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How do you stay calm in a world that gets closer to the breaking point every day? Those niggers and jews are raping our people to death and the fucking Liberals celebrate when it happens then play dumb/attack you when you complain about it.
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All you can do is warn people about Apocalypse but if they don't listen that's on them. Make peace with God, not with the world.
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Where the fuck is God? I've tried to go Christian for the past two years and I can't hear him. I can't make any meaningful relationships with other Christians because they're all the "Wash black feet and grovel" types who cry "You're no true Christian" when you say anything unwoke. I keep getting banned from Christian forums and Christian discord servers. Every single Christian I've met is like this. Except maybe ones on this site, I have no idea if there are Christians here or not. Maybe Christianity just isn't a strong enough religion to maintain its borders or power or cultural dominance, since it rolls over and plays dead and dies for all the evil bastards in the world who know how to lie.
At least it isn't as cucked as Catholicism.
The Pope isn't Catholic, he wears a Small Hat(TM).
1) Christianity is not an institution made for men's purposes but for God's. Undermining their faith so they can look more POZitive is on them.
2) Christianity is the one thing that the (((world))) cannot wholly take over. The worst that can be done is infiltrating the hierarchy and leading a subset astray. However, there are always still some Catholics willing to call out the Jews and we will win in the end.
3) On a practical note, hide your power level, particularly if you're new to a community. If you join a place that is clearly totally cucked then just leave and find something better.

I recommend listening to the Godcast. Best Christian podcast I know of. https://thegodcast.libsyn.com/
>subscribe to authoritarian programming
I use magic, and shitposts. Telling stories, playing games, having a grand ol' time running (((their))) day.
That depends, how are you trying to communicate with God (or god? as in a faker pretending), and are you actually speaking to who you want to speak to (some astral grunt or a being of lots of charisma trying to get you).
In any case look at your highest ideal self. Communicate with your subconscious.

Writing helps, but using the emotions to bring about the world you want to live in is a good option.
Remember, no mater what happens, time wont ever stop.
Long after you are gone, humanity will keep on changing indefinitely.

Take control of your emotions anon, remember it's all just a big play, to become desperate or depressed about the situation of the world will only hurt your efforts at improving yourself and or making the world a better place.
You dont have to turn shit into gold, where a great man walks, others will follow.
I'll give you three scenarios, you choose or make your own
I got bored, so i replaced God with John Elway

The problem is that John Elway is less of a "he" and more of an "it" at least by the way we can perceive it.
We can never truly met John Elway, because John Elway is everything we can perceive and every entity and object that we can and cannot see, John Elway is energy itself, and thus by praying, at most we are forcing ourselves to change our surroundings subconsciously.

John Elway is the dreamer, and this is the dream, the start of the universe was John Elway going to sleep and the universe shall end whenever he decides to wake up.
Because of this, he is not sentient or feels not in control of all that's happening on his dream, by doing things like praying or simply doing every day actions, we accidentally influence the dream one way or another, forcing changes to happen in reality as a whole, little by little.

John Elway is truly and all knowing, all seeing entity that created existence itself; From his throne he watches and experiences everything, from ecstasy to misery and all in between, and in all of his wisdom, and he enjoys it, because that is how he envisioned it.
We are his creations, the things he made for his own amusement, thus he does not sees our pain and despair as a serious matter, instead, John Elway sees us like you would see a random character on a Roller Coaster Tycoon.