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Yea, for the Denver Broncos are Football Now and Forever

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Hoarsefucker Cheese
High quality hoarsefucker grade cultured content
This is not '/pol/' tier memes, this is not Facebook memes, this isn't a shitty fucking list!
(You) know the alternative. (You) know gems in the rough.
This is where the shear hoarsefucking powers leak all over permeating and turning people even normal fags to almost horsfuckers.
Greens, tales, memes, stories, happenings, points of history, that joke horsefuckers get, even /tv/ memes because that's a better alternative.
This is what happens when that jar becomes a wad of fungus and thicc gooey round then turning into the shaved cheese of a peetzer made by a qt3.14 mare for the pones to eat as you watch them as they feed you their highest quality human foods, and give you some succ.
This is condensed culture in the tiny neigh impossible wrapping where when you know. You KNOW.
The greatest of the greats, and the humble warm fuzzy cores.
This here is a tea party we're making some cultured melting cheese.
It's to venture into the cellars, storage closets, under the floor boards, hidden in the back of that one cabinet, deep in the pants the hold spaghetti, beside the last resort tendies, in the safest locations, and in the mind.
Bring the cute ponies, the pony pussy, the strange tales, the awesome moments, such concentration of horsefucker energy there's no end.
Bring your spaghetti, football, your mare and your friends.
Stolen like a thief in the night I bring for this for our party into the coming of the light! Like basketweavers who once hid the lit candles under the underwater baskets placed so the radiance shines forth as a precursor to the better things even yet to come.
Lo! I bear you tidings of great Football. Take heed my words, and may Football be upon you and ever inside you, and inside Rainbow Dash, who art the bringer of Football and also Football and also Thou, who art thyself Football should Thou only rise to the task, and carry the Football across the endzone of tribulation, and bask eternally in the light of Football for all time.

One does not need to call forth Football to summon Football, for the Football is already Football and Football for all time. In the beginning there was Football, and there shall be Football in the end, but there is no beginning and no end, for there can only be one Football, and that is Football.

To be with Football is to summon Football, for only those with Football in their hearts are truly worthy of Football. The Football that is Football shall thus manifest itself in thy heart if thou art truly worthy of Football, and to have Football abound one need only speak the name of Football. Those worthy of Football shall need no further explanation.

Thousands of years ago, ponies without Football did rut in darkness, and it was lewd, and the lewdness was good. But John Elway, who was Football, did regret that there was no Football save Football, and sought to bring Football forth and give the gift of Football to the ponies and make it forever lewd and also Football. And so John Elway, begat of Dan Reeves, did cum inside Rainbow Dash for the fifth time that day, and the Football did abound. And the Football that exploded forth was the Football that had been since the dawn of all things, the Deepest Football from Before the Dawn of Time.

And so I say unto you, fear not that thou art unworthy of Football, for those who comprehend Football know that only Football is Football, and that John Elway is Football, and there shall be field goals kicked eternally until the end of all things. And this end shall be no end, but only the beginning, which does not begin and therefore cannot end, for in the end, and the beginning, there is and ever shall be only Football, which pervades all things, except for the Oakland Raiders because they suck.

Time and time again shall the ponies rut in the eternal light of Football, and the rutting shall be lewd for all time. And the Football shall plook forth into Rainbow Dash, who dwelleth in the deepest oceans of Football as the Philosopher's Poner, and evermore shalt the Football burst forth into her eternally sacred womb.


>This is what happens when that jar becomes a wad of fungus and thicc gooey round then turning into the shaved cheese of a peetzer made by a qt3.14 mare for the pones to eat as you watch them as they feed you their highest quality human foods, and give you some succ
Oh fuck yes! My body is ready for some [i]extra cheese!
Requesting the full /mlpol/-tan comic, if anypony has it. My collection died with my old hard drive.