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Lolcow Indictment - Drachenlord - Rage Cow
8978 12522
>Dragon Lord
14 Minute Quick Rundown video from Count Dankula

Rainer Winkler, better known under his Internet Alia "Drachenlord", is a Youtuber with ~75.000 subscribers and currently considered one of the most famous - if not - the biggest singular lolcow entity currently residing in Germany. He is infamous for his IRL rage fuels rants, intense physical interaction with his detractors and - by now - infamy on a national level. If you ever wanted to hear a large fat german man screaming his lungs out until hes bordering a stroke, this is the cow for you. If you have ever seen the semi-famous Angry German Kid meme from the late 2008, you will know what this is about. Also reminds me of Tourettes Guy.

Before i deeper get into this i want to preface this with saying, I have never seen a video of this guy before or even really heard of him. I faintly remember his name being mentioned some years ago in context with E-celebs, but never really looked into it. Therefore i must stress that i do not possess any deep knowledge about this specimen, all the material presented here has been accumulated in roughly ~3 hours.

I'd also like to mention that some people consider this man to be the German Chris Chan. I cant really say how true this is, but at least to me this seems to be overly simplified. Herr Winkler offers some genuine entertainment values you dont really get from other lolcows.I did not really know what people hate on the guy (except maybe that hes a fat selfimportant NEET), but then i saw those IRL visit videos and it became abundantly clear to me why this guy is so famous.


To fully enjoy this content i recommend usage of Google translate or other Translation Add ons.

>Drachenlords Kiwifarms thread - 10 Pages long (english)

>Drachenlords Youtube channel (german)

>Rainers Entry in a detractor wiki (english)

There is NO ED article about him as far as i know. there also seemed to be a somewhat big thread about him on /cow/, which 404ed by now. Should i find an archive link i will repost it here.

Cow Profile - Drachenlord
drachenlord 8.jpg
Cow Profile - Drachenlord

- Powerword Rainer Winkler
- male
- around 30 years old
- lives the village Altschauerberg in High Bavaria (Pop 40)
- Father is dead or abandoned family a couple years ago
- Fanatical Heavy Metal fan
- Youtube/Lets Play Channel with 75k subs
- used to live with his mother and sister in one house, until they fled half a year later
- Stage 4 Neckbeard
- Morbidly Obese
- Suspected to have autism or some other form of mental ailment
- Suffers from Unwarrented self importance
- unemployed
- on Wellfare (500 €/month)
- seems to have some kind of minor speech impedement in combination with a thick regional dialect
- usually runs around with long uncombed hair
- Thinks Youtube is a job
- hoards garbage
- started his """youtube career"""in late 2011
- is renovating his house alone
(read: filling every room witrh garbage until it become inhabitable)
- semi-articulate, has Video editing skills a cut above Filthy Frank
- doxxed himself in 2013
- got catfished by a female troll
- proposed marriage to said female troll live on stream in 2015
- owns a horse
- allegedly fucks said horse
-used to have his own detractor wiki
- claims to have killed people
- very hairy
- sends actual IRL fight challenges to people via youtube videos
- can scream really loud for prolongde periods of time
- rages easyly and very hard even over minor things
- has been in the newspaper/TV reports several times
- people visit his house every single day
- likes to throw things at people, including iron axes
- his house is called the "Drachenschanze", in honor of Hitlers summer house.
- recently adopted the habit of PATROLLING his village with a giant stick to ward of trolls
- his house has become a Holy Pilgrimage place for internet trolls
- Pilgrims usually are exposed to his prophanyand threats
- his detractors are named "Haiders" (from "Haters", this is how Rainer adressed them)
- his trolls are considers to be both some of the most vile and A-loggy known to Lolcowfarms, worthy of achieving lolcow status themselves
- Violent IRL Encounters with him happen on a regular basis at his place
- Usually Weapons, Police, physical injuries and property damage are involved
- in August 2018 800 People planned to hold a protest against him
- the protest was forbidden and warded off by 2 divisions of Riot Police
- 200 people came regardless
- one of Drachenlords trolls swatted him in late 2016, was caught and is now facing 3 years in prison
- Rainer suspended content on his youtube channel after trolling and flagging camapigns
- complains about bullying on youtube and that he is being misgtrated, while going full professional victim
- unironically has people whiteknighting him in somewhat big supply
- was being accused of being a Natsoc, but denied it

Famous Quotes that agitate him, partially because of his poor pronounciation
Drachenlord 6.jpg
To imitate his Franconian pronounciation and to parodize his dyslexia, the haiders often purposely add spelling errors to some of the quotes.

