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File: 1542156058094-2.mp4 (8.41 MB, 640x360, Kitty twitch unban rap.mp4)

File: 1542156058094-3.png (352.35 KB, 780x1241, Kittystyle stream me page.png)

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I*d Like to present you the first casuality of the Alt Right Colonization of Stream.me

>Internet Alias


>Power Word:

Thomas Dallmann






High School, College, Graphic Design.

I present You the first casuality of the Alt Right colonization of Stream.me.

>Internet Alias


>Power Word:

Thomas Dallmann






High School, College, Graphic Design.


Danish, english and allegedly 4 other languages






Left leaning Libertarian, purplepilled. Strongly supports pro Drug legislation.


claims to have an IQ of 150+. No proof was provided for this


Has no Job or income outside of streaming
depends on website handouts and strangers charity
used Stream.me as his main source of income for at least 3+ years


Drug Addict (Marihuana)
possible other medicine against his psychotic havior
Chugs Coca Cola like Water


extreme internet newfag, easyly trolled
can hardly deal with dissen or rough talk, has a considerable hugbox mentality
Calls people faggots when they troll him
Thinks of himself partially as an educator on politics and finance
Has no national pride, his race heritage or his right wing government, but calls his stream "Welcome to Denmark"
Claims he was drafted into the danish military but never served, was later exposed lying about his service guns


claims to have a girlfriend from new zealand which he recently impregnated, but has no intentions to marry her or properly raising his child
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Was that the guy with the Danish flag logo that came on and was being very polite, saying he had been sent surveillance footage of Thomas in the bar? Here's hoping that Thomas pissed off a group of patriots that'll fuck him up.


File: 1558178427143.png (453.3 KB, 1203x698, ClipboardImage.png)

the G O D Saga compilation


you are looking into the eyes of a God. minutes
54 minutes

GOD does a peasant degrading ASMR and unironically plays Rick Astley to punish us for our downvoting sins.


File: 1558183300481-0.png (417.2 KB, 826x616, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1558183300481-1.png (41.5 KB, 315x361, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1558183300481-2.png (88.66 KB, 997x405, Kraut and tea irl mother.png)


Kitty has an guest who visited him. for some reason he decided to turn his stream on and is recording the whole conversation. As far as i could tell, he did not disclose the identity of the visitor, only said "he did not see that person for a long time."

By the sounds of it, its probably an older female. Might be his grandmother. No idea what they are talking about, its all in danish. Austronomy Division will probably forward this to a translator later as this visit is likely being recorded already.


File: 1558183976501.png (277.75 KB, 742x610, ClipboardImage.png)

Ive just beein informed that Kittys twitter is back after being suspended in autumn during the colonization of stream.me when he made multiple death threats and harassment tweets with it.


Kitty does not use it actively anymore, however. A bot is autoposting there. He also complains he doesnt know how to deactivate it.



not sure if this is his grandmother. might as well he his biological mother or Tine, the 50 year old woman he used to be fuckbuddies with.



he has now muted the stream and put a translator into timeout, i think they were talking about danish politicians and something happening of the 5th of june.


File: 1558192555099.png (181.44 KB, 358x399, unknown person dall visit ….png)


The Austronomy division took the Yeti challenge and wrangled a blurry shot of the woman Dall was visiting out of the stream.

seems to be a slim eldery woman with short white hair. Address has not been doxxed as of yet. More likely this is his grandmother (from either side of the family) than someone else, Tine was as far as i can remember overweight and would probably not look as cranky by now.


