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File: 1542326365949.png (246.15 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

4c1cc No.67439[Last 50 Posts]

Who's up for a game of risk?

Since we're such a slow site, I figure we can us the dice system. Just roll a 1d9999 or 1d10000 if you'd like.
We'll start in 30 minute or when we have all our players, whatever happens first.

4e6d3 No.67440

I'm up for it.

5f6dc No.67441

Sure,why not.

4e6d3 No.67442

Though, can I ask for some more clarification on the rules?

4c1cc No.67443

First everyone will need to choose their color, and pick a name.
Once everyone has told me where they wanna start, we'll start in order of color (Grey, teal, purple, etc…).
The dice will correspond to the traditional post numbers, and values are in the bottom right corner. And you just choose which territories you want.

4e6d3 No.67444

I suppose I'll just ask questions about the mechanics when they come up.

Name: New German Reich
Color: Dark

4c1cc No.67445

Fucking checked, where you wanna start?

4e6d3 No.67446

Southwestern Indiana. Or do you need something more specific?

4c1cc No.67447

Nope, I can work with that

5f6dc No.67448

Name: The Fursecutors

4c1cc No.67449


8dbce No.67450

If I join will I be able to do much if I am heading towards sleep soon and brain not function fully.

5f6dc No.67451


4c1cc No.67452

That's okay, we'll still let you join.
Though I think I'll go ahead and delay another 30 minutes to let anyone else show up.

8dbce No.67453

File: 1542328482136.gif (468.69 KB, 352x400, 1491907603452.gif)


Name: Noveland
Color: Purple
Start: Center-top (unless it is claimed because I suck at US geography)

4c1cc No.67454

Okay, so that's: Cyan, and Dark.
15 slots left if anyone else wants to join.

4c1cc No.67455

Got it, glad to have you.

70d33 No.67456

Name:Midwest Federation
Color: Gold
Start: Northern Illinois/Illinois

70d33 No.67457

How often will this run? I can be her often, but player attrition usually kills these games.

70d33 No.67458

Let me change the start to Iowa.

4c1cc No.67459

Well we can decide after tonight. If we all enjoy it we continue. If not we'll declare a winner.

70d33 No.67460

Got it. Will keep the thread open until the official start.

4c1cc No.67461

File: 1542330155286.png (228.99 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Alright, that's 30 minutes.

And so we begin with four fringe groups rising up in their respective areas. When everyone is ready just roll and let me know what general direction (NWSE) you wish to expand.

If anyone else wishes to join just let me know.

4e6d3 No.67462

North 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5806 ]

8dbce No.67463

1d9999[ 1d9999 = 8803 ]

5f6dc No.67464

north into cali
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7225 ]

70d33 No.67465

70d33 No.67466

Dice rollRolled 543

Fuck, let us try this again. WEST

4c1cc No.67467

File: 1542330672780.png (229.78 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And here's where we stand.

Psst, d10000, not d1000

8dbce No.67468

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 570 ]

4e6d3 No.67469

North 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3434 ]

70d33 No.67470

Dice rollRolled 1939

South now.
Oh shit. Thanks.

5f6dc No.67471

take the southern regions of cali
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9702 ]

a55ae No.67472

Team: Dominic
Color: Red
Location: TEXAS

a55ae No.67474

Dice rollRolled 4418

70d33 No.67475

Try Dice 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 1368 ]

4c1cc No.67476

File: 1542331141663.png (233.65 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Looking pretty good so far.
No prob
And a new challenger has arrived

4e6d3 No.67477

East 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3326 ]

8dbce No.67478

Lets try to fill the state with knowledge
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 74 ]

70d33 No.67479

File: 1542331283309.jpg (118.16 KB, 960x544, kancolle_new_character_iow….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 4398

Continue securing Iowa. If full, move East to Illinois.

5f6dc No.67480

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8854 ]

70d33 No.67481

Apparently Montanans cannot learn.

8dbce No.67482

Eventually they will learn

a55ae No.67485

Dice rollRolled 3381

Peparing for Dominic Invasion
THIS time for sure

8dbce No.67486

You can also write dice rolls in the message (1d10000) switch ( ) with [ ]

4e6d3 No.67487

It's easier to type out 1d10000 with brackets around it.

4c1cc No.67488

File: 1542331599644.png (234.08 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Montana has gained a little more knowledge, Iowa is being invaded by anime battleship-grils, California's streets are running red with furry blood, Indiana is starting Panzer production, and everyone is changing their name to Dominic in Texas….

70d33 No.67489

Before, or after you lose?
>Dominic invasion from the south
Trump never built the wall in this timeline, did he?

4e6d3 No.67490

>>67488 (checked)
Let's move northeast to cut Michigan off from the rest of the map. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3724 ]

5f6dc No.67491

Annex southern nevada
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7959 ]

8dbce No.67492

Hopefully before. It will be my life work and perhaps I get a book bus there named after me.

By the power of blackboards and chalk
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7568 ]

4e6d3 No.67493

I think you just annexed the entirety of Nevada.

a55ae No.67494

Dice rollRolled 4777

>Dominic Intensifies

70d33 No.67495

File: 1542331808625.png (384.34 KB, 631x713, 1541342759394-4.png)


4e6d3 No.67496

>Mexican invasion of the US, 2018 colorized

4c1cc No.67497

Alright give me a minute

8dbce No.67498


70d33 No.67499

Dice rollRolled 708


5f6dc No.67500

File: 1542331900307.jpg (17.5 KB, 480x360, _texas.jpg)

R.I.P Texas

a55ae No.67501

Nah lissen her nah, whoever said we wuz MEXican?

4c1cc No.67502

File: 1542332036975.png (235.29 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

So Nevada has been cleansed, Montana's IQ is rising, Iowa's corn now belongs to anime, Texas is falling quick, and Michigan is slightly worried by the wall being built on it's border.

5f6dc No.67503

File: 1542332134091.png (26.52 KB, 709x523, _fursecution_2_by_morshu90….png)

finish the California cleansing
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8323 ]

70d33 No.67504

Dice rollRolled 3720

Continue the harvest. Then Illinois. It will happen eventually.

