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File: 1503703694283.gif (326.42 KB, 510x510, 1503632404907-0.gif)


Though controversial, Glimmmer is quite phonomenal. Perhaps phonomenal in her controversy, but nonetheless. What do you think of her? Oh, and may we try something new for a change? It's called constructionivsim, not deconstructivism.


File: 1503707259726.png (566.42 KB, 2898x3402, starlight_glimmer_by_limed….png)

What I really liked about Glimmer was how she was handled in her first appearance. If you'll recall, the season 4 finale was a lot of Dragonball laser beams that were cool, but other than the show acknowledging that all ponies possess magic that can be stolen, it wasn't too interesting. The season 5 premier was on the other side of the spectrum in comparison. There wasn't much action to speak of, though the cutie mark removal was pretty cool and shows us a bit more about how they work. Instead of a black and white "there's the villain to defeat," there's a bit of a gray area in that Glimmer's town wasn't particularly malicious and most of them believed that it was the only way to live. That caused the Mane 6 to question if they were really in the right, which I can't really recall that ever happening.

Glimmer was definitely powerful, but she primarily used subversive tactics in order to gain power over others. Considering all the other villains in the show, only Discord has had this combination. That made her very dangerous and really fun to watch. Leading up to the s5 finale, Glimmer spent her time in exile by spying on Twilight and her friends (Amending Fences), showing that she wasn't gonna take her defeat lying down, ensuring that she'd be a constant unseen threat.

Britanon already mentioned everything wrong with how the writers have handled her since the s5 premier, so I won't mention it further.

Her voice actor, Kelly Sheridan, is pretty good as well. If you take the time to read the cast list at the end of recent episodes, Sheridan has voiced a good number of background ponies. So even if Glimmer is killed off or whatever, we'll still have her excellent VA.

All in all, Glimmer is a "could've been" character. She definitely had potential, but the writers kept taking the easy way out. Doesn't stop me from liking her design or VA though.


File: 1503710733587.jpg (184.29 KB, 1538x960, 1501287758880.jpg)

Good point. Like really good point. I don't quite know what to say.


glimmer can choke on my wiener.


File: 1503721707268.jpg (31.8 KB, 256x378, ypo9-1432419254-183-medium.jpg)

I find Glimmer to be a more appreciably flawed character than any of the m6. Her origin is a little weak, but in a way she represents what might have become of Twilight et al if not for her friends or circumstances. Additionally her inclusion/emphasis makes sense given that the m6 can go super-saiyan any time there is trouble, such that a Twilight ripoff (she is a bit) alongside Twilight is still the "initial form" for the group.
I'm not pleased with the degree she's been fiat put in place but the season 6 finale is/was one of my favorites (Discord AND Trixie?!) so I'm willing to wait out weaker episodes. Besides, it's not like I didn't roll my eyes or gag at stuff from previous seasons.


Now this is how you handle a thread! I don't really have any problems with her that haven't already been mentioned, but I just want to gove OP the credit for starting a CIVILIZED discussion about this. Seriously, good job.


File: 1503733509536.png (57.04 KB, 194x232, 1502244354129.png)

When the precedent of a Glimmer thread is shitposting and hate mongering (both sides), then a rational look to subject is ought to be celebrated. Really peeves that's the case, but I'm glad we are going in the right direction.

Now, I'm going to talk about something about Starlight Glimmer that I have seen both perfectly exploited and terribly unexploited. That is the relationships that surround her. You see, her development with the bond between the Mane Six than between say somepony like Trixie or Discord is massively disproportionate. I love the dynamic of the Glimmer & friends (Trixie, Discord, and Thorax). There was a really great chemistry that did not just center around Glimmer, but a cast. And, that's the height of the show always in my view. Group and character dynamics. In order for Glimmer to grow more as character, if they were to use her anymore, there must be a character she must bounce off of. Which goes to my next point, her "friendship" with the Mane Six is criminally shallow. Barely does there exist screen time of Glimmie interacting with Applejack or Pinkie, or Rarity, anybody. Even her relationship with Twilight Sparkle doesn't have depth. Call it bad writing or a forced character, but everyone suffers because of this lack of utilisation. Glimmer is too much of an isolated pony, which doesn't work for her, like it did with Twilight. Starlight Glimmer is not Twilight Sparkle.


