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File (hide): C3A5545CA7FC824B870BF4C6E3A14768-37566.zip (36.7 KB, Listing of : C:\____\mlpolbackup_backups\backup\qa\src\1527546828112-4.zip Size Date Time Name -------- -------- ------ --------- 1115 28-05-18 19:11 128/favicon-nws-newposts.png 1115 28-05-18 19:12 128/favicon-nws-newreplies.png 1144 28-05-18 19:11 128/favicon-status.png 1177 28-05-18 19:10 128/favicon-ws-newposts.png 1176 28-05-18 19:11 128/favicon-ws-newreplies.png 983 28-05-18 19:10 128/favicon-ws.png 962 28-05-18 19:10 128/favicon.png 2734 28-05-18 19:00 48-32-16/favicon-nws-newposts.ico ......... (only showing the 10 first files) ......... , mlpol favicons.zip)
mlpol favicons.zip
Our site's favicon suffers from a number of problems:
- It's unoptimized, at 3,901 bytes
- It scales poorly to lower resolutions, particularly 16x16
- It does not change based on new posts, (You)'s, and 404's

To help speed along any fixes to these problems, I've attached some new, Nightmare Moon-themed favicons I made, as potential candidates to replace the old one. If they look similar to some of the flag thread pieces, it's because I'm the same guy who made those flags.
If you fix this, or if you'd like to see a different set of favicons, please let me know!