8dbce No.67505

Lets make readers out of them, and may it spill over into the other territories.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5838 ]

4e6d3 No.67506

Finish sealing off Michigan…then proceed with the annexation of Detroit. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 1241 ]

a55ae No.67507

Dice rollRolled 3676

Head toward the west, toward the upside-down chair

70d33 No.67508

>toward the upside-down chair

4e6d3 No.67509

I think he's talking about heading towards El Paso.

4c1cc No.67510

File: 1542332401825.png (236 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Well here's where we stand.
Excuse me while I think of more witty comments.

70d33 No.67511

Dice rollRolled 9104

You are excused.

Same thing as usual.

a55ae No.67512

File: 1542332477138.png (1.03 KB, 56x47, Screenshot_2018-11-15 RISK.png)

I meant this one
I'll use screenshots next time
"It's fine" -CoIC

8dbce No.67513

Now lets take it Easbound and Down
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6286 ]

4c1cc No.67514

Ah I see it now

5f6dc No.67515

File: 1542332522279.png (232.07 KB, 676x562, _F_core.png)

time to liberate nor-cal
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4877 ]

70d33 No.67516

Didn't see that. Interesting.

4e6d3 No.67517


a55ae No.67518

Dice rollRolled 5913

Continue west toward the West edge, then back along the coast to the south and east.

4c1cc No.67519

File: 1542332933766.png (236.97 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Detroit has been swiftly dealt with, Knowledge is overflowing, the corn harvest is plentiful, fur-fags are shot on sight, and Texas is turning non-dominics into a minority.
And we've barely started!

BTW NAPs are allowed. I'm an AnCap afterall

70d33 No.67520

Dice rollRolled 6130

We know, but first Iowa must be secured and the liberation of Chicago must occur.

4e6d3 No.67521

Continue pushing west in Michigan. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2925 ]

5f6dc No.67522

liberate the last hold out of furrys(in cali) from life
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3556 ]

8dbce No.67523

Since the compass is a bit broken and I am in unknown territory I'll keep moving the same way even though I think I read somewhere that the sun should rise in the east and not in the west. But the damn indians hit me on the head and stole my almanac so I am not sure anymore.
>keep moving the direction you sent me (westward)
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2670 ]

a55ae No.67524

File: 1542333338601.png (31.76 KB, 294x233, next.png)

Dice rollRolled 5542

"Reign Dominic upon the heathens!"

4c1cc No.67525

File: 1542333511150.png (238.16 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And the first bonus state has been taken over!
Well, unless you count corn or cows as a real bonus in Iowa or Montana's case.

5f6dc No.67526

File: 1542333618079.jpg (30.08 KB, 600x450, _metokur.jpg)

the grand leader of the fursectuors says take western Oregon

5f6dc No.67527

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8373 ]

70d33 No.67528

Dice rollRolled 1569

Take Chicago, than move into Nebraska.

4e6d3 No.67529

Finish the annexation of the Michigan Oven Mitt 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3000 ]

a55ae No.67530

Dice rollRolled 5863

Consolidate West Texas, then move East

70d33 No.67531

Here we go fellas.

4e6d3 No.67532

Oh shit, trips. If there's leftover territories to claim, cross over the Straits of Mackinac and begin the annexation of the Michigan Panhandle.

4c1cc No.67533

Give me a minute lads

8dbce No.67534

I lock a billion monkeys in a room with a typewriter to create literal art. And the outcome is…
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 543 ]
>The land I am upon, that land is my land. Take it

4e6d3 No.67535

So, what would you say about agreeing to an NAP?

8dbce No.67536

I see I need to speed up my educational program soon, or risk loosing my staplers and other office equipment needed to make learning.

4c1cc No.67537

File: 1542333983581.png (239.18 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Well, those where some large numbers.

70d33 No.67538

>Non Aggression Pact offered by the German Reich
This is probably a bad idea, but sure.

70d33 No.67539

Dice rollRolled 6217

Continue welcoming Nebraska into the Federation. Then move southeast in Illinois.

4e6d3 No.67540

I am very pleased with how quickly the annexation of Michigan is proceeding. Continue annexing the rest of the state 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4851 ]
We are a changed Reich, my Midwestern friends! We are both of German ancestry, with deep German heritage. We are as brothers!

5f6dc No.67541

File: 1542334341739.jpg (36.68 KB, 480x396, _fursecution 2.jpg)

secure the new mexican furries and send them to the camps.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4264 ]
dominic gibe N.A.P and you will not be harmed

8dbce No.67542

I sadly have to turn in, so I will protect my land and my people by building an pillow fort around it.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5938 ]
>I will also dig a deep hole and fill it with water and put a blanket over it so anyone who walks on it will fall into the hole

a55ae No.67543

Dice rollRolled 1881

Consolidate the creamy center, and then begin the eastern press

4c1cc No.67544

File: 1542334618560.png (239.94 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

The corn welcomes you.
Night, hopefully the defenses will stand.
The desert falls before your mighty fur-killing hand.
>The annexing proceeds
And the creamy center is being eaten away, bit by bit.

70d33 No.67545

So is this the end for the night because >>67542 or keep going?

4e6d3 No.67546

Finish Michigan off, then use its factories to help in consolidating Northern Indiana. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3425 ]

8dbce No.67547

Okay your palindrome have convinced me, I will stay on a little longer.

Push North-East and the South-East square
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2606 ]

a55ae No.67548

File: 1542334752855-0.png (27.85 KB, 254x250, Screenshot_2018-11-15 RISK….png)

File: 1542334752855-1.png (24.28 KB, 240x235, Screenshot_2018-11-15 RISK….png)

Hold on a sec
What's this shit?

5f6dc No.67549

File: 1542334753110.jpg (118.62 KB, 800x800, _jim.jpg)

aneex the dude weed lmao furfags(colorado)
The Grand Leader has selected a national anthem

4c1cc No.67550

We'll continue
The four that you got working at the area you designated

4e6d3 No.67551

The South-East square is Wyoming, in case that helps.

70d33 No.67552

File: 1542334853604.png (498.39 KB, 790x928, iowa__b__by_bryanz09-d9t92….png)

Dice rollRolled 4483

Disregard this >>67545

5f6dc No.67553

id like to become one with Iowa if you know what i mean.

