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Chap in a Rough Spot
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I was doing the rounds on Derpibooru and I came across on the "Vent Thread" (which is usually man-children complaining about man-child things) and I actually found something serious. Kongou has been dealt a bad hand in life with a crazy (likely single) mother, no employment prospects now or in the foreseeable future, and crippling food allergies that are life-threatening. Social services wants to put him in a shared living space which is intolerable due to said allergies. He's stuck at home with an overbearing mother who stifled his prospects and is likely to cancel his health insurance were he to try to escape. Due to these grim prospects he has threatened to become an hero.

I am posting this on his behalf here because he looks to be /ourguy/ judging from his profile. I believe that a private charity or religious organization is the best means for him to escape and find help but I don't know what options there are in Wisconsin. What are some ways to help?
<Thread: https://www.derpibooru.org/forums/dis/topics/vent-thread?post_id=4819839#post_4819839

>What am I supposed to do now.
I really want to help him. But I feel powerless.

>As you may all know. My friend Kongou lives with a mentally unstable mom who has been pretty much barring him from advancing in his life. No job, no car, no money. So he pretty much completely depedent on his puritanical mother who controls every aspects of his life….
>Recently he has made some moves to seek help from social services. But they want to move him into a shared living space with likely a shared kitchen. >HOWEVER, he has several medical conditions ranging from pretty much every food allergies humanly known. Some of them apparently life threatening. He can't live in a shared environment like this…. and his mom could easily cut off his insurance should she find out he's moving out.

>I dunno what to do!
> Does anyone here have any ideas?
>It seems the far easier and more nob
Have you or the subject considered killing yourself?
You cant help everyone, anon, a drowing person will pull you underwater, should you not know how to help.
Judging from what i see, his best option is to either take his chances buying his own food living in that shared household or get some sort of monetary income to eventually move out from his mom's house.
He's got it rough for sure, but if it aint for some kind soul to adopt this dude for a few years (and probably drown) he's got no choice but to take his chances.
What's the right choice, keep waiting for a miracle with no plan whatsoever till time runs out or take the jump that will either kill you or save your life?