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File: 1512224229380-0.jpg (210.04 KB, 640x960, are you sure you want to b….jpg)

File: 1512224229380-1.png (66.61 KB, 910x1024, Yellow_star_Jude_Jew.svg.png)


Steven Universe: A bad show made by awful people for a garbage fanbase

throwaway hatemail blog for the video

CAUTION - Video creator is a self-admitted jew


File: 1512226160318.png (646.08 KB, 1140x960, __erica_mendez_guts_kiryuu….png)

on a second note i'd like to remind /1ntr/ in particular that the conartist team from SU has ties to the creators of the anime my little witch academia and that future seasons will receive some degree of input from these, which essentially spells disaster for the foreseeable future.


File: 1512226625578.jpg (22.68 KB, 480x360, EvilSteven.jpg)

>Not linking to an older video by our favorite Nazi film critic


File: 1512226731046-0.jpg (34.8 KB, 500x466, Steven Universe creator ch….jpg)

File: 1512226731046-1.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720, rebecca sugar.jpg)

oh and btw, the show creator Rebecca Sugar is a man looking lowest nufemale who drew homosexual child porn of Ed Edd & Eddy.



found this video randomly, didnt even know this channel existed. I will maybe take a look at it later. Thank You for the recommendation.


I liked the potential of the show when it first started out, made it to around the same point as >>5315 does, though maybe 10-12 episodes further, and holy fuck is the show slow as fuck and never really picks up.


File: 1512242488197.jpg (270.31 KB, 1191x1684, __kiana_kaslana_benghuai_x….jpg)



now i understand why you linked this, quality stuff /)
who would have guessed the guy would put a full lenght natsoc /pol/ webm into his video unironically


File: 1512251367591.png (94.21 KB, 280x273, 8e179f7657ab5c50251147ee43….png)

>tfw Little Witch Academia is now like MLP and is already past its prime
>tfw the ride wil never end


File: 1512293609550.jpg (14.94 KB, 225x225, descarga_1510761552558.jpg)

>I didn't even get on the ride and the park is closing.


File: 1512389129249.jpg (93.15 KB, 358x473, 1447970716251.jpg)

I think I'm getting better at detecting Jews. Because I dont even need to do a background check on him… Her? It.
>large nose
>curly hair
>large earlobes
>Pointy chin

>Mfw I can spot a Jew based on appearance.


File: 1512389426565.jpg (125.81 KB, 392x409, You are not people.jpg)


possible if not very likely. Rebecca Sugar is the Poster Boy of Amerimutts. It's like the meme was cut out after it's face.

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