8dbce No.67554

I should sit down and learn the states on of these days.

a55ae No.67555

"Your offer is well received. I agree to your NAP. The west is yours."

4e6d3 No.67556

I wish you luck if you decide to, 50 is a lot to keep track of.

4c1cc No.67557

Don't we all
It's not to hard if you disregard the North-east

a55ae No.67558

Dice rollRolled 1304

5f6dc No.67559

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2679 ]

70d33 No.67560

Don't worry about it. Most Americans don't even know all the states.

4c1cc No.67561

File: 1542335146182.png (240.14 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

4c1cc No.67562

I guess nobody wants Utah

8dbce No.67563

Same plan
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3722 ]

Mormons will be taken eventually, and if I get them they will go door to door with dictionaries.

5f6dc No.67564

feel free to take utah.
continue the crusade into colorado
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7989 ]

70d33 No.67565

File: 1542335391865.jpg (150.45 KB, 951x1200, 4a0.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1481

Fuck Utah. Who wants to share space with the Mormons?
Take Nebraska than move south in Illinois. The breadbasket will be mine.

8dbce No.67566

Do you still have to learn about each President you have had in primary school?

4e6d3 No.67567

File: 1542335517238.jpg (174.16 KB, 503x443, 1519338551778-1.jpg)

>tfw you've reclaimed the Rust Belt
Unless our Midwestern friends object annex the northern half of Wisconsin as a buffer zone. They may have the southern half for their own. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8853 ]
I mean, would you?
I think we still do, though I forget which year we learn that in.

70d33 No.67568

File: 1542335618810.jpg (514.62 KB, 1600x2788, 2b57ce3f453630bc2abe6f28b8….jpg)

I barely know any of them, though I think we covered them briefly. All I remember are the important and funny ones like Andrew Jackson.

a55ae No.67569

File: 1542335641738-0.png (47.74 KB, 325x300, next.png)

Dice rollRolled 6584

The lines are not specific, I mean take those territories along the Texas border

5f6dc No.67570

nah they are to busy teaching the kids about trannys.

4e6d3 No.67571

Andrew Jackson is one of the presidents I would put into the running for "Greatest Presidents of All Time".

70d33 No.67572

>Unless our Midwestern friends object annex the northern half of Wisconsin as a buffer zone. They may have the southern half for their own.
Take Wisconsin if you wish, just leave a minor buffer there. (No bonus for it anyway). I Plan to move south soon to retake Texas. I plan to push through Illinois first, just a heads up.

4c1cc No.67573

File: 1542335753061.png (240.22 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

That's the spirit!
Kansas isn't quite keen on sharing a boarder with you… Yet
Colorado seems to be too high to notice you.
You encounter a lot of people wearing cheese on their heads.
Andrew Jackson is great
The Dominics continue eating the Texas-shaped cream-filled chocolates.

5f6dc No.67574

take the rest of colorado.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6836 ]

8dbce No.67575

Take the last of Wyoming, then take to north east, then USA.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5107 ]

70d33 No.67576

Dice rollRolled 7826


70d33 No.67577

So, who are you going to go after first?

4e6d3 No.67578

As long as you leave Indiana and Kentucky for me, I have no issue with you taking the rest of Illinois uncontested.
Such a strange people. Regardless, these people are as German as we are: we must continue to unite them. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3341 ]

a55ae No.67579

Dice rollRolled 8707


70d33 No.67580


5f6dc No.67581

File: 1542336072373.png (63.19 KB, 680x680, _benis hmmm.png)

4c1cc No.67582

File: 1542336135328.png (240.34 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And shit continues happening, but who's shit will happen the quickest?

a55ae No.67583

"I accepted your offer. Renege at your peril"

4e6d3 No.67584

We've become rather fond of Wisconsin cheese. Let us have more of it, but be mindful of our border with Illinois. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9797 ]

5f6dc No.67585

into new mexico
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 958 ]

a55ae No.67586

Dice rollRolled 9695

"For Dominic!"
*whispered muttering in ear*"
"That's because it would be too complicated to explain!"

8dbce No.67587

This is my true last of the day. Time is 3:45am and I really should try to get some sleep. I have to sleep without a pillow now because since my land has grown it is now needed in my pillow fortification of my land to protect from Mongolian hoards and the like.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5185 ] <- Take North Dakota

70d33 No.67588

Dice rollRolled 9895

>but who's shit will happen the quickest?
Ours! The Midwest will control the Mississippi and have a true port city.

Nebraska then IL

4c1cc No.67589

File: 1542336583669.png (240.57 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Goodnight. I'll let the others decide to continue or not.

5f6dc No.67590

sure, we can
since noveland doesnt want utah ill take it.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6172 ]

8dbce No.67591

Just continue, don't stop for my sake. I trust my pillow fort.

4e6d3 No.67592

I'm perfectly fine with continuing, myself.

We've had our fill of cheese for a while. It's time to consolidate Indiana for the Reich. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 361 ]

a55ae No.67593

Dice rollRolled 6393

I'm not hardly done

70d33 No.67594

Dice rollRolled 4497

Please advise, Nebraska nets me +2. Also roll for Illinois.

70d33 No.67595

If you insist. Have an excellent night. Hope you get more than 4 hours.

4c1cc No.67596

File: 1542337014419.png (241 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And while Noveland focuses on increasing it's IQ by a couple points, the others focus on turning the map their own color.

4e6d3 No.67597

As Noveland has gone inward, I feel we should decide what the eventual fate of the unclaimed territories to their east should be, as we're the only other countries that can access these regions.
Indiana is rightful New German clay! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5704 ]

5f6dc No.67598

finish the annexation of utah and convert the mormons to furry hatred.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2696 ]

8dbce No.67599

File: 1542337297155.png (36.55 KB, 426x364, 1499403164714.png)

Thanks.. Luckily I don't have early morning

May the dices be kind to you all, and good night.