Meddl Loide, serfus und herzlich willkommen beim Drachen. = Metal Leute, servus und herzlich willkommen beim Drachen. = Metal guys, hi and welcome at the Drache.
Bidde ferlass uns. = Bitte verlass uns. = Please leave us.
Mein Chat, meine Regeln. = My chat, my rules.
Wenn's dir nicht passt, disconnegte bidde. = Wenn's dir nicht passt, disconnecte bitte. = If you don't agree, disconnect please.
Nachts ist es kälter als draußen. = At night it's colder than outside.
Ist das jetzt grad absichtliche Provokation? = Is that deliberate provocation right now?

News Article
alleged picture of drachenlords horse.jpg

>Riot police called in after angry nerds storm tiny Bavarian village (english)

News article from an independent german internet news paper about the organized August Riots at his house.

Detractor content samples
drachenlord 5.gif
>Drachenlord schreit mal wieder durchs Dorf - Besuchsvideo 21.04.2018 #MordLord (german)
4 minute sample of a Detractor video recorded live, single man approaches him at night

>Oger brüllt mal wieder durchs Dorf /Drachenlord / 29.04.18 (german)
another Six minute video sample video, group of several man visits Rainers house at day, he scrams so loud they can talk from outside his yard. The visitors claim themselves to be Natsocs, since Rainer expressed grievances against those.

>Drachenlord - Schreilord Compilation 1 (german)
Scream/Rage compilation sample

Notable Detractor Channel
drachenlord 11.jpg
One of Drachenlords Main Detractor Channels

>Youtube Channel (german)

>Twitter (german)

Rainer gets cucked and memed on
drachenlord 12.jpg

>Drachenlord / Erbeerchen (Mettwoch) (german)
Rainer gets cucked by his catfish live on stream

>Youtube Kacke - Drachenlord Content
A Youtube poop involving Drachenlord (german)

German Gov talk
drachenlord 13.jpg

>Innenminister Herrmann spricht über Drachenlord und das Schanzenfest (german)
High German Government Official speaks about The Drachenschanze Riots

US News about Drachenlord
drachenlord 14.png
>Drachenlord in den Amerikanischen Nachrichten (english)
American News Report about the Drachenschanze Riots

A video from himself
Drachenlord 15.gif
>Meine Stellungname Zum 20,08,2018 (german)
Rainers Response video about the Drachenschanze Riots

Archive Link + Cap
Opera Snapshot_2018-09-03_201008_mlpol.net Drachenlord - Rainer Winkler - German Rage Cow - MLPOL.png
I've heard of this from friends.
He may be a giant faggot but what they did to him was cruel. These faggots who camped on his yard should be ashamed of themselves.
Drachenlord Board + better Kiwi thread
drachenlord 16.png
Opera Snapshot_2018-09-04_204925_kiwifarms.is - drachenlord 1.png
Opera Snapshot_2018-09-04_205001_kiwifarms.is drachenlord 2.png
I learned today that Drachenlord went to Retard school, was bullied there and never finished his job degree. He held himself afloat with illegal/entry level jobs until his father died in circa 2011, when he inherited his house and an undisclosed amount of money. He claims to have interest in expanding his education and maybe getting a job in the entertainment industry, but lacks self-awareness and will to personal improvement to do so.


