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File: 1562154231154-0.png (489.01 KB, 1000x564, tin foil thomas dall kitty….png)

File: 1562154231154-1.png (788.64 KB, 1108x627, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1562154231154-2.png (393.06 KB, 688x688, dall the room 1 (1).png)

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i have been informed he spent approximately 12 hour in bitwave chat to """troll""" the site owner and attending audience since yesterday evening, up until the wee hours of this morning. Somehow he changed his troll ID later in the night. can not tell which one it is but it should not be hard to spot him once he appears.

Thomas Dall attended a stream as a guest on bitwave TV last night, namely Murderer.
predictably had a screaming meltdown on air and rage quit it subsequently right after.

Dall confirmed a 90 day Ban on youtube by Jörg Sprawe aka The slingshot channel. meaning he wont be able to stream on youtube before late august 2019, the DLIVE Ban was also re-affirmed.

his stream in may was taken down because of the provoked copyright strikes. he was hoping youtube would give him doxxes of the people who flagged him and complained about youtube masking the flaggers with Jörger Sprawe.

He has to appear in court because of the Bar Incident
was fined by a former Landlord ca. 5000 Dollars after he trashed the apartment where his neighbor invaded him.
admitted he destroyed the placed shortly after on purposed and refused to pay rent, smashed the drywalls in with a vaccum cleaner in
confessed he did it because somehow he thinks his landlord was responsible for his neighbors home invasion
said he committed to collusion with Samy and Slick over DLIVE, aka the mad cow who whored her niece out to Dispatch
Mandalorian later came on to talk about DLIVE

later Had yet another meltdown later over photos of Jan Dall and thinks he can tell people on the internet what not to do,
insists the trolls committed crimes even under US law and threatened another international lolsuit. He also still thinks his thread is defamation, which was largely disproven.
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File: 1566038849608.png (198.01 KB, 460x397, ClipboardImage.png)

shoutout to fear and loading

the face of a manchild who get himself banned on every platform, streaming to 5 people as a "job", all of which are trolls.


File: 1566041997051.png (30.61 KB, 441x232, kittybegging.PNG)

Kitty back on bitwave after having his account removed, begging for his "stalkers" to stalk him again. absolutely pathetic


File: 1566042190557-0.png (204.82 KB, 1453x595, 1.png)

File: 1566042190557-1.png (224.41 KB, 1351x829, 2.png)

File: 1566042190557-2.png (107.19 KB, 1339x379, 3.png)

Kitty asking for his account to be removed from bitwave


File: 1566047557811.png (802.86 KB, 957x2439, ClipboardImage.png)


After almost a month, Dalls Kiwifarms thread has received a hefty Update, posted by a new sock account under dalls bitwave handle.

comprehensive Post including Dalls Home Adress with photos, Phone number, current stream link, his CV and threats against his ex gf, with many screenshots.


File: 1566047695155.png (95.35 KB, 957x426, ClipboardImage.png)

the sock account, registered yesterday


File: 1566060233376.png (7.31 KB, 438x61, begging.PNG)

back again begging for views


File: 1566066227301.png (1017.78 KB, 1041x728, streamsniping.PNG)

Imagine that, kitty is back to his stream snipping days and stealing content from bitwave.


File: 1566071011419.png (66.41 KB, 434x838, desprate.PNG)



File: 1566075966561.png (384.13 KB, 1243x698, ClipboardImage.png)

Kitty bitching to chat on vimm how much of a victim he is while restreaming Bitwave and MLPOL


File: 1566077078991-0.png (582.77 KB, 1243x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1566077078991-1.png (537.19 KB, 859x484, Kantai Collection Loli shi….png)


after Danishpolice and Mahgruble denied him his selfidentified victimhood with facts, logic and hard evidence, Thomas Dall proceeded to ban them from his doormant evasion stream to wallow in his selfpity.

now playing youtube videos talking to himself in an empty room that is otherwise silent. Thomas Dall, the eternal Crybully.

Kwality Kahntent.


File: 1566080574695.png (326.91 KB, 748x1068, kovgirl.png)


Happy to help o7



just watching the new bitchute videos from dispatch.

i recommend watching the last 15 minutes of day 2, Talk Shit chewed Thomas out real good.

Also, Thomas once again confirmed reading THIS VERY THREAD, on stream and off time as of the day 1 video. he also found out we and KF wrote 4 posts a day about him with the aid of a calculator. He all did this in an attempt to prove he is not mentally insane.