70d33 No.67600

>As Noveland has gone inward, I feel we should decide what the eventual fate of the unclaimed territories to their east should be, as we're the only other countries that can access these regions.
I head south, and you head south. Either Teal Beats Red, Red Beats Teal, or otherwise I come under attack. Like it or not I am your buffer. Unless you position yourself to aid in my defense, you will face powerful foes alone.

70d33 No.67601

South into Kansas. Along the east boarder please.

70d33 No.67602

Dice rollRolled 6938


5f6dc No.67603

File: 1542337433357.png (153.79 KB, 785x847, _fren pizza.png)

night fren

a55ae No.67604

Dice rollRolled 8807


4e6d3 No.67605

>I head south, and you head south. Either Teal Beats Red, Red Beats Teal, or otherwise I come under attack. Like it or not I am your buffer. Unless you position yourself to aid in my defense, you will face powerful foes alone.
I have thought about this. Perhaps it would be best for me to head south along the eastern bank of the Mississippi after I take Indiana. At least that would give me purchase to help draw the Dominics' attention away from you and towards me.

4c1cc No.67606

File: 1542337736403.png (241.13 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Here we go, and it looks like the strategy is getting real.

70d33 No.67607

Dice rollRolled 7542

Continue the march south.

4e6d3 No.67608

Continue uniting the Hoosiers under our banner. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2986 ]

a55ae No.67609

Dice rollRolled 7648

"Fae Dominicus Victus!"

5f6dc No.67610

take the last remnants of utah.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7761 ]

4c1cc No.67611

File: 1542338045931.png (241.14 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And thus the wheels of US domination continue turning…

70d33 No.67612

Dice rollRolled 752

South damnit, South through Kansas!

a55ae No.67613

Dice rollRolled 9914

>seeting rage intensifies

4e6d3 No.67614

Indiana is almost entirely ours, let us keep at it! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 99 ]

5f6dc No.67615

into oregon!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9139 ]

4e6d3 No.67616

That roll, though.
I think I will have leftover claims after that roll. In that case, push south into Western Kentucky after Indiana is finished.

4c1cc No.67617

File: 1542338585212.png (241.53 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And Corn land is continuing south through Kansas, Fur-slayers are going north, Dominic is continuing to rampage through Texas, and India is now German.

5f6dc No.67618

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9903 ]

4c1cc No.67619

Upon reflection India =/= Indiana….

a55ae No.67620

Dice rollRolled 8707

Hoping for a roll that doesn't fraternize with rolls of the same gender,….

4e6d3 No.67621

Push south into Western Kentucky, along the eastern bank of the Ohio River. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4407 ]

70d33 No.67622

File: 1542338864115.png (155.09 KB, 602x273, main-qimg-7ce7acc9e768d91f….png)

Dice rollRolled 1610

The Midwest is ours via divine right! I formally declare war on The Fursecutors. Attack Colorado! Paner Vor!

4c1cc No.67623

Oh shit

70d33 No.67624

Panzer vor!

4c1cc No.67625

File: 1542338979284.png (241.88 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And someone finally declared war!
This should end well…

4e6d3 No.67626

Shit just got real.

5f6dc No.67627

File: 1542338991172.jpg (46.91 KB, 960x721, _CG.jpg)

Bring it,Faggot

a55ae No.67628

Dice rollRolled 1115

"This is gay"

4e6d3 No.67629

Push further south into Tennessee along the eastern bank of the Ohio and Mississippi. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9722 ]

70d33 No.67630

File: 1542339130658.jpg (143.67 KB, 900x675, uss_iowa_bb_61_by_tr4br_d3….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1738

Continue the push west to California.
Will do.

5f6dc No.67631

push into the invading army!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9781 ]
Filthy mid western furfags!

4c1cc No.67632

File: 1542339327454.png (242.46 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

So the cornhuskers attacked and the stoners countered. This will be quite nice.

a55ae No.67633

Dice rollRolled 137

"It shouldn't take this long to take Texas FFS!"

4e6d3 No.67634

(OCD: ACTIVATED) Take the four western-most counties of Kentucky first, then continue the march south through Tennessee along the river. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4908 ]

70d33 No.67635

File: 1542339702601.png (279.88 KB, 1786x1068, snake path.png)

Dice rollRolled 6746

Attempt to do pic related and maintain the path at all costs. Kansas and all non essential land is is expendable.

5f6dc No.67636

attempt to cut their men off and then clean up.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 399 ]

4c1cc No.67637

File: 1542339974856.png (242.51 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Uh oh, Fursecutors have lost the California bonus, but have some of the huskers surrounded.

70d33 No.67638

For clarification, I want to push into CA at all costs. If the land is cut then so be it.

a55ae No.67639

Dice rollRolled 9686


4e6d3 No.67640

Split our expansion efforts between annexing the rest of Tennessee and marching south along the Mississippi. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 1639 ]

5f6dc No.67641

take back california
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6289 ]

70d33 No.67642

File: 1542340196015.jpg (64.34 KB, 1280x720, Trench poners.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 8712

Not one step back! Hold Kansas then reopen the corridor at once! gogogo!

4c1cc No.67643

File: 1542340383600.png (242.15 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

As the Germans send their battle ships down the Mississippi, and Texas falls, the anti-furs destroy the supply line as Nebraska makes a small push

a55ae No.67644

Dice rollRolled 1975


5f6dc No.67645

spear head into nebraska
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6520 ]

4e6d3 No.67646

Continue as before. March to the Gulf, and liberate the Tennessee oil fields for the Reich! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3691 ]

70d33 No.67647

File: 1542340582216.jpg (77.51 KB, 800x1150, DbuMv6cVQAExWx2.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 7490

Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way. Even push west, with an emphasis on taking Utah. If outmatched attempt to hold the Nebraska Trenches at all costs.