>What I really liked about Glimmer was how she was handled in her first appearance

Same. I really, genuinely liked her a lot.

Unfortunately, while that was being written, someone on the writing team fell in love with this character, and it showed in all the wrong ways.

Glimmer, in her second appearance (Not counting cameos, which I liked)…

Glimmer is suddenly persuasive enough to convince two bullying schoolfoals and their victim and their victim's best friend to stop bullying, make nice, forgive each other, and give up on the ideals of competition, "Outsmarting Twilight and forcing her to defend bullying".

She pulls this off in under ten seconds, offscreen, and it just works because it's her. She does something that should be impossible, and it just works, because it's her. And Twilight can't defend against this… because someone behind the scenes lowered Twilight's IQ to make sure she didn't make a short speech about the importance of competition or think to say to Filly Rainbow Dash "I'm you from the future and the world goes to shit if you don't pull a Sonic Rainboom off right now".

Glimmer is suddenly so magically powerful that with just simple shields and lasers, and the occasional other spell, she can battle a fully-bloodlusted Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle to a standstill. Multiple times in one day. While levitating herself using her own magical power. And stopping Rainbow Dash from pulling the Sonic Rainboom off, often blasting her.

1. Everything that made Twilight's power special or notable is now moot, because this mare is just as strong as her, maybe even stronger.
2. Friendship isn't magic any more. The pony that embodies friendship and is empowered by it is losing to a villain sue only someone that hasn't noticed what I've noticed can love. A mean thing to say, sure, but it has yet to be proven false by a single solitary Glimmer fan.
3. I'm alright with characters corrupted and empowered by an evil amulet overpowering Twilight, I'm alright with mad gods of chaos and demons powered by stolen Equestrian magic overpowering Twilight, but Starlight is just some random asshole, and this random asshole is making Twilight look like a rank amateur without even breaking a sweat, shitting all over her life and timeline in the process. There's no prophecy here. She's just suddenly so OP, it hurts the show and its setting and everything Twilight stands for as a character.

Even putting aside what she is now and what the writers have been doing with her, it's clear her character was derailed from "Intelligent, charismatic, and evil but narrow-minded communist asshole that genuinely thought what she was doing was right and could have arguably been right when you remember the early-season bullies" to "Amazingly perfect super-asshole that'll shit on Equestria and kill millions and fuck everything up just to piss the hero off". She's gone from a great villain to a bad HIE/DBZ villain.

Did it surprise anyone here when she was eventually handed unearned forgiveness, allowed onto the "Side of good", and allowed to frequently indulge in her only character traits(Evil wizard, social skill levels depend on the plot, likes kites) ad nauseum without consequences? Did it surprise anyone when this "Perfect" character was turned into the show's new main character and given connections to other OCs, like becoming Maud's new friend and becoming friends with Thorax because plot and becoming friends with Trixie because every shilled hero needs a shadow, removing what depth and likability Trixie could have potentially had as her own mare?

Glimmer is flawed, in the sense that she's a terrible person. But the writers expect us to forgive her for this, even though she hasn't earned it. She sometimes mentions that some ponies haven't forgiven her, but we never see a Fluttershy-style scene where ponies are a dick to her. The writers don't want to write that. They don't want a Korra Alone-type episode where even the cuntiest cunt can be made sympathetic through the magic of suffering. They want her to write her as this loveable tragically flawed character everyone should love and forgive for being literal shit, and they're going to keep shilling her at the show's expense because of this. I think she has the most insane fans because they identify with her, being literal shit, and love seeing themselves have fun in a fantasy world where nopony holds their shittiness against them.