File: 1558195421762-0.png (385.07 KB, 470x567, Cassandra Williams Luna Fa….png)

File: 1558195421762-1.png (539.29 KB, 1168x636, dall drinking ghetto sangr….png)

File: 1558195421762-2.png (410.24 KB, 1146x634, i know exactly whats going….png)

File: 1558195421762-3.png (395.27 KB, 1188x652, kitty hates americans.png)

File: 1558195421762-4.png (340.04 KB, 1182x646, kitty heil.png)

This Week in Thomas Dall
In Pictures

Tuesday, May 14th 2019 - Saturday, May 18th 2019



File: 1558195462133-0.png (370.16 KB, 1188x634, kitty making fun of cookie….png)

File: 1558195462133-1.png (484.48 KB, 1184x634, kitty playing shit guitar.png)

File: 1558195462133-2.png (412.46 KB, 1188x640, kitty praying for the deat….png)

File: 1558195462133-3.png (389.6 KB, 1160x638, kitty punched camera spill….png)

File: 1558195462133-4.png (319.82 KB, 1188x640, kitty streaming MLPOL cont….png)


File: 1558195512360-0.png (389.61 KB, 1188x648, kitty streaming political ….png)

File: 1558195512360-1.png (564.73 KB, 1170x632, kitty takes expired adhd p….png)

File: 1558195512360-2.png (500.66 KB, 1174x652, kitty talking like a retar….png)

File: 1558195512360-3.png (150.41 KB, 356x323, Kittys Daddy Template.png)

File: 1558195512360-4.png (472.44 KB, 1174x630, kittys dead cat simba phot….png)


File: 1558195559091-0.png (447.92 KB, 1166x626, kittys IQ test number four….png)

File: 1558195559091-1.png (219.81 KB, 1172x642, Luna calls kitty a hobo.png)

File: 1558195559091-2.png (572.62 KB, 1178x642, mandalorian whiteknighting….png)

File: 1558195559091-3.png (319.19 KB, 1174x630, mass bans while emo music.png)

File: 1558195559091-4.png (433.85 KB, 1150x632, no one talking no content ….png)


File: 1558195622075-0.png (629.6 KB, 1172x640, Opera Snapshot_2019-05-17_….png)

File: 1558195622075-1.png (386.45 KB, 1188x634, say that to my front face ….png)

File: 1558195622075-2.png (430.95 KB, 1154x636, thats not a meme thats a c….png)

File: 1558195622075-3.png (534.29 KB, 1170x636, they just screenshotted th….png)

File: 1558195622075-4.png (359.78 KB, 1172x644, you deserve this tenfold.png)


File: 1558196320900.jpg (70.28 KB, 960x960, pepe meme police.jpg)

Week in Thomas Dall - Wednesday

sends mail to Danish Police HQ complaints department
they send him mail back
notify him they forwarded it to Haderslev police
he sends a tilted video clip from his second arrest, omitting his crimes
and his assault on the bar owner

vaileena deleted her youtube channel
presumably after readings dalls MLPOL thread
dall noticed by realising he only had 1 mod left instad of 2, one of them being vaileena
wrote a long message on keyboard, immediately starts to victimize himself ofer this, went back to complain hes being abandoned by everybody

calls the complaints department of the danish police
on the same phone he called his dealer on several times
complaisn to a woman that he did not want to to send this to haderslev police
gets hung up on
says the police is corrupt
and that he wants to blow up the police department of haderslev
on air

said "if you downvote my stream you literally want me to die"
goes outside ot irl stream with his phone after doing poor workout

says he has all the names and bank data of his donators

told a story how he and 3 other boys illegally bought beer in a gas station at age 13
they drunk all of it and stripped off all their clothes
mooning cars
said they all were troublemakes and "their parents abandoned" them


File: 1558196766476-0.png (532.63 KB, 1001x563, matt jarbo mundane matt ne….png)

File: 1558196766476-1.gif (4.49 MB, 320x240, mundane matt dancing.gif)

Week in Thomas Dall - Wednesday May 15th 2019- Part deux

Subtitled version of Dalls Bar Assault

ear juice joined chat and invited dall to an interview
offered to go on a discord call after dall asked for call ins in chat
blames Cognificent Thought for the death of stream me
claims he has cancer on the tongue and will die

dall gets called by Dispatch
Ear Juice is a music producer in Australia

"I've always been Dindu nuffin all my life."