4c1cc No.67648

File: 1542340846915.png (242.25 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

For a second it looked like Nebraska would be overrun, but they made a daring comeback.
Meanwhile Dominic and New Germany focus on expanding their territory rather than participating in squabbles.
Noveland has increased it's IQ by five.

a55ae No.67649

Dice rollRolled 2141

Finish taking Texas FFS, while opponents travel thousands of miles in a single turn cuz apparently you can do that

70d33 No.67650

Dice rollRolled 5147

Again, even push west, with an emphasis on taking Utah. If outmatched attempt to hold the Nebraska Trenches at all costs.
You have no bonuses and your rolls are not great. It is just the RNG (Random Number God) at work

a55ae No.67651

I thought we were playing Risk, not "high roll"

5f6dc No.67652

push hard into nebraska
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6526 ]

4e6d3 No.67653

Redirect our previous efforts with the Mississippi towards marching south, then west along the Gulf Coast. Continue liberating Tennessee as usual. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6791 ]

70d33 No.67654

Risk is literally all dice rolls. Don't worry, once you take Texas you will get a 6+ bonus. That will put you on fighting terms with teal if/when he beats me.

4c1cc No.67655

File: 1542341302942.png (242.21 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Well thanks to RNG and bonuses, the war was at a standstill this turn.

And I think we'll pause here for the night. We can resume again tomorrow evening if everyone wishes, but here's the map as of now.

a55ae No.67656

Dice rollRolled 6660

Yes, but its not just one dice roll

4e6d3 No.67657

Sounds good to me. This was fun. Here's hoping we'll get to do more tomorrow.

5f6dc No.67658

sounds good to me, i had fun

70d33 No.67659

You would have got 20 provinces with that roll lol.

70d33 No.67661

That was fun. Nice playing with you all. Pleasant dreams and see you all tomorrow.

4e6d3 No.67662

Anyone else here waiting for round two of the map-painting simulator?

5f6dc No.67663

yea i am.

8dbce No.67664

I am game

4c1cc No.67665

>map-painting simulator

We'll start in about an hour if everyone else shows up.

4e6d3 No.67666


4c1cc No.67667

Well hoping Mr. Corn is here, everyone but Dominic needs to roll.

4e6d3 No.67668

Here's hoping.

The annexation and colonization of Tennessee and Louisiana is going according to plan. Let us continue our efforts! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4961 ]

8dbce No.67669

Rolling for domination of North Dakota
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 1916 ]

5f6dc No.67670

Take washington from those dirty furfags!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4779 ]

a55ae No.67671

File: 1542412904342.png (1.79 KB, 28x105, next.png)

If overflow
Also, abandon those two territories outside Texas to aid in the push

5f6dc No.67672

if i have any overflow put it into nebraska.

70d33 No.67673

File: 1542413493928.png (268.59 KB, 649x1232, pose_for_the_camera_by_a4r….png)

Dice rollRolled 8936

Just got here. Hold the line and push west. For the Fatherland!

4c1cc No.67674

File: 1542413655872.png (243 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And that's everyone to get us started again!

4e6d3 No.67675

Same as before. Here's hoping we can expedite the annexation process. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4852 ]

70d33 No.67676

Well met, leader of Noveland. As you may be aware, the Midwest Federation is in a bloody conflict with the The Fursecuters and soon the Dominic invasion. With Washington State, Teal will have a massive +8 advantage, and Red will have a +6 advantage. We only have a +2 advantage. We urgently request your support in this war, as soon both powers will be too great to stop. What is your answer?

8dbce No.67677

Drumroll (same procedure)
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8842 ]

70d33 No.67678

Dice rollRolled 3169

Confine pushing west and holding the Nebraska line.

5f6dc No.67679

Destroy the dirty corn furs!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6874 ]

70d33 No.67680

File: 1542413941972.jpg (146.13 KB, 751x1063, iowa_american_battle_ship_….jpg)

Whoo! Iowa shall have vengeance tonight!

a55ae No.67681

File: 1542414085866.png (8.38 KB, 103x97, next.png)

Dice rollRolled 5203

Any overflow is to crush the reich on sight

9ddd2 No.67682

File: 1542414165462.png (168.97 KB, 810x1014, 460839__safe_artist-colon-….png)

4e6d3 No.67683

We knew this day would come. You Dominic aggressors shall come to regret this decision.

a55ae No.67684

Don't fuck with Texas

4c1cc No.67685

File: 1542414273182.png (243.85 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

I'm not saying someone is sneaking cocaine into their corn, but damn did the soldiers move quick

8dbce No.67686

>I'm not saying someone is sneaking cocaine into their corn
I blame World War I care packages

Hopefully my goods will arrive soon
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2539 ]

5f6dc No.67687

Cut them off! and if there is any overflow put it in california.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6346 ]

a55ae No.67688

Dice rollRolled 3194

"Bathe in the blood of the reich, until I can eat the heart of its leader!"
Progress into all the closest territories first, then toward the Mississippi

70d33 No.67689

File: 1542414470957.png (2.47 MB, 5000x5000, 3_years_on_the_front.png)

Dice rollRolled 9509

Solidify the supply lines and make sure we still have at least one California province.

Corn, kartoffel, and trenches are the best.

4e6d3 No.67690

File: 1542414496718.jpg (393.49 KB, 956x1153, 577667__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

So, it has come to this. Onwards, brothers! TO WAR!

Blitzkrieg the Dominic lines, push hard into Texas with all we have! We will be victorious! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5827 ]

4c1cc No.67691

File: 1542414666460.png (243.81 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

So now I guess Noveland is the only one not at war, pulling a Switzerland I see…

5f6dc No.67692

hey Noveland, i wont attack you, if you wont attack me.
attack the weakest part of their line!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3360 ]

4e6d3 No.67693

Drive towards the heart of Texas. We shall shatter all resistance before us! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 603 ]

a55ae No.67694

Dice rollRolled 9034

Same plan, everything closest to Texas (of the reich) dies first.

8dbce No.67695

Pillowfort is strong.
Pillowfort is big.
Pillowfort protect my people.

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8326 ]

70d33 No.67696

Dice rollRolled 3817

Hold the line then continue the push into California.

4e6d3 No.67697

I have no quarrel with you or your people, Novelanders. I would offer you an NAP. So long as you leave Sourthern Wisconsin uncolonized, I will let you have both of the Dakotas and Minnesota without any contention from me.

4c1cc No.67698

File: 1542415070662.png (243.38 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

These wars seem to be at a standstill currently. Oh well, at least it's more entertaining for me.

a55ae No.67699

Dice rollRolled 8623

Continue the press
"I want his head on a pike!"

