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File: 1584239521724.png (124.66 KB, 800x900, 2279954.png)

342cf No.125000[Last 50 Posts]

It looks like thinks are concluding in both the North, and in Baltimare

3e644 No.125003

The GM might underestimate our ability to prolong
Spark's last action was to observe the situation where he is in relation to the scene.

342cf No.125004

Undertoe is still holding the lever action
Khoi has a gun, but it's burned. Looks like a loss
Jubilosa has the third rifle
White Sands has SIlver's own rifle

"Well, you might still want to go to the hospital. Just… before they show up"

He would see Drie, the Lieutenant, getting up, looking like a giant, lanky, frozen and mummified deer corpse. He would see Brie fighting Zu Lang, who likewise looks like a giant, skinny stallion corpse with black, oily eyes. He would see concerned drones fleeing, and keeping their distance, while one continues to shoot at the alleged Owlbear monster

He smiles. He almost has a blush

342cf No.125005

I don't have a link to Onyx, but… Roll Initiative

353d6 No.125006

Bout time
1d20[ 1d20 = 16 ]

642b7 No.125007

Iron nods at Sands before walking over to Jubilosa first.
"I am here to take away your metal," he proclaims, somewhat tired "…please."

342cf No.125008

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

She squints an eyebrow, but offers the rifle


642b7 No.125009

Iron takes it. "Thank you for your cooperation," he offers with a nod as he saunters off to Undertoe next, relaying the same, somewhat pitiful demand.

3e644 No.125010

Well… things certainly took a turn. Spark can't see Onyx from his position?

342cf No.125011

Her eyes are stronger, almost glaring

Spark can see everything from his position

642b7 No.125012

Iron sighs, blood-stained coat on himself. "Look, if you are caught with a gun, the police may panic," he explains "so it is better for me to take it because I am practically no threat."

342cf No.125013

"The police…"
She looks at him strongly, but gives him the rifle

3e644 No.125015

Well then, he heads to Onyx to aid his assault on the monsters.

342cf No.125016

Onyx wins initiative, unless Spark wants to jump in

415d7 No.125017

Brie was bited for a little, unless I missed my guess

642b7 No.125018

Iron takes it as well before going towards Khoi.
"Hey, Khoi," he calls out before going to a low volume talk "We are leaving now. Come with me."

3e644 No.125019

Dice rollRolled 16

I suppose it won't hurt to jump in… unless I get targeted.

342cf No.125020

Yes. He nips the edge of Brie's legs and shoulder. It's not a great contact, and Brie is lucky to get the shorter fang, but there is some force to the bite. Brie takes 4 damage

Roll fortitude save

Brie can also attack next, as he is in single combat with the creature

Spark and Onyx are tied for first, Spark is probably first

353d6 No.125021

I'm pretty sure Spark has 12 or more Dex, so yes.

342cf No.125022

"What? There are things here"

642b7 No.125023

"Things?" Iron asks tiredly

3e644 No.125024

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

Well then, Spark goes for the monster Onyx was targeting and casts Scorching Ray.

342cf No.125025

"Well, things are going on, still. These creatures need help, and Jubilosa is burned…"


642b7 No.125026

Iron nods. "I understand," he retorts before sighing softly "I still need to go, so when you are done, meet me at The Watering Hole."

342cf No.125027

"Oh… okay"
She seems confused, and somewhat concerned, but she nods

3e644 No.125028

Dice rollRolled 5, 1, 5, 4 = 15

Rolling damage

642b7 No.125029

Iron turns towards Sands before craning his head back. "I will find somepony to treat me as soon as possible, so take your time." With that, he trots back to Sands, giving her a nod of readiness.

342cf No.125030

It burns, catching fire well, almost like dry wood

Onyx's turn

She nods to him

"Now where are we going?"

642b7 No.125031

"The Watering Hole," Iron responds "we will find somepony who can help in there."

353d6 No.125032

Onyx rushes, aiming his halberd as he charges
1d20+12[ 1d20+12 = 29 ]

342cf No.125033

"Oh, okay. What does the unicorn want?"


642b7 No.125034

"The unicorn?" Iron asks, confused and eyes somewhat drowsy

342cf No.125035

"Yeah, the grey one"

642b7 No.125036

"Oh, just leave his rifle here," he responds.

342cf No.125037

She shrugs, and goes with Iron

353d6 No.125038

1d10+6[ 1d10+6 = 8 ]
1d6[ 1d6 = 1 ]

b9b20 No.125039

Silver looks at Iron.

"You ready?"

642b7 No.125040

"Ready for what?" Iron asks, confused

342cf No.125041

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

Dice rollRolled 5 + 7

He is hit, and damaged

But he swipes back, and bites back at the coal pony with the cloven hooves that extend from the lanky, burning body like the branches of a dead and burning tree

b9b20 No.125042

"I will take that as 'yes'. Come on, there is something we need to do with Maakie, and you still need to get key from his person."

353d6 No.125043

Hit hit

415d7 No.125044

Dice rollRolled 10 + 4

Dice rollRolled 9 + 6

Can Brie attack with his sword with one hand, while throwing his last knife with the other?

642b7 No.125045

Iron blinks softly. "I am sorry, but I think the drug is wearing off, so I must decline your request unless you want a dead pony to carry instead," he offers to Silver. "I will entrust you with my share until I can come to fetch it at that tavern you stay at, if that is alright with you."

342cf No.125046

Dice rollRolled 4, 2, 1 + 7 = 14

He is swiped, and nipped with buck teeth

Roll fortitude

Yes. He can.

I still need a fortitude save

b9b20 No.125047

Silver silently curses under his breath, and looks to Iron.

"Very well, then…"

Silver looks at White Sands.

"If you are going with Iron, may I have my rifle back?"

342cf No.125048

"It's in the other room" she says

She whispers to Iron
"Other share?"

353d6 No.125049

1d20+5[ 1d20+5 = 7 ]

342cf No.125050

The second hits, the first does not

415d7 No.125051

Dice rollRolled 8 + 3

My bad

642b7 No.125052

Iron whispers back
"Just in case there is one from the group I worked for in the first place."
before returning to normal conversation. "Alright, let us go."

342cf No.125053

"Oh. Alright"

b9b20 No.125054

Silver nods, grabs his rifle from the other room, and goes back to where they left Maakie.

342cf No.125055

Dice rollRolled 11 + 5

Brie feels fine

But he tries to bite at Brie again

Silver walks into the hallway. He walks over the dress vest Maakie was carrying. He steps over the double barreled shotgun the Zebra dropped. He steps over first the dead zebra whose brains were shotout, then the Zebra who was stabbed and probably bled out. Then he finds Maakie

They go

342cf No.125056

I think that fails to land

Brie's turn

b9b20 No.125057

Silver makes sure to grab the shotgun, at trots over to Maakie.

"Boek is dead."

342cf No.125058

He is conscious, and looks over first to Undertoe, staring at her. Then Silver says his line, and he looks up to Silver. He tries to hold a grimace, though it starts to fall. He breathes heavily, in then out, and his beak opens

642b7 No.125059

Iron stops as soon as he was about to go out the door, before turning back towards the hallyway to begin with and finally to Sands. "…on second thought," he starts off in a whisper only Sands could hear "I do not even trust the old pony…" With that, he does a big 180 and goes back in a wobble towards Silver's last known location. "We will have to hide the guns for the time being, so be sure to be on the lookout."

b9b20 No.125060

"I figured you would give your thoughts on that."

Silver searches Maakie's person for a key.

3e644 No.125061

Dice rollRolled 16 + 3

Another fire spell attack.

342cf No.125062

Maakie is more or less naked without the vest, though he has a tie, which has nothing in it. His hat fell off

He takes a ragged breath, and looks back over to Undertoe
"How could you? I thought you-"
She shuts him up by kicking him. Kicking him in a vulnerable area
He turns over, and winces in pain


3e644 No.125063

Dice rollRolled 3, 5, 1, 1 = 10

More damage

342cf No.125064

The tree-like stag goes up in flame

He falls over, screeching in a bizarre way, like an imitation of the voice of some foreign language

b9b20 No.125065

Silver looks inside the hat.

"I suppose I should ask same, why you would turn to supporting these Maarists."

342cf No.125066

The hat only has a handkerchief

He pulls his rear limbs together as he winces in pain. It's a few seconds, but he responds to Silver

"I was not born into wealth or power. Just the chick of a simple hatter, well beneath the wealthy of the wealthiest city on the planet. I had to work to get where I am… where I was. Hard. I did my military service with the Republican Navy. I fought in skirmishes against pirates. I distinguished myself and achieved the rank of officer without an aristocratic title. I worked in entrepôt and found I had a knack for making deals, and got to work with ship captains from Hippogriffia to Nimbusia to Olenia. You want to criticize my methods? Dealing in smuggling, trafficking? I did nothing the wealthiest merchants didn't do. They smuggle and step on those beneath them, who were not clever and lucky enough. But I made my own luck. I did nothing they did not do, at least until I came to Equestria. Your land of Harmony. That's when I started to learn from the Equestrians. You say you want to welcome in creatures from all realms, and extend friendship to them. But when they come they are poor, and like so many sheep for fleecing. So your aristocrats and industrialists exploit them. I participated in this, yes, but it is little different. I play the same game as them. I supported Maarists? What of the Princesses, who ignored ships filled with immigrants, and who let those without papers live and work in Equestria - paying back their smugglers, and making more want to come here. Did they not help the process? Did they not bring in so many more to become victims to gangs, to crowded factories, to tenements, gangs and religious groups the public finds unsavory?

I did not ask to be born into this world, which plays this game. Do not blame me for playing it well."

342cf No.125067

She nods

He finds Silver talking to Maakie on the second level (he would basically have to walk near this, leaving). See >>125060 >>125062 >>125065 >>125066

b9b20 No.125068

Silver ponders where he might have kept his key, or where Blue might have left his vest, if she didn't take it with her.

342cf No.125069

Silver walked over the vest as he came down the hall (>>125055)

b9b20 No.125070

Then Silver goes over and checks it.

"I believe there are key differences between what you say and what I have seen here."

342cf No.125071

"Maybe in a few ways, but it's the same in principle. Do what you can to get ahead."

Silver checks the vest, and has some results, mostly in the inner pockets:

A closed paper note
A somewhat ornate derringer pistol
A Nova Griffonian Passport
Bullets to his Magnum - 6
New Mareland Currency - Bits: 150
Imperial Currency - Crowns: 20
Two cigars
A ring
A dry-cleaners ticket
A flip lighter, looks golden
A Kris (Maarite) Dagger
A Golden Stopwatch

And yes, a Key ring

b9b20 No.125072

"As somepony who got ahead today by not foalnapping people, using them as slave labor, sacrificing them to resident chaos deity who lives in your attic, skinning them and turning their hides into fur coats and leather book covers, and then feeding remains to your gnolls…I beg to differ."

He takes everything he can find.

Silver notices Iron.

"Ah, good, you are back! Mind helping me drag our 'friend' down to garbage chute, or are you just here for safe key?"

342cf No.125073

"We also salvaged their emotions to be regurgitated as a love drug for Equestrians - They sorely want it. Are you condemning me for being resourceful and efficient?"

Silver takes it all, evidently

Mala ducks out

b9b20 No.125074

"I am condemning you for your sociopathy, lack of empathy, and your lack of moral code. No matter what arguments you might make in favor of 'getting ahead', know this: it still did not do you any good in end. We are still standing. You are not."

Silver lets Mala go, if he so chooses.

642b7 No.125075

Iron simply nods, opting to walk besides him and grabbing Maakie with his mouth to help drag

b9b20 No.125076

Silver helps Iron drag Maakie along.

342cf No.125077

"So it is. Then I will take pride in lasting longer than many others. Competition, old role models. Your Princesses and Elements. Life is not a game anyone walks away alive from"

When he finishes, he returns to scowling at Undertoe

Mala was hiding behind Silver, not leaving

"At the center of this hallway, the stairwell leads down to the basement, then follow the tunnel"

b9b20 No.125078

Silver smiles at Mala, and follows his directions.

642b7 No.125079

Iron nods tiredly, hoping Sands knows where to hide guns while he does some dirty work for Silver.

342cf No.125080

Mala walks down
"I don't think police will have come down here yet…"

Undertoe follows in the rear, kicking Maakie again before he is picked up, causing him to howl in pain

As they are carrying him down the stairs, Maakie turns his head back, trying to speak to the creatures

He speaks to Mala
"You. I know you your name is…. what was it… was it Tireja? Ah! Mala Mata, that's it!"
Mala moves forward, out of view though.
He speaks to Iron
"How much are they paying you? I can do better"

642b7 No.125081

Iron simply shakes his head. "I would have considered it if you did not struggle before, beaked one," he responds "negotiation time is over."

342cf No.125082

"heheh, never be afraid to seize an opportunity. Do you know what I am offering here? Name a price. Name it! I'll double it!"

642b7 No.125083

Iron does not respond, clearly sour from his previous encounter with the griffon.

342cf No.125084

Iron can't feel the pain, but he can feel something is off, where he has been shot

Undertoe punches him

They carry him down like a pig on a Barbeque, down the stairs, then into the tunnel, down the tunnel and cutting through the boiler room where different griffins are still tied up or lie dead on the floor, then through the hallway and into the old, very old stone room where Jubilosa and Loputu were found. On the wall, there is the garbage chute

642b7 No.125085

Lightly scratching his shot area with his hoof, Iron turns to Silver, expecting him to send the other.

b9b20 No.125086

Silver opens the garbage chute door, and motions Iron to help him prop Maakie against it.

"I will do you one favor, Maakie: I will reunite you with many of your dear old friends."

642b7 No.125087

Iron does so

342cf No.125088

"Wait! Three thousand. Three thousand bits!"

342cf No.125089

There's a definite odor when the door is opened - not pleasant

642b7 No.125090

Scruching his snout at the stench, he simply shakes his head.

b9b20 No.125091

Silver gets a grin across the length of his face.

"No deal."

With Iron's help, Silver shoves the griffon into the chute.

342cf No.125092

He is propped up by Iron, Undertoe tries to place her claws to have a part in shoving him in, and is pressed and shoved face first by Silver
"Wait! No! - Ahhh!"
He falls down, head first yelling into the chute, with a smash and rustle of moving bones, followed by a second smash and rustle as the rest of his body meets the pile

He is seen no more

b9b20 No.125093

Silver looks down into the chute.

"I hope you and your friends can get reacquinted. You will have plenty of time to chat."

642b7 No.125094

Iron simply looks down, blinking softly before turning to Silver. "I suppose now is the time for this safe you were talking about, right?"

342cf No.125095

Silver can see bones and skulls, and the griffin, face first and squirming trying to readjust himself. His white feathers and the white bones make it easier to see in the darkness, but there is no light in that putrid chute but what slips past Silver's head from the room. When he closes it, it will be pure, stuffy blackness

b9b20 No.125096

And with that one final sight, Silver slowly closes the chute, leaving Maakie in the pitch black nothingness.

Silver gives Iron the keys he got from Maakie's vest.

"Here you go."

342cf No.125097

Undertoe goes over, and gives her own glance. But she moves her head back, almost vomits by what she sees behind it. It closes down noisily

642b7 No.125098

Iron tries to pick up the key, but can't seem to stick it to his hoof before looking at Silver somewhat sheepishly.

b9b20 No.125099

"Yes, sorry for not giving advance warning. There is reason why I thought of putting him down there."

Silver holds the keyring up to his mouth.

"Here, use your mouth. I can not join you, I am afraid. I need to do something first."

642b7 No.125100

Iron does so, lazily letting the keyring hang on his tongue. He proceeds to trot back where he thought that safe was.

342cf No.125101

She is thoroughly disgusted and shivers
"There are many good reasons"

Through the hallway into the stairwell, up four floors, to the top floor, and into the old office

b9b20 No.125102

Silver nods, and motions for her to follow him.

"Come, we need to get something for Johann, and that Skynavian mare we rescued."

He makes his way back towards where they found Zwolf, to get a couple vials of changeling honey.

342cf No.125103

To the end of the room, on what is now the right.

Mala peels off to the left, to his old room

Undertoe enters the location with the cells and the smashed cocoons
"What is this place?"

b9b20 No.125104

"This is where they 'salvaged emotions' of those they captured. We rescued Meadows in this very room. We need to give Johann and that Skynavian mare their emotions back."

Silver looks around for a couple vials of changeling honey.

342cf No.125105

Dice rollRolled 1

"I see"

642b7 No.125106

Iron can't but smile with the keyring to the mouth as he stares at the safe.
"I will beat you, metal box!" he proclaims before looking at the key then back at the safe, wondering how this works.

342cf No.125107

It's hard to say. There seems to be a key hole in the front, maybe?

This office is strangely nice and well lit for this floor

There is one tube, remaining on the table

642b7 No.125108

"Hm…" Iron ponder as he inspects one random key before trying it on the hole.

b9b20 No.125109

Assuming Silver still has one in his bags, this is just what the doctor ordered. He collects it and leaves, looking in Mala's room to see what he's doing.

342cf No.125110

Mala has grabbed a bag, and has packed up a blanket, some medicine, some kind of personal effect, like a locket, and has closed one of the cabinet doors.

He looks back to Silver

There are six keys

b9b20 No.125111

Silver steps backwards slightly in embarassment.

"Oh! Uh…collecting your possessions? I am sorry. Take whatever time you need, Mala."

642b7 No.125112

Iron tries the first key from the keyring.

342cf No.125113

Dice rollRolled 1

He looks up at Silver
"Can I stay with you?"

342cf No.125114

It does not work

b9b20 No.125115

Silver smiles at him.

"Of course you can, Mala."

342cf No.125116

File: 1584253623081.jpg (111.33 KB, 750x563, NAT-200212-HYENA7811-15816….jpg)

He opens his mouth in joy, and rushes forward in what seems to be a hug

b9b20 No.125117

Silver braces himself for impact, but opens his forelegs to accept it.

642b7 No.125118

Iron looks at the key, seeing the key for a bit before shrugging and trying the second one.

342cf No.125119

Dice rollRolled 2

The fluffy gnoll hugs him. He has a sort of dog-like odor to him. But he seems happy, very happy

342cf No.125120

This one also does not succeed

642b7 No.125121

Iron squints his eyes at the safe being so stubborn before huffing and trying the third key.

b9b20 No.125122

D'awww. The floofy unicorn hugs Mala back.

342cf No.125123

Dice rollRolled 3

The gnoll is hugged, fluffy in some areas and course haired in most others. He doesn't seem to have been injured or burned in any of the battles, though he has some blood on him

342cf No.125124

This one almost seems to work…. but it doesn't

642b7 No.125125

Iron grits his teeth as he almost tears through the keyhole and tries the fourth key.
"…you better work, fourth metal shape…"

b9b20 No.125126

Silver pets the gnoll on the top of his head, right between the ears.

"We should get back to others, if you are done collecting your possessions."

342cf No.125127

Dice rollRolled 1


He turns his head towards the area where Silver entered the basement. That first room, where they found Khoi Lua

"Should I go see them a last time?"

342cf No.125128

Key number four does not work either

b9b20 No.125129

"It is your choice. I am not sure what they will say, but I am right behind you."

642b7 No.125130

Grinding his teeth in frustration, Iron takes out the fourth key and looks at it intently. "…I will not forget your betrayal, stupid metal thing."
With that, he turns his head to the fifth key. "You better open it or you will be next," he promises with venomous tone.
Thus, he tries the fifth key.

