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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever
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File: 1507097340688.png (402.89 KB, 1600x1200, ZebraLivesBG.png)


Why cant niggers ever complete anything of value, do they even fucking finish anything other than accidentally pumping out babies what the fuck is wrong with them… I want to think of them as people but jesus fucking hellfucks even the studious ones are failures.


Because they're niggers. White is right lol.


How fresh is this OC? It looks good.


Its at least few months old.


I saw it on the day of unification. Could be older.


File: 1507152221410.png (769.42 KB, 1032x2291, 1506160140903.png)

the more I think about it there's really no rational reason they shouldn't all just be shipped back to Africa and contained there. As far as the US goes, they were only really imported to do slave labor, which they don't do anymore. we freed them and let them work for themselves, then we eventually elevated them to the level of citizens, but for the most part their society has just declined further and further the more rights and freedoms we've given them. A slave in the antebellum South was objectively better off than most blacks today, imo.

I think a white campaign to expel the blacks from the US would be immediately called racist and would fail, but what if we convinced them to leave on their own, and made them think it was their idea? There have been black-initiated back to Africa movements in the past, but mostly they have failed to pick up steam. however with social media it's not that improbable that a properly engineered campaign on black Twitter could convince a large number of blacks that they should leave evil, racist, melanin-deficient America and return to the land of their royal ancestors.


I like it, and I like your way of thinking, but any jew-owned social media would kill that the second people start falling for it. We need campaigns to remove the jewish influence from social medias and have the government regulate those based in America (Along with search engines the size of google) like the public utilities they are. When things are more fair for us, something like that would work wonders.

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