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Fashion and clothing
One step commonly seen in "get your life on track" programs is "buy nice clothes" along with "shower often" and "eat well" and "have a regular sleep schedule".

ITT we talk about clothes, deals, fashion, what comfortable high quality clothes are worth getting, good hiking boots and running shoes, what to wear to feel comfortable, and what to wear to look good.Fuck the brand ad meme t shirts featuring Rick and Morty and The Avengers! Fuck the anime sex face hoodies!

Pics unrelated, we don't have a "cursed gun" thread but shitty guns is a great weekly photoshop contest challenge topic.
Didnt Hugo Boss design the nazi uniforms?
The BUF had some simple, sleek but timeless clothing, got to mention them in a /fa/ thread.
Indeed. Very tasteful
May i kindly ask who made the clothes of the BUF?
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I wish I knew the first thing about clothing and fashion, but I don't.
I just buy clothes and hope they fit. If they don't I take them back and switch them for something that does fit. Blue jeans, black sneakers and socks, cheap brightly-coloured T-shirts (thankfully not with memes or pop culture characters on them)
the most expensive thing I own is a white cotton shirt that came in a hard box instead of plastic wrapping. I save it for special occasions since it's thinner than my usual shirts.
>I just buy clothes and hope they fit.
About of it is trial and error for sizes. Luckily for mens it's roughly the same method of sizing between brands at least in the US. Helps if you need to get others to buy clothes that fit, or need to get alot without much fuss.
Clothes have purpose and technically the main one is to highlight your features. I prefer comfort, and ease of movement, but what matters to you is your preference and the situations you are in.

Guidelines of fashion and how you use it to your advantage.
You want others to believe something about you.
Dress for what you want others to percieve you as.
Successfully doing so they won't question anything. Failing and they might subconsciously know something is off. Not likely but possible.
Do it poorly and they will see through the disguise.
Imagine you are a spy, or a security testing specialist. You have a goal to get to the server room.
You need to dress, and act like the clothes you are wearing.
Going for an elevator maintenance outfit, having cursory knowledge, and convincing attitude.
People will think it's for regular maintenance. Letting you have free reign over it.
Dress as pizza delivery with a pizza and they will let you walk straight to the top if they have poor security measures.
Dress like an average Joe and you will be treated like an average Joe.
Dress like a basement dwelling slob and you'll be treated that way.
Dress like an important person convincingly you'll be treated as such. It's really wacky.

Okay so more fashion and what looks pleasing to the eye. I had no idea what the fuck to look for, but then I had to take a photography class once. It all boils down to some guidelines.
The Golden Ratio: it's everywhere in nature so our minds like it. It's also applicable to the human body.
The ratio can have an infinite amount of them, the most important one is the one eyes follow.
The Rule of Thirds: Basically the Golden Ratio but simplified. A quick and easy guide.
You can divide it however you want, and then keep dividing.

Color Composition: all hail the mighty color wheel.
Similar colors. They are colors next to the one you've chose.
Opposite colors. They are colors opposite to the one you've chose.

Texture composition, I know it was in here, but I can't remember right now.

With these you can coax eyes and minds to look where you want them to, and where you don't.
They are all guidelines, and this is not from an expert. The easiest way to explore this is to look at something and think of why it looks good.
You don't need expensive clothes, or fancy stuff all you need is to appeal to the eye. While having the right stuff helps, work with what you have.
TLDR: Imitate nature, think why it's pleasant.
Tartan (breacan)
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me and the scots.jpg
great kilt.jpg
Tartans, plaids or flannels.
There is a whole lot of different patterns and designs, most are associated with names but there are national tartans, county tartans, clan tartans, the chief's tartan which was used for the chief only and his immediate family, dress tartans were mainly used by women, hunting tartans and even mourning tartans and other designs that are the most known which are the black watch and royal Stewart, royal Stewart was the personal tartan of Elizabeth II and there was the rest of the royal tartans which only a royal could wear like the Balmoral tartan, there is history behind almost all of the old designs. The shirts are good for cold conditions, most of them are made out of cotton.
There's tam o' shanters as well, most of them are made out of lambswool and are good ear warmers but the tartan tams are more of a modern invention and in history they were usually tweed or solid colors.
There's 3 types of tartans, ancient, modern and muted, the ancient are supposed to look like the colors are fading away, modern tartans use non natural dyes and the muted which are meant to represent the older colors before the non natural dyes replaced the natural.
Then there is the kilts, the one most people know about is the modern one but there is also the more older one known as the great kilt (feileadh mòr) or the belted plaid which were the ones used predominantly by the Jacobite's and are literally a big piece of fabric that were anything from about 4 yards to 9 long.
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damn that's some nice-ass clothing. Tartans and plaids and flannels are associated with names but there are national tartans, county tartans, clan tartans-
okay good, the front page has stopped recording what my post says.
guys I think this thread's being raided by jews
and I'm posting it here because we both know jews would never visit a self-improvement site.
Yeah there's more than a handful that are very nice in contrast to a only a few eye strainers.
Very nice, would be very dapper. Infact that's really stylish.
Without doubt an eye for seeing such things, and the applications they do is important.

You make a good point they are quite visibly striking, and a distinct history behind it.
Yeah, good news is that they are easily identifiable most of the time. They are remaining self contained. One of them probably a poster on the mlh thread they also made. They are really going ham on the information pumping, and disinfo.
>Very nice, would be very dapper.
Funny how people will laugh at someone in one despite them all wearing the same generic pants, shorts and T-shirts, they only act this way as they see them as not dressing like the rest of the tribe.
>Infact that's really stylish.
Yes, it has a certain aesthetic like no other form of style, the colors are so vibrant and pleasing to the eyes but are seldom used.
How can a man dress in a manner that's sexually appealing to good women?
Good women are less/not susceptible to 'sexy clothes'. The best you can hope for is to convey "I've got my shit together" through dress.