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Mental Health, the whitepill, and hope
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This is a thread for us to find hope and give hope but also provide tips on how to relieve ourselves of all the pain we suffer.

My entire life, so far, has been nothing but pain pain pain. This is not an embellishment and I'm on my last rope here. I can't take it anymore.

People like us are always demonized by the media. Many of us hide who we are, our opinions, among the normals around us, which can make us alienated and make it harder for us to engage with them.

If one, like me, fails in their ambitions and can't keep their room clean, has very few friends and isn't in a relationship nor have lost their virginity, then that compounds on one's self-esteem.

We need to talk about our mental health. How to create an enviroment in our lives that facilitates good mental health. Like, I follow Jp's advice on the clean your room thing right now, even though he seems like controlled op from what I can remember, he is right about that making sure that's fixed is good for you. I feel that it's draining to constantly feel ashamed about such a thing, like I do. I can usually start cleaning but I rarely finish all the way, which causes the feeling of a dirty room not to go away. That's why I decied to finish this time.

But other then tips on how to improve one's mental health that might apply to everyone in society since everyone is suffering by insanity of this world. I also want us to look for more specific ways to deal with the prospect of white genocide or rather a future where whites are minorities in their own countries. I want us to find positives and use them to move forward and handle negatives in a constructive manner.

None of us is here because you don't seek a solution to solve this problem. If you legitimately thought there was nothing to do about this situation, then wouldn't you stop engaging in things that tries to stop it? What's the point of suffering here for no purpose? I believe we all gather here because we want to fight this situation, even if in our minds we think it's hopeless, because for some reason we have resolved ourself to do it. Why? I assume that one some level we have some hope for something. But maybe, I don't know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, the positives. I want us to find the whitepills and look on the bright side of life, to stride forward. There are so many regrets in my mind and they burn me up inside. I don't know how to deal with the past more than trying to put it behind me or saying that, "Now things will be different." However, it has never become different after that point. Point is, it's stressful to dwell on the past and since you can't change any of it the best one can do is to learn from it and probably forgive oneself for it and be proud of the good things one did and remember the good times. This comes from the person that is imprisoned by their past and can't move, btw.

Sorry, for the blogposting and while I'm not suicidal, I can't help but to feel more tired than ever before (I also feel that I can use myself as an example for the importance of the thread or something). If there's a limit to how many times I can pick myself up and then get knocked down, then I'm feeling like I'm close to converging with that right now. I don't know how long I can continue to take this anymore. I kinda need to change now.

I didn't really know which board this thread belongs to. It's like a improvement thread for /ub/ but at the same time it's a whitepill thread. Mods, feel free to move it wherever you think it fits best.

I'll return to post here when my room is cleaned to say that I done it if I don't fall asleep first, then I post it tomorrow. Maybe I'll even update on my daily progress on things in the future. Maybe that's a good plan. We'll see.

I had to pick a picture so I picked this one for Op but to be honest, don't feel that humorous about my any of this right now. I guess, I don't wanna just crack jokes about it, unless that is helpful in someway, and actually figure out how to solve it.
I think this a /ub/ bread.
This thread might get more traffic on /ub/
I Feel very much the same way.
>Tfw Clinically Depressed
The most radical change is the one you can do yourself. The /vx/ magic thread covers how to change yourself and reality.
More to the point yourself. The ego and subconsious and conscious can be changed, altered, improved, enact the hero's journey.
>People like us are always demonized by the media.
> Many of us hide who we are, our opinions, among the normals around us,
>which can make us alienated and make it harder for us to engage with them.
>If one, like me, fails in their ambitions
> and can't keep their room clean,
> has very few friends
> and isn't in a relationship
> nor have lost their virginity
I know those feels. Technically I still exhibit them.
My solution, and this isn't necessarily the correct one. Is basically going insane. Which oddly enough is in tune with people of the past.
<How do you do it? Why did you do it and why that specifically?
So advice from pops "If'n yous can't effect it, it don't matter."
It's really solid advice to keeping your attention on what you can accomplish. He watches the news regularly and keeps his cool.
Because second point of advice.
"Everyone is dumb."
Which means expectations are set low.
Being respectful is generally a good default. More accurately being polite.
When you get seething frothing raging angry and you also become more polite, they never quite connect the emotion and reaction.

