently thinks unarmed little autistic boys are considered a threat and fair game to fill with holes. The country was shocked earlier this month when learning that police shot a 13-year-old autistic boy after his mother called for help. Now, body camera footage has been released which is even more shocking.
>Linden Cameron, a 13-year-old little boy with autism was having a bad day earlier this month after his mother returned to work for the first time in a year. Cameron suffers from severe separation anxiety and when his mother left, he went into a crisis.
>Linden’s mother, Golda Barton said she called police that evening and requested a crisis intervention team (CIT). She told them her son was not armed and was in the midst of a mental breakdown and she needed help to get him to the hospital.
>Police entered her home and moments later, her child ran away. Barton says she heard, “get down on the ground” and several gunshots rang out. Police would later explain, as the body camera footage shows, that Cameron ran from them.
>“He’s a small child. Why didn’t you just tackle him? He’s a baby. He has mental issues,” his mother said. We agree. When police open fire on a small child in a mental health crisis, it is high time we reexamine the role of law enforcement in America. This has gotten way out of hand.
>Cop Shot During ‘Ambush’, Arrested Because He Actually Shot Himself and Made it All Up
>Pineville, LA — Over the weekend, citizens of Pineville, Louisiana and the rest of the country were shocked as headlines across the internet reported that a Pineville Police Department officer was the target of an ambush and was shot. The blue line supporters came out in full force driving home the narrative that there is a war on cops. However, after police began investigating the incident, they quickly found out that no attack ever happened.
Negro government gunman attacked and kidnapped White woman for not wearing a mask
>Woman TASED & arrested after refusing to wear mask at school football game (VIDEO)
20200925_Kenny_Holmes_-_MOMENTS_AGO_-_Prius_drives_through_a_protest_in_Hollywood,_protestors_then_chase_the__twitter.com_Kenny Holmes.mp4
>Prius drives through a protest in Hollywood, protestors then chase the vehicle down, smash the windows with a skateboard while attempting to pull the driver out of the car. The driver then speeds away and is pulled over by LAPD and handcuffed.
What the fuck? This is insane. The driver is clearly just trying to drive through the intersection (you can tell because he stops before moving forward, and only goes 5 mph), then the psychos give chase, drive after him in a truck, cut him off, and try to drag him out of the vehicle when it stops.
283586 293910
Repeat after me:
ANTIFA is powerless without the police.

