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hey /Üb/ i need some advice
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hey /Üb/ i wanted some advice on what else i can do as a way to improve mental health i already do workouts with a bar and some pl8's, watching what i'm eating, go horse riding and go chill out with the horses.
but despite all this i still feel like i'm looking for more, i don't know should i change my workout routine? or should i try something new?
you're advice?
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Read some books
Prometheus rising is a good one.
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>but despite all this i still feel like i'm looking for more, i don't know should i change my workout routine? or should i try something new?
I think you are craving more self realization.
But I also don't personally know you all that well.

I think your idea of trying something new would be good to see if that is what you need.

This, but don't stop what you are already doing.
Reading/Learning something might also help.

A long term goal to work towards might also help.
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thanks i'll look into it
>I think you are craving more self realization.
can you give me any tips on how i can accomplish this?
>A long term goal to work towards might also help.
i'll think about this
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First I have to say that changing your diet and working out is a massive step forward and you should be proud of it because most people don't even make it this far.
So one thing I that might help is endurance training to go along with it.

>but despite all this i still feel like i'm looking for more
This looks to me like you are making large progress and maybe you built yourself up to the point where you can and should face new challenges. Try to interact with humans and try yourself at a craft and art or an science.

This looks right. >>1652
Maybe you should do some kind of journey, it doesn't have to be big. Go somewhere you haven't been before.
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i have already tried talking with people and arts and crafts
talking with people is a waste of time most people don't understand philosophical thinking and i am not good with convincing people or am i good with my overall charisma the only person i talk to on a weekly basis is my mom and i have no interesting features that make me appealing for a woman to become interested in me and i have no intention of gaining female attention
but arts and crafts are a thing i appreciate and admire and i have tried making a art/craft before and i have no interest in caring for my work so i give up within an hour
as for science i have tried looking into chemistry but it doesn't interest me but i do enjoy researching how the human mind works and animal behaviors and horses are a big interest for me and one of the only things that i have a interest in with a horse you don't have to speak with it nor do you have to worry about what it thinks of you're opinions of other people
>Maybe you should do some kind of journey, it doesn't have to be big. Go somewhere you haven't been before.
this is something i have trouble with i like going to new places and hanging out in nature and i have an interest in hunting but i don't want to have to talk with other people so i prefer snaring rabbits instead of having to go get a gun license or a driving license and having to talk
and exercise is a weird one i am perfectly capable of exercising at home but when it comes to running, cycling or swimming i hate it for a multitude of reasons, i understand it's for the purpose of increasing my level of endurance but i have no intention of increasing it
sorry for not replying sooner and revealing my power level i have been reading the book >>1651 said i should and been doing stuff outside
I might be waaay off with my observation and don't take this as criticism, but sounds a bit like you might have Schizoid PD.
>not that you would respond much to praise or criticism if you had SPD
One of the downsides with SPD is that you don't have strong feelings for anything. And that solitude is preferred over social interaction because being alone is comfy.
But that being said I have to agree with >>1655 you should be proud that you have actually taken a step towards bettering yourself that most don't do. You will at least be in good shape and health when you get older.
please i have no intention of talking about myself i already know about my problems
sorry i hope you don't take this personally i just don't like talking about my problems, do you understand?
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It's basically continual self-improvement of all kinds.

Maslows hierarchy of needs.
Carl Jung for psychology.
For basics on the subject Jordan Peterson isn't a bad place to start, but not a place to wallow in.

I personally enjoy the Occult due to it's psychological aspects, and (my perception of) the real world impacts. You can also rewrite your personality, or induce yourself to be nearly catatonic. It can be dangerous.
Find what suits you. Also there is a thread on /vx/
>>>/vx/98688 →

>please i have no intention of talking about myself i already know about my problems
sorry i hope you don't take this personally i just don't like talking about my problems, do you understand?
Yeah. I felt that way too. The biggest problem areas tend to mean that something happened in relation to that.

Continual self realization is improving my personality (and body, and mind, and soul).

I highly recommend psychology.

>but i have no intention of increasing it
If you know why you have no intention of doing so that's fine, but from what I know of the occult outside forces may be holding you back.

For interacting with people. I recommend going out with a notebook, and taking notes about people.
Let's say your in a bar. Group A a male, female, and older male are talking. You can make predictions about those people, and what their relationship is.
By doing excursions like that you can see, and predict behaviors, and anomalies.
It also helps to get more comfortable with people.

I also recommend martial arts of your choice.

For more improvement stuff. The bioneer has a few interesting workouts, and methods to improve.

It's all your choice.
I don't know you personally all that well, but I believe you can do anything.
You've done alot of hardwork anon getting this far, and it's impressive.
Good luck.
>the occult
this is something i have done research into and i find it interesting but i don't want to mess with it due to obvious reasons
but thanks for trying to help me anons i think it'll be better if i figure this out on my own
>or should i try something new?
Start dreaming big dreams, and find ways to achieve those dreams. Once you start doing that, only God can stop you.
I'm not denying the effectiveness of hypnosis and conditioningotherwise why would the government use it but I must caution you on the occult and esotericism in general. Because it involves taking the illogical and temporarily substituting it in place of your own logic, it's easy to fall down a number of dark paths, any of which could lead to the cultish and degenerate behavior of the (((elites))).

