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File: 1505875014269.png (383.58 KB, 2622x3238, 99412234.png)

90c94 No.469

Most people are expected to know what they want to do in life and for the most part, most do. Most of everyone I knew in high school automatically knew what they wanted to do in life and as soon as they left, they chased after it immediately. However, I just don't. I remember in school I remember everyone telling me "you have to know what you want to do in life as soon as you are an adult" but the problem is, I honestly don't know.

I guess this is because of a number of reasons but the biggest reason I think was that when I started to develop deep philosophical thinking and the sort, (around 13 I think, I don't care how late or early I was to that stage) my family was financially poor and got poorer over the years. All that was in our minds was survival. We wasn't in severe poverty since we had a house, water, electricity, internet, but my I remember my dad got laid off and searched for companies to work for since he was a coal miner and obongo's anti coal policies didn't help so the future for us was uncertain. Survival was all in our minds, including mine, and that's what our mindset revolved around really. Now being poor taught me lots of valuable lessons for life such as money management, managing expectations, values of hard work etc. so it set me up for the work force. However it also made me realize how harsh and unforgiving the world is and I developed a sort of nihilism that what I do on this earth wont matter much in the end though as a Christian I know something happen on purpose but not all things.

Also the idea of finding a field I must enjoy for the rest of my life bothers me. Am I really gonna like doing this one particular thing all my life? What if mid life I want to do something else? What if I'm just not material for the workfield I dream of working in and I can never get accepted into it? Also I know the big thing is to go to college and find something in there and I go chase after it but honestly, the idea of going to college makes me sick. Plus there just isn't much there I can feel fine with spending 4 years of my life learning and getting in tens of thousands of dollars in debt over. A trade school however I could do since its far more shorter and debt is way more manageable but still, I don't know what truly interests me.

Basically all I think of is survival and getting by. I don't think of anything greater since I have never known what that is like. Surviving and scrapping by has been all I've known in life. I work a part time job and most people I know absolutely loathe it and hate it to the core but me? I feel content honestly with hard work of that nature but I know I must look for more since many tell me that will get me nowhere in life but what? I still live with my parents and everything they have worked for was destroyed by the harsh times of this decade and sometimes I'm needed to help pay for their bills so for me my future is uncertain. I'm 21 and everyone else I know is out achieving in their dream careers yet here I am not even having a goal other than surviving. I think I'm lost but then again, as long as I have food in my stomach, a house to live in, water to drink, electricity to play vidya in my spare time, and internet to browse /mlpol/, that's all my brain is content about. I feel like a nomad thats looking for better hunting grounds and thats it. Is there more I should look for out there?

TL:DR I am lost and I don't have any long time goals in life.

d1f85 No.470

If your only goal is to survive, then do it robustly. Make yourself a foundation that others can stand on. You are still young and have a (hopefully) long life ahead of you. Consider just moving forward and remembering the 14 words.

3f1f3 No.474

Since you are posting this thread I guess you are feeling confused towards your feelings and you want an answer as to why you are different, well the answer to your questions is simple; You are the minority.
Do not think it's just you that thinks like this, there are others that think just the same, I used to think that way until my 19's until I realized what everyone else tells me doesn't really matters.
Make yourself happy op and live a fulfilling life it doesn't matter if you leave a significant mark on the world, it will all fade away. The knowledge you gather whithin the years may or may not be the only thing you will bring with you when you die.

a4aec No.478

File: 1506029969102-0.png (85.89 KB, 348x462, 1488148490582.png)

File: 1506029969102-1.gif (112.52 KB, 800x417, day.gif)

I can understand your position.
Jordan Peterson said something interesting about this topic. He talks about sin and how it ruins your life, that sin basically means to miss the target and that there are 7 major ways to do it. But if you don't have a target you can be 100% sure to miss it.

There is this thing in psychology that is called the paradox of choice. Look it up.

I can not give you any answer on what to do with your life but I think it is good to continue improving your conditions (money/health/status/…) and expand your horizon.
Just try different shit and experience different shit.
That is all the advice I can give,

>However it also made me realize how harsh and unforgiving the world is and I developed a sort of nihilism

Nihilism is subhuman

Zarathustra presents the Übermensch as the creator of new values. In this way, it appears as a solution to the problem of the death of God and nihilism. If the Übermensch acts to create new values within the moral vacuum of nihilism, there is nothing that this creative act would not justify. Alternatively, in the absence of this creation, there are no grounds upon which to criticize or justify any action, including the particular values created and the means by which they are promulgated.

