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File: 1495583190040.jpg (370.11 KB, 1680x1050, 1493585269998-1.jpg)


The 16 pages of threads make the board stale and the catalog a mess
I think it is overkill and we have an archive for old threads

/r/ is dead and maybe should become /b/ where requests and off topic shit and musik and whatever it is that is not political can be discussed

pic not related but true


Thank you for the suggestion anon. We'll work on a solution to the clutter.


I basically agree with everything this guy says. 10 threads is plenty, or maybe 15.


Things have gotten stagnant..


I second the /b/ board. We need more than pony and politics all the time.


I third this, random is the spice of life.


File: 1495825504572.png (521.37 KB, 1610x1210, jigsaw.png)

(Is this a general suggestion thread or just for this specific suggestion?)

Am I the only one who likes word filters? They both force and breed a unique identity for posts on a board, and generally make for little nuggets of fun within posts that stumble over them or find a way to work around it.

word filters can be employed as anything ranging from blatant censorship, correcting euphanisms, trip up newfriends, give custom spice to profanity, to simply turning serious matters into funposts. Some of these applications I'd rather not have, and they're not without downsides, but that doesn't make me dislike wordfilters.

I suggest pic related. Anyone else have ideas?


too much work and kind of a dick move to our actual newfriends who are serious about here but aren't inherently from chans. Fun idea if we're all on board, but otherwise too much of a clusterfuck IMO.


23 pages of threads is just too much


Let's wait until the archive is easier to use. They say they are working on it


Wehn will that be?


File: 1496129800965.png (23.03 KB, 395x500, 1494837771879.png)

Don't know. I'm not on staff


t. shadowmod


almost 30 pages by now…


What is the use of /go/ now? I haven't seen it updated in awhile.


Could we have ability to edit posts, as long as it is a ggod reason for it. We already do have password for ur posts.


Sorry anon, there's too much potential for abuse with such a feature. We won't be implementing an edit function.


Where do I got to talk about anime?



Not a question/suggestion, more a comment.
I know there are no generals (xcept SG) and with good reason. I also know the bump limit has been raised.
As a consequence I (mobile) have to wait about a minute and a half for the CNN thread to load, as one example. I'm not expecting anything to come of it, more of a 'be advised'.


The bump limit is now at 350, from it's previous level at 250. It was raised to that level because threads commonly hit the limit of 250, and multiple threads in the catalog were dead threads that hit the limit. It was raised specifically because of the CNN thread. The CNN thread is now at more than 500 posts, well past the 350 post bump limit and is peculiarly filled with images. We have no intention of raising it above 350.

I am aware of the load time - the CNN thread does not load at all on the slow internet on my phone.


What's that icon that shows whenever you reload the page?


The image that now appears at the bottom-right of the screen is mlpol-tan holding mlpol's second-place trophy from the 4chan /pol/ cup


File: 1499716489210.jpg (63.28 KB, 511x564, PicsArt_07-10-12.26.52.jpg)


File: 1499754214065.png (245.61 KB, 1742x374, trash dove cant wake up.png)


i should start posting some doves


File: 1499782754921.gif (594.42 KB, 480x480, Dove-chan2.gif)

Pls do. I love fashdove.


Can you post horse porn now? I saw some in one thread.


… Are you wanting to post horse porn?


..Waah..? Where?


If by "horse porn" you mean videos or photographs of humans (real ones) engaging in sexual contact with horses or any other animal (real ones), that is banned from this website, and all files depicting it are to be deleted. That is because it is illegal content in our server's host nation (in that the website would be distributing zoophilic pornography).
While we are intending to change the location of our server, this rule is not likely to change, as likely new server hosts ban zoophilic pornography in their terms of service.

However, pictures of animal genitals that have no obvious sexual purpose are not banned per se, as they are not legally "pornography," but are used for more innocuous purposes like animal husbandry. It is staff policy to forcibly spoiler, but not delete, these images.


How about changing the title of /cyb/?
"Cyberpunk Fiction and Fact" isn't bad, but if science and tech threads are supposed to go there we could expand the title a bit to make it clearer. I would suggest "Cyberpunk, Tech, Science Fiction and Fact".


Can we get more janitors?


Atlas himself controls /cyb/. I'd have to ask him. I'm also not sure if it's a general purpose technology board.
mlpol.net already has a very large number of moderators. I don't think I can say the exact number, but it's several times the number of moderators most boards this size or even much bigger have. Spam is deleted and raiders are banned in three minutes or less. Having more janitors and moderators would just cause problems.


Because of promotions, we have added three new moderators, or people with moderator powers, over the past week


Has geotagging been removed?


Are you referring to Geo-location flags? They display in all instances except where there is a forced-flag.


No, the geotags on camera phone images.


Can you delete this thread >>>/mlpol/65197? It has hit levels of mass autism and it's not even on topic.


mlpol.net moderation does not take sides in any drama that happens to spill over onto the board.


Yes, but I don't think it's a partisan issue, more so the entire thread has devolved into such a blight. It's not worth continuing.


I suggest moving it to /qa/ because it has pretty much ran its course. However, people's arguments can be referred to in the future if need be. People will inevitably have the same questions/concerns in the future.


also nopony responded to my request and I'm curious if it's possible to organize the featured archives by post # to make it chronological >>2216

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