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Turning my life around
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Recommend a good exercise routine and diet, I need to turn my life around and get healthier.
To lose weight without doing jack shit? Skip breakfast, and eat lunch and dinner. Try to keep lunch and dinner close together.
Try to avoid sugary beverages.

If you want you can kickstart ketosis with suppliments after dinner.

For building muscle, fascia, tendons flexibility and strength.
There are an endless amount of choices to do. From strongman training, to any martial art.
Parkour to running.

My diet is eat what comes to mind. If you are really craving something that thing may have a nutrient you require. Slowly been reducing starches. (If you are at the weight and BMI you are happy with make sure to eat more to maintain or slightly gain non-muscle bodyweight.)

I recomend doing what you always have time to do. Something so easy it's not ever a problem.
Then if you feel like doing more do it, but always do the super easy thing every day.
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I've been eating less, losing weight, and exercising more. Now I bench press 30 lifts of my 7 pound weights a day, and do 75 squats a day.
Is this healthy?
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Fuck it, I'll say it.
I've lost a lot of weight recently and I sometimes find myself feeling phantom pain and a sensation of loss... about the pounds I've lost.
I'm not some fat fetishist degenerate. I don't want to be fat. But my smaller and flatter stomach feels weird on me, and my legs feel weaker even though I know they're stronger.
Is this normal? When do I get over this retarded sensation?
You are doing awesome.
Over all I think your doing awesome. I'm proud of you.

Make sure to eat enough to not starve as exercising is fairly energy intensive. I'm pretty sure that's your body saying if you keep going you need to pay attention to how much you eat. As in eat more if that's the weight you want to maintain. The more buff you get the more energy you need.
Then again it depends on how much fat to muscle ratio you want to have.
I don't know exactly, but it sounds like you're on the right path.

>my legs feel weaker even though I know they're stronger.
You can look at what sumo wrestlers do (not the diet, but the training to redistribute the center of mass)
Other forms to increase leg usage may help.

>Is this healthy?
Getting a more varied exercise regime to train your body in different ways is great. Exercising just that way means you become even better at using your body in that way.

I don't know exactly what is healthy for you personally.

Make sure to eat enough to not starve as exercising is fairly energy intensive.
>feeling phantom pain and a sensation of loss
It's also important to tell your subconscious everything is going great, and to not worry.
Having a final goal that your subconsious can look toward helps. It can be as simple as having the ideal body (minus face or replaced with your own) saying I have that body.
/vx/ and other /ub/ threads about subconsious stuff may help, but that's just my opinion.
Exercise and diet are joined at the hip, Anon. Are you skinny? Lardass? Something in between? Your initial situation matters.

That said if you aren't already lifting, start lifting. Barbell training will get you stronger and cultivate discipline, and no one ever regretted proficiency in those arenas. But do it right. This shit >>1919 is not going to get you stronger, as a thousand featherweight lifts cannot cause enough stress to drive strength adaptation. (Have you ever ACTUALLY identified a coomer by a single beefy arm?) Like it or not you're going to have to lift near your maximum capability. But as a completely untrained novice you can work up to that point. As far as programs go pic related has some classics. I cannot recommend Starting Strength enough as it got me some base-level strength really quickly (in a few months I doubled my squat weight, to 250 lbs @ 5 reps) and it's really time efficient.


But the devil is in the details, so do your research on form first, and take your time to make sure you do it right. The book really is an excellent reference and also recommended. You can find advice on the SS program easily online but I will tell you that your odds of success will go up tremendously if you can find a training partner (or better yet a coach, but good ones cost $$$). Lifting with someone else really helped me lock in proper form. Seriously, find a training partner.

Diet will also probably need to be modified to include much more protein, and a > 1000 kcal daily energy surplus if you're starting out with twig physique. Advice on diet while lifting is plentiful. Go search for it.

>and my legs feel weaker even though I know they're stronger.
Congratulations on the weight loss Anon. That's already a step that many obese people cannot achieve and you are certainly healthier for it.

But guess what? Your legs probably ARE weaker than they were when you were obese. Little known fact but obese people will usually have more muscle mass than skinny lanklets simply because they will still generally need to move, and when they move a lot of weight has to come with them by default. Once you started losing weight, your body started converting not only your fat tissue but also some muscle tissue into energy. Especially since you weren't generating the stress necessary to tell your body it needed to preserve the muscle tissue.

>When do I get over this retarded sensation?
My prescription for you is the same one I gave OP. Get stronger, start lifting.
I saw this thread a few days ago when I felt like shit because my weight had been bouncing around for a few weeks but not going down. I just lost 4 pounds since then by cutting my diet down to 1200-1400 calories a day. It's boring but not bad, hardboiled eggs and home-grilled chicken. For fruits and vegis I'll eat whatever is on sale. No candy tho, feelsbadman. I'm also using the underarmor fitness app on my goyphone to keep track of calories. For exercise I can only run and lift, poor ass home gym but it's getting results. Hopefully my muscles don't look deformed when the fat is gone.

>"Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… and my arm… even my fingers. The body I’ve lost… the comrades I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you?"
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>I just lost 4 pounds since then by cutting my diet down to 1200-1400 calories a day.
What's your estimated TDEE?

Bodyweight tends to bounce around a lot which is noticeable if you measure it every day. I've been pretty consistent at an estimated -500 kcal/day balance which has led to about 15 lbs lost in as many weeks, but there was a 19 day period where I thought something was wrong because the downward trend stalled. But I stuck with -500 kcal/day and one day all of a sudden I jumped downward back onto the -1 lb/wk trendline where I stayed.

My point is four pounds in a few days is probably just a fluctuation, as was your stall (if you were truly eating at an energy deficit). I'd be surprised if you lost more than a pound of bodyfat in that time even at 1300 kcal/day. Unless you weigh like 400 lbs.
I just looked into that today. I think my base is around 1500 but I don't like how they do the daily exercise multiplier. I run 6 or so times a week but I'm not sure it's as intense as they're claiming. So I used 1.55. My stall lasted 3 weeks though which was making me pull my hair out. I think the issue was I was snacking on Halloween candy but justifying it by saying "Hey I just burned 400 calories running, I deserve a sweet snack." Turns out it doesn't work that way, so I stopped.
Also congrats on working hard and keeping it off, my man.
>I think my base is around 1500 but I don't like how they do the daily exercise multiplier.

That seems low. May be about right for the basal metabolic rate contribution if you're around 150 lbs. But that's the amount you'd burn if you were in a coma. If you run that often 1.55 seems right but if that's included your calculator has placed you at 1000 kcal BMR in which case why the fuck are you worried about losing weight, lanklet?

>Turns out it doesn't work that way, so I stopped.
Too right. Bet if you accounted for all that candy it added up to > 1000 kcal/wk. That's > 1/4 lb of bodyfat you're preserving each week by giving into your cravings.

>Also congrats on working hard and keeping it off, my man.
Thanks but tbf I'm not really overweight. This is mostly fat I added from my first bulk.
You cant improve if you got no discipline.
start out with small exercises like forcing yourself to get out of bed early, maintain all of your stuff tidy and clean and take cold showers.
Whenever you feel lazy, force yourself to get the task done.