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be me, writer who needs advice
>be writer writing original novel series, sci-fi and fantasy story full of waifus and cool fight scenes
>join writing forum hoping to make friends, advertise books, and ask for writing advice
>get banned for opposing leftism

Should I sign up for another writing forum (maybe a sci-fi one since my story is sci-fi) or focus purely on my novel and release it without any fanfare or following?
Also, where should I publish the book? Amazon's "Sell your book on kindle" thing seems good for a first-timer with no cash to invest but it's fucking Amazon so surely there'll be a catch somewhere.
I have less than 20 friends/fans under the name I'm publishing this book series under.
I don't know if I should focus on being seen under this name and building a following, or just writing the thing and hoping others/the controversy it generates will advertise it.
oh yeah, and the book will have tons of "Fuck leftism!" morals/themes/episodes in it.
Good news, it's more than possible.
For the first book use amazon publishing is important, and I'm sure they will try to sand bag you anyway.
A work by RagingGoldenEagle called Blade Devil appeals to an arbitrary existing audience, and by talking about topics that group is also interested in.
You can do similar things. What is your target audience, and what is neat about your book that you think it is, and what they think about it.
Go to your audience. The nationalist pony book analyzing MLP:FIM does it, and is outrageous gathering more free advertisement.

You have to release your work at somepoint. If you do it with amazon, you'll have an idea what goes on in the background that can prepare you for your next work. Make sure you read the terms and conditions, and any contracts.
Hope is nice and all, but you can build the hype and outrage. Make sure it doesn't eclipse expectations though and the quality of the work.
How do I build hype?
Do you have your book/work? Is it like any other kind of book/work?
Go to the places people reside that would actually like it and talk to them.
Even getting into contact with third parties (such as youtubers) could impact you sales.
For the first book with no known history. I have no idea. Get a taste of what it'll be like by selling it.
Read the reviews, anyone who didn't review either thought it was fine, or doesn't have the time to do one, or doesn't think one is necessary.
Have fun with it.
My book's sci-fi but I know from experience sci-fi forums are full of leftist consoomers who think reading Worm made them smart and watching Star Trek made them morally superior.
I don't think I'll be able to hide my redpills in such a place.
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There's three markets your targeting.
1 Sci-fi
2 Redpills
3 Waifu battles
The most vocal screechers will shut it down, because they view it as competition amd threatens their world view.
So there are redpilled sci-fi enthusiasts.
There are redpilled people who want to see waifus
And people who just wants to see some Sci-fi waifus
At least from my understanding.
As always doing it works.
Break down what needs to be done. If you don't know what absolutely HAS to be done find out.
Break it into chunks you can work with.
Then little things that could accomplish those goals.
No matter what happens you will learn from it.

I'd also suggest to broaden the scope to search for useful information. The video doesn't have everything, but that can be fixed with more information.
Nothing can confirm success.
Kek, what fun fanfiction has been made even when wildbow does his faggotry.
>I don't think I'll be able to hide my redpills in such a place.
Then don't. They are a key selling point. I mean besides the sci-fi, and the waifus.
On those places extract the useful very specific information and wisdom you can glean
Now I'm trying to figure out how I can hide redpills in this book.
What if I have an evil antifa-like group working for the baddies?
Redpills naturally emerge from true worlds, that take themselves honestly. That's all redpills really are: true reality.
Don't bother hiding redpills or broadcasting them. They are.
Could you have times where it's brought up. Sure.
They have to be in service to the story, and truth and honesty is the cornerstone of stories that bridge to people.

Break it down. Build it up. Mold it, play with it. Imagine what would really happen and why.
What kind of useful idiots is the baddies using? What power do they have? Media? Money? Resources? People? Space? Means of travel? Communication?
They all have to be real, and the nuances that brings. Even if the bad guys are just the bad guys, or a force of 'nature' villian.

Could you advertise the world as being true? Or redpilled. Yes. One has to see if the redpills are merely a mirage or have substance to them.