Character dynamics. I get where you're coming from, but Glimmer is just given characters to form connections with. It's not something natural, like a friendship and mutual respect forming between Rainbow Dash and Twilight because their personalities are similar yet different. It's always based on what they are, on the shallowest level, rather than who they are as people. It's…

Glimmer bonds with Glimmer because "Both are unusual".
Glimmer bonds with Trixie because both "Used to be evil", even though they were evil on different scales.
Glimmer bonds with Discord because both are new characters.
Glimmer bonds with Thorax because potatoes.
Trixie and Discord antagonize each other because the story needs some conflict, even if the show hates that now, and people loved when Katara kept the group together in the desert episodes.
Glimmer bonds with Spike because both have a connection to Twilight.

You can tell the writers want your love for these characters to rub onto the OCs in the above section, but it doesn't really work on anyone that can tell that's what's going on.



By the way, it's me, Britanon, who made the last two posts. Thank you for making this thread.


Did you just admit to ban-evading Nigel?


File: 1503772219350.jpg (139.91 KB, 760x1140, 1503391877388.jpg)

He was unbanned after he agreed to no longer derailing threads and ending the drama.


File: 1503776314812.png (585.85 KB, 3313x2863, vector___slickest_of_the_s….png)

Thanks anon! Have a Sieg Heil.

What kinda bugs me about her forgiveness is that everypony, including Glimmer, keeps mentioning what she did whenever they can. Almost like the forgiveness was a joke or something..


My name isn't Nigel. Are you hoping I'll say "My name isn't Nigel, it's Clarence"? Because it isn't Clarence or Nigel. Now stop being "Cute" with the fact that some glimmerniggers doxed me and know my name, and tell your friends to stop posting personally-identifying information and chuckling when it gets deleted.
You're right. The writers keep trying to conflate(?) Trixie's evil with Glimmer's evil to muddy the water, and sell the idea of Glimmer as a redeemed former villain everyone should forgive because nice friends forgive their friends when they Geass/mindfuck/bodyswap people, no matter how many times Glimmer needs to learn "Abusing magic and others is wrong". (And these writers think they have the right to insult Fluttershy's old writers for struggling to make a long-running character arc in a show where they weren't allowed to connect episodes much until the later seasons. Ha!)

But that isn't how it works. You redeem a villain by making him do good to make up for the bad, making him realize he used to be bad but doesn't want to be bad any more, not by saying "Redeemeed villains, everybody! Hot off the presses! Buy one, get one free!" until the cows come home and fuck your father. Glimmer takes any opportunity she is given to do evil, despite somehow not understanding what morality is.

Glimmer has reformed villain on her business card, but she isn't reformed, not even a little. She doesn't show any remorse for what she's done, she talks about enslaving the minds and bodies of ponies and obliterating timelines and damning futures with DISGUSTING casualness, and she EXPECTS forgiveness to be given to her. She needs somepony to tell her no. She needs to fully understand that being good is good and being evil is evil. She needs Twilight to throw a book at her, a big and heavy book called A Dummy's Guide To Ethics, and then lock her in her bedroom and not let her out until she reads it and writes a 50,000 word essay on the basic pony morality she just doesn't understand and won't understand until she reads up on it.


File: 1503779845507.png (230.35 KB, 300x297, 1479849881025.png)

What did I tell you about reading Glimmer threads, Jasper?


At the end of the day, she doesn't have the kind of depth necessary to be a protagonist. She's the kind of character that fades into the background and doesn't show up unless the monster of the week is so strong, she won't instantly solve the plot. I'd bring up Kishibe Rohan, but the writer used him well, only having him fight enemies that can get around his reality-overwriting bullshit power in some way.(Fighting ghosts because he can't read anything on ghosts after their death, fighting an evil parasite bound to his back, fighting and losing to an energy-drainer that removed his ability to move and write, getting blindsided by the world's most bullshit time bomb, and so on).

The writers can't do with Glimmer what they did with Rohan, because they want Glimmer as the new protagonist, hoping to sell toys and win over hasdrones and appeal to them and pander to them constantly.

