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Archived thread

Are we seeing bots and shills finding their way here? I noticed these two threads and they look a bit off.
>>>/mlpol/182019 →
>>>/mlpol/182020 →

Both OPs are exact copies of posts that were on 4/pol/ very recently, both have US and Norwegian flags as the first posters, both seem pretty low effort and typical nu-/pol/ tier. And the Mueller thing is all over the catalog there. Or is it just newfags?
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I made both of those threads.
I stole them from 4/pol/ because I'm too lazy to write my own OP's, but I still felt like opening those two topics for discussion anyway, because things were feeling slow today. Sue me.
NorwayAnon is just a rather prolific poster on this site who's usually the first to contribute to a thread.
I can confirm both posts are by a long time user. See >>4486

Right, just me being paranoid after spending too much time around shills then. Apologies for the false accusation.