922f6 No.480

Let me share this anon:

It doesn't directly address your questions, but I hope that it hilights a number of significant factors that could be contributing to the position you are in. I felt how you describe at 21, and living through it is what led me to a career of over 10 years.

a4aec No.488


a4aec No.492

File: 1506349485363-0.jpg (33.84 KB, 500x396, 1479513524788.jpg)

File: 1506349485363-1.png (49.69 KB, 251x308, 1492443875169.png)

File: 1506349485363-2.jpg (145.36 KB, 921x960, 1491458659840.jpg)

File: 1506349485363-3.jpg (143.83 KB, 570x853, 1494268327478.jpg)

File: 1506349485363-4.jpg (37 KB, 298x365, 1488045364911.jpg)

it is hard to find the balance between self-loathing and self-pity and actually do something productive

34561 No.501

>2nd pic
Wow was XDCD always that liberal, bitter, smug, jaded, and bitchy? It should just stick to "OMG BEING A TECH GUY AND SCIENCE GUY IS SO WEIRD I LOVE NESTED VMS AND STARS AMIRITE?" nonhumor.

0af0d No.509

I don't understand. What was it about that pic that you didn't like?

21d2d No.510

I'm pretty sure he has a funny way of hating nihilism and defeatism.

0af0d No.511

>nihilism and defeatism
Oh. I took those pics as ironic: thought the message was to stop feeling sorry about yourself and do something productive.
Yeah, both nihilism and defeatism will do you no good in life.

21d2d No.512

Now I have a new way of interpreting that.

34561 No.525

It's all "Fuck you, you only feel new and empowered because you're a loser! Loser loser loser!" but it's using big words to pretend it's deeper. The author is clearly a bitchy faggot mad because other people get to grow and change and evolve, and he's still essentially the same smug pointlessly-jaded prat he's been since he was a child, having never matured a day.

On an unrelated note, fuck Rick and Morty. On the latest episode:
>turns out beth was a murderous sociopath bitch as a child
>rick: omg u weirdo u asked me to make so much weird shit, like this sentient switchblade! I made a fake fantasy world to hide you in so you'd stop killing kids!
beth: omg im so mean just like my dad.
rick: frikkin weirdo
>beth: omg rick… am i……. a monster?
>rick: no, worse… ur smart. we're smart and the universe hates and oppresses us, but we have to be dicks so we can rule the universe and have fun in it, because it oppresses us!

0cc78 No.526

Idk anything about the author, but my interpretation of it was >>511
Idk what he really meant, but that's what I drew from it.
>watching Rick and Morty

34561 No.529

Not on TV. Only on those "Watch cartoon online" sites, so the jews don't get a penny. And only for the confirmation that the show really is bad and is never getting any better. If the rest of this season is this bad, I'll officially be done with the shitty memefest show for good.

df133 No.536

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily fromNarodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick and Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existencial catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools… how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a Rick and Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

24f90 No.544

Yes yes, what a very funny copypasta. Har dee harr, that's going to get to the front page of r/cringe, r/cringeanarchy, r/iamverysmart, r/neckbeard, and r/cartoons in just a few hours.

Rick and Morty is a shit show, but you can have a more original conversation about why it's shit than you can about the typical ledditor fanbase, which is saying something when both those conversations are so fucking dull you can only add something to them when a new episode comes out. All these jokes have been done to death so much it hurts to realize I can't find any joy in mocking shit fanbases any more.

Is this what maturity feels like? To feel disgust when you see things like SJWniverse, Rick and Morty, tranny sex on TV, and other shit instead of wanting to laugh and laugh and share it on facebook and leddit in your cringe circlejerks?

I'm tempted to go watch some old MLP episodes, so I can unironically enjoy liking something for the first time in years. Would that be a good use of my time, or just some weird harmful regression thing?

df133 No.546

File: 1506786132041.jpg (60.24 KB, 478x500, 5f90085c703820286f78470b34….jpg)

>to feel disgust when you see x
I haven't been able to turn on the TV or go to a movie in years without this experience. Same thing with trying to listen to Western music. I just listen to foreign music now because I can't understand the lyrics. I'm sure they're degenerate too, but I can't understand them, so I don't get triggered. Basically the only media I consume these days is anime. I used to hate weebs with the fire of a thousand suns, but after years of staring into the abyss and being too blackpilled to not be disgusted by Western entertainment, I finally caved. Using different mediums of media for escapism is degenerate, but it is the only thing that keeps me sane at times.