The writers think her "Former villain" status makes her a deep and compelling character, but she's still a villain, one that chuckles about her evil days with her villain friend. For this scenario to happen, the world of MLP would have to be so "Forgiveness is better than punishment"-ish it goes from right-wing paradise to leftist and rapist paradise.

But they can't properly redeem her, because:

1. They think she's already perfect as she is.

2. If she was redeemed properly, and became a nicer pony, she wouldn't have an excuse to screw up and create plots and conflict out of nowhere. Writers would have to try harder when thinking of episode ideas. They wouldn't be able to rely as much on "Glimmer's bad again".

3. She doesn't have depth. She just doesn't. Her traits are "Hates dissent, likes equality, likes kites, is good at magic, used to be evil". You can't write much with a character like this when you physically need every episode with her in it to make her look as good as possible. You can't do what Spongebob did and squeeze multiple episodes out of his love for Jellyfishing and how often this has a negative effect on himself and others. They were already pushing her "Likes equality" trait with the "She befriends Maud because… um… Maud likes rocks because… um… rocks are equal and they treat you equally no matter how weird you are! Yeah!" thing. And unless they start making regular episodes about her flying kites with ponies, they can't do a whole lot with this character when your goal is not to tell a compelling and interesting story, but to get a quick payday and in the process try to please the mad director, mad storyboarder, and mad supervisor that wants as much Glimmer as possible in nu-MLP.


Why sage a Glimmer thread, glimmernigger?

Why try to derail it and make it a battle?

Why are you trying to taunt me with the fact that thanks to a site rule-breaking doxer, you have approximate knowledge of my name, and you're going to keep posting it until you get banned?

Why are you trying to ruin the nice thread we'd been having before you started acting glimmerniggery?


File: 1503780731077.gif (352.48 KB, 600x450, 883458.gif)

Perhaps Bartholomew? Ambrose? As for
Wew! Barking up the wrong tree there.
Nailed it. Glimmer has all the traits of a supporting character, but lacks the depth of a Mane character. She can't carry an episode on her own, and instead relies upon whoever is present in whatever capacity (I guess that's "leadership/delegation", but come on).


File: 1503781559584.jpg (2.82 KB, 114x37, the truth of glimmer fans ….jpg)

You're insulting me in one post and agreeing with what I said in another.

It's time for you to decide whether you want to support the glimmernigger club and attack me, or sit down and have a nice, calm, rational discussion without any more personal attacks or bullshit drama from you.


File: 1503782130518.jpg (1.36 MB, 4608x2592, why.jpg)


I dont really agree to that. He should have taken his 3 day exile like a man and reflect on his deeds in peace. Unbanning him makes the whole act look inconsequential.

Also I am both surprised and disappointed that he immediately returned to his main activity even though this thread wasnt even on the main board.

Barneybrit, I think this thread proves we do in fact have very little glimmersupporters on this site. I think most people here understand now that you passionately dislike this character. It is by no means necessary for you to write several paragraph long posts explaining why that is. Please consider posting before you damage yourself or this site anymore.


File: 1503782155096.gif (509.83 KB, 672x486, medium.gif)

Yes, because at times I agree with you, and at times you're a right lolcow.
No, its time for YOU to decide whether you're gonna let your panties get bunched-up every time someone takes a jibe at you for being ridiculous.


Cry some more.
>Barneybrit, I think this thread proves we do in fact have very little glimmersupporters on this site.
Probably, but we have plenty of Glimmerniggers. https://mlpol.net/mlpol/res/66774.html

Look at them. Look at them shit the thread up and circlejerk. It looks like fun to you, doesn't it? Go back to your /trash/ thread, kid.

>I think most people here understand now that you passionately dislike this character. It is by no means necessary for you to write several paragraph long posts explaining why that is.

Thanks for telling everyone you hate, fear, and don't understand honest open discussion or the point of it, while telling me to stop posting and trying to shut this discussion down.
>Please consider posting before you damage yourself or this site anymore.
More projection. I'm just one man, you're a member of a retarded hivemind flooding the site with the low-effort glimposting that made people leave 4/mlp/. I'm sure the average person on this site has seen more "REEEEEEEEEEE BARNEYFAG LOLCOW REEEEEEEE" from you than he's seen posts from me. This narrative you're trying to push just doesn't work when you aren't the only posters on the board.