4e6d3 No.67700

We shall not falter! Push into Texas, men! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 967 ]

5f6dc No.67701

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4664 ]

70d33 No.67702

Dice rollRolled 3907

Push into California! Split these fanatics into half!

8dbce No.67703

As long as my dices don't forces me to teach people reading I will not invade.

I feel a bit sorry for Midwest (even though he got that 69), but for now agreed. I also want New German Reich IRL.

But at some point I will have to spread knowledge to all corners of Freedomland.

Forward 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4276 ]

4c1cc No.67704

File: 1542415435940.png (243.52 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Man, the Texas/Louisiana border is pretty contested tonight.
Nevada can't decide who they like more, and South Dakota is starting with Dr. Seuss.

4e6d3 No.67705

I understand, but for today, let us celebrate peace in the north.

4e6d3 No.67706

Finish the push into the Texan heartland, and form a spearhead from which to stage further advances. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3138 ]

a55ae No.67707

Dice rollRolled 1972

Continue the press against adjacent armies, pressing through them toward the Mississippi
"Starlight Glimmer is best pone!"

8dbce No.67708

File: 1542415598487.png (100.41 KB, 504x835, 1491250008866.png)

Checking if I get nicer rolls with images
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 1324 ]

70d33 No.67709

Dice rollRolled 7990

West! West! Defend all held land, then push west!

5f6dc No.67710

Surround them!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2812 ]

4c1cc No.67711

File: 1542415762761.png (243.48 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Shit's going down lads.

a55ae No.67712

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5918 ]

4e6d3 No.67713

Reform the supply line between the Louisiana territories and the regions in Texas we have taken. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8496 ]

8dbce No.67714

You keep getting nice rolls. It is the gold rush all over again.

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8629 ]

70d33 No.67715

Dice rollRolled 4591

Retake Nevada then strengthen California.
>You keep getting nice rolls. It is the gold rush all over again.
Hope it continues lol. I feel like there is another shoe about to drop for some reason, this is going too well.

5f6dc No.67716

File: 1542416069103.jpg (79.74 KB, 620x464, _truck.jpg)

Go! Go! Go!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9777 ]

4e6d3 No.67717

And there's the other shoe.

70d33 No.67718

File: 1542416202474.png (787.79 KB, 1024x1024, Anger.png)


4c1cc No.67719

Alright… I'm gonna have to pause for a minute

70d33 No.67720

Take your time bud.

5f6dc No.67721

File: 1542416465953.png (163.97 KB, 1997x1689, _aryyanne anger.png)

No U!

70d33 No.67722

File: 1542416540932.jpg (258.19 KB, 2719x1928, Orange Anger.jpg)

No (YOU)

a55ae No.67723

File: 1542416859090.png (503.01 KB, 1037x741, NOU.png)

5f6dc No.67724

File: 1542416894655.jpg (33.27 KB, 601x384, _no.jpg)

Neigh thee!

70d33 No.67725

File: 1542417102264.png (116 KB, 943x1024, NEIN.png)

Nein veir!

4c1cc No.67726

File: 1542417402879.png (242.61 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And as the fight of "no u" continues, the fursecutors actually gain some ground back.

5f6dc No.67727

Einsatz von Senfgas!

5f6dc No.67728

File: 1542417474869.jpg (182.82 KB, 719x822, _the violence.jpg)

Push onwards!

a55ae No.67729

File: 1542417488583.jpg (40.95 KB, 1280x720, enough.jpg)

Essen mein sheBe!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5358 ]

4e6d3 No.67730

Push south along the Texan coast. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7222 ]

"Our people long for the day when the Dominic menace is no more."

4c1cc No.67731

File: 1542417506756.png (242.61 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Upon reflection, I forgot Noveland's roll.
Sorry bout that.

70d33 No.67732

Dice rollRolled 8029

Retake lost ground at once!

5f6dc No.67733


4e6d3 No.67734

RNGesus loves the trips, today.

5f6dc No.67735

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3858 ]

8dbce No.67736

It is okay, as a teacher once said to someone on a bus one time "we live and learn".

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 845 ]

4c1cc No.67737

File: 1542417790242.png (242.88 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Trips are appearing everywhere for some reason….
Meh, I'm sure we can find a way to blame the mods.

70d33 No.67738

Dice rollRolled 9734

Continue to attempt to retake lost ground.

4e6d3 No.67739

I am very pleased with our gains. We have broken free, if only temporarily, from the trenches of Louisiana. Now, we shall continue our push, towards the Mexican border. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6092 ]

5f6dc No.67740

spearhead into nebraska
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7954 ]

a55ae No.67741

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5042 ]

4e6d3 No.67742

File: 1542418091109.png (1.04 MB, 1280x863, 1335312__safe_artist-colon….png)

Both wars have entered into a stalemate yet again.

Oh well, back to the trenches we go.

a55ae No.67743

Dominic swears fealty to Fursecution, I'm done with this

4e6d3 No.67744

Well, somewhat of a stalemate, I should say.

8dbce No.67745

Should we roll again or wait till it is painted?
>preemtive roll since everyone else is rolling (assuming I haven't lost track of where we are)
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7725 ]

70d33 No.67746

Not really. That +6 he has over me is going to kill me. That is why it is imperative >>67745 picks a side soon, or teal will grow too strong for anyone.

4c1cc No.67747

File: 1542418283994.png (242.67 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

I'd prefer it if I had time to paint the map
Well, uh, that would make Dominic neutral territory now.

4e6d3 No.67748

It's interesting how this game's version of Switzerland has become the key to victory for both sides.

8dbce No.67749

Let me know when you want me to roll again

4c1cc No.67750

You can roll now, we're caught up

4e6d3 No.67751

Continue the march south to the border, then spearhead into the heart of Texas. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 10000 ]

4e6d3 No.67752

Okay, what the actual fuck?

8dbce No.67753

A couple of 420 rolls and the playing fields will be evened out

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5963 ]

4c1cc No.67754

Yeah, I'm blaming the mods…

8dbce No.67755

File: 1542418489971.gif (1010.38 KB, 500x364, 1491493393568.gif)

WOWAAAHH .. Perfect Roll

70d33 No.67756

File: 1542418495768.jpg (80.67 KB, 850x630, DrSFv98XgAAzGXA.jpg)

Fuck it. Push into CA while we still can!