Unless you go for symbolic meanings as well. Then things can get a little different.
Have you ever seen The Martian?
I haven't seen it. The general premise of events and other tidbits sure, but nothing too substantial.
Potential spoilers, but maybe not. A tldr of something I never watched or read.
Astronaut finds out he's stranded on Mars, has to survive till help will be able to get to him. Does some shit. Kills bactria with the surface and atmosphere. Grows potatos. Wins the odds basically.
I liked it. I've only seen the movie but I heard the book was better.
When a world's full of magic and weird fantasy races, how can I make my story's world "true"?
So imagine you're a human, or an elf, or an orc. What would you do? Now imagine an NPC fantasy creature, and the boomer memes. What kind of elites do they have, what about the slums (if they have them).
Readers or audiences try to place themselves in those characters to understand.
What are the root causes of stuff? (Repeatable for everything. This is at the core of anything. Even some hand waving bs.) Very important.
Why is an elf an elf and not an orc? Are they asexual blobs? Are they trying to live and survive? What means will they go to in order to accomplish their goals and desires? What kind of culture do they have? What sort of religions are there? What can the magic do? Why havn't they used it to solve some sort of problem?
What is the overarcing moral of the story (if done purposely)?
Most importantly what is the scope of your story? Biting off too much isn't great.
It just has to make sense, even when it gets nonsensical. Even when it doesn't look like it does at all.

I would get help from the subconscious for this. Making big models and analyzing them is a big part of what they do.
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Honestly it makes no sense for a standard fantasy world to turn out like that.
If 500 year old elves existed for 50,000,000 years in ancient warring kingdoms before humanity started existing as a civilization, why is the planet not full of elves with human pets?
Why would elves stay in their elf forests instead of spreading?
If a fast-breeding objectively-evil creature like an Orc or Goblin exists, why wouldn't every single creature set their differences aside to wipe it out from the world? If the Elf Lands get taken over by Goblins, the nearby Dwarf lands will be swarmed eventually.
if gods that do as their followers ask exist why do they compromise when managing one world when they could instead have more followers in separate realities?
Why would this "medieval stasis" exist in a world with magic, alchemists, and bullshit steampunkery?
That's the entirety of your job as the creator. You could hand wave it away.
That opens up fan-theories to just make it work.
Why are those options what will or should happen?

This is where you can build some solid stuff of unshakeable grounds. A horror world with the fantasy skin just beneath
Making hand waving a thing means the implications can be horrifying when looking back or digging deeper.
What are the rules and limits and restrictions that are in place?
But for funsies I'll answer them. You're making the rules. If the audience knows them then they can try to predict the future.
It is your story so you can do it. Some of the audience loves to pick up bread crumbs.
>If 500 year old elves existed for 50,000,000 years in ancient warring kingdoms before humanity started existing as a civilization, why is the planet not full of elves with human pets?
Humans breed too fast, and learn too quick. When a negligent owner looses one, a whole kingdom apears out to hunt elves.
>Why would elves stay in their elf forests instead of spreading?
Maybe mana springs and the necessity to stay near life, and the natural death and decay. Maybe they are snobs that despise all other locations based on ancestral memory. (The plains dominated by dark beasts, the mountains by the golems, deserts by the deadly smidget, the depths of the sea writhing with chaos. Whatever.)
>If a fast-breeding objectively-evil creature like an Orc or Goblin exists, why wouldn't every single creature set their differences aside to wipe it out from the world?
The fantasy equivalent of a pandemic, niggerfication, and a nuke rolled into one. Tactically used by enemies to truly salt the earth as a final FU. Easy reliable means of live training soldiers in deadly environments. Could also be a psy-op for dependency ftom any entity government, spirit, god, or hero. War is a profitable business.
>if gods that do as their followers ask exist why do they compromise when managing one world when they could instead have more followers in separate realities?
Maybe they can't. Maybe this is the most interesting reality. Maybe this is the source of where their powers are, and it's necessary to keep up with tabs here.
>Why would this "medieval stasis" exist in a world with magic, alchemists, and bullshit steampunkery?
Maybe outside agents? Sabotage, hostile memetics. Memory eating magic and spells. Shit takes time to develop. When everyone is hardpressed on necessities, and maybe new stuff lies to extremely catastrophic failures. Perhaps spirits, or magic, or the very nature of their reality are all fucked up.
Maybe a shadow organization poaches the thinkers. Maybe demons like snacking on free thinkers more than soggy old stale oldage thinkers.

One thing I really should mention. Brevity is the source of wit. Is this true? Eh, too much is too much, and too little is too little. It's about information and ideas.
Give just enough that is important. For a book, use the audience to imagine whatever the hell is in their head.
For a movie saturate it, but don't obsess.