You keep saying "Lolcow" and "Autistic", but you're still the ones that doxed a man for not liking your waifu. And you still don't see what's wrong with that. Have you considered going a whole day without projecting or acting out for attention?


File: 1503792525375.png (614.85 KB, 1360x714, Ultimate life form vs glim….png)

Amusingly, my 3-day ban was given to me when someone posted in Syria General lying about me. I corrected him, and got reported for "Derailment".

Why moderation enables your circlejerking faggotry, I'll never understand. Now please, run along. This thread was a nice, calm discussion about Glimmer before you showed up to shit the place up.


File: 1503794747139.jpg (48.13 KB, 474x290, fat man disapprove.jpg)


Just to be clear Barneybrit, I am not who you think I am. At this point in time I am convinced that you do suffer from some kind of compulsive behavior disorder that forces you to fabricate arguments with people on the internet after you accused of them of being "thing" out of a paranoid complex.

I do not know You, I never talked to you in private before, I dont know your real name and I do not condone people publishing your data here in doxing attempts. However, you have a very abrasive way to engage in discussion which makes me understand how you managed to escalate more than one group of people against You. I was hoping the temporary short term banishment you received would help you calm down and reflect on your own behavior, helping you to avoid any further grievances of this magnitude. Sadly, I must now realize that you seem to completely lack the ability of insightful selfreflection.

I do not wish you ill will or harm, but must now realise that it is very doubtful that we will ever have some sort of peaceful exchange of thought on this site on topics you personally happen to strongly disagree with. I do hope I am wrong on this, but I fear your attitude will lead you to being permanently banned in the near future.


File: 1503796181231.png (556.25 KB, 1233x923, boop.png)

Seriously bugger off with this. The time is for Glimmmy.


File: 1503797071472.jpg (50.91 KB, 441x453, Pls.jpg)

Everyone, stop
There is no point on fighting, we all love littel littel color horses.
We should be united, not separated, it is hurting us, all this fight.


I will not allow this glimdrama to be the most active thread on this glorious board.
/sp/ is not /trash/.


File: 1503798626466.webm (4.92 MB, 480x360, final spoop down.webm)


It is too late for that.It will only get worse from here on forward.


File: 1503832424832.jpg (73.16 KB, 509x435, the truth of glimmer fans ….jpg)

Here's your (You), now fuck off. As everyone here has already noticed, this thread was lovely before you showed up to shit it up with your usual glimmernigger behavior.


File: 1503834943795.gif (1.49 MB, 300x305, 1490726741972.gif)

Nope, this thread took a turn when you started samefagging in this post.
… and then got triggered when I (seeing your soap-boxing) checked the banlist to see your ban hadn't expired. I called you Nigel 'cuz I thought that's what we were calling "that Glimfag Brit".
Now then. Let me spell this out for you. I'm not the Lex Luthor poster or the Varg poster. I AM the guy who called u Nigel, then Ambrose/Bartholomew, and then told u to decide whether or not ur gonna let your panties get bunched.
I have no association w/ anyone on/off site except for whoever shows up on the various tv/movie nights. Having said;
You are not in a position to dictate to anyone. You are not of the authority to stipulate or demand anything and neither am I. This thread, this site, this affiliation of horsefuckers is NOT about YOU. Personally, I am disappointed that your ban was lifted prematurely, and I'm willing to risk one just to make sure you have had the opportunity to at least broach some of the insufferability you have wantonly blanketed parts of the site with (since you CLEARLY prefer paranoid delusion to critical self-reflection).
Now then: pretty-please, with sprinkles on top, shut the fuck up.


File: 1503844265032.jpg (60.35 KB, 509x435, the truth of glimmer fans ….jpg)

(You) need to leave.


