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I think I have an idea for everyone here, with or without homes, to take control of their finances and/or lifestyle. /nomad/: Homeless/traveling advice, personal stories, finances, what have you. If you've seen someone talking about homeless living on this site, that's usually me. I've done it before but now I'm seeing all kinds of opportunities and fun from it since I'm not being bled dry by debt. So I think I'll share a little advice:

Can't fit everything in a car or bag/cart? Buy a storage unit; between $25 and $75 depending on quality of storage. Put anything you don't want stolen in there, lower your back seat, and sleep with your legs in the trunk. With a blanket and pillow you can get a comfortable rest, and with a simple black fabric long enough to cover your windows/windshield, you won't need to worry about the sun or onlookers. You can also get a dolly for your car, or a trailer. This can also be taken advantage of if you want somewhere to sleep other than your car, since teardrops can be under 1000 pounds (light enough for a small sedan to tow), or even as light as 500 pounds (light enough for a bike to tow).

Want clean and ironed clothes? Get a fabric dresser; I found one at the Lidl grocery store (pic related), comes with a bunch of metal rods and connectors with little fabric shelves. One piece is a hanging bar you can put ironed shirts on. It fits in the aforementioned 5x5 storage space perfectly, and fits more than two duffel-bags' worth of clothing easily and neatly with several shelves for underwear, undershirts, or what have you.

Don't want to waste money on fast food or stick to shitty canned goods just to eat and survive? A butane or propane coil-stove runs a very small fee and fits damn near anywhere; I got a collapsible stainless-steel charcoal grill that is about the size of a Swiss Army duffel-bag and has space for almost anything. It can be used to boil impurities out of water, brew tea or coffee, grill foods with a heavy patty press or a broiler basket, all kinds of stuff. You can also get a cooler and get a bag of ice each week for anything you need chilled like meat or dairy. I'm going to read Cooked: A History of Transformation to accompany my own culinary journey~

Need to keep your hygiene on point? Don't want to waste a bunch of money on baby wipes to keep your face grime-free? Get a gym membership. At $10 a month, Planet Fitness' base membership lets you hang around one specific PF location with showers, sinks with mirrors for shaving at, and of course all the goodies you'd want at a gym. Upgrade said membership for I think $12 extra and you can also get access to a damn sauna, on top of being able to go to any PF you want, ideal for traveling while remaining fit (and in my case, getting cardio in without a sunburn).

Need a residential address, not just a mailing address/PO box? Go to the Salvation Army in your area; many of them offer amenities such as a temporary residential address/forwarding address, and if you ask, they can even set you up with an address not outwardly affiliated with them, so prospective employers don't think you're living in a shelter and may be more likely to hire you.

I gotta tell ya, guys, going homeless (intentionally and not just out of desperation) was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Ever.
What benefits are there to ironing?
Purely cosmetic, honestly. But, if you're seeking to get hired someplace that has a business uniform, it's good to get things dry-cleaned and hung. You could use the handles above your car doors as hangers too, if you can't afford the storage unit, but if you've got a decent wage job then you're looking at an annual cost-of-living in the mid- to high-quadruple digits. Which is, fucking incredible for a fulltime worker to save up tens of thousands of dollars a year.
Nice. I always wanted to go nomad. Appreciate the guide.
Did something similar for about two years. It's fairly doable, and I'm happy with having done it.

Got really paranoid, though, and didn't really have a good place to relax or feel safe. Will people notice me hanging around here every day? Arriving half an hour later would be less suspicious. My entire schedule started looking like that, and when I saw something at my usual spot I'd turn tail and be extra stressed for a day or more.
OP here. I've found that talking to security and local police politely and explaining your situation gets them to let up if you're in a smaller or more southern town. In Kernersville I'd still get a knock most nights but they understand and more often than not they arrive because a witness called out of concern for your safety, not for the neighborhood's. In all honesty, I found that buying a huge bundle of fabric from Michael's not only blocks out onlookers but also provides some shade in the mornings.