>Police arrest people singing hymns, citing social distancing and mask laws
Pay attention to the serf's language.
>Texas Sheriff Arrested, Charged with Sexually Assaulting His Fellow Officers
>Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman was sued — twice — for allegedly sexually assaulting two of his employees. Despite both of the cases being settled, Scaman remained the sheriff and was praised in the local media as a hero. He never faced legal action, likely due to his status as the sheriff. All that has since changed this week, however, as the sheriff has since been arrested.
>Scaman was arrested Monday on charges including sexual assault and assault of a public servant, based on an investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety, according to a report in the Waco Tribune.
>Repeat after me:
>ANTIFA is powerless without the police.
>WATCH: Woman Strapped to a Chair, Tortured with Taser After Refusing to Sign a Ticket—Taxpayers Held Liable
>Boulder, CO — A Boulder County woman got an unfortunate lesson in police brutality and the video of it looks like something out of 1930s Germany 1920s Jewish terror in Russia. After attempting to exercise her rights not to incriminate herself, she found out the hard way police will not only taser you when you’re in handcuffs, but they’ll taser you when you’re completely restrained.
>Last year, Lauren Gotthelf filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against several officers and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office for an incident which took place on Nov. 25, 2017. This week, the lawsuit was settled and the taxpayers of Boudler County will be shelling out $400,000 to pay for the sadistic actions of their police department. None of the officers involved in the torture were fired or charged.
>WATCH: Cop Arrested After Conducting a Welfare Check and Robbing the Victim’s Home
>Santa Ana, CA — A veteran cop was arrested on multiple felony charges including “suspicion of burglary” after he was captured on home surveillance footage repeatedly returning to the home of a dead 70-year-old man and stealing from him. Amazingly enough, despite the video, the officer was not immediately fired and instead placed on paid administrative leave.
>Deputy Steve Hortz, a 12-year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s department reportedly responded to a home in Yorba Linda after family called in a welfare check on a 70-year-old man. When Hortz arrived, he found that the man had died of natural causes.
>Last month, on September 9, the family of the deceased called the department to tell them that multiple items were missing from the home.
>An attorney for the family provided the department with surveillance footage from the home which showed this thieving deputy returning to the property on multiple occasions and leaving with stolen items. In the video we see the deputy brazenly entering the home with a dolly and hauling off stolen items.
>High Ranking Lt. and 5 Cops Keep Jobs After Admitted Involvement in Teen Sex Trafficking Case
>Oakland, CA — An abused little girl was only 12-years-old when she was forced into the sex trade, forever altering the course of her life. For years, this little girl was “exploited by pimps” until she finally broke away and made it to an Oakland police officer. For a brief moment, she thought she was safe — but, according to a lawsuit, she was wrong and the cops began trafficking her. And all of it stems from police being entirely unable to hold problem cops accountable—even when there is evidence of sexual misconduct and a paper trail of sexting.
>This week, we find out that a high-ranking Richmond police official and five other officers who exchanged explicit messages with the teen were all given written reprimands — and kept their jobs!
>Previously, TFTP reported on former Lt. Andre Hill who was running the Richmond police department’s Youth Service Division when he came across Celeste Guap in 2015. In 2017, he was fired after it was discovered that for years, he sent the teen sexually explicit messages and engaged in oral sex with her.
>But he was never charged and is currently fighting for his job back. Now, as part of a settlement agreement stemming from a lawsuit over SB 1421, the 2019 police transparency law, records of the other officers’ “discipline” were released.
>WATCH: State Supreme Court Judge Attacks a Cop and is NOT Arrested
>Buffalo, NY — Officer discretion allows cops some leeway on which they can rely as they make choices that impact the people they are policing. If they see a family who may be struggling to put food on the table, a cop can choose not to extort them for some arbitrary violation like window tint. All too often, however, cops do not use this discretion and will escalate force and kidnap people over the most mundane infractions, up to and including, improperly crossing the street. Unless of course, you are a judge.
>One act of officer discretion is getting some much deserved scrutiny this week because anyone who is not a judge would have been arrested for what this man did. If the average Joe, interacting with cops, would attack one of those officers, rest assured that they would be arrested and most likely be severely beaten. That is, of course, unless you are New York State Supreme Court Judge Mark Grisanti.
>For some reason, police attempt to detain Grisanti’s wife and put her in handcuffs. However, she was not having it and began fighting back. When Grisanti saw his wife struggling with officers, he moved in and attacked one of them before being pulled off and handcuffed.
>Over the years, TFTP has reported on numerous incidents in which people have stepped in to stop police from beating a loved one. Never have we seen those people be let off without charges because we have never seen a judge be the one to step in.
>What this incident highlights is the fact that there are two justice systems in the land of the free. One system is designed to protect those who serve it and profit from it, along with their family members and friends. And then there is one for everyone else.
>Multiple Cops Plead Guilty in Cocaine Ring that Sold Drugs to Fellow Officers—NO JAIL
>Morristown, NJ — Not one, not two, not four, but five sheriff’s officers in New Jersey were arrested and pleaded guilty this month, admitting to purchasing drugs and conspiring to distribute cocaine to fellow officers. However, because they are cops, not a single one of them will see the inside of a jail cell.
>Despite betraying the community’s trust, breaking their oaths to the constitution, and using their positions in law enforcement to commit crimes which they are tasked with stopping, the officers are all expected to receive probation as part of their sentencing next month.
Police Officer Gets Stuck Upside Down Trying .mp4
A laughing matter.
>Police Officer Gets Stuck Upside Down Trying To Hop Gated Community – Caught With Stains (VIDEO)
>As a police officer, what could be more embarrassing than trying to hop over a gate and accidentally ending up hanging upside down with your pants pulled round your ankles?
>How about having a very prominent shit-stain on your tighty-whities while an unsympathetic crowd gathers round you as well? That’s what happened to this poor officer tyrant over in London recently
Higher quality video: https://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhT2CP78R0Kf52U7S7
WATCH Innocent Woman Didn't Let Cops See Her Ring Video, So .mp4
>WATCH: Innocent Woman Didn’t Let Cops See Her Ring Video, So They Raided Her Home, Mocked Her
>Kansas City, MO — In January of this year, Monecia Smith was awakened in the middle of the night as a shirtless man pounded on her door seeking help. Moments later the man ran to her neighbor’s house before gunshots ran out. Monecia has a Ring camera system which did not capture the shooting but did capture part of the deadly encounter.
>For all Smith knew, it was police who killed Derrick Smith and they could’ve been trying to seek out and destroy any evidence which showed it.
>According to the report, Smith showed the video to a member of Derrick Smith’s family and when detectives found out about it, they requested a meeting inside her home. Smith politely declined.
>“I didn’t feel safe with him in my house,” she said.
>Smith had no idea how profoundly predictive that statement would be. The very next day, a militarized unit of cops in tactical gear kicked in Smith’s door and ransacked her apartment — making sure to denigrate her along the way.
>Cop Who Allegedly Beat, Starved, Froze 8yo Boy to Death, Allowed to Resign to ‘Protect His Pension’
>New York, NY — The death of 8-year-old Thomas Valva shocked the nation earlier this year when it was discovered his New York cop father was alleged to have beat him and starved him before throwing him into an unheated garage where he froze to death. As the investigation unfolded, we learned that authorities were warned by multiple people on multiple occasions that NYPD officer Michael Valva was horrifically abusing his children, and, in a disgusting display of blue privilege, no one acted. In fact, the only actions taken were against the mother, and helped Valva continue the abuse.
>Now, this officer’s blue privilege is being exposed once again as he was quietly allowed to resign this week — to protect his pension.
>“He voluntarily resigned today,” Valva’s attorney John LoTurco said. “He executed paperwork in that regard today, which protects his benefits and his pension. There’s no admission of any wrongdoing. It allows him to forgo any disciplinary hearing and in exchange, he will no longer receive any salary or any future benefits.”
>Good Cop Fired for Exposing Bad Cop Who Savagely Attacked Elderly Man with Dementia
>Clayton, GA — As TFTP has consistently reported, if 300 cops remain silent as one bad cop abuses his authority and harms others, all 300 of those cops become bad cops. Unfortunately, silence — otherwise known as the blue code of silence — is the norm and good cops stopping bad ones is the exception.
>The reason good cops are afraid to call out the bad ones is because crossing this thin blue line will most likely end their careers, or worse. Clayton police officer Ryan Hamilton was with the department for 15 years and being a good cop ended that career.
>Police Will Pilot a Program to Live-Stream Amazon Ring Cameras
>This is not a drill. Red alert: The police surveillance center in Jackson, Mississippi, will be conducting a 45-day pilot program to live stream the security cameras, including Amazon Ring cameras, of participating residents.
>Since Ring first made a splash in the private security camera market, we’ve been warning of its potential to undermine the civil liberties of its users and their communities. We’ve been especially concerned with Ring’s 1,000+ partnerships with local police departments, which facilitate bulk footage requests directly from users without oversight or having to acquire a warrant.
290042 290048 304122
File (hide): 5364AD54F761EAF1AD4D42A4E3EA3542-7818090.mp4 (7.5 MB, Resolution:360x640 Length:00:01:00, Shut the fuck up.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Shut the fuck up.mp4
Shut the fuck up.
We have a saying in France.