So mental health starts with you. Every thought, every emotion, every reaction, every memory, every sudden mental thing, has to go through you*.
That can be on the spot decision.
>You see niggers, nogging.
Your subconscious (/vx/ shit for other things) will very helpfully suggest something. Such as fear.
Makes sense
<Nigs be nogging they might spread nig nog by yours.
But you can also overwrite that, even in retro spect.
>'Hold on, I'm not feeling fear. This is adrenaline, I'm excited I'm happy, I'm about to start and finish another one of my goals.'
>'You know, this is a perfect time to become better and verify advanced nig dynamics.' Or 'You know, this is a perfect time to become better in tactical stealthy movement by dodging the hostile perception.'
Let's move on.
>nor have lost their virginity
Why is losing virginity important? First let's look at all the ways to.
1.) Aquire money hire a professional.
Well, sure but now what? You're not a virgin? What's the difference between you before and you now? Physical experience? Does the physical experience matter? You know exactly how shocking an electric fence can be does that mean you need to throw yourself at it?
<Some people who are tased need to feel what the tasers really does.
Fair enough.
2.) Picking up a bike.
With some sweet words maybe social lubricant (alcohol) you do a one night stand. Lots of problems in this day and age for that, but manageable with preparation and plans.
So maybe it's not the losing the virginity that matters here, it's how.
3.) Quickie with the circus behind the freak show attractions that haunt your nightmares as the 'freak' in freak show is actually the depth and width of new experiences in a short span of time.
... okay.
4.) How about someone you'd at least enjoy raising another underdeveloped person with?
So the virginity thing is just special icing on top.
Sure experience with that particular organ is limited, but other options are available.
Because in point number four (4) it's about the shared experience. More to the point it's the other person.
When you find and discover each other that's important.

>The past and regrets.
Yeah, they stick around, but like the mental stuffs you choose what is done with it. The big reason why the subconscious keeps shoving back to you is because it wants a plan of action.
I delegate and tell it (the subconscious) to find a suitable action that fulfills my goals. Otherwise do I need to reexperience that? Usually no. It's just another wacky thing that goes on. By general consensus time travel to give you a pick me up is rather unheard of.
Even if you did go back, all sorts of thing go on which would inevitably lead to another type of situation that would stem from that new solution.
Or you go insane and get more /vx/ and everything is all part of the plan from the start. I swear I remember troll face covering himself in oil before 2020.
What I do is make everything I do and don't do important. Now you could say "Gee Anon, your saying by tripping on the stairs you've avoided being bisected by interdimentional time warping super monsters that happen to avoid all of their attacks there by destroying all those monster? Sounds kind of fake and gay. alternatively just trip on stairs anyway. I think the one with the monsters sounds more interesting.
Option number Two. Meditative 'mindless' focus. The whole point of meditation is so that you choose and expand the time between you choosing the mental response. So what if you say eh just deal with it to the subconscious. It'll start doing so.
I'm currently mentally silent besides some 'subvocal/submental rereading to myself for on the spot editing' plans are an unknown, the future is unknown, the past is unknown, the present is unknown.
But I Know I know all of them.
>Keeping a silent clear mind to keep the psychic mind reading perverts at bay.
>Just a thing people do.
The real answer is you can pick both, or more, or less.
Because you can switch on a dime, change at any moment.
Sure that requires some build up and practice to be dexterous enough to instantly change from one way of thinking to another.

So a Whitepill...
We have the spiritual high ground.
The biggest reason they do all this shit is because they just can't deal with us.
It is fundamentally impossible for them to come completely to grips with who and what we are.
They have to use the same things over, and over, and over ect.
>(((They're))) plan of action never changes
>The parasitic self destructive system emergence (The BUG, or WOO) undergoes the same self induced destruction by being akin to insects and forcing people to be like insects.
>Voltaire's prayer worked on the enemies.
Just the three points above make ClownWorld what it is now. That means there's some steadfast solutions.
<But your examples are kind of bullshit?
Well the meta sociological impacts of the current times coupled with the (((obsession))) with control and dominance. The reasoning is all sorts of whack, but some sociologists have trouble in the first place being multi-disciplinary in regards with people.