342cf No.125131

He looks over there, and starts to frown
"Nothing nice, I am sure. I probably shouldn't…"

342cf No.125132

Dice rollRolled 2

The betrayal is noted

b9b20 No.125133

Silver pats and rubs Mala's back.

"If that is your choice, then I will support it."

342cf No.125134


It works!

Opening the safe, inside are
a number of papers that seem to be legal contracts,
A deed
Bond papers
A paper note with some numbers written on it
An envelope with some photographs in it
a vial of what looks like changeling honey,
a small marble idol
more than one stack of Equestrian bank notes
some foreign currency
a bracelet
and a pink potion

He wags his tail, and moves as Silver pats him

"No point in saying goodbye…"

642b7 No.125135

Iron's eyes shimmer in surprise at all the potential money in the safe, quickly picking the gemstones, marble idol, the Equestrian Bank Notes and the bracelet in a greedy rush of energy and placing them on the desk not so far from him.
After that, he decides to check the deed out of curiosity.

b9b20 No.125136

Silver pets Mala some more, and then motions for him to join.

"Alright. The others need us."

342cf No.125137

Looks like a house on the waterfront on the north shore of the bay

"Okay… but… I… can I ask you another thing?"

642b7 No.125138

Iron shifts it aside to instead check on these Bond papers he's looking at.

b9b20 No.125139

"Of course, Mala."

342cf No.125140

Corporate bond papers and New Mareland national war bond papers. Payable to bearer.

342cf No.125141

"Well, there's"
He looks down, and starts to play with his paws, pressing them one against the other. He does not make eye contact with Silver
"There are the bodies of griffins in the boiler room. And in the closet upstairs. And on the floor upstairs in the central atrium. And in the hallway in the other building. And up in the hallway… There are many of them. So many of them. If I could just… drag one away and hide it from the police for thirty minutes…"

642b7 No.125142

Scratching his head at the things, he sets them ontop of the deed before looking at the paper with the numbers.

b9b20 No.125143

"Oh…" He thinks for a moment, and looks around to see if anyone is watching.

342cf No.125144

Undertoe is outside, but not in the room

Small, ripped paper

15 32 63 07 85 19

642b7 No.125145

Scratching his head even further, he turns over to the famed photographs.

b9b20 No.125146

Silver keeps his voice low at a whisper.

"Three conditions: they have to be dead, you can not get found out, and you promise to make this your last of this particular meal."

342cf No.125147

There is one free floating black and white photograph. A griffin, female, with a hat topped with a flower carries an umbrella.

But the envelope shows something different. A Pony shakes hooves with a different pony, both in suits. Two cars meet, showing more ponies. Another photographs shows a pink mare doing something with a stallion. Another one shows the same pink mare and the same stallion…. well, it shows them doing things together

He starts to light up, and smile
"What do you mean by 'last of this particular meal'?"

b9b20 No.125148

He thinks for a second, then waves it off.

"Nevermind. Just make sure they're dead, and that you do not get caught."

342cf No.125149

"Sure thing!"
Unless Silver stops him, he bounds on out of there

642b7 No.125150

Iron squints at the nasty, humming softly.
"I wonder why would a safe carry these kind of paintings," he muses before placing them on the other info pieces before looking intently at the changeling honey with a pensive expression.
"…what is that?" he wonders out loud as he pokes the vial.

342cf No.125151

A pink jelly

642b7 No.125152

Blinking softly, he places it inbetween the valuables and the info, unsure of what is its use before turning towards the pink potion instead.

b9b20 No.125153

Silver just shakes his head, collects Undertoe, and heads back to rejoin the group.

342cf No.125154

"Well he was off in a hurry" says Undertoe
But her effort to smile fails, and she turn dower again

A bottle of glass with a kind of "crystal" structure, a heart shaped glass stopper, a pink liquid that seems less viscous than the pink jelly before, and no label but a singular "9" on the front

642b7 No.125155

Placing the pink potion in the middle portion, he finally decides to skim these legal contracts.

342cf No.125156

A contract for horseshoes, another for hats. One for iron and one for leather. And several shipping manifests and contracts

642b7 No.125157

Blinking softly, he plants them on the information table.
Having checked all the contents, Iron turns back to the whole loot, wondering what works best for him.
(If only I had anypony knowledgable to sort out the value of these things…) he thinks to himself

b9b20 No.125158

Silver smiles at her, instead.

"Thank you for all of your help, Undertoe."

342cf No.125159

File: 1584258507769.png (166.36 KB, 989x427, knapsack-problem.png)

Ah, the good old Knapsack problem

Or are you talking about other loot?

"Huh, if anything I should have helped more"

642b7 No.125160

Pondering for a bit, he splits the obviously valuable stuff he first out of the safe, knowing *they* had good value, before looking at the information, vials, documents and bonds, unsure of their purpose save from somewhat informed guesses.

b9b20 No.125161

"Nonsense. You were invaluable."

I think it's time for me to hit the hay. Goodnight!

342cf No.125162

Some glass, and mostly paper

Goodnight, little pony

642b7 No.125163

Alright, time to turn on Iron's mind on the mysterious items!
1d20+1[ 1d20+1 = 8 ]<Int Check

1d6c8 No.125164

Brie assess the situation and decides he doesn't like the odds, given what he's seen. I assume that the Lwetiko (lang wetiko) has been attacked by others by this point?

342cf No.125165

No, he has not been. They have instead attacked a different Wetiko and successfully killed it with fire, although not before it was able to bite and swipe at Onyx, hurting him

Zu Lang is bleeding from several wounds and looks pretty wounded, but he's not quite out yet.

It's Brie's turn, and he may either attack or disengage

1d6c8 No.125166

Are there allies assembled?

342cf No.125167

Spark and Onyx are present, yes.

The Changeling drones are still afraid to stick around and attack

1d6c8 No.125168

Dice rollRolled 14 + 6

"50 gold to whoever can set this on fire!" Brie says, drop/tossing the bomb to the ground between him and the wetiko. Rolling for accuracy. (BAB applied)

342cf No.125169

And that is done. Does brie take another action with his turn?

The dynamite pack is thrown and lands decently near Spark and Onyx

3e644 No.125170


353d6 No.125171


1d6c8 No.125172

Dice rollRolled 1 + 6

Hell yeah he does! Time for murder! Brie engages the wetiko.
"At first, I was impressed, but the surprise has faded. Lets see what you're made of!"

342cf No.125173

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Well it's not lit

Brie lunges forward, tries to stab it, but hits it, and falls to the ground near it

It attacks

342cf No.125174

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

And it bites at him…

342cf No.125175

I would advise Onyx and or Spark to engage

353d6 No.125176

Oh, oh! Onyx slashes at the thing with his trusty halberd
1d20+12[ 1d20+12 = 27 ]

342cf No.125177

353d6 No.125178

1d10+6[ 1d10+6 = 8 ]
1d6[ 1d6 = 4 ]

342cf No.125179

Onyx stabs into the creature in what would be, were this a pony, his barrel. He slices upwards, meeting two wounds where brie had stabbed him. Somethat that resembles a blue internal organ pokes out, and there is red-purple blood - but not much, as it has a quality more akin to frozen meet. Zu Lang lets out a shriek that sounds like a pony one the other side of a valley - a distant, echoing quality.

It collapses, evidently dead… er

e2697 No.125180

"What from the bowels of Tartarus is that?" Brie exclaims. "No time like the present, I guess."
Brie moves to cut off the creature's head.

342cf No.125181

This is probably a good idea

Brie cuts down into thick, leathery flesh, but cuts it off despite the increased resistance. The head is much larger than a normal head, and the eyes are perhaps not "healed," but it's as if the substance is self-sealing from the wound

e2697 No.125182

Dice rollRolled 7 - 2

Brie would like to roll an investigation check, in an attempt to understand what he's seeing

342cf No.125183

Brie can't really tell what the hell it is.

The best guess is a decapitated head of a giant stallion, laid down over permafrost for a month. Dead, but it's too cold to decay.

e2697 No.125184

Alright. Has the head been cut from Drie's body? If not, Brie would like to do that as well

342cf No.125185

The wind picked up long ago, but now a very light snow starts to fall, blown around in the wind.

The Owlbear turns around, to start to leave. Drie's guard has flown away, leaving behind his carbine. The rifle is all that remains of a guard previously perched on the edge of the pit.

But then….

From out of the Pit, a head pokes up. Two black eyes on a frosted, black and purple chitin head. It's a changleing, albeit a giant one with discolored purplish chitin, and something in the creature's proportions makes it look more like a praying mantis than a Changeling drone.

It calls out, with an echoing voice, that sounds distant, as if it had been carried on the wind

Not yet…

e2697 No.125186

353d6 No.125187

Onyx raises his halberd, stomping at the ground

342cf No.125188

The creature is currently in the pit, evidently standing on its hind legs. That doesn't preclude it from leaving

e2697 No.125189

Brie picks up the bomb. "Spark, would you be so kind?"

3e644 No.125190

"Well… I suppose we ought to take advantage of the situation and get out of…"
"Well then…"
He nods and lights the fuse.

e2697 No.125191

Dice rollRolled 6 + 6

Rolling to lob the bomb at the new threat's feet(?)

342cf No.125192

Dice rollRolled 1

The creature now calls out,

"Snow Sprinter?"
The creature calls out in a mare's oice, like a mare looking for her fillie. What sounds so weird about it is that it sounds like the voice is coming from across the forest and echoing through trees. Not 100 feet away.

342cf No.125193

Roll Will Save

353d6 No.125195

Oh boy….
1d20+1[ 1d20+1 = 19 ]

e2697 No.125196

Gawd, I sure hope that wasn't the damage for a bomb that size

342cf No.125197

A cacophany of strange whispers fly on teh wind, surrounding Onyx. Strangely feminine in sound, they fly by, louder then quieter, some sounding like "get," "come" or other ponish words, some sounding foreign of a dialect Onyx has never heard.

Through all of this, Onyx stands strong

353d6 No.125199

You fools! Your sweet siren song can not attract a >4 cha idiot such as Onyx!

342cf No.125201

The bomb falls down just short of the precipice, and after a couple seconds, explodes, with a giant BOOM sending dirt and snow flying through the air, as well as the lone rifle. The wave is visible in the air and disrupts the path of falling snow through a wide radius.

The mantis-Wetiko is not visible, having evidently fallen back into the pit

e2697 No.125202

"I'm not betting that will be the last of it." Brie says, and retrieves his daggers from Lang's body while he has the chance.

342cf No.125203

At least two found, on or near Lang

353d6 No.125204

"Heh, I doubt we're that lucky"
Onyx slowly advances towards the pit

342cf No.125205

Now, changelings peer in, to look from a distance

Looking into the pit, there's the creature. It's a Changeling drone alright, but much larger, even if its legs are no wider. It's eyes are black, and its chitin distorted a purple color. But it is alive, pressing, trying to get up, a half-cut wing twitching

e2697 No.125206

"Yeah, my thinking exactly." Brie readies both knives, expecting this thing to rear its ugly head.

353d6 No.125207

Onyx charges while it is still reeling, his halberd aimed like a lance.
1d20+12[ 1d20+12 = 21 ]

342cf No.125208

This is not straight forward, as it is down inside the mine while teh ponies above it. Of course going into the mine is not particularly difficult, given the presence of the ramp nearby, but it takes just a little bit longer

353d6 No.125209

But can he still charge at the bug?

3e644 No.125210

Then maybe I should resolve my final Ray first?

e2697 No.125211

"Shit. We're gonna have to go down there after it aren't we?" Brie sighs, realizing that presenting a head and saying "There's more, we just didn't bother" won't fly with the queen.

342cf No.125212

The creature, one eye bleeding a black goo, tries to get up. One of the limbs is visibly shorter. It's been partly severed. But it places it on the ground, pulling itself up

Not before it has the chance to maybe respond

Roll initiative

Actually, everyone, roll initiative

3e644 No.125213

Dice rollRolled 12


353d6 No.125214

1d20[ 1d20 = 20 ]

342cf No.125215

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5

Add Dex score

e2697 No.125216

1d20+3[ 1d20+3 = 20 ]

342cf No.125217

Changeling Wetiko

353d6 No.125218

Onyx does little tacticle stabbing with the halberd
1d20+12[ 1d20+12 = 29 ]

342cf No.125219

353d6 No.125220

The halberd frosts over the wound a bit
1d10+6[ 1d10+6 = 11 ]
1d6[ 1d6 = 3 ]

342cf No.125221

Dice rollRolled 3 + 5

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

The halberd stabs into the creature, like crushing through the shell of a beetle. The inside has a frozen quality

But it still stands. It swipes at Onyx with a broken, hoofless leg, and then tries to bite

342cf No.125222

Brie's turn

The broken leg would have hit, if there were a hoof at the end of it. But it doesn't and neither do its fangs make contact

e2697 No.125223

Double daggers, por favor
1d20+8[ 1d20+8 = 14 ]
1d20+8[ 1d20+8 = 23 ]

342cf No.125224

One hits the hide…. but bounces off of it, flinging down into the mine

The other dagger lands

e2697 No.125225

1d4+1[ 1d4+1 = 2 ]

342cf No.125226

It stabs into the hide, not quite knocking it down

Spark's turn

3e644 No.125227

Dice rollRolled 14 + 3

Final Scorching Ray. Hope this is the last monster.

342cf No.125228

Dice rollRolled 5, 4, 6, 2 = 17


342cf No.125229

The creature, partly exploded, stabbed, and stabbed again, catches fire around its chest, a fire that spreads through out its body. It burns, with a smell strangely similar to burning wood. It falls over, to the ground

e2697 No.125230

"Anypony else planning on mutating into a abomination?" Brie calls out, visibly frustrated.

342cf No.125231

Changeling drones, pretty much entirely all in flight, come closer, looking over the scene. The Owlbear has left, and the creatures are dead. The buzzing sounds like a swarm of bees, or hornets

e2697 No.125232

Brie retrieves the one dagger he can be assumed to be able to find, and would like to take this creature's head as well

342cf No.125233

The bodies of Drie and the Low level drone present a difficulty. They are partly burned

e2697 No.125234


342cf No.125235

Only that the heads are damaged, with features partly burned. They can be severed

e2697 No.125236

Brie will take his time cutting off the heads, to serve as evidence

342cf No.125237

The head of the drone is severed. It's tougher around the edges, but softer on the inside. The head of Drie has a leathery exterior that is easier to cut through, but a harder interior. Both are severed. Blood is red, then purple, then blue, but in all cases thick and not forthcoming

e2697 No.125238

"Distasteful, but not unwarranted. This will do I hope."

342cf No.125239

And so it is

Drones start coming in, closer, looking at the bodies, and the scene of the action. So too do ponies in the pt, slowly wondering back after teh gunfire has ceased

342cf No.125240

Brie finds that, as time passes, the body of Zu Lang slowly transforms back into the body of a decapitated changeling drone, bleeding blue blood and wearing a white fur coat

61463 No.125241

Well that's a relief. They don't appear to be regenerating

342cf No.125242

Nope. He's dead. The drones come in closer

342cf No.125243

Iron really can't tell very much about these items, either what they are or how valuable they are.

But Iron can discern two things. Ponies only put things in safes either because it's something they have that they are afraid of being stolen, or it's some secret they must hide that they cannot destroy. Either way, it means it must be valuable, at least to someone. But Iron also knows that while an item may be valuable to someone, it can only be valuable to Iron if he can figure out how to use it.

7ba2e No.125244

Brie takes a deep breath, after having acquired the 2-3 heads of the,… wetikos, he guesses, that's what they were called.

342cf No.125245

A few of the drones, buzzing around, move back a few feet

7ba2e No.125246

Brie looks up and to the right, not at anypony in particular. "Yes, you're right."
He then focuses his attention on the drones.
"Jemand sollte anfangen zu reden. Ich suche keine Köpfe, ich habe diese, aber ich brauche Antworten. Jetzt!"

342cf No.125247

A black dog pops out from underneath the carriage that Brie bought, which is in the mine, and another dog pops out from behind a tree. So too do two stallions come out of the breakroom trailer, a drone out of the office, and a few more stallions from behind a piece of equipment, now that the gunfire has ceased. Drones haven't answered Brie's question yet, but a couple land down, far away. One particular one dives down and comes kind of close to Brie. It's Drie's guard and medic, who is trying to recover his carbine, which he dropped.

7ba2e No.125248

"Niemand? Niemand." He sighs and wipes some blood from his forehead. "Jetzt verdammte Hunde?" he mutters. "Ich gehe nicht, bis ich einige Antworten bekomme. Du." he says, pointing a hoof at the medic.

342cf No.125249

The drone lands down, and uses magic to pick up the carbine. He looks over with his big (lliteral) bug eyes at Brie, silent for a moment, when Brie speaks to him
"Eh… In diesen drei Fällen gab es seit einiger Zeit einige "Unregelmäßigkeiten" in der Nacht"

7ba2e No.125250

"Ich könnte mir vorstellen. Wurde etwas darüber beobachtet, was … dies verursacht haben könnte?"

342cf No.125251

Wings falls down a bit, and after he starts speaking, he looks down, before looking up again
"Wir wissen nicht wirklich warum. Es begann nicht lange nachdem wir hier angekommen waren. Wir glauben, dass es etwas mit einem Stamm der Ersten Völker nördlich von hier zu tun hat, gegen den wir gekämpft haben, als wir versucht haben, die Region zu sichern. Entweder taten es ihre vergifteten Pfeile oder sie verfluchten sie. Vielleicht war es der Wald selbst … Wir wissen es nicht"

7ba2e No.125252

"Das ist ganz in Ordnung, das wird nicht erwartet. Die Königin wird jedoch eine vollständige Nachbesprechung wünschen. Wie früh können Sie einen zusammenfassenden Bericht erstellen? Dies kann ohne Angst oder Androhung von Repressalien durchgeführt werden, wie ich genug gesehen habe, um aussagen zu können, ohne eine Fledermaus zu implizieren?"
Yes, I'm thinking that while everyone does the 'everypony' thing, Brie will do the same, except with bat Xp

342cf No.125253

"Ich kann … Ich kann jemanden dazu bringen, so schnell wie möglich einen Bericht zu schreiben. Ich weiß nicht, wie glücklich die Königin sein wird, aber sie könnte sich mehr darum kümmern, das Erz wieder auf Kurs zu bringen"
Is Brie secretly a Bat nationalist?

7ba2e No.125254

Brie is a pure opportunist, who unfortunately is having to manufacture his opportunity.
"Das war ihr Hauptanliegen, ja. Unabhängig von den Anomalien bin ich sicher, dass sie zufrieden sein wird dass die Dinge zu einem Anschein von Normalität zurückkehren können."

342cf No.125255

He nods, and then volunteers the following:
"Es beginnt normalerweise nachts, nicht die meisten Nächte, aber manchmal. Wir denken, Stress verursacht es, aber wir wollten es nicht genau testen. Einige Arbeiter hatten nachts Pech, andere hatten sie gesehen. Also haben wir die Arbeiter vor ein paar Monaten ersetzt. Die Arbeiter hatten Angst und waren sowieso nicht produktiv oder vertrauenswürdig. Wir haben sie nachts an die Box gebracht, um zu verhindern, dass sie viel Schaden anrichten oder verloren gehen, aber manchmal haben sie die Maschinen angegriffen, weil die Maschinen sie tagsüber frustriert haben. Die Maschinen haben das Schlimmste davon."