>drachenlord detractor board on 8chan (german)

>Updated Kiwifarms thread in german, better prompt, intel and content (german)
includes photography of his ruined house renovations

>2 hour Skypecall between Rainer and a former female troll trying to do have an open word with him (circa 2015, german)


video related

I like myself a good screamer every once in a while. That quality entertainment if its genuine. And to be honest with you, yes, i think the majority of the things happening to Rainer is bordering terrorism. But i also have to say, the more i learn about him the less sympathetic toward him i feel. And i can completely relate to people getting A-loggy about him to the point where they beat his fat head in with a baton. Hes for the most part a disgusting greedy manipulative liar and deserves no more or less respect than most other professional lolcows.

He makes it really hard for one to feel sorry for him once you get to know him. It doesn't help that hes am unwashed social parasite sucking gov money either. At the end of the day i feel happy for my country that we can still go all out and organize spontaneous lynch mobs on these kind of undesirables.


Detractor Channel who regularly re-upload stream snippets from Rainers Stream channel (which is one some fuck off backwater shitsite)

Id also like to mention that Drachenlords main Youtube channel gained over 4.000 new subscribers in the last five days, despite his channel being on hiatus, with only 2 videos uploaded in the last 2 months.

Lastly i also want to mention that Rainers infamous Self-doxxing video from 2013 was allegedly addressed to Neonazis from Krautchan, a site that i briefly used myself (which has been shut down a while ago). So despite the fact that Rainer has been accused of being a neonazi himself, he has attacked this group first and he should not get pity points for being perceived as a right winger. It is clear that He is a whiny centrist, moreso an ideological coward with the mentality of an SJW.

video related

Improved Kiwifarms Thread MKII (Auto-Translated)
Drachenlord 17.jpg
Original Thread and Intel provided by Erich Raeder
For Additional Links and Spoilers please visit the original link listed above.

Rainer Winkler
Altschauerberg 8
91448 Emskirchen

Special report card:

ID card:

Dragon Lord (Rainer Winkler) is a fat middle-Franconian idiot who has managed to become the most hated person in Germany by his grotesque appearance, his disgusting character, his perverse inclinations and his incredible stupidity.

The people who persecute him on each of his steps and even harass him every day in front of his property ("The Dragon's Hill") are the so-called "Haider", if you troll him (ie "makes him mett", from the English "mad") one speaks from the "Dragon Game", his identifying mark is "Meddl Loide" ("Metal People").

Rainer is now extremely paranoid and unresponsive to most conventional types of Internet trolling. His video comments are disabled, in streams you can only send messages if you have subscribed for a fee, on his TeamSpeak server is usually banned arbitrarily,
Social media accounts are blocked or deleted. The only way to force him to react is to visit him at his house - he's basically never out of the house, and always yells at Haider instead of ignoring her. The large number of people visiting him has directly contributed to the Dragon Game becoming more and more escalated.

Beginnings, Ragevideo & Consequences

Dragonlord's father Rudi had initially forbidden his house to be connected to the Internet, but could not prevent it, shortly before his death from cancer in 2011. Rainer's sister (Ramona) and mother (Rita) later moved out and left Rainer alone with the huge property. His internet career began in 2013.

On Youtube he published several vlogs and other lab videos in which he shows his stupidity. At an early age he has problems with trolls, but the matter escalated in February 2014 as a dragon lord a video released in response to a user in a NSBM

Forum that called his sister with a "pc computer voice" (the reason for this was a grotesque Black Metal video by Rainer in which he states, among other things, that Burzum was founded by members of the band Varg) In his rage

Video has informed Rainer the whole world of his address and asked the responsible user to visit him so he can throw him the "Brügel" - the announcement of his residence was his fate, even if he himself does not understand why, because he says the Video "only 10 minutes" left online.

Sexual perversions / Lustlord

Although Rainer is still a virgin (with the exception of alleged homosexual experiences with his classmates in the special school), he thought it would be a good idea to start the "Lustlord" series in which he answers questions about his sexuality.