said he was "assaulted by 5 people" in the bar and that one of the guests was "whiteknighting" the bar tender after she poured his beer ina plastic cup

"i always double down. you cant expect me to do different."
"I cant get rid of this anger. I am acting nice, but i want to find these people (detractors) and do something terrible to them and their life."
"i am furious inside, but i dont show it. i am burning inside."
"dont you think this is the definiton of insanity?" - ear juice
"yes, but i am not the insane one here. they lose every time they do evil."
"You are Israel, Doxpatch."
"(about mundanen matt) isnt it bad that people are so judgemental? just forgive and forget."
kitty whiteknight mundane matt
"whats the root?" - ear juice
"these evil people and their evil deeds."
"i am the teacher for bad people."
whiteknights tonka and brianna wu - said they are an example of ruined destiny by the evil deeds of trolls
" i can suck all the evil up. I am pretty strong."
"i was the heart and soul of stream.me"
"i have a complete encyclopedia of the hum,an psyche in my mind now."
"they drew semen on my dead fathers pictures."

"when i say something, that is the facts. you are not supposed to say i dont believe that."

Chatter Today at 2:25 PM
Zug zug is right. Kitty portrays us as some kind of deviants for not worshipping or agreeing with him, then goes outside IRL and gets put on the ground by his peers.

"Free Speech is a lie."
"there needs to be some kind of policing."

he thinks he is teaching us a lesson about trolling
"it seems kind of petty to hit someone over 10 bucks (talking about the bar incident)." - Dispatch
"i did not do that." kittys response


File: 1558197853080-0.png (219.6 KB, 563x520, DSP Phil Begging on Youtub….png)

File: 1558197853080-1.gif (13.53 KB, 501x585, tfw no goys to scam shekel….gif)

File: 1558197853080-2.jpg (1.01 MB, 1200x1500, __beedrill_pokemon_drawn_b….jpg)

Week in Dall - Wednesday - Part III


threadly reminder TO NOT PAY Kitty Money, not even ironically. He is aware that he can weaponize the payment information and will in all likelyhood eventually Doxx all of his Paypigs, ironic, or not. all it needs is a fit of rage or a hung jury of alleged thoughtcrimes.



Dall also released the name and dress of the bar he was arrested at to live stream and said he wants to smash the windows in.
talks about a "personal hell" for all of his detractors
interview with ear juice, and dispatch, they were answering chat questions on bitwave tv
"i can always see peoples true intentions without words." - Kitty

Kittys paypal has been locked by the company
he cant transfer money
allegedly for lack of identfying information he provided
kitty moved an undiclosed amoutn of money from paypal to bank account
the transfer was rejected because the amoutn was "too high"
this implies Kitty was lying about not having money and earning less than 180 dollars with streaming
also reminder kitty drinks several bottles of semi-expensive gas station wine daily

suddenly thees a new troll acount on dalls channel who is also a mod
considering how paranoid kitty is and how much intel he demands of people, this is probably Vaileena on a sock
kitty stated earlier he had only one mod on his channel, considering he suddenly has 2 again with an account that never showed up before, i would not be surprised if
Trolla Troll aka Stacky Stack are in fact both owned by Vaileena aka Ida Christine Olsen.

kitty showed new zealand coins on screen
which he most likely stole from the wallet of his ex gf cassandra williams

kitty counted pocket change in an effort to pretend looking poor and claims he could not afford food
this was right after he made a succesful Paypal to bank transaction on stream
pay pal message: "you have A LOT OF MONEY here" end quote, read out LOUDLY by dall.

claims to have cancerous blisters on his tongue that are not going away

went to a restaurant and bought a pizza, took it with him and ate in under the open sky.
dall confessed having a phobia for ants (the actual insect), said they give him the creeps. also told a story how he had an ant experience in a bathroom.
a bunch of ants came when he ate pizza and allegedly attacked him
he was so miffed he took his pizza and went back into his house

compared palestians to ants

"can we hate jews? common enemy."