3c528 No.125256

Brie thinks long and hard before answering, his hoof at his chin pensively. After a lengthy pause he replies "

Waren sie völlig wild oder gab es eine Möglichkeit, sie zu kontrollieren? Ich meine, sie schienen sich auf die Maschinen zu konzentrieren, nicht wahr? Ist es möglich, dass diese Wildheit beurteilt werden könnte? Oder ist es zu früh, um eine solche Entscheidung zu treffen?

For the record, I meant 'judged' to be 'directed'

342cf No.125257

He nods, and answers, now clearly calmed down
"Wir haben es nie gewagt, unsere Kommandeure zu kontrollieren. Aber nein, die Drohne war unkontrollierbar, obwohl sie abgelenkt werden konnte. Ein vierter starb an Wunden, nachdem er sich wieder in eine Drohne verwandelt hatte. Ich glaube, es war sowohl von den First Nations als auch von Kugeln, die in Dämonenform auf ihn geschossen wurden."

"Deflected" is "distracted"

3c528 No.125258

Brie nods thoughtfully. "Sehr gut. Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich meinen Fragen gestellt haben. Darf ich deinen Namen haben?"

ff540 No.125259

I looked up "wetiko" and found a bunch of moaning anthropologists. The way you use the concept is much better, reminds me of OFF

"Might is right." –Silver Sword, 10XX

Kek, good riddance

342cf No.125260

He nods, and touches his cap, though he does not fully tilt it or remove it
"Ich bin Drohne vierunddreißig von Lacenia und Schwarzer Flügel. Mein späterer Name ist Fultoni"


And thank you

b9b20 No.125261

Alright, so Silver was returning to the rest of the party.

7c855 No.125262

Silver walks through the upper hallway of the second floor, past the lone zebra corpse and a blood trail and Maakie’s gun and saber, over to the stairwell. The area is pretty empty, even as their are distant noises.

77bb5 No.125263

Meanwhile, Iron's still mumbling to himself about these accursed items, obviously storing the ones that hold immediate value in his eyes.
Please don't make me go through the list again. It's so far away from the 50 post limit

7c855 No.125264

This is the response: >>125243

77bb5 No.125265

Ah cool
Iron, not sure how to use these items in the first place aside from pawning them off to Cauldron for her to sell off somehow, simply looks around for a convenient container to put all these things in.

7c855 No.125266

It’ll fit in a saddle bag, but unless he has one, none are immediately present

77bb5 No.125267

Iron hums softly.
(Maybe I can stuff them in my clothes?) he ponders to himself as he gazes on.

7c855 No.125268

There is the adjacent set of rooms, after all. But if folded, it could probably fit on his back or in a pocket. (He’s covered in more than a little blood, though)

77bb5 No.125269

If I do a search roll, is there a chance to find a saddlebag handy?

77bb5 No.125270

I'll go with a yes.
1d20+1[ 1d20+1 = 2 ]<Search roll for saddlebag

7c855 No.125271


7c855 No.125272

Iron trots forth, and trips and falls into the desk

77bb5 No.125273

Iron's jaw hits the desk in mild annoyance, shaking off his head before actually going to look for a saddlebag.
1d20+1[ 1d20+1 = 10 ]<Search roll (again)

7c855 No.125274

There’s like a white robe in the closet, a couple formal business suits (stripped pattern), some towels in the bathroom, and a briefcase (which does not have a shoulder strap)

77bb5 No.125275

Iron decides to inspect the white robe, wondering how thick it was as he takes it out of the closet and extending it to its fullest on the floor.

7c855 No.125276

It is made of cotton, seems like it would be reasonably warm in cold weather, and offers zero armored protection. It’s it seems like it would fit on Iron, but is intended to be loose on the wearer. It will cover down to approximately a few inches above Iron’s knee, and over everything from Iron’s shoulder to tail. A mare might be able to wear it, though it would be obviously oversized

77bb5 No.125277

Humming softly, Iron takes the marble statue, placing it on top of the inside of the coat.

7c855 No.125278

And so he does so

77bb5 No.125279

With that, he tries to close it to see how it looks like.

7c855 No.125280

The marble griffin is rather small, maybe ~15 cm or less in height. It is covered completely by the robe, though the bulge is visible

77bb5 No.125281

Seeing the potentially most difficult thing to store, he'll go on to place the notes, bits and foreign currency inside as well, making sure it can still be closed by the top, akin to a bindle.

7c855 No.125282

This is doable, it looks almost like a towel. The papers have to be bent and crinkled to make this happen, unless they are carefully rolled, or if the robe is folded in a rectangle. The robe is pretty large when rolled or filed up

77bb5 No.125283

Making sure the fold is in a rectangle with his hooves in order not to break the items inside, he then proceeds to place all of the money item group inside the white robe, closing it once more.

7c855 No.125284

What are all of the items Iron takes? (List). And does not take

77bb5 No.125285

The gemstones, Equestrian Bank Notes, the idol, and the bracelet first, to try it out.
He does not take the rest.
For now.

7c855 No.125286

This is easily wrapped inside of a bath robe, though it is awkward to carry and could unravel

77bb5 No.125287

Iron then proceeds to look in the bathroom, wondering if there could be a long stick of wood inside.

7c855 No.125288

A detachable metal towel hanger rail, and a plunder (hiding behind a wooden door)

This is a rather nice and large bathroom. The bathtub is basically a hot tub, and the shower is rather large as well

77bb5 No.125289

Iron inspects the length of both rail and plunger handle, humming softly as does so.

7c855 No.125290

Neither is as long as a meter, the plunger handle being the longer of the two.

77bb5 No.125291

Looking between the two, Iron finally decides to pick up with his mouth the plunger handle, assuming the plunger itself will make haste in removing itself.

7c855 No.125292

It needs to be pulled off, but it seems possible with enough effort

77bb5 No.125293

Huffing with the plunger still in his mouth, Iron tries to do so.

7c855 No.125294

And…. it’s torn off. A ~.92 meter long wooden stick remains

77bb5 No.125295

Bringing it back to the extended, closed robe, Iron grabs the tips of the robe, tying it up to the long, wooden stick.

7c855 No.125296

It’s a short stick and a long robe, but this is more or less doable, if ungraceful

77bb5 No.125297

Iron then tests it by pulling it up with his mouth and shaking it slightly.

7c855 No.125298


Roll die for tying

77bb5 No.125299

1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 12 ]<Use Rope

7c855 No.125300

It holds, mostly. But don’t go too hard on it either.

Iron may now waltz Matilda

77bb5 No.125301

Iron proceeds to lay down the home-made equipment and undress himself, loosening the leather belt under it to slide the handle through the belt and fasten it so as to free the mouth.

7c855 No.125302

The bag is still in an awkward position, running up against his side. Unless iron puts the belt around his neck, and tries to have the pole go upward

77bb5 No.125303

Iron proceeds to move the belt about, up to his neck as to try out the position.

7c855 No.125304

It kind of hurts. Or would, but iron feels great right now. If iron stops suddenly, the bag will hit the back of his head, but otherwise it works

77bb5 No.125305

Beaming with pride, Iron proceeds to pick up the briefcase, stuffing all the info stuff he got into it and closing it, leaving him with the two fluids on the table.

7c855 No.125306

It is stuffed, and locks

b9b20 No.125307

Hmm…I wonder if that leads to garbage chute…

Silver heads up the stairwell, and seeks out Johann.

342cf No.125308

Johann is standing, evidently in an argument with one of the cultists

b9b20 No.125309

Silver trots up to listen.

77bb5 No.125310

Looking back at his rock pouch, Iron pulls it off from it and dumps the rocks on the floor, replacing it with the potions.

342cf No.125311

The rocks pile down onto the floor, making definite thuds. The potions fit nicely

342cf No.125312

The argument seems to be over legal jurisdiction, and what crimes if any he could be charged with. Another two cultists listen intently. The cultist is very insistent that he hasn't been caught doing anything actually illegal, and that of course an Imperial has no jurisdiction over him.

An upset griffin pushes through the crowd to come over to curse at him. This is ended swiftly when Johann pulls a gun on her, and levels it right at her head. "What was that about the Imperial Inquisition?"

Ritual daggers litter the floor

77bb5 No.125313

With the potions in the pouch, Iron reattaches it to the belt on his neck, finally ready to take out the stuff.
He starts to wonder where he could find Sands, walking over to the towels to inspect them.

b9b20 No.125314

Silver calls firmly out to them both.


342cf No.125315

White, cotton

He pulls up a wing, and shields himself with it, with some offense on his expression

77bb5 No.125316

Just in case, Iron drapes them over himself and proceeds to walk out the safe room, wondering where could Sands be.

342cf No.125317

She was last seen in the Chapel, third floor administrative building

77bb5 No.125318

With that clue popping in his head, Iron decides to head there in order to relay the news and maybe put the towels to good use.

b9b20 No.125319

Silver first addresses the captured cultists.

"You may not be under jurisdiciton of good Inquisitor, here, but you are underneath our jurisdiction. If you are innocent, you will be fine…"

He looks towards the sewn up sacrifices.

"…but as it is, you will have uphill battle to disprove your guilt."

342cf No.125320

Iron notices a difficulty while heading out.

Inside the atrium of the dorm hall, there are several police officers. Both blue uniform, and green uniform

342cf No.125321

They are quieted, some humbled, some staying strong

Johann speaks to Silver
"Were there Imperial subjects?"

b9b20 No.125322

Silver nods.

"Those you saw in atrium we had either captured or killed. They will most likely be transfered into Imperial custody."

342cf No.125323

Now he smiles
"That, they will be"

77bb5 No.125324

Iron doesn't like that, indeed.
He backtracks by a bit, looking for any exit avenues to go around them.

b9b20 No.125325

"Now, I have something to speak with you about quickly."

With a motion of his head, he urges Johann to follow him slightly away from the captives.

342cf No.125326

Down to the basement, through the tunnel. Or around, through the second floor entry (this might be more open and visible from the first level)

77bb5 No.125327

Iron obviously goes through the basement route, hoping no more police are stationed in there yet.

342cf No.125328

Down through the tunel, up to the second floor, through the hallway where there is now only one zebra and no Maakie, and then to the stairs into the chapel

77bb5 No.125329

Iron slowly and carefully walks up the stairs, hoping to find Sands up there, ready to plan out the strategy to take these things out of the area.

342cf No.125330

Sands is back in the chapel, looking kind of stunned, still wearing a robe almost like a blanket

342cf No.125331

He nods
"Very well"

And follows Silver

77bb5 No.125332

Iron breathes a sigh of relief, thankful.
"Alright, I am back from the extra payment," Iron informs quietly for her sake "How is the situation?"

342cf No.125333

"They are still holding them back. Something something legal jurisdiction whatever. The unicorn popped out for a while but he's back now"

b9b20 No.125334

Silver stops some distance away from the captives.

"You were held captive here, yes? Can you recall if you were drained during your imprisonment here? I noticed you look rather off."

77bb5 No.125335

Nodding, Iron hums softly as he lets the briefcase on the ground and opens it, as well as the now newly labelled potion pouch, opening their contents. "Could you take a look at these and tell me if they are worth anything?"

342cf No.125336

"By one of those Changelings? Yes. Yes I was"

She takes out the contracts
"Legal documents, I'm not sure who this is of interest for. TThis is another legal document" holding up the deed

She puts those down, and pulls up the jelly. Her face lights up a bit
"This. This is…. better keep this"
She takes it, then pulls up the last one
"And what do we have here"
She looks at it more
"Maybe a love potion? It's marked with a heart"

b9b20 No.125337

Silver produces a vial of changeling jelly, offering it to Johann.

"I went downstairs and got this for you. It should restore some of your energy."

77bb5 No.125338

Iron is a bit baffled by the mention of a love potion. "…you mean there could be an actual potion to induce love of all things?" he asks incredulously

342cf No.125339

She picks up the bonds
"These are securities, payable to bearer. Similar to money"

Then she looks through the photos
"One of these, I recognize in the City Council"

He examines the vial of jelly

He slowly pulls off the cap, then lets it fall into his mouth, swallowing it

He waits a moment then his breathing picks up. His eyes become a brighter yellow-green, and his coat a deeper, brighter yellow
"That's… I feel better. Much better already"

She shrugs, then smiles in a nigh devious way
"If not love, then a close enough substitute for it"

b9b20 No.125340

Silver smiles, and pats Johann's shoulder.

"That is good to hear. I am going to finish checking on things before police arrive."

Silver then trots up to Iron and Sands.

"Find anything interesting in that safe?"

342cf No.125341

He pulls away a bit, as if not expecting pats, but seems to accept them. He nods, with a minor smile
"Very well. And I will try to investigate what I can here"

77bb5 No.125342

Iron looks back to Silver, kitted in the most hobo-esque looking getup ever of the most improvised bindle possible tightened by a leather belt on his neck, as well as a suitcase and pouch. Funnily enough, he's naked now, too.
"I am currently looking into it," he responds before turning to Sands into more of a whisper.
"Why would a group like this have a picture of this 'Cee-tea Counc-eel' in their safe mating with a mare?

342cf No.125343

She whispers back
"It wasn't the city council member who was mating with the mare… But these are embarrassing or incriminating photos"

b9b20 No.125344

Silver looks to the documents Iron has pulled out.

"Do you mind if I have quick look for anything interesting in those?"

77bb5 No.125345

Iron nods once, assuming he's here to look at deeds and legal documents, separating them out of the briefcase and into the floor for Silver's magic to grab a hold of.
Iron turns to Sands with a confused expression, wondering how could a stallion mating a mare be embarrassing.

b9b20 No.125346

Silver nods, takes them in his magic, and looks over the documents.

342cf No.125347

Sands just moves aside, as if claiming no control over the documents

She shrugs
"I don't know who that is"

77bb5 No.125348

With a shrug of his own, Iron closes the briefcase with everything inside except for the legal documents and deed while also closing the pouch.
"Is there a clear exit to take off with this stuff plus the weapons?" Iron asks in a whisper

b9b20 No.125349

Silver's eyes light up at the deed, and looks over to Iron.

"So…I understand if you decline, but…may I keep this deed? It would be huge favor you would be doing for me."

77bb5 No.125350

Iron shrugs.
"Keep it, if you feel it will do you good," he answers dismissively.

b9b20 No.125351

The unicorn smiles wide, and he hugs Iron right then and there.

"Thank you, Iron!"

77bb5 No.125352

Iron briefly glances at Silver in mild worry, wondering what's gotten to the old coot as he briefly glances at Silver.
"…I know I am currently standing upright, but I would rather not coat half of your being with my blood," he comments awkwardly.

342cf No.125353

"I don't know. There might be one by the waterline"

Documents include:

Contracts. Specifically, these are freight shipping contracts,
contracts for the sale of horseshoes, contracts for the sale of hats,
and for the purchase of steel ingots and leather

A deed, looks like to a single family residence on the north bay

Photographs - Blackmail, at least three distinct victims

New Mareland treasury bonds - payable to bearer
Blue Car Motorworks bond - payable to bearer
Hayston Engineering bond - payable to bearer

342cf No.125354

"There might be an exit by the waterline. I don't know how well guarded that is though"

b9b20 No.125355

Silver chuckles, and releases him.

"I do not mind. Not first time somepony has bled on me. But truly, thank you!"

He motions to the bonds.

"Do you want to keep these?"

Silver blushes at the rather explicit nature of the blackmail photos. He makes a note to perhaps seek out the subjects sometime.

77bb5 No.125356


Iron simply nods at Silver for his offer, having given him the deed before suddenly his torch lights up, looking at the old pony. "Do you mind keeping the tavern room rented for Khoi to bunk into as well?" he asks to the old pony.

b9b20 No.125357

Silver nods.

"Sure. I was going to give her some money as well for whatever she would need."

77bb5 No.125358

Iron nods once more, taking the bonds straight into the suitcase before looking at Sands.
"Are you ready to go?" he asks her in a whisper.

342cf No.125360

"Where are we going?"

b9b20 No.125361

Silver gathers the rest of the documents, and goes to Loputu and the Skynavian mare, pulling his second flask of changeling honey out.

77bb5 No.125362

"The Watering Hole," he answers "unless you have a better idea in mind."

342cf No.125363

She shrugs

When she looks over to where silver is going,
Yeah. Let's go"

77bb5 No.125364

With a nod in return, Iron starts the small trek where Sands previously mentioned was maybe clear, by the waterline, asking Sands to lead to scout out the area and avoid surprise guard encounters.

342cf No.125365

The mare looks up

She looks exactly like White Sands

b9b20 No.125366

So that's where Zwolf got her disguise from…

Silver uncorks the vial, and gives it to her.

"Here, take this."

342cf No.125367

Down stairs, through to the main stairwell, down to the tunnel, through the boiler room, through the hall and through the storage room, past through where the garbage chute is, then into a little area with three doors
"I know at least this far" she says

Loputu says something to her

She might need to be physically fed it, like a foal

b9b20 No.125368

If that is the case, then Silver does so, using his magic to scoop the honey out of the vial and into the mare's mouth.

77bb5 No.125369

Iron points to the middle door, quietly asking Sands to take a listen through and maybe peek through any cracks for further information.

342cf No.125370

She licks it, almost like peanut butter, slowly lapping it up. As she does so, her eyes slowly become a deeper, darker green. Her fur almost becomes fluffy. A purer white, and less grey. But it's her mane most of all that shows the difference, gaining a vibrant pink color. She stands up

She places her head against the door, looks up right, then moves to attention, and gets up

"There's some creature there, alright"

b9b20 No.125371

Silver looks at her as she stands up.

"Feel any better?"

77bb5 No.125372

Iron hums softly before asking Sands to look to the two other doors at the sides as he instintively looks for some cover in case the creature decides to come in for whatever reason.

342cf No.125373

She stares at him for a moment, but then nods. The movements of her head, up and down, are fast paced, knocking her pink mane about

She goes, opens the door to the left, looks in, and about, then closes it and goes to the door on the right, which she does not bother to open, but looks at with disgust

She turns to him
"I don't know"

b9b20 No.125374

"What is your name?"

77bb5 No.125375

Humming softly, Iron checks the leftmost door for himself, wondering if it's the right path to go to.

342cf No.125376

It dead ends into what seems to be something like an apartment

As if she's struggling to speak,
"My name is… Keskööpäike"

77bb5 No.125377

Iron then proceeds to look into the rightmost door instead.

b9b20 No.125378

Silver puts a hoof over his chest.

"My name is Silver Sword. We are here to rescue you."

342cf No.125379

Sands goes up, and places a leg on the door
"If there is a way out from undergound, it's forward"

She looks at him, and a little down. She's really skinny, and it's difficult to tell if that's natural, she's starved, or a little of both. Then she looks back up at him, as if straining

Loputu speaks to her
"Ta ütleb, et on siin, et sind päästa. Tema nimi on Silver Sword"

Her face lights up, and she has a big smile. Then she whomps Silver, hugged him
"Thank you, thank you… Ma arvasin, et suren siin"

b9b20 No.125380

Silver is a little surprised by the sudden hug, but he quickly recovers to hug her back. He flashes a thankful smile behind her at Loputu.

b9b20 No.125381

"What happened? How were you captured?"

77bb5 No.125382

Iron huffs slightly before going to the middle door and peeking through to see what they could be potentially dealing with.