Spoiler: Lustlord series
The most important findings from these videos and other statements regarding his sexuality are summarized here:

Room Tour

In the middle of 2015, a Youtuber named "The Dark Parable Knight" has decided to make an interview and a "roomtour" with the Dragon Lord to pull himself up on the dragon lord or to make some of his "fans". Here you saw for the first time really the absolute state of neglect in his house.

In addition, the perverse sow nen dildo on the bedside table.

fire services

Dragonlord became the first German "Swatting" victim after a joke call to the fire department that his house is on fire.

Part II
Drachenlord 18.jpg
Mettwoch (from Mad Week)

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, a day that went down in the history of the dragon game as "Wednesday", Rainer has live in a Younow stream of his Internet friend "strawberries" he had known only a few months ago (and never met in person) made a marriage proposal,

only to realize that he was fooled all the time. This action has made him feel sorry for some people, even big Youtubers, which has led to the dragon lord again got a high profile boost. In the run-up to this action, he had already made some hints that he wants to make a marriage proposal,

and also announced to delete if it did not work. That was a lie, of course.
Noteworthy was the expectation and the certainty with which he assumed that someone would marry him in this way. Or anyone at all.

But that's how it works with romance in his brain stuck to a child's anime with romance and love. Other men are all but assholes to women anyway, only he is not. But for this upright attitude of mind the other sex owes him affection and marriage.

Apart from that, even this pain was very short and on the same day he unleashed his tirades, threats and announcements against fans and hater, which had been largely interchangeable for years, filled with self-pity.

Poster Sale & Power Loss

After Rainer has already thrown out his entire inheritance (probably an amount in the low five-digit range) he was also in the summer of 2016, the power of his provider off, because he has not paid for five fucking years.
Overall, he had accumulated 15000 € debt until it got this far. His allegations that the error was in some way with his provider (according to him because they have deducted the money from the wrong account and did not turn off the power earlier) is as usual no faith.

It is assured by a number of recordings that have been made on his TS that he was aware of incoming bills, but actively ignored them by simply leaving his mailbox to go bankrupt, and he was also seized with every sounding scare that it might be somebody who either deliver such letters to him,

or want to collect debts. In fact, the unpaid utility bills are probably just the tip of the iceberg.
It is, as always, a combination of peasant happiness and a fate of fate that it actually took several years to get to that point,

which has questioned the whole thing anyway by the number of years and has triggered corresponding small electricity discussions. By a call to his provider, but it is now grieved that it has happened so and N-Ergie really five years with the shutdown time was.

Instead of
Nergie to seek an agreement Rainer has instead made an "announcement" in video form to the electricity provider. (E-Nergy should be "comfortable" to see it) After months, he was then but a prepaid electricity meter installed half of the price paid directly from his debt mountain.

The cards for the counter are available for him only in Nuremberg (called Nünnbech), which further burdened his sprawled finances by gasoline and / or train tickets.

In a spontaneous approach of business acumen, he initiated the poster sales on his property after he himself had come to the conclusion

that a planned donation stream probably would not flush the hoped-for € 25000 (he had estimated the extra 10k as a small cushion for himself.) And we, the fans, would also have something of it, because he then amol to gscheiten calculator would buy for 5k)

"Lurking and slammed"

Rainer is now also legally convicted and previously convicted, especially for dangerous interference in the traffic and minor bodily injury. If you want to believe the testimonies from the trial, it has happened,
that he hit the side window of a passing car, in which he, mind you, suspected Hater and the splintering glass caused a few more wounds.

That he got off tracker and unexpectedly mild and with only slight injury is probably va. owed to the circumstance
that the car occupants themselves, as in Rainermanier, did not want to look piteous and have downplayed the damages and the situation as a whole.

The criminal record in his testimonial on what seems to exclude him finally from the labor market.

Dragon Lord in Russian News

In July 2016, 10 people were killed in a killing spree in Munich - even the Russian television reports about it, but falls on a troll tweet in the claims Rainer would be the culprit.

