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File: 1506035483886.jpg (101.44 KB, 500x490, Has.jpg)

Was it pinkie herself?


File: 1506035854014-0.jpg (424.07 KB, 890x1027, 932762__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

You have to show your work to get the answer, Anon.
Can you solve this one?


Is a 5yo smart enough to not expend their time on this? I am.


File: 1506036598336.png (69.38 KB, 750x720, 1015347__safe_artist-colon….png)

I bet it was Twily. She's the only one giving a flat denial instead of blaming someone else.


It would've taken you less time to figure out the answer than it took for you to write this post.


It's obviously that bitch Rarity.


File: 1506037852163.jpg (30.75 KB, 229x247, Uhh.jpg)

If only one is telling the truth that must be Applejack narrating…
Twilight is trying to take the heat with advanced deductions trying to blame herself by saying she didn't eat it.
Rarity is trying to get the heat off of her by throwing it at Fluttershy, which is a lie, also rarity had too much money to eat a shitty desert and lie about it, she is generosity, she wouldn't just do that.
Fluttershy is doing the same to rainbow dash, and rainbow dash acting whitout thinking just say Fluttershy is lying whitout realising this would make her say Fluttershy is telling the truth, no one is that dumb so this is obvious.
Then the only one who could have eaten the desert is pinkie herself, she ate it and now she wants to see the chaos unfold.


Improperly built question. Regardless of who potentially is telling truth there are logic failures.


The Answer is Twilight. There are two ponies whose answers are basically "I didn't do it" - rainbow dash and twilight. Therefor, it has to be either rainbow dash or twilight, because only one is telling the truth, and the statements of both would be true if neither did it. However, in the case of rainbow dash, if she did it, then not only would Twilight's denial be true, but Fluttershy's would be true as well. Thus it must be twilight who ate it, as that would make Rainbow Dash's statement true, but Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity's statements false


Pony Telling Truth:
TS: It means the thing entire set up is logically flawed , Fluttershy is actually telling the truth meaning two ponies are and Rainbowdash ate it. Breaks rules
RBD: Twilight Sparkle
Rar: Fluttershy and Rainbowdash shared which breaks rules.
FS: Rainbow dash and Twilight shared which breaks rules.


File: 1506039054027-0.jpg (73.55 KB, 960x960, 21370967_1376869235693674_….jpg)

File: 1506039054027-1.jpg (315.1 KB, 1024x1021, 3107124750_a4fc6c3967_b.jpg)

Good job, Anon! You get a gold star!
Are you ready for question #2?


C, because I feel like it


>No fun allowed
Ahi wanted to autismo on the answers, do we have to answer for real? :C
It's B


and then B,…. I was confused by two gold stars, they either come in big groups in showers or one by one.


Crap it was twilight, ishould have seen more than the first line


File: 1506039522593-0.png (1.9 MB, 3394x3982, 1071540__safe_artist-colon….png)

You need to explain your reasoning, Anon.


That goes for >>3314 >>3312 >>3313 too.


>explain myself
It just feels right. You might as well ask how do Rain Man work, or magnets.


File: 1506040340167-0.jpg (58.24 KB, 960x960, 21752429_1382220195158578_….jpg)

I g2g for about 20-30 minutes, so I'll just let you all fight over the last one.


The first image is the last in the previous pattern. It goes




File: 1506040480647.jpg (25.43 KB, 310x339, Booop.jpg)

Well let me get the dust out of my brain then.
Well this one is simple, it's a simple pattern, every pony repeats twice and every pony repeats four times and no more than four times.
This would mean that 1 is Fluttershy, that would bring an end to her cycle in her next appearance, we can confirm this since Fluttershy appears one more time before disappearing.
Then we have pinkie pie and rainbow dash, comparing this pattern with the previous one we can conclude it's the same pattern rarity twilight and Fluttershy had, this would mean the next one to come would be rainbow dash, an unknown pony and finally rainbow dash again.
That's why Fluttershy is 1 and rainbow dash is 2.


For the ponies, only a minimum of 4 ponies are allowed onto to the screen. With the exception of Dash and Rarity, however if the pattern were to continue Rainbow Dash would be next.


Fluttershy x RainbowDash = Pinkie x 10
Since it's nice and even 10/20/30
Fluttershy x Rainbowdash options
Fluttershy or dash are 5.

Assuming Dash is 5 cant work because then you'd have twilight being divided not actually reaching anything whole unless twilight was 5 as well so it's probably flutter.

Assuming Flutter is 5
means dash is 2, 4 or 6

If dash is higher than 2, same problem.

So it must be:
Flutter 5
Dash 2
Pinkie 1
Twilight 3

Therefore the quotient is


This reminds me of that one autist who argued poners would use a base 4 math system.


>argued poners would use a base 4 math system
Tell me moar. Would it be because they have four hooves?


All right shit, I'm not looking at the comments so go!
>only one is telling the truth
This means it was Twilight ate it
Rainbow Dash is correct
If you choose any other pony to eat the desert, Twilight's statement becomes true.
Twilight and Rarity are lying, and we know that Fluttershy was wrong from Rainbow Dash


You're correct.


Star 1 is B
Star 2 is C
Ayy lmao


File: 1506052868392.png (144.1 KB, 393x475, 1505620997883.png)

who the fuck decides the answers to these?

Is this common core?


They came from faceberg. Apparently they were part of some contest to win free tickets at one point.


it honestly does look like common core from some of the shit I've seen. not surprised that that's a riddle and not math.