342cf No.125383

Loputu himself smiles awkwardly, and she pulls herself back, also smiling in an awkward way. She visibly has tears on her face

"Ta tahab teada, kuidas sa siia tulid"

Through a relay, she relates the following:
"I was in Cubria, in Frostbell when I wanted to leave. I heard Equestria had better wages than Bakara…. I contracted to leave. The government did not want me to leave. So I had to hide. I came here. But they said I owed them money, and I had to work chained at a table twelve hours a day. There were monsters that would hit us, and threaten to eat us alive… such horrible things. One night they dragged me before a black vile creature, that drained away much of my soul. I was placed in a cocoon for I do not know how long. Then they burst me out, and took me up here to wait"

A strange voice
"Schwarzefeder? Is that you? Let us out! Some ponies trapped us in these cages"

77bb5 No.125384

Raising an eyebrow in curiosity at the loaded statement, Iron opens it even the tiniest bit to maybe see if this creature's telling the truth.

b9b20 No.125385

Silver nods, sadly.

"I am sorry to hear. It is over, now. Those behind this have been captured or killed. Once police arrive to remove those we captured, you will be free.

"You say you were looking to resettle here in Equestria? I assume you will need money for food and lodging in meantime?"

342cf No.125386

Iron opens the door to see a cage filled with two creatures. Two creatures that look like that cackling, wild creature that Silver fought in the sanctuary
"Hey! You're another pony! What are you doing here?" calls the androgynous voice


Loputu speaks to her, and she talks back in her language
"She thinks she will"

b9b20 No.125387

Silver starts counting out Bit notes for a short bit, eventually handing her a stack of 500.

"Here, take it."

77bb5 No.125388

Iron blinks in mild surprise at the two gnolls, blinking softly.
"I was actually just heading out," Iron responds, poised as his usually grey coat took a brown-ish red hue by this point "do you know where is the exit from here?"

342cf No.125389

She looks at it, and blinks
"Thank you…"

b9b20 No.125390

Silver nods and smiles at her.

"It is not too terribly much, but it will cover food and lodging for while."

342cf No.125391

She tilts her head
"I do not know place"


Sure. If you let us out"

b9b20 No.125392

"You do not know place? Like place to stay?"

342cf No.125393

"No, I mean… Equestria"

77bb5 No.125394

Iron snorts softly as he starts walking along the corridor, looking ahead.
"Hm… How do I know you know the way?" he asks tentatively as he scans the area ahaed.

b9b20 No.125395

"Oh. Hmm…"

Silver looks to Loputu.

"Could you please translate for me, since she speaks Skynavian fluently? I want to know what she means."

342cf No.125396

At the end is a doorway opening to a stairway
"I'll show you the way alright!"
"Then why did you ask us?"

He asks her, and she speaks back
"She says she is not familiar with Equestria and is unsure how well she could survive on her own"

b9b20 No.125397

"Ohhhhh. Well, if she so chooses, she can stay with me."

77bb5 No.125398

Iron hums before shaking his head.
"I do not seem that convinced you know the layout, considering you have not evacuated yet," he informs "since right now the poh-lee-ce is right above us, cuffing anypony that even resembles a cultist."
He puts on a confident look. "I can get scot free, but you…" he cranes his head from side to side tentatively "…might be seen as cultists and either throw you in a nicer metal cage or make you an example to the public."
With that explanation set, Iron turns to the two gnolls. "So if I even want to think about getting you two out, I need something more than promises."

342cf No.125399

Loputu is silent at this for a moment, and scrunches, but then he speaks, and relays the information to her

"She says thank you, and she will consider it"

She pulls against the bars, rattling them
"I can promise you if you don't let us out I'll tear you to pieces!"

The male is a bit more pleading
"We were locked in here. We'll make it worth your while if you just let us out"

77bb5 No.125400

Iron hums softly before pointing to the corridor ahead. "Tell me what is right outside this corridor, and if you are accurate, I will let you go."
He turns to Sands, beckoning her to go check while the dogs answers.

b9b20 No.125401

Silver is confused at Loputu's reaction, but he nods to her.

"Whatever you decide, we will help you."

342cf No.125402

Female: "Let us go, and maybe I'll tell you what's down the corridor"

Male: "Water. It's water"

"She says okay, and she is grateful"

b9b20 No.125403

Silver gets up, and looks to the two Skynavians.

"I am going to check up on others. Stay safe, you two."

Floof is sleepy. Floof thinks he's going to bed.

342cf No.125404

She looks down the stairs
"I…. Think I see water?"

77bb5 No.125406

Iron hums softly, appreciative at the male hyena but distrusting of the female hyena still.
He turns his head to the first one. "So, how can I take your word your potential marefriend is not going to claw at me the moment I open these doors?"

342cf No.125407

Dice rollRolled 1

342cf No.125408

"Yeah yeah, what's going on? Are you with the Waterfront Gang?"

"I'll claw at you if you won't open this cage!"

77bb5 No.125409

Sense Motive to figure out their feelings and truthfulness!
1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 17 ]<Sense Motive!

342cf No.125410

"Yeah yeah, what's going on? Are you with the Waterfront Gang?"

"Marefriend?! Do I look like any damn mare. I could take your concept of a marefriend and rip her to pieces!"

342cf No.125411

The female seems to be very much forthright in her expression of her opinion that she could rip a pony to pieces. She also seems to be generally in a bad mood.

The male is a bit fuzzier. He seems afraid, very much wants to get out of there, and does not seem to have any immediate motive to harm Iron. However, he doesn't look like he could restrain the female, nor does he seem entirely willing.

It's a strange case of reverse sexual di-morphism. She's bigger and more muscular than he is

77bb5 No.125412

Iron hums softly, looking rather confused at the sight of more powerfully built females than males before shrugging and looking at whatever is holding these gnolls inside the cage.

342cf No.125413

The gnolls themselves are fairly injured, showing signs of cutting flesh wounds in he female, and a bullet wound in the male, as well as bleeding from evident bite marks on all four legs on both subjects. There is broken and chewed up rope on the floor. The cage itself seems to have a lock to it

77bb5 No.125414

Motioning Sands back and to brandish a weapon just in case, Iron prepares his head-crushing thighs in anticipation for the ensuing lock breaking.
"Alright, you can lead us to the exit and you can go scot free afterwards to do your own thing," he comments in preparation.

342cf No.125415

"Iron?" Sands says

77bb5 No.125416

Iron looks at Sands expectantly, wondering what she'd want to say first before doing it.

342cf No.125417

She comes up close to him, and whispers with irritation into his ear
Why are you helping them? These guys are assholes.

77bb5 No.125418

Iron raises an eyebrow, wondering what else she has to say.

342cf No.125419

They were Maakie…. ugh, the 'well dressed griffin's' biggest enforcers. It's bad enough the unicorn already let the runt go"

77bb5 No.125420

This sours Iron's expression quite a lot, as he was previously considering they were little less than scared and confused guards stuck inside the cage, eager to get this behind them.
"Is that so…" Iron mutters in dismay before shaking his head and relaxing his muscles, looking at the two gnolls in the cage for a good five seconds before starting to walk away from the two, not wanting to do anything with them.

342cf No.125421

The female shouts to him
"Hey! You from the gang! The police will be looking for you too. I know they will. That's why you are looking to sneak out back instead of walking through the street"

77bb5 No.125422

Iron simply chuckles before looking back at her.
"I have friends in high places," he informs the hyena "so whatever snitching you may try will yield you nothing but disappointment, big mare."
His face turns dark, as he raises a foreleg.
"and your demise, as well, if you try."
1d20+9[ 1d20+9 = 19 ]<Intimidate

342cf No.125423

Dice rollRolled 9 + 9


342cf No.125424

Perhaps if Iron had met her under different circumstances, her inner will would have won out. But as it is, she is stabbed, cut, only recently out of ties, locked in a cage, and she sees enemies coming from a direction from which she should expect friendly reinforcements.

As such, she folds, remaining silent and standing there. But her ears fall down

77bb5 No.125425

Hearing no retort from the hyena makes his lower his foreleg as he beckons Sands with his head, moving further into the corridor and leaving the two gnolls behind.

342cf No.125426

"Come on! Don't leave us here! We can make it worth your while! Listen! I know the location of a wreck!…"

It's a bit harder to hear down the corridor as Iron goes into a stairwell tunnel that looks more like those catacombs under the vacant lot where the zombies were, than it looks like the rest of the building. Down at the bottom, is a particularly black room

77bb5 No.125427

(Only option is down…) he thinks to himself as he follows the directions towards the particularly dark room, looking at Sands to maybe see if she had magic sticks or light.

342cf No.125428

"Let me light something…"

She takes a piece of the robe she is wearing, places it on the ground, places another piece in her teeth, and tugs, ripping a sleeve right off. She holds it in air with magic, pulls out a lighter from a belt pocket, and..
"click" lights it on fire

"The light won't last long"

Iron can see a room, not very large with high, arched ceiling, made of white stone. Most of it is water, with a ledge wide enough for two ponies. There is a small row boat, white with a red strip on the top of the side, up beside the ledge like it is a pier, with a rope lazily placed around a stake. At the end of the room is a circular tunnel with no lighting, with water at the bottom, and ig enough for the boat to travel through. The water doesn't look very deep, but it's almost opaque

77bb5 No.125429

Humming softly, Iron presuposes that they could either leave right now through the boat or travel the tunnels and maybe find a marehole to get out of the potential sewer system.
He relays his thought process to Sands, wondering what she'd think would work best.

342cf No.125430

"There's only one way out" she says

77bb5 No.125431

"The floating wood thing there?" Iron asks

342cf No.125432

"No. Through the tunnel. Either way. Either that, or it's back upstairs"

77bb5 No.125433

Nodding, he starts the trek through the tunnel, letting Sands lead on.

342cf No.125434

Sands looks down into the opaque, muddy looking water of unknown depth that stretches between the edge of the dry area and the beginning of the tunnel, which itself is partly submerged in the same water.
"I think it's only appropriate that you go first on this, big stallion"

77bb5 No.125435

Bonds can't help but look at the water in mild worry as he glances back at Sands. "Can you even hold what I have on me?" he asks as he starts to put down the suitcase and belt with both bindle and pouch still attached somewhat.

342cf No.125436

She looks at him with a curious expression
"I don't… know. Why do you ask?"

77bb5 No.125437

"Just in case," Iron responds before sinking his right hoof into the water.

342cf No.125438

Iron plops down and "splash" the front of his muzzle goes into the water, and the top of his face is splashed and wet. But when Iron rights himself he finds that he can rather easily keep his head above water - infact, much of his head didn't get wet in the first place. Once he gets into the water, no longer angled down into it by his hind legs being on a higher platform, he finds it's two feet deep if even that. Iron can keep his barrel above water.

77bb5 No.125439

To ensure nothing funny was going to happen, Iron goes on a little trip to the beginning of the tunnel and back, reassuring Sands he'll come back as he does it, as well as asking her to keep her guard up.

342cf No.125440

She winces
“The Fire is about to die….”

Iron can feel things under the water. Sometimes it is sand, sometimes it is decaying plant matter, and once he feels something press against him and dart, like a fish. Once or twice he feels something harder and sharper, like some artificial object

But iron makes his way forward. The water in the room is perhaps two feet, and the tunnel is no deeper, perhaps even a little higher. At the end, he can see a hold through where there were bars, and an opening to what looks like the harbor bay. Moonlight sleeps through the end, maybe 40 meters away

77bb5 No.125441

Having done his thing, Iron decides to pick up the stuff once more and beckons Sands forwards, muffled talk about light up ahead.

342cf No.125442

As he does so, the light dies, and it goes black

77bb5 No.125443

Unafraid, Iron trods forth in search of the moonlight at the end of the tunnel.

77bb5 No.125444

But before that, he hoofs over a towel for her to use as fuel for her flame trick.

342cf No.125445

Sands takes a towel, and lights it up, trying to hold it in magic aura to prevent it from burning her

For that matter, she uses a towel, rather than a robe, to make the initial fire

77bb5 No.125446

Nodding, Iron trudges onwards towards the light he'd seen before with all the baggage on him.

342cf No.125447

Iron goes forward, down the tunnel, and to the entrance, where it exits out into Horseshoe Bay. To the right he can see the lights of Locust point and the passenger terminal there, as well as the lights of so many piers, houses and factories. Beyond that are the more scattered lights of the Southern shore, and its dark forests. To the left he can see the outline of the peninsula, with so many houses along the shore, the hills and houses above that, and at the very end, protruding into the bay, the lighthouse. In the bay are a pair of ships, probably freighters, and the lights of a few pleasure craft.

But what would interest him most is the boat that is just off shore, maybe a thousand feet if that. A vessel perhaps 90 feet in length, that looks almost military, with green stripes. It has a light, which it is shining forward, presumably over at the buildings of Hoebuck

Beneath Iron, there are some rocks before it becomes dee

77bb5 No.125448

Making sure to tell Sands to extinguish the flame, Iron softly retreats back into the drain, watching the boat while hidden in the darkness for any movements on the magic light or any ponies jumping out of it.

342cf No.125449

It's moving forward at snail's pace. there are indeed ponies on deck, Pegasi. They are ooking back over at Hoebuck

77bb5 No.125450

Iron hums softly as he sees it move before picking up a rock from below him and flinging it towards the water away from the drain and into the sea to see their reaction.

342cf No.125451

It looks like one of them looks down at he splash, and remains looking, before turning away after seeing nothing

77bb5 No.125452

Iron hums softly as he aims at the light itself with another rock after taking out and placing his baggage to the edge of the drain, as far away from any potential light soruces and water as possible, bucking the rock.

342cf No.125453

He's attacking the search light on the ship?

77bb5 No.125454

Pfft. No. He's just 'convincing' it to shut off or look away for a bit.

342cf No.125455

If he's going to try to destroy a search light on the deck of a patrol vessel, he's going to need to do an attack roll with some severe range penalty

77bb5 No.125456

I'll do a roll with normal mod, then you decide the negative mod.
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 18 ]<Ranged Attack Mod

342cf No.125457

Miss. The rock lands pretty the ship, hitting the side, and bouncing off with a big "thunk"

There is yelling on the ship, and some pegasi reach for rifles and what appear to be submachine guns

77bb5 No.125458

Iron proceeds to become as small as possible, looking at what they'll do, beckoning Sands to keep quiet and hide as well.

342cf No.125459

"Possible Sniper! Check the rooftops! Guns at the ready!"

A few of them get closer down on the ship, one of them mans a very, very large gun that is bolted down to the ship, and the light is moved to focus on what seem to be buildings to the left/North. All of them stand at more ready positions, clutching rifles, carbines, and submachine guns

77bb5 No.125460

Iron looks back to Sands, whispering to her.
"What does that mean?"

342cf No.125461

"They think your rock was someone shooting at them. Tell me. Were there hornet nests back in that jungle where you came from? Did you plop your ass right up next to them, and buck them? Because these ponies can fly, and their bullets will sting a hell of a lot harder than any hornet"

77bb5 No.125462

"Oh," Iron lets out "They will probably calm down if they do not find anyone to sting, then."
With that, Iron keeps his gaze on the boat, wondering what they'll do now.

342cf No.125463

It does seem to calm down after the passage of perhaps a minute with no further loud sounds. They start to stand up from their positions in cover. Though the light maintains an interest on the high points, it drifts down on a few occasions lower, though not yet as low as the waterline or seawall

77bb5 No.125464

Seeing their new patrol pattern makes Iron a bit more hopeful that they could slink on through the guards' gaze.
Donning on the equipment once more, he looks at the potential paths at his dispostal from the storm drain.

342cf No.125465

Iron can see a few, although admittedly only a few. The water before him becomes deep quickly, perhaps six or seven feet, and eventually dropping off further. To the right are some rocks that lead up to the land. To the left is an open walkway next to a seawall.

Further over, to the left, a few hundred meters away, is a small pier and a very small yacht. To the right, further away, is what looks like a factory that comes closer to the water, with a smaller concrete pier up against the water, and a narrower stretch of grass between the building and the seawall

77bb5 No.125466

Iron fixes his gaze, pointing Sands towards it, before glancing back at the boat, wondering if it's going the opposite direction.

342cf No.125467

They are sort of going the same direction, although the boat is basically holding position. She looks concerned

77bb5 No.125468

Humming softly, he ponders on how to divert their course, turning to Sands.
"Any ideas to drive away the boat?"

342cf No.125469

"That boat is staying there all night, or at least until there is something more interesting in some different part of the bay"

77bb5 No.125470

Sensing this'll mean the boat will essentially stay there until he manages to feign an actual sniper shot on the other side of the factory, he shakes his head before licking his lips, measuring the distance to jump.
He looks at Sands, wondering if she'd have objections to this course of action.

342cf No.125471

"What are we going to do when we get up top though?"

77bb5 No.125472

"It would still be to get out of the scene and into the Watering Hole," he responds "Do you think they may be waiting up there?"

342cf No.125473

"No, I'm talking about what happens when we get to ground level. We'd be even closer to the building than we are now, and we'd be out in the open… Or at least, we might be"

77bb5 No.125474

"What about the left path, then?"

342cf No.125475

”It’s much better because we’d be against a grey background rather than standing on open ground, and they won’t be looking quite as intensely… but it basically amounts to just walking out in the open, right in front of them”

77bb5 No.125476

Hearing Sands' words, Iron them proceeds to aim his body to the left of him.
"Alright, I will trust your advice," he responds, looking at the different trajectory he could take.

3c0d5 No.125477

It’s basically a concrete pathway between the water and the seawall. It doesn’t extend all the way to the neighboring property - there are more rocks - but it goes a significant proportion of that distance. The most disturbing thing is that it is completely exposed with no cover unless iron changes his mind about not wanting to get wet. At least the grey seawall isn’t really that different in color from iron’s coat, of Sand’s snow white

77bb5 No.125478

After looking at it for a bit, Iron decides to nod and turns to Sands. "We will go that way, then," he concludes before hopping down to the leftmost pathway.

3c0d5 No.125479

There is no stealth on that path. The one and in it way to remain undetected is to hope that nopony happens to catch them moving out of the corner of their eye, and look directly at them. At least the small waves and action of the water cover sounds

77bb5 No.125480

Breathing softly, Iron slowly walks the path with the baggage on him in the hopes of finally getting out of the police's gaze, into Cauldron's hooves and treated enough for him to rest up and be fine the next day.

3c0d5 No.125481

“I’m… not going to risk it.”
She throws off her robe onto the ground, appearing almost naked besides a tie and the belt, carrying the rifles. She looks into the water, dips a hoof in
“If it weren’t for customs… there’s no way I’d ever get in water that cold.”
She moves more of her for legs, then more, then all four hooves are submerged. She goes in a little more and… slips into her side, falling into the water, thankfully without too much of a splash.”

Her head pops up, then she places it back down closer to the water”

“I’ll… I’ll swim alongside you”

3c0d5 No.125482

Roll luck

77bb5 No.125483

1d20[ 1d20 = 11 ]<Luck

3c0d5 No.125484

Hmmm…. he could traverse at least the second half.

Roll another

77bb5 No.125485

1d20[ 1d20 = 2 ]<Luck pls don't do dis

3c0d5 No.125486

The sound of talking, and the light is definitely being lowered

77bb5 No.125487

Iron, afraid of being spotted, decides to slink downwards into the water to avoid being spotted.

3c0d5 No.125488

Iron dives into the water, two feet at a time to reduce the splash.