70d33 No.67757

Dice rollRolled 8625


4e6d3 No.67758

I'd ask for bonus territories or something, but I'm honestly too shocked I rolled a perfect 10,000.

70d33 No.67759

File: 1542418621681.jpg (94.02 KB, 724x1024, 1523309927700.jpg)

Who is behind this roll?

4e6d3 No.67760

It is just the works of German PERFECTION!

5f6dc No.67761

cut them off and clean up.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5722 ]

4c1cc No.67762

File: 1542418808618.png (241.52 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

I'm still in awe

70d33 No.67763

Dice rollRolled 9408

Retake Nebraska.

8dbce No.67764

>a few more rolls and I will have to retreat to my pillowfort, but just keep playing
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 151 ]

4e6d3 No.67765


With the Dominic menace dealt with, we now have some breathing room. Now, we shall split our focus between restoring order to the Texas side of the Texas-Louisiana border, and finishing the liberation of Tennessee. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7359 ]

5f6dc No.67766

push into california!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4283 ]

4c1cc No.67767

File: 1542419097497.png (241.68 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

4e6d3 No.67768

Continue as we are. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2233 ]

8dbce No.67769

I wonder how big a 10k dice would be to be usable and be stable once it comes to rest
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3848 ]

5f6dc No.67770

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2190 ]

70d33 No.67771

File: 1542419317573.jpg (95.33 KB, 720x900, d9sr5y4-86e7798a-53ff-480e….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 3461

Negate all advances and secure CA

4c1cc No.67772

File: 1542419434093.png (241.43 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And California has returned to the fursescutor flag.

5f6dc No.67773

PUSH! into nebraska!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6108 ]

4e6d3 No.67774

As usual. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4958 ]

8dbce No.67775

File: 1542419593593.jpg (177.24 KB, 1245x1245, 1524876697980.jpg)

>last roll of the night for me, hopefully it is a good one, but I feel that no roll will be able to measure up to the perfect one
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4355 ]

4e6d3 No.67776

Sweet dreams Leslie.

14b6d No.67778

File: 1542419640554.png (146.54 KB, 952x902, 855872__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Praise Epona!

70d33 No.67779

Dice rollRolled 7801

Hold Nebraska and push back!

4e6d3 No.67780

Someone stole your get.

14b6d No.67781

File: 1542419694551.jpg (18.8 KB, 399x388, UBWiC1X.jpg)


4c1cc No.67782

File: 1542419715696.png (241.09 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

sweet dreams Leslie

Night Noranon

14b6d No.67783


4e6d3 No.67784

Tennessee and Louisiana will be ours, soon enough. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 1744 ]

5f6dc No.67785

clean up colorado
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3717 ]

70d33 No.67786

Dice rollRolled 4410

Sweet dreams Leslie
Same as before.

14b6d No.67787

Well isn't that just swell…

4c1cc No.67788

File: 1542420115761.png (240.86 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Well quads appear to be broken…

4e6d3 No.67789

We never know when they'll return. While we wait for them, I shall continue liberating the lost territories of Tennessee and Louisiana. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4943 ]

5f6dc No.67790

finish cleaning up colorado, then hold the border.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8742 ]

70d33 No.67791

Dice rollRolled 5724

Push into Colorado at an even spread.

4c1cc No.67792

File: 1542420552556.png (240.75 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

4e6d3 No.67793

One last, lonely county in the south of Louisiana to go, then we should finish off the annexation of Tennessee, as it is rightful New German clay. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9732 ]

70d33 No.67794

Dice rollRolled 9239

As before

5f6dc No.67795

continue pushing into nebraska
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6142 ]

4c1cc No.67796

File: 1542420873768.png (240.79 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And the Colorado front continues to stay at an almost standstill. All the smoke from the weed makes it hard to see.

4e6d3 No.67797

Continue the annexation of Tennessee. Should there be leftover claims, push out east from Louisiana towards Florida. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 1928 ]

70d33 No.67798

Dice rollRolled 1524


5f6dc No.67799

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3725 ]

4c1cc No.67800

File: 1542421796411.png (241.34 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

I'm still waiting for that 420

4e6d3 No.67801

Onwards, to Florida! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8251 ]

70d33 No.67802

Dice rollRolled 5116

Yet again.

4e6d3 No.67803

With the Dominic territories having fallen into anarchy and the Midwest War in stalemate, things seem almost quiet.

4c1cc No.67804

I know… We need some fringe group to rise up in Maine…

5f6dc No.67805

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2134 ]

4c1cc No.67806

File: 1542422469193.png (241.46 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Calling anyone who wants a fringe group

4e6d3 No.67807

There is indeed plenty of free space in the Northeast for a new player to get started, if we can entice one to the game.

70d33 No.67808

Dice rollRolled 6746

Again and again.

4e6d3 No.67809

Florida is ripe for annexation/colonization. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7405 ]

5f6dc No.67810

hit em again
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9054 ]

4c1cc No.67811

File: 1542422741107.png (241.54 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

So teal appears to be gaining some ground.

70d33 No.67812

Dice rollRolled 8823

>So teal appears to be gaining some ground.
It is expected. Only black can challenge him now. The fact I am still here is luck.

Also yet again.

4e6d3 No.67813

Word is spreading throughout Florida about our benevolent rulership. One day they shall all be Germans as we are. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 9896 ]

5f6dc No.67814

blitzkrieg into nebraska
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 2811 ]

4c1cc No.67815

File: 1542423089886.png (241.59 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Uh oh… Corn isn't saving you now.

70d33 No.67816

Dice rollRolled 9941

Going to keep trying until Nebraska is lost. That way I can at least say I tried.


4e6d3 No.67817

The people of Tampa welcome us into Southern Florida! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7868 ]

5f6dc No.67818

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 226 ]

4c1cc No.67819

File: 1542423441245.png (240.99 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

This should end nicely

70d33 No.67820

Dice rollRolled 8481

You know what I want.