Part III
confederate bikini.jpg
Drachenlord 19.jpg

Radio / Rabiat documentary

Funded by GEZ-Zwangseinnahmen in the hip Internet offer of the public-law ("radio"), the "Y-Collective" on 24/11/2016, the documentary "Dragon Lord vs. Hater - when cyber-bullying is a reality" published.
The only really interesting ones are interviews with neighbors from the village who feel bothered by the constant visitors. Of course, it is reported extremely one-sided about the whole situation and Rainer tries to portray as the victim that nothing has come to debt - Rainer himself should also be consulted,
but shouts down the "journalist" Dennis Leiffels in front of his house and makes it clear that he does not want that any of it is published.

And that's not all, a SECOND documentary, also by Y-Kollektiv and Dennis Leiffels, was released on the 3rd of June 2018 and even aired on ARD the day after. In an interview with Mr.Newstime, Dragonlord then went even closer to Dennis Leiffels and accused him of being a "Haider" who "made Radau before his goal",
and that he was given a phone number from him, but this was blocked in his cell phone, and he "only blocks Haider". Although this sounds pretty stupid, there must be something to it, as HerrNewstime receives an e-mail from an ARD employee after the interview.

He should kindly remove the excerpts in which Dragonlord talks about Dennis Leiffels.

The documentary itself is quite entertaining, especially since Katrina Reichert, a transsexual German Lolcow, also appears in it, and because Dennis Leiffels here absolutely embarrassed. (For example, he complains about people who visit the grave of Rainer's father in Emskirchen, but then turns himself in front of his grave to set himself in scene
he dares to "self-experiment" by writing to someone on Twitter "take it down or I'll sue you", pretend that's not serious, but then talk to his lawyer in the second half of the documentary to inquire how he can act legally against the people who are kidding him ...)

Opera Snapshot_2018-09-03_201008_mlpol.net Drachenlord - Rainer Winkler - German Rage Cow - MLPOL.png
Updated Cap and Archive Link
8990 8991
>- owns a horse
>- allegedly fucks said horse
>Can't afford to feed it, horse skin and bones

Poor equine. Is it time to call in R.W.A.P.E.?
The guy may be a piece of shit as the name indicates but I still don't like the way things unfolded.
The guy is a nutjob but faking a realtionship to tear him down? This guy is screaming for help and people try to fuck shit as hard as they can. What is the fucking point? Will they be happy if he does live suicide?
I just don't like this. Maybe the good thing about this is that people are showing their true color. The bad things is their colors.
How to become a Drachenlord Haider:
drachenlord 20.jpg

- finds Dragonlord
- learn about the dragon game
- finds many actions exaggerated
- thinks he's bullied because he has ADS and just a weng a depperla is.
- get pity
- wants to help him by writing to him or something
- stumbles over rage videos
- thinks that he is right somewhere, if he is so freaking out
finds other videos, as he lies (but that's not so bad, because everyone lies
- realizes that he is quickly overreacting and exaggerating
, realizes that he is failing and quickly insulting innocent people
- stumbles over shots in which he looks quite arrogant.
- Sympathy gives way slowly,
because he exploits his power tools obtained through the internet
- Sounds some TS recordings, in which he mutates often to the asshole.
, has no sympathy anymore, as he very often gets himself in the situation in which he is.
- also behaves against friendly conversation partners asocial (eg interview with Dorian)
- you realize,
that most Haider were former followers
- sees more videos in which he completely lives out his dissocial personality disorder.
, See that he's an asshole bumming on the Internet's garbage soup.

Delete yourself Rainer!

comment provided by random Krautchan user on youtube

Drachenlord spying on Fans after tone policing community
Drachenlord 21.jpg


1 hour teamspeak spy cut from a detractor channel specialized in this

Rainer poorly assumes the fake indentity of a friend with a bad voicechanger, after he deleted a popular communtity serverhe gets found out immediately, but continues anyways to spy on his mods for insubordination.

showcases Rainers paranoia and control disorder well
recording from july 2017
Rainers Horse and My Opinion on Trolls Remorse
drachenlord 22.png

Allegedly, yes. This is his malnutrioned horse he keeps on his expanded house yard, with his wellfare funds he seemingly cant or does not care to feed it properly. He claims he does not own a horse and that this horse is property of his mother. But according to duckduckgo his mother died in 2016 and beyond that Rainer is a pathological liar.