Iron doesn’t entirely understand what Sands was complaining about, as the water is well above freezing. Still, it is very cold, at least as much as the water from the lake in his dream, and colder than all but the high mountain streams. It’s terrible color, being brown and opaque, not much visible past the first foot, and the silt-filled water has a disgusting smell of salt, dead plant matter, and a hint of petrol. Iron down few through what seems to be Sand’s tail. She has dived her head down

77bb5 No.125489

Breathing in deeply, Iron sinks his head just like Sands, waiting for that damn light to go away.

e1c3c No.125490

Brie thinks for a moment. "Danke Fultoni. Sie waren außerordentlich hilfreich. Eine letzte Frage. Mit Lang und … habe ich schon seinen Namen vergessen, mit ihnen tot, wer befehligt den Gendarm?"

3c0d5 No.125491

Iron pulls down the briefcase under the water, and possibly his bathrobes bag as well


“Das sollte sein … Drohne zweihundert siebenundachtzig von Yaria und Lepitus, auch bekannt als Macrurus. Er sollte die Polizeistation sein.“

77bb5 No.125492

Iron also stops his movement until that blasted light goes away.

3c0d5 No.125493

roll swim

77bb5 No.125494

1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 15 ]<Swim

3c0d5 No.125495

Iron pulls himself down, under the water as the light shines above. It sorts of hurts to keep his eyes open in the water, but necessary. Iron likewise pulls the bag down, under the water. He can feel movement, she the hair in his face pulls away. Sands is swimming forward

77bb5 No.125496

Seeing Sands go onwards makes Iron feel like he should, too, thinking the guards somehow saw him right there. Ergo he follows her.

3c0d5 No.125497

Another swim roll

77bb5 No.125498

1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 23 ]<Swim

3c0d5 No.125499

He moves forward some distance hard to tell how far

3c0d5 No.125500

Dice rollRolled 2


3c0d5 No.125501

There is no light lighting up the water above Iron

77bb5 No.125502

Iron slowly but surely peeks his eyes out to survey the situation.

3c0d5 No.125503

There is a light nearby in the water. He can’t tell what Sands is doing, but he thinks he sees her horn for a moment

77bb5 No.125504

He continues to swim with his eyes over the water, being sure to keep an eye out at light as he navigates along the concrete pathway in the water.

3c0d5 No.125505

The light starts to move down

77bb5 No.125506

Iron sinks his head back down inside the water slowly, just in case, swimming along the concrete pathway still.

3c0d5 No.125507

Iron is nearing what would be the end of the seawall. It’s still some ways to go before they get to the yacht and the pier. Sands seems to mostly stay underwater, though her horn pokes out of the water often. Once, she is seen sticking her muzzle up, and breathing. The bag and the briefcase are more than a bit of hinderance, popping up out of the water with Iron

Roll more se

77bb5 No.125508

I assume that last word is 'swim'
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 27 ]<Swim

3c0d5 No.125509

Alright, Iron pulls the briefcase and the bag away, off the property. Iron now has an opportunity to hide behind obstacles - the back of a boat, wooden piers, and larger rocks near the shore

77bb5 No.125510

Iron chooses to hide under the wooden piers, knowing such a place should provide a decent amount of cover.

3c0d5 No.125511

Sands pops up, under the pier, with a loud, sucking gasp

Her full head and wet mane are visible now

77bb5 No.125512

Iron slinks up the water up to the head, quickly inspecting if the boat was still nearby.

3c0d5 No.125513

The cutter is a little further away now, both because Iron has moved further north, and because the boat had gone further south. But it’s still nearby, and it’s still hanging around

77bb5 No.125514

Iron turns to Sands. "Alright, I think we have lost them," hw whispers, now surveying the paths available. "Do you see any routes that might be feasible to walk on?"

3c0d5 No.125515

She nods

Loputu: “Alright”

3c0d5 No.125516

She doesn’t exactly whisper

“No, but there’s bound to be stairs or a ramp somewhere”

77bb5 No.125517

Nodding, Iron starts to look for them.

3c0d5 No.125518

Stairs, a little further down

77bb5 No.125519

Iron dogpaddles towards the stairs, intent on finally getting towards the Watering Hole.

3c0d5 No.125520

She follows
“Careful, there will be police on the street as well

In front of iron, and somewhat to the left, is a two story building with an external walkway and a metal roof, looks like a set of shops. There is grass, disturbed ground, sand and a cart-trailer. There is another smaller rectangular building to the right, perhaps shops. All of the buildings are closed, with only a single light on outside the shops

77bb5 No.125521

Iron ponders as to which direction he should go in order to make progress in his quest to reach the Watering Hole.

b9b20 No.125522

Silver checks up on Khoi and Jubilosa.

3c0d5 No.125523

To the left, he’s back on Hoebuck street towards 33 Hoebuck. To the right, the road eventually dead ends, but roads cut across the grid and links it to other streets

77bb5 No.125524

Iron opts to go to the right, looking for any streets that may lead him to his main objective, sticking to the shadows.

3c0d5 No.125525

Khoi is moving around checking bodies. Jubilosa is sitting down, leaning her back against the wall and hanging her head

3c0d5 No.125526

Before he crosses, there is still the matter of the road being closed down. Iron is barely a block away from the four police carts and a truck outside of 33 Hoebuck

b9b20 No.125527

Silver decides to go check up on Jubilosa first.

"Hey. Is everything alright?"

77bb5 No.125528

Iron stops and surveys the landscape for any viable distractions.

3c0d5 No.125529

“Aside from the cult sacrifices, mass grave, evil sorcerer, getting stabbed, being exploded, being 5000 kilometers from home, the dark gods and representatives of multiple fascist governments? It’s fine. It’s fine”

Distractions are harder to come by. Across the street is a warehouse. On this side are a set of small commercial buildings, and row houses further down the street. It looks like a street does cross, a block or so up

b9b20 No.125530

Silver looks up at her.

"Would you like hug?"

77bb5 No.125531

Iron looks about for a small projectile to buck, looking at the furthest of the row houses.

3c0d5 No.125532

She picks her head up, and looks at him
“Hugging strangers isn’t often done where I am from….”

Breaking windows further the right and north is possible, though that would bring police officers that are to the south of Iron even closer

77bb5 No.125533

Huffing in mild annoyance, he instead decides to look at the inside of the nearest shop to the right, wondering if they might be able to transport him along the street without being seen.

b9b20 No.125534

"Oh. I thought we had at least gone to acquintance stage…nevermind then."

3c0d5 No.125535

The buildings are not uniform in shape or distance from the street. It looks like hugging closer to the buildings may make it harder to see him from the street

Sands leans in
“Iron? I don’t have the robe. I can’t hide the guns”


b9b20 No.125536

"Anyways, about your troubles…you will need some money, yes? For food, lodging, and eventually travel to Aquiliea?"

3c0d5 No.125537

“Most likely, I think. Yes”

b9b20 No.125538

Silver nods, goes through his bags for a few seconds, and pulls out 500 Bits worth of notes for her.


77bb5 No.125539

Iron passes the rest of the towels, hoping they will do enough.

b9b20 No.125540

Silver seems a little upset at Jubilosa's claim of them being strangers, but he's trying to hide it behind a smile.

3c0d5 No.125541

She is covered in towels. She looks up at him in acknowledgement of the pitiful sight. A pony on the streets at night, covered in bath towels. The outlines of the long guns can kind of be seen under the towels

“I don’t know if I can accept that much…” she says

b9b20 No.125542

He continues to hold it out for her.

"Please, I insist. It is least I could do to help you."

77bb5 No.125543

Figuring it'll have to do, Iron beckons Sands to move along the edges of the buildings, doing their best to look like dishelved hobos, since they've been drenching themselves in dirty, polluted water.

3c0d5 No.125544

The griffin looks up, right at Silver with her yellow eyes, forms a wrinkled smile, seems to develop tears… then leans over, and hugs the pony

That, they are. It feels cold, and Sands complains

77bb5 No.125545

In both a caring gesture as well as to further sell the scene, he drapes a foreleg around her shoulders as they walk, hopefully giving Sands some heat through body contact as they exit the police scene.

b9b20 No.125546

Silver smiles, and hugs his griffon friend back."

342cf No.125547

For the second time that night, the griffin is hugged. This time, she cries into SIlver's floof, and not Khoi's

And so he does. He stumbles forward carrying a bag on a stick, a briefcase, covered in bandages, and with a leg over the unicorn's shoulder. Sands is covered in towels, and has the outlines of something big and long over her back. Both are soaking wet. It's past 1:00 AM, and they are roaming the streets, carefully hugging the right side of the road for several blocks, until, when it seems clear, they dash over to the right side, and down a road that cuts westward deeper into town

77bb5 No.125548

Huffing softly as his time is running out acording to himself, he tries to think possible ways to reach the Watering Hole in one piece with all his stuff.

342cf No.125549

Well… He has vague memories of when he walked to near here from Black Cauldron's apartment, and he kind of remembers the round about walk from the Eastside tavern

Probably a wisdom roll

77bb5 No.125550

1d20+2[ 1d20+2 = 16 ]<Wisdom check

342cf No.125551

He realizes he just has to walk to a certain street before he's on familiar territory, and he can keep walking thereafter

77bb5 No.125552

With the path set on his mind, Iron starts moving once more towards his goal before this drug leaves his body.

342cf No.125553

But does the suspicious looking pair get harassed by either criminal elements or the police? I need a pair of luck rolls

77bb5 No.125554

1d20[ 1d20 = 1 ]<Luck
1d20[ 1d20 = 6 ]<Roll

ca770 No.125555

"Nochmals vielen Dank Fultoni"
Brie sets out to speak to this Macrurus.

342cf No.125556

Damn it, I missed the opportunity to shitpost on quads

Brie goes down the road, passing by Zu Lang's corpse and a pair of Gendarme drones scurrying forward. He goes up the hill to the town, where a pair of ponies, looks like a mare and a stallion, look over in curiosity at the scene before them. On the road a drone yells "Curfew begins soon, off the roads unless you have business" at ponies on the road, who trot about at pace. Going into the Police station, a couple drones rush in, as a earth pony mare secretary has a look of concern

342cf No.125557

As Sands and Iron walk through the neighborhoods, past drunken walkers, loud conversations in groups, dead-looking trees and and dimly lit streets, they turn the corner to see a patrolling stallion who, through Iron's limited interactions with the city, he can recognize as a police officer, in dark blue uniform and cap. They try to walk past him, but he stares at them, before turning around and speaking to them
"Where are you two off to?"

77bb5 No.125558

Iron blinks slowly, half-lidded eyes looking towards the officer.
"I was planning to go to the bar," he answers somewhat tiredly "after all the walking around I had to do."

342cf No.125559

The officer pulls out a baton, stretches it, and pokes the briefcase
“A briefcase and a billet. And”
He looks over to Sands
Then back to Iron
“Now where are you coming from?”

cc725 No.125560

"Hello again. I'm looking for Macrurus." Brie smiles disingenuously politely.

77bb5 No.125561

Iron blinks once more, sighing softly. "I am coming from…" he pauses, blinking tiredly before pointing at a random direction, as he isn't knowledgable of street names. "there?"
Iron proceeds to shake his head a bit. "We are trying to get by with what we can find, sir," he continues "we are covered in dirty water and it is freezing out here, I can have a drink after a good haul at the docks."

342cf No.125562

The mare is kind of confused, but says to Brie
"He - he should be upstairs right now. There is some sort of emergency"

"'A good haul,' you say? Because you have the briefcase of a business professional, the billet of a homeless person, you have a mare with you, and you're covered in seawater. All of that seems more than a little off to me. You didn't happen to, oh, I don't know, snatch that briefcase off a businessman and jump in the water to evade capture, did you?"

e5142 No.125563

Brie opens his mouth to respond for a moment, but ends up staring slack-jawed at the secretary. He closes his mouth and begins heading up the stairs unceremoniously.

342cf No.125564

No one stops to question Brie in this moment, not for a lack of people present. A pony rushes past him down the stairs, A drone rushes upwards. It's whitewash walls, tile floors, and wooden stairs up to the second level, where a set of offices split off of a room. A room directly ahead has two drones rush into it, wearing field grey and white fur

e5142 No.125565

"Beruhigen Sie sich" Brie says, continuing toward the most official looking room/office/whatever.

77bb5 No.125566

Iron shakes his head. "I have not," he answers truthfully "I found it floating on the water under the docks, finding nothing aside from a few papers that looked brownish. I had to get a little dirty in order to take it, which is why I am soaked."
He pauses slightly, glancing over at Sands to help out with his testimony before returning his gaze to the officer.
1d20+1[ 1d20+1 = 2 ]<Bluff roll

342cf No.125567

Brie moves down the hall, and at the end finds an office with glass walls and blinds on a corner. It's definitely the biggest.

Inside is a big, wooden desk (no fancy veneer though), with a black leather chair, windows on two walls, filing cabinets and a big, white flag with some kind of black and green markings on it. But there is nocreature in this room

"Uh huh. I'm going to have to do a search for stolen goods or weapons. You're free to go if nothing is found."

77bb5 No.125568

Iron looks suspiciously at the 'officer', considering that being searched like that is justifiably a reason to protest.
"On what authority do you base your ability to 'search' ponies like it is your privilege?" he demands "How can I trust a random pony to look at my stuff and get away with taking the stuff I've found just because he is dressed in a particular way?"

342cf No.125569

He raises an eyebrow
“Hoof it over”

e5142 No.125570

Brie takes a seat (in the obvious power chair) and waits.

77bb5 No.125571

Iron simply stares at the officer questioningly instead, untrusting of this 'officer' pony.

342cf No.125572

And he pulls the briefcase out of Iron’s muzzle

He may do so, but nothing happens at minimum for a few minutes

77bb5 No.125573

Oh yeah?
1d20+10[ 1d20+10 = 14 ]<Strength Check

e5142 No.125574

That's fine

342cf No.125575

Dice rollRolled 16 + 3

Dice rollRolled 3

A drone rushes in, and pulls something off the desk in front of Brie. It takes a moment, but when he pulls away he slows down, and looks back at Brie
“Are you looking for Zu Lang?”

Iron doesn’t have ten strength. Maybe 7

The pony pulls back the on the briefcase, then Sabds yells
“Are you with the fascists?”
Irritated, he responds
Sands growls to Iron “stop it, you’ll piss him off”
Then she yells to him,
“Then who are you with?”
“Baltimare PD, what does it look like?”

342cf No.125576

Dice rollRolled 4 + 7

The stallion succeeds, and pulls away the Briefcase

"It'… we're with the Resistance"

342cf No.125577

Dice rollRolled 3


342cf No.125578

He pulls away the briefcase, and looks back to White Sands
"There was a drop off of something. Information, we think, but we don't know what. We didn't open it. It was thrown in the water and we dove in to retrieve it. We were going to deliver it to the PON. Please don't mind my friend here. He's an Anarchist, if you didn't already know"

e5142 No.125579

"No, I have him right here." He says gesturing to one of the heads. "I'm waiting for Marcrurus."

342cf No.125580

He looks concerned
"O….. Kay. He's in his office right now"

e5142 No.125581

"And I'll need that file you just nabbed." He smiles disingenuously again.

342cf No.125582

He looks back at Brie
"Who are you?"

e5142 No.125583

"I'm the bat that the Queen sent to put things right around here. And you are?"

342cf No.125584

He stands up straight, and answers,
"Drohne Vier Zwei Drei Von Yaria und Lepitus"

e5142 No.125585

"Sehr gut vier zwei drei, die Datei?"

342cf No.125586

Still standing straight, a green glow encapsulates the file, and brings it through the air closer to Brie

e5142 No.125587

"Vielen Dank. Ich hätte es ignoriert, aber ich interessiere mich immer für Dinge, die andere schnell unter meinem Snoot herausholen."
He begins to look the file over.

342cf No.125588

He starts to move back, away and out of the room. But he stops, and stands there, still looking at Brie

The file concerns orders of Love acquisition from the areas of Haysabi and the Onibwe Nation. It looks like the area can substitute its love quota for a certain amount of Taconite above its Taconite Quota

77bb5 No.125589

Iron keeps quiet, still looking at the officer in moderate suspicion.

e5142 No.125590

Brie closes the file and hands it over, while making a mental note of "Taconite?" and then resumes a only mildly irritated posture.

342cf No.125591

"Macrurus is in his office…"
He takes the file, and leaves the room, with a kind of uncertainty

The officer opens the Briefcase, and looks in
Sands: "We weren't sure who we could trust"
He looks through the documents in the Briefcase
"You don't want to help the Fascists, do you?"
He peers through more
Sands: "And that's it"

He closes the briefcase, and places it down on the ground, next to Iron
"Have a nice night"

He walks off

e5142 No.125592

Brie sits in contemplation wondering not entirely but moderately, how long is this Macrurus going to make me wait?

77bb5 No.125593

Iron lets out a small breath once the officer got out of earshot before picking the bag up, looking appreciatedly at Sands before nodding at her, beckoning her to keep moving, lest they get stopped again for the night.

342cf No.125594

Brie is there, waiting longer. Longer and longer, several minutes. And several minutes more pass when a drone comes in,
"Someone said you were looking for me?"

Another dice roll…

77bb5 No.125595

1d20[ 1d20 = 12 ]

e5142 No.125596

"Ah yes. You must be Macrurus?"

342cf No.125597

Iron walks down a main thoroughfare, but finds it: The Watering Hole. Even well past 1 AM, it is still busy, though the patrons look even more drunk at this time

He blinks
"Yes. Who are you?"

77bb5 No.125598

Breathing softly, he attempts to enter the establishment to find a table in order to lure Cauldron in.

e5142 No.125599

"Brie Achtzig-Sechs. A pleasure. Congratulations on your promotion by the way." Cordially, Brie stands to greet the drone.

342cf No.125600

Dice rollRolled 2


He offers a hoof to shake
"Thank you"
He too, has an uncertain expression

342cf No.125601

It's pretty crowded, but there is a seat at the bar

"Alright…. we're here. Now what do we do?"

77bb5 No.125602

"We wait," Iron concludes, hoping Cauldron herself isn't too spooked off by the appearance of a sudden unicorn mare on his side.

342cf No.125603

It's hard to say how long passes, but the overworked bartender does not get to Iron before he hears
"What happened?"
From behind

e5142 No.125604

Brie accepts the hoof-shake, silently thinking 'ah, someone around here has manners'.
"I'm preparing a debrief for the Queen regarding the situation here. First and foremost, I would like to know if you have any pertinent information that you feel should be included. In particular I'm looking to address what preventative measures might have avoided this situation. For example, there are some drones who noticed changes in Lang and his associates, but seemed,… shall we say,… reluctant to make an issue out of it. Additionally, I'm interested in any compounds or substances that Lang may have come into contact with that may have caused his and their transformations."

77bb5 No.125605

Iron turns his head around to ensure it's the zebra he's looking for.

342cf No.125606

"Oh…" He starts to almost frown. "For preventative measures… communication occurs only between equals. Hierarchy is not conducive to honesty… Don't tell the queen I said that, though. As for where it came from… I'm assuming you're talking about what happened in the mine. We never figured it out. I think they suffered nerve damage that affected their shape-shifting from this paralysis poison the natives put on their arrows. But I would hardly be a surprise if it were something more directly supernatural, like a curse. The ponies can do that, at least we think some of them can, and we have no idea what the natives can do"

Indeed it is, none other than the Zebra mare. She's larger than White Sands, and definitely more muscular and less…. skinny

342cf No.125607

"What happened to you?"
She looks him up and down
"You look pretty bad"

77bb5 No.125608

"Room. Now," Iron requests tiredly "Much to discuss."