White Pill
Their actions, reactions, and responses are set in stone.
That sounds crazy, but it's true. They have never ever did a new thing. All that is 'new' is the coats of paint and scale.
So the overall goal, a great future for our good friends and family.
At this point the globalists played themselves. They wiped out themselves, their coconspiritors, their golems, their bullshit. It's just 'getting to the point' where they wiped each other out.
'Simply' doing nothing works, but a little spice adds so much.
Third part, when they reach the edge of the non-existence they've already done for. It's just a matter of side casualties and how their attempted failed final effort emerges.
The simplest way to get through all of this is to have the local equivalent in buying power of twenty USD (could be in Resources) on hand/around.

So psychological fitness when everyone else is fucking off being retarded.
I recommend 'imaginary friends'.
More to the point and the points that have been made is to network with people in your area with akin end goals. Can't get much more local than your own head.
Task your subconscious with a challenge, a hard challenge, find those people and be friends/more with them. The more part is for the wify bit.
<Is your answer going to your subconscious and 'delegating'?
Yes. Yes it is, because it works. Granted there is a vast number of things you can do in any aspect bit or small that helps the subconscious be more able to complete the task(s) you've laid out.
With the large over arching goal, the subconscious has to develop micro goals.
Large part of the task is getting out of the subconscious' way and also being present enough to ensure the macro tactical decisions are fully considered.

>I kinda need to change now.
Magic and occult sources cover that, I recommend /vx/.
I tend to think of everything I do as tactical manouvers in retrospect. When I'm on the field I'm doing the thing.
Seeding and preseeding areas for bountiful harvests.
In reality it looks like I'm being a lazy fat idiot with terrible hygiene with several critical health conditions just waiting around the corner to fully destroy me, making it not just redundant but a waste of resources to put any into digging on me.
I leave some pretty wacky clues a sprinkle here and there of a multitude of motivations yet they all seem to point if anyone was trying to peer into my life that, nothing has happened, nothing will happen, and I will keep doing nothing.
That's when the paranoia kicks in so they keep wasting their shit, and if they did permanently solution me on all fronts it's a bad end for them.
>Occultist saving all the stuff and has plans for after life retaliation.
>Just a regular Joe who's a dick but polite and nice.
>A reclusive neet that those resources could have been put better else where.
>Strangely if any occult like attacks occur instead nothing happens?

I recommend self confidence. Not in your self, but in yourselves. I mean ego-centric and anti-ego-centric behavior is fun (as in interesting) to swap between. Also crafting a mental vacation demi-plane.

>Something useful please?
When you are feeling down write a letter (or call or imagine) to a pony or 'imaginary friend'. Actually better do it when feeling up as well so it's a positive feed back when you feel good, they feel good and you both feel better as you boost each other on a healing spiral.
This, tbh. Preferably one without poster IDs.
I hope i can help a lit, i used to blogpost here back in 2017-18, about certain stuff got doxxed, kicked out of high-school by a faggot boomer, disowned by friends, close and extended family alike yada yada problem is, i still have to figure out how i got over it...
This, let's just not post our "L's" with anything that can make us identifiable
(you) couldnt be unidentifiable of you tried
This one is gonna be a doozy
>has been nothing but pain pain pain
Life is invariably suffering, stoicism is really the only conducive option
>People like us are always demonized by the media
And yet, adopting a victim mentality is of no value
>How to create an enviroment in our lives that facilitates good mental health.
Theres a wealth of resources available, but since you're familiar with JP, you should know that being essential, raliable, dependable, and interconnected with otbers is the solution.
Yes, I appreciate that 'our' definition of others (by availability) is far below the mean, making them equally more rare/precious. On the other hand, one still has a duty to themselves, due diligence and strategy, etc. and not become entangled with individuals who will weigh us down.
Its been posted in /ub/ golly, who could have had the forethought? that it comes down to 4 major brain chemicals.
Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin; the exertion drug, the success/acquisition drug, the social/hierarchical advancement drug, and the bonding/bonded drug.

