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Slugfest, Rebutals and Mares oh my
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For improving wit, knowledge and wisdom.
Here's Fi a thread for long debates, observations, hores puse.
Recommended, core point/idea/intent in the title/subject of the post. Would also recommend keeping your position about the topic and a unique number/pseudo trust based id in the name or subject field for the purpose of one debate/rebutal topic.
1. Pony Pony and Frienchipping is a must.
2. Positions here have to be backed up using a form of evidence. Higher quality and numerous the better, but in that order.
3. Cite stuff. Meme images that actually have it is good. Links to archives also good. Quotes pic or otherwise also good. Source My Ass, stated otherwise.
4. If it has a dedicated (containment) thread it belongs there in accordance to pretty pony pussy and political pinball wizards.
5. Shitposting allowed. Levity and brevity is a must for the heavy lifting and raking here.
6. The only winner is everyone by increasing in skill, knowledge, wisdom, wit and experience.
7. Taackle the position as it is or/and strengthen it then commit your might. This ensures ideas and well intentions are ensured.
8. What about isms, shilling, THE FUCKING (((flat))) JACKWAGON. Is considered shitposting at best off topic at worst and belongs elsewhere (again in the containment threads or not here at all). Because there is no point, and when one is made there is no substance, even one on their behalf, even with good will to help them our good will has been 'placed before swine'.
9. When hypotheticals are in play, considering and contrasting with reality is also allowed. Following through the logical presuppositions that then turns the idea is also allowed given the logic is sound, is true in reality (or the hypothetical reality).
10. Hard feelings stay here. If they develop or are brought in keep them in this thread. Keep a calm mind, focused intent, and wide vantage point of understanding, even under intense pressure. This is for fun and improvement or one's self and others through consensual typed/image debates.
11. Post Pony and or Humorous every once in a while.
12. If the topic/debate has enough interests lets make it another thread. Thread generation and cross posing is allowed.
13. To Err is human. It happens. At times ponies too make errors.
14. Love your fellow Anon, and forgive. No homo. Keeping high interpersonal anonymous bonds is needed.
15. Reasoning and how an Anon comes to (a) deduction(s) is encouraged. This is also a place to sharpen the faculties and how you reach somewhere and also the potential ways is important for plasticity. (Source My Ass)
16. Dunno probably something here. Horse Pussy.
17. Greentexting and subsequent Meme making of the topics and debates is allowed and encouraged. Remember Anonymity, and ensure the spirit thrives.
18. Not sure why I typed eighteen at this point might as well have twenty for the nice multiple of ten.
19. Clarify when a post seems off topic, ask for clarity so everyone is on the same page.
20. Only wish the best for fellow Anons. A seemingly repeat, and the importance is why it's repeated.
>Why not just make a separate thread in the first place?
This thread doesn't have IDs for rapidly shitposting accurate true solutions that improve can be had.
>There isn't a person that would actually debate for the opposition position.
Debating as an advocate for fun and improvement is allowed.
>Something something edge cases.
I know it's bound to happen. I feel it in my bones.

>When hypotheticals are in play, considering and contrasting with reality is also allowed. Following through the logical presuppositions that then turns the idea is also allowed given the logic is sound, is true in reality (or the hypothetical reality).
Bad idea.
Arguing hypotheticals is like arguing strawmen; neither is a sincere, organic, or accurate representation of anything. The person arguing against the hypothetical can defeat 1000 hypothetical scenarios, and the person arguing them can create 1000 more from thin air, that need not bear any resemblance to any oberved/recorded phenomenon. Take the jew/kgb fag(s?) as exhibit A, of both the ease of instantly concocting a new hypothetocal on the fly, and to the utility in allowing hypothetical arguments at all. Theres really little to no difference between arguing hypotheticals and whataboutism, the distinction being assertiveness in the position/retort.
Allegories, metaphors, and analogies are different, in that they are ineffective if the one asserting is inaccurate in their concept and illustration.
You have an interesting idea OP, but like any thread topic it is only as good as its participants are willing to abide. Being as though there is no authority to discipline anons for arguing in bad faith or not abiding by the ruleset you propose, its effectively an Honor system.
And to that I reintroduce the jew/kgb fag(s?) as evidence of how easily/readily liberties can be taken.
>pic unrelated
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So, I'm going to go live my life knowing that I don't deserve the company of shiteaters like you. Your task is going to be to ruin your own life further with half-cooked ideas that you try to substitute from the ones your that betters would've used to solve the problem in the first place, and then drink yourself half to death and think of your mother as a goddess when she died thinking about some nigger's cock. And then you're going to need to take that gun you bought and put it in your fake vagina that serves as a symbol for your questionable masculinity (if your lack of that wasn't obvious by the way you come off in your speech, whenever I have to read what you have to say I think of the smuggest little faggot I've ever met and then multiply that by like 5-10 times. I don't know what this is supposed to be but it looks like the gayest shit I've ever seen. I would imagine this is what it would look like if someone were to jack off into their own mouth. I sure as shit hope none of this has rubbed off on me. This must be the gayest, most masturbatory bullshit I have ever seen, that actual fag from star trek must be the last time I've seen someone say "oh my," ironically or not) and utter failure as a human being and something lower than a janny (by the way, I still don't know how you don't get shat on for something like this all the time. One more time, for those in the back: Ninjas used to PAY for the opportunity to be a janitor, and he still hasn't let it go and tries to janny the place after he got CUCKED by the people that Atlas chose OVER him since he was away by his OWN accord when it came time to hand over the deed to the place. If I didn't know any better I'd say all the anons you hang out with are just as cucked as you are and that's why they don't tell you to fuck off, like I could go on and on about this but I choose not to digress), and then you're going to have to, as they say take the dog out back, and by God I think that's the one time you might just do a fantastic job (other than acting like a fucking faggot on a damn parade, OP doesn't even seem to cut it here, unless this is some kind of gay April Fool's joke, which wouldn't actually be making it any better), unless you fuck it up and become one of those cripples that didn't place the shot right, in which case, I guess that would be all the better. You could go join all the obese niggers on life support and be even more of a waste of society's resources just like them. What you wouldn't aspire to do. You fucking faggot. Like damn. Can you really blame people for thinking you're actually on hormones? Holy shit, you fucking flamer. I can barely continue saying this all with a straight face now.
6165 6166
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And notice I haven't gone out of my way to insult you, and that's what triggers you the most. You're probably going to say something pretty nasty about this in return or not read it at all or try to make light of it when you'd actually be taking it really seriously, in whatever case I guess I couldn't care any less, but the thing is that if the truth triggers you that much and you try to make it look like you don't take offense to a bit of light roasting here and there and you're simply that desperate to win a petty argument online that you'll make an empty threat and try to gaslight and manipulate, that's something that's wrong with you, not the person that's minding their own business. I don't have to try to trigger you, you're going to get triggered anyway (and whether or not you have the heart to apologize doesn't say anything about the person you're attacking either). All I have to do to piss you off is to live my life unfettered by a needy bitch on the internet. I didn't recognize it at first because I was being attacked out of nowhere and I had to deal with that. But now that I take a step back it's blatantly obvious to see. You get trolled by people simply being themselves. Say whatever you will about the people you're attacking. It's not like they don't know they have flaws.

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Thanks for the bump I thought like most endeavors of mine it'll die a solitary death.
>I come back because what you said hurt
What words were they?
>cut your finger off within the first few years of running whatever gay little business you're so defensive about
Ah, you have the wrong Anon, which means OP is not that Anon.