342cf No.125609

"Upstairs or… do we need to go to my apartment? Do we have time?"

77bb5 No.125610

"Do not know," Iron responds, unsure himself how long he has "upstairs for now."

e5142 No.125611

Brie waves his hoof at the mention of "Don't tell the Queen I said that", but thinks deeply as the drone continues.
"Appreciating that hierarchies have a necessary rigidity to their structure, are you saying there is no room for potentially essential info to be offered by lower ranking drones? As for the rest, it seems fairly obvious that something caused a very drastic and significant change in your former officers, and I have a hard time buying the story of curses or 'poison tipped' anything, especially given the testimony of the prisoner who was thoroughly,… interrogated. No, I think they found something, and their transformation was a consequence of that."

342cf No.125612

She trots off
"Alright, come along Iron."
She nudges through a crowd of ponies, going towards the wooden stairs. Ponies talk loudly and some song plays from what is more likely a radio than a live band, and the walls are a dark brown exposed wood. She walks upstairs, tries to open a door, notices it is locked, goes onto a second, opening it, and looking inside, slams it shut with a "sorry," then goes onto a third, which she opens and goes inside. There's a bed and a nightstand.
"What is it?" She says

"It's always in the best interest of anyling to tell a superior what they want to hear, rather than what is true, and that is all I will say about that. I don't think Zu Lang even fully understood what was happening to his own body, but he was dead set that any damage to equipment was caused by rebels, and would hear of nothing else. As for whether they found something… I cannot speak to that. They lead expeditions into the northern forests, through the forest that belonged to the old mining company and into Onibwe lands. We know it didn't go entirely well for them, and several drones were killed, and all three were injured. This happened in multiple encounters over at least a week, and we first noticed things were off after that. But that was not very long after they were assigned here. For all we know, their…. condition started before they were transferred here. The ponies think, or thought, that the creatures were forest demons. And many drones think the forest itself cursed them."

77bb5 No.125613

Iron places the briefcase and makeshift bindle on the floor, opening them up to reveal the massive haul he's got from the Hoebuck incident.

342cf No.125614

She looks down at it
"Iron… what's going on? And who the hell is she?"

e5142 No.125615

*puts that away for later use*
Brie nods thoughtfully, having mixed feelings about Macrurus' response.
"I see. So what you're effectively telling me - and I say this without criticism - is that if measures are to be taken to attempt to avoid a situation such as this in the future, the orders will have to be ratified by your superiors. Is that accurate?"

77bb5 No.125616

"I got this from a bunch of crazy religious folk that worshipped something along the lines of a God of Death," Iron explains, displaying a hoof towards Sands "which enslaved all sorts of creatures like her into doing some sort of…" he trails off, hoping Sands would illustate Cauldron the troubles she went through

342cf No.125617

"If they are codified and reported, yes. If it's just a change in practice, then no"

e5142 No.125618

"Noted. What records are there of the previous expeditions, the ones that met with injury, death, and catastrophe?"

342cf No.125619

She looks at him, with a look of thorough confusion
"What if they come back for revenge?"

"Injuries and casualties are necessarily written down. They are probably in the file cabinets behind you. But really, I can't promise that much else would have been written down and reported"

e5142 No.125620

"To be perfectly honest, I'm more interested in a geographical map than any other documentation." He says, looking at the file cabinets.
"Oh,… what's 'Taconite'?"

77bb5 No.125621

Iron shakes his head.
"Two of their leaders are dead, the last one is trapped in a shaft filled with dead slave corpses and the rest are being arrested en masse," he informs "thankfully I managed to get away before they found me hauling all this stuff."

342cf No.125622

"There's a big one in the conference room"
He looks at Brie almost strangely
"It's a low quality Iron ore. It's what we mine here"

"Well… will anyone be looking for you?"

e5142 No.125623

"Excellent. And the conference room is this way?" Brie says, heading out of the room.

77bb5 No.125624

Iron shrugs.
"Probably not. I did not do much aside from bashing a few heads and maybe leave two dog-looking creatures that were enforcers to the slaver in a cage," he informs.
The native blinks tiredly before looking back at Cauldron. "…do you have a healing potion on you right now?" he asks

342cf No.125625

"Yes" Assuming Brie is headed to his right, down a hallway he hasn't been down before
"That room, right there."
Just a couple rooms down is a room with a massive wooden table, and wooden chairs (not fancier leather)

On the wall is a massive map, at least 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall
"That's pre-war, with some markings on it"

Brie is looking at a map of the Haysabi region. The town of Blackwood is a little south and west of the center, and is marked with the two pits of the mine. To the immediate north are some more marked ore bearing areas, but no mines north of the north pit. The town and mines are on a streak of hills, which continue south and west with more marked towns and mines. There is a rectangle on the map that takes up most of it, which excludes the western mines.
"That's the jurisdiction of the Gendarme here"
To the south is grassland and famrland, past a set of woods south of the town. To the east and especially north are many lakes. Dozens of individual lakes. A river runs through just west of center in a wavy shape, interlocking with many of the lakes and missing others. There is another town on the map within the rectangle, kind of south and east of center, named Defago, which is on teh river. To the north of Blackwood is another pit, a lake near by, and then miles and miles of forest. Dense forest. Going further north, there is a marking of "Onibwe Nation" which goes far north, further even that the massive, pink line on the map, the southern side of which is labelled "Equestria," and the Northern side labelled "Crystal Empire." The rectangle ends at this line. There is a railroad running through the rectangle diagonally, crossing the river and going through Blackwood. South of the Rectangle, and taking a turn east, the river meats up with another river around about Whinnyapolis, and the city of Riverside right across the otherside of a different river that runs across the bottom of the map. The railroad too, goes to this city, and on the opposite side of the map goes off with the mark "To the Crystal City."

Though there are some hills, these seem to be very low. There is little farmland within the jurisdiction, and no mountains

She shakes her head
"On me? Right now? No"

77bb5 No.125626

Iron blinks tiredly before looking at all the things on the floor. "Is there a way to carry all this stuff back to your apartment in order to sell it off later? Maybe keep it here while I stay in here for a day or two?"

342cf No.125627

She looks down at what Iron has taken
"That's… that's quite a haul you got there. You might be able to stay in this room. Normally the owner only lets creatures rent it out for an hour, but I have privileges here. I think I could find a way to hide it and take it to my apartment, yes"

77bb5 No.125628

Iron nods. "If you could haul it off there, I would be grateful," he answers before blinking once tiredly, looking at the bed "the mare can stay with me, considering she does not have anywhere else to go, unless you got a better idea."

342cf No.125629

She twists her lips a bit
"Maybe she needs a shelter?"

77bb5 No.125630

Iron cocks his head, confused. "This place is a shelter," he answers before looking around in case his eyes were failing him.

342cf No.125631

"Okay…. Who is she exactly, and why are you leading her here?"

77bb5 No.125632

"This is Sands," he answers "a unicorn mare that previously was a slave to the now wiped out cult." He pauses, blinking softly "I lead her here because firstly, she helped me take some metal powder shooters that could be useful for either selling or your use," the native explains as he beckons Sands to display dem gunz "and secondly, she may prove useful for our… future venture, if you know what I mean."

342cf No.125633

"I see" She looks at Sands
Sands pulls off the towels, and shows the two surviving rifles
"Oh, you got guns?"

77bb5 No.125634

Iron nods some more, confirming her statement.

342cf No.125635

"Well… sounds like you had one hell of a night…" She says

77bb5 No.125636

Iron nods some more. "It was quite the heart booster," he joked with a strained smile, still hurt from all the activities before walking towards her and gives her a nice, little hug with a foreleg.

342cf No.125637

The zebra smiles, and hugs him back

77bb5 No.125638

After holding it for a couple of seconds and the slightest nuzzling, he breaks the hug with a content smile. "Heh, I must have lost quite a lot of blood to be hugging you without warning."

342cf No.125639

She smiles with a squiggly expression
"Do you need a medical doctor?"

77bb5 No.125640

Iron simply nods again.

342cf No.125641

"Alright… do I have to take you to that one doctor again?"

77bb5 No.125642

Iron nods again before humming softly. "But I want to ensure the stuff is secured first, so I can wait."

342cf No.125643

"Well…. Maybe we could keep in here? We may want a chest, or something"

77bb5 No.125644

Iron nods again. "Specially big enough for those long explodey tubes," he comments.

342cf No.125645

"Oh… Let's just put it under the bed for now, lock the door"

77bb5 No.125646

Iron cranes his neck in mild distrust. "I do not know, I would hate this place gets raided by the police again like 4 moons ago."

342cf No.125647

"That is always the risk, yes. But if it stays here, that risk will remain"

77bb5 No.125648

Iron hums softly before shaking his head.
"All of this is going towards and be stored in your apartment first," he explains "then I can safely get treatment.'

342cf No.125649

"All… Alright. Better go, then"

77bb5 No.125650

With a nod, he puts on all the stuff back on, as well as aid Sands with the towels to cover her up.
"Let us not waste time, then," he proclaims before heading out with all of the stuffs.

342cf No.125651

She still looks very weird, covered in those towels
"Alright. Keep it all low. Follow me"
They go down stairs, through the crowd of ponies and diamond dogs, and to the street
"It'll be much quicker if we take a taxi. Less likely to be searched as well
It takes a minute or so, but she manages to hail one, which pulls over
"Alright, put it in"

She speaks to the driver
"Just a few items here… please don't mind the water, I'll give you an extra tip"

77bb5 No.125652

Iron puts the stuff in, as instructed.

342cf No.125653

"Please, don't mind it"
But who does Iron sit by?

77bb5 No.125654

Humming softly at the conundrum in store, Iron decides to…
sit by Cauldron

342cf No.125655

"Here you go, little one. You can sit upfront"
The driver stares at Cauldron
"We'll pay extra, they couldn't help getting wet"

As Iron gets in, she gets in next to him.
"Just take me to the corner of Chesterfield and Chincoteague"
She smiles to him

77bb5 No.125656

Iron can't help but sheepishly smile back with a little blush on his face as the ride starts.

342cf No.125657

It's a bit of a ride as she places her hoof down on the seat next to him. Iron has ridden in one of these things before, but they are driven with reckless abandon, with more speed and acceleration than he'd really like, and more than one sudden stop to not hit pedestrians crossing the street.

The vehicle arrives at the corner as they get out and Cauldron gives the order "follow me"
A block or so to an apartment building, going through the front door and up a flight to where Cauldron's apartment is. She unlocks the door, and lets the ponies inside

77bb5 No.125658

Iron needs to resist the urge to jump on the couch and have a long, restful nap, shaking his head as he looks for a suitable place to leave the stuffs.

342cf No.125659

"Even in my apartment, it's best that it be hidden. Let me take these to a closet"

77bb5 No.125660

With a nod, Iron passes all of the stuffs to her, beckoning Sands to do so as well.

342cf No.125661

She takes it, and goes to the back. Sands likewise takes off the towels, and hoofs over the guns

77bb5 No.125662

Iron huffs before leaning over to Sands, rubbing coats with her slightly, while whispering to her. "Hey, where do you want to sleep for the night?" he asks

342cf No.125663

She smiles back at him, deviously
"Next to you, of course"

Their wet fur rubs

77bb5 No.125664

Iron can't help but blush lightly, smiling. "Oh yeah?" he asks, mischievously looking at her "Even if I go as far as sleeping on the grass?"

342cf No.125665

She frowns a little
"Can't we get like a hotel room or something? Like a nice one?"

77bb5 No.125666

Iron can't help but chuckle at the answer before nuzzling her on the neck.
"Sure thing, Sands," he agrees "I definitely can spare some coin for it."

342cf No.125667

She is nuzzled, and she nuzzles him back
"Is this that Zebra you told me about? The one you thought you had to try to date?"

77bb5 No.125668

Iron nods.
"She is the zebra, yes," he answers "took me in, showed me the ropes and all that."
He proceeds to gently kiss the nape of her neck before continuing. "You are not going to act jealous knowing that, right?"

342cf No.125669

File: 1584685103222.jpeg (83.27 KB, 500x360, 1577956__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

She doesn't say anything in response

77bb5 No.125670

Iron can't help but smile at her slowly rising competitive nature before shaking his head. "Now all I need is a little checkup to ensure I do not fall over alseep forever and wash off this nasty smelling water," he explains to her "not to mention yours as well."

342cf No.125671

Black Cauldron comes into the room
"Barring an official police search, or the secret police, these things should be fine. You say you need a doctor?"

77bb5 No.125672

Turning to Cauldron, coats brushing with Sands, he nods in the affirmative.

342cf No.125673

"Well… Time to take you to the vet"

77bb5 No.125674

Iron nods again, obviously enthusiastic about the visit to finally relaxing without the threat of dying in his sleep. "Lead the way," he proclaims.

342cf No.125675

The ponies travel down the street, assuming Iron doesn't start feeling dizzy, util they get to he back door of a building. Cauldron knocks on it, and a yellowish unicorn stallion opens the door
"My friend needs help"
She says
"You again?" The stallion looks at Iron. "I'm getting Deja Vu"

He welcomes Iron inside, to a room with a table, a picture of the internal anatomy of a dog on the wall, and a few sinks and Cabinets

"Alright, let me just do some tests here…"

77bb5 No.125676

Nodding, Iron lets the stallion do the testings, eyes heavy.

342cf No.125677

"Alright, let me check your heart rate… Damn, that's high. And blood pressure… pretty low, not a good sign. And your pupils…. are way too large. Looks like you've already had some medical care here. Alright… Let me see if I can find blood. Is anypony here an elligible donor"

"I'm not sure we would match, given our different…. ethnic backgrounds"

White Sands
"I…. I can't really give blood"

He then says
"Alright, let me just stake a sample"
He picks Iron with a needle
"And let me acquire a matching batch"

77bb5 No.125678

Iron looks like he didn't even felt the sting from the needle, still looking aimlessly forwards.

342cf No.125679

He leaves for maybe five minutes. Not terribly long at all, considering that he just went and found a half liter of pony blood
"Alright, let's place in the IV"
He does so
"And… You're high right now, aren't you? Well let's take those bandages off any seal these wounds"

He cuts some bandages off with scissors, looks at wounds, and covering areas in iodine and sewing stitches.
"Tell me if you feel too much pain, we have anesthetics."

He disinfects, stitches, and tries to replace lost blood, before bandaging Iron and adding a splint on one leg that makes it awkward to walk, or so it likely would when Iron tests it
"Alright, not too much pressure on your left foreleg, or your third left rib, or your back on the right side just three inches above your midsection. I don't know what you did, but it looks like you got hurt very badly, and it also looks like you've had pretty extensive treatment before you came here"

He looks to Cauldron
"And the money"
She counts out bills, and starts to pay him

77bb5 No.125680

Iron's face contorts into one of mild guilt at seeing Cauldron pay the doctor the bills, trying his best to look at the expenses.

342cf No.125681

She looks back to him with a definite "You owe me" expression, and he can be sure he will know

"Alright, that should be all"

77bb5 No.125682

Iron nods weakily, rubbing his crest in mild discomfort at the look, but ultimately isn't worried as his haul will be more than enough to cover it.
He trots over to Cauldron, hoping she'd recite the number she had to pay.

342cf No.125683

"150 Bits" She says. The stallion says to Iron,
"Oh, and uh, drink this" He offers him a vial

77bb5 No.125684

Nodding, Iron drinks the whole vial in one gulp.
(Thank goodness the number sounds low,) he thinks to himself, considering he had that kind of money already.

342cf No.125685

"Alright…. Where to now?"

77bb5 No.125686

Iron hums softly, wondering what to do next. "For now, I need to ensure Sands has a place to sleep for the time being," he explains "and considering how heavy I feel currently, I might have to stay at the same place, too."

342cf No.125687

"Oh… Alright" she says
"I'll…. see you tomorrow?"

77bb5 No.125688

Iron nods before hugging the zebra tightly once more. "Thank you, Cauldron," he says heartily, lightly squeezing her "It means a lot."

342cf No.125689

She is squeezed. Not the softest pony…. creature he's squeezed today, but she hugs back
"I'll see you tomorrow"

77bb5 No.125690

With a final, gentle nuzzle for Cauldron, Iron lets go and beckons Sands to follow him, wondering where he could find this 'hoh-tell'.

342cf No.125691

And now, to find one

77bb5 No.125692

Iron hums softly, having adjusted his belt back to his waist. Perhaps there's somepony that could heed said call.

b9b20 No.125694

Silver is always there for his friends, and as for Jubilosa…

"I am glad to count you among my friends."

342cf No.125695

She's silent for a moment, then wraps her forelegs and claws around him
"I guess… I' glad to have met you tonight as well. For several reasons"

b9b20 No.125696

The unicorn pats her back, and gives her a friendly squeeze.

"Whatever it is you decide to do when you arrive in Aquiliea, whenever you do go, I wish you best of luck."

342cf No.125697

She smiles

b9b20 No.125698

He pulls back enough to look at his griffon friend.

"What is it you were hoping to do in Aquiliea? You know, work, schooling, otherwise?"

342cf No.125699

"I didn't really know, to be honest. I figured that as I had worked as a Typist, I could do the same in Aquellia. Either in the city of Aquellia itself, or one of the other big cities. Or I could be a secretary. Or I could be a courier again. I suppose there are lots of things I could do. I guess I could go to school? I hadn't really thought of that."

b9b20 No.125700

"I do not know much about Aquiliea, but from what I have heard, it sounds like nice place."

342cf No.125701

"I've heard there are beautiful museums, theaters and wide streets with cafes and fancy townhouses. But most importantly of all, there is a Republic there, free from Imperial rule and valuing liberty and equality."

b9b20 No.125702

"Maybe someday when I retire from all of this, I will make visit to Aquiliea, if they will accept some old Severyanan stallion to see what they have to offer."

342cf No.125703

"Maybe. When the War is over…"
She sighs, and looks down a little

b9b20 No.125704

He puts a hoof underneath her beak, and lifts her head to look in his eyes.

"It will end, my friend. No war lasts forever, not even this one. There will be peace."

342cf No.125705

With a bit of surprise at the touch, her eyes go wide before focusing in on Silver
"I just hope it's a good peace…"

b9b20 No.125706

Silver smiles at his griffon friend.
"With people like you at its helm, it will be."

342cf No.125707

She smiles back at him. Then her eyes go past him, and to the scene in the Sanctuary, with Johann and Undertoe trying to keep the cultists in place, and Khoi trying to tend to the sacrifices

"Well… I guess we took a step in that direction tonight? Heheheh…" she laughs nervously

b9b20 No.125708

Silver looks back to the scene which Jubilosa is looking at.

"If we all do our part to make those small steps, we will get there."

He returns to smiling at her.

"I trust in your talons and paws to make them."

342cf No.125709

She blinks
"I had hoped I could stay away from the action. I did not fight when my home was invaded. I did not participate in the resistance after. I could have, but I didn't. Only tonight did I really do anything. I did it to prove to all of you that a Griffin could fight for good. You-"
At this last part she breaks eye contact, before returning her eyes to say the last line
"And to prove to myself"

b9b20 No.125710

Silver smiles just a bit wider.

