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I started a thread back in the first week, but it got wiped out in a weeb raid, and the /go/ thread only saved a quarter of it.
To be honest, that thread didn't actually shut down any deathtraps, and I feel like it was largely due my lack of proactive leadership… It did showcase a willingness of the community to start the project up again though, and three splendid OCs were drawn.
I was a fairly active participant in the original /rwss/ threads last December, but my participation was mostly limited to safety-code discussion and pointing out possible fire hazards in screenshots that other Anons posted. I didn't make any of the threads, and I'm now at a loss as for how I could get the leads to resurrect the project.
The 8/chins/ board may have been forgotten (partly due to safety-inspectors taking a three-week winter vacation right after we got shoahed), but I deeply believe that the /rwss/ community is out there and willing to save again. Heck, even #rwss on twitter (originally created by education specialists to combat gender-inequality in sub-Saharan Africa) is still being tormented by daily shitposts.
Is there any way that I could reach-out the old /rwss/ veterans and/or restart the project myself here? I really do believe in the memes, but I don't know where to start..




File: 1499040972487.png (38.81 KB, 614x1010, ASCI Aryanne.png)



File: 1499041094316.png (289.54 KB, 2000x2965, 1498451538814.png)


I'm tempted to just ask, "have you tried making a thread?" If the RWSS thread produced only new OC, then it was worth the slot it took up on the board. Post the process, and see if any one picks it up and closes something down. And if they don't, better luck next time


File: 1499041660863.png (150.16 KB, 774x1032, 1491691914402-0.png)

It would be awesome if we got /rwss/ going again. There was so much potential that was killed by the powers to be. Luckily /rwss/ won't be treated the same way here. It will be allowed to flourish and get leftist fire-hazardous safe spaces closed.


File: 1499042182508.png (379.64 KB, 900x516, 081.png)

>have you tried making a thread?
Well, not since the first week.. I felt kind of bad for leaving everyone hanging and not getting shit shut down. I'm also kind of shitty at starting threads…
Maybe I'll do it anyway. I'd like to brainstorm about how to start though. It's the height of Summer, and I'm sure there are a bunch of degenerates out there breaking the rules at their summer concerts.


I mean… no one is going to do RWSS if they don't have the resources and the know-how to do it. And for the most part their nit going to have that if there isn't a thread with all of the information available on how to do it


Getting "music festivals" shut down would be awesome. Other ways to also try to get them shut down is their illegal sale of alcoholic. And probably also because they are paying the musicians in alcohol (that they in addition don't have licence to sell).


My idea is to start a fishing operation. Of course, this site will have to pose as a "bunker." And, things might go sour if they call you out on fishing or if the shitposters just fuck everything up.


File: 1499042797891.jpg (110.67 KB, 834x1000, fire feel.jpg)

>tfw Fireaxe is so unique and original that a nufag like you can't just recolor other ponies to produce content


I don't think you have to fear shitposters coming here trying to derail /rwss/. They will feel the swift ban-hammer of justice. And I think people are longing for a place they are allowed to destroy leftists.


File: 1499043250473.png (218.6 KB, 680x483, Loveyourenemy-christchan, ….png)

Shitposters tried to derail the original /rwss/ too. Their saltiness just threw fuel on the fire.


File: 1499043723056.jpg (872.25 KB, 3360x1396, You're welcome.jpg)

This is all I was able to salvage from the 8chins board before it was kill:
>Flop House Directories/other leads

>Reportable Violations


>Who Needs to Know

City Councils/Public Works
Fire Marshals
Alcoholic Beverage Control Boards

>Kill list, cases pending, places that need to be reported ASAP


>Articles/Videos/Redd*t/Forums/Salt about us!


>Other things

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation https://www.firehero.org/donate/
Support your local firehouse, consider becoming a Volunteer Firefighter


Click directory links.
Find a venue near you.
Research it to see if the building is up to code.
Report violations to the authorities.


Fug it! I'm picking this as my topic for public speaking.


Someone made a thread on nu/pol/
I'm in a medical clinic (accidental OD on my meds) help me proslytize before the thread gets shoahed.



Does the discord still exist? I know the cripplechan board is kill.


Ban flagfagging
It's everything wrong with namefagging and avatarfagging x10


I can't say I disagree, but this isn't really the thread for that.


I'm bumping this thread with my posts.
Ban the biggest custom-flagfag, Vril Anon. He's a whiny pseudointellectual who tries to sound like a deep smart person who belongs here by talking about "muh cycles", but he's a cucked SJW who'll go through someone's whole internet history and dox someone for not liking his favourite pony.


I think the mods already took his flag and gave it to some aussie
I appreciate the bump, but please post other topics in their appropriate threads.


Hi glimmernigel.

You don't seem to get the idea of anonymity very well for someone who hates identifiers for long time posters.


I vaguely know about the RWSS meme, but I didn't know if there was an open discussion on the topic of such a thing. Are you talking about legitimately organizing the safety squads? Because I would be totally down for that.


Yeah, both discussion and reporting, just like it was in the days before the 4cuck mods shoahed it.


At this point I'm thinking of giving up on the site altogether. MLP was a worthless shit fandom all along and /pol/ is a loudmouthed shill forum good for nothing but spreading information less efficiently than the_donald.

Show me anything done in the past year to change these views.


I'm sorry, what does this have to do with /rwss/?


>people keep making fun of me and my shit fimfiction OC
>waaaaaaaah /mlpol/ sucks now I'm leaving
>announce departure "anonymously" on an unrelated thread in /qa/
Bye Nigel, have fun wherever you're going.


This. I get having grievances - I have quite a few myself - but keep it to a thread's topic. If a thread is going with your topic, go there. If not, make a new thread instead of trying to bump an old thread with derailing shit.


>Show me anything done in the past year to change these views.
Afraid I can't do that, but I can help show you the door.
Or Zald. Either way they are equally undesirable and require gas.


File: 1536276336468.mp4 (2.95 MB, 1280x720, DSP im gay song.mp4)


Please try not to derail the fire safety thread.


Sorry. In any case, I would also like to see the return of /rwss/, but I think we probably don't have enough people to make it work effectively. We'd probably have to fish a lot more /pol/ anons to make it actually work, and I don't get the impression a lot of /pol/ oldfags still hang around /pol/ these days. It might almost make more sense to just try and get it going as a general somewhere else, or maybe even start regularly posting "remember /rwss/?" threads on /pol/ itself, and then since 4chan mods would probably start deleting the threads again, we could try and lure the community here with promises of a safe place to post without fear of scruffening, like we did with Anonfilly.


Patience anon, some of us are still gitting gud


I really don't think it'd take that many Anons, but I can't say very much because I haven't been competent enough to get the reporting/searching started.


Who?(Anons can't see you samefagging but we can. And stop posting this crap in the RWSS thread.)


mods = gods


File: 1537122489590.png (288.39 KB, 750x259, Nigel shitfic comic.png)


Jason you are unironically fucking retarded.


File: 1537124284106.jpg (70.87 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-1682.jpg)

Please keep this thread on-topic.
This thread is about how to make Fire Safety Great Again.


mods = gods. I can't believe I missed this shortly before it all happened.


Samefag BTFO


File: 1541694555117.jpg (42.77 KB, 294x292, sWzpjDo.jpg)

>See RWSS thread has been bumped
>'Cool, maybe there are some users that would participate now.'
>It's just another reply to an off-topic post from 2 months ago

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