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Remove filters
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I have mentioned this before briefly in one thread but i would like to request removing the ability to filter all-together as it makes it easy for (((them))) to disregard content they don't like. Sure they might use a special user interface that only shows their content and only interact via that but still it wouldn't hurt in my opinion.
Good boy

Also about the thread, that will just force them to hide threads manually, no?
The ability to do so should be taken completely,so no ability to hide anything manual or not.
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You want the devs to remove the ability for users to hide posts and threads? What a fucking low IQ nigger suggestion.

>it wouldn't hurt in my opinion
It's like you have never been in a single thread with spam/off-topic poster(s) or seen a single shit/uninteresting thread.

/mlpol/ was better than /mlp/ and /pol/ because it broke the bots and made people ignore the bait threads and it was just generally a new fresh thing.
Not because the cartoon horse pussy magically drove all the undesirables away.
Its funny you mention this, because I have never filtered posts on /mlpol/, even when it was on 4ch. I'm not the only anon who has showered horsepussy and appear to have run of undesirables. Beyond that MODS = GODS
What threads and unwanted content do you need to filter/hide here again?
Sure if the site will pick up a lot of traffic it may need to be readded but until then it makes (((their))) job easier.
If you truly need to know. The Anonfilly general, Syria general, lolcow threads, Luziferino/Ricky blog threads, D&D game threads, Mlpol Movie Night and Horsepussy/Porn threads (I'm primarily here for non lewd cute ponies and politics but I'm not going to stop you from posting porn) are some threads that I am considering or have filtered, as these often gets bumped with uninteresting stuff for me personally.

>it makes (((their))) job easier.
No, it's the exact opposite as thread derailment becomes harder when people properly utilize the filters instead of engaging with bait posters. Good moderators are preferable to filters though.
I mental filter such threads that aren't that interesting for me but i can understand your point.
Also they can just spam their bullshit without batting an eye to content they don't like thanks to filters. And out of 10 posts there will be 1 reply to a bait post. In this regard even if you filter them out there will be one anon or another shill who'll reply to baits. But yes i agree that good moderation is the most important here.
And with that i oppose your idea of not removing it because there isn't that much traffic thus it's easy to skip the threads you don't like.
Mods_gods_do whatever_admin_master_powerful_Desire.mp4

Hide/filtering threads and posts is retarded. But, enabling IDs and country flags is also retarded. The former because it's anti-anonymity and is abused i.e. "I don't like what he's saying so I'll filter the poster instead of the content", and the latter because /pol/ isn't /int/.