File: 1566080742294.png (75.94 KB, 562x453, 0168_OAT_Comic_Pestil_Gary….png)


Gangstalker Pride Worldwide /)


File: 1566081169485.jpg (35.85 KB, 480x480, 64758170_737114216725514_3….jpg)




I personally have nothing against Kitty, I just do what the voices in my head tell me to, when they tell me to gangstalk him.
#kittydidnothingwrong #Imstillgonnastalkhisass


File: 1566127719110.png (512.21 KB, 1243x698, ClipboardImage.png)

Thomas restreaming Bitwave TV right this moment, spamming death threats in streamchat.




old video from stream.me, evidence that Thomas Dall raided and spammed channels unprovoked, which resulted in him agitating other channels and their audience into retaliating against him.


File: 1566138456411.png (795.91 KB, 1386x759, desprate1.PNG)

Desperate times on Vimm for kitty


File: 1566138491181.png (111.65 KB, 442x696, spam1.PNG)

Yet more spam on bitwave


File: 1566138793355.mp4 (7.43 MB, 1278x720, kitty - vimm - kittys plan….mp4)

Kitty's current plan for the future, watch youtube videos of others playing Fortnite while apparently pretending he is playing it.


File: 1566142451112.png (16.77 KB, 343x381, banned again.PNG)

Oh no, I seem to be banned again


File: 1566155048542.jpg (28.71 KB, 329x677, DwDW4QXXcAAYBQ4.jpg)



File: 1566215777931-0.png (562.28 KB, 940x740, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1566215777931-1.png (393.33 KB, 928x420, ClipboardImage.png)

Shoutout to fear and loading who recorded this.


Thomas Dall harassing an Anime Channel on Bitwave TV with toxic spam while using a sock account. Bitwave TV repeatedly told him to leave the site alone and go back to Vimm, but he refused. Pic related is his face while he was spamming manually. This went on 40 at least 40 minutes in a row, maybe longer.


Here is the last 10 minutes of that chat spam with video of him


File: 1566225739180-0.png (27.72 KB, 383x239, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1566225739181-1.png (212.49 KB, 1243x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1566225739181-2.png (144.41 KB, 259x431, 20190818_001954.png)


after almost a week of streaming on vimm, Thomas could finally been arsed to write something into his stream description. He acknowledges his bad reputation for once.

>Kittystyles Mixed Apples


Kittys new discord server, suspected for being a yet again a new doxxing honeypot.
join on own risk.


>Official Vimm Community Discord


>Contact and Report Form


In case you wish to report Mister Dall for his various forms of abuse and lawbreaking on stream, feel free to send a report via this form directly to the site adminstration of Vimm.TV

Dalls Crimes are well documented on various sites and include (but are not limited to) Terrorism, Pedophilia, Animal Abuse, Assault, Drug Abuse, Death Threats, Serial Harassment, Suicide Baiting, Copyright Abuse and much more. As of the Making of this Post Mister Dall has been banned from at least 6 streaming sites, often several times for ban evasion.


File: 1566228319205.mp4 (23.57 MB, 720x480, kittyfarm 480p.mp4)

Fist thing Kitty did when he had a person in chat today was to play the victim card, show his Kiwifarm thread and then he went on to compare himself to Princess Diana.


File: 1566230064099.png (138.98 KB, 1918x1013, screencapture-vimm-tv-kitt….png)



Well he mostly did nothing else than playing others videos and music so DCMA had to catch up with him sooner or later as it always does.


File: 1566230592175.png (20.85 KB, 443x152, pathetic.PNG)



File: 1566231771599.png (597.37 KB, 1221x599, ClipboardImage.png)


Thomas Dall now Streaming on the channel of Eric Sonnenberg aka Slick Evader, another lolcow from Bitwave tv, lives in an abusive relationship with Samantha Masters (who is married to another man), rumored to be a rapist and a pedophile himself. Kitty probably pressured him into giving him a stream key.



File: 1566233261151.png (16.86 KB, 791x102, c95tG9H.png)

Screencap of a Discord message from one of the Vimm.tv developers from today.

Kitty allegedly got banned for copyright violations, consuming marijuana on stream and harassing bitwave.tv chat


File: 1566236269629.png (15.35 KB, 738x436, ClipboardImage.png)


Eric Sonnenbergs channel has been banned from Bitwave TV. Kitty now no longer has a channel to stream.