"You did not have to prove it to me, but if you did, you absolutely succeeded. I hope you feel same."

342cf No.125711

She smiles again. It's a smile that's pulled a bit upwards, as if she is on the verge of tears
"You were… pretty impressive, yes. One of those Equestrian ponies I had heard of. I just had never seen one"

b9b20 No.125712

Silver lets out a friendly little laugh.

"I meant that you proved it to yourself, but I am very glad I could show you what we could be. If Sicameon is filled with griffons like you, it must be very nice place, indeed."

342cf No.125713

"Oh" She pulls her head away looking over to the right and down, smiles in a manner like a wince, and looks away
And after a moment
"It is nice. Carefree Griffins who tend to their own parishes, and rolling hills and mountains, with green pastures and fields of tomatoes"
She then looks

b9b20 No.125714

He gives his griffon friend a friendly squeeze.

"I am sorry, I did not want to make you upset."

342cf No.125715

That was supposed to mean embarrassment
Also, that was supposed to say that she looks back to Silver before she talks about Sicameon
"No, you didn't" looking away

b9b20 No.125716

He looks back up to the griffon.
"If you are not leaving immediately for Aquiliea tomorrow, it would be nice to get to know you better in more peaceful situation."

342cf No.125717

Looking down
"I have to wonder if getting to Aquellia is even possible, especially after how my last attempt turned out"
She looks back up to Silver, with a smile starting to form
"I suppose I could get to know you, yes. You seem nice enough, and I can't say I know very many creatures in this town"

b9b20 No.125718

Silver smiles like a colt being told that school's been cancelled due to snow.

342cf No.125719

She smiles back
"Did you… say you could help me find a place to stay?"

b9b20 No.125720

Silver nods, and continues to smile at her.

"I believe I did. I think I can still manage it, for you."

342cf No.125721

"Thank you" She says

b9b20 No.125722

He givers her one last squeeze, then releases her.

"Just little bit further. I am going to check up on Khoi since I have not done so yet, then I will be back."

342cf No.125723

She has become somewhat acclimated to Silver's hugs and touching, not flinching or resisting
"Alright. She a good gri-creature"

b9b20 No.125724

Silver nods.

"That she is, like you."

He waves goodbye to her for the moment, then goes over to Khoi.

342cf No.125725

She is hovering over the Stallion, who is moving about, looking sort of like a colt thrashing about in a dream

b9b20 No.125726

"Will he be alright?"

342cf No.125727

"I…. I think so. His bones are broken though. Not just broken. Severed"

b9b20 No.125728

"Poor colt…I hope ambulance gets here soon. As excellent healer you are, this is far beyond any of us with what we have."

342cf No.125729

"Yes. I had very limited experience in medicine, when I was conscripted by the King's forces to be a part of the triage for the fighting outside Cửa Sông…" She's silent for a moment, and then a moment more, as if frozen in place
"But no, I am no medic. Still though, that Knight did good in sewing him up"

b9b20 No.125730

Silver looks back to look at the stitches she gave him earlier.

"I would say you are quite skilled, myself."

342cf No.125731

She smiles, with a "heh" of a laugh
"Still, I am not good enough…"

b9b20 No.125732

The unicorn looks over at the kirin.

"Do not do that to yourself. You did everything you could with what you had, and considering how little we did have, you did lot."

342cf No.125733

"I was thinking of Cửa Sông…" she answers in a hollow tone, looking past Silver to the far end of the Sanctuary. Then she snaps back, and looks to him

"But these two will make it, I think. And so will you"

b9b20 No.125734

Silver smiles, and looks to his own wounds.

"What, this? I have had worse. Can not feel thing from them, in fact."

342cf No.125735

She smiles back to him
"You must be an old warrior. Very seasoned"

b9b20 No.125736

Silver nods, and uses his magic to move aside some of his fur to show some scarring underneath.

"Fifty years of experience. My sword and I have been together for very long time."

342cf No.125737

She hovers her split hoof over the fur, though of course she does not touch it
"You fight as a career?" She looks right at him with almost the curiosity of a child. "Are you a Youxia?"

b9b20 No.125738

Silver tilts his head slightly.

"What is Youxia? I am not familiar with term."

26c7c No.125739

Silver's grooming methods work slowly but surely

342cf No.125740

Also, I haven't seen a UAE flag in a while

"Knights who roam around, doing good deeds and fighting for good. Not tied to a Theme or Province, sometimes not even to a King"

b9b20 No.125741

Her description seems to make Silver infatuated with the idea.


He sighs to himself, looking forward.

"I wish I was. It is part of reason why I choose to go out and adventure in first place, but after trouble finding enough money to live on when I was young, it took more form of mercenary work, and it became more about money than doing good…I think, however, I would like to follow that ideal from now on, while this old pony still has strength inside him. Being Youxia sounds nice."

Kek. Bit by bit…

342cf No.125744

She continues looking up at him, blinking and tilting her head
"Mercenary work? Huh. That was not common in Ngua. Still, my grandfather was in the King's Army during the war of independence. My great uncle too. He died in it. But to fight for good itself… That is better than for a king or for money. Or out of necessity…"

b9b20 No.125745

Silver nods at her last sentiment.

"Do you still have purse of Bits I gave you when we rescued you?"

342cf No.125746

She turns back, and with a glow of magenta magic, pulls out the purse

b9b20 No.125747

With his own blue magic glow, he holds out a stack of 500 Bits in notes for her.

"I have some more to add to purse."

342cf No.125748

She smiles
Now awkwardly
But she pushes it back
"Still, I am not sure I can accept"

b9b20 No.125749

He continues to hold it out.

"Please, I insist. It is not as if I was putting it to good use, anyways."

342cf No.125750

She takes it back
"If you insist"

She looks at the pouch
"I will likely need it…."

b9b20 No.125751

Silver nods, and smiles at her.

"If you ever need help, you can always come to me. Oh, and I have place you can stay, too, at Eastside Tavern."

342cf No.125752

She opens her mouth in a smile, and breaths in in excitement
"You have a place for me to stay as well?"

b9b20 No.125753

Silver nods again.

"That I do."

342cf No.125754

"I…" She seems pretty excited
"I thank you"
She breathes out, but contains her excitement, and does a small bow

3d1d5 No.125755

Alright, after analyzing the map and determining where the specific mining site that the trouble (deaths and mutations) occurred, Brie is going to GO TO FUCKING SLEEP (he's at 4 hp btw).

342cf No.125756

Not a terrible choice

Brie is escorted to a building that used to be an inn, a two story wodden frame building with overhang and grape purple carpet. Th rooms don't have radios, but you can't always expect the best possible comfort. Other rooms in the end likewise have Changeling drones, one of whom has a pony mare, half of whom are not wearing uniforms, and a largely overlapping half are buzzed though not yet drunk. Macrurus sends out frantically for a telegram - only to be none to pleased by the response and in a state of anxiety. Brie's dogs follow him into the streets, where a singular colt goes up to try to pet him, before being barked off. Another comes into the hotel, awkwardly creating a physical obstacle to movement in the hallways, resulting in a drone having a tight squeeze

What is the preferred wake up time? (I mean, night or morning? The current time is still early, before sundown)

3d1d5 No.125757

I would have been content to sleep in the fancy cart, but if they're buying, I'll do it.
With the short sword under the pillow.
However long will be a full enough rest to restore most/all his HP. I need to kill something.

342cf No.125758

Night fall or daylight preferred?

3d1d5 No.125759

No preference

342cf No.125760

Brie wakes up in the bed (assuming he sleeps in beds), having neither been stabbed nor bleeding out in his sleep, nor with lucid dreams of murder (only the non-lucid kind).

The only light from our side comes from a single street lamp

b9b20 No.125761

Silver bows back. He's open to a hug, if Khoi wanted one.

342cf No.125762

She doesn’t come up to hug him, but stands awkwardly across from him with a similarly awkward smile

b9b20 No.125763

In that case, Silver hugs her first.

342cf No.125764

Her expression turns to surprise as she is hugged. A bit floofy on the chest, scaly on the back, and strangely dense feel overall. She places her muzzle over his shoulder, and her forelegs around his back, hugging him in return

b9b20 No.125765

Floof gives her a squeeze.

"I have not hugged kirin before today. Is nice feeling."

342cf No.125766


There is an “uck” sound as air is squeezed out of her. After a moment, she says “I have never been hugged by a pony before”

b9b20 No.125767

"Is it nice feeling?"

342cf No.125768

A moment
“It is nice feeling”

She hugs him more

b9b20 No.125769

"I am glad."

The floofy unicorn happily continues to hug his kirin friend.

342cf No.125770

The Kirin is hugged
Her squeeze isn't quite as strong

b9b20 No.125771

He continues hugging for a few seconds more, before loosening his grip and looking back to the door.

"It has been while since Blue left…I wonder if she made it okay."

342cf No.125772

At least some time has passed. The absence of gunfire can be taken as a good sign

b9b20 No.125773

He returns his attention to Khoi.

"It sounded like Iron took interest in you, huh?"

342cf No.125774

She tilts her head
"Huh? Oh. Yes. He offered work, I do not know what"

b9b20 No.125775

"I do not know exactly all he does, but if you ever think you might need help, you can come to me to ask."

342cf No.125776

"Do you…. do anything besides fighting?"

b9b20 No.125777

Silver nods.

"Plenty of things. Just as example, I know my way around forges. I apprenticed under my father as colt, and he was weaponsmith. I also know how to cook. I think I am rather good at it, too."

342cf No.125778

"Huh" She is silent for a moment
"That is good. My father tried to get me to cook"
She blinks
"I was… 'okay'"

b9b20 No.125779

The unicorn smiles.

"Cooking can be fun. Best part is that you get to eat afterward."

feb2b No.125780

The Edge pony does a thing

342cf No.125781

feb2b No.125782

File: 1584848949685.gif (856.91 KB, 518x518, _Boop twiggy.gif)

342cf No.125783

You're silly

342cf No.125784

From behind, a sound of loud hoof steps up the stairwell, then the clatter of hooves in the antechamber

A grey unicorn mare shoots out in blue uniform, oval cap, and caring a revolver, aiming it at the creatures in the sanctuary
"Batlimare PD! Put your hooves, horns, claws and paws where I can see them!

Immediately behind her comes a Pegasus stallion with a carbine that he grasps with one hoof and keeps to his shoulder with a strap
"Aye! This is Customs! Now don't move"

b9b20 No.125785

Silver lets out a sigh of relief, and looks over to the police.

"Thank Celestia, you finally arrived. Ones you are looking for are over there."

He motions to the collection of cultists they captured.

feb2b No.125786

"Finally some back up, you're a little late though."
Dark Star (Zekker) says confidently

342cf No.125787

The mare comes in, ad looks to both
"Who are you? No one move until the police have secured the area"

The Stallion looks around
"Well bugger me, the fuck happened here?"

feb2b No.125788

"Im with the party. let me show you my badge."
He produces his badge for them

b9b20 No.125789

"We were contracted by Baltimare government to put end to trafficking operation here. Turns out there was also Maarist cult here, as well. You are looking at aftermath of battle. Are any medics with you? There is pony and deer they were going to sacrifice that need to be brought to hospital as soon as possible."

342cf No.125790

A familiar griffin - Blue Skies - appears behind the two, as well as more than one new pony. The mare rushes towards the standing ponies - the party as well as the cultists, while the stallion looks around in horror at the burnt pews, the bodies, and the two sliced open creatures on the altar

When Dark Star mentions he is with the 'party,' the mare responds with a near disgust
"Is this Blackhooves"
The Stallion has an "I told you sow" inflection in his voice
"I told'ya it was one of ours"

The mare responds to Silver
"Baltimare government? Police?" she then shakes her head
"Yes. We have medics"
She turns back to one of her officers
"Get a medic! Now!"

feb2b No.125791

Dark Star returns her disgust
"Yes, i am with the Blackhooves"

b9b20 No.125792

Silver slowly stands up, letting out a grunt as he does so. Despite the fact that he can barely feel his injuries, he's still got some old bones.

"It is not Black Hooves operation, as far as I know."

342cf No.125793

She asks,
"What is going on here?"

The Stallion asks
"Cults? What? You get in a scuffle with trafficke's or is this some secret operation here?"

The stallion asks,
"How did this happen?"

feb2b No.125794

"It's a Long Story."

b9b20 No.125795

Silver nods in agreement with Dark Star.

342cf No.125796

"Well the Griffin said this is an R&M undercover operation, that means we have jurisdiction"

"Firearms discharged in city limits is a matter for the police… and so is murder"

Then she looks back to the cultists and the party
"Everyone, put your weapons down"

There are those wavy daggers littering the floor, thrown away long before the police got there

A white uniformed pony, then a second one, runs in
"Who needs medical help?
Khoi points to the two sacrifices, and a cultist says "they need medical help too!" pointing to some cultists injured in the battle

feb2b No.125797

"That is correct. This Was an R&M Op."
Dark Star motions at the Sacrifices

b9b20 No.125798

Silver doesn't release his weapons.

"I am afraid we can not give up our weapons. We are working for Baltimare government, and require them to perform our jobs."

342cf No.125799

Undertoe pulls away, behind Silver and away from the cultists. Johann comes forward, and tipping his fedora with his claw, says
"Johann Lictshild of the Griffonian Imperial Inquisition. I believe some of those concerned here are Imperial citizens

"Oh great, someone else claiming jurisdiction"

"You heard the zebra! This is R&M's operation. Everyone else is back up"

342cf No.125800

"Who contracted you?" The Mare says
"And why are there Blackhooves? Is this weapons trafficking? What is this about a cult?"

feb2b No.125801

"Im Actually a Pony."
"Ah Johann,How are you?"

342cf No.125802

"Still hungry, but much better than I was. And much better than these cultists will be" He points down to Boek "or their leader is"

Johann still has his Mannilicher out, though pointed at the ground, to the police mare's chagrin

b9b20 No.125803

Silver motions to Dark Star.

"We were contracted by him for this mission, and he was contracted by government."

He looks over to Dark Star for him to fill out more details.

feb2b No.125804

Dark Star kicks boek's corpse and spits on it

b9b20 No.125805

"It was creature trafficking. Traffickers here were allied with group of Maarist cultists, sacrificing various people to their god, like they were going to do to that pony and deer."

342cf No.125806

A medic remarks
"Look like they've been sedated and sewn up. And these ribs have been sawed through…"

Johann smiles and nods at Dark Star, and now Blue Skies comes over to Dark Star
"They almost shot me when I came outside, and spent five minutes arguing over jurisdiction without resolving it. They didn't believe me when I said there was a cult"

The mare seems to give in

"Alright, everypony… creature who isn't contracted by the government, you're detained for the moment"

She points over to Khoi and Jubilosa"
You too

"Sacrifices..?" She looks disturbed
"In Baltimare?"

Johann interjects
"Indeed. A cult"

feb2b No.125807

"Im glad you are ok."
He Hugs her

342cf No.125808

She is squeezes, and smiles back - as best as she can with a beak - "And I'm glad we lived through it"

b9b20 No.125809

Silver looks to Khoi and Jubilosa.

"They are with us."

feb2b No.125810

"I Told you we would"
He Smiles

342cf No.125811

"Really? They are not a part of the criminal conspiracy here?"
She says

b9b20 No.125812

Silver nods, and smiles at them.

"They fought on our side. We could not have done it without them."

342cf No.125813

She rubs up against him

342cf No.125814

"I see"

The police mare goes up to the cultist
"Alright, you are detained under suspicion of engaging in organized criminal activity, until further notice"
Three police come in. She tells them:
"Cuff them"
One yells out "hey!" and tries to struggle, he is thrown to the ground and hit with a baton, before being piled on by a stallion

The stallion says:
"So youse try to take on the criminal enterprise of Storm Feather Maakie?"

b9b20 No.125815

"More than try. We took him down personally."

342cf No.125816

"Ah really?"

The mare interjects:
"He's been on the run for years"

Then a medic says
"This stallion here… is Sweet Boek"
The mare says:
"Why is she dead?"

feb2b No.125817

"I Could use a drink after all that."
He chuckles

342cf No.125818

The mare:
"We just need some statements"

"There are Griffonian citizens downstairs-"
Stallion interjects: "We know, we saw 'e, downstaihs'"
Joahann continues "I have to ensure they are repatriated"

feb2b No.125819

"What would you like to know?"

342cf No.125820

She responds:
"Why one of Baltimare's wealthier citizens is dead on the floor, why there were gunshots, and why there are another 11…" looking over to a medic "Make that 12, dead on the floor"

b9b20 No.125821

"Sweet Boek was leader of this chapter of Maarist cultists. He was commanding these cultists to kill us, casting offensive magic at us such as fireballs, and even using necromancy to bring fallen cultists back to life. He was going to sacrifice us, if he had chance."

342cf No.125822

She looks at him, and blinks
"Just who should we not arrest here?"

feb2b No.125823

"That Griff was a cultist."

b9b20 No.125824

Silver points to himself, Dark Star, Midnight, Jubilosa, Khoi, Undertoe, Blue Skies, and Johann.

"These here. There are also two locals who we rescued here, one colt and one white-coated mare. There is also one male gnoll who is with us, somewhere in building."

342cf No.125825

Boek is a Unicorn
Her eyes are half closed
"…. Very well then"

Is Meadows included in that?
"Gnolls? We'll have to look out for them"

The Stallion steps forward
"And do they have legal status in the Baltimare Autonomy?"

b9b20 No.125826

Fuck, I forgot. Yeah, he includes her, too.

weighing the risks of a bluff check against the risk of trying to convince the police to leave them be

feb2b No.125827

oops, pretend i said unicorn then

b9b20 No.125828

Can I get some help, please, fren? Charisma isn't my strong suit…

342cf No.125829

Fluffs ponies

The same question goes for Dark Star:
"Do they [the rescued creatures] have legal status in the Baltimare Autonomy?"

b9b20 No.125830

is fluffed

feb2b No.125831

"Relax,The Gnoll is tame. and the colt and mare helped us out. they were also tricked into coming here just to be sold into slavery. boek was running quite the slave ring as well. they should be granted asylum."

342cf No.125832

"Well I don't know if the governor would allow 'asylum,' but I suppose you an petition the Governah"

feb2b No.125833

"And what happens to them in the mean time?"

342cf No.125834

"If you'll sign for 'em, they won't need to be detained"

b9b20 No.125835

"They would be willing to cooperate fully with law enforcement in this matter in exchange for asylum. Their testimony would be invaluable in finding those associated with these traffickers or these cultists. We would be more than willing to sign for them in meantime."

feb2b No.125836

"And the Pony that Signs will be responsible for them,correct?"

342cf No.125837

He looks at the Silver Stallion for a moment
"Alrigh'. Check in with us tomorrow, if you know where our headquarters is. There should be a bounty in it for you to collect, once we got everything counted"

feb2b No.125838

Dark Stars ears twitch

342cf No.125839

"Yeah. For stoppen' creature traffickahs, and for each illegal alien taken alive"

feb2b No.125840

"Very nice."
what org is this guy with again?

342cf No.125841

Green uniform, said he was with "customs"

feb2b No.125842

"Say,Who did you say you were with again? My Head Got a little scrambled in that fight."

342cf No.125843

"No harm in repeating myself, I reckon. I'm with the Revenue and Migration Service; R&M"

b9b20 No.125844

"Alright. I am not so familiar with Baltimare, I am afraid."

He pulls his map of Baltimare out.