The same cops have arrested the germanophiles in 39, the Jew in 42 and the colaborators in 45.
The cops don't do politic. They will execute you in the street if they receive this order.

I have seen cops keeping civilians who haven't done any crime locked outside until 2AM. I have seen cops shooting at people with reduced lethality guns. I have seen them throw TNT at people, just because they were told to.
Oregon politics.png
I want this to happen.
Cops will tell him they were given the order to not go in the autonomous zone. The investigation will move up.
The police shouldn't have responded at all
290066 293909
Some cops are bastards. Others are not. Many lawyers and judges are bastards as well. Others are not.
good important video
As evidenced by the actions of the police in DC the cops clearly don't support us. I see no reason we should support them.
ACAB is a fact
>good important video
This one is still better >>256297
who s the guy?
>Bar Association
>Civil Servants Union
>Police Union
All Law Enforcement Is Trash.
se btz r  y.jpg
>Audio is from Bill Cooper's HOTT shortwave radio broadcast (the "Hour of the Time" in the 90s aired until his assassination on Nov.5th 2001) and video is from random (maybe not so random) police brutality evidences as you listen to these excerpts from three specific broadcasts numbered #695, 696 & 697 where Bill talked about the largest gang in America today, the POLICE... hope you all enjoy it
>Most police always carry a "throw-away" pistol, just in case they want to frame someone they murder. Police candidates are selected based upon a physiological profile, in order to make sure that they'll obey orders, NOT the law, and NOT, especially, the Constitution.
>I DARE you to tell me that we're free! I DARE you to tell me that the Constitution still protects us!
>Cop’s Home Raided, Police Make ‘Historical’ Cocaine Bust Worth a Quarter BILLION Dollars
>In what is being touted as the largest seizure in history, authorities have raided the home of a Virgin Island police officer and discovered $250 million worth of cocaine. The raid resulted in the seizure of 2.3 tons of the white powdery substance.
>Illustrating the sheer size of the bust, the amount of cocaine is equivalent in US dollars, to 75 percent of the entire department’s annual budget. According to police, the raid was carried out in the early morning hours on Friday, November 6. When police arrived, several people escaped but the home owner, Darren Davis, 41, who has been a Virgin Island cop for over 20 years, was arrested on the spot.
>Davis’ brother, Liston Davis, 40, was also arrested. They have both been charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to supply and keeping an unlicensed firearm, Police Commissioner Michael Matthews said.
>In a likely attempt to avoid embarrassing the police department, during the press conference this week, the commissioner and the governor, Gus Jaspert, failed to mention that the home belonged to a cop where the massive amount of cocaine was found. However, that information was leaked to The Sun tabloid and they reported it to the public.
>‘I Can Give a F*** About Your Rights!’: Police Chief Fired for Illegal Arrest of Man for Filming
>Corunna, MI — Filming the police is entirely legal, in every state. However, all too often, we will see police officers overstep their authority and arrest, attack, and assault innocent people for the constitutionally protected act of documenting their behavior in public. As the following case out of Corunna, Mich. illustrates, even police chiefs, who should know better than anyone, will abuse their authority and go after folks for practicing their first amendment right of filming the police.
>In the land of the free, there are ostensible checks and balances which are in place to prevent corrupt and power drunk government officials from overstepping their authority and depriving people of their rights. The largest ostensible restraint on this power is the constitution. However, as TFTP has reported for years, despite the fact that police swear an oath to uphold this constitution, they are all too often the ones who ignore it.
>In a rare move, however, Corunna Police Chief Nick Chiros was fired this week for violating that oath.
>WATCH: Cops Brutally Beat Mom in Front of Child Over Unopened Beer—Taxpayers Held Liable
>Wildwood, NJ – A disturbing video posted on social media shocked the world after showing a police officer slamming a young woman onto the ground at the beach, punching her in the head repeatedly, and then placing her into a chokehold while surrounded by witnesses, including small children. Because the two officers who attacked the young woman were never held accountable, the taxpayers of Wildwood were held to the fire instead.
>This week, it was announced that Wildwood taxpayers would be shelling out $325,000 to Emily Weinman, then 20, as part of a settlement in her lawsuit against the city. the lawsuit claimed that police fabricated evidence against Weinman as well as used excessive force during her arrest. Video evidence backs up this claim.
File (hide): F7B867FE267284E41D71542E2F3D7083-14992020.mp4 (14.3 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:06:54, fh6576745yrht.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Conditioned Response
Satan's minions are programmed to kill us.
cops are to blame for BLM their fucking savagery and disgusting racism that democrats have is in some of them..they hate the populace too, the policing system does..they hate Americans just like democrats do...niggers and cops are two sides of the same coin. Fuck the police.