These 4 chemicals when sufficiently present, are the most addictive chemical coctail known to man, as they are the only formula consistently shown to be effective against all other forms of addiction. Why addiction if we're talking about mental health? Because behaviors and habits are a way of creating the conditions and consistent elements that cause/perpetuate mental unhealth.
Because the second most addictive chemical coctail is an interval mix of Cortisol and Dopamine; the stressed drug and the success/acquisition drug.
Cortisol causes stress, and the easiest to acquire (especially with social media), and the easiest 'band aid' for the feelings of stress. Without the other 3 chemicals however, the person will learn to afopt patterns that ONLY produce dopamine. The problem is, when one becomes sufficiently addicted to dopamine, the mere act of dopamine levels decreasing CAUSES a cortisol reaction. This feeds into increasingly unhealthy habits and behaviors for more dopamine, decreased sensitivity leads toward stronger cortisol swings and reactions, bla bla negative feedback loop.

If one wants to get serious about mental health, allow me to suggest that it should be made their #1 priorty, bar none. This requires humility, diligence, perseverance, honesty, and a willingness to draw hard lines/boundaries. Stop doing what doesnt benefit you, and be brutally honest about your motivations and impulses. Professionals could either help OR hurt, and shouldnt be dismissed outright especially if the person is feeling particilarly and lastingly overwhelmed.
Ngl OP, you might want to rethink Sweden.
>the easiest 'band aid' for the feelings of stress
... is dopamine.
Dopamine's main function is to provide a 'kick' of satisfaction whenever we engage in habits that are essential to survival and evolutionary perpetuity,
>Finding/consuming food
>Seeing a viable female to procreate with
>successful completion of a task
etc. But as indicated, social media is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to behaviors that foster dopamine stimulation for acts/habits/behaviors that are increasingly NOT beneficial to survival and evolutionary perpetuity (read: passing on either one's dna or the dna of one's 'tribe').
To this end, its hard to be specific about the 'worst offender' (social media is in contention, but so is every form of processed sugar, and theyre both effectively marketed toward people from the moment of birth, with many more).
Off-topic, but is anyone else here more or less happy with life, politics aside?
You boys need to do calisthenics, eat healthy, and practice good hygiene (words of power: clean your fucking room, nerd lmfao). You'll say it's not good enough, but you'll feel better if you try. Baby steps and all. I was depressed as a teenager. Looking back, so much off it is making a constructive routine to break the cycle. A positive physical routine and a change of environment helped.
As far as feeling socially isolated, I never cared about normies' social acceptance and still don't. Get some self-confidence and the nigger-worshipping faggots will come to you. I just ignore them, but you don't have to.
When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler and that's good enough for me.
>(you) couldnt be unidentifiable of you tried
Really, who am i then?

>inb4 you need to find out by urself bucko
Wait is it that fucking jew who keeps insisting "Israel is the most important country and Antisemetism is against site rules!"
He's such a faggot. I can't stand the way he makes retarded statements he expects others to take at face value even though they don't hold up under scrutiny.
## Admin
Moved to /ub/ as requested by OP
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Thanks for your insights, everyone. Will responed tomorrow when I have more energy.
Have made the decision to reboot myself. I'm going to take a pause in my studies, not that I get much done anyway, and focus on getting good sleep and gymming for the sake of feeling accomplished, feeling good about my looks, feeling like I don't waste my potential, increasing the chances of attracting a woman in the future, because I just realized how I should do it to actually get results from it (I'm pretty sure anyway, it's a bit early to tell), and to exhaust myself to improve said sleep.
This was me, OP btw.
That's a good call. The brain is a muscle but muscles are muscles too. What are you studying? Anything useful?
I'm not even sure where to start when it comes to this topic, but I have a lot to say about it...
A lens in my glasses have fallen out and I can't find it. It's a pain to look at the monitor since I have to be so close. Will fix new once over the week (those glasses were 9 years old so did needed changing anyway) so I apologise but I'll postpone my reply till then.
So I realized the day after I wrote that post that I could just ctrl++ and zoom in on the page. I have been away from home lately as well for family reasons. Tomorrow, I'll be back home and will try to reply to things then or if I do it tonight.
luna sad blanket.png
painful memories.jpg
sad aryanne.png
>People like us are always demonized by the media.
The media is a load of bullshit which you already know by now and to acknowledge the majority of it is a waste of time and thought.
>Many of us hide who we are, our opinions, among the normals around us, which can make us alienated and make it harder for us to engage with them
I admit that i do too disguise myself under a mask of deception amidst those who differ from me and are a threat to my way of living if they perceive me as an enemy to their mannerisms, This constant back and forth masquerade is boring as fuck but it allows me to get what i want in a way that makes blend in like a chameleon.
It is best to be secretive when it comes to expressing opinions that could lead to compromising yourself among those who apply to the vastness of the new norm.