It's all about not caring what people say or think of you. If it helps, clean up the car, get scratches and dents cleaned up, and get it repainted or styled so it's clear you're not some crazed gangster, pedo, or sussy alphabet agency type. Something that can easily identify you, maybe even put onlookers in a good mood before they meet you. I'm considering getting a new car after I've saved up $10k and painting each of the mane six's silhouettes on it, with their elements inside them. Maybe in other words, something /mlpol/ would like.
I haven't had work for more than two weeks yet. First job shut its doors right on payday for a menu change. Second job had a 90 day probationary period, soaked my clothes through to the underwear, and left my hands with heat-induced blisters from just two days of work before I woke up late and gave up.

I'm starting to think that my problems in life all stem from my perfectionism, slowness, and hatred of social environments. For years I've tried to find trade-work and labor jobs over the bullshit service work modern society is built on now, and for years I've been impoverished, dependent on family, and in debt. I don't have any advice this time around, I just wanted to vent. I'm tired and sleep hasn't been helping.

try looking in whatever area you want to try staying at in the phonebook for machine shop jobs. Try staying away from manufacturing shops running only a few different products, instead jobsearching in job shops.

as the OP for mares in manufacturing matters >>4034 → I can say that such shops are always looking for profectionists.
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Update: I'm actually at a job I really enjoy. Jiffy Lube gives experience for car shops, and it's entry level. Never overly heavy traffic, chill staff, uniform is easy to maintain and cheap, and I make almost $10 an hour for fulltime. That's up to $1600 a month, which is more than rent. On top of that, I have plenty of energy even after a high traffic day, so I'm running at the treadmill and applying for a second job part time on nights.

I am still scrimping by right now. Credit's under a dollar remaining, debit's overdrawn due to a sneak charge almost a week after the purchase that didn't show up on my banking statement, so I'm pretty much working on whatever change I can snag from under cars' floormats at Jiffy now. I just barely had enough today to get a McChicken and recharge my laptop for my night-job applications. Thankfully my food supply is doing decent and work guys buy each other breakfast and snacks all the time. My remaining ramen and pretzels are enough for about a week. Out of gum, but I do have tea tools. Just need to figure out where I put my mlpol mug in the storage unit, then I can use my butane stove to boil water for morning tea.

Just an update for the Payday fren if he checks here again. I don't plan on updating for a while. I can't afford to post here lately. Might not show up again period. If you're out there, payday fren, I'll keep this thread on my tabs for about a week. I might provide a mode of contact for you before deleting the post. Just keep an eye out.
There's the contact info, Payday anon. You've got until my first Arby's shift before I baleet and fuck off.
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At an Arby's now, having filled out employment forms there. So that makes one full time and one part time job. Can't guarantee I'll like Arby's, but it's something I could manage part time without feeling horrible. My friend and fellow former~ permavirgin has yet to set up his checking account with the money he's had saved up so we can talk to the local apartment complex and get set up there; either way my income alone is enough to handle rent and change, so it shouldn't be more than three weeks before I'm off the streets and paying my shit back down.

Zoomers working together to make shit happen though. Between the two of us, we've got three jobs and enough income to pay even the most exorbitant rent in town with under half our income. The wait for next Friday is killing me, but by snagging change from under customers' floormats, I'm still getting by in terms of gas and wifi-hogging-at-McDonald's money. Temperatures are hitting sub-40-degree levels most nights now though, and neither bundling up in triple-layered blankets nor wearing an insulated jacket and long johns has helped with that yet...

See you, /ub/, and mlpol as a whole.
Sounds like you need to de-humidify. Maybe have enough thermal mass in whatever space to keep the temperature stable (such as a wax foot heater, or water in jugs, etc.)
Hey, don't forget an air filter or functional mask.
Fuck the fake cloth diapers the jews want us wearing, but I wear proper air-filtering masks now with replaceable filters and they help me breathe easier.