I recommend instead to pursue its opposite, exotericism, which is the pursuance of absolute truth and universal wisdom. It's possible, if you try, to find wisdom and lessons ("redpills") in everything and as life involves the accumulation of knowledge you can become strongly grounded in reality.
>talking with people is a waste of time most people don't understand philosophical thinking and i am not good with convincing people or am i good with my overall charisma
I think I know how this feels and more often than not I have a hard time with this but I have come to see that people can be a well of information know how to listen.
>I have come to see that people can be a well of information
talking with people young and old is like playing the same game with different endings first you go through the basics when meeting them then you tell them about yourself and they tell you about what they did through the week this continues for a while then depending on who you are talking to you start talking more about yourself and they start talking more about themselves this continues for a bit then you talk about different things then you start talking about politics or about different races or they say they don't want to listen to politics and either they stop talking to you then and there or you continue talking about random boring shit until you get bored and then you start talking with them less and less because of how repetitive it is and then at this point you talk with them maybe twice a month then eventually you just drift apart and never see them again

no one fully understands what is going on around them because of how fixated they are on themselves so they have no higher understanding of the world, the only people that ever come close to this irl are boomers i believe it is sometimes interesting to hear a boomers political view but most of the time it is a very defeatist political view and they have no understanding of the modern world they are living in because they say they don't care as long as they are happy which makes it obvious how selfish they are

the reason why i can't stand making friends is because they have nothing which makes them more interesting then the other person behind them maybe if you try hard enough you'll find someone based but that would require years of exploration and going in and out of hobby's
also the reason i'm not interested in finding any girls is because every single father i have met either says the women hates him or he's fed up, and because there is no real based women anywhere in my country they are all either hard leftists dating muslims or blacks with half white mutts or the women cares not for anyone but herself and is either a "strong independent mother" or is a pure failure of a women and refuses to have children

ranting a bit here but even the place i go to ride horses i see muslims and they're family's of 2-6 brothers and sisters which i haven't seen a white family have in years
it's all so tiresome, and all of these things makes me want to just move away from civilization but i can't because there is no where i can go away from all of this degeneracy because there is no place i can just go to which isn't owned by someone so i always either have to ask the owner or i am trespassing and am committing a crime

it's all pretty sad with what has happened to our people but this does not bring me down it gives me more fuel to add to my flame of patriotism because we live for these people and we will die for these people just to see them free from the hands of the jew and i will not fall or falter due to my pride in the white race and i hope you understand this too and also have pride of you're race because without patriotism we would be a shadow of a man like the leftists are

but despite knowing all of this degeneracy i keep going because of my race and knowing about the accomplishments of my race and i will not give myself over to the enemy just because of how i'm feeling does not mean i can not think of how other people of my race are in a perpetual state of darkness and depression and how many people have given themselves over to Judaism or have committed suicide so i keep going just because of my race and having pride in my race this is something which i believe causes most suicides in the west is because they don't have this viewpoint
Huh, 2 years eh? Not bad.
A lot of things have happened in that span of time, experiences and emotional development. The overcoming of fears and the regain of motivation despite the situation I haven't given way to pessimism for a record breaking span of months.
This year has been by far greater than last, I for once have felt contently satisfied with the outcomes garnered by curiosity and interests. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together gradually and shall be reinvigorated by the coming of next summer but for now I shall lie in dormition until the time is inevitably ready.

I have learned much in the sojourns made into the darkness of the night and wisdom has arisen from the ashes of ponies passed. I am without current objective but not lacking in commitment to the desired end goal that is unbeknownst in conjunctive success or failure.
There is coherent thought in my previous comprehension but it was not as solidified, not as definably developed.
Kek. I still haven't changed in my mad methodology, although my understanding is greater than before.
Still haven't got intimately involved with any women, though the older seem to be the most reasonable in logic but that naturally comes with age.
Not as confused or lost anymore, more focused on desires and happiness not exceeding into the realm of utter depravity like before. It's quite fascinating and horrific in how the reoccurring rises and falls in emotions takes place following events and places, though it isn't that extraordinary given how frequent this rollercoaster ride is in getting to the highest point only to drop down to the lowest after.
There's more of a realized purpose now than ever, for the introspection of past reflection has yielded more knowledge as opposed to sorrow and regret. The tweaking of the lenses has resulted in further accuracy within emotional analyzation and therefore an erection of optimistic ideas, hehehe. For I have collectively gathered together my thoughts in a pattern that makes some sort of sense to myself, so that I can achieve some greater pleasures to what I have previously undergone.
Me myself and I, Know thyself.