all cops are trash since they serve the same evil greedy system and protect the high value criminals, not to mention do noting when bad cops do bad shit...pigs hate freedom, they hate Americans, they hate this fucking country...they're fucking cowards. No problem being tough with an unarmed civilian but god forbid they actually have to do the job they are supposed to do and intervene with a violent offender like say a mass shooting and they fucking run or go in 45 minutes later when everyone is dead. Federal "law enforcement" agencies and police departments should be abolushed all together. At least sheriff's are accountable to the people somewhat.
>Repeat after me:
>ANTIFA is powerless without the police.
hear hear
>Despite Guilty Plea, 50 Child Porn Charges, Cop Gets NO JAIL, Will Not Register as Sex Offender
>Ocean City, MD — This month, former Ocean City police officer and sheriff’s deputy Jarrett “Jay” Wise, 53, got himself a PBJ. No, it was not a peanut butter and jelly, but rather probation before judgement. This made him a free man despite pleading guilty to multiple child pornography charges. Blue privilege is real and if you doubt it, you need only look at the following case.
fuck pigs, fuck the government, fuck the system
>Grandma Left Unrecognizable After Calling 911 for Paramedics and Getting Cops Instead
>Fremont, CA — Calling 911 in the land of the free is a dangerous decision. Time after time, those in need of help call 911 and instead of help they get baton blows, fists, tasers, and bullets. Jolynn McCabe, a 115 pound grandmother learned about the crap shoot that is calling 911 in September. She was attempting to get help, but got beaten and kidnapped instead.
>McCabe is an admitted alcoholic and has struggled with her addiction for 16 years. On September 13 of this year, the Fremont grandmother relapsed and realized that she needed help. So, she asked her husband to call 911 and ask for paramedics to pick her up and help get her detoxed in a rehab facility.
>Unfortunately for McCabe, however, police would show up instead of paramedics. Because their main tool is the escalation of force, police were not equipped to help McCabe and used violence instead.
>Police hogtied the 56-year-old grandmother who was half their weight, before kidnapping her and bringing her to the Santa Rita jail. While at the jail, McCabe’s abuse continued and her violent confrontation with deputies left her unrecognizable.
>McCabe never committed a crime and was never charged with one.
>‘Defund Them!’ Back the Blue Supporters Realize Cops Don’t Stop Crime & Lose Their Minds
>St. Paul, MN — Over the weekend, Donald Trump supporters held a protest in front of the governor’s mansion to ‘Stop the Steal.’ The Stop the Steal movement is made up of folks who believe that widespread electoral fraud took place during the 2020 presidential election to deny incumbent President Trump victory over former vice president Joe Biden. The Stop the Steal groups have been holding protests at governor’s mansions across the country. Their appearance is the same throughout — Trump flags, “stop the steal” signs, American flags, MAGA hats, and the infamous black, white, and blue “blue lives matter” flags.
>The degree of cognitive dissonance is takes to chant “back the blue” and “blue lives matter” while simultaneously calling for a revolt is mind-boggling. It is epitomized by those wearing shirts or tattoos with the molon labe or “come and take it” mantra, plastered with blue line propaganda.
>It takes a serious lack of critical thought in failing to realize that the blue line in that design literally represents the actual people who would “come and take it.” Nevertheless, these folks have unironically paraded these opposing views around for years, failing to grasp the concept.
>That may be about to change, however, after the Back the Blue / Stop the Steal folks had a veritable epiphany about police in America this week.
Baby steps.
>Congressman Introduces Bill to End Civil Asset Forfeiture Nationwide, Allow Victims to Be Reimbursed
>For decades now, federal government and their cohorts in law enforcement have been carrying out theft of the citizenry on a massive scale. We’re not talking about taxes, but an insidious power known as Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF).
>The 1980’s-era laws were designed to drain resources from powerful criminal organizations, but CAF has become a tool for law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to steal money and property from countless innocent people.
>No criminal charge is required for this confiscation, resulting in easy inflows of cash for law enforcement departments and the proliferation of abuse. This phenomenon is known as “policing for profit.”
>Included in the text of the bill is a clause which allows citizens who have not been convicted of a crime to have their property returned to them. It also eliminates all forms of civil asset forfeiture.
>‘‘No person shall be required, under the laws of the United States, to forfeit to the United States any property, real or personal, pursuant to a civil forfeiture proceeding, including a nonjudicial civil forfeiture proceeding,” the bill states.
>Though this bill is nothing short of revolutionary, any lawmaker who opposes it exposes themselves as a thieving, due-process removing, tyrant. Thank you Justin Amash for fighting the good fight. It will be a sad day in the liberty movement when you leave Congress next session.
It really depends. All in all, I have the most sympathy towards the cops that actually get in the shit- they basically have to be the dads to a bunch of ghetto/trailer trash that had horrible role models, and then get hated on by battered-spouses and low-functioning-narcissists.

The higher ups? it depends even more, because there's a reason it's called "the chain of command", it can be a fucking shackle at times. On the other side of the coin is really shitty to throw someone under the bus, especially if it's because the media has their fucking magnifying glass of shame shining on a person who hurt another george floyd- it makes them look like a cuck if they don't help their people.