I'm royally sick of seeing this shit on the front page…


File: 1503849765880.png (155.46 KB, 600x457, 1454017917299.png)


This is relevant for your mental state.



File: 1503853755952.jpg (71.01 KB, 640x360, 1493101901446-0.jpg)

And if I decline?


File: 1503868241993.jpg (59.18 KB, 509x435, the truth of glimmer fans ….jpg)

Me too. I hope mods ban the glimmernigger horde.

This "Let's see if she can be discussed without the glimmerniggery" thread was an experiment.

The result? "Yes, but only before the glimmerniggers show up".


File: 1503868468430.jpg (23.72 KB, 656x465, least rare pepe.jpg)

>me too
>bumps thread


I think you're operating pretentiously if that is who you think mods are likely to ban, but I'll bite.
Lets continue a constructive discussion about Glimmer shall we?
We can agree that Glim is a superfluous character, AND YET the writers (who are themselves beholden to executives and shareholders, nevermind their own individual biases) seem compelled to propel her into the forefront. How would you recommend that the story transition from "Glim at the front" (which keeps all the people who actually decide things happy) to "Whoever YOU want at the front", ignoring the subjectivity of the latter?


File: 1503876308823-0.webm (2.76 MB, 1280x720, ayy lmao animu.webm)

File: 1503876308823-1.png (351.38 KB, 323x640, sexy ayy lmao.png)

File: 1503876308824-2.webm (2.48 MB, 854x480, no more ayy lmao.webm)

File: 1503876308824-3.webm (7.25 MB, 640x360, memed to death by Ayy Lma….webm)

File: 1503876308824-4.jpg (134.6 KB, 1278x1009, sexy ayy lmao.jpg)


Barneybrit, we have few Glimmerposters here. I dont know if you realised that, I thought taking a closer look at the state of this thread would have made it apparent. Very Few people like her, even less want to talk about her positively. What you are doing here is painting a giant bullseye on yourself, intruding peoples conversations for even the hint of a mention of glimmer and collectively paint anyone who is even mildly critical of You or Your points as a Glimmernigger.

By doing this You actively summon the very thing you hate, not because people suddenly started to like what you hate, but because they use it as a weapon against You. Do you even realise what would happen if we had a band of unironic glimmerniggers on this site? I think you would get a fucking brain aneurysm. A Sane person would have called it quits a long while ago. This pony does not matter on this website. People pretending to like this pony does not matter. These hollow endless arguments do not matter.

STOP. Put an end to this for your own health. Only You yourself can stop this for good!


File: 1503932295017.png (241.86 KB, 623x347, glimmer episode face (1).png)

>it's a glimmer episode
>everyone starts making this face


File: 1503933094299-0.jpg (10.96 KB, 272x339, 1503864993094.jpg)

>posting this same comment in two separate threads
>bumping this thread again
I'm tired of seeing glimmershit on the front page, Nigel! Learn to sage!


>still not figuring this out

How's that sub-90 IQ treating you? Mummy give you tendies on time? Does she "cook" them nice and warm in the microwave?

The funny thing about your shit-tier propaganda attempts is… I don't particularly hate Glimmer all that much. If I did, I wouldn't have been able to post in this thread and contribute meaningfully to it. And if I "Paint anyone critical of my points" as a Glimmernigger, well, would I have made the posts I made here, or simply called anyone that doesn't 100% hate her a faggot and moved on?

This thread was nice and productive before you showed up and started shitting it up out of spite. (You) sre the problem here. (You) are the shitposter. (You) are the enemy of this board and intelligent discussion. (You) are one of the Glimmerniggers, and you are attacking me with everything you've got because you're STILL this mad about me not liking your waifu.

I know that by giving you attention, I validate you for a few brief moments. I also know I'm not the only one on this site getting sick of your shit, and more people notice the scent of shit is coming from your soiled pants when I point it out. So please, keep on lying, crying, raging and "Baiting" until the day you and your friends are banned.

You might be joked about by a few people, after you're gone, but that's all you are. And it's all you ever will be if you keep going down this path.