Sometimes I wish I could go back up the rabbit hole, but once you go far enough you can't turn back. You can't simply reverse this way of thinking.

f485b No.547

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.

I saw the same pasta on 4/pol/ today

07264 No.548

I know this is a copypasta but it still triggers me anyway.

24f90 No.549

Same. And it's not just the lyrics in western music, it's the shitty non-singing trends they keep using. "Modern Songs" like "Cake by the ocean" and "Summertime Sadness" and "Tinie Tempah's Not Letting Go" are so shit, they physically hurt. Especially when your ears have perfect pitch like mine. If I didn't have a shit mouth, I'd be a great singer. And if I had more than a probably-torrented copy of FL Studio I trial-and-error'd how to use, I'd be a musician.

Normies fucking eat up shit that directly insults their nonexistant intelligence, and when you call their music bad, they just fall back on old braindead normie nigger-tier shit like "Well I like it" and "Don't be critical" and "Turn ur brain off and just listen to it uwu".

The only gym for miles around plays this cancerous normie trash over the speakers constantly, and I hate it.

I also watch anime for its non-degenerate themes. Only the non-degenerate stuff, though, none of that "The woman hits the man because she thinks he's a filthy fucking pervert degenerate. He apologizes for making her think that about him and feel bad. Comedy!" shit. My Hero Academia seems pretty good so far.

The whole "Fucking normies" thing had been with me for years, even before I knew what it was. As a young kid, I thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn't form a meaningful bond with anyone I ever met, not even my own parents. As I grew up, I gradually learned of things like right and wrong and realized it's because the people around me were shit morally-and-mentally-dead normies. Especially my parents. And I've never been able to tell anyone this, because normie psychology thinks the problem in that scenario is my inability to "Just make do" with the normies and anynormie I'd ever tell would just "Hurr durr herp a durr imagine lel unironiccally cringe loser lel low leddit score imagine neckbeard" at me or throw cliche "Just be happy, change your worlview and lower your standards" platitudes at me. Worthless soundbytes from worthless people that, in their own normie mindless-consumer bubbles, think they have worth and want to keep on thinking and feeling that they do. I put up with the shit and pretend I'm fine. And while I am sorta fine because I'm a tough motherfucker and I would have gone on a school shooting-esque rampage with knives(Because commoners don't have guns in this shit communist leftist country and pointy kitchen knives would be easy to obtain from my own house and houses in my way if need be, I'm not some knife-obsessed edgelord faggot) by now if I wasn't, it still pisses me off.

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm ever going to find a nice non-normie non-retarded non-brainwashed girl I can actually feel something for, and have fucktons of kids with her I/we can raise to be intelligent and moral and good. I'm expected to go to a nightclub or bar, buy a mandatory drink to be allowed to get in or sit down, and hope I find a woman worth anything in places that replaced social clubs to facilitate the whore culture, but would that even work? So many people have these fantasies where they go to a bar, meet a cute antisocial non-normie virgin forced to be here by her normie friends who she secretly hates as much as you, and you'd both be lidded-eyed jaded emos together snarking at the bullshit around you while only consuming the media marketed towards normies that want to feel smarter than regular normies, it'd be love at first sight. And we live in a world where avid readers can download books on their phones/kindles and never have to go to a library where they might meet someone hoping to pick up elusive smart chicks at a library. I'm currently feeling the urge to clarify that I'm not one of "Those people" with "Standards that are unreasonable", I only have "Standards that seem reasonable to me", and I don't know why. But I'll do it anyway. I'm not asking for a puritan christian to marry and bed and a certified Mensa omega-genius with triple D tits, just someone cute and intelligent with few, preferably no, sexual partners before me, someone that looks after her body and would pull her weight in a relationship. Society is making me feel the urge to change those lines to something less picky-sounding, even though those are pretty low standards when you think about it, but the fact that I can see through that bullshit and defy those urges mean (((They))) haven't gotten to me yet, right?

587d8 No.550

That can be even more degenerated.
I usually try to avoid my countries music because its always about sex, always.
Also the lyrics are usually poorly written, sometimes it's the same lyrics as another song edited a little.

