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Starting an imageboard [LOOKING FOR HELP]
My plan/goal is to start an imageboard with a script like futallaby. but trying to start an imageboard is difficult. i was wondering if anyone was interested in helping me set the image board up. for more inquires just respond to the thread and i will give you my discord. i already have the domain. just looking for a good host for cheap.

I've set up image boards before. Vichan is very easy for multi-board, fully featured stuff. If you only want a single board or not many features then TinyIB is probably the best. I used a Vultr VPS for my image board, fairly cheap. I'll help if you like.
Drunk D3rpy
Thank you! I would love to have you for future development of if a new dev spot opens. So far we are pretty much ready.
Let me have your discord possibly if you are still interested ;) our website is venuschan.pw