>If one, like me, fails in their ambitions and can't keep their room clean, has very few friends and isn't in a relationship nor have lost their virginity, then that compounds on one's self-esteem.
Ambitions that are set too high always seem to fall through for me due to carelessness and the stress that accompanies such tasks of grandiose achievement that i have bestowed upon my own shoulders which i eventually give up on. My room is organized but never completely clean, for which i do not mind since it has yet to be bother me in a meaningful way. I also have a handful of other people which i could consider to be friends although all of them but one are like minded as to me, even then he does not share the same views upon various matters as i do.
In reference to romantic relationships i am in one as of the present which is not normal either, kek. She is lovely and i adore her with all my heart. Although i have yet to garner a single kiss from a girl or woman, let alone sex or anything related to it with any of them and it does play on my mind sometimes...

>We need to talk about our mental health.
Yes, it is a subject of importance to the well being of our sanity. Without such a grounded place in our heads we would be lost in the abyss of insanity and confusion as various men have seceded to before when hope was lost.

>There are so many regrets in my mind and they burn me up inside.
Many of the actions that i have committed i remorse upon for several reasons that dwell in my head.
>I don't know how to deal with the past more than trying to put it behind me or saying that, "Now things will be different." However, it has never become different after that point. Point is, it's stressful to dwell on the past and since you can't change any of it the best one can do is to learn from it and probably forgive oneself for it and be proud of the good things one did and remember the good times.
Enough tears have fallen that i can move on from my previous personal history. It has always been hard and a challenge to get away from the sorrows and hardships of the past, what saddens me more is that there is still plenty more to weep for in the future which is yet to be seen.

Perhaps i may not be the best advisor but i hope my piece helps in some sort of way. Even a response of a type of acknowledgement from my side might assist in a kind of satisfaction for you, either way OP, this made me realize i'm not alone in these solitary struggles.
Here's some pony pics for consolidation and compassion.
OP did you ever play Snoot Game?
No, but now I know it's a visual novel. One of my aspirations is to make a visual novel myself, actually. Just an fyi. Is it any good?

I will return to reply and I hope that's not just an empty promise.
Snoot game's a fucking masterpiece. It's not ironically fun like the works of Chatoyance. It's an actual good goddamn story that deserves awards and medals.

It started out as a parody of Goodbye Volcano High where the dinogirl anons wanted to fuck was this "edgy goth nonbinary" girl who's faking it all for attention. Anon is a bit of a faggot, but she's a bigger faggot who wants attention because she doesn't know what she really needs.
I expected a low-effort joke game where Anon sets her straight with his big penis and gets some porn scenes out of it.

Instead, it's a well-written story about growth and coming out of your shell. There are multiple endings including a joke ending depending on your choices. It's been a while since I played it but here are spoilers for the endings:

