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How to fix "Generals", starting with Anonfilly
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I had an idea on how Anonfilly General can act less like a perpetually-circlejerking 4/mlp general and more like a part of the site.

Crossovers! Make art and green of other board OCs with Anonfilly. Just something for the thread to contribute to the site besides being here. If this general does this and others follow, the general format will become less of an exclusive circlejerk everyone hates.
Unfortunately this strategy has already been tried with orange filly, people didn't take too kindly to that and it died off. It could've also been a 'too soon' sort of thing though, as the character was introduced very soon after the exodus. I would suggest you link this thread to the anonfilly thread so you can get more opinions than mine on the table though.
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Crossovers are a nice idea. There's been stuff involving Aryanne in the past. Feel free to start discussion about it there.

People didn't take kindly to it because it was introduced as a replacement, not an additional character.
pretty much this
Whatever we decide to do to end this stupid debate once and for all, it needs, first and foremost, to be accepted among the Anonfilly Anons. They need something for them in the rest of the site, or else they will resent any attempt to force an integration and it will ultimately fail.

Ask them. Give them ideas that would seem like something they themselves would suggest. Don't just decide to do something without their approval.
And just how do you figure they're not active on the rest of the site?
>it was introduced as a replacement, not an additional character.
yeah, if anything this should just be pushed
I don't. I want people to represent the character and thread less, the people in the thread are probably alright.
Adopting Anonfilly probably saved the site at a time when posting rates were abysmally low, like down to 100 posts sitewide per day or less on most days. Plus they were pretty much fucked over by the janny at /mlp/ and their whole community would likely have died off if we hadn't given them a home, so it's been mutually beneficial. Just because their threads are large and move faster than other threads on the board shouldn't be taken as proof that they don't contribute to the rest of the site because they clearly do. Having a few neverending threads on the board is a small price to pay for at least having a board in the first place, and it's a fair sight better than being like 8/pol/, where the front page is nothing but stickies and nobody is allowed to have any fun. Most threads stay in our catalog about a month on average and if you feel a thread is not getting enough attention you can always bump it to keep the discussion going.

Personally I wish people would stop trying to force /mlpol/ to be one thing or another and just let it become whatever it wants to be. Imageboards have always been an amorphous culture, continuously evolving and changing as individuals come and go. /mlpol/ itself is merely a single step in the evolution of the greater imageboard culture, which frankly we should all be happy still exists after all this time.

"Anonfilly did nothing wrong!"
-- Based Tyrone
This. Anonfilly is a cute and she isn't degeneracy, she's a desire to relive a better childhood and have a good family.