So i guess it is this horse now at least for 2 years now. Considering how he treats people and its physical condition you can take in just by looking at it, this warrants an indictment for animal abuse at the local government bureau at the very least.


You sound a lot like you are experiencing an episode of troll remorse. that happens sometimes when people dive into lolcow culture. take heart that you are merely a spectator and nothing you could do would prevent or better the situation. 9 times out of 10 these people are the makers of their own misery. And more often than not they CRAVE the attention they get, even (and sometimes because) it is negative. Recently i had a 1 on 1 chat with Jonathan Ross (aka Pedo Bathtub Boy) from the Metokur videos. These people are as one dimentional as it gets, they only care about their own personal E-Drama.

I myself will not start to whiteknight Rainer and while i already said i think more than a few of the acts executed against him go too far as normie morals go, i can see why people want to poke the bear, risking to get police and courts involved. The guy is a literal retard on welfar, hes a drag opn society and he does nothing to improve imself or his living conditions. my sympathies are very, very limited.


I have just received Intel from the Kantholz Detractor channel from one of the TS Recordings regarding Rainers Horse.

As of April 2018 Rainers Horse is dead. Allegedly, some people came to his house and fed it undisclosed food items. It is unknown if the horse was poisoned or if it just finished starving to death. it was already in a terrible health condition.

also i think his mother died in 2016 at age 76. I saw an obituary earlier but was unsure if it really was her. Rainer implied in a TS call later that she was dead since people kept making necrophilia jokes about her.

also confirms that Rainer grew up in similar parenting conditions like Chris Chan and that his mental retardation might be owed to late pregnancy on the side of his mother. Rainer is currently 28 years old.
Drachenlord Dick pix gallery
@Richard @JohnElway @Lotus @Zald0


Despite being an obese almost-30-year-old virgin, Drachenlord loves to take dickpix
how and why these on the internet, nobody knows
ever since Rainers Catfish was ousted in 2015

Rainers rages at people, neighbors and newspapers
drachenlord 22.jpg

Rainer screams like a burning retard one day after the Schanzen Riots at his house
he calls his neighbor a dumb wanker when he tries to intervene
threatens to kill all bystanders who tell him to tidy up his yard, calls them asocial and pathetic

people are currently organizing new riots on october 20th, furthermore Rainer has been mentioned in a famous lügenpresse article, which drove him into an intense rant. Futhermore he has now started making new shit tier videos again, including himself eating (or rather sucking on) food.
Rainer loses 2k subs due to trolls

Rainer made a video to gloat as his detractors, mocking them that he will soon have 80k subs.
as of the writing of this video, Rainers sub count has SHRUNKEN down to ~77k subs
meaning he lost about 2k subs in response to him laughing at trolls
profing most of his subs do in fact hate him


rainers second response video to the continued sub loss
obviously he learned nothing

Rainer took a bath in his disgusting makeshift brick fish pool behind his house

20 minute Drachenlord Cringe Comp
part 1 of 4 (more parts yet to be released)

someone made a counterstrike map of Drachenlords rotten house and yard

this will likely be used for training for the time when armed people will lay siege to his house irl
He owns a lot of purple shirts, i haven't seen a logo, but, a company named Kromberg & Schubert (Kroschu), has their operators (lowest "class" workers) wearing purple shirts he may have been or still might be an employee.

>Drachenlord Illegal Restream Youtube Channel - August 18th

Rainer is playing Zelda BOTW on Switch.
Drachenlord Music Video
August 14th 2019
35l dislikes

>His latest video Rainer flexes on his detractors with an autotune Rap, despite him hating rap music.

Drachenlord lore in english

An aspiring cowboy channel on jewtoob made a 20 minute video about rainer in english language and with subtitles.
found it randomly today and can recommend the channel, provides some good infotainment.