The joke ending has things go badly and then Fang decides to go full Pumped Up Kicks on her school. The bad ending has you both remain faggots, and you join the military only to suck at it. You return home a failure and find Fang a miserable dead-eyed tattooed husk of a whore who went even deeper into degeneracy and doesn't see a way out, but you're such a faggot you just walk away and give up without even trying to help anyone because "nah, I probably can't save anyone". He fantasizes about this happy reunion where he meets her again and shit just goes right but when she's right in front of him, he just gives up. It's like the game is calling this the end result of the doomer "Just give up" blackpilled mentality, the enemy of reaching out and forming meaningful bonds. And I like this because the blackpill is about giving up on life. It is about giving up on everything including yourself, and those who say otherwise don't realize I'm right about this but should. The game doesn't blame him for the world sucking, that would be awful writing, but he's not helping himself or anyone else by giving up. I don't resent people who gave up but giving up won't fix shit. Bullshit talk like "the blackpill is necessary and the final redpill for understanding the green pill and the orange pill and I'm so fucking special I even understand the indigo and mauve pills because everything's subjective satanic-norse mystical cycles echoing in infinite dimensional null space" is hurting whites unironically by wasting energy and confusing the retards who need complex socioeconomic political issues simplified into "red pill good blue pill bad" because they lack the IQ to understand why globalism is bad without narratives and would fight globalism incorrectly (or worse, aid it) if they got the wrong narrative stuck in their head. There's a reason why the enemy loves to simplify and color-code complex issues, then use buzzwords to label shit for their retard followers: that's how you get retards on the right page. Things need to be kept simple and color-coded before they can understand what's obvious: redpilled nazis good, bluepilled libtards and qfags and niggers and jews bad, trump was controlled opposition working for the jews. Anyway, the ending where you grew but Fang didn't makes her a dependent trad wife who resents everything related to her old Fang persona. She relies on you and when you leave her, she stays right where she is to wait for you and this is painted as a bittersweet tragic thing because she didn't grow since then. I hear this story was changed a lot after reviews by /lit/, and it wouldn't surprise me if this was the game's old "Perfect ending" where you defeat the bad ideology with the power of your own good ideology effortlessly and easily and get rewarded with ideal trad wife. The game's new "perfect ending" has you both grow because of the choices you made and you end up leaving each other for a while, then reconnecting. She grew up and got better at music. She's become a self-actualized person who figured out what parts of Fang were fake and what parts were her being true to herself.
Intresting, then I'll play it one day.
I didn't read the spoiler for that reason, btw.
Good, the spoiler spoils the game endings.
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Op here. feel better these days mlpol.

I climbed out of the hole I made for myself back when I wrote the op and just continued with renewed hope about the future last time —a strategy that I usually use to deal with my depression when it gets too bad— but lately I feel better about myself due to some new insight that I have realized.

I won't going in too much on it. I'm still always tired, as you are when you're depressed, so that's why I won't post more than that and why it's been hard for me to reply to the helpful advice I got. I didn't know about the fact that depression lead to fatigue before but that description, that I learnt about, fit me so well that I accepted it as true.

The insight is that I come to reject the modern world's definition of success. I'm sure I can get a gf, even if things won't be perfect Well, I don't know how much I genuinely think this and how much is me trying to convince myself about that, however, I do feel hopeful about the future., I still think it will work out. I'm here because I'm a good person and have great taste in media and in understandings in politics. I can find value in these things even if the rest of society finds them meaningless. I try to live life in the present, not that I try to suppress thoughts about the future or past out of fear or regret or anything (maybe sometimes), I try to be in peace, to be calm, and to be content with just life in itself. I want my passion for the work to push me forward not the need (I feel) for it to be done.
Good to hear you're feeling better, OP.
>The insight is that I come to reject the modern world's definition of success.
This is key when we live in a dystopian society. Disregard normalcy, embrace horse pussy.
One thing I forgot to mention is that taking vitamins and supplements can also help if your diet is out of whack. You can probably get lithium orotate over the counter. It might help with your fatigue.
You seem to be on the right track. Have a blessed day, poner.
That's good to know. While looking it up I found this.

Basically saying a large amount of flavanoids is over all good for you and helps in multiple ways. It influences neural plasticity.
Coco, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, ect.
I don't know anon, (im not op, of course, in fact i just jumped into this thread) i just sort of learnt to live with the desire to die.
Sure i can be contempt at times, but honestly, my life has been a series of very unfortunate events, only reason i still live is because i just wanna see what happens, I'm not about to quit it but I'm not too happy with how things turn out.

I actually tried some extreme methods, i went to Africa, even to Syria (and even posted here one or two times a year and three years ago when i was there) seeking either a way to fix my life making money as a hired gun or just dying, and guess what, here i am again in my home country and life has not really changed that much for the better.

The world is very unfair and annoying and honestly after seeing how stupid the average person is, i think there is no real way to change it without hitting the reset button, going back to villages and rebuilding everything from there with our actual knowledge on how things work.
The world is absurd, but I'm not laughing anymore, I'm just nodding and giving it a gentle smile before resuming my day whenever it tries to jest.