The most classic distraction tactic is to make noise to try and get people to attack the minions, because the boss (city council, state govenors) are the ones who have actual criminal ties (antifags, arms dealing gun-grabbers, etc).
>NYC Woman Facing Felony Weapons Charges, Up to 25 Years in Prison After Police Seize Her Airsoft Guns
>It starts off with the anti gun Karens saying things like “We don’t want to ban all guns. We support the 2nd Amendment. We just want common sense gun safety measures,” as they try to ban 11+ round magazines and AR15’s.
>It progresses now to police seizing airsoft pellet guns and inoperable guns with no bolt and no trigger assembly, as citizens are now charged felonies for possessing such.
>That’s the nightmare one New York City woman is currently living.
>The brave and stunning officers of NYPD’s 112th conducted a raid on Elizaveta Zlatkis’s home and found twenty one apparently illegal airsoft guns and one gun with no trigger assembly that is incapable of operating. She’s facing 25 years in prison. These items are perfectly legal in pretty much every other state.
Anti-White Cop Admits Arresting Innocent White People to Make Blacks Look Better - Poiseidon video_EDIT.mp4
Anti-White Cop Admits Arresting Innocent White People to Make Blacks Look Better.
Re-posted from >>296025 →
>The Official Whitewash of the Killing of Duncan Lemp
>Trust us, it was a good killing.
>Why did a Montgomery County, Maryland SWAT team kill 21-year-old Duncan Lemp, in a no-knock predawn raid on March 12? The county released an official report yesterday stating that a violent no-knock raid was justified “due to Lemp being ‘anti-government,’ ‘anti-police,’ currently in possession of body armor, and an active member of the Three Percenters.” The report also noted that “police had viewed several videos showing Lemp handling and shooting firearms.”
>The official report makes clear that Lemp was targeted in part because of his political beliefs. Lemp is identified as a supporter of the “the Three Percenters … a far-right militia movement and paramilitary group” which advocates “gun ownership rights and resistance to the federal government’s involvement in local affairs.”
>The prosecutor’s report, explaining why it wasn’t important that Lemp didn’t actually own an illegal assault weapon, tutted, “Very minute changes such as the overall length of the weapon can mean the difference between an illegal assault rifle and a legal one.” Unfortunately, there are no such “very minute changes” in Montgomery County police procedures that could justify violently attacking a peaceful home and killing a young man. The brazen report released yesterday confirm that Montgomery County politicians and police officials believe they can continue covering up the killing of Duncan Lemp. Trust us, it was a good killing. Will they get away with it?
>Police Keep Secret List of Kids with Bad Grades Labelling Them ‘Potential Criminals’
>Pasco County, FL — In the ostensible land of the free, we are told that all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty by their peers. To those who’ve been paying attention however, we know that “innocent until proven guilty” is a farce into today’s police state. If you doubt this assertion, you need only look at the data to see that a whopping 74% of people in jails across the country — have not been convicted of a crime.
>While it is true that many of these folks are awaiting trial for crimes they did commit, there are innocent people behind bars for the sole reason that they cannot afford bail. A free country — who claims to protect the rights of citizens — should not be keeping hundreds of thousands of presumed innocent people in cages, yet this is the status quo.
>A recent report from the Tampa Bay Times shows just how determined the American police state is to guarantee an assembly line of otherwise entirely innocent people to continue this process. Police in Florida are targeting children in an attempt to label them as criminals at a young age — despite the children being entirely innocent.
>The Pasco sheriff’s office has a secret list of students it believes could “fall into a life of crime” based on ridiculous standards like their grades.
>By these standards, people like Thomas Edison, one of the most successful inventors in human history, could’ve been labeled a criminal after he was kicked out of school at age 12 for being poor at math and unable to concentrate.
>Cops Who Kill Americans Have Less Than a 1 in a 1000 Chance of Being Convicted of Murder
>Police kill an average of 1,000 Americans a year and in 15 years, just 44 cops have been convicted. That is less than 3 tenths of 1 percent. If we look at the conviction rate for murder it dwindles down to less than a 1 in a 1,000 chance. Surely, out of 15,000 killings, more than 37 of them should have resulted in a conviction and more than 7 for a murder conviction, right?
>Sadly, the numbers don’t lie and even though many of the killings are, without a doubt, acts of murder, police simply escape accountability. As a result, in the land of the free, cops kill more civilians than any other country on the planet.
>Why is that? Do we have a higher crime rate?
>The short answer is no. If we look at our neighbors across the pond in the United Kingdom, their total crimes per 1,000 citizens is 109.96. This is a whopping three times more than the United States whose total crimes per 1,000 is only 41.29.
>However, police in England only killed a total of 3 people in 2019. Cops in America have killed 300 times more than them in the same time frame. If this doesn’t say, ‘hey we have a problem,’ what does?
Pigs stomping on US flag and dropping the hammer on Trump supporters, 1000x more than what Antifa and BLM niggers got

England's cops don't typically carry guns, but they love beating the shit out of law-abiding citizens. England's cops also try to avoid situations where they might actually have to use violence against some privileged nigger or sandnigger or face "protests" from their families.
>I am fully in favor of privatizing the police. This is the only way to reliably eliminate most of the problems inherent in the system.
Are you serious? Privatizing the police will arguably give them more power to act like immoral mercenary pig bastards. Then it strips away any notion of "muh community" and brings the "muh pay check" part into full focus.
But what if white communities could hire their own police?
>But what if white communities could hire their own police?
It's not about hiring, but to control it.
Real sovereignty means the people control the weapons and their use, not a puppet viceroy.
Cops are niggers in uniform and paramilitary gear. Both serve the jew.
>Joker talks to a delusional cop
File (hide): 3EE8578A603DEA4904CEE6BEDABBD8A9-14991899.mp4 (14.3 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:06:54, 161050644.mp4) [play once] [loop]

>implying they aren't split, just like the rest of the country
Fueling a generalized anti-cop sentiment achieves only one thing: alienating those among them that would support you. They really are just ordinary people who happened to choose a certain career path. Meaning they have the same internal groups as the general population from our perspective: the actual jew lackies & co, the red-pilled ones and finally the NPCs. There is even a good chance of them being predominantly right wing after witnessing the black crime rate - they don't have to look at statistics to be constantly exposed to it, since it's all part of their usual workday.
Moreover, cops are closer to being simple civilians than being military - and even the latter is very much split right now.