For example, despacito, I see this shit everywhere now, it's always playing over here and there's like 4 versions of it.
Its lyrics is good compared to others but still it's always the same thing, a guy singing about wanting to kiss a girl, dance with her and fuck her.

a4aec No.551

>On an unrelated note, fuck Rick and Morty. On the latest episode:

How did we get from no goals to Rick and Morty?

90b3c No.552

Rick and Morty is the result of no goals and not knowing what to do in life.
I'm in the same boat as you, OP.
Turning 27 this month, still living with parents, no job, no plans for the future, depression, no motivation, etc.
I'm just going to try to get into cyptocurrencies and play around in other various markets to try to earn enough money to just survive. I don't need much, fuck this whole "productivity" bs that my family tries to push onto me.

587d8 No.553

My goals are quite shitty like learning guitar, gathering knowledge, and getting really fit and I don't know what to do in life, will o end up as an alcoholic depressed guy that calls himself a genius with a really serious lack of moral values while also suffering from loneliness?

96337 No.554

To make an update on this thread as OP, I've been thinking of making small goals. What those goals are I don't know except maybe learn to speak fluent Spanish and other things but at least it will give me something to do.

Also fuck Rick and Morty, total reddit cringe.

e5071 No.555

File: 1506828947777.jpg (68.85 KB, 356x334, 1503344226577-1.jpg)

As long as we're off-topic, does anyone have that six point criticism pic of R&M handy? I can't seem to find my copy of it.

a4aec No.556

File: 1506853508392.jpg (32.99 KB, 704x396, Takumi from chaos head _24….jpg)

Something is terribly wrong with this thread.

f485b No.557


No goals? It is implied in using /pol/ boards unironically that you follow at least one of the many goals like:
-learning about/stopping Illuminati
-learning about/stopping Conspiracies
-supporting/stopping legacy of nazis
-stopping degeneracy/saving civilization
-seeking/spreading the truth
-leading happy and successful life/helping others achieve the same
-having a happy family life/+raising kids

There are probably goals in life which are implied by using /mlp/ boards too but they are probably less impressive.
Although I gotta admit that legacy of the show and original culture of the fandom is something to cherished.

The question of which goals in life are shitty is up to each of us to answer for ourselves. Its a relative thing. You have to judge that with your own intelligence.

0c75e No.559

Those things you mentioned are my goals, along with becoming an indie game developer.

5c2c1 No.572

Oh sorry didnt see your post..
Well..They seem like goals indeed those you mentioned but i dont even know anymore if they are worth it.
I mean, i have one life to do something, what is worth of my whole existence? What can i do that brings mean to a meaningless existence on an unknown planet

f2404 No.1615

File: 1563826891583.png (58.2 KB, 265x98, b the quote.png)

I know this is necro posting. But a well written tread that apply's to many others.
Is better than a twitter tag fart.

I was lost in my early teens about Jobs. Pretty much your same state.
I Was generation TV. So I kinda put that decision on the back burner. All I knew was it'll get brought up when you're ready to leave school.
Come 15 I panicked. Job expo was a bust. It was armed services or hawking employers trying to poach illegally low waged labor.

Everything would be fine if I wasn't limited in education path.
But single Mum raising me on gibs wasn't ethical. Despite what people said of my career potential.

So I'm not even sure if I passed year 10. But I got an apprenticeship as a heavy metal worker.
I don't regret it. It fucked me up. But a academic path was my fall back luckily enough.

Reason what made it so good was I fell back form being insightful and higher thinking all the time. It gave me normality in exchange of breaking my back.
I quickly learnt it was getting stuck in and just doing was the bliss.
Boss didn't like it. Because I manual handled max lift before any cranes.
But that made me happiest to just do.
The fuckwits in the industry and several near misses with my own life after specific warning of exactly that, is another issue.

Not sure about welders wages abroad. But I was on $52AUD/h as a 19 yo. When $1 AUD was buying $1.50 USD.

Oh and pro tip. If you're Aussi.
I did less than 2 years for that certificate. If you apply yourself and man up. Your boss/Mc'Apprentice can fudge the books.
I was getting harassed about a shop fan for years, than my impossibly completion of a mandatory 4 years trade.

It's also mentally engaging if you steer clear of production line work. Site and heavy structural fabrication is the life.
Also Tadeies are great for BBS humor.

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