"well, that was another failure." - Kitty on Stream.me and his relationship with Luna

kitty is now contemplating to film a porno and selling it
based on his god persona
i cant believe he just said that
now hes planning to film a porno
based on his god persona
and selling it

who wants to see a gulag inmate with a micropenis in a porno

He also refused to clarify if his child is dead or not.
all chat has died on him after he played guitar


File: 1558199398354-0.jpg (165.82 KB, 850x850, __admiral_and_darth_vader_….jpg)

File: 1558199398354-1.mp4 (885.47 KB, 640x360, I Am a God Engineer tf2 po….mp4)

WITD - Thursday

Archived Links of Dalls sycophant Ida Christine Olsen In Publications

someone assumed the position of Umerkur
claimed they fucked Luna
Dall raged and massbanned people
calls for hell and bad karma
said umerkur has 10 alts
raged at dislikes again
threatened to go offline
"i dont have to take this."

"dat child is a prodigy, an angel"
death threats against umerkur
unironically played the I need a dollar song
attempts to dox detractors on stream
streamchat trolls him

"i have cheated on my spouses before" - dall confessing infidelity

wants to see Umerkurs dik pix
asks for Umerkus doxx to be posted in streamchat on pastebin

"i dont think we are going to get much more out of this day"
"they win today" - stream goes offline

said he will buy wine today
instead of food

luna was in fact the real account or at least someone with access to it
called him a hobo and said they are not together
luna allegedly still pregnant, no proof yet

came back although he said he would stop streaming
picked his teeth on air again like a pig
wondered why his teeth hurt and look bad
after not brushing over 6 weeks

got 10 to 1 downvotes
did not turn off camera
now writes a sinner list on screen with names in violation of the 10 commandments
"(adressing cookie) betrayal is not a sin nor is it in the 10 commandments."
(when asked why luna and his dad are not on his list)
"i dont need to explain why i don't put certain people on this list"
"i know who repented"

got toxic over Omega Man refusing to "repent for his sins."
banned him 3 times on socks
said hes only acting and purposely playing into the hand of his detractors
"people are going to feel bad for me."

"did you commit sins when you were confronted in the bar?"
"i am an elder. I have more life experience than most 100 year olds."
"though shalt not jab an elder in the eye."
"why are you trying to ensnare me?"
"i baptized her. (talking about luna"
"bible verses will not help you from being a hypocrite
""reading text from bible videos" in communistic and poor countries, where they have no rights at all…interrupted by TTS SHUT THE FUCK UP
now hes cherrypicking bible verses again projecting everything he does is righteous and all his detractors will go to hell

"i am a soldier of god"
"i am an angel"
threatened to ban someone when they said he he told police that he made death threats
and threatened to shoot up the bar and why he feels entitled to celebrate sucker punching an old man with alzheimers

now you cant speak now its only me - all you can do is watching - directly after banning someone
calls people having a nerve and audacity to tell him of his crimes, mocks them for banning them. thinks he is entitled to tell bitwave and stream.me how to do business.
"Tiny Timmy, i know you are a voice or resentment. Today is the day of your reckoning." and he meant it

Dalls mike might be broken
after the abuse he subjected it to the last days
it randomly mutes itself

hes actually screaming about failing at karaoke rapping
"i got a screw lose but i dont know where it comes from." (talking about his Microphone having mute malfunctions"

i wish i had a baseball bat and all these people who hate me lined up here
"police men in prison came to me to confess to me"
"they spoke about corruption."
"i should be the judge. that is what i am good at."