I need a series of strictly non-white massacres before I implicitly trust them again
File (hide): 91D4A82EADB5D845A314790180E2BB1B-1960570.mp4 (1.9 MB, Resolution:270x480 Length:00:00:44, RT.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Elderly man attacked at home and punched in head by police for failing to appear in court.
>After Cops Killed His Son, Veteran Achieves Historical Bill for Independent Investigations of Killer Cops
>Retired Lt. Colonel Michael Bell Sr. (USAF) has been pulling on the ears of Wisconsin legislators since his son, Michael Bell Jr., was killed by Kenosha police officer Alberto Gonzales in 2004. Bell Jr. was unarmed at the time Gonzales shot him in the head at point blank range after one of his fellow officers screamed the young man had taken his gun. He had not. Since that fateful day Bell has been engaged in a massive campaign to reform police to make sure this never happens again.
>when x does y should they be judged by other x's ?
Unironically that is what judgement by peers is supposed to be. you are only supposed to be convicted by people who understand the full context of the scenario.
300371 300376
Clearly the state's justice is not working. Looking at the issue in a pragmatical way, the People has the sovereign right to override laws and procedures, to take justice on their hands and execute it as they see fit.

Because it's not explicitly stated in the Bill of Rights, we do not have the right, even though the 9th implicitly states that there would have to be a constitutional amendment to infringe on natural rights.
>the People has the sovereign right to override laws and procedures, to take justice on their hands and execute it as they see fit.
It is the right of the people to do that, but ultimately whether we have the right is not the main issue. That is whether we are able. Political power lies in the barrel of a gun, and if the state has the power to crush those who seek to undermine its power over them, they will. Just look at Ruby Ridge. Ultimately, the question we are faced with is how to cripple the existing order without inciting it to mow us down in gunfire and say it's okay because we were nahtzees.
Personally, I think the only workable strategy is local activism to promote separation and independence from the completely kiked state and federal governments.
Bill of Rights.png
>Because it's not explicitly stated in the Bill of Rights, we do not have the right
>Bill of rights
Reminder that that Bill was killed by the same groups claiming their right to rule over the People.
"Free speech zones?" Never heard of them.
Wouldn't "Hate speech laws" be a better fit for the opposite of the first amendment?
>Mark Passio - The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine
>This is the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 3 Conference in 2015. In this lecture, Mark explains how Order-Followers in the Police and Military are members of a world-wide Cult that is destroying human freedom.
Mirror: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/why-we-are-in-this-mess-the-cult-of-ultimate-evil-order-followers_xeVVXtv8QnSRdBK.html
Opposite Day in America - White Man Shot by Cop.mp4
>Black Man Says “That’s What I Like to See” as he Films Obese Police Officer Shooting White Man Wielding Stick
>Brave Judge Rules Cops Must Return Cash Seized Under Civil Asset Forfeiture—Or Go to Jail
>Iredell County, NC — In one of the most inspiring moves we’ve seen in a long time, a judge has ordered the Town of Mooresville and its police department to give back money they seized under civil asset forfeiture. But that is not all. Iredell District Court Judge Christine Underwood has issued an ultimatum to the would-be thieves — give back the cash or go to jail.
Good, but that's funny coming from a judge who's salary is payed by taxes.
>Family Fined, Kicked Off Their Own Property While Trying to Live Sustainably
>Polk County, GA — There is no question that 2020 was one of the most difficult years in American history. As the government shut down the economy, driving unemployment to record levels and forcing businesses to close their doors forever, tens of millions of Americans found themselves in dire straits. To deal with the unprecedented hard times, some folks like Tim Leslie and his family began to get creative, buying property and homesteading. However, because the land of the free is is but a fleeting myth in this country, government officials did all they could to thwart it.
>The family’s dreams of homesteading on their own property came to a grinding halt, however, and has morphed into a nightmare thanks to the intrusive and utterly cruel nature of the state.
>One would think that the media coverage on the case, coupled with the egregious nature of kicking a family off their own property for trying to survive during a pandemic, would make officials rethink their move. However, one would be wrong.
>According to WSB-TV, the county manager, the police chief and the county commission chair all refused to comment on the case but Polk County police chief Kenny Dodd had no problem standing behind the move.
>The fact that government is doing this to an innocent family for attempting to live a sustainable life on their own property is tyrannical. However, the fact that they are doing it when millions of people are unemployed and on the verge of starvation, makes this especially insidious.
Blue lives aren't White. They are traitors until proven otherwise, just like feds.
>Family’s Farm Raided, the Animals Killed—for Rehabilitating Them Without a Permit
>Petoskey, MI — A Michigan farm owner’s desire to help animals in need has landed her in jail and the animals she was helping, killed. Kei Ju Farm and Rescue owner Julie Hall did not pay the government for the proper permit before helping animals so officials arrested her and then killed her animals.
>Apparently, if you pay the state for a permit to rehab the animals first, this magically makes everyone safer.
>Because Hall had been doing such a good job of this for years — without a permit — people would bring her animals they found who were in need. Permit or not, clearly there was a demand for her services.
>The DNR agents also killed Po, a one-legged crow a child had brought in — to keep everyone safe, of course.
police free world.jpg
Have some OC.
So true.
304122 304123 304166
I have noticed in the last week that the police are acting different. My family seems to be convinced they are stalking us. My question to you is, how do I know for certain if they and other government officials are stalking or otherwise targeting us and what it is they even want from us if such were the case?
If you are indeed their target, little you can do at this stage as they have the upper hand.
However you can take some passive pre-emptive measures such as to remove electronic devices which are prime prizes for them, be for evidence, be for stealing. Yep, when bots ransack a house, appliances, cash and other pricey stuff go missing for ever.
Also see >>289245
You don't and that's the joke. when the gooberment is afraid of the people, the people must always 'revolt against' the gooberment for overstepping the boundaries laid down.As for what and why? That does not matter. The jibberjewent cares not for law, Czech-bro. It only functions due to taxes. Do you recall what Yugoslavia was like before the invasion 'headed' by Bill "I totally didn't rape 30+ wymyn nor did I rape 80+ girls on Epstein's private island" Clinton before he begged NATO to bomb all of Yugoslavia's infrastructure, especially concrete, medical, and chemical industries, so that his allied jew-amerimutt cartels could move in and set up a central bank? If you DO recall those events, then you already know for certain why the jew and his golem goyim want in: shekels. If you don't, then you need to study the past 50 years of Yugoslavian history a bit more.
Nah, I'm burger; must be my VPN. I'll follow your advice on studying slav history, though. Seems we're heading down that same road.

