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Becoming better
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File: 1566925406819.jpg (175.69 KB, 1920x1080, 0177ad73e416ee6690a979df08….jpg)

9d81f No.1751

What are some good plants to start growing? I want to have my own homestead someday, so I figure gardening would be a good way to learn to grow my own food.

9f4d3 No.1753

It entirely depends on your geographical area/climate. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash, Corn, are relatively easy to grow (just make sure they get enough but not too much water), but get yourself a spray containing NEEM oil to keep down pests. Also, try to get heirloom seeds.

1a454 No.1765

Gardening is so based and redpilled. I tried it out of curiosity and I am hooked.
It is the most stress-free thing you can do plus you get high quality stuff to eat, safe money and it is fullfilling.

Here is how I started:
I read somewhere that you can just bury vegetables that grew little twigs (onions, garlic, potatoes) and they will bloom into new plants. Once the grow that shit they taste shit anyways so I tried. Dig a hole, bury them, water them, profit.
Then I bought some seeds and basically did the same. It works. It is better.
You should taste some homegrown tomatoes! Shit's insane and the industry food is not even close in terms of taste.

4be9a No.1766

Gardening also is one of those practices that encourage the individual to develop themselves psychologically. It operates on the same principle as 'clean your room'.
And you're goddamn right about homegrown tomatoes. There's no comparison.

1a454 No.1767

File: 1567028142383.jpg (55.16 KB, 736x419, 1502998613671.jpg)

You can learn so fucking much too. The fucking rate at which beans grow and cling to the poles. Shit is bonkers.
It is not only the plants that grow, it is you.
Made my first experiences and now I want to plant some wheat, just like they did fucking 10000 years ago and I want to mill it and make my own fucking break from nothing but wheat and salt and water.
btw I love that primitive technology guy

1a454 No.1768

File: 1567028833556.jpg (130.85 KB, 900x1208, m10.jpg)

I have a theory.
So the chins have a certain nature to them (like the chaotic nature and the navigation) that basically makes these sites inaccessible to anyone with like IQ 90 or lower, which means that these sites tend towards the higher IQ spectrum.
The problem is that guys that often have the tendency to become lopsided. Like IQ is everything and you can solve everything with your intellect alone, but that is not the case. Getting out there, seeing, learning, fresh air and physical work is something people like that often lack.
Any thoughts on my theory?

439fb No.1769

That's faggot talk used by brainlets to make themselves feel better about not understanding anything, and used by jews to pat those brainlets on the head and say "It's okay, kids. Going out and seeing things and doing drugs makes you a more complete person than those miserable old smart assholes".

0a4ed No.1770

File: 1567079721815.jpg (36.57 KB, 313x475, 1565624020007.jpg)

Its important to train both the body and mind, anon.

1a454 No.1773

Doing some excercise is better than just shitposting non-stop. I am not arguing against intellectual stimulation but arguing against neglect of the physical self.

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