we need stability so i can travel the world
i think hes now reading payment data from donators

the guy who was named SISTA FISTA was named James
i hope you are not planning to send money to this clown, hes eventually going to doxx most if not all of his paypigs, ironic or not

dall got into an argument with one of his mod fender strat
over an alleged attempt at catfishing with someone called crystal mist

dall is now so paranoid
he demands photos, social media, phone number and voice in a phone call from all his new sychophants
fender attempted to protect him but was overruled
kitty also complaed fender is the only person he doesnt have a name or face from
i have a feeling this isnt a new scheme and that dall always did this with his past fans

dall now demands doxxes from fans

"i accept aggressive vigilante behavior from the mods."
"people ask for the bans."
"they spend 2 weeks downvoting my content, but i dont care about the downvotes."
"no, im not born in 1984, i was born in 1987."

still going on about having a 160 IQ
and that hes smarter than the average person
ask him to do a math test
he aborted the last one and said it had trick questions
"it doesnt matter but i bring it up any opportunity i get, its a fact."
i am very intelligent, i notice so many things
it was also a pattern recognition test
"i understand rocket science."
"rocket science is not rocket science to me"

>guy with 120 IQ brags, he feels inferior to me

>this stream
I am Thomas Dalls absolute lack of self-awareness.

"whatabouttism the name of that one celeb nigger i try to bring up to invalidate your point about black IQ statistics."
wonder how he feels about stealing content from NEEL while he contributes nothing to the video
this isnt transformative, he shoudl donate money to NEEL

around 7 pm danish time

kitty had a 1 hour + meltdown over a starwars picture
said it was not a meme, but a crime
played lenghty sections from danish law and started yelling the creator belongs in prison
mass banned people for disagreeing
started screaming more because he could not find out who it was, although the poster clearly left a name ???
accused chat of lying behind his back to him

Canceled all his present and future appearances on the weekend
started blasting loud emo music and sunglasses
pulled a knife out and played 5 fingers on doom
punching his camera
played more with a knife
pretended to cut himself with fake muscle spasms


File: 1558200342594-0.mp4 (6.65 MB, 640x360, bashurverse cucked by alie….mp4)

File: 1558200342594-1.jpg (88.06 KB, 1920x1080, dragon maid Kanna Cuck.jpg)

File: 1558200342594-2.jpg (161.67 KB, 724x1024, 0057_OAT_Misc_weak_horse_v….jpg)

went on a rant about his biggest detractors and their sins
according to his warped version of the ten commandments

wants the lives of dispatch, murderer, cookie and Umerku destroyed
told chat to stalk and harass them

Mike broke, Dall rages
"so what if it is muted
i dont need to make no fucking content
watch this
watch this you fucking faggots"

blasts more metal
aborts stream goes offline

now people make photoshops of him, his dead father and ex gf on MLPOL

"they have no life
they dont deserve to live it"

"i am not that interesting
if you watch all my content, you are boring and have no life.

"i could not spend an hour watching my own content."
massbanned people in chat for calling him out like a complete faggot

kitty had a freudian slip and admitted his cat is dead in a moment of rage

"somebody keep verybally abusing this guy
abuse this guy or im throwing you out"
demanding people whiteknight him
hes now banning people because they don't abuse people to whiteknight him

the absolute state of Thomas Dalls ego
Refuse to abuse is a bannable offense now

god is only walking deliberately into our snares and acting to show us how pathetic and meaningless our lives are
he is benevolent and merciful
never say different or you will be cast into hell

now hes jealous of dispatches 220 dollar donations

"i made 500 dollars today."
He can "afford 10 lawyers", supposedly.
"im perfect
i am ready to fight
please fuck yourself eternally
*adressing "concern" troll""

he thinks hes hurting us with this (Richard Spencer Punch Video)
hes desperate
its fighting against ghosts and wind
funny he brings this up
after he was beaten up in a bar after causing trouble
he got one punch on an old man
It is amazing the IRL people respond the same way internet people do
It is almost like there's something wrong with him, not everyone else

now hes worries his stream is inciting violence
why is he showing this he he doesn't want to get deplatformed or dragged away by police
showed once again videos of alt righters getting assaulted
pretended it was him hurting trolls
this his YTP thing again
saw a cat outside and called it
but it was not his old one
now hes reading comments from SJWs avowing political violence against right wingers

sperged more
rstreamed mlpol posts
got btfod
got moody again
made a pity party
poorly played instruments

threatens to sue dispatch with 10 lawyers and said he wanted to report MLPOL to the american police
considred hiring a hitman or becoming one himself

