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Mandalorian posts Bitwave Host to Kitty by accident.PNG
CP on MLPOL/ Civil Conspiracy for Deplatforming
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I regret to hereby inform Site administration of MLPOL that detractor operatives in opposition to an unrelated streaming site have begun to post identiying information of an Administrator and his family, including (but not limited to) Child Pornography of Minors.

The reasons for this I believe is an attempt to Fackelmann MLPOL into a Childporn controversy to platform the site, since the detractor group as they regard this place as a supporter of their target. The Ring Leader of the group has expressed Disdain for MLPOL and its users, while attempting to protect a Violent Pedophile who , as of tonight, has committed a felony on stream with live witnesses, police got involved twice.

I'd like to point out that the Admin of Bitwave.TV is NOT subject of /cow/ thread of Thomas Dall.
I Do not possess nor have i ever posted any personal content about The Admin of Bitwave.TV and i disavow the posting of child porn or any detractor attempts to platform MLPOL or Bitwave TV.

I have not been asked or pressed by third parties to write this notification and alerted site administrations of MLPOL in advance via report of the posting of off-topic and partially illegal detractor content that has been posted without my knowledge or consent. This is based on a voluntary observation. Should Site Adminstration require further Intel to investigate upon the matter, I am willing to provide contacts who are in possession of more information.

Hereby I request all information about the Admin of Bitwave.tv to be removed from this thread:

The list of postings in need or purging may include:

I thank site administration in advance for taking action on the matter and holding up site policy while preserving the topical content.

We will look into this
The image in question was not CP. The image was a clothed cleavage shot. It is good that it was deleted, but the allegation of CP is an exaggeration. I can say this with certainty, as I've been watching the Kitty thread like a hawk I'm also the anon who posted the Aryanne porn that Kitty livestreamed :3
Having followed the Kitty fiasco for some time, it is likely a/the image which was used by the thot her words, not mine who baited Kitty into sharing his genitals with her in private, who then shared it with, well, everyone. TLDR:
Thank you for your concern, but remember that the road to faggotry is paved with good intentions.