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File: 1507938737973.png (5.28 MB, 1280x720, 5fb1c79f86daa06993b23fdafd….png)

b31db No.621

Hey Üb, lets read together shall we?
I propose this, we all vote for a book every month and we all read it together then we discuss its contents here, to ensure we are on the same page we should read a certain number of pages every day.

Lets say, a 200 pages book in a 25 days month would make up for 200/25= 8 pages a day. (i know these are really few pages but its just to ensure we can all spare some time to read it)

So, wanna do it? Just post a book below so we can make a strawpool!
To start with something im sure we all are familiar with, i will add Mein Kampf to the list, post any books you would like to go to the strawpool below!

39771 No.624

File: 1507947990519.png (20.58 KB, 208x275, 1446764898496.png)

I would be down! We should Read Fahrenheit 451 and then 1984! They flow RIGHT into each other and warn of the future! Neither of them are SUPER long they are short simple but AMAZING reads!

1f66e No.625

Fahrenheit 451 is an incredible book.

2ddb0 No.627

I'm suggesting Animal Farm in the list then, since there's a theme here.

25023 No.628

>mlpol book club
Oh I love this ideas.
My suggestions are the normal dsyutopians (451, 1984, etc.)
One I haven't read yet is "Brave New World"
Or that one
Should I create a poll?

39771 No.629

Hell yeah! Read them all in a line Fahrenheit 451, 1984 then Animal Farm I would LOVE to read them.

OH at the end we can watch the movies for all 3 since they are also REALLY good movies

For those who are interested in reading outside of this using an audio book/



Animal Farm

25023 No.630

Alright, poll is up
Also, where would be a good place to get Mein Kampf?

2ddb0 No.631

File: 1507950687626-0.pdf (777.28 KB, Animal Farm.pdf)

File: 1507950687626-1.pdf (1.3 MB, 1984.pdf)

File: 1507950687626-2.pdf (2.43 MB, Mein Kampf.pdf)

I have most of the books mentioned here in pdf form and more.

84fb9 No.632

File: 1507950748902.jpg (9.92 KB, 153x237, Confederate2.jpg)

If you guys want a fun book to read on your own time "guns of the south" is pretty good. It's about time traveling South Africans who help the Confederates win the civil war by bringing them ak 47s. It a ridiculous concept, but it's well written and I enjoyed it. The author is definitely against racism, as the south Africans are portrayed as the "evil neo Nazis", but it's still a fun read.

25023 No.633

I own Animal Farm
I've read 1984
But finally, I have a copy of Mein Kampf
Thank you Anon!

68e17 No.634

File: 1507951710167.jpg (131.48 KB, 774x1247, 54856865956.jpg)

Anons, don't forget about this book. Honestly, one of the best - he he - guides I've ever read.

b31db No.635

File: 1507951783435.png (27.84 KB, 314x329, hooo.png)

Oh wow, i didn't expect you all liking this so much, great!
Thanks anon!
Well we might just start voting now, we are 6 as of now it appears, lets see if there is any other anons wanting to join us.

dd0e2 No.639

I vote Infinite Jest

a4942 No.641

I'm in. I vote the 48 Laws of Power

Audiobook: https://youtu.be/pSWIVupPAKI

1f66e No.642

File: 1507991702588-0.png (92.37 KB, 1000x938, 1555122__safe_alternate ve….png)

I want Anons to read Fahrenheit 451, for the lessons in the book, and so that they could get the backstory for the Evil, Inverted Fireaxe.

a4942 No.643

Great book, wouldn't mind reading again. I say the 48 because it details how to proceed and develop one's self as scrupulously (or unscrupulously) as is possible in a world that filled with the unscrupulous. Its like Machiavelli on steroids.

49aa1 No.644

Weird, I dont remember a lot of the required reading I had back in middle/high school but I do remember Fahrenheit 451 being one of them. Sad if its not anymore.

1f66e No.645

>I dont remember a lot of the required reading I had back in middle/high school but I do remember Fahrenheit 451
Ikr. Good book.

25023 No.646

Probaly not
I say that because of the
>No one can offend you or they are something-phobic
Agenda going on,
And thats exactly why they banned books in th book.

25023 No.663

I guess we could close the poll cause there haven't been any new votes recently.
So I guess Fahrenheit 451 wins.

1f66e No.664

There was a poll?
>Would've voted 451 anyway

39771 No.665

Sweet when do we start reading?

25023 No.667

Earlier in thread
I guess ASAP
Its 158 pages, so maybe 15 pages a day for about 10 days?

39771 No.668

I recommend we all use the same revision so the pages line up. We should use this one.


25023 No.669

That works

a4942 No.671


1f66e No.672

This is great!
Was RPing earlier

a4942 No.673


1f66e No.674

39771 No.675

Hey Anon if you want I can delete this thread so you can make a thread about the book and have the PDF posted in the main post.

ba3a9 No.676

Just make a second thread, so the data in this one isn't lost. It's not like the catalog is in danger of being slid

02e97 No.759

Can we read together "How to Bomb the U.S. Government" by infamous terrorist Sam Hyde?


24f95 No.773

Holy shit, that's a cute Pinkie model. So much cuter than those ugly sfm models.

67b0f No.827

Man, this seriously didn't got off the ground, maybe we need to check on this board every once in a while..

67b0f No.828

This seems like a. Good idea, I am sorry for being so negligent regardless this matter.

cd82e No.953

File: 1522260964367-0.jpg (1.85 MB, 2334x3474, William_Luther_Pierce.jpg)

a696a No.1309

Yo, i say we make a livestream of audiobooks, 1 or 2h per week so anons can do whatever while listening to the stream.

07ff1 No.1315

I'll second this. Should we gather via a site like rabb.it?

Also wake up thread! I got a library on my external drive and I wanna read shit with you faggots when February comes. Maybe we can do a poll when my computer works again?

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