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File: 1512867015281.jpg (661.93 KB, 983x1464, Ultimate Spider-Man #014_U….JPG)


So I've been reading through the Ultimate Spider Man comics, because fuck, I'm a NEET, why not?
And came across this lovely page.
Where Peter tries to defend mutants, by comparing them to the jews.
Normal people = Germans
Mutants = Jews
Did they really not see this flawed logic, or did they let their shroud slip for a second there?


They tried and failed to equate hating and fearing an unstable bunch of potentially-world-ending threats to the world… to hating and fearing "The Jews".

He says "Jews never shot laser beams out of their eyes! …I think!" and he's big, dumb, white, and his head is shaved, he's clearly supposed to be the stereotypical racist white man.

The comic tried to say not trusting superpowered humans is like fearing and hating Jews, a wrong dumb thing wrong dumb people like Hitler do.

I like Hitler, but you have to realize, these losers don't.


It doesn't make sense from any perspective. The mutants in these comics are PROVEN to be dangerous. Why is he comparing a dangerous group to one who "Isn't dangerous" really makes you think.


>Comic about Super Heroes
>Jews Never shot laser beams out of their eyes
>Super Man is a jewish super hero
I can't help but laugh at the irony.


>an unstable bunch of potentially-world-ending threats to the world
Sounds like the Jews.
The mutants actually do end the world. So, have many of the other super heroes. They're not as good for the planet as the villians are.


Sorry, forgot to mention in the OP, are the any other cases you guys know of, where a jew was in charge of the series/comic/whatever, and randomly inserted a "MUH HOLOCAUST" that actually made jews look bad?
I'm interested to see how many others tried to make their story a soap box for the holocaust, only to fall on their face.


File: 1512869534394.jpg (697.76 KB, 982x1466, Ultimate Spider-Man #014_U….JPG)

Next page makes this even better.
Remember, that she's talking about mutants. AKA Jews.


File: 1512900850168.jpg (28.33 KB, 448x453, CelestiaMotherofMe.jpg)

Could it be that whoever wrote this is one of /ourguys/ and is telling people to stop reading comic books and get out to compete with the (((mutants)))?


You gotta read the writer's intent, man.

>mean racist white skinhead hates on mutants and is compared to a jew-hater because hating both these groups is "Wrong"

>special cool white girl irrationally compares the strength gap between herself and strong white to the strength gap between a normal human and superstronk brick-wall-breaking mutant. Then says to stop being a lazy cartoon-lover, find something you're good at, and do it well so you can pretend that's your superpower and pretend you aren't irrelevant where a speedster or time-stopper can do anything you can do better and faster



Also I really hate that banner pic where Nightmare Moon smokes. She's not a degenerate smoker and smokes would never be allowed in a perfect-ish world like Equestria.


File: 1512925237258-0.jpg (450.96 KB, 986x1465, Ultimate Spider-Man #014_U….JPG)

Honestly it just sounds like two different writers to me. Like one is trying to shoehorn his holocaust in, and the other is saying "Don't let (((them))) intimidate you." Which might actually be the case because a lot of media has different writers for different characters.


File: 1512925301205-0.png (1.15 MB, 971x464, MComix_2017-12-10_11-55-55.png)

Peter's Jew Comment actually causes this guy to realize he's Spider-Man, as well.


And as one last note, the comic tries to appeal to kids. It bashes MTV, gays, etc. So the jew comment is actually really out of place, where as Gwen Stacy's Comment about not letting (((Them))) put you down is more on-par with the rest of the comic. I think it might have been a case where Stan Lee used his authority to insert a Jew sympathy moment.


remember that one old pony with the pipe for a CM though?

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