By no means you should follow my advice. I don't have a selling book, or movie, or game.
I hear novels have to be over 50k words long before they can be called novels.
my initial chapters are already over 50k
I might need to trim stuff.
then again I plan on writing a huge fantasy epic series. Right out of the gate. Right at the start of my career. Because i am an arrogant fool. a book series.
The tldr do what you think is right.
So I get into trouble with this line of thinking, but I really like it. The whole point of the words is the ideas within. Use the knowldge of communication to helo you. Retoric stuffs: The core point to get across, the audience, the tone and emotion of how it's being expressed, The nitty gritty technical details (font, letter sizes, grammar, word choice, ect.), the medium (a book, or a image board post, or a card, or a text, or a phone call, or a face to face talk).

I say that...
So I think there are three core components. I'm probably wrong and there is most likely exceptions. I'm lifting this from a communications course.
In broad there are three sections to consider.
Your communication
The bridge back and forth
The Audience's combination

Your book is the talk between you and all of the audience.
The audience is normally pitiable. This pic. >>2808
Their points of view can be entirely fucked. I think the job is to bring about their own imagination not to think exactly as you do, but to invoke in themselves their own spark of imagination. So they believe themselves to be genius when you laid it doen for them to think exactly that themselves. It's teaching someone (maybe even manipulation), but with extra steps.
The message and things you convey have to be delivered safe and aound so they can flourish. It's like a virus putting stranda of rna into the cell then the cell starts to accept it as its own.
>I hear novels have to be over 50k words long before they can be called novels.
my initial chapters are already over 50k
I might need to trim stuff.

Generally yes.

As a piece of advice I'm still trying to pindown is if reading your words themselves even without the idea or meaning behind it is a joy to read. It's a nice goal and some things need this, but to write in such a way to describe it all whether technical, factual, or fictional is simply complex.
The point isn't the words (unless one is scared to write more than a few words at most, then it's imperative this is/was my case) the meaning behind the words. Going up or down. It is not strictly about the technical it's about the meanings.
Ruinning the technical can ruin meanings, or severely damage them.
But it all comes to the core. At least that's my take.

If it takes 10k words to do one basic idea there may be a problem or it's very complex and needs to be compressed (or put into another work).
But there are fundamental ideas, ideas built on those, and those above that, ad infinitum.
Compressing without losing quality is difficult at times.

So it's not about the word length, but the interest over time (which is conveyed by words converted to thoughts).
What happens? Is it interesting? You have to ask yourself that, and of any proofreaders you enlist.
The action interest curve (general heros journey) is fully applicable to everything.
2912 2913
I'm two chapters in and the hero hasn't even started his quest yet. 80k words complete.
You may have a problem, but I don't know for sure.
I will say, alot could have happened in 10k words. I've also read alot to know that with that word count all that could have happened is they go from point A to point B with no new character growth or interactions.

So what is the point of a chapter for your story? Because alot can be broken down into peices. AND much can be boiled even further to choice interactions that dictate what the world or character is or is not.
Definitely keep everything you've written it's good to have.
I have to ask what happens in those 80k words?
Going though what I think you might've written... you have an audience and niche. For that style alone.
It's not my taste, but I do enjoy the ideas, characters, effort, and dedication and thought put into it. Everything underneath is good in the newer ones. You have the things I look for in those works made. The works on how it's presented is not my thing. Going through them there are people who enjoy that style. It's... not what I look for on the form of the written part, but I do enjoy what is underneath.
Time changes people I think you could, and can pull it off. Let the bleating of those who would distract find little solace in these few words "Thank you for your input, I may not get back to you, but I'll take it under consideration." Those words work wonders for those that think they know best, or would try to drag you down to them. Keep it in mind, but stay afloat.
Only you can do what you and what you think needs to be done. It will sell. I don't know to what degree, but it will sell.
Get it done you already have all that you need. If you need guidance look within yourself, and the parts unknown, and the just within.
>establish the future world and basics of the alternate history
>establish main character as child, and then character-changing tragic moment happens
>jump-cut to character as adult, after a life of training
>character gets and accepts the call to action
that's basically it
Thank you, my brother.
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Ah, didn't see that.