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Create good content rant
Hasbro will be soulless garbage. /mlp/ will suck. Jannies will be trannies. People will delete their content. Such is life. What are YOU going to do about it? First, archive. They can’t delete bits (pun intended) off your own physical hard drive. Second, create your own work. Put your own vision forward, without shame. Pour your love into creation. It’s more rewarding than words can ever state. They can never take away from you what is rightfully yours.
Never made anything before?
Create good content.
Scared it won’t be good enough?
Create good content.
/mlp/ bitches about your very existence?
Create good content.
Scared of the habsro boogeymanz?
Create good content.
Worried about your faggotbooru ratings?
Create good content.
Can’t create good content ?
Create content. In time it will be good.
In the golden days, people made things out of love. They didn’t give a flying fuck about things like clout and how other people would judge it. In that sense, having an early hater base was the greatest thing that ever happened to the fandom, because it allowed for people to be free in their creation as an act of defiance and irreverence to the empty “norms” of society we were all supposed to blindly follow. Never forget that none of us were ever “supposed” to be here to begin with.
But far more important than all of that is
I actually did not write this rant somepony else did on /mlp/ I have it saved on my phone. I don’t know who you are and never will but I heard you and you inspired me to start writing stuff. Never even thought of myself as a writer before didn’t pay attention in English class. Learning blender too doing the “donut” tutorial. Nothing I have made has exploded in popularity (yet) but I’m having A LOT of fun. That’s all that matters.
Fucking picture bugged out Its a cute picture of fluttery writing a book I dont know what went wrong