…Wait, you already doxed me for not liking your waifu. There's no going back from that, is there?

You won't be missed.


>still not figuring this out
Funny, that's what EVERYONE ELSE is thinking.
I guess everyone else is a glimmernigger though.


File: 1503967856093-0.jpg (184.37 KB, 665x662, e68.jpg)



File: 1503968102650.jpg (24.94 KB, 418x475, mfw niggers.jpg)


I see you still have trouble to get a grasp on the situation You are in, Barneybrit. Perhaps You will find it easier if you remove your personal involvement and feelings in this to understand.

Consider taking a look at this video:


Scroll down to the comments and open the pinned comment thread there. You will see an argument between several Youtubers, essentially over nothing. Read the comment thread if you wish and tell me after who you think was in the right there. I hope this point-in-case scenario will help you develop a sense of third person perspective and how your situation was perceived by onlookers.

This whole argument there is essentially what happened here on MLPOL.NET with You and the "Glimmerniggers", except that was in public with semi-famous people. Again, I hold no personal grudge against you, not even after you started shadowboxing against me. I just want to help you to stop damaging your reputation and our community anymore.


File: 1503990525748.jpg (469.83 KB, 700x867, TwiJealousOfGlim.jpg)

Interesting thread. I always knew she had a very weak backstory/origin and her entrance as a more prominent character could've been done so much better and this thread has highlighted more of her flaws. Still I think she's improved quite a bit as a character since when she first joined, the idea to bring her slightly away from the mane six and onto her own "set" of friends has made her episodes generally a lot more enjoyable.

I love her relationships with Trixie, Throax and Discord as well. Its a lot better to watch her with Trixie and/or the others than the mane six. It reminds me of the CMCs in the sense they have their own set of stories that centre around them that sometimes branches into the mane six stories.


File: 1504391097124-0.png (689.85 KB, 1280x720, Friendship_Rainbow_Kingdom….png)

File: 1504391097124-1.png (615.5 KB, 1280x720, Crystal_transforms_into_Cr….png)

File: 1504391097124-2.png (841.79 KB, 1280x720, The_Crystal_Heart_S3E12.png)

File: 1504391097124-3.png (528.71 KB, 1280x720, Rarity_giant_diamond_S2E01.png)

File: 1504391097124-4.png (648.58 KB, 1024x576, binders_full_of_cutie_mark….png)

I have a meta-theory about what is going on. The battle of the Royal Sisters seperated them from the Tree of Harmony. Luna being sent to the moon left Celestia to raise both sun and moon without backup energy from the Tree. Celestia is now near depleted of magical energy (See Journal of the Two Sisters for depletion concept). This causes Twilight to be given alicorn status in a rush which the show fans percieve as bad writting, this rush forces Twilight to rush Slarlight into Friendship Princess training. Again the fans perceive this as bad writing. This crisis can't be discussed publically in Equestria because it is de-harmonising. Twilight's castle and the map is an attempt by the Crystal Conspiracy to reclaim control over Equestria's ruler(s) since it lost control over the Royal Sisters. As Twilight ascends the Crystal Conspiracy will re-ascend with her. And Starlight uses crystal cases to contain and control magic.

There is a Crystal Conspiracy in Equestria!! And Twilight and Starlight are their agents!


Is this just one or two people or did you guys actually use this board?


There is only one person posting here called Anonymous. I made all these posts, even yours.


File: 1504401920748.jpg (39.12 KB, 450x563, average internet user.jpg)


true, all these posts are made by the same person talking to himself.


File: 1504402153163.jpg (58.05 KB, 1280x720, mirror-luna.jpg)

Hello me, how is me?


File: 1504402335376.png (307.14 KB, 500x375, rog benis.png)


I like to suck my own benis.


File: 1504416300713.png (853.46 KB, 5330x6615, MLPOL.png)

The only way to change a glimmunist is by the rifle.


File: 1504419382310.jpg (157.44 KB, 736x736, starlight-neon-nice.jpg)


>smug donkey.png



>perceive this as bad writing.

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