"Could you point it out me?"

feb2b No.125845

"Ah sorry,my name is dark Star."
Dark Star Extends his hoof for a hoof shake

342cf No.125846

He goes up to it, and places a hoof on a spot slightly left of center
"We're in the 'ole Celestial Gulf Insurance Building in downtown. Corner of Fourth' and Mane"

"Well hello to you too! My name is Parade Pass. You already heard who I'm with"

b9b20 No.125847

Silver nods and smiles at him as he puts the map away again.

"Thank you!"

342cf No.125848

"Ya welcome"

Silver is essentially free to go, and to take which ever creatures with him he likes

feb2b No.125849

"im A Deputy with the Blackhooves."

342cf No.125850

"What drew you to ta' them?" He asks

feb2b No.125851

"Well, the desire to help my fellow ponies,was a big motivator. as well as my brother telling me about them and their ideology when they were still on their continent"

342cf No.125852

"I see… Well, they have a reputation for arresting people in the night. Or their police branch doesn't, anyways. Me, I joined R&M back when they mostly handled immigration back in the Metropolitian. Guess they arest people in the middle of the night too, if you're a griffin. Worked out pretty well for me, since it keeps me from being drafted."

feb2b No.125853

"By People do you mean Communists?"

342cf No.125854

"Communists, Draft Doggers, Nationalists of subject creatures, People who speak ill of the war…"

feb2b No.125855

"Where are you From,my friend?"

342cf No.125856

"Small town town outside a' Hoovesplain. On a ranch"

feb2b No.125857

"A ranch huh? i had a similar up bringing my family owned a farm just outside baltimare."

342cf No.125858

"Oh really?"
He adjusts his stance to lock one leg and relax another
"We had sheep. How 'bout you?"

b9b20 No.125859

Silver whispers in Dark Star's ear.

"I forgot to tell you, we shoved Maakie down garbage chute. If you want us to do something else with, it is up to you."

feb2b No.125860

"We Grew Wheat,Carrots,Apples. We had a Old Dairy Cow.But no i don't remember ever seeing any sheep."

342cf No.125861

"Ah, nice. We didn't have quite the climate for Apples down there. Grew some alfalfa though"

feb2b No.125862

File: 1584858949214.jpg (73.34 KB, 468x413, download.jpg)

feb2b No.125863

"Ah Alfalfa is a very respectable crop. Im sorry will you excuse us one moment? my Teammate had something he wished to discuss."
"No Shit?"
he smiles

342cf No.125864

"No worries, mate"

b9b20 No.125865

Silver can't help but smile a little.

"It is your call. We can also try to gather everyone when you are ready to leave. We can head to Tavern for some much-needed drinks."

feb2b No.125866

"have you seen mala? im sure he would like to know."

b9b20 No.125867

"He is somewhere here, we will have to look for him."

feb2b No.125868

"I'll Take care of all the paperwork. see if you can find him."
"Hey there, what was it i needed to sign again?"

26c7c No.125869

Nothing like a friendly discussion of agriculture in front of dismembered bodies


b9b20 No.125870

Silver nods, and begins to look around the building for Mala.

feb2b No.125871

Inshalah my brother.

342cf No.125872

The stallion searches through his saddle bag
"A release form. Let me make one here"

Going downstairs one flight, Silver can see that a Zebra is missing from the center of the hall. There is only a partial trail of blood, leading in the direction of the Infirmary and the publishing center

b9b20 No.125873

Silver follows the trail.

feb2b No.125874

"Alright,my friend. take your time."

342cf No.125875

It's not a consistent trail, picking up at points, but continuing sometimes later. Nothing in the printing room, but blood in the Infirmary in a small streak that goes towards the surgical room. Openning the door, Silver can see - on the surgical table, as if to make it look like the zebra was being harvested for organs - a terrible site. It's something like a cross between a deer torn apart by wolves, the sacrifices he saw earlier, and an autopsy. The Zebra is on his back, has been cut open, and is missing several interanal organs - liver and heart - with flesh around the legs, shoulders, and ribs. Hide is peeled back, cut back, or just missing

He pulls out a note book
"Just gotta put your name, your signature, and the names of all the creatures. If their names ain't on here, they could be at risk of being picked up and deported. At the bottom, write that you ledge to look after them, report back to us, and will petition the governor for relief"

b9b20 No.125876

"…well, that works to disguise it, I suppose."

Silver is a little disgusted by the sight.

342cf No.125877

A door pops open, and a red, black and brown muzzle sticks out, followed by a head
"Oh good. That is your voice"
Mala slinks out. He wears his saddle bag stuffed with a blanket. His belly is noticeably distended, and he has blood around his muzzle and neck

feb2b No.125878

"Seems easy enough."
He takes the pen and starts writing.

b9b20 No.125879

Silver points to his muzzle and neck, when he sees Mala's state.

"You have little 'something' in that area."

342cf No.125880

It's kind of tedious, as paperwork so often is. Especially so, where Dark Star has to write out every part on a blank note paper
"Alright, write down their names… The promise… 'I promise to take care of them…'"
After some time - several minutes - it is eventually done.

Does Dark Star write all of the names, or specific ones?

"I know…" He gets out, leans up next to a sink, grabs a hand towel, turns the water, wets it, and cleans himself
"I wasn't done though…."

b9b20 No.125881

"Apologies, my friend, but we are getting ready to leave."

feb2b No.125882

Dark Star thinks on it for a second…He then writes all the names down.

342cf No.125883

"Can I cut some pieces to go, quickly?… It's such a waste, I think. This one alone could yield one hundred pounds if you just took the prime parts. And every part is edible. To a gnoll, it is. Every part except the hair and the intestine contents, and even then those are occasionally eaten. And then there are dozens of dead…"

It is all written down, and then turned over to Parade Pass
"Alright. Wee'll still want statements from 'ya later, but so long as you have your badge and she" he points to Blue Skies " has that dossier, we can let you go for the night"

b9b20 No.125884

Silver looks back at the zebra, and lets out a small sigh.

"Alright, go ahead."

feb2b No.125885

"Thank you my friend. If you ever need anything let me know."
He shakes hoofs with him and then leaves to find silver and mala,with blue skies

342cf No.125886

He takes a wavy dagger, and slices off pieces of flesh, then more flesh, then more, as well a couple internal organs
"Unless I can take parts of the other Zebra out there…"

He puts pieces on some kind of wrapping paper, and places raw Zebra flesh into his bag

He looks back to Silver
"They are not going to search me, will they? Will they take my sword? What will happen to me? Will they arrest me?"

Blue Skies follows behind him

He doesn't know where they went

feb2b No.125887

Hmmmm does he see any signs?

b9b20 No.125888

He pets his gnoll friend as he trots out of the infirmiry with him.

"It will be fine. We talked with Customs, they know you are with us. Nothing will happen to you."

26c7c No.125889

It's hilarious how in-character this is for Silver, our resident cannibal.

feb2b No.125890

b9b20 No.125891

342cf No.125892

One Zebra on the ground wher ethere were two before, and a brief blood trial in the direction of the Infirmary and printing room

Gnoll is pet

Mala quickly cuts down a zebra leg where the hide has already been cut and peeled back. He cuts deep, down to the bone, scraping it, and cuts off a long piece of muscle, places it in his mouth, bites it in half, and swallows, before frantically cutting off another very large piece and swallowing it as well. He must have removed 10 pounds of Zebra meat, a number of steaks worth in big chunks, in front of Silver

He follows Silver, with loaded bags

Silver trots out with Mala, who is carrying a saddle bag and is covered in a blanket

He looks down longingly at the remaining zebra corpse

Kek, I know right? It's like none of it phases him

b9b20 No.125893

"I found Mala. Are others still upstairs?"

feb2b No.125894

"Good,Good. Yes they are all upstairs. I Got the Paperwork Filled out. we're all set."

342cf No.125895

Blue Skies, the griffin, responds
"Yes. Except for Iron. I haven't seen him."

Mala nudges Silver with a paw

b9b20 No.125896

"Alright, Good! I will gather others, then we will depart for Tavern. Drinks are on me tonight."

Silver heads upstairs to do just that, gathering everyone together to leave.

342cf No.125897

Upstairs there is Jubilosa, Khoi, then Loputu, Keskoo, Meadows, and Undertoe. Besides the two sacrifices who were rescued

Johann may or may not come back, and each of these has a different potential fate

feb2b No.125898

"So Did you tell him,silver?"

b9b20 No.125899

Hmm…well, the sacrifices should get to the hospital ASAP, so hopefully the authorities can take care of that. Everyone except Loputu can go to the Tavern, even Johann if he wants.

"Hmm? Oh, he knows. I also almost forgot, here, take this, to pay for drinks."

Silver gives Dark Star a stack of 100 Bits in notes.

"I need to take Loputu home, to his family. I will join you all when I am done."

feb2b No.125900

"Alright my friend. Stay Safe."
He shakes silver's hoof

342cf No.125901

Alright…. So which creatures are going with who and where?

feb2b No.125902

Mala would come with me i assume.

b9b20 No.125903

And thus they shake hooves, saying goodbye for the moment.

The sacrifices are staying with the medics in order to be transferred to the hospital. Everyone except Loputu is going with Dark Star. Loputu is going with Silver, so he can escort him home.

342cf No.125904

Mala looks up at Dark Star, and blinks, with his big brown eyes. He's covered in a blanket


The Mare says
"We can take these two to the hospital, yes. Though it looks like they've already gotten a lot of treatment already"

The Stallion aks,
"Ay, you need a ride?"

26c7c No.125905

"What's that smell?"

feb2b No.125906

File: 1584863756918.mp4 (9.4 MB, 854x854, Mala.mp4)

Dark Star pets him

b9b20 No.125907

"I suppose it is up to Loputu."

He turns to the colt, smiling at him.

"What do you think? Should we get ride, or would you rather I just took you home yourself?"

342cf No.125908


He is pet, panting and moving his head up to embrace the soft-bottomed hoof

b9b20 No.125909

*took you home myself

feb2b No.125910

File: 1584864052557.png (370.92 KB, 768x768, _hitler hmmmmmmm.png)

>pic related
"Hmmm i think we might need a ride,a ride back to the eastside tavern."

342cf No.125911

He looks up to Silver, and smiles
"Either way. I don't think I've ridden in an automobile before… except for that one time I was rushed to the hospital after slipping and falling off a roof, but that doesn't count. We could also talk, if you want.

Then he looks over to Keskoo
"What will happen to her?"

342cf No.125912

"Alright mate. Just outside we got a truck, I reckon you can ride it to wherever you need to go, and he'll still be in time for the pick up once we're done processing these griffins downstairs"

b9b20 No.125913

"We will find her place to stay while she gets acquinted with Baltimare. We will take care of her."

He pets the colt.

"Talking sounds nice. Maybe I could also give you ponyback ride on way home if you wanted."

feb2b No.125914

Dark Star smiles at him
"Thnaks,Parade pass. your a Good Pony."

342cf No.125915

Loputu is like 16 or 17, by the way
"Alright. I think she would fit in in Little Skynavia, though"

He is pet, his fur pulling back and exposing his big, purple eyes

At the mention of a ponyback ride
"Think you could really carry me?"

"Ya' welcome, mate"

Johann walks around to Dark Star, and asks him:
"And where are you going off to now?"

b9b20 No.125916

Really? Didn't know he was that old.

"I would have to ask her about it, but I could see it."

He bends down for Loputu to get on him.

"Could not hurt to try, at least."

342cf No.125917


b9b20 No.125918

Dice rollRolled 12 + 2


342cf No.125919

Silver is barely able to hold the colt, nigh stallion. But he holds

b9b20 No.125920

"Alright…ready to go, Loputu?"

342cf No.125921

"Yes" He says

b9b20 No.125922

And thus, the unicorn heads to leave the building, teenaged colt on his back.

"You will have to guide me to your home when we get to street."

feb2b No.125923

"Well our Home Base of Sorts, a local Tavern. Its the Best Bar in the City. The Eastside Tavern."

342cf No.125924

"Ah. Well good luck."
He looks back over the prisoners, now hoofcuffed, the burned out, turned over pews, and the carnage on the floor
"Looks like you've had quite a night already."

"Go down Hoebuck until it merges with Horseman Avenue, and you can follow it all the way down until there's a checkpoint of sorts"

feb2b No.125925

"Want To Grab a Drink,Inquisitor?"

342cf No.125926

He looks back to Dark Star
"So long as I am back in the morning. I will take your offer."

b9b20 No.125927

Silver nods, and follows his direction.

"How are you feeling now?"

feb2b No.125928

Dark Star smiles
"Sounds Good."
Is there a Driver or am i driving?

342cf No.125929

"Still shaken… But I figure that's what it's like for the stallions who go off to war as well"

Going down the roads, it's much the same as what he saw coming it. Half lit streets of dark stretches, rats scurrying about between overloaded garbage cans, individuals, mostly griffins and zebras, swaying in drunkenness, or travelling in loud and rowdy groups. Trees that look as if they were dead in the leafless winter, and brown grass that looks much the same. Townhouses and sometimes less pleasing brick tenement buildings of a style popular 40 years ago. Building still partly collapsed in from the war and never completed. Little black and red flags hanging in the windows. It's a fullmoon out

Dark Star is escorted by Parade Pass down the steps, out through the double front doors of the administrative building to the street. An Ambulance being loaded, four police carts, and an idling diesel truck - a military logistics truck, like the one they rode in after the work on the docks.

"Driver's in their. Just tell em where ya' going and he'll take you there"

feb2b No.125930

Dark Star Shakes Parade Pass's Hoof
"I'll see you tomorrow."
He walks over to the truck

b9b20 No.125931

"You are very strong to keep going through all of that. If you were my son, I would be very proud."

342cf No.125932

"Heh" he smiles

"I can say I'll be more careful from now on. Still, I might enlist when I can"

He shakes right back
"See you"

The creatures get in the back. They are uncertain at first. Undertoe in particular seems nervous. But after some persuading, she gets in

feb2b No.125933

Dark Star Looks at the Driver.
"To The EastSide Tavern."

b9b20 No.125934

"It is valiant idea, very honorable. What else would you think of doing, when you come of age?"

342cf No.125935

The truck proceeds there. It arrives there after the passage of some minutes

342cf No.125936

"I don't know. Fishing, I guess. There is some opportunity here. Otherwise, work on the docks. If I were more adventurous, I'd join the Merchant Marine"

feb2b No.125937

Dark Star gets out and opens the door for Everypony

b9b20 No.125938

Silver smiles.

"You really are drawn to water."

342cf No.125939

The creatures come out

Johann stands properly, before pulling at a few feathers. Jubilosa is a bit more reluctant, Mala is careful to carry his saddle bags, and Undertoe is the most reluctant of all.

"Well, yes. My Cutie Mark is in water. Much of our society is waterbased, really. Our little enclave on the bay. I think that's true for many creatures in this neighborhood"

feb2b No.125940

After they all get out Dark Star says
"Welcome to the best bar in the city."

342cf No.125941

"I'm not as sure. Not sure either how it compares the to best of Whitebell, or Griffihiem"

Khoi looks up in evident curiosity. Mala has a clearer aww. Jubilosa is tense, but starts to ease as she comes in. Meadows looks around, somewhat confused
"So is this a fancy establishment in Equestria? For what class?"
Undertoe is nervous

feb2b No.125942

He Smiles and chukles
"Fancy isnt exactly the word i would use. But its a Reliable Bar with Great ponies and Pretty Alright Food. This i a Bar for the Working Pony,and i Love it."

342cf No.125943

"Hmmm? The working pony?"
She is just a little concerned

feb2b No.125944

"Don't Worry.This is meadows?Miss. it is My Responsibility to Protect you all. and i Take this Duty very Seriously. you have my word no harm will befall you here."

342cf No.125945

Yes. Highland Meadows
"Oh… Alright. It's just quite a change, to go from being a wealthy land owner to… whatever I am now"
She hangs her head

feb2b No.125946

"I…I Know the Feeling."

342cf No.125947

The sand-brown mare with wavy chestnut brown mane is larger than Dark Star, perhaps only Johann is as large as her

She sits down next to him
"Oh really? How is that?"

feb2b No.125948

"Well, My Family's farm was seized by the Socialist Government. We Had Been there for Generations."
He Sighs
"I Wasn't sure what to do right after it happened either. My Brother and i were out on the streets."

342cf No.125949

"Oh…" Her eyes light up
"And what did you do?"

feb2b No.125950

"…im Not Exactly proud of what i did. My Brother and i Were Dirt Poor,they even took the clothes off of our backs,Although my Brother managed to stow away a small amount of bits. Not Enough for Both of us to eat every day. So i Stole Food when i was hungry.

342cf No.125951

She looks concerned, even placing a foreleg in front of her as if in guard
"That is… That happened in Equestria? A socialist government?"

feb2b No.125952

"Yep. the Princess In her Infinite Wisdom thought it would be a Great idea."

342cf No.125953

Oh come on, the Princess wouldn't do that
"The… civil war? Did that at least rectify things?"

b9b20 No.125957

"I admittedly do not know much about Skynavian culture. I should learn, someday."

342cf No.125958

"You can try. There is only so much left, though. The community becomes more like the rest of Baltimare as time goes by. Baltimare is all I've ever known"

feb2b No.125959

"Thats a Hard Question to answer, Yes and No. The Black Hooves restored Order after the War. But the Local Government is a Socialist one, Im Going to Attempt to Run for Mayor to attempt to fix politics."

b9b20 No.125960

"Hmm…would you personally say that is good or bad thing?"

342cf No.125961

"Good luck…

My son prefers the old Equestrian rule, saying they are more open to other creatures and will guard Harmony. There are things I do not like about these 'Black Hooves.' They pander to the workers with programs, they can be intolerant and despotic. But they do have one great virtue. They are jealous of power. They will guard it, and share it only with great reluctance, unlike the old princesses, who had good intentions, but were naive. I've seen how the Shah back in my country compromised with the reformists, and how it was our undoing. My son has not seen this, so he does not know. But I have, and that is why I disagree with him. May Mazda be with you."

"I don't know. I'm pretty sure there is more money here. More stuff. I like that, But I don't think the older ones got what they were expecting when they came here. It's less change than they wanted."

b9b20 No.125962

Silver looks back to the teenager on his back.

"How so?"

feb2b No.125963

"Compromise is the death of Nations. What is Mazda?
Is your Son ok?"

342cf No.125964

"Ahura Mazda, the creator, mother spirit. But my Son… I don't know. He was studying in Canterlot when the war broke out, and was stuck here for that period of time. He could be in Canterlot or… Ponyville. I received a telegram from him after the war though. So I hope so. I hope so."

"They wanted to leave a land where they became minorities in their own country, being surrounded by griffins… to come to Red Heart, where they are a minority surrounded by griffins."

b9b20 No.125965

Silver nods after a couple seconds of contemplation.

"I suppose I would also be distressed in that situation. It would be nice to see pony cultural revival in Red Heart, take this part of city back and clean it up…as ambitious as that idea is."

feb2b No.125966

Dark Star has a look of sadness on his face as she talks about her son
"Im Sorry you last contact with your son. i Hope you find him. if i'm ever in ponyville or canterlot,i'll see if i can find him. whats his name?"

342cf No.125967

"That's what the Marelanders claim they want. They can't even keep the anarchists in the west side of the neighborhood from seceding. It's a big task. It's not really safe at night… even now. Though I think you could fight any muggers." He smiles. "But yeah"