File: 1506054996642.png (720.19 KB, 1110x1024, 1496187300870.png)

It's called long division, its how you learn to divide big numbers, at least up here in Canada.


>four hooves
>adults are four feet tall
Those were the two main points raised. I can't find the original article, otherwise I'd link it


I get the long division part, but the part of it that's replacing every integer with a variable is downright confusing.
I also suspect that its useless in the world outside school.


I can't… fucking…

The only information we have to go on here is "Fluttershy's lying", which means it probably wasn't Rainbow Dash.

Twilight says "Wasn't me". Rarity said Fluttershy did it. Fluttershy's word of mouth is wrong according to Rainbow Dash's word of mouth.

Am I supposed to assume RD's telling the truth and that makes Flutters the cupcake eater?

Also, for fuck's sake, would it have killed these Hasjew faggots to NOT derail characters like this? Make the Diamond Dogs or some random OCs the suspects for the "Crime".


b-but muh brand recognition


File: 1506099760203.gif (372.85 KB, 777x991, 1506084987149-0.gif)

Mein gott you're right


File: 1506150307456.png (Spoiler Image, 525.25 KB, 2948x3093, Twilight_Sparkle_Alicorn_v….png)

I was actually autistic enough to sit and reason the whole thing out on paper. It's a legit puzzle and there is only one correct solution.

Unspoiler image to see the answer. Unspoiler text to see the autism behind my reasoning.

Each pony is either telling the truth or lying. Here is the information we could assume to be fact in the case of each pony’s statement being either true or false:

if twilight == true, twilight did not eat dessert.
if twilight == false Twilight ate it

if fluttershy == true, Rainbow Dash ate it
if fluttershy == false, Rainbow Dash did not eat it

if Rainbow Dash == true, Rainbow Dash did not eat it
if Rainbow Dash == false, Rainbow Dash ate it

if Rarity == true, Fluttershy ate it
if Rarity == false, Fluttershy did not eat it

Only 1 pony can be telling the truth, so we just have to list which statements would be factual in the event that a given pony is the one telling the truth with the other three lying, and do that for each pony. Any scenario that has contradictory statements in it cannot be factual. Although it is not explicitly stated in the instructions that two ponies can’t share the dessert, this solution assumes that the entire dessert was eaten by only one pony (no gommunists :DDDDD)

scenario 1: Twilight, !Fluttershy, !Rainbow Dash, !Rarity
Twilight did not eat dessert
Rainbow Dash did not eat dessert
Rainbow Dash ate dessert
Fluttershy did not eat dessert
FALSE, unless this is Schroedinger’s pony box, RD cannot have both eaten and not eaten the dessert.

scenario 2: !Twilight, Fluttershy, !Rainbow Dash, !Rarity
Twilight ate dessert
Rainbow Dash ate dessert
Rainbow Dash ate dessert
Fluttershy did not eat dessert
FALSE, Twilight and RD cannot both have eaten the dessert.

scenario 3: !Twilight, !Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, !Rarity
Twilight ate dessert
Rainbow Dash did not eat dessert
Rainbow Dash did not eat dessert
Fluttershy did not eat dessert
TRUE, none of these statements are contradictory.

scenario 4: !Twilight, !Fluttershy, !Rainbow Dash, Rarity
Twilight ate dessert
Rainbow Dash did not eat dessert
Rainbow Dash ate dessert
Fluttershy ate dessert
FALSE, combination of problems in scenarios one and two.

The only scenario with no contradictory statements is scenario 3.
Twilight ate Pinkie Pie’s dessert, the thieving, lying bitch.


File: 1506154322547-0.png (1.06 MB, 2000x2000, 1504563779321.png)

That's a hell of a lot of text to justify the answer to a simple puzzle. Did Hasbro expect little girls to write full-on essays for their free movie ticket?
That said, I can't find any fault with your logic. You win, anon. now pick apart the other two.


>Did Hasbro expect little girls to write full-on essays for their free movie ticket?
Hey, if the kikes want more women in tech, this is the kind of shit they'll have to be able to figure out. I'd make my daughter write her answer in pseudocode and tell her if she gets it wrong I'm going to take her college fund and blow it at a pony convention.

My answer to Puzzle 2:

The pattern seems to have the ponies appear in repeating groups in a sequential order, which goes:

Pony 1, Pony 2, Pony 2, Pony 3 | Pony 2, Pony 3, Pony 3, Pony 4 | Pony 3, Pony 4, Pony 4, Pony 5, etc. Basically, it displays a set of one first pony, two second ponies, and a third pony. Then, it displays a new set, starting with the second pony from the first set, progressing thusly in sequential order. The order of the ponies is Rarity=1, Twilight=2, Flutterbutts=3, Ponk=4, Rainbow Dash=5. Also, I'm starting to genuinely wonder where AJ is in all of these, she's been conspicuously absent from both puzzles. Is this supposed to be some kind of Saw type scenario, where she has her friends held captive in some sort of weird murder/rape dungeon, and is forcing them to solve puzzles in order to earn their freedom and also a free movie ticket? Because that would be pretty hot.

Anyway, the solution is as follows:
1. Fluttershy (B)
2. Dash (C)
Pattern is RaRa, Twi, Twi, Flutters | Twi, Flutters, Flutters, Ponk | Flutters, Ponk, Ponk, Dash | Ponk, Dash Dash, …

I'm going to hold off on the last one because it's too late at night to be doing long division. I'll do it tomorrow.

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