5f6dc No.67821

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7233 ]

4e6d3 No.67822

Finish up in Florida, then move up along the Texas-Mexico border. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5190 ]

4c1cc No.67823

File: 1542424325745.png (241.58 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

And the Reich is becoming a force to be feared.

4e6d3 No.67824

What's with the one random Fursecutor country in Iowa?
Begin the restoration of order to the Texan territories. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7525 ]

5f6dc No.67825

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3944 ]

70d33 No.67826

Dice rollRolled 4369

What the fuck did you do to my Iowa?

4e6d3 No.67827

The Midwestern Fury has been unleased.

4e6d3 No.67828

Also, I think you missed a county in Florida, where Key West is.

4c1cc No.67829

File: 1542424805550.png (241.57 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

I have no idea what happened tbh

5f6dc No.67830

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3521 ]

70d33 No.67831

File: 1542424909708.jpg (103.92 KB, 800x530, Manifest_breastiny.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 8461

Never lay a hand on my Iowa! Charge!

4e6d3 No.67832

Let's liberate El Paso (the Western-most county in Texas) first, then continue north to the border with Oklahoma. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 969 ]

4c1cc No.67833

File: 1542425051939.png (242.13 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)


4e6d3 No.67834

Everything is going according to plan. Now head south into Central Texas. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 767 ]

70d33 No.67835

Dice rollRolled 7952

Push into Colorado, once more with feeling.

5f6dc No.67836

Break out that GAS
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7150 ]

4c1cc No.67837

File: 1542425393511.png (241.75 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Hmmm, this war is almost getting boring.

5f6dc No.67838

Go Go Go!
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 3149 ]

4e6d3 No.67839

Continue the liberation of Texas. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 6667 ]

4e6d3 No.67840

>tfw off by one

4c1cc No.67841

70d33 No.67842

Dice rollRolled 9666

Don't have much of a choice. There is no exit strategy now.

4c1cc No.67843

4e6d3 No.67844

Satan has apparently blessed the Midwest Federation.

5f6dc No.67845

File: 1542425702286.jpg (8.87 KB, 320x320, _ A horrified expression.jpg)

4c1cc No.67846

File: 1542425729287.png (241.9 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Now that Satan has intervened….

70d33 No.67847

Dice rollRolled 6725

I was expecting more than that.

Same as usual.

4e6d3 No.67848

I'm honestly kind of shocked at the luck that the Midwest Federation has. I'm almost a bit jealous.

Oh well, Texas is almost German. Soon it shall be completely so. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4007 ]

4e6d3 No.67849

That +8 the Fursecutors have, plus their high rolls, has helped them cut most of these massive gains in half.

4e6d3 No.67850

*have helped

5f6dc No.67851

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 4291 ]

4c1cc No.67852

File: 1542426083586.png (241.88 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Oh look, both got 12. Now we have a real standstill.

70d33 No.67853

Look at the board good sir, and the bonuses most importantly. I think it will be time to call for a truce soon. What do you say?

5f6dc No.67854

This, was a costly war. i accept.

4e6d3 No.67855

Once, maybe twice more, and Texas will be fully liberated! 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8559 ]

5f6dc No.67856

head into oklahoma.
1d10000[ 1d10000 = 5463 ]

70d33 No.67857

Dice rollRolled 527

Head into Missouri

4c1cc No.67858

File: 1542426341869.png (241.41 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

As peace is made, Texas is now German.

4e6d3 No.67859

Peace. It is rather refreshing. Let's begin to fortify the border, starting with Arkansas. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 8381 ]

70d33 No.67860

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

5f6dc No.67861

File: 1542426595376.png (288.47 KB, 3226x3226, luftkrieg HI FHURER.png)

further into Oklahoma

70d33 No.67862

Dice rollRolled 4540

Work on securing Kansas
Think about it. I only have one more roll left in me for tonight.

4e6d3 No.67863

Did you forget to roll?

5f6dc No.67864

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 326 ]

4c1cc No.67865

File: 1542426945299.png (241.76 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

So it sounds like this may be where we stop for the night, let's see what these last rolls hold.

70d33 No.67866

Dice rollRolled 3588

Continue taking Kansas

5f6dc No.67867

annex oklahoma

5f6dc No.67868

1d10000[ 1d10000 = 896 ]

4e6d3 No.67869

Continue the liberation of Arkansas. 1d10000[ 1d10000 = 7410 ]

4c1cc No.67870

File: 1542427191305.png (241.85 KB, 1786x1068, RISK.png)

Well then I guess that's a rap for the night. I may not be able to do tomorrow, but Sunday should work.

70d33 No.67871

Will check in both days. Until then.

4e6d3 No.67872

Sounds good to me. I wonder what will happen next to these up-and-coming powers.

5f6dc No.67873

the powder keg doesn't disappoint

70d33 No.67890

Did this die?

4c1cc No.67927

I deserve my NAP violated, cause I fogot all about this until I saw the map on my computer…
So… Yeah…

If anyone shows up I'd e happy to continue.

8dbce No.67928

Sure I'm up for it. But we should probably get more players in first.

f25ff No.67929

Can the nation of Dominic rise up as a band of sleeper-cells, who had infiltrated the population intent on lying dormant?

4c1cc No.67930

Sure, I'll allow that.

f25ff No.67931

K. If everyone shows, play on without me (6 hour flight leaves in 1/2 hour)

8dbce No.67932

Enjoy your flight

5f6dc No.67933

Gas yourself

4e6d3 No.67934

Oh, this is back?

4e6d3 No.68047

Dead again, I see.

4c1cc No.68080

I need to learn to actually do something when I say I'll do it

4e6d3 No.68166

That would help.

5f6dc No.68690


5f6dc No.75904

Big F in the chat

4c1cc No.76108

F for my sanity when I start this back tonight

156ce No.76143

Could you give a more generalized timeframe?

4c1cc No.76146

Say, 9 est?

4c1cc No.76313

Roll call time. If we have the original guys we'll pick up where we stopped, if not a new game will start.

a55ae No.76333

Does this mean Dominic can start an uncontested uprising?

4c1cc No.76337

>no one else
Dominic wins uncontested GG

a55ae No.76345

And here I thought strategy was the key to victory

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