I don't really own much. The few things I do have I make sure family keeps with them when I'm not present in case of emergencies. The worry is that they are going to try and seize our trashy property or plant drugs on me. I think in this case they might be cooking up fantasies, but I'd be a retard if I entirely blew it off as that when I am posting in a whole 300-post thread filled with evidence to the contrary. It's best to remain alert.

Now that I think of it, though, Biden was in town earlier in the week; the increased security could have something to do with it. Not sure why they'd keep it up for this long.
hope you don't have a pet, there seem to be an awful lot of "accidental" shootings around those given this thread.
>STASI AMERICA: De Blasio Ordering NYPD to “Confront” People Accused of “Hurtful” Legal Behavior
>New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is vowing to use the New York City Police Department as a social engineering force, instructing uniformed officers to “confront” people who supposedly engage in “hurtful” behavior.
>“Even if something is not a criminal case, a perpetrator being confronted by the city, whether it’s NYPD or another agency, and being told that what they’ve done was very hurtful to another person — and could, if ever repeated, lead to criminal charges — that’s another important piece of the puzzle,” said de Blasio to reporters in a Thursday press conference. The incidents of violence targeting Asians are already criminal offenses, and it’s unclear how De Blasio imagines UK-style social engineering on the part of police actually accomplishing anything.
They finally use the proper term for State enforcers.
The actions of the Gestapo were a net positive, removing commies, removing kikes, keeping non-nationals in cheque.

But the Stasi? Pure scum.
Wild VPN then dude. If you haven't already started then here's a few tips:
#1: in 1985ACE Yugoslavia began an huge modernization campaign to upgrade their 1960ACE's USSR infrastructure to the then-current modern standards.
#2: by ditching their reliance on USSR produced technologies to a more manageable and RELIABLE technological base, Yugoslavia became a target of Jewnited Nations ridicule. That time period can be boiled down to: "y wud u need 2 do dat lul nationalism r bad. jus do wut we sez an u git outside halp an shekels". This causes the next step:
#3: Yugoslavians quickly become nationalists via not wanting to whore their own raw resources out to either the Combloc OR the Jewnited Nations, in order to acquire machinery and electronics for bettering their own country.
#4: the entirety of the Combloc (still 100% kike controlled) and the Jewnited Nations (by then 100% kike controlled) don't like this situation. "BuT wE hAvE a StAtE tHaT wE cAn'T pRoFiT fRoM!" says the Kremlin kikes. "Then let's fracture them apart and steal their resources so we can divide them (((equally)))!" says the Jewnited Nations. This leads to:
#5: in 1989ACE, a series of meetings in the (((District of Columbia))), also known as (((Washington, District of Columbia))), occur. These meetings were the foundation for Agenda 2000, and were intended to produce the nu-world order. The Jewnited Nations, using all of the currently collected crony cuntries, began to push for an ever greater and always expanding 'war' against (((terrorism))). Now, what is terrorism? "Attempting to restore a local (((estate))) to the people without being under (((OUR))) control". See Korea and Vietnam for excellent examples of that.
#6: those meetings began to (((strangely))) prioritize dissident countries that were beginning to hate their enforced imperial overlords. Costa Rica? Cuba? Brazil? Venezuela? Myanmar? Phillippines? Hawaii? Botswana? Bali? Indonesia? Ghana? Afghanistan? Japan? Taiwan? South Korea? Mongolia? Germany? France? Australia? New Zealand? Ghuinea? Wait a minute, all of those countries were... colonized by pro-kike minions! What a (((Cohencidence))) that was!
#7: enter Bill Clinton. Muppet. Rapist. Drug addict. Importantly: an extremely close friend to Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, and the Silversteins. Even more important: he was corrupt. He would take any bribe, any deal that made him more rich and powerful. Suddenly, Yugoslavia developing their own chemical, oil/fuel, and medical industries was a threat. What do?
#8: call in NATO and accuse Yugoslavia of the same crimes that goyim amerimutts have committed since 1811ACE. Without evidence. Without so much as a single fucking trial. Without even blinking. Not even a faux-dog and pony show like Nuremburg. Instead, one day the CIA-owned media begins blaring: "YUGOSLAVIA R BAD AND DEY SHUD BE KILLD CUZ WE CANT MAKE SHEKELS FROM DEM".


