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Board Quality
Why is the main board catalog so full of shit right now?
Also, general board quality/improvement thread, I guess.
We have no quality control, site rules are not enforced, low post per hour rate, low user participation and mods are too busy goading our designated lolcows into shitposting rather than doing their unpaid job.
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Anons are bored it seems. Vril doing his usual trolling.
Why are we complaining about post quality again? This place is like a playground for horsefuckers to do what they want. Post good shit if you got it, otherwise enjoy the shitposting.
Can someone take away vril's flag so maybe he stops going fucking crazy with his reddit spam?
I would imagine that today's events were well witnessed and documented
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>Why is the main board catalog so full of shit right now?
Lurker here, I don't really post here much anymore because I'm unhappy with the community. If you listened to my warnings I'd still be posting lots if it wasn't for that but this is my way of showing dissatisfaction, and I honestly think at this point this applies for a lot of anons who once called this place home. I saw shit goes going down, not because of the mods or the rules, but because the community didn't take responsibility and let itself degrade into what it is now, which makes anons like me not want to post. I assume a good amount of anons feel this way as well but I have no proof since this is just a hunch.

>How is it degrading.
Look at Vrils shitty threads. Few anons call him out on his bullshit, and even after they do other members still help him bump his crap. Vril likes fast moving stuff, hes a redditor it should be expected. The obvious response to a pony loving ledditor should be to not give him (you)s till he fucks off and sees that this board as a collective has a high standard for good quality threads. And don't even get me started on anons being okay with all the general-esc threads that have been up for ages getting shadow bumped or having their own community. Christ its like I leave this place for a few months and bam there is the exact same threads here. No community raids, no new OC, no new memes or quality discussion. There is no reason to be here let alone post on this imageboard.

>How to make shit better
Ignore faggots, if Vril and all the other faggots that keep bumping their shitty threads don't get any anons to give them (you)s they'll either stop or fuck off. If there is a thread that actually seems serious reply to it with an effort post, and if you see an effort post read it and respond. If there is an OC thread or a thread with a community project help them out. Don't just talk do. Thats how you get good shit. It doesn't have to be perfect just fucking do something and then maybe I can stop lurking on the main board and will feel the insensitive to start helping the real community that I love out.
>thinks there aren't raids
Not sure if raiding /b/ counts anon...
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If we remove Vril's precious reddit-username flag, he'll stop being a faggy wannabe.
Also nuke his Random News Thread out of existence so we see a larger number of new quality threads pop up.
Doubt it, he said if this happened he'd trip which I won't put past him.

Anyone else notice the sharp drop in post quality since cripplechan was shut down. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between glowniggers and just shitposters.
We got raided by retards
Nah seriously tho, thats what happens when you destroy the nest, cockroaches fly everywhere
It's going to be an effort and a half diluting all of these shitposts.