File: 1566236358645.png (77.55 KB, 333x452, ClipboardImage.png)


>if i never press f5 You can never ban me


File: 1566238234007.png (590.47 KB, 1217x600, ClipboardImage.png)



Kitty now a guest on Turk February talking about his bans. Turk claims he new at least one admin and asked him to unban Kitty. It did not work out.


File: 1566243625771.jpg (26.37 KB, 352x707, 6b7f722f-750a-45d8-aca4-d3….jpg)


Thomas Dall perving on a teenager in a Mcdonalds, filming her without consent.


File: 1566246344378-0.png (46.47 KB, 431x449, p1dikIN.png)

File: 1566246344378-1.png (609.34 KB, 1152x597, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1566246344378-2.png (543.32 KB, 1156x595, ClipboardImage.png)

if Bitwave TV chat is to be believed, Thomas Dall may have just been banned from the site, after his account was closed via his own request and his streamkey was revoked days ago.

this was after he spammed the site, harassed users, used others streamkeys and went on another stream as a guest, begging for a new streamkey in text and voice chat. Streamchat AGAIN repeatedly told him to leave but he refused before this event.


File: 1566247602060.png (134.84 KB, 753x595, ClipboardImage.png)


Shoutout to TXT for this tweet, Vimm.TV confirms Kitty was banned for TOS Violations.

Also, According to Fear & Loading, both Samantha Masters and Thomas Dall have been IP Banned from Bitwave TV Chat, it is assumed all remaining accounts of them have been deleted with all streaming privileges being revoked.

It should also be pointed out that Eriks Streamkey was handed to Thomas via Samantha, who somehow was in possession of it. It is unknown if an when Erics Account will be reinstated since intense collusion with Samantha Masters against Bitwave in the future has to be expected.


Threadly reminder that Dalls Youtube ban runs out in about 1 week from now.


File: 1566248456507.png (467.35 KB, 1147x602, ClipboardImage.png)


and the bandodging already is already commencing.


File: 1566248718212.png (573.82 KB, 1618x1792, screencapture-twitter-vimm….png)


full page screencap


File: 1566257130659.png (30.47 KB, 390x416, oh shit.PNG)



File: 1566258247881.png (38.42 KB, 226x673, jumpedin.PNG)

Jumped into the purged server, of course, HITLA is in there


File: 1566311912376.png (71.08 KB, 979x500, ClipboardImage.png)

shoutout to Fear & Loading for the Intel.

after being banned from Vimm and Bitwave, Superhacker Thomas Dall is again attempting to erect a pirate stream on Kittystyle.tv.
Despite his angry typring and sneering at his computer he fails to install his dedicated media player, complaining to his empty apartment in frustration.



File: 1566313132015.png (580.23 KB, 547x532, lmao.PNG)


It's a quality stream I see


File: 1566313398777.jpg (70.33 KB, 547x532, HeldI9K.jpg)


Credit to Mandy


File: 1566316789965.png (48.09 KB, 635x885, ClipboardImage.png)


screencap from dalls trashfire of a website


File: 1566319645161.png (627.29 KB, 1261x606, ClipboardImage.png)

this was just posted in bitwave chat after Dall promised to kill himself for a 10.000 dollar donation.

"BENNY DALL +45 30 60 09 88.
PREBEN DALL +45 23 92 60 53.

presumably 2 uncles of Thomas Dall, one of them being a former politician who worked for a communist party in denmark.


File: 1566324374184.png (86.94 KB, 776x566, pizza.png)

Kitty Currently Raging at Kovalski over Benny's pizza delivery.


File: 1566393616236-0.png (123.83 KB, 752x557, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1566393616236-1.png (192.54 KB, 983x512, ClipboardImage.png)

After harassing bitwave.tv again yesterday during his failing attempts to erect a website for his illegal pirate stream, Thomas Dall resumed toebegging, attention whoring and suicide baiting, strawmanning Bitwave and James Kovalski in particular. Dall was banned after getting send through the verbal woodchipper.

Tonight, According to eyewitnesses, a butthurt Kitty has once again massbanned people in the Discord server., especially those who commited thoughtcrimes against him via disagreement.

Also, Kittys Prime Sychophant, the criminal Dale Bold has resurfaced to whisper poison into his Masters ears. A doxx of Dale Bold can be found in Kittys old thread. We may or may not repost it here later.

Kitty, as expected, immediately resumed to historical revisionism positioning himself as the eternal crybully vicitm like the Internet Heeb he is.

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