The Murder of Daniel Shaver by Zogbot Traitor Philip Brailsford.mp4
The Murder of Daniel Shaver by Zogbot Traitor Philip Brailsford and accomplices.
Year and another later Phil has 2,500 dollars a month pension approved by the board. For PTSD so he claims because of the murder. After being fired was then rehired for zero dollars to get pension.
He made a poor showing in trial by 'forgetting' and 'misremembering' details. With a successful subdued smirk.
Not only that former police jewtube comments on the subject claim that they have procedures that if done right no one gets harmed, and that being an officer means not being a coward to take the chance. With military comments from dunecoon deployment area showing the cluster fuck was completely avoidable in such a relatively low stress situation.
Psychopathy is dangerous for your health. It doesn't care if you're inebriated.
>New York City Council ends qualified immunity for NYPD officers
>New York City on Thursday passed a spate of police reforms including ending qualified immunity for New York Police Department (NYPD) officers.
>Qualified immunity shields state and local police from liability unless they violated a clearly established constitutional right, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
>The City Council said in a statement that it passed a bill creating a local civil right protecting the city’s residents against unreasonable search and seizures, excessive force, and a ban on the use of qualified immunity as a defense.
>Council Speaker Corey Johnson (D) hailed the bill’s passage, noting that the city is the first in the country to end qualified immunity.
305004 305580
Won't the removal of "qualified immunity" just lead to every police officer being tied up in court with all the civil lawsuits that will ensue. And secondly make every cop with a bit of common sense to quit and move to a different State?
No, it will end with an even more silent police.
>How'd he get shot in the head 5 times?
>Where's the bodycam footage?
>Why did you stop the bodycam recording?
>What was officer Gomez doing to the suspect?

Despite all of that, it's still a good thing because it increases the cost of enforcement.
Anything to increase the cost of enforcement is a good thing.
>Capitol Riot Defendants Say They Were Beaten By Jail Guards, Left In Solidary Confinement
>One of the men awaiting trial on charges he assaulted two Capitol police officers during a January 6th riot claims he was beaten to a “bloody pulp” by a prison guard — an attack that left him suffering ongoing seizures. Others arrested following the attack on the United States Capitol say they are being kept in solitary confinement, limited to their cells for 23 hours a day despite not being convicted of a crime.
I know a lot of people studying law enforcement, and the fact that people are even daring to bring that up has caused a lot of people to leave the field.
No cop wants to be 100% liable for every little thing that happens.

>Nick Fuentes || The Regimes Escalating War on Conservatives
It seems like a lot of people who were interested in going into law enforcement are going into law instead, sadly.
We live in a sad world where cops are considered more despicable than (((lawyers))).
>We live in a sad world where cops are considered more despicable than (((lawyers))).
And for good reasons. Even if there would be some good apples left, they lack the moral courage to point their weapons at the high brass when in the wrong or at least to quit, says a lot.
The Force as a whole is corrupt and their crimes can't go for much longer without people noticing. For practical purposes they must go and be replaced with a militia with citizen command and oversight.
>Dozens Freed After NYPD Detective Charged for Framing Innocent People for Drug Crimes
>Brooklyn, NY — Charges against the now-disgraced NYPD detective Joseph Franco are being welcomed by the families of dozens of New Yorkers as it is leading to the dismissal of their family members’ charges. Franco was reportedly caught framing innocent individuals and now Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez’s Conviction Review Unit this week asked for the dismissal of 27 felony convictions and 63 misdemeanor convictions based on Franco’s corrupt policing.
>According to ABC 7, Franco has been indicted in Manhattan for perjury, official misconduct and other charges in connection with four incidents whereby he allegedly framed numerous individuals for making narcotics transactions.
>According to the Conviction Review Unit, the dozens of cases are being dismissed because Franco’s crimes have discredited his witness testimonies.
>Maryland Becomes First State Ever to Repeal Police Officer Bill of Rights—Ending Blue Privilege
>Maryland — For decades, Maryland and dozens of other states across the union have upheld a special set of rights for cops which citizens do not get to enjoy. It was called the police bill of rights and it shielded cops from accountability by blocking civilian inquiries into misconduct on the force and erasing records of complaints filed against officers after a period of time. But this special privilege and above the law status is no longer.
>According to the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability, the special rights enjoyed by police in the state are vast. They include:
>- Generous protections during the investigation of misconduct
>- Limits on what discipline can be imposed for certain infractions
>- Strict time limits on alleging a complaint, including for police brutality.
>- Allowing only other law enforcement officers to investigate misconduct
>- Allowing a delay before questioning an officer about misconduct
>- Expungement of disciplinary records
>“As a result, only a very small percentage of complaints actually result in discipline. At the very least, we must know that law enforcement agencies are taking police discipline seriously, and not protecting officers who engage in misconduct,” the group wrote in a statement.
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>Yes, Cops Can Legally Lie To You, It’s So Bad that One Cop’s Lie Made a Man Kill Himself
>It happens so much, it’s got a name: Testilying. Testilying is what happens when police officers lie to citizens during traffic stops, detainment, or in the interrogation room in order to trick a person into doing what they want. In 2018, the NY Times tackled several incidents of Testilying and discovered it even happens in the court room—thus the term. While lying in the court room is certainly the most egregious of cases, the following incident of cops lying shows just how dangerous, even deadly, it can be.