"i got you a nice wrench to fuck people over if they dont know how to kneel and pay respect." - to Krazy Kunt aka Fikka


File: 1558202146649-0.jpg (47.33 KB, 663x670, high IQ costume for baby.jpg)

File: 1558202146649-1.gif (1.91 MB, 302x320, squirrel thief.gif)

File: 1558202146649-2.jpg (181.9 KB, 848x1496, drugs.jpg)

Week in Thomas Dall - Friday, May 17th 2019

kitty starts hating on the usa and usa citizens over the iran war affairs
said Americans wall all over others and think they cant be held to justice
wants to move out of denmark, maybe to Canada

nate p copper AKA Mandalorian trollshields in chat again, poorly. rats himself out with compromising messages.
Mandalorian just also got promoted to mod in Dall Stream.
must feel good to be a virtuous pedophile defender. Approved by Jonathan Ross.

complained about his jail time and that he was punished for other peoples crimes
now hes saying Mai Mercado is a bully and an antagonizer
and that she provoked him.

Personal note -
i said some time ago
If Thomas Dall were to stab you to death
and before your die with your last break
you accuse him of murdering you
with the bloody knife still in his hands
he would scream at you and say you are a liar
after hearing what he just said about the woman he went to jail for
i stand by that

I would guarantee he said everything to her that he's accused of… if we were innocent why would he delete that facebook page that would prove his innocence? He is pathological liar

less than a week after the bar incident
"i was assaulted by 5 people for defending myself."

what a pig
eats on his computer desk again, look how dirty it is too
he almost repeated his death threat again word by word
funny how his stream now turned into a hangout for innocent criminals

everybody in prison is innocent… so I hear
if all criminals have toms mentality, this doesnt surprised me at all.
"we need less police and regulation in our system."
"the real" criminals make memes not death threats

so hes willing to house criminals in his stream who admitted jailtime for theft and assault and forgive them
but he wont forgive messages on an imageboard
thats some grade a life priorities right there

Dall turns into full hobo mode since he so deprived of drugs
took unprescribed expired adhd pills with alcohol
after lengthy reading of the prescription papers
asked chat to legalize weed in denmark in case he dies
he survived the evening, calmed down a lot
had a big rush of sweat
also freaked out at flashing lights outside

Took a new IQ Test on Stream
the same pattern recognition test he took at least 3 times before
reached 135
about the same as the last 3 tests
reminder theses free internet tests are not real and only cover a fractions of the human intelligence. a message even said so after the test was done.
real IQ tests are issued by doctors in a clinic

started to unban people under the condition other people vow for them
if they get banned again dall will also ban the vow taker
complaint about no one chatting in his stream

showed his google search history by accident while scrolling with screenshare on
people found out he google living locations in canada for moving
adresses in Haderslev
scat pornography
detractor channel
and snuff videos (on the clear web)

compared his detractos to wasps and ants again

started playing shitty trance and club music
and DJ'd
called his watchers Team life
while talking shit about detractors

metaphorically compared himself to a King of Hate *snort*
the pill calmed him down a lot

talks shit about cookie and wants to abuse women
pretty much a barrel of hyprocrisy here, dall thinks its okay to hate people who were mean to him and blanket hate on anyone like them, even if he shares the same problems as them.

Some people from the bar dall harassed last week allegedly showed up in his youtube chat
after someone found and contacted them on facebook
they asked him if he was proud of what he did
Dall raged and banned them shortly after, probably thought they were just trolls

listened to a lot of boring hippie music before he went to bed after 5am, the botched drug cocktail denies him sleep


File: 1558202404622.png (607.71 KB, 702x789, Kitty Pill trip Template.png)


Saturday has been relatively uneventful so far.

with maybe one significant exception.

Played guitar. it was terrible as usualy. later went for a walk.

Dall visited an old woman. He decided to stream the conversation, at least in part. all of it was of course in Danish.

If and what kind of information was in there remains to be seen. we will have to rely on a native to translate that first.

Otherwise, dall was waiting for input from Chat, literally did nothing on stream except jawning and thousand yard staring into the camera. grass grows.

His new Pill habits might turn into a medical emergency, since he could overdose by accident or cause some reaction with the alcohol hes taking.


File: 1558203485379-0.png (370.99 KB, 705x1176, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1558203485379-1.png (383.49 KB, 765x502, dsp insane.png)

Minister of Lulz has been working like a Bee.

6 new videos this weekend in a day, 180 Minutes RUNTIME!


Monday Madness Main Event!




100 Minutes

Monday Madness Main Event!

13:00 in the bar
23:20 sits awkwardly on the cuck couch and plays guitar like shit
32:00 kitty's socialization skills on full display
33:20 talks shit behind these fine people's back for not appreciating his bumly presence
40:00 escalation
43:10 shit hits the fan → PUNCH
43:45 BTFO
1:04:30 police arrives
1:21:00 released

Date - May 13th 2019



phone call with Dispatch included
9 minutes



2 minutes




you are looking into the eyes of a God.
Original Date may 13, 2019.
53 minutes


I love how in the top right corner it says "chill".
may 13ths
18 minutes


Thomas is a little confused about human biology.
2 minutes
may 13, 2019.



>Thomas calls other people imbeciles

<Has achieved absolutely nothing in life and has to invent events that never happened.

Thomas, we need to talk! You are a fucking moron! you're a pathological liar and when someone calls you on your bullshit you have a million excuses why you can't prove it. YOUR LIFE IS PATHETIC! You can't even see that people are laughing at you and making a mockery of you! I thought you had a chance at a normal life but maybe the best thing is for you to just give up! you are a joke, your mind is broken and your past is horrendous. maybe the best thing is for you to drink yourself to death.


Said the sperg watching said pathetic man for weeks on an imageboard dedicated to horsecunt sniffing nazis made by another sperg who’s autism wouldn’t let a meme die.



File: 1558209519286.mp4 (23.18 MB, 384x288, kitty - I started the enti….mp4)

><Has achieved absolutely nothing in life and has to invent events that never happened.
Without Kitty there would not be a movement for legalization of cannabis in Denmark. The narcissism is strong in Kitty. Rather than high IQ I would say it is more likely he has Borderline Personality Disorder.


File: 1558209739864.png (61.58 KB, 607x324, nox1.PNG)

Your typical troll of Kittystyles aka Thomas Dall.
Ask her about how bad she hates her fatness.


File: 1558209997559.jpg (197.06 KB, 550x499, kitty-dad-blacked.jpg)



you should take expired ADHD medication and wash it down with wine! Hopefully your heart will stop! :D


And you're posting on it. So, why are you here?


He's been hypnotized by the superior aryan horsepussy


Well, let's push it one step further. All of these blacked edits and not one CLOPPED edit? I'm disappointed in you, /sp/.


File: 1558211835242-0.png (5.99 MB, 2530x2554, 0070_OAT_Anthro_Aryanne_Ho….png)

File: 1558211835242-1.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1486x1487, 0523_OAT_Pony_blushing_su….jpeg)

File: 1558211835242-2.gif (11.44 MB, 392x500, 0084_OAT_Animation_solo_nu….gif)

File: 1558211835242-3.png (2.12 MB, 3004x3100, 0207_OAT_Vectors_smiling_c….png)

File: 1558211835242-4.png (2.05 MB, 2611x3074, 0776_OAT_Pony_trigger_happ….png)


Feels good not to be a salty beta orbiter who trollshields a violent pedophile from police arrest for attention.


File: 1558211962038.jpg (374.48 KB, 800x800, heil-satan.jpg)


File: 1558213071795.png (839.39 KB, 800x600, helldaddy.png)

Join me Thomas


File: 1558215473748.png (683.76 KB, 1328x722, MANDOWNEDDDDDDD.png)

Mandolorian aka Nate P Copper the pedo apologist just doxxxed himself just for a quick laugh.

Get on it


File: 1558215823901.mp4 (1.17 MB, 1280x720, Do you feel in charge.mp4)



hi craig holman. do you whiteknight for druggie pedos often?


File: 1558216527943.png (690.66 KB, 2086x2086, 0424_OAT_Sidekicks_Kyrie_f….png)


Mando, would you kindly stop posting fake doxxes of yourself and gaslighting yourself into artificial drama? People will start to believe you are not a complete waste of time.

If you want to have people go after you make your own thread here.


File: 1558216737107.jpeg (10.15 KB, 255x255, fbb9e919b76e34618ef5a2fe9….jpeg)

im not mandy, fren.


File: 1558217091353.png (4.06 MB, 2592x1458, James Tristan Metokur alle….png)


get out of here Patrick Shagnasty


File: 1558217177560-0.jpg (35.82 KB, 640x480, Gabriel kuhn11.jpg)

File: 1558217177560-1.jpg (41.99 KB, 532x462, necro8.jpg)

File: 1558217177560-2.jpg (31.76 KB, 379x470, necro10.jpg)

File: 1558217177560-3.jpg (139.09 KB, 600x928, oregon-woman-horse-carcass….jpg)


How new are you?


File: 1558217408851.mp4 (6.88 MB, 426x240, We did not start the cance….mp4)


l u l alrighty then


File: 1558217893209.jpg (35.02 KB, 709x415, bilk.JPG)

how's that bathroom coming, Craig? you gonna steal from that guy too?



File: 1558218198788-0.png (185.31 KB, 658x595, mandolocation.PNG)

File: 1558218198788-1.png (452.16 KB, 612x605, mandolocation2.PNG)


File: 1558224997678.png (7.09 KB, 445x60, dumbmando.PNG)


What a dumb nigger hahaha



Short notice on the mandalorian situation

The doxx is allegedly REAL and not a falseflag. Mando has portrayed pathological behavior on bitwave.tv after the news hit.

A detractor server is currently holding a combing session for Intel. Outlook good so far

If true I might end up writing a short thread for mandy to get him out of this thread.

Less than 2 days in and another mod completely stripped. And I thought that was just a joke. Mandy is not laughing anymore…

Genuine shoutout to Thomas Dall. If this isn't proof god hates you and everyone who associates with you I don't know what is.


File: 1558228169452.png (223.05 KB, 800x600, granpa.png)

oh Granpa, what are you doing on the internet catfishing young women for nudes and defending paedophiles? Would be a shame if someone did a background check wouldn't it



File: 1558229066314.png (48.15 KB, 754x615, scummycraig.PNG)

What a piece of shit you are…



I just heard It's been kovalsky so birthday.
Happy birthday James!

Due to the occasion and the fact James had a bit of a bone to pick with Mandalorian, I will restrain myself so Kovalsky has a chance to build Mister Holman a nice totem pole.

You can reuse all contents from this thread you seem fit. I just politely request that all future mandalorians stuff unrelated to kitty please be posted in his own thread. You can even link it here if your want.


File: 1558236460211.jpg (17.13 KB, 370x370, potatoman.jpg)

Is this you potato man mando?

I found out you changed the name of your company to Polymath Contractors! hmm, nothing on your site


maybe you were dumb enough to have any info on whois…

oh look a web master!


I found out your web master for your company lives on the same block as you, I figured… why would you pick a web master who lives so close? maybe he has a facebook profile!

he did!

maybe I'll scroll down through his posts and see if you were dumb enough to like any of his posts!

oh wait you did!





>Implying only one person has a problem with a pedo defending con artists

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