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This is loss
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>Tl;dr Always always always tell the people who are important to you how important they are. You never know when they or you will be gone. This OP is cliche AF.

As many sit down for Holiday meals and celebration, I want to take the time to impress upon (you) how important it is for you to tell those who are precious what they mean to you. This thread is dedicated to Scones. I love you buddy, wherever you are.
God dammit, I'm already crying

Most if not everyone here, are no stranger to losing things and people. Older family members are somewhat easy in a sense, as their age makes their passing something of a given. I'm not trying to diminish the loss of an elder in any sense, Im using it to emphasize the divergent nature of losing someone close to you when its unanticipated and unforeseen.

It's generally bad practice to wear one's heart on their sleeve all the time, but especially wrt those who are special, neglect to express your feelings for them at your peril and always (if possible) tell bid them a sincere and heartfelt goodbye.

2020 has been something else, and 2021 isnt likely to let up anytime soon what with all the known/unknown unfinished business. As such, I want to tell everyone on the site and even the site its self how important you and it are to me for and in incalculable ways.

I dont want to wake up one day and find that some (((agency or group))) has destroyed the site cuz/through reasons and have not said this: I love you all. The detractors especially, cuz I like to kill things

/mlpol/ has helped me to work through some of the most difficult circumstances of my life, and to heal the damage from previously comparable circumstances. I wouldnt be here if not for it. literally, I had already purchased the gun before 4/1/17. I wont belabor that point unnecessarily, I just wanted to emphasize how in earnest I am when I say to you all:

Thank you for coming into my life. It means the world to me to have met you in whatever capacity. All my closest friends are here, and since it's the holidays this is where I want to be, with you all. This IS my family. I cant raise a glass beer with you, so allow me to raise it to you now.

Thank you. Goodbye for now, may we meet again someday. Whether our paths diverge or not, I want the best for you now and always.

This thread is for leaving nothing left unsaid. Happy Hearth's Warming Everypony <3
Thank you, it wouldn't be home without you here as well friend.
Happy Hearth's Warming.
E 0100 "You guys are okay." 0a 0d "$"
E 0110 "Happy Hearth's Warming Eve." 0a 0d "$"

A 0200
MOV DX, 0100
INT 21
MOV AH, 09
MOV DX, 0110
INT 21
INT 21
INT 20
Thank you so much for the kind words OP